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14 ij v THE SUN, WgBNEgDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1916. ' ,
With Backs to Wall Dodgers Fight Way to Victory Over Red Sox in Third Game, Using Bats to Good Effeci
' Kini' Fk-ltliiisr Hcliiml
('(Minilis mill IMVftVr Keeps
lied Sox Scoring Down.
n- rnK!ii:i( K . i.ikh.
After permitting two games In slip to
the Hed Sot through tlic error column
the Brooklyn Dodgers tightened their (
defence on their home lot In Flatbush
Orsterday mid by playlnn a perfect field- i
.Ins game behind Coombs and Pfeffer
succeeded In hanging tip their first vie-
tnry In a modern world' scries. The
Dodgers won by a score of 4 to 3.
The result "f the came left unbroken
the remarU.i'ilo chain nf world' scries
'contota which have been decided by on i
run during the past two world's series.
In f.trt every same pl.iyed by the tied
fey during the serlei of lOU. nnd 19H!
has been won by the tiny margin 01 one
run. Might such gHtnes have been played,
the rted Sox winning six and Philadel
phia and Ilroolilyn one each.
Brooklyn plajed n stronger Melding
'.same In Boston last Monday than 't did
In the Urn' game of the series on the
'preceding Saturd.y. However, fatal
clip In- Cutshaw cost the Superbis Mon
day's Vrmne. The F'.atbushcrs t-e'm to be
flndlng themselves. They mado four er
rors last. Siturduy, one In the fourteen
'Inning, on Monday and none yestsrday. I
The Supeibas are now hardened to the1
J world s series excitement, ntul rrom now
'on Ifjknton does win It must win strictly
on Its merits.
Dodger nn Their Mettle.
The Dodgers li.id to field yesterday to j
stave off a Ited Sox walkover. After
Iloblnson's men tore Into Carl Mnys for
'four tuns, wb'le Colby Jac. Coombs was
'shutting nut the present world's cham
pions for live Innings It 'looked easy for
Brooklyn. Hut the Sox fought back
gamely. They hit Coombs m hard In
the lxth nnd seventh Innings that dls-
creel John removed himself from the
box. Three Hub runs were In when the ;
urnoKiyn cause una entrusted to Dig rcn
rfefTer. The burly Teuton proved equal
to the occasion and thn. Sox caused htm
little trouble.
Hlght to the last critics who had i
watched Hrooklyn "blow" In tlaht places bids fair to surpass them all. So far he
expected tn hce a series of"Tumble!i ciilch has handled twenty-two of the most dlf
would turn apparent Hrooklyn victory tlcult chances In the three games with
Into a third atralght defeat. Shorten, out an error.
IJIoblltzell. Lewis and Oardner, three of , Hooper ulso showed the Flatbush fans
them left handed hitters, were up In the something. He tore oft one single and
nlnth. but I'feffcr retired the side In one, a triple. In the ftrr.t Inning he drove a
two three order. I liner over the rlpht field wall which was
Th5 Sup-rbas played smart, all ntound foul by a foot. Uardner shoved one nf
fbiseball jestcrdny and deserved their Coomb' shoots over the right Held wall
victory. .They blocked the Hed Sox at for a h"mer. but Duffy Lewis had hi
every tur"n. After falling to try a steal 1 oorest world's series day In two years.
In the tlrt two gimes of the set both and failed to get one safe In four whack.s
Chick Shorten and Harry Hooper .tried at Coombs and I'feffcr.
Otto Miller's arm yesterday, and both The breaks he'ped Hrooklyn yesterday
'of tlim found It O. K. Shorten tried to for the first time. The temporary boxes on
go frcm first to third on Hobby's single ' the left Held aide of the grand stand pre
In the rlrnt Inning, but Stengel's heautl-1 vented I?wls from making an easy catch
ful throw acro.s the length of the field i
-'beat the runner to third
lied Sox Pitchers Falter.
. It seems that Hill Carrlgan'.' crack
It might be. There had been reports
right along thit Dutch Leonard, Hos- ,
ton's crack lefthander, was not rlcriit.
though nobody connected with the Hos-1
ton'elub will actually admit It. It was
Dutch's turn yesterday, but he was not
cnlled In. Ieonrd warmed up with
Carl .Mnys yeerday, but Carrlgan re.
looted the stocky und'rhimled spltballer.
Mnvii w.ih n tilir .llunntwiln'mAnr lln
vhsi one .of the greatest deliveries of any
pitcher In the big Ic.igues. He nnolnts
the ball and starts it down by his right
heel. Mays get a great hop on the ball
M times, but yesterday the Dodgers laid
back and stung It hard.
Ctrl disponed more grit than pitch
ing erfefmenest,. !! may have been a
trifle nervous, as he started hln first
world's oiies game agalna a grizzled
veteran of many wars. He was webbl
In the first Inning, when he had the
bases full with one out, Mays pulled
'tilm'clf together, when ho subdued Cut
shaw with .in easy roller whlrh forced
Myers at the plate and then struck out
Jlfowrey. '
Olson the Item,
I Ole Olson, tho Dodger shorts'op, did
the most execution against Mays. Hu
Jinc! a grand day. He was the linn of the
Hrooklyn Victory, as three of the Flat
buh runs were built around his two hits,
He opened the fourth Inning with a bunt
and tcored on Coomb.Va single, while his
triple In the fifth inning drove In Whca'.
and Mowrey.
Olson's good wcrk was not unexpected.
Whenever a certain player Is plcjted out
as the weak link of the team he usually
omes thtrnugh with some wonderful
After MnM had taken n hard belting
for flvo Innings Caitignn hud another
surprlso teady. He called In George
."Foster, one of Uo heroen of the 1K15
sciles, who hadn't pitched a ball since
'.the llrst week In September. A lame
.'rm hnd kept him on tho side lines. Ho
was stung for one hit In each of Ids
three innings, but .escaped without a
' lied So ln llrllllnn tl .
Tho Hed Sox' played nn good ball as
dr. nny game of the series, but they were
'due for a defeat. Not only had they
won six successive world's series gnmei',
but In the past fortnight prior to yester
day they had won seven straight so-M-alled
"crucial games" two from the
'White Sox, threo from the Tigers nnd
.two from the Hn.oklyii National League
champions. It was nnturnl that this
'team would roonsr oi Inter be stopped,
Hut It lias been tho habit of the Hoston
club to come back .strong after a de
ifeat. A defeat seldom puts the Hed Sox
In a slump: they come back as steady
'the next dny.
The writer looked for Hrooklyn to win
lllie second or thlid ;anio, and the hunch
wns that Coomb' v.oiild win Ills gam.
Jack came through jcstonlny for hU
.fifth world's selis lctoiy, hut lie
"jieisled help to turn III' Irlck Hoston's
-victory In ilvn names still looks like a
pood tin.
The KM Sox h-Mori blow. The team
M one of the iitu.idlejt over put together.
The Sox ttie t-teidy In victory or defeat,
"bile tl.o HiooHyi team one day looks
fciii-u iliri lid llt'Al I'llMY. il COTUpiCTe re-
VcrH tl of form,
heolt -.firs
i. "Ik -sri 'i I
hoof one?
I ' i 'i .-rtii. ml -it f.MMi the
'fur W
I n ' . " .ant ii' Hie Si iv In.
'id lualn mods nun mtt'ns Ulop after
iioihcr yestcrdu, Scott makes his
I illnl j
Whnse pttchlnu In early liinlnu helped tame the lied ftnx
"nl aent In Olson with a stliiuhiK slnule In the fourth Innlnx,
, a 4. XJF IW I
I I W. . - . - . , , fM
error. At titles, hut lip wilt nirilfM tf.ll
' good stops for each one he misses.
Maranvllle, Harry, Tinker, Helnlo and
Hans Wagner have played wonderful
ball at short In past ier!es, but Scott
ot Daubert's foul fly In the third Inning.
Duffy stopped running for fear of bang
ing Into the bo::, and the ball fell a few
Inches tn front of lilm. Without those
boxes. It would have been two out, noti
on, and the Superha.s would not hae
scored in that inning.
Helped' by Temporary stands.
Hut Lewis's Innblllty to , catch thr.t
foul perhaps had a big b'-irli; on luu-
bert's future hitting 'n the erV.i. 'liven
another opportunity to h't the hall. Jake
tore n line I'lngle to right for his flrt
clean hit of the eries. He made an In-
n,ia uintrln in ttip flrt tnnlnir. when Mnvs
mnrl,. HOVArul nttemnts to et nt his S.1C
rlflce bunt. Daubert had ben worrying
over his hits, and that clean welt gave
. . . , l ul...-..l '
mm iresn commean n
Jake cinnected for a triple In tho
sixth, but perished trying for n homer,
when his slldo Just failed to carry him
tn the plat". Thomas hail Mini niocKen
off. and there Is no rpiestlon O'Day niadn
the proper dwislon. He was rlgni on top
of the play. That declnlon may bo
called a brenk against Hrooklyn. but
hnd Lewltt fielded tho ball cTanly It
would have been no more than a single.
Some were Inclined to score the play as a
single and a fumble for Duffy Instead of
a triple for Jake.
If asked for their version of It nn
Red Sox player will tell you the break
of the game came In the (Uth Inning,
when Hank O'Day failed to call a strike
on Mike Mowrey. Subsequent happen
ings showed this to be the turning point
of the game. O'Day called one ball on
Mowrey, and then Mike's bat left his
shoulder, and tie took a half swing and
changed his mind.
Carrloran Ararnea With O'Day
Carrlgan argued long and loudly that
It was a strike, and O'Day had to give
hi n lootiu-o heforo hu consented to
go back to the bench. The count finally
got down to three hulls nnd two strikes
on Mowrey, nnd then Mike walked on
the fourth hall. Had O'Day called n
strike when Mowrey took his half pwing
Mike would hae struck out for the third
out on wlint Intel- was the second strike.
This proved highly Important, as Olson
a moment later hit a triple which drove
In Wheat and Mowrey.
In Monday's- game In nnston. Qitlsr
, ley seemed to make a very bad decision
, on Myers on a play nt first base. Yes
terday Connolly culled Hooper out on
a steal on a decision which looked bad
i from the press stand. It speuks highly
for the honesty or nasennn tnni so rnr
the American League umpires have
given the Sox nil the worst of it, while
the National league arbiters have sel
dom given Hrooklyn the benefit of the
Colby John Coombs again showed his
skill as a world's rerles batsman. He
craeked out a pretty single In the fourth
Inning, which drovo In Olson with tho
second Dodger run. Coombs's world's
series hitting has been as famous nn
his batting, In 1910 he made live hits
In three games against tho Cubs, for
a batting average of ,3b', and In 1911
ho made two hits In two games against
the Ulants for nn nverago of .:&0.
Shorten Knjoya Hlu Day,
There In ono kill on the Tlo.ston team
who deserves n boiler fate, namely Chick Philadelphia w Ithnut, making n pitch
Shorten, 1'nder different circumstances Ing change. Shore and Foster each
Shorten might be the teal topllner of 'pitched two games nnd Leonard one.
thin story; ns it Is, he Is only the young
Her who made threo straight singles In
his llrst world's series game.
Shorten Is only a kid who played most
of the season with the Newark Interna
tionals. Jle cot Into tho big leaiue irame
In September, when an Injury tn Walker
L-uve him a chance tn show. Carrlgan
I worked Walker ngnlnrl Hobby's left-
I banders Marquard and HMlth, but yea-
JUK fOOMIIS - '' ''"' "" h Snperlins' stilr pitcher, who held
Summary of Third 1 OS52SSC M L
itr i i. o r KRf"' s-.Sftf I Official Box Score.
worm s aeries uame n .m ix.' sd.
'lard nt Kbliel. field,
(Ifttrlal attendance
Total receipt.
l'la)riV .hare
Kueh rluh'. .hare
.NatMiial CnmmU.lon
Klgiirr. for three camrst
Itreelpt , , ,'
ringers' .hare
tlarh Inh's .hare
National rommU.lon
. tt,1.ti
, In lt5 the third game figures were:
Attendance , tz,:too
Itrrclls Ss.l.mt.oo
rhners' ntaire 41.03:1.14
Kueh i hilt's .bare 3!t,Ultl,?R
Nstbi.iul rommUslon tt.319.10
lu It'll for three game It wa.i
.Itlenilanre 73,919
"erellit IS.1.'iS(I in
tinir' .dare 100,8114, II
IJueli club's share A7.a83.Ofl
.National C'onnnU.lon IH.vtH.G0
The plnrr will .hare In 00 per cent,
of the gross receipts of the llr.t f.ur
games atter 10 per rent. hu. beea ie.
dm led as thr National Commlulon
.bare. The rlnh. crt the remainder,
ripuilly shured. The winning ptiorrs
rt (iO per rent, of the money romlng
to the plnjers and. the losing eluh 40
per cent. The Itodger. have twentj.
three ellglhle p'ayem and thr Ked Hot
terday he tent Shorten i.e.
bnttcr. against Coombs. Chick tore off
three line singles, tho last one drlvlnir
In Hooper. In the ninth Innln Wheat
made a spcctaculnr catch of tho young
liter's long foul, Just over tho foul line
In deep left.
An Interesting feature of the series so
,ar Is tlmt every pinch hitter used so
far by cither (earn hns mnde good. In
the llrst game Johnston batted for Mar
'ttiard and mnde a single, nnd later
Merkle batted for Pfeffer and walked,
fotclng In a run.
In the second game McNally running
r Hni.iii,..i ., a .i .V.i..il
for Iloblltrel, scored the winning run.
wnen uaincr, oatting for Gardner, pro
duced the winning drive. Yesterday Olaf
Henrlkron, a famous pinch hitter of
other series, was walked on four straight
balls by Coombs when batting for Mays
In the sixth, and scored Boston's first
run on Hooper's triple.
First Steal for Wheat.
Vesterdny's game produced the first
stcnl, and It went to Wheat. Zack was
assisted in his theft by a short wild
pitch. From now on the series should
bo even harder fought than before,
Hrooklyn's victory will slve tho- boys
from across the bridge fresh confidence.
That victory meant everything to the
Hrooklyn. Daubert's hitting nnd
Pfeffer' pitching yesterday are as valu
nbln to the team morale lis the victory.
The Huperbas believe that with Daubert
hitting, nothing enn stop them. After
Pfeffer reliever! Coombs, ho retired the
eight Sox that faced him ns fast as they
came. That kind of pitching may win
Jeff the chnnce to start to-day, though
Hobbv Is convinced the Red Sox weak
ness is lefthnnders, nnd It Is the general
opinion that he will V,ot back Mar
quard. Itoliln I'lnliiK Better Than Phil.
Hrooklyn Is doing much better than
wa rxpected, The team I playing mu h
better ball than did the Phillies against
Carrlsnn's team. In the first threo
games last year tho Phils made only
eleen lilts nnd four runs off Shore, Fos
ter and Leonard. In the first three games
of the present series tho Dodgers have
madoUfi hits and have scored 10 runs,
l'.rookljn's tenm average Jumped from
,'jns to .VVi jeslerday. The Sox are hit
ting hut .212.
A year ago Carrlsnn wns ahlo to go
through the ontlre five game scries with
This fall Carrlgan nlready ha been
forced to in ike two substitutions, May
went to Shore's reHcue In tho first game,
nnd jestordiy Foster hnd to be called li
to help nut Mays. Tho Hoston staff doe
not seem to be In as great form as It
was last fall, but tho Brooklyn .attack
ni.iv be the main causo for this FeetnlllX
lack of elllclency,
Hut the better Brooklyn playa tho bet-
lil VI i Ik Weil fax In rheek nfter Coombs
& v tv " i I ti olnntrll- rrllreil In the seventh
October 10, I cik Mt-iJteiiW S&Jr&A I Kitttd Vlrl.t. IlmokhT.. (. t..wr l' I
S7.OTI.M BOIF -v-TK--r.i kA li.iilvrt.lb. 1 370050 1'
lJ.S.M.U afl 5 UpA "Prr.l.rf.... 3 0 1110 10 0
.9;.to 1 ' -S.. tth.t.if : i i t o o i : ft
' V I'ut.haw.ai... 4 0 1 4 0 0 1 0 0
Ilrookljn'n .hortntop, hoe lr Iple In fifth forril Wheal nnd rl.m.U.p.'. . 3 oioISlOO
Monrrr with nbnt proved to lie the nlnnlnti rnn. I,firr.p. 2.1111111
i TottlF M4 10nOl33
ter the Sox are likely to be. That Ills
be-;n the main reaf-oii for their great- series. The big Indian has been t-otli-I
nes, the ability of th tub to rise to big ered for some time with a weak left
occasions. Convinced that they line n. i wrist. It has bothered h'm cons!de-nb!
regular opponent in Hrookln, the So after can hinu games. He had a return
will light harder. The Ho-tons h.ie of the old trouble nfter Saturday's de
never lieen able to mouse themselves feat lu Hoston. .Miller Is likely to do all
playing second illusion teams as wh.-n i of Hrooklyn's catchlns for the remalnic
they uckle the leader". I of the series,
Brooklyn Scores Over
Boston in Third Game
Cuntlnuetl from l'irl f'npr.
I two Innings only three Red Sox faced
I him. Pfeffer was vindicated under lire.
MW.o Coombs left the game the vic
tory, according to baseball lore, goes to
the credit of the veteran. It gives him a
clan record of five Miiccosses in tin.
AniArlenn lnw.l.. In HOA ...Lilt . .
Ing for the Athletics, he scored three vk-
torlca against the Cubs, and in mi he
triumphed for the Athletics over the
Cilnnt. H left iinmhr hn,
with the score tied and It was eventually
lost In the tenth Inning by Kdwnrd liank.
At least Coombs had the Mitlsfiictlon
or outlasting the younger Mays. The
latter, who had gone so effectively to the
I rc"" of ''-rnr1 "r Saturday, was
I off form. Ills cxlrumlst dellveiv
dubbed ery nptly the "submarine
did not behave lo his liking and the
Hrooklyn batsmen made rather free with
It. The result wns the recall of Mays,
and the sixth Inning found George Pos
ter pitching to the Superbas.
Olson Ilrooklyn Hern,
To be exact, Mays was not 1'orced to
retire under fire. Jle was taken nut of
the box to permit Olaf Hcnrlksen bat
for him in the sixth round. That
manoeuvre of William Cnrrlgan's proved
Justified, for It gave Hcnrlksen n pass,
which started the little rally that earned
for llostun Its first two runs. Hairy
Hooper followed Hcnrlksen with a three
base hit to right centre and wns soon
scored by a single by Charles Shorten.
Major credit for tho Hrooklyn victory
belongs to Ivan Olson, by most critics
neglected In forecasts im u possible fac
tor In Stiiierba success, It wns Olson
who, with a one base hit, opened the
little rally that gave Hrooklyn Its sec
ond run In the fourth Inning, It was
Olson who, with n prodigious hlow Hint
gave him three bases, scored Wheat nnd
Mike Mowrey with tho two tnllles that
gave the Superba legions their winning
runs in the fifth Inning, Olson was an
effective worker In the field, too, and
gave his disparagers something about
which to think.
Olson was only nn anchor to the wind
ward when the Su.ocrhns opened their
campaign for the pennant, but when
Oliver O'Mara failed to come up to ex
pectations, Hoblnson, In desperation, fell
back on Olson. Ho was ostensibly only
a makeshift. Knowing experts spoko of
him as a mock shortstop. Yet Olson
proved the grittiest of Superbas In the
gruelling tight, lie made a poor start
in the series last Saturday, but on Mon
day and yesterday earned a place with
the leaders.
Shorten Ilnstnn'a Star.
Shorten wiik Hoston's hero in defeat.
It wns only recently that he wns re-
called from the Newark club of tho i.
lernatlonal League. Last soason lie
spent most of his time with the Prnvl -
dence Internationals, lie wns regarded
only ns an eligible who hnd almut ns
much chance to star ns-vhad Wllbert
Itobinson of being sent; In to run buses
for Jacob Daubert.
Tet that did not seem to exert any
Chief Meyets may be through for the
physical or iisyehologlcal Influence on the
oun;ster. for he earned the lending hal
ting h niors for the Hed Sox. Shorten
made Ids way Into the lineup in place of
Clarence Walker by grace of the pres.
ems o: n rigm nanoeu piicnvr on uie .
nmtmtl tnr Itrnrililvn. Four times Shot-
t ten came' to the plate and thrln" he sue-
. CCCllcd In hlltitl
long, solid singles. In
, I11" f"l n'"r, iw f"Ulr(1 ou ,n
, Wheat.
, , . mn..,i
Danhert Hnd Himself.
With the revival of power and speed I bonthou-es on teg itta day made a chro
hv the Superbas came a similar Im-1 matlc melange that bore testimony at
..'. i.. h.iitinir nf Iviuhert. least to the brilliancy of the day.
Not until vesterday had he Iwftii able1
... . .. i.l. !... tlL 1IR V. ll (-HIM.
.. . ...
erc!i' Iwo sloes' FosteV yielded a
three b.i-e hit that fell only Inches of
being a home run.
Daubert's big hit came In the tlxth
Inning, after two men had been retired.
Far out to left field he hnmmered the
hocehlde nnd skirted the bases with a
sped for which he is Justly famous,
on he i ante Into the plate, apparently
beating the ball by a good margin. Yet
while he beat the ball he fell IncTics short
of the plate In Ills slide and wns nipped
by Cliet Thomas.
Daubert might have been able to edgo
till to the rubber before tho ball reached
Thomas, but tho catcher blocked the
runner err with his knee, The Superbas
ralu'd a great ruction over the decision
b lli'k o'D.iy. and the fans yelled
their disapproval In wild tones, but
0'l)a Mood firm. There wa no ques
tion that Daubert was out,
StenKrl' Fine Throw.
I Still Ilverett Scott, the Hoston short
stop, eoniinueil playing no rrruriT
game, but he was not called upon to
do the wonHrous fents which he flashed
In the two previous contests. Ills master
play estcrdny was a throw from deep
short that robbed Mowrey of n hit in
the third Inning. Tho ball hnd hot
bv Gardner like a bullet and cinder a
diving attempt by the third baseman.
Another spectncular play wn a throw
by Charles Stengel In the opening. In
ning, Shorten hnd singled to centre
field nnd Hoblltzell followed with a simi
lar blow to right Held, Shorten dashed
for third and appeared to be headed
for n safe port, but Stengel came
through with a remarkable throw that
nipped Shot ten at Mowrey's station.
The victory roused Hrooklyn fandom
tn an exhibition of enthusiasm that put
thu demonstrative fans of the Hub to
shame. Hardly had tho last Hoston
man been retired than n mass of Brook
lyn adherents rushed to the Huperbas'
bench to do their favorites homage.
I T"y could hardly I restrained from
bearing off somo of the men on their
shoulders. Headed by their band, the
- royal rooters marched nround tho field
' triumph.
If the Htooklyn owners did not enter
tain us many guest ns did the Boston
management they had far more decora
tluns about tho grounds, l;'rom line
strung from thn flagpole In centre field
to the fences flew all aorta of pennona.
I 111 17- 1 I I
.t. r. h. o. . e. tti. Ib. I
i t ? 1 OA tool
lam r'n.ri) .
Slmrtfii.ef.. .
Ili-I IIIMI.lh.
nttHiiu.,c .
Mivs.p. . ...
31 2
: 10 1 12 1
IIMtiit for Mnts la the nlxtli Inning,
lu.i.ii, ii o o o o : i o on
llriklii 0 0 1 1 5 0 0 0 x I
Three liae liltOlMin. Pnutert. Hipper.
Ili'lll" run lisnlt.i'r Mel'UI I'Sie U'lu'Mt
im-rlilo- hlt- Mti-no'l. Milk r, M its. 1'tt
nn tmws-.lloi.ti.ii, ltreoMyn, f. llBst'ii
mi Imll.-llfT Mn. .1. mr C.Miib. 1. Hit.
nd t'.mi-il run. OIT Ms., 7 hits, 3 run.
In 3 ImiiiiK. "IT 1'e.tiT, .1 hits, no run. tn
i Innings, eft Cisiuili-. 7 hits. 3 run. In
II 1-3 limine; eflf PfeiTi-r, no hits, no runs
lu : :-J lntilnit. lilt I'.v pltrher -lly Mas.
1 iMer), Strurk out lly Slays. l.y
I'n.tc r, 1 ; b) CtM'inl'.. 1 ; P pfeffer, 3.
Hilil pitch- roster Cinplre. At piste. Mr
ll'IUy. mi be.. Mr. I'onnollri left held,
Mr CulI.) rlclit ft. I.I. Mr lllnern. Time
nf iline Z hours Htiil I minute.
pennants and Just plain lianm r.. It
looked like the county fair at Hlckvllle.
Weather signals, yacht burgees, acces
sories of the Signal Corps and the varie
gated tllpperles usually exhibited at
The refusal of Hrooklyn crtzens to pay-
,Iia lir nAu nvlmil ,n nlii t. a..
" -.. J .Ml ,lf-Il
I " ' ' "r 0 '"V'.,',c 'u. K':
bm hood of the park. There was no need
for seeing the scalpers, for anybody
could have bought as many tickets as he
leslred right at the box olllce. Fvldentlv
the story tlmt tho "house" had been over
sold by 115,000, which emanated from
Hrooklyn headquarters at Hoston on
Sundny night, was a mistake.
The game had not progressed an In
ning when the scalpers, finding them
selves badly beaten, made frantic ef
forts to get rid of their tickets at half
their face value. Many a fan who had
declined to pay 2 for accommodations
he thought worth only II after all 'got
Into the gime at his own rate.
Some rrnnurmcnt Poor.
The management was dilatory and
amiss III several respects. It was not un-
til 11 o'clock lu the morning that signs
were filnced telllni: Just wheie tickets for
the various sections could be mirchased
or where they were located. When the
signs went up there was a mad rush to
get Into the right line and the police had
their hands full.
Hundreds of the fans hud been wait
ing in the wrong places for several hours
isd their chagrin when they learned that
tickets were being sold In the rotunda
and that no waiting was necessary may
rainer ne imagined tlian exptessed.
The bleachers which were to havo been
erected In right Held were uh.ent. They
were done away with ostensibly because
they would have Interfered with the
players, but It was very plain that there
naii oven no iifiniinii uir accommodations
meir oi n snii. m,, Tlf P,mi Ha8 "3 and 2" on (lard.
The cold weather made overcoats nec. 1 npr when Larry pupped out to Mowrey.
essaiy and quite a few fur coats were Coombs mado a pretty stop of Scott's
III evldi nee, One Inhabitant of the upper grounder and threw Kverett out at tlrst.
stand reported equipped with ear muffs., In Brooklyn's half of the fifth, after
It was hard to tell whether hi siirtered f Stengel had drawn thiee balls and two
from cold ears or was a minister who j strike Casey expired on a foul to Onrd
had prepared against an outburst follow-1 ner, Larry making a good catch ns he
Ing another Dodger d feat, j leaned out Into the box scats, Wheat
To-day tho Superbas will make a ' waited out Mays and drew four balls,
valiant attempt to even the series, and If ! Cutshaw tapped to Mays und wns
their actions yesterday are to be taken ' thrown out nt llrst. Wheat taking second,
ns criteria they have more than an even
chnnce of repeating their success.
Whether Hrooklyn wins or loses to
day the clubs, accompanied by the aimy
of camp followers 14111I newspaper men
will movo nn to Hoston at midnight, If
another game is needed on Friday tho
teams will return to Hrooklyn,
By DAN IF. I,.
Relief Work of Pfeffer
Saves Day for Dodgers
Jeff Comes to Rescue of Coombs in Nick of Time Little
Out of the Ordinary Features Third Game of
World's Series, Game's Details Show.
n nKonaK n.
Well, there we were st-"hlvcr-r-r-lnR
In the gaunt, gray Kbbets Field stand
waiting for I'mplre In Chief Hank OU)ay
to warm everybody up with tho magic
words, "Play ball!" All hands were
happy when the announcer clarloned
"Hat-tries fer terday'g game, Coombs
nnd Miller fer Hrookerlyti ; May and
! Thomas for Hoston." The Hrooklyn
1 fans were confident that the wise old
head, the cunnln arm and the stout
heart of ol' Jack Coo.t.hs was what the
Dodgers needed to put them on the vic
tory trull.
Finally the other umpire took their
Mntiotis, Connolly back of first base,
Qulgley In left field and Dlncen In right,
and Hank O'Day slipped the leashes on ! of the sixth. Ma was getting smh ,t
tie two teams. Coombs wound up and I hnnimeiliiK that Oiiri-lRau to ,k bin nut
... . and sent In Henrlkt-cu to bat fur hi-n
sent the sphctold on Its way. It cut i N ltt iwunced (,rf Olafs bludgiriu, but
the platter for a clean strike. So did ho did the next best thing, waltliu n,i
the next one. Hooper then drew two ! I'wmbs und drawing four balls, Coomt't
i .I, it Li i u. .. .... , Urst offer tig to Hooper was a i.i.lel
ball, nnd "Swish 1" Harry lifted the , ttflUtl Harfy caught the , ext one rt.ht
ball over tho right Held wall, but It was , on tho t-etim and hammered mil a lmr.
foul by a few feet. Then Hooper skied I rlcatie three bagger to tho right inn ,,
out to Huck Wheat. Ip'd feme, scoring Heiiilk'en
With one ball on .lanvrln, Hal slashed I "de Janviln pop to Cutshaw. hut a.t.r
It bounding down toward Mowrey. nnd," .,rlk.e bad be.n tailed ii Swki
Mlko thrilled the stands with u one "blek clouted a clean tdngle to .-entte,
hand snear i.nrl nhlni,,l in ni,l.rt fnr
tho out. With two strikes nnd two balls i
on Shorten, Chick smashed a hot one
through the box and Into centre for
a clean single. Hoblltzell followed with
a drive pnt Uaubert Into right, but
Stengel with a great peg to Mowrey
hilled Shorten at third and retired the
!nperh Threaten.
Mavs's llrst offering tn Hi- Mv.e. w:,.
a 'called strike and Then llpu
the Flatbush ozone with an aw'ful swing
- him with a pitched ball. With' one ball
on Kauhert. Jake laid down one of his
I old fashioned bunts and beat the throw
j to first with a Hernle Wefers sprint,
Myers taking second. Stengel sacrificed.
Ma tn Hohlltzrll, and there was Myeri
, ierchert on third and I'.iubert on second
wnn tne ere-it Huclt Wheat up.
Mays did the wise thing and purposely
pitched four wide ones to Wheat. He
I'rcicrreu io nil tne naes anil take a
. i. c n v ui'naw rainer man let
I "r" Rf' a wallop at the ball. On the
nrst nail pitched Cutshaw grounded to i how he had blocked u.iku off .mil tht
Hoblltzell and Dick pegged to Thomas Jake's foot Imil not toiav-d the pa'.
tor a force out on Myers at the plate. Theie nun a wild ptotot trmn t ,o
With the b.es full ami Mowrey up j Dodger playtrs ami Hie l'latliusi '
Hrooklyn fans Hill were full of hope. ' booed the decision. n'U.i.s was deal
but Mays showed his class by breezing 'Isht In rcverl"B n,'ne!f, a a
the dangerous Mike. i evident from Lie moiccs ...its tti-.t
Coombs bowled over the Sox three In Thomas effects ely had o.ockc.l DuuU, ,
a row In the second, I,ew's skying out to 1
Myers lu left centre, Gardner popping to I .fni'U t'ouiiibs Ketlres.
( Utshaw. nnd Wheat maklnir u mrblnr '
catch of Scott's lone wait to dein left
Hrooklyn abo went out In order In the
second. Olson grounding to Scott, who
tos.cil Ivy out at tlrst. Otto Miller strlk
Ing out nnd Coombs expiring the same 1
way that Olson did.
Cntchra llooprr SlenllnK.
Thomas popped to Cutshaw back of
Hr-t at the start of the third, ati.i 111111
Coombs struck out h'.s rival. Mays,
Jack pitched one ball to Hoopet and then
Harry hammered a hot one through the
box Into centre for a base. Janvrln
waited and drew one ball. Hal struck at
the next one, and Miller with a rifle bin-
I't peg to Cutshaw nailed Hooper going
down 'o second.
. .sjtis euiicK ai me ursi ononng
of Mays In Hrooklyn' half of tlie third
and then bounced a grounder down to
Scott, wiin Juggled the b ill momentarily
but recovered quickly and pegged Hv out
at llrt With two strikes and a ball on
Daubett Jake shot a dean Angle be
tween Hoblltzell and Janvrln Into right.
After fouling one ball Into the press
sianu ami waiting out a low ball' Step
Vv.iii.nr, . Jn , '
bat-ami 'hen Hu. k lifted nn easy floater
to Lewis. With Cutshaw
didn't look .niv ton ee,s-.i , i,.. pi...
bush' fans, hut Georgle, with one strike
ami two balls on him, made the fans for
get all about his butter fingered playing
In Hoston.
t'nthaiT Itrderni. Himself.
He rammed a led hot liner over flist
base, the hall burning the grass a.s It
' .
, ....
Stengel on thlid, Geotge took second
field foul line.
i i i .i ,K '"ok second
l,"V,.v,f. " 1 .he ihr0.w' J"-! this stage
I l " ' I' " ' T. "roOM;' '
taking Mowrey' vicious grrunder In deeD
i short after Gardner had lunged for It In
vain, uverett tossing Mlko out at first.
In the fourth Janvrln lined to Stengel
In right centre, Shorten singled over
third, but died stearfng. Miller to Olson,
as Hoblltzell swung at a llrst strike.
Dick then Hied out to .Myers.
Olson launched the Superbas off In
their half of the fourth by bunting
safely to Gardner on the first ball
pitched nnd racing to second when
Latry's frenzied flip bounced past Hob
lltzell, With a strike and a ball on
Miller Otto pushed a sacilllce bunt down
iu .hiijh, i ari appeared to nave a
chance of gutting Olson at third, hut
didn't think so himself, for he whliled
nnd hurled to Janvrlii, who covered llrst
for the out on .Miller. '
Coombs llrlse In Hun.
Ol' Jack Coomhs came through in the
pinch by belting tho tlrst ball Mays
pitched to him past Janvrln Into right
for a single, sending Olson cluttering
across the platter. Tho bunting game
seemed to be getting May up In the air
anil Myeis followed
with a sacrifice.
Mnvs to Hoblltzell setullne Cinmh. to
I second .lllek wmh m.i rontiM.1 ul..m M....
bert. nfter tw II balls Hllll 11 font utelt.A
, grounded to Scott and was thrown nut
at tlrst.
With the count "2 and 2" on the dan.
genius Lewis, Duffy lined straight Into
' the paws of the walling Wheat In the
' Mowrey, following nent s example,
also waited out Mays and also gol free
lrfi,iut,..rltilln., lo llrl
Olson Kills the Unit.
With Wheat roosting on second and
Mowrey perefced on first, Olson leaned
Into the llrst ball Maya pitched to him
and sent It screaming through the air
to centre Held. Out, out It sped, ami
though KewlB raced back after It Ike
greyhound It went whistling over hj
head. On the Hoston grounds the (,n
would have been a sure homer, hut It
brought up against tint emeritenry
bleachers and enabled Lewis's relay n
Scott to limit Olson to three hae., j 5
savage swat of course pushed Wheal
and Mowrey across the platter ar,.
boosted tho scoro to Hrooklyn I, He...
ton o.
Miller left Olson stranded on third,
lln grounded to Scott and ,u tned
out nt llrst. i The crowd uns convuM
with merriment when I'mplre Connolly.
rushing over to cover the piny, trippM
I and pitched forward on his face. Cov
. nolly got up hlld shamefacedly MirtM
to dust himself off, the fata laui'mi; In
j glee.
I Olson tossed out Thomas at the t.ut
t registering uooper. Mtorten a.
marooned when Coombs rMdfd
Ik -ut
lltzell's bounder nnd tosMd hick
llnnhrrl Mhtr In nlti.
Foster took up the Hoton pit,i,r.f
burden In the tlxtli. and after Coom . lh.
worked him Into u ",1 anil 1! count' put
one In the gtoow. Jack landed ns it on
, tVin tv..lM mtitU I. nf V.I lt.M. hi,.. ......
rl. tmo moii s iur.l. ili.,li,r
1 i" 0,ll.",,tll' nfi u1.'1. "1 h"!
!"' '-'"'I n.ou.;h Lewis' a,i ,,":,;
, ViubeiTrac.
raced around the natlj, aid
Lewis taceil tiftet (he bull.
steaming Into third when PutT.N rt t i
hall. The Ited Sox fielder sen
sphere whipping Into ,-Vott hil! j. i
headeil for home. Scott whirled a:
I .hot tne hall to Thomas.
' It Isn't very often tji.it a runner u?n
a hook sllilc In slldlo ,'ioin, hut thai i
Just what iMubcit illd. T.loliliis b.ocfl
, him prettily and thoueh Fmplte ulh;
i ntt fallen JtiKe Mire, h, ree-fxl hit il
' c.nlon to nut when Tiio.iri- thownl II.h,;
.rter two called strikes nnd ,x p, ,.,
Lewiw In the etyenth Duffy gicul.dnl
out to Daubert. un.tssl.tcd. Will. 1
strike and a ball 1111 (iaidncr lirry .l!U i
a ball, knee high on the outside cori.e
right over tne right Held fetn for a
nomw run. Tin- four base blow b..i
I Coombs out of the box. Jack voi in'ut
I withdrawing after laiklt th
w"h his Inftelders and ciichr.
Both Pfeiier and Maiqu.i d had 0.
warming up In conn,. Held. Imp (".!'.
'""I Hnlshed two Inning p.e u
""d Marquaid only wa wmkiin: i.e
Coombs retired und Hobtuon cuiej t
teseucr. I'ncle Hubble signa's f -
Pfeffer. Jeff virtually c.inte in j j it
pitched n "Hike and a hall t., S ott : I
then Kverctt laced a luni; lmer to rls-
cemre, .iyers getting und, r tt for 1
mem caicn. -nie wind to, , 1 h
away om him and Hy had t e !, 1
, hard run. Jeff then gol 1 it 1. 1 ,
t of his aim and after pitching a 1
to Thomas put oyer two -it-.K'- thei
. another ball and then stru k Thom.n
Hooper's running catch ' S'enrfl'-t
' hMl t.. I.I..I.. ......... ... ..... ....
' e,"i Mime ill llM,iKins nn I
f the seventh robl.ed Cn-.y
f .1 hit, 1
jit nest II 1.-,,.L-.l .,c if
Sllol'. n AT I
SKv -
! I ' 'Tn .?.! . ," ' " C "
.run in foe It una .1...... 1
tin things'...-,..- . .. '. .'. 1
I i""B cairn. II ill came w.t' !)'
force as to knock Harry's gloe .ea
his knee and cim-vd him to dtp
went for a hit,
Foster Choke tiff II nn,
With the count "2 and 2" ,n ' '-'-aw
George lifted n floater to th. cM of
Hrst. Janvrln, Hooper and li d,' "el a!'
tried for It, and Just wpi ii it ' , 1 'f
there wan going to be a nn Jnf
lltze caught the ball. Postet 1' I
a pinspectlie Brooklyn run 1 - '
down Mowrey's liner and m.h"; U'
out at llrst. George had t, 1 !'
like a Jumping Jack to shmv b ' " 1
the way of the ball. 1,1
In the eighth Foster wa alb ' "' "i
strikes, Pfeffer got two m k -4
ball on Hooper nnd thin liei.le ' , 'v'.
Isiunder and tossed linn i".t tl .
Pfeffer then cut the plate '
straight called strike op ,l.int l".f-
ter was cheered us he went t , '
When Htooklyn came t" 1
eighth Foster thrilled the fu'
other Icujilivg knockdown tli t
hit, Olson landed waked' "
ball pitched, but l'o-ter sl ot 1
iilr and knocked the b.il' ..w
Ing In time to to h out a- t
few seconds later Poster tti
more pretty fielding
Willi two strikes and .1 lo ' '
Otto fouled two Into the -ii I '
sent a bounder lo tin r '
Foster raced over to ,-oi
Hoblltzel rushed out to II, ' ' 1'
ltoblltzcl's throw was high I
Jumped In the nlr and can ' '
down atop tho bag ami 111"
Pfeffer was up and on 'he
Foster pitched to lilm ,1'IT 1
It with all his great weight
swing, He bounced a Imci of "
field wall, but only goi one 'i.i .
us Hooper's great throw t., S,
PfelTer on first. ,b 11 il' ln t get
ther, for Foster tcthtcned up ami
Hy Myers.
It was do or die with tin He
tho ninth, but Pferfer. with the 1
glittering coejul by llmk When'
the BoMoris back cnt ele V
bulls und a strike 011 Shot leu
lashed a long liner to !i fl I'
by a few feel, but Wheal ' ' "
across the puettire. got tin let' it f
markable catch. Iloblltycl gi"
Olson In deep hot. ly geti n.
Hrst with a pretty pi-v to I'.tuU
The ilangeioii Duffy I."'
world' scries hero, wns no ..1 .
Sox rooter pinned the t.ntii
slugging Duff. It was llos'' -chance.
Lewis I00K11I oei- Pfi ir"
offering. It wa a b.i I Tl
II e
l Il
milled Lewis and ho wuo ""
the best bo could ib w,i to
fly to Stengel, The v.t .in w 1
the Superbas victorious, 4 to ,1

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