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Gridiron Battles of Saturday Promise Contests of Superior Worth When Big Teams Get Together Later On
Yale Has Ik-st Attack,
Princeton Defence Har
vard Second in Both.
Comparisons cf team play In football,
as In baseball, arc of no great value. In
that It Is possible to prove a point from
almost every angle. Vet there are some
outstanding features of .Saturday's col
legiate clashes which bring forward
prominent elevens In their proper light.
Strength of team play can be measured
fairly accurately by diagnosis of attack
and defence. Fumbles and thoughtless
generalship do not necessarily detract
from the ultimate worth of an aggrega
tion, because It Is possible to eliminate
both. Hearing these points In mind' It Is
Interesting to line up Harvard, Yale,
Princeton, Cornell, Dartmouth. Syracuse.
Colgate, Penn State, Pittsburg. West
Point and Pennsylvania, the Institutions
seemingly favored with football talent
beyond the ordinary.
There Is little doubt that Harvard,
Talo and Princeton are more evenly
matched this season than In several years.
Harvard still la possessed of a scoring
machine of Immense possibilities, but It
has been seriously weakened defensively.
Tale probably has the best attacking
body of the three, and like Harvard has
as yet been unable to bring forward a
Una of any kind of Impregnability.
Princeton Is weak behind the line, but
has a forward wall that probably out
shines any In the Hast. Vale leads In
offence, Princeton In defence and Har
vard runs a close second In both.
Tigers Disappoint Coach.
Princeton's game against Tufts was
disappointing to Speedy Itush. His vet
eran backfleld candidates acted like de;
butantes at their coming out. Jacli
Eddy, at quarterback, was guilty of sev
eral Indecisions which counted mightily
against the team. Three times Eddy tried
the wrong play at the wrong time.
Once on the third down and only about
ten yards to go for a touchdown Eddy
called for a forward pass that was com
pleted, but with only a couple yards gain.
Tills play took the ball from In front
of the coal posts to tho far corner. Here
the only possible thing was a drop kick,
but the angle was Impossible, as was
proved when Tlbbott missed by yards.
Another time with the ball on the six
yard line and a first down Eddy tried
an Intricate double pass and the for
wards of Tufts wer on the play so hur
riedly llrown fumbled as the ball was
pasjwd to him. Tufts recovered and a
touchdown went glimmering.
With this faulty attack of the back
field Prlnctton forwards had to contend
and the way they did their work cer
tainly brings a little balm. Not In a
long time has a line been seen that
smashed to smithereens so successfully
every play tried by the opposition. Gen
nert, Nourse, Hogg and McLean were on
top of every attempt made by Tufts and
really stopped the Medford men In their
tracks. Princeton never was In serious
danger, thanks to lis exceptional line
There Is no doubt that Princeton will
bo a mighty hard outfit to beat, but not
exceptionally difficult tn stop. Its back
fleld, on the play so far, has not tho
power exhibited by Yale and Harvard
I.eamrj Is Yale Asset.
Tale seems to be' about 60 per cent.
Harry Ltgore and the rest willing as
sistants, especially on the attack. Le
gore Is a sensational running halfback,
who slides through the arms of tacklers
and Is never down until sat upon. Half
of the twelve points registered against
I.ehlgh were brought to Yale by a s.xty
yard dash that featured ltgore pound
Inr over the turf and shaking off ambi
tious opponents. Credit to the 40 per
cent of the Blue must be given In that
the Interference was exceptional for so
early In the season.
Klngham also played well for Yale.
He gave promise of being a fitting run
ning mate for the spectacular and really
high class Iyegore. Yale's great half
back appears more and more every day
aa If he Is to be tho Eddie Mahan of
this season.
While Yale displayed superefflclency
on attack there were times that the line
faltered and It was necessary for Lc
rore and Hingham to dash Into the play
to prevent damage. There was no per
alstency and no strength which would
cause any worry at Princeton or Har
vard. The Vale lino must be overhauled
ir the Plue hopes for football laurels.
Yale is Justly proud of Its record so far.
?Un I f, ?'1..nxl0,n about PrlJe and a
fall still holds good.
Ma Team Work at Harvard.
Btlll Harvard adherents are seeking
for one tangible reason why they should
rise and chorus their approval of the
earn s success. Each game finds a new
Individual star who might he raved
about If It were not that Percy Haugh'on
derides Individualism In football and de
pends upon combined effort for success.
Horween, Casey arfd Hoblnson are bid
k .'.v, r a1""1"' n" ' ''apt. Dadmun.
but there Is reason for gloom surround
ing tho Crimson as far as the rest aro
Harvard displayed no great strength
against North Carolina. Crimson fup
porters say It was not necessary. This
may be so. still it stands out that Har
vard wanted to smother the Southerners
11 uiuj 10 Kain some consolation over the
defeat administered by Tufts the week
before. Harvard's llr.e. on the play to
date, cannot be compared with that of
Princeton. Harvard's Individual offence
may soon be supplanted by a machine
and If that happens Princeton will be
hard put to equal tho work of the Crim
con. There Is a battle promised for Harvard
In two weeks, when Al Sharpe takes his
strong Cornelllans to Cambridge for
their annual battle. Harvard is still
stinging from the defeat administered
last year, but there seems little chance
for revenge now,
Cornell Primed for War.
Cornell to date has put forward a
ecortng machine every bit as wonderful
as that which tarried tho Ithucans to the
Eastern title last year. Also thero are
a few young giants on the squad who
me! In a struggle that finds man pitted
against man and only his head, arms and
legs to use as weapons. Cornell wants
to defeat Harvard, nnd from the way It
seems now Harvard will have to turn
-m,R "l,m'V,r ,wo Prevent this.
William a football players will be gld
ro'lTroM "I"'"'''1 ,hHt ,hf" a '"
A : ; '"ini ai l mar a.
on the ilaw lii.i-n.j i. . . .
vin u. ,H irying 10 con
vince itself and the rest ot the anxious
Sensational rannlng halfback vrtin
acy for
world that Cornell Is not to be taken se
riously Princeton's weak backfleld will
get a chance to prove strong or fall en
tirely to pieces, as on that day Dart
mouth' Invades Trlnceton. So far this
season Gerrlsh, Duhamel arwl Thlelscher
have run wild over the opponents care
less enough to leave homo for a sight of
Dartmouth has been scouring the
country for a quarterback for two years.
This season Coach Cavanaugh has three
men worklngjjut for the position, and If
the high scores can be counted a result.
It Is possible Dartmouth now has an
abundance of material. Dartmouth really
Is stronger In every department of the
game than for some time, and expects to
prove It when Princeton Is met.
Syracuse Doing Wei).
Habe White and his Syracuse farmers
again are running amuck up State. Un
less some fjo'.ball squad with bef.
brawn and brains comes along soon the
farmers will be heyond hope of batnc
stopped. The rest or the colleges owe It
to the community to find a team able to
come somewhere near pestering White's
terrors If nothing else. Kranklln and
Marshall thought the Job simple until
play started Saturday, but was on Its
knees begging for mercy after 60 points
had been rolled skyward. Syracuse has
another powerful squad that will make
Michigan and a few others hustle and
keep on hustling to avoid complete annihilation.
Metcalf an Inspiration
for Columbia Squad
Columbia football follower should
deff their hats to Nelson Metralf. the
ambitious, capable coach of the Ulue and
White eleven. I-ist season Metcalf
built up a victorious team out of a drop
kicker and a couple of husky, fighting
basketball stars. So far th's season he
has been without the services of tils
drop kicker, but Columbia goes on sue
ceedlng. Metcalf must b an Inspira
tion. That seems tho only explanation
possible for 'the unexpected and. there
fere, meritorious victory over Vermont
Vermont shoved Columbia around the
field with reckless audacity for the
greater part of the game, but when the
real drive started It was a series of Met
calf taught forward passes that found
Columbia ploughing to victory. Carefully
Brings Victory to Stoeters, C
to 4 Teams Deadlocked in
Second Game, 1 to 1.
Members of the Giants In the wlndup
of their barnstorming trip at Lenox
I Oval yesterday were defeated by Dave
Drlscoll s Jersey City nine In the first
game, 6 to 4, then played the Skeeters
a 1 to 1 five Inning tie. Tho local big
leaguers, captained by Hans Lobcrt, had
all the regulars In the lineup, In the
first game, which went eleven Innings,
both teams batted hard, tho National
Leaguers getting fourteen hits off Her
ring, a former Giant, and the Skeeters
getting eleven off the delivery of Pol
Perrltt and Ilube Denton.
In the eleventh Inning, with Hrugge,
O'Hourke and Stalling on the bases, Irv
i ing doubled, clearing the sacks and win
, nlng the game,
f Schupp and Clinton engaged In a five
i Inning pitching duel In tho sunset tilt.
Kach allowed only four hits. A big
I crowd saw Jhn contests. The scores:
brhoael abrhoae
Ilumi.lf .. S0 1 : 0 c llsrter.cf .. lot 2 0 9
Lotrt.3b,. 5 0 0 I S O'SHanion.tb. 5 1 : jo
Kob'tian.rf HI I 1 0 llrur;r.lf ... Hi 2 0 0
7.lmm'an.:b 5 1 4 5 ( llOHnu'ko 3h 511 4 to
FJetrher.ss 50 1 1 4 0,Stallinr.ll.. 4 5 117 to
KaufT.cf . 5 0 1 0 0 O.Clinton. rl ., 50 0 0 0 0
llolke.lb... (1111 1 Irvlnr.M,.,. 501 1 40
Kocher.c . 5 t 2 li I 0 Soner.e. ... 40 1 5 10
l'erriu.o. . 4 0 0 o 2 olllcrrtnr.p. , oo o 2 1
Ilenton.p... 20101 01 -
Total 42 e 11 M Ml
Lobrrt's Train ""II ft ii ft I ft 0 14
fti-fter P J 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 3-4
Hrst bsie en errir Ibrt'i All Learners. 1.
To ! MU Zliuiuerritan. Ilurn. U'Huurke,
Irilnt limn rtuis Stalling, Ilriicar, Lett
Mi tiiaea tf All N'mucra, ki hkictrra. 4.
IK.iil.1 pla)-Kltrhr. Zimmerman and Hulkp,
11. w on Ixlla-Mir Itent'tn, I, utr limine 1,
Ktrurk uut-Hr I'crrltt, ; hj Hentmi, ; tir
Krrrlnr. 4. Illta-Oft IVrrltt, 0 la ; Innlnsi;
elf Unit, C In 4 Innings. t'inlre Jlr, t'A
arW. Tim of fanir 1 tmur and 30 mlnutra.
I At I.enni Oral. BetDnd jam H. H. jj.
Ixilftt'i Ti-am 0 0 n 1 e 1 4 o
fkiftfr 0 0 0 0 11 t 0
llattrrlra Nrhnpp and Kwlirr; Clinton snj
liame called vo account of darkness.
441 Wtat mth 8t. Tel Mornlas.MV mV.
farrcU rs-ttraat, Geary TS.rrUaT Adav tti.
promises to sain Krldlron suprem
I The service elevens. Army and Navy,
are not easily compared. The Navy has
exhibited nothing wonderful as yet nnd
the Army has won handily and without
being extended. One Important point
stands out. and that Is the Army has a
backfleld which will compare favorably
with any In the country. Ollphant Is ;
playing another dashing game which,
makes him a leading candidate for na-
tlonal attention: Alongside of him there '
are Ave or six others who have proved I
of Inestimable value. The more one sees
of the Army and Navy the more It seems
another Army year.
Poor old Pennsylvania Is having Its
troubles again. Kor several years Penn 1
, has started like a zephyr and finished ,
with cyclonic ferocity. Mabe this Is to '
, be another season of this kind. However,
, Penn was swept to defeat by Swarth
more on Saturday nnd was really dis
graced. Hob Folwcll Is not having the
meteoric success he anticipated.
Penn State and Pittsburg again are ,
proving beyond peradventure to be form
idable opponents, West Virginia pro
vided no contest for the State Collegians
and Pitt triumphed over the Navy 20 to
. 19, making enough fumbles to bring
about a close score.
Colgate travelled to Urbana, III., and ,
spanked Hob Zuppke's Illlnl In the first
big Intersectlonal battlo of the season.
Illinois two seasons ogo was rated the
best team In the West, and is not to be
laughed at now. which makes Colgate's
feat worthy of mention.
adhering to the advice of the coach. Co
lumbia tried nothing unusual in the first
half, but once the ripening was prepared
tho signal came from the coach, the
plays were called for and Columbia won.
The triumph of the Hlue and White
' wan the only solace for the local col
leges during the day. N(W York I'nl-'
verslty found In Haverford a foe worthy
of strict vigilance. After a hard fought
1 tussle the score was a tie at a touch
i down and goal ea-h Ther was a lot
of distress. ng fumbling and erratic
I playing by tho Violet squad and an
I equal amount by the Pennsylvania col-
leglans. There was no continuity of at
tack shown by either New York Uni
versity or Haverford, probably becaum
the offensive was not equal to the de
fence, i
The Violet game was marred by an ex
cessive amount of punting. Haverford
refused to try any consistent attack, re-,
sorting to punting on almot every down.
This, In a way, was justifiable, as the
visitors had with them a punter of no
man ability. However, N. Y. U. made
a vital mistake In not attempting to gain
by carrying the ball and In that way
t helping out Its punter. Howard Cann
' again played a good game, but was un
able to do much, owing to the stylo of
game elected by the field generals.
Marshall Helps Mrvrna.
Stevens made a great Hart aenlnst the I
heavier Mlddlebury outfit, but was un-
able to bold the pace and was forced to .
accept defeat. There Is one outstanding ,
player on the Stevens team, and that Is
Marshall, the fullback. He worked vali
antly to bring victory to his team, but
was unequal to the strength exhibited by
the visitors. ;
Since Fordham did not play, enthu
siasts did not have a chance to watch ,
probably the best local team In action. '
The games brought out the fact that Co
lumbia again has a squad which may ac
count for a lot of laurels among the sec
ondary colleges, and also that N. Y. U. I
will have to hammer hard If It can ex- J
pect to reverse the score of last year
with Columbia. N, Y. V. had hoped that ,
this season It would be able to discrunt
the drop kicking of Miller by a spirited
offensive, but up to date thLs offensive
has been lacking.
Only Trro ltrarnlnra .MlaalnK
Slakea Klaht Asalats.
New Havkn, Conn., Qct. IS, The1
champion Hoston AtBerlcans and tho
semi-professional Colonials played a tie
exhibition game hero to-day. the con-1
test being called nt the end of the ninth I
Inning, with the score 3 to 3. The Hed I
hox hod their regular lineup with the
exception of Hooper nnd Gardner.
Ty Cobb of the Detroit Americans
played first base for the locals and hnd
the unusual record of making eight
assists. Ho ot two hits. The score
by innings:
It. II. E.
laton 11001000 01 I 4
Olonlala 00010000 0-1 4 I
llatterlea-ltuth and Cailjr; P. False), Keat
ing and Krllilier,
Pacific Const league,
W L sc. W, L pC,
I.os Anrelea HI T2 (lPI'orlland l DO (31
Vernon .II0 ! .ITllSalt Lake.. . W M 4K:
H. Krandsco s4 ? .ll,Oakland 12) ,ni
Salt Lake. I: Portland. : (first game); Salt
Lake. I; Portland, 1 (sxond ftuntt.
Vernon, It San rrannno, i first game);
ernon. 4; San rrandaoo. I tseeend tame).
Los i Annlea, ti Oakland, I (first game);
Lea AattkM, 4j Oaklaad, a (atoood faaa).
Defeat of Illinois Eleven by
New York Griddcrs First
Since 1013.
Chicago, Oct 15. Championship as
plratlons are budding In the camp of
the University of Chicago football eleven
as a result of Its eurprlslnv clean cut,
victory over Itxlhna Saturday In the
first game of the "Illg Nine" season.
The triumph reestabllhed Chicago as '
a Strang candidate for the Western Con
ference honors, although critics agree
thoj Minnesota still has the edge. The
Maroons crushed Indiana with a new
righting spirit. The eleven was SO per
cent. Improved over the aggregation
that took the field a week a?o. The
Plays were executed with more polish,
the backs had power to their drives and
there was only little blundering In the
signals. ,
The defeat of Indiana means Its elim
ination as a possible contender for thel
"Mr Nine" championship honors.
The defeat of Illinois at the hands of
Colgate was a shock to supporters of
the Illlnl, who had hoped for a possible
victory or at least a closer score. It
wus the first defeat for the Illinois
eleven since 19 13.
Illinois must prepare to face a high
powered eleven In meeting Ohio State
next Saturday. The Ohloans burled
Oborlln under a 1!S to 0 score )esterday.
Otlr.nesota, showing steady Improve
ment, rolled up another big score yes
terday, trouncing North Dakota. 47 to T.
Wisconsin's victory over South Dakota
revealed that the Radgcrs must be re
garded as a strong contender for the
"Illg Nine"' honors.
The leaders outside, the Conference,
Notre Dame and Michigan, cam through
their games with comparatively easy
victories. The Haskell Indians fill vie-
Notre Dime's rushes and Mount
Union was humbled by Michigan.
Carry Off Honors in Bicycle
Hacos in Newark Volo-
drome. !
Newark, N. J.. Oct. IS. Hecgie Me-1
Namara. Hob Spears and Arthur Spen
cer divided the honors at th Velodrom
this afternoon. McNamara Iefited
Oscir K;c, the Swiss cycllM, In a ten
mile tar.den paced race, beating him
horn by a lap.
Two weeks ago Krg defeated Mc
Namari, but to-day the Australian ob
tained revenge. Kgs had an alibi for
his defeat and It was apparently a Just
on. Last week In a long race Kes
took a nasty spill In whl h h was
thrown Into the rrand stind and badly
bruised In to-day's rac he still felt
th effects of last week's spill.
Hob Spears once more dmonstrated
that he Is faster than Prank Kramer, th
champion. He led "Ills Steve" to the
tape In th Brasard rac. a one mil
match afftlr. Arthur Spencer, who ha
teen the surprise of tho season In pro
fefsloml competition, beat Alfred (".out
let In two etraUht heats of a two-thirds
of a mile match race. The rumtr.aries :
On. third Ml! Hantlcap iAmatun
Won by VNrrel llereer. .n Kran. lcn M0
M. Hudey Hunn. Neoark ' yardai.
eernr.d, Harry HrTmar.. .wn Krn'Uct 3;
nll. thirl. A'btrt Kruht. N. Y. A. C
m Me. fourth. Tim, j: t S eecnnd'.
Tn-lhlr. Mil Mat-'h I Pnfelnn.ill
A-thnr Spencer. 7o-onto. Alfrc 1 ilt.u.iet.
N'euarlc Won t.r Spencer Klret h'! "i
.-'penrer. Tim. rti:-t I.t lhth
ml e 12 5-. eecond. hecrd he.it won ny
."fencer. Time, 2.21 :-5. I.a.t eighth mile.
12 35 aecenila.
One Ml e lUnS.lc.ip i I,rnfe..or.sll Won
tiy I'larenc I'irm'i, Jama!, a. I, I. ill.t
yM; I.loyd Thma. Sin Krsnctco i
MM. feiond. It)mnnil K.itnn, Nsk
il") yardai. third. Plnyd Kreba. Newark
1125 )ards. fourth; fieorr cm-rnn, New
Yrk 10S ardsl. Mir. Time. 1 M j.r.
The llruiaard at On Mile i I'rofe.ilonal)
ItnWrt K. Spe-. AuitrAlU. . Krar.k
I- Kramer, Eiat Orange. Won by SpeaJ.
T'me J. 02 1-5. Lof. eighth mile,
u ends.
Or.. .Ml! Open I Amateur) Wnn hr
Thomaa Hello, t'nion Spor'tvn iMltani:
Prei! Tiylor. Newirk, second: Thorns. Kitz-
immons. Hay View Wheelmen, third Ki
vard Hyron. Autrall, fourth. Time,
?.0 1.5
One Mil Open (PrnfelnnD Won by
Alfred f.oullet. Newark; Alfre.t Orenda,
Australia, second. Arthur Spence-, Toronto,
third; Char'e. Plercey, Australia, fourth;
I'rancetco Verl. Italy, fifth. Time. 2 2T
Ten Mlie Tandem Paced Itice tp-of, ..
atonal) Oscar Keg, .Switzerland, it, r.ci
nsld J. McNamara. Australia. Won by Me.
Namara.. Tims, 20:04 (.
Harlem 8. C, ( Heneflt) Hilly Krsmer
and Young Pulton
Olympic A. C Kddla Hrady and Tommy
Vanderltlt A. C. EJdla Dorsey and
Walter Mohr. ,
Hroadway S. 0. Jack Dillon and Tim'
Kmplrs A. C, Marty Croaa and Harry
Pioneer A. C Toung Zulu KM and Jack
Harlem ?. C Shamua O'Hrien and Ed- 1
die Honey.
Another member of the famed fiar:an
football family Is Tommy, now plalng
left halfback on the Pawling School eleen.
Tommy la n brother ot Frank Ciargati,
formerly of Holy Crosa and who now is
roach sit Fordham. Tom Curgan 1 cap
tain of the 1'awllng elrvn, und It whs
large')' through lila fine work In the open
ing game lust Friday tha New Vork Unl
vtralty second team went down tu defeat.
rieorge TUnntn. who gained all aorta nf
fame a an alhlet In Hrooitlyn Prop laat
)ewr. now Is at For.lh.Rm Prep. Hannln
tried for entrance In Holy Cross last sum
mer but failed, (leorge will contlnua his
athletic Activities In Fordham I'rep. He
already haa made th footbull tean and
hnrlly will atart work In preparation (or
tha track campaign
AI Klelber, captain. elect of the Minunl
Training eleven, probably will not be back
In the gam for some time, hating been
dlatnld from tha equad for scholastic
deficiencies. K!per la acknowledged one
nf the beat grl liters In tha Seventh avenu
Institution and hla loaa Is keenly fell by
Coach Crooke'a team,
K.ntera Fool hall Field.
A newcomer In the football ranks la th
New Vork Mate Agricultural Cchnol at
Farmlngdale, I,. I, The Institution will
h represented bv o. likely lonklin team nn
the gridiron this year. The first game
will le played at home neat Wednesday
with fit. Paul's School of Harden city.
Jimmy Sinclair, one of the beat athletea
ever turned nut in Stuyveaant. now Is at
Brown, where he plana to continue ate
taletle activities, Lut rear aiadalr wen
Mnrbiirgor, .Tnck's Mnnnger,
Snys Contest With Gib
bons Is Off.
When Sam Marhurger, manager of
Jack Dillon, yesterday was asked If It
was true Dillon had signed to meet Mike
Clbbons at St. Paul at 161 pounds ring
side ho said :
"Not to any appreciable extent. Dil
lon will not weaken himself by making
an Impossible weight for anybody. Gib
bons may as well nbandon the Idea that
he Is going to get Into the ring with
Dillon at a weight that would prevent
Jack doing himself Justice. However, If
l!ilIons Is really In earnest about meet
ing Dillcn we will consent to 1SS pounds
at 3 P, M, That would give Jack a
good chance to recuperate tefore enter
ing the ring. Dillcn weighed K9 pounds
ringside for Moran and was In lerfect
"Another wild yarn Is to the effect
thnt Dillon Is to rr.e' Harry Wills at the
Harlem Sporting Club soon. Dillon will
not 1) x Wills or any other negro. Dil
lon draws the co'.or line."
Wrlnrrt-Mtihn Ilotit First.
Jimmy Johnston will wander Into thel
otTl' e of the Hoxmg Commission, to-day
and inquire If it Is the dictum of the
commission that the M-ha-Wclnert bout
mud be staged there first of all. He
will be told t.-p.t such Is tho case. Then
James will get out 1 Is three sheet pos-,
ters announcing that Hob Moha and
Charity Welnert will b jx at the Garden ;
Octcbtr 51, which Is the first open date. 1
Charley Johnston, manager of the new'
Manhattan Casino Cub, has snared nn
imiwrtant bout for fcKitober 30. He has
matched Jo. Welling, the rclentifle CM-1
casoan. and IriMi Patsy Cllne. and tho '
combat should draw a crowd of large
proportions. '
Another Const I'heaom.'t
The fact trat boxfng Is dead as a
doornail In Pa! fornla does not prevent
the Oolden State from engaging In Its
time honored business of producing
t henomenons. Of tnrn s"me of thesi
wonderful boxrrs Hash In the pan, so to
speak, but that isi't 'al.f.rnl.Vs fau t
Mio turr. them out and they nrtst shift
for themselves. Hardly had General as
tonishment over the recital of Pat I. Il-u-reux's
deeds died away when there was
another loud enroling from the pjgi.ist.c
hatchery, the Olympic Club, ami lo, out
ctruttrd 1-iwreme Higby from h:s
Queensberry shell. It was oniy tw.t
months ago that Prof. Oeorge Oreen.
b"xir.g injtru -tor at th club. flrt noted
the manner m whb-h Higby handled him
elf und watched bis work. So Impressed
was the professor that l.e took the young
athlete in tow and proceeded to show
h'rn something of the art of the gam.
Hlsby has prod an apt purll. and now
(ireen sass that in th pot distant fu
ur h: cbarge is qut: li.y to be i
contender for hcav) weivht honors.
lllgby stand 6 feet 2 Incnes In '.lis
rtocklne feet and we'gh 100 pounds. In
stead of being missive In structure he
Is lithe of build. whl'h makes him a f tt
man. one of th fastest for his size,
tlreen say, h hi" ever sn in the ring
He Is s.i:d tn h.i a etsggering punch
in either lmr.d. and above all is a
uulrk and Intelligent thinker.
Higby is yet a tinv're in th gam, but
he has been up against some fif th
heaxlest and toughest of the .tub's sea
soned Niters and has more than held
his own tn thes trials. He is improving
fast, and (Jreen exp.vts to hive him
mlll.'iently advanced to enter him in th
pcxt buing show the club will Huge ,i
Us gymnasium.
I.oi'nl llouta This Wrrk.
Whit there a- no e-nsfionai t.out. nn
the pr' gramm- for tht uek ye: tlia cad
'fjerej -eein tn pr-.-nie fit lent ntertaln
rnent Th r,.r",.t le'ween 1)1 l"n tnd
Porky K!nn i i n . t.ke plac- nwitic I"
an IrOurv riei . K.nn Th H-oa !
.t CUb liaa ttitute.l Tim O'Neill of
Chicago to meet Dillon.
Two eicrrtlonal y gol ca-ds will
pre-en'e l fr-i-.-M. when Voiipg '. ilii
KM. c I. w .1 to box Jtmm V.
"in 10 o Rl ill- I i"n"r
nnd Harr liitt' w.'l clash with th K O.
n. ember of th i"ros ami, iept Mrt),
at the Umpire A. C.
f-himtis O'llrlen an I Kllle rwsejr will
furnlth ti.e nuaorkt at the Harlem S. O. '
Two tn rouo 1 bouts wl'l top th bill at
h olmpli Club In Harlem to ti eht. In
the t'r.il ten r.jid bout KdJi Hra.ly. th-
ricfel I'ater.on featherw Ulu. will meet
n'nuy. Karrell in a return match To- I
I'lght'r bout ahouM be as tnte-esting ns
their list one. In which both put up a nip
and tm.k II t In th rir.t ten round bout
Tommy (ieary wll mt Murray Perk!,
he former in pound national atniteur
champion. Or alt round bout and three,
four round bouts will complete the, III:,
Joe l.)nch. who mil- It bot f- Hrt!-. !
ha loneente.l to meet Jack ha;key tn a
rturn bittlo. prullel th lat er defeats I
Young Zu u Kid at tha Plontor Sporting
Club ThuraJay night.
Witter I.aurett will get another chance
tn try nut his knockout wallop at the
Pioneer .-.porting cijh Thurslsy night on
Kldle Nugent of N'u'lt), N. J. j
A boxing entertainment fir the benefit '
of the vtr'klng . irnun will take place at
th Harlem Spotting club tn-nlKht. .11. 1
Kramer l'l meet ,ung Pulton .la-k
llrlit !! and Jimmy !". iu i.oi thre
rounls Jimmy o'Hagati box Jack
III on tl.r. e rt.unda All th motnrmen
wl I parade to th club, headed by Jim
Cnffe) the I)b!lii i! nt.
Mh iwe pound ehot putting title un!
Ulan wna fotnud.ib.e In th tr.icsi event ;
Jai K Mnclalr. ih.w on th Sum .'int fo-it- ;
1 ..'. hopes to bring mots f un to th I
Mnelalrs, a, though be Is no rdutlon to '
I Jimni)
! .. Promising athlete In Erasmus Hall l !
Mtobtrt Carter Hobby, us he la famllljr.y I
o iiiiiiij.-,- ,n in iiiointii l"m
In hl l.rst jnr nut. ntit n'eo am r .1 ir
on th baselmll nln Inst ear Carter
gained much of his knnwielge as base. '
bnll plajer ini.rni for the Superhia In'
1J1S In addition to his mhtnlc prowi 1
Hobby I.Ma lair to foilow n th footstep. 1
,.n ii.- mrt OrUSn ftllU
pen In real big league style.
( nliiinbla's ( ro-coHlilry Itun,
Tk& t I-. l. ...
, iii, aiiiiui lUITIt liniaIIC CrOSB.
country run under tha auspices of the Co. :
lllttll. In i'nl. ml.,- T....t. l.. ... '
: - - -.-.. nr.'Hinuvin win
be conteste.l on th morning of Saturday,
November II. acicrdlng to announcement
from Columbia Th trnphv coinpeie.i for
la th liustavus T Klrby run Entrlea sr
eapectert from mor than thirty high end
prep school., Including Institutions as
widely .entered as .!rcrshury Academy
and Schenectady High School Following
the rin the a lioilbii entrant u III be tha
giicta of th Co.uinblii foctbili mnnise
ment In th aftern n at the Hwarthmor
fontbill game nt South Field
Permanent possession nf the trophy will
go to the school winning the cup three
tlmea. fsihenertady haa two lega on the
c.upV.J,hJ'S Harcersburg Academy and Mor
rl High School have won the rua ene year
Lack of Aggressiveness
Robbed Series of Charm
Dodgers Seemed Too Much Concerned in Commercial
End of Game to Furnish Fans With Kind of Play
Expected of Championship Team.
A pot-mortcm of tha 1016 world's
series Is a sad thing If your hopes were
wrapped around the Flatbush Kuslleers.
Hrooklyn was so completely outplayed
from start to finish that there Is little
comparison between the contesting
teams, ihm U'nrlH'. Mmmtilnn Hf1 Knv .
and the Dodgers. A belated ninth In-
n.ng rahy in the first game, when scv-
eral bases on balls and a few slow
rolling Infield hits gave the Dodgers Hobble's men were outplayed more than
f ur runs, enabled Hrooklyn to make ' the Quaker City tossers. Philadelphia
that game close, yet they were out- made the Sox f.ght In each g.ime until
cl.isted. j the last man was out, and all four llos-
Ilraiklyn made Its best showing In . ton victories were achieved by a margin
the second and third games, when the of one run. ,
Itoblns made only one error In twenty- I Philadelphia did not go to smash In ,
three Innings, but they made up for It 1 the field as Hrooklyn did. Tho averages
In the last two games. j show that tho I!rookl)n pitching staff
Although the Dodgers were outclassed, , did more effect.ve wr.rk against the Bo
they cjtild have made the blue ribbon ton batters than Alexander & Co. In
event of our national pastime consider- IS 15 tho P.ed Sox world's series batting
ably more Interesting had they at least average was ,SC I. against .23 for 1516.
gone about their work with tho tame I .at year the Sox scored only 12 runs on .
eplrlt that National League teams in 42 hits. In the Hrooklyn series Carri
other series showed. Their apparent gan's men ran 35 hits Into 21 runs. i
lack of aggressiveness was noticeable 1 Hrooklyn hit slightly better agalnt
In at least three of the Ave games. The ' the star lied Sox hurling corps than the .
general consensus among close follow- Phillies, but not much. Philadelphia lilt
rs of the game was that the series only .152 a year ago and the Hrooklyns
Just passed brought to light, more than hit Just ,200 last week. A queer angle i
..TO' ther happening tn the baseball of the world's s'rits games In 1915 and )
world, the commercialism of the game. 1916 Is that the Phillies started wo-
Ardcnt fans who for years have paid ! fully weak at bit and finished strongly, ,
their good money Into the coffers of while the Dodgers made a fine start but !
V , . I .... I T . . - -1 . . . I. 1 . . . . 1 I .1 . . I : I .... . '
.i. u '....I wrauc Liuus Mere iiiuruuK.ii?
disgusted with the manner In which
Good Field Will Tiny for Penn
sylviinin Title on Pitts
burg Links.
Many of th professionals who played
at Slwanoy lat week will try for the
Pennsylvania open title to-day on the
links of th Oakmont Country Club,
near Pittsburg. Waltr Hagen, Jim
Harns arid Jock Hutchinson all etpet
to be among the etarters, and although
It Is only a one day tourney consisting
f thirty-six holes of medal play, U
Miuild provld a fitting finale for the
professional season.
Th late Tom Anderson, Jr., won
the Pennsylvania crown last summer
at th Shawnee Country Club after
playing off a tl with IMdle Loos, who
.s now at Charlott. N, C.
Th usual big field will play on
Wednesday In the annual golf tourna
ment of the University Club which, fol
lowing th plan Instituted last fall and
repeated this spring, will be played on
the Nassau and Piping Hock courses.
The two cours plan proved such a suc
cess and made the handling of th
tl.rong of gnfrs such an ay task
that It looks as though the University
Club will never go back to Its old
Two on day tournaments to be con
ducted by th Women's Metropolitan
!olf Association arc on the programm
for this w.-rk. Th first will b played
to-day at flurry Valley and the second
at West field on Thursday.
.VoriTood ( lull (nmpell t loa.
Mcmpe-a f the Norwood Country
t'l'ih e leased In competition for the
Hvans p'tte on the hnm links yester
duv Th reeults follow:
Kvans plate wa won by 3. H. Cock
burn, w ith ;o TO ; T. P.. Por
rM, scond, with st?. - ,
II. Hat n, third, with fij ;: IT ;
T. 1" Wilcox, fmirth. with Tl TI
TO. K T. Kox, fifth, with t: TI Tl
Kvan plat for ladles was won by
Mrs. J. T Pear, with 42 40 41 33 :
Mrs. T. K. Korrist, second, with 41 37
o .19; Mr. y. x. Padlier, third,
with 42 3S 40 14.
Th Oedney Parm Hotel golf team
beat I'.ramatan Hotel go; team at fled
ney Farm yoMerday. 13 to 5, at the
Nassau c c. The results:
J. S. J 'nes. S. Hilton. 0; S M. Could.
0; J. Hadford, 2: J. W. Paly. 3; A.
Orth. 0; II A. Waner, 0 : P. Hlcc, 1:
P. V. Splllwtll, 3; J. McMullen. 0:
(i. Woodruff, 0: Johnston. 0: Olllard,
1 ; Wellborn. 3 ; Wayland Smith, 0 :
Jones, Jr., 2; Hughee-, 0.
llnlers J'lnnl at Oakland,
Hy defeating L. H. Maione in the
second fvmd at match play for the
championship of the Oakland t.olf Club
c.-terd.iy Lewis M. Itlchmond. the title
holder, won his way into the semi-final.
He will have as his opponent It. II.
White, who defeated i H. Murphv
J. II. Hillock defaulted to W. V. Swords.
Theodore Cassibrer won a place among
tho selei t fiur hy vanquishing Craig
Colgate, the former Yale Mar of over a
decide ago.
T. Alnslc defeated Charles Zlegler,
I and 1, and Charles Watt defeated
T. K Morrow by th same score In the
Mml-flnals for the championship of the
lire it Neck !olf Club esterday.
lr. Charles Merke! Nlesley urnl Pan
11 M Huckley played eighteen holes In
the rcml-Mnal for the vice-president' cup
and as It was a handicap affair decided
to play another round. At the end of
the thirty-six holes they were all squar
and will endeavor to decide the Issue by
plaj Ing eighteen moro holes later.
Ilujil I'luahliiK iot Champlnn.
In the championship of the Klushlng
country Club yesteiday It II Hovd
brat i:. V. Oates, by 4 nnd 3. In tlie
sicond round, ami F. L. Porter beat
C. H. Smith by the mme marg'ti. Th
match between Gardiner W. White nnd
Charles F. Watt was postponed on nc.
count of tho ahsence of the former at
Southampton, Morel P. Lewis had pre
viously won his way Into the n-ml-ilnal
and will meet either Whtto or Watts.
Mrs Tl. II. Ilid 'won tli women'
championship by defeating MNs limit
Huberts, fi up nnd S to pjy. M't". Hoyd
had previously beaten Mrs. Italph Ham
mer In the hcml-tln.it.
The kickers' handicap was won by
(leorgo II. Lewis, father of Morel P.
Iws, one of the cracks of the club,
with u card of 102 34. 7S,
4ft Teams In Itlfle Shoot.
Jackkonvii.i.k, Kla Oct, I.".. National
Hlfle Asi-oclatlon clilltCFtS begun on th
Florida range near hem last week will
be resumed to-morrow, with the Marine
Corps and rapid fire matches scheduled
as the only events of the day. Forty
three teams already are here .and more
are expected to arrive during the week.
the series was handled by the National
League's reprctentiitlvrs, nnd It be
hooves the representatives of the Tener
circuit to beware lest the fans show
their wrath In a manner that will be
keenly felt,
Robins Werr Outplayed,
i . the .Do.jB,t" t?.arfd" dth
showing against the ltcd Sox as tho
iniles did a year ago In Fames won,
each team winning one out of tl e games,
vuuiu uo i.o;mng at xne iimsn.
In the first three games of the 1515 '
series the Phillies made only eleven hits.
In the fourth and fifth games the Phil- '
lies braced a bit and collected sixteen
hits. Hrooklyn startd its series with
twenty-six hits in the first three games
and then made only eight In the last
Phllllea Mnilr Snx Pi k lit.
i A year ago, thoush outhlt by nearly
100 pom's. Philadelphia made the Sox
work right to the end. During th past
sr.s the lied Sox only outbatted the 1
'Dodgers by IS points, yet the last two,
games were Hoston walkovers.
The difference was all In the support.
Cr.e je-ir ago the Ph'IUes mid only
three errors m five came. while Hrook
lyn piled up thirteen in the five games.
Th Melding of th H-ooklyns made them
look so bad And there were numerous
Oodger mlsplays which never cot Into
the box scores, such as Cutshaw's failure
o mak a pl-.y at the plat in the sc
ond game mil ome poor throws to th
pia'e by Wheat.
Hrrors of cours are parts of the
gime. Almost any managr can
tak his year's box scores and
show you how his team rould have
won twerty.flv more gams J.id
not Smith fumbled here, Jones there and
Hrowii thrown to the wrons base a'
"tmt other time. Players are human,
and ti' ne is prfe.-t. It Is expe -.cd
they w;; err at times, but nt var'.ou
t.mes dur.r.g the pat series It looked a
thojgh the entire Brookin team folded
No player emerged from this series as
th bu hero. Where there is a walk
over a player seldom stand out far
abno his f -liow. I" .r lntanc durttu
the eas Cub triumphs ovr Detroit in
1C'"7 and 1905 no mmbcr of Chance's
team great!) outelnr a fellow p..t)er.
They were all goM Drown. Overall.
Heulbach, Stelnfol.lt. Chance, Ku-rs,
Tinker, Schulte and the res:.
llioirr'a ;rrnt Itrciird.
Duffy Lvw;s, who led th assault on
th Philadilphia pit. hers a year ago,
again was the ! idsnir clubber amen
the regular p!ars ii this series, hlttin--.33.
lloopr ali-o pl.iil up to hi fr
mr great f rtu of nthr eties. Sr.m
far.s are JUet be.nnir.g '.o pprec.at
Hooper now He alw:ts was one of the
' cre.v.eet defensive outrleMers In the
cam, with an arm etcond to none In
th bylines. i
I IIotcr ro-.v has taken part In elchteen
'worlds fcr;s c.imcs ar.tl has hit. safely
in sixteen cf them. II mlt-ed 'tire In
two of the games .iga.r.st tv,e n.airs ir.
ISIS, but hit safely In every came Ho.
I'll l.as plays d durrc the las: two falls
The mystery is why Hooper and Lwls
are not consistent .30 hitters year in
and ar out. Hoth of them hae hit
oer .300 only once In their career,
though until this season Lewis has at
vas been very clo to the line. Hut
n late )ears lloop.r has not auriced
much nboo :51. and In 1915, the car
h mado two world . series home runs
l.t one came aga.nst tho Phillies, he hit
only ."33.
The most serat!onal work In the
series was done by ou:ig l'verett Scott,
the ltt-d Sov's plicn' r.ienal young short
stop. In the past we have had numer
ous world's siru-s batting heroes, such
as Kohe. Haker. Steirifeldt and Ix"wl,
and p tching princes liko Mathcwson.
Coombs, Adams, Hcnder, Plank and t
Iludolpli, but no man picked for the hero
role Just for his lidding. The Hrooklyn
I lay during the 'er.es Is sufticU-nt proof
that fielding still is an Important de
partment of the game.
j Scott's Pleldlim a Pen to re.
I Tlaylng the most dazzling kind of '
ball. Scott p!aed a perfect gam 1
through ti ne ctraiglit world's series '
t games before h' madt' an error. And '
he was getting plenty, too. Scott saved
I tho tlrst game, and with an Olson at
short Hoston also wrtld have lost the
second. He has made only three hits In
two series", but ! Hn:on player nc-
ciis-l him of gett.i-g too niiKli world's
series nioticy. Hubby says with Scott
at short his team would h.ivo won thj
Larry flarducr's fielding was almost
ns sensational as that of Scott, and
while h madrt only three lilts, two of'
them were homo runs, tho second one
! ot which won tho fourth game of the
! series, plaed in Hrookljn last Wednes-
Jay. I
slimy lltlrn llnae lilts.
One of the features of the pist series
was the at number of extra base lilts,
specially those which How from the
, -t "i l...-te The Hi I sN re n. t p ir
J tlcularly high up In this department.
, tatikii.i; only nfth In tho American
league. However, thdr evtra bas.i crop '
I during tins Hrookbn scries Is one of'
; the largest any world's series con'iMiiler
his ever raised. In tho live, games tho
'Sox pottmli-d out 1'ivcn doublvs, six
triples and two homers,
j What made tin- grca'pt Impression
on tlie writer during the pist seres was
, li'ivv little the Huston club misled Trls
Speaker. Speaker unquestlnnaliiy ls
one nf thn grcatrat players the game
has ever produced, nnd lias jiuver been
I surpassed lis a Holder, while th f ut
I that lie lilt 33 Ian season speaks do-
' quently for his hitting.
, Taking Speaker otf tho Hoston dub
was like ink fit Ma-tv from the iiianis
aftir the 1903 world's mtics, or Cobb
from thu Detroit club In uov Vet with
Speaker none thn Hoston club went
Inbuilt Its business and won the big series
with less exertion this year than It did
IMny In Recent Chnmntontfil?
Shows That Standard Ic
r joiix rs, A.ni:nsox.
Women's golf Is too oftn pasr.i
with short paragraphs. The uii-its'..
rise In the quality of their gaT.e. it
shown by the play In the c'-arr.r'orsi.
this year, surely entitles them v rr",
than nn article concerning the .vs .
velopment In the sport. Th co-np'- U03
of women's qualifying lists var 's cr---
from year to year. For lns.ar,', e-v
ten of the 1S1 qualifiers wr r. !
first 32 In 1315 nnd only e'ght Q'Jillf.el
In 1314 at Nassau, while but fi-.e were
In the match play dlvl-icn in 1513.
Going back still further, we J'
that seven of the 1914 mi'c'a f a era
qualllled at the Essex Cour.ty . t-y
Club at Manchtstcr In 1912. I
four of the present day n . ; r .
through successfully th yt.tr prr;v. .
this respect the women ei.p-' a "
different from the mn, nhi l
more surprising, in n measure -It
Is usually much easier J jst '
women's big event to el t t r n
who are most likely to get m the sc'.r . i
qualifying group.
The small number of forT'r q .vt. a
Is due to a number of reai" .
among which Is th f let that r 't a -v
of past qualifiers did not crter, c '..s
such as the Curtis t,urr te- -j,- ...
Mrs. Vandcrbcck, Mrs. Ji.se, jj,,
Phlpps. Mrs. Feltner and - hrs n )
beyond the shadow of a d u't w .
isqueez many another out t f t, - . j
list. Hut evtvi ho the evt'e-. y
number of repeating qual Me-s t ,
plainly that there are r.ew !'ior
Ing up who must more than t ti
s'dered In the light of pre-ns j .
tions, the conviction becom rg f ' -
all over the land there ar fern' i- ',.
ers gradually raising the Hard of
Flnr flolf In Plnnl Mntrh.
Surely th champ'.onsh'p .- -e-t
at Hclmnnt Sprlnc. where
was mad. wltV Ml-s St rl a .
for seventeen holes ..nl Mi.
being three ttrokes mure, to - t -k i
There was no golfer In inr wi-oa
n-ime Is In the list c q !!4 .-
time out of th last six ve.r.. !
pleasing part of it till Is t'lat th r.'w
comrs fur th most pirt ar ourg
and athletic, with a real fut-r si
Th woTtn differ In mTy jh. ;--)
th men In their play on t'. '-' ,i .
though the most su esfjl ,t -.
who adipt to their colnrg '. -m a -ll
possible th ewlpc, Mine l-H t, -.
eral styl of th men In cf.'n -.
tlculars the feminine golfers t.f . h c
est rank lead the men. I krc.w ?-c
w-atd-.ing the final last week be-wc -M!s
Stirling anJ Mir Cavcrly I i
rr.or than one good lessen." I -ample,
I discovered that tho wof"
dnm went forward to look'over
of tre land or the position of th '
the creen, or sized up the d't -stroke
Judcmen by '.valklrg :r )- '
to th hole and lo.,k.ng bu k t
th bill res-f, Irate.i, th p'
upon th.r rast cxperic-, tr. t
ter. and thy liad when rr.ik r;
only one thine in rr.P d. :-. d o w
drlnr whthr th und-ila" - -
front part of th crn would "m
ball away If It by chince got thit .'
ar.4 i-o on.
And th approarh'ng o' tv. r'-'s
the final rour J ard Ii rh
the rank ani :l of , T1 ,.. , ,
asily th equal .- ,4 -. t rr
hy th first th.r'i.'nn a- - - ,
f - pufinc wc'-ren ar . - t s
thmelve and e jtrar,; ' i
lr of Piny l'nry.
Th styles of te wotr.;-. r s va-
almost ns rffh as fli .i,-... - . .
Some hive a full ha
M's riav n and m - -
nr. such a M! ',.
little :ej t':an throe- - --
iron play, wl-e- sj. ...
won .mil lost, m St rl g -
expenen whom we ha-. e -
Ms rourtry. At .no . T .... v, 4
ftorothy i nsp;; wis a. v-,.- . .
c n-ded that -ho far ci- 1
others In this respcr. but '
lleve that In a sh'V !(.; -s
p!n when oh. true: in-s pal
eh wa equal to M's. r
The la'tr's cut sh'. r- - '
th cut shot plivo! by r ' -
whlcfi Is not cUrprlsinc -v1--that
they hav e the s.vr ti r
Maiden, i a cem 'n rte.r ' '
passes all nsher h -or
the bras. e or :!' p.-' '
woman champion or t ; t. - i
this country.
Miss Htirlir.c has r .''c'
Ity in 'hat she h .its ) .
wrists a b.t far'I.-r . '.
but this c!v a.ldc l t ;
s'roke whci ehc t k - '
Iron shot. In putt n.- e-.v
has a smooth strike . 'i -o
the Ni'l. n c -!: , k
ways helps m.chti'.y
llas Stlrlluu Is Hot In I nnd.
It Is alwav.s ,1 '
of women golfers n1 1 j.' .
Ing to their var'ous r.I
TUch eas.er this -
In first pla cm !.
pion. Mies Alex i St!,-,g " '
Southern . ham; 't '
1) n cup hi adil.ti mi ' .
h mors I'.dl w ng '
place M'ss Civerly i-1 V
liaps on a par. as the f
serves high rank bci-i-. .'
th nation il tlr.al ar 1
of having w.n the 1" ' , '
plonshlp from a ret-, -
including Mrs. I!n'! I"
Fourth plafe won I "
Letts, who won '.". W.s
ship and lost in tl
the nlne'.certh h"le ..
Miss C.iver'v P.ir
','uent'n Feltner, :!t i '-
lif'VT In th natls i .
p!.ier In the met- pi i-t-hip,
descries ment ti w '
other half tWcn nr '" :
ar usually given ti e-
j.liced no: In tiume- il v
Vtlca! order Mrs
Miss Hercaee i H ' -Fox.
M i s,s II llth ' -
Thomas Hnekf i".. M- ' ' "
Laurie Ka.-er. M,- Mi-'
Mi's I'.lalno l'.oeertbal
A team of twelve . ,
nun ber would re'.v t
from any other nyj i 1 , '
and th'r are few .
sninetliiiig of n in
detbtck ar I the-s
ir pot me'-ti ,vf I ; . 1 -
t ot pl.il er' 'ti e ijg'-, . .
to be c.-n dfred an I , e
attempt In abv w .) t ! (
players In th l.ifd, but r.
those who have done the b
with some few lining some ,:

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