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Local showers to-day; to-morrow fair;
moderate south to west winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 67 j lowest, 54.
Detailed weather, mall and marine reports on page 16.
NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1916. Copyright, 19U, ! the Sun Printing and Publishing Atsoctallon.
In Creator New York,
Jersey CHj and Newark.
i Klaenhere
Pressure Is Being Drought
to Dear on Wilson to
Disclose All.
Hepublieans Reported to De
in Possession of Con
vincing Data.
Garrison and Lansing Will
Not Talk Bryan Tale
of 'Softening."
President Wilson's; "denial" has
merely fanned the Domes In the con
troversy over the softening of the
second Lusltnnia note to Germany.
The flarcback has had these develop
ments: 1 A copy of tho mollifying note or
"postscript," ns It hus some
times been called. Is said to Ihj In
existence. PresHtirn Is helnr- v
crted to compel President Wilson
to disclose all the facts, as his
dcnlul Is pronounced evasive.
O Republican leaders here nre li
iHissesslon of data, it Is be
lleved. which will place the Prcs
Idem In nn embarrassing posl
tlon If he falls to reveal all.
O Senator Lodge, In another
w speech, declares that vnnn'a
denial Is merely In form nnd not
in substance because the "soften
Ins" was emhodlMl In iim nrt,
tratlon proposal, which the Pres.
ident udmlts he considered but
A Former Secretary of War Onr-
rlson declines absolutely to go
t the assistance of the Presi
dent. Ho remains silent. So
docs Secretary Lansing.
g A review of the record In tho
LusitiinU case shows that
llryan publicly announced after
resigning that the second note
had been "very much softened"
as the result of an 'Important
Republicans Waltlna for Wilson to
I)!wli All.
Former Secretary of War Garrison has
become the central figure In the contro
versy which has arisen over the charge
originally brought by Senator Lodge that
Ihe President had temporarily approved
of a separate note supplemental to the
second I.usllunla note designed to ap
pease the feelings of Germany.
Refusing to accept the denial Issued
by the President as meeting thel re.il
charge that such a supplemental note
had been Indorsed by the President and
was upon the point of transmission when
t was stopped the Republican campaign
nsnagrrs yesterday called upon the Pres
ident to make public the whole transic
tlon and Intimated very strongly that
Mr, Garrison was In possession of facts
(hat would Instantly clear up the matter,
provided the President should Insist upon
standing upon his denial.
What Is more, It was made evident last
night that tho Republicans are In pos
session of Information themselves which.
It Is Intimated, will make It Impossible
for the details regarding what went on
In Washington at the critical time to re
main long In obscurity.
Note Mar He Produced.
Mr Wilson's denial. Instead of dispos
ing of the matter, has merely made more
Insistent tho demand that those In pos
session of the faels divulge them. That
some one Is In posenslon of the actual
note alleged to have received Mr. Wil
son's npprov.tl was rumored In political
circles yesterday. This note. It la be
lieved, will he produced before the end of
tho campaign.
Mr Garrison, according lo rumor, was
the cabinet officer to whom Secretary
Tumulty Is said to have appealed to stop
tho sending of the note and to save Mr.
Wll-oii political fortunes. Since Sena
tor Lodge first brought forward the Lit
huania note Issue Ihe former Secretary
of War has remained silent.
Meanwhile, from several sources has
coinu evidence that Henry Hrecktnrldge.
who ii-slgned as Assistant Secretary of
War with Mr. (larilson, has been mak
ing lemarks similar to those attributed
to Mm by Dr. llalley of Tufts College,
originally mentioned by Senator Lodge
ir hi authority. The story, In fact, has
l'fii going the rounds among Princeton
men associated with Mr. Hrecklnrldge
In college,
Tint the President's denial had not
met the real chatge at nil was the al
legation made last evening by Chairman
Wlll'u. of the Republican, committee.
Mr. Wlllcni'a sialrmrnt.
"It Is time tor frankness and honmly
nml not for technical denials nnd con
ic.ilment," said Mr. Wlllcox.
"It nitiHt lie evident to every one now
that Hiiini'thlng of a seriously Important
natum was written or done or approved
by the President In that connection. One
of Senator Lodge' Informants de
crlhes the additional writing lis a 'post
script ' The President declares that no
postscript' was written.
"The President's stickling for exact
use of words' makes It necessary for
nie to ak what was written? If not a
postscript, what was It, part of the orig
inal draft, an amendment suggested
afterward, a supplemental Instruction to
Ambassador Gerard, nr what? There
urely was something,
Tho President asserts that 'the pub-
ContUvtd on Third Pag.
So Hcvcrnjje, Except Cider,
Tlint Contiiins n Trnec of
Alcohol Cm n He Sold.
RlclIMnvi. V-i n... i. ei
eighteenth St.ito to ban the ssle of In-
tOXirntlnr h Vi-n rr. ln...l -11 I
at midnight to-night, completing a dry
in me noum rea ning from wasn-
miuii in jacKsonvnm to the cast nnd
rrotn WiiBhlnglon to New Orleans to the
Althnllch n In r.. ., t .t.. r.1.1 r..
minion previously had been voted dry In
local option elections, the new State law
clored more than SOO saloons, mostly In
Richmond, Norfolk. Newport News.
Lynchburg, Petersburg, Roanoko and
The law I nn, nr Hi mn. in
eVer 1,Ueil lit' n Ulnl. t .aIuI.i.... -
boverasc except elder enn be sold that
" a iracc 01 aiconoi, nnd possession
of more than one gnllon of whiskey, one
gallon of wine, or three gallons of beer
would be regarded as prima facie evi
dence of Intent to violate the law. This
provision probably will receive nn early
test In court, ns vast quantities of tlnuor
have been stored In private homes.
Atnn.- .-llh Ilia .,.1. M .1 1 1 .. ..........
and to Insure lla.cnforeemcnt tht Legis
lature passed n 111 which provides that
ouster proceedings may be brought
against State or municipal authorities
who show a laxity In putting It. or any
other measure. Into effect. In addition
a Mtmmli.lnn,. .. u i r n r I rl . l ( r um flint
the law was observed.
Asked About lltijlics, Tells
Voters to Prny for Onid
nnee lit Polls.
Milwackek. Oct. SI. Senator I.a Fol
lette to-night In his first platform refer
ence to the Presidency refused to say
whether the voters of Wisconsin should
vote for Hughes or Wilson. He said It
was a question the voter should settle
between himself and his God.
Of the quartet comprising the two liv
ing ex-Presidents, the man In the White
Houte and the man who aspires to the
position. Justice Hughes was the only
one he did not attack.
He drew u comparison between Wilson
and Washington when ho said that the
first President lsued a proclamation
when the French who had fought for the
United States weie being shot down by
munitions of war made In America, that
If a citizen of the United States was
caught on the high seas on vessels bear
ing arms they would do so at their
own peril.
It was when he was declaring that lie
wished President Wilson had followed
Washington's example that a man In the
audience shouted : "Will the other fellow
settle Itr
"What other fellow 7' demanded the
"Hughes," cried his questioner.
The Senator paused a moment and
brushed his hair back upon his head,
while the audience waited for his an
swer. "You're Just as capable of judging
alsiut that as I nm." he said.
"So much hangs upon the result of
this election, lie conunueci. so mum
t.n.iCTa lllinn flt'.rV Vnlil 111 thUt election.
ll.Mft.- ' - -
that 1 believe you ought to settle It be
tween yourseli, your conscience aim your
Jacob llyalrr, Hi, Hives I'p Shop In
Hotel .Manhattan.
After sixty years of barberlng Jacob
Hysler, for twenty years proprietor of
the shop in tile lioiei .Mnnnaunn, re
tires to.dav nt the age of 84 with a
comfortable fortune. Years ago ho
owned the barber shop In the Windsor
Hotel nnd In his time has shaved some
of the most famous men In the country.
Among his steady patrons are Mayor
Mltchel. George McAneny, William nnd
Percy Rockefeller. Col. Theodore
Roosevelt has frequently had his face
massaged nnd hair singed, and Hysler
also has trimmed the beard of Charles
10. Hughes.
Hysler has been paying $10,000 a year
rent, nnd to-day lm will turn the place
over to Eugene Schmalz, his nephew nnd
manager, on a sub-lease calling for
12,000 a year. Hysler's fortune Is re
puted to be well over 300,000. He owns
a tine home In Fordhani and a country
tome at Hempstead, L. I,
She Tears Up Summons, Sn- I'o
llcrmnn, Itonalnu Mnglstrnlr.
Consider tht plight of Miss Mary. Ap
pleton Wood, daughter of Chalmers
Wood, attorney of 52 William street,
Miss Wood took her two Sfotch ter
riers walking on Fifth avenue on Mon
day without their muziles. Whom did
she meet but Policeman Harry of the
health squad, looking for Just such vlo
latlons of law, and now Magistrate Hur
low. after refusing to permit her to
settle the case over the telephone, threat
ens to Issue a warrant,
When Harry met her he gave her a
summon. He complained to the Mag
istrate yesterday that she tore It up.
Magistrate Harlow directed an atten
dant tn call her by telephone nt her
home, 723 Park avenue. A male voire
answered for the young woman sha Is
19 years old, she told Harry--and wanted
to adjust the matter. Magistrate Har
low declined forcefully to do this, nnd
then Issucil, a second summons, calling
for her appearance In court this morn
Inspection to He Made nt Fnliuou t n
No Stop at Kirkwall. ,
Rotterdam, Oct. 31. The Holland
America liner Nleuw Amsterdam, which
sailed for New York early to-duy, Is the
first steamship from this port lo make
the trip without a compulsory call at
Klikwall, Scotland.
The change In course, however, does
not materially shorten tho voyage, as the
new course Is northward to tho Shetland
Islands, around the Hebrides and then to
Falmouth, Kngland.
The reason slven for the change Is
that the rocky coast of north Scotland Is
dangerous In the winter, and the Rrltlsh
authorities will be satisfied with one In
spection of the liner's cargo and passen
gers at Falmouth.
Teuton Army Honied by Hu
innninns in Trniisylvimiim
Frontier I'msscs.
Kinir Ferdln'nnd's Troops, Un
der French Commander,
Affnin flic Aprsrcssors.
London. Oct. 31. Under the direc
tion of n French commmder-ln-chlef.
Gen. Uertholet. the Rumanian tide of
battle has turned, and King Ferdinand's
troops have won n brilliant victory on
the Transylvanlan frontier, according to
a wireless despatch from Hucharest.
which Is supported by the detailed state,
menls of the ofllclnl announcements
from Petrogrnd and Hucharest.
The Austrian nnd German forces
which Gen. von Fnlkenhayn was driving
through the Alpine passes have been
forced to retreat across the frontier,
with the loss of much artillery and
many prisoners, it Is announced. The
victory Is declared not to be a local
advantage, but n decisive blow at the
whole Teutonic line on the northern
Rumanian border.
On the Offensive A rain.
This Is the sweeping assertion In the
latest despatches from Hucharest. The
ofllclal announcements lesued earlier to.
day gave strong indication that the
Rumanians had turned aggressors with
considerable success.
Hucharest announced that pursuit of j
the Teutons was proceeding In the Jlu
Valley, nnd that mutters were progres-
Ing satisfactorily everywhere else.
Petrogrnd announced thnt enemy at-1
tacks In the region of Hushtenl, Pra.
hova Valley, were repelled. Fltrce bat
tics are In progress on the left bank of
the River Alt. or Alutn. both wnr ottlces
announced. This Is where the Germans
seemed nbout to fasten their grip on
The Rumanian official statement
says :
Northern nnd northwestern fronts:
From Tulghes to Hlcax the situation Is
unchanged. At Hratocea a smalt de
tachment surprised and repulsed the
enemy on Mount Rosen, causing him
heavy losses. In a single trench we
found two officers nnd forty men dead.
We have occupied Mount Rosea, mak
Ing some prisoners and capturing a
machine gun and a searchlight.
At Predelus the bombardment
slackened. In the Prahovn Valley nnd
In the region cf Dragolavle. north of
Klmpolung, we repulsed several ene
my attacks. To the east of the River
Alt (Alula) the action Is proceeding.
In the JIu Valley (region of Vulcan
Pass) the pursuit of the enemy con
tlnues. At Orsova (on tin- Danube)
the bombardment was less violent.
Southern front : The situation Is un
changed. The Berlin neport.
The German statement dealt with
Monday's operations, reporting that
fighting proceeded In spite of fog and
snowstorms. On thnt day tlt Ru
manians failed to recapture .heights
north of Klmpolung.
The statement from Ilerlln added'
Since October 10 Gen. von Falken
hayn's army has captured 151 Ru
manian officers. 9,920 men and much
war material, Including 3T cannon, 17
machlnn guns nnd one flag.
German, Rumanian and Russian war
office statements agree that the sltua
.Int. in tin, Iinlirttdl.'i 14 iinehnnireil.
It was announced officially In Ilerlln
to-day that the Kaiser has sent a mes
sage of congratulation to Field Marshal
von Mackensen for his services In tho
Dobrudja. culminating In the capture of
Cernavodi. The l.mperor announces
that the West Prussian Infantry Regi
ment No. 129 henceforth will bear tho
rieni .li.l anui n iii.iiic.
Itnmnnlans Occnpy Commanding
Positions In Mountains.
Hkiii.IN fvla liOndnn), Oct. 31. The
comparatively slow progress of the Aus.
tro-flcrman forces since capturing the
prases KOUth of Kronstadt, in Transyl
vania, Is explained by the Tooelildfl's
correspondent nt that front ns due to the
fact that the Rumanians occupy strongly
fortified ioltlons In the mountains,
every peal; of which during the past two
years has been converted Into n fortress.
with batteries built In at every avail
able spot. Clood highways have also been
constructed between the different peaks,
enabling the Rumanians to reenforco
threatened points.
Owing to this situation, says the cor
respondent, the Invading forces have
found It necessary to cxecuto wide flank
ing movements! over dltllcult mountains.
Nevertheless, they nro making steady
though slow progress.
$2,000,000,000 CONGRESS AHEAD.
Kstluiatra for Nrt Fiscal Yrnr K-
pecled to llsceed Thnt .Mark.
Wash inotom". Oct, 31. Indications
are that the estimates for tho next fiscal
year, which will be submitted when Con
gress reconvenes In December, will pass
the $2,000,000,000 mark, with no means
of meeting this stupendous Increased ex
penditure except by Increasing the In
come tax and making It npply more gen
erally. Kstlmntes for the army, It was learned
to-day, nro $405,000,000. Tho fart thnt
the last Congress appropriated $2,500,000
more than It raised by revenue makes
It necessary for this added 01 my ex
pense tn bo taken cure nf. The esti
mates for the navy totnl $400,000,000,
.Minnesota (letting: .Names and
Home of Guard on Ilordrf.
Mkrckdks, Tex., Oct. 31, A telegraph
messago suid to be about 50,000 words
long, claimed lo be the longest telegram
ever handled by n telegraph company,
has been going from I.luno Grande, Tex.,
whero Minnesota gunrdsmen are en
camped, tn Sf. Paul since Sunday night
and was not finished to-night.
Two operators are sending the name
nnd address of every member of the'
Minnesota guard on the border, together
with other Information desired by the
State of Minnesotu In Its preparation of
a ballot to be sent to I.luno Urunde
and ?" which the guardsmen will reg.
liter their votes In the national election.
Big Merchant Submarine Arrives at New London This
Morning Raider Reported Safe in
Secret German Port.
New London', Conn., Nov. 1. The
German merchant submarine Deutsch.
hind nrrlved In the harbor here early
this, morning.
Capt. Paul Koenlg said the Deutsch
land left Ilremcn on October 10 nnd
niado the trip here without special Inci
dent. The entire crew comprises twenty
five men. The Dcutschland appeared In
the outer harbor shortly after midnight
nnd proceeded to tho dock of the Kastern
Forwarding Company.
Left for Gerinnny nn Ante. 2.
The Dcutschland or n sister ship has
been expected for wcek. She nrrlved on
her first HW In Ualtlmoro harbor July
9 under command of Capt. Paul Koenlg.
As on the present trip, she arrived In the
darkness of early morning off Cape
Henry. A tug was awaiting her. Hue
brought n car.so of valuable dyes nnd
She left Helgoland June 23, making
the trip theiefore In seventeen dns. Af
ter unloading her pieclous cargo nnd
carefully stowing a load equally valuable
she departed for Germany Auguxt 2.
Her safe arrival was reported from Ger
many lata that month.
Capt. F. Hlnsch of the forwarding
company, accompanied by Dr. 11. K.
Illack, the health officer, and other of
flclals, met the submersible on a tug.
The usual quarantine regulations were
waived and th Deutschland tied up at
the dock near the North German Lloyd
steamer Wlllehad.
The Deutschland was said to have a
large cargo of chemicals.
'aul G. llllken nnd others active In
the nffalrs.of the Kastern Forwnrdlng 1
Company, which has been In charge of I
the American end of the German enter-
prise, have been busy at New Ixindon
for several weeks. They leased a part '
of the State pier and erected .1 ware- 1
nouse on it. me contractors being told
,0 "J"" u,c . ... 1
Tho enr'1 n ,us fro,n ,,,c Scott
InterhoroiiKh Stops 20 rer! Police Battle With Robbers at
Cent. Pay increase Strike
Breakers Desert.
Wholesale desertions of strike breakers
from the ranks of tho surface car.
elevated nnd subway employees i families of Franklin" Simon, the Fifth
lowed Ihe posting of notices yeaterdny In J aienuc merchant, and Charles M. Illg
which the Interbornugh Rapid Transit , .tint, director of the Standard Oil Com-
Company announced that alter mlilnlglit
the company would not pay the bonus of
.o per cent, in us men ntiring lnesiriue.
The men said they wer.i unwilling to take
the risks of tunning cars nt regular
The notices were signed by Theodore
P. Shonts. president of tho Interborough.
and posted In the car barns. Some of
the strike breukers Immediately began to
leave their cars In the barns, and there
was a general slump in the service In the
uptown district. The men snlil that tho
large number of deserters to-day would
cripple the surface car service all over
the city and would nave a demoralizing
effect on the subway and elevated train
P. J, Itooney, one of the car strike
leaders, said last night nt the Hotel
Continental thnt there had been many
desertions nfter the notice was posted,
but that the deserters were nearly all '
non-union men und did not Join the strlk-
I ers,
the foreign firms trading with enemies
Foor Scout Cruisers and -7 Coast
sniinmrinra i isnneo.
...... , she hailed to "hulk out of u ! !.' . ''!.,P .'3?.': ' Z W, ll N'ew Yoi tc eliv ! !"'c "a.n'c." '-so,, . Men named M,l-
j RUSSIA TO HAIACKLIST." gM. - second siory the rt n U(, n 000 to ,:,0 ' Wra
Foreign Firm. Wh ne- - MjliL ,1 ' . !cef
'-" - r """ " .I ii --iiuoii leiepnoneci i ,.-,. , month of the current cffeied by a curb broker. This wa con-1 . " , ,,-, "' " """'""
PrrrnoimAP, Oct. 31.-A blacklist slml-n '" "' 1tl' I"'"""- A s,,und of de-ir,,"' e.Vrnl nitsT.tM by other curb brokers ns a j ''" "ulB fl'-n Americans are
m.ii. iii. ii... in-. .hit ii.iii,.-:. iii.iv . ... i res I ii I ill 1 1 li iierifiii i.ihi vp.i r in ifii i inn riru r. 11 i.iiiui. 1 11 iniiti . 11 n iiciihik liiiii- i
nf lliisstn ivltt snnn he tmliltsheil liv the
Ministry of Trade nnd Industry In or- " " , lc"f e1 nn'' tol' "f plus account for the nine months totalled , . 'ven on Hughes to win Ohio. J" " j Tnf ,1 MnHn . I ,ve ,e , J
cordancc with a decision of the Council ,"x'?n i .7 n'",1rlHU '''' " I J132.fiTS.15T, compared with $20,91.1,02.-. 1 ".Of" even on Wilson tn carry Kings 1 lvo'.H. '"ln.i have iirihd , says
of Ministers, which needs only tho slgna- ' nf1".l"n ' ' "I Mo,"l" ' vel- , ,'H same period last year and A deficit '0,"t "" " "'llson plural- ' ' '? 'h'.' '-""hlI' attacked by two
ture of tho Kmperor to become a liw. . 1 "o0""', ,hat ,,l" ''"ent doorof n 1.339.4 1 2 In 1914. I y of 90,000 in the city. $2,000 to J1.O00 i marlnea.
The maximum penalty for Infraction '1 i'. h Vf1.' w'"r?"lK" I The balance available for dividends '"' Whitman and $1,200 to 200 on Cnlder. ! ,"rVlv"" ,M" "IH essel was tor-
of this m.asure will be one year and '' " 'loci Into the house I for le nine montlu was e ,ual to about ' Senatorial candl.late, ','"",, w,h'" ""'t: In heavy sea
four months Imprisonment or a fine of u " f," Wl,.nt ,hr,,K" he Hlg.31S7 ,.or .-ent. on the $5os,000,0, 0 nf 1 "", , """f "i"1"" Um""- ,
25 000 rubles BlnM r"',l to the ioof and thence ,ommon Mock outstanding cnmniri'd I ll,c ,nlllla W'XH nr"' struck amid-
The new ruling, the Associated Press "t UK'u' . '"" 4 ' " ;"10 trio.l SLINGSBY HEARING POSTPONED. 'LlZ'i vXl''"l"n
Is Informed by the Foreign Olllce, I ,4.f ' ! ! '"' ',ho, 0' tor last year. Plguilng the earnings At the t ie starboard side. I he jecoiid torpedo
aimed chiefly at firms .mnsoucradlng IV.'m ,,. ,hr"" " "1(-vll'" ' sann- rate nn in the l ist three months, .,. , , r. r.rK.. , ' '''v and the steamship ent
under neutral name's, but essentially be- "v ? ,t,?t"' "ut ""'rendered ,he corporation Is earning more ha . 42 ' ' ' ' "" nrB,," J,0"'1 "l,t11"'1 miii.'.lintrt'. In two nnriH.
ii .i.. when one of them was wounded in nn i. V.. .. ' .. . .. . i.eulilnin,.v . ,.,,..i It Is reported seven men were k ed
i.fiiaiiik i i;ii.-iiij ..nun, i it.. i , ,!,... ...... . ... ... - i"i inn. "ii nn- 1.T1111111111 iir nit- je.ir, '
WA,.nTO Oct. 3,.HU wl.. belselV John 'X InM
:. ii ... tc .....j ...i iinrii.
destroyers nre now under consideration
id the Dcpirtment nnd awards probably
will be made next week.
The scout cruisers nre a new type for
the nnvy, designed to make a sustained
speed of thirty-five knots nn hour. Kaeh
will be equipped with n catapult device
for launching airplanes at sen. The ves
sels will b large enough to cover long
distances In scaich nf an enemy nnd will
.Ir.I.'.e!.,.l!,"n.. !l'eiV.P.e..f" '!'f.e,,t-e i,Balnst
any ship more heavily armed.
Tho submarines will be of the same
type ns tho present f)-boats of the navy.
having lu tho nelghbothood of 00 tons
displacement. They nre Intended for
work close to shore, although their fuel
cnnnllv wilt be Hlllllelent tn nermlt then.
capacity will be sulllclcnt to permit them
to crosa the ocean.
Dlacorery In Australia Will Help
Tangatrn Industry.
Special Cable lleepOtch lo Tuc Scn from tin
London Timet,
XtONimit, Oct. 31, A special to I ho
Times from Sydney saya:
"Right square miles of wolfram bear
Ing area was found on Hatch's Creek, In
the northern territory of Australia, The
discovery is of great Importance, as tung
sten Is found In wolfram ore. Tungsten
Is used ns an alloy for hardening steel In
heavy guns and armor plate,
"Hy 1914 Tavny, southern Hurnm. was
producing 2,326 tons of tun-;ten ore an
nually out of totnl world consumption
of 9,000 tons, but It wai all sjolng to
row for four scout cruisers and twenty-Hospital, )3 comnanlon sals) be vn ' hu.hi.-i uht, i-r.iurisco an.i neciareu i ne the law fu , throw n to Hie wind al consideration
seven coast type submarines, leaving only. Frnk Smith " ot "is Fat nsibia 5 : ' M'" of chrio W'ngshy and hi wife. I for neutral and such pitiful shreds nf
proposalH for four battle cruisers to be street. The man "under "llie be.i Vein 'iJ''.'!':!!"1 ."i.SK.7 Dorothy. Is tlm rightful sucsessor tn the i international law ns she still professed
received before construction of all the .,,. "ve name o ' W' HeV iMe , iHnr W.M..1IJ ' f .inn.oon Sllngsby estate ii, Vorkshlre, ! to maintain."
1917 building programme can begin. of Wc"t :"!::: 1 lsi? V.t'r'r! England. A California court ruled that i Heferr'ng to President Wilson's "strict
Figures for four battleships and twenty 1 in r:.in,; -:i wis. ' '' ' ;!.'. the child was the legitimate heir and a . accounlalillltv" Hole nnd Iiim eli.ell.lri nn.
Wrecking Company, and night after
night, acting on rumors that a submarine
had been seen In tho Sound, patrolled
the waters In search of tho expected
ship. Hven when It had been admitted
ucinl-olllclally that the Hrcnicn, sister
tj the Dcutschland, had been los,t the
patrol kept up, nnd It Was made known
that the Deutschland was ejipe' ted hack.
There were numerous tumors to the
rTcct that the Dcutschland also had been i
lost. One despatch from '.Switzerland,
purporting to have Information from
Germany, stated only Monday that both
boatH hud been lost and that the U-53
came lo the United States In the coujso
of u search for them.
Miilminrlnr Haider That Malik Five
Vrssela tiff Mnntucket In Port.
lti.nt.lN', via lindon, Nov. 1. The
German submarine U.S3 has arrived
safely In a German port, according to an
olllclal announcement Issued Inst night.
The U-53, under command of Cnpt.
Hans Hose, nppcared In Newport harbor
Saturday, October 7, and after deliver
ing mall for the German embassy de
parted within n few hours.
The next day she stationed herself In
the steamship lane oft Nantucket Light
ship nnd sank five ships In quick succes
sion, three Urltlsh, one Norwegian and
one Dutch,
Shipping men foresaw a submarine
campaign against the Allies' commerce
carried on In American waters. It was
rumored, though nothing was eer
found to substantiate the rumor, that a
parent ship would supply the laldcr and
enable her to stay on this side of the
Atlantic : nlso that jhe had a secret base
on th New Kngland coast,
Her return without doing further dam-
""P ' conjecture.
!)t Iliverside Drive
One Is Shot.
Policemen searched three houses on
Rlxerslde Drive last night, aided by the
pany. and finally trapped three burglars
, i,, t ,',,,. n.-n,,,, r ,i,
Metropolitan Opera Company at 94 Riv
erside Drive after a pistol battle In
which one nf tho robbers was hot.
The nien evidently had been In Miss
Destlnn's honi for sewr.il days, for they
had nearly all of the slnser's priceless
collection of painting, tapestries nnd
Jewels packed In caes ready to be car-
rP(j awa...
,. ' , ,. . , .
",r '"r .. "- "D
ai.er ine ponce uai. emereu me opera
. star's home and had chased the men to
In(. roof Thero one of them was
.. , ... .. , .. . . .,
. , , , '"'""
trio tried to escape by leaping to an e.
tension roof a story below
Miss Helen .Simon first dlscnveted the
marauder. There
wa a Hallowe'en
IIia .-...I.,
me sou or i: nar e ii 3.
. .
in, e.rt... 1.1. 1 . .
gins, camo from his home next door
... r.. IIIKKIII..
1 ,,,,i , , ,, ,, ; 1 .ei eniniiiKs oi ine corporal on nee
' . v- 'oll""'Meaney and Detec'the ,rst quniter of 1913 were:
llceimm Majeskl. searching throug he
fourth floor of Mis Dcstl m? . lion e
found a third n an under a h " '
.... ....... I.., i in ine i iiiirin nrancii. ro
...rune, in- n sent lo Knickerbocker
Copenhagen llenra fierinnnv He.
Knrds All aa Contraband.
CorENitAnK.v, via London. Oct. .1 1 A
despatch from Friedrlchslinren tn ... i
llrrlinnske 7'Memfe n. tlm ,.n,,..,u. ...
M1'0 Norwegian steamship Stenuhes't. who
was tuken to Frledrlclishafen eMctday,
reports, that the commander of the tier
,', .,,i,-,..i. ...v,i..i. ....... ... ... 1
, ,,,, ,,,, that ll cargoes for I'nulin,
vo'I( X treated as 011111, .. .
t ,..,'. Dl inaxea aa contraband In the
. "ioil
I.ONPQN, Oct. 31. Tho Nnrwctlnn
steamers Falkefjell and Tordal havo been
sunk, says nn announcement made by the
. - .
rVUl IU Ur-xaVJtt WJUID.
Federation nf Labor's Move for
Wilson Voted IliMvn,
RAl.TIMOitr, Oct. 31. KYnrts of the of.
fleers of the American Federation of
i.aoor 10 deliver ine moor vote or tills
city nnd State to Woodtow Wilson havo
failed. This fact became known tn-ihiy
outside of labor circles.
The plan was to have the Haltlnioro
0, m ' are .ean f r mC'- ! W&me , . Unla V 1. his" UV. M. " "w" V
new of the Miumlla was UnUM nt J ' 1"trte,r !p, JPSV."a; 1 I'l''lt."ai,n. 32 1,'ast Slxlv-seventh street.
CJlbraUar' ' ! bc wel'i Ibu'tas and Santa I Z a a ' , "t n,!"!!'", 'Z n00", "en-
.and 011 this account train service snnii ' llp,m"' "etrpss. In 19 0, Their son
federation indorse Presldint Wilson for1 this campaign, it wns raid, weie due to 1 In 'ove Willi Ihe little hoy and wanted of (lerniany s pledge to the I'nit.sl
reelection. The resolution was defeated I Ids bellif that not allies the civil war h s a member of the family. He will 1 State with tespect to submarine, w.n
by a vote of II to T. lus the country faced such a crisis. 'j r 1 his father's name. jfure. They are suspnidltiB Judgmem
Corporation's Net Enrninss in
Three Months Ilench Totnl
of $05,817,007. .
Icrii!nr Dividends Ilcsides Ex
tra of 1 Per Cent, on Com
mon Stock Declared.
Directors of tho United States Steel'
Corporation yesterday declared the regu
lar quarterly dividend of l', per cent,
nnd an extra dividend of 1 per cent, on
the common stock out of net earnings
for the three mouths ended Septem
ber 30. The regular quarterly dividend
of li per cent, was declared on the
preferred stock also.
The earnings were 1(3,817,067, the
largest for a similar period In the his
tory of the corporation. They comparo
with 3S,T10.Ctt for the corresponding
three months a year ago, and ?31,2?7,
IlOt In tho last quarter of 1015, which at.
that time set a new high record for the
corporation's earnings by about $5,000,
000. The net earnings were more than
$10,000,000 above tho earnings In the
entire jenr of 1914, when tho steel In
dustry was nt a low ebb. Last July
earnings of more than $35,000,000 more
than equalled the earnings of any three
months in 1911, nnd were nearly three
times ns large ns In the fourth quarter
Of 1914, when the net was $10,935,635.
The detailed statement follows:
before Interest
on iiibstdl llnlsnee
sry hnmR of earning.
.. 3ft.Si7.llt ,;i.xi
.. Sl.lHs.liU 3",!J.K3
Julr. 151
Ausu.t. iie
September. lalC.
Totalu fsH.159.TJJ
Tout ernin; after ilcductlnr H
fitien. fnelurlinr inlerett on
bond of tubiUtiarr eompanlei
charge and allow.
shim for ilepreetMion,
applied as folios a.
vi i.:
Tn alnklnr funds on
bonds nf ubildlarr
mnipanlrs nnd de
lireeiallnn and ex
traordlnary replace
ment fundi t!.S;,:!
To alnklnr fundi on
U. S. Stel Corpora
tion bondt i.;i;.:;
Net Income
Deduct: Interest for the
iltiarw on tf. . Steel
Corporation bonds
Premium parable on
hnnd redeemable
under sinking funds
i Dividend, on utoeka of the V
!teel tnrporatlon. vu
It'tular for the quarter:
I "referred,
Common, l',"-.
Tot si ....
K'trs dividend:
Common, ir .
1" III
balance of surplus for quarter
Dividend Tnymrnts 1 7,7 1 1 ,7US. ,
A balance of J31.S59.450 carried to'
surplus for tin- quarter nfter the deduc-
,tOII of ,iVdend on the preferred and
i common stock compnro with 47,9111,5.15
'at the end of the second quarter and
' $IS.37.211 In the 1915 quarter. The
regular dividend of is, on the preferred
culled for a paMiient of .;,.1ii.9l:i . tho
common J,353,7S1. nnd the extra on the
.common stock $5,os3,n25. nuking n total
dividend dl-bursement of $17,. 41,723.
1 V.J . - .
l 'l-t.. 1. ...... .l i....i.l,l.. ......
' H'nrl M I HI irm iUIII 111 V 4tl r.'lilU
I I l I I II I I 1 1 n I'll l.'.l I.1I-. Jt-llI, III 11111
1 .. .... ...... :.
lainiiiKe iur me nine luomn- were only
. m .,-0 n-i. .1...
I m w ' U'i'i'JS
I ThN ,i'
S l ' i n r wis. .. ;;!; J
Kir.t mi rier, mn
At the end of the quarter the com -
' nil i urns or
, unfilled olders.
I " '
u jnaaji.ae.n ucatMRh,
! Vllllslns Iteported to llne Seised
Mnsrottr and III. Command.
1 .., ,,
,.i w, u i. i.iiv f'rumeni
agents heie received nn unconfirmed re.
1""t "'"lllt fr""' Chihuahua city that
u train ranylng den. Majcoite. the far.
r.tllKil ,,,mmn,ler. nnd his command
' .... , , . .... . , ... .
had been captured by Villa bandits In
Harhlnaba Pass, south of Chihuahua
city. Hen. Majcotto was trying to In.
tercept Villa In the vicinity of Santa
1 , u,,. ,....,i,,.i i.. .
i" -;"'
snld to bo In the general direction of
"Wnnamnkrr fllve. f. 1(l,000 Ads.
Thnt more than $500,000 worth ..f
1 newspaper advertising had been rontrlb -
1 med to tho Republican campaign by
John Wanamnker was made known yes-
let day by tho Republican National Com-
mlttee, Mr. Wan.imaker's activities, lu
tain 37.3a.lv7l
War Department Orders Cnpt.
Eltingc's Book Ex
purgated. I.ON0 Hran'CH, N. J.. Oct. 31. Capt.
f Roy Kltlnge. U. H. A., will be directed
by tho War Department to expunge
from a book recently written by him
statements regarding Jews being re
garded ns "highly objectionable" by tho
Department. President Wilson's secre
tary, Joseph P. Tumulty, wns so In
formed to-d.iy by W. U. lngraham, act
ing Secretary of War,
Action was taken ns the result of a
protest made by Louis 8. Merlin of Chi
cago. Capt. Kltlnge's book Is quoted as
eoniHlnlng tho following:
"Another large proportion of our pop
ulation Is made up from thu Jews. It
,s said thero tiro to-day more Jews In
Chicago than In Palestine. For centuries
the Jew has been without a country,
lie doesn't know what patriotism means.
Recruiting olllcers find he does not aver
age up with the other applicants physi
cally. He has not been a soldier for
more than 2,000 years. For tho same
length of time he has preferred trading
to doing work with his hands.
"The soldier's lot Is hard physical
work. This the Jew despises. He does
not have any of the qualities of a good
soldier. Nevertheless he Is highly re
ligious and very nusceptlble to tho moral
sentiments of his race. He has tenacity
of purpo-e ntrj under pressure can pa
tiently endure much.
"In a cause which appealed to his pe
culiar kind of mind and led by officers
who knew how to get the best out of
Lhlm he might do surprisingly well as a
soldier, but unlctw we can touch the
latent main 'springs of character that
twenty-five hundred years ago made him
a soldier to be respected we will find
him of little account."
$50,000 ON HUGHES
One Good Sized Bet Heported
in Wall Street on Basis
of 10 to 7.
Hughes money came Into Wall Street
yesterday In such amounts that It
quickly whipped the odds from 10 to 9
down to 10 to 7'j. On odds ranging
from 10 to 7 to 10 to S there was be
tween $33,000 nnd $50,000 placed during
the day.
Practically all the wagering was dur
ing the morning. Hy noon most of the
Wilson money hnd disappeared and tho
Hughes money, even nt tho more at
tractive odds, was going begging.
Supisiiters of Hughes say the recent
developments In connection with the
"strict nccountabllit" note to Germany i
' are teponslble fur the shift 111 the odds.
At the close last night brokers weie ask
ing 10 to Ti for their Wilson money and I
mntmv ,i ,l
l i i ......
11 wn" repotted that one good silted bet
was made by a Stock Kxchnnge house
' " " i
on the basis of 10 to T, but this could crn const of Ireland.
not be lunllimeil, t
h.; S JmnT'n aUW "Ivm"1 ,wo1 I-". . 31Slx Americans we..
Ul ' , t ;'""". "li 'sl.amer Marina, which was torpedoed
cany .New iorlt State nre uunted at i. ,,. , ...J
IU to fi. with Wilson supporters asking,"' " J I , J
4 tu 9. An even $10,000 wan offered.
without takers, that Wilson will carry
Whitman's odd. to carry the
continue to Incrense dully. One offer of
i-rnui,! ii ... , ,.i. ,i., ..' ...mi
, ' i '....I . I. ., iV ..... .... ,
be reelected, A bet of 1,000 was made I
..,u.i.,. ........!... .. ,....! .1.. i
. rl . .nunun m.- n.(.
lnu-ltn- )...- tr. non .v. .... n,,,.i,...
I.ONIM1N, Oct. 31. The Houe nf birds
granted to-day a pustponement until De-
,M'r L"f '," ',,Mo nR f tU" ,":,H'al
, "f V10, "-;- from
the Judgment of tho Court of Appeals.
The Sllngsby case Involve the ones.'
. t Iim whether an Infant born In San
I court In l.ngl.iPd upheld that decision.
The Cotllt of Anneals, however, r..
, versed this ruling, sustaining tho con -
; teniiin oi i narirn Mingsny s brothers,
who Introduced evidence to show that
Teddy Sllngby is not the chlM nf
Charles ami Dorothy Sllngsby, but was
obtained liv them after an advertise-
ment had been Inserted In 11 San Fran-
eisri. newspaper iur a new nnrn male
Aunt Heeiinie Pouter Parent of
l'nnr-eilr-oli Hoy,
Fivileiicl; Augustus llelnzo, four-year
old son of th" ht F. Augustus Iteliue,
, wm norn noout a year later.
ir a ill-
"PPIIcI for a ,11-
nnd an Interlocutory decree was
pending when she died In 1913. Thero
' wa a deathbed reenneltl.'i tlnn
Well, dleil It, 11111 . Iul. .A r.-..
,0KU springs, tn vote. He left no will" I
1 and the only heir to his eslnle una hiJ
1 young .son. .Mrs. Kleltmaun was an.
I pointed ndinlnlstratrlx ami took rliarae
of F, Augustus, Jr. When she appeared
before Surrogate Fowler yesterday she
said all of her near relative had fuiien
Thompson Liner Attacked
Uinvnmcd in Heavy Sea,
Say the Survivors.
Submarine 'Stood Idly by
While Victims Were
in the Water.
Consul Frost Taking Affi
davits of the 11 U. S. Citi
zens Who Were Saved.
Dublin, via London, Oct. 31. Tho
Dritlsh steamship Marina wns torpe
doed without warning, according to a
statement made by American survi
vors of the vessel who arrived here to
night from Henrhtivrn.
The survivors declared that two tor
pedoes were fired nt the Marina nnd
that the submnrlne watched the boats
containing the mirvlvnrs for half an
hour without offering assistance.
Twenty-eight American survivors of
the steamer arrived at the Seamen's
Home here to-night from Hearhaven.
In the stntement to the Associated Press
they said:
"We reached safety nfter more than
thirty hours In a rough sea In an open
boat. Capt. Drown was last seen lower
ing himself to n rnfL
"The Marina, with a cargo of whiskey,
from Glasgow to Haltlmore, was struck
by a torpedo without warning on the
starboard elie off Skclllgs Rock at 4:1
o'clock Saturday morning and sank In a
few minutes. A he.-oml torpedo struck
the port slilo of the veel alout ten min
utes aftr the first,
"All Americans aboard weie. members
of the crew exei.'it one, a passenger
mimed Mlddleton, of Fiederlcksliurg, w ho
wns drowmd, and two tdowviwajr, who
also were drowned.
"The submarine watched our boats for
1 half an hour and offered no assistance,
1 ...).- ... i ..... . n .
j ,,ut-nn oilmen i.uue rKeiiiK anil i. real
i seuig
are situated in the Atlantic.
Ocean about eight miles southwest of
1 the Island of Valentin, on the snniliei.
by American Consul l'ro.n at ljueen
town, say the !'res Association. The
, 1 telegram declared that lift -one Amerl
rinte ..... i. ... i .
I ti, wi.,. V ' . ,
' ho Americans reported killed were
. two men named Hrown, two named
Hrown wa reported among them,
An Kxcliunge Telegraph despatch
rt lllte Jl 1 1 eniiif i I- tn i.r.. Intn lm..
Sailors, s. iw th.. w.ilo. nf . i.'...,,..ir.
according to these advices, ,in, until the
! !,hl" wn" MMlol '"s:ht It was a fish,
The Iindon evening newspapers n
ncMn asking what the Pulled Stat
tiovernuient will do
The f7olie i.iv: "ilerm.-inv In l.r new
! submarine campnlRii app.uently has
peal of having "kept America out of tho
unr" thi. P.iir If, tff fj, i. .-It,. .......
. "Kven hi. firmest supporters may feel
I sunm anxiety as to the possibility
reconciling his dlnloniatii note with hi.
election posters In such nn Incident ns
', this. Whether America has anv real pro.
j lection to confer upon her subjects at
all is a nuestlnn which tlm Marina ei.sei
may carry to h final answer ''
Included among th Americans on
board the Marina, according to .1 list Is
sued October 30 by the Pulled States
1 Shipping Compauv of Newpoit News,
Va., agent for the vessel, were P. D.
' llinwn, l'ppervllle, Va. ; J. C. I!. Hrown,
I Washington. D P.: II H. Mlddleton,
Fredericksburg. Va : Daniel P Thomas
and John P. Thoma. both of Wilming
ton, Del.; Andrew O Robinson, Haiti
more', Kdgar Miller, Haltlmore. F C
D.ibls, Wake Forest, N. C, and .luck
Davis, Roanoke, Va All the men nnni'd
ubovo were classified lis horsemen,
Admlnlatrntli.il llranrda Pre
liminary Mnrlnii Reports.
Wasministon. Oct. .11 -Hoth Presl.
dent Wilson nnd Secietnry Lansing to.
1 ,d tbn niellnilnarv remirts of tin, d...
si ruction nf tho Hrltlsh ateamslilp
Minlna and Ihe loss of six American
n.. i,,,n..-,i,. ,,r ,, ,.in . ...1,

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