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Fair to-day and to-morrow; moderate
temperature; moderate west winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 61 ; lowest, 49.
Detailed weather, mad and mirtne reports on page 13,
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1916. copunpin. mio, t-i sun pnnmo and pubuMp Aociauo.
.1ff.fr t'llr and Newark, f mil I'tiNlM,
il fx 1 WKaMMRwlUiSP
Triumph Is Tribute to the
Great Peunitcd Party,
He Adds.
.inn. in. i i kuiimvi;'"""' bl" "'e chemicals necessary
Or llll. KhAIi lM i'.b lo ,l," business are no longer being lm-
tv .1:..... u. ....... :..
riTMIl -.- run i l.-.- ill J nullum,
Whoro He Knds West
ern Caniimign.
Camlitlate Speaks to 12.000;
There and Be-ins .lour- ,
ney Home.
Ti-ifi.l. Itlfftf ln.1 Vnf 1 (MlllflfM
Kv.ns Hughe closed hi Western
CJimpnlgn In the city to-night with n
tatement to the press In which lie
tjred.cts a Republican victory In
Indiana and in the nation, lie also
declared later that labor will not sub-
Dilt to coercion and will vote accord-
In; to Its uuu.nl Judgment
"I am leaving Indiana after what I
perhaps the most wonderful reception
cv i' given to a candidate ror trie
,. i ..n.i.1..
'"''")' " -
plendld tribute wan not accorded to ' , thf Evenly odd towns In which ;
tae personally but a the represent!!- meetings have been held the women
live of the great united llcpiihlican never have been so rudely handled as
party moviiiB forward lo victory and they were In Chicago thl iiioiiiIuk.
ierv-:ce for the nation. The men of , ' Planned to have street meet
Jndlana have organized a poop,,-- vie-
lory and I want to thank the leader i,eiaiis l.nmile . rnw.i. i,...,.e rinmu.
uf the reunited Republican party for
their effective work.
In his tlnal speech of the Western
campalKn. made here In Terre Haute
tu -n lit before an audience that
ch-rrcd him almost Incessantly, Mr.
Hughe explained the reason for hi '
trrdlctinn of victory.
"Nothing." he said, "Is more "trlklng
la the course of a political campaign In
this country than the wav in which the'
American people giadually foim their
JutUment. We have at the outset many
lonfusliiB voices and In the lourse of
the campaign there are many extrava-
rsnt claims and pretensions nut for-
said, but the American people recngnlie
f the campaign progresses the dom-;
mani Ueuei that concein their wel.
Ulun of (he People.
he continued after
"You can be ure.'
ll the iliecrlng had lasted two minutes,
. : : , " . . ...i.u ",.,
He do not nuke a mistake vvl h respect
' what Is necessary to their prospeilty ,
.nd the future of the coui.try. 1 have
11. 1.1 me ions .i 1 ic ... -
. ,. . . ...... Ba.,.l.atii
ie.1 11. .. tree u,e u . ey.
Ibete has been a very perceptible cur-
lent of opin.un. ami It give me an as-
urinve that the American people have
bee,, sifting the vailous claims thathav.
Wen made and have been coming lo
thtlr own conclusions. They know lr-
Tectly well that we are in a veiy tinsaus-'
fa tory condition." I
"I understand that
n'nril tin it 71'illr
out through labor cltclea In ofTlclal chan-1
!.'.., to vote against me. und I know pi-1
fectly well that I am saying a prorounu ,
l.nlh on,1 A.'ae.' Illllilll lulllie 11.1111 knilWfl'
It, that nobody can direct or control the
labor vote of this country. The vote Is
ruing to be cast according to Its sound
Judgment, according to what the men
think Is tight and fair.
"This is an .American Huverument and
our workliieimen are the uesi ctiizens we
ha ve because they ate piuduclng and
sorning, and l nave ine uin.usi io....-
.,t.:.!" ": urL!:
(curding to their conscience,
tiolled b) anv power."
'I he growing sentiment and perceptible
cun em of opinion so palpable to Ml.
Hushes were manifested as atrongly to
day In southern Indiana a they weie
sIkiwii yesterday. A serle of big and
enthusiastic meetings at Sullivan, Lin
ton, lllonmlngton and Brazil. In the soft
co.il mining region led up to a tie
meiulous repetition In this city to-night.
It whs Interesting to outteive inaie.
everywhere former Hull Moose leadei. , ,., . ,-,
ar.d Ihe old time Taft Kepubllcan lead- SENATOR BORAH STRICKEN.
er were working with srrirt sleeve en-1 . ..
riy. all together, everybody being nice , . , (( rBnrrI i:UgnBenients In
to everybody else. Unless all signs are
-ron .Mr. Hi.irhes is going io i.ou prac-
ll'ally a'l nf the Roosevelt Progressive .
oie oi iviz.
Unless all sign are wrong, laboring
Ten and tallroad employee that turned
lo Mr. Wilson after the Adahison bill
sis enacted are finding reason for
'arm In the new law and are turning
kack to Mr. Hughe.
Terre llantr'i Welcome.
Tfrre Haute Republican started out
In make the detnonatratlon for Mr.
Huthr the biggest thing of the kind
thl part of the State had ever aeen.
Thre wa evidence by eye and ear that
they made good. Moro than 50,000 per
sons, half of whom had come fiom all
lhl part of Indiana, Jammed Ihe streets
to lalute Mr. Hughe as he led a parade
of 10,000 men through the principal
street of the city.
Twenty-four bands, hundreds of trans
parencies that denounced or ridiculed
"ilaonlsm. fife and drum corps, me
HiHiiical elephants, real donkeys, red fire
tl noise were some of the features of
the parade, The most Interesting wa
Ihe marching club of thn Vamlalla Hall
('ad'a einiloees, 400 conductors, engl
neeri, firemen and shopmen, who ex
hibited a lloat with a miniature locomo
tive. Mr Hughes spoke In the Wigwam, a
ItHt shedlike building which seats
11,000 and wa overcrowded lo-nlght
Mir. U',000. They gave him a tumultu
rua greeting when he arrived and they
'PPlauiled him from start to finish.
, IttcogiilziiiK the returning current of
"le r and railroad sentiment Mr. Hughes
e'ie( the opportunity In his Teire
l tite hpeeih to how- by the statements
! lalltnad biolherhood chiefs themselves
Contlnurd on Fourth Page.
Ci'oinatton Mny He't'ijfiMl by
rudoi tnkers to Offm't lllglirr
Hartal Chnrjrcs.
As If tlip high rot of living were not
bad enough, the high rout uf dying Is
becoming Increasingly serlouii. Whole
Mile dealer In burin I supplies are null
f J"r undertaker throughout the city
tliat a new price list, show Inn a general
advance, In being mailed, It Is estimated
that within a few day even tlie cheapest
coflln will cost j more than formerly.
Hlame Is placed upon the Kurope.m
war. It Isn't that the supply Is being
sent a tut uil, as In the case of food-
"It I very possible that, as a result
of this ad vu lire, New York undertakers
Ljnay la
may launch a campaign In favor of ere-
-.nation." said Joseph K. MeC.owiiu of
I'rane .Mcnnwan. 2S Klghth avenue.
i.i ii night,
It may be the onlv way In!
which we can retaliate against the,,tto u,Tee '""s in ine huhim.
n r-fl r r. i I iriinhpri. nuruwiirp. H
term we use for ni.me plates, coffln ,
handle and the like, already has tlsen
in price zn in in per cent., Hue, tlie sup-
Ply men tell us. to the fact that (lie1
chemical used In giving the nickel etTect i
to the hardware Is not being Imported, i
. . . . - - I
. r iiei'ciiu iiion iiein.ai.y mr in.si
chemical. Kven the oak boxes In which
cotllns aie placed cost mile now because)
I oi ine rise in tiamu ami varnishes."
Kiotliifriu Chicago Hreaks tTp ,
Meetings Planned by Train
On' Hoasi. tiir Wmitv'M Cavima.iiv
Tit in tor lll-ilims. Toi.fdo. Dhlo, Nov.
i. ine women s campaign train Is al-
most lo a woman sound asleep, happy
In the thought that until we reach Hal
tmiore to-morrow morning there I
ncthliiir to do and grateful for the bles
... .... . . ... '
u.K ui nui nav.i.K io sueiiti nnoiner ll.orn-i
ir In Chlearn '
on the corner of Madison and Dearborn
streets traffic was blocked by the ciowd
which gathered around a motor car from
which two of the women of Ihe train
were speaking, and there wa so much
heckling that the meeting hail to be
In Cohan's li.and Opera House a
meeting was held which threatened to
heroine a I lot. They made It so un-
pleasant for Mis. Nelson O'Shaiighuessy
that she said "I have never pken In
Chicago befoie." piobably with the In-
tentlon of saying she never wanted to
again, when a voli e called out. "I h. es.
von have. 1 on said on the corner of
aiauison anil naisieii ine last lime you
weie here that we weie all Ignorant.
We're not a bunch of millionaires In
Finally .Mrs. Itayinciid ltnbln said
that none was forced to listen to the
tpeecll If he didn't care to. and that If-he
di'ln'' l",,rl' - UUleteil the
audience In the theatie. but outside there
was pandemonium. ICttgs were tossed at
h( w,nrn , lry wtt lUr ,,,. ,,y ,,n
me women ns mry ten me me.
. . ' . .
" "V,
filling auto
struck the
wuturil or Ilir iiim nine-,
A aulomob e wit i flags on the head-
.. . . ,..., u.,i. ,i,e leeetnl
" " "mI " ,n-" V H,"" ,"'!'""'
7" Women's '.lBn ' .aln for
Huhe.." was waltliw. When the speak-
' rie,.,... ., . ,. re r - ..
'""'"" r ' -
"'Ii'...?' 1 . .. 1 .1 . 1
n ine irjing 10 get ...tin .... ...
the driver of (he car was called a traitor
K u f'U'J woman ru-hed
up 'i ..".""J ri'"' '" "r r
....., ......
"' "
Ilrlurn I'rom Mexican lloriler.
. t.VKS. fmin.. Nnv I. Members
Serond Cotiiie.tlcut Infantry, Just
k fiom Nogalee, Ariz., weie angered
. . . . - itei.iibllcan
V swl ,:,.' Mine-'
when thev alighted from -their train,
Later In the day the police found a de-
ti... .uim.i,i ui.aiit
lacilll.riii iiuiii ine ini.or,,. w...n -...
town tearing down the posters.
The soldiers were warned to stop de-,
farlne the billboards. They oheved, but
went to their armory to hold an Indlgna-1
n,.n nitlnr The noster noitravs Presl -
dent Wilson as Ignoring the ueatli oi
Americans In Mexico and on the high
v.. , it ..
'"' UAC N0.'- rVuU J."
Senator William L. Uorah of
Idaho, who has been on a speaking lour
for Hughes and Fairbanks, I serlouly
III here and has been compelled to can
eel dates for the remainder or ine ram-
nniett. He was SUUjeilly taken III yee).
ti rilay with a severe cold. This morning
he had a temperature ui m.,
riitirle Nage of Missouri, former
CAn,m.r.a nn.1 l.ahoe. ha
,-ini.i.if i - " "
l.een HS9 ened tO (111 ."'e 1)11 if) I' HOr.lllS
speaking engagement In Wisconsin and
Had (o Leave llnnolulo In Time lo
Vote In ( Hforul.
San Francisco, Nov. I. W, N.
Thomas Judge of the Superior Court .it
Hanta Ana, Cal., arrived here lo-day on
the Slutaon liner l.urllne from Honolulu,
having technically worked his way as
an olkr.
The l.urllne was the las i liner that
WUU.ll lew... - ---
neei.iiietitlal eleclloii, but because of an
accident Ihe vessel could not carry paa-
Judge Thomas felt he should vole and
shipped as a member of the crew,
Tankers Man l'e 1st Nnlmar.
. i ........ i. Wurhtirtoii. nrlnler anil con.
tractor 07 year old, of 358 Warburton
avenue', Vonker. died suddenly In the'
Wall street atallon of Ihe subway dur-
Ins the rush hour last nignt.
lie. lb" ut sli fists stopptrid boltlta.
Aiv. i
Teutons Cnpttire Defenees
Xenr I'redenl Pass mnl (in in
in Alt Valley.
UtcV ti'L' ivn lll'fMI I IH'siT
J1i.i1 ft Ill 111 l ll.xlir.ni
tYrtlinniiir Knives l.nr More .
- '
Prisoners in l'ur.siiiiiy:
Hon ten Itavarians.
LoNtioN Nov. 1. Though optimistic i
wlieles, messages continue to i o.ne from
, ... . - , ... .ivi...
Dui'harest, the outcome of to.da s ngm-
Ing officially announced by the various ,
war unices 'scarcely bears them out. In
!... ...... i...... i ih' northern I
. . .. . i
lioruer mouniam me iiiiii.nii.nn
iiiii.ier iiii.iin I i i n- iit ,
has yielded to on Kalkciiha n' attack i
.... .. ... .... ti,i,..
11 1 1 II renin i.iiu.i ine u i .. . ...
, iwie mni romtiieiiensivi; eMiinuH". on
' S' llous for the Humnnlan-. j Mibnu. Ine.. offering elht separate pro- .
a very heavy and ominous blow has ; po.als for Iwentj.fonr boats of the coast
bfvn a,'mlnlte'ted to the defenilfrj ofUVPe and two .io.osltlons under which
., . ,..,i ... ..ll '
,hl ''reileal Pass, the mot vital ot an,
the Transylvania At dellles leading "
..i.,, itutiianlni. ulaln and Itucharest.
Antro.lungar!an trootw, whom usually
I .... i....u rn I Iu.m rnrmlil
ilir iiiiuiii inn le- -
, able adversaries than the Dei mail', have
' taken Itumanlan positions west of the
redeal toad,
ully as ser'ous as the loss of Ihe
positions Is the with them of ten
minion and seventeen machine guns.
I vrtllten- ihe Itumaiilans can III afford
to loe, for they had not enough when
they went to war. and Von Mackenseii
ih nt ure of their nort. Constant.!, has
greatly hindered the wo,k of supplying
r. tth i iore from Huwla Thtv ion I J
least spare gun, f.om the defence, of
I least Nuure tfuns
. I'redeal 1'as.s and the l'rahova Valley.
vvheie the Teutons are nearer Ituchureet
than anywhere on the border, and where(l
the enemy advance na ueen su-uu
Second llniiiMnluu Ilevere
In the legion south of the Ited Tower
ill ine .mi i.i ry eonie i-nrmj-i
:. . . .. .....
miles west of the I'redeal I'ase. the
irciniu miniaiiiuii .nri-t
Here the Teutons have In tluee das'
tlghtliiK penetrated twelve miles Into ,
HU.1..1II..I. HKIIIK Hie v.lles v.
..ll... u...l 'riiadl.ll llni-lifirrMt line tint.
...... . , , i
Jillionnce this, but l'etiogiad does, and
the Husslan ortlclal statement adds that
Iva ll ......i til.! t. aid illiratltii t tmrtiMtIv f '
" on height south of the village..
C.reat violence marks the lighting here,
liucharest announces. The ltumanlans
are opposed to llavarlan mountain
troop, who stormed lied Tower Pass
and thereby started the Rumanians In
retreat from Transylvania.
The only new and solid succc. an-
nounced for the ltumanlans to-day I
their return to Diagoslavele, ten miles
.mtheast of the Important railhead of
Ktmpoluiig, which was lately ru nearly
n Vim Kalkeiihayn'" giasp. I'mgies
north of Dragoslavele Is also niinuurncd
nn,i the capture of 36 piNniier.
in the ,liu Valley, south of Vulc-in
Paes, the Ituiiianlan pursuit
uf the
beaten llivarlan still continue among
the mountain trails. Six moie olllcei
and lihC men have been 1 aptuied, mak
Ing the total In this action, which be-
,,.. ,i..s ,,.'11 lm.iii. mlsuneis
tri mote material left behind In Hie
retreat has been taken to add lo Hit
1 oii'ldetable Huiiianlaii nag.
four lliiHallon Wiped Out.
All unollliial wlteles message tu-da.v
says that the Ituniaulau who tetook
Dragisshtvele and lelleved the pie.iire
on Kluisilung have "jiassed over the
fn.utler In the movement" and ale un
Tiaiifj.vivanlan soil. I'mir hostile bat
talion, were annihilated by the Itiiina-
!. the de.patih says,
Accoidlug lo the wlreles. a pei'od of
had vveather has developed all along the
Alpine front. Thl may be the salva-
ton f the Itumaiilans, fur heavy storm
,n ,,.,,
tthUe ut Vml y.,
would hamper the of
;ilkenhan and h!i! the
.defence. Kvery day's delay help the
' ltumanlans oy hrlnsliijt them itiote sup.
1 idles.
Actlon may again become general In,
the noithetii Dohrudja. Accoidlug to
the ltulan statement to-day Ituselan
ecolils are making bold reconnaissances
on the whole of the flout, picrumably
In preparation for an attempt to regain
ine onensive tigatni'i von aiacueuseu.
lite tieriuHii uuu Huuiattiaii hiaietneniH
Miy there Is nothing to lepott from the
ine it ll iiiuiii.i n stHtement
say :
I "Northern and northwestern fioutn
. , v . " . .
From liilghe lo Table Itiilr.l there Is
nothing new to reioit,
i At Hratocea und Predelus theie have
ben minor actions,
I "In the Prahova Valley, at rnghlu-
,. ,'-. i ,f 1 ,i " ui uilick, ".
the let J
At Dragoslavele (northeast of Klin
I polling) we made piogress on the left
I wing and captured thltty-slx prisoners.
, "Hast of the Alt violent lighting Is
"At the .Ilu the pursuit of the enemy
otulnues. We have taken alx ulllcers
01)6 soldiers prisoner and captured
"fM uuantlty of material.
the .outhern front the situation
On the southern front the situation
Is unchanged."
The Herman statement savs.
Army Oroup of Archduke Charles
Kru,CH: Transylvania the general
, ..IBinn i. nnehnneeil. VVe.t of ii,..
I .redeal road Austrn-Huntiai Ian regl-
. nieiii .n si nn .mtioriiiiit Miieee. -t tie.-
i .,,i ii,,,anlBi. notion...
"" ",r "
l uircu mi. iiiinuu cauiiuii anu seventeen
m.iel.li.e mill. Smillionsl i.t l!i,.l,..n.
tl,Hrm (Red Towei ) Pass our attacks
I "Xrmy Uroup of Field Marshal von .
I Mackensen (Dohrudja); There were no
linpottant event."
Increase of ".leiv
l'liek llr.,l.l'
Slionn hi' Kill lop'
Plollts of the .Wir
Yorker llrrohl
I which had been averaging $7,fi.'.l
, tUee years. Jumped to :in,f,C0 for tlie
, r. herniise of the war. It was
shown yesterday when tin appraisal ol
the estate of Chnrles Herthold Wolfram
was filed,
Me Wolfcnm wns e.lllnp mnl imiiiuiier
of the paper at a salary of 2.1,000 a
year. H left a net estate of MGH.71S,
of which 38,SKi consisted of 410 sharea
of stock In the newspaper. He he-1
(iiieathed lo his widow, .Mis. Amnlle1
Wolfrnm, all hut HlO.non. In which his
-on, Ileilurt, has a life cslale.
ark you llt N imhvnt
I).e' Port Wine Olive Oil will liulhl
ynu up. II. 00 at yinir dealer or 131 Kullon
it Nuu His, N. V, liiutie mill Curl.
roiifri'eMS .May He Asked to Ap-I
prove luei'ease of ."i.OIIO.- I
0(10 for Hull'
II ......... V,... t V ..tl...rttv ft.. Ml
I Cotigre. ti raise Ihe cost limit may
"l,vc sougni ny me ,-xnvy im-imii-
., ,efoie It can award contracts for
1 the four 3T. knot scout cruisers In Ihe
' 1!M7 building piocramme. Illds for the
J.T'i. Vr ":!y: w.' 'JlV. .'.T
null llllll 11111 Oil llllllliri, I II."
('iiistriitllon and Dry dock Company, nf-
' fered n illici t proposal, This cniiip.iiiy
bid within the limit or J.Vimiii.iiiiii for
.hull mill tnuchlnrr., but It offered to
construct only one vesel fur H,!L j.imhi,
and wanted thirty mouths time.
Two other blddeis, the I'nl.m Iron,
0... . . w,,.... ......
. " -
lnttril nroiKisials li.if.ed on 11 sIIiIIiik scale
arrangement lib h would take Into lie-
count polble variations of material
SV1 T 'Hie .Sew .uk
vst and labor pi I
shipbuilding Company guv. tlce tlmt ,
u vllllm tlm gei us e.im.nc vvuniii me
limit of ioet.
The Klectl
The Klectllc llo.i! Compati) submitted
. , . .
'i "oiiiu roiisiiuii une or oiun hip ami
(Jn HUll,llrr(,,,,. The ,,iiilnil
limit of cost fur the ioat type Imats
Wh set at 7iU,iuiO each.
The Lake Torpedo tlo.it CompJI.jr bid
for fiom six to tell co.imi tvpe sub-
meislbles and for one suv toil boat. The
llguies ale all within the Until of col. t
A)) rAUlU riAWvJDi
Adopts Reprisal for Alleged
FllillU'e to RcleilM' Civilian
Prisoners as Agreed.
lllHI.IN, Nov. 1 (vl.l wireless) The I
. fieniun Ouveriiiiient In retaliation fur
'..I... ,...,.,. 1 r...,,.. ... .1,- I. u..l. l!m-.
u i,. H ...ti.,..
- ,...,. ... mi..r im ,ieierinlt.e.l
-i mitrm m nrr., un .i.irrniTiii ti.uimiki,
... i.-,,.....!. ., .,f .
families from uecui.lejl
,.u,ri,. ,., ,.. .e,,.. '
-,.,.,,..,., t,U lll,l..l olleil 1,1.1
for irtil.lliiil on tlu
.,.,,.., ......
vN"t: jiVl,, ,., ,
thioilgli the Ov'eise.i
a says! )
Tii.. t:. ii, i n. mei Cieneli Onvetii.
meiils last .lanuarv .lareed about the re-
tense of rlvltui. i.Vlsnner. on hi.th slib...
T()1J( g) f.(i
women luleriied In
Krance and all Herman men ourwer the man vvno prepa 1 en jor me , or shelled by others when It began law
than 17 or older than f.5 jears as well as ni.-islble's coming both at Haltlmoro and 1 f ..,aK.,. This submarine, thn agency
all unfit for military service had Just
claim lo be sent home except If Indicted
i fnT orlme.
Trance' has not kept the agreement. '
lefn tic the r ht of i enartuie to n larire
ie..,r.,.K . ,r r.K. . ..I e,.....o.e .u .. .a.Ke
numuer or the i.ermau, esiecla y Iiom '
Aleace-l.ortal.ie. among then, women ami
t Midi en, without giving reasons. Tlie
Heimau 11 .i esentatlons having met with
110 sucrem the Herman (lov eminent has
now decided npun itiiialf. and will llrst
ariet iyu I'lench men and worm 11 of
lepreseiitatlve families) In in.-uiieil
Kreiirli illstiirt and then t-end them to
(ieimanj They will be vletalned theie .
until the Herman who aie detained In
lotihaventlou uf the agieement 'tie re
lumed to lii'inian "
see, In. NHH.ri.Hsed ...er-
llr. (i. 11
lenn. rrleil In rlsonn.
Tt'i'Misj, Atlz., Nov 1 Dr. (1. I!. Set
lit. a ualuriill7eil American, was at
tested heie tn-ilay. 1 lunged with cu 1
splracy lo 1 pin 1 aims to revohiliuii
lts lit .Mevli 11, Wattt.nts al-o weie i
ued fur a number nf othei peion Ainu
and t.miiiunlllnn weie sel.tul b the 1111
Ihoilile. In. Servln denied any ium
plliity III the plot. The ane-t was
made In connection with the ane.i at
Novate uf Ihrre hardware men hauls
Wa1r.11.ts for the i.riest uf sixty Spanl-li
Auieiic.ins ale In the hand
nf deputy
Wvsiiis'iito.s-. Nov I.-- Dej-iitnier,t uf
.luetic ottlclals said to-night tliat in-
Seivln piobably wa- one of a niiuibei
nf men who had been under -ui velllance
' fui seveial week-, Investigatois had
, lepotted that the eiispertcd conspii.ttor-
piiinieu un ei:.iiiiinii m iat.e ;inn
miii.it nil uito in. o acio.- ine nuri.
' anil .
deliver theiit m ciialu bauds now In the
neiu uii.iui-i me i at r.inzii i iuvei nnieiii.
Liberal Claim Vlcor, llm Vlen
oenl Itelle on (lie Pro Inee.
IIavxs'a, Nov 1 Th
le-Ult Of ine
, , Cuha'M fifth pre
I la! ,,,,11, a''mo
, , . ., .,
in Ueriy
Havana has expel lem ed, wa- still III
doubt at a late hour to-night, with I lio
I.lherul- il.iliiilug vlctniy for theii can
dtdat. Alfredo Xay.is, over l'i evident
.Menoi-.il, Consei vatlve.
The n nils from tuovllice outside of
Havana were coming lu veiy Mowiv. It
. 't,. ,..
1 ? !
"rM '
use provinces that Ille Conseiv.l
Xpert lo gel their
Heaviest loll of
Tilde wa- intense enthiilaui evet.v-
where, but ptlfect older iiievailcl. Ill i '., -nierc weie tniinv details to be
the capital snldleis with lilies stood on ,. .. 1)V (,,( Koenlg ami the coin
guaid adjacent In the polling places. So ' Ke'nt. t'ntll ( o'chxk this af
far as reported, only nn man was 1 ', .., ninander of the submarine
wounded In a political dispute in Ila-
Ir in Ila-
.... .. -
' '""": VCl , " J.' ."' '. ".".".
p(.lnlls .itoportlons.
W. I'. Kv an on Way In Pi. rail e
When lllsliap Occur,
A Idol iiiiii) William I' I'lvaus, Deiiui
, rratlc candlilate fur leelectlnu In Ihe
. Thll t -sel olid dlstilct, whs liiling 1.11
I. 'KOI HI a." .Illioilliiniie win. mil lueuo
on their wav lo Join the Seabuiv naiiiile
j M 'phe llronx, when tile inachlni' si tuck
a small hoy who stuilril arioss I'to'pect
avenue at icatit sireei
The Alderman placed the child In Ihe
car, and the chauffeur drove on alone
tu Lincoln llipllal, wheie the hoy tiled
live minutes after Ills anlval. He was
later Identified by his mother a Howard
Hersteiisang. t. year old, of : Jones
1 "jreet. .Nevvark, .V .1. He had been
J vlsll Hg relatives near the scene nf the
Two Hern.no (ienernl llellrr.L
LospoN, Nov I A linn despatch
to Hie Wltelcss Press quotes the.Vrtieafe
Sarhrirhttn of Munich In the effect that
Lieut. -Hens, von Chrnll and Hmll
llcnlgsl, who held lilgh commands on
thn western front, have been plmed on
the retired list.
WORTH $10,000,000
Tlmt I. Kstimate of f'apt. Koe-
niir, Who Describes Deutseli-
I ji nd's Voynpro.
Tells of Dininjr With Kaiser i
iind Says t'onfidenee Rules
in (iei'iiiniiy.
.Nkw Liimids', Conn., Nov I. Mooted .
fust Iind scieelicl s.. securely that no
in yliijr eyes can culcli even a glimpse '
(pf .r Brp,. IMutr, tce hull or her.fllclals of the embassy and the Depart-
,.,,' , ' ... mr..(.lat I
11 ' " "cnm .the (,et man met liatit
-.ill, marine De.itschhiml lies to-nlgllt !
beside the "million dollar" pier In New
London l.atbor, bavlHR- completed her
,.,.,,. i voviii-e ariiw. II. e Atlantic to
" Xo"K !" r,""t Allunilc to
Alner.can poit.
It Keeins ut If the recoul UicnklilK
submersible had tnrely repeated the
till ill she i;ave Ualtlmnie last sllliinier,
for everything N the stiine. HIip car
ties the minio kind of cargo, the same
fiew with three, exceptions, and the
, . .
Mi.nniier of her coming was Ihe same.
Kor "10, ",an n mon,,, nv"
I'or more than a month they have
watched for the Deutschland at New
Louden. They have built stoiehotlses
f"r 1"r 'ar,!", "nJ liave "ut f' i
v'"1" al"' """ ' ho,"on ,0r
her nerlscunu and ecoit her In. They
her perlscupo and ecoit her In. They
have waited for her and believed In her
coming until It became almust Juke to
llw i-lilPPlJiB "f. u'" ',0,,,.,
'watihui fop tlmt Mibmarlne tnt wi
S';"' l'"J''" ; .A',d "f.'.'r-",J-l".V.ref,
was .
ration for her reception and all the i
BiKUiuetits about her coining tlie under-I ...
se i craft slipped Into the hnibor lii llm . reports that three Herman milium
ilrl few minutes of thl inornlng, un- lines, which recently returned to
aided and un.een, tti ir home ports, tank within a few
spied by Tut, days twenty-one ships of a total of
It was ,hortty after midnight when
tin. llnii...hMti.l nr'.r a stili.iieriff J rim
of three miles to avoid other ships that
- "--. .. . .
ne could inn ee ror ine unci; naze mm i
blalilieled the coat. tioked her periscope I
m, through American wter. well In
S .ill' t 111' t tl I CC m lie 1 1 IIIH . HU mil Cg Sll
she loraeu aneau ii.waru pon tiling sue
was spieu ny me tog r.u-u ui me i-a-i-
eru I-ul w a i .III) t roimian). American
'anents for the Herman owner,
I Then word wa -ent to ( apt Freder-
l Hlnsch, representative of the agent
,IH ,',, h,1. 'r,ri"""c, i
He uulcMv teletihiiiied to Dr. r..
Cnipman. health offl-er of the port.
who-e uiuy ii wa io insiei v mu n.
"' suljmjrlne before permitting her
The doctor was on! on
..-... .., Ihere
" .', -, . 7 , V i..i ....
a v.me delay before he boanle e
Iu 1 "'I -
uaft, . . 1
Lveryil.iiirf wa In good shape anu ine
D.utschlaml Immediately le.tuned her
way She too.: on 110 pilot 1 api,
Uoenig needed none. He had a chart
of the hailiur. an Kngllfh chart made In
IMlu. lie navigated by It without mis
hip. hut later confessed nilllmil) that
he ought to have known better than to
trust to anv thing made In Knglaiid. The
rounding fur depth slven n the paper
weie oil wiong. h. averted.
Vt K. i.cluik the D.ufi bland had
...a,-., l.e steel nose Into the pocket pe.
pared fur her alongside the New London
State pier Sever.! leei .-n ., .......
lde lay lh' Noith Heiinan Lloyd
freighter Uillehiid. lashed to spile
driven In the mud bottom, foimlng the
second side nf .1 giant screen Ihe I.
Mia Pd end uf Hie pier hooded her bow.
Mint I'rom View.
mm t. .Iiu- -lint a Uulltooll
i.. i,ih ilmi inn from
I ' . ' .. ... .1.- fe.iei.tei iii the tiler.
l omii'itlni' the hollow situate, and the
i ..n.i.r.r wa- ut rest, com-
.,i,iv hidden fiom hiving e.ves, after
, ;,,4ri,r ,.u of buffeting with gales
...... .....1. U-.M llllll .lodging llrlilsh and
I'lench ciiiisctei in i.e. inn ii-e ...
..... ...... i... in iMv this second voy
; ..Kr. ,, letit-iiilaiul left llreinerhaveii.
('j,.r':,uv Oitobrr lo. he eticouiiteied
...,..' weather, but fur ui.ly two davs
WJ- y,e foried to discontinue her plug
She made piactlc.illy all the voy-
sinf.iie, "oiiiy ninety-live
tieing dune under water, and these
onlv' when she eiibmeiged to avoid .11
taut ships or lu get out uf Ihe wild sea
lll.lt III- gale la-bed Up
The w.ust of the slorm was en
ioimtete.1 from her sixth to tenth day
cut or llretiierhaven. but It was bad
until she came to within three days dl-
- "'"" .... .1 l. ll.e North
of ilia nun tier cumee ......
neiuri. m' ...-
, .,,. ,i, crew
nets si iiiin ibovej
luuglieil al ll.e
:, . , n,i
i...- .tir..i ilon. around the north
.l.t ,,f Scotland, jiasslng the I'uroe
Island-, the OIKIU-ys anu mr .-.ne,
I then strairht acme- u.e ..
shortest illtect line tu New- Loudon, She
-litl.l.il land ve-terday aftirnooli about
3 o'clock. It 'was Nn Man's Laud, the,
' i .i. I nut then she submerged
fl . .,! Hllt
All of till- came oui inuuy nunie ...ir.
,e.,i..i.. nrnonaiit had endeil her
i .,i,i. ,-.i,i iiinsi'li null Paul
losetcd with Ca.t Hlnoh and Paul
iin .i...-..-. - .. ... ... .
H. L. Illnkel. v u e-pi es.ue,,. .,, T -
. . ,, l.'.u iv.ll UK (-ollipany. ui.intiiK "ii
If pot I
Cnp(. Koenliz ChiH'He.
Then the two Captains
Mnl. lean Hotel, where they
10 give out all the fads of the voyage,
" . ...... .....i.il
mill iilisweieii .urni...,,n .... "" - ' -
hour as Ihey wet shot at them by the
e-uie of newspaper men wno nan ueen
walling since tally morning. And al
though ("apt. Koenlg had had no sleep
for thirty -six hours or moie. he said
nothing of It.
Ho smile. I all Ihe time, often he
chuckled and once or twice he laughed
licnrtllv at sonie iuc.tlon bv which his
Intel viewers tried to get him lo let out
liifoniuilloii that was "verboten," Hut
he showed the effect of the strain of
Ihe last tluee weeks of voyaging never
theless. His men, too, when they were
seen coming off on shore leave In their
civilian clothing, born the mirt of pallor
... tl...le elieek thai come from lontr til..
tei.ee fiom sunlight,
The must Important Item of Informa
tion the Captain had tn give, from a
news point of view, was the admission
that all hope has been abandoned for
the llremen, Ihe second and greater
Hiipersiihinarlne which wa Intended to
CoaHiiiirtl on Fotirfh Page,
Negotiations Under Way for Contract to Send 300
Pounds at Regular Transatlantic Rate Many
Documents Brought to Embassy.
W a Mil I VfiTnV . VfiV 1 I tit up, at horn
the arrival .f the (lerni.ni men -haul
submarine Deiitacliland at New London,
Conn., on her second voyage centred to-
il-ii- t..e...,l. ....... .......... ..-i.....
u-hing u aubmarihe iiu- man service
between the I'nlted .States and (lennuuy
The Tost Uttlce Department let It be
known that It was prepared to uccept u
ptoposal made through th (German Km
baasy that the Deutschlatid and anv Ms-
ler shlpe that may ply out of American
purls cany not mure than SOU pounds
of first ila mall at Ihe regular trine-
""'""."V, ru,r-
.'riuui. ui hip urmnriiieiti will oe
ttU.i.,i n, f...n. . 11 ..... ,.t.
''" ' I" '"'l" agieemcnt
nay )(, rearlrit , ,mp for tn, pe,,,.,,.
laud to take hi-r Hr.i eoimleninritt f
null when she sails from New London.
Kmbas.y ottlclals do not disguise their
Inletest In the plan. It would provide
the first uncensored mall service fiuni
this side of thn ocean to (lermaiiy since
the beginning of the war and would
have a material effect on the exchange
of securities between the two couii'llcs.
Hestroved 28.500 Tons in Kng
lish Channel Within Few
iin v. nun in i .mum i vv
Days, Says Rerlin.
UrUS. (by wlreles to Ravville),
..... , T. inra. vw Veenrv
-'" tons m me Kiignsn nannei. Among
tit vMu iuilt wer tli vtm) liarl.
Condor. Till) tons, on her wav from
.... ... .
aVie to .New Voiu
thn l'rellill bark
Cuiiuebleri e, 2.15U tons, loaded with
coloring wood fiom lluenos Ayres for
Havre, and the three masted hieiiih
schooner St. Charte, O'Jl toil", with .oil
tons uf flfh.
The same agency state that a Her
man submarine which recently returned
from "cruiser war" tepeatedly a of
fei.slvelv nitiiiked bv united uteainer
tatK,,d ultogelher even
limes, ill nearly an cases tue Meanicj-x
were British and carried ono or moie
modern gun.
'I'ltw sum., .hlimnrln. t.a.t lien flreil nil
. ""V . ... .1
' i... i.u-nie .iramn. u...
,,r,.vjou, r,u,B of ,everal week. In the
.Meuiiei 1 u.iea It, I lie fuilllliailiiri mm
crews by their ability and pre-encd of
mm, ,,c,wj t. j,, a ,.j,,s,
l,lor iinoiinee Three sl.iUlna.
l-ONMi.W Nov. 1 Lloyd's announces
..... .... .....1... .. i.in 10..1..
inai llie lllllisu n.e.iiiiei -. itiu , ii..iii.
Meioe and Torn., have been eunk. Thlr-
teen members of the Itlo PlrahV ciew
w.ie landed, but one boal fiom til's
steamer I mislug.
'ei,.. lit.. 111. .. I... , .l nf ici
ton and wa, owned by the Kurope-vn
and llrasilllan Shipping Company The
Metoe wasof ,1,:.r.'J ton-net and b.loime,l
to tlie Mo. Steamship Cumi.il.y. Ltd , of
l.lvei pool.
Lifeboat ilarLeil A. II. Davidson
Wnalied .laliore (IIT CoriMvnH.
I.um.on, Nov. 1 A Lloyd's derpatrh
i ft out Newuiiay, ( oiimall, save a
I lifeboat marked A. I) I)avldon I
, been washed o-hore nt P.-i r.inpui Ih.
, The lalest rei.ort of the eteamshlp A.
. D. Davidson Is uf her departure fr
1 Montleal Octuber 4 for Havie. 1 he v
sel was one of a number of Anieilian
Inke ur.iln currlei- iiiirchascd by the
I'lenih Huverument, und In t.er ciew'toad In existence never was built to sup -
weie some Ameiban-.
11 (3. Perilne. manager of . I. W Llweli
X Co. of this cltv, said lu-ilav thai hi
company shipped a new of twenty-lhiee
J fur Ihe A. 1 ' Diivld-ou. collected fiom I
I various j,a is, untie nf them being,
Mneilcalis. She was coinmaiulid, he.
-aid, by C..)t. Hutlne, whu, he thuimlil,
lialls from New Vol I:,
The A. D. D.ivid-otl vv.l f.itmetlv
owned by the Hreat Lakes mi, st. Law
rence Transput tatlon Cumpanv, and wa
purchased by a Trench company. She
wa- hullt nt WyanJutlc. Mich, Pi l'ic:t,
wa Sll feel lung and l,!lu Iun- gin--
450,000,000,000 EGGS IN STORAGE
ChlfHKii MilerntHli n He Will
Prut Klulit Hen Cniilrol uppl.
I'll K-Ailii, Nov. I -Ablet iiuiii (Icing
PleUel to-moriow will pteseut lo the
health roinmltlee of the City Council '
some facts coiiccriilng egg-, their lilgh
"prosperity" pilces and the atipiireut
reasons therefotc. I
Ahterman Prety.el -aid tn-i.liElit lie 1
would produce a lepoil showing llleic
am 1,:..0,V00 rases of gg ilhlity dozen I
In a case, or 4So,OOi),non eggs) now
in cold st.nage in Chicago. Ills lepnil
which wa made by private luve-llR.i-
- -
,,,e e, ..,.,.., .
..uglily if sponsible and In a position to.
know, will inline Hie culd stru.ige waie.
house- In which the eggs aie held and
give ine ).).uxi. utile ...uuu. it ... ei.cn,
and will show that eight men, cointnls.
ot egg
I'llisui ... iiuii ,. it,
Din si C
action will be taken lu the
1 Fedei.il Invesllgalioii of the soaring I
U Ice- of food minimis, It was aniioiiuci il 1
timlas by Chailes I Chne, I'nlted
States Dlstilct Mtotney .Mr. (iyne said
he had Infui niatloii to the effect that Jul..
bei In I '.oil. i. Springfield and Kast St.
Louis hold dally conversation over long
distance telephone and tlx prices oi
fnn.btnffs In Illinois.
Two l.o.e I.Ives When Machine
( iipslses .Vear .Viliicj.
Paris, Nov I. Two Anieilc.in uvia
tois have been killed near Nancy, ttc
lording to u despatch lecelvc.l lieie fiom
that rlty
The Mitltn says the aeroplane con
mining th Hvo Aniei leans capsized
while 11) lug over Houduuville plulcau.
neir Nancy. The observer fell out ami
the pilot, who came down with the ma
chine, was crushed to death under His
will carry
As the Deutsclilatid was Inspected by
American naval oflbers when she ar
lived In llaltlmore on her llrat trip, vir
tually no doubt Is entertained hue of
her status as an unarmed merchant
man. The, customs officers have re
ported that apparently no changes have
been made and that Hit) carried no
Ticasuiy and Stato Department of
ficials conferred lato to-day, however,
and tlei bled that strict enforcement of
neutrality leuulred another naval In
spection, and tho Navy Department was
asked to have It made. It H probable
that officers stationed at New Loudon
will be detailed for the task.
Despatches fiom New London an
noticed that the DeutMchland hrouxht
over n considerable niiiou.it of mall, all In
eealed hairs, nddiessed to the (lerm.ui
Ambassador, It Is on Its wav to the
embassy here In illume of the first of
fker of the submarine. I'ran. Itnpohl.
It Is understood, the belief being based
on tlie direct statement of ("apt. Koenlg.
that theie N no communication from the
Herman (lovernmenl to the I'nlted Stales
(lov eminent.
Famous Plank "Road Too Frag
ile to Stand Strain of Dis
appointed Crowd.
To the yuunser 5et anions our patriot,
mot of whom believe that a l'relden-
tlal election doesn't really begin until
after tho votes aro all In and the night
ciowd begin to come out, the sad news
must be broken this morning that the
election this .vear I all off at least so
far as the night hullabaloo un Hroadway
Is . ill. I el l.e.l. I
When- llroadwav ..nee coure.l
through the Tendei h.ln there 1 notlilni;
now, as every one knows, but an old
planl; road, which Is the top of the new
subway under construction or the bot
tom of Hroadway, accunllng to tl.e point
of view. And sometime", as .very one
alo lemembcr, when a man carrying ,
too heavy a load of pules ek'.ds onto a
tuVo bXeeX !rn?vn.t j
all that se. tlon ot Hroadway und Thlity- I
something street mil up In a true
luvei's knot and sags Into tlm new sub-
Wherefore) the Public Service Com- ,
mis-Ion. lifter a conference, held on.
Tuesday afternoon, rent a letter t
I'oli.e C..iiiiiii.loner Wood suggesting
- -
or le.pie.lng. that the Commissioner
i i. ..- ... ........ .... ....
planked stiet. he of Hioauway rrom
Hie nii.e the sunsei gun uf next Tue. ,
day marl. tue end of 11 petfect eight
hour day until tile la-t tailrlot deildes
, 1 1 ..t i, . .1
to head fur- hum. 01 the rivet, in the
..i-e iii.i lie '
---- -
And so Attliur Wood, last night put
' s better iiatute behind him. .ailed a
""' and dictated :iu ..tiler lo the force
which eald that the Public ServUe Com-
mission I'llgllieei nan uei iucu 111.11 .lie
mas-lng or patriot- on he Hioadway
I'-'"1 toad might split ihe p.ank road
"1- I"'" "lt,f",, -rV H
triots into the new -uhwav diggings.
I'ollieiiien ilium; Ilioaitway on election
night will in lotiseiiiieine hee lo It that submarine pol,. ha unilei gono .1
the nffeil.d seitloti ilu not al any time ,hat;ge, ilhe t.-.l Se. i.t.irv Lansing to
lake on the coligi ted look Mich as Plflh dav'to Is'Ue an otll. i.tl siate-nent set-
ivenue -uiewaiii auen na n at me iiuoi.
hour when the cloak und suit nial.ei
atm out to give the avenue a Heal.
liidtvldiialH who have table ii-eiva-
timis In Hioadway te'taurants or ar
headed towaid the t Ilea tin will not
held up but the big inub of full: all
dieted up but with no puitli.'ul.ir pine
lo co will hnve to l.erp moving, Tim
Public Service and the police Older- do
nut -ay so In o many wunl- but one
glltbet- by leading between the line
that Hie otllclal- fear that tlie hest planl,
putt siuh a weight nf woo .is the ad- i Plough! to tin allention. Tlie iuetinu
niliei of tlie lo-ing candidate will pack ' has l.een iiil.nd as to whither the policy
ulong the plank toad when the returns of the Pi.-nlent the I'ep.ulment In
begin Ii. uiiiir ii abundant eailv iiextlrig.ini to -iil.inai it e w.ufire since tho
Tuedaj night.
siaieinent I- legaided as the most Impor
llnx . Plilllps, Purdue I'oulUi.U ,,, , vlttnallv iiinoiu.'i lo serviiuf
"lar, eul In snnllt.i liini. ;notK 1 Heiinaiiv C at diplomatic tela-
tl.ins will he rnvml if It h joiitnl that
ill'i:NWK'lt. I'ullll. Nov l Seized ,),.. tiledge has been vlolaleil. Diplomat
with sudden fienzy afler lie had been i lin, ollichils iioii.t ...it i..-dnv that the
committed in Dr lleibeit . Wiley's , .r,.Mdeiu nolo In tlie Su-si x i as.i ll ih
saiiitailum lieie thl- munili'g be Judge I(.ri ,,,, altet nat lie. If thn I'l eshlcnt'sj
Slepl.eii L. Itodfuiil, Max Studwell WO,s of warning in Hernia. 'v are really
I'lillliis. a former rullee .'ithh'fe iie.nK .... .......i i.. n... ,.f netlni.
l reaped fiuni three ntl.Mid.iut und Po -
( " - . .... - . . h'. .in .loom
to enter an automobile In fn.nt of the
.Municipal Hull. ling It took Ihe four
men seenil iiiluiile io overpower him.
Dr. Kdward 1. Si Imell and Dr. H. I),
Parker jgieed that Hie vouiig
mind vv.ii atTe. 'ed. lie i a native of
Covington, lud , and formetly aiteuded
Pin due I'nlviisiu, wheie he plave.l un
the varsity football team In Hill, Over
stinly caused ins i ii 1 1 nt to he, -time nf.
He I 2:1 yea i old
'nun. I. Prisoner luin lu.ei.sll.HII
Willi U'j I id I'l.dli.cl..
Hk.sni.suton. Vt . Nov 1 - .Mi 1'ied-
cmlfiev, wil
ut the Jallei. pie-
vented the escaie of a pllsniici, Calvin
Williams, fiuni Ihe He nniiiglon cotiiiiy
l.v pnitndlng the man Inln
llisensllillilv will. II si eel pa. Unci, weigh
ing two mnl a hall puuiuls
The piisuner giappled Willi Shenff
l.iO.lfiev, as the Intl. I ou-ncil a lOiiulor
loin Tlie sdicllll, win. is a tivil wai
veie.an, suuiewnai auvaiiieu in iimis,
hail been neaili nvei povv ele.l when his
wife lllsll.d In Ihe l lie
- - - - -
I Hlllornli. I.... I. II.-..,. I n. .... ill.
Hnl.HiiK There.
Svn I'lUS'tiSi-ii, Nov I Vn inlieil
I ll lice tax nf $7i7.m!i w.i us-eshcil tu
day ngallist the c-l.ilc . if Ih.i late James
II llaggin nf Kentucky, wliitillid two
y i'ti in ago. Ills land 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 e -In Call-
fornl.l weie valued ut $ I (i,.1:i:t.7 -1 .
The executor of the llagcln estate ile-
pnnlicd l.'i.H. ,0.111 wilt, tlie State la-t
Match wtien It bec.une iijipaiciit that the
apiualscineiit would not be . nia.lcl. d in
time lo avoid a n Hi 1 1 v Inleli-et on I'le
ilefened i;i y im-nt It, included lu Ihe total
uf 1717, 331.
Consular Uteporls Indicate
Flagrant Violation of
Pledge ia Warn.
Directs Lansing' to An
noniiee That There Is No
Change in Our Position.
Final Action Will Xol lie
Taken Tnlil Berlin Ver
sion Is Received.
Washington, ov. j. Destruction
without wattiliifT ot tlio ltrltlsh steam
ship Marina by a Herman siibm.ninn
with lot of American lives may thiow
thn submarine Issue bad: tu Its critical
"(aw ot "lH l""0 the Sussex disaster
" " nam.ei. Jtepurls received
, to-day conoboiatu i.revloiis evldencn
i "'"l theHetuun pledgo ta President
Wll-on was flagrantly violated,
I Theie appears to be no doubt, In view
f the latest otllclal reports, that tlio
ship was torpedoed without any "em-
bianco of vv.unlni: mid that the .Mann i
was a peaceful merchantman ill the'l glit
ot lmeinallun.il law.
.Marlon Carried m (iun.
While they await full ileta Is, two out
standing facts atttactt! the atl'-u'lon of
, official heief
U" th0 annouuceuicn. ,h. t the
Marina was armed with a I 7 inch gun
mounted astern; tho other was a new
dispatch from London the language, of
which wa legarded as tlgnlllcant. It
Ba,l ' : . . , , ...
" H regarded here as quite pi. .babb;
that the American Mat., tu pai lineiit w 111
' "'- s"n lurini r iiiipuri.s w.m i ic no
it, finite v ileleinil'unir the st itu
1 l ' ' .Vn'".? hat
iin.1.,1. i,it..,l,, ,.l,.irf..e ulwii lo.
was under ptlvato charter win 11 llc
was torpedoed, It appear that the ves
sel may Irivn . been engaged In Ad
miralty work not long before '
, 1 111 11 .1.-1 Ki'iu-i a ...v .111111 ui 11 11 1 e-
nveliuK lm. i.Mtl..ti of tlrubt In
London ovir whether the kIii. was en
titled to the Immunities of .1 peaceful
iiieichantnian. The I tilled Slates (Joy
(iiiinctit, however, never hi altered Its
policy of legaiilliig men ham ship
teinpoiatllv In Admiralty servlco as
metih.mt hlp still unless tue, Ii.ivb
l.eeit actually taken over by a belliger
ent navy and manned with a naval crew.
PitMilt'lit U llson, appatctitl." with thn
,,t,tr.t ,,f allavlin.' ihe .siimielun Hint hi
f),h t, rtit n.l.s nf tin Hovern-
"The fact lli.it a po.iii.al eanipalge 1
ill piugies,'' sa'.d Si.t.ta.v Lansing,
"will In mi wav arfe, t I . pi. i tlcc of the
D.'liaitiiiinl I i iiegoti.iiing in making
full lll etlgal I.Vt. of I'.IM'l of tills -"(I t.
We shall do It. a We alwas have, with
11" lilinll celeilty a- .o lie.
I'iiIIcv I -Nut I blinded.
'I wish al-o to mil,.1 .inolliii' tlate-
1 nieiit un
milter which has been
Silsex wa sunk lia b n liianged, I
wi-ll to s.l etnihalli all. th it there, ha
ti.-iu no (hauge lu anv p.uti ul.i. "
The latter part of Sectetaiv La-isitig'a
h so Hi-July ileclai.-.l he would follow.
. n , t'enerilliv ten in 11 sin in; I nil limb
I the Oov eminent Is uu the evo of another
! subniatine cil-i-, w ,ii. h w II iiojm.ii tho
'ugh unestlon of whether oi not Amerl-
lean lives can In- sail ill I w
i'Ii impuicty
on the high sea-.
"Tlie toll if AiiU'llcai who hive In-t
their live- upon ship" tbti- m.i ked and
de-tr-'V ed " Slid Plesidint U ', Ii n his
utile of Apul I". I'-'l", "U the Suwex
cn-e, "ha giown nionll. l v month iHitll
Un- luiniion loll hi- mo itiicd into the
hulldleils "
ui I. a. tit lor I ti In ii
The Slate Depil linen, i- d.-iplv eon
cei tied at the new death ! 1 of Arfieil
call, cabled to-day by Wcslev Frost,
Anieilcan Consul a' Que. nstown. Mr.
Fiosfs icikuIs Imln ate tliat some of
tliem mi) have been h lled before they
weie even awaie tint a siihiiar.ne was
In the vicinity. Culnt npm- indica
I that Uii-y weie aniolu; ll.e V'.'t ill' whu
perlslleil' befule tile Ii'iLiii's iv.le .tb'e
in ile.u- the -Inp ami 'ix, u tlie.i way
lIllollKll 1'ie lie IVV .-
Count v on llet nst. ii tf, i lu
: mi A
le 1 1 .70 Ille
and l- I 11.
ic.lte t .s.
..r ihe lie
p ist nlw ay -
- w 1 ciii'V
1..I- i. lor. ha- in n M""
i .. i h,., .noni
, fieps to 'ii.l off am
' UM. ,,, ,,,,,,.! .l,i,..
tll.i ii pledge. lie I'.ll- I'l 111"
bi-ii uhie ... rum s...i...
I 1 1 ,'t i ' , OTP
I in ldv ' ii
, PIl'Mllon was .ivoi.n i.
I has l.eguu wniKiug
I, ., i-u w it ii ilrit
end again in v ,ew.
Will vvnll Hell.. III. Velsl
. Tlie Amlias-.c n sitund i" ut I. nil'
i to accept th. ev nleii, e w h . I. Ciuino' I'tost
has been .l.ep ih ims; to in. st .t !'
partineiit lie lake i u. w Hi nil t i
iiiellniiti.il v cinhii.e w n I, 1 i- n.n ie.l
Pirsident Wilson 1 1 1. 1 ..
. and . iiiin.i--'i" i 'e
all Hie rv nleti. e f " lit
lua.-ed .ml ..Is...'
I In order I' "Id . 'i " "
has scut a w let. no
' I I, .ills. II-.'
. I.cf I ,i
si k iut e ii
i -i en 1 1 si .
i" a v i' hi
lie t !!" i

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