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raklnc lht any available Infurnmtlon
be transmitted to him ns noon ns po-filble.
Count von llcrnittorff In haiidlciyipcil
by having no report so fjr from Get
many at nil. He believe flaws will bo
found In tlm statements mado by Hrltlsh
nllncan and by the American survivots
who wero on th ship, but he reallie-d
thai he must have tleflnltr statements
from the German side befoir ho can
counteract them.
Hecretary Lansing said to-day that li
would of course wait to hear the German
siilo befotc taking any diplomatic ncthui,
It wn believed tills Government might
be Inclined to wait utilll all report .were
III before, making any "Hlclal statement '
to lt altitude-, but the apparent fear
that dleclosures concerning the Prml- .
dent's, handling of the Ixisltanla cine
might result In Germany's belief that tuc
Huisex pledKe nn not meant to be en
forced W naid to bo one of the reasons
which prompted the statement of Mr.
Laralnt tolay.
Pnaltlon Held liy Wll.on. (
The position which this Government .
took with respect to submarine warfare
after the ftus'ex disaster and which It
etlll maintains, nrcnidlng to Hecretary
t ....I I . 1 ... I I.. ft, ......
i,. rising, i" cieuriy utiiii:ro in ni" i
Pftsa?s from th,, President's hot. bear-
ln udoii the SlUs.'T rnse! i
It has now W-ome ralnHilly evident
It (the Government of the fulled
States) that the position which It took t
at the vtry outset la Inevitable, nami ly. condition or ucnnnii) uin isuomarui
tha u of tmhtuarlnen for th. detnn'-1 pluluc.
tln of nn tnomy's commerce l . of All th" tvciity.eUjh.' nurvtvorr whom
nfcesslly, becausu of the ry charaiter I the correspondent mw were Ainerluitik,
of the vessels employed and the very ! he says. Some of them had been thirty
methods of attack which their employ- hours In lifeboat o".it on the eea In wild
ment.'of couTse, Involves, utterly Incoin- wath'r b"fnre tl;y r.c pkktd up by
patlblc with the principle of Immunity. a patrol boa'.
the tons; established and Inconttovertlble , 1!. M Jiynn, H numoer of the (.ro,1
rlrhts of neutrals and th eai'ied tin- Al irlti.i was t.irpedoe.l w!th-
Immunltles of noncombatants. .out warnliiu, and when a he ivy se.i
"Jf It 4b still the. purpow uf tho Im- win runnlnK. The llrnt torpedo wiif Hied
perlal Government to prosecute relent-1 at 3M! on .Saturday a.'teriiom. and
less and Indiscriminate warfare nicnlnsl
raaaels of commerce by the use of sub
marines without regard to what the Oov
, amment of the United States must con
alder the sacred and Indtsputablo nilei
ot International law a ml the tiulveisally
racognlxed dictates of humanity, the
Oovtrnmtnt of the United Htates Is at
last forced to the conclusion that theru
la but on course It rain pursue. Utiles
tha Imperial Government should now Int.
mediately declare nnd effect an aban
donment of Its present methods of cub-
marine warfare islnklnic metvnammeii
without warning) against pusM-uicer nnd (
xrrini carryinn vem, nic uiiiriuniii
ot th United Htates can have no choice
but to sever diplomatic relations with
tha German Empire altogether."
Bier Offensirp on tin
f j
Plateau Is Startpd With
Artlllpry Attacks.
lixriON, Nov, 1. The.bU Italia
fenslve on the Carso plateau, altnul nt '
Trieste, b on a.iln. Clear weather has I
at laat enabled the artillery to work, Ac
cbrdlrvt to Vienna, the llrst Italtun at
tacka were mude after Insufficient artil
lery preparation and were lcaten back.
Mora attacks are expected.
To-day's Italian statement sat noth
ing of Infantry attacks. It mentions only
the artillery pwpaiallon and an air attack
by fourteen of the Kreat Ouproni planes
escorted by lighter machines. The state,
mint says ;
Tho .bombardment wua inteiite in the
Bone eait of Gorlain and on thu Cairo.
Our airplane tHiundions. were eiiar,!
In numerous encomitin, durlni; which
two Austrian machines were broiiKlit
Fourteen I'eiironl machines, escorted
by Nleuporl chaser plane, bomb.ttded
with ere.it WTectlveiiets stations at
Nabreslna, DoltoKltano and Scoppn, on
the Caino. In spite of a violent bom
bardment by th enemy batteries and
aerial attack our avlutors all regained
their camps. Kucnty airplanes dropped
bombg on Corilevole Valley, the upper
Vanol Valley, the environs of Tol
meito anjl other localities of the piwer
laonio. A few persons were wounded
but no damage wat. done.
The Austrian account saysr
The etiemy nrtlllery and mine (lie
Stain reached great violence jester
day. Enemy Infantry In the Vlpp.icco
yalley nnd on the Carso plateau be
an an advance against our positions,
Which they considered to have been
battered In and ready for stormlni!.
They attacked, but were rpultd by
'ur curtain of tire or counter attacks.
Later the flrlnc relaxed, but was ro.
vlved with great vloleiic.t iltirliiK th"
Central Committer to Guard
Aralnat Leaks In Germany.
Ottawa, Out . Nov. 1. The Itiaugura-
tlon of u system of censoring by a ceti-
tral comniltteo in ligland of nil food
to tit..
aant to Hrltlsh and Canadian pr'.s,
In Germany was announced to
a cablcgrum from Sir George
tha newly appointed Minister
Canadian overseas forces in Great Hilt
Hin. Heretofore relatives have sent
parcels of food and clothing direct, but
now nil parcels must be sent to tho
central committee In England, which will
censor and forward them to the pris
oners. Dread, cake and tinned food may not
bo forwarded, says the cablegram as,
'such articles are dltllcult to censor
without spoiling." Sir George states
that the rhange will he made to prevent
the sending; of Information to Germany
In these parcels. The plan takes effect
December 1 and applies only to non
commlaeloned officers and privates.
People Paid Vit.l nil, 0110, lion, or
More Than Nl Per Cent, tn Cash.
IlaaUN, Nov. 1 (by wireless), At a
meeting of tho committee of the Imperial
Dank of Germany to-day lludolf Haven
stein, the president, said the success of
the new German war loan proved that
Oermany would be able to bear the
economic burden of the war for un In
definite time,
The popularity of the loan was shown,
he aald. by tho fact that thero wcro more
than 3,800,000 hiih-crlliers. I'uptls of sll
schools subscribed 1 1, SO I, (mil mm ks.
I'upus ot tin ficnooix collected suiiscriii -
tlons of more than 0,o0O,O0u marks,
Btatlstlcs up to October 28 show that
l,J6,000,000 inarka ( I2,icy,u0(i,nii0), or
more than s) per cent, of the totnl
amount nubtcrlbed, hau been paid In
American Tng, Abnniloiinl by l ap
tain anil l.l or t rrrr. In Port. j here Indicate thai In tho sinking of the
XNP0N, Nov. 1 . A Hearhaven ies- I T'oiiiildson liner Cabotla in ICuropenn
ratch to Lloyds nstney ms tlm inerl- ; waters lliliteiu men are missing, twelve
ah tug Vigilant has been brougnt In of tli.-m Cimullant, and that eight per
there lu safety h the -ecoiid msle and ! aor.a have- been saved, Incliidlng one
two firemen,
Tho captain and tlie th.rfeeti other
members of the ctew, who were takm
on board the Hutch steamer Ityudam,
abandoned the vigilant HO miles et
of Kaatnet. The Hyndam landed thn
eaptaln and twelve of the crew at Falmouth,
Carina unwarnedjbritish attack oh
Kiifw Only of Tholr IVril
When Find Torpedo Mil
Thompson Liner.
Sulmutriiip Kmerued, but Did,
Not Contnuinlcnte or Offer j
Assistance, i
SpicliX' CM' tiftvttcb to Tnr. tvs Tom
London Thnrn.
LoC!r. Nov. I. The cp'viai ror
- ,,.,111.. ..
respondent of the 7 "";' f "I
mm ..
torp-doo.l Hteamshlp Marina who arrived
there Indl.-nte thit the tlnktriR ; aa an
out'aue whlclnleiin. pjteiy Mniawci m tj
struck the Marltui amidships sturbo.ir !.
Tills torpedo wa dlscharKcd by the
submarine while subim-ruml. Ten min
utes later another torpedo struck the
Marltia'a Tt side. She rank wlliiln
clKhteen minutes after the lift attack.
The captain td 1 the crew of the life
boat that tha ship probably would not
Ki down for an hour. Th mco:hI tlmt
was unexpected.
A. Devlin of Norfolk, Va.. said that
the Marina Hied no shot at the eub
mnrlne, which followed the boats a half
hour after the ship wen! down but of-
f(.reil aKKiKls,u.r.
1. S. Hainlln of llaltlmoro said tho
Marina was torpdoid absolutely with
out notice. Tho second torpedo hit th"
boilers, he said, nnd there vviui a tre
mendous explosion and the Marina broke
In two amidships and went down almost
at once. Th submarlnr came to th
surface tusl watched the ship sink. It
was within loo arils of the HfilMi.it,
said Hamlin.
Vo Attempt in mvr l.lfr.
i "Hut It didn't do a slnxle thliiK to
I save unybody," he e.ild. "They did not
CarSOlve us any warn In if, nor did they warn
in wnn tile MUbmnrlne cjine nrouiul aim
fired Into our Jsrt side or whllo we wero
In the lifebu.vts uhnoit beside the slnklm;
ship. 1 don't think that's playlnir the
Wesley Kron, me .vineilcju "onsi:l at
Queenr.town, leleKliiphed to the An.eil-
van r.inuaH,v in" name fii aooiner
Amerlcay named llrue
Hie of the
victims of the Marina slnkln.
In nn early despatch CoiiMil Krost
give the imtneii ,if the folIowInK Ameri
can as havlnc been lost on tint Ma
rina :
Dante) Thomas, WllmiiiKton, Pel.
J. Hrown. Hoanoke, Va.
Hrown, Charlotte; llle, N". C.
George Sedbuty. rayettevllle, N. C.
House, Norfolk, Va.
Some discrepancy still exluts In the
reports of the number ot Americans
on board the .Marina. Cor.ulMe reports
My thete viero fifty-one persons n!oard
the vct.se, Imt to-day' list accouii'.. for
only fifty.
it 'arnltift W'ku l.len
M" Ktosr has procured a Joint affi
davit fimn tho Americans who reached
Crimklu.cn and a slmll.tr do.iiuient
fiom Ameilcuii imrvlvors at Hearhaven.
The affld.ivllh agree that the Marina
was torpedoed without warnlnKi that
the tit st torpedo struck on the starboard
side atnl the second hit the Vessel twelve
minute later and was follow el by a
boiler explosion, the steamship tdnklntc
six minutes afterward. No Americans
were killed by the boiler explosion.
Those who lost their lives were drowned
as the llfboats were launched,
Accordltnt to this Information a ub-'
mailne. which rim-iiied after the second
Mijitdii was tired wan seen plainly by
rtiiierit.tui on mu oiarint, oui tiiu not
communicate with the pteuniihlp or offer
assistance to t'le small boats, which were
In deadly peril front the rouKh sta.
Olio lifeboat "win In th water seven
teen hours, a second twenty-one hours
and a thlnl thirty-one hours. In this
time the dange- tnereosed, as the t.ca be
came rougher
ln I. ate la 1st (inn.
I further adldav!t. from American sur
I vlvorn say that tho vessel had a 4.7 Inch
1 gun mounted astern, but that It was not
ueed. as tlie ship nad no warning of the
submarine attack and it was too late af-
,or ,h Tedo had hit the veisei. Tlie
1 submarine did not shell tlw Murliu, they
I "a
It I- renfl.ile.i I, ere -.. ....!.. nr. 1. ,1.1.
' that the Vm-ccati t!ltr I ne.mr'm.'l.t
1 will make' btlll further inquiries' witlii
I the object of definitely determining the
status ot the .Marina. While It is
said that she was under private charter
when she was torpedoed It appears that
(the vesel may have been engaged lu
Aumirauy worn noi long oeiore.
Fifteen Americans who readied Cork
Tuesday night with the other members
of the crow of the Marina are under the
care of the American Consul.
"I saw two submarines," mild Itobort
l'rcston, one of the crew, "whllo I was
getting Into the boat of Mr. Smith the
only surviving ottlccrj. The second ex
plosion came after we were clear of the
ship. Tho first torpedo had given the
vessel a tremendous list, The second
righted It and shook It from stem to
stern and broke 't up so that It sank
fjues tloned further In regard to the
presence of two submarines Preston
said : "Thero were two plainly visible
from the bridge. The tlr.it oie attacked
us on the starboard, while the other lay
off some distance to port doing observa
tion duty."
I! Is considered here thnt there Is a
strong probability that the submarine
which last week rank the Hrltlsh steam
ship Itowaumore. hound from Kaltlmoro
for Liverpool, suffered a similar fate,
The affidavit of one of tlm rescued
sallots from the llowanmore says her
I wireless picked up several steamships,
Including the American steamship Fin-
, mini
Later, says the sillor's affidavit, a
Hrltlsh Admiralty vesjel hovo In sight
and began shelling the siibmai lue, which
he believed to have been sunk.
Ooimldaon lilnrr'a Victims Included
line American.
.Mii'UI'Hvf., Nov I Advil es received
American, Joseph Mai.pils of Lowell,
Mass. The vessel carried thirty-one men,
Including a number of Canadian norse
mer, The Amu lean who is among the miss,
lug Is G, Garrlety e.f Mauch Chunk, Pa,,
according to a lli.t of the crew mado
public hire to-day,
French Cupturp Two Trenches
In Desperate Fight for
Must Take St. I'iorio Vuust
Wood, Stronjrly Defended
by (lei nians.
Pihl. V..t. f I.A TMn.tAV
v.,,. ., . .. , .,.. ,i. aiateineni :ie. lie iiritlsn nan nelil
holds out ,,Kaln.t every effort of hren 'h t. ,.( (i MvU);(
and ll-ltlsh to storm It. but fie I-rwich r1,ti that hampered the Infantry o:ifHK
to-diy crept a little nearer tllhi stnmily and artillery ob'.iTva'.lon, but the Ui ll
held VltlaKc southeast of llnpaiime. IHi hisees were lltlhl
. , , ., ,.u ....J,. The telnfori'tlnenth the liulitar had
W orklnicln cooperation with the Hrltlsh 5,1)t frnm ,,, 8tnil))!1 fnt , .
the KretiL-h Infantry captured two Cerna front In 'Apstein .Maifdonla lire
trenphv.t muthweft of Le Transloy. believed to huve weakeuwl their Miniii-th
The e,ru,.e for L.. Transloy ! be- 'VrhV'MaR'S S.t"
oomltn; one of the most stubborn of any Kier.cJi in- keeplmr sirom: llulearlnn m'tlluil of I'riiFslan character as con
of the H-rles of dotperat llifhts for and lierin in forc-.i nccilpieil In tlm iurn. . Indifference to the feelings of
stron puKlilotis that have made up the
nomine inttle. ro-day the alt.ten was
made v.-cst. south und routheat of th
vllla;f, and al one point only hU.ess Is
Calmed. The Gcnna.,, s.iy the Hr.tlsh
attack vret of the villa reached their
trenches, hut broke down nftur bloody
hand to hand llirhtlnc.
Soon after the 1 Transloy nttHcts I
and ' Tt' """yiV'i
costly undtrtakln,'. the pieet of the
St 1'l.rre nnst w.k.,. They fok e
stromily orKanlxed and defended Get-
,,.!!,. r,.uuu i,., .1.7.
mm trench systim on tho neeetrn cdim I
of the vtnod, which linked the Sallllt.ul
section of Sallly-Sallllsel to the woil.
liullt III the form of u crescent and pro
tected by doilblu entaiiKlemenle of
barbed wire, the trench was a serious
Ilrleratr V itrU lit I'oiuc
There will be fir more desperate work j
in luteins the h-imhI. wlil-h N twice uf. .
lurce as the famous L-eivllle w,h1 that
oojt the Hrltlsh o dear. Thouch mot
of the lamer trees have beun cut dwn.
tho small ravines that run through the
'wood make It taslli defensible.
The only other cnitaKemenis north of
the Somtne wete .t'lout S.tlllj -Stllllsel
1 c.trly in llen.iy. The Germans made u
vrrj- snout; iittaci. on tins oounie .niusc
from north and east. In which wave
after wave of Infantrj was sent at tho
piwtltlo:.. Hie Trench broko up everj
" u!' ..SiMr j' J'llie . 1
sveie c.tiiiionade to-du, the rreticp an
nounce lo-nlnht that Nlntf October IM. a
week ai;.. yesterday, when they suddenly
fetook siroin; populous from th Ger
rnnnx, they have taken '1,!U prisoners.
The nialeilal taken : very large In
amount and In value. I'lfteen itutis, live
of them of large e.iltl.ie fifty-one trench
tnortarf. Ill machine guns, two wlivlesa
plants and a uie.it uautlty of shells,
rifles, bomb and other material have
fallen Into French bands ah it result of
this stunning blow to the Crown I'rlnce.
The t'rrneb Matemettf.
The Krencli stalem.nt to-night kijs:
"V,.r.li ..t tl,.. O.i.
portani guitis. Northeast of I,e itoefs.
pushlns our Bains of last .ilfc(it. we tool., .
afKr it ntvirt i.c-trl: two tooif .iieinv '
trenches. ir.it'jr!iii 1 !.. m Punters.
"Another attack southfaH of Sallllssl i
made ur ni:ist..i ot n stem of .I'rongly :
organised treiicl.eH In the western out- '
aklrts of St. Ilrro V-uiiH wood, K'fty
prisoner: lenultied In our hands nfttr
this action.
"It la confirmed thai tile attach
launched by the Getiiiai.a on S.tl.ly.Sit'.l-j
llsel was an ambitions effort 'o out us
front the vl'luge Its fallur vv com-
piete, costing til" enemy nenvy iosn i
Judging bv tlie number of dead which
covered tint battlefield"
"fin the right bank of th Meiie j
.'aim."'" fr"n KiUt rem"Vtl'
The Hrltlh statement to. night sajs: .
"This afternoon. In conjunction with I
th.! I'ri Mch. vvv msde a local i.ttnck eat. !
of t.es Ibeuft, where some ground was
There wa: lit. .ivy hostile shelling
against our front between le Sara .Hid 1
iltie'jdeconrt. and In the neighborhood of .
Schwaben Hedoubt. '
South of llullurh this inurning we.
bomhanleJ enemy trenches with good re.
suits. An enemy raid west of Angres
was taslly repulsed.
etenlay our air craft did mhhc use.
ful work In reconnaissance and l-nnblng
enemy batteries, one hostile innchlnn
was driven down In a damaged condl-1
tlon ; one of ours Is missing." 1 the dull) cost of the war was estimated w remarkable rise ot i.timan In- iri,.k ports and the I.uin iitable death of
Tho German statement says : I by tl.o bank tt about J!mi,imiii,iiii.i l.lustrv In tht la-1 tpiarter i-entury. lit'! many Greek cltUeni- gives the las.
"Army Group of i!rown I'rlnce Hup. 1 if t,t. war continues until the middle of ,aduiliably vtl.b :'. conmlar spy systt tu 1 chan'-e to King Constantlnc to restore
preoht The weather growing brighter 1 n-ict year, tlie bank es forth, the tot tliand links German, naturall.ed und i tuitlonal unity by assuming direction of
In the Somme district n lively artillery expemlevl dlietMly for military operations otherwise. Into a chain which bind" to- the s.i-red struggle which Imperiously is
activity was begun in several Hermit, . will b.. $Tr,,iiiiii,(iiiii.Oiin. while the lii.llreit j getber Into sollilatity the wotkers of the t eces-lt.ite.l bj the honor ami vital la
in the evening houis the Kugllsli ad- cost will lllieh-r.ilte till-tlutire to 10".- Iiiiitsihe Hank, the Hamburg-America , tere-tH 'f Grteie"
varied fiom the district of r.iuicellette
!,!,d 'vl,,, Str0,U: 0U'"' fr"m ,h- f
u,-','1,'c"UIt"1'"' 1,l""ufM for attack.
"North of Courctilette the attack vvas
unable to advance under our defensive
fire. West of Le Transloy the attack
broke down under looses, at some places
In bund to hand fighting."
Itopplnar of Allied Pnsh Credited
to Increase In Artillery.
HuiLlN, Oct, SI (via London, Nov, 1).
The stiffening of the German defen
sive on the Homme, which Is credited
heie with stopping the allied push on
tlapaume and Pcronne and limiting tho
advance of the French and Hrltlsh to
Insignificant gains, Is due to the restora
tion of tho equilibrium In the matter of
artillery between thu two armies,
Now that this has been achieved. It
wntiy be stated that Germany lu August
was confronted with dllllcultles In the
a..i...l.. r.' nimllln.u ,. ,t . t. Mhl...,M...l
of worn out or damaged guns, which It
Is declared was largely responsible for
the successes thru scored by the Allies,
The formation of a Department of
Munitions, announced ve-sterdsv. Is an
outward sign of Germany's dctermlna-
tlon not again to be caught napping, but
to Increase the production of munitions,
lo tho utmost possibilities.
Thlrly-nlne Vlrllma of Mntora
Stmtr Ilerord nn, Jersey lil,
l'lft)-four persons wern killed In New
York city last month by vehicles, accord
ing to tho repot t of tint National High
ways Protective Society, mado public to
day. Of these Ihlrtv-ulim wern victims
of automobiles. Klghteen went children
under 1 yeais of age, Trolleys hilled
four and wagons eleven. Of these fifteen
seven were children,
III the State, inilslde of New York city,
thlr'y-llve pel sous wne killed by auto
mobiles during llu month. Trolley
c.iused the death of two and a wagon
111 New Jersey fventy-four persons
wete killed by automobiles dill lug Oj.
tober. Also In thnt State two persons
were killed by trolleys nnd mm by wagon,
Six persons were killed nt railroad
grade crossings In the Plate, of New York
and three In the dtute uf New Jersey lust
Nets Three Macedonian Vil
lages Despite Ruin Serbs
Foil Countpr Attacks.
P.inls, Nov. 1. A quick offensive by
Htitlih Hoops east of tho Struma In
lantern Matedonla hnjt captured thtee
villages and more than .100 prisoners. 1
One of the villages, Harukll DJiiniii,
jeven mil., sootlm-its. of Iirmlrhlssar. is I
j of Importance and value, b'urther south 1
Kunill unit Proeonlk. wMt and east of I
til- Leinlrlilssar-8e.res llalltoail, liuvoi
been taken.
llarakll lijumu was Mro.it.lv hild by
'the HuUarlnliM, the Krencli War ntllce
nntiiittiicei', and was tuktu only after u
Irlolont IlKht, Sanaiilimry Unira were
' Inflicted nit the ltularr, the I Vi nch
Vo.xt t.r ,llluttn ,,lck ,.,ay ,,v le
SerMine, whom lien. Satral. has ' ln-en
'luotyil as illln.- his net troop. A
rejiulaed nlchl nttui.ks mid mud- a 111-
tl prur"., lt.nl weather l. hoiiilm;
ah that the German" l i
ft'tna ilqhtln lo-d iv H "tiiat"' "th'. I.V.! !
l?lXntM? "'.,... .i.oreas.,1"!
"l -"accuonlan line, iit'.mplre they have Insured to Germany I
S .,7 VaVv
i. vuL" irl I Si, lS'
1 h -. . ,K,I",,U""""''"
V.ntvi on.. f..e.. .
"-l'M"t- ' ummiiii I lllll-l
voralily on Vil.on'. Sp Ii
nl I'liH'iiinuli.
HwiM. Noc I, via .olid i.. Not'
. i uursil.l.t J. ITesalenl V Iloi i. speecli
. 0lllt.lmla IllM T)llir(,u, , d
M cnnsl lei--bl l.iutb to-.lav
.,.,. HUS(.lv,lnl) tlm, f
"r" U '" hns vau.ed ,..,,
riltelstn ' prfe -;. but it Is marred oc Mslon.ilty
.,.. ( ,KHspai-t. like the ..,. i. t, contempt they f.,-1 for other tif.
AiiMntt jcr, l link thai the . ariMiis- out , tlon In iiillltaiy matters I presume
or I resilient llson s Ideus would a. tu- i then Is no' much difference In the -y
al.y provide rattier than hind, r w.f In terns of the various nations, except that
.He ruture and Insist ilr.t oft icpcnt.-d I Ceiniau mil' arj spyltm piob tidy Is more
determination of the Knteiiie Miles to tlnnom:li
aiiiiihll.ite the Central Potters loiistl-
tutes. on tho very fare of things, an In- 1 s,rtn of "ntiln" Abroad.
surmountable obstacle. . . ,
The l.uknlmKHun- advises 1'iesalenf, T,,H M'Mr!"1 of !0wt"'! ('r1",",'" 1 '
Wilson t.t Imloce ur..,t iiri.-iM ... i.. iforeien , Mintrles. as t have heard It
us uesifrn in tills nireCIlOII IT lie ioes ,
llOt Wish til lnt bloifleir nl., ti t.. tl... .iim. 1
plclon of lustlnc for woild power
The Kren: 2rfNir Is epe,-,itllv sus.
plclous of the slnilllarlty In time and the '
ontents of the sneechts of I'le.l.l.iii
WlU.m and VIh. mint C.ret. the Hrltlsh i
Kotcitn Se.-retarj. h sa, he up. . ch .
of President Wilson betolien foe A.i.ee. ,
leans "inenibersbln in the KiikIIsIi tlrm." 1
The Tutcr tltui.u enve I'tesldent
Wilson's apjieal to ineii, a to jb-taln
from anything tha! night w taken llu-
rop- after the war Is lltogicl nnd should
ltavo been made In August, jyn, The
Zlocrfn Ziltr.Hti agues with Prcsldm"
Wilson that tiiiitua. "uspic.oiis pltjrd
their part in aUMtig the present war,
but expresses th fe.ir that i.ny cannot
he prevented from causing future wars,
Hnitk I'lunres TI111I Helllgereiit
-nena MUH.IH hi II.,.
Tho debtw of the seven largest nations
dneetly lnvoHt-1 In the Kuiope.iu war
aru In exctt-n of $7..,0'i0.0'.0,imio, com-
juted with approximately ?"7,ei'H'Oij,ooo
nt the beginning of the war, .nvntdlng
to HUlsllis compl'.t d bt the Mectianics
and Metals National Hmik. ll of these
countries have been cuini- lled P imt
t .Jit s , . e, t 'lnGth the result. I was Informed In tier
t. 1- ranee lam I..MIC.1 a mcjii.1 war I .,. ,... .,.,, ,.,
loan, Gi rmaiic a ilfih and llns d 1 11 elvth.
while Gleat Hrltalu has issued teuioiary I
securities totalling to -in enormous sum. I
It Is estimated that the w.if I.- eiir
I rentlv eostltsr about Sln:..uiiii.i'ii'o n 1l.1v.
with the expenses of the Allies double
thine of tile Centra! 'owets. Last Anrl!
. nun, ,un.i. In estimating the cists of
' "r',',lt Bar ,ilP '""',' ,',,-' vompar-
. isons with tlie eostn of pi.cedii-.g watti ah
Al'Ptot en-t
Napoleonic war. K3-!!!' .
Ainertein civ IS wir. 1 s'.' -. I
Krsnt-Inin'!iin wur, ie;e-7l
Pnulh African war. I li.
Kti.o..laoune war, tMI-V-Kuropean
war, lSH-t:
.. i'.'.'..'..-i '..i
... j.!;.,M.
.. ,...(."),itte,01
me mien-si on uie tisui win require
the payment of 3,i(i0.nfl0.0no early tf-
ter noi u inn war enus next year, ma
1914 Inletest waa ll.OTO.OOO.noo.
Hen lb of I'mtlaln Aim Hue In Col
lision With F.lirmj.
IliinMN, via London, Nov 1 The ac
cident which lesulled In the death of
Cite. Doelke, Gelliiany'H pH'inler avla-
tor, wus tlue to a collision with a Ger-
I'""" ""l 1111 vneiny airplane, near
1 1 ainorai.
I AltllllllCb e:tnt. ftoetke's tll.l'llttlP lt.l R
' seriously ditmiEt'd at an altitude of J.nnrt
I meters li'i.Troi feet), he letaliicd control
of It until he was .".nn mel.'is above th
Riound, where he encountered a sudden
gust of wind. .Hid the m.ichlnu gol out
of hand and c;
crashed to earth Accord-
lug lo a comrade of Capt Horlke, the "The voting does not affect Austra
hotly showed no bullet wounds and ile-ith , lla's ilol.-t initiation tn prosecute the wn
was due to a fractured skull, to a Mulsh, Australia Is merely divided
Died From Wounds nr Shook and
Ii) Ilrnnalngi Aaeiultli Hny.
Lonpon, Nov, I. -Premier Asqullh In a
written reply to a qurstlnti In the. House
of Oiminons to-day nays:
"The number of Hrltl-h civilians killed,
drowned and wounded by the enemy fol
lows . Killed or died of woutiils or shock,
SttD, drowned, H.UH; Injured, 1.H93,"
Asiintth Telia C'oinniitn Govern
ment Will Offer One.
I .o.'tt'uK, Nov. I. Discussing In the
House of Commons the teglster bill, to
make provision for a general election
during tho war, Premier Asuulth an
nounced tn-dny that thn Government
was anxious to give soldiers, sallots and
munition workers opportunity to partici
pate lu any such election.
A bill to that effect will ha Introduced.
.finds spy normal i
1. T. Cnrtln Says Kaiser's Suit
Jepfs Made. Espionage, a
National Attribute.
.imrvrtnv 'rn f
I ' r, A I I h. I IU. Ml I . ?.
,, , ... ... in.-..
iinirviiiff Hiir mm. i m-
Look on Amprlca as tlip
Next Fiiiemy.
Aprttil .i6 PtiiialtK M Tnr 9rv rem th'
f.ftndnn Timt.
LrtNnoN'. Nov. I. ri. Thomas Curtln.
ntinulriK hlr, ferles of nrtlcles In the
7liii( on vhat he observed In ten
monthe he epent In Oermany, wrltei to
day of ".Spies and Heml-splos." He
"SpvliiK ! JtHt rs eentlal an In-
'olh. rs, Jralousv, envy, solf.-ntli-faetlon.
it.ou-tl. Innulsltlveness. cruelly. Imlta-
theiiefs. mnterlnllsnt and the other na-
tlonal afrlbuteK "hat will occur to thoce
llua-ln as dlsilr.ct from tho
other German States,
"Prussian men und women ltardlv
know th,. tneRnliiK of the wot d 'private.'
and a-they huve Prust-latilred In itreatei
- ,,,, (,eKree nil the .hcr State, of ,h -
'" T., " " l
1 1"""k'"J! " ,lw lrtl'1' "' " W" '
:'-..., ml f.n tune.
h imnl-
J'nst Mmlrn In .pylna.
"The Itrltl-h or Amtrlcaii boj or col
ei:e udent who splen or sneaks Is not
I popular and Is apt to receive what he
ves. All this Is reversed In Ger-
wherc an entirely different moral
oil. prevails. With these elements In
their chatacler It i natural that tin
Germans .l.otild be p.it mabters of th
It of esplonace.
..,tll t,ut follow that they ate dually
"UcefKcfnl in the deduclloiit formed fiom
tbelr tiivrstlKatlotis of foreign mutters.
Hut they are so vKotlstlcal, so fond of
milking np.irir, so fond of seeing thing'
t from only their owi. point of vlw tint
' while they may be successful In obtaln
o j Im; po.essloti, by tpyltiK, by purchase
or by theft of the plans, saj, of a ntw
battleship, they ate unable to form an
aceutate eMImatf of tho clrirac'ef and
Intentions of the pe.,p)e upon whom they
may be spylnc.
TI..O.. ii4.4.,.et uuiHiv l..lle.l ... t.-
ci.lleil In Germany, that Is, getting ihetn
llo tiatiirallrr, was bcjini bt Prussia
"rl"' '" ,l",'fi "s-"'!"''
ttl.i and was o sue essful under Moltse
HiHiiarck that It was develop..! In
"tnei- tommies. inns won- ooirera
XM l' Krenchnieii. for example, are I
natumlled nbioad German lesl.lenls ki
through the form Jut as nit their!
pal Hcular business or lh lieimaii Gov-i
vrnineiit'". .builile nntlonalltt being re-
garded as a patriotic duly to the I'atbei-
"There are as a tule three schools of
Geiiiian esploiiage in other countries,
'Lose attached n. the embassies, to the
consulates, and thoe working Indlvl-
du.tllv The have n coniiectliui with
each oilier, but foiwnrd their reports
dlriit to Gertnauv. There Is a fouith
,'tan of fairly vtell paid pioft sslonal
-pits, men ami women alike, who visit
foielgn countries with litter- of niirodiii
tli.li. attend I'oiive minus of si lentllle, lull1
tat.t and Industrial coiigt. sse. Thet 1,- i
celve fiom 10 to fll'O tl'Jl'O to Jiei'll
moiitliiy pay. I
"In the ease of I.od.v. whom vou
the patilotlc officer spy Ills execution
c.med no real regret In Gemum). for ;
he was itgitided as it cliiins) fellow who
irousul the vigilance of four authorities.,
sevttal olheis, mostly Putih.
Americans ami other neutrals.
U'ttrkfra llonntl Together.
I "The atmosphete of spying In business
1 Is subtle. The lompniatHcli modern
foim of German espionage, developed
il.ine and others into potent engines of
.Miu.y n-ml-sples In the Ceiniau emu-
, melt ml. musical and thealilcal world
nte trom lll.'ir point ot View IlOliert
workers, enthusiastic for German kultui,
'Thev te.eiitly fastened upon lliiglniid !
cause me tiermans mr ninny jears nave
I been taught to regatd this country as
,i,i- ,,. rttuinnpnt Tliev .ire note nu In.
Illustrious In tho I'nlted States as thet
I Wl.ru F.nglnnd before the war. because
i those Germans who think the war has
Ik en won believe the I'nlted Stales I
their next enemy,"
vessel was submtrlne.l.''
tustrnlln. However, lleterinlne.l lo The German Government officially ad
irr War to rinUh. h,' ''1P ,irwl1 i"V"l"n.eiit that mer-
chant ships euro lug euiipltiM for tlie
,1kii-i' (ii'je litiMleh tn Tun si n fiom tht I .,.s would be tin pedo.-d without
t.iimloix llmei warning Ml shipping lias beep tied
IxNi0N', Nov 1. A despatch to the I lip by a strike of tlie stllois' union
flMM from Sidney says: Thirty men were diowned on the An-
'Anslrnlla Is astonlsheil at the vote
against conscription. It was chiefly due
to the Irish vole against the policy In
! lepileal for Knglnnd'a failure In com-
pb-te home rub- negotiations. Also the
women lllnclied before tile duty of send.
lug men to tlie ttenche.t.
legarillng the method of talslng men,"
iUilimi lUia VlttUiiUA JHAHa.
from the Isoiuo front, for ho had Just
lloinestenil llolel nl lint Springs I received an order from Mrs, John A.
and Other. .Minn, l.lunnr. Dt.iktt to paint her portrait and that of
., , her husband,
Hot Sl iilNi.H, a Nov. I. At the Mrs, Drake became Interested In Capt.
Hlroko of 1U last night prohibition fell . T.zzl on seeing his war paintings ex
upon tho courtly and convivial old Do- ' ,blle.l at the baiaar. Learning that Im
minimi .Stale utmost like a blight. Tho w scarcely able to hear on one side
hlsloilc llomrstead Hotel, once the ecu. I MrH i,,.ah ,.nK,lBOd Dr. 11. Iloibrook
lie til nil" l.eailiniil ri-soi t s gitjeiy, ooie
tit. tile at tnnln-niliif. Above the l...e n
SS .oidXXiomeis
l.lnlght the dispensing of Its
lors would ccaso forever, or
1 the new stale law wus re-
briclly worde
that after m
cheering llnu
at least until
Mellow old Hourhoii, which men have
come ninny miles to gel, was shipped out
of the State or dettroed before the till
Ihoiltles could get atouml to-day Their
Is none on hand heie. The sparkle has
left Virginia's Julep glass to scintillate,
no more. Not even such mild beverages
ns the xi.ralled "near beer" may be sold
or given away. Tin. lid la an In Vir
ginia and on tight.
is pre
scribed .by
where. Bottled
ot French Lick
Springs. For indi
gestion, constipa
tion, kidney, liver
and stomach troubles.
Lom' heperate Knetiiinteiv
With (iermans in Calleiti
and Volliynia.
I.H.MHIN. Nov, I. Things are not go
ing well with the ltucslans In Galtcl.i
and Volhnia. Their drlvo on Kovel
stopped, they have likewise bet n unable
to recapture the Ion position on the
Nor.iyuvka so essential to the drive oil
l.embers. In tho region u little fuithcr
south, pear Hrjezany, they hate been
driven almost out uf the MlchlschU wood
by a strong attack. The llusslan state
ment a)s. .
"South of Hr.te7.any, In th regions of
.Mlchlshcu and l.lpslta.lolna. and vast
of tlie village of Svlslelnll.l liercc bat
tles are taking place. In the t.glon of
MlChtlh.U Wood till elietnt. lifter .1
Bene bombanlmeut by his heavy aitll
ieiy, attacked our detiichtneuts with su
perior torces, and In -lilt., of their stub
born i Island' pressed them bark In
the southern part of the above wood.
In tht region of the village of Llpslta
doliia nnd Svlstelnlkl tho enetuv attack
wan repelltd with heavy 'osses to him,
"In the tvno.leil Carpathians the eu
em, who attempted to atpiclt our pol
tlon tight v.rsts aojlh of Pnect, nut
v. ith no su 'ci s,"
The .'.eriiMti statement avs
"Vrny fiotto uf Pr n.v I p.dd The
Itusslai.s after strong artillett ici'vl!.
l.tUmlHd In llu- evening counter .utacks
ag.uu.-t lie positions on the ..it u.uik
the tlv.r N.trayuvk.t. .vt ijuer-d by
us on October IP) Th. J failed five
times uiid-r .anguiimij lose. Th
Turll-ii troops .lo hi hi conquered tir
ratti and renulsed .1 co-inter ntta k that
the liclil) hid niui . Ii'd at one place,
"'n thu Hystrlts.i So o'vln.t iC.itpa-
lb! jim 1 Viis'ro-lluiig trl.tn troops it-
pil'sed ll.istll" depirhllienls bj arc."
. ( ft's . 111 PHI 10 Ml'lke lit (ier-
many for Siiikiiiir the
l.osi.is, Nov 1 Centers de-pitch
from Silonle.i oiiote- l Veninlo-. the
former I'remler. in nn interview on the
sinking of the Greek svamrr tigh!ll:l
by a Genu, m submarine as -.iving:
"It was an act of plr.iey by a German
hubniailiie in the territorial waters of
Green, against a ves-el ply'tig b. tw.-eii
, snolhrr GreeU rs.el Mink,
v rilt:ss. t r.I. via London, Nov. 1.
i Tin. .'.."'"l ton tired; merchantman Klkl
Usalas was torpedoed till" aficnu'on
near the plate at which the Anghellkl
was sunk.
Tlie G.-rman legation to-day made the
following statement In regard to the
sinking of the Anahellkl seven and u
half miles off I'lrieut ;
"So Greek vest el on ,n regular course
would have been subinirlned unless It
was carrying lelufoicemeiits to the Al
lied nrmled at Silonlca. I'uithermore the
legation Is convluied thill the hour ii
)'. M ) and circumstances of the sink
ing preclude thu possllillltj that the
ghellHI, which was noimu lor .-aionic.i
with jou volunUe-M for tho rncellst
, army on board,
! u"4""1 nun
I .--..a 'I'nxl t,. I'hIiO .iviralta nt
Mr. anil Mrs. Jntin A. Drake.
Among the thousands of persons at
the Italian b.tznar III the Grand Central
! Palace last night perhaps the happiest
i .. fat picre Tozzl. Invalided hero
, cln (I,, Hll uuml Klieclallst
' . ..
'''V',", Hl1,"
I ilrako will Im"! ! studio' UH IV, S
,.,,, To at tho Vanderbllt Hotel
,., hv Bn(1 .r husband hav.i apart-
l.aenae I. French War Minister.
Puns, Nov 1 The tiplrliil J01111111
to-day published a decree appilnilng
Hear Admiral Marie Jean l.ueleti L.icare.
the Minister of Marine, ns Minister of
War ml Interim dining the absence of
Gen. Ho.ues, who la ou an Important
im scribed .by
physiciansevery- j
Destroy tho Railroad and Tele
graph Lines North to
1. S. Army Men Say Trevlno
May Re Forced to Aban
don the City.
nt. Pas.-i. Tx.. Nov. 1. Ilallroad and
telegraph communications between Chi
huahua city and the border has been
Interrupted and Chihuahua city In now
Isolated, as th railroad has been de
stroyed north south and weit of the
Chihuahua State capital. All train ser
vice between Juaitz and Chihuahua city
ban been annulled.
h.is been annulled. Late to-day tele
graph service Letvt.en the two cities was
restored, but the railroad line was still
Ameiic.ii, .irn.y ..Ulcers hre declined
to-d.iy tha 1 'idi, Trevlno and the ear
ning.! garrison In Chihuahua city would
soon be force, 1 to evaeuattt the city If
the rallioad llne north and south of
Chihuahua , y remained cut. Kood sup
plies are reported to be scarce In Chihua
hua ety, and Gen. Trevlno has been
depeiiillm upon shipment from the bor
der to f.i'd his soldiers. With the road
etve Ju.it, 1 -mil Chihuahua city cut
this Is no lunge posslhl-, and nothing
can In; obtained from the south and vvcttt
for the eiiiiie reason,
Mexican otllclal admitted to-dav that
1 :h railroad an 1 telek-ranh bitween
t.!u-ir'Z and Chihuahua city had ben
'ur, nut minimized It with the declara
tion that a enrill i.in.l of "unorganized
bindltv'' did the w.,rk. The Information
of American mlllta men, however. Is
to the effect that a part of Villa'a men
htvc cut If n-ound chihuahua city on
the north and cut the trick, cooperating
with oth-rs of the land who are. re
ported to have d-tt'...Vcd the railroads
son't, :m, west c( the Mat.' capital.
It.slrlgo ijtifVedo, according to private
Information of Americans, cominandH at
leat one band between Chihuahua nnd
Juan 7, .mu his men are following tins
legalism standard and not that of
VIM.,. yiicVedoV band Is said to have
burned some bridge near Gallego. con
sider..! I) mirth, of tlie point where the
Vllllstas cut the track at Sause, which
Is but a snort dlManie north of Chlhua
hu.t Coplee of .MeMcin pupils' published In
Chlhii.ihllk city, leichltig hero to-dav,
tep. ll the looting f :i tMUth "by VII
llst.it'' ae.tr Sl.USe -ever.tl ilas ago,
thu- In a nieasut" bearing out the
Aliiei lean army report heie that the Vll
llstas cut the tr tk and wires near
The Ciriatua tioop In the Juarez
Latrison tlireattntd lelielllon tu-day un-
li'se given better food, The rebellion
follow i d iiumeious reported desertions
during the past few days. The men sent
a delegation to G.n. Gonzales, Informing
him th.tt If they wire expected to fight
they mutt have more and belter food.
The Gelier.il ieciei that liereafler the
r.itlon should consist of coffee, meat,
Hour, beau- and rice.
Kiting was heard In the vicinity of the
June, pace track list night. The of
h'lul explanation l that thieves were
b.itig run down. The explanation fiom
the soldiers In the g urlson Is that a
party of men deserted and that a band I
uf otllceri anil ,1 few loyal soldiers weto
attempting to bring them back.
Turn Dots StiUKrttl.iii Thai 'I hey
Mutt lit WnnhliiKtttn.
Vt. iNTtc Cm. N. J . Nov 1 The
Meii'iin-Am. rlc.tn Joint Commt-elon re
jected to-day the ptopo-Hlou to trans
fer the contereiiits from Atlantic Ultv
to Washington. After eumlde r.ihlc de
li ite late to-d.ij It was decided to meet
to-inorrow for the lam -esslous pi lor to
the national elections. .Must of tho
cominls-Ioturs. and perhaps all of them,
will leu. here Friday ami teturn
Wednesday tor a lesuinptton of their
ontetetices on November !
The tlects. mi to continue the conference-
al Atlantic City w.ts taken to in
iiute a conviction of ,it least part of
' th" coniiiiissloiiet s th.tt an iigitemeut mi
some form of border control would be
' leached soon
Tuc liansler of the gre.it mass of
documents that has accumulated and
the Inconvcnlenc.. and evpense of moving
the pei-oiinel of the commission were
ciins.dere.l unjustified In vltw of the
i robiblllty of an tally settlement. Noth
ing legarillng tin. character of the ills
tUslotis to-day vv .is announced by tlie
Dining the few days rece-s the Mex
ican commls-loneis expect to hear Presl.
dent Wilson and Chat lee ' Hughes
sreik. Secret. n of the Interior Frank
1 tii K. Lane, chaliiiian of the American
cotnniienon. will leave here Friday for
Potlgl'Keepslk, N. V.. Tillcle lie wilt spvalv
S,itind.i.v night
It was reg nled as not Improbable that
Luis Cabrera, chairman of the Mexican
commission, would confer with Ambas
sador Designate. Arrrdoinio at Wash
ing beforu teturnliig t" Atlantic City.
Xrvi Premier. Dr. von Koerher. A
point. III. lda.
Dcni.tN, Nov 1 (by wireless to Fay
villel. A despatch from Vienna says Dr.
llrnest von Koerher. the new Premier, has
appointed the following as members of
bis cabinet and that the Kmporor lias
aproved tiiem :
Dr. Prutm Klein, a forme- Minister,
Minister of Justice
ll.iron von lloclitlnau, until now vice
president of the Administrative, Court,
Minister of the Inlet lor.
Michael llobriynskl, former Governor
of Gallcl.i. Minister without department.
Dr. Franz Stlbral, Minister of Com
merce. Kntl Meick, Minister of Finance.
Major-Gen. Ilrncjt Schalble, Minister
of Hallways.
Count Clam-Martltilz, Minister of Agri
culture. The following Milliliters have been re
appointed :
Col. -Gen. llaron von Georrl, Minister
of National Defence.
llaron von llussareh. Minister of Con.
Haron von Trnkn, Minister of Public
I'npr llnl.e. K0O,OOO for Pole..
Homk, Nov. 1. Pope Heneill 't's a p.
peal to Hlshops throughout the world to
lieto lo tlie relli.r .if Polrtml tifm liritorrlo
I to the Vatican the sum of i.uno.uflij
1 ! t d ctTsuff r ng M
"'" r""' C "f ,,"IT"rlll-
' ' " '
T ,, j, i;,.t,i
T rai? art the liuhl
UVIlMUt III t lt'i tlUlt (()( lOl'V,
i676 FIFTH AV-
, Qtiarrrr (frond
fHE perfect Ideal for tho deslrlnt
1 the utmost of tone and architec
tural beauty In a piano of mull rite.
In mahotany, tjoo
Chickerino Warerooms
Lord & Ttiytor Store.
35th St. Fifth Avenue 39th St.
Watch Telegraph Companies
Managers Itnsliinp Out
With Knvelopcs.
Win or lose, the messenger beys o
atrlke are having the time of their live
They are enjoying their sudden Impor
tunce as renl strikers, and, above a!
yesterday, they enjoyed seeing Vt'e.tert
Union and Postal branch matiagerfi
chasing about the streets wildly with
yellow envelope- In their hands, trylm
to do the boja' wolk. Strikers asserted
that not only managers but llmni'ii
and scrubwomen wcro Imptessed to do
liver such telegram im could not bn
phoned or mailed.
On the other linild, M, V GMile of
the I'ostal Telegraph lint Cable Com
pany assorted Su per cent, of the stril.
era wcro back at work and that the
trouble was over ns far as hi- company
waa concerned, Tiie Western Union and
A. L. T. also inserted thefu waa Uttt"
lliconvenlent e.
The boys' hump of Importance rote
perceptibly whtn It wns announced tha'
the Stat had taken cognliar.ee of theit
union. John J. Heallti, State mediator,
arranged 11 conference with l).iulI Skel
tou of the American lilstrlct Telegrap!
Company for this afternoon at 'i o'clocl,
whin an effort will be made to adjuc
the strike.
That removed the lan bt strliu su
plclon among the messenger that th'
were not being taken seriously and the
renewed their picketing tilth IncieaseJ
vigor. This picketing drew the unfavor
able notice of thu police, who arritted
eight messetigern nt Fourteenth street
nnd Hruadway. five were lined !1 each
und three wet discharged
Abe Ilartmanu, leader of tho strike,
had a thrilling day. lie was kept busy
Issuing stuteiiieiitH and rallvlug his fol
lowers. Also he rt ported that as he war
passing Tweiily-thltd Mtect and lllglith
avenue, with an escort of plcketa a man
ran out of a telegraph ottlce nnd tiled to
attack him with a baseball out. II. -bodyguard,
he said, saved htm.
The thing which seemed to gall h'
niot wait the tepo-t from his lieutenant -that
lurae nuinbtrs of negro my wete
taking the places of the strikers. H -who
were not picketing took up "II. t
tlons for the strike fund and sold news
papers, turning tnc protlta l ito tin .ir
llartmanti said last nl.Mt than '.' of
the night forte of the two coiiui.tiib
were Joining the strike and that l0
more wire expected to-night. He made
no claims aa to the numbtr already uuv
but pointed to a crowd In strike, heat'
quarters urf disposing of thu comp.mlr
assertion tluit all weic bat', on tlie Jon.
Nolnl Plrkitiii'kel Hits Served Nine
te'en irnlrnet't lrently.
"Deafi" Dowil, i dex'iviis flngc el
Individual who has ti-iv.-d many J.."
sentetue, s behind the bars again D.
tetllie Casass.i of the pickpocket -iua l
was walking along llroadway jesterda
when he saw a familiar figure In a grou.,
looking at a drug store straw vote. He
to'icicd tlie elderly man on tlie shoulde
"Come along. 'Deaf. asa.-a sab1
"The Jude 'vatitb a llttl- uilU '
Dowd was bf-oked .is having bee- mi
re-'id twenty-one time and convi-'te.l
I. lint. en tlnns since ivi. In J 51 1 n he
was sent to Clinton for life as a habltu- '
cilmlnul. but was released after t'irre
years. He was arraigned before .M.15I1
trate Harris lu Tombs court yelerilav
and glv.-n an Indeterminate sentence not
to exceed two year". The charge, wus
Our aim has always been
to make better clothes
content with knowing that
our business would grow
with the bettering.
In the last few days
we've been trying to tell
you something about our
selves as manufacturers.
The details may have
been dry but if they have
( given you an idea of what
a great manufacturing
plant we have they will
have at least done their
Everything men and
boys wear.
Rogers Peet Company
at 13th St.
"The at 34tli Si
Corners" Fifth Ave
at 41st S-
at Warren
. w

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