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Went. Durlnpr them operations w
took 1S6 prison", lmlmllntf eluht
officers. ThU biltiKi tip to f36 tlio
number of prisoner taken 1y u yes
terday In this sector.
tiecplte the mlHt and Kalea which
Iirevalltrl hIoiik the Kicutcr portion of
th front Warrant Ollleer Taraecon
brought down his seventh enemy ma
chine In llm direction of Molrlmih.
On of our tin ee k,mi1h'' uirpluiieii
brought down on the Nitric day two
Otrmnn machines,. Near Verdun War
rant Oltlcer Sayaret broinrht down hit
Ixth .mnchlnr.
The Hrlll'h Mittunent to-n!r;ht nay:
To-day the enemy shcllc'l ottr front
In the Itobutorr.f ami Arms riKhmt.
Our artillery wai active, south of
Armtntlcrc and north of Yprm.
Itrltlnh .lrcrnft lln.
A number of enemy tmttcjilf were
liomticd vestenhiy by our aircraft.
One hostile maehllw was. driven down
dairatttd. unu of our machines U
The Herman statement snyw.
Western I'ront - Army croup of
Crown I'rlnce lluppreiht: In the dis
trict north or the Homme, attlllety ac
tivity yesterday wan renewed locally.
An advance, of Kngllsh forces north of
Courccllctto was inslly repulsed.
French uttucki In the ti-itor of
TeiibortifK nnd Itancourt brought vmnll
kdrantagea for the enemy uorthcaxt
of Morval and In the northwest e.le
ef St. 1'lorre. Vnu!t wood. They wer
kowever. In general repulsed saimut
narlly. our troops In spite of tenacious
Ynch resistance mndo udvnnceH In
th northern part of Sallly.
!plea for armistice entente plans to
"How Long Is This Massacre
to Last?" Asks Socialist
Deputy Bernstein.
Sakliaroff, Brilliant Russian
General, Sent to Lead
Dob'rndja Army.
Appeals for Peace on Riiis of
Demoeratte Rltflit
of All Nations.
Rumanians Stand on Line Five
Miles From Danube Pro
tected by Forts.
if'il t'M linpateh to Tut si. lMimt,n, Nov. I. Hussta and tlu-
Iin'don. Nov. Herman iicwrn- mania are preparlnu a counter trol:e at
pern Just received here contain the full j Von M.ickensen'a victorious army In the
text or retnarU.iMe petrli delivered nobrti.ljii.
In the Relchstug by Hcrr Dcrnsteln. a I Hus-ln his cent one of her most br'.l
Koclallut lender, who after Indicting' ve- Hnnt roldlcrs. t.leut. Oen. Vla.ltmar
hemcntly German methods l:i conducting
war and finance, appealed to the Oov
eminent to proclaim nn Imtnedlate ar
mistice preparatory to a doilnlto peace.
"The time has como when we niunt
Sakliaroff, to cominaiid the army of lilts
slans, llumnnlar.s nnd Serb", that gav
up Const'inia and fernavoda to Von
Mackenen. He nrrlced In Tlucharest to
day and will take command of the Tin-
German amy Tort Vans I Xo
I.ancer Worth Defending.
BLRLtN (by wireless), Nov. I. l'ort
Tau-X, at Verdun, waji evacuated on the
Bight, of November 1-2. In
with prearranged plans, according to the
German military leadern. who Indicated
that they considered the Hicrlllces In
ar.rl Aiistrj.Hungarlan nrrny group or
were partly outllaiil-.ed. iloulh of Axuk.
In tile Toeinostr pass, ns well an south
of Toenburg pass, the attacking troopi
slowly but Irresistibly march ahead
ngalnxt Kimpoluiig.
These mountain battles are fought over
ground tilled with snow and made. Im
practicable by rains, between ravines
and on enow covered aummlta.
Federal Reserve Board Reports
Rusiness Booming in the
Twelve Districts.
Ilijrli Tost of Ijivini? Is Serious
Problem in Numerous
ask ourielvei bow much longer thla war brudja army at once. ay a wlreleai
'Is going ti last." said Herr HiTiisteln. I despatch from the. lluinanlan capital.
1 "Wc are wltni.slng a daneroui growth i i,.n, Sakliaroff fume i;.t prominence
of the Slate indebtedness and the oucj- , during the auccessful KuJMti ndvanca In
' tlon arises where all money Is com-, UrJ"n yillu I
Ing from. f the third general the Allls bine J
I "The Secretary of Slate has remarked to help Kunmnla. i!en. lleitlio.et. .i
acoorVbinc llhat ho particular ,,ressuro v,as .voulred "V , .Vfire.' .. e
to maac me mi loan a vueress. i can i - -
'say only that we know many caheRWheio j northern ptve.
tnat tliey considered tne mcruices in- ( -.," " " Itnaslana fnntlnne .. tlvll.
volved In Its retention out of proportion iwun lnal oniM. . Ji,,..
to Its value In tha present German ' T.-day' ofllcial new" .-"hows mote a
trateclo scheme Herman Srpmrmt, VeHrr lml.le. tlvlty In the t.ortlvrn Pobrndja. Kimls
ForU Douaum'ont and Vaux. It was' "Who are the chief subscribes to tie n,1""1C!, lx J!L,?TJtll
v.l.l., frrr,,l -.., ,ul.,l1 te. ' l .." A .,nn,V.-r ,! IlUXSln!! POOIItlllg .letaCtllneHtS I'OlltltlU
Serb Tnkr 31 ore Trenches tn Drive
Against Ilnlgnrs. J
Pahih, Nov, I. Slowly but steadily (
Ketlis and 1'rench ate pushing ahead I CAR
toward Monaetlr. The Serbs repuled
eeveral tierce ltulgar rouiiter atlicliH to
day In the Cema Lend and made good
progress, taking soma tronches, the i
French War union announce.
From Serbian hcaduuaitcrs coincs tho ,
annouiicomont that for some days Uan. '
fainill'rf Frciu'li troops haxc been in
poMcsnlon of the vlllag- vf Uurdllovo, I W9ltis'(iT0M, Nov. I. The Federal I
twelve mllw soutbeakt of Monnstlr. t...-i' .v,',. i,...'ni. M-im-i
The HrlUsh, on the right wing beyond ",f,rve llonr'U "onih l''Js.neKs jm-1
the .Struma, spent tint day In making ' i"ry announced to-day that general con
themxrlvcs secure In Itarakll I.'Juma, j dlllons In all the twelve Federal reserve
which they tool, yesterday. In the cen- ()lMr!o., of tl)e country were f atlsfac-'
n iinu.Mi aim rrencn arm cry r"area . . . ., A. ...i i
on both slices of Lake lolraii. !,ftrJ- w"h "traordlnary activity In
Tv-day's Herman "tatement mi the j nearly all linen. I-nbor shortage was rc
Macedonlin nghlltig says : pTied by ncarlv all the district ngenta
0Tr. ,','!' "V"ce!l,,np.l-TTl ,(!n,, and most of them referred to the tn-,
and north of the Mdze height were , . ,, , . !
repulsed. On tho Strimia front there jetting cost of llvlj.g. I-o.low.ng It a
wre active engagements In advanced summary of district reports : j
potltlonr. iJ.iMnn tioneral expansion of business I
' and tendency toward greater activity and
Wll I PUSH SflMMF niBl'vr prices I.i retail trade. High and
j li.crvuslng ios:
"Our Nation's Crisis"
Cooper Union. TO-NIGHT
Hon. JOHN WANAMAKER, Presiding
AfJmUslan wlthaut ticket. AU cltlzciu
wh want light an the Crisis faceal by the
Nation, cordially Invited ta attend.
qoo Toq57 Id acrrr qooi
0 dooI aooll DDOj
ooa Doal aooll rjool
Djq m CDjfl cdj
VMIRUt lift" I'd,.
, Four stores at your scr-
VILLA TAKES PARRAL K prices the sarae at
it suits your convenience.
Abundant stocks.
Generous values.
Courteous service.
Our stores are really one
in everything except lo
llroak in
Aviator's (liivik'ne
Korees LaiKliim'
at Erie.
Private Mesf-asje From Chiliun
litiii Keports the Defeat
of (.Jen. Herrera.
HASSit'iNPspoiiT. N. Y., Nov. 2. The
ntt jinpt of Victor t'irlHtrum, the aviator,
fly !n a f'lrtlss biplane f-om Chicago
tn N'e'v vrk tn ten and n half bourn of
J-'f. I'AfrO, Te:... Nov. 2. A private
menage TKlfl here late to-day from
Chihuahua elty reported that I'arral.
OhMiualiua, had been taken by Villa
d.i) light to-iluy "failed when th nvlalori troop. (Sen. rjenrge H.d... Jr., hald that
lendid Ii';ie at 4 :n0 oYlo -k, re.ill7.lng j h" had re. ilVid no Information of the
SBMit In tho defence of Verdun u long
at they remained with unimpaired arma
ment' In French hands that they had to
t put out of action In order to cripple
tho fortress, and once this waa accom
plished th ruins of the forts, with the
armamentu removed, possessed no such
Importance to the Hermans, and served
rhlsfiy as target for the French artil
lery. Now that Fort Douaumont had passed
Cain Into French possession Fort Vaux
no longer. In the opinion of the Ormuti
leaders. Justified the heavy Kicrlflces
necessary to retain the ground about thu
fort, which Is 111 adapted to defence
gainst attacks from tho south and
welt. Fort Vaux was therefore aban
doned and the Herman lines let I red to
positions lesa exposed to the French artillery.
Take 1.5:10 Prisoners
perate Admits on
Man Positions.
11 UN-
other public Institutions, t'.iott come tin1
prosperous land owners, the suivrssful
traders and nnnufaetiirers, all of whom
I....... v........ .,..!.. ...n.
..t 11,1. ...t.i.n... .r th.'r.ui ,!... f ih. ! that the captured Itumanlau port was
i.oi.uUtlon. I "shelled without ueces.
i hn!r ft.-tlvltv. foitaiir.:; was bom-
hauled to-day. p-obably by Itusslau '
' r!ilp of the Illtok jm eauadron. The
riirmin nnVlnl sMtemer.t annoiliues
"Our nttemnts lo to Jn aer.e- 1'C uvalion 01 me -urcne .r
ment with Individual enttnle at tho ' brudja at piesent
cost of others are doomed to failure, as ,
In shown by the fate of our efforts to
conclude u separate peace with the Rus
sians. Indeed, these peace overtures to
Itusla, whom our people have bi-eii
the rn-
not Ml. 'Wll exactly.
Von Maekeinen has stopped r-pottl'ii:
the o-'cupatlot "f towns and vIIIaK'-s
slr.ee UulKar tro.p iM reported near
IMbadagh some das ago.
Kvi.lciitly, however, the Kntento army
hai. stopped Its ttrrat, anl occupies a
line on liluh ground nbout live inilt-H
.i....'... i i uiui i or t ne I'anili.e io'ii. supiMrini i
"What Is the fundamental vie- of .the ltu-:a.i and Hum J tr "ea of
the German pollcyV What Is It which t Tulcea. Mac n and llralla. on Mucke,,.
turns even our sincere friends In tlm.-s ' pursuit te.ma to haie i?Vll
of peace Into our adversaries? It Is the j nl""' I- I'crhaps. wultlmt for hea
extreme lnlstiust with which nut nnlv " " "vfr Xha I"10 u'H(l!' "f
tho Koveniinents, but the people of other I t1" I'obrudJ.u
Trntiina trr Throirn ll'U,
Priced to fipht for two years, don't exactly
leduuud to our honor.
In a. IJUion,
of ever) thlt.r; ued l.i
DQIVF At.1, WIWTPD I ''nufact'irl;iit. Msnufaetureri! cautious
liibo'.it inhlinr future cmtraeti
I NV.V Vorl. -1vrplt.' liljt'u prices re-j that 'ae could not rfach loernors 1 oiiptui - uf tb- town. This town wu
tinrkble activity v.ti":.i:c in mo-t and ,n.for rundown. A dcb.y of three j Riven as Milan ohjedlve whn the ban-
hus'.iKss linef, v.:'h k,eii"iiil tendency , hoUl md a half at Krl, l'a to ll a
. iird further expansion. iMiinufacturernj ,. .MllK e..itM i,,c P;,led Ids chancer.
uir,K unable to kr.-p pic with oiders , . ,, , ... i
m.l hand capped iiy la.-.r liort..Be.j AlthotiKh Lie avlntor did tint succeed
W.ioiesiiic and retail buMiie,s stimulated In ra ''.tlnp Niw Vork city h e.-lnlillshed
' seiieonaliln weather jutic i'oms rva-1 u ;,(.4v American non-stop record s
'""Ln" r'i,0,lra.l,',V,r,r i,U.I.1 ''''i1 "''V'"B fro-n .-hl.-as-,. to llrl.'. a .lb
Tea, If you've u charge uccount u'
any one of our stores, you have t.ir
usu of It w here vei you drop In.
linn M illlt.t.wi lK'w Itl.ili.l. Il.ii'i.!
Vlll....lllll. 'H,,- IM lllf.l fill.
No Intention of l.ettimr
(p on Uerniaii
t? r.i.. - ...:ti
.bt inoiod youth from Santa Yisbel re-1 1Cc, ouuicuiic win
iM -outh of j think that high standards
and tlfy.four mllr m. m.9n .;U nrirse 1V
remind you that prices for
this Winter are based on
countries regard us.
Wnr on -Voneonibo tnn(.
One of the principal rcults
proRres uf our civilization was ti.e ton
tlnlnir of war to combatants onl. Now
wc have petitions to the ItelchMi.c urr
InB war upon non-combatants with the
moit brutal lveniKins, The bomblnr f
open cities Is advotMled In older to brli.K ,
the enemy nation comrtie,) to lt k is.
but this betrays n inmplete i.ils.'ninvp
tlon of popular psy.'hol.'uy. whl. m was
betur understood hv Soplio"i.-, who a.d 1
i nut nn 'ietti mu; be 'oiiKht in 'uo'i
a w.-. that hr will one more become a
Tnpon, Nov. : A :rnun ccyiter
troke blunted the jiolnt of the northern
Of the two 1(tlFllin ''IliP'ls' fetehed
out toward Koel to-da. The llunians
lost positions on the west l.u.k of tho
Stokhod. Jt.t south f the I'rlp. t
marshes, vvr ted from the Oermm" in
the blp Ituss'un ilrlve lift sir imer.
In this lethack to the Itusslan at
tempts to ndan'e towntd K..vel t!'
oe-nvin" nnnotinc.' '!:at t'uy toon S3 I ,.t :,n i,n st
officers nnd t,.".a m"n p I 'oii-r r.rid I c n. r..l lhir
VI... .......I.r IHII...I In ikl. I. The Uf.t 10 ti ( T . 11,11. ffClH.Ue I
mated ah eady as f . -,..0,000 The numW r 1 lvn!a '. .-..mparcd to the
iif i...r.i.ii..i,!lv r-lt,1il 1h .lln,,.l.,l oflsweip t.-TV. d I JI.e .It t.'lt b'
... i T... ....... i .-I dor. the If. ii.i l'.:i M't.lfer to
' " "" '""..". ' "'ui... I .-, , .,, ... , l.I.....
an i ...' . : i"t . ... ...-..-.
In Tian.lvar.la to-day the Human
Ir.r.s foncl.t dnLTmlnedly In the region
to'.tth of ICrun-ta.lt and all thi Teuton
nttaiks -vcie thrown hs.-k. Kat of the
Alt lllvi r. i-outlwast of U'd Tower
however, the Teutons, who havi pene
trated twelve mil. Into Kumanla. uro
Mill advancl.v.
The Itirnat lnti are pu'-titnff the 111-vo'lan-
who wer ntit".t V ' of lif.
Ji'l, an.) hive captured tnor- war nia-te.-.al.
To-du's Itiilali statdiient Ktl
n.nit ' I'll ,iai' . .s at Urito-
c-.i, w.i . ', P.Uti :! .a cm. d on
Tu .!..
m nio-
!rf C' e, m
I.ONtH'N, Nov :. Majos-.l'ii. F. H.
Maurice, chief director of ndllinry oper
ations at the War Ofllce. wu aked to-'
day what he thoucht of Field .Marshal
von lllndenburir's statement that the .
Kutente All.-e could not break through
the western front In thirty yvar. Hen.
Maur.ce replied : .
"Our rectr nffeii",ie war not ile!pnd ,
to break throuKh, Its purj n 'to
telti ve the i.rerMure on V. tun and kill
as nuny i!ern...n us po-dble. I will not
undertake to ny w IvthT (t will take
th.rty years to ne' th" (brinine out of
France, hut the allied sltetmtli Is con-)
staully erowltiB and the Cerinnn trenitth
fin-tnntlv ilcllnliie Tt,' fT--:t of the
alllel oflinsh.' Is uniul.it It l no
doilit true tnat the Itiiimii" in -e.-ent
flKlit Inn, l-iu : ion .,f a'oiiiun!tl.t,.
rurlr, the winter, with its sluot ilac
I'lIlltlllK t'l U-c of llttillel'. tlie w.ll
be able to ri ,l. nl.-li their rtur.. bin l
spite the bad weather we n..v no "it.'n
tlon of ieM.iik.' tip on them uur oft' n-lve .
will outlnue 'hrouhoiit the winter
wnen .'..tidlilon are at all favor. tble.
"!'r tn
I ent;y. I'.irral I
('hlt-.iit.l.ua cty
1 SOlltll'.V'cnt of .lt'.l')-i
' Tin Ahaiado M n'tiR and .MIIlInK
i'..mir.i,y, ..i.e of tl... lartp'st operatlnc In
the I'.irru: district. Ims tiot b.-aid of
Im-lni-y ..n,rlltlon i.tdv con ml .hit be- i nce oi aooui ii.'J miles, no averaseo ........r .......... ...... ..,.,,.n ......
i. s.arc;y of matri'-N Ttw l5 miles ar. hour. ! T'nu" ' "X" 'L';"
I ('.irlstrom marled hla HUht. will, h ,,r ci .hi. ,i,., . ,-nv i.n.t hv
t :.ll lilies , . mt,... !',., .i.itt.'ru ..f tha N'eu 1 1'iL.te I.'i.. T.nr.-m .tut .limit. rz.
IMuai'l" llorlaim llrav.,, I'arrania'r
fii'.'iil, oeiMi.l l 'arm I had been taken.
m.l hUh wares i.f lat.V'.
('lev. land -Activity
of business "on a ale 'h ' ureat. t vt- i ' ' 1
.xpi'lleiieed." Car sl..,rttrMK- . ail-Pii,' de 7i"i'. from the Held of tl. Aeio
lays III lmlui.tr! it wo.'k Wotke -s beltiK Club of Plb.ols six.t, after j lock,
broimlit from other fe. iio.is. J jj,. ,.Rrr,,., ;.i(J ci,l(ms nf -ao!en. unco
ltlcn....nd--Sltu.,tln' seneral satlf- 0 , ,aK ,, ,r, N-. .v Vwk
factory exeein for oeiKlot.al adverse re. , ...
Iirts and unfavorable rnmlltlous In one " "' suppb had not 1uk-d away.
,.r two lnc.diiiH- Mffectrd by t'oo.1 and Ills heavy machine vva capable if 4
weathe- lond'tlons. 'Hiifli prli--s nf I speed ,f lubty or tdnetv -ntle.- an hour
,' l,M' v tr.ai.v coiit'iiec . .is to 1,'nn
cot of IIvii.k, and rpres-l(.i of serlou
doubt as lo how labor Is lo support llulf
no ulthstai dliic li'cli Aacis.
Mlh'ita ll I'tio - if Industry report
extr.ioidlriarih brlRht i.io.pect for 'u-
tumn .mil w 'tin i trade I.,i,or conditions
s itlsfat'too th'-ttite o'll
Car -h'.rtairc causing :.
of lnutl pi Ill's.
ch'c.iKO--Contitiunl business activity
in all lilies, ami,:. I,.i: K fin .!.. foi all
b'Clllni.itc iK'iuaiid, low i.iii'te.t rat-s
Some ,'i.nipialn' of bob ot or faclllt.ei
ii. defjci. 'i.-y of lai.oi'
St. Louis- In.ltis'rle. ainl (r.ule ffei.rr
al'y lepoit l st baslm-' In jears. n Ith
P. 'iiiiient- r t 'lv found on I -'"iii'i unaiu iai .tali: ,i, tons spottii!.
her- ! I," nje-Uon tb.it there,''"1 " "U.ett.tia .ri'.ts of bad -poti.
I. . s-ie.-n leterloi.itioii in the . neiny' M.io.iins- in.iii-'ry is ... iv one not senr
mnri'e and ui'iteilal. altlio.ik'h they have j Itiv to l o ,.t b .-It tnlc
been i We to m.-.ni.i'ii tin 'uunl.'f of Minneapolis- It.tsll 'ride fnvornble
ttiei- dlM-m T'i, ha. ben a. n- and wbolt-ile u.. dlstrlbullne lines n,.
i,i'- I ic wi'lnlr..wn trr'uients f roni I J ins brl.-l. busine-... Indu-trlal co'i-
ol I d.-. is n rm r.cv i.c- ..ins pmdu.-lnc on larce i..ie, Jatxti
"I , i) -onfld.nt tlie actual new or
'li. zX 'ns t i. .ttr.i. n- ..'' not more
I II. i tlv .-.
How loin; i
s itniKcisa"
Captured three machine awn urd i.
many mine throwers
In the CniTathlaiis the l!usi.ii ilfo
came near bn'osr a position won Just be
fore thel" tiljr .idvaiee was stopped. T'ie
fjermars attacked west of ''apul Moun
tain, nlmort on the llinm.iii.ii' b.,rd"r,
at the entrance to th- Itodn . a id 1 1--I
passes. The Hus." bin reKluiei.t lioldl'..'
the position was iniul to ;UM vliep is
reserves rmhed up a. id seved the day.
Tlio llusslau stale. neiit ;:
In the h'tok.,i.d Itlv.r reclon. reir
tlton:ez and the vlllaue of Mil.
hillovkn and Alcxatidroi si;, imttl. i.rc
proceedlns. Tl.c ll'st ..nin utlioke
m Witonlez Mill tile h- Is'l ts sout . of
It were repelled, 'nit In th. aftcinou
the enemy, aft." a fit ; n'!Ui
tiombardnunt. '.iink"d a foinlh nt
taelt and captnted our a.lvatice.l
trcnehfs on the w.'st.'nt bitfl; of the
Btnkhod s.iuth of U'ltoiu. z.
The Cierman stattmn'.' t.T.w"
I'llnce I.eoolil'',' Tioiit- Ir 'li"
ttvmy Kroiip of (leu. vo' l.msins: n tb'
Wes'tphallan and Ua-t I'li-lau troon-.
under command of Major-Hen, von
Dltfurth. stoi nied the Ctutlaii j.osi
tlons which were advanced near and
south of Witonlez, un the left bar.'.: nf
the River ritokhod, In addition to
lieavy and sanKUlnnry los-es suffered
by the enemy 'i'i otllcers imd 1 .COS men
were taken prisoners. Three machine
fun "n thre mine throwtrs weto
left tn iur hands, tiur lo-scs wrj
estimated at I I.'oi.'.'ojO.
this uia- re to last '
"To put an end lo It l:
to make nn tmciulvocnl natiii.'if I
ulll tell you what kind Is llei'lb"i. l.rt
It be pro. Inlmed a'ltln.rltati'.elv on the
lieXinut "l.le tlt.l' We ate !rtpnrvd to
iis ,.ieiinilti.i'" o
mnrreks v.hhli
I sboiil,1 ivitoic pace .si
demo. rati,' ti';bt of el'
tl... I,. 1Kb
of the
N'eu 1.. to. .in Wnr Minister I'm or
I so f "All Menus."
AMrr.tnvii. Nov. ' l.letit ' !!! v. i
j Stein .v'.u. litis Ju-t been apti ilutxl ' ! f
I v.'i.n Minister of War. made the follow
Inn, sfitein. nt to-day .. the Itei.-hstaK. '
I: itliii' I.. despatch from Merlin: i
I "Til" r.inp.'-or In.' ordered ni" to . oine
j bef 1 .'Oioe .lli.-c; fpun th. LattlclM.h.
of t"e M.lli'.ll.-, Ml, I" I Have I... Ill, "II
iinif'i that i.i, I iinp'.itt.nt In aiv 'n-w
lllcc. ii, if .l.'inies. and above !' tl"
i:t.s.i-li. i e iiitro.l.'.cii.i! Into til" lUnt.
with the ;..-n-teti." of the entire world.,
ev r iii.d he ivier v , itiei,th in onb r
to utia.ii Ha ir . nd .-p... .'iiy. ,
"ll lCi.L'I'sbmenV lettets novv.itli.yi1
(Otic'iiile with Hie view that verythliiK
II, u t be boll., be.-atise the State an. I tia- ,
tlon .leinaii.l t. Should we not ieinifn'e '
th's :.!- and think III., wise, and even'
mor keenly? Should wo not etptally
employ all means to Mitpr.M oiu cue-!
niies? Thi Ime.tlate future will deni,.nd i
much work from me in this direction, I
bee yo'tr wholehearted support In thin
linpoitant work for the I-'ath.rland."
It wa t'liinoiMrily .t.e-irsful, but lia-
.. stopped, lie 1.MU "r, mid will "II
be rolled bv'l: Tin d. fndes b'lve ii.,''
had time to b ...Pie fu'ly int'.a'r.l and
to t ah.' 'ici ' icil t'vnce aa did .'"
rrencb si Verdun.
M. K'ledcr aln i "'..eves whr.t lia ls-en
conlec'ured here. 'ia tiie .rc ..bilie
Ch. nl.s l'ran I- has fii , :',!(, I tier i
K.ilU:ih:.yi, i t!i'. 'n t. and sun i' 1
Vt, tU'e Vo'i l'.i.kenhavn i..,l fnlbd.
The lliimiiilnii Itepori.
To-div'.s r.umat.lim 'illlcia. atat. ntei I
sa.vs :
. .-. tie we-tctu Mt.elavl'.ii f:t..'Tie:
l'rtdi.t' the riUiat! is un hiiitsv-i.
I', Ii I'M'. ova Vti.i.'t the tlKhtll t:
"ui.tii.ucd tliroiicho'.it tlie r"ite- part
of tic- 'I .y We iep,il....l tn.. ener.1 n.
tl.e n "Ut of to'iiit.f atta. k-.
1m tie region of InuKosl ivele we r.-p'll-e.l
nr. enemy .I't'.el, Ka.-t ! the
A . tiulitime i tiroO'liiur.
We-t of the .llii p't.-ytiit ot t'le en
f".iv contlii'ies. We caplui. .1 men-.
.Iiol'.'is and a irif.it .i.at.tlt e 'i.j.
mater' il.
'J'l.. ilei'ni'ii sti.l.'ti..'it sny" :
Hi tre ea-tein Trti: svlvi.i.ian !i,.r.t
t'.e "l.i::. tin;, Is uta.li.ti Ke.l. i.uni tidan
ut larks ii Kit Inst the nl'.le! . Teutonic I
t'oops which bad advanced byon.l
AlLsciiatiz Mtratoreii) and 1're.le.tl
p tsses failed with louses to thu rtiem).
We cnptute.i elcht ..Ulcers and .an
men. So'ith'aKt of Heel Tower Tas1
eiuai'MiKtits which are favorable for
its continue.
Kill) line Vllnl Point lleellled Mter
Mm- Week llrllbernltun.
I . N A
.-I:- ,.f
in J"
Art vnii.- Ctrl , N
r'Ul ' the ll'lie "'
of 'ie Mexican Vner'
S' n. M lil.'h . Ij ..irue.l
. let tlon unto Vov e'l,'..
Mel(ic.ll .'". v.i.i .s.-ii -
: nv iiitreeiii. r bv the
'.' T,.. net
. onfelefre
i" c miniis.-
t-dai fitf in.'
" 1'., ' tha' 1'ie
have lem.etl tliPt
. .n.:i if .'on 'nust
r.Vel Mot otllv ' le ,'iobcll. t lie 1 1 ot'l le
.lll Mevlcitl ,IU.rti.ll .tail-. 1' 'I a",
learncl tn-dti Tlie AoieC an eott.Mils
sellers Insist imi adju-iinr t t :iijt ne..!
it" i t'le !..i-i prlii. '!'.! ! M. Uaii irov
. t n'li.'i t
T.ie AMe-.-Mts '.ave Ti it .lain tc
( be M xl.Mli ll.-t ','fote . i. t. 1 'erslunc's
! t oops ale w tlalr.twn Mr.,o must lle.u-
i ons''. at. fiat li. p-in lire ' Aiiiirlr.tr.
1 'loci- al oii; tp. border r ev i hi M.a-
, ' . tnt'.v al to pieviu1 i.tius t.y
b.r d t
Ti A . er 1 tiimtss' .nets have
l uv, In, i.'ii-e 'be i,i, i ; djc r,f ic
Mil m i Me '
fi.llv rmployed at ro"d 'v ices Mii-lne
outlook bllKl.t.
ICin-Ms ('ty riiabate.l buMncts nr.
'tivit. Idcll price- offsettll.C leilljr.d
aei e'.lltural rn odip tlon. Whole, tiers,
irtillirs, Jdioers and inanufarturers
a .tl.ii.K to eapaeltv, (ienerul ihottuRe
of labor.
, li.-.'.las Condition" mining,, ntltsfae.
tort. I.av wi.olemte at,.) letuil bum c.
nfM.,1 . oil, , .tion. r.xcee.llni:.v s..llsf..c
to: v fall trade. .Illjii pro's for io
creus"l voliiiiie of i,.-l l uliu:.. I coin. r.o li
lies 'tankers, paiilclar') In co-ton
I se,'tl"i.s rfpor' unpi'ect .lent u .'eon-Its.
Adv. .. ice ni prr'.s of ntt Koltl. - biliiT
sela-'l-lv fel '..r si oi'iii'i. .f'o.l-
San lVn'iM"'.' liar bos- ..n.lltloi s .
and o itlo k oo,l. ex.ep. f..r ilia, t i. it.v
'lice and 'In " is in lunii-i 'in' aid ni
. st.tte ll.lllk- show - ,b-;ai.tl.i, salts1
In .b.,'ilts and loan .'.cute simtt.ee
of cars. f.aj: in 'reapc lr oreimi trade.
and the Lufrly wind w t- m'ji.tfd on
.. earry I, lot iM.niy or thl-ly lolies nn
Veir f.uter. lie rarilxl i. hundred 1-1-'rr'.
l.'rl'i,rnsr ives-anes trom Chicago
ofliel.ils to New Vork .IVir a'ltborl'ief,
ttid r. or st vei, hundred post cards.
I'es,.'", a lias, cov "i U f "ie roui.'ty
di-turbMllc- i I ii u..ttll.K it .lliw.'ll.t lor vne ..v. alo
of -lilltdoMl I '" f':l'',v "v "llro1.t line -A til Tl would
take aini to i leveland tho pofttiful i.i-
l plane made tj.-'d tli.V" or. til.' til l laps
i uf the Journey. At twice the spoil of, After
the fas'est 'o oinotiv Hat evtr epe.l ' rati.: t
from fiVairo to Clettilii.i.l too furilss 'ooiind
. pirn e r.are.l alone, lb pas-r.l ov. r .lmi-.z
, Cbvelard three houra and iltlf ii nun- looud
ntes aft.r liavlnc bfi the .'hi sun avla-,
I.I' tield. The srin.iule of tin fastest i
..n'lroiiil t-a'.n H, lows . .f 'it hours and
tblrtv nv o.hitite- for tlilK trl.i. '
'I o" rm it !(v 1..1..I na- so tip"!,
tl'at hi- aeropl.tfe could i ! ... c. . v.
.. t'.e people vth'l tlllollS. 'l tlie s -Vets. I
.-it toe hu.n of tne pivterful moio- wa-i
aililbb. lieneva. . ih forty-live i,,.,t-
.St of Cl.lljl l, sH'f hlMI spee.iltiff it;, j
s va lie li.nl at t'uit ,"l,,t avertreil ,
1"'j ni'ies an iiour for i e mi es
nihil iio Ian tr.ivr'L.j.
'file avl.tlor was 'le-i set m t,e,i.' Id le ,
V.eeo ). was abrjll sev.M, mil.-., so.itb of I
the town. Il -uibb-iilv turio-l and tiiado
for the city. L.tidliis In a l.n, tl.-bi
I M ed for .''reus perfonnatie. h. at ..boat
I '.I '.; A. M. The aviator at tnsi ln
j 'en. In! to make otili a -holt "too. but
j was oMiirei' to top. .It- !is . iil'Ii..', net
t'f'v h-iHui" of ta.-ob-t e ic I tlv tin.,
lre, icpr .v-l. r nil.'.' Hour- all. I III 'Cell ' pose n rue
iiiltiut" li" ai.au. l '. 'be air. . iv. the n'. 'I
Hlk till' 'n W.i rottt.. I,' li.tt 1 Hid vvev.tl i b i
:i. ..ke N'.-'.v V. tl. b. fore ilult, airnoiuh -v. "e oiOne l
i r Wa.-. 1'ie.. . .ii .ii'.i it , ci c . on
last year's costs.
Then, too, being our own
manufacturers, we can pro
duce at the least possible
He -..Id :. I.ais. Ilerrern had u l.uMexnensf OllI" WOOlen? fflf
rlson of :,.))" ,tien In the. elty ami was CAJCnsC. wur WUUlCIlb. IOI
II -uppl'e.i e.ith Mmtnunltlon, army and CXaiTlDle. WC lltCrallV OUV
by the mile."
That's why we can say
"moderate prices," the
while we sell the best of
clothes for men and boys.
Rogers Feet Co.mhany
The A v.tr.i.lo company has four Amer
ican einpli.v ,-es In I'arral, T. U. Haw.
k to. A W. lion's. I.e-lie W'hb and
Unwind '.ray. Other Atuet leans there
are W. V.. I'.ilmer of the I'arral and
Imrmit'. Itallroad .V.nitMtiy! an,7ll,e
, ii id ..' 1e s.mie rotup.itiv, Pr. T .!
l- iiii t.a. . :t pracll-l'ie pnyslrlitn. W.
i; l o.'.' l th. (!llltd'lloUIe Mil. ItlS '
c.iiita. :'. and f l Sniltb of the IS a
tltni.il .'tine' ni,. .-i -lter Company.
..I at 13th St.
Minn! 'livinl -nine (jnnriis.
-hooting the tvver.ty-nr.e i at
i.i'. 11 1 uu.trJ' of the touth-
I ..- .I.J. r I.-.I1I1 W'lllen 'e't
ei Moti,la Villa bandits
team. tobiH.l the passen-
at Warren
at 34th St
l'if th Ave
atsjiM St
il.e .Jl-i ... '. II.' b.lll la. ateti
-ci' Vo. r' ftii or --top vt .! 1
j 1. 'ilu -rl' mad.' oy !,,i .eilliir
N. itttol't New- to . .-h ...1 lt.it
a pa sens'. - by about thli t -t"iir
r is. N v J
in 1,
I'll hurt.
V'.i.ricai, avi.i
.t 'iV rilO"
u 1 No ne
1. ii.i.ir..1
e do
tri.l. -.
r l...d
. b
bee :
.1. 1"-..
;i'','l .
Two b'.ii-s la ir rsallrltir that ho
nould 0" ui.ahl- to - ad. . w Vork I..
t. ie di'k ai.. I :.ai. 1. K that he inijlit
',, .. ! . w ij- or '.vr.ck hi mu.-bPi 'm
"li'i" land ' '1 'nt 0 .1 at..'..-. !,. -.v -..
! . he:. lb vv-p : . ri
al '. A .11 r ,". , ; ( .1 '1 ' i v -
1 or- Is' . ! t . '
l!es (iil eV'l, tOoIl till' 1'IOllllllK irolll
!' won'eti p.ssetice Tir. Unfile-), .1
'riian p v-icliu ot 111 I'aso. ,i passe'i
per, who was r.lstascn by th" bandits
tor .111 A iie.'lca.i, .1..- b'rii' k over 1 n
nead wlt'i 1 SJn by una ot the Vlllistac
The b in, IPs. .vbo nerc In command of
Mure.. brM, !". '.f,d Sllvestie Q'jevedo
then ..bandon-'l th tfiln. carryln; tin.
loot ,ii.iv it, mule drawn wauon-.
T'.i. re we-., approximately 20,1 In the
co.iiii.iud x-'ociv jveM up the train as It
w.i- ippro.ienine f.airiin.i station T'iC
bandits . o il. 1 lie seep pla'niy bv ti'e en
Cll.e r.e'V 11(1 p.SSH',Ci v- isfore U,
tra'.ll was lO..ed, bit e-.ulse of the
natiii" of t,e rout t.-y .s.-apc was tm
lo lb,e
vfte- comn.andlne the engineer to t'op
one of the Pandits went tbroUKh the
t'.t 11 o- e-i'.i; n'issetirrcr- to alttrnt so
Ul.-t rou'.l .e -. reh .1. Th. ,nll.iitor.
1. no known, it as -hot in
Cirr:tti7.t soldier.-, wlii
.' J t-l b.o'l; of 'l.e tei der.
lo allttht 'l d V executed
111 '. , ! of ll,e pts'i! s.Hr' Tn'- - -t
a- 1 .o'n 11. t.d 01 ' .1,1'. 1 u.'.m.tn, 'V..W
al-o wa? -lie.t
Arlington Gallery
Ptinliniji hi
Robert Spencer, A. N. A.
Kelween ,,:ni and luili Kllr.l
T e
t.l. , .1
l.uot 1 nrieil Off.
V.: I
Iff' t
1 at, '
1 .1.- 1 ri' " .
tl. arcliei swav fie
lie' '.! I . ...'
".' 1..IJJ.- ,11,
'Mle. ','
1 l ,. atioi .
r. " ".t .'.v.
-I 1 . t ci. d
.''. 1 tl'i.l 'T
tlaoj". M.., in of
1 1," r.l .1 I ..ll '.. ,
I'-.l ' If .1 Totrr !. W tb
find had lift .1 rai .0
to I'ai!'.. I'as" oil '.n...-,
A !-,, It'h
Ity - nd t. in
..lit is, 11 j,
101 1 Tbev ar
".-l tl'S
I '!' SO, fl
I'll I
. 'I
'1' in 1
t. - P,i
I..' .-''.I.
; m.i
. '.-es
I.I r
M 1 ol
w a-
lo-oa .
r. : '
. 1 U oen ed t
Intimidation nf
Intimated at Inlci'stah
Commerce Henriim.
Hi'ltlab unit Tito oriTeitlnn
Craft I'-Boat Victims.
1.0SPOX, Nov. 2. LloyiVa reports tint
tho Hrltlsh steamer Urleriy 11111 and
the Norwegian tteutmhlps Pelto and
Tromp have, been sunk.
Tie Hricriy Hill was formerly the
Natlta She was built In 19n3 and rtcls- 1
Wll i,A,,s , tired 1.1 Is tons. She v.-as owned In
II I I III -Sl .S ... rpi,., tl... A..l.. 1 9 .r.A .
.lull lie- wtliu ithiBtriri, o,"'', rioi".
and the Tromp. a vessel of 1,75"; tons,
was formerly the Hutch steamer John-sen.
IVrrllte ('nibats (.oIdk On In Car
pathians, Berlin Heparin.
Ituiut: (by wlrelesa), Nov ". Com
brts In the Carpathian passes are beliiRi
catrled on with extraordinary bitterness.
The Rumanians at the eleventh hour am I
rylnc tJ bar the Bates if Wallachl.i by'
tho encasement of rapidly concentrated
reservef. sayn the Overseaa Ne'.vs
Aireti .
Mlithty ttenches north of Trtdeal. as i
will uti poslllots at AziiKu, 'vhlch ion-1
.1st of peimanen; works completed scv
iral months aito, vvere partly crush. d 1."
tho canrou of the udvanclns tiertnrn!
' Men's Neckwear
Direct from Paris
HEY have all the deft French
touches of rich restraint, cre
ated by master designers with
the genius of the painter.
f.. (1. macy ft i.a. Allrss-heai Ihetr Low r
it vi im
JL ll-'I 11 'V H- .1.1 Se. t--S'
i'iwnr. S4& ta J5I.S 5.
Look Closely Examine Thoroughly Compare Carefully
Wvmiivoton, Nov. : William II.
Tlother ot Indianapolis, a locomotive
engineer on the HI.' Kour Kallroad, tes.
tided to-day nt the Interstate iiinnurec
Co'nmlsslon hearlnK on its proposed tule
reettilrlnir railroads to u.i hiuh power
bcn.lllftlits, that cliarces had been pre
ferred against lilm by Warren S, Stone,
luad of the llrotherhood of Locomotive
IJnglneers, after be itaie testimony
fnvorable to the roads and ik..Iiii such
headllghtH at n previous heatlnif, Itotber
said Btono revoked the rbaiier of the
local to which he huIoiiKed after It had
upheld hie action,
Mr, Stone and W. P farter, bead of
the Firemen's ni?.inUatli.n, objected to
the Introduction of Holder's tedhnony
after he had ntad't theso s'tatciuents, on
the ground that It was not a matter
connected with tho practlrabllltj of hlK'.i
power headllRlits, Kxainltier nines, ton.
duclliiB the bearltiK, niinuuiiee.l later
that the commission had lub-d that coun
sel for the railroads nilKht present for
the record u statem-iit nf what they tie.
hired to prove toncernlni; any intimida
tion of witnesses, and that the quest ion
of the udiiilssl.iillty of such testimony
would be passed upon to-morrow. The
brotherhood heads also exvirt to sub-.
mlt a Mateinent before the hcirltiK Is
resumed before tlio examiner to-nioriow
At this afternoon' session olher enal.
users cave their opinions of the proposed
hradllKhts of l.unfl tiel ranise, those tint
un by the roads, uniformly conlcndlnn
that the llchts wm dazzling and danger- i
ous. J, It. Hiving of llarilshuiK, a Venn,
sytvanln engineer, said ho i-iine In Wash.
infton to 'protect ninisulr and tlm pub
lie afftlnut dcvlco that means death.'
and the Tromp, a vessel of 1,75"; tons, I I'lft of peimunept works completed scv-1
cKe (sminanl Conductor
na$ resumed personal leadership
nn Ksrcneiira
Sn Ibe 35aaulifu
Mojfpanine ffiorfaumnf
of tho XU JKJlpin
SDaiy concerts under hi direction during
jtunchcon and Sinmr
They are the gems of scarfdom as
rare as gems in number (of some there
are only four scarfs in existence); as rich,
refined and surprising in colorings.
But superlative scarfs are beyond
the superlatives of description!
Discovered by our Paris Furnishing
Representative and brought over for war
barred Americans who formerly enjoyed
"hunting down" these scarf treasures in
To see them is to enjoy a "snapshot"
art e.ducation.
At $1.00 to $4.00
A Separate Shop
On the Street Level
Mate Iurritghwg Shop
16 West M th Street
JranfeUn Simon & Co.
Fifth Avenue New York
with those sold elsewhere at equal and
even higher prices. You will agree with
us that they represent
The Finest Clothing
Offer in Town
There is that added quality in fivBSfS Suits
and Overcoats which comes from large
volume buying and cash selling from
securing an extensive variety of styles
and patterns which are the creations of
several of the leading tailoring organiza-
tions in the country, rather than the limit
g ed ideas of a single company.
W For Style-for Quality for Price
EV FR&rs Clothes have No Equals!
All woitl wots
teds, in ii p a t
black iinil v.hitr
stripes on a gray
li a c kground.
Ciirrfully tail
ored. Correct
for wear with
rtnttwny or.aes,
coat. .SUea
to t

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