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Port Konnnliiics Fail (o Cunt
l.iulil oh Value of Sub
marine's Load.
Jni'lm Diuiiels Likely to Uo
Only Newspaper Man to
Sec (irrmnti Trader.
Nw LoNtviN, Conn., Nm". 2. liming
r, i . .ni r W rpi me oa crntnp.i out
to Now Indon Saturday, not, It Is true,
Jo ieo whut n milimnrlno trailer look
like, hut as u campalKn orator nftcr
Nutmcir Ktnto vote, tin Ih to have n
icccinlon at the City Hall, and then will
ho Invited to nro the DoutKclilatirf, If lie
has tlmu durlni; liU four hour utay.
Another event of tho Fiilintiirlnc's
vlcll, In a nodal way, Is a banquet ImMur
nrratiKed hy tho Chamber of Commerce
for Saturday at tho Crocker llouec for
('apt. KoenlK of tho I lentpehl.ind, 1'iipt.
.Inroti I'achens of the Wllloliacl and their
old ecru.
Keryliidr llnppf.
According to Capt. KoenlK and hi
men, the claims of the Allies that scores
of Uhoats have been sunk during the war
or entaliRled In nets urn false. Only
nineteen Hunting submarines havo been
destroyed slnco tho war started, they
s:iy. ami the llremen, If sho U lost,
tnnkes twenty,
Kverybody Is happy on the Peutsch
land. The sailors have been slven un
limited shoic leave and are parading
about town, tho Idols of the natives.
Ono of them, a handsome lad by repute,
sold bin photoKraph on a postcard to a
younir woman who stonnrd him on the
cf , r le and recuperate f.cm the ' ;" ""'V' ""'I
r , . ,, ,,,i II. All of them are bo lur coaxed I
.vu ,f. twenty-one days of tnnel. for lro ,)(nlcH from 0t.rmi,ny atll I
pi .t lvns apd his merry men to-day , other rnutenhtt. I
,i,r .1 t' tie humming In the way of 'rlln food H excellent, to Juilue from i
, the rkh carno broiiKht hero , '";. ml!;''1' t't- was taken aboard to-
. , ., , .... , "J "'ere nerc whole ios, several
r. , Heniuny inside tho nubmarltie , aXKVX t of Viir,u vcl-,.til));,.9 ;
t. t".r luutsehlaml. It Is a week's Job, and sides of prime beef, all for the crews
it kr .t will come the equally lm- " mo two snips nnd the stevedores.
. . iu nf hiaillni! the r.iii) tons i Vlr,y banels of leer came alio, which
. w umber kihI nick. I tint Is to ,,, ootn,atiyi TlK, r(ln!)K11,., of ,,.
t, i ..i, K l-i i.ermany carifo, It was learned to-day, will be the
.If . ir.e. before the unloading coil 1 ttmc nH for , ..reilous ovnue. Thev
t,r tM'.'UII t III
II,. iM1W
Mineral Wafer
U. S. and Connty Officials Arc
Beady to Act on In
creases in Price.
Fewer Miners, Greater Factory
Demand and Lack of Cars
Given as Reasons.
of thrco sisters who must
cook n ntcnl to pet ? 10,000
legacies under their Rrand
mother's will. The picture shows
Miss Helen in the costume sho
woro as a girl it the flower show
last spring.
ship had to be entered with nro crmnn M(,u' & Co.he Itayir CvVm
'inf"V"'., ' . l''-'. .m Color Company. Kalle
company ami Ilcrlltn-r Anallne Works.
o - .irii i loon, I'm mo iimniif i-
fi , ce m y eterday. However, so
(' r e' im'rK the exact nature of the
t ,'t i.-.leti. neither formality was
, a i i . r Information. All that l
n is fliat the.IlBiiri' llrst etlmted
up- K-jenlc, J 10,000,000, Is now ad
m't d t be far In exces of tho real
J iiv cf the Tin st fin VorwardlnR
C ir.i .i-iV 'said so to-day, but would not
t, 'be 'rue amount.
In .ii' probability, however, tho
Ii,, ,t- T.d s second carKii Is worth far
m ,ro tl. in tne one that reiched Haiti
n ire Th I tin- Kime amount of
,(T. iiemlcals and drUKs. but III
,',a i mi i hot o i a consignment of Reins
v . iett' "iis. the UKcntK say they
, , i.' a'tie of which i tint known.
o ne'e a suspicious Item mi the
und 'r the l.eadiui: of "efTects,"
it iiet are no "lie would say, but
It , si!-p"''"l 'h,'' '"" l-"I",l,'t ot
cur '.e-
l.miritliiK nnlii spies.
I.A A It .1 tt 1111 tr.mble about enterlriK
ts c.ir.-o or the ship. As Deputy Col- i
. t I C Conitocl of New lmdon
fj i t was bandied with no more fuss
rr ib'" . 'v than any schooner loaded
,j i i.-Y that comes lino the harlr
r r.
't s it to be understood that (.apt.
y rii; a d Mi teiit-nine olllcers und
irm per.-'iM'.ly unloaded the submarine.
V . ,t a ' Ainnir about 10 o'clock seV
r ' '. newro stevedore), aplieared at
t .'s'tite dock They weio passed Inside
li t armed Kua'ids and bm.ili to
i i- t e out the cases. They were the
ii. 0 who unloaded and ivlonded
f'o 1 eat.- bland nt Haltlmore a picked
. i f m , who. It Is said, arc paid $S
t rln :i.r their labor
Tl.ev eat and sleep aboard the W'llle--iil,
I -,e North Crrm.in I.lojd liner
i Ii -weens t ie Msltor from the pub
,i' d they will not leave the dock ex
J.t liy s"iial petmlsslon ltntll their
a 'tlnlohed.
Si ui.'ii are the precautions bilnB
tjkf ' ' ' th. asents tialti-t' spUs or at
' r1 i' i th r ihitri;e. All through the
di,v th. uiiln.ldh.R went on. All of tho
irs-) s rn vrnnll paekaBe", varying from
. ul)nj Mot In bull: to perhiip ciuht
' ire thit 'Irer
Say Ohicniro Hns ('nriiered
.Most of Market nml lUnint!
ileus of r. S.
Secret ervlce operHtlves workltur un
der Chief William J. Klynn arrested yn-
terday In Itrooklyn two of lite iilleKd I
associates of II. H. Wllken. who was
taken Into cu-itody In Pant.i Crui, Cal.,
recently on a charts" of counterfeltitiR
after a search lasting sl eais, The
two new prisoners are Wllken' uncle.
William Itussel, 42 jears old, and the
l.itter'H son, Joseph llue., l'.i years
old. An admission 1 said to have been
wrutiR from the pair that they assisted
Wllken In maklni; the 15 treasury notes
which fie- years deceived bank tdltrs
t!.iouql,i,ut the I'lilted States
The HusseN, It Is si d, worked with
Wllken In his plant at L'.'rt Wet IS.'.th
street, Manhattan, nhere Wllken jui-eil
as an artist, mat tntker and designer.
It was here that Wllken Is alleRed to
have petfecud his system fir makliiR
paper which was an exact duplicate of
the cttlcUl stock on which money Is
T!".e elJer ltltsel Is a wax proce
enuravtT and for fifteen cars was ein
Vlojed In that capacity by the Ameri
can Hank Note Company. He pave up
1,1s Job four e-ut hrii In order, the l'ed
eial authorities say. In Join Wdkeii.
Joseph llus-el, who In spite of his
yea is Is matrled mid has a child, con
fessed, 11 Is said, not only to having
helped In the prlntlni; of the bills, but
also to the paiiiR of between soo und
l.Oiii) of trem lit this city and Its miIi
urbs and as far distant ns Chicago,
The two Itusoei were Itniicht to .Man
hattan nu. I lodged In vol'.ce hi.tdiimr-
, , ., , . ... ,. " ."e ii.K'ii. iiii.iiu ,.u--'i
Lirly tlus mornlm; m.i I iihleh th" I , .. ,, , ,
ts-jlt -hland 'nought to .Miierlca w.Milno f;r.-vir.virli striet station They
.r uu its way. Thee .le le bill. 'rilU.ll)lv , ,, nrr,llsn,.,, ,.f(ir n.,,
if md a mysterious looking :l.x. Kr. SMtM rotl,ni,.ion. . Hniigi.ton thl-
V .xiueiis, uu on. i in- 'i io x" ' I own nlnir
., Kmlnuny. called for It and Inline-. 1
. . departed for Waslilnxton, hirst
. Kraphol of the iiom.irlneecorteil
ii rojib the c.ty to toe train In -Mr.
II , . a automobile.
lie Il.lken, president of the Kast-1
t ' I wardlTiK Company nnd father of,
1' ui i, I.. Ullken, the nsent here, ar-j
."1 this morning. Ills coining was the'
, i-ral for Capt. Koenlg and the olllcers.
f t ' Iieutschland to come outsldd the
Wrmr wall and b photographed,
Ireles Aiipnrnlui enlrd,
i le later Capt, Yates Stirling, Jr.,
r n i ilii ! if the local submarine hase,
i ipt I'avl'l Ho)d, coiniuaniler of the
"i , a tinder lluhhcll, went aboard
i' li .ulty of neutrality otllcers to
r i ie rr.tft. Apparently they' found
f.. 'L.iig al ilg!:t. The wireless outfit
le ml'ir irJne has been taken down
' 1 w ,11 t, ' be III iperatlon during her
i i Iieie as the law requires,
0'!'. ,iis cf the company denied to-day
' i ' i. -ulirnailno will carry any mall
i i.i return voyage, This statement
llnl f ir by the story emanating
fr ti Wash iiRton that nrrangenients
rr g made for such a course by the
-'a 'artment. The only rbx'Uinents
.ieti are some from Ambassador
:. .-t.irfT
rit'i ii a sclil ird had a narrow escape
' "! ' g -in k just as she ended her
ii v i'ag Tuesday night and tho
uu nut only to-da. In sum"
i ?iie emerged Inside the three
i In r guide lights were revered.
1 light was where tho starboard
u' l have been and vice versa.
in 'he dredger Atlantic, nt work
. near the pier, chub within
. lumimng the submarine In
fj to get out of her way,
s some damage, but not duo
us... Tho long battering of the
'I heavy eas of tho voynge put
- 'if small holes In the bow of
il.ind, probably where rivets
u.f, and to-day a diver from
unpany was emplocd to' go
1 i. and make repairs. Nothing
ong wlth'her after her long
' .hi a 1roken rod In all her
t"e. hanlum.
1 were many visitor to tho
'I'd to-day. In fact. It seems
i he orders to let no ono Inspect
nieint in apply only to newspa-
Ii. Mi" tlrst place, till! whole
' of I'oinmercc of this city, ,vlth
i"ger.s ami I'ostmaster llryan K.
aine down to tho dock thli
' 'm g under the leadership of J'resl
m i T .Miner. They were taken
; f.oa i 'do Wlllehad, and looked down
' gar shaped hull of tho submer
f e a there.
. later In the'afternoon thirteen
ft ' ei im ndentH of tho New Haven
''.iih u i.inio over. They knew some
" w h Inlluencc, apparently, for thy
t'.t the saiiiD privilege.
.i,i,,,i, .,..,1 in the trade. Insist that
the present scarcity of coal nnd the
soaring prices nro uue in ei-i "
dltlons, there was talk yesterdav of
Initiating Inve'tlitatlons to determine r
speculation Is nt the bottom of a" U
legnl twostlnif nf the cost of that com
modify. .
District Attorney Hwann said ne
would take pleasure In entertaining a
complaint against any persons who have
combined Illegally "to send coal up to
the preposterous price of Jl- a ton,
providing there was specific Information
that such action was taken within tho
County Judge Hylan of Kings sent a
letter to District Attorney Lewis calling
his attention to the Increase In the price
of coal In Hrooklyn and asking for an
Investigation. Mr. Lewis "niio
that he would make an Inquiry and said
his nnico hnd received some Information
. already. .
United State Attorney H. Snowdtn.
l'repare for a rise In rsgs. Jobbers, Marshall said he will prosecute any
h,esa1.;r and owner, of refr.ge.atlng . .ae-iu-t. ,,"1., " ,lnn ex.-M wrTg"
riM'l." (IHll C'OHsin Of II. l Wll.i!:!::!"V; "' t raise the price of coal to the
In their rtorehou -". And that nifins .
eggs arc Rolng up. WhoVsale prices for "P-eaU.or. '-'t ' pI.
ftesh eggs tanged yesterday from "gath- ' '''. a ,h" ''rt,0,,.Sf.1thsC. C','"r
ered thlids" at 211 cents to "State und Trude Voumol yeterd that r
IVtinslvanl.i hennery whites" at C eent. of the total coal mitt u t i s dis
cerns. The cold stoiage price ranged posvd of on contract, while the retna ,
between 2 nnd 321, cents Ing 15 per cent. Is handled by specula
llefilgerator men said they have on tors.
hand less th'in t -ree-quarters of their The men who are trj nv :. ir urn i..
las: veur's supply at this time. What nipplv New York with coil hope ror a
could they dJ'.' they asked. They could ' Cotitlntiance of mild wentner. ine i-
not irsuade the hens to lay nor were I mlt they do not like to mum w nui oin.ni
tl.ev able to prevent Chicago cornering ' happen If a sudden hard cold snap should
mot of the markc: s-nd people with empty bins Into th?
As explained by Harry Lewis, secre- market,
taty of the Merchants ltefrlgeratlng Arthur P. like, commissioner of th
Company, New York men have to bid Coil Merchants Association, Inc. slid
every year against Chicago Jobbers for yeterday concerning newspaper state
th supply T. e men from Chicago ion nients relative to the coal situation:
this eir and hence have m t of the "While the quotations of prices aked
aval able supply
I'hnto l.y Hnln.
Giiimnrt Convict Says Ho Hnd
Nothing to Do With
the Murder.
Defence Tries to Show Thnt
Killing Was Hcsult. of it
Onmblers' Feud.
for ten minutes on the floor. Heat It I
He didn't want to quit and Bmltty pushed
him off tho place. That was all thcro
was to It."
Then things began to happen fast. The.
next day Duster met Smltty and punched
III in, and Frank Fenntmorn punched Al
In a enffco houss and knocked him over
ii table. Miks Ualmarl was across tho
street being shaved, and when ho heard
of It he got out his pistol and ran down
to J'cnnlmore s place.
hoon after the shoot nr tin or the Fen-
nlmoru poolroom. In which Fennlmoro
Ma snot, Mike ualmarl was stabbed.
When he left the hospital Sassl went to
him and told him he had had a raw deal.
"I shook his hand and told him t
wanted to be his friend. lie said, 'Do
you want to be my frlendr and I said
'Yes,' and he said 'Havo you got a gunT
nnd I said 'I ain't got no gun,' nnd h
gavo mo a gun that long. We went to
llrooklyn, Huster, Mike and Mike the
Dog nnd me ; thene was four In tho mob,
and went to Frank Fennlmorc's houso
and laid for him."
Hut Fctinlmore did not put In an ap
pea ranee.
Hofrnno's wife and mother took the
stand earlier In tho day to corroborate
Hofrnno's story that he was nt home at
me time or the alleged bridge confer
Dictating Machine
Ib y EUlsor."
Pratt the Button dlctateany
tlma any tpeed any correc
tionwhile typing cottt half.
Provan free on vour own work.
Atk for the BUYER'S GUIDE.
sickly timer, Ai'i'MtM i: ro.
IHIJbfftvHI N Y Tel. Ilei tnr S
Itoccd Carnlvalte. barber, hotel keeper
nnd gambler, blamed by Mlchnel 110
rrnno for a uu o. ' fl.ence, and a. S. Koenlg, chairman of the
stand esterday at ltofranos ri ii tor itPput)1ca1 county COmmlttee, said ho
Michael C.almarrs uuirner. ' " '.': i mis with Itnfrano at tho time of one of
mi nnviiniiir ir uu nmi i tn..t. i
ken. Ueeently Cnusrht After
Five Year Searcli.
TO INHERIT $10,000
(irnHtltlausrhters of Mrs. Marie
Zinsser to Have Novel Test,
for Leffneies.
The Chinees hive a habit of offering
full coure me'ils, from soup to mils,
for relatives who have gone from the
earthly celestial kingdom to the splr
I 'l.il one. A somenhat similar act will
hi performed by three granddaughters
of the late Mr. M'irle Zinsser, mother
i nil.' i ,,.iiii. " . ...I.i.
that Itofratio had anything to do with
It. Camlviille, or hox vorneii, .
also known, I now serving twenty years
to life Imprisonment In lng Sing for
that same murder.
(in the wltne. stand Carnlvallo de.
.... i,..f,,,, tii.it
md he nail ever caii'-u n" ' " , ,
Hofratiu had ever calieu nim on im- r.
phiine iils)Ut hnvlng "the Horse, as
(lilmarl was knon, killed. He denied
the Ciinferenct! at which Montlmaguo
said Cornell tried to cut hint with n
knife Ihimus') ho hesitated at shooting
Ualmarl. , .., .
And through Carnlvallo and Mek
Sassl, a chunky little gangster, who had
been mixed up III every gang feud III
tho second district In years. .Martin Lit
tleton. Hofrnno's counsel, began to lay
the foundation for the theory that (la
marl was not killed because of a politi
cal light, but because of a gamblers
fight In which Carnlvnlle and S.isl toorf
patt. ,
. Variance With l. Salle.
Carnlvallo told of Joe Ia Halle's coin
ing to l'aiillne Samuels' tl.it New Years
,.ui.i . i ...I i..1lir.f that bn had shot
' Mlniilt, but there I.i Halle's and Carnl-
voile's stories began to differ. Ui Salle
, said Carnlvallo telephoned Itnfrano, but
this Carnival!., denied. He said ho told
1 Katie that llofrano had been re
fusing lo talk to him, but that im .Nine
lould use the telephonu If he wanted
to. l.-i Halle did telephone to Hofrano.
who refused to speak to him, sakl (.arm
"Old you tell him that Hofrano wanteu
Thereto'-.. x,w Vori: l.v th,. 1 ir ronm.ir. es are uiiiiouwieinj , .i.,.i.., .... ... v,.. ,,
I IOO.MoO case shott of ,ts norniii! sup- correct, something hns been left unsaid ' n.n(lirv chefs who prepann food that
in nr. iiiiiin ,uiisr ti. , uiiiiiiiu t i iii-t - , . t, .1 .
versltv. when they cook a dinner that , "", " k" Mike Calmar!7' asked .Mr.
shott regard for her last will. Littleton.
i.. .i.i. , ... ii.,. i. - in nt.i "Mv (led. no " replied Carnlvalte.
for probate. yeMerd.iv. the binellt oc U''" Carnlvallo was brought to New
crulti,' lll be Intelideil for the cook ami York from Hamiemora pr!on and taken
t insirui Attorney ivridiis.i onicw ii"
tho telephone calls.
Nineteen Cents Offered for
Plujy Tobacco Glassware
With Emblem in Demand.
Efficiently and suf
ficiently custom
tailored of fine im
ported cloth, earmark
ing a two-fifty value,
ply, or 72 000,0011 eggs. So to meet the which his a most Innmrtant bearing on
normal demand the ptlee must be ad- the situation, namely, that although
vai.ced 2" to U.t per cent., they explain. the? companies have not raised their
It lies with tie' publ.c. egg men said In , rices, they cannot deliver coal nnd are
their public sp'rlwd fashini, whether the m,t delivering It In nnythlng H'nt: the
price will vii up. If t'ne egg eaters of quantities required under even normal
New York and New Jersey adjust them-1 , oiullttons
selves to the shortage the lessened con
sumption will not ni'ike it necessary to
boost prices. In any event, they say,
the rl,. pruhibly will be only temimraiy,
because Southern eggs nie due about the
middle of Pecember.
The State Depat ttnent of I-'ood and
Markets has Interested Itself In tho
situation because of reports that many
refill dealer are elllng cold storage
eggs lis flesh, Thete I a law against
this, one that stipulates the cartons mut
be marked, th" Invokes and bills must
show they are cold storage eggs nnd
tin re niut be a gti In the stole, "CoM
sti-nigH egg s.ilil hen "
Knun Wiislilnmon the I i partment of
! .oiullttns.
Analyse he thorae.
"Hrlerly stated." Mr. ltlce said, "the
present deplorable condition here In due
Plrst An admitted shortagee of min
ers nnd laborer In the coal regions
amounting to between IS and : per
"Second An unprecedented consump
tion of coal bv manufacturing plants.
"Third Shortage of cars and em
bargoes on transportation
"Fourth Kxh'iustljn of surpltn i-oai
at slocking points on uccouir. oi ne m
cnai-ed demand and the partial Mis
Make Their Appearance at
Produce K.clian:e ami on
I'oHl'tccntll Street.
Up t'l
Agriculture has sent nut warnings to all Pension or mining t-arin r in wo- f...
int.rstate sht, , that they will be I "I'lfth -The un ivoldable ills.n vantage
piosecuted if th"i. .-lees contain egg of' it which till" city Is alvMis placed n
whMi : ..t cent, are o.id. hnvlng no stinking roo'n for -i-.I t"
(lingi. llllikbranil. Deputy Commls-1 meet nub an emeigency as the present
si Hi r of r.iodi. and Market. Is to s.".d otie. Spiee heie is too scaice and ex
out Insp.ctms to.d.i) to sie that tho 1 peiilv,i for the dealers to ai ry a nupply
Federal and St ito regulations lire Hm d I ade.U.i!e fur more than temporal needs.
"As a lesult or tins siai" oi mi. HI
the retailers have exhausted their f! .k
that w. re pur. based at the price usually
pit-Milling and "re compelled lo itptenis.i
th..,o ut evorbltlltit figures.
"As a matter of fact there Is consid
erably more coal In the cellar of con
sumers than Is tiual nt this tlni". and
a large part of tin- demand I undoubt
edly from thostj who desire to increase
their supply as n matter of precaution "
) '
T". .
' ih
t" In
' .C j-
t- -A ,
" P.
'r.r .
T' ,
I't It '
D' , .
til r i ,
M i hi.
I In it t-ln Kipeeted.
lie nwhilo newspaper men, standing
111)1,1 "' 'liu feucd, Were being assured by
"nt agents that no exceptions to tho or-
' welt) to be made, AW the while tho
Mom. n,i ih, deck of the Wlllehad, i-lslblo
divi thn 'fence, Was sprinkled with .-x-iItloi
, (Tim only vh;w of the Duutsch
Inul 'hat, the reporters got waa when ,tho
'acini door was o'pe'ned and the mall
brouslit out. Then It was only for a
Tliern will bo two. prominent visitors
ilurlng the stay of tho Deutschhiud In
heso waters who, It Is safe to say, will
I"! exceptions to the order. Thcso are
Ambasiiiildr vott Bernstorff and'Jo'sephus
nnl.i, .Secretary of the Navy. "'"The
latter win be tho ntily newspaper man
' ho mil r.co anything of what ha came
lire to sic. ;
Count, von. Ilernatorff la expected td
romn from' .trVuahifif 4o-next. Monday orJ
Messenger girls delivered telegrams In
New York yesterday for the first time. It
is believed. In the history of the city.
Just as women In Kurope have been
pressed Into new lines of employment by
war, these girls were put on the Job be
cause of tho war which Is on between
the telegraph companies and the strik
ing boys. Strikers asserted the gills
were employed nt the Fourteenth street
olllcn and at the I'roduce Kxchauge.
The girl were unmolested, but nialo
strike breakers had a lively and not al
together pleasant day. There were juve
nile riots from the Hattery to Harlem,
and on occasion the huskier messengers
did not hesitate to bravo the police.
Strikers and four patrolmen battled In
Nlnety-thlnl street, near Columbus uie.
nue, with the result that three of the
strikers were nrresed.
A favorite nmusetnent of pickets was
to find str ko Ineaktis who worn spec
tacles, then to teat- off the glasses and
stamp on them. Charles Hetus of 39
Kast Seventy-sixth street, n strike picket
was hit with a hrlck In n riot In Finn
street. Hrlcks (lew in many of these
little Fcrans and branch telegraph offices
filnto glass winuows were irctuenny ma
Strike headnuarters was one of the
busiest of places. Heports kept coming
In thnt strikers In branch olhces here
and there had returned to work. Com
mittees were despatched promptly to all
such points to call the boys out again,
a ml usually successfully. News that thn
messengers In Hrooklyn and (Jueens had
Joined tho strike In ought loud cheers.
Pelr-gntlons went to I no M!on ms-i
night to call out tho hoys of that bor
ough, who wero reported to bo ready for
tho move.
The strike committee wa In conrnrcnr0
lnt nlKht with ntllclals of the American
lllstrlct Telegraph Company In an effort
to arrive at a basis of settlement, Tho
conference was brought about by tho
State Board of Mediation nnd Arbitra
Indications of Menocal'n Iefcat Dr-
aplte (.'inerntlve Claims.
Havana, Nov, 2. Oillclal figures of
the votlnif yesterday for President of
Cuba gave Alfredo Zayns a majority of
8 000 for oil provinces in tho republic,
with 8S9 colleges missing,
Hcnor Zayus, who Is the nominee of
the Liberal party ond opposing Hresl
dent Menocal, the Conservative candi
date, said his majority would reach
20,000, Tho LlbernlH are leading: In all
the provinces. ,
The reelection of Tresldcnt Menocal
wan claimed by tho Secretary of the
Interior, Aurello Hevla, In a statement
isbued to-night. Tho provinces of Finnr
del Hlo, Matanxas, 8anta Clara and
Orlente hnve been carried by the Con
aervatlces. Secretary Hevla asserted, gv.
Intf" President Menocal 86 electoral votca
out of a total of,133.
ti. Liberal narty leaders, however,
continued-to-claim the. election of .Dr.
Collusion lu Control I'rlee nf I?kk
im ClinrKed.
Chicago, Nov. 'J After bearing
charges uy A'dertnan l'retzt-1 that there
were 37,50'i.nuO dozen i ggs In Chicago
In old storage while the price in soar
ing nt about 45 cents a dozen, the Coun
cil Ilialth Conimlss.oti to-day Invited
I'lilted State District Attorney Cllne
to attend the next meeting of the com
mittee, at which an effort will be made
to show collusion on the p.ut of mid
dlemen and ptiiduccrs to control the
rlco of foodstuff.
Henry I). Coghhin, a Michigan farmer.
testified that half a doyen Chlcigo op.
er.itors control egg price through tho
Middle West. Their agents buy up the
supply, he said, contending th it It wa
not proilt.ibb) for f.itmetii to ship direct,
meet with certain standard will receive
Mr. Zinsser left the requlremenn In
a letter, but her executors are guarding
the menu. The culinary provision of
the will, which wa executed on ct
her IT. tilno days before sbu died, fol
lows Whereas my late husband and I In
.1 certain letter agree,! to give tho
sum of fin.vvv to ...nh of our grand,
daughter If she prepared n meal un
der certain coinllllnns fully , t forth
In -aid letter, -ind whereas my grand
daughter llllen Zlnsur has received
her JH'.0'', I ge three sums of
jlii.OH') ,-.ii a to my executors to hold
the same l:i trust until such tlmen a:i
tny granduaugh'.f rs IVggy. Helen and
.Margaret Zinsser comply with tho
(iiudltloii m t forth i i al,l letter.
Should for any riaoti any of my
granihl.ltii!hterH not comply with the
reitulli ni'-nt set forth I i said letter
tli it I diiect thai toe nn.oiiii st-t apart
for In i' eh ih reirt to my icKdtitry
Ml I'eggy Zinr-rr U sludyius nt
suld he told Mr FOrklns
"I don't want any commutation from
you. I don't want anything. I know
Hofrano Is Innocent ; nobody known that
better than I 1 won't say anj thing to
s' nd h'm to tho electric chilr."
C.irnlvilb; also told the Ilstrlct At
torney about the gambling war nml that
g.mi Mr. Littleton tin- opportunity to
bring out the light between tho Fitml
more and the ii.iltii.irl gangs. Frank
1-Vntilniore had broken away from Ual
marl and started his own gambling place
and then Al li.ilmarl and Nick Sassl
slarttd a place near Fi-nuluioie'.
Carnlvalle told of ono time when h"
grabhed a man known as Smltty and
Frank Fennlmoro Just ait they wire
about to start shooting. Later h- heard
that tumble was about to start and got
out of bed to go down and ask Cial
marl atsl "Mlko the I'og" to do t-ome-thlng
to stop It.
"TIwid'h no loom for two licit-." bo
sal.l Mike told him, "only tu.im for one
lio b.-n I. to bed "
Afterward Fei nliuore poolroom was
shot up. and l-'nililiiiore wouuded. I'.it-
tdviill,' ile.'lded that the district wasn't
Illds received yesterday by the Paymas
ter of the New York Navy Yard for con
demned stores were better on tho aver
uge than those which have been mado
In similar sales lu the past.
The highest bid for thlrty-ono tons of
plug tobacco was nineteen cents ii
pound, two cents better than the prlca
paid by the succesful bidder last winter,
when a similar quality of leaf was sold,
but far below the market price, It I
asserted by many tobirco men. There
were about thirty bidders on hnnd. An
nouncement of whether the bids are ac
ceptable will bo made later by tho De
partment. The highest offer for 1.G00 pounds of
bnen thread, however, was only thlrty
e.ght cents a pound, Tho market price
I said to be around $2 a pound,
Tho greatest change from pervious
sales was In tho better offers for glass
ware bearing the navy's emblem. Last
I-ebru.iry tbl ware brought nbout
20 per cent of Its cost. Prices yestcr-
nuy were almost double that tlgurc.
Wine set broujht offers of 20. De
canters drew bids of a high as sC cents.
Kids for champagne glasses, of which
141 dozen were to be Hold, went up to
J2T5 for two dozen lots. Ono bidder
offered $1.41 for n slnsle dozen. The
Ingest bid for u small size variety of
claret glasses was I.SS a dozen. One
bidder ottered to t.tko the entire lit!
dozen at tl a dozen. Sherry glasses
brought a high bid of M.25 a dozen.
The cut glui-s cost the Navy Depart
ment pre es much In excess of these.
The champ ignn glasses cost 24 ccnta
eich, ilirit glass". cost 3d and 2
cents respectively ami sherry glasses 23
cent)'. The ciuart decanters' cost JLT0,
the pints Sl.De. Half pint decanter. coit
The best bid for fl.900 pounds of flour
condemned as muMy was 22 cent a
pound and 12 cents a pound was bid for
T.oii.". pounds of butter londnraed a.i
Four for $7.50
will contribute much
to your satisfaction and
my reputation.
Light aad eiiik groanJs, color
eteratt, soft ind stiff ruffi,
necrtixre boioau. til iize.
liU'Mr 'TIV
Leather cota more, but we cut
profit and keep up quality.
Mahogany Cordovans
$5.50 & $7.50
Sold elsewhere
l S7.ncMoIlU.iM
1... .III... f,.n lilo, :,ti,t ti.lit to ltt'ooklvn.
,-niiio . '.i ,Ke .inn m.i-k uii. n .ii i.rjn T, r,. ,. ,(,,, , unt'l the p. ace cotiM-Mawt-
M - Ma-gar.-t live- at 320 U . M ,.,ir,. .,. ..M man llrondlid's."
liitta s-r.,. t with In r lather. Dr ltan1 ,UUr iVrnlvall. as ariestnl. ho said.
A.lisetr. , i,,.,, t., .,,., t.'a.iinlitior.. went to see
Tie1 rema'nder of the large elate I.
divided enually among tine.- .s .-i. Kred
erick 1 1., Mans and Augu-t .1 '. .er.
liuiiriltnii Ak l onrt for .',,lllll to
Oppose Husband' tnlt.
Het.ry A OIldersIeeVH, special gu.ird-
un for Mrs. Am ill.- N. Harucli, who I
him lu the Tombs and iisktd h'm to help ' now In Illooinlngd.il" AMum. usl:e,i Sit
Committee I'urmeil In llnndle Case
Outside of l ltr.
Joseph II. Cho.ite, president of the
State Charities Aid Association, an
nounced cstcrday that n special com
mittee on the after care of Infantile pa
ralysis victim has been firmed In New-
York State outside or the cliy. The nu-
Je'ct Is to n-ciiiti juo.er treatment for
children who have recovered but are In
need of muscle training. The members
will endeavor to i-eciiro aid from local
health and relief organizations,
orcn Hoot is chairman nnd Mis II.
Ida furry secretary of tho committee,
which Includes such prominent persons
as Mrs, Flnlcy J. Shepard, Horace Have
meyer, Mrs, VIIllam Jlayard Cutting,
Ogden L. Mills, Dr. H. N. MacCracken,
Adolph Lewlsohn, V, Averlll Harrlmnu,
Mrs. Wlllard Straight, William Church
Osbortt and Mrs, Mary Raymond Ship
man Andrews.
The St ite Department of Health will
cooperate with tho committee.
I'liieh (or Tenement Dnelleri.
Those who lll feel the gre'iteM pill' li
a the rrsult of the scarcity of cml sup
jille lu case of exceedingly cold weather,
which nuld make coal buying abso
lutely neecbSary. are the dwellers lu the
tenements. There are In Manhattan 4n.
201 tenements without elevator, or 4T 1
per cent, of nil the building. Thousands
of theso tenants buy coal by the pall.
With "Tony" and "Joe" paying 110
per ton for their e'oal, It Is expected
they would chargo rail patrons at the
rate of S20 a ton.
The New Jersey Public Utilities Com
mission decided yesterday to Investigate
the coal situation. James Mas berry. Jr.,
Inspector of thn commission's railroad
division, uos lUiected to find out how
many cars are used In the transporta
tion of coal through tho Stato, how
many there nro on sidings empty ; how
many are on sidings tilled and tiie
amount "f coal slored at teimlnulb.
ASK "MAD MONK" FOR $2,000.
f ime up ltofrati". '.Nothing doing for
I Hox." he said with a sneer and a w.ivt
i of hH hand, "llox has .1 conscb nee."
I Omnium I'roud of III Cnlllng.
II.- Iteliirn, tilinn, r Cmi T.ie last p..rt of the fetid story, aftii'
the peace muling, was loin ny ,ick
llne fonrt Morle. Ilitrli, s.is.d. a man with the physiUe of a
Serglit Mlchallow TrufanofT. ktown ' u!ctlght. r and the bold face of .1 bull
In Itnsyla ns "llllodor. th M1.1 Mo.,1.-" dog Sasl ha l" u a part of the lower
proud of It.
preii.e Court Jubilee- Cohalaii for an
award of 15.1)00 with which to light tho
suit for annulment of marriage brought
by her husband, Hartw'g N. Ilaruch,
banker and br.kt-r of Hi) Ilroadway. The
lljruihs ei married on April 1, l;ii)i',
and hue two children
Five jears after the wedding H.iruch
declares ho discovered that hi wife had
ilLiiit-ntla pr.vcox and she was v'ommltted
10 th" alum. Decision wa reserved 1 vlr iiiu. n
lllly navo nacK 111 storte or ItUSstJIt I " '"'.. ..'. ...'. .. . .........1 '...i . i..-. on her eiiarcilan'M .mullc.-itloii.
Hie OIK I'MOI III' ..ili'.-u .net no- ow - ----- .
Dark Mahogany Calf Shoes
$2.97 and tf.Vti
Elsewhere $4.00 and $5.00
Socket-Fit Arch Shoes, $fi.0o
Inr weak unties ami it.n fiiul.
Tell .fnstlei- Collin Iti-for nmtorif.
Vlnkc- A'ciulli Worse.
A'no" 1'., F. I'ln. h it jdnded je letdi
In I'ehalt' of i youth w. m ho ha.'
charged with tli -ft in. I li, (. r'll'.
pre-se 1 ,i doiiot that n form ' uu . i
Tho l)y, .lonti H. Townsei.i ot
West Slxt-sltii sir. t, wa- irrt )
July 31 In .-i-itmectlon with the .li aiioe i
a n i ij of jl" worth of i ipp. e t..'-i n,
Ie? owned by Mr. I'lm-uoi. U'.ru
c.i-e was called in Sl- i.il .---i. M
Fln.-hot, who hid inv.-.f. .1 Tow
end's past, ic-oiuim tided 1 . n v .1
the l.'ollln MIKge.-ted , ri ' '
whireupon Mr. l'l:,.h..t i.hi-m i
'Yoll eVldetltl. have ri t li., tg )
tiersou.'ill th.- in im. ti e.,ii te i,
'nmetidlng I 'u-l m i , , in
com-s away u. i a li. w-.r i n t
than when h" entt-i I . . a i t m c
.I , .-. i ai -i
bad tiled to tl - It lie almost lie-
claimed n be told hi storv and later i
court life and the Inttuenc of the mys
terious Ha.-putm If he will repay the
. rr.oj,oi on .'iiiMit.ae .cuvane,! !wa.p,..ll nr(1IHi , h ,l ,,f the Crl.tl-
(ih r iii' m i ! e'oitrts Hullillng l'ke a hem
brederlc .N, U.itrlss, counsel for the m.ji Kae the "llalfooteil" ptl?e dance
magazine, made thu offer ,vetenl iy when I nt which Al ii.ilm.it I Wat pushed ott the ,
Alvln C. Cass, iittorney for Truf.innlT, uor by Smltty. I
asked Justice Cohalan for an Injunction j "Smitty goi-s to hint In a perfectly
restraining the magazine from Interfer-1 gentlemanly, tile-o manner nnd says;
lug with a ttewjer syndicate whhh 'He, you can't get Into this because'
I willing to publish then them' guis have already been dancing
w .ih i "ai.ini"il
Observers Kxpreas Iteltef That
Crulrr Is IlnbbllnB Caldron,
Hf.pdino, Cal., Nov. 2. Lasjen Peak
began belching mlghtly br.lls of black
smoke to-day at Int'rva'n of from five
to ten minute. Tliose wb have watched
the mountain slnca it uwoko out of a
llfty years' torpor In May, 191, ex
pressed tho opinion that the peak's enter
is n bubbling caldron seething with
tho shocks of many explntdnn.
Tho most violent eruption of the yenr
took place yesterday afternoon, accord
ing to observers reaching hero to-day.
m itMA f m t iff
That's the Bayer Cross"
It is the mark of the
one genuine, unadul
terated Aspirin.
Atk for
see that every package
and every tablet bears
"The Bayer CrotYour
Guarantee of Purity" .
ftckt Bkim .t 12, fclllti W 24 u4 BIIm d IM
The tnde-mitk "Aspirin" (Ret, TJ. S. Pat. Office) U a
guirnteethatthemonoceticcidfiterof uticylicacid
in these tablrta i of the reliable Bayer manufacture.
iii II mm 1 1 WMmmmwm
Rrnarlwav nt "?4tl .Strrft A f1
Today and tomorrow! !
A Sale of Men's Hats
In the prcvailiiuj colors and styles
1 A Rood hat at $1.65 is a bargain and ono
of these $3 hats at $1.(55 is even better.
Unusutil activity in our hat department has
left a number of broken lots of our most popular
numbers those which have been selling at $3
and up all season!
f To insure quick action we are offering these
hats at $1.65 The styles are those in demand
by active New Yorkers and the colors include:
Brown, Green, Grey, Faun and Mack.
Also A Fine Lot of Derbies
at $1.95
j BROWN is the last word in headgear for men.
We are showing shades of brown in derbies today
that afford a pleasing change from the conventional
Aldinc Brown, Malay Brown & Onion Skin Brown
J Every hat in the lot worth $3 maybe more.
These three popular prices
$20, $23 and $25
afford a range of choice in
Saks-Made Suits
not generally obtainable in
"popular" selections
A "popular" price usually implies limita
tions. But not at Saks'. Any time we
Hnd it necessary to cut down on assort
ments in popular-priced clothes we'll cut
out popular-priced clothes altogether.
Until that time you can look to .Saks' to
lead the way in popular-priced values and
in popular-priced varieties.
CJ We can give you better values in popular-priced
suits because we mako thorn
ourselves, from bench to you.
C We can give you better varieties be
cause we do our own choosing, and base
our selections of models and materials on
Metropolitan tastes and tendencies.
J And we can give you better tailoring
and better style because as a result of our
Maker-to-Wearer methods we are able to
buy better tailoring talent than is usually
employed on popular-priced propositions.
At .$20, $23 and $25
We can show you models and ma
terials and values which you can
not duplicate in any other shop.
Broadway at 34th Street
i ueaaay.i' etuurrrvaniia - win . com

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