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Partly overcast to-day and to-morrow;
rising temperature; moderate winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 53; lowest, 45.
Detailed weather, rmtl and murine reports on page 13.
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1916. VoVVrght, IMC. by the Sun Printing and VubUthlng Aiiociatton.
.Irrsey Illy and Newark. ) TWO CENTS,
Heavy JMow Dealt Austrians
to llolieve Pressure
on Rumania.
Many Vantage Points on
Caiso Plateau Captured
by Storm.
HauyOuus and Large Quan
tities of Munitions
Anions: Booty.
Rome, Nov. 3. Ccn. Cndorjia's great
tttaok on the Austrian positions: all ,
ilongthe fifteen mile front from Oorltz i
to the Adriatic swept ahead In llsiUUUUinUU 1 UVUUUUU
tfcnnd dny. Tt Is confidently asserted
here tint this new drive for Trieste
will he of Immense aid to the Ru
manian armies, now again lnvnilliiR
Austrian .oll through the Transyl
tnnl.in passes.
Additional points of vantage on the
rocky Carso plntoau, strongly fortified
y the Anstrlans as defences of
Trieste, have fallen to the Italians.
The capture of 3,498 more prisoners,
more guns, more machine nuns and ! attacks In Volhynla and Clallcla arc be
Quantities of arms and ammunition Is ' eomlns stronger. The itus.lans sue
innounced In to-night's official state-1 c",c'1 " !,oth fro""' ln ,akl,IK ,,:,ck
mcnt. In two davs 8.200 r90ners j from the German, some of the trenches
! thm Hnpnintia ulitlllAH In tllA IIAaf lKltt.
hive been taken.
Austrian losses: have been tremen-'
itxh. According to a wireless de- '
ipatch, the AUstrlana lost 15.000 men
. , , , M . . ,
V vi.l.,,lAt an, I .n ..... .a.I I.. .1.. I
i..vut .i.'uiiuv.. .... vaiiiir.i ,11 iiironvs ago.
first day alone. The Twenty-flrst Aus-
trian neglment and several lttallons
,j ,"',,,? i f, " I
nalno Iteporleit Takrn.
The weather remains fine ami clear ltu.lan wae. tried seven times to re.
itid the attacking Italians are fighting . capture the same positions, but failed
feverishly to crush the Austrian resist- wm, exceptionally heavy loses.
anee completely before there Is more . Kven partial siR-cess for the llusslans
rnln and fog. Thus far the Austrian n recapturing the position, attacked
eeunter attacks nre reported to be jo-dav I. lniMrtant. The Stokhod po.l
feelile though oft reiwafd. Indicating I Hons mark their further advance to-
nisi me morale or me troops is nroKen.
It N reported here that Dulno, on the
Adriatic three miles southeast of Mon.
falcone, has fallen to the Italian.. On
th railroad running through Monfal
ecr.e. long held hy the Italians, along
the coast to Trieste, Dulno Is a point of
strategic value. It Is- about twelve miles
from Trle.te.
other despatches say that Gen. Ca
'erna's troops have occupied a mile of
hsGoriiz-Vogersko-raUvvay and nr
truggllng to conquer with the ft
he he ghts near Kemner see. Already
the heights near Kemperllsce. Already
they have attained nearly the crest of
the heights.
Further south, east of Oppachlaella,
the Italian troops have smashed Irre
I'.stlbly through the Austrian centre
nd have penetrated a mile along the
enitre of the Carso plateau toward
dstagnavlzEa, east of Hud! Iog. The
eecupatlnn of tho westerly houses of
Hudi Log was announced In Gen. Ca
iorn.i's last big offensive, three weeks
The Ofllrlal tie-port.
The Italian official report Issued to
Eiftht says:
"Julian Front From Goritz to the
a havy fighting, which resulted In fur
hr successes along the northern brow
of the Carso plautfau, continued yester
day Here the troops of the Kleventh
Army Corps, who repulsed violent coun
ter attacks during the night, took strong
Wi-nre. on difficult ground east nf
Veliki Krlbaeh and Mount I'ecinka.
"After taking several trenches and
elearlng the enemy nut of woods and
"ves, th. Fourth and Forty-llfth dl
'Isioti., In splto of an Intense artillery
fire and counter attacks, held the. line
running from Mount Falte over the
hflghts of Point Sin to Point 120, on the
Ppaihlasellu-Castagnnvlzza road, "00
mtcrs est of tho latter."
Tranlnnln Again Invaded and
Tenlon Flank Threatened.
L'iMkin, Nov. 3. Rumanian troops
,r again on Transylvanlan soil and
I" position to threaten a hard blow
' the tl.tnk of the main Teuton army.
At two of the Alpine passes: south
at of Kronstadt the Itumanlans have
nttrhul ihe offensive from Von Kalken
"in. At Table Ilutzl, In the mountains
rn fifteen miles east of the Predeat
ss. they lini'A ernsapil ntruln Into
Triiiisvliaiila, forcing back the Teutons
rrc iryuiB io invauo jtumamu.
In the lluzeu Valley, n little to the
t, the Itumanlan Infantry have car
rlfd out e brilliant and difficult moun
tain attack, storming Mount Hlrlul and
Taturuinlo. Mount Hlrlul, one of the
'Ijailiniiing peaks of the lluzeu range of
" Transylvanlan Alps, will he of great
'aluc to the numanlan defence.
Ilunianlans Stand Firm.
In the I'rahova Valley, south of Pre
'I P.us, the itolnt where the Teuton
'lack has been strongest, steadiest and
""t dangerous, the Itumanlan troops
"ji firm against heavy bombardment
nJ refuted attacks and held all Ihelr
In the Toraburg Pass, southwest of
rfleal, the German atatement to-night
ays progress has been made In the at
'ark on Klmpolung from the northeait
Th second of the Uerman column con-
Ce-i'lni.ed on $cn4 Pag.
Several Steamers Slopped niul
Searched and Two Taken
to Teuton Port.
tlctiLlN, by wireless, Nov. 3. A raldt
wus made by German nuvnl small craft
on the skipping route between the mouth 1
of (he Thames niul Holland on Wedtics-
day night, the Admiralty announces to-,
dity. Severn! steamers were stopped utid i
searched and two of them were brought 1
Into a Herman port. The raider werei
fiultlcssly shelled ly four Hrltlsh'
cruisers while they were returning.
The ottlclal statement reads: "On the1
night of November 1-2 small Herman'
naval vessels advanced from points of
support on the coast of Klanders against . . i 1..1 i... v
Hi trade route between the Thames and 'x ,J " neaded ' '" '"
Holland. They stopped and searched ', nal "V Conipnny, which Is continued
several steamers, and brought two ofjby the National City Hank Interests, fo
them which were suspicious Into port. u I().1M of $,-,n,ioo,000 to t'c l.ulun
A third steamer, which was ordered to
follow, has not yet hi rived. I Lo e-ii'iient, the proceeds of which will
"A they were returning some of our be used ! Inclpnlly for p.iv pi- for war
torpedo boats weir shelled for a brief munition.. T.'ie font, will I... i illrert
time without success by four British
rrillrtorii. Mtit ti-iinl fur.'Pri till rptttrtipil
safely." eminent and will bear Interest nt 5'j
The Admiralty has made the following ( per cent,
announcement: , Associated wllh (he National Cltv
"It Is once more stated that all Hie . ,, , ,,
(lernian torpedo boats which partook In 1 Company In the negotiations were .1. I',
the enterprise In the Kngllsh Channel on j Morgan & Co., the (luarantv T.nt Com
the night of October 26-2" returned. No pany, Kidder, I'eabodv & Co. and I.ee.
boat was damaged by shells or mines. niBglnMn & Co- Tll.;p ne Institutions
by Uerman torjiedo boats llrltlsh .Minis
ter Halfour (Klrst trd of the Ad
miralty) admitted that the number wan
six. The otllcbtt llittlsh report Issued
previously mentioned none. The Herman
reportgave their number as eleven,
which, according to a new and careful
Investigation, must be considered as very
" " "
Retake Part of Trenches on
West Hank of Stokhod,
East of Kovel.
. ii......... ..
Iindov. Nov
.1. I .unniiii. iuuii.ti
j the Germans captured ln the past week.
On the Stokhod, enst of Kovel, a stub-
born battle Is still tolnir on. but the '
iluwdan attacklriB colu.i.ns have retaken
R Part or the trencnes on tne western
bank that the Germans captured a few
" . . . ......
on the high ground east or i.ipnicu-
dolna Iluslan troops also attacked,
Klrst cutting the barbed wire entangle-
First cutting the barbed wire entangle-
inent. before the German trenche. under
a heavy lire the llusslau Infantry gpt
Into the trenches nt some point.
I Tii.il.'li. M (limine, Mt:itetoptlt N.l that
wartl Kovel ami the Nnrujuvka posl
tlons their strongest threat to Halle. I
the key to Lembcrg.
1 OrHlsh I'lnceil nt 4110,0110 li- a tier.
mnii l.stlmnte.
":n--'V vla I-midon, No 3 -i:.,l-
mff the four months oireii'ive on ine
.t.. iAv..,n
General Hea biuart -r" I , the west, give ,
the htsies hi I round numherl a" t'oo.oliO. 1
The survey place, the llrltlsh losses nt
too, into and those or the French at
The estimates, the suivcy sas, are
regarded as moderate In view of the fact
that the llrltlsh casualty lits admit
losses of 372,000 to the nid of Septem
ber. Tho writer asserts that each square
mile of territory recovered cost the
Allies more than 5,000,
Wounds of Ancelln, Who I.rd Fort
lloiiniiinont Attack, I'atnl.
T'Ants. Nov. 3. Gen. Ancelln, com
mander of the brigade which led in the
assault on Fort rtnuaumont, In the Ver
dun region, on October 2t, has died of
wounds. Gen, Nlvelle, the commander
nt Verdun, In announcing the denth to
Mine. Ancelln. nlluded to the fact that
her husband had prepared for the vie.
lory and capture of IViiiuutnont,
Gen. Ancelln served nt first assistant
to three Ministers! of War. Herteaux,
Kttenne and Mlllerand, In the direction
of the army administration. He was In
charge of the reorganization of the
French cavalry before the outbreak of
the war.
Send IMclurra of Franco-nrltUh
(irnve. at finlllpoll.
Paiiih, Nov. 3. Cardinal Amelle,
Archbishop of Pari", received a letter
to-day from the Vatican Infoimliig hint
that In lesponsc lo a request by Pope
Henedlct that the graves of French and
Kngllsh soldiers who fell on Oalllpoll
peninsula should be cured for piously the
Turkish Minister of War has had photo,
graphs taken of all burla! places of such
soldiers: ulid has sent them to the Pope.
' The photograph, the letter adds, will
be placed on view at tho Vatican for
Inspection by relatlvea unci friends nf
those who fell in the. Daidatielles campaign-
yfrm, W. K. Vandrrlillt and Mrs.
Hermann Orlrlchu lleerh r a lM4,nno
Han Francisco, Ncv, 3. Pint nf tli
site, of the Panama-Pacific exposition
on the edge of San rranciscn nay was
to. day by Mrs. Vt. Ix. V anderhllt
H il Mrs. Hermann tlelrlchs of Now York
. the Panama-Pacific Kxpnsltlon Com
pany for $184,000 as the first definite
step In preserving and presenting the fn
n.oua KpoIUn Marina and tho Palace
of Klne Art to the city of Han Francisco,
The deal waa-negotlated hy William
II. Crocker. Han Prancleco banker, a di
rector of the eipoaltlon cotHpany.
$50,000,000 LOAN
Syndicate Headed by National
City Company .Completes
Payable ill Dollars llei'C! to
Run Five Years: Rate
r 1-2 Per Cent.
Neilfttl.itlon. we- cnttttitnteil ec.ter.
oMIbiHIom of the Impetlal ms!ar, One!
l f illBO lUIUU'ClPU Willi I IIP llil
tlons for the former $50,000,00 Itussl in
(iovcrnmeni loan, which was btougli: ou:
last .Inn;.
l'iille tl;e latter, the new boiiov.:ns
will net b.' backed by any sou of jl
latiral, but, however, will b myj !, n
doll.us 'a New Votk city. It will r it.
fr live jiirs and w'll be nffpred to i!.;
U'iMir. Lconhng to the plan now t ilct
way, in lit least tw wfeks.
Only a few details yet lemaln to be
completed, one of which Is the ptlce at
which the loan will be offered to the
nllhlll It 11 L'tlillVIl hAU.1'., II. ..t 1.
, .... ... ""-'. ...... a. '
will vleld i-oniililprahlv mnr tlmti .11.1 I
the last Itus.lan C.overiiment loan, be-1
cause of the alwence of collateral back-1
n-s liehlud the borrowing. The yield on ,
the last loan wns a little more than 6'-j
per cent. I
Sepnrntr ( redlt TnlUrtl Of. '
1 lU llliilnral nr . I . U r. r. - . - f .
uni h- i.HAri in .t,H, tnl i .-! .e 1
the ia0.o.: rina.i ;Vui?mVi ,
Placed with American
about tno montiui ago.
il is pot-smie,
u..i. ..... . ...
U'iiihio .ij, nun .i s-ir.iie creou ma)
be arranged to lake care of that con
tract. In addition the Ituwlan l.overu
inent is now Inquiring for a large quan-'
tlty of copper, the deal for which Hill
lemalus to be financed.
.in iiriuii.iiiuiiB lur tor tudii .Pi.
conducted more .than three months, dur-1
"n(t which a loan of n high n. 1150.000,- j
00n, WM talked of by American .bunkers.
Twice the plan was halted. Originally.
the nc-otlalliii were started bv Samuel '
, McRobeit.. vice-president of the Na-1
tlnH.I 11 ...I. M, t. .. ... ... VI. . t
' "'" '""'
discuss with the Imperial Government
the question of further credits for litis,
iiurmiiiii m turutrr creoiis tor mm-,
'd the bnlbllnc "tt of American
trade with ltu.Mii after the war,
The fmmer ItU'slan loan established
a credit Itl this c iimtiy fur $50.nno,u00, 1
which was to urn for three jears Slmul- t
laneoii.ly the ltut.xl.in Government es- j
tabllshed In I'elrograd a credit of 130.-
OOO.oon ruble. In f.nnr of the banklns ,
group ai a fixed ratio of three ruble,
to $1. The Itii.'lau Government agieed
to pay Interest on the credit .it 6'i perl
cent-, a eitr. which was In be paid In
dollars In New ork. Ihe ruble credit
can be ued at any time by the Ameilcan
bankers at the rate of three rubles to $1.
. .
wrtr , -...in a a ,, ..,i,,, .v.pji..
The American banking croup also oh- 1
tallied an option to purchase at any tli:c
Imperial Ittisslan Government five j ear
.M f.er cent, IhiiiiIs at ln event
that the American bankers elect to eier-
' - -
.,.,,.,,.,.,, ,..,, , ,
i in. man iniiiKs tne inuti iiiirroning
tmrtm countries, with the ev-eptlon
V,n't'.c-,;.i?..I?or . ,!;",,, ,!'00.?-
heaviest horiower with $S50,n00.0n0, ac-I
vv, , limn in iMitll tmt or rii m
eoidlng P. the Nntlon-il City Jtank'. clr-1
rular. France Is next with $70o,t)00,00'i.
Hus.la'. loans here now total about
$1117,0(10,000, Canada'. $!20,ono,noo,
Canadian provinces $ 1 S3, 000,000, Ital.Cs
$25,000,000 and Germany's about $20,
K. I". Illplc) nf Santa IV Sara En
forcement Menu Strike.
I CillCAdo, Nov. 3. K, P. Itlpley. presl-
dent of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa
. Fe Ilailroad, addressing members of the
I City Club here to.dav, hiild the legal
laient or tne railroads i. still In n
tiuandary as lo what the roads should do
wllh regai d lo the Adainson law.
"The best legal opinion Is lo tlit effect
that It cannot he construed to be a legal
and hindlns statute," said Mr, Ripley.
"Tills means that If the railroads tried
to enforce It, an It reads, there would be
a strike, because It would seriously re.
diice the earnings nf a large part of the
best and highest paid men,"
Tno to lie Free I'lllihti Two Cap
live No 7r pp. I'lnnned.
Wasiiinutos, Nov. 3. Offers of rub
her companies, to construct four balloons
tho llrst equipment of tho balloon di
vision of tho Army Aviation Corps
were taken under consideration to-day
by the War Hepartment,
Two of the balloons will be of the or
dinar)' free, flight type, and the other two
kiln or captive balloons for observation
The Department also Is coiiKlderlng
specifications for several smaller typo of
rigid and unn-rlgld dirigibles, but no
steps have been taken toward the con
struction of huge, craft similar to the
German Zeppelins.
Imprisoned Officer Send Wreath
for Itlval'a t.'nflln.
London-. Nov. 3. ,' despatch to
Heuter'H from Amsterdam quotes the
1(.rilii f.olnl AnxHprr as naylng that n
t,,.,,ilfiil wreath for the coffin of Cam.
i Kneike, the German aviator killed re.
rently, was given ny me iiritisn officers
who urc prisoners of war at Oanahruek,
and that It bore a gold lettered In
scrlptlon to that effect,
The despatch adds that a telegram
from tho officers asking permission to
presant the wreath characterized Iloelke
aa a rmich admired and honored enemy.
hughes odds
More Than $100,000 Wagered on His Victory, Ranging
Between 10 to 1U and 10 to 6Vo, Until Wilson
Supporters Are Driven to a Standstill.
In the biggest Bcttlns day of the yc..
In which more than 1100,000 was put
up, Hughes supporters yesterday -ran
the Wilson money to cover at odd
ranging from 10 to i to 10 to f. 'j,
and In the afternoon were clamoring
for more.
Wilson's attach on Wall Slicet, de
livered on the previous afternoon, ap
parently angered the Hughes men In
the Street, for there wjs twice as much
minify placed In commissioners' halt. Is
during the day as on any other d.iy of
the campaign.
The day clow spectacularly on tne
cuib esterday. Johnnie Grosl.er-.j,
representing a Stock Kxeharige Under.
Jumped Into the group of election bo
tors waving leu $1,000 bills In the.r
faces, offering to pot It us ,i foifeit
to bind a bet of $100,000 to' $80,000 at
Wilson, There was it hurried consul
i.i it. ill ui inu iiiirun iiiuiiv vuiminr. i
sloners, and considerable telephoning. 1
tatlon of the llson money commie-
but the bet was not called, because.
the commissioners claimed they ha I
been getting better odds earlier In the ;
day, and held out for them.
l.nrKPst Ilet of the !
were Itetween cum commissioners act
Inr for Stn.k Kiceltiiili'ii hnimpf.. One
... : .. .
cu tnee was ror jjo.uoo on nugiies i
against $21,000 on Wilson, and two
n.nwru tin Aim ... I-mm ti..a
were many bets, at the ouoted odds
10 to ij down to 10 to 6'-... ranging
from the biggest one of $30,000 dnw
to $100 nod even $S wagers.
One firm defied custom by posting a
list of standing offers of bets that it
will make on the election.
The offer alp S3. OOM In ft.HOO
....... I. A II .......... V.... i,
J I lipilll-n Mill l..lll .I'.V lull. r.1.111',
tt r.nn i tt mm u-hli....... .. in l. r...
elected, $2,000 to $I0.ii0m Wilson will (get so.iioo plurality In this State and
carry at least th.ily States, $1,000 to$2,Soo afalnst $1.00" that Whitman
$3,000 Wilson will carry Wisconsin, w Ins.
w ww w A w m Att.u
W W Will UU1111I
(apt. Kocni"; Admits He
l.ookiiifr for a (iermau
Fifrhtinp Convoy.
Is I
London-. Conn., Nov. 3 A .er-
man Chant will convoy the merchant
mbniarlne Drutschland on her home.
wari) xrl u Ka taTnrt to-dav.
, ,. . ,
lighting ship left the German Its
use at
Ilelgolatnl four d . after the Peutsch-
land sailed and should, given fair
weather, arrive here at any hour.
The word of the C-boafs departure
came through authentic source', which,
i.n-.r ...titw.t t,n- l,e reieale.l. Il I
I. enougn 10 say inai utey were uu-
same sources . announced the pro-
I Jected coming of the Deutschland to
lialtltnorc as early as hit June.
Moreover, Cupt. Koeiilg. commander
! of the nciilsehland, to-day admitted
ttmt ht i tonkin? for a roinoy of till?
. sort
.i.i i. i.. l,. ,., !...,. mlil l..
..nii.'uHii ie- .." -
1,1. Government that a Cbo.it will es-
. ' .. . . ,
cort Him tnrougn ine tiesi m ..r.i.s The price mhani i ne s print paper
and French ciulseis that are known toW,ei, o.eiisiineil this liui-'tlgatliui be.
,n,e ,,fr nn.itloii off the New . gall eaily In lint; and has lont.inieil to
taking their po'l.lot. off the New
coast .ea.ly to sink or cap n.c
,,i, . ,,., - i,. E.t outs de the three
... -1.1- .1.. .I.e....
nun a. soon in o acir uuii..c ......
mile limit, he has every reason to believe
thHt this will be the case.
i ..... ni,i i.. evt.eet n .-otivnv."
..i.i ' i,. inM .,f the tenon, "lint
, w,",i,i nt ). surprised If a Cboat
i ui,,,i,i here very soon. You know
i .,t. ,...,,.,. ,,f the t'.ss when she
I ' . .
came to Newport wa. lo taae care in
the llremen, both on her way In and
her way out
come for me bill I can't saw You know
Hint Is Governinei.t iiui'.ness linn I
would not be told of II."
This report Is now understood to ac
count for Ihe army of spies of all the nl-
lied nations gathered In New London.
I It Is known that the city is full of them.
llrltlsh, French, Italian, anil nonony
knowH what others. The mere presence
of the Peutschlaiitl, nnd on her second
leged slabbing affray III which, It In said
a "allor from the submarine slabbed a
l r In a local .-nf,-. The local
liead waiter In a local cafe. The local
police have cleaned the matter up. they
say, with an agreement between the
..mii.il. .if lbe Cistern Forwarding
who said lie was siaonen nun
( oninnnv
The State police, however, dissatisfied
with the manner In which tho local police
handled tho nfTalr, have taken the mat
ttr under their observation, Lieut.
Theodore Downing from Hartford to-day
At orn'ev
' 1 .-
accompanied Prosecuting
Cronlt of New Iiidou to Ihe company's
office. Heie they had u conference with
Cp. Hlnch. lepre'enllng the company.
which lasted nn hour.
The State ofllclals contend that a
felony has
been commlttc.l and they do
not Intend ti let It pass unnoticed.
I'oatnl llepnrtmeiit Willing to V.t
tnbllsh t'lldersen Service.
Washinciton-, Nov, 3,If the agents
of the German merchant submarine
DruUchlJiid will signify that she Is
available for carrying mall to Germany,1
the Post Office Department will bo so
1...1 ....,! .,.,,, .1.,.,
11. .111.. ii .1. ..
the German Kmbassy.
Count von llernslorff, the Germ 111 Am-
bass.tdor, has asked Hie ugents to Inform
him oil the subject. The Post Office De
purlment nlreatly has declared Its will
ingness to accept a proposal to establish j
u regular undrisca mall service,
l.eaane nf 'nllnhe t'raetl,
Pai-.ih. Nov. 3. 'Lastiui- Ititernatlonal
peace can be made possible only by the j
rormation 01 a socieiy or nations whose
guiding principle shall be the settlement
of differences by law and not by force,
rays a resolution adopted by the con
greis of the I-cague of the Rights of
Man In eeislon here.
trip at that, would not be sufficient war- . - - ",,,'.'.' , ",","
rant for all this. It Is thought. mn l. during lli. h st 1, . If". 1i",'.,ro'1
The possible arrest of one of the mem-1 ' ' ,v- . , r... r . f 10 ' '"'
tieeieii iu. iniim n- ,. i. ...... -, ....
jump in
$1,000 to $4,000 Wilson will carry 'on.
nectlcut. $3,000 even Wilson will have a !
Pluiallty of .10.0110 In New York rltv. .
$1,000 even Hughes will not have a phi
rallty of 100,000 In New Yolk State, and
even money In any iiuantlty Wilson will
carry King, county.
Another commissioner offered to bet
$2,000 against $ln,0Oo that Wilson wl'l
carry thirty-tlve State", Whitman odds
me advancing with the Hughes odds.
I'M ward MiQiiiide, one of the cuib com
missioners, who pl.ueil about, $40,000
Vfr.tntltllV itl, ft... ..I.,l.,, ..lY.r...l 1 ... 1
I III any inutility that Whitman n lit bo
the' next Governor. Seabury follow eis
dimatitl 31 j to 1, and there Is only
smau amount or money to he fouu
tUUSQ odd',
I, .-.(XI, (Mill .tlrenili Put to.
... .
Cuib cnmniis-loners esllmnte that at
b-ast JI..1oc.n(Mi Im, t.cen placetl In the I
hands of t.ikeholilers. The mall of coin.
mission houses for the last ten ilavs h i'
oeeii an ciuuereii up Willi cliecks rang- '
. , ., , . "
if " ' ',. " "kilK V".",.1 '" 10"l'' ,,e i
, '" "
"Jm? J , t
Ji," L ,,t., .,.'.' ' of
them are betting their own money on t
..." '", ' . ,
the election, anil whoever wln .thri-
stand to make money.
More than $30,000 at odds of 10 to S
.!?ook.vnf wl',r ",0 "":,"n", frit""": "f "'" " ,,"""-,t "0k',
lowrJ . f n- i .7 "'"'''y ''-v fo1- It was not a stumv speech that the,
ilsr,' uTLV::;:r ,M .,e
continue to lakn .li..nrM :.t ,i.u ,.f in -our N-ttlon's Cilsl" In Cooper t nlon
...... . . '
ioerR oi nson. uu: wneii that amount '
Save out none of the democrat., would
riititlnii in ifilo ....nnna ... ..i.t- ... ...'"Uu.. v.iflnir t't!' iti f nntwr I nlon
to S. Schumm has $23,non at thoe odds j )c ..mplosed none of tne irlcks of the
?v'i,T,r, z't nhM vo1K"1mustI'corr -
$0.ii0rt at 3 to 1 on Whitman. .the point, his message lacks. lor a
i inner neis tnKen .esterdav neie;
'$2,01111 to $800 that Wilson wln Ohio.
$1,000 against that Hughes will get
plurality In WHon' home State
tt -..III In tt t ink ft.., tl. Id . 1.. .
.(".' .... nu.nra I - l.UUI III"
Illumls. t...iiiin niin tli.it II, ,.-t
Aum ww M vMwwmM
1 Si KkfIIk K
vwxi Wi Kit llLll V111U
Prices rnprecedenteil.
Trade Coininission. hut
Imports Increase.
Wt,sin.nTov, Nov. 3 In a statement
to-night announcing virtual completion
of It. Investigation of news print paper
prices the Federal Trade Conuulssloii
declares that dining the first half of
- -
this ear. when pi Irrs nlre.-nly w ere -.oar.
to utipicceilented figure., the aver-
""' Producing news print piper
in iioinetic nuns was less tlian 1 per
hutiilied iouuil'. or below the average
In the lat three years !
' """"
ssullig it. lejiort publle hearing, will
be coudiicteil and manufacturers, mil
Ushers and others Intei.sted will have
an opportunity to appear. No date Is
"it for the hearing., but the report Is
said to be ready In send to press
Certain fact, developed by the Inoiilrv
.ne iimue vomit' now iiecanse mo! or
. .l, iil,llLl,. .. ... .J
i ........ . r- iii i.in-r aie
, "bout to explie
The statement savs In nart
g.. ea,,y ., ,. ,
,,H HM'
.. ..... . .
.itosi news print paper,
t in a... ....... i
1 ' -I 1 Si. Ill llll
contract for a sear cn moie. Ilefin., il..
price advance began contract pries for
n;;s print paper wen-gcerall, less tht.n
- l"'r nuunrcii politic... Mil HE I he lltst
1 "" "f 1 1 1 i-outiact price, fur lame
luantltle. In some In. tunics went as
high a. $.1. and slnie July I, llMH, have
"s high ii. $.1.50. Mi.t of the con.
triie Is iimv l,i ..mi ..il.... ..il,
; ni expire
wl,hl11 '""'' "r f"1"- month..
current market purchase, urns.
l-'ler publisher, have l-en pa.Mng iii.tn-
"laclnrer. nnd Johbei. very meh higher
s........... ., , einreni
inaruet prices ranged generally be.
twrc-ii 2 and $"! a hundred. pound.. ,ie.
Ilvered. depending on qii.tniity, freight
and other circumstance j but since that
time they have gone up n high .im $r,
or $7 n hundred pound', and even hlghei
In exceptional Instance..,
"The average co.t of manufacture of
by the accountants of the coiniiils.1011
, , , .'K ''0""' "'T0
I . .. . iaK.n "'.' 1 .,l"' '""rage coMs. I
! iirtberninre, thee average costs were
any enr from 1 '. 1 3 lo l-.u
.nl.n....l. ... . ..
iii'kkii no- nvfi.iKf i-o'i necuiieii in
the first half of lDIti the market price.
, . (""" Pf iW'lals of manufacture
nnvitiiceii ami were unusually Uluh
Hi- hluh
l lie iiuantlty of news print paper
produced by domestic manufacturers In
the first half of IMC was somewhat
gieater than In any preceding half year
Mince ine miiiiuc or 1913, The ncrcase
'" I"0'11"'""" was accomplished i,v- ,,,.
tt I II tlllllgi tf eiin:i..lte I l,.n, . I .
' " " 'V '',"'. ""7"" ""
; ' "n" l''',M"t'
";;' "ZS'VZ n, a.
.w ii" . in.,, inii-i
I inn iiianuiy or news print paper
1 """ii .111110 eiiieny irom i an-
; , ' , ! . "m-inirii or the
, i.V..L" ' , ' .' K "
j Increase in the first half of IMfi, The
'fiuanllty exported also Increased, though
inn expoiis weio stuiiii compared with
I Je Ik la .Innriiiil., With .100,000 flr-
.iilnllon, Foneil to wt.
The high cost of print paper ami other
mn,'',r I" responsible for a decision of
Ihe live hlg Jew sli da les In New X'.n-i.
, .. ,...,. . ,i,..i " ... .
I 1 ... 1 . . '.r newspapers
" " - iiin II..M IV fill t-Sll.tV
isruei i.-ri...n.i.. ..Mt.iii... .. ....
........ . ....,.,,, ,,u,,rl ,,, me ,rtc-
fJi .lfoindi.. Journal, said It hail become
a cpu'suon 01 going nut or business or
raising the price. The Journal an
nounced the Intended rnlse VCMter.lni'
t The other papers are expected to follow
, at puce.
The combined circulation of the five
' dallies Is In excess of 500,000, '
Ilrlsnrln firm lls.lni..
' " ' 'rr "rr" iionse.
I I'l'Kn Sanppskv. Ohio, Nov 3.- Fire.
which Is believed to have been caused
by a meteor, destroyed Iho home of -
K. Shumnn In this rlly last night, The
family escaped tn Ihelr ntghtclothcs.
il eu. or lit n.'tner 11 .I.....,. .. ...in
i o miinno . imn nnnnn 1
I Scourges President at Cooper
Cuion and on East Side
and Rouses Voters.
IV IIPUll V Bl'VP.lM'. Vl'l lt
" ' ''" "
"Murdered American' ('list
Shadows at Shadow Lawn.'
Ue Tells Crowds.
Col. Itoo-eielt neer made a mine, ap
penllng, mote thrilling spf v! than the
! .Hasting, scourging sunim.ry of U ,1-
d at fonlun wllh i.hkh he eiul.d his lrn! of
the cuniiMilcn in Ne.v York ' mt n.pM
He delhered hl filial sl-'e- bainm-i
i. ... ii i i ... ...i.i.
f"p Mr- Hushes b- ote w
cl.eerliig ciowtl In Coopn I'ninn and
the National Thenttn Itl Ka'l Houston
. . . ,
Around both meeting places thoiisaiids ,
nf men antl womAi lnul overflow lames
-i.t.t.. i.,n ti,. ,,.i,t
comrade within the halltt.
y " '
..v,... .. . t,,,itv i..ni-..fiil .
" , ' 'l".:'
" - "'-;
li was not a siituni snei'ca unit im-,
,. . ,. . . . ,,,.,. .
forln,r '"I'l''"' "' '"'h" ot
Itoo.evelt ipeech It was short, only 3,r,00 1
wordi In the prepated draft, to which he
adhered clo.elv Its lite wns not scat
tered. Il was not n "review" of t in
..... . 1.... u. it,...
l.'on .Mimillisilulioil
. ,, .
A inllentT Ileum, serioni.
t nis a coin entrated exposition of
what Col. l!uoevelt conceives to be the
m();ll linij .irtua1 failure of the I'resl-
h "'''''!' "wPt
M'ttrilllll CiriMHIIl Oil WIP "I
"ther HucluiMiur' th.it lia.l bei'ii Infllrtfil
on the nation when the times demanded
I a Washington or a Lincoln,
J lilt i oionei riuoieii me i 'c itinera i it.
nigumeni mat norses must nut ne
changed In crowing a stream Inter-
rupieu oy laugnter ne saiu:
"The wnith of such an uppcal Is not
obvious when n hore, whenever he
comes to a stream, first pretends he Is
going to Jump It, tin n refuses to enter
It, and when he bus reached the mid-
at. i..r....u. ,... r..i,u. fe-,..i rt
feebly backward and occasionally lies,
"if we had not swapped lluchanun for
. Lincoln," he added, "we would never
have cro.-e.l the stream at all.'
i "One of them nan a Jackass !" elled a
Cooper L'nlonlst. and Col. Ilooeelt
Joined In the merry roar
Temiient of Clirrrlntc,
cheering became a tempest when
he uiMM.-il that Mr. WILon had "drasged
In the tlust what was mn't sacred In our
!'l"t a"'' J'opardlr.. ,1 the most vital
na. jeoparill7.nl tne most vital
hope of our future." and hid misled
-many eo.,,1 men ,.n,l ni.i.ien with
shadow- dance of word-.."
III. M'lim was especially piovoketl by
.Mr. wiisons recent remark, "Vou can
not worship God on an empty stomach
and ou cannot bo i patriot when ou
are starving." What the Colonel had to
say uhnut that caused the ".noo In
- i..i ....-i .
1 1 i" -l'iom i
their feet w'th
.. ..i-itter from
which a lone voice
Is no country for
emerged, "This
sissies "'
111 the ease of Helgiuill the I'resitletit
lias -pie-eiMd a neutrality that would
nuke Pontius Pilate ipilver with envy."
wa. another figure that made them yell
tgaln "And .vet.' the Colonel shouted
"ln '"" l-l,p,''h ,a1 Thursday he said
",al ""cr ",,"t wr '",
shitilo.i. nt slmilixv I, men.
He made the people cusp wllh hi.
tihln-J of tin- Ameth-aus ie,u on the
Luslt.tnla an. I In Mexico. They sat as
II. .11..... I.i. .. , .
u ri.uin.-.i imi men, inn -..i.. i.nui nu-
ting like add. he added this phrase;
"Those are tin- shadow., proper for
Shallow Lawn, the t-'in-Iows of died,
that wt-ro neiei done, the shadows of
loity wniii. inai wen- i ii.owrn ny no ac
Hon. the shadows of the tortured dead,"
When the Colnne' Hist stood befme
them tlie crowd clieeicd him six and n
half mliiilten. With stauiM- i-ct they
kt.-it time to "We waul Teddv " The.v
also save three cheers for John W.ina
maker. Ihe i-'ialrin.in. and for Mr.
Hitches Mr Wan.imaker spoke of Col,
lliio'evtlt iim a man beloved hy the
VI r, WiinninnLrr'a Speech.
M. Wanainaker said .
"Speaking as an ln.lHelii.il business i
man. In touch with merchants and
manufacturers throughout the I'nltetl
Slates, I feel that I may say freely and
Irankly thai there prevails lit this time
a deep and widespread concern because
of the Inriiliicnce of distress, distrust
and dishonor that threatens our country
by a continuance of Wll-onolng) A
business convulsion may occur In
America al any moment that will shake
It fiom end to end as never hefiue
S n rKnt tll mien, Ihe mlghlv steam-
I...I . n 1. A . I . .1 . .1. i..,.. t
sines ii, i, ii. ii i. inr i a .,, ,m lines., nut I
w must not allow the Industries of the
l'nlteil States, to be Interned."
Mr. Wannmaker reinlinlcil the audi
ence 1 1,11 w 111 nn nanus on t he same
,i,.sK n.-fon- wnicii lie stooti Ahrahani
fifty. flv 1- )ears ago.
"coin mane. 111s c ooper 1 111.111 speech i
'On this sacred giotind," he went on.
"let me call you to the front, biavti men
and tine, nnd reclaim Ihe country Uiv
which he perished livery man hi this
audience who will reconsecrate himself
... r 1 1.. .... . ... -
. . " ,,
i .. ...1.1 i.i, 1 i . .1.. ii i ,
s and i n for on ' ;'"'' "1'ilsc
Nob dv cfusel to st n
" ,'. ..Kill" .... an mail.
ar or Ills meniin y 10 go oui atler the
,,,,.,.,,,0,1, w,uerli,B nnd wandei InV- of
.,,, tremen "
our coilinr) men.
n Inlin.liieeil Co ltnns..lt .....I ..
man shouted, "We've got the spirit of
iti, reiioy 1
"Ycs, of
'76 and '!," replied
Col Roosevelt's only Imnnti tint .1.-
pnilure from his written address was
his assertion mat "we are all Amerl
1,1ns and untiling else and no man can
, in... n.isis
We invn r0, ,(,1, etnmtiy for
be a good American on n llfly fifty basis
Kngllsh Americans, German Americans,
Irish American, or French merlt-ans,
, We have room only for those who give
j CoMllaiierf on Brrtnth Page,
Plunges Tliroiiub Smoke;
Rescued Children.
The Rev Allen 1.. Henncr marshalled
a class of bo and gills safely Irom his
... ....... .. ,.. ..... i .tot
''""""" - i
yes- ,
leroay, men piungeu ii.ick inco cur sotom-
land llatnes to save the pulpit lllble, the
altar cloths and oilier sacred articles,
He was dragged out of the building by
lliemen, still itimuliru to be allowed to
Eft more tre iures The church, St. I
John'. Kngllsh Kvahgrllcnl Lutheran, Itl
Stoollinff avenue, near urch.ild avenue.
,,. ruined by (I.e. water and unoke
rhe pastor n Instructing a large
con II im.it Ion flas of boys anil glrl In
chMi.h 0,r, , Kt f !noUe and ,
llatus drove him balk for a inonietit,
but rallMng his strength lie rougl t 111-
WV t" door Hhlrh litl to the i liuioli
viti Tifi ,,,, r, ttien he
'threw- this alar beld back the llamc foi
a fiw minute'.
j Mien nr. llftiiirr leturnrd to tne
tu.t.i.. , iin.i.i luiiiil iim- iimii.k "vi-.
tt,.ri. t 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 r togethrrln teiror ..nil
fotue ucre ptppiiiiui; In leap rrnui lite I
windows, nr. Homier formed them in
". 'he glrU ahead, and maich-d them
through the unoke to the open .loot.
1 " V'J '' V' . V:,..":. ' "
,.,'' ' " V.,' V"
. " -".-. 1
Mayor 'of &")',,: ' In getthig ,T the
Haines the firemen we,n force l to s.nah
!Z:i'?z ,w- Tl,e
"ainf s Ktart. d under the organ.
Put ny rnaries .. .sonteren. lornteriy j
,. -i noo .itinn tti simlitw The
5,, , 7l, n C
' "
lUUlllDIl 1lDO 111 T1AD
Returns to lturniim' Hut With
Infant to Save Oilier
lteuunlng to the burning tenement at
35S Cherry street In leseue her four-
,;.,ir.oJd t.au-hter Anna
Mrs, llo.le
Gepl, with a M-tiiim:h-ii!il babe In her
arm', wa. siitTocated with both her chll-
dteii last night. She was found llns at
the door of the Gehl's three room apart-
ment on the fomth Moor, the Infant still
chsped in her arm. and ti.e little girl
Atiim ivlne den.l by her side.
l'etr I. Amscher. f.7 Gouverneur
street, assisted In the i.m-uc of the fif-
teen f.tnilllc. occupjint: the live story
tenement and he hid led Mr.. Geld to
saret wlifii she suilfleui) n-,iizeii tniu
one of her 'hll lien had been left behind.
lb- de.ieniled the fire ec:ie, tnitii.itig
Mrs Geld was following nun em-eiy, nut
when In- nnlu-il at tin- bottom sin- and
her baby were nouhtrc to .een.
I'.nys building bonfire, mi the street
tie siippn-ei! t" have -taited the tire
The i-ntend the hallway to gt a light
from the gas i"t anil V .. thought they
. ... , .., ,,..i.i...i ,.,.,..r 1,1. i. w.,t
,L' ',,',.,,. . The hhize wa. mm.
munlcnted to a six story loft building
at 3''.o Cherry stieet and altogether did
about $in,ni)(i damage. Tin- tire was ex-tingul-hed
within a Omit -line of the
tire mmpanlcs' at rival.
Max Geld, husband of tho de-ul woin in.
!. a truckman and bad noi letutii.-.l
home nt the time of the trtse.ly I It
lea rued of the lire, but wa- to'.d hi. w.fe
and ihildriii bad gone io the Ma.l-.son
street poll.- s at.uii lb- Inipnteil for
his wife tln-c and was told she had ln-eii
burned and sutfoi a.l He asked then
for III. children and when told that they
too were dead In- eoll p.ed.
Ilrltl.li onrlK I'rt-vi-nl tlnt-U on
sepnrnllon lliiiinee.
LoNPON. Nov 3-12.20 A, M Mr
nthoiiv .1. Piexel was giaul-il to.da
sin Inlt-rlm iij'inctlrm fo- a fiiitn.ght
by tin- lli.lisli i. -nils on her npplie nlon
to prevent h- r Im-b ind frmn serv.i.g ln-r
with papers in -no aetion In the Fn-nch
courts to obtain money winch the Hilt
ish coilil. recently ileci.b-d bclonueil to
It w:i stated III com t that Mr. Drexel
had star'ed an action In France to tight
Mrs. lirexcl's ilalm
Inst June a London eoint iiwatilcd
Mr', lue.xil a .ve.-irl) nrowiiin-i- of $.",i..
000. Ill IMS. the l-ees executed ll
separation agreement and in 1M5 Mrs.
i Prexel sued hi r husband to iccovcr
money uiiib r the sep.ir.it. on deed.
Hie.. 'I
vvii Oilier. llroiiKlif
li lli-ntrti) rr,
. Nov. 5 T " di sliover
N-iiil'i'i t. V
dishing U-turned lure m-day funn a
hurried tri to "he I n.i imiii.l Sno.ils
l.tglitsti.n with the bnilv of Andrew
Thlsle. the lightship, tlisl male, and
bringing also It. I Uu, It. the ship-.,
wireless npeiatiir, and G Kemp, a na
Iran, both III nf ptomaine. polonlng.
Thl'lc died of heart failure Induced by
nt Mill. 1 1 ties
The Ctishi il- left here yestetd ,y nfler
f a wireli-s.' call fiom the
the leeclpt
lightship. ..irry.iig a sill genu to attend
' the sick men Thisle died before the
iikuisiii,. w.i .e ..
Ileinoii 11 11 111 to Hi- ( tirrled From
"l" Into llrj" Ti-rrltor.
- n.s.. ..-.-... " '
CiiAin.csTiiN. v.t . Nov. :i - unlets
I Issued by Ihe Chesapeake ami Ohio lla'l-
,1 t...,v 1,1, 11, nun e the ereatlim nf
1 mail lo-iiay aiiiioini. e ine erenl on of
: tw ,, special trams, beginning ..-ninriw,
on "UWh '""'''" l.-'ully
train, will move e.- Tue-day.
Thursday and Satunlay between Ash
laud. K , ami 1 'h. 11 lesion I'.ach pas
senger ma) cairy one suit case tilled
with lluunr, the iase 1,1 be no larger
! than 24 by 13 by s Inche.
j Person, w III not be permitted to trans.
I port lliiuor on regular tralr,, a icgula-
linn which has been in force for snnie
Prince Vllreen of II 11 inn 11 In IHe.,
UiNiuiN, Nov ,! Pi .nee M.rcei of
i.ri...r, .. ....... ..mi.-i in
Rumania, who has bun suffeimg fiom
tvnliold fever, tiled lliursdav. ,1 -.-oi due
to Renter's llueharest , one.-o, 11.I.1 1
. Prince Mir. ea was Ihe .voungesi .,, ,,t
King Ferdinand. He wa. l.irn at
j llueharest December 21, 131.
TllR'1 (JlU. StHkcl'S CollfOSS
Blowing: Up 11 0th St. Sta
tion on October 2i.
, ...
LUJiL M li Lo LI lit Jjli
J '-'" U.AIUi OA IjU
Collspi lilt Ol'S I'IuIIIILmI to
A rei'k One ol Two Other
Places When Taken.
lll'f. I I 1 1 I I II, lV' 'I' I
"lllt.. Ktl I Wiilio lll
. . - .. -
ACCMISIM 1.(1011 1 7 1 (MflClll S
in Prison in Default of
$20,000 Bail.
ennles, tllmcs nntl quarters begged
from sympathetic men and women by
organ grlndltii; tar strikers financed
the plot that rtlih.il in the explosion
In the HOlli street station of the Lenox
avt-nuo subway mi the morning of
October 21. The el.s men who con
spired to (oininlt that atrocity had
'lipped again into (In. tin Clips of
benevolence to blow up either th
Times Sipiarc or tho Columbus Circla
slut Ion. Their urrest yesterday morn
Ins pieccdt-d by only a few hours th
linn- they h:ul .-ft for their second out.
I a go.
A fragment of fust- -two Inches of
powth-r mi, iked .string was t lie means
; thiotigli which tin- men of dipt,
' TIioiii.ik .1. Tiitim-y's bomb squad
'' dynanilteis of the 110th
.trc, 1 -'"'" " were seized when
mi nig lusrruienis ior wu-ir sccona in-
fernal machine. ilh the arrests cam
' confession-) from the three principally
n sponsible ami Melf-lncrlmlnatlnff
titements from the others.
Five of the prisoners are members of
Local T3I .if the Amalgamated Ass.
elation of SHeol and Klectrlo Hal'
way r 1 1 j .1. ees All except one of th
gioup are oui'g null They have beci
member., nf the union less than four
mouths lielictiiig they might redeem
then- ot eause through terrorliatlou
tho i tubal keil m thtit- d.iug.ious cn
terprlse. I, rniler. fitUt- e.11 tin- Illume.
Although the neie i agcr to con
fess the leailel-- strove tit monopolUo
the blame. Said .la nes J. Merna, ill
tv hose itn-td the s In-nie was conceived;
"1 willing!) would havo given up t il
life for the ll.iiMij men of our Ne.v
Votk organization It was I who prj
posul it I ilol the mo.t to carry I.
Ihiotiglt These other fe''nws s'mnly
followed in- bliinll) You can t alio
in.. I.fc now If tin tali, n j nf It will let
these other poor fellows nut"
M, eh, nl . I. Ibilin.v tlii.in. i.il sccrctaiy
nf tin- Ine al. would not lave It so.
"It is tine we all were lii it more or
li s," lie asMi-ten, "hut without mv
help It uoulil no- have siiecieiled If
I hail iibt suggested th it we keep the
funds from the hand mgiiis thcie would
have been no bombs Put ihe responsi
bility on me."
It was an i-ulei ; i - that was carried
out iiitiielv without idea of personal
plollt- except, pelll.tp-, What Would K -
erne through un'on applause hy the
perpiilra'iirs l-'i i the two pchemei
I'm wa. nppiop. ..itid tiom Ihe begging
ills and till was usul as ei.oiioink.ill'
.IS pll'slllle.
six l lmire. In t'oiisiilrarr.
These ill i- the llgiires In Iho pint:
MICH MIL .1 .IIIIILIII Y. 21 ears old,
Is I Cast l"'.'d street, ,1 striking "I,"
gilaiil. Il11a111i.il sr. letar) of Local 131.
JAMIIS .1 MKIINX, VI war., old. 7 T
Ninth itveiuie, a 1 1 1 1 1 11 ir subway yuaiil,
member of Ihe liical.
I.U IllIM'i: UU. LII. Vl rars oil,
131 llasi llililt street, sir. Mug suhwiy
,:u. ml. 1 nling se. iet.tr) of the local.
tiCnllHi: I'iiI.LACK. :'x .vc.trs old,
t'l.i Last 113th street, stnk.ng subway
K laid, assistant nn.111cl.il secretary of
the Ineal
IlLN'.l WIIN S. II WIILTii.V. 31 years
-'Id. 127 i:.is Highly. fourth strict, slrlk
ng "I." guild, bislues.-. agent of the
Tlln.MVS .1 M.iifllti:. 510 Itlootn
tleld llMlllle. Ctlilwell. .N .1. a challf-
1 feiir He is not comic ted wuli iho
1 Ml these in. u ex.cpt M. iiiilre nra
tnetiiheis of the local', exeitillve com-
''"'tee. Iln-n s. Heine ,. It., lucep-
""' -iHer one nf tln-se nicellngs, mid
melliods for its fiillllmeiit were dis
cussed ntlcr the gatln-ilngh of tho loeil
In the heaibiiaiteis of the local at 114
Last 125th stieet
Police seel, Tno Otlirr Men.
Two oilier men were 111 the entisplrac) ,
mie nf them helpnl 1.1 plant the bomb
.11 the siibwa) station So far as the
pn Ine know, the other officers of tho
local are not implicated and there Is
nothing In null, -ate that Amalgamated
lenleis bad guilt) knowledge nf If.
Meina as In- told Opt Tunney and
afterwaiil lepetted to IMstrle' Attorney
Sw.inn and Police Commissioner Wools
bleached the Idea Hist It had been
in his mind for weeks. He hnd broodcl
over 't night and day. His father is.
also n striker and because of the t.
Iris, the labor trouble had brought III o
their home ho vowtd lepnsal. He
wauled to tin mint thing that would
aiouse New ork, wh., It wa bc-oni.
nig mote npalhcti.' d.nlv about the
plight of Ihe union c, 11111.11
Sfter one nf the ies.,ur meeting, of
lint exe.iltiM- connniltee a meetlni;
vvliere son " "ifcfc.-i.n mil sinne.
thing di.tst. would have to be done lo
where some one siigg.sleil tint some.
'tiling Ihe sirnie once nunc fo puhllo
itieution he tallied orr his rrhemei
w th lleilihy
He found llerllhy a read) ally -Idle
I the lecictary cotillrms lilinself, Hut Her-

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