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Countrywide Canvass With
out Was Shows Jii'jVub
lican Victory.
Ohio. Wost Virginia and
Wisconsin. Doubtful Karly,
Seem Safe Now.
Gains for 'lU'piiblicnns in
Both Mouses of Congress
Arc Indicated.
Tiik Scn herewith present n sum
Blary of political conditions In nil the
States on the fevc of election with the
bet possible forecast which can he
marie with regard to enqh it thin time.
The Miihjolned reports represent the
Views of Impartial arid competent cor
respondent and. ate presented without
On the face "of these reports Mr.
Hughes would appear to have the bet
ter of It. The States which seem to
be pretty surely In the Itcpuhllcan
column have n total electoral vote .of
280. Against th.lV' Mr! Wilson would
term to lie sine ol only 15 .votes.
The States which are decidedly
doubtful from these reports are Ohio,
Washington. West Virginia. Wiscon
sin. Coloiado. Kentucky. Missouri and
Neluasku. These States have a total
Vote of 7. Should Mr. Wilson carry
them all he would! mill lack 15 votes
Of the necessary 266.
But the Indications are that some of
thee States will so Republican. Ohio
U one where the chance seem'to favor
the Republicans, a turn In sentiment
lielng observed there recently. This
1. true also of West Virginia and Wis
eonsln. MIssomH and Kentucky look
like an even break from these re
ports. Following aie the summaries of con
ations: '
Alabama's TweUr for Wllsoa.
Alabama, with Its twelve votes, may
simpiv be lagged foi Wilson awl left
from fuilher eonsldri at'.oo. It will elect
onlv minor Slate ofllelal and has no
Iwiie which concerns the natloiiat else
Hon. Of the ten Democratic candidates
for Congress only one ha an opponent.
John U Hurnett. Demociatlc llepirsen
tstlve from the Seventh Alabama DIs
trlct. Is opxsed b T)tee Davidson. IUiit
ring hs the candidate of the Republican
snd Ptogresslve parties.
8.0. I. Victor I iillWrl) In rUoua.
Arliona Is sometime classed as a
doubtful State, but the most recent re
potts f i om theie say that If It still may
ti .la.?d as doubtful It has Democratic
l.anlnns so in onouiu-ed as to maJie a
Renulillran victor) rather unlikely.
There oi undoubtedly a change of
manv votes for Hughes as a' result of
Theodore Roosevelt's assaults on Wil
son's Mexican policies', but It Is sin
cerely doubted that the efToot wa .uf
tlclent to throw the electoral vote over
to the Republican, side. Republicans
who hae hope of winning the State point
oat that W son In 1?1- ban a plummy
of onlv 154 over the combined, vote for
Taft and Roosevelt and that this -Is not
s lirce number of votes to switch. Arl
mtia will elect a State ticket, a Senator
n'l a Congressman. Senatpr II. Asn
urt and Congressman Carl Ha) den are
candidates for reelection. , Uov. !eotge
W I' Hunt also Is running' again and Is
betnr. opposed because of his pro-labor
attitude. The fight on Hunt Is retarded
M of some advantage to Hughes.-
llrmnerats Xore or Arkansas.
Arkamas Is conceded to Wilson with
cut iiuestlon. A successor .will be elected
tn tne late Senator James, I. Clarke.
Hie ewi ConEiessinen from Arkansas,
all nf them Democrats, are candidates
for reelection, and all of themr prac
tically without doubt, will be successful
A btate ticket will be named.
California fair far Hashes.
republicans claim never to haxe been
miHi concerned about California. T4iey
a now that the State ts sure since the
I'roirreslvea have not behind tho
Huih campaign as a unit. (Jo v. Illrarn
Johnxon, In his campaign for Senator, Is
strongly for ths Republican candidate,
The Republicans are emphasizing; ths
Protective tariff aa an Issue, sentiment
for higher duties being exceptionally
tron In this State. The Democrats are
mllng their drlx-a to net the women's
lot on the slogan: "He kepfus'out of
i " Prohibition Is somewhat of an
lue, hut can hardly be regarded as af
'"Mug national candidates. Resides Hie
en Senator, California will elect eleien
. i
Cnlnrada Hrnlliuent I'nplmusjpsl,
latest reports from Colorado teveal
no ihanKe In sentiment there, The State
hi well developed Wilson Keiltimeht.
nil the Democrats place It in their col
'"tm eiulillran leaders will make no
Hrmiu.r statement lhan that Colorailo
' linii.ilih " will go for llUKlies. (leu
uih ,i u classed by Republicans as
"'1'iiilitfill ' The Democrats believe the
111' hour law has done much fur Wll
'"ii hi 1'iiluiudo and me woiklng tills Is
'i in Hie llmIT The "kept us out of
' j ifimient also has Its effect, as It
ii every State In the Colon uinuni!
" 'I'.llll elemelll of Die XotelS, CidiilUtlil
"lb "In t four CoiiKiesmen and a Stale
rirt 1 1 n pienenl delegation to the
Ho'iea has three Democrats and pne Re
f'd'lii an In lis makeup.
tuineilleul Clo.ei Hurrlr Hrpubll-
a a.
r"ii' e Hi nt, which Is accustomed to
'"II ! ! i). I majniltles from 16,000
t" tn Him Hcems alsiut to witness an ex
'!' niMlly close vole, hut It Is believed
'll be surely Republican. Tho whirl
inl automobile rampalan for United
Kill.. Senator which Is belnit made by
tl'rrer s i.'uinmlnKS, vice-chairman of
t' ti'moerstlr Natlpnal Committee, tin
fli'jrtediy Is helplna AVriii;, Resides
t Eenator. Connecticut win'olect a .Opv-
ernor and other Btate officers and flvo'
Congressmen. The candidacy of Oov.
I "'"reus ,,, nolc-o irtj. who In seeking re
7 election, Is an element of strength for
I'Prnllar light In Delatrnra.
Delaware ham namiiim. flli
bands. There ate two Republican tickets
and one Democratic ticket In the field
or t tilted states Senator, due to the
reud In the Du Pnnl famllv. Due of the
Republican ticket has Col. Henry A. 1
du Pont as Its candidate for Senator
and tho other, which Is supported by
Alfred dU Pont, ham Dr. litem,, Itiirlfin
formerly a Congressman. As a result. It
is admitted the Democrats may send
their candidate. Joslah O. Wotcott, to
Washington. The factional fight will
lint help the national Republican ticket
any, but Republican loaders In Delaware
claim the three electoral votes never
theless. The State proliably should be
rlassed as doubtful, with Hughes bav
in the better chance to win. Delaware
also will elect a ctovcrnnr. other State
officers and one Congressman. The Re
publican factions nre united nn Cnt. .1.
O. Townsend as their candidate for tlov
crnor. t-'lnrlrfa Certain for Wilson.
Florida Is certain' for Wilson with Its I
six electoral voles. It will elect a tlov- 1
ernor and other State ofllccre. a Senator
to succeed Nathan P. Ilryan and four
Congressmen. All will be Democrats.
Uenrgln la Also llrtnnrratle. I
Georgia, likewise, will go for Wilson !
and will return n' full delegation of .
twelve Democrats to Congress. Hugh M. '
Dorscy, the prosecutor who conducted
the famous Leo St. Frank case, will be
elected Governor largely as a tcsult of
bis work at the Hme Frank was con-'
vlcted of the Mary I'hngan murder. 1
Idaho Likely to f.n for llnahes.
The vote In Malm Is l.itgely from agri
cultural classes, and Republicans are
pressing the tariff question, especially as
applied o wool. This I the home Slate
of William K. Rorah. and he Is making
a special effort to wkn for his party nn
this question. I'nlcss somcthliit unfore
seen occurs Idaho will go for Hughes.
There Is no State Issue, although a Gov
ernor and other State ntllcers will hs
elected, Hurton l French and Addl-on
T. Smith. Republicans, are running for
reelection to the National House of Rep
resentatives and probably will win.
Illinois Women In First Voir.
Illinois. whoe Iwenty-ulne x-otes may
cut quite a fleure, Is wondering what Its
women are nobis: to do. Thrre are nearly
600,(ion of these women xolers, Bolnsr to
the polls for the first time In a I'resl-
dentlal election. The State Is normally
Republican by more than snn.nnii. It
will take a bit; majority of these women
voters to overcome this majority and
throw the Stale to Wilson. There l
no way of estimating the nrenonderniice
of sentiment aninnc them The Repub
licans ate flKurimc. however, that most
of them will vole the way their hus
bands do. which will clxe them the
With the women left out of considera
tion the Siue l uiely fur HliRhes,
notwithstanding the fact that the Adam
son law has valued a laiKe Mock nf la
bor votes foi Wilson In the facility and
railroad cltle. The Democrats haxe
been doing their utmost to corral the
women's vote by an appeal on the peace
Roosevelt s recent visit helped the Re
publicans greatly, and a careful canvass
made by them Indicates that the State
will go for Hughes. Kven If .'. per
rent, of the l'rogiesslvt- vote goes for
Wilson tit- Republicans will haxe 3fl,oiiu
lit the State", and Wilson will have'to
get "ft per cent, of the women's xote to
offset It.' Twenty-sexen Congressmen and
a Stale ticket will be elected. The State
Kmc l ecotitniiv of itibnlnisf i.-itlim. the
tight again! nv Dunne hflnu mule on
this lle
Indiana In HeMilillinn Column.
ludi.in.i. ii!vv.is a doubtful Slate but
nioie fieipieutly Republican In t.M.-nt
nalliiuiil elections, appeals abuul in go
Republican again. Roth sides .ue well
iugunlr.eil In the true Indiana M.vle. The
Republicans, howevei, haxe had a little
the beltei of It from the point of itl
clency Theie ale two Seiiatoi shlpa to
be decided, and a special effort i be.ng
iniide to lettiro Tom Taggail. Demui'iat.
to the Senate .lohn W K'ein. I i. ni. i. i it .
nlo wants to conn- but, to Washington,
but biith tnen ale being xiLOi!nu!y oi
posed by lliill S. New mid .lames Ii
Watsnn re-pei'llvelv
The latest tepotts say these Sena
.iorships are mine in doubt than the
Presidency, which will probably lie de
cided for Hughes. New seems mine
teituln of election limn Watson The
I'roglesslxes are hugely back In Ihe
Republican fold, and the Repulillcaii
li.i 1 1 in it ii Ik a foliurr Hull Mouse, In
diana and Ohio are two States in which
the local Htid national elections aie hav
ing a leclpiorally Important effect. In
diana is tn elect an entire State ticket,
llaahea, 'Ismi, XIhj IiiiiiiI iiu Iovt.
Iowa has been n safely Repulillc.in
since the memmy of iniu ruiinetli not
to the coiil I a r that no thought of
defection at this late day had enleied
the minds of the Republican chieftains
tintll recent repot Is told of ,i grow lug
WIIon sentiment due to the President's
failure lo emliioll the country In win
Theie Is no serious loncern, however,
even now. and Ion a may be put down
with Maine. New Hampshlie, I'enns.vl
vanla and other practically sure Hushes
Slates. Iowa has tevlved the prohibition
lsue In Its campaign for Stale oltlcers,
the Democratic candidate for (Sovernor
wrecking a Democratic precedent by
coming out on the side of the white
tlbbontns. Eleven Congressmen win
Kansas Seems Safe for Hughe.
Kansas, like Illinois, has the problem
of the women's vote this year, bill there
Is such a complete amalgamation of Ihe
Iteuubllcans and Piogresslves it Is
thought the Htute Is safe for Hughes
however the women may xote. The Dem
ocrats of course have virtually given up
the Hht. though. They have been helped
In their explanations of the President's
Mexican no cy by tlie suing oi iieuuuu
can papers contiolled by Atthur Capper,
caiid i ate for (Jovernor. t upper tniiiKs
Ihe President's course In Mexico for the
Inst three years has been all riglit. v.lg!it
Cougiessmen ale to be elected In ad
dition to Ihe Stale oltlcers, Seveial of
them undoubtedly will be Deniocints
ilugliea should have Zu.iuui plurality.
Ilpinoerats Not Xure of Ix'entiick, ,
Kelltlllky h.ls been allotted III the
Democrats b seveiul Repnbllcaiiel of
stHlllllUg, but 1 1" collllllUe III US-ell
lliev have a chain e of vv Inning the Stale
P.ll'i of the liellllllll vole bus lllllleil
llglllllSt Hughes III the eleventh 111. Ill,
nllhutlith llleie sllll Is llelinaii hiisv
lowiiiil Wilson, Man) of Hie leKlsleteil
ilerill.lll volel. Hill lint go to the polls
Many others did not legltdei Mr
Hngiies failed to get the set Ions mien
Hon of the laboilug men on his vi-il lo
Kentucky, according to leporls fiom
theie, and his arrulgumsiil of the Xdatii
sou law did not have Ihe effect deslied
bv the Republican leader, If the Re
publicans win ll will be by a iiaiiow
margin, according to all signs. The Re.
publicans have slteiigllieued themselves
In several Congiesslonal dish Ids by
nutting men of the highest ability and
popularity In nomination against Ihe
Democratic candidates for Congress,
Woven Congiesemen will be elected, but
no Senatoia or State ollhcts.
WHsoa to WLn l.oalslana Again.
liOUlslana, Iho home of John M, Par.
ker, Progressive candidate for the Vice-
TO vote for Charles E. Hughes mark a cross In the circle under the
eagle, as shown below. This insures a vote for each of the i
Hup he a electnra. Da haI nut nn X
elector. To vote for the Republican
tr VoU fr (Ml OOVXIXOB. 1
ItaT Vot for cult tllUIEHAHT VIH0.
l ...rnWMlM
' Vots for eitl 8EC1ETAXY 0? ITATI.
Presidency, will maintain lis adherence 1
unfalteringly to Democratic pilnclple
and will contribute in electoral voles to
Mr. Wilson, besides sending a Demo
cratic delegation to Congress, with Ihe
poshle exception of the Third district,
where W. I'. Martin, Progressive, may
be returned.
Xlaloe llns MpiiLen for Hashes.
Maine votes only for President and l
classed as sutely Republican. Nothing
has served to change Ihe situation Ince
September II. xxhen Carl K. Mllliken,
Republican, wa. chosen (loxernor and
other Republican candidates were
elected by a maigin of about IS.fUVl
Xlnrlnml In lliiubti I'aiiir. Wllsnn.
Republicans and Deinocints have been
making a haul coolest for Maryland, but
In the closing days of the campaign It
looks as though Wilson had Ihe heller
of the argument While Maryland Is
normally Democratic by from S.OOfl to
It, n(in, there has heen so much dis
satisfaction with the State oiganiiatlnn
In tecent .veais thai the small Demo-
ci .1 lie inaiglu has been dwindling, ill
na.loual elections the State has been close
since mm. The Democrats have not had
i clear majority since 1X32, This year
t'leie has been a bleak In the Democratic
tanks nioie ptonouueed than at any time i
sinie mini, which convinced the Repllb- I
IU.iiis thev Ii ul .1 hancc I
Tile b" al DeiniK'tatlc oi g.itilz.uUu li.n i
announced that II- memlieis will vole fur
uie ueao in iiie iickct. i ii i wieie win ne
nil erTutl 111 get at tile Vote or llltlllelice
the volets. "X'ute the ticket mii, let n
at that" Is the older th.it has
been passed. Should Wilson lerelve ti.l,
supjion he will it ttl j.i 1 1 1 x cati.v It. ill -more,
hut nut b.v a larxe majuiily -
tile muiltle" outside ale ixpecleil t
bleak even HI lelUI'll II -III. ill 111, I Jot i I.
for IlllghtS, ll.lltlllllll e'l vote wll lie-
t hi u i n- ihe result, so Ilia, the Indli atioiis
now slU'hlls favoi the Piesldeiit
I'r.ime. 1 C 1 , n t 1 1 .-. i i.indld.ite for Sena
tor, will uudnubtedlv tun ahead of
Hughes In the dl) and Lewis, the Demo.
italic candidate, will gel mole voles
than Wis,in In the rural cnuulles.
The Republicans ale still coutlileiit and
ire f ir ipoie active than the Democrats.
Th"ie are many Republicans who have
said thet would vote for Wilson and
etTiuts ate being centied lli'on getting
them back. Rppubllr.in defeciinn is
found In the railioiul cenlies So close
Is Ihe Stale Dial If the Republicans can
succeed In peisuadlng these sevetal
thousand lallliiJd men to go to Hughes
they may swing the State. They assert
that the) have got back at least one
thlid of these voters alleady Six Con
glesstueii aie lo be elected, ll looks like
an evenly divided delesatlon,
Massachusetts Solid for i. O. I.
Massachusetts Is another of whlih'
Hughes s assuted. Massachusetts
cnooses sixteen i r,-e,,
Republicans and four Democrats being
up tor reeipi'uoo ii i niieo roirs r-f-nM- it t e all tne itepuiilica ll x ongi essionai
tor and a State ticket. ob0 candidacy candidate, save those In the two Mliine
of .lohn I--. Fitzgerald against Senator pnls districts and the St. Paul district.
Henry Cabot Loilge Is not nemg taneti
veiy seriously ny me majority ot me
XllchlK" ("lalnied for llnahes.
Recent reports from Michigan are
somewhat better for the Republicans
and theie Is every Indication that they
will carry the State now, but with a
small margin, In spite of the fact that
four years ago both Taft and Roosevelt
Individually got more than the Wilson
vote, Henry Kord has been the cause
of much trouble to the Repuhllcans, par
tlculaily In Detroit. His advertising
campaign baa been extensive and some
what effective, and the Kord Influence
will result In cutting down Republican
pluralities. Detroit Is normally Repub
lican by :o,(ino, but this year It will
probably glxa Wilson a slight leud.
This, however, will certainly he wiped
out In the rest of the State, Ihe tural
vote being almost solidly with the Re
publicans. The Adatuson law has given
the Republicans a lot of trouble In De
tiolt. Kllnt and several other places.
Michigan will rlecl a Slate ticket, una
Senator and thirteen Congressmen,
Xllnoesola l.eouloa Toward lluabrs
Minnesota, usually strongly ltepubll
can, us election diaws near remains In
Ihe doilbtrill column. Willi tile uepiiuii
c.iiis having the best of the shouting
Odds are thai Hughes will carry th
Slate by a small margin. That a State
which never In lis nmioi) nas gone
Deuiucratlc and III which four .veals ago
the Republicans and Piogresslves polled
over m is. iiu ll more voles than Wilson
should be III doubt this time Is one or
iho curiosities of the present campaign,
There Is a strung Wilson drift III Mill
ueapolls, St. Paul and Dulitth. which
will overcome the normal Republican
majorities In the three cities and give
Wilson anywhere from lO.oon to 25,0(10
lead lo he overcome In Ihe country.
Southern Minnesota, the Republican
slionghold, seems almost normal, Her
man Democratic voles for Hughes will
offset anv Republican defection, Hughes
Is expected lo gain from 15,000 lo 2(1,000
voles from Herman Democrats In tho
Slate. Central and northern Minnesota
are less utahle politically. Though
usually Republican these parts nf thp
Stain will not do much rnr Hughes.
Tlie Democrats are claiming the Slate,
hut prlxatoly concede that they aro
likely to lose it ny a Kinnn margin, wnuc
How to Vote the Republican Ticket
at the left of the name of each
candidates on the State and local
I CfYito fr wm AflMMir OBMBEAU Q
ISP waalfl ....PisrtMtM
Mllu -bM"
1 Plilrr.lk
UTVsM for m!
,. .., . ,MCHIKF iODOE Or THE
tVVoto for M!-- oqVXT Or APFEALS.
For President,
For Vice-President,
Presidential EleclKi.
Repuhllcans assert that they expect 'Ji,
iiiiii to lu.iiiiii for Hughes. It Is known,
however, that the Republican Inside tig
uies are atnund to, una Indications
point to the election of Flunk II, Kellogg
fne tlie steimte. tlintl.li tie will be cut
, H a v)lv ,1V 10in. ance iiepuoticans i ne
5,.,hcan Slate ticket Is safe and so
i which are doubtful.
Mississippi's Ten fur Wilson.
(if Mississippi It need only be ald that
lis ten electoral votes will be foi Wll
snn, that Us distinguished citizen, .loliu
Sharp Williams will be leturned to lite
I'nitcd States Senate, and that eight
other Demon ate, all candidates for re
election, will b given seats In the na
tional House of Representatives.
I neertalnlT Anoat Missouri.
Almost on the eve of election Mis
sotiil's electoial vote remains a giest
uncertain!). Vlrtuall) all tlie Pro
giesslves will vote the Republican
ticket. The tiniipalKti there Is so shaping
Itself that the vote for President will
he nit nut and out party alignment,
lu l:i 04 and IKOS Missouri voted a
Republican Presidential ticket. Condi-
tlims In Mlssouii now are similar In
those ptecedlng tlie Id US election, Then
surface indications favoied Rryau, The
talk was all Ul. vim, but Ui)uu lost In
the State. Tile Republicans have a
(bailee of gaining two mill possible Ihiee
nieiubeis nf Congress. Senator .lames
A Reed ulso has a ho tight on hie
hands to retain his sent Aguftist him
Is Walter S
Dickey, a Kansas I'll)
Reed's lampulgii has
been dlsKisjiolntlng to his fileiuls. Ihe
Mtaie aiiiiiimsiiaiiuu miner uov.. ciuoi
IX .xiajor line, nul been taiisiacior , eel lulu tlr attitude of Ihe people with
li lid Dine Is a nei Ii and neck lace on m iicmal vote Chancel also look
lor that ofllcc between the Republicans
SOU I'e Iin. u in l.ri...,,
uriiiioin .iii umei,
Xloutana's Choice Is lloublful.
Molilalia is doublful. with chances fa. 1 i', ''""" ', ltt"0F ,a"d, ,J'
xoilng Wilson. The .esult .lepemla , ""Pul.ll.an. Hit- ornitpstltiar. Je.sey
largely upon the vote of tho copper '-lve Congressmen to elect,
nilneis. Theie has been a consider- v ... . .
nble Increase In the nnrinliitlnn of the!" XlPSlfo for U. O. ft IMUlBPP.
State from Iowa and other Republican
mates, anil toe iiriiiiiucaiiB iiopc tin
success. Montana will elect one Seuatot,
two Congressmen and a Stale ticket. The
Stats Issue Is prohibition, Miss Jean
elta Rankin is una of the Congressional
candidates, She is a Republican,
l.lqanr Issne (Mlrs Nrhraska.
.Win asks is stirred up over the liquor
question- Tho Republican candidate for
for President and State Officers.
ticket nun-k an X at the left of the
For Justices of the Supreme Court
three names. A straight State ticket
VMS for
XW Vot for
lui. L..IM
tW Vot for
I er.r,W..
lS. LnH
tlov ernor Is
"ihy" Senator (.Illicit
M. Hltchcncl.
k, fne Demotratlc candidate
in, Is openlv oppofid bv Will-
van, Roth -Ides claim the
for reelection
lam .1, Hrv
elei lion Itrv.in bri sslil Wilson will
carry the State but Hitchcock will hp
iirfrated. Six Cougiessmen
eei.le, from Nebraska.
Nexaita Clnlmpil by Both Hilps.
Nevada remains ,i doubtful Slate on
the latest reports obtainable, but looks
Demociallc, The Democrats tlgiiie Ihe
mining Interests will cling tn Wilson,
while the Republicans are hoping that
the teturii of the Hull Mooe will slvo;, o, p few weeks ngo, Now the .best
them enough votes to pull the national
ticket through there, Nevada will rlecl
one Senator, ono Congressman and
minor officials of a Slate ticket, Women
suffragists are wotkiug for the dafeat of.
United States Senator Key Plttman, who
Is opposed by Samuel Piatt, Republi
can. Plttman will probably win.
Nerr Hampshire far Hashes.
New Hampsiilre is counted as surely ,tie Republicans. The (!. O. P. orgaulza
for Hughes, Henry W. Keyes. Repub-1 ,0 ltld not get Into action enrlv and
llcun, Is expected to be elected Hovenuif t did not stint etllclcntly. Then there were
without dmictilt). C. A. Sulloway and i factional differences to be overcome,
h. H. Watuiu, Republican Congressmen I T. ueu aun tb it,..,iihli,,i, r nii
fiom New lluinpshlie,.probublv will he
f i tnr no1 Tltnr. Im m Uutiii l.iiliil h u,i.
I etui tied. There Is no Senaloilul
tlnil tlila yeat .
pn .Iprsp) to Hriiudlalr Wilson.
ReHildlc.itis assert Wilson's, own Slate
of New Jersey Is oing to give Hughes
a popular majority of I5,t)i)i) to .'lu.iiou
voles, The election forecasters, ore begin-
lllllir III JibiC, tile Slide III lIlM i-siiia"
coluiuu for the Republican A suite)
, if tbe stale al the close of the campaign
Indicated a prepundetance of Hughes
henlliueiit so far as It is possible lo ns-
hilstlil for Ihe election of .Instill S, l'te-
1 1 UK IIU V sell, I (etillll ll 11 II. W III S I V UK for
jaitihs k. Mai Hue's neat lii the Untied
States Senate.
The same situation ex
ists In the race for (lovernor where Oito
Disgust Willi Wilson's Mexican policies
Is expected tn give New Mexico's three
electoral votes to Hughes, although the
Stale Is not icgarded as clinched for the
Republican candidate, Senator A, R.
Fall, who placed Col. Roosevelt's name
before the Chicago Republican conven
tion as the man who could bring older
nut of the Mexican muddle, has heen do
lug exceptionally eoTertlvo work for
Hughes., New Mexico will elect. one geu-
first name printed for each office,
put an X at the left of the first
cannot be voted by a single X
om! cmitbd ratm iratok. 10
IU4. Lmsm
V MCNtV H. Cl HAN,. . Zrk"
saM LWtff th f
I DtNMcmk
" t liwt. Udf
mcMKZ l.-r,
1 ... US.U.IM
Pf lKl.w
i .PnMWIlM
a tor, one
CrttKreMOiian and
Xptt Yn'rti "Xltnallon Intere.llna.
The situation In New York State Is In
teresting, If It itor not, as expected,
turn In a majority for Hughes the case
from n Republican viewpoint Is practi
cally hopeless unices there should be mull
a surprising happening as all of the
doubtful Stalls siolng Republican. Re
potts fiom all over the Slate show
Hughes to bp In the ascendency In a
majority of tho up-State counties. Po
litical expcrlH coming In from a lour of
the Slate arc conlldent the Republican
candidate will enter New ok city with 1
majoili) that the city cannot over- i
cmne exci pt by n Democratic landslide. 1
(inv. Whitman. It l known, expects to 1
come to the llronx with a 2(iii,n(iu ma-1
Jorlty over Saniuel Seobury. Hughes. It
is exiiecuii. win iuii somcwnui "i-iniiu i
the tiovetnoi. but still with a sufficient i
lead-to make his majotlt) for the whole
Stale of substantial slxe. New York city
will xote In Mi(ierlor nuuibeis for Wil
son and sea bury, but Republican leaders
are unable to twure that there Is any
,h I, i I..,lnl,i.,... i i i... ..,. ...
HtiBhes and Whitman, As to the effect 1
of the State campaign upon Hie national
campaign. It probably Is title that Whit
man's candidacy Is n sootce of cmislder
.ilile siiength lo llughes, while the re
vit?e ptobablv Is true of Seabur.v's cau
dld.icv In respect to the Democtatlc ria-
Initial ticket. Whitman s the nominee I
of tin- Republ can. Itiilependeni League, 1
Anieiican and l'rogeslve paitles He
libs the Slate tllkel New Yolk will vote
next Tuieilav foi eight .lust.ies of the
Supioue Conn, a Senator lo suci eed
.lames A. t I'i tot in. i u and fin D -tin. e Con--tessinen
William I'. Mi-Combs. Demo-'
" it and William M C.ihh-r. Ili,'iiilliiaii.
He seeklo: ll'llnl 111.1 ll'w seal. Willi tile
li.in 'i a 1 ill favor of Ciblei
N orl Ii I arollini
.lessmaii in ashlngtoii, ami in i y n.. i
-led him The remainder of the ib le-
nation of ten iiriib.ihly will lemalti Dem
oci.itlc. In the national election Ninth
Carolina will toll up anutber large ma
jority for the Democratrc party. A
State ticket and four amendments 10
Ihe Constitution also will he vole.l
North Dakota "nfrl.v llenilillenn,
Tlie Rrliuhllcati Stale lick.t of Noitb
Dakota whs nominal,',! I, nn .oeanlx...
Hon of faiiueis and s u,icllcally wlth
otit opposition. I.a:e iei-oits front there
a Ibis will Insuie she electoral vole
for llughes, but Hide Is a close light on
for f lilted Slates Senator. .Mii'ouiber.
Republican, being opposed by .1,
lluike. Democtat wh several times v
elected Uov ei nor after the State was
uliliean Three Congressmen arc to be
I elected
All In the pirent delcgaliiin are
nre up foi te.
llnuhes t.iilna llliln Mrcnufh.
(if all the doubtful Stales in tins
campaign the most Interesting ban been
Ohio, .Norniall) a Republican Slate with
plllialltles of from 1011,000 to '.'IIO.IUKI, It
appealed lo he absolutely lost to the
iufoimatloii is that with the Ian visits
of Hughes and Hooxex'tlt the Wilson
tide has been overcome and It lookr I
Republican again. Many Republicans
who have been conceding to the Demo
crats would not be surprised now If
Hughes carried the State by tt comfort
able plurality.
The Democrats In the early pan of
lb cnnin:ili?n nl.ilnlv stnlo n ine,l,
HtrH nm M,iM determined lo dtop all1
. , . . ' '
- .1 1 n.iruhi tid 'I fill Mflt'sl 11 il Nf ft lis Uauti nr
Dick and oilier old time leadets who had '
not w oiked In years peeled off thel- '
Tlie bad spots In Ihe nul Iheaslero purl ,
of the Slate, In which then- has 1,-ct
glellt prospeilty due to war onleis, mid
the iailiii.ul cenlies wliich at lltsi I
sliowed a iitejionderance of Wilson senil- ,
1 11 e-n t . have been showing up lunch beltei
and theie aie signs that a good deal of
llle defection lias been oveicoillc T;a
noils .if the Republicans to Iniu III-!
I de culmiualed In the ileiuousn ulo i I ir
.Mr. lliigbes at t'oiuiniuis, vvhiih ev'V-
I ,iv agiees was Ihe glen lest Die Stale
111 ,1 .-Vet- seen since Mclvlldnfs II
The beet political expetls ugiecd thai I be
enthusiasm was geniune and sUiiillcu i '
To sum up now, the Slate seems in '
have been taken front those compiled to
Wilson and place lit the doubtful column
with the Republicans bavins nu excellent
chance. If they micceed In Ihls It will
be chlellv due to the tailff aigunieutx
which have been spread lu the gteatest
advertising campaign In history, I
M)ion T. Henlclt, Republican, is op.
posed to Atlee Pomeiene, Democrat, for
the SeiiHtorship, and Is making a strong
light, Kranlt Willis, Republican caudl
date for Oovcrnor, Is hopeful of repeat
ing the dcrcal he administered tn Jumes
M, Cox two years uao. Rolh men have a 1
strong personal following and
mboau of. lbs. national ticket.
will run
re , . (
two Congrcssnicn will bo elected, with
the chances favoring Rcttubllcan gains.
OUahnmn to Mar Democratic.
Oklahoma will go for' Wilson. The
State will elect elgbt Congressmen and
minor State officials, Only one of Its
Congressmen, Dick T. Morgan of the
F.lghth district, Is a Republican.
I Orrsjnn la Keen rnr unKnes,
Hughes Is decidedly shone In Oicgon
'on the eve of election. No Republl
1 can leader falls to Include the State In
' the list he believes Is suiely for the
Republican candldalo, .bill, there Is a
slrong Wilson t eritlmenr?--m) -Oregon Is
bv no means a sine thing. The Demp-
rials also claim the State, mid tho Mite
of the women may proM- a stlong factor
for them. Theie has been innsldetalile
peace talk In Oregon, anil the women
iiaxe had a large p.nt In It. Oregon will
elect three Congressmen and minor Slate
ollli lals. Thete Is no local Issue.
P,,. 1 1 null. I.oral tn (',. O. P
Pennsylvania I- counted on to cast I
her .11 ..lectoral votes for Hughes this ,
1 ear. The Democrats concede they h.tvo 1
lilttle chance to win the Stale except by
in political inliaclc. I'rngrexslM'S mid
Republicans haxc combined hannonloul
and their united stiengtli can nanny inn
'to elxe the Renubllcaii candidate a sub
jsianllal majority. I,pimlanla will
'elect a fulled Sillies Senator, -exer.il
Stale officers and Hi! Congressmen. The
,Sfte campaign has moused scatcely any
, interest.
Rhode IsIiiiiiI lteiulillenn.
Rhode Nlaiid appears safe foe lliigbes,
The State liken the principles of tin: lie-
publican paity and the candidacy or ltuk oiorcs, or sent, collect on ueliv
Hughes makes an especial .ippe.il, since i cry.
he xxas a student at llrotu and Is tiotv Uumphrr t II.ihim .M .Mii C'n , 1 54
one of Its tinstees. Itliode Island will WMIIhiii Mnn. Ne. Xml,
choose n I'nlteil States Senator, thiee
Cougrcssmeii and a State ticket.
I -
tnth t.'nrollnn Won't I'liioiKr,
South Carolina hardly knows there Is ,.,,Ht T, . , ..,( i,,,,. lllK
a Republican party In existence. In fa t accouipllMit'il urn h .mil Ihe Republican
there was no Republican candidate for 1 victory Itj Washington will be bv a ma
Cox ernor at Ihe last election ASocl.il- j,,rlt smaller thin iiotinal. Wilson Is
1st tan second for iubernatorlal honors , .ttlirr frrelv disliked Pit his eland on
with M xntes, Ihe Deinociath candidate ,. r,uMin,i tolls. Washliulon will elect
getting the remainder of the K.iixil bal- iie Senator, piob.ibl.v Poliidcxle , Re
lots cast. South Carolina will send publican ; live Cougiessmen and a State
seven Democratic Cotigressuien back to ticket.
U'oul. I.itrto flirrn Imliiv tin nul xtsl I Inn . 1
and will elect a Democratic Stale ticket,
Sooth Dakota II, (I. P.'s by '', nnn.
South Dakota l a State of farms hiiiI
inlne. The farmer xote Is ililte gen- ,
orally Republican and the H. o. P. lead
ers claim tho State by Jn.iiun, Dates!
Itidlc.itlotis are that the xote will be
closer than this. Hughes, however, main
taining a comfortable advantage. At '
Deailvvood there appears to be a strong
Democratic sentiment. South Dakota
will elect one Senator, three Congress- .
men and a Slate ticket. The Demo- 1
cm tic managers ate onceiitratlng their j
efforts on tlie national ticket anil on I no
election of O. D. Anderson, Democratic I
efforts on the national ticket and on the
nominee tor i. (ingress in uie ritsi ins
Tennessep Mn,x Hp llepnbllcnn.
Ti,rtP lilVe been some assertions
that Tennessee stands a good
,htioo of going Republican. I'nblased
investlgatloiiK do not bear out thee
statements. The Republicans neverllic-
e ar(, Mmking a vigorous and well or
ganlied campaign for the State and tin
doubtedly will make It a close fight. Ho
publican candidates for State offices are .
running well and may win. but the
chance for the national ticket Is slim.
i ne I'cioocraiic iaie aiiiuiiusiraiioii
Statewide nrohlbltlon law. .he ouster law
and the nuisance law and has alienated
many Democrats. I'otmer i
Covenmr Item
rong race for
i,i ,',! i
XXr llftn,,e U tttr.Llttv :i uli-nni'
the Culled States Sonate and niav win
over his Demociallc oononent. Ten
Conglessniell ate to be elected. !
Trii nemoerntle til Oxer,
Texas will be Democratic In her na
tional, Collglesslon.il and Slate eleetlolis.
Senatoi Chat ley A Clilbetson expects e.
election, and there probably will be a
deleuali ili of eighteen Democrat le Con
giesstneii. Democratic State oftleers
have Utile opposltlou.
t'tnh to Itepeiil It .-i ii 1, 1 1 .'ii n Vote.
Ctah. one of 'he two States to give
i-,, ,.Heloi.il vote at ill. l ist ..le, .
; Senator tieorge Sutherland, Republican.
Is running well ahead of his Democratic
opponent and ptobabl) will be n elected
Two Congressmen and a State ticket also,
ale to be chosen.
Vprninnt Dei-ltli-dl) for llnKhes.
' Vermont, the other of the mi; Taft
States, likewise will follow suit this year.
Vermont I" prolnhly the must intcnclv
I Republican Slate In the I'moii, and theto
' I"'" ""r " "'-in iie,,uoii.-..o ma
i Jottt)
.oveinbi- , A (invernor. two
Cougiessmen and a I'nitci! Stites Sen
' ator also are to be elected.
Irglola's 'I'tii-lvp for Wilson.
xhgliua will turn its twelve electoial
Miles to .t nsiin ;ii iroo iitiliiy
Cl.iuile A ,-wanstin. Detnocral Is lump.
posed foi leelection to III.. I lllled Mate?
Senate, but nine of Hie leu Detum i ais
. w"" n 111 'm1 H"llsc or Repie.
'sentatlvrs have liepublban oiponiuts
! No Stale officials whl In voted on.
XX Hsblouloii MhIp Doiibllnl,
Washington, on the Imm
nf l.ttrst if
Th l.u iff
i.ot is, is tor H UK In-.-, nut
' lutol.x tccuir in this pom
in hnlilliic HrpuhHtMiiH hi lino. , ud
th fact tlUt UlO Mdti i- Tl'TIIMtb Itro
puWlkMii 1 thnuMHittls tl.tH 111.41 Jf1 it ) ''
HltlHIKIA V AltVDIt l sr,V;s IS.
'III'. Prestige of
Our I
CD 1 1 (Ti
the KnuiKlation of this I nstilutiim
'.xperienee of
rrniplecl with a lliuhly I'erfectcvl Oruaniza
tion of Fur Specialist?, opera tint; the Largest
ami Finest l-'ur Iactory in the I nited Stales.
Fulton & SmitTi. Streets.
If. MINt'TKS I'llOM tlltAND I'l.N'l liM.
77 "
Humphreys' Seventy-seven
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finds himself sneriing and sniffing, he hat taken
Cold, though he cannot tell how.
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scraping or dryness in the throat, he has taken
If a person subject to Quinsy finds his tonsils
swollen and painful swallowing, he has taken
.. ...
A Cold, howetci 'slighj j. ihould nexe, be left
8jt well of Itself, but should alwsyi b
ne'pea sway. Tins at first is not !one ytry
easy, but a xcry simple matter, because thue
early symptom arc nil caused by congestion
and inflammation.
Tn . ... . . , . . i r
away take "Sexenty.iextn" at the first sign of a
Price, 25c. at all Drug Stores
For the convalescent, for the weak
and the tvmry, Price, $1.00, at all
llcult for the Democrat up to the l,t ,t
few d.i.vs to make sufficient Iuio.hIs to
ttl.tfu th SO.tln I,, III.. Mnrl,.i,l. ,1. r,l
West Irululii I licerliilo, Too.
Ilasliig their activity on Hie belief that
West Vligitila i Hill) in the il'iuhirul
column, Repulillcaii and Dcinocralln
leaders ale wot king in Ihls Slate right
up lo Iho I, ml iiioincnt. West VliglnU
had been legulaily Republican up to
the IH1L' election llMept fur Iho fait
that Ihe I ti iiuliIli-.tit.- vveie lather haillv
split by a bluer contest for the nomi
nation for liovi'iiior. the chances would
Mint about even for a Republican vic
tory this .venf. All the wounds have
not healed, mid tins iim divide West
Virginia's olicior.il votes for Wilson.
' .' V.', .' ., ,Y
n-i i.. .. i..i.. ..... .. ...
t i-f1 1 1 W
.ln'MM.n ,
ul and one nf the 1'ii-slilciil right
lland men, Is opiios.d by Howard Ii
j Sutherland, a popular Republlvjii, at
pieseni Congiessin.iii at Large. M. f.
Neely. Dcinocratle Coiigiessmaii from
'the l-'lrst district, Is Ilk. I.v lo lose his
Mat, Indications show, unless there Is.
a Democratic victory of landslide pro
i portions. Theto ale six Congtcssmen
I to be eleutcd.
Until Mile, tin I in Wlseon.ln.
Wisconsin is one of tlie states which
lot, ,,P taliii. but the advaii'l.ige at
lC ,.,sc .,., M(KV ,Uth ,ho ,tc,,ul,.
Ilcans. The Slate would not be In doubt
' ... .,,
, "ii ii ""I ioi uie jiruuiiar auillllie
"l.fXm)"r '"l who suppor.cil
'',,lfl"ly nippifil to be sisiportln:
"" ''""''lent prlvatelx. Thtouglmui the
c.impalgn lie lias nul bad iin.vtblug to
eampalcn lie l,a n.u bail iin.vtblug lo
1 lusuppoit of -Mt. Hughes, which has
greatly lunula . i ! Ihe Ri-iiuhlli-aiis.
'I'lie attai I; in.nb by "l'lghting Hob" on
Wilson two weeks ,igo in line of his
sptechc i a me as ,( gic.it vuri'il-e and
may have a favorable eff.., t for the
Repuhll ai.s. as many of La l-'ollctu
, inlnilieis will take til. if cue fiom Ills
1 llttelall' e-.
i W is, oiism's Intel nal politics are tn a
clnotK state, with some of La Kollette's
old lieutenants vvoiking haul for llughes
On .loouut of tins condition it is hard
lo m.iv Jii"! with whom the advantage.
lies. ,a I'olbtte l iiiunln: for reelec
tion and has li.imes In State politics
.pi'te dilfetei.t fiom those he has entered
' In national polltus Theie Is a large
(lei man vole in Wisconsin and llughes
should haxe most of It. Wisconsin will
elect eleven Congressmen
Slate ticket.
W.niolog l onceded tn llnuhes.
Tb'te s not much of a contest for
the ilectoi.il voti of U.vomtiig, this
Stale being pr.n lit ally cotaeded to
llug.ii-s. Theie Is an t. itllis contest
nn foi Senator Claicncc D Chirk. Ihn
Incumbent, being pressed clnselx by his
Di inociallc opponent. John It, Kemlilck
Wyoming will vote for in. State officials,
but will elect one fungi essman. .lohn D.
flunk. I ii-innciat. or Kiank D. Clark,
Ri publli nn
I nucer Itespiirch XX'orl. llciinlrrs
liven lirealer Niimher rarl.
There 'in' now :H' 2'i: w .nt. um e al
Ihe f o, ker ' 'a ' R " Labot a
totx al Coluinbi i Inuel-lU l.l'h of
the- Iwrnlv-llve ilaugliKI" or Pnlici
While Moil e. ilcd Rig Ren oa lu t
slven huh to lui ti.ee. plump bab. tnlce
Dining a veal 52 nun tni e and l.onn
Kits ale used for expel iinental ptnposes
al the hiboratoK 'ii , nicer icsear. h
r- " "
l?iiy 7F(Prntury
Bach Price Furs dates
Century is
'. - ia.v-.iirjiujjiVjr?!p; wa'i'r

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