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Rutgers and Dartmouth Triumph on Neutral Gridirons- Jersey ites' Beef and Brawn Too Much for Holy Cross
TfaiiiH ('lush in NYwnt'k a ml
Hiitireis Is Victorious
1 1 to .
H CKllltliH M. t'MIC.IlWtlnll,
poster rlaufnrd led hl scarlet wcat-
rad HuUrrs football eleven lliln Wol-
lenm)er- Park. Nettaik. vestcrdav
for" the annual gridiron .lash ih nv
Croat, mitt like C.ar. the old Yule starl'"'"1 "ml ,lr"l' Klck n,ul Into th hall,
can My, "Viil, Vhll, Vlrl" I tame. I There was naty a department of football
aw. I conquered' I In which Onfall did not shine. It was
Tor th tUnfnrd coached ,Iere.v men I
j-nnea me wearers of the Puipl, in the
uat of a H to fi defeat, llnlv Onu
College la situated In Worcester. Mass.
Xt w a long way to come for a llcklnt.
But though Cnichi.uke Kelly's hovswere
defeated they neie not .llw.i.'eil and
after the melee the Itutcers iusreaninn
certainly knew they had 'icii In nn ai
trumtnt. The Worcester mil.' bus found
tfctWMlve late In the seenn I perl M nd
from then on to the end ofMn! a mot
ttubborn resistance to th- vifninl Itut
ftf attack. Itut what does It uv.tll in
protect one's face after the black oe has
been received?
Jnat as In the Princeton v ll'ily
Croaa game the Holy Cms- my nftcr
being greatly outplayed In the tir-t half.
Stiffened Into a plnnevvalt ilefrnt-' In the
second half and refused to he svored
Upon. No wnnder I.uke Kelly, as he ,
Winded his way off the field after the-,
tame, remarked, "If they only would
take the first half out of football Holy
Croat could to throueh the season with
ut a defeat."
tarilr Does II Sri.rliiK Karlj.
tfoly Cross did Its scoring right at the
ry atari of the game when fumbled 1
k. n.n.n ... it ... . I
Ptuion of the tiall right In the shadow of
Ibe Scarlet's goal posts. It was only the
HVenth play of the game. An Instant
later Foley skirted the rlaht ilank of .
Banford's team for a tonchdmn Tho
punt out failed, so Holy Truss could n.d '
Mtl iniult lo Injury by kicking mvtl.
The score against them caused Itut
tin to quake with fear. VfnM of
their lives In face the terrible Hanford
without recovetlng their Ion ground the
4 fkarlet started a sivage offcnsl.v that
.wept Holy Cros before them like li:"es
before the wind. It wa tot that tfey
feared Holy ('roes less, b.it lh.:t they
feared the flame tor.i;ued Hn n for 1 m ,
The big, beefy llutgers nl'nck I al
tered and hanged awa at the light llo'v
Cron line and the Bay S'.tle Inlatule
Waa forced steadily down '.ho rl.dd. nice
Within striking distance of the Holy
Crora earthworks Uracil-" wa (ata-
fulted over the line for the toinlidon.
axel followed hy kit Kin,; mil and
Chanted the score to tcad, llutueis 7,
Holy Cross . The quick rnoln-' nf
tha'aeore made the Purple tooli-rs ti'd
Robeeon Makes Ttiai hilnnn.
The umc thing that oiened the door
fer Holy Cross hcore in tho tirst period
a fumbled punt gave llutgers an
other touchdown In the second period.
Daly let the pigskin ecaie from him on
bis own S yard line and Robeson, the
I sturdy colored boy who plays left tackle
for Rutgers, swooped down on the ball
tike a hawk, scooped it up and raced
acrosa the Purple goal Hue. Again
Haiel kicked goal. That Ituuer
hooter could gUe Johnny Kveis lessons
on ktcklr.r.
Till the second period was diawlng
to a close, Bulger appeared to outclass
Holy Cross. The Purple warriors found
themselves late in the second period
and rallied so vatorously that they more
than held their own during the ten of
tha same. Most of the offensive was !
aejTled by Holy Cross fiom late in the
aeeoad period till the play was almost
over In the final quailer. At that tage
tho alarm clock went off and llutgers
I woke up.
i Just before the end of the game I E lit
era cot going with a rngcance ami
threatened another ecore. One at
tempted multiple kick by Hazel from the
II yard line went agley and then Holy
Croaa stopped a line bucking attack
after the Scarlet had pushed the Purple
back to within ten yatda nf the goal
line. Rutgers lost Its chance of anrlng
when an attempted forward pass was In
tercepted by a Purple plaer. The best
laid plana n' mice and men gang aft
Play Flerrel, tint I leant? .
The game was tier, eh hut cleanly
played. The Red 'ros lequenlly ns
summoned from lhe side lines by both
elevens, but most of the Injuries were
minor ones and none nf litem lesulted
from any unnecessary toughness Knot.
ban U not ping-pong and It Is the nM-
OfSpVBIIl iuil"iinp ...
wedged In between a lineman's, 'hlnl
and fourth libs and the halfback iiiiie.
tlmei has tn hunt a little while before
he finds his lost left ear.
Holy Cross was weakened eai; In the
first period tnrougn an injury m miry.
Whlcn resuiteu in tne nan. naiioace, , tt,e l ushing game. In the first period
harlng to be carried to the hr.M,tal lent Vdil tried a goal from pliKcment from
tip to the time nf his retli eiiient holey ,n 3 iirr, 11P ( MM a1(,
had shown himself Holy Cross s beat J N,r(, ,Mmo-. ,.(M OII ,, ,, :n ,arrl
r7,nd.j5ain!,r,..'i,i '". i.r t.pv. 'i.ri"1"' n r" ii-- -fn fumbled
had outklcked Hazel, I est It be mlsuif R,, Ml,Kwan pounced on the ball, Oil
Hamood, the afnremen'loned Harel Is , . ,,, ,rou1( , ,
th; husky niilgers fullback, , Vn p , rf
l"."1 h,1" JJ '.. a.'. """""I quarter. Vldal made hl place-
rtas'too much for the light Ptiiplc de-
fane Banford's big nseorlment of ee onu peumt t niaii trien a
IZi.iS' !.,. vii?.i ii,o,- iwfnrnl pass on the fourth down when
aonslderablv In the first period and 'a
large nart of the second
real Onl Xcarlel Plnja.
. . ,, ,u .. , ,
Ut gradually th Purple plai-is
!!!.n? .,?-.ni.,? ... !!'.i V,"., ."y.'.yrh
hHckerr ar the me- , f." I a eV '
, ..ir I .wi
v CroK, M le-.st
.! .
new ana ncaaworK no
apaeared to excel Ttutgers
brawn aometlmes count a trifle more
than brain on the gridiron And any
bratn will net a hit befnggb-d f bumiei
on tha greensward hard rinmclt
Rntrtra (10
WUot . K
BalwaoB I. T.
llol) Croaa im
Conn av
Borsch k, ..b. i.
Mason Centre
. ICant
R Ii MeCiilloi li
R T m imn.erman , c.erhar.tt
II K ., Cumnitnsa I VntaH
0. H ,. lValai,Olltih!ltlt
1, It Kolen Plate
R II ,, Halv S.oii- l..i N-r.sa
K. H Mllil.-II vrinr
It llnlr Croaa. a Toueh .Notre llame
or But sera,
oowns roier. Hraener. linneann rinala from
W1KW3WH ii.t.1, . -.utiai.tuiiuii. ror
altars. Slorck fnr Kl 1 Kit t . Ken ner lor Ren
all, lliuaer fnr Wallai-e. fnr Holy On..
Malsncr for Kolej, llusiti. for Walh
Povsh for Conwai Conner for Oiuiler
Brsdlty for Malonev Referee Mi Madden,
YahJ Uaiplre Mr Ker.berf, Harvard lanei
man Mr Draper Pennsylvania Field Jinliie
Mr Wsi Bsarllunotr Timti of QUtrlera -U
t'ontfmtnf front Fivit t'apc.
llilph.int in Vlilnl, with the fotiner
IhnmltiK the hall Hllll I m-l rilll.l.- speed I
nnl .llrrcllmi fnr mini distance. In-j
Vlitluhlv VMiil .lili. tliele In itcelve I he
Hi!-. The .allele were .oillelit wild no .
measly mse.. Only one, fiom Ollphutil
straight out Id Hhrnilrl, was nf the null
limy specie, anil while It was t'iunileleil
It X" the Muldlels iiuIIiIiik.
I'nlall n Mr nl (nr.
Thuush beaten Ct'nlre Hume lind mote
than a beaten train' shale of heroes. In
jeofail It produced h whltlvtlnd nn at
I tack, a wnnili'i nn defence, a master nf
lUlinllisT a well
III' plumting
Bime who flaehe-l ititcrfciciicc nf tlic
I'ldi'st stnjre nf development. He could
r,,")- '" cc w,,v Wcalem critical are ad-
i vaticltw his claims for all America din
Heraman wax n star too. He wax a
terilfle plunger and put III whole heart
and tort Into eveiy play until he had to
he carried off the field. .lust, before the
hattle ended Hercman Injured a leg and
may he out of the name for at least
three vtccU. Mclnerny at right tackle
ha-l It nut In a Untie royal with Jones
nf the Army and the Westerner had the
better of the argument. Bnchman at
left guard, Itydzweskl at centre and Mil
ler In the Imckflcld all hone. McKwan
had only a Utile the better of his Polled
rival at the pivot.
f.reat Ten in llenten.
The Army tried hard to equal the
score which .Notre Dame filled up here
nn Its first visit to the Point In 1313
38 to 13. Vet while the cadets nearly
succeeded In
that endeavor they can
thank the forward pass that and notlt
iuu mote. Had the paxsliM game been
banned by the rules the Army mkfht
have -gone down (o a bad defeat.
In tackling Nntie Dame made the ca
dets look like novices, for the local men
ml'! repeatedly and when they did get 1 II A V I IllMPi llA 111 Ti
their nrev ii.unlU- la,,,ta r..,,.,a n,.A' U VkllJk UilllllJ
'""('k. In rushing the ball the cadets
up" outclassed. I'ntll they opened up
"'elr attack In the second half they had 1
made only six yard" by rushing e-lnce 1
the InlermlHMlon. In the flrat half Notre
"ame got sl tlrst downs by lushing, as
a-.ainst inreeTor tile Army.
In line pa Notre Pame stood out 1
aboe the t'adcts like a giant among
itgmle. The Notre Dame line sj.
sessetl cohesion and rhythm and worked
In remaiknblr concert with the backs. It
looked ery much as If Notre Dame.
through the use of a Martlng signal, bent
the ball, but that appearance may have Annapolis. Nov. 4. The Navv foot
been the pioduet of Its remarkablo team M ,rHm uffjred a stinging defeat here
W"J r , , this afternoon. They were defeated by
Notre name -knlfetr the guards, cut Washington and Ia?e, 10 to 0. The re
oft ach e. Jaimned through .entre, espe-1 M1 wa, . evere hlow to the mldshlp
- lally tv hen Mcl.wan eae way toU'eeina1 , for u KHVe tn, ,ctori (he Southern
for a while, boxed the cniN anil blocked championship
off the secondary defence. Vet that team Washington and I-e won because It
lost by .Hi to 1 Icto.y engendered ,,H,i tn, heller team and outplayed I'ncle
In the Army coaches no sweet thoughts ' Sltm fulur, ,mr-)l, every period
. . . . .ii "in- i-r.-iiig aaoie.
I'ertnlnly their tank Is a big one. Among
thoe who saw the Army tilumph were)
l.leut. Jonas Ingram, head coach at the
Navy, and llabe Hrown. one time Navy
,.... , . '
nia nrcok aalnst llnnslera.
The lucak In the game came Just be-1
fine the Army scored Its Mrst touchdown
In the third period. It ciopjieil up In the
fin in of a penalty that should haveibecn
llfleen yard", hut owing to Ignorance nf
the rules by the oltlclals and the Notre
Dame plascrs was Hllowrd to go for
thlrl -three yattls. The penalty tint
the Army on Nolle Dante's : ard
mark, whence It worked Its way across
the line
Chin ley Hann, former Harvard plaer,
was the referee and A. t Tler of
Princeton was the umpiie, hVom Its own
41 jard mark the Aitny tried a forward
pits" from Ollnliant to (ierharilt, As
I I A .......... . .. ..., r. r....l..A I. .A
on Notre Dame's 41 yard mat k Haujan
hook hint up with terrific force. It
was one of the severe. t cases nf rough
ing the receiver of a pass seen In this
The rule call for a penalty of fifteen
ards from the point where the ball was
put Into play. Misunderstanding the
penalty provision. Hann penalized Notre
Dame fifteen ards from the point where
(erlnirdt was roughed. None of the
Notre Dame men voiced any objection.
Hann after the game admitted that he
had "booted one." He was b!g enough
lo admit that he had been Jn error und
did not try to hide the mistake.
TrlrU Pln Nnrceeila.
The Army followed that penalty with
another forward pass. Ollphant In Vldal,
to the .1 ard mark, whete It suffered a
penalty of five yauls for offside. n.
pliant plunged four aids. The Army
lined up In a place kick formation with
Vldal leady to boot the ball from the H
v.. til mark, but the play was turned Into
a fm ward pass and Vlda' croesed the
Ilife. II wai ically obvious "strategv
, ,,,,, N p .,,,,;.
with their attendant touchdowns gave
the soblleis new spirit, and with the ad
vantage or tlte lead they began to plav
better foothill.
Noire Damn made many mistakes
when It was In a position to get the most
out or Its superiority In the tine ami In
,lrl'1 c"'1' ,ry l'P-red most mlvlsable.
iTnp IOs ,vt'n nwr' ,l,p Mm' "l0K
the ball to bring P down for another
goal. Toward the c',o.. of th
K.me. when It was too dark to ee Just
whn llK ,no culprit. Notte Dim., lost
,w"."" fumi,1r."", iu m". ln ',,nl
V. ','.T ". '' o' "".""Z-
""r """ '" '"' """ ""
; P",l,""J' ,n .kU'k . V,CJ",.
,nl""" ,rn'" V";. """1.'ip nPh"nt
' ;"id Not.a Dame recov -
... ..... .
er.n tlie nan in orinx n oov ti ueep into
Army territory. Then came tnn whistle,
Army iW
McKwan iCuit 1.
Nolle Dam. HOi ' 7rtm"h '
C.iii.hlanl.M l-"k
Haihrnani' "1'
.. . MtdtSm. '
Whipple-'"'r ' '
PI.elan 1 reaton ..
I, K
I. T
I. ti
it :
It R
o n
I. it
it ll
r H
i Meai ham ....
Hut ler . ...
I Shra.ler
. . (Capi 1 CofallP(lt'
. Iletiinian Alleslienr n
. ; i 'i '.".I
" i
. Refrrre t I'
llann. naivarn ruin re t
I. ler. I'llnirton llea. I ni'llliail- -K Ini ll
in", Ml" "In Time of nt-rlod. IJ inlnntea
1 -
I hi i fiom plairmetit fllfpliant 2 .Noli
Dame .inline lonciiiosii Iteiginat. tioal
ft. nn loin li.lt... . -Cofall linal from field Co.
fall Siiliatltiitlnna Arinj, Weeina fnr McKwan,
Htokea for Weenia, tlrKaan for Ktokra, Mtllllna
fnr Shrarter. Shrader fnr Miilllna Notre Da ma,
(irant for I'hrlaii, Hlarkf.-rd fnr Miller.
His Siicclnciilur Hums Karu
Two TniicliilowiiH and 1 i
to i: Victory.
Col I'MIII'S, Nov. I. -Ohio Sl.llc I'lil-
""I'.. "'i;ie.ie.l II chamr of wliiniliK
Hie esiem t ntliereuee lu.l.un.t -.t...-
plonshlp by defeating Wisconsin t'nlver
slty, M to 13, hele tooluy. The Muck.
ees are now tint with Noithweslern.
the only other undefeated eleven of the
Ohio won from Wisconsin thioiigh the
i spectacular playing of llnrley. right
halfback, who made both toiicluiowna,
the first by an end run of twenty-seven
yards In the second period and'the sec
ond by an eighty yard run directly
through the Badgers' tine In the fourth
period after catching a punt.
Wisconsin In the second period drove
through the Ohla tine with stinlght foot
hall for a touchdown. Hlmpsnn punted
ou; to Taylor, who failed to catch the
punt. The team were evenly matched
on line playing, with Wisconsin showing
better organisation.
The lineup:
Wlconln list
Plllier ..
Me?ra lCit I .
Tarlnr .
01 ion ,
Bimpfou ,
Ohio State itn.
t- K
....U T ....
.. t. O
,., Onlrt
... R. n
. K.T,. ..
... H. K
.0. B
I.. It ...
,.R. H .
, .. Sfildon
. Holikamo
. . Turner
H CnurmrT
. ... PfNil.r
r, ii ....
Si ore hy periiMl.t
Wisrnimln , a t
Ohio Stale , a :
tlefree UmIi Pi lirll Phl.n
a t
: It
Pmnlre .
-A (). Held. Muhl:ll Field Judie-W I) '
Knmhl. Dartmouth M-ail llneman I. Oaril
per. Illlnon T.nie of ierinls 1. minutes
Wi.iormn siiinnu Tnuihitoona Mejtfr.
Kreue. (loal Ironi inuchdnon Simpson
Ohio stale nnrnif! Touchdowna llarley,
(Joala from lnuchilon-9orrenen. Harler
Siit"tltu1loti-Knr Wisconsin: Kralovek for
rarnen.ee Umiim fete R,r ILm. Ia. r.U.,.t
tirsiil for Keller. Stiru Tor Bert
sura tor oert. uannier
tor urmier. Olson ror stara, Trailer fur
Brant liray for Flitter. KrerUhefer for Orar
F.dler for Olson Carpenter for Kr.ilo.elt,
tlcri for Elder, Kejes for M;ri For Ohio
Slate- Ilneiel tor Sorrensen. Jnhtimn tor
for ,
Turner, nhoanes lor Hurra. nrton
Uhon.lr.. Tamer for Johnton. I.onard for
it i mm r An nn n i nn
W'M.xliinslon and Loo Brats
.MitlshipniPii. 10 to 0. ami
Wins Southern Tftlr.
...,rv dennrlinenl of the rame.
Not once during the contest did the
Navy seriously threaten their opponent's
line. The only redeeming feature of the
, midshipmen's game waa the way Ward
...ii'rl mint.
Rain made the ball and field wet and
,ip,ry and was responsible for many
fumbles, but even though It gave the
heavier Navy team a slight advantage
the light visitors outplayed them
Near the end of the game Orr went
In at quarter for Navy and made Hie
mot billllanl run of the contest. He
grabbed a punt close tn hi goal line and
flashed down the field along the side line
for a distance of sixty yards
Johnson and Ignieo, the visiting
tackles, were the stars of Washington
and l.ee.
Navy ill
Garret .
W ant I. IH"
. . Jo!inun
.. ttryoti
Pterin I e
M nore
.. . Ulnco
11.18 1..
Vniitu drill
1. K
. .1. T
. . I. fi
.. n. t
0. II..
I.. It
R If
f n
Want .
Perry .
' i""!
ies ... .
Jackson .
Well hel
llolierla ..
a.c.re by fierbMU .
n A
A. 10
Itrferee Sir Maxwnll. Hwarthmnre. I'mnlre
Mr. Ilrtinla. Peniiajlranla, Head lliir.iiiau
Mr Tlirp, CntiiiiiMa Time ef perleds IS mln
.lie. IV A. I.. Muring. TMitctifoli--Jillliieti,
llosl fnan touiliin Yoanp, Fleli fea, plsie
kick YnutlK. Slll'Sllllllloii" Va.v. Scafe for
Ward. Ila.ltl. 11a fur Martin. Ven llelmtwrff for
iarret. I'larke for fillniatt, llnltmaii Pr IVrrj,
nnnH.teln for Jotiea. Orr for Wei, hel, PUIier
for Vot. llrltnperg. Harrt.en for .taikson. Iimi
felil for Helfle. fiNTtea for Incram. Mct'lure for
Skinner fr I'larke. l.awl.aujb for
1. , . ...ir ir .
niiULiUIILill 1 bnui r Ivl sirs
-.. t.. 0, . r.i at'
llOUClei Stars for Ulenil nr -
ner's Grent Team, Scor
insr 3 Toiiehdowns.
machine of
Nov. 4. The great Pitt
fnnthnlt nt.t-.r. k j.i A.1
through mud and the Allegheny College
leani tn-uay to the tune of 41 to n.
Coach Warner used manv of his Mibstl-
I litest, men who haven't pluyed In a game
this year, and had the field been dry a
much larger score would have been the
result. .MlPPi.KM-KT, VI , Nov. 4.-Mlddlehury
Pitt scored a touchdown in the fliM 1 oulpla)rd Norwich, S to 7, to-day Mid
period on Dehart'ri smash thniunh alii- dlehtiry's back field made steady galna.
tre, but tiotttiler missed oal In lite hec-
1 oml I'rlrwl thtee more touchdowns wen-
.cored hy Couglcr. one of them on n 6
, y-od rip In -h-third nerlo.l one t ui-b.
down was scored wbett Mlllnr ran around
i l't i ail Peck kicked goal,
The last period saw the Allegheny line
crossed twice, one play on a double' pass,
.Mcl.clland tn Prledlander, who ran 111
vnrda for i. scorn (sit Hlf. mlsseil ennl
The last touchdown came lust before the
whl"": wh"n D " P-"l
whistle blew, when Do Hart waa pushed
I Ihroush the ctntrn seven yards and Sle,
kicked goal, The lineup:
! ,... im mA
. a icunenr nil
Plllaburr (b'o
i Seanneil iCant i I. K
.. vnniiii
1,. T
.. .1. 1
.. Centra,
. ii. a..
,.K T
. n. k
i. ti
. R II
... f n,
(Capt) Pelh
c.i ...
lie ll.el
: 7 M II
B n 0
Cadliati Sua
"ini'iai. rnov, 1 aie. rcreiee
, i ii.r, iiniplri-. Ilaiiiiiioiul
Michigan. Iii-ail line.
T .1. Do Hart till
man Tnni li'tonna lintitler .1, Do Hart 2, .till
ler. Frle.tlatiil.-r
filial frmtl tiiiK'h'timns Hlea
"-i'M. Homier, pe.k
e.k eiil..iliiiti-a-Pltt linntler,
Ibl"?." 7V,o,V.:'lVll,r' SM.tei: .
. Raalerriar fnr llerron. Mnnnw
tnr l..i n.
Snlheitaml. Stal.l for 'll.oi olillt llltl t... u.l.l.t
, lilm, for Hies. Kaalcritar fnr llerron klon.,
1 foi M.-..iainl, Miller for lie Hart for Ka.trr
liar hrmlrll for Peck, t arl'on for llr.m ll,
Thornlilll for Rlahl, pr Hart foi Mllli-r. Me
la-lland fnr Hlaliltnaii. Klea for lilnn. tiiilliet
land for Melntrre, ammona for t'arlaon. Mci.
nla for Thomhlll. Rrkert nr llerron: fnr Alls
I stienr, rtunlatkim fer rre.lon. p. ('net fnr
f Miner, iimt oi ierioua-i: ana to nunuita.
Little Brown Quiirterliark,
After CrttHiiiijr IMint, Khitn
for Toiiclidowii.
Prumiikncb, It. 1 Nov. i. Hrown hail Hi'iiiNnnri.n, SIas., Nov. 4. Syracuse
little trouble In winning from Vermont I beuf and brawn succumbed to Part
here this afternoon, tilting up a score of I mouth's speed and aggressiveness hcie
I ,.. 11 -ri.A nl.lini.. i.nl mi ti Heiiioov I
gam, fighting gamely to th finish. Play i
was In the Vermont territory most of j
the lime, howler, and ltron E.ml
line never was in nanger.
-J'.' V"!'1 ' T' ;:n: .
:: , , : " 1 .ii ,n,b,H I
iiai gains ny means o. a
forwari pass. Brown did not aeern to
play with her uual .aggressive nesa at
! standard ail In nrX wV I t
I standard set In previous games una sea ,
Bowman, th. Vermont fullback, found
quite a few hole., and went through for
lev. pal Mr sains Ina- runs bv the 1
Brown ha.kfteld featured I the game ' Pol-1
1 li'rl UH, d the
v.,,! .nrt. fne ihiriv and al.tv vards.
Ann... Ilkewlw t.lave.1 brilliantly. Mur-'
- eu oriiiinii.i -""i
phy. Brown's little quarterback, ran
eighty yards for a touchdown after
calchina Vermont punt. Th. lineup:
Hrown it:i
Vermont jj
Barrows I
I.'.'.".'..' Walts
Plumb .
I,, r. ..
.... i..o.,
, ..Centre...
... .H.T....
.... R.E....
OB. .
I.. II HlirUe
R.n Hammond
r B, Bomn
rum hflwn. Pnllanl. !: Annan. I! Murphy
Goal from touchdowns DeTltalla. .
Siibllltitloii-Bron-Annin for Conrny.
Simna for Zelcer. Wade for Farnum. Zeliw
lor npacna. urmany .or .fisrsnau. iinnTu
l"0!' J',m'!, 'r. P$!!'',.P,0'lv.aer
.,'m"- J',Z'?T.-ir'ZiL '?'r"m!.InJv "? .' I
1'niinrnM, noorri-jn itr wrnnuj,
Ptmlr for Murphr
Vermont IMumh fnr Hammond. TlrrTift for I
Plnmh. nmnvruvl for Wmttt. Sumlrrlatvl for I
Ilnwm.n. Tiutlon for Mfrrtll ,
Rrffrr Dr. O'Hrien of Turin, iimpirr
Cannell of T(ifl lUml linimn Nohlc of I
Amlirrtl Tlm. of pnod-tR and 12 mlnutf. i
Stai't (III ltn KUSII Ullll Mllll-
tor Minnesota's Hopp of Title
by U to fl Victory.
MlNNraroLts, Nov. 4. Minnesota's
hopes for a clear claim to the Western
conference football championship were
shattered to-day. when Illinois, alteadj
defeated hy Ohio State, sprung one of the
blgaeM surprises oi ine grtuirou wuiein
by humbling the powerful llnphets. 1 4
to 3. Illinois SCOteil IWO loucitonwns III
the opening period and kicked two goals,
while Minnesota counted Its nine polnta
with a touchdown, goal from touchdown
and a sarety In the third period.
At the outset Illlno'a whirled Into the
(Inphera with a flash of speed that for a
time demoralised the Minnesota defence.
imr titmi. urn ," ''""""' " 'V"l7'
in ine nrsv tew minuies oi piay iniouie
ruhen tnc nan to wmiiii sinning ins
tance and Macomber shot across for a
touchdown. He also kicked goal.
In the same period Kraft Intercepted a
fnrwanl p."" nd twisted through a
r.?...". ""y (ii'T:
onil touchdown
In the third period Minnesota advanced
the ball consistently to Illlnois's 3 yard
line, where Sprafk.i was sent across for
tne (,oinets lone toucniiown. nuston;
kicked goal.
Ten minutes later Hat-Inn a punt wast
rumtiled ny sternaman. tne 11.111 roiling
ine Illinois goai line, wnere
Steinaman fell on It for a safety, count-1
lug Minnesota I points.
uinrc ititi t two nnrnv
Walervllle Collegian Brat Rale
hy mlt 10 7.
WaTgnvit.l.K, Me., Nov. 4. Colby won
the Maine championship to-day hy de.
Siting Hates, 3.1 tn 7 rinvette' nnd
c.i wley were the Individual slats, while'
Wiggln excelled for Hates, I
The Colby students are relehratlng
their victory to-night with a wild dem
onstration. The lineup: 1
Bates ID
... tllckey
... Stotnrr
.. A.lmii.
... Ktilihl
. Mnllltnii
.... Talbot
.... Cutler
Colbr CJi
, '" '
1, 1
. I, i
. R.T,
. II K
. H.
. I.. H
I H111 knant
1 Heaav- ....
Heath . ..
I .lai-oha ...
, Kallo-k
1 Hrr.ette
Caw ley
I Tl.o
r n
The n-nie-aVolby. il. Ultra, 7 Toiich.lnu 111
j lire.etie, uatrr. .invi-e t 112111 i.nal
'rom intiehdnait- Bresetle :'. .hattuck tioal
l'rnin fl'M -Brreette Referee Mr llapjnnrl,
) nrown empire .wr iinnnaii, toiunin.a
I Kied Judge Mr Ireland, Tnfta Head linea
man .Mr. llnopr. Auburn Time of penol.
! U nitilllle tlli.tltllte. Cnolntge forJovie.
Knni tor Stliiion, How for nuckman, liallier
' for Peaav HltcUmHll for lle.lt ll. Hlailea for
.li.iiba. Con on for llro-vtivlllo. Cin.niiii for
I Kallo-k llen.1rt.-ka for Caw lev Pates: Htlffey
.... II........ I'llOn.a for It oli. I, I Si.ii.ui, ton
Moulton. Murray fnr Namp.oti. Kenneily lor
, r u. Ir Monlloi, foe lli.lt
Vlldrtlel.nry's llarka Tnn
ialroiiki "ii-iire la SO In 7.
In 'he first quarter McDonald caught
Pollard's punl and inn fifty yards for a
touchdown III ine secoitu quarter line
plutiKos gave Lynch a totn-hdown. In
the fmiith pirlod llower ran a punt thlr
tynve yar.is mr
MldJlebury lb
touchdown. The
Norwii Ii ill
.... McDonald
.J. MncDoiialil
. . . Ilialiop
. I, K.
I, fi
. R O.
. 11 T
ll K
.0. II
"a",,, .Capt.t..'
, f" ":u
llrranahm .... I. II
Pollard H H
.r ii
riu- ai-oie- Mlildell.iiit. 20 . Nnrwlrli. 7
Toii.-lu1o.vi... Poll-tiil I. nub, llom-r, )ta. (Ion
,,,,,,, f(m ,,.,( nt' ,,s ),,.,,.r
Vinpln- Voiinz nf Ailama Referee .lolinaoii of
u..fci...i,, l.n., H,i..u.,..,. L..nD... ... to, .
I'l'l. Time- 15 niliiilti' pi-rli.l Muhatltiitra-
..nr.i.wtK,. ... ,i..... .....a... .... ,i .. ....
.. ,i, ,...,....,'.. .... n.... ....
' "". e.".o v- "-""..''.'. "
AMersen. Het i.nld for fantr; Hnhliaiit for
ji.rlil, tiallaglier for lltlhlialrt, I'arket foi
li, nor, Norwlili llonanl for Hrltlinin, Snlll
van for Highland
l.lsi-ol.N, Neb Nov
niarked by iiiilch filtlihlliig nn both sides,
Nel.n-U.. .o.da, defeated Iowa .Stale
College of Allien bv a scene of .1 In n.
College of Allies In a SCOie nf .1 In (1.
. and Iheioliy rclaltts lhe chaniplonshlii nf
I . ,, aiij-n,,.! V.llo.. onlifereiii.e
. Hie Missouri t alle.t i nt feretii e,
A field goal h Chalilln Corey of Ne
hiaa-ka from the fid yatd line in Hie
third perhsl was the total of tha day's
I. on"; ltuiiH by Can noil and Oct
rish (live Hanoverians Vic
tory. 15 to 10.
nil the t-tltllpnn tf,.t(ii ntt.l the ivrnrerM f
of the Orcen left Hanover to-night pimiil
f,t'"nlfRt,l11f.n v,,'",r'- ',,(, ""'" w"'
. "esatlona SS yard inn hack of a
.. ,P,,toiii In- r.un.elt Biive
!mo.l. tits, Uno,y in the opening
"cose came naca wnn n inuciinowii
i.nd goal III the second period and took
f A Hyrnrtl ,lfpt KnVf n,t.
h , ,
mtt ,h, ""rerlat,H In front. The
0rn,R(. ,.,,, nM hl((1 ,, , the-
l,:rl?'r"r,mouth ,',ro7'1 " I
" ' 7lMV 7r. The, n. i
llnt with n goal from the. field.
Twelve thousand persons watched th-
l .h end It was the general
l'i''K.n that the best team haiUvon. The
''eHV' hyraouse line about lulancen
r -..-i- . -t n-t n.
" -,u'JV" r. . 7 . "' '
- ' " "c '- " ". ... ...
h and .Miljam. s ,,ash.;,
,tte H vHt) anrt Dartmouth had to resort
I" end runs and trick plaK to gain
ground. Though the Pattmoiith lino-
"""" w,'r'' "liable to make nn holes on
attack for the backs to piling.'
through the Green forwanls pl.ied a
atrniis came on the defence.
Three I. una llmia.
"anneH's fiA ard run for a touchdown
In the first period was almost m.tclied by
i.crrlsh's dash along the side line for 4K
yards In the final quarter annelrs
'"" w.ia a zlgxng. corkscrew dart through
n biokeo II..I.I. ,...,1 I. vet .In, 1 1... tmmitli
Irooleis in a frenzy. The wonderfully
ht..iv un.l ltitfA tt-ifii..,.ntK .n n-tur
.... .. .
koi unner r mni pmn m, , mi i-,
muin own i. yani iinv hiui iinusm,
twlut ed and doubled thrmiKh lh whn1
cvrarn.n .. fr th tiuw.i..i.vi. .1
M, Hrown, who relieved K. Hi own at
right halfback fnr Syracuse, clecli tiled
the stands by a :t ard run for a touch-'
down In the second period. Dartmouth
blocked three Syracuse kick., one of the
blocked boots giving Dartmouth a safet
In the) third ierlod. Svractise workctl
ih hnll elnwi. Into tin rt'mniit h te. . Im. v
,lu the nnal quartet, and Meehan booted a
pretty neld goal from tnc .ill y.ttu line.
iThe imcup:
Dartmnuth 11$).
S)raeue uri I
Iltlt I Met ll I
Cnhll I
While I
. !.. B . .
I..T ..
I. (j ...
. It (S. ..
It T. . .
..R. K....
..0. It .
..I.. II
n it
..f n.. .
I, lie
""ton .;;;;""
, Tn,!h;r
Me. Ii III
K llroun
M alone
SrmT p,.rllK,
1 Dartmouth
Referee Nate Tutl of llrnu t'ntplre
Kre.1 Murlelcli ol Kieier Head line.titati J
J Ilallahan Of llo-totl m. nf peno.1 15
minutes, vnriiu - Iiaririiuiith : Touchdov. n
tatini-ll, Kduanl. .lost front touchdown
(Jerri. h Srraru.e Touchdown M Hrown,
Uoal from tnuchttoui. M. Itrown ttoal from
field-Meehan. Safn-M Hrown Sub. tint.
, llnn Dartmouth Cni.-.wcli tor h.i.-o.oii.
tur, (r Trier. Merrill for N.rley S.ull
for Merrill. Cunmiuham for HIJe. Hood for
Halter. Mather tor Hood. Hevnn for Cotton.
Austin fnr Kmery llik for Austin. !ila
line for lluak. S llolbrnok for Cannill.
V!..lm.n Inp Thlel.rl.ee. V'.luir.l, fnr K.i.l
man. Thfelsoher for Kdwsrds. R llolbrnok
Wntwr. Putin fnr rtllmnre. Putin for Tnci.
l.lvahln tor Dunn, Wright for Halter Halter
for Wrlaht. Willtuma for Rafter. Plank for
1 Williams. M Hrown fnr K. Hrown N-hwarrcr
."" """' ."-f-n)
mi r lent 01 nan it ""i""""
1,. th . 11.
v. . ,
j-TATR 1 1 a.. " '-ii
I ... I ...a ......... I c. ....
1 urn. iiim.i nini o..-i . . t.tt
waded through Oeneva College hrre to-
,da, ' to . The visiting eleven waH,tn,e. saved the situation for Williams
hopelessl) niilrlnset.il, and Mate rolled
up the largest score that has been made
on New Heater Field III a score nf .tears.
In the sciotid half Harlow sent In
. 1... ..1., ...... ...... ... ...... ...
' te t i-,, who never before playe, for 1 pm, Itg d-partmeut. however. O'ltrlen 'W -re for oftsldi' plays both oif.-ml-1 .. n
Pen.. State took pait In the slatu t wa not far behind, his punls averaging H'C i"'"' T" '"'l : . ! t" '
State College had inrtsiin of tlie lull
nlmoat the entire game.
The lineup :
I'entt Stale i;i
Swain I. K
lienev. mi
'Kri..ank ,1 T
Parrieli I. ii
(-enrivrt Centre .
o'lii.iiuell 11 li
Ctirnei-kie . . It T .
1'iitibate It K .
joeea . . ..OH
f,. II..
i,li ... It II .
ie. I, . y II..
i-ore lo eriot.
nnl Ii
111- k.
Ho I.I.
V , lllt. . .
I 'I
i ,..,,
Siil.ttltiHoii. I'.-i.ii Mali- liro. for H.-l.t..
1-rt.iaoii for Ciitii.iie.-. Kraft for it li.-ioi.-n.
I'lllil-am- foi J'arrl-li. TaTiner foi rtainiiklr.
Tliorpe for .lone., fluke for Thorpe, t'nsir for
ill,,.., iilH-rle for i'oiio.i-r, tl.-rlt for Kdiieitoii
Kllie.ieri.iHn "r . lie. am-, uii- .i.-ii . .r ......
VV'll.oli for He., MHIer for snalll, I'on.l for
WHmiii. Miiltti for Pnrrl.li for i.M.eia. wiiknn
for r....-l. Wll.oi. fo. Ii.mI'I.. Mltli-t for lis
nor MiK.-I.e. for t llktin.. Il'-iuplitll for .lone..
s,ltl, for Klllotl. Jo,,.-, for .1 on, Ilo.a for
III... Il,.t..re.. II r in.,1 , , i f 1 1 I, vl, I'n.n re
Hli lri. li. I'.iiii...miI Iliad linesman
I TlM-rle. Swa rtlilliore I li-l'l lll'tsi t lte., t'oltir
I f 'teed, C.enevs Tlnu- of periods I! minute
You generally give all
your 9 guests the same
drink when you mix
your own cocktails.
How much better to
have ready on the ice
the favorite varieties of
Club CocktaJls
to meet the individual
LaSie i
In all ten varieties, Club I
Cocktails are marked by a
smoothness and balance of
flavor practically impossible
in the home mixed variety,
o e
Hartford New York London
Importtn of th Famout
Open Attack of Penn
Beats Lafayette 19-0
Held to Scoreless Tie in First Half, Quakers Start For
ward Pass Offensive and Win
PlIll.tliKI.I'IIM, Nov. 4. --Held to u
woielvsH tie In the first half the I'nl
eislty of Pennslvanla football eleven
opened up In the second half against La
fa. ette here to-day. exhibited an Hinat
ln lot of fako kick rfnd forwatil pnss
fonnatlona and so completely befuddled
the lsltnr Penn Hon easily by the
score of in to (I. HnHrwi, the victor)
may be haid earned, as Fielding II. Yost,
coa Ii nf Michigan, watched the gamo
, ,he stands a,i lea ned most of he
;!""' "V .oh Kolwell to
purple, the Wolverines later on In the
Iifayettc put lip a stiff defence and
had a line which was Impregnable, but
!,. ,.0nn put the pla. up to the sec
,.:,r- guardians the visitors did no
l'nr " w"-. n' of .lhe un.ktr
t"vn.towna was ne net result or a trip e
pass executed with such rapidity a to
mask the ball and leave the vlaltora won-
derlng which man to tackle. Not In
some time has a Penn eleven been so
pr(.lclent at the open game as the men
who uote the red und blue to-day.
I.lalhl la Mar
who left the game in the laft
period In favor nf Howard Berr, pl.tjetl
niagnlflcently, scoring to of the three
touihdowns. He did most of the passing
nn the fnrvvawl tosses it. wl wits In the
play continually.
John Wcldon, l.afajetteH star full -
back, was Injured In tho flr.t period and
, . i. (.i.H i 1.
litrccii iruin .nit K'.iite. 1'irtiinMMi iiuir.1-
Ills collarbone III the third period anil
was carried from the field. He probably
will be out of the game for the rest of
the seasou.
Penn kicked off to Lafayette opening
the game and the visitors plougneq
thrniiuh the line lint I the ball was in
mliltleld. A punt then gave Penn a stait
.,.... it. m n itnl linn Tnn trlM iiftirit t '
. . ... i
nni an inc n Him hi. '
. oiin?u. i t-iin mni i "f-" " mw
i nutnldp tackle nnd planted the ball n
i..r.vMiA'u 1 n Hue. but wor? ,.M
for downs
mithnr afiinnrr CATTiPti im
ball to tnldfleld, w hen tho period ended.
' ' .
A series of distressing fuiniitea n
Penn backs robbed the lied nnd Hliie of
all chance to core In the
the ccond period. Once tile VJtlah. rs
wete forced liack to their own yaid
i line, but managed to punt out of danger.
Hitherto Tiibeateii Kleven
Loses to WUHhuis as Hef.iilt
of Seventy Vard Hun.
WnxtAMSTowN, Mas"., Nov 4. Will
lams won a sensational victory from the
previously unbeaten Wcsleyau eleven
this afternoon by a scn'o of T tn ". The
, ,.,. ,.Hm, ln ,. !,,t period.
' . . .
I when Jlct.cati ran seem )i
.. .,.,... - t.roken field after receiving
1 IliroUgll OFOKetl Iiein i.iki 11.
' one of Deetjrn'e long spirals. Williams
4 " hi
' gregatlon, especially as far as the Hue
was concented, hut the ISed and Black
pla) era managed 10 no in uieir i-...n. ine
at critical moments, aim wins mree nines
iccoverrd the ball within their own
yard line on downs.
Due to Its heavier hick field ill -
1 lams a mo-i consistent gains were in......
on nays inrotiKii me . em,,-
J At these Lewis excelled Hotli '-f '
, afnl Mr I'D. tne I'urpiea ii.-iiio...-o-,
. . .. . - .... ...ol-..
- inane some K""ll el'.lil'' " " (
t... The former's alertness -everal
1 ,,n fumbles, fspeclally after Deetjena
, punt, Kor the visitor Capt D.-etJen
1 pl.i.ved the lust all around game hy far.
He starred at open field 1 tinning, tcccit
1 t ,.M..iu ot.,1 mint I.11-. tn thl
State's squ.dlng forwali. passes and punting. In the
about fori) .turds
i-l. .r,.'A ontlvenetl bv setelill
.1 ,lo.. In .vlilol, seitlltir' .V,.H
-custiionai .ia s 111 wiinii e. ...oik ......
barelv avert 'nip MCk ny.inri.ii
anil Webb t. . jti-t barely missed the
po.t,. (Iifford, l.evvi. Mi l.e.111 anil Dect-
, . . .... 1 . .1 .... e-
J" repe.11e.11 ........ ...... .ko .. .
gains in I in- Itltai period ti linen ,u-
ntol lepcated .McLeans loiu winuiiig
tin. but waa stopped by the la-t We.
.i-viin man. Webb, .lust before the Una!
uhl.Ue Weslevan iiiw tho Will la 111-
piajers a scare by working two pretty
i .....,. ..1,1.1. urn.... im . . ........
j..,.-., ..............
vards In the first Harmon had ll cleat
Held, hut was caught frmn behind by the
William centre. Capt. Welch, by one of
ti,. pntttcet tackle. of llti- game,
.-tilitic their line decidedly weaker,
...,,..,1 .1 , ..l,n.. ,n
open fm tnatlon. In which Webb and
l t.,,i I.... t.l.v.-il the in onilli.-lit tialt. Iieet-
. ..... i.i4 team well atid did some
.V . o,,- I . f The It -.1 I
I PI OI t ) llltllHHk IIIIIISi'.I I 110 lil'il .1IIH
- ' lllacl. atloinpleil sixteen forward paeses
of wlii-li only tlte wete Ml.'cefiil, all
of Hi. in. however, for enbstantial gains
The lineup :
William t7i
tit own . . . I. F. .. .
Chffnid I. T ...
Wrulil I. ti...
Welch iCapt I ... Centre....
Hleurr . R
Ilal.trd R T ...
Ha. on II F. ...
t.ifford 0 "
Mela-ait 11 II...
ll'lli'irn I., H . ,
It t. . F II . .,
kii.ii- lo perton
V ill la in. n n 7 n
1 Wcb-.n " " n n
Hi'f.ic.' 'Ilioipo of ('oliiniHa I'lnplii-- l,. -
tin? of I'lln.t tun. Head liiioi.itiait t'ooni-v
Wililion. 'I inn- of p.-ri'.s 1.. inlliliti-a . ai
VV'llliniiiii si-ortns. loti.'tulowii .tr,eait i.oai
fiom Iimi. t.iti.wi. Cl'llrlt'll. Siiti.littllliina Will-
tiniiN, ipiHlnlanie foi I a-w Is. 1.I-..I f.-r ijuallit.
.Mine, lll.atgett for Paeon, Hacon for lllo.li; It ;
W.'.lrvnn. Ilaloti for Jet Mtiiti.it for l'nicl,
.Ii vein, 111. tin r.i for lll-r
j tin Don ii In Itrfeut llefore l.a-
foji'ttc llnrrlrra, Ull In itn.
. l.nfnrtte ilcfealod C. C N. V. .vcslct
I da) In n dual criiss-coutitt y over lhe
i Van Corllalidt Path course, nn lo .I.".,
1,1 Mt'Kiill of l.af.i)elle led the iacli
I home. Willi Itilssell of l..ifa)elte second
Hotne. w in iiusseit .. lotiateite seco in
,, .andls of lhe City ciillcvte ll.l.il.
The tin..- led f.. lhe sltut Mcl-'all
...,vri.. lhe IliM hi). In 17. .k The
Mulsh vt.ii very .'loe. the thice nieii
helm: not mote than a few v.u.ls apart.
The finish '
I Mil-all. I.lfavelti-
II I.. Ililell. I.af.ivett.. . .
a:. a.i
.1 . I r.
nS t.anilla, r. C N V
1 i, W l.rovrs, t.favette ..
S V K Hlakr, t.afavelte
S Cohen, C. l" N V
; .11 is t rletn i' i', ,s v
l ,t Saiitp.on, Lafajette
)tl ftn.cnawelg, f f N, V.
10 P. Uuldberf. c, C, N, Y,...
J.t IJ
:i k . " s
.17 II
A savage nltnrlt near tin- end of the
quarter HWept the ball to l.arayetl.-'s 1..
yaiil line, but again a fumble flopped up
it rial the Kastnn team was saed.
tart H'ahl In Work.
The (junkers waited not upon cpip
monv hcKlnnliiK lhe second half. Hvl
delit'ly the lecttile of Kolwcll hail made
an Imiucsslon, iih the play "f It""
(JiiakeiM was mow Mulshed. An ex
change of kicks and it line attack slowly
hut suwly forced l.nfaelte back to the
shadow of Its uoal Hosts and from the Id
yaid line Light plunged through to tho
first touchdown. Forward jmasea tamo
Into view for the Mist time following tnia
touchdown, tiut without success, and tho
period ended without further scoring.
Jlaln began falling as the final crlod
was started, but thin did not seem to
bother any of the contestant. Penn
opened wide Itn trlrk offensive and ltitcr
posod Willi line plunges, carried the ball
acrosa tho field for another touchdown,
t.lght again making the final plunge.
Berry waa substituted for Light t full
back and the atar athlete used as a bat
tering ram to good aucccss. Penn car-
lied the hall close lo the Kaston boys
goal, only to fumble It. An exchange of
t.milu mpuIii vul'. teon a rhl..li'n. n.tll this
'time a triple pima found the way for the
filial touchdown.
Only one of the three goals after
touchdown was comcrled by Penn. Tho
t ll.ie.i.i ; '
IVnnaylrania IIH
i Uriiuhart
Uifajrtle in
Oil ally
,, Woodruff
I. K .
I.. T
I. ti ..
Centte .
R T...
R. K...
V. M...
I. II ..
II It...
F. II...
j Wray
I Utile
' ';:;
) Williams ..
N ore by fierlnile
n n o
1iUrw Mr T.ierrt. Hot-hrMrr.
Mr Thofii..ii. SiMMon Kiel.l ju-txe Mr
, okfwiti, xk MrmniirfPnwn-.Mr wniiliis.
comHI Tim nf ierrtort-! minufr rh
Tnut-lnlow nt--Unlit Miller, tioal Ironi
. ' m t
I It n.au I
' ;,' ,tx (nr Wacnrr, KMrevaai lor
iwirknun, Vouitf for Miller. Hell for llrjatit.
yntale for William.. n"7,.,'"r,
. t.u,hfnall (or Wnndrnft Louden for Dta
inti.l lyimlnsir lor loinlen, Martin fnr
Wet.tnn. II nt Tiion fnr Martin.
I Defeats Trinity in Kit anil
riennly Plnyeil Contest.
1 1 to 0.
AMttr.RsT. Mass., Nov. 4. Amherst
scored Its first victory of the reason this
afternoon when It defeated Trinity by n
svore of 14 to ll. .Much lnleret was,
icntrcd on to-day's game, as neither
team had scored a victory tln season 1
llnth team" fought hard to bte.ik their
loslne streak, but good generalship and
brilliant tactics pi.-valleil and Amherst
Amhei't made It" first touchdown in
the tlrst period on .. long forward pass,
llo.lcnhoin to VY .unburn. Washhmn
........ I,.. l. ...11 rnrli- i.inl. fr,, o
. lout-lxltm u Hie srennti totuii ivas
s,-oie. after a spectacular rim of sixty -
. dx,. yauls Catd Cnodrlch tan the ball
I .irnund the left end and, after clever
, ,i,i-i ,rriea .he hilt ....nw it... ,te.
fpnii,.,H- K,, ef
... . e.. ......... .i.-.es and trek nl.i a
nfu. employed, both trains lesorthig to
.,i.... ....rtu, ..t...
ed the
eiioitni ....... ...i. , r. ..o...
more aggressive game, holding the ball
within their opponent' terrlmty during
the entile period of pla J The Trojans lost the ball on -
Mnco, and then only In the last thiee 1,1ml Cnlon then took tin- plKk ti "'
minutes of play, did Trinity threaten j length of the te, for a totni l-i-v-the
'Amhert go.il line Clean football ltoccrans and U'hlttner starte.l foe .
.M cw icna e were , p, sen a ,
1 Amhrrot IIH
Tiimtr oi)
I. K
I. T
tt oi.llev
1. 0 S .la. k.on
Centre Hr. sten ,
It C, ... Nnt.lMtntn
II T . M ,l.i.l,.oti
II K .. .. Hlrtletl
Q 11 .... .lar.t. ,
I. II Mttrrav
ll II I'lilllti..
y H llyland
tta.llhttrn .
imil 1
1 Mel.-lier
Referee Mr
I n f . Cornell
'..'.... " .' " "L"
.iiiiinnii. rnr wniiier.i kiiiiiii ioi- inaitn,
Knati.h for snnlh Davt. for .K.-hmid
1 Tinmtitrt. itrrsTr. tvt irtiTerr
U1.U1.1.1.U .. All .) 1UO ...... . w
Vtiri-i ll Points In linnir With
tliihlenbnra Count la tt to O,
I SofTII ItK.TII I Kll KM, Pa, Not I I.e.
I'lgli lo-dav defeated Mtlhltqiberg Col.
' tee. tl In II All llie i.olt.l i-.'.mk. Ii.
1 rourtli period nnd were iinide by Itinii.
I ner. LehlchV peerlens halfback lie
siored a touchdown and a pteitv field
Wesleyan . K"?1 . .
IV. k 1 Muhlenberg pi esenled no easv task for
Wnoli-v l.elilgli, the visitors glv Ing' a wonderful
" rnr ni;",,'1" ' exhibition nf defence. Lehigh's playing
. .. Talbo'i "as marred bv eight fumbles and eighty.
Hrnv.it the yauls of penalties. (Ine of these
Po.well fumbles, by Wysocka, neat Iv prot eil dls
11 r ' ""HollS'
. . Harmon Hruntier and Herrlngtnii had brilliant
. Willr i 'ins during the game. Hruntier tiled
four oilier drop kick but each fell short.
7. jnn,,nta 5)
d Ha.ton iCapt i
li 'Tnwnley
of kiiii-1 .Ir
Ii .1 llan..-n
Illinois mi
. I.. K
I. T .
. I. li .
.Cent re
..it.r. .
,. ll F...
.. OR
. .I.. II
. R II .
.. F. H..
v, l-r I
Schlainlerm in
" ... U 1 1 l,v
.. Clirl Atitii.Ki.il
.Mai-onils-r iCapt i
0 n 1 ik . n
II n n n l
II Hansen
vnre by period
Illinois .
Relrree Mr Meilia Penil-.llvslli.l Pinplre, tinherat
Mr .luneaii, Wi.con.in Fnlil juilje Mr Trinity
lirnl.v Noiihue-ii-iii lli.iil line. man Mr ! Time of periods
liraham I .t I nut-It Time of petiod i tnni i Siit..Htnti,.ii. Ti.tt
hi.-- ,'..iiii.-iii,. .c.iiiiu .Kaii'ij Kii-riiani.in
lo i.liiinn MnalUa i.nal from loi.-h.o it
llaaton, lliinm. ...nitiii: Touchdown tu
combei. Kraft linal ln.ni inin-hiloun M t -
i - . - ,, " ' "- , ----,"..
',r""" '"' " ,nr "l-ralKa
" I'.l.ieit Trlun.pl,,.
"''""in - r-ir -iiinic...,.
P.tTi.nsov, N I .Nov I sin-eel
' in-it. It III the l-'i-lld Club l.ciKlle series
I was inittesietl tti.ila) al Ol.nnph' Paik,
ivliete llu- Passaic iVntball Club defeated
tlie Maten Island Ciu-ket .nnl T'enuls
t'ltll. by the note of I coil tn n The I
visitors, wltli onl.v tiultt men. put up a'
R.inte siriiEcie, and it m.ih mil) in the
last minute of pliy that liolilsmlth of
Passaic was able lo net a shot past the
Slateti Uland goalkeeper.
rittsburff Boys Kijrht Hard,
But Itliticnns Triumph
' by 15 lo 7.
Ithaca, Nov, 4, Carnegie Tech n
vaded Ithaca' to-day and the big !! I
tentn was forced to go al top s t
brand the visitors with a Hi to ; , .
A sensational skirl of the I'mnell i
anil n thirty-five yatd run foi a I . m j . I , -down
by Kesner gave Tot It Its score
the third period. Cntiicgle missed (
glittering elm tire for n tally at the v r
start of the game when Cornell i ie
cepted n Tech forward pass tight on i ,
iteci nnl vvniten .1 yarn line it a
that play which vhluitlly decldctl the
Cornell showed 11 fulily strong '
fence, but Ita defeiite was little Impr ived
over the lllmsy one It showed acini
the Crimson In the Harvaid stadium a
week ago. The Tech backs teMutv
circled the ends for big gains. Mo. 1
the game waa pla)eil In 11 ilrlr.zllng 1,1 ,
and made the handling of the hall .lull
(Hrneule marie With Ituah.
Carnegie started with a rush at th
stint of the game, nnd .airlcd tho hH
stralgTTT down Into Cornell territory p.
n time the Ithacans could not stent t ie
visitors' advanco and ll looked as if
Carncglo would aweep up the field Win
the ball on Cornell's .'I yard line, h w.
ever, an Ithaca 11 back Intercepted a Te. 1
forward paas and Cornell gained poe..
slon of the pigskin.
Unco In possession of the ball. Come
hihhcd itself Into action und qulckt
g lined Its lost gionnil. The Cane
drive was Irresistible nnd Trih ,i
puehed ba.'lt down the field, Cornell not
letting up Its ravage olTcnrlvc till Spei 1
was shot over for the touchdown. Sp.e.l
kicked the goal.
Kceiicr'a brilliant end run gave r.i
lic'lo 11 touchdown In the third pei tod I
a Cornell offensive forced Wright
make 11 safety und pick tip 2 point- '
Cornell. In the last quartet the Ilh.Ki
again took the offensive mid .ig.Mn .Mur
ler diovc Tech before them Mueilo,
was catapulted over for the touchdown
Tin. Im. up ;
('(nu ll MM
Zenilrr t. I!
Carnejte Te, h
I, h.,
Mi P. ,1.
fllllirs 1, T .
Miller I, Ii..
Carry Centre.
Auiirr.on R.;..
Kixon R T .
K'ktey R K
-tnl y II
llrlieilicl I. II .
Hoffman It It
Mueller K II..
ei"lc lo aro
nn ii.
Mar.!, 1
7 a :
A 11 7 11
It. letee C J. Mil althj. flattmoiith t'li .
1" W Vlnrpln. Iiiown lli '1 Hn. ,i,..i
O I 'I lu'llilixiii, Aihi Ik 'I Hue ef t -I
ti tninules ea.ti. I'erti. II -.fn, o,, h(.w
.N"'"!, Mt. IIP r IionI flout loin U'loiiti -.
afelj WtlSllI l'arnete Te.ll Morltlli. loll.
own- Klnla lioal from ton. h town - WnsM
Nlll.tlllllMiie t'oimll, Hvereoll for I.. kl.
lkle. for II 1 ri. ii. l:.u"ti for 7.pH. t. .Sut
ton for i.lllli., Tajlor fr lilioii, lttd for
Ml.-ller Pill for .Vli'tereoii. .shlrerl. k fo
Mid, Se1 for llonman, Han. ke fm lleio
lot I a 1 11. 'to. Ii, I. v.. 11. foi II, t, tii 1, vv
iniiot oi 1, 111-011, (tui-oii lor ..ininilia.
nuineers l-'nll Hp fore
Superior Attack of Foe,
i: to tt.
Tnov. N. V . Nov. 4 lten.-.selarr PoH
1 lost to Cnlon on Its own Held here .
j day by a score of !, to n The C.artte'
excelled tn evetv dcp.11 tm.-tit 01 th
Cnlon scored Us di et tntt.-hdovv.
the rieat-ou In the Hist quarter and
classed the locals until the beunm i 1.
the third period, vvlten the etiglnee -
the ball In a series of line pltin.'.-
end runs to I'lilon's 1.1 yaid Hue
.c cn c . e eve n te forme; k
'a ill, 1 11 and Itoi-eitson plated
siMetit gatpi- for the Tiojan
lluetip; lteii.elaer (D
Prank .... I. K
Hn ktt I. T
H-l-ei, j. II
Hli'liat.l. Centre
Kler.tHci R ii
M.lieille II T
RnhcilMiii It K
ttavherrj (,' H
O'lUri I, II
Poller It II
l.ooUiiuti .. F P.
inneiai I' I n
l oiii-liriown. I'....m ...it
, piViV lb". !.: ' li.Ja'ie ' o.iTm .
l.e.-ratia, s Goal from fleM-it..,,-. . -
stlttillena Ileii..eaer. Laws for O'Jtara
III. L, NLIIllinr ... I'r.i.L ,. ... .
I Laws. I'lrlh for M. Kenrle, I'ni. l.
I i-.trr, llantey for Sat, Pelentan! '
1'rlie for lion iimi Refer..' M, I
nrowt. I'tnpire -tlraper ef Mlll.i.
Ilne.iiiin.-ltee.l .if Kprlncft. I'l I'm. ' t'
15 tilllllllea
Trnntplea liter tlnnrlioef l
alea Score Is !: In .
Mrf.rofip, Mase . Nov I The
football coniblnation Mtamped tte
jichUM-ttH Aur -H'.l ural folleae t,-
day, In 0 Tufte'w fniwa'd r
vvorhed with mn-litiie like pre -team
m, .Kmc i;io .vards out of r
At no tii-e .11.1 the Aurtctil je .
Ice.- eleven t'tri-.iicii the Tups c
visitors titiido only two Hist Omw
of which i.'Ktilteil ft tun a ii-uni' '
b'.' The tiitetip:
uti i.l'. M r
It i . ..,..)..
It K. r '
v moult
Prior .. .
i... ......
... I. T
. It r.
It T
..It F.
i H
. I. II
F It .
M, , ,,
. iininin
t, i
. l'o..ei. fnr s i vci.,... .... n ...... ,i
powers, llacacrti f..,- t,.c, v ,
tertr. t ..,, for Manlum letfiet ' "i
' tt.'j-kl.i-. r.-i .l. ftr.-i. K fe' for k
It, IIMCSIc.tllio for nt..nl. 'I lit..,
i, , oi-ksi.iiiii- ior i.,iuin. ti t,..
. "t. HI,.,,, h.t.l for ,.,,l,ins M
l,. ..U., '' ..
4 ,,.f. t.- I hm.-..-.
Mimic M h tne lli-n.l Hiii-.i.im..
stakemrn l.t ll 'I'iiII. and VV l-
linn- lout nilniinle M'.lihU
f. vi nvrni.su in i c
Billiards Htf? Bowling
Prico .trill Ternn 'o i
lbs Brunawlrk.Rslke-CnlJender I
JVUtii Wesl32d 81., New llroadwar

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