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National Horse Show Once More Will Hold Forth in Historic Madison Square Garden Next Saturday Afternoon
Ml lie isirl From (ircenwich
Mire to Creiitt Stir at
Hovm' Show.
Pineliut'St (o lk'sin Tourna
ment Play 1'ritlny, With
Itisr Kntry List.
bsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSbssHBP WKTl
A .rnrteeii-year-old miss who Helen
Jumpers w'th phenomenal skill will ban
die the hunter of Percy A. ttockcfeller
jn.l Charles I). Lanier at the National
Horse Show, which open at Madison
e,ini Garden next Saturday ufternoon.
She I' little Iv' Maddlson ofQreen. 1
rich. Conn., who made n sensational
lebu! us a rider In competition at tho
Vt'ctclutcr County Horse Show at tied
nry Kurm last mulitl,.
In one of the competitions at White
riilrs M'-9 Ivy rode six hunters over
tl.c Jump In their turn and she won
three of the four prlxes. Including the
btje rlhhon. The next day Mir ly re
lated thin ununl feat with the came
horses, taking the flrrt, second and third
priM", everything but the "H. C." rib
bnn, Alcximdcr (lemmell, George Wat
on and many other experienced horse
men pronounced the schoolgirl's exhibi
tion the moit brilliant they had everiecn
at a show.
Ml? ly Is :t daughter of Mr, and Mr.
W. II. Maddlson of tho Greenwich Itld
liiK and Drltlng Club. Uy going to tho
Westchester County Horse .Show MIm
Ivy mapped her fingers at the health
ttgulatloim In force during tho Infantile
piralytl scare, and she had to undergo
quarantine of two weeks before re.
turning to Connecticut.
Jsdaje Muore't Horses Here.
Candidates for blue ribbons nt the
Horse Show are beginning to arrive here.
From Judge William It. Moore's Rock
maote farm nt l'rlde's Crossing, Mass.,
tiro carloads of harness horiter and their
trapa cinie In yesterday to his stab'.o In
West Fifty eighth street.
Conspicuous among the thirty-two
horfea were the four slashing grays with
which he will try to win tho 11,000 gold
up given by Mrs. Alfred O. Vanderbllt
In memory of her late husband, who was
president of the National Horse Show
Association from 190S until he went
don on the Lusltanln. The prlso Is for
four In hand teams of the road typo, and
Ui compote for It A. W. Atkinson, Wlll
U'n Zlegler. Jr., and J. Campbell
Thompson, as well ns Judge Moore, hive
inn scouring tho country for horses of
i ie rlKht stamp. Tho four giuys that
will whirl the Itockmarge coach around
the arena at the Harden are docked trot
ters of enormous rise and power, the
wheelers standing 1$ hands 24 Inches
1 Kh .nut the leaders 18 hands 14 Inches.
Toe contest for the Vamlerhllt Memorial
iup in on the programme for Thursday
twnlng at 9:30 o'clock.
Other notable horses In the string
tliat has Just arrived from l'rlde's Cross
lr.tr Include the Imported Kngllsh back
ups ord .Seaton and Lady Heaton, Win
ers of more championship prises at the
..mien than any other harness horses
eer shown there. Lady Beaton was
r.rst exhibited In 1909. and she has won
the championship In single harness every
Star since then excepting 1913, when
he highest honors went to her mate.
Wd .Seaton. and In 1914, when there was
ro show. With Lady Auckland as her
tratu Uuly Heaton won the championship
for lulrs In 11)09, and In double harness
tilth Jord Seaton she has carried off the
iapit.il prize at five successive shows,
iruklng u record which stands alone In
ttc history of tho National Jtorse Show.
Miss Wlgsln Isaporta Horse,
Consigned to Miss Muriel Wlrsln.
(Hughtrr of A. It. Wlggln, tho president
' the Chase, National Hank, there has
un arrived from England the bantam
larknry high stunner Hrlcket Ilrllllant.
Imported by Mil's Wlggln to mate her
Mm-rlcan bred harness pony (Mora, a
prize winner ut the Westchester County
Horse Show In September,
Th' Kngllsh pony was purchased
"riifht unseen" and was entered ut the
Ciatdtn bcfoie Miss Wlggln really knew
tht the owned him. She Is one of the
'ouni'fht of the many new exhlbltoiH
inib u,r und will show, among others,
the hackney saddle mare Norlnda. re
(tntly presented to her by B. M. Vau
c'aln of Philadelphia, who Is executive
hM'l of the Pahlwlii Locomotlvo Works
ml a personal friend of her father.
Norlnda's ancestry Is Interesting- Her
uVu .N'orlna was a noted hackney har
ifM mare that won many blue ribbons
'it the Garden years ago. when owned
''' thu lato Ebeii Dt Jordan of Iloaton,
nj subsequently by C. W. WaUon,
'hni 1'nltcd States Senator from West
Quartered at the White Plains fair
rounds are two other English horses,
IrouKht over last week by Walter W.
K croft, president of the Kngllsh Hack
Horse Society. Mr. Jtycroft. who Is
it the Hilt more, said yesterday that
hi h.i 1 brought the horses to America
to h w his friends here what Is called
In KncUind tho Yorkshire riding type
'it h kney stallion. The horses nro
Admiral Clluuot and Dlngley Toreador,
Utter a chaiiiplon at laBt year's
London M.i, kney Show. Admiral Cll
'U' t ' n hnii nf the noted horse Leopard,
f'ri) of The Whip, for which Miss Con
"un c Vain Win paid 110,000 In Kng
land n yi ji- or two ago. Miss Vauclaln
l iroini; to t-Iioiv The Whip at the tlar-
To shorr Old Pony.
The nil nt (..unpalgner ever exhibited
' 'in National Horso Show should
Mrl-e ,D Nuw York to-morrow from
I 'ft' n.,. in, This Is the diminutive
ihe l pun) utalllon Prince of Wale,
')tu f.niy uirhis high, or a trifle larger
!'-iii Irish wolfhound. The Prince
" a oi l us Maillt-un Kquaro Darden,
lu.iii- i,een foaled in 1890, the first
'ar 'Ik, (mi t-u show was held In the
"'ii' liuihllm;,
He uas not exhibited In New York
" j 'mi. is hen iu had already reached
aiie ti which most Hhow horses are
g thflr prime. This year he Is
"in -ia hark ulth his children and
!"aii.i'hllcien tu compete for prices In
!n pony rlatises. Charles E. Bunn,
ho unni thU veteran of the show ring,
'ho pony looks no older than when
i us here fourteen years ago.
Kipert Ice Mkater Csanlng,
, n !' Dldon, formerly chsmplon
"mi lumper unions til leu akutera of the
or il an l who (tvi eihlbltloni In fancy
'kiinr t ,-i Nicholas Kink Isit winter,
u h ilcimihlp St. LouU, bound for
n'w Vork from Rngtaad. Us l accom
pan . a i,v ,, .Uutlns psrtnsr. Elhfl Un.
.,7" v r-,v l"t nnlshed mi sngsgement
" I'1" n. inlh. nt til lllppodromi, Condon,
fir Ixii.i, on It a native of St. I'auU MlnS
I Is a lirnihrr nf rannl Davidson, now
ktlios kt Hi. Miholi. Kink. It II undsr
"'A he Inlands to cliajtangs iota sf MM
p'a akatus bare.
.isssssssssssssss ''
sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssa 11 K' m "passsssssl
sKIKsHsssssssissssssssssK WW Ww Wm I
Executive Committee Con
fronted With Dig Protfriiiiiint!
for Coming Meeting.
When the executive committee of the
United titates National Lawn Tennis As
sociation meets early next month It will
find enough business scheduled to pro
vide for a decidedly active session. One
of the first matters to claim attention
will be the report of the ranking com
mittee. This Li awaited with a great
deal of Interest, and although many fore
casts of the probable ranking have been
made there Is nothing definite as to the
first ten players of the countrv until this
committee a report Is mads public.
Next In Interest will be The considera
tion of proposed changes In the amateur
rule. The recommendations of the ex
ecutive committee have already been et
forth In a letter over the signature of
President George T. Adee. This has becu
sent to all members of the association
and to s great many players and will be
discussed and fiut In final form In re
sponse to sgggestlons that have followed
the publication of the letter. Then the ,
recommendations will be ready for the
action of the delegates at the annual
meeting of tho association, which tukes
place In February.
No leas Important for the future of the
game will be a consideration of tho
Junior and boys tournaments, under
taken for the first time this year. Thcce
were held on a sectional basts during
1916, only one of the ten sections In the
United States falling to hold a properly
sanctioned event. About sixty-five tour
naments for Juniors and bo)a were held
under the association's auspices, mora
than 1,600 players competing.
MT Create Centres,
This is felt to have bton a very fa
vorable beginning, but changes have been
suggested which may develop still more
widespread Interest In this branch of the
game. One plan Is to create a number
of tennis centres throughout the country
where preliminary tournaments may be
held Instead of working on the basis of
sectional championships as preliminary
to the play for the national title. The
effect obviously would be to broaden the
Interest In events for tho younger play
ers by creating more of them and having
them easily accessible. It Is possible
also that somo changes In the age limits
may be made, lowering these both for
Juniors and boys. The present limits are
10 for the former and 17 for the latter.
Another matter which la bound to be
debated thoroughly Is the advisability of
a Changs In the method or holding the
doubles championship. Homo men advo
cate continuing the present arrange
ment. Others would have the champions
play through, thus eliminating the chal
lenge round. Stilt another suggestion Is
that there might be one tournament, the
winners of which would bn champions.
und another proposal advocates Increasing
tho number of sections eligible to send
teams to the preliminary championship.
There Is every probability also that the
resolution adopted last year requiring
me member of a team to live In the sec
tion the team represents may U.
brought up for further discussion.
There Is also In prospect a considera
tion of the advisability of admitting new
sections to tho tennis association, with
sectional delegates on the executive com
mittee. This body conducts the affairs
of the association and Includes the presi
dent, vice-president, secretary, treasurer
and sixteen other members, ten repre
senting the sections Into which the na
tional association divides the United
States geographically and six being dele
gates at large. 1'roposed new sections
embrace Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and
Missouri and the Missouri Valley und
tho Pacific northwest covering Washing
ton, Oregon and all of the orthem halt
of Idaho.
As to ZVatlssml Event.
There will be at least two reports In
connection with the national champion
ship, for tho executive committee will
receive the ofllclal report of the receipts
and expenses for this event, and In ad
dition the report of Julian 8. Myrlck,
president of the West Side Tennis Club,
who was appointed a special committee
to suggest qualifications for entry In the
national championship. Of somewhat
similar nature will be tlm report of
Palmer E. Presbrcy of Boston, who was
made a committee to consider the ques
tion of players belonging to clubs not
affiliated with the National Association
competing in tournaments sanctioned by
iha National Association.
Most of these matters will require
much aeiioeraiion mi '" in ui ino
commlttse, but tho schedule of subjects
to be brought to its attention by Presi
dent Adee Includes a number of others
no less Interesting. For Instance, there
Is the suggestion of William A. Lamed
with respect to the foot fault rule, that
fnnt fault bo called a let unless com
mitted twice In succession on the same
service. International tennis as It con
cerns the Paris cup will claim atten
tion, although of course no competition
IIS-issssrH?5,vJ' ssssssl m "VW I mAmmmK'l. :ift ' ssssT SH -oJxi W m
fcgggRlDE AND DBVg flf m5vH.P 1 1 " 1
sjaaasBsssaaasBe3Ss lSstm WssslssiaesslslSsSsss
JIM? l mmmmT ''sssssssf M
Hj sji.i.i.iH IP XsssW -issBv.
has been possible since the outbreak of
the war.
There will be a report also summariz
ing the work of Paul II. Williams In the
field secretary's office, which was estab
lished by the association last spring,
and another detailing the activities nt
the National Municipal Recreation Fed
eration, which promoted Intercity
matches In tennis, with the approval of
the National Association,
Dr. Spaeth Will Show Fine Lot
of Oarsmen in Fall
Princeton, Nov. 4, Tlge-r crews
abound on Carnegie Lnke this fall. Dr.
Spjcth has no les than eleven crews pre
paring for the annual regatta. In tho
squad are live men who won their spurs
In the varsity boat which conquered
every team crew except Cornell last
spring. They are Cochran, I'auU, Mc
Cann, Delaney and Savage.
Cochran Is captain of tho varsity, and
Dr. Spaeth considers him one of the beBt
strokes ho lias ever de eloped, P.iull Is
rowing nt No. 7. Ho tins line form and j
promises' to be een better than he was'
lust season. UMatiry Iiuh len shifted
from No. 2 to No. 1, "nil McCunn Is now
at No. I Instead of No. J. Savage Is ut
bow, i
Sturgei has been transferred from the
lunlor boat to No. 2, and the two other '
nosltlons In the boat am being tilled with
Terry and Chrlstmus, two of last ycur's
freshmen. Christinas Is rowing at No,,
3, and Terry Is Immediately In front of j
otls, Leo nnd (ladebush are lost from
their poaltloiiH In the waist of the boat,
'trtit expiirts declare that Dr. Spaeth will
develop another winning crew this year.
Tho Job of coxswain ror tho llrst boat
a being sought by half a doson men.
Hammer la the most experienced, but he
's Ineligible, and Knowlson will probably
get the Job.
The fall legatta wilt be held the day
before the Tale football game. All of the
eleven crews will partlclpat.
Timely News and Gossip
About College Athletes
Pooch Donovan, roach of the track
and held team at Murvard, has a big
siiuad nf athletes out for practice every
day. Among th"in are several men who
promise to give a good account of them
selves In dual meets and the Intcrcollegl
ates next spring. W, Moore, tho veteran
sprinter, hn ehown gn-at Improvement
this fall, und Donovan fc.i h hu will be
hard to bent next June, On hcverul oc
casions hu h.is covered a century In
10 1-5 seconds under adverse conditions.
F, T. Donahue is performing like a
champion over tho quarter mile route,
as is P. I. Stevenson In tho half, M.
Noble In the high hurdles, J, M. llufring
lon In tho Jumps, J, F. Llndur und l.
It. Well with tho idiot and It. W. Har
wood In tho vault.
II.irv.nd also has a strong cross-country
team. In King, Uaboork, White
house, llnncroft and Hutchinson tho
Crimson has a team that promises to
be well up with the leaders In the race
for the rtiamplnnshlii n week from next
Saturday. Alfred Shrubh, t-o.u-h nl' the
team, Mild yesterday thai his men will
beat Cornell und win the Ittle,
Dartmouth Tram .Nrlertrd,
lt.iriy llllllimn has selected his cross
tountry team to represent Dartmouth
In the championship nice ut Nuw Haven.
It will bo compoiicd nf Capt, Thompson,
Duffy, Sherburne, Oerrhh and Smith.
Tho two othd men will bo selected fiom
Avery, lluckley, Mycr, Mnrclmt mid
Cnnd Tram at Yale,
Vale has several teams that promise
to win honois this winter. Its swimmers
arc ilulng gieat guns In tho tank, Its
liiiHketliall II w has been greatly strength
ened, Its hiK'key team h contlilent nf
earning off the Intercollegiate title and
Johnny Mack says hlx track mid Held
men will scorn ininy points In tho In
door IntercollegliiteK Maili also Is on
record as raying his crosH-rntintry men
will run well In the cross-country cham
pionship. For the baseball team Yulo lias four
teen Y men eligible, Capt. Le Uors and
It. J. Ithctt, who were ineligible last
season, will be able to play next spring
and should Hivncthtn the team greatly.
Tho Y men und the 191 team who are
on the e,tia,l follow :
outtielders Conway, K.irley, Ilohlen,
Shepley, Armstrong, Lynch, Page, Uall
lard, Thomas and Sheehan.
Inlli-lilei-H Li Oorc, Sncll, ltuh.
Crotty, Kinney, Ithett. Dullard, L)man,
llllnioie, u Connor anil (lane.
Catchers Munson, Mudgu and Stan
ley. I'it.'heis Cnrneld, Comcrford, Fuller,
Dralneril and Carey.
I'erir Harriers at Cornell.
Although tho Cornell squad of cross
country runnets Is the smallest that has
turned out for Jack Muakley In man)
)r:irs, the famous roarti Is confident hit
imn will regain tho Intercollegiate title.
Only twenty. two men reported for
practice, but from this rqu.nl he lias
rounded out a good team. Capt. wind
nnnle n n I Won, are hli boit two nun
Thoy nru noted for tholr ability to travel
a long instance In f.ist time. Mc
Dcrinott, Campbell, Dirser, Ho)nton and
Mnynard havo shown good form In thlr
trials ami will bo tin other nun on the
Culiiiiihla Ncvi-n to Pruellae.
C, L. Hayward, manager of the Co
lumbia hockey team, will lusini a call for
practice this week. Torrev K. Wnbh.
captain of last yoir'H tram, will again
I lead the men in the contents. Last year
warm weather caused tho team to can-
eel all of Its games. To uu-et the con
, tlngcncy this season when lc falls to
roim on the Kast Field rlnli tho man
agement Is contemplating plans to play
mi tho public rink nt lSlst etrcet and
Tho rro.43 country team at Columbia is
better this )ear limn it has been in sev
era I seivms. Johnny ,)es, t!m little
marathon runner, has round cut a
quintet which he says will win honors
this full. He Is coiilldeut the tuum will
win the Junior metropolitan title and run
well In the Intercolleglates.
X. Y. U. on Schcdule Lehigh
Quintet Has Three
Manager 1". L. Turner of thu Wmleyun
basketball team tins announced the
schedule, for the season. It culls for
fifteen ganiei, nine of which will be
played on tho home court at Middle
town The new teams on It lire New Hamp
shire Slate and the Sprlnglkld Y. M.
C. A. College. The schedule follows'
D'Crmber Irt. Connecticut A?eli'i st Mi l
illi'ttiwii'. Jnnunry s, liartniniitli at Mitll4
tnun, in. New llnmpalitrn Hlalo ut Ml Ml--town:
'.'0, Amherat st MlililUI'iw n; Krto
-uury r, Partntnuth rtt Msiimcr. , Col.
mite at lllitdlrtimn; lu, Nuw Vork fuller-
It y ut Ml iUI Into in ni 14. Amherel ut Am
!nrt: 17. t'ntnii ut Mlddlrtnnn, si. Will.
una ut MlrlilMnuii! '.'.I. HiriiK(1!.l Y. M
- A, Cullcse st MMitlrtiinns March .1,
Wlllinm nt W'llll.-iniMmt ni 0. Vala ut New
llaien; 10. Union t Silfiie, ta!y.
One mm pending with New Vmk Unl-
iraliy at Nf Yuri,,
Three Vrtrriuia ut l.fllluh,
Ciichtoii. Dynan nnd Klrkpatrlck, all
veterans, form the nucleus ot Lehigh's
'laakclhull team tills year. Among tho
promising candidate In the now claps
ire the McCarthy brothers of Springfield,
11 T McCarthy of Laston and Iliuley
and llriinner
Following Is the schedule:
January R. Yal at home: (1, Mnrivlan
Cotlrare at IIMhlthrm: 111. Solon Hill t
hnmoi 17, Muhlenberg nt hnmoj no, l.afny.
I elte at teuton; 1'4, Junlalit OilIeK
nomn; reuruury quinary Academy ut
Weal Point', 10. Hwarthmnr nt Hurth
more, 14, open, 17, Carnegie Tub ut luunei
'.'1, JtinUM I'nllem, ut HuiilliiK'lnn, I'a., 'j;'
I'nheralty nf I'lttaluirg ut I'litaliarK. v:i,
ruuii'Kl Te h ut I'ltUlHlrg, -JI, WuahliiC
ton und Jefferunn ut WiKlilustnii, j'u,,
March n, l'enii sum tprmllng) nt noma:
7, Lufii) tle ut luinie,
Krlsrr llest at Williams,
A youngster named Kelser i tlm Iwst
nthleto nt Williams. He Is a middle
distance runner who ran run well and
Jump far. Ho Is a frohman, In the re
cent Interclass meet ho scored 11 points
and enabled his class to win the meet.
m . .s&r Tf.' s
Leading Driver Got More Than
.$01,000 Maliel Trnsk
Heads Trotters.
Tommy Murphy of Pougl.keepslo was
the leading winner among the drhers In
the 11 rami Circuit meetings recently
brought to n close for this season. Mur
phy won 181,910. Tho veteran "Pop"
tlcers won more than $28,000. In oil, the
winnings, amounted to J3G0.S7D.
Amorx; the trotters the financial cham
pionship went to Mabel Traak, which
won 133,320. St. Frisco was second with
121,175. Tho host winner nmong the
liacers was Miss Harris M., with 9,537.
Thu llgurvs follow :
1'Mmnn ,,, , ,
lis, iv
.M. C'hlldj
W Trii)iiur
14. :oj
TU1 tSC',(S
.Muh-I Traik
11 FrK'.i
lirul I.u.ly
Kkprev. Iiu..
llurrude I'riek
Azora Axworthy.
3. M0
iionna Liny
HlmriMi S1I4
K.irly Dun
.villi- watts
.U 14. VIII
7,0 IS
. 3,:o
Mian Hurrla M.
J Lit Mailt
Hen Hurl
Napoloou Direct.
loan JUI
MIliKle (I
Vntinf T,..4.1 . . .
Spring Mal,l
I'eter Look
White Sox
Little Frank D, . ,
Election Day Games Will Have
Bipr Bearing on Catholic
Tho past week's practice on the Ford
ham gridiron strengthened the outlook
for one of those old time Fordliam
(leorgelown games on election day, In
which each eleven Is very much In the
tight until tho ilnal whlstlo. Tho battle
practically will decide the championship
of tho Catholic college gridiron in the
I'ordham has not defeated Georgetown
clnco 190), und the best It has done was
to tie the Southerners in 1009. This sea
miii the Catholic collegians have tho beat
teams in their history nnd each has
phi) ed excellent football to date, (Icorgi
town In the favorite, but Fonlham has
bi'en.wotklng until dark for the past two
weeks mastrilng a deceptive attack Unit
Head Coach (largan claims will take
Oenrgctowti by storm
Tlm Fordliam mentor coached nt
Georgetown two seasons ugn and has
planned a defence for (lllroy's end runs
which In, believes will check the (Icinge
loiwi star. Clllioy Is Just one-half of
fliorgntown's nffenilve power. Hu ripped
the Fnrdham team to pieces l.it season.
Denipsey, who played with Oem gctuwn
Inst season nnd inndo a reputation in Die
Princeton game by his end runs, will
play against his former teammates In
tho Fordliam lineup. Ills kicking will
bo missed by (leorgelown nnd eatlly be
the feutute of the game.
President Joseph A. Mulry of Ftirdlmni
University has nt ranged a reception for
tnu fordliam and Georgetown alumni
after the contest, and It is expected 40li
Georgetown rooters will occupy their sec
tion of tho cheering stand. Acrnmmn-
IjtlotiK have been made for S.fliHl people
aim me game promise to be thu biggest
athletic event Fordliam has ever sta,'il
Should Forilhiini win ft inn oVorue-
town them is u probability that lungers
ami Fonlham win play u post seat-on
gaino ut Die Polo Grounds for the cham
pionship of Ureater New York colleges.
This bus never been settled In former
years, although advocated by tho under
graduate of each college, having u team
within a rudlus of fifty miles from Now
sssssr jr x.v r sw
I : Z 7
With tho election day cluli tourna
ments out of tho way, metropolitan golf
ers wilt begin seeking other worlds to
connuer, or nt leat ninny of them will
hlko to fairer climes for n winter of
high class competition. Already the
Carolina courses nio prepared lor tho
Influx of the .Soitlicrn vtnttors, and this
season California Is working double
rhlfts to prepare new fairways, velvety
greens nnd attractive cUbhouses In
hopes that part of thu ll.tstcrn gulf con
tingent will bo attracted to tho Golden
Tho Plnehurst links already are as
well patronized an they usually are In
early December. Thu reason for this
Is that numerous New York devotees of
the undent nnd loyal g.uno havo estab
lished residence:! nt PltiehuiKt and have
decided to mnko thu trip South a little
early. Thu big ciowd has decided tho
officials of Plnehurst Count! y Club to
begin Us tournaments inrly, und tint
llrst of uny importance will bo started
It Is not alwa) those who get there
first who piny the hi t golf, but tho
transition from Northern to Southern
courses usually means heaping troubles
upon one's lic.id. and for this reason few
of tho travellers who go South this week
can liopo to do much In tho opening
tournaments. Kapcclally at Plnehurst
will tho stranger Hud It hard to become
a regular, ns new pitfalls in abund
unco haw bi.-cu dug and tho club Is pre
pared to exhibit a number of strange
and terrif)ing h.uardi. llNpcrts agree
that a couplo of wicks practice will be
needed even by thu experts before Plne
hurst will be familiar.
Many Attrnedir Courses.
Ilerldt's Plnehurst in North Carolina
there ure several nlher courses becoming
well known to thu metropolitan golfer
who Journeys) South for his recreation
during the wltitir months. Tliu Ashe
vllle Country Club lias a well constructed
IS hole links, with i-rfwtly groomed
grasH greins. List sh.hihi mom than
3,000 visitor strode nvei tills course, and
It Is safe to say that this record num
ber will bo btiitin thl- season. Charles
O. lleynriMs Is the professional there and
a handy man with a club.
At Southern Pines tho Northern vis
itor will llnd an is hole test of golf wltl
all the nourishes. Sand greens add a
hazard that makes most of the perform
ers step lively.
PliK-lmrst now ban four courses ope.
the. year round and the otlli'lals it.
charge ure certain that ivciy olf en
thusiast can be takm care of. Five pro
fessionals owe allegiance, to the club.
Plnehurst In th,. golf Mecca of the South
and annually affords Innumerable oppor
tunities for tournament competition.
New York raids ruiral hundred solfeis
to PInehurM each season.
For some reason or other Floilda ha
not iccelvi'd tho utti ntiuti from Norther
golfcrw which It kIiou.iI. Possessed of sev
cral high clam cour-es and with pe
cral more tind'r instruction tho fai
south Statu should lead in golf aitrui.
lions instead of bung ilistaiu'cil by Can
linn enthuilasH. ,iitiut eviry kind of
b'olf can b" had lu Florida.
Almost ever Florida ;olf course was
built for tho UMtor, nnd all cater to tin
Northerner sojourning tlu re. Since 1M'7
Htllcalr ban furnished t'leuMiics untoli'
nnd this sojuon It hopei again to exten
thu hosplt.ibio hand to its northen
neighbors. Two Is hole cnurfi-s In Per
feet condition iird four prof. Monals
headed by Aleck and Ma'l nnnld Smltli
pKiniiso a lot of happiness in u golf wa)
Miami, oriiiond HeiHi, Palm Head.
St. Augutina ,iMl Tampa arc bidding for
tho golf stu'iigth of tho tuition, Tout
naments In wh. h many of the best pla)
ers will take part already ar scbcdiiUn
At Palm Itiach tlieru n, under construi
tlon a new Is hole cour u whhli will be
finished next jear. L.itidsi ipo arch
tects of national riputitlon lnvo con
blned In making this cour th' liJeal i
of the count rj .
Srekliiar Players In ( nllfnrala.
Callfotnla in m.iruiig ,i le i iiuin. d bid
for Kastcrn golf p.itronai:i'. Not only
are the bhc hotels perfi t.i, the r links
but In each of tho I'anlli ( o.c-t cltie
tho bualnosa men arc spending n con
siderable stun trying to Ii.im, u course
which may meet tlio lenuireinents of the
purtlcular Lastcruer.
Around Lo AnceleA tliere Is a golf en.
tbuslasm which is bound to llnd favor.
The Mldwlck Country Club teconstructcn
Its entire court! , keeping nlno ho,
closed during thu summer that It mlgi,
have eighteen holcb In perftct conditio!
for tho wintrr 'llors HrentwoiHl
Country CItih also has run fully groomed
Its greens and res.indid us p. Is.
San Francisco Insists that tho roii"
visitor will tliul better .Kci'intnodatloin
In nnd uionnil tho metropolis of the
State than an) where else That Is tli
way with CilifornlaiiK. (me boosts ami
thu other (inert ll I 111 one better. High'
now there i- under construction ti
ls hole cnuiso for tho Lakeslib; Go
Club, with quarters Just out of ;V
Francisco. It Is eMierted that tb link
will be road) for play s irtly after li
new j ear.
Golf ( linlleliuc Iteenrdnl.
Some of Hu- o 'teg, n iI.ims who ron
peted In tho s ftil. ,rs tournament will l
interested to l hu ot a , v., i.on-e hurled
Into Die te, -h '' tm- palp .t.i g unlvcri
b) tea s.n" vi i' ii ,.!!, rf.r players '
Frankfonl mtrv ru:, Willi u com
blind n f nioie 1 1. , i years this
team of golt niliiiii . tm d4 ii'ady t,
meet .my tern nt eu'iil il, u this mu
try. The ,.1'lliige i . i.l 4 taut t,
worlhv golf, i ,11 if i.-i-, n asa -v,
over the sis'i-vi.ir i, tm . m'l nnet m
team of i-'i ,1 :.m .ill of inimi nu
belong to the mi e .-! n The eor.dlt'o!
arc '
i:ery tm "hi i ,,f i n. ', ,1,1 n usl bo nt
least tin , oe; tod i , .)..! goiter'
luo Jl'.ll.s or mil, Alii be .1,1 ,w,i, li.n -
e'lpP III i e O' l.'-t l' o:' ''ie te mi ni'l "
belong to the s.llll,' emjnt'N i-lllli 1' e
rondltlnt'S f il.. I 1, lu I, ,l(t h e
soys nf th' r .nil i.illnt- t,'i.i, but ('
spirited I'r iiiUloi,iii ai, not purl 'i
lar whetli, H i 'is.it, 'i ed.i, or bolj'
Several imivi ruili-H ,,' t.ie conn.,
havn eiithu ' i-t i golf foll niliigs wliu
should n,:ii e t'ie .i.Ki'.i or nii-rt In-,,
the realm u ,,, :in t.,pie. liecent
Amherst f.iiil' n i . i, is de hied to in
low student,, i , i.ii.i up golf instead '
lliu di'in.iinl, ! gi iniiasi',' ecu'les and
fully lift) ile. ' 1 the ancient spoit.
cluli of enmiisi it whl h iniy devcl
sonic i'.ti,ionl n.,rv t''nl,r resulted.
uli- NiM'i'ers Win,
Ni:w linns Nov I Vuln defeuti
Cornell Hi mi ci aliall line to-tlui
1 to t,

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