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New "Self-Stopper" Successful Automatic Brake.
De Bear in Maxwell "Whizzer."
With a Compensating Driving
Axle Hijr Car Hcfues
to Slide.
v A"c?A vwvyfji
If Yon Aro Using Them,
Yon Arc Iking m
Prcsto-O-Lito Company Cnlls
It "Self-Stopper'' and It
Does the Work.
'wfeaSLsaBHBViL'V JBlBEks sMsrVBBfcsV'JPrc4sn
' IBSBBsiiiiiVK&JEPBBSk v JlBKuiBBKaalW fi-!V:2
nr nritTOW . nnow.f.
Thoro nro many dealer on Hroadway
who uso standard makes of tlrea ns de
eoya to open the way for the sale of
Imitation tlrea. Theie men find ready
access to automobile owners' pocket-
books by dealing with dishonest chauf
Tho offhand manner In which hun
dreds of automobllo owners order their
chauffeurs to huy tires for them opens
tho way for collusion between the chauf
feur and certain tire dealers, and this
means the loss of a tremendous sum of
money each year to business men who
In other ways are sensible about ex
penditures. There Is not one of them
who would turn to a clerk In the ofllce
and ask Mm t6 go out and buy for him
a ftEO watch. And yet any one of them
wtU ask John or Jim or Jack to buy a
set of tires costing- about the same
amount and never look Into the trans
action themselves.
There nre tires sold In this city which
ar plainly known In the trado as
Vhauffeurs" tires," I. e., tires which ore
old to chsuffcurs only, nnd every
time one of them Is sold a new crooked
deal. In which the "boss" suffers, has
bsen recorded. Dishonest chauffeurs and
dealers havo reached a perfect under
standing on the ways and means of rob
bing the "boss" without his knowledge.
A dealer who wants to 1 dishonest
has a very easy time of It. He first lajs
In a slock of standard advertised tires
and In the end Interests a chauffeur In
ths special make of poorer tiro on which
he can give the latter a good commission.
It works alone the following lines: The
list price of an aveinRu 37x5 non-sklil
tire I I43.S0. The price to the dealer
Is $3" J5, and the net prtcfi with n ensh
discount Is $35, S7. So the profit to the
dealer on such a tire Is J7.93 If he sells
that tire at the regular coiimiincr.V list
pTlc. Now when the dishonest dealer
wants to Interest tho dishonest chauffeur
In his "special tire" he tlrst cuts the
price of the standard make to say 137.75,
thereby taking a protlt of only I1.8S.
Naturally this price Is attractive to tho
chauffeur and Interests him In the dealer,
vrho later confides that he has another
tire of the same size selling for S53.S5
on which he can give lilin 10 or 11 per
cent, commission If he could get the
"boss" to buy It. Of course he shows
the chauffeur n fictitious list of prices.
Now, the proposition of the more ex
pensive tire is bad on the very face of it,
becauso nobody can make any better
tires than the standard compnnlex are
making, and nny price far above those
quoted by them Is an Inflated and tils
honest price. The 10 or 15 per cent, com
mis ilon Jutt suits the chauffeur, how
ever, nnd he sees to It that all the stand
ard tires on his car go to pieces quickly
through rough usage ho ho can tell the
"txm" what poor service they are giving
and got permission to buy "something
better." The boss Is "easy" and has lots
of money, nnd why shouldn't a poor
chauffeur "get something on the side"?
Somebody reading this story has prob
ably said to himself: "Well, my chauf
feur li honest, so this doesn't concern
me." Do you buy your tires personally?
If you don't It would be well for you
not to be too Bure about your chauffeur.
Make a few quiet llttlo Investigations.
Then when you catch him get a new
man and have It understood that you
are going to do all the tire buying your
self. If you haven't time to Investigate
the matter yourself and yet want to
know the truth Just drive up to the head
quarters of any standard tire concern
and an expert tire man will tell you the
truth about It immediately. It will re
quire only a glance at tho tires. A
"chauffeur's tire" Is a crooked tire, and
It Is In the tlrn rogues' gallery so that
It may be readily Identified.
The troublo with many car owners Is
that they can't figure out how a chauf
feur can trick them, nnd therefore they
believe that what he does must be all
right. Owners nre deceived and robbed
every day as they sit in their cars out
side the btores in which their chauffeurs
are making purchases for them. Hiding
down nroadway the chauffeur will say:
"I think we ought to get six new tubes."
Ths owner Is perfectly ngreeable, so the I
chauffeur pulls up In front of "his store"
and goes In for the tubes. He soon re
turns with six boxes and places them I
nesiue ine owner to show him that, the
purchase had been made. In a short time
the owner gets a bill for them, which
the chauffeur O. K.'s and the owner
pays. Now the question Is. did the
owner ever get his six tubes, und the
answer Is that he did not. He paid for
six, mil ne only got two. The chauffeur
returned four of them to the store and
split "fifty-fifty" with the dealer the
difference between the price of two tubes
and the price of six tubes. Probably n
little later there Is need for one of the
hew tubes, and when the chauffeur
promptly produces one the owner thinks
everything Is all right nnd then promptly
forgets about tho six tube transaction
and never speaks of It again.
Many chauffeurs from the first day of
Ihelr employment plan to systematically
.rob their employers by a special Inside
arrangement with dishonest dealers. In
some Instances the thing Is carried to
amaxlng extremes. The writer knows of
an Instance that hardly seems possible,
but Is nevertheless a fact. A chauffeur
walked Into a certain store on Hroadway
not long ago and said to the proprietor
"How much have I got coming to me
this month?" The latter's reply wus,
"Tou haven't anything coming to you
because you haven't nought nnything."
Then, with a surprised look, the chauf
feur said, "Give me one of your billheads
nnd I'll some have something coming to
Ine. Then he made out a list of fictitious
purchases costing In ll nenrly $97. He
showed the list to the proprietor and
said. "Tou know that I bought all this
stuff here, don't your The latter
Winked and said "Yes." A "flfty-fl'ty"
pHt was promptly arranged.
Now, Mr. Motorist, don't you think It
behooves you to buy your own tlrea and
Ireneral supplies? Dishonest dealers can
not fool you If you ask for standard ad
Vcrtlsed goods. And you can depend
upon It that the goods of standard com
panies will live up to their names and
give you your moneys worth. When It
tomes to tires you will flnd that the
well known makes do not contain coin
missions for chauffeurs, but only a-ener.
bus mileage for you.
Closing Out Winter Bodies
limousines, 2!i. no. 150, sr.', uri lu S4V1
ckiuDes. $40. Mo. I7B. si.vi: ,iiVl a uu
Landsuletten, Til, 120 to tM. v'
ts- Why Freeze
When Any Knlr Offer Take a llo.ly;
'Ifinf Heats. Hhleld. All kinds of
IriSSt'c?" "", ,Min ,,u1"'
IIUNIIltKKN ir Ott'i, 41)",. 401 lIS T
Umaualue Healing Mjaiema, S.I.SU each.
Uarualnt in Ktiry Department.
Jandorf Automobile Co.,
1781, lju.1 B'way, nr. 7tn NC.
"IE,"5.?....? UH DJ 1 K8 DKI'A KTM KNT8.
SIM, SUi w, D(h at., dsst Broadway.
Joins Liberty Co.
Percy Owen of the Liberty Motor Car
Company flas announced the appoint
ment of Itobort W Micknm ;is adver
tising manager of that company.
"So rapid has been the development
of our business that we have li.ul to
hustle to expand our organization to
keep puce with It," says .M iiwen,
"Iartular!y heavy have been the de
mands upon the sales and advertising
".Mr. Micknm for the Inn two years
has been advertising manager of the
I'ord Motor Company of Cnnada,' Ltd.
Ilcfure that he was In charge of the ad
vertising department uf the Kuril Motor
Company in Detroit, and prvilous to
that was formerly one of the hint known
newspaper writers of western Michigan
and at one time was connected with the
lllen lluck Advertising Agency of
He" iVRl
Little, Monroe Has Big Features
i Mirr SllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHBSlllV. -a
4 1 "m"mmmmm J
Norrls Mason, well known on Automo-1 car man." lie made a great rcputu
bile row, has taken the agency for the I "" handling the Renault car here,
m In cfimtnentlnir on his new move hn andl
Monore car. In addition to this city, his
territory will Include Westchester.
Ilrookbn, Long Ulaud and u part uf
New Jersey.
The roadster shown here sells for 1365
and there Is a big demand for It, .Mason
sold three of them In one day nt his
salesroom on Hroadway, near Klfty
slxth street, last week.
Mason has always been a "high priced
mammmmimmmmmmmmZ NL'UIITM.HOOTII
mis four cylinder runubout with slip cov
er. Ililn cur la In perfict cnnjiiinn.
Circle itilS, New Vi4c Cltv
Suppose therq,wu Society fur the Pre-
veiiilou of Cruelty to Automobiles, .Mr. JKHFHKV.riii'vTirnviiri
Moto.-L-.t, wimit you lca I tin inilic. ....IK,TKI,f l,!,:P...
quenvwf' You oo It to y!.,lrM.lf .nil lo f'1!."' , . r ,Ia. e"
) our cr to become prutleieni. e can ", Ji'.J " ' u ul' "' nmuitli.n and ! fully
iiis.h you so. Hay and livening claiwiw. .'W',' ' " ',Viy ""y,11' bumper, spot
Sl'KCIAL CLABSlis hull LAUIKS. 'J1.1' "'rr'ii' 'S:kWr''" round.
CTCWADT AI1TA crUfln! T n ' J"Kht. Th. condition Ii
STEWART ALTO SCHOOL mw- chah. . muss co we
m r.t S7th til. (si llrosdwajl. PHONRt ;jo West lit h Street
glJ Circle ion, Xpw Vnt4( Cltv.
1H flv. p.ssen"Vr loullng c.r. overhauled 5' fhh J"??tP'"(rfft,rSrJ?"rct-,,iy Jtll
and uuranl.d. Till, vur I. In perfect fur demon, rating T - i, . lrg"n.P "
nliape and a bargain. chas ! iiirlts jl -rJ ivr-
ciiam. i:. itmsH & co.. inc.. piiON-nt Vv Vt ssnf xi'.i "
PHONKl ::ii West i..tll Strut. Cln e II 'in St'Vf olll Cltv '
Circle IC10. New VoMt Cltv. Jw u: Cltv.
... .......... .. wr ..., t. ',TCMK''1' HlAnSTi:it (late mo, I)
lll'I'.VKIllll.i: SKIIAN hus sslf-sturter. elertrlo lights, left hand
lHj uted only a short time. Overhauled ilrlviitemmintnlit ilnm (fully eiiulinil I.
and fuurunteed. Including largo Ue Heir Hobs, 148 i:. SVtli.
1. 11 An. 1.. Kllstl & ILti " '
Wlr 1 111 ' ' '"' noii'e Miiiik alisnrbers; starting nnd light-
ItlS flvs pansciiKtr with Viar 'Hound top.
Overhauled and guaranteed, ThU tur has
all the ailvaiitntte nt a l,lniiiiinlne.
CJIAS i: Itll-W.S Ai en., INC.,
PHONIJ! s:ii We.t bo I Ii strut,
Circle litld. New Vmfc Cltv.
tin two beautiful li.ltSli IIOIIIIM, ll;,v.
TI.KMKN'rl fur linn 1 .ivereiKit: nlmi (Imiif.
feur'a fur coat; perfict on lltlmi; nn cn.h
nrfera refimed. PltlV.VTli HTAIILU, lit
Had 39lh HI., near Ixlnston Ave.
WIl.t, ItUT up to dale Uinouilne, for
ten or domestic; mum be In brat con
dition. Apply lloom Itl, 111 llrtadwtr.
IMPJPJBJBJBJBJBJBJBhk' ) 'if ' " "' f J it-M - i SI J i Iks)
jfsstttrs fjjppp"'"'''4 flHHV
Packard Company Forced to
Erect Extension in a
Hurry. .
Knur acres of additional floor space
for factory operations wl'l be made
available nt the Packard Motor Car
Company's plant with the completion
of k! extension", additions and new
biilhllng'i now under construction. The
roni! ruction department Is using all
spied consistent with substantial work
o deliver the completed buildings to the
manufacturing department.
The Packnrd company has been
oh'lsid to make these extensions because
nf the enlarged demands upon the plant.
I' prnlnbly gnes further than any other
iiutoinoldlo manufacturing concern in
lull ling complete motor enr? and trucks,
this being mule neceary by Inability
f f tho n'laiitlty of producers of parts to
furnish parts of the renulrcd high stand
aid The larger of the additions now under
uny me tun sU story wings to the
slock building. The dimensions of thes
are 103 feet by lull feet each. Next In
Importance Is the addition to the main
power house, 6." by HO feet, which will
double the fpare of the power plant.
Other units under construction are a
t rattle garage, fuuith story additions to
two technical service buildings, lumber
shidi nud a Mulshed truck storage build
ing. The necessity for additions to the sr
vice buildings was made by the natural
Increase In demand for Packard ser
vice the building of parts for the nil
meious earlier model". These build
ings will be eiii!pp?d with the necessary
machine tools ami appliances. Knur lln
menso genrraturs will be Initialled In
the new power house addition upon Its
The total floor area of the plant will
he fiS.6 acres with the completion of the
improvements listed. There are now
sixty-six buildings on the factory site,
which covers 60.6 acres of land.
New Mercer Rngtneer.
Atiniiunrnif nt list Juit 9i rnnJ. hv ihm
lf reer AutnniMilli Cnnipany of Trenton.
S J Hint A. C. Srhulx lias tit.n ppolntl
tlill eiiKlneer .Mr. Schuli fnrinrrly
e nnetlil villi in l.nremonue coinpnli? or
.nnrlru In the rapacity of malstanl elilrf
"I have noted that tho small car Is
becoming more popular every ear, not
only among thoso persons who aro
buying their first car, but among those
who already own big cars. The little
car Is handy for so many things. From
every angle this little Monroe fills the
bl'l, With mechanical efficiency it com
bines grarcful lines and surprising
riding comfort "
Itoskam-Scott Co., use
m:. PACKAItn Hevfn pasnenger tour
Inn. Ilko newt fullv eiiulpped. Itoikain
iull Cii IHin; Hriiadway.
It'll HTHAItNS TOWN CAIt-blmoii.lne;
P.rrfr.''J.'n."'l","ni bnrg-iln. Hoikam-Hciilt
I n., 1 hC llni.iilway
New tieixirture Service sta. ThtdwIIIUmCo..
2(3 W. fiSth t. (at ll'wiiy), Tel. tin Col.
WINTO.V, 115 TOUItlNOnargaln. J.
W C Hunnyald Drive, Tonktrt. Tin
. , - A
Joins Premier.
A. J.- BAXTA. '
A. J. Bants, for twelve years general
manager of the central western territory ,
district for the Locomobile Company of
America, has become vice-president of
t.'.e Premier Motor Corporation of Imli
au!iolls, makers of the aluminum six
with magnetic gear shift. Mr and Mrs.
llanta will mine to Indlamtpoll Imme
diately, the new arrangements taking
effect November 1.
While the exact nature of his work
with the Premier company has nut been
officially nnnounced. It Is learned from
go d authority that he will give at
tention to production, together with other
duties which have not so far been
lint 'o Model t'hnnse for .Neil
f Another large automobile concern will
I soon announce an Increase In the price
. of Its product because of the high cost
I of material. In a letter sent out to
I dealers, General Manager T. H. Harthel
I of the King Motor Car Company says In
I part as follows :
"The King Motor Car Company has
been fortunate In that Its material con
tracts have continued In force and will
be In effect for the next sixty days, but
I within iv few weeks we must very re
luctantly Increase the price of the King
"Vo are pointing out to you an op
portunity to purchase nt tho present list
price nn Improved car of unusual value
which will soon cost you and your cus
tomers more money, Purchases at this
, time aro Important because the pres
ent Model 'K' chassis wilt be continued
when tho price goes up.
I "Numerous tests have been carried on
I during the present year by the King
! .Motor Car Company, not so much for
the advertising value lu them as to
find, if possible, ways and means of Im
I proving what has been a very unusual
car. These testa were made from tho
standpoint of tho owner's demand, and
, now, at 11,350. he Is getting a car that
should meet his most exacting rciulro
I ments. The new price will be announced
j later."
BBBB isiiiiiiiH
ssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHViiw Kt ySsiB
BBBBBBassiik KjBBBfl
i HB
BBslllllllllm BH sHHIIIIIIh
When Your Car
Needs a New Bearing
Your car 19 worth no more to you than the
pleasure or profit you derive from its use.
When laid up for repairs, it is neither a source of
pleasure nor profit but rather an annoy-
Ip3 ancc and expense.
11 is now no longer necessary to uy up your
car for a Waring replacement.
Through the local branch of the Bearings
Service Company you can obtain Hyatt,
Timkcn or New Departure bearings to
replace practically every type of anti
friction bearing in your car.
Get in touch with our branch in your city.
Pbont Orel Ml
CMitniqfflcM Branch In all
Detroit. Mich. principal dtlaa
Self-starting devices for automobiles
have practically reached a stage of per
fection, but It has remained for the Prest-
O-Llte Company, makers of the Prest-O-Llte
storage battery and gas tank, to
develop and place on the market tho
first "self-stopper."
This latest automobile convenience Is
a vacuum brnko which enables the mo
torist to bring- his car to a gradual stop
with case and smoothness or to stop It
Instantly with a minimum of personal
effort. The effort necessary, In fact, I
about the same as Is required when
operating the ordinary hand or foot ac
celerator or sounding the horn. The
driver Is relieved of all physical strain,
an advantage which will appeal to all
motorists who have experienced the mus
cular tension of driving a heavy car
down a long, steep grade.
It Is claimed that the vacuum brake
will be a boon to women drivers, many
of whom haven't the physical strength
to uso the foot brake and firing the car
to a sudden stop. With the vacuum
brake "applying the brake" Is Just om
easy as turning on a lighting switch.
The name of the new Prest-O-Llte
"self-stopper" Is the Prest-O-Vacuum
Ilrake. It Is a device of few parts and
can be used on any mako or model of
car, large or small, having the ordinary
foot brake.
There Is some similarity In Its action
and that of the air brake s stems on
present day railway trains, because both
employ the same sort of cylinder and
piston, connected to the brnko rods. Hut
there Is this Important dllTtrence, that
the railway brake operates by the force
of compresstd air, while the vacuum
brake operates wholly by the normal
suction of tho ehglne, employing no air
cumpresser nnd no air storage tank.
With even less petsonal effort than the
englnter of a railway locomotive uses
to bring the tremendous weight of his
train to n well timed stop, the driver
f a motor car may, by gentle pressure
of linger or foot, bring lils machine to
a standstill In an Instant by locking
the whecU, If necessary. Or he may
slow It up gradually, depgidlng alto
gether on drlvjng conditions. The opera
lion Is so simple that the slightest pres
sute gives the driver alisolute control
of the car nt nil time whether In
irowded traffic, where stops Inve to lm
made suddenly and with certainty, or
out on the open road, wliere It Is only
necessary to slow up temporarily for
humps or crossings.
The new brake operates on the same
general principle as tho vacuum gaso
lene feed now widely used on automo
biles, n device which makes It possible
to draw- gasolene from one tank to an
other located at a higher level.
The entire outfit consists of a small
special cjllnder mounted on the frame
or any convenient cross member of the
chassis, and n copper tubing connection
to the intake manifold of the engine. In
which is located a simple valve, con
trolled by a lever or button convenient
to the hand or foot. Inside the special
cylinder Is a plunger or piston which Is
connected to the brake rods already on
the oar.
When hand control Is provided the
lever Is located on the steering column
md Is operated In much the same way
that the spark lever on hand throttle
Is advanced or retarded. When foot
control Is prlvlded a button similar to
the foot accelerator Is located on the
toe board.
The button, or lever, as the case may
be. is connected directly to the valve
When the valve Is open the vacuum
which always exists In the intake mani
fold when the engine Is running txerts
a powerful pull or suction In the plunger
-a pull equivalent to 10 pounds to the
square Inch, or 1,000 pounds braking
power at the rear wheels, When the
lirake Is not In use. In other words when
the valve Is closed, the suction censes
and the plunger Is pulled back In place
by a spring. Of couise when the en
gine Is not running the foot brake Is not
needed and the vacuum brake Is not In
operation. For this reason the hand or
emergency brake Is still needed to ho.il
the car In position when left Idle.
The Prest-O-Vacuum Ilrake operates
so that a partial or complete vacuum l
created Instantly, ns desired, even nn
very slow engine speed, Simply turn
ing the engine over by hand or spinning
it siowiy uy means or the self-starter
is sutllclcnt to give full braking power
at the rear wheels.
Ily providing a much more powerful
braking force thnn is found In the leg or
arm of the driver. It. I claimed, a
mere positive brake application is In.
surcd and that even when the brakes
are somewhat out of adjustment to an
extent which would give "poor brakes"
when applied by the foot presouru tiie
nbundnnce of power available will set the
brakes effectively. It frequently happens
that the brake In one wheel requires
more power to apply than In tho other
wheel: the vacuum brake, through
ample power, will apply them both. If
desired the conventional foot brake
pedal can he retained.
At present the device Is being offered
to motor car makers only, but the Prest-O-Llte
Company plans later on to olTer
It ns well to the general public, with
suitable braces for attachment to any
car, old or new.
Hero Is a new type of Maxwell car to
meet the demands of the speed-loving
puuiic. Tnis new Maxwell creation Is
known ns tho Maxwell "Whlazcr," and
Harry J. De ljear, manager of the' local
branch of tho Maxwell . Motor Sales Cor
poration, has Just included It In hlr reg
ular Mnxwcll line.
The car Is patterned after the Max
well racing cars, which have been so
successfully driven by "Kddle" Illchcn
bachcr nnd Pete Henderson during the
past year.
"This type of car," says Mr. De Hear,
Tliey Must Have Halance of
flood Qualities in Their
Consider the wnmm motor'"t Hlie
buys shrewdlv nnd Iiot estimates i.f
value ate close. She Is not entln'v
swayed by beauty. Itathrr l'i she struck
by mechanical excellence of a motor car
Its drv-;ng qualities mill Its slmpllc!t of !
Ocorge S. Morrow, president and iren
eral manager of the Saxon M itor Com
pany or New Yo-.k, gives credit to the
fair sex for u keener Insight Into t' e
true value of nn automobile than t
ine.sed by the average man suntm.,-!!
In this day and age to bo motoruisc. If
wle at nil.
"llultc otittddo of the popular belle.'
that the woman of the family Is the de
ciding factor in a motor car sale because
she titles the hank nrcotint. Is the fact i
that she drives an Inflnltelv better l"ii- (
gain than the nverage man." siy Mr
.Met row. "The same Intuition that gives
her the aMMty to ferrrt out bargains In
ni'P.ini and In Uselmld nitl.les. shows
her the way to illtltign'sh eeiui.t.c tncr.t
from iIio.'m in an automobile
"There ore hundreds of New York
viomni driving motor cor, and the.
op't.lon, to my mind, is a better estimate
of the value of the car than the men
drivets, who ate legion. Some men ate
MtlMloil with a car that tuns well, re
g.udless of appearance. Others, ulm
ate frr thowlticss alone, are sritlsllnl
with the beaui of the car, regardless of
i to.til performance.
"Hut the wenien1 They mut have
the equally balanced car. They rlsl
on nn equal distribution of beams,
power and dependability. T'.ie Mrlk'tig
Some speed and
Ni:W sv ic of Mervitf irs kno'vu
us 22-73 models, li.m Ju.-t been
iinnoun ed by t.e Jlo.'i-t A.lio-
mobile Company of Trenton, N Till
latest series foiloA.s ve.y closely to tiie
lines of the preceding modi is, toe glean
ing streamline lifvt vv.'.ich I a ch. s'i
terized Muvei i-.iih for the past t . 1
eirs In lng cloely adhered to Chanu'us
and improvements ute observed, but they
are only n the untitle of rell
Consistent with it well known policy
this company i"ill holds i i he u ve
maiiufactiiro of four cylinder mauus
1 pfcaZ'fci-
BBBBBBBs-BWaBWag m7i ii ti d,'Taiw.Cfw ''WUw.. . 4 r . mwa. . ,Wsv .... a , i.. JaK.X"- '
1 r
1 I mw&Wi I VFFER Five Models designed to please I f1 I
j A Courteous representatives to interview you and M m m
"Is ono that will paitlculnrly appeal to
those who desire not only a speedy cur,
but one that Is built along modern lines,
furnishing comfort ns well as class."
The body Is mounted on the regular
Mnxwcll chassis and Is no designed that
tho passenger's scat is set further back
than the driver's sent to prevent Inter
ferencc with the driver's manipulation of
the cur.
It has the new style "bullet" tall, of
firing the minimum of wind resistance.
The car Is attracting considerable attention.
lines of a car may attract them, but
they are among the first to lift the hood
and delve Into the moving parts of the
car. And do not think for a minute that
they arc not motorwlsc. The technique
of motor nnd driving gear Is known to
them nnd they can talk In motor teims.
"After the woman has viewed Interior
and exterior, she Is not swept away with
etithuslnsm. Shu weighs each feature
with tho features of other makes. If.
perhaps, her fancy Is not taken with
i omit one point but she Is delighted with
others, she balances ono against the
other and after this weighing and coun
ter weighing, she leaches a decision.
Tli.it decision. If fai o: able. Is the great
isl Indoisvinvnt a car ran have.
"Women are ceitalnly finding the
Saxon an Ideal car and many of them
ii-ivo purchased Suxons. The recent trlv
of .Mr.-. Alice Snltzer Htlike fiom here
to the co is! ami bad:, driving n Saxon
ill the way, has Imiiesscd women mo
torists with tho reliability of, the Saxon,
and the fuel that she hud no trouble In
Vr kuig Journev has given them a con
:nlene tiiat riiutint be shaken. The
womifi hud alieidy selected Saxon as
an ideal car and tills trip was Just nil
itlier evidence to them of the real de
per Iablllt of the automobile."
first .Model r It T).e for This
A beautiful new town car Dodge
Hms' Lanilaulet ,s being displayed
tl, s week for the first tlinu In tho show
rooms .if the Colt-Strntton Company, on
Hroadway at Fifty-seventh street. A
great ileal of attention has been given to
the details entering Into the coach work
of this tar. which In appearance closely
conform to tho latest foreign practice.
The lio.lv of the car I In oversea blue
With fcNders and running gear In black.
The I'olt-Stmttnn Company states that
this Is the tlrst time this form of body
lias been dlsplaed on a Dodge Hro.
iha...s In .the t'nlted States, and that It
v.. is built to satisfy the growing de
mand for tin economical motor ear with
i body not merely comfortable but luxu-
l UlUS
graceful lines in the
i ff i't being coiiccntniteil on ono
j.c nc.feM.sU Four models .constitute
" ii'n'i' uoiis feature of Mercer con-
t iivitou is the lnwness, which has al-
uiv been c irilnl out This, together
vv tli a i ro. ily balanced car, litis always
men oirVn l us one of the reason i why
Meuvr c.u can lie driven at such a
comparatively high rate of speed with
,e fi'. t i-arct.. In spite of the fact that
'I of the Mercer models aro low, the
eating it rangi ment I notablv comfort-
ili'.e, and there Is ample height to all of
the se it .
It looks as If John P. Allen, afiir flT,
years work, has solved tho si, MiPt
problem. Ho has Invented a rompn
sating driving axle that does wnrrbrfu!
things for a Wlnton car In which it ha,
been Installed for demonstration pur.
poses. '
This car was taken over to Flr.( aw.
nue tho other day nnd put throuun a ...
rles of evolutions on n stretch n jVp.
pery asphalt. It was driven nroinl
sharp and slippery corner at cigh'en
miles nn hour nnd did not skid ti,,
observers were very much Impressed
In discussing his Invention, Mr A r.
said :
"The Allen compensating driving nx)t
Is constructed upon new nnd rnd i,
freo of all Internal gearr. Tl-r enn
structlon of this mechanism In Iu,1h
ratchet clutches, through which both ri
wheels are positively driven on f rw,.r
drive. The said clutches are w i
clutches which form the huh for fl ,v nj
axles, tho driving clutch being keved
tho main drive shaft. When the (loatlnr
nxles nre fixed to the wheel eluti.n' an,,
tho vehicle wheel on the forward 'r'v
the entire shaft from wheel to wi l
comes a fixed and solid drive shaf
"On rounding a comer the rig . o
left whel clutch ovurruii the o v ns
shaft clutch on the long M of i
with the axlo driving the ln , in ihi
thort side of tho curve, thereby ne'it-il
Izlng tho power between the "v
power nnd the momentum of the in
"Iloth wheel being propelled furvnr,?
nnd lioth wheels being under uri'
skidding becomes Impossible cm r
verse the drive wheel and pinion
matlcally reverse tho drive from
outer to the Inner shaft, rcl' as raw-heel
from the drive clutch, wh n k
nn absolute fr.eo wheel for nn.v illri i
the driver chooses to back up b i
"Tho Allen tiicchanlHii w n . r i
vehicle from skidding on wet s'rei - .
will not nnd cannot sf t up a pfvnt'ii pi
nnd swing the car body when i,r
sharp corner. It will not sway i n
from side to side when running m
streets or In n straight line, bc-,v.,
wheels are undei traction and inoti
trol. The differential that dlstrll -
I vehicle load equally on each win i
I on forward drlv.i inut necessar
moro dependable value than tin e.
entlal that does not distribute lis , I
J "The Allen mechatilsir. ! nn
ono wheel backward and one f t '1
the same time. It will not a'
wheel to spin and one to h'.ii'-l
, It will drive both wheels tji n..
' rectlon nil the time. Hence !. v
.of the vehicle are alwas under I
It Is a safety first propose iot '
word this drive Is so simple, so
so scientifically correct and eff
it effectively meets i verv ren i r.
absolute saff ty, ilepetidab ,
tiding and economy It flu
move the cause of ilauucroiis
The ratchet drive clutch for Mr
1 sating axle was derived fr n I
mowing machine of mau.v cars ,m'
new Mercers.
Tnc 22-73 etie- chassis is tl i
!t rlcan inu i, ,.., Mni,th f.,,f ., ,
"Inotpnl features of which are
clprocatlng parts, high power n -
ity and economy. Hotli slib s t,t
tor aro left perfectly dean, the ( !
magneto being driven from '
shaft In front, leaving both Mdi -
motor free of all eiu umbra ici s
g! two Inch chain drives the ..n
, a, small Idler gear v!ti a strong
. attachment being provided to
any slackness ili.it ir iy di v
1 chain.

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