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When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin' It Is a Good Time to Skitter, Troll or Stillfish for the Fighting Pickerelt
W. C. Rosclicu, New Yorker,
Seeks Onniest. Pacific Fish
Thai .Swims.
X. E. Sinmlilinfr Kays nn,
ruinous Eighty Year Young
Angler Sh.vs Ho Feels.
"Forty Years Old.'
Also flives Reasons fur
.l,KA.rKn M'l). MTOIIIIAHT. 1
Kit Clarke, noted angler, who has
fished with l'rceldetits, su j parti joung
nticl feeling nbout 40 scars olil. Invited ,
a Run reporter j'estcrday to accompany i
him on one of IiIh dully wnlks. J
"Meet me," said tho youtlifut angler,
"at the Hrooklyn Public. Library. I.ln-1
den nvemin liraneli, nt 2 o'clock, nmt If
you arrive Hist gel a liook iinil learn
something about fishing ; If I nrrlvc first
I'll get a bonk and learn something
bout fishing, too." 1
Mr. Clarke lived In the Klalbitsh nee
tlon of llrooklyn, where an a young man
he hot rabbits. For yearn ho ban spent I
three months of tho twelve In the out of '
doors, ha made It a practice of walking .
dally, and at reaching the four score i
mile pout be 1 merely pleasantly
fatigued after a two, three, four or flel
mile walk fin bin Inclination leads blm.
Ilecenlly be walked fifteen miles In a '
day. '
The walk he. liken bext, because of j
iti Interesting associations, Ik from Mill I
Creek, Klatbutdi, over to Kort Hamilton,
five miles from where he gets off the
Klatbush avenuo car line. No one who
seea the straight tlguie frequently on
Clarendon road, Kings Highway or on
the llergen Heach or Cannrsle road
would think of calling Mr. Clarke old.
He enjoys smoking, and casually re
marked In reply to n query If he had a
certain limit that he smoked usually
from twelve to fifteen cigars a day. Yet
he la no crank on health and has no
fads. He says the natural condition of
man Is to be In robust health. It Is un-
natural to be sick, "and the man who
dies before he Is 70," he adds, "kills
Mr. Clarke ls a just a plain, common
aense man who keeps abreast of what Is
going on In the big world, nshes a little, I
plays a game of draw poker occasion-'
ally and reads much, books, magazines
and newspaers. In fact, although he
owns an early and many other editions
of liaak Walton and has a roomful of
hooks on angling, one of his pet hobbles
Is to haunt old book stores and pick up ,
books on angling that he cares for. ,
Mkes to Write for "The Son,"
To recall the names of fishermen lie
has fished with Is to call the roll of fa
mous angle of the other days, only
one of whom Is now living. Charles Hal
lock, founder of Forest ami stream, now
living In Washington, D. C.
He fished with (.rover Cleveland many
a tlm n Iluzzards Hay. nnd among,
his other angling Intimates wire Thud
dens Norrls, Seth flreen. Fred Mather.
William C Harris, (ieorge W. Sear
("Nessmuk"). Alvah Dunning, Charles
P. Murphy (not of Fourteenth street,
but tho maker of the first splp bamboo
rod), Amos J. dimming, Wallaco llu
gene Blackford. Hashford Dean and
others, ,
Some of these anglers left books fori
the present generation to enjoy. Mr.
Clarke himself Is the author of two,
The Practical AngUr" nnd "Where the
Trout Hide." One of them he wrote be
cause he h id to stay Indoors one Janu
ary recovering from pneunionlt'. He Is
averse to writing any more bonks, al-
though he litis serapbooks tilled with his
Writings. M.ijbe the sunn- Mock won't rmw
"Why should I wrlle another bonk to, again, after losing part of tholr fnct d
!eae behind me." he nald to th writer.; Vc:y w !!. another Hock will nunc a':r
"I'd rather write feu Tub Nt;w Yom: , still others, tn get a liberal cdti'.'.it.oii.
Sin than any publlc.itlon on earth. My i Hs'i vv-ttu altn-d the best c'u.i, e a
friend" meit me in. I go about They I geese. Th!i bu'.k makes n dlitiru't fm
gleet me henitlly tiinl say 'I've reail your; them tn risj nnd gel t'tic ted oso.rst le
Huff, old boy. In list Sundaj's Siw. ( blow s of a vale. During tin-!- effort
It's great." That's why I don't want to! tu get stalled maiij of llnm fall aefoic
lenvo n book. Hesldcs I've got rwenty thn gunfire.
years abend of me. ami I'd rather hve TV gentleman spoilsman of HrlgV.-
the handclasps of the people of lo-day ' vvntets h..s his b. t in the Hi, xectlnn.
while I am here bectuso they won't d In fton. of his "nnl is t'.. ginnd
It after I nm cremated. I minder lf,couii-e. c:;tmd!iig around time slihs if
mere nro any nlcu trout brooks In
rnnil of Wraka With I (Is. Hod.
Mr. Clarke liken weakllshlng In Flat
luiids Hay because It is near his home
nnd he can make a day's trip out of It,
Willi Uiuls Ithead, artist and author,
writer of half a ilnen bonks, including
"Amor nn Trout Stream Insects," "The
Hook T Fish mid Fishing," ho goes In
ronson to catch n few fish and make a
day of it.
Incidentally that brings up Mill I'ond,
Flatl.imls. lying bc'ween the Sheipshead
Hay .Speedway and the old town of Flat
binds. This body of water looks like
a beautiful Inland bike. Its sloping sandy
shores being as clean as when the llrlt
Ish In August, Kit!, crossed from Stnten
Inland to (Sravosend and moved acros
Klatlunds to Finthush nnd compelled
Gen. Washington'!! troops to relie.it, a
number of skirmishes, taking place
across the land where Mr. Clarke led
Tint Sun reporter yesterday.
Mill I'ond washes the shores of Will
turn C. Whitney's old Sheepshead Hay
estate that Included the famous Shccps
bead Hay racetrack and .Inlm l.ott's
farm. When the Hrltlsh arrived at Flat
lands they built a mill to grind their
Hour, which Is still standing to-day pie.
aerved by the Whitney estate. This mill
Is so hltunted that the water-power droe
the wheels both on the finod tbie nnd nn
tho ebb, for the water una dammed, per
milting Its use an needed,
Thousands of weaktlxh ami striped
huss still come Into theso waters, which
are really a fisherman's paradise. Tills
preserve Is not fished now. except by
Mr. Clarke, a vrlvilegc be has enjoyed
for more than a iiurtir of a century.
It might hae betn open to anglers
t'Mlay If the fishermen themselves hail
not abused tho privilege. At one time
anglers were so thick on tho long bridge
across the Mill i'ond that they stood
shoulder to shoulder on both sides and
then overflowed thu banks- on Whltnej's
place and on l.ott's.
These fishermen carried their lunch
eons and strewed papeis and bottles
over the front lawns. They withdrew
the privilege For ears and yenrs night
nnd day watchmen have been employed
to see that anglers do not angle there,
Everywhere are signs, "Fishing I'rn
lilblted." To give added authority, both
Whitney nnd l.ott hail an ordinance
passed ful bidding fishing. "Hy Older of
the Horough 1'iesldent."
Mr. Clailio angles fm weakfish with
a four oiime rod and kills his llh, too.
What a splendid fishing gitniml the Mill
I'ond Is may be gathered fioin Mr.
Claike's i-ominetit thai in season "there
aru enough weaklMi In Hie pnm! m fied
half uf Oren'er Sew Voik." The green
vegetation et'iiuts shrimp and speailng
nnd weakfls.i ami snlpeil bass follow in
their path,
(Julie the oviiieilte Is tine of Hie upper
end of Flathinds wlieii- the liulf
lielliiing I'ouip.iuy has a iiunibi r of gaso
lene tanks, oil rncii n walers at
high tide, and as a reul we.ikllfli
nnd sliiped buss no lunger me found In
the seillnn wlieie fuiiiierly I hey wrie
Kuliler. .Vet irk iiiiuler, TT ''F'' 1 " Jf MB
the atrlped hnss caiiulit f ifitltKp mV t " iilHES t ' MM
this jear on the v'Kti lV 'Bfl ppK''' MM
nil pomids. II oiniees. KtR S " " fF
iMiek.N anil (Jeese in (Jreat
Soiitli ttny Reuion Ijfreil by
llecoys to fimiiier.
Hi:i.illlWATi:ns. I,. I.. .Vo I spoils-1
men a i havlti!; the -lason .if their ves,
gunning fur w.ld fov.I r".n: c.iin s ;
and r.illblids. then idoier. and finally
dtli'l: and geese T.ie list and laigei
b!nl will keep tlnin busy until the -plratlon
of the season.
Ample (lucks liave al:eady rewarded
their ilme, and now- tin hattcty 'canr
Is in full swing. Tile batte y Is ii Ihut
uch as U used In bat.ilie. sunounded
with dixoys. On the tln.it the ir nil
stands and picks off the feathered t- !
as tliey plunge down aiiimg the decos
nnd again as thei rise ,n,if ti e tlr
iff ha: bur. on which In has entrance
and ex'.t by nuiomolille. His garage N
In the liar of hi limine. Il! boapi i
tied to the bulkhead of the harbor n,'
anchor In front of hN hous...
The ha-. bar, by the wny, u.is excavat"il
Inland pom (Stent Snulh Ha to tri
Menl"l: or Soul i Country road, on
mile long, 17.1 feet wide and 'Jo feei
In summer be sallies forth to favorite
haunts on the bay for llsh He knows
where by trolling with a thinner, baited
with iiluniluo.ms, st-. Ipe.l bass may .u
ways bo taken. He knows whei .n
may anchor nnd with shrimp catch
large weakfish. He knows while the
blm tlsii may be chummed when thej it o
In the bay and tb.i channels wheie t lev
may be '.tolled fur when present and
"break. ng."
He has only to pass out tluough I'll
Islmil Inlet to i.ive a day's tingling on
the ocea.i, practically most of the ve.-i-
around, tdnce In cold weather the end is'
Just outs .r. the Inlet. I
Hut ju-t now the gentleman sport
man Is Intr rested only In wild fowl'
snnottn.'. lie noarils ;i,s motor ciuls'M
and unchois sonuwhat distant from his
batteries. Then ho takes a small illnev
or MWbo.it srid gum to h's battery. Wl' i
the same snrill boat he retrieves hit
Alter gunning ,as nflee angling
divides, on Ins ictuin, his bag with
fi lends or glies them a game dinner.
ItlBhlj I'lenseil With I'.tcellent
(timlll uf lliiKflsh.
Wasiiinuion. D. I', Nov. I Thn
Unlleil Slntcs Itureiu of I'l.sberN'S lias
stai ted a campaign In the Interest of
tho dogfish, which Is now to be known
as the giayllsh, rrngren Is repotted
for recent months, nml three of the best
Canncis In Maine nml Massachusetts are
actively eiu.iged In packing the tlsh,
They expiens themselves as highly
pleased w.th the o.scellcnt quality of
the flwli nnd thu economy with which
11 can do iinmiieu.
"The value of the hv-tnn-lnci l m
Important factor In making It possible
to provide a hls'li-grade fond product
at a low pi Ice," saye the bureau. "Cop.
slderlng lb" fact that the appropriation
nuinnrizing inn work wa not granted.
until tnii inner pan ot .nine, nml that
nnlhlng could be iimlei taken liefnre then,
the luiie.iii Is f ml 11 1111 1 In the piospect
of a pack ample for Its ueeiN.
"The llestincllvelleiM of ibe giayllh
and the extent In which it bus ii'iler
teiul w.th hf! 1 Infill i. ninie plnllt.lhlo
flshiilin lias caused the llheiin,ili tn ie.
gaid It with su.h iiiejiidlie ami aver
sion tli.it 11 is only by Hie exercise of
coiiMiieiiiiiie per.iua.ilou that they can
be Inducid tu catch them or even bring
In those c.iiiitht on honks set for other'
tlshes, J
"An interesting fe.iluie of the cam-
palitn Is the cnmpleln change In the fish-
oiinen's attldrie after they have had
some experience in the fishery, and iho
Interest which lbe rxhllilt In the bu- j
rc.iu'a idaiiN riispeitliig II"
jll iiP at
I KHdjfltf flB W, II 'ir,'n( s"" Hal Ion photo.
mMMWzrm rMMMmm
I iS KPX ,L W JmT lijHfW ' h ,iH. for he still h.wj
I -Wife- ' IMMMMr$'i (MMmMMMMMMMMMMJ i'U I u-eirlicr lb- f:e' water ll-h family
i I t. ,'iW l. gM-:' iv',, 1HH I yet be tl'hnl for -the pl. K. i . 1 you won't ln.e blm.
I JBmm MmmMm I I "' his mis
Jncob Wert helm nml I lie luricei iinio ever liil.en on Hie it
.ferae; ennst nn roil nml reel. Wei ulil. L'i: ionuil. I'isb fonulil 77
nilliutes nml Hiueil the lion! 1! i miles before suliiliieil.
V arious sinles I'lnre Itesli Ictlons
I poll lllllilers' (in me.
W.vsiilNiiTiiN, 1 1. C, Nm. t. I'uiiiu:
mi'i big limits nt upieil the allenli if
v.irlnus legislatures.
(icnigla 1. dined the nillubel of ib er
and 1 11 1 ! that may be taken finui
tlnee tn twn etch 11 seasnti and prescribed
a limit of fifteen 11 day nn cat sipiliiels
Kcuttick) . for the first time, 1 laced re.
siiicllutui nn the iii.t 11 1 it nt' game that
m iv be taken, by piovldlug bag limits
nf twelve ipiail nml fllti en iloim pi r
d l,V, .lllil 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 II U the II II II 1 1 'Of III posses
sinn fur cnlisecutiv c il.ljx liunted in a
multiple of the d illy limit on e.uh
Maryland resliiete.l the 11 11 1 1 1 1 r of
wateifnwl In twent-IUe a day, the Urst
limit nn watetfowl applicable throuuhiiiit
Hie State, nml also ledtlced otlii r limitM
Mississippi testiloted the killing of
siiilrtclH In ten a day.
Maiiltolu i.duceil tho limit on pt.u- 1
nilgiin. prairie chicken nml pat H id ;e
fl'"ln Dventy to llfteen a day and fioin
"" " Hfty .1 season, and on ducks Hum
""' f"r,.v 11 d iy after October 1,
... j , I
( lobs Seek Coil nml Hlael.nsb.
flu. r.,in.lel.,ir .lnl,U u-lll ll-l. 1. . ..!,. ,
cod. blackilsh, whlllng ami llii't : I
I' rum i 'aii'irsle, K'l her In the Snph'e
ll.ilinv, Lemon In the Aunts. Seaweed In
the Cis.inm a . fintii llulmkcn, N'nttli
lt.-r.;.-ii !n 'h Fab on. from Slid ps.
head IS.iv 'I'll-IJoioiiKli in the Yankee
hi. n, Ik. Williamsburg in ihe M. .1. IE.
Nn! 7
Nov s
s"v it
Nuv, U
lllllll w.VTKK Hilt MIC.M, AMII.KItfl 1'IHIM M'.
Hatulv Hnnl.
I'l lure,
V VI I' t
I .Is I '.s
.l.inwili-s II. iy
' I '.'llmr-lei
A M. I' M
I'lie lliirM.-.liiM
V ,M
,1 III
I .1.1
a 'J.l
I. Oi,
1. ..I
K I.".
1 'iT
I, "l
r is
n .')
i a.i
i. M
7 'Is
s '.'II
.V in
;. ii
s on
s I'l
ti III
ii 1 1
Ii ,".H
ti no
Bu fiiLLH mMMMMMMh M ' ""h '"' tbl-blt nlwaNs bmn
Vm1 Immmmmm. mmmmmWM I ""'"- ''
Im'IIIimI.), Vlnrl I, Vim .lersev
nml V hulitln V1I1I Mntittes.
W'.VSMISUTIlN. l I'. Nov l--i:ieven
Slates hi. I l.-Kl-l.il u r n-sl.ins ilunng
It'll!, I'llt iilllp.U.lli' el lew 1 ll.lllges
wiin iii.ule in the open se.r-on siatutis.
Ill Ueull.k the oh-i se,s,it nn ibiles
w.in shniieiied fnnn livi tmniths to nix
VVleke, tlllls II Itiil Wlin .umiael sliool-
lug: In Maol.iml dines were leinnveil
ttmii Ibe game list 11111I1 r the new imu
game bird law, and spnng slmntlng oi
Ulllel r,i, 1 was illil.iileil In , Il-iiii: the
m.Isiiii no .Much I,'. Iiixtitul of .Vpill I".
allbnilgli 1 1 tn It-1 the Fcdeial icuiil.itiiint
ll Cow dose I'eliril.il v I
In New .letsi'V a season uulfniiii Willi
that nn waleifmvl was nroilileil fm inits
or eiow bill duiks. ami Virginia lepealed
all laws In 1 Illet with the IVder.il
Uli.iiatio.i hud law
It'i'ill llpen nml 1 lose Time.
I'p-Stnte and In Maine there Is nu o en
u"Z" ',, ';'.." ''''"''''"' open
..... , INI1KLIII III, .l.ir.H,
liiuiiiim, ivnus.v ivaiu.'i. Long Island ami
Hlif'de Is'. mil. Xovember in Is the iij en
lug day for New .ler-. y.
Fish 'I'lmt Cnrr Vimiiik Ilve.
.""""'" .' . lis.s I 1 1 K M' N
, ; ' , . . : '"Kr"
cai i'
i;nrl November liooil llass Vlnntli,
llaily N'meinhei 1 a kiukI bl.nl, Ii.ihs
nu. nib. 'I hi' litb ine livcl.v nIiiiw liiiieb
light ami have a keen iippeilie
I'll Ml
N etv
7 in
S .1
!' 'l
I' VI.
S 11
.M. I' VI
I I'
"I '.' I
ii It',
l. .'.I
7 Pi
.I'l I
.' Oil
'I O'.!
ti . I
I I -'-'
11! Ill
IB :is
I -'.'l
i. ',"i
, til
S 0.1
I. I'l
, .11 III I'l
SI.' II Its
tl Is I'.' II I
III 01 ! I'.'
s is
S I Hi
S 17
II '.'S
tl Oil
o 10 iti ar
in::is M M
( apt. ( bnrles I. trkrrmn anil
(rent South lln?, I.. I. W. II. Hal
November Best Month
for Catching Pickerel
II (il'.IIHC.
The tt'.jt tU.iern.au has hung Ills pet
rods, the bla. k bass tlsherman is about
to put aw iv li p ,igs for another year,
iut t!"it need he ,tH, for he still Ii.in
t.-e for tl'e rest of bis eilllpniellt. If tie
long ng t . get out in tne open has not
vet beet, satisfied, as there Is me mote
tcetr'.icr the fies'i water tlh family
t it lliav ye be tDlifil for -the pl.'kenl
"That nid gteen slug, with tnwnj bide,
w.th eves abt ftr tn c'lan e vottr wav,
for tlh or tht-blt nluavii lmCi n.ght
r .1 d iv."
Unite Ihe trout and bass ll-lu i ni.'ili
in iv flniwi nn plikelil llnlum; an,) cv-fii
a-l .'!. . t.n.s on "Si- FiikerdV
gameni'si. a ipi.-.-Uun that l nlwns
' or ,i ileb.ite lit me .tssuie the nllglei
win has ti. mm ti eil his liiml it this
ginte t at Hie jiu-koi i l. 'f tlslnil fur
w.tn tackle that Is consistent',' light,
wl'l ptnvlile itij.il SVI'I, .is there ! tin
ui'stlnti lii the inln.ls m .u.j mimber nf
Itlgtlts as In the gllllieliesK of tile llsh,
II "Wever. this aitlcle has nm as its put
I .-e ihe il s. us,.m of lln lighting ipial-
ti. s ,ir t'.ie t out. bass or pi. ke
Nnvi'lir.. r 's one .l t'.e best months
.n t.ie ...it i,. ,,-ai to llsh for these
'ihcpliwt ptowlels of the marsh, b,K.
it Ibe stole time iiinjlllg With 11. its It
the . . IiIiiii. ti il nn in w ,i being
ill iii ;h. iti 'a! i, peii when nut ill has
' luted Ms i.te.tlist pi.'tii.,, and all the
I trc - and nhitihH are as nf gold.
I ,ltsi a wind tegariiitig tins "sllnij
ealer o' tin chu'i and Hog" befoic Ihe
' seve'lll lltettiods nf lali'lllllg ")'! Illgll-
iu-ss" ,i-e taken nv. The naltiial en-
Itiinimiits in whlih the tbb live ha., a
nt In .1" u III Tie llsh Hm II
I If t.l'.ill It. .Ill p.'ll.ls While till W.ltC'
is iiitnldv in- (Uli is m,i III,! ij in l. as
i'i belle I mnle lis hi', coils. II l.ikeli
' I m sinK or .-iri-.inif win, Ii ale ileal
lllil t'.'e fri.iti wieil- .nil miiil. Ill, -h
II, ,111 the llillil, h . oil, belli); li.ltll.l In bu
-nfl .mil II ib, iv, ..i.i' ng with ii, al
the ..nn.' I, on a m.tui alile ininl.ly
isle, wi as the meal u Hi,- tls-iv
i aught In l.ii , le it poll,! n ttlilillig
stteain will I'.' I. .nn, I t.i be ib in and
nihil, with no signs nf the niciii i.,nr,l
lllllibls lasle.
sl.llterllii; Vlelliinl of I'Ublliu,
'I I. us. ni it nil., -it Moine 1 1 me or i. In i
have livid I" lb" minli hale nn ihiilht
llshcil nt bale hi ii lln fat lin t' hm 1Kb
.ni pi, .it, I,, what I' 'limit n in the
skittering ti:iin All that is in,.l,,l
for the f.ll'lllel s bnj ntnlli Is a calle pole
snltle twelve or llllein ee Imm ami a
line Hi, leli.-lh n tin. ,,,le. ii i, as
the line is Hi, I illtcctlj Iii Ihe end ol the
pntc. Nlie Utile i, unit in c.iny on Ihe
train, is il tint'.' It Is lint
While sin h an nutlli cauiint be called
a Jn;, fnievir. In Ihe hands nf it stuidj
fainter il becomes a verj illeclnu nn.
Skittering, as a general thing. Is ilmin
Ir,, in a l, at In this manner, the pole is
lal.-iil In a w'llie.il pnsltlou, nml the line
Is all 'Weil tn swing mil tn n's iiilne
leii'.;lli i, iihi i than being i nst
'lln bail, winch Is cither pmk 'hi.l,
peiih bellj. inliinuw, fing ni' ii casting
spoon, i' pel milted tn 'n'' slig'Mlj be
low Hie wtiler ami I- then jeikid ainug
Willi sl..l sli.nlj pulls Ihe : Mtlerer ,in
a lule iniil.ilu ii (I. m,, life iii.le ill the
boat le .nn .inolbet- i ast Is nridc
When Ihe hell slillo s he Is allowed In
lake the bail I'm a nn en, in ami Is then
I hnnked and I unlet In nne in, ,11, in, the
I si ciiinia; inn Hie boat Willi a lush.
Tlolllliu dives I'lin,
At itber lalonti' llielltod nf Ibll'li; I je
the pli'ketel I' bj slow Hulling, A Spooii
or tnlnunw b nmv used for a lure, tlfty
to scvcnlc feet of line hcimt put out bc-
vrllil geese shot at IlrlahtiTntcrl,
loo plmto.
bind the boat, which s lowed at t snail's
pace f tho lure Is the spoon the
pickerel us a rule hooks himself In the
Urst rush and your fun bisjlm-
I have seen pickerel break water two
mid thiee times, and this on llfiv or
sixty test of line Is verj- liable to make
tilings interesting. When the lute Is u
live minnow the pickerel should be per
mitted to have the fi.ilt Let bun run,
you won't ln.se blm.
When be stalls his second luu then .
the time to stilke and do It hard, and
don't d blm have any slick line, for if
jou do you ate liable to lose the fish.
Having once boated the pbk"' I tak.
pali.fi that .vnur lingers do not get caught
In bis i ii ut 1 1 . as you will 1 1 n 1 1 hi. icth
are vety sharp.
I'li-b r wattr pluns ate also frequently
used with goi,i tesnits iii low ti'illlm:.
One In pnttlcuhir which Innks all the
world when at test nn Hie top nf the
water like a small dud; has met with
favor by thnse who will use a plus under
auj ami all ciicunistances.
Mill I'lshlnit l.nj Mnn'a Way.
Tliete Ij. one otlnr way to llsh for
picket el. and tint - by still tlshlng. tnls
met hod hcln.: foil iwed mainly bj those
that .1" nut caie to wmk fur their I 'tl i
it lias been aptlv tei tiled "the lazy
mill's wav " With the eviepllnn of the
ping the Mine baits ate usi d III still fish
ing as in skltteting nn, I slow trolling
It It. will, however, if i Is still lsb-
ins tu deep water to weight the bait with
one ni two split shut to keep the bait
down A tl .at will al-n be found t" be a
uie.it help In keopliK the I, alt ,,i!l of the
Weeds nnd grass
A wnpl as to the eiiuipment nctejis.ir)'
lor lisping for the pickerel. If j oil are
lint ;i farmer nu will not he likely to u.o
the long cane pule mentioned above. A
bait to. of eight or nine feet will do just
io- weil. letting nut abniit as tiiiu h line as
join Mil Is Iniig
'tie ti V no lender Attach the line
In Ibe sin lie, hook, w lib Ii sllnulX be
nbiitii a :-n spinal. In slnw ttnllhig a
bait cistinu tod i.m be u-eil to aili.tu
t.e e. while most anj kind of a rod Is
good inniig'i for still tlsliitu, liter,, being
no need of line tackle for plckuel fishing.
Ilciiieinhi r, hnwever. Hie lighter (he
t n hie the more spoil is in store for voti.
Tne IKhltm- ccsson n pot over, brother.
(Snout and gel n mess of pickerel. You'll
have n regular time, and furthermore
jou will leap the benefit of tho stood
pute nlr, ,iii. while it i liable to be
crisp It will send Ihe blond com sing
tluough jour veins and jou will refill n
feeling bettor and ever mote ready to
tackle the mure serious problems of the
nun row .
Tells llott to llroll Tile I'Uh, Which
(io eminent (I. K.'s,
"To bioll tilellsh," writes Aunt June
In Tin: Sr.v. "j mi cui and scale the
llsh, cutting it Into five eipial slices.
Sprinkle Ii wllli a little sap ami pep.
per, dip II in ol.ve oil, and hl'nll It ,sl.v
ly over a good llie for seven or eight
minutes on em a slhe When nicely
blow lie. I, place Ihe Ibh on a hot pl.i'ter,
and spread nvel il a sauce made of two
niliucs uf hiiiler, so.ih leiunii Jn ce ami a
little i hnpptHl patslej "
World' Itecord svtoriliUli (utcb.
Av.vin.s. (il. Nm. I. James W.
Jump of l.ie, Vngi'ts, I'al, who was
ti i. 1 1 1 1. 1 1 nil in Tut: Si leientlj fur
c.llelllllg live spe.uils'l weighing helwcell
1','ii and Din pniiinls flsliing wllli his
si, ti Hub and Dr .1 Ullli.iin, thn
other ilaj bmuglit in ten swniilllsli, es
tablishing a new world' record.
Sunshiny Avalon, washed h- lt waters
of blue, witnessed il scene recently some
what unusual for a day not n holiday.
Whistle blew, sit ens screeched and
hotns nddeil lber racket. Almost every
boatman and angler of the I'aclllc. coast
resort wero on the pier. All of tin in
were there to pay ft tribute to a New
Yorker who wan starting Kast. The man
was. W. C. Hoscheit, nil around sports
man and Rood fellow, who spends the
summer days out of doors angling for
big game fish nnd the winter days duck
ilr. Itoschen was the flmt antler to
lake the pwordtlsh on rod and reel.
This was In 1013, the jear that he
got his record swordflsh that held tho
high mark of the Tuna Club until Just
befbro the close of the summer season
thU year. This 355 poutrl awnrrifHi
the gatnest flh fouiul In this habitat of
game flah was only beaten by llts.'o II.
Johnstone's fish, ecven pounds heavier.
This year Mr. lt.iscl.cn heaviest
snordtlsh weighed 3t'i pounds, which
won third prize for the luivret tlsh of the
season, Du.vtln I'.irtiutn edging hint nut
of second place with n swordllsli of
322 pounds,
Mr. Hoschen brought tn gaff thin sea
son eeven swonlflsh weighing 230, 2t'.i.
2fi3, 272. 271. 2Sn ami 316 pounds, lie
tlshes exclusively for swordflsh. or broad
bills, ns they tire termed lit Cutnlllia.
Previously to Mr. Ho.s.'heti's caiiture of
swordflsh on rod nml reel the spearflsh
was classified as fwordflsh. The dis
tinction has now been nindc clear. Thcte
Is only one true swordflsh, the gladlus.
Just how the spearflsh could be
colled a swordllsh l difficult to answer
because the llsh life quite different. The
bill of the bro.nlblll swoirlfU.lt Is so broad
that It Is known as the bro.ulblll. It Is
3'j feet long when the species in irnwn
nnd Is tlat ami wide, and nt the base has
a width of from t to 7 Inches, terml
patlng at a point : n)so the meat I." en
tirely different.
The s.iearllsh, on the contrnrj'. has a
round spear about l'j Inches thick, H
Inches long and looks exactlv like the
sailor's nmrllnsplke, from which It re
ceives 'Its name
The swordflsh Is one of the most diffi
cult to take on rod and reel. It uses
Its MW-ord. three and a lull' feet long, to
kill nther fishes like the albacore, bar
racuda, sk.pjacl: and small tuna.
All these llsh are used for bilt for the
vnr,dflsh, Including the red grouper, or
rock end. Sometimes the dainty little
smelt. s Inches long. s preferred.
Sometimes Mr. Hnsehen angles for
swordflsh with a twenty-live pound alba
core for bait.
( nprlelons n Human Itelna'.
Swordfl'h are like human belng 'n
their caprlciouness and In their appetite.
Sometimes when their stomachs un
filled nnlhlng will tempt them but a tun
smelt. Just as a man or woman might
only be tempted at the end of a meal
with a demi-tasse.
Swordfish are whimsical and freakish
not only In their appetites, but they have
as many moods as a big trout that will
turn with disdain and sl.rp Its tall at a
fly that the angler fels sure will bo
This jear Mr. Hoscben caught s,.ven
of the seventeen swordllsh taken,
and unilountedly lUl'l will gn down
In the angling history of the Chan
nel Islands ns the b.g swonllish jear.
for the swordflsh, like other tlshes, will
be plentiful one jear anil practleallv
absent the next. Iliindie.ls were seen
this season, vet seventeen Is it large
number for those taken by .muling.
Hlg sw-nrrtfleh only interest Mr.
t'.nschen That is the reason why he
lias no photographs .if his big llsh this
jcai none of them was a recrd
breaker all of them weie below the
weight of the previous tecord tlsh of tho
club, his 3.'..". pounder .Tl -y were
merely brought In ami weighed on the
Tuna Club's scales.
I'oiihIH SivsorilMsh lll'i Moors. ,
Incidentally the New York angler oa. e
bad a suordilsh mi his line for leu niel j
a nuaitcr hour". And the trignly of'
It Is that he lost It at Ibe last minute, ,
when tne iio.i in i:i ii nan ni" u.iuii mi uu
leiulei .
Mr. Itnschcn fought the fish ail d.iv
long: Hi" hours lengthened Into night,
and the trade winds bad blown up Into
a small stmin. The tlsh had fought for
a distance nf tweiilj-slx miles when it
rolled on the leader under the ho it Just
as the boatman pi actu ally had the tlsh
In li's hands.
Thus Mr. ISoschen Inst it and at the
Fhtne time prnbably lost tne title to the
lecoid llsh of Aineri.ii, for If the llsh
had gone to 7in pounds I inline it
would have beaten the iiconl llsh on
rod and reel. . D. Mitchell's tuna, taken
In Nova Scotia viateis, weighing Tin
pounds. Incidentally, both men are
waini Irlemls
Another tlsh fougli Mr. Ho'chen for
seven hours, another four hours and a
half ami several for four hours. The
S.ij pound record tlsh fought Its captor
tor 1 hour "2 minutes only.
Tho leader the New Yorker Ufcs is
of plann wire la feel long. lie fishes
Willi the regulation tackle of the
'I una Club, which calls for the follow
ing. I toil to be of wood, consist. ng of
a bult ind tip, and tn lie lint shnrler
than feet '.i Inches over nil. Tip not
less than a feet in length and to weigh
nut mote than I'i ouncis. I.lno not In
exceed "tailil.tiil '.'I tbriMil.
The swoid nf the swoi dfl.i leniltids
one of the old llomati stabbing swonl.
Tile sMnrullsh puis a kink In Ihe wire
leader, straightens it out and thcnbnaks
It. This, nne nf the tinny tricks of the
swordllsh, explains why so many are
lost t" the anglers.
Mr. Hoeiou has been angling In the
Channel Islands nf California for i 'ght
jears practically for four months of tho
jear, although this se.ieou he spi nt i.nlv
thlee months then . l'Mi,il: Mr I!,,.-. I.eii
goes III Ihe spring In Alansas I'.iss. T, ,
for tarpon ami as the weather grrnvs
warmer moves to Avalon. and upon the
approach of cooler weather at vvulnn
packs his trunk for Aransas I'ass for
Hie w Inler duck shooting, once In a
while wandering back to New York to
see what's doing.
While Mi lloschen devoles his entire
time lo swoidllsh, he took 111 in I'i
HUM thin seasiiu, the heaviest of which
weighed Ml pounds Tins was a year
nf no big tunas, oulj one tuna met
inn pn.mils being taken. Tliat was
lauded b V. W Hooper of linsion and
weighed Hm pounds
Mt Itiisihe'i likes to angle "fin- ll-h
that Jou win K on. '
'Ihe swniilllsli appeals In him bei.iue
II Jumps like the taipnn, ultliotii; ii he
has taken swimllish Hint did unl jump at
all, The Hue swiitilllsli, hnwever. will
sometimes leap. At the end of twelve
111, Ills be helievis Hl.it Hie swil.lllsll
will be as tiesh a- n ilinsv Ii has wnu
ilt-t fill muscular pnwer unl at Hi,. em
of ii four liiml' tlglil he has kimwn a
swoidllsh lo Jump thlrij feet.
"How do fish take the hut ,,
sire halt Is best?"
"To answer that iiieston I,
back to the beginning," at I
Sp milling leaned back In It
chair at 7!i Chamber sin 1 1
afternoon, blew n ring of sm
tated for it moment and said
"Most nnglers put ti pn n
the hook mid lowet it Ii '
and n Jerk mcitk - tin in n i
attached himself and is i, ,
drawn up.
"In fishing for jellow per i
fish in shn.it water the tbh i
tiroject themselves at thn i,
they grab ami yank, and wi
further tbotighl, take It for gt.i
they all feed In the same vv iv
not true.
"A man In Ohio whom I h i-
caught a small mouth bass ,f .,
pcunds and Installed It In i- ,
In a cigar store window Mr
a grouchy old party and n
poised In mhtwntcr most of d,
school of shlneis for his food it
been put Into the aiitialium.
n 'ho
I It..
nlrl I
I'otlccled In a hunch .t the '
water at the tentii. and 1
a .' av fioin tho hlg 1Kb as p..
"Kvery once In it while the I .-. ..v j
look up nt them ami t . ,;.. ,,
toward them with hi. mnutti nlm
open and they would st.itt.r l
In all dlre.'tion. The ptoprt 'I y
was not trying to catch t'irti
Just doing that bccallie he v.isj .'
Ilorr ninck llnss I'nkes nnlt,
.viier a time ute nass. nn- p r,i
up nis minn it writ titiu. to .1 . t ,t
and went toward the shiner r..'
slowly and they r.in as they .t w , ,i
"The one he had selected wr t .
corner and s'lijed there abon- bn'' a
down, backed In the corner a 'ir n
could go. The bass was fa! t,-
Inches away with lis mo'l'h i i
with the shiner. SuddenU' be - .
his mouth and the h r.er went
though be had been snapped w n
her band
"The gI of the bass exp.i-.ih 1 '
s.une Instant nnd the shiner w.ii n
lielied mtti thn bass's tpni b liv s
Hon. The cigar dealer said is .t w.i?
way the bass nlwavs eaug'.t 'I t a
he never saw him ih.ise nnd gr.r s -them.
"The h.iss chomped bl J.iw '
times ami blew out a 'oud of s n;
swallowed Ibe sb let The '
started a long dl-.'Us.,m about fl .) t,
lug their fishier wM. h w,t. vi v i ' r
"In watching gf dll-h feiil'- e ,
nellon will be untbeil by the . '
server. They vvll make n s
will propel n bit of f sid a- i
bree.itiarters of an Ineli aw i . S
mouths: and thev vn'l r ..nie H e
again with an almost ex ' - '
ll docs not (It. ntd tin n pull ' ir
as at first.
"It logically follow- i' In 1 ' :i
fish with this . h .r i r -n k
should be so sii..i i. ,i iii,, t ,
plenty of play so there Is i oHimg I
pislo It reachtiig iln mouth of the
tor. A minnow ntta bed by a
heavy snell to :t line could not do ,
nptiearlng act successfnllj-. It i
nblo that they only use this u
capture when the bait Is rel.it'vr'
to tho captor.
Hook Miunlit I'll se of Hull
"In live bait fisb'i.g fnr s
bas and plckfrel Hie bonk sb ' '
size of the halt emplojcil. ami
bs-ted to tit the s:ze of the fsb ' v
expected to bite
"A 2 a sproat hook 'i not e ,tf
for a bass of two a. .1 ., I 1 p ,,
and l.i'ger. but It should bitted
2 a minnow A number 3 n " " "
be put on a N i :i bonl, I '
bonk will bother the llsh s . a
reject the bait as ...... n - ' ' '
Is something wrong with "
' V Nn. :t honk in tin p1 :
nf the thrn.it of a b.i-s ..r t,
good as a larger bonk ,i . 1
more liable to get tin i I
book would be, if offered le a
"Tho lighter ihe w r. i I
the hat b the es Ihe '. i l' s
now. This is self.,., ,!,.. t
"The less the wi 'gl t ' ' "'
snell the mote eas t'
w mi and the mule 1 fi '
pear. Ill go, tb'e shnrt in' '
single tiell Is the nml pr. ' '
bites The mm. nil iKs a' '
the shnrt shank, wid. 1. ,1
Kiiisij bonk seems t.i I iv. t1
of the arguinc'it
"The point is verj low
half as high as Hut "f si.nv
.slinnk. high point hooks
Carlisle, ami the tish .1-.,
opell wide to get 'I til V
takes it in ins mouth w . ' '
suction act or l.y gt.il.l. ic 1 "
Is away In by the tune In
shank of the honk.
"The tlsh s almost alw '
the rmif of his minii'i vv '
the book be starts for '
In a hurry, ami as he tn '
turns bis tail tnwar.l n
bnnk turns ton. mill ., g
tin coiner of bi n ' '
appeals in hts in..,,", ,' ,
ilig nut of ll i'i' i..
lsny plate 1 1 1 . ! ' - ''
hi b'llng appai'iin t 'I '',
Ulltil Hi'' lsl I' I" ' ' '. '
"II ill ts like ,i p i :
pulls ntl III" III". I- "'e
ami H pulling im i " t i
all tin- time
"The long shati I
trarv gi is its b,,i .
point ni the hnnl. Ii ipi .
a li.inl, with n - n
an where II. s lie 'll I
fish turns ami I w i I
ping phalli, tiiii:. ,e i i
o I Hie in, .lllli in the .1 '
on the inc. all. I a - i i
hole tnggi i ami I t-g.
danger nf .P npping i
gi.'Ws WiaklKI, p
..nstati v l'st e i
nun sh i.i .
rac, Str. 4TAUSU5
Hull)' at A. M, fr m n s
n,r ll.,l,.....i . , . ti.
r.Viti;. Wr.u.i Mv i 'in u.
I Alti; OS .4 I IDS M .
IliiliU'Uiit llu (iniiiun
I ii
IUU h I -.il'
oi 1'v ni-t .j
I .lltlplx II, l.'iK IWit.ltlu i
IU..( Kl s si v.
t 1 v i i' i i
I l.i:i I HIS VIII KMiiis
: i i
HrrgiT, !"ii U . I'M sttei'l I i.

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