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mCM Ml
tlic Umpire Theatre, "OM Lady IHlB
"somewhat cdicwortt by an exacting
conscience." The guests of tlio cere
muny arc limited to tlio immcdlato
members and connection of tlio fam
lly. As they begin to arrive the tangle
of their own matrimonial adventures
i.i disclosed.
Ornrral Hr'ultirnorlh, tho tUshop'a
brother, lias a middle aged Infatuation
for Lcxbla OrantHam, u high minded
spinster, who rcfuscn him for the
tenth time. She. has a yearning- for
chlldirn, Imt no use whatever for a
lusbjml. Itepinalrl. another brother
of the lilshop, has separated from his
wife f.ro. piestiniably lo help her at
l.fy an affection which she Imagine
she has conceived for tit. John Hatch'
At the lime net for the marriage
j neither I'Mlh nor Cecil has appeared.
Their tardiness elves their le.lutlvcs
I an opportunity to attempt lo solve
I their own marital troubles, but with
out miccess. At last when the pro
poctlvc bride and bridegroom do pre
sent themselves It transpires, lo the
consternation of the assembled gueats,
that, each has balked at the sacred
tlng operation. Their relations en
deavor to overcome their scruple".
CnWnt, ii philosophical green grocer,
who officiates ns butler at every mar
ilage function of the ftrUUicnorth.
gives the company the benefit of Ills
wisdom and appeals to his dstcr-ln-law.
Jin, (Icornr. the Mayoress, as a
court of last resort. Hut unfortunately
Mr, nrorpr Is not Immune from sug
gestive complication. For years she
lias nursed n seciet long distance
fancy for the Rlshop and In turn has
been the nliject of the "ardent dc
dres of Unit hl.lss.
The .'lu I artery minder through a
, ..ibyiliuh and at one time It seems an
' If they would all bo hopelessly lost,
' but at the psychological moment Shaw
b ads them to the light and the comedy
cud" satisfactorily.
jt tJ & ' i.mu.
It' the dramatist of England
noiild occupy themselves in In
anting Interesting fiction as
tt'f ldf . of their plays instead
of coining words by which, the prod-
.ts of thvlr senilis may be described,
if iNuuld be much mole piotltable to
al' loncerued. If .Mrs. Clifford .Mills.
he wiote "Th Uasker." lud thought
it ma l about nuking her play a
'ie did about the title, at leJst one
York audience would have been
fpared the memory of a ill vary eve
ning. Tin- first two acts of that re
markably amateurish and spineless
MONDAY CENTURY THEATRIC Dillingham ami Zicgfcld open
this playhouse with u mummoth musical spectacle called "The
Century Girl."
BOOTH THEATRE William Fnverslinm produces for tho first
time In this country llcrnard Shaw's "Getting Murried," with a
notable cast.
MANHATTAN OPERA HOUSE Klaw and Erlanger have ar
ranged n revival of the famous "Rcn-IIur" on u spectacular cule
LITTLE THEATRE--" Pierrot the Prodigal"" will be tra. t
fcrred from the Booth Theatre to continue its run here
THURSDAY CORT THEATRE Mr. and .Mrs. l.ol.ourn give the first
of u series of matinees of "The Yellow Jacket."
rternard ltosscllct, Herald Vlterb.i and
Andie Uellon
Huh," 1 said to myself.
terrifying about that."
Presently we were permitted tu en
ter,' and I was told that I might have
a seat on the trunk. A big motherly
sort of maid was fussing over rume.
body .seated at a dressing table.
When Juliette l)a turned aiound I
bfheld a .oung person who Inokrd as
If she ought to be home with mother
intead of on the tage. She looked
small and soft, and i omul and help
less, with long dail. cyclashr and
onipositlona.euf.iduluessbeyondalll,.olldon amJ now ..The ,;a!,kcr.. nslat
Ifsorlptloi). Harring the old lady who
.'(II frequently Into profanity, there
was nothing to ripple the placid stu
P'dlty and childish insanity of those
icenes. The sudden bit of drama
hlrh made itself felt at the close of
he thlid act, was a relief so much ap
preciated that Its Interest was over
minuted at the time, Certainly this
fne scene could never compensate for
specimens of contemHiraueous Kng- at the Thirty-ninth Sttect Tlieatie.
llsh drama, the scarcity of plays oven "Der i.J.itte iles rraulelns" at the Ir
there can be no more deplorable than vlug I Mace Theatre and the Washing
it Is on this side of the ocean. ton Square Players at the Comedy
"The HjsKcr" seem" to be of an Theatie.
earlier vintage than the present sea- The musical play nhlih aie still on
son, although It only i cached the l.on-lew include "I'lota Holla" at the C.i
dun stage a few months ago. Jt is j nio Theatie. .Ml. Springtime" at thr
frankly the limit of London stage stu- '.Vow Amsterdam Theatre. "Hetty" ai
l'i ceiitcd originally at a matinee,
'ert bung -electen a the leading coin- ilio return of "TJie Yellow Jacket" to
pni-r of h.s partlciilai- variety of mn- New Vork will llkewl" be made at an
le and Mr. Heilin for his Jingling and afternoon perfoi inaiue. To-day a
popular tunes. ' matinee performance has been made a
Having disposed of all which piuely necessity owing to the absence of any
arllMlc details, Dillingham and XUg-1 litoadway theatie available for eve
fold i hen proceeded to dlsnunttv thu nlng performances. The original
fanion Vntiderbllt loom and tear up , l.iescntatloti at the Kulton Theatre
the I oof of their theatre. The Vandcr- Mvas on Monday, November . 191J,
bilt room they converted Into a lull-. Mr. and Mrs. Coburn' will give the first
loom, where from now on two bnndt of their rerforniances on Thursday
will be stationed and where pitrons of I afternoon next, and ten matinees will
the Ccntmy Theatre are Invited to.be given, on .Moiida?, Tuesdays,
nance between the mis of "The On- Thursday and liidns. the Cort's
tiny UH1" without txtr.i cliarge. ;cunetu atlr.utloii. "I.'pstaui and
I 'or those who prefer to smoke or Down, mm, titling as usual in the eie
ilinik tea. or meicly talk during en- nings and at matinee" on Wednesdays
tr'.irt- there aie special eiidozvnus. all ! r.nd SaturdtNs.
icing ivir.iuged so that the fiecdnm' l ne veiiow .laeuct i a pia ny . ptetty pouting lips, aim mere was an
ami latitude allowed one vatlety of CJeoiae I'. Ilazeltou and Henrlmo, fol-1 appealing look In thoe soft inown
taste shall not be pel mltted to impinge l lowing Chinese stage convention injces when she g.ucd at me.
uiMin that nllowrd M otli-r and onnos- the telling and the acting. When first f reached for those green soggles
known as the Cocoiiinit Croie Here I stage has ever put forth. Never was
a midnight show U to be the feature, , any doubt of its artistic success. It
with an elaborate JcMamaiit and a was proclaimed by the critics a play
tloor for general dancing. The first of great woith ami when the public
entertainment to be offered will bo pro- j did not flock to see it immediately rol
vided hy Mers. ticue Uuck and Dave
A theatte a continental as anything
o found in .iiiv Kuropean capital
Porte St. Murtln, IMou.ird Casln and reached the advanced iS(, (1f To-
oa,, nowevcr. things ate ordered some,
what differently, with the remit tml
while the male relatives of the lion.
Miss Montagu, daughter of Lord imri
Lady Montagu of llraullcu. aid fiahii
Ing all over L'urupu tin- llou. Ml,.,
Montagu herselr has secured a Job In
tho Dillingham. ZlegioJd beauty chorus
or "The Centiiiy i,, oompativ
Willi some lhree.coto i.lhei- heautieV
Is now leheaisliig lotirteen hour.s l(
dav up at the Century Theatre. whoi
llie pi
"At 'mine ;ei.i ;od had been tell
lug me for the pat jear r Ml ln,lt j
wa a loijuinr Dllllngimm mil," Mln
.Montagu explained lo the St N re.
Potter T ho found her lunching sump,
tuously off roat ooer sandwlchon ,,..
Ing a ln:l In th0 ieiicaral:i the other
day at tho Century Theau-f. Tim
Mini. .Miss Montagu, il may l,P CN.
plained here. Is a t.vplcal Knglh i
beauty of the patrician type, that in lo
say slip n tall, blond and of a pi icl.t
lovelluoss of faco and bean hit. She
Isn't an oiplian or .inyihinf like that,
but has left behind her In Rllsland a
perfectly good and eiv mneli utlvo
father and inotla r and a little ,even-yeai-rtld
slstfr, characterised hy t,n
elder MUs Muniagii as ",i ri.indy d,"
Hut let Mlm Montagu herself explain
her reaons lor being ono of lhi
veuiiir vnris.'
Juliette liny TrlU the Secret of
Thrria Itara In Arms.
"This baby vampire thing," the boss
ea!d to me the other day. "I want ou
to go up to th fort Theatre, where
Vpstalrs and Down' Is playing, and ' the production la to open on Novcin-
flud nut If it Ls anylhing llku Infantile
paralysis, 1 want to Know It It Is
catching, how It affects the victim, all
those things, you know."
'"Yes, sir," f said. I alwas say
"sir"' lo the hcjd of the work.
"f do not like, to eMio a repot ter
needlessly," li continued, "but wc
must know If this thing is dangerous,
and you are the only man available."
And as a touching farewell he handed
me a pair of green goggles. "Wear
these." he said; "if you feel yourself
slipping they may Is- of some help."
It was with mingled feelings uf hero
ism and anxiety that I went up to the
theatre. I was told that I might see
thn baby vampire after the matlne.
At the appointed hour my guldo
knocked at the door of a dressing
room backstage.
"You will have to wait n minute."
loll see. 1,1 be ill.ilaitrrl7.eil as r
'DlllllltHmoi rtt.' ......
"!'. "'!'. V. fade uneven , 1 , IT "vv
.Noiaint; i ... .. . - '
" ' oe.uo myseii called a 'Dillingham'
girl' so otten and from Muh ieii.ii.io'
sources that without CNactlv kuotilng
what kind f ;, sit .linl j
tliouuht I'd Jim come oier and ice If
Mr. Dillingham would rec..gn r. iho
breed, uf course th.i is not mi tirst
stage experlenco and 1 had al j iCi-ii
to New Yolk bef.te, onlv t... inr4
ago In far... Hut my lomtng t ,. nn.-.
was ijuito different. Then I in, i ,,
as a member of tho chains T.
nights tho Night.' and when tli tin.
ihi'il its earthly lite th Shuhei u ,
have alwaya been most kind a oui.
teous t me. gave rue a pi ice (n i i,.r
ii., ...... .
miner nariiin snow. Tlj . urn,..
; laie. ...v r. ..... ....... , - . - iiiougn, taiii'j wcic ntlltc 'ilffe - I-
lo the roof, wbkh i not lo be novelty to the sophisticated band of perlor had provided nie. for I tell my-i , t rri' ti. ,
d to the publi' tor another tori. .Matiliattaii nisi nisiueis aa u since seir sKiuoin on mo curies. r,'.iii with a contract in v.mr .. in
.it has I. en enlarged. entirc.i ie- has pr.ived to nudlenc thioughout She was nothing at all like Kipling' i , ,,j.(, ,t j,,... .,..n. ..".i, ,!. '. , .
riuteil. and enclose! with glass 1 the world, lor "The Yellow Jacket" rag. a Ikjiio and a hank of hair. Sim, , ,,. 1,1 ' "
all sl,ie. and l hencefort i to be 1 U unlike anything the occidental was not smoking a cigarette, and in . ; ... ,- . '
...... .. vtir, uiii.t-etl r .1 ieo,t,.
fact there was hardly anythlri
dabarish about her.
"Where's the vampire?" I naked.
"I'm It." she said.
If she was a baby vampirn I Vnew
this point.
It is pathetic lo ok'erve the efforts
of cnpable actors under such dlsad
lantagcs. AVhrn It comes to the at
tempt to put something into the fiat
Jpecchci. their success Is meagre even
in the case of as finished nn uctor as
Mi. Maude, who plays the hero of this
amiilng piece. Repetition of the lines
U a favorite device of those players
tio arc of such importance as to take
pldlty. In comparison with it. '( ani
line" serins In memory llku a com
bination of. Sardou and U'lldc. Jf only
the sufferings of the audience up to wise and witty person in Malig
nant s piay wno periodically opened
Ills mouth tu utter "My hat"' had ap
peared In tho play he would have been
welcomed In the deepening gloom.
Clare Kummcr's "Cloud tiraclous
Annabellc" Is a sclntlllant and amiable
little comedy, which Is bound to miiiisc
those who arc not Insistent on the con
ventions of the theatre. To be ton
tcntcd lo laugh without question of
the probabilities of the situation is lhe
Condition mecedent to Iho eiilovmenl '
of the piece. This precedent evistlu
the filobe Theatie, "So l.nng l.etty"
at tlio Shubeit Theatie, "tin To It' at
the I'rinec-s Theatie "The Show of
Wonders" at the Winter (larden, and
"(Jiwsl Oraeioiis Annabellc" at the
nepublle Theatre
Tho photoplay spectacle- which
continue are- "Intolerance" at tho
Liberty Theatie, -. Daughter of the
tiods" at the I,j rlc Theatre and "The
Masque of I.lfe" at the Hark Theatie.
wa.i of puttlnc h. t was ln-icr . .
downhearted in my lite, T' t rr- r
that I should not l o able to qnalir.i s
a Dillingham girl was ei-.Je,l. If that
I tt,,wl1ilA li. !... . u. . 1. . . .. .
lowing the tlrst impassioned outburst it was catching nay even captlvat- t , , , ' qiuihfv HB V Vie" fi'i i
of the reviewers a number of New , Ing, 1 would say. and I was about Llr ,nll.., V , l.T.,.
York literary men constituted them- to be the next victim. I. felt Infan. , . ' ' ' " "V ' , 1
selves a tlrst aid band and issued a tile all right and mi vocal chords 'V''54 r" " 'W' l" "
n c.iiairo which shall te to New Yorkltnund robin urging all tnterened In were paralyzed Ull, . . , . ' ' "
..i. .i... i.. i , ... I h .1 f . i n nf .i,a u, 1,1 ham It Tin l,,.l t i.n f lib tf.lenhi.no n .ini . . . .. . ,.
una in.- r.ioiiui' i.i- o I.IIUIIUII ten iiiv ni'iiiiu- in r "h ... .x. .uri, ... .. , u being ,t teirlll heiut
. i ears aao that l the mark 'haile-' Drama League, too. bulletined Hie picy, 1 whil" sin; answered I escaped. Idrcm ,,f i,ie,'t, , '
i wiuin'iaiu ana r loreux .lenieio, .ii..miiiii inun. uinii lii.'-i. i. itni, twmi 'to. ,.vn
nit' . . a... ... . ,i.. . ...a. i ...1. i- .-t..i ....... T ..... I.....1. iit1tc!
' Iliaie .ei loi laemseives to UICII .III . ir.euoiv llliuii'?i ui hiuii' iiwhi mm- miss it?lini on- t.urii i .wfc ...x.
'f niliii.tiatlon of the oi'.tliolliiii at On. ' nilrers. It has been produced III neatly , office.
I're li-iek li l.at, ,am m h iinlle in h.s j lrai Hai K West and .'lt -soiDtitl street. '' eicry Kuropean ccntie of note ami "Take it fiom me, ' I .i!d. "this baby
c.ipailti of ai neiai dill ' loi ..r thei't n- ' for the past two seasons presented j vainpite business is dangerous all
tm.v Theatie oiviiii.itiiui M h, ,!o(llh .rlloatl j,,may In Mr ami Mis. Cobtirn in all the tight. 1 escaped, but 1 would advie
The ieisiiiiii. of the iiimn.inv ' a" ....,.... v .? i,-.i iimuikmi Aoterle.in i-ltien. Inn man between the aires of IS and SO
ei en
t St W . C J I'f.'iH'
oi I ,n Lain!".' ( : iniit"
'enrtiis .1 'ie irnt tl
. dr
follow. Kl-e Jain
M.ulo ruesler. Ila
Tuuitty. Leon Kind.
Ilarri Kelly. Du.ile und Di..m, Man
rue -and Wnlton. Ilrr Lnnidon. Von
Sam He ! nurd. , ,lllm ., ,n .,.. ,i, ,,, i i i notable cast has been assembled lor i,. take thr. chance 1 did. If ou want
imiwi. Minn ihis country deorge Heruard Shaw's the leiqtroduetloti. liicluiling two to unow nnytliing anoui nnny aiii
lulng l'i-li'i'. ! ,.mt.,v -('lotting Man led." Many actors who nchleied distinctive sue- i plr.-s oii had better get it second
(list, t.f plavs have been dubiously I cesses in the original product.on. i
i .i.,ii ,. .ii ... ,. !... ,.. -ri, ,t ..inr.1i .liwonu.oil iibii In ti'bn.so I
iweier. line f was.
pretty penny to get line ion .
tiienuoie I :,,! lain .(u,im
eiery night dining the trip
lug for a snbniai me t ii.it. i,
Iterlaluo. Most linpoitan.
needed lilune.i . and In oru
j money I liad to wotk for it
were not hobbled w,ih an "i:
i to my name. So when, aftn
three weeks or intlent eftnt- '
nd foi
.'nf t
' n
t ma
il'. ..I
s u' I
mil Schenk. Ilerfode Hutlaiid. the ...'.'. .' ..'."'.. , .,u,.int...... i.,' i .'i.,,. n,. i ,l,i r 'Wt.nm" "" pioic lo i if I illlltlgti.i"
,, . ,, , .. . . .. ' i:ou woinn seem to no jail y enilt en to mi "ii" " e.,.j.. i..- . . management tbai r .n.i
Hair Twin. Alllr.. Mit'.il i lln n.. i..,.i. if . . ... n-tinn I iil.in.lr.emi ill inai war .iltl
iii.ii .n.-iiiiiiiiiii. run'- ii iiiiiiiut-n .ill.'."" '- " .' '-'
t rn shnn I'lnj. m llrilinl and
. lliisleHl rlree.
this, liberty. Saying a speech once and there Is a siiicesslon of wilt speeches
lining It fail of all effect so discour
ses the player tint he hopes by ie
IMdng ' emphatically to give the
or.k some point. So he 'says it a
rcond lime a little more vociferously
nd emphatically. But the attempt Is
win. Nobody, Is deceived. As a mat
tr of fjet tho banality of the dialogue
even more Impressed on the audl-tac.
The quadty of our American plays
l often attributed to the great number
o'theitrcs which makes It necessary
'or m.iiiaiers to accept what seems
lmo,t predestined to failure rather
'Mn wail for what they know Is or
"Jperlot quality. The altuation must
" tho eam abroad lo Judge by the
i'lJJs that have come here recently.
With "Caroline," which, it must be
'd, was a failure In London also, "A
Mule Bit of Fluff," which was re
vived with delight in London:
'Hush" which was liked in the prov
li'fj, although It wns never acted In
HOUSE Klaw & Erlanger will
bfRin a revival of their famous
old play "Bcn-Hur" at this, thea
tre to-morrow night. There will
be the usual spectacular features
nd a cast of excellent actors to
dd brilliancy to the revival of
this popular old play.
--Otto Ilauerbach has at last
found a New York Aheatre for
the return viMt of "A Silent Wit
nets," which will be at this thea
tre during- the week. There will
the sime excellent company
which produced the piece earlier
hi the autumn.
--KuKciie Walter's play of Amer
ican life, "Just a Woman," which
has been iseen in a number of
theatres since it was acted at the
forty.eiBhth Street all lost win
ter, will thin week be put for the
rst time before the audiences in
The Urnnx,
There will be a varied bill here
this week. On Monday, Wednes
day and Thursday "Der Gatte des
muclcins" will be acted, while
on Tuesday there will be two per
fornianres of "Einst in Mai,"
,'Wi helm Tell" and "Der Le
I'tndi; ,eieluiam" will be other
Plys of the week.
to delight the heater. There l eion
an attempt at chriraeteri.itloii in the
llrst act. but that dlsappeni cd unless
it lv that .May Vokes's slavey tiny lip
taken to rcpiesent all of it that re
mains. After .having departed forhe coun
try with her friends masking as ser
vants, the audience expected that
Home of the fun uf the second act
would Inevitably come of the efforts
of the poet, the painter, the heiress
and the young spendthrift to show
that they could be servants, l'rob
ably there would have been more
humor when they demonstrated that
they could not. Tlut nothing of the
kind happened, liven Arabrlht, who
had represented herself as u cook, did
nothing to Indicate that cooking was
her specialty In that house. The poet,
who was to be a gardener, was also
overlooked, and there was nothing lo
Indicate that uny kind of domestic
service was expected of the others.
When the dramatic force of the
story depends on the failure of a
wife to recognize her husband, the
degree of Improbability that charac
terizes the story Is well understood.
One would have liked to see the char
acterization carried, a little further and
to have felt the confidence of some
sort of a dramatic Interest. But with
out these there is the amusing and
highly nophuitlcated wit to amuse the
.Million, .lite SiaiK. Al Small. Aitliui
riiniiiMSIiaut, .! tjn Slav. ii. l.onU I la-. -r'soii.
.lack lliieh.-. I'.lllif Pisher. I'atll-
0-.MOI!i:0V eieniug will sec at i,,V" '''J"1' I'ahnei At I bur Mill. IMlio
.vion, i lonno .".iienon. ici.i .mh.wvom,
Slumne irilor'i- .net .ef.r" iillaia,
Abraham. V nil and Ibjtuii
llaiiug cm iiered ail rii urisic.it
.. . .. ' ... . i. .1.1, j,.. ..I l... .1,. l.,i. ii,i.'" "' ' l''"i in
raveisnam. iieniHita i ro-nian. '" o"i ii"ii" -"" iiinnra m... on. ... I Joh "
'bulbs Clieiry. Hilda Spotig. l.ums-' appeiiiaiicr of having still far to travel ,.,( , ":iprywonian " I'rom Mml- ...,
d.n Mate, .loliu llnrwood. V.iglnia along the road of popularlt. In the to a baoy vampire pai t is mote ..,...,,.,. . ii, , ,!..' , ,
I-...N Iho.iks. Aitrctt llaekett. .Miv I :d- piesent Mate of tho commercialized than a Jump. K ;s a bop. ski, and a j " ' 11 " -1 '
miind Cimei. (ioorge I'ltgerabl. ' tin aire this is in Itself no small til-1 Jump, iler llr.'t appearance on the ' " I '".
... . .. . .1 ... ........ .. nll.i.lr. t.i . ... i.TI,. l!l.,..l.ir.l - Tlinr. '""r UOIMIlll llol "lir !) ,
the Ciiitury Theatre the llrst
pei fol ma nee of 'The t'entury
nn I," In w hich Charlos liillliigh.ini and
1'lorcnr. Xlegirld, dr.. will pn-scnt aiconudv stats in the inu'itri. Dillin.
ombination of their musical comedy i bam and '.leufeld now ,-i t mn to nn
stars and chorus beauties. It willabo
see the launching of the nilhnghnui
Zlegfcld project to tnake'of the block
Hugh milium. IMwIn I'lishmau and uniph. and is at once a tiinuie io tue , ,t.tk-e was m I lie nuieiiirn. men
lleiberi r.elin.ue d'M I unlti.i t Ion of ilaygiici and a fit-1 j.ie pla.ied 'hiiedos.soa in "Tim Yel-.
The lilac dealH hiiiiioiinisli w ill all 'ting toward for tho .-outage of Mr. Mow .lacKet ' and the title role in,
third Mlldwa h. ami lnn,m
porter straiila in tho t . pi ..
"Perhaps you ihinl, I .nn
iinptillze the iieaiity maikei In order to
lecruit the Veutury (Jul" cluuus
Aftei each manager bad i ontribilted
a eel tain tpiota of be mile .elected
between Sixty-second and Slxty-thlnl from bis own Individual cotupaiiii s
agents were sent an oier .xmeiica .inn
i lie Phases of the inai riai:e ou.-tio!i. and Mis robum. whoso faith, 'onie- osuow-w liite. ' From s'tch Imioeei t ht- , .,.'.' ,'..,
the iitoblenis that boset .M.iitiu- loiei s , v. hat trbd al the beginning, is now;t,P Jnienlle roles she went to "Marry-, ( , -1 peer Wei i.
.iImiiiI lo cross tho matrimonial liulii- amply Justified ing Momi - and 'Thin Chin " and then ,,..',,. T ., u ,
i on. the perplexing conditions und I It is an open seciet that fur a hi lef jumped into "Twin Ileds." lViMn i .'prhap. i.ot ' m iMi
l.'iiiptatlons of the actually tn.nr.ed. interval the fate of "Tho Yellow . "Twin flcds" to 'Tpstalrs and Down" hlll 'l(.r,nl,llv t'u- ceii.u'
Sun lial
Producer Proclaim the
o( the Flllel."
The plays that continue lit .N'cw
York are "Treasure Island" at the
Punch and Judy Theatre, "Seven
Chances" at the lJelabco Theatre,
"Cheating Cheaters" at the Kltlngc
Theatre, "Turn to the Right" at the
Gaiety Theatre "The Hlg Show" at
tho Hippodrome, "The Flame" at the
Forty-fourth Street Theatre, "1'ierrot
thn Prodigal" at the Little Theatre,
"Nothing But the Truth" at the Long
acre Theatre. "The Man Who Pnmn
Bock" nt the Playhouse, "Pollyanna"
at the Hudson iTIieatre, "Arms and the
Girl" at the Fulton Theatre, "1'p.stnlrn
and Down" at tho Cort Theatre, "Ills
Majesty Bunker llcan" at the Astor
Theatre, "Itlch Man, Poor Man" at the
Korty-elBhth Street Theatre, "Back
fire" at tho Lyceum Theatre, "Under
Sentence" at the Harris Theatre. "Flx
Inff Sister" at the Maxlno Klllott The
atre, "The Music Master" nt the
Knickerbocker Theatre, "Come Hut of
tho Kitchen" at the Cohan Theatre,
"Object Matrimony" at the Oihan
ft, Harris Theatre. "Major Pcndcnnis"
at the Crtterlon Theatre. "The Basker"
streets and Hroadway and Central Park
West the theatrical centre of New
''The Century Girl" is a musical en
tertainment written by Victor Herbert
and Irving Berlin. It Is divided into
thrcu actn, the flnnlcs of which have
been arranged, the tlrst by l.eon Kind,
the second by Ned YVnyburn and the
third by Kdward lloyce.
In their selection of, the piesentltig
Vast Dillingham and SJlegfeld scouted
the country In an effort lo ohtatn every
worth while musical comedy star In
the theatrical horizon. These were for
the dozen of more big roles. For the
smaller roles they engaged players
scarcely less distinguished as featured
artists In notable productions of legiti
mate drama, light opera, musical com
edy or vaudeville. The result of their
labors In "The Century Girl" pro
gramme carries a long list of names of
men and women players who are stars
In every seinse of the word. Their
names nre familiar legends on the elec
tric signs in Broadway and household
words In every section of thu nation,
which they hnvo toured nt the head of
Iheir own respective companies.
This aggregation of stars, the larg-
Elmendorf Lecture
Armed with facts founded on
personal observation and experi
ences, Dwight Elmendorf. the
veteran travel lecturer, will pic
ture and describe "Mexico and
the Mexicans" at CnrncBie Hnll
to-night and np;nin to-morrow af
ternoon. Starting his journey at
the Texas border, Mr. Elmendorf
will travel 1,100 miles into Mex
ico, revi'ulinii en route vast
stretches of mountains, old tem
ples with Et?yptianlikc ornament
ation, pyramids like those of the
Nile und hardly less imposing,
great canals with floating gar
dens, cities, little and big, clcun
and dirty, and pcoplo of every
class und clime. The" illustra
tions have been made nnd colored
on the snot by Mt. Elmendorf,
and will be shown to thu accom-
fianimrfht of his usual lucid and
ively narrative.
tn Kurope with instructions to engage
on sight every beautiful gill able' and
willing lo qualify for the position. The
net result of their labors in tbl" dliee
(inn is a chorus of IL'" gltH, each of a
and the Inevitable issue of dlvon'c. .Jacket" waieied in the balance. It did
in vaiioiis ways the author en-' not start with the nur and tlio insii
denims to throw light on the intilc-i of populutly patterned musical com
aeies of the theme. He propases edy thai mil"l needs cairy all before
mining other thlnus that people should j it nt the ory oiit-et or else fail, but
draw up their own marriage contiacts, bas grown giadualb Into the favor of
nnd shows a scene In which several of' ,, knee body of playgoers, slow at tlrst
the participants in the comedy sit ! ,,, iralie that the play is olio of the
rare and peculi.nly Individual beaut.i , around a family table and endeavor to i most delightful eiiti t tainments imag
Tlieic an- among llieni twenty ultl- construct an
brought diiect Iroui London, several 1 agn eiuent.
I'arMeiilics. three Italians, two Spun- , The net am of "(letting Man led"
Ish, four n nuese, one i-.nmaman and 'ake. place, to quote Shaw's own
live (iteeks.
Tin- stage settings. MMectl ill num
ber have been dune by .lnTph
1'rban. n account of the peculiar na-
was easy. Just line sliding down tne
banisters. Hut ftom .Ifofc.if;, 'im-
file )Cats ago .1 llolllin situdi
might have been uKo to an
!,hiu,n and Snnmrhllr to a vampire i roniiPl. ,,,,,,'. Wlt:, w, .lr,,
part it s a long, long wa.
Further study of l.aliy .implies
f I'.his in tho Norman kitchen In the
palace of the Bishop of Chelsea,"
Theie is a suggestion of approaching
lure of this bit off n scenery and "'"1V"- i!rnmi,, tue
the linposslbiiltv of iho pi-odiullou be- ' youiigesi iiaugutcr oi tue Misnop. is to
Ing iniide aduintagcoiisly in any otbe, I ,"' married In nn hour to Cecil Sykes,
than the Centmy Theatre. "The fen- M,""u ,nlmlci1 Kntl'mau
tury Gill" peifiinnancc of to-monow
night will be the llrsl on any stage. '
Long betore tbe.i enlcieil their pre-- 1
out pat tnershlp In the management (
Hie Cenliiry Tliiatio It had been nt
the muni of both .Mr. Dillingham and
.Mr. .legfeld that what New York
most needed was a tlioiougldi cosmo
politan place of amusement a theatte
providing the variety of enteitalnmeni
and inversion which v.i to be found
In every other great wmld cipitsil e.- j
cept New Vol k.
With tills end in View Messis Oil-
.liiigham and legfcld oiitaliied the
management of the most cosily ami
I magnificent theatrical sinii iuie in
America the oinite and gnrgrotisiy
appolnled playhouse vvbUb a ginnp of
New York's millionaires had founded
as. the New Theatie.
Thn llrsl thing lilllitigliam and .icg
fed 4 1 1 1 1 ns I Ik- lull uiaiia'-'.ei.s of the
Centtiiy Thealie was i.i einplo.i the
niest eminent si enlc ai H.t In the wis Id,
.losrph I i I i.i ii . vvlioin they made nr.
tlstlc illreclur of the r nlganij-alloii.
The llrst thing Mr. l iban did in his
new joli was to clean llie (Viiliirv The.
Nest tliey i;ol hold of Uiphael
Klrchner. the N'lennese nitist mid
painter of bcailtllul women, and hand
ed him the Job of painting leu panels
for the main I'ivt, using for models
ten bcaiiliVs selected fiiini iho com
puny. Victor Hcibcii nni living liciliu
wete tilt il lointuissliiiieil In wiilc Ibn
scotr uf the big musical (oiiiedy In the
WIllnslmm-ZlciffcM mind, Mr. Her-
of i iirin-ity. llunigli it must be tieciy
admlltcil that the i.'iilne.T maiinei"
I,. nM. li tlio nlav is riirn I.- a potent
w oi lis. "on a line morning in I he spring i ,,.,,, lllt jt js evident also fpiui
many and dtietse ciitlclsms thai "The
Yellow Jacket" Is a play whose appeal
is limited to no one point of outlook or
"school" of insight. Indeed, in mote
than a bundled opinions, noted for
cuiiositj's sake, from representatives
of the ails and prolessions it Is found
that hardly two resemble one anothci.
All like "The Yellow Jacket" In differ,
nit ways and for different teasons;
but all like it. Young as is "The Yel
low Jacket" U Is already accepted as a
classic and the attainment of its
loiirlh blithday ought to mean no
more limn sturdy youth for a play that
makes so varied an appeal.
Mary Pickford in "Less Than
(he Dust," the first production in
which she appears under her own
management, will be the princi
pal attraction nt three of tho
leading motion picture houses
this week, including the Straiul,
the Hroadway and the Academy
of .Music. The same picture will
also be featured in sevonty-.-even
oilier pitcuru theatres outside of
At the Strand, another ciui,tcr
of nitmar's "Book of Nnture"
will nlso be shown. The Strand
soloists urn Ornce Hoffman,
soprano, and Jan Ktiliini, violin,
At the Kmllo Theatre, Pmig.
las Fairbanks will be seen in
"American Aristocracy." Hilda
Goodwin, sopinno, and Hans
Kronolil, cellist are the Itinlto
soloists. Tho musical programme
will also iucludo the "William
Tell" overture, by the orchestra.
At the New- York rtoof, Viola
liana in "The Otitcs of Eden" is
He feuutre for to-day. Other
features will be Miss nana in
"Thu Cossack Whip" on Monday;
Dorothy fiish in "AHa Boy's last
Knee," Tuesday; Alice llradv in
"lloiight and Paid For," Weilncs
day und Thursday, and Kriduy
Tlicilu linru in "Romeo anil
-l .
'11 li
t'e.) IL,
.d I Ii s
i a II'
' Honor
on br
I'-" re-
' .l.tlllg
. ..nior
i ' mis-
1 in'h-
I ut -
. ablll-
:.u iii
0 re r.v
,' lllf to
1 lord
hit a
.,) .- ti
" ' r I I-.
'.W ,f
tt tlio
-hi- rito'l
'f our
with ihe long snaky IlKuro, the cling-I uK,ted in iccnsnition or their
Ing drareries, the cigaiettes andkorvlces to the ait of Iho tip ilro T.
things; but the kind of vampire that them .ill h r and to their tble. all
Juliette Day portrays Is different iepecl. As in ni.i.-olf and n.' 'llm -
The baby vampire Is a frail, tendet j nrnble' as .ion 1 was ln n Willi
young thing with a look of yuu-grc.it-1 ,t It is not my fault that I luive
big.inau.please'do.nnt.Iiiirt-p ior-lltlle. ) and I eai. honestly and fr.nikh- r.
mo in It eyes which no man can n--j that I do think it is more of a band,
slst. It twines itsself aiound a nian'H'cp than a help to me in tlio work I
heartstrings like the clasping tendrils in P selected as the ni"in. of eirnln.,'
of a vine and befoie he knows it be is . my livelihood.
hopelessly epsnated. "Mj livelihood? uf t.n.iv l s my
The baby vamplrp is tile eternal m- livelihn.'il. Yod dn mr ..appose do
ties. lint llowailav-- no I
KriL-laiid, where inon ib.all
from a good ale distance--bi consult-I ,l()(lv 0VCf) A ,,.,, ,,, , .,
Ing the leading authorities on the sub-1 ,,,, ,.i.0), lni.y ,
.loot, reveaus tne taci mat iney no not ..laughter in t- do scmi.b i.
belonc to the regulir vampire -pedes, .... ... ,,P..H, .
qultable matrimonial n,,b!o. The siie.oss Is nioro than one and in fa-'t aie nut even related, es- .nl,.rie.i, ,m Inheiited t.tb a'
cepi tnat tucy nave in uiinninn tne- tbc name of,, pls.wi i.- a i
same sini'icr moiiie m ensnaie loen. pmporly should be nilejv r
Ha by i.unplies do uoi gi.m- up to bo ltj rljri ,j p,,,. j,,,
vampires On tin- contrary, thev be. profession bi honr , i,ir I
come quite harmless when mataie pii'nse ..b-erie that I s..y ae
Broadway Is familiar wltii i!iontle. I do not liter in' I n -c
Honest to sinidncts vampire, tne litml 1 l-:nslili ,nto; wlm ban
genue sne can play ine pure mini.
crnt jounii: thing with tolling elYect.
,. Salu.day evening, November LV "
convenient cradle when a man goes
cradle snatching. And when the baby
vampire goes vamping let any man
Tho only way lo handle a baby
vampire, according to no les an an-
the Theatre Franca Is will open Its sea
sou at the (iarrlek Theatie. Thirty
itlfth street and Si.ith avenue, picsent-
ing "Catherine," by Henri Laveiian.
lone of the biggest successes or the
ll'oiurdie Francalse. II will be a great
social .mil artMlo event.
In addition to last season's favorites.
Il .'tiding Yvonne (iariick. l.illlnn
llieii.e, Mine. Dlska Claude llenedlct.
Kd'.-ar liccman. Ihulle Detrjmont,
(teorgn Saulleii. Pierre Mliidalst and
Paul Ccrn.v. the coiiipnuy has beep en
riched by several artists of note, all of j
whom have nevi r berorc appeared In
this country. Prominent among them ! HERE'S A TITLE IN THE CHORUS,
aie Jeanne provost of tho Comcdle I -
l'ranc.il'-e, Hilda IJ.il thy of the Ddcon, j Thej- rimll onii- fiee (In
who ha created leading character, iW.r.. bodies lleilrr.
roles iioiii iii classical ami modern
ou, that I would be on tin lage if
it were pot a setlous occupation with
ine? I will confess taut when I llrst
began si j ears ago- 1 d d '.i because
I thought the stage wa n fascinating
place, wa enamoiiied of Us; mys
tery and chaiin To-d.i- ilure Ie no
mjstery. no chaiin. and t tsclua
tloir but 1 have learned to love tho
thnrltv than tin; Hattons who wrote realities as 1 never did the Illusion. I
'Tpstalrs and Ljwii," Is to try to re-.im on the st.igi seri..iil-. .aid I'm on
form her. Haby vampires will not ho it tostaj- if I can'
reformed. They aie saving that for
.. l-jllii .l.'it TiiHl" O.lll lie OH'. i .inrl f
respectable at thirty. Try to leform
one and she will lose Interest in lui
victim at once and let him go,
French plays; Yvonne Mlrval of tho
Thcatto Antolne. who created qulto a
furoro in Monti pal and Quebec, where
the Theatre Francals Ins been on tour;
Paillette Noizeiix of the Theatre All
toiiie, .Mile Ulnne of the Odeon. Jeanne
liolle of the Altibigu and Kolictt Tout
lieur leading man formerly with lie.
Jjiic; Main I.0111011 of the Theatre de
1 licnalisauu-, Andre Chotia of. the
Had the Hon. Helen Scott-Motitajzu
been uiifnitunute enough to liavoj
lived some thousand and odd vc.u.s,
ngo she would, during the ab.-enco of
her knightly kinsmen in Urn holy viai..,
have been embroidering tapestri In.
some) ivy gtown Ihigllsh nunnery. No 1
other career would havo been possible
to a sPlagtcA' at coble Writ, ntu haJ.Jv,
I'ROI.IC -I'rotty girK be.-l nn.
tertainers, urban fetttngs, diniii"
ami dancing at the VCiegfeld Miu
night Frolic on tho roof of tlio
New Amsterdam Theatre.
Hawaiian dancer, is the feat 111 1
in the Hawaiian room. Cabin o'
at dinner, repeated at midnight
hus Ortillo I'rectoritt.s for it
MURRAY"? - "The ra-cadc
Kantasic" in tho Roniaii fiardens
has Peg RalTcrty and Oil Wells
and members of the Metropolitan
Dallct as the principal features,

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