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Chicago Newspaper (lives In
Hide Story of X. Y. Bank
er's Interview.
piELD MARSHAL VON HINDENBURG, Chief of the German Gen
eral Staff, and Gen. von Ludendorf, his right hand man, at Ger
man headquarters on the Rumanian front. This photograph was
brought to this country by the merchant submarine DeutBchland on
her second trip.
Bttssian llcenfnrccincnts Aid
in (Driving Teutons Hack
Over Frontier.
Evidence Seen in Haute With
Which Cargoes Arc Heing
Ilritish Warship Disguised as
American Merchantman Sent,
I'-M to Bottom.
r .H
Bight. Wins- Still in llctreat,
While Centre Is Menaced
With Envelopment.
London, Nov. t, To-day was a Rood
4y for the defender of Itutnanla's
northern pases. Almost everywhere
the Rumanians had Hie best of It. either
In strong counter attacks or In stuhhorn I
defence of mountain stronghold. Their
flanking movement on Von Falken
hnyn's ccntro progressed nnd the Teu
ton right win Is still In retreat.
Itusslnn troops nnd guns nre helping
the Itumanlnns where tho need of help
as great. Northwest of Klmpolung the
Russian nrtlllcry wrought havoc In at
tacking German columns, driving tile at
tackers back to their trenches. The Ger
man column cooperating with thin force
t near Drsgoslavele, northeast of Kltnpo
lung, mado no progress.
It seems likely that Kus.il.in aid will
prevent tho fall of Klmpolung. which
wm seriously threatened. The Russian
official statement contains the first of
ficial news of Just whero the Russians
are helping tho Rumanians,
Rumanian luh Ahead.
Tho Rumanian column that began
yesterday to cut their way -uack Into
Transylvania, threatening- the flank of
the Teutons In tho l'rahova Valley,
south of the Predcal Pass, are still forc
ing ahead. They pushed north In the
Teloajen (Tcleagcnl) Valley, near the
..Table Buttl nnd the Rratocca Pass, took
107 prisoners 'and captured two midline
i cunt. Ae few miles cast, on the west
bank of the Buzeu. the Rumanians also
advanced nnd captured material.
Von Falkenhayn's answer to the Ru
manian manoeuvre, which Is believed to
luivo been planned by tho French and
Huts-dsn Ucnerals now directing the de
fence, wa.i to rush further into Rumania
southweet of Predeal, recapturing a po
sition the Germans stormed on Thurs
day but lost to the Rumanians that
right. Attacks on tho Rumanians In the
l'rahova Valley were limited to artillery
The Teuton right wing, mostly Ba
"Yarlan troops, is apparently In dis
astrous rout. The Rumanians announce
that 433 prisoneis were taken, besides
four guns, more than twenty mnchlno
(tuns and much other booty. The total
captures announced by the Rumanians
Mnco the Bavarians began to retreat west
of the Jlu a week ao amount to nearly
.1,000 prisoners, several batteries and fifty
machine suns, besides other Btores,
XM OffrnaUp Looked For.
A new Rumanian cffcnelve on the
western -Moldavian frontier, the frontier
of the Carpathians, northeast of the
Trsnsylvnnlan Alps frontier, where the
hottest lighting has gone on lately, is ex
pected here. Berlin reports to-day that
on tho north ni pait of this front fight
ing wan more nctlve, "but thus far with
out Important Infantry engagements."
Hungarian troops nro reported to have
been drawn from the Transylvnnlnn front
to the Carso by the hl-r Italian offcnolve.
which has thus attalne-J one of Its main
objects, weakening the Moldavian fron
tier forces. The position there Is fa
orabIo for Rumanian-Russian attacks In
Besides conveying the Intimation that
such an attack la expected to-day's Ger
man statement concedes the loss of
Mount Rosea, which the Rumanians an
nounced they had stormed some days
The only news of the Dobrudja Is In
the Rumanian statement, which eays
there were "light skirmishes," probably
the prcludo to n general engagement.
The Tluchiirrat Report,
The Rumanian statement says:
Northern and northwestern fronts:
On tho western Moldavian frontier the
situation Is unchanged.
West of the liuzau stream we ad
vanced nnd captured some war ma
terial. At Table Until we advanced In
a northerly direction In tho valley of
Teloajen nnd took threo otllcers and
104 men prisoners and captured two
machine gun.
The situation at Predelus Is un
changed. In tho Prahova valley there has
i been an nrtlllcry bombardment. We
ft took one olllccr and twenty-seven
men prisoners. In the region of
.( Dragoslavelo (noithenst of ICImpo
Tt lung) there was un artillery bombard
ment. To tho left of the Alt tho fight
ing continues.
To tho west of the Jlu we contin
ued our pursuit of the enemy, taking
four guns nnd more than twenty
machine guns togetlie.r with 43.', prls
onefs and a considerable ciuautlty of
war material, including much muni
tions. At Orsova there was an artillery
Southern fornt : There has been a
bombardment nil along tho Danube,
with light skirmishes In the Dobrudja.
The Berlin Itrport.
The German statement says:
Southwest of Predcal we recap
tured a Rumanian position, which hud
been taken Novembor 2, hut was lost
again the following night. More than
100 prisoners fell Into our hands.
During nn enterprise on the part
of Austro-Hungarlan motor boats
against nn island In the Danube south
west of Rustchuk (south of Bucharest
on the Bulgarian sldo of the Danube)
two cannon nnd four mine throwers
were captured.
There were no Important events In
the Dobrudja.
Wlllapa Goes Doiru Off .Nicaragua
Captain and '-'It Saved.
New Orleans, La., Nov. 4. The
American steamship Wlllapa, bound
from Bluefltlds for New Orleans, sank
Thursday night off the Nicaragua!) const,
according to u cablegram tecclved to
day by her agent. Capt, chnrles John
son and ins crew or twenty-two men
were rescued.
The despatch gave no further Informa
tion, but thn agents suposa the vessel
struck a hidden reef. Tho Wlllapa was
or 76S tons gross and wus owned by
shs Krleberg Lumber Company of Cin
Colombian Diplomat Promoted.
Washington. Nov. 4, Roberto An
elzar. tlist scrretnry of the Colombian
Legation, has been promoted to bo Min
ister to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay,
He, will be succeeded hero by Alfonso
Delgado, now on n special mission for
nis uovernment In London,
Crown Prince's Troops Are
Driven From Western Part
in New Attack.
I.0NP0.V, Nov. 4. The French are still
going ahead at Verdun. To-day they
began to take hack the village of Vau
fVom the Crown Prince, and made good
progress at It.
To-night French troops are holding
what remains of the houses In the west
ern part of tin- village. South of the
village, the tio who occupied Fort i
Vaux after the ficrmnn had been forced
to evacuate it, are pushing forward and
will soon be attacking Vaux village from
the south.
The advance was made In a north
easterly direction from tho fort, cal
culated to strike the southeastern end of
the vilissc. and stralitht north fnmt the
fort. The troops who went forward there
will ntrlkf the middle of the long,
narrow vlllagn strung out along the
Vaux road, Both forces made ptogrcss
of somo hundreds of ;mlw to-day.
Progress at Verdun is measured often by
On the Sommo the French to-day
stood on the defensive as successfully
n;? they attacked nt Verdun. They held
tho strong trench system they ciptured
Wednesday from the Herman on the
edge of St. Pierre Vnast Wood against
very llerce Herman attacks prepared by
heavy nitlllery tire.
Ilrlllsli .thn Itrptllst- 1'oe.
Tho British alo rcpulM a Herman
counter attack by the garrison of I .a
Transloy at trenches east of Hucude
court which have been made the dart
ing point for British attacks on Le
To-day'H British statement glws an
explanation of the larger number of al
lied aeroplanes thnt have been brought
down recently; to-day, for Instance,
Berlin reports taking nine. The west
winds prevailing blow the Allied ma
chines far over the Herman front, and
make It hard for them to return If pur
sued. The following account of the evacua
tion of Fort Vaux at Verdun by the
Hermans, as seen by the French, Is part
or n Paris despatrli which says the
French artillery critics think they are
now nvenged on the Herman heavy mor
tars 'The heavy callbte rrrneh guns nt
Verdun began concentrating their lire
upon Fort Vaux on October 24, grad.
ually Increasing their intensity, hour
after hour, until at the end of the ISOth
hour or.o of the Herman magazine blew
up. The great projectiles then began
searching out other ammunition debits.
Ono French 10 Inch shell, weighing a
ton, struck a magazine filled with hand
grenades on All Saints' Day. Many
thousands of grenades exploded, earning
the earth to tremble.
I'xploalon Halted Oeeiipnlloii,
"The Hermans holding tho fort. It Is
reported, seemingly nbandnned It by way
of n tunnel. When tho French became
aware that the fort was empty they did
nut attempt to occupy it until some hours
after the Hermans had left. After the
French hombaidmcnt ceased explosions
occurred Inside the fortlflcatlona anil con
tinued at Irregular Intervals for sovenil
Tho British statement to-day says:
Italn fell heavily during tho night.
Wo successfully raided the enemy's
lines northeast of Armcntiercs (near
the Belgian frontier).
A strong enemy partly entered our
trenches near Culnchy, but was Im
mediately expelled.
An enemy counter attack east of
Hueudecourt (In the Homme sector)
yesterday suffered very heavy losses In
proportion to its strength. Over 100
dead have been counted. Thirty pris
oners and four machine guns were
captured by us,
The British statement to-night says'
South of the Ancie the situation is
unchanged. There was considerable
hostile shelling mound Lesbueuf and
against the Destrcmont farm ami Le
During tho day we bombarded tho
enemy's line north of Ui Hassen Canal
and in tho neighborhood of Hols
Hiculcr and Messlnes, Fncmy nitll
lery and trench mortars wen active
north nnd south of Vprew.
Our aircraft successfully bombed
many enemy billets yesterday. One of
our machines attacked ami destroyed
a hntllfl airplane, hit twita attacked
and fell Inside tho enemy's, lines, Four
other machines fulled to return.
The strong westerly winds during
the past three weeks have initiln our
aerial operations illlllctilt, since they
drift our machines far over tho en
emy'H front and compel them to return
slowly against the head wind.
The Herman statement sayu:
Army flroup of Crown' Prince Rup-
prccht Hostile attack were preceded
by violent artillery duels. The at
tacks, however, carried out In only
lltht fashion, under our lite, to tho
northwest of .'outcclctte and In the
sector of Oucudccourt and Les Ihrufa
were repaired.
Nino hostile aeroplanes were shot
don n in aerial engagements and by
ami aircraft guns.
Army Hroup of the Heriinn Crown
Prince The hostile tire Increased con
siderably during the afternoon against
our position on the heights east of
tho Mcuse I Verdun front). French
attacks between Douaumont nnd Vaux
were without success.
Ocrniiin.s Recapture Positions
on the Xarayuvka. Which
Threatened Unlit'..
Uimxi.v, Nov. 4, A battle equalling
In Intensity the struggles on the western
front In France is going on In (inllrla
between Rulans nnd Hermans, The
Hermans aic on the offensive anil have
succeeded In recapturing moio of the
Rusulan positions nn the Narayuka
that threatened llallcz. the key to Lem
berg. Pait of the lighting I colng on In
dense wood, nnd nt other points the
Oeiimin. aided by their heavy artlllleiy
have stormed Russian positions upon
high giouud. Accoidlng to Herman state.
incut these positions were the main
Russian trench line. The Russalns,
however, say thnt they lost only ad
vnnced pntn nt.d hao taken back some
of them by determined counter attacks,
In Volhynla tho Herman attempts to
recoup their to. ses of last summer in
the great Russian drive wero fruitless,
North of Szelvov an attempt to recapture
positions taken in the Kovcl drive was
icpulsed. The Herman statement says:
Army group of I'rlnce Leopold:
Our successes on the left bank of tho
Narajuvka were Increased by tho
storming of additional portion of
the Russian main position, southwest
of Folv-Krasnolesne. They were main
tained against hostile attempts to re
conquer them.
Tho Russian announcement follows:
On tho southwestern front in tho
region north of Szelvov (Volhynla),
after artillery preparation, the Her
mans attacked our position with a
force of about n battalion, Thn at
tack was repelled. We took a num
ber of prisoners.
In the neighborhood of tho woods
south of the village of MIchlBhou nnd
east of the vlllnge of Llpnlendolno
stubborn battlf are raging. Tho en
emy, after violent bombardment with
heavy artillery, launched an attack
with considerable forces. Our de
tachmeutH counter attacked and drove
back the enemy at some places. How
ever, the enemy succeded In occupy
ing a portion of our advanced trenches
on the heights east of the village of
Llpnlendolno. Tho battle continues.
Attorney for Mrs. John 1).
Marsh Encircled Globe
Her Suit Undefended.
New Crrv, N. Y., Nov. 4, Kvidence
obtained by a detective on a 23,000 mile
chase around tho world after John Dar
lington Marsh of New York won to-day
a decree of divorce for his wealthy wife,
Ivor T. Marsh.
The plaintiff, said to be the widow of
Jnmts O'Connor, n banker and Texas nil
man, was married to Marsh but sixteen
months ago, Marsh, who In understood
to be lu London, put up no defence, nor
was he represented by counsel.
Hcsldes Mrs. Marsh's testimony that
of a detective, Henry II. lies, wns given,
anil depositions taken In Knglnnd were
tend into the record, Ilea's testimony re.
vealed how, starting from New York, ho
girdled the, globe behind Marsh and IiIh
women nciialutauces, Miss Helen Mack
wiih the only corespondent named In the
papers. The witness testified that he
lost track of Miss Mack In Knglnnd, but
followed Marsh lo the Continent, track
ing him with various unidentified women
through Franco and Italy and tliencn to
India, Australia, New Zealand and across
the American continent from tho Pacific
to the Atlantic, Divorce papers were
served upon him In New York.
Work of Jjoading Expected to
Be Finished by Tuesday
or Wednesday.
Nctv t.nNnov. Cnnn . Nov. 4. Indlca-
tions Increase that tho merchant sub-'Intended victims, who were nlmost ml
marine Dut.cn.and Is getting ready for a l'
quick dash to sea under convoy of a ucr-j The Incident, according to the Ad
man fighting ship of the same character, mlrutly, occurred on September 21. 1915.
said to be the U-57. There ate rumors nnd has only Jut been learned of
. . , , ... i,n.f t,ni "'rough nn Invalided prisoner trans-
of every sort to hear out this belief, but fcrn(1 (( HwlIrnm) The HUbmnrlti
the best evidence stems to lie In the according to the Admiralty ac-ount. had
speed with which Capt. Koenlg nnd the halted In the neighborhood of the Scilly
olllclals of the Kastern Forwarding Com- Me for examination of a steamship un-
i. ti . ,h .nt,. ,,er American flag, apparently an
pany are switching cargoes on the sub- lnnocent Inerc,m,mnn The steamship
merslble. ostensibly prepared to lower a boat, but
When the Doutschland arrived It was when tho submarine hail apptoached to
announced bv her commander and tho,h'n ?
agents that it would take ten days or 'JJ,cn' ,"rccaLAp"1;
two week, to unload the dyestuffs, drugs
and other mcrchandlto that she urougm
over and to put on bonrd tho nickel and
copper awaiting her here. Instead of
that the last bit of her cargo was lifted 1
out y evict day morning after only it wo
day, work, nnd to-day sever., ton of
pglron that were used as bala.t were
also removed. Nl.kel and crude rubber
are heavy, and there wl 1 be little extra
iniu.t r.noir..i ,,hnn h- l..ielc.
...... . ,
The loading will begin early to-rr.or-
crew or the negro stevedores.
nt rate of speed the Demsch-
be toady to depart by Tues-.
At the pres-enl
land should
day or Wednesday. ,
T ! nmlnrLlii... fit... Ihn l'.r.T lu mlW 1
u . . . . ,
only a few miles off Nantucket Light-
ship. The Eastern Forwarding Com-
psny's representatives however, say
they know nothing of her. The air of j
secrecy ubotit tho State pier has deepened
Immeasurably in tho last twenty-four
hours. I
One of the lumois to which the day
gave birth was that the llren.fn. rlrte'
submarine of the Deutschland. Is not
'S lion oiuy li irw mine uii 111
coast and bound for Ilaltlmore or Hop-
ton. The I this rumor add, escot ted
iiri u.t-i aim in iniw K-'iinm rr.iu, iit
bit of diversion off Nantucket that will
draw tho entire allied patrol tleet to
the north while the trader slips safely
Into the southern port.
bins uu iiur, mi; mre M'enis ni.rij ii.
succeed; . for. the coast hcrealut I,
if this Do true, the ruse seem likely to
lined with ltrltlsh and French warship.
There are now three or four I'nlted
States submarines at torpedo practice
off Block Island, but Capt. Yates Stirling.
Jr., commandant of the local base, de
nied to-day that any of these are l-ing
used as a neutrality patrol on the three
mile limit.
Secretary Panlel came to New Lon
don to-day. He had changed his speak
Inir m.iImU un n. . ... t. . I...
ihl. afternoon: o ly
I)emo ratlc committee that met him nt
tho station, declining to be recrlved nt j
the City Hall or to Mslt the Peutschiand. '" ""fd ' " ' ,K" 11 n'c'' "T
.Many visitor were allowed l!de thel,l,p M 1 ,hu.l,'r'l,;'', "'V' ?
barricade to-day to Mew the submersl-; ,nl '". ,"f.ttH, !r" "'''
ble, but no newspaper men. One pres !
photographer smuggled hlm-elf Inlo , 7" r" . i. ,
parly and wa busy snapping picture I American hmbsssy In London It Is as
when he was caught. Ills camera wa I siCIlPl1 "t re.rt from him reached
taken from him and the film detroed. . ''crman).
Although the local police have agreed; ,. r o. rren.r.
to drop tho case again' the Peutsohland i
sailor who Is alleged lo have stabbed a An Admiralty ollicer. re ailing the new s
waiter In a local cafe Thursday night, paper report. of some tine ago that the
the Stnle authorities are Investigating.
It Is now contended that the weapon used
was only a mouth organ.
( on my for llciiliclilnnil lllulit '
llrlngr Nrrloua I'rolesl. I
WAtlllNnTON, Nov, 4 ltepott that'
the IJetitschland may be oonvojed back I
to Hermany by a war submarine have !
ralsed thu spectre of a new diplomatic
lsue The umsensus of opinion ,s that
me iritin iimoa.v wouiu make setiou i
objection to any such plan on the ground 1
that the )eutchland would practically
tie a tender or titipply ship for the fight-
Mng L'-boat and tlierefme not entitled
to clear with Immunity from nn Ameri
can port.
So far a the right of Herman) to
(onvoy a merchant vev,.) is (oncerned
ii is uniinestloned under Intel national
law, although the merchantman, of
course, Is subject to attack without be
ing In a position to claim tho rights of
a peaceful meichant vessel. Hut the
peculiar reiatlonhlp whlcli a merchant
submarine occupies to. a U-boat bent
on destruction of commerce canlers
complicates the ptnblem.
(llllcluls of the llrltlsh Uinbassy be
lieve that the scheme would be simply
a ruse to facilitate another raid off the
Atlantic coast, and that it would really
bo the Deutschlaud acting as Under
to the l'-boat Instead of the war sub
marine acting a convoy lo the Deulseli
land. Officials hero tnke the report that the
war submarine) is coming with more than
a grain of salt. Count von llernslorff.
the Herman Ambassador, does not credit
the report.
Thousands in the Militia Hulk
at Serving Under the lla.
Chaniberlain Act.
Washington, Nov. t. Thousand of
members of National tlunrd organlza-1
Hons throughout the country have ie-,
fused to take tho dual oatli of enlistment
pledging their services to the Federal
Oovernment, under tho national defence
act, as well a to the State to wlibh
they belong, The law federalizing the ,
milltlii docs not make It mandatory fr
mcmbers to tnke the dual oath. Dis
content with the system of federalization 1
nnd other considerations have cicutcd a I
strong current of feeling lu many of the
guard organizations and the so called
"too proud to light" slogan haw put a
damper on the military spirit. j
For the National liuardsmen who ate,
now In the Federal service under the
Did; net, the refusal tu sign the dual
allegiance will have no effect one way
or the other. Hut for tho organizations
which have already been mustered out
the icfusal means that they will not
come under the terms of enlistment pie
scribing threo years with the colors and
three with the reserves,
The War Department has lately noted
iiiu iieciiieii inning on or recruiting, t
together with the collapse of the spirit
of preparedness which followed the t
pacifist propaganda incidental o the Ad
ministration political campaign, Secre
tary Halier tins Issued orders giving
National Huard organizations until No
vember 30 to tuke the dual oath, but no
penalty can be enforced If they decline.
Bep.u.v, Nov. 4 (By wireless). The
Herman Admiralty has furnished to the
Associated Press correspondent the 1c
tolls of what Is characterized as a second
Baralong case. In which a British patrol
ship flying American oclors, It Is de
dared, nfter destroying submarine IM1
deliberately ran down a rowboat with
the only two survivors of ths tmdotset
boat In nn endeavor to remnv., tlx. ontv
witnesses, nnd has sin r.r..vnt,.,i na
., .,, rl(le,( 10 Am)lr,cnn nh(t nyln(f
the wholo time, the account continues.
Only Tnn Hsenprd,
The submarine. Irreparably damaged,
upn miller, hot i-nu nl.tn to i.nm In thr.
r,onmo,;. seve.ely wounded, and Petty
,,, 0oJ m,1,,l;lK11 , " out
,hrons, ., op(.n ,ulch ,,ctoro tho sub -
ln.irl , ,. ror(vor
' I-Or.".or- . ,..
j Mr solo ruivivors un ni.ui'i) oi'iii-
asr(1 , pttm to an rrnllly noat. The
Hovernment had learned the
lhe Admralty details, headed full speed
for tne bnal110t , ,aVe but to ram It.
,.,,,,. ., nttllt in .he steamshlh's bow
facllltutc accurate steering. The Her-
... .... i-.
man ai wie lasi niviot-u, in.iiin ..'.
,h. lwl,, .,, rulna , ,i1P wreckage of It
,: V'w ,,n when the steamshln
., . kVd them up.
WOUMdtfd Lieut Crompton and
ia. comrade were Wt without the slight-
p niedli-al attention In a small eaue
ln,. iPiimphlii'M deck until her arrival
, (.'.ttmouth the following day, it Is de
, arfd. ;,lil,mi3li the Lieutenant had a
double fiaclu' e of the J iw lione. a broad
nniin.l ni-lns tin. no-e all'l ClieeK.
, ,vound, ,i the left te-r.ple and on the
flnBPr alm nl) CJ,, ,,t ut.
fle ln Wllliont lit
It was nm until September '2'J tha'
the Lieutenant was transferred to a
shore hospital, clad at the time only in
, . .. ,. .... , , .r..rrnA ,.n
. "n' ' "
November to the military prison in
York C i'tle. wlienie the wounded oiiicer.
whoe wound were still open and who
was tlir?atoti"d .will the loss of the
othe- eye, wa l-nt, in mid liecftnlxr, to
i Dyffryn, Wall., the aeoouut states.
A llrltlsh niB.in lat"r proposed to
. tinn-f'-r the wounded olllccr. a t"l illy
I inval.ded. to Switreilanil. and a Swiss
.omiTi ioi surc.'on twi-e voted that.
he be thn wr.t, but th Hrltlsli Suigeon
' ' Rehired. vc,.,ed the ,.:a,
' i?'1 ''j'' " 'hr:.."'."'-' ''7' ,n k '
The Admiralty dec-lire. tint thl cil-
I known. Lieut Crompton repe.unlly at
ltrltlli Hoiernmeni. hii.ng been forced
by Herman retaliatory measure to
abandon drastic tieap.nciit of captive
from subm.irlnis. had given orders to
take no submar.ne prisoners but to send
tli.Mii to the bottom with their ussois,
(belaud to the coriespondent that tills
ease with th.it of the llaraloiig should
I... con-libred as furnishing all nice"
saiy proof that the undented stoty re
garding tho tioiernmint order was tine.
Tim suhmatlne l'-ll wa commanded
by l.leutenatit-l'omm.inder Hansen, nc-
count! d one of the bravest and b'st of
;'crm:ni suoniai iiojooo . i.-.
So far as I known no previous Inti
mation had been given by the (iiriiian
Admiralty of Hie loss of submarine l'-ll,
nor ha any report tegaidlng her been
made by the Ilrit.sli authoi Itles.
Hoy Pnrinem See .Src). Iliiiintmi.
W.isiiinoton, Nov - Twent-four
champion boy farmer of California
calle I on Secretary of Agrleiiltute Hous
ton lo-ilav and went slchlseenn- about
Washington. Tbiy :uo on a tour con-
ducted ,, iVersltv of California,
i in(1 wm ,.ae for Noi'folu to'tnoinns
(QppresQ)itin( a radical
Lfutumn UcdcLt
0xfcnr for
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F.FTH Avenue at
Head of Guaranty Trust Co., It
Says, Gave Warning on
Vital Subject.
Ciiicaoo, Nov. 4. The Inside story of
the situation which led up to tho famous,
peace Inlcrvlow lven out n month ago
by Charles H. S.ibin, reldent of the
Guaranty Trut Company of New York,
rame out to-day, says the Daily .Vrti,
in connection with Mr. Sabln'n visit to
"Mr. Snbln had .ecelved Information
from an unimpeachable souice lli.it n
message was on the way to President
Wilson from the Herman Oovernment
asking him to use his good ofllccn to
bring about an early peace," said the
Dnllu .Vrics Informant. "Certain neutral .
diplomats' had actually ptepared to start
for America, as tho bearers of the Her
man Oovernmcnt'H prrposals. Mr. Sa-1
bin never Intimated In any way that Am- ,
bassador Herard was the bearer of the i
Kalser'fl message. The coincidence of ,
Mr. Herar.1 being on his way to the
I'nlted States at the lime led to the de-
,ii ctlon nrlnted n mme of the news
i f'1"", f,Wn?nTw, An?"ta
, " i ,
' messase to which Mr. Sabln rercrrca.
1 "However, at about the same time Mr.
Sabln ri celled this news from (lermany
the alert Intelligence department of the
ti..l.t.1. . -i n. a l.'i.l tAfirfir.t the
!V e f-..V Hreat nr aln ost no time
" '"'ft, hJ ' el," S
' " "M.". l"f. Vm. ';.., ".,
, "? ";. f- "i i.i.tV . .t
v.. ... ....... .
.... ......a,,.,!,- at.itetueflt ill an Interview
i V'1 c 'A'' V ".T.,: .
, .nK..! "l. . ...
I r,UnVne.Vt o lntltute a' P ace ".v."
lnrn, ,, ; time. A few days later
Premier Asquitli made n statement in
the House of Common that 'this war
cannot be allowed to end In some patched
. Innd .....I atdltmirtrtntp nrioltim-
1 , m,.1MUrrading umier the name of,
.)1V1( .
,.-rl.- .,.,..,. t,l .Hi.mi.nl. illseil
(iprmaii Hovernment to abandon Its
efforts at arriving at a fieace through
the good offices of tile Cnlteil States.
The Llojd (1-orge and Aniulth statements
wire so evidently Intended to head off
the movement which was being Initiated
that it reemed useless to go forward with
It The result w.t that Mr. Sabln was
placed i.. the unfottunate position of
hav.ng given out a watn ng on a most
important subject for which the occa
sion was suddenly leiuoicd."
It Hie- it Light 1-araffiii IttiM'
.1 lid Is Suitable for
PIIII.APKI I III N'oi. i. ml In valu
able qti'intltles Ins been tlNcoi ctcd
It. soulhetn New .lercy Till
sertlon wa made to-dnv bv IM V.ie
Ilacin. relre-entlng n small group of
men wlio ate drilling a few mile. i-outli-east
of Mllli.lle. N. .1
l.oul Steehiian has been bu) tig nnd
leasing huge tr-icts of land at t le otitli
castern end of I'limbetland county and in
pait of Allan' ic county ii the ho f
tlndlng lol. The pulille believed that he
was wasting uiolie) Hut oil na dram
nil of n well fioni a depth of lutwi.i.
".no and 1 .r.om feet on Tliursdiiy. It is a
'..slit pa'ntllu base oil, said to Le lib
iiiteli fiee from asphalt and e.pia'. ..
ipiallty to the best Pennsylvania oil
It lia- a speoltlo gravit) of about
I dark .-.ecu and has a rathei m..d
tnte Dr. Van Hngen n'serls that 11. e
oil will yield good gti.ileiie and kCH"-em
At Pie present deptli from tile i.i
tlfteen barrels n day could be tnken fr un
I lie will, but stillicleut depth has not
been nltalt'cil I obtain a gusher II '
!. Van Ilageu and Sleelmin we:i m,
phatlc 111 the asselttoll that their . nin-
( blualion I not a stock coinpini and ba.
I no stock or bind to i-f'.l
' Dr Van llagen -ays the K-nup ions. -is
of lmiirelf. .-li ehtl.in. an i -tinernor. i.
, l'li.ladelp',i.,i man lirn ncl.ilh proiinn o'
and another man Tie foinblimtloii i.is
bought about ts.nuii acres of land. In .o
d Hon, nboiit lio.oao nctcs hale be e
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