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Fair to-day; to-morrow overcast and
colder, with probable rain.
Highest temperature yesterday, 58; lowest, 4a.
Detailed weather, mail and marine reports on pace 13.
-XTT7l finVTm In flreiiler New York, i Klsewhera
UINQ UEiiN 1 Jersey tltr and Nrttsrk. 1 TWO CKNTfc
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1916. copvtvm, im. Mr a, sun jnMnff on twhtng xuoMioa
BUT 6. 0. P. HAS
Democratic Majority in the
l')wv Chamber Placed
at Twelve.
Wisconsin Will Send Solid
G. 0. P. Delegation to
Lower Body.
Five in Illinois, Two
Jersey and One in
New York.
California, Minnesota and North Dakota Also in Doubt
Hughes Appears to Have West Virginia
Lead's in New Hampshire by 161.
Seven Male, any two or three of which eould throw the election cither
way, were till clone at an early hour thin morning. The four regarded a
pivotal were California, Minnesota, Sorth Dakota and Sew Mexico, where
Hughe and Wilton were running neck and neck race.
Hut three other already aslgncd to one candidate or the other entered
the via of dose on late report. Wctt Virginia and Oregon, claimed defi
nitely during the day by the llcpublican, lat night went into the llt of
uncertainties and Sew Hampshire, where a recount ha been demanded by
the Democrat, how a plurality of only 101 for Hughe.
Latest Figures, lionet er,
Wilson 4, "(10 Plurality.
San Francisco, Cal., Nov. 9. Cali
fornia, which wavered bacli and forth
between President Wilson and Hughes
during the day, went sharply to the Wil
son side on rigures tabulated after mid
night. The President had n substantial
lead of 4,410 on the latest figures.
With votes from more than 100 pre
cincts In Us Angeles locked up for tho
confidently assert that President Wil
son will carry California by 13,000."
Thomas M. McAleer, registrar of
voters In I.os Angeles county, locked the
ballots of Im Angeles city and county
In u vault around which deputy United
States marshals were stationed ns a
guard, tie announced that the tabula
tion of returns would be resumed to
morrow morning. One hundred and
eighteen precincts In Los Angeles city
and county remain to be totalled.
llecause of the closeness of the vote It
Is possible that an ofnclal count may be
necessary to determine the result. It Is
plete. 5.397 precincts of 6.017 gave I estimated that llovernoi -M'':
ii,h.. ns im nH wii.n.. 4 so.saG. . Jorlty over Oeorge S. Ilattou for United
Hughes was ahead In Iajs Angeles and
Wilson In San Francisco.
In Los Angeles 1,007 complete city and
county precincts out of 1,215 gave
Hughes 122,082 and Wilson 104. S35.
To hundred and eleven nrecllicts
j complete out of 220 In S.in Diego city
and county gave Hughes 16,, 34 and Wil
son 16,546.
States Senator will approximate 200,000.
Returns from Congress districts are
Sufficiently complete to Insure, with
reasonable certainty, the control of
the next House of Representatives by
the Republicans.
They have a lead of four votes,
which may ba Increased by belated re
turns from close districts and a score
f districts yet to be heard from.
The Senate will remain under Dem
ocratic control by a majority of twelve.
In the States of Arizona, New Mex
ico., Nevada, Ohio and Missouri, where
the results of the Senatorial election:'
ire somewhat uncertain, the Republi
cans may gain one or two seats, cut
ting still further the narrow Demo
cratic margin of safety In the upper
houi!C. ,
I.te Returns Help i. O. P.
Oicrnlght returns from many close
d.strlcta Increased the prospective ma
J rlty of the Republicans In the House
nh'.ch had dwindled to almost nothing.
Pinal returns from middle Western
Rutcs, particularly Indiana, Illinois and
Wisconsin, where a number of sitting
t'tmoeratlc members were overwhelmed,
appeared to give the Republicans a safe
lead and final returns from several close
Uastern districts furnished them an ad
ditional advantage.
The Democrats suffered net losses of
three seats In Wisconsin, which will
tnd a solid Republican delegation to the
House of Representatives ; five In Hii
ro's, teven In Indiana, two In New Jer-
and one in New York. They gained
three scats In Ohio nnd one each In Con
necticut, North Carolina and Utah.
In somo districts, particularly the
Thirtieth and Thirty-second Pennsyl
vania, the results are so close that they
ir.iy easily bo decided In one way or
the other hy the vote of the National
Guardsmen on the border.
Kr.mk Doremus, chslrman of the
riemocratle National Campaign Com
mlttee, of Detroit, appears to have nar
rowly escaped defeat, and the fate of
the other Democratic member of the
Michigan delegation, Representative
Bikn, Is In doubt.
Senatorial Situation,
democrats maintained their hold upon
Fnate seats with greater success and
n wrested flvo away from the He
Publicans, They lost both seats In In
terna and one each In New York, New
Ifrssy, Maryland, Maine and West Vlr
rlr.U To compensate for this In some
measure they surprised the Republican
managers by gaining seats In Ithode
Island, I'tah, Wyoming, New Mexico and
Tho results of the Senatorial elections
In Ohio, Arizona, Nevada and Missouri
ire tlll dfiuhtful. In Ohio, where Her-
rick's ejection was counted upon as safe
ky the Republicans, Pomerene, the
Itmo-ratlc Incumbent. Is leading, nnd
In Missouri Senator Heed Is ahead of
Ms Itepuhllran opponent by only a small
majority, Ashurst may be defeated In
Klfctlon uncertainty was not confined
to the I" ml States proper. Incomplete
returns -run Alaska. Including Fair
lunks, t not Nome. Cordova and
Juneau, gave Charles A. Sulxer, the
Democratic candidate for delegate to
longress, 3.530 votes and Wlckersham,
putillcan. 3,518.
Hope for Brltt Victory lilies
Later returns have raised the hopes
Jf the Republicans of retaining their
Bold on the slnelo Republican Congres-
floral district In North Carolina. They
srt lhat Representative llritt's de
'at Is by so narrow a margin thnt an
official count may be necessary.
The restoration of tho Republicans to
power In the House of Representatives
means the overturning of the Demo
cratlc organization and the election of
new Speaker. The successor to Speaker
flump Clark will probably be Repre
Native Mann of Illinois, the present
minority leader, who was reelected after
hard tight, Representative Kltchln of
North Carolina will cease to be the ma
jority leader.
Among the others to be affected by
tn change of regime will be Representa
tive Fitzgerald of New York, who will
Small morality Predicted.
Chester H. Rowcll. chairman of the
Republican State central committee, pre
dicted a victory for Hughes In Califor
nia, although by a small margin.
He said that figures gathered by the
Knrly Morning Returns Shotr
Hughes Plurality of 730.
St. Paul, Minn. (Thursday), Nov. 9.
Hughes early this morning took the
lead in the neck and neck race which
has been going on for the last twelve
hours. Returns from 2.505 precincts out
of 3.024 In the State gave llughce 163.
0SS and Wilson 162,2t5.
iruilies has been gaining steadily at
the rate of about 16 otes a precinct In
$1,000,000 BET
Figures as High as i to 1
Quoted at One Time on
Hughes to Win.
Fluctuations Arc Ilnpiri in
Wildest Wagering Day
3Iarkct Ever Has Seen.
Kagerncss to Put l'p .Money
Prolongs Operations Till
Police Act.
Los Angeles office of the committee ' me country uieincis. n t syu.i
covering more than 1,000 precincts and
close estimates of the precincts remain
ing Indicated that Hughes would carry
Los Angeles county by 23,000.
"The Los Angeles office." ho said,
"estimates that this lead wilt be In
creased 12,000 or more by other southern
California counties. If these figures are
borne out by the final count, Hughes will
carry California.
"Our figures on San Francisco Indi
cate a majority of little, It any, aoove
15.000 for Wilson there."
Democrats Kqually Mangnlne.
O. K. Cushlng. chairman of the Demo-
cratlc State central committee, Issueu
the following statement to-night:
'Rasing my opinion upon verlllcrt re
ports from every county In California, 1
trv districts which absorbed mo l.ow
plurality given the President In St. Paul,
Minneapolis and Duluth. All the usually
Democratic districts In the State have
reported, and the majority of the pre
cincts still to be heard from always have
gone strongly Republican.
When the closeness of the Presidential
contest In this State became apparent
early this morning several State officials
expressed the belief that the definite
ould not be known until me
There was $,0flA,OOn worth of dif
ference of oplnlni ns to who w'll le the
next President of the United States In
New York esterday. In the wildest bet
ting day the curb has ever experienced,
supporters of Hughes and Wilson rushed
their' money Into the ring to lie covered.
At the end of a far from perfect day
the odds had performed as many flip
flops as a professional tumbler, had
swung from 3 to 1 on Hughes to odds
on Wilson. The clone was 6 to 5 th.it
Wilson has lieen reelected. It was the
first time before, during or after the
campaign that the President has liter.
Returns up to 3 A. M. give the following figures on the
vote in the Electoral College:
Alabama 12
Arizona 3
Arkansas 9
Colorado 6
Florida 6
Georgia 14
Idaho 4
Kansas 10
Kentucky 13
Louisiana 10
Maryland 8
Mississippi 10
Missouri 18
Montana 4
Nebraska 8
Nevada 3
North Carolina 12
Ohio 24
Oklahoma 10
South Carolina 9
Tennessee 12
Texas 20
Utah 4
Virginia 12
Washington 7
Wyoming 3
Total 251
Connecticut 7
Delaware 3
Illinois 29
Indiana 15
Iowa 13
Maine 6
Massachusetts 18
Michigan 15
New Hampshire 4
New Jersey 14
New York 45
Oregon 5
Pennsylvania 38
Rhode Island 5
South Dakota 5
Vermont 4
West Virginia 8
Wisconsin 13
Total 247
California 13
Minnesota 12
New Mexico 3
North Dakota 5
National Chairman Willcox Receives
Assurances From the Doubtful
States That They Will Be Won
in the Final Drive.
Pacific Coast Commonwealth Is Claimed fof
Hughes by 1,500 Rural Voters
Help Him in Minnesota.
At 3 A. M., with the electoral vote standing Wilson 251,
Hughes 247, the result of the election depended upon the final
returns from Minnesota, California, New Mexico and North
Mr. Hughes was lending in Minnesota and New Mexico.
Mr. Wilson was in front in California and North Dakota.
North Dakota, which had been supposedly safe for Mr.
Hughes, suddenly shifted nnd, with 170 districts missing, re
ported a lead of 1,248 for the President. This put the State
back in the doubtful column and necessitated new combina
tions if Mr. Hughes were to win.
Republican and Democratic
Headquarters Each Sure
Tlielr Choice Has Won.
Chnirmnn Asserts Doubtful
States Have Gone for
G. 0. P. Candidate.
niifi'fimn uniiiii nm itr Known mini inr .
votes oast by the Minnesota mllltla al ine lavorue :n tin- netting,
the Mexican 'bonier had been tabulated. Cnder ordinary circumstance cster
The mllltla vote was taken Tuesday by diy wou,(, )IV(, , .,ll)u,y. Stake,
a special commission, appointed by the .
Governor under the provisions of a law ''" " " th"lr
enacted by the recent special session of check writing lingers .ill limbered up.
the legislature. It Is not believed these 'Joys accompanied the Hugh's supporters
votes can be entered in tneir proper pre
cincts until next week. The aggregate
vote Is estimated at 2,800.
Itepnhllran Clnlms.
l.a'e claims reaching Republican na
tional headquarters last night were:
Chester II. Rowcll, national commit
treman from California, said over the
long dlstaiKt telephone that Hughes
down town and (Houm" tagged along with ' would get at least two of California's
the Wilson people. It w.m teal news, thirteen electoral otes.
when the (list extras came out, th.it j Pulled States Senator-elect Frank It.
Hughes was not sure of election after ' Kellogg telegraphed an estimate of 6.000
all. The Joys and lilonms quickly tn.ijorlty for Hughes in Minnesota, He
Eleven Doubtful States Have
Hot urns to Come From
Mexican Border.
llotretrr. changed place
said Wilson was leading by only d0,
Trading In mining, industrial and war . ''ll.""'
After conferring with Mr. Hughes for
an hour last evening Republican Na
tional Chnlrman Willcox said:
I think Mr. Hughes Is elected and I
believe the Oovernor shares this view
with me."
At midnight Mr. Willcox said:
"The returns from States In which
the vote is close have been coming
slowly. Delay appears to be caused by
the time required to get in reports rrom
rural communities. Tho latest returns
clearly Indicate that Minnesota, North
Dakota. Now Mexico, Oregon and pron-
ably California have gone for Hughes.
These, added to the stares aiicuny cer
tain give him 20 electoral votes. Kvcn
If all or some of the electoral votes of
California should go to Wilson thero
are still enough left to assure tne elec
tion of Hughes.
"Kvcry precaution must ho taken to
secure an honest count of the ballots In
every close State. Anybody who Inti
mates that Charles Kvans Hughes would
permit any man or group of men to at
tempt to steal the Presidency for him
Is a contcmptlblo scoundrel nnd knows
"'"I say further, with a full sense of
responsibility to tho American people,
that any man or group of men who at
tempt to steal tho Presidency from Mr,
Hughes will do so at their peril.
"We want nothing but a fair count,
but that we are going to have,"
The national chairman was nsked If
he had In mind any legal proceedings In
nl Mldnlaht,
,. u
1 , ,,..,.,, ,h r. mil nrlnfl. u-nlil.l
Al.BL-Qt'Etiqfn, N. M Nov. !. Cliancs , mummnm was an imi rn-.r,i..r.. ll(J publli-.tn.
I linv. Hatfield of west Virginia wiredi
th it Ilia State would go for Hughes by
The New Mexico State chairman tele
gia plied from Santa l'e that 1C2 out of
precincts gave Hughes D.770 mil
Wilson S.T00.
1 Democratic Claims,
Those who stayed at the Dwifxratlo
national headquarters based their claims
of vl lory on the following:
The San Francisco Caionlcr, a Re
publican newspaper, gives California to
The Democratic Stite chairman of I
West Virginia wired that his State
would ge President Wilson a majority,
of .1,000. I
Fred Lynch, national committeeman j
from Minnesota, wired that Minnesota
K. Hughes had a lead of only -jI votes when the hell starttd the Curb market.
out of nearly 30,000 when tne iia s iai- , .;vcrybody wanted to get down an elec
ulauon was finished shortly after "ild-j Thou?!inI(( f , IK)ure(1
Due to the slowness of the counting Into Hroad street from stock exchange
only 336 precincts out of 623 arc Includ- nouses, from uptown speculators, from
ed in the totals. These gave Hughes f town politicians, from people who
U.794 and Wilson 14, 536. The Democrats . ,, , . ,
I,,.. i lou . ii ii . j nai ,)(t )0fnr(, election and from
liinuiiiii urn., v.. - -
so far In Wilson will cirry the State by
from 1.000 to 1.30O. The Republicans
give It surely to Hughes.
Jones. Democratic candidate for Sen
ator, ran ahead of Wilson. The State
ticket. Legislature and Representative
are still In doubt.
Karly to-day Democratic leaders said
Wilson and the Democratic State ticket
headed by P.. C Dcbaca had won, that
A. A. Jone. foimerly asslntant Secretary
of tho Interior, was elected Senator nn.l
W, P. Walton. Representative. Repub
lican leaders also claimed everything.
State. Clearly Much In Doubt as
Kver at .Midnight.
Faroo, N. D.. Thursday, Nov. 9 (12:30
, m.). President Wilson took the lead
in North Dakota at midnight. Hughes's
lead, which had been it 1.000 early In
the evening, dropped to BOO nnd finally
disappeared. The President now has a
lead of 119 votes In nearly 92.000 cast.
In l.DOt precincts out of 1,869 Wilson
has and Hughes 46,869. The
State reniilns as doubtful as at any
'time, lloth parties claim a viciory.
' . ..t.w..n ngiur. ffinretleil
pieverai nr(niuiii.i, i i
the election to Wilson Wednesday morn
ing, but they will say this morning that
the Issue is In doubt, with Hughes hav
ing the advantage
Porter J. McCumber was elected
I'nlted States Senator, three Republican
ii.rbniiiilves were elected, and the
What Hughes Must Get to Win.
I He must now get both Minnesota and California or he
j must have one of these together with both New Mexico and
North Dakota. With Minnesota and California his vote would
be 272. With Minnesota, New Mexico and North Dakota he
would have 267. With California, New Mexico and North
Dakota he would have 268.
The Republicans were strongly claiming Minnesota nnd
New Mexico and the figures supported their hopes. At 3 A. M.
Mr. Hughes had assumed the lead in Minnesota, having a plu
rality of 739, with 2,490 districts heard from out of 3,02-1.
In California the President was leading by about -1.000,
with 800 districts missing, including 100 from Los Angeles,
WAsiiiNr.Tn.v. Nov when reports 1 which had been giving Mr. Hughes a heavy vote. In New
Tr::;!,",:: .Zl. - Hughes was leading.
vote and that the xott- in other doubtful 1 -N'cw Mexico, the third State of the cnmhitir.tion, showe.l very in-
I o in-..i.. , .. i... ni,,... ti,r nan C'omnll-'t ( returns. Dnlv .'I III', out fit I.".". nrocincts in tho States hut! re.
keen Interest taken In th- xoto cast by ported nt midnight Inst tiiht. Thov khvc Huhi-H 11,791, Wilson, 1 :,53C.
!f;NHh; The I,1,!''"" "ere chiming the State by :i,(KI.) nn.l private advices
soldier ote might decide the election. , were received in this city that New Mexico would he Hi-publican by a
lluardsmen 'rum States considered more j small plurality.
or less doubtful, now on the border, ac-1 u'l.i. u ir r .i v . . i i e .i
cording to ottlclal tlsutes from the War "it" one-half of the New Mexico precincts hoard from, these
Department, number: including the cities tint! industrial districts wlierc Mr. Wil.ion assumed
HinnfVii" ru" wc"' Mr' "UKhes ,ms " lL,a,i of -1''8 aml thu Itpul.licaits, through
tllleiy. io. and' Held hospital. 75 men. Charles Stillwell, Republican State L'nmmitiecmnn, assorted that the
Cal!foVnll.Tn"leId ' artillery and S3 , Sttttu WU! surel' for Khes and that it could not be regarded lonBcr as
engineers, a 'total of 4GO, doubtful.
Kansas, 58 i-.iv.ilry, 127 Held artillery ... ... . . . . .
and 65 signal corps, a total of 250. West Virginia in Hughes Column.
Minnesota. 2,140 Infantry and 97 field
artillery, a total of 4,037. Earlier iii the night Oregon had figured in the combination from
artmer?t;.i'lVl'll'o"!ry " lch Mr. Hughes had to win States to win election, but by the time that
Oregon, '." cavalry and 166 ndd artil- the changed returns began to come in from Califronia. .MiiuuMt;i and
lcr, a total of 2jti.
w ashltiKtou, i'i cawi
corps, ,i total of 1st,
West Virginia, 1,0.18 Infantry.
North Dakota, 993 Infantry,
Wyoming, 490 infantry.
wilry nnd S7 signal scw Mexico it had passed out of the doubtful class and had settled permit-
;le II I iii 4,'jnn Votes, ichIiikI
11,1111 for Conininiuli-r In Chief,
Dallas, Tev, Nov. 8 Available fig-
Mil i-uri- iiir iimiii ny annul l.i'nn, I ...... ..n . ,
The Democratic State chairman of 1 ures to-day from guardsmen otlng on The House appears to be Republican by I or
ncntly into the Hughes column.
With these accessions Mr. Hughes nt ,1 A. M. had a total of U-17
electoral votes and Mr. Wilson had a total of 2o I . This array, together
with encouraging news, led Chairman Willcox to reassert with grcnt
positiveness his claims that Mr. Hughes was elected and caused him to
add, "The Governor (Mr. Hughes) agrees with me."
In the event that Mr. Hughes continues to gain in California and
Minnesota and thereby secures election he will have a divided Congress.
The Senate is uniues-
ZTnS Kf ' Itepuhuca,,
.i.ht haw. liren cases where a recount ticket,
was necessary, but we hope that those
days are pant. We only want whit we
are entitled to, and wo Intend to get
Democratic Chairman Vance Mccor
mick nt 1:30 o'clock this morning Issued
the following statement In reply to the
one Issued hy Chairman Willcox:
-Pre dent IV ion IS reeivuiru, linn
people who had not but thought they
saw a chance to clean up.
Curb In nn I'pronr.
The Curb at once became a tuibuient
uproar, In which brokers fairly fought
to get their money placed A bet of
1500 at even money that Hughes had
won was the Hist posted. Hughes sup
porters, many of them with large sums
already bet. Hooded the ilng with money
to back the c.i-dt alic.oly up.
fine and a h.iif to one was offered by
the Hughcn uowil, then two to one, two
and a m f to one, then hrce an 1 three , Nnr,, i)kota wired that Wilson's ma- Hie border In Texas and .N.-w Mexlin t onub v Democratic with a new Democratic major tv of as compared
ami a half to one. 1 Itially, nt the very j,ltv of , on,, i that State was mat n- showed that Hughes was leading, The
best of the day. when the .liances of , "e d all dav total was Hiuhes. 4,2f..-. i Wilson. 3,ll With the former majority of Id.
manes 1-,. Hughes to become the next t'h.,t,,.,, v. Mrf-,i.ii -.1.1 i.-I The votes of a number of guardsmen, . Tho situation in tlio two ilotormimiiL' Rtnti-s. Ciilifm-nin no, I Min.
President of the I'nlted States appeared ui ,., .... ,i i,.. Including New York and Virginia, in.-. . ... ,, ... . ...... ......
ro.iest. the odds advanced to four to one, "",,.;.. ",... .;;..'.:" "V.,.. noi included. These will bo counted In I ncsota, migm possiniy, in case xne unat result is extremely close, turn
the homo Slates. I upon the soldier vote of these States. California sent -liil) men to the
JfriJ'ZZ&n K '''der and Minnesota sent -1.0'tf. It may be ten days or two weeks
to vote, gae Hughes a total of 3,132
and Wilson 2.029
The Massachusetts units of two nm
bulance i-oinpa'Vs and one hospital
company expressed their preference for
Wllon. however, by 40 to 19.
The Flist Delaware, encamped nt
Doming, N. M also favored Wilson by
i., 10 mi vines. , . , , . , . .t.i..i. i .
Kleven of the seventeen Pennsylvania mr uy nn- .uiiv.. .. m. .-.,...-.- ihkii unit: it j.-ruiu
units gave Knox !,0H.,, nnd r'is r..-i4. population New York, I'eniisylvania, Illinois among them. Tour vears
? Krahi r Mr. Wilson received only minority of the popular vote.
Dramatic Scene in Willcox's Office.
! Probably no election ever supplied a more dramatic scene than took
liord. r r-lnce in the private office of William K. Willcox, (he Itopuhlienn national
One small bet was m.-ido on this basis
on the curb.
Wilson supporters were gobbling up
the bets ns they were offered, the major
ity of them on thn b.isls of two nnd
three to one. Hrlghter news fo,- Presi
dent Wilson began to seep Into the mar
ket. The odds slowly tightened .is more
nnd more WIIkoii money i.iiue In, As
each new bet of large proportions was
made the odds were reduced, and they
slid back down tho same ladder they
had climbed.
In four hours, or from 9 to 1 o'clock,
tho odds were reduced from tho maxi
mum of 4 to 1 on Hughes to 10 to 9
on Wilson. Th" closing on the Curb
was officially at that figure, with 10
to H demanded by the Wilson supporters.
The bell that stops trailing on the
Hroad street curb did not stop the bet
ting. Hy closing time the rush tn place
wagers was at its height The one
ring, which had been sufficient before
the campaign clnsod, overran Itself nnd
broke Into two largo rings, with about
15'0 tn 200 brokers handling nothing
but betting commissions, largo and
Wits Indicted In Connection With
Alleveil Pro-Herman Plot.
Cmioaoo, Nov.8. Representative Frank
itiichanaii, Democrat, was defeated for
reelection In the Seventh Illinois Con
gress district by Niels Juul, a State
Iluchanan was Indicted on December
2. 1915. by the Federal flrand Jury
In New York city, together with Frani
von Itlntelen and others for activities
In connection with an alleged pro-Ocr-man
plot to prevent munitions shipments
to the Allies.
While Pnlted States District Attorney
II. Snowden Marshall was conducting
the Investigation which resulted In (he
Indictment, Congressman Iluchanan arose
In the House and said he Impeached
before this vote is received by the election officials in the two States.
The method is to send the vote taken nt the bonier to the Secretary of
State!, who forwards it to the county canvassers. It may effect the result
in New Hampshire.
I Mr. Hughes has received apparently a largo maj'ority of the popular
vote. Some estimates place it as high as 1,000,1100. This is accounted
ator Fltiuerald received 39 voles to
for Lodge.
l'vlwntla It n 1 1 f I'll ft fttl
will oreri-oine ieiii..iTiiiii- i.en.i. ' chairman, between midnight on Tuesday night and midnight last night as
It may be mom than a week before the political pendulum swung buck and forth, lirst for Hughes, then
Continued, on Third Pa ft.
Ilnxhea I.rails In New Hampshire
hy Only 101.
CoNcoRn, N. H.. Nov. S. A recount of
the vote for Presidential electors In this
State will be demanded by the Demo-
Mr Willcox showed that he Is aware of rratlo State Committee, according to
that fact. Ills wall In reply to some , information received to-night.
Imaginary person that some one expects , It was learned that on account of he
imaitlimrj i . , ,ne rnmtnte
the election througli fraud Is was directed by the national committee street and Into doorways and saloons
worthy of the best traditions of the Re-1 to call for a recount at once ami to on- ( off jir0ad street, Not less than Jl.ono.ono
mihllnan narty. Tho public naa nan it tain tne nrsi maiinuio ...u. ...... . wim pun-rti uuwn niwn, cn-iuuing
chance to Judge the conduct of tho cam- In the work. The national commiuee is
nalen of the two candidates, and I am Uald to have guaranteed all the ex
oorfectly willing to let tho people de- penses of tho recount aside from that
eldo which side will resort to desperate , which In the regular course of events
methods " would fall upon the State. As far as
It was said at Democratic hcadiiuar. Is known here no charge of fraud has
ters that tlavln McNabb, Democratic Irn-n made.
chairman of California, telephoned tn Complete returns nnnounced by Pee-Vicc-Chalrman
Walsh of the Chicago rrtary of State F.dwln C. Ilean to-night
v,-,innnrte at 1 o'clock this morning give Hughes a plurality of 161, the
. .. y,i ...... ,, ..ixwitll i ., n'.r rt urriArl In n
Slllllticm iiuiii.; -
Presidential contest in the State. Mr.
Ilean did not make public the total
figures for each candidate, but It la
understood that his statement of th
that the San Francisco onronirie nnu
the Io Angeles I lines, outn iicimiiiik-hti
newspapers, concede California to Pres
ident Wilson.
Drlien Out hy Poller.
The betting continued nflcr the hell
for a solid half hour, until the traffic
policeman on duty charged Into tho
crowd and drove It out of llroad street.
The commissioners scattered Into New
down town, excluding the
tremendous sums wagered at tho up
town hotels mid cafes and In nthcr
parts of tho city.
llrokers who are reported to represent
llernard llaruch placed J250.0O0 on Wil
son at odds ranging from 2 to 1 to
10 to fi, Foster & I,ounsliery are credited
with betting $100,000 for people who
are supporters of both candidates, ami
Kdward McQuade,
Marshall for malfeasance and mlsfeas-. the result Is known In the fight between against him, then for him.
nnro In office. Iter, on January 12. -mini r . .ncintyre. i emocr.u. ami ...unes c.rn,,nPI nround Mr. W cox's table wh 0 te ecrran i instruments
I91fi. Iluchanan Introduced a resolution. Delehanty, Republican, for Justice
which was adopted, calling for the up-' the Court of liencral Sessions,
polntment of a sub-committee to Investi
gate Marshall's office. On June 20 tho
House, by a vote of 2A0 tn H5, adjudged
Marshall guilty of contempt In having
criticised the committee which Investi
gated him, On August 4 the committee
presented a report recommending that
the Impeachment proceedings be dropped.
The Indictment against Iluchanan was
sustained by tho Federal courts.
rtaeharst Hetels and Ciolf Unas, Oprn Nov.
lth InYulr. S.nboira Air Lint, till It'wsy.
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commissioner, bet a like amount.
I Uptown Tex Rlckard placed a large
amount of money. A largo number of
big bets were made during tho day,
1 125,000 to (20,000 un Hughes, placed
Chouteau Johnson, Another French
Ailntor, Also Kails on Furlough.
.Sprcint Cablf Dtupatcb to Tilt Sr
Paiiis, Nov
another large curb i "n Chouteau
,;. 1 ..llnH U:i., ....., I t.,,11nti,c fr.m lb,, ukifli,,,- Ut..ln. .........
CIlCKl'll IIIIU Clllltin iiiii-mj . i ,..i u iv r . ,,,,,, uiinvn nvig
1 Mr. Willcox, National Committeeman Charles H. Warren of Michigan,
Frank H. Hitchcock, (ieotge W. Wickersham, Charles 1). Hilles, Comp
troller Preiidergast and Herbert Parsons. From time to time other
leaders rushed into the room, heard flashes of good news or bad nnd us
-hastily rushed out to wire to doubtful States.
i Accountants at the elbows of theo men estimated probabilities
' partially hidden in the future, trying to dig them out with the tools of
, their trade, logarithms and the figures of Into returns. Mr. Hitchcock
carransa Train on Tr humitrpee wfts in constant communication over the long distance telephone with
line is MfasliiK, i , T. Hert nt Chicago, wno was in long instance toucn with unester
With nil the returns In but one elec
tion district, Mclntyre has 1 09,1170 and
Delehanty I0S.551. giving Melntjr" a
lead of SI A, Delehanty's filends, how
ever, declnre that fully 7.000 New York
National (iuardsinen on the border voted
for Delehanty, and that their votes will
swing tho election,
Pri:nTO Mexico, Nov. 8. Tho ndher
ents of Felix Diaz hold the Tehuanlepec
I Railroad, south of Santa l.ucrecin, Since
Friday last a train of thirteen cars with
Uowell in San Francisco and Frank H. Kellogg, Senator-elect in Minne
sota, who were analyzing the returns from the two all important States.
There was a K"nuP Republican lenders in St. Paul, Minn., and in
c'ohnsonofllNew York ('arraniu ,r"op!, "bo"r(l huB 1"'V1 m1"" San Francisco trying to keep their linger tips on the vacillating pulse of
of' the American aviation '"?') October 23 rebel forces attacked a 1 the vote, and these in turn called up the New York headquarters as they
the French army, have train, killing nlno soldiers and wound., i ,imutna Imsnil on their local and intimate knowledcc of the con.
two members of
squadron or tne French army.
sailed ror tne united States,
They have a three weeks furlough
train, killing nlno soldiers and wound
lug eleven. The passengers were lobbed,
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lie. th cut of tlx flan ttopptrtd bgttlts.
Matt and nourishing for liillJrtn It Invulids.
Ill Fulton HI., N. T, Pbone 1001 Curt.
mado estimates based on their local and intimate knowledge of the con
ditions in counties that had not yet reported.
At midnight on Tuesday worry hovered over this group. The news
was bad and Betting worse. Returns were alarmingly slow. As morning

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