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and nkw oiiKrnjm
8UNIAY. NOVUM I.KU lli. 10in.
Jintrd nt th r..t onus nt New urk
second ('lux .Mull Matter.
Subscriptions liy Mill, rlll.
XA1I.V, Per Mnnth
:2 So
uaii.1. I'tr l car
SUNDAY, l'rr .Month
SUNDAY llii Csn.i.UI,
per Mmii li .
UNDAY, l'T Veltr
l'iiiiiiv lt1r
DAILY, l'rr Month. .
SUNDAY, IVr Mi.lilli.. . ...
DAILY AND St'ND.W, IVr tlunlll.
TIIR r.Vr.KIN'il SI'S'. Pel Month...
TUK KVKMNil SI N. Per fear
TIIK liVKNINU si;.S'i'r'urelirn),t'er si, I oi
All checks, money orders, Ac tn be
ma J pHl.if to Tiir. sis.
'so Nal'.'iu1 "tr"ii. in 'I'.Jn Myroiuh nf Man-I
Itu"!?,'. Yso xVXw -tV"-'' vl!-t-iTr?"i.i. i;i:
;"sry. Wi",,yi"iihirin'!".h' iri.'"
tM.fi Tr-HKurer Win. T Dcutirt l.'o Nrt
...... ,..
. . ,., . , I
txinilnn "Itli e Hi' t iri" t '
Pari mnoe, a Hue ii in MkhiMirrr, nn
... iium.il.. .... ..,.,..
W..l.ln,li.n ..m... MilllaoV llll 1 1 .1 1 1, B
Ilrnokltu nfflt-p, lluoni j:,iKlo IiullJ
lat, 301 Waahlniton ilrcM.
rrVat ca.i iiuiriiof lor ruMifdiii k-a
cur ftUnit vo farnr ut ttlla ateaa.
r rtlrelfl atlMe$ aflame fay miki '
ell cant ra4 nampi tor ihii purpmr. I -
- I
Jastlre to Scarr, Houston and WH-
con, Weather Purveyors.
L'tiKcncrous nnd cynical persons uv
sert that Scarr. Houston & Wilson,
the monopolist who enjoy the prlv-
1 eco. of furn h lliir weather to Hie
weather they bud In slock, und can
reap no nuilcrlnl inlvuntiiKes from ,
tnanilfacliiriim imnv ( it. utile.
maintain that the raw mu.erluN f.,r
bad weather Iumc rlvn In prl.v ,., uu
extent dud, lenders It uup.olUul.lc
for tlie maker nluue lis .
ductlon. NVe rojee, both .bevies. We
.re not prepared ... ho u.1(.nli.led
Indorsement to lln pinctlces f the
purveyor., and , ,.. no. n, pres.
nt endow them with our ie.oii.nieu-
j . . . .i . .i i
dntloll, but we hope Unit ll.ey June
seen the error ( their former .viiji
and ure refornilnu'. Their present of.
ferlnu's arc necepieil: ili.-y me on p.-..-
nation, and eventually they may win .
back the nM.lldeii.-e their previous
BlIsilisMis torlelted.
Ccrialnly the wcuilicr tbe. nre now .
furnlsl.lng In Hi!- neck of the w Is
could mil I M-elled in 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 v-
In quantity ll Is ample for nil.
i. mill lii..i-r.iluiitta ,,f tin, titio.14
phere uie preseni In proper prop.tr-1
twin, l.len.leil Willi great sl;lll. I lie
Ulljllsttllenl or
American lie. have .onfe.r.sl on ,(T :io, 177(1. that John Mnuuv. wh..,""1 ,wo distinctly deolarpd and op-i": '" "t unii o, ,.,-, owrnenu.
It the lo. lo,.s days and nmi.W of ,, ,,,, nt ,,,. , Nt;w 3vnw liim candidates for tho Prealdency- ' In time to her. excep. for Mich ,,
this summer and uuium.. only be.',,dt, ,iood t.uck. preached bis tlrst A,AMS ""ison. Apamh re- ' Aa for overhead, the
cause In ll.i:, Itheenrly, ...is of M.r , ,,, IlurU ,,,,, v ,.'; votea and Jm-aoN ,K m !;;;
this vcar ihev Used .... nil the bud Tni.Mw Pm. i " im, !T"U J:hho.v lavame VU-e-PresI- Ihe Kas companies have proved
piecii.ltntlon 1.. the(,.subllshcil the right of each person
ieoile Is-udmlrable: It , to sups.rt no religious belief uh.it-
only In those hours ,.V(.r If he so r-hos... In view- of 1 1 1 1 -
xccl i:iliotis of taxi- ii,,. denomination lias some rci.s.111 tn
comfort of the .n
rains nowudnys only In those hours
in which none except patrons uf taxi-
cabs need be abroad. The air I- prop-1
crly dried la-fore II Is sened. and thus
reaei.es ine umninio .onsunier S.ai K-1
.... .. ....... ... . 1
ling, iresinuiiu uuiuiu.eu. 1 lie ,ies (
nre clear, und the rays of the sun '
Illuminate th.i earth siilllclently with-
out producing eM-cssltelieat. A bland
and satisfying nrlncliile tills the air. '
encouraging man to moderate exer'j
tion, nut restruiniii'.' iiim irom ex
cesses of endeavor that m'ght Im-
peril LN beal.b. lie ma.t ImsU in the
noonday sun. bill :i shallows full
tlnon I1I111 lie II111U It i-iinti'iii'inlilt. in !
.,1 .,1 ,., : ... '
viHtiip.L- tit,- ifisii nm, nil) nrit'ill l. mil i
..!,. ..!,,,. ues,,..,:nnd
WllCIl be lias siilllclemlv enlove.1 the
" "" """ " 'O.I...1.U ill.
tlorlcs of the sunset be pirn. i,. the
0ieu lire tvlili gratitude.
nM.l.. .. ......1 .. . ..
..ns .,,., iiciio.t o
denied nor better limn that our fore-
bears grew grcm Ii. : Ii Is. linvteter.
li.Hniti.lv s.n... .1,.. I
Houston & Wilson were thought ,
capable of mi tin. sin-ngth of ilielr
fromer products; ni.il wlille this
fchotllll be ucknow led.'eil, llie.t must -bear
In mind that In the luiiii-e 1 1 icy 1
Will be held strictly in the stuudard
they hate recent l.t uuii.u.-d. iiiid rete
tltlon of Ilielr Ini'iner nlmiuiiinlion
It 111 uu.er ugalu lie toleraled.
rutting Business Management Into
Srhool Affairs.
Through the Hoard of Kilu.-ntloii the
taxpayer spend XIIi.issi.ismi n .,., ,
Hitherto lids great animal extte.i.ll.
i . ...... . . ....
ii.ro mis oeen mane wi. .out central.,
CeX-U UIHMH illltl llimt'l I'll I'UltllIIIM't'H
thateneoiirag.il waste, if they did not
Invito nctunl iIMhiiiomj. The l.ourd.
besides Its salary roll, buys supplies
of every conceivable kind, nnd mull
this year no effort has been made to
put Its business on a business busN.
Hereafter the hoard Is to hate a
business insnager, on whom will rest
responsibility for the pi-naT .-.induct
It Ita affairs. The Jul. has been cre
ated through the cflnns nf the Hoard
tt Estlmnte, which, ns the apportion
ing ateut of the city, hn bepn a con
stant critic of theadmliils.rutlve pro.'
eeses of the Hepartmenl of IMiidi
tlon. Ita occupant will undertake the
task of adapting the methods of the
department to approved commercial
standards. Tbo difficult!.-- to he over-,
come are numerous, hut they can he'
surmounted, although In tho process
considerable heat Is to be c.ptvtcd.
The Department of Fducalloii will
not be transformed by the creation nf
this olllce, but tho decision to unonipt
new methods of regulation mark, the
beginning of a reform that has long
Been urgently needed.
BunlTal of Meritorious t'ltlien.
Tn spite of tho Internal combust inn
pnglno nnd nil Its successes, the Iuu-m.
khowi manifold virtues nro now un-1
u in., i .
(lergolng celebration here, has not
icen relegated to the hotv cases of
piuseums or retired to the unproduc
tive uses of mere pleasure seekers.
(The Itrltlsh tanks hnvo not evicted
rbnrgers from tho battlefield; tho
reorla tractors leave room for them
tn the farm: racing comuiuuds the
fcuthuslnsni of thousands, etcn witli
cnsy betting eliminated, and shnrp
observers declare Hint thn hansom Is
retrieving some of Its former popu
Inrlty In Now York.
At no time Iiiih tln necessity for n
large supply of horses suitable for mil
Itary tniil general purposes been more election being ulniost unanimously de
nppnrpiit tlmn It In now. Foreign dc- "'red. there were no opposing electoral
mnnd Im depleted the domestic sup-1
I'l.v. mid prices hnve renehed Itlpti
l'lensui-t drlvlm: bus been
curt iillml. lint It Is In tin nieiilis eer-
isjliiln Hint the motor will crowd the
j horse off the highways altogether,
!i , mid It bus heen proved 'that for miiny
(purposes the gas engine If not us
:2 economical or ns servlecnhlt! tin the
Thus I lie horse goes oil PAlllbltloll
tlnuv, but ns a valuable seruint of
man. still Indlxitensnble In the Mr-1
'fnriiinmi' of lniH.rtnnt tasks and
.....M,t. i.i.. . ...i ,i .
"""" "' ""'i :
'ohipllfehetl enulnei'rs und body build-
... . .
prs never siieeeeded In prodiii' Inn any.
,ii,i ...M..,i i...,ir.,i ,.L ..
I. iii, rJ ninirnu nil, I i.imti . til i.r.
jwell bred, well broken horae.
CblTersallsB's Look Backward.
line iill New Kiiglatid Is prcpar -
lie-' to celebrate In 11(211 the BOOth nn-
uhersary of the laiiillui: of the I'll- i
Kr,H members of Jie I'nlvewnl-1
M Church are endcnvorliu: to cum-
iiiciuorale In the snnie year the I.Vlth
niiiilxprsary of the fotinilliiK of t.
seet In America. If wns mi Xeniinn.
Hie ehureh nnd let It stand empty.
., , , ' ' ,
uwnltltii: the day when there should
eomo the M.lce of one cr lllg In the
wilderness nnd t..kln strakht tl
,,,, That one proved to be the
"heretic" .Ioh.n .MfnHAY.
,e oruanl.ntlon of tbo VnlNer.snl.
,.w , ll(.oIII1Irsh,,, , (iloner.
sins... within the next ten years; hut
It WIM , , ,wiiril ,lp clw, f ,
, Alm, u Im tllll, lw . (
,.,ty ,,f .i,,. Cnivf.rsnllsts i uorvhim
,w .hey pleased was established. I
(vbhrated suit brought by Mpiiray
ti. Kirst ParM. ;r the re-
nlvery of money diverted from bis
ue the Judges instructed the Jury to
hrlng In a verdict nil vers MrR.
li.Y. This the lurnrs refiiM il in do.
un retrial Judges and Jurors con-
right of each person to s.ipiH.rt any
religious belief be preferred but uKo
,.V(.r If he so r-hos... In view of Mil
). deiiomlnatlon has some r.-iison tn
fr outside Mipisirt In lis elTort '
'to preserve nn.i benutlfy the house In
. . . -
,e, Mrnmv lived III (lloiiccsler. a .
iiwelllng eris'l.sl nbout 17118 mid In !
tif 11 delightful specimen of New
Kngland nrcbltectiir..
Whr We Now Have the Indlrerr sa. '
tern o'f Presidential Election.
1 We take pleasure In answering tlie
following letter from u reader, tvlins.
inquiry W i.robul.ly Hud many echoes
,,, , jt i),,,,,.
ro Tlir K1.IT0B or Tlir. jCN-..y(r; I
, ,
,i,, ,. i,r.i,i, ,h...i. ,h
. . '," --
Hum of electors. Will you be .rood
I enough to tell your renders why the
cboloo Is not nnde solely by the popular
vote? . 11 w
'"' founders of the re-
in.bl'e was to have picked men. re-
niilless nf imlltlcfil Siiirtt- ......wr. ih.
Pieslileiil. Accordingly i'hey provided
in the Constitution Hint cm
1, Slate
should al.lH.lnl Pro.til.....l.il
"111 Mich milliner in Ii. I ..,rl.l,n ,...
I may direct."
It W11K the flP.lL'tl nf till. ti,i 1....,.
of our Coiistliniiiin to eivr. the si,.t...
' lil.f- lilt: r-llll.-s,
the choice of the
.'ly they provld.sl
a 'J. that:
as such, a voice In the
Pi-csIiIpiii. Accnrdln
I., V.I I,. I.. II U.., 1....
"liuh Slate shall appoint a ,
number or electors equal to "', whole
number of Senators and Hep.esenutlve. .
..kt:.l. .1.. I...-.- ..
- - " - .mine,, m
eiinvd In Mrmt.vY's fn..r. Pcrhm. candidate against Jrrrrnsr.v horlino.1 of Fifth nxeiiue und Flflv- " Klrl cmu """' -sne n.e e.nncr..-..e mum mis jtar. f.nce remedy for the faults of the compul- mo want or arms, rllles, cqulpniint
nml ilu. i'iiiv..e.,iiu.w .1.. ..... 1... Ti.i 111 ..1.1. .. , 11I111I. st.e..i Ti... ,int fr,., .,. ".oae.1 flown at Kami and smiled. 11 i usuaaj les.iruen ns a uepunuenn iry nnd vo untary systems, which Is unci unirorms.
. a l.clnl e.sul stsdoiio ierstntetl e muddle, ultimately resulted 'n '. ' e IT 1 , ' "' The smile revealed ... others than ' stronghold Llirolv forrn 0f, physical and ' The German picture Is differ. nt T'.r
Hi" tnets when tliey My that the re.mlt faor of JrmRsox by the House ofl,ln "r subway falls upon tioscv. H;ni wnBf , UlIll, wl1 , , , . . Wyoming. In the ltepubllcan column In nillltaiv tralnlna- ln the whools or ln . Germans nlono have nuhllshed
of lids trial not only 'established the Ileprwutti lives, eialed the busliips-s f , hitlies and minds. F.ven the unelent s,.f. imposed training had perceived . 1!'" and 190?, turned to Wilson in 1Ci: ennuis like Plattsburg or the volunteer 1 tloa and figures show-inn the 011....1I1
,, I,,,.,,.. , I.. ,-,, . , .0 . .
gave tn tlie -iiinllci- Stales .
a rp.resentalloii among the ttlectors ' aifd frequently tn criminal prospcu
greater ilinn would huve b.H-n theirs tlon. Thpso wpro trivial ismsldera
luul iminilntlnii alone heen consulted. ' thins lightly brushed aside In engpr
It Is followed to-day by allotting to ness to cash In on the outcome of the
each State as many electors ns It has balloting. The election, wore the as
Senators nnd llepresentatives com-1 pect of a sporting event or a commer
blued. Thus New York has two Sen-1 flat transaction to the bettors; the
tors and forty-three Hepresentntlves; ttlse among them stifled personal In
tuit! thtu-efori! forty-live Presidential cllnatlon and political opinion, seek
electors. Hbode Island has two Sen-' I'11-' 'n ,l10 victims of these weaknesses
ators, three Congressmen nnd tivij1 trlhiitors to their own pocket hooks
Presidential electors. et the popu
lation of New York Is not nine but
eighteen times Hmt of Itbode Island.
The two additional electors are the
Suite's tolec In the choice of u Presl
dent, as distinguished from the voice
of the people, though the utterance
ma be the same.
Ill the llrst election of ft President
In I7--H there were attempt a to hold
lopiilnr elections In New Hampshire.
Mii'i-uchiisotts, Pennsylvania, Mary-
land und lrglulu, hut the choice ;,f
electors was tlnnlly made by the I,egls-1
latures of these States. Ithoiie Inland
ami Norlli Carolina had not yet rati
lied the Constitution, in New York the
Legislature uari'elled too long, about
Die oliest.nn nl entlll.utlrir. ll...
., .., j....,,.. ,.,,.,. ,,, ' vn
choose Presidential electors.
Ktery one had Washimiion In mind
for Ilia Presidency, but he wn not
nominated In the modern sense nt till.
When the electors assembled each elec
tor east two votes, not distinguishing
one aa for President and the other
na for Vice-President. There were
sixty-nine electora and each cast one
veto for Wasuinotok. Ot the other
sixty-nine rotes John Adams had
thlrty-fnitr, .Tons Jat Imd nine nml
the rest were scattered. Wahiii.nuto!
woo accordingly declared President
mii John Auamr Vice-President.
'Four years Inter. Vahiiinotoj's re-
tlcke in tin tiled in nny of the States,
Tlio lute A. K. Mcl'i.rHK'n book says:
"Thn lrpn(leiitlal electors of that day I
were appointed In ncconlanee with
obvious spirit of the Constitution
meant to provide an entirely dl
alonats and Independent tribunal to ex
erclaa the stiundeat discretion In the
oholce of a I'maldent and Vloa-Pretidrnt.
No pleda-e were asked or plven by nny
one nsuned as an elector, and each ono
was free to vote according- to the die-
been opitosltlon electoral tickets, they !
woul have ln-leally run on oppoalnir 1
distinct obligations on the'
nnrt of ench slda an to how lhlr vntia I
" -
would Ik
e .-ast. but no Buchz-nueHtlon'nn.l tl. luoisewlfe N flint the baker,
..n ii m.i ..ii i . .!.
the rtrst hatllA between bakes for iho averaRe perM.n. who,
nd JcrraasoN In U.iV' exists only approximately, while the ,
aruae until
Adams und jBrraftiON In ntft'
Of the election In 171)2 U Mould be
noted that there were fifteen States
and 182 elector. In nine State these
were chosen by the Legislatures; In
Xevr Hampshire. Slassachusetta. Tenn
s.vlinln. Maryland, North Carolina
Virginia by the vote of the people,
- ' -
1 h0 V0,M cnJ,t "J' tne electors gave
"A"'""" 132 and Adams 77.
'-'m.iton was third, with Ml votes.
111 J'"" "'ere were, ror ine nrst
"," ""',"",! .. .
Binla and North Carolina cast divided
,IU.I 1IA.......1.....I..
... Illflll IlllU. C,...,. I. t r.. .... V '..
,i " " .
7, " " ;7T7f
' ' o r ,m . , , f m ""7,
' ' t " ,, '"V', o'r .T
n ,
?,,lt " " ' ""
iM-uihrti " er...i. im
.... ... . r. .
."..'s ui hip i'i'ciors unu were iiko ror i
.,. Pnl .,,, Vnu. ,. I
h-,mi serloiiRl.v thought of for the' The Brunette With the Basket,
Presl.lencv. The votes cast for him' '" '''"' "rites ... Ii,.iili..
ilm weu Ititvntltl to Insure him se.-- '" the identity of th nrk woiumi
.n place. The mutest had been ' nl" stands on top of the new fmin.
regarded ai'elv ns h,.i-r.i. .T,v. lain nt the Plaza" U. we fear. nf.
1 1 hsAv nn.i ah.ul ii,,. if.-... k..i
is-rniltted the ne of his name as
h-ivlng the electors vote only for Presl.
dent, with the Vlce-Pre-thlpncy falling
the man whose vote stood mvoiiiI. ,
Tlieivafter totes were cost ilsilnetl
tor Pre-ldeiit and for Vice-President. I
a Is done to-day. 1
lVe-ldeiit and for Vice-President. I
a-Is done lo-dav. .
''lectors of the present will .r
"" entirely dilTereiil ttersons
.. ...
Ir"m ""' "", rounders of tills conn-
lr' """ 1,1 elivtora lire
n" eoiuplolely responsive to the
spular will as Is seslble without the'
entire reinoval of State boundaries In
eleellons. Were these
.......daries , disregarded there '. ve ,er If the cit, w ii.
would Is- no further use for Presldon- u, ,'l' , IIU" "f ''' Mind blast.
tlul elector, mid the popular voio . vrH ,,1T ", "''II Itsidf. Iiiaxa, eter-
tvu.ld dirhle the Issue. """y altnliig her nrrow from the Hp
And thai Is what the milieu wlll,,f ""' Is '" albino, I111I us
bate when by the process-of cnn-tl-
tlltiout.l iinieiidmciit the element of
i,r mr rrewiieiiL inell
..... .... .
. . .-s....-.., .1. represent a major-
Ity of the eliM-iorute.
A Little Poison on the Side.
It was fat election for betting
commissioners, for tl,..en, for the
purveyors of "Inside Informal Ion.'
The si,n..nlnltv. ynlrlt f.wu..l I...
exlrnordlnnn,- course of stocks under .
th" stl.nulus'of unprecedented foreign '
conditions, found In the contest for
.... ... . .
President n clinllnnim fn i.r.,li.l... ...
to pntnlsnnshli.. NoIkhIv
lfllr.tVn hull Tlll.i.h IV. Id iHr.AM.1 I.......
Sr. iifa) mm la nil in.!! thn mliiii., '
..-"., "1.. in on urruil TIB uu llH'Oll ll:
...noun. : In another place 7.W,0:
in another SI2.(SH1.000. Nor did the
gambling Mop with the clone of the,
' V.L..: ' .J.
" .. '"' . '. "V
. . . t . i . . ... i .
nithouah the decision 1....1
i l.rurn rfkdn nrl m n...l .- ..ivttl.n.l ,1...
...... ...,,. ...,, i. -,, . I ,
prm n, ta.w
IIS I" IK'in MiUII,! VHOlll, It lltl III
all. were siiblect to illMfrniichlsemeiit
or bank accounts.
A messengpr boy het the $8 In
trusted to him to deliver against 55
offpred by n man In front of n bulletin
board: Mercury won, but the other
fellow disappeared; the. boy Is in Jail,
Is be the sole and lonely victim of
this orgy of gambling?
Bread and Its Makers.
A while ugo tho Commissioner of
Weights and Measures, Mr. Hahtiiian,
tuiKKOstitl that thn bnkers reveal to
housewives their recipes for bread
making, his Idea being that the pro
fesslonal kiiPiidPi's would hnve nn op
port unity to prove tn the ladles Hint
the kllclicn cannot compete with tho
bakesbop In both tunllty and cam
omy. The bakers, however, do not
rush to Mr. If Aiim.AN'R flattering no
tion. The Uakim' Weekly says:
"The suggestloii by Mr. Hartioan Is
Impractical, aa the average housewife
would never, under any circumstances,
admit that her loaf was not better than
bakers' bread, and, what It still worse,
since she neglects to count her time and
fuel and has no overhead expanses, una
Is bound to come to the conclusion that
Iiome baking In her opinion, at least
In. after all, the more economical way.
Mr. Hartman no doubt means welt, but
his plan of 'showing tho ladles' would
sureiy prove a boomerang to the baker,,'
It Is probable that rage
lutusewifo who makes bread la ...tlir-
necked as the trade Joitrnnl believes
her to he; I, would 'bo
for humnnlty If she were not. It
1.. .. ..... J.,
i nirouKU ine seu-conntienre nnti
provnl, that cookltiK lias come to be
nn art and a Joy. In Jhe mnkltiK of
breiul the Imkesbop baa only ned
kitchen, nddltiir now and then aomi;
ilevlee, 'sanitary or labor savin if, but
never qnltu eiiunllliiK the quality of
ndopteil the tnlxlllK nineblne, bavliiif
found that It does Its work us well ns
hands and more quickly.
Tlui trnwir iulf l.ntit'iuxi il.. l...!.,,
- - "" '
housewife bakes to suit the personal,
educated palates of her family. They
may cull for n coarse, tough bread
which would bankrupt a baker If he
tried to sell It, or n bread so fine nnd
soft that It Is not .easy to cut. ltread
Is like roast tirmf nml l.nLo.1 u.in
.i.n ,. ... . . . .. . .
""c "', ' . ' , l,Mlnl
"" " """ ' miiru.mis, n is
not Art.
It Is true that the housewife does
.mil !. .In .... 1 1
""' " '"" "'
produosl for nboul three nnd n hull'
cents, ltread Is still olio of the leiisl
expensive of pleasures.
The baker will continue to turn ..til
. ., '
bis llghl. eleun. imlatable loaes, und
wuii ine ironis nny .ii.se.iail teams,
The housewife will keep on linking.
at least once a week, umbrnslu. She
docs not wnnt tho baker's rcctim
Spe.l Pi.lw bei.cn shn tvll! vit Ka I
uhcml of him.
levied i.y the geuernl gloom which
nllllcls th.i who frequent the neigh.
'".-es .if tbp hntisom drivers are not
".nny as tliey used to lie. We have
f:m" w'tb the color of tin-
briinetle who holds tho basket. The
"rll', .erha.s with the tube e.M'uvn-
t,"n M thoughts, made her ..r
'""I"'. .erha.s with the tube exenvn-
hl thoughts, made her of
''ronw. and bron.. she shall l.. until
s""u' ''"rk 'miiils.,.tier of a dread
ri.iin... 1... l..... ...1.1. ..1.1..
" - '" ' ""'-' "" en-
- ""'" ,i'' ami
"'""M but fruits or flowers.
w,'-v f""" ' !'
statue? The Justice oh (he Ciiv Hull
I" ""''h darker than Am and we are
""rK "s " s1"' spent the summer
111 -Mnllie woods. If Mr. A. T.
n . . . .
M T ".Jt. ..T'T?
' ""
fn If nm. ul... ...n..- tl... ..1.1 .1...
; -. ' '.
' moil t ' tt I It Mil
With lili. ml
ti nn she plucks bJoml llglitnlng from
nt ulr, Hr wlnirs nro JMini!f. Tn
';'" "f"' thrtrtai ,iW r,.,.
V.i.V ..'."""i wWh ""'
village wizards, with knife nml
""'"HI, Used to trilllsform into spreud.
I"U', ''!""'. t,10S, ''P PUt 1,1 a l"1t,,
".'"'V," 'T I,'".rh,r sh"1'-
A'''''''r 'I""de lady our skies s
o. the .Miinletiii.l hntl.ll,,,. cm
"" ""' MlHttrtpal building.
"'"- " ' not neen
isnniNf oi i iip jersey
fl"''"' les or the miasmas of the Pas
, .
?W " v''r- n-v' '""' tlle'' '
,H" " b" l ter-ln-law.
"r ,lent";v " tht brunelte
.'vlth the ImskPt. why should evert-
thing have An Identllv? Whnt .be
w,,rl'' "."eds Is more mystery.
. .
-Tl... .,..,1 .. ....... . .
n- irmi nriwet-ri II I .IOH VSnV Illl.t
(leneral II, unison Oasr Oris 1ms begui,
witli the worst epithet that one truer,
lean can "hurl" against another, and,.
as the son of the robustious (Iiio'vr I.'1
loiiNsoN surpirses the old gentleman
In vigor nnd venom of expression, It
is going to no a mighty ugly quarrel.
Ocenns of Ink will How, and the Sierras
will resound with cuss words.
In the death of Adjutant-Oeneral
W.Lai'li F. SAPl.cn. Jr.. the .Vow Jersev
National Guard loses most capable'
and energetic ofllcer. He knew his
duties thoroughly nnd was an author-'
Ity upon all things pertaining to the
Organised Militia.
Speaking of doubtful States. Chi-
nuauiia is so uncertain as to bo n
rrlghlful menace to two neighboring
The lady In the State of Washington
who made this promise to her steady
company, "if Ht'otiKs wins I'll marry
you right away, but If he loses. we'll
wait a long time." and on Wednesday
morning consented tn bp married, was
overheard to say, "Oh. bother the ex-
tras!" when her husband shotted her'
that the election was in doubt. Woman
seems 10 be Just about the same In the
suffrage Slates as In the Stales that
refuse to put the ballot In her band.
Miss Hankin makes her own cloth, s
and lints, Hnd she Is also an excellent
cook. .l(,i.iouIu, Mont., tlenpntrh.
If the news gets round the Hon.
.!K.tNKTT. Rankin will not serve ninny
terms In Congress.
The spirit of 177 yes!
of 1 47tl never again!
Tho spirit
The November Feeling In the Ilarniraril.
.'lrl Turkey How dn you feal?
Hi'rtiil Turkey--Too fat to llshl
Slella -norm uur Chrlalmui ,i.i..ns
nella llorej I have my New Tear reso
lutions already broken.
perslatency of Housewives, rompetliiK "f ""'crest way of
the blue ribbon of n l.usbnndV i.p.jlf ho ,,,.,, r c01lUln.,( ,,cnr ,whnt
111' t.i'lllf-ll I lilt 1 111' IIU'I WIM IS SUlllll
Ah n boy lllchard Itnnd suffered an
,.m',?,nV."t . ".. heBrl.n.B "un?
, XZ toa ex Unt
I or share their mischief. None wanted
ns not cauitht the other half wron.
to hnvo much to do -with n follow who
II ... .. .1 I ..w.-.
D ,:,J "'") Mmicn.
you were Hnylns;.
I The deaf boy found the companion -
Riup or ma pinymatea pa nru . no
withdrew more nnd more Into htin.ulf.
He developed n love of reiidlnx, pic
tures and music. When he was with
people he -luillcl their fueea with
anxious care. Homctlnies he ronld
pierce me masK. someiioies lie couiu
.,e.i ne uiu ne iis m.en cu
I;.., u'v"? SreT.',n. ;,r,''nr,mi
llialnieilt he freftienll detected.
i Kiitnl went rnn.iv to inn nnil thou
Ifiitiit tvtinl iutt i tit u.t1u.i1 amt tlmti
t colleire. It ivamaa If he were en-
... ii iMirvu ii in Hen iii
cased In shell Not many persons
'Joke through he barrier Imposed by
his Infirmity. Ho dwelt for tho most
part In his own world. This was n
region spacious and peacefully aerene.
It waa peopled with flguros of the
past. They were men and women of
history or llctlon heroes, demigods,
' scoundrels, thieves, martyrs, poets,
knlRhta nnd peasants. They moved
iiiiuiu in uie nccomnanimeni oi nee-
thoven and medieval chansons, of
ciiopln and Palestrlna and a host
I"alrt Lotil .lfu,
lluler of all rmtiir
I'.ilr are the mfartniri,
r.ilnr c t It I th n.iilainl-
lltibril In thf blooming c.irb if .prlnc
,te.ip Ir frfirrr.
.Irm In jiuriT
Win. muku th" wnf'il hrl in lnr'
frbi nrilvi. nnd l.ivmlu .linna nf tlir.
...... . ...w.. ... ....
"ong sung by the followers of Peter
the Hermit. Oodfrey of lloulllon nnd
ltlclnir.l the I. Inn Henri struck a deep
1,1 Menard Hand's soul.
U ""' "f ,"tn,1"l, '''
com.- u vmposcr uf music. Ills work
,owe.l distinct .ronilse. Severa.
hhimlis lecelved discerning prnlse.
H. llrsl cympliony was performed by
""' leading orchestra of America and
wns acclaimed n little masterpiece,
It was Lased on American mcloiile,
with the (XKUtlon nf the andante.
which hud for Its motif the Crusaders' .
'Hymn. The hannniilznUon of tlie
v.nrk was particularly line. Theip could
be no doubt of Hand's talent
Hitting a few feet away from the '
players Hand listened tn their r. mil
lion of the symphony. After tho np-
plniiko had ruded, nnd as be left the,
'laio, he glanced up nt one of the
lH'xe. Seated in the front of It wa
1'iom the moment he met her. It re-
v..ici uie sinceruj. ine empntny ni
fi " "
.lf,. wt,
11 greit nntur. She was one nf the
i-rson Hand had met In nil hi-
..ii,. ti.i.i ..,...1 t,iu LA.....i.i.,
nllli ,., .IM thp onV ' .. ...
The compo
'''' nU."k'";
in,- i-!'!iiium-i M.(i.eii inio ine narrt
For a moment a hatred
i.i in.-1 nun lino . ..nun i'tiiii.. i im
,o ,h.nk )lf hr" pj)t ()Vrr ,n ,M R
treniendoiis surge of feeling. As he
yto, t,r,, jp tir;d that be taught
"nly the melodic notes of the piece
the orchestra had Martrd. Th m-
'"ll"" 'I' nl" "wn Hfe struck him
fmVVirnian ,he v.-trs tha, shouM
,, vouchsafed him to have to supj.lv
his own harmonies-IsMiitiful anil
glorious. Incommunicable, and iio.llbl
to himself alone
Was It nn Inn From Which Jonah
Wa I 'a at Forth:
V. -nr. Hrirna or Tn Mrs- si.- ...
,..,,. n ihw iinestii.i. -is h.i tr.-
of Jonah nml tht whn1 truo? I nmst
iMnt out that storlrs hnvo tn i
t'NnT.. tTien.' w.,
Tl. nVlnel
"'in ,1 ii... ii
aa undoublelly the
name of an Inn frequented j.y tiherni"n
and other seashore characters, mt.t .m,
,'"t!h- "''"""t" from a cruise and be -
'h'of rer
rejialred to tile Wbnie In
refreshment After three dais
Keepers were slow In those
il.it s ) .
his money being dissipated he
a. i:)St forth again.
II .1 i
.Nrit vdiik, .Nntemi.er 1
1. I , n .1 n ....
I !"'" '".i n m 7J " "'
j the Ilatt.e of Saratoga.
To tiir Kditol or Ti.r S. N-Mr. .
al.,.11 have t
to ask space to crate tin
Thomas O nrieii, who ob-
' JeMs to my failure to mention the In
nlien.tte Irish nt the battle of Sai'at.ic i
I 1 .I...1I Bn,..,..i ..... 1,1.1 n... ...n.. .1111 I.
-" ' v ...iwi.i ir'--. .. i.mrii 1 1.
' and .ll no doubt find the record of the
patriot your correspondent mentions.
Mr ',1rle" ' mistaken; I wasn't
"J"hlrlg," I was attempting to put the
k'""ou" necompu.mmeius or patriots lie
i f"r' " P'0 Brown stale with custom
. i.u.rm iiuwi.i unu un- uisn ai
Saratoga, or Indeed any other place
wnem mere 11 aa ine enance or a good 1
tight, acquitted themselves gloriously
Hut 1 will bet a cookie that at Saratoga
t ley didn't claim to be Irish-American.
Ni.w Vor.K. November 11
lre Krent In a Kentucky Tntin.
from Me lltrtnn Mrmrnorr
One of the larnt eventa thai eir-r
happened In our ten km the ratine of
ni'n ainiei of r cream at the tr.r
11. K.ii.tm lait nlsht bt Ouy liar
'nnil nf I'lttstourar. Ky wlui woiks at
Klllt. tillnei.
A Trumpet Stlllei.
A .iiltlnic Ib'lll bus It that 11 f....ilifi 1
eiuinlnntliin ;.. hep nmonK rHn.1l.la.es
fer the limit miinei last wrek at one of
our pi nmhifnl Irrlllutlims of learning,
In llre.k he ina.le a perfect 10
ll.ith Xitnnpliiin atul limner
''' 'i.1, '."l!1l" ,!','," '"u '!.':,n p"1'
That philosophic rnanier
Whom Plato dlalnRtirs about, ,
Oar hr.i put In utter root
ln litin the eiihjiiucilve niooi
Anil prniieful cotnposltion
Uriiuslit ernllea ilWicllo pleasant fowl,
Anil quite without volition
Ills Tai-llus arid Terence papr
Marie tin riamlner cut rapersl
In mathematics 'tit-aa the lame,
In pliyika, nulls the Nenton;
The chemistry exam wan tame
To him, a very Teuton;
I'hll.l'a play to him the mvrtirl'.
Thai lurk In undent lilstorle
Hut In the major thins, nln.l
He proved extremsly llilik.
The use of linnil"-, the forward pais,
Wlien it In bait tu kick,
Ituil failed to and a to. lament In hl ci 11111.
And .u (er Jitiu fain nvter aoundad trum
Mtriicr Mosnt.
' .Significance of Her Participation llnlh
ln Nnf,ri"f Non-Nuffrairo Stntes.
I fTr
.elt"" - ." 7. " -m,n
'? PT?.'r"m. "1rt ,h"n "n" noiMnl'
nnvo voted, fray, now eise couiu mey
' " lllclll IU 1HJ.
, ; Xn "l es . tho f ct that
''"Bon0n ''u
voteis or nonvoters, suffrnKlats or nntl
HiilTiiialsts, they have cast iislilo nil per-
' 0 , 1)rpllll1c.. nn.i hnve imal.
. Mlollll(rm nm, disinterested Lervlc- t..'
Hie political party with which lluy wen- nry weapons out of nund wnen tne
nltltliiteil. Tho contribution tn.-ide by time came. Hut now n somewhat dlf
wunieii In this c.-uniinlKn bns brvn hkok ferent M-iitiiileul Is growing-. It Is
nUcd In huITi;ii?p and non-siirfiiiKe Hlntrs
()k? ll)ld hl( tfll,iPrsil tho po-tltl-.n of
lh- ,ii,.fr!1iil..l nrnm.n rldloiilnua
. ,, nto,eri()le.
Women- part In tlil- ....mpnlan will
,.,.rinltilv brln , nenrer Iho dnv when
... . .
"... ......
, " ' . ,i i i J
r cnuutf In n ikh limy helluve but
',, r,cHvi. hp MWW 1)f , fralli;h,K,
j to complete their efforts. -
Alice CAnrcNTKii,
Chairman Women's City Committee
Hushes Alliance.
.N'kw York., November 11.
The Sara. Event as Interpreted kliriTliSr....,....'::
the Antt.flntrraalsts.
To the noiToa or The Kcn Sir: In
all the uncertainty which surrounds the
nnal outcoino of the Presidential elec -
tlou one point stands out clearly, which
la that wotnat suffrage, Imlor.'cd by thn
Pvo jrt-e political parties In their tin-
tional platforms m-iely on the ground
J nf political expediency, did not prow.-
i to b iin IsMie'in the cnmpalgn.
j The Itepubllcan lenders who made n
I special effort to fuptuio tlie woman's
ote must be greatly chagrined at their
' tt.... . ....i.. .1.. .. n ......
ituiuir 1., nwmi; inr nwiiiaii ouiitnK
stntes to their candidate. The Kepub
llcan candidate or President made th
highest possible' bid for the support of
the oinen voters through ills personal
indorsement of the federal amendment
-and lost It.
Illinois, where the wo!nn voted for
President for the tlrst time, Is
normal ltepubllcan State which etvune
to Wilson In 1915 but !. now back In
I the ltepubllcan column. The stutn
would have gone for Mr. Hughes with-
inlt the wienan'h vote
Montana, which went for lloosevelt ln
P.iH and Ta'ft In ISOK, gave Its votes ' zens, without distinction of class or
for VIIon In 1:, nnd dll not swing 'calling, to give thnlr aid In the defence
back to the Itepubllrnn column through, nf the country dues away with the un
the woman s vote. i fnlr.."H.s of depending upon tho patriot-
Nevada, which voted for Rooevert In
l:nt, is usunllv found In the Pemocrat'c
column and still remains there.
Ltah, the great .Mormon woman suf-
frase State, Ik unexpectedly fnj.nd
'"l a"o cave I's electoral votes to ldn.
Washington. ltepubllcan In tPOl and
If'OS and Progresslvo In 1911, now
.ttlngH to Wllsun.
('nlnrado, Arizona and Idaho are nil
It. m.xratlc. as they were four .tears ntro.
hlle California still hangs In the bal-
I.et us hope that ns a result of this
, election future rsndhl-ite. for nny po
for nny po-
iuic.il omen win not u terrorizea ny tne
threat that the woman s vote cm be (
delivered" ng-ilnal them unless they .
indorse woman stiffrnRe.
ALicr. H11.1. Chittenden.
1..a.n, V.n V.t- to... ,..nnt..l
-- ... 'u -
tlon Opposed to Woman Suffrage.
Nkw Vokk, November tl.
Tueda)'s Kestilt Attributed to the.
Woman Vote.
To in Kmroa or Tlir. Ht'.v Mr The
women of the Incite aulTrase Stntes 1
ate 1 ,v, , , 5. a " ."" for men to the colors has been re
th. y would do; they Hive elected a Pre,- . ' ,, ' ,r.,.lltles nnrl
1 iii.il Fiiffrago commonwealths, all but
three strongly Republican, Indorsed the
WIIon policies. It is mi that In the
1 ,nt two rk of th camralKn the
fn.tnnnAt.. V.. .
i . .. ..
; mil nnv r- ii. ii in ...ri n nuiaii inri-
Jorlty of the women of Illinois, hut else-:
I v.-Iure their efforts were of no avail.
With the sultr.tKe States excluded
, ltuchr. ttould have hern elected, and
lHilllle.-tl authorities agree that if the
voting In those States had been con
(tied to the men the defeat of Wilson'
would have been assured. It is obvious
! th. i. fore tint the women must receive
tho credit for or Is-ar the onus nf the.
I triumph of the Wilson policies.
1 ....
1 . ,?Z,
, 'r -
, ,0 ,et
Kolns American, easv going
vomnn Is concerned, has been
"Oh, well, If the it omen nant
'am. They cant do any
bnnn." And the suffraclsls have been
' telling us that the woman tote.- Is at'
t I.H.t .nun. tr- TV1 1 rlrtt l.tn mirl lt,.1.-.,i.n,
to th.. men, that her Intuition Is mi- '
perlor, that eh cannot I fooled so
readily by crafty politicians, and that'
... in.- r. inn. in v..
reptesentlng person. 11 1 mil polllleall)
the highest typr. of citizenship
All good Americans will hope thit
reelecting Woodrnw Wilson eho eter
nil of these admirable qualities
na .h.t her ludrment will be vl..ai.-:..e,l
bv the record of the next four .tears
Hut If we acent the statements nf uruc.
tlcally all newspaper correspondents In
the Went we must arrive at tin. conclu -
Ion that the women voters failed to
srasp tlie larger issues nf ttui campaign
Our national honor and prestige, Indus.
trial nnd military preparedness, ihe
Mexican and Karnpeaii policies of the.
Administration did not concern them.
Tlie successful party did not appeal
to their patriotism or Intelligence, bur
merely to their feminine aversion to
force. The false cry "Ho kept us out of
war" was manufactured for Ihelr espe
cial benefit, and Willi the twin slogan
"He protected me and mine" was chanted
by the women voters throughout the
suffrage .States. Obsessed with the Idea
that Wilsoo had kept the country out
of war, they refused even to consider
any other Issue. In view of these facts
the suffragists may find that hlRh sound-
lug phrases nnd glittering generalities
will not servo to iidvaiico ihelr cause
as readily In the futuro as tliey hnve in
the past. F. H. WmnnT. .Ir
New Vobk, November 11.
la Our Naval Pnlform a ('p
To tiis EPITnit or Tor. Scv sir! A none
nf your contributors appeur tn k'iow i h
the American naval uniform lifts three t.ne.
1 nf whits hral.l nn the collar and 11 tilai-k
j s nrf around the nsck under the rnllur. I
am nf ths fame opinion still, that ll Is
Imply a copy nf ths llrltluh uniform.
Where Is America, nrlslnnllty ?
Nr.w Vosk. Niivetiili.r 11. l.'iamra
Hansan Willi s,,m. srnie nf Shame.
From Ihr Toirka Cn;iinJ
While Rnliht llarrli Is wearing a wrlit
watch, It U illillnctly to his credit that ha
shows a proper aenaa ot his ahame by eon
ceallnr II underneath the tuff of his shirt.
Experience in the European War
Tlie people of the United States
are boulnnliiK to tnku stock of the
mnn' m,l1,ltl"y , "
the Mrltlx.li. o would -muddlo
throiiKh" if nttucked, und n country
rlch nn'' powerful aa the United
would quickly forjfe the neces-
retoKnlzed that (iroblems of modern
war cannot be fettled on ancient
.Mmlern war Is a matter of sclentlflc
.voniltlm.-. of technical training of
..i.,Ui..,. nr ....il,.n.,i f mlluuvs
' 1 J
' . . . -
t sanitation. Aaain. tne compulsory
m t.'irv scii' re laws In such thor-
. , m " c" untr ea as
I '!', "v0w Zealand and Aui"
Suilzi'ilnnd, Now Zealand and Aus
j trnlla, as welt as the example of Eng
land lier.-elf, are taken as a model of
what democratic communities can do
when the supreme hour comes. But
j vice, from which militarism In the
' Prussian sense must be carefully dis
tliiRiil-hed, there are several practical
' problems to be discussed.
j Kirst. Is the scheme of voluntary
trulnlng really national, adequate to
i t)CMslons. fair to all and efficient
Pn0uKh to carry the nation through a
war with the minimum expenditure of
men and money? Undoubtedly the
nation Is realizing far better than
liltlt.ir.il n.ti.,n til n.i.llnr. ImmA
T,mt t fa h- dmy Qf eyery c,t,Mn
make hlinself edlclent Is an Idea strongly
held by on Increasing number. But
how Is this efficiency to be acquired?
The application of compulsory mili
tary service upon all able bodied men
is something that only supreme neces
sity would make popular, as It did
during the civil war, and until that
j supreme necessity comes the question
. of compulsory service will ho shirked
by wavering and tentative politicians.
fn theory It Is not wholly foreign to
the American spirit as a republican
and democratic spirit. To ask all cltl-
, Urn uf a few,
The experlenco of Great Britain, the
. pxoerienco imlned In the mobilization
of the National Guard. In euoh train-
being cnmim as Plnttsburg, Indicate the
tridiilng ramps of Kngland. Medical
and sanitary authorities who have
studied the guard mobilization believe
that some system of national service
would be for the good of the country,
and would serve both Us mental and
nSl physical health. Tho military
trning of Imij-s nnd young men. under
I American conditions of equity, seems
,lft .... .ir.icticnl but fair. No ono
i.nnu. heller Ihnn the nhvrlclan nnd
,t..,rv surgeon the dllllcultles and
,mnBerH f depending upon raw levies
, Wlir , m,.. This question bus been
tnf, j.ui.jptt f debates In Parliament.
debates carefullv reported ln the 7xiu-
. r,. m1(j tpp iriit.tft Mrnicat jnurixni.
In the llnglish medical and otllelnl
view there are two clear duties for .1
patriotic people to fulfil: First, the
duty X" support without reserve tlie
military sertlci- act nnd its scheme
of obligatory tinlnlnsr. Kvcrybody
1 recognizes the extreme ..anger or n-
.l.tnlal.t.1 ..nrl lifitt Iin wn II n 111 thn Cnll I
spnnded to in different localities and
itnonu illtlerent classes. The spirit of
the volunteer army lifts been splendid,
but It has not reached men who would
make good stuff within Itu organiza
tion If they were convinced that they
'were needed.
All that Is required to
secure the adhesion of such men Is to
provide the method of making up their
t '"" ' , ' ' ,
l-.UKIleii Winers nun iniiiiiiui iviini-i p
has lieen one of criticism. It was
candldlv acknowledged that the en
durance of the new' recrultn was below
.1 safe standard.
Ceitninly the quality of endurance
""" '' " " ' .
.sentlal quality, eaub lug the rutin who
, ... ..i ... n I... ........ Mn.. T. .. .n r. . .
IlllS l l. 1 ... ft". LIU lllllftl, ...
inarching and the mental strain of
war. How great this mental strain
Missouri's Favorite I'r.tgnostleator
Foretells a Cold January.
Tn Tiir KniTpa or Tin: St'N is'lr;
much tile .lanuury, lfni. when the Utile
pi met Mercury at Its greatest distance
east of tho sun came suddenly around
,li. ...inn i, ii ,1 ronsr..! til. nnrth not from
the sun to 'eto weather In places and
:ta deuieea below In Massachusetts.
i'he coming January will nnd Saturn
.rtni .Netitiine a Utile In advance of the
earth, which may lessen the effect of
1 Mercury's da ah toward the earth nnd
pretent the earth's outward movement
from the aun to some extent. Never -
, thelew the weather for a day or two
will be very cold shout January 1 or Ii,
1917. Mercury will cause two more cold
spells before receding from the. earth
Januarv 19. T). A. N. flitovrn.
Kansas Citt, Mo., November 9.
Kind Words fnr an Oklahoma Sheriff.
rnm th, TaU,a Airrxvif..
The report Is current that Fherlff Sk..
ton has been arrertej and taken to Okla-
homa City on a rharse of samhllng, We
don't know where or how this report ai
stnrtf.l. but one thlnj. w do know la that
Mr. Skelton Is at III here. Its asks 111 10
stale Dial this report la falsa and Hint Hit
reporter ! Irresponsible,
an Kiblhlt, 1'rrhaps,
r'tuiii tht lloitnr Xnr$n'liibUnin,
rmlowlnx Ilia musical proiramma Mrs.
3. T. Miller read an article on "Personal
Itcvlls." Seventeen were present.
The Victory.
I'll. fHiiious crou.es claimed with sli
The wen the fnmoua vlclnry,
Vnt I'Apull abova th" din
Pioi-inlmed : "'Tiiai I who kfpt him In,"
Pro Hon IMibllci. declared:
"I certulnl) believe t ulurei."
I rled Veritas, a tillle peeved 1
"Th triumph was by me achieve. 1,"
tjunth itlfl Subscriber! "Well, ! guesa
He would have Inst nlthoiit the presa "
Hut Constant nia.lir proudly aatdi
'"Twaa It Ilia prattytiotea I reatl,"
HrlaMinraua Wo son
Applied to the Military Problems Af
may be, especially in the ense of Ult,n
of the clerking, business nnd profe.
alonal classes, Is proved by ti(. n,'ltIN
br of nervous breakdowns, Thewnnt
of endurance Is often not discovered
until men have heen sent to tlie front
they must In these cases be mval,(r,'
homo and treated In hospital, nn,
those that are found Incurable l.icmni.
charges to the State. This r,iin.. n,.
question, Is It right to pa- (IM t ti0
public thsrrxpense of cm lag r,,r nun
who should tlrst have been ris.iii(,
as unlit? This iiuedtlon can only i.
nnswered In one way. Knrlur' tu,,
closer Attention to the jiri.tit-tn of m. '.
tary service would have itlwn in. .10
time to dlfTerentlatc these tlai.es , ,
things are under the hasty syrtem
accepting the llrsl rush of volunteer
the hurry and confusion of iimrsn
zatlon have rendered it dtlflcult 'u .1
In the United States It Is specim.
desirable to spread authentlo Inform,
tloa on the European experience (,'
volunteer trejnlnc. We are so halii
usJIr absorbed In our own huslnasi 1,
political affairs that wa seldom lift hi.
our eyes to what Is going on In th in.
ternal life of Europe; and yet what la
going on tn the training camps of Eu
rope la Mil of Interest for those wh
ars watching; th career of voluntary
servloe la the United States. Fes
people atep to consider that Osmuny,
for Instance, has reorulted large rolun'
tser forces, ln addition to her preenn
levies, and the physique and sndur.
ance of thees volunteura have beta
studied with the utmost care. It la
most gratifying to find that volunteer
have proved their worth under the
most trying conditions.
A comparison between the Englinh
and German volunteer systems Is a
useful way of reaching the pith of the
matter. In England tho volunteer
training camps have proved Infinitely
the biggest voluntary recrultlnj
agenoy In the country. They awoke
the military spirit and sent 1,000,000
men to the colors. In the last Issue of
the Spectator there Is the followlnc
summary of the military qualities 0.'
ths volunteers: "What they havs done
tn trench work alone without cost to
the Stato la a monument to their se!f.
sacrifice and power of work. Again.
In making themselves proficient, both
in drill nnd marksmanship, the.
I achievement, considering thediincultb
they have had to encounter. Is tut..
I short of a marvel." The rltmm.it..
mentioned are full of instruction 1
tho Unttod Stntes. They consisted ,r
I Hons of volunteers. The mi dl nl
nmlnatlons were more dltllcilt tl 1
the ordinary examlnutton of ie.ru.
who in doubtful case. can bo coni. 1
to the Landst.irm or can be rcferitd
n subsequent examination. As 1
Germnn tarties depend o mur'i .
march dlsclpl'ne nnd speed, tlie end . 1
mice of volunteers was tested In t.
possible wav The recr.i'.is ....
"lassid ns follows: ll lVrrVeil. 1
-'or active service: (2) tit for n
branches of thn service, garrison ,1
for example; (3) perfvutlv i.n.l t.
. service: (41 nt present mint for ,e-
vice hut capable of service in n el
I.. .... .
1 mue 11 prniieny trained, Tlie pr t
Hons of the different classes were T
12 and IS per cent The prtpoit
varied with age. the highest be nc
ttteen the ages of 21 und Mat. n
.lepra from the working and tan. '
classes were usually stronger t
volunteers from the hustii. lei
professional and student cIosm -difference
botws.'n cbuntr
classes could be noted, Tie' ci d '
of the perfectly tit was abot
These are encouraging fact
Ainerleans. Our system s- ni.
n good one If methodized H
process of methodlr.lng it ln.s 1 .
languished of late. The evperl'"
Kuropo, as regnrds Hie p,. 10
country, shows that the .,is..
mental training of schnoihov
occupy a greater place ln eo i.
These are tho lessons that Fr. .
Kngland are teaching. Franc i- .
tlcnlar has given proofs ot ..i
to this principle and has mule n
I that physical and mental ir .f
I ...nr.. ,.. Iia.1I... ...mI...- .. . -.
, ' ' """""' ' "
military service ror ooys aim to,
, ttlllr ,mn U IlUr VHIT ."IH1I11UO F '
I lated the Intellectual nnd n.crA
, or tho nation.
' Observations of a Student Who I
Some Improvements Possible
To the noiToa or The Hun So
ke day your correspondent in Til. v
of Tuesday complained of noise It '
rlea I was In the further room '
technology department of the New 1
Public Library when a young '
with gteat deal of nolle, was e.v
the tables of books that were utf 1
day before.
I asked him If It wja necri.ai"
1 make so much noise He .vllet
kept on slumming hooks a"" r
' chairs. In this room thet. s
' ualter the door of which ,
! ally closed with a hideous .10
hard of hearing and convei..'
not disturb me. but thec ... n
when I an. reading.
In tin. main reading
called for some books on
Some had Illustration, hti
ordinary books and I tt,..
I ll"m 1""1'10 ,h ''iiclosuie
w',l0rs aio going nil the ,
1 1 often wanKd to say m 1 .t
j the poor llshtlriB. tine .
that when $ 20,00fi, mm t spr
building and giound tin
, study would be nlinoet p. .
books 011 hi'sl.-ne sas 1. It
come from the back in li
ter, that tho whole 1 .
, lighted ; hut what do tn ,
lights are. In the middle 01
I with shades so that the l.si.- . ' '
, from the edge and nn must ).
Isidy forward In a most tca-o'i '
I position. I ace, houcver, that t -I
were trdten off the tables 'n the
I paper rsadlng room nml the w ioie
evenly Illuminated by indirect llg
I and there, Is hope that this decide.;
I provement will be extended 10 the
1 rooms of th library.
1 KmvAsn " lt
Nrw nocitrt.i.r. November 1 1.
j And the I'nfortunM Hearers tor
From the A'anim Citv iw
' Certain munli-al cumpoiltlom n t
'found to ba nerve t1"1.." ZL
, the mlndt ot those nhu plar 11, e .

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