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Mr Henry Dalilel, Attorney-General Sir
F. E. Smith and Sir Alfred Mond. Lord
Derby'a appointment aa War Secretary la
Considered certain. Mr. Balfour's posi
tion la doubtful. but little credence Is
placed In tie rumor that the Unionists
threaten to quit If he la left out of tlio
mw Cabinet
Chareklll to Gat Back.
London, Dec 7. It Is generally
spacted that some post will t
offered to Winston Hpeiicer Churchill,
but whllo little credenco Is placed
In the rumor thnt. he wit sue
d Viscount Qrey, It Is believed he may
fallow Walter Runclman as President of
the Board of Trndo.
The greatest Interest centres In the
personality of tlio new Foreign Secre
tary. Two names aro mentioned
Ueyd George himself nnd I-onl Curzon
It la generally assumed that tlio latter
Will be the favorite for the post, he
htvring had great experience abroad, and
ha commands publlo confidence to an
exceptional degree
Until late In the evening, however,
those In Mr. Lloyd George's conlldonco
believed that, following tho preccdont of
tha, Salisbury administration, Mr. l.loyd
George would himself take the post of
Foreign Secretary. Lord N'orthcllffc,
who has disavowed any Intention of
entering the Cabinet, said this evening:
"I strongly urrcod Mr, Lloyd George
t. take the Foreign Secretaryship. I
eonalder that he Is oirlnently nttcd for
the responsibilities centred there, par
ticularly In view of his knowledge of
America nnd his sympathetic feeling for
the American peoplo and Institutions.
We are through with those who knew
little of America or foreign conditions In
general, and Mr. Llod Ueorco Is tho
one man available. Inn Ins In an eminent
degree the qualities needed In handling
the foreign situation. 1 atn hopeful that
he will see his way to accepting this
Tho position of the labor clement is
tha only obstacle In Lloyd George's way,
hut tho new I'rlmo Minister Is deter
mined to make every roisonuhlo conces.
alon, while the Luborltcs arc pleased nt
the consideration given them after Mr.
Asqulth's neglectful attitude. According
to Mr. O'Grady, pre Idint of the General
Federation of Trade Unions, Asqulth
treated the labor leaders as mere otllce
boya In tho Government.
Strict Measure Urged.
Purchase by the Government of all
sMentlal Imported foodstuffs, the com
aaadeertng or control of all homo prod
dncts and of ships, nnd the placing of
aupplles on tho retail market at prices
Which would glvo to tho consumer the
toll benefit of theso measures wore an
Tocattd to-day at the national confer
ence of trades unionists.
During the discussion Charles O. Am
Bon of the Ltrltlsh Trades Union
League, who attended the convention of
the American Federation of Labor In
Ban Francisco lust year, mado u violin t
attack on Mr. Lloyd George, who, lie
charged, had "lied to the trades unionist
. congress and sold his political faith."
While tho conference was In progress
the Labor members of the Houi-6 of
Commons. Including the members of the
Independent Labor party, wcro sum
moned to u couterenct with Mr. Lloyd
It Is raid that George Nlcoll Barnes,
Labor member of Parliament for the
Blackfrlars division of Glasgow and It
Privy Councillor, and Arthur Hender
son, preeldent of the Board of Educa
tion In the coalition Ministry, will be
members of the Cabinet and that one of
them will sit In the war council. In
addition It Is nlu ld three under sec
retaryships will be allotted to the Labor
Favors Stronat Policy.
The Daily Chronicle Bays Lloyd George I
a) believed to favor a ntrotiK Labor pol
icy, lnctudltiR Stale control of all coal
fields and ether l.iive developments In
the direction of collective ownership
It is seserted tmauimouly In the press I
that If Mr. Lloyd George succeeds hla
Cabinet will be a national administration
tare and simple, looking to the needs of
the war alone, which tho newspapers .
.... -1 t . . V. M. 1
in ib uiv in iiuu ncviT-nii ui two mo
ment. There are further manifestations
of anxiety In the pres lest domestic
ttrlfes have disastrous effects for the
, The Labor Parliamentary party passed
a resolution to-day eJtpreMtlni; the hope
that in this supreme crista an endeavor
will be made by the new Goernment to
aettte the Irish question nnd bring about
the widest measure of cooperation of all
forces and energies of the nation and the
It Is understood Mr. Lloyd George Is
aiming nt a Cabinet of twelve members,
five of them Unionists, five Liberals nnd
.two Labor representatives. From this
fumber n small war council Is to be ap
pointed. Mr. Lloyd George's dlrTlculty nt pres
ent Is to obtain adequate Liberal repre
aentatlon, Inasmuch as nearly nil the
Liberals In Mr. Asqulth'H Cabinet are
Oollnlng to serve under him. However, It
waa decided at a meeting of the Liberal
war committee, held under the chair
manship of Hlr Frederick Cawley nnd
attended by thirty members, to support
the new Premier actively.
The House nt Commons adjourned to
day until Tuesday.
A meeting of the Liberal party, over
which Mr. Asqulth will preside, will be
held on Friday,
Widespread Government Control
I'rler of Their Mipimrt.
'' IXWDON, Dec. 8 3 :35 A. M. -The po
litical writerH In the London morning
papers generally emphasiio tho Impor- j
tance of Mr. Lloyd George s success with
the labor factions, ills offers to them
are raid to havo included, in nddi'.lnn to
five or six ministerial pot, the estab
lishment ot a labor mlntMry, tho Inclu- 1
Ion of a labor delegate at the eventual
?ieace conference and the promise that
abor should have u volco In nil matters
relating to peace.
It Is.sald In certain quartern that some
of these concession were demanded a
part of the prlco of adhesion, and that
the laborltes required Government con
trol of mines nnd i-hlpplng during tho
war, unu inui me ii'iveriuntuii snouiii
take possession of nil vacant land for
food production. . I
The statement. of the pollUcnl corre-'
apondents further show that "Mr. Lloyd
Georgo was prepared to adopt a sweep,
lng measure of state control embracing
'HILE wc
the prices
are not
materials carefully tailored and taste
fully designed. An alluring variety
of everything boys wear from head
to foot as young as three years
all moderately priced.
Brokaw Brothers
1457-1463 BROADWAY
all Industrie and means of transporta
tion on land or sea.
The conference, It Is said, pressed the
Premier with tho questions, "Conscrip
tion of labor nnd the conscription of
wealth," and It Is understood that he an
Bwcred assuring the conference thnt his
policy would bo In the direction of regu
lating the work ot the whole manhood
qf the country so that no class will be
abto to complain of Its treatment,
A schomo of control of Investments
and pavings, on lines described an being
those applied to certain classes of Ameri
can securities, was. It Is added, fore
shadowed by Mr. Lloyd Oeorge. the ef
fect being to place the -realized wealth
of tho country at tho Government's dis
posal. It In f rther stated that there will no
n large extension of the tax on war
profits, nil protlts being calculated on
tn n vera ho of three years prior to t:ic
vnr, all profits In excess of this being
aken by the State.
Imminent flnslnrs Men. Jfot Poll-
tli'litim, .nnteil, ".Hull" Sny.
London, Hcc. 8. The' Pally Matt.
which may bo supposed to have Inslda
Information, says Mr. Lloyd George has
nearly completed his Government, which
will, contain some eminent business men
who are not politicians, notably Sir 131
bert Henry Stanley, managing director
of the Metropolis t District, Central
l.onOon nnd other tre' t railways, who,
the Dally Unit nsserts, will almost cer
tainly be made President of the Board
of Trade.
Andrew Ilonnr Law, nccordlng to tho
Hatly Malt, Is expected to be tho Chan
ellor of the Exchequer, and the Karl of
Derby War Minister.
Dr. Chrltftopher Ad'Json, Under Secre
tary of Munition!', the Daily Mail asserts,
Is likely to be appointed Minister of Mu
nitions, and S. II, Lever, nn ur-otmtnnt
who reduced the coet of shells, will have
a post In the Ministry,
KnalUh Cab. jet Situation ttr
arded aa Fallare of War Poller.
Amsterdam (via London). Dec. 7.
The resignation of Premier Asqulth '
clears tho situation, nccordlng to tho
Koelnliche Zcttung. Commenting on the
Kngtlsh political crisis the paper saysti
"Tlie enemy's last forces will now bo
brought Into the field nnd when they,
like tho others, havo hurled themselves
vainly against tho strength of Germany,
we shnll find England ready for an
honest peace." I
The Koelnttche Yo1k$ Zrltung says
that the Germans can view political
events In England with complete com
posure. "The leading man." It says, "in
the most powerful of the enemy coun
tries confirms by his resignation tho
failure of the war policy hitherto fol
lowed by tho Entente. If tho strong
men In England now come Into power
this can only please us. for It gives the
hope that a decision will come all the
Field Marshal Congratulated
on His Rirthday for Vic
tory at Bucharest.
AMPTRnnau. via London, Dec. 7. Em
peror William has sent the following
telegram to Field Marshal von M icken
sen, In command of the Teutonic forces
on the southern Rumanian front:
"It In your Excellency's birthday to
day, and the evermemornblo capture of
Bucharest, the capital of the treacher
ous enemv whn was the Inst tn annear
In arms against us, gives mo tho oc-i
caslun. my dear Field Marshal, to ex
press my imperial thanks and fullest
recognition to you nnd to tho grlous
troops of the Pnnube and the Ninth
Army under your tried leadership, who
by tho greatest exertions h.ivo achieved
extraordinary exploits.
"All Germany regard with pride her
own sons and those of her allies whose
deeds, with God's help, will be a land
mark on the road to n complete victory,"
Field Marshal von Mnckensen was
born on December IStO,
Anatrlnna Hurled Hack Twice on
Cnran Front.
Rome. Dec. 7. Austrian troops last
night twice nttacked the Italian lines
on the Carso front, tho Italian War
Office announced to-day. In each caso
they wero repulsed. The text of the
statement reads:
Had weather continues, particu
larly so In the mountain region.
On tho Carso tho artillery activity
was continued yesterday. In the eve
ning the enemy, after violent artillery
preparation, attempted two succe.t-lvo
attacks on our lines northeast of Hill
20s. Ho was promptly stopped and
repulsed on each occasion.
Skilled SI en Cnlled tu Trrncbe.
London, D5. 7. The release for mili
tary servlco Pf all posslhlo semi-skilled
and skilled men who nrc now engaged
In the manufacture of munitions has
been agreed upon by tho Admiralty, tho
Ministry of Munitions and the Army
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of our boys' clothes
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vuviinuuui u inuu
Generally Conceded the En
tente Hub Suffered a
Faulty Organisation and Lack
of Rig Gnns Cause of
London.. Dec. 7. "The fall of Bucha
rest Is without military significance, but
I havo no desire to underrate the fact
that Its surrender has a considerable
moral nnd political effect," said Oen. F.
II. Maurice, chief director of military
operations In the Uritlsh Wnr Office, dis
cussing to-day the latest military opera
tions of (he Entente. Allies.
"Tho ttumantan nrmy la still IntaeL aa
It was never In danger of great loss un-1
in u maue tne stand on the Arges. where
It was defeated. It must have lost a
considerable number of men when the
enemy broke through.
"In our press there has evidently been
much misconception In rerard tn th. an.
called Orsova army, left In the rear of !
tho Germans. Aa a matter of fact there
never was a Rumanian army at Orsova. !
The only nrmy In Wallachla was the i
First Rumanian nrmy, while slightly leas
than a division was left nt Orsova, only
as a rear guard. This detachment wna
cut on.
Prisoner Include Civilians.
"Reports from Germany of from 50,000
to 100,000 Rumanian prisoners must In
clude the civilian nonulatlon nf th nc.
cupied districts. The material gains of
the Jermans around Uucharest are not
ns great as they expected, as the Ru
manians succeeded in Inflicting great
damage on the oil fields, while much
corn was removed.
"It Is dangerous to prophesy where
tho Rumanians will make their stand,
but It Is reasonable to presume they will
take u position on the narrow neck oi
Rumania which still, gives possession of
tho larger part of the country and pro
vldes strong positions for the flanks.
"Some reasons for th Rumanian dif
ficulties may be summarized as follows:
Fa . organization of equ'pment and
n i i and lack of heavy guns."
nt of tho nntl-Government
pr i ,i tho capture of Uucharest Is ex
trcrmly bitter. It Is declared that the
fall of the Rumanian capital will cause
a keen tense of grief nnd shamo to every
Englishman and that It Is due before all
else to the colossal blunders of Viscount
Grey's diplomacy.
Dlanatcr for the Entente.
Apart from the nntl-aovernment criti
cism, it Is generally conceded that the
event wilt be a blow to the prestige of
the Allies and a corresponding Increase
In the prestige of the central Powers.
The view Is cxprcrsed that It will prob
ably causo a prolongation of the war.
One editorial says: "It Is Indisputable
that tho Entente co'.'ectlvely has suffered
a disaster defying bellttlement"
Tho Dally Mall assumes that the
wheat tho Germans claim to have cap
tured Is that which (treat Ilrltaln bouht
for ten million pounds and wants to
know whnt became of the money. A
Petrograd despatch to the Pott records
the view thero that tho capture will
bring enormous prestige to tho central
Powers, but sayx that It will not affect
the strategy of tho war and Involves no
loss to tho causo of tho Allies provided
the Germans fall to establish themselves
on tho Hlack Hea coast. The despatch
adds that this vital point Is not now In
Rumanian but Russian hands.
t'nlon tn 4'nnilrinn Fnlac Agitators
NdiiU Wire t Premier.
lONPON, Dec. 7. As "the first Welsh
man to occupy the distinguished post cf
Prime Minister," n meeting of the Ilr't
Ish Empire Union to condemn false peirj
agitators has sent the following tele
gram to Lloyd George:
"The world has already recognized
vour valuo In the great strain wo have
gone through, with confidence wo look to
you to carry on tne great ngni lor tre
success of Ilrltish arms, and we are
with you."
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British Make Raid on Turkish
Positions on Struma, at
Fast of Line.
Paris, Pee. 7. On both wings of the
Macedonian front fighting that resulted
In setbacks for the Allies Is reported to
day. In southern Serbia the Serbs lost
by counter attacks two positions re
cently taken from the Ilulgars. On the
Struma front the Turks repulsed a Ilrlt
ish attack.
The Serbs were beaten near Trnova,
northwest of Monastlr, by East Prus
sian troops from the Mszttrlan Lakes
district, who took Tlfty-!x prisoners.
East of the Ccrna, near Gr.idesnlUa,
where there has been stubborn fighting
for days, tho French statement says a
part of the height recently taken by the
Serbs was lost again. The French state
ment to-day says:
Army of the East On December 6
tho enemy bombarded our positions
around Monastlr. A new rnuntt-r at
tack against the Serbian position on
the slopes north of Sokol resulted only
In tho capture of jiart of tho he'ght
recently conquered. South of Seres n
Turkish trench was cleared by lliltlsli
troops, who brought back prisoners.
To-day's German statement reads:
Near Trtiov.i, In the Cernu River re.
glon, tlio often tested Mazurlan infan
try regiment No. lit nnd Ilulgarlan
companies ejected tho Serbians from
the position In which they had cstab
llshed themselves the day before yes
terday. Six officers and fifty of the
rank and file were captured.
In the Struma lowlands Urltl'li ile.
- tachments fell back beforr the Ilul
garlan defensive fire. The ItrltUli had
attempted to approach the positions
southwest nnd southeast of Serin,
Tun or Dlnrk Russia Calf,
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Cortfltiind- from First I'apc.
Mackensen: Notable successes yes
terday crowned the efforts and tho en
gagements In which, tn command of
Field Marshal von Mackensen, tho
troop of the Ninth and tho Dnnube
ntmlcs, under clear slghted'leadershlp,
defeated the Rumanian enemy and the
Russian reenforcenients that had been
summoned to It, by means of speedy
stroke". The commander and tho
troops received the reward of their
victory Uucharest, the capital of the
country, mhlch Is now tho latest vic
tim of the Entente policy, together
with Ploescl, Camplna ami Sinaln.
which nro In our possession.
Tho defeated enemy Is retreating
eastward along the entire front.
CourngeoiM fighting spirit and n tena
cious will for victory caured the troop
that attacked nnd conquered to re
riKind to all the efforts asked of them.
In addition to tho German main force,
bravo Austro-Ilungarlan. Ilulgarlan
and Turkish troops did splendid work.
Tho Ninth Army reports the taking
yesterday of 10C olllcers nnd 9,100 men
as prisoners.
Tho operations and er.gogements are
The Russian statement says:
Rumanian front South ot Ihe Trotus
River fighting continues.
In Wallachla the Rpmanlnn are re-
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1131 I Tha uada-ou
way here
tiring to the eastward under hostile
pressure, holding the enemy by rear
guard actions.
Uucharest has been evacuated by
the Hum Milan troops. The forces to
the Kiuth of Uucharest also have re
Cnptnrr of Ilnehnrest Mgnnl for
lllir llenionatrntlnn by flermnna.
IIw.un (via London), Dec. 7. The
fall of UucharoFt. announced here yes
terday, was observed In a manner
reminiscent of tho celebrations last year
of victories won In the great offensive
against the Ru'lan.s. The newspapers
Issued extra c litlous, which wero scat
tered among the crowds free of charge
and read with the greatest eagerness.
A merry mood tclzed the crowds In
the streets, which gave vent to pentup
emotions with ahntits of Joy. Some of
the women were no overcome with emo
tion thu tf wept. The restaurants
wero filled with crowds singing patriotic
j airs uproariously. To-day the streets
I nr decked Invlshly with flags.
Tlio newspapers speak of tho capture
of Uucharest a an exent of RrH Im
portance, chlelly on account of the
moral and political effects. It Is ie
garded n demonstration to the En-
! trnte Allies of the hopeless outlook for
I their military plans. The newspapers
i are unanimous In the opinion that Ru
I m.inl.i I now virtually eliminated :u a
factor In the war The l.akal Ant'toer
even doubts whether tho Rumanian
I State ever wlU exist again.
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Jfenchcs Crest of Hill 804 and
Bairls Trenches on Dead
Man Hill.
Lokdon, Dec. 7. Indications that the
Crown Prince la about to resume tho
Verdun offenslvo ore seen In tho Berlin
and Paris war orrlce reports to-day.
FollowlnK the German attack of yes
terday afternoon on Hill 304, which tho
Germans aay they captured, a renewal
of artillery fire west of the Meuse Is
reported. German troops also raided
French trenches on L Mort Homme
Wcatphallan Infantry to-day occupy
the aummtt of Hilt !04, west of the
Meuse and near Le Mort Homme height,
Berlin reports In an official statement
that recalls the Crown Prince's efforts
by calling the captured hill "notable
from last summer's engagements." FIvo
French ofllcera and 190 men were taken
tn tho attack.
Counter Attack Expected.
Tho French statement of yesterday
said the Germans had managed only to
get Into advanced trenches near Mil
not. To-night's statement from Paris
speaks of nrtlllery fighting near the
hill, whero It Is considered certain the
French will deliver a counter attack.
Since the French anatehod back by a
few hours fighting all tho positions cast
of the Mcue of real Importance that the
Crown Prlncer had won In months. It la
believed tho Ciown Princo may try to
restore his prestige by nttempts on tho
west bonk of the river. Hill 304 Is threo
miles northwest of the nearest of tlio
Verdun forts, nearly ten miles from
Verdun. It Is, however, a little higher
than tho outer forts In this region.
The Official Reporta,
The French statement to-ntght reads:
There Is nothing to report except a
somewhat spirited artillery action on
the left bank of the Mouse In tho re
gion of Hill 304.
Tho afternoon statement of the
French War Ofllco reads:
Wo carried out a surprise attack on
trenches of the enemy east of Metzeral
(In Alsace) and brought back prison
ers. There I nothing of Importance
to report from the remainder of tho
To-day's German statement follows:
On tho west bank of the Meuse
yesterday, nfter artillery' preparations,
a detachment of Westphallan Infantry
Regiment No. 15 entered French
trenches on Hill 304, southwest of Ma
luncourt, notuble from last summer's
engagements, and captured the sum
mit of tho hill. FIvo olllcers and 190
men were brought In as prisoners.
As a result of nn advance Into the
hostile lines on Dead Man Hill raid
ing detachments brought In eleven
Ciittnn From Amrrlcn In Xovrmber
Wna Vnluril at .:!, 000. OOO.
London, Kec. 7. The British Board of
Trndo figures for November show In
creases In Imports of JSC, .'00,000 and In
crease:! In exports of $34,2 15,000 over
the Import nnd export figures of October.
Tho principal Increases In Imports were
food, $35,000,000, and raw material, J5r,
"00,000, The raw mnterlal Included cot
ton frm America, $30,000,000, and cot
ton from Egypt. $7,500,000.
The principal lncrrao In exports wna
In manufactured articles, of which cot
ton tcvtlles were repres-entcd by $12,000,-000.
Aspirin is made by only one company.
Counterfeits and substitutes may be in
effective, and even dangerous.
For your protection be sure to aslc
for and to see that you get only
usui coyer mantuacTOTe,
Germans and Austrlnns Win
and Lose Trenches Afler
Fierce Fighting.
London, Dee. 7. nusslan trnor la
Gnllcla nnd Volhynla wero att.irkrii m
several points during the last tnontr.
four hours and engagod In bayonet lUht.
Ing with German and Austrian trnojia
According to the Russian oflicl.il Miit.
ment. the Teutons attacked RiikMaii
trenches In n wood north of Shelvov. ,t
first the Teutons gut a small portion n!
the position. Then the Kussltni r.im
back nnd drove them out. Near i,uiih.
lovtio the Teuton artillery siunsl.M
Russian trench and two compan e rf
Infantry occupied It. Russian iroot.i
from the trenches on either side rnm
them out with the bayonet and lU
whole RussIjii position wan restored.
The German statement reports, i.oi.
even, that a Russlnn advanied positing
In tho Kovel region was taken, and fort;
Russian captured. During tho night th,
position was held, though the Uur.V.uj
tried five times to rccapturo It
In Gallcla the GcrmatiH "wero nb. u
deliver ninety prisoners from one pnt
of a captured Russian lino nnd tneutj.
eight from nnother on their return," rayi
the German statement, Intimating t .it
the Russian version of that fiKhtlne ;i
corrcat, and that the German 'Vturtr
was made nfter they hud been liroun
out by tho Russian counter attack.
New Itcsh'Ictions Announced
on Goods Passing Block
ado Into Sweden.
Washington, Dec. 7 New rtntr'-.
Hons on American trade with lli..'t
were announced to-day by tho llr'itH
Embassy In a circular setting forth nn
dltlons to govern shipments tufslnr
through tho blockade lines Into SnMn.
through which country most Amr si
exports to Russia arc handled. AM
from goods destined for the Huf'm
Government only thirty-four ronim un
ties can bo sent tn l!usln under th
regulations, and rigid condition mu-t
be cor piled with before letters ot sjr.
unce for the shipments will bo Issued
The list of goods for which the lint.
Ish Embassy will Issim letters of a.
Huronco to American exporters to Il'ii
sla and Finland include the follow!",
for which such tivsnrhticca arc cvn un
der the piescnt regulation.: Blr.o ular.
medicaments and thermometers, sulpnir,
tartaric and citric nclds, dye. ,ir.
nlshes. photographic plates, phopliorou.
machinery except lathes, carbonate ef
ammonia, hlue copperas, vegetable .eit
panillln, oils, tar, wax, rosin, Anier .i i
cotton, salt and rice.
Tho remaining unities on the
have not been subject to Mich ttguti
tlons before. They nro metnK e pt
lead; rubber, lenther, castor oil, gr ip!) te,
Jute sacks, wool, twine, shellac, n .
nuts, Egyptian cotton, woollen hLuiKit
nnd pepper.
Letters of assurance will be gian!1
only If the goods are consigned ' i '
Aktlobolagct Transitu. Stockholm, n' !i
nrranges all Swedish transit , tw
Tly Swedl'h-Amerlciin line, tho Se ' ,
America-Mexico lino and the S, a
navlnn-Amcrlca line arc named f' t
shipment of goods under this s ,t
nnd five New York banks hat ,o
suggested ns agents and financier?
V. f. I, mill Itt-Rlatrr Niniiliinlril,
Washington. Deo, 7. Prold. nt Wil
son liaa nominated James lex.indr
Nutting of ljulncy, Cal., for regt'er of
the land ofllco at Suanvllle, O!
aaUcyllcadd in tbett

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