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II HOltagM fr Teutons
II PIT Is BotciMi
rrnsorrd out of tlirm, and the ohly rc
eoursr wad In tiKf iikaIh and again tie
word "lil.eli.ide" in discussions of sub
in. iili." pOMlMlttle.
Ambassador Gerard, of course, whs
also aware of the current gossip seat
probably wan nhle to advise the Stat
Deportment nf the possible turn In
Tnt even while the eilines of his bsn
quet speerh were still resounding, liut
he received no Intimation fiom ollirlal
.Imnii rtnmiu lllvM
Foreign oiti. e nirjiil molded the.
stthleet In ronvBraaUotl with him, and
Chancellor's offl-'lnl nnnouneement in
the Keirhetim r a rutht submarine
rnmiijilcn Men- iinmrt-ma mi save him
no definite Statement on the morrow's
procenl'nps. although the derision had
been Anally reached and the text of he
note nml t'-.e inemtiiftndum were ready
and maps of the prohibited zone had
been prcinrd for the use of the Oer-
n,an newvnapera.
The Ambassador and the American
treated without hostility and even In
most cases with marked courtesy. There
have been no outhreake of anll-Anierl-Oatt
feeling or mob spirit such as oc- i
curred occnirlonally at the outset of the i
war against the Knallsh and nationals of
other hostile countries.
American residenta of (lermany are
free tn mi..w nlmnl tl mHfltMf Mid Ik'
Plan lo Hold CotTMpondlfltl I ZtVornUri i Newspapers Condemn
Reply in (rnnany as
Evasive In Tone.
I 'permlHHlon to leave will be fflia hied in
Receipt of Definite News From 0e course and thai the Oovernraew ha
1 I no present Intention of departing fron
I . S. Caused Rljr Change
delay In granting permission to depart
from Oermany The Issuance in the or-
Unary way of passport vises for de
parture through r.he looal police DM
been suspended, however, and no Ameri
can passport Is enod for passing the
Xa7vU:u1;r,rn1iTK,'',y tlmV"X "y "'r'ls CENERALLV APPROVED'
Though the official standpoint Is thai
in the Situation.
lie Provision of the Treaty of 17!! 01
detaining or Interning Americans In case
Of 'War, the del iv In Issuing these .mili
tary authorizations have produced a feel
ing of apprehension among Americans
who desire to leave Germany now or In
ise of an uctual breaking out of hos-
Rtty Rarhosa, However. De
elares Note Does Nothing Re
yond Fixing Responsibility.
RtO Janriro. Feb. 11. The Brazilian
Copiinhauen, via T.ondon. Feb. 10.
wovernmtni inerciore were nu eu win. itie 'ierman t.overnment s attitude men- unites, renlv to tiha fiermnn not. annonneini th.
the armounramenl of a fait aoAmptl I .vortrsa to Uidtiaa Ambassador Gerard Tn final attitude of the Herman lov-, " no e announcing the
when on Ihe afternoon Of January 31. Pr. , t"" ' " Am5,"'ul' '"a crnment on the subject of detection will submarine campaign has not met
von Hethiiiam -llollweg. the Imperial 1 ,0 (irotoeol reafflrmlng toe Ota urui0ubtedly determined by that of with general approval by the press, but!
Caancelior. promulgated in the Reichstag I time treaties with the United States re- th American (Jovernmetil on the same i nr,,naperR say It should have been
Unmlttee Ihe news that a relentless SO- gardlng mutual protection of nationals subject. I more decisive In tone Of the mornlnJ
marine campaign would begin Immedl-1 f -,.. , ,vaa undoubtedly Th first act of the German nuthorl- morr decishe In tone. of the moinin,
atelv ami read lo the committee the text J" ' " " T ties arter .-ecelvlng news of the rupture i newspapers one section applauds the I
of- the memorandum on the prohb'.ted innaOaa by alurniuc despatches rum 0 re.ltom, and ,hc repor(H of the con- reply without reserve, finding it firm and
zone and the note to the fulled States lb Inltcd Stare regarding treatment ...ration of ships and Internment of ! energetic and safeguarding the national i
documriilt which reached the American : of German citizens and property there. ' ,.vr;;ans w,, to send orders to the I , , ... . 1
Bbasay several hour later, tne asoclated Press correspondent, who I frrmlM. no, ,D re(.0.niz. the rezular lm"or and dl-nl,v- To this class belong
There wa: therefore no opportunity or left 1'erlln Saturday mornliK and bus I poi(., vir llpon AmP, can passpnrts the On''" tie NolMna, the Jornal ('o I
any evasion, aa In the days ..f the Hus- reached Copenhagen, is able to state. nu, ,n ,.,,,, fpf.rU miliUry vise ; Sroril and O PM.
sex trouble, for any negotiations to pre-: As aoon as reassuring advices were rc- nd , ,truct the police to turn over The other flnd, th,t ,he
veni the crisis or any, attempt to stave , celvcjl irom the United States and as lip(.ision lo ,h, military authorities section nnos mat tne
off a biaak between the two countries, soon too as the German Government saw " Brazilian note does not come up to ox-
There wis no chance this time for dls- that the attempt to negotiate a protocol Frontier Vlrtaall) ( losed. peclatlons. does not meet the situation)
I I A k. II I. n.nlir, 1... tl, I T11 With !llt. I .. .. I
vmmmm win io. ,...L.-.,u. i --"'' " -' " " A few Americans who completed the and leaves doubts a to the frankl
view with the Kmneror. such as served , dltlons and expansions, had failed It ra- , u.i. , , , ., Kf ika ...
to save the day at the 'ime of the Sussex . ceded from its position.
Rmltasay Despatches Related.
Important Additions.
The protocol, which Count Montgelas,
v...i,i... .ia k. ov,..i.i m r. lical of t'.ie American department of the
Bert to Washington the developments , German Foreign Office, submitted on the j to-day the Gernwn borders were vlr
Which appeared In the press of the . Part of Foreign Secretary Zlmmermann . tually entirely closed to Americajis.
formalities for going abroad before the (fftj chAracter of the vlolatlon.of Inter-
getting across the frontier beforo the national conventions by the submarine
order was generally enforced The blockade,
others reaching the frontier with vised i
passports were turned back, and until Finn's Fault With Tone.
The Corrrto tie Slanha, which has the
largest morning circulation, say:
. . i .i 1 In AnihusH.'idor Gerard contained besides! With the denarturA of the etnhassv
hid .i.rii.1 from ite.ltn '.,d await the a formal rectification of the treaty pro- some of the non-official Americans began ! ' Brazil. In reserving the consideration
anticipated explosion. i visions or ii anu is:s renaming uiu-i to tne Mr across across tne oounaaries, . or special cases arrecting tne interests oi
This came In the shape of a rupture; tual treatment of nationals caught In a! and If It develops that no detention will our citizens and specifying that In such,
Of relations earlier than even Americans I belligerent country In the case of war a be enforced In AmVrlca there seems j . .. tn ..lr..l
had expected and certainly with a ; number or important aaouions anu ex- every reason to expect that the bars
promptness which astonished, and per- 1 panslons. j will be lowered and permissions granted, whether It was or wa not a violation
haps even dismayed, the German- omrlal it provrieo mat mrrcnmm ' Many Germans are expressing their or the principles or International law and :
world, prepared though It was for ener-1 allowed to continue, their businesses and j opinlon ot ,ne aotiop Df the American conventions between Brazil and Ger-!
tie American action bv reason of the 1 retain unmolested their residences until
Government to their American aeonaint. ... ...... v. ... ,i,...i., '
deHnito warnings In the Sussex cor-; the end of the war: that no law lUTect-, ance, or even to atran(fer!, but for the (taolf clearlv and posltlvelv upon the
rpondence. ! Ing the validity of contract should be , K,.fatrT part the people recm inclined : iuHlltv of the hlockade
Whether the new campaign should be . applied to Germans in America or to nl, ,lpr , oul of ,h,r wav to ,ro;,, s : h ,aMntlal oolnt at this mo
The Stress of
FOR those who dine
heavily who enter
tain much and who exercise
little-PLUTO WATER is an
efficacious, certain preventa
tive of immature old n,r.
America' Physic
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Sprint and brought direct to you.
Especially beneficial in the
treatment of kidney, liver
and stomach troubles, rheu
matism and nervous disorders.
Reply to German Note Re
serves All Rights of Coun
try ns Neutral.
I Htatea and Jeopardise legitimate com- J
I merce and which tend. If allowed to he'
enforced without opt.oeltlon. to Introduce:
new principle Into International law.
I ChlMi being In accord with the princi
ple net forth In your Kxcellency'a note
and firmly neaoclallng ltelf with the
I'nlted Htatea. baa taken nlmllar action
by protesting energetically to (Jennany
against the new blockade measures,
china also propoees to take such other
I action In the future as will he deemed
necessary for the maintenance of the
principles of International law."
She la nt In at Poaltlon to Take
, Concerted ctlon.
I Dailjrer Of Shortage In Rnw UnmWt, Feb. 11. The reply of Oreere
to tne inviiRiion or xne wmm
Join It In Its attitude toward Uermany
has been handed to the American Min
ister at Athens, the correspondent of
the Kxchange Telegraph Company at
the Creek capital telegraphs.
I The replv, he states, affirms the sym
Pai, Feb. 1(1 (delayed) The Swiss . pthy of (ireece with every effort to
Federal Council, In Its reply to the Oer- accelerate peace and her approval of
man,noteonthenewsubmarinecampalgn, "very effort to maintain freedoin of
., , , navigation for the world's shipping, add-
enters an energetic protest analnst the ,nR ,at ame has already drawn Oer
annotinced blockade and reserve all the many's attention to the grave conse
rlghts of awltierland as a neutral, ac- pien're of the proposed submarine
Materials Also Feared by
Federal ( ouneil.
Dr. Enrle M. Rlee nf Portland,
Ore., American Safffcon,
Reaches London.
Helpless RrifMi India I,inpr'v
SOS Call .Made It (1
Shrapnel Target,
, i-ordlnc to the Ilavan New Agency's
Berne corespondent It expresses con
fidence, however, that the German Gov
ernment will take all necessary meas
ures to ansure the protection of Swisa In
teresta. After referring to the German Gov
ernment's communication on the nut
In view of present conditions, how
ever, the despatch states. Greece ex
plains that she is not In a position, to
contemplnto concerted net Ion lor the,
protection of Internationa; shipping. i
The Athens newspapers i ssert that the j
Greek Government also t -ansmltted a
communication to the Geri.ian Govern-
mentatlon of maritime warfaie. the j mem with regard lo Germany s deciara
Berc advices state, the council declares I tlon of a submarine blockade. In it
that "the Imnerlsl Government cannot Greece makes the fullest reservation con
cerning her ships
launched as a formal blockade or re-1 Americans in i.ermany. nn tnm "- Americans with more than normal con
ceive some other name, the number of ents should be invioiateTa question oi : Kj(1frat1oM to . ihem ,hrr
r .r.u".n-.. .rr.ra.Li,Mi;.( 1 no oce",on r a-prahenaion rm protest wi. the innovation r
tWiiiwi t.. trr wraivu ir I TT. . Vt ll0 II tf OUf!' iitlV OTViiPR trtPV (
Oi 1 ne maiviaUM Hunmnrinr. an nii I Minn ajiHipiut- in ins iiiMiuMitHj
Now the eawntial point at this mo
ment Is not so muti to Baftjruarr, our
future liberty of action as to a-ldrens a
Oa tale at yoar (m !
droiiut',. V
V Ol..... I I
Prescribes It A I
til ek ' vl w kmkWl
Sends Letter to Wilson Re
questing the Transfer of
Ohsolete Tonnage.
their bcarlna upon the selection of Ihelnittona and explosives
name, since a blockade, if it were de-i ynlte as trenchant in its bearing on . ' '
i-,,..,, I,,,, .1.1 l.uve to ,-nmr. un In thp'llie iirmlintr nrohletns was the ftl'OVlstOn I rn nHrlure
raqtilreinents of reasonable effective- of an Instrument which Ambassador
netw. If inconvenient neutral protests i ierard was nsked to sign specifying ex
were tn le avoided. i plicitly that not only enemy property as
! such should be exempt from seizure or
Face Prospect With Rearret. i restrictions In its use beond those ap-
How .s Germany facing the existing J" " T'LJmZ
rupture or relations with the United f"'P ,"!,s,ot ,h' "PP0""" ,h"ul1.n"'
States and the prospect of an outbreak -f1 "rn 'h' " rr"d'
of actual hostilities" , Pr' u"'e ' J
Mavy men have been urgi.M and ! under safe conduct and guyantee of ex
preaching the unleashing of the sub- ; "P1n fm seiiure by the allied bel
martnes for so long, even at the risk of ' ligercn,p'
war. that their attitude was a foregone
conclusion. The Imperial Chancellor, Internment h nrblddrn.
the ilecietarv of Foreign Affairs and tiie
and even to offer any services they can a submarine blockade and to register our
I to assist their American friends and ac- i Drtn determination not to consent by on-1
luaintances in arranging their affairs ; silence to a violation of International!
We are not barbarians'' law. which Injures so profoundly the In-1
I the phrase often repeated. ; terests of all clvilixed peoples."
Tne i'orrrio dc Mahn believes. In I
short, that It would have been preferable I
; if the Hrarlllan Chancellery had fol-
lowed the energetic course of the United
I States.
fConfinMrrf From First Page.)
? .. i rroi isi'in HIS" w a iiinue I'JI ai v.....aiii . i . t. i.ii.iii ri v.-(i. mi- viivi I - - ' i .. . ... . . - - r-w - i I...VI i..v ...v..... . ....... .....
leader -o: the cso-i-olle Chancellor fsc- J ( mam t w,en t wa.s necessary to move , "! Germany or to go at least half Way Brazilian CKivernment. without wishing! 1 "rK " ednesday touches the city limits , to the deetructlnn of Swiss Interests or at Newporl News, and recently was ail
I eminent Telegrams are pouring in on
safe officials urging them to accept the offe
I fall to recognise that the measures an
: nounred by this meniolre constitute an
i attack on the rlgpt of peaceful com
merce which In conformity with the
! principles of Internattoor. 1 law b?loni;s
to Switzerland, In Its character as a
I neutral state. In fact the blockade of
nearly all ports susceptible of helns
utilized by -Switzerland presents a seri
ous danger In the matter of our pro
vislonment In food products and In raw
materials, as well as with respect to our
exportation over the sea.
"Even If by friendly agreemen with
the French Government the utilization of
the port of Cette, exempted from the
blockade, is made possible, maritime
transport would be restrained to a de
gree which would cause sensible Injury j
to our national economy.
"The maritime blockade hv the Gov-I Wasmingtov. Feb. 11 The Federal
, eminent of the German Empire follows a Shipping Hoard h taken Its first prac- '
! -V bo-thpan.., o? X7":VZl "" 1.bm.t,n,
j tlon to rhe law of nations and Interna- ' a" maritime commerce by asking rree
I tlonal agreemem. by which our liberty Idem Wilson to turn over to It Idle1
; of action in economic matters is already : rmv transports for service In the cogst-
.restricted ami against which we have I , . . .,
1 vainly raised our voice ! "de between Atlantic and Ua-
"In such circumstances this hlockade j p,fle ports through the Panama Canal.
Is all the more pressing and more weighty I In a letler to the President, made pub-,
with consequences. The Federal Council Mc to-day. chairman Denman asks that ;
i " .tarn, uirifiurf. uoilgeo lo proiest ., , .1 . w - - 1 .
(energetically and to make all reserva- ; available vessels that can be spared
W'll R T' A V 1 C I tlmis aga:net lhe blockade announced by ! from military usee be transferred to the ,
It III HP I nfler r.VPS OI everal j the Imperial Government and against Its ! board at the earliest possible moment, j
Realization so rar as It violates U,e rights! Tllf boan, ,pk!) particularly to get!
of neutrals recognized by the general . , . . , . ,,
principles of international law. In par- , earta'" obsolete foreign built trans-
I Ocular where the effective application of ports which the War Department has
th blockade appears incomplete ' been authorised to sell. There are two
The Federal Council gives notice In I such vessels, ihe Meade and Crook. The!
From the tlm fh. snecial train that 1, 1 advance of all legal reservations if It ' Crook, of t.son tons. u being used In I
afternoon Journal Which applauds the , h. ,,. . . . , . . .happens that the means put Into effect connection with the Alaskan Railway. I
r .1.- . .i.n. thoi th. I t0 brlna Count von Hernstorff to New I vv njrauiw .,,.1 h iu. 0..iia , ... ..., r r .., , I
Ix)Nnow, Feb. 11. Dr. Farle M rtld
of Portland. Ore, ship's surgeon ol t"
British India liner Mantola, which na
torpeloed without Warning) ami in ,1,
American on board her. wl
urvivrr of the steamer win. arrived ,
Ian,, In,, this afternoon. Sex. n ..
of tl.e crew were i5t -rh., nnjDHj
was sunt- oh the Irish casl ISS tniltl
BOUthWOSt of Fast net. On Fcbruarj I
Dr. Rice gave the following; count of
the sinking:
"The llrst wr knew era I the
a violent explosion Which slmoh i .
iiuiii eno io CI .11 .11 1 Mil r M r.:, I
day. The sea wa faith rough lui m
ship maintained an . yen keel mid ex
lent order was preserved . t'npi . ,
Immediately ordered tin- hoata I
Seven Lascars were killed h Hi, - , ...
slon. The remainder of thus, ,,,, j
were unhurt. bSrarybody got safcl; : ito
the boats w ith the exception of Uiocaii
tain, the chief engineer ami the w rclc
operator, who were to folio n Intel
"Nobody had yet seen the nubrtlu!
and everybody in the boats ,, . , .. .
Into tlie haze in a vain effort lo I lb a
glimnse Of the telltulo ru,e1
hour and a half nfter the orpedoin
cantain Iho hisImm. i , l. - .
man got the wireless Working ill
Mcnumg oui sua calls gi ,ng ,1
the position.
: the
r. 8. Stand Is cited.
The newspaper Raion frankly attacks
the note, likewise expressing belief thai
Brazil should have imitated the action
of the United States.
The newspatier 4 .Voficio is the only
Squads Until Three Mile
Limit Is Passed.
tlon f.(C Ihc prospect of an outbreak
of hoatltltles with the United states with
keen regret. They would have been glad
to continue the policy of good relations.
ven ntt considerable cost to thens-elves.
hut yielded U the necessity of taking a
tep declared by cjierts a a shurt cut
to ending me war. of which otherwise
no end wasi in sight.
How much confidence they express or
I inwardly feit cannot, of course, be
told, but Secretary Zimmerman, for ln-
opiKisIng country.
1 n,l,.j .i,lnr i !..,', .!'-; i i f ' i , I t n 11I011
stance, declared the day before Ihe news I he lpcaty .irtol. ,le lm to per.
ircmrau ..i,,, '""lu" " "r- form his ambassadorial functions or v
,u ,,ani. ti'ltVi r I-j. 1 . . 1 t . 1 . 1 rA 1 W
-hips from one port to another in the i in avoiding war i to depart rrom tne principles oi exem-
am country The protocol forbad eg- j Tre paclfUta are invading Washington j plary neutrality, does not nositate t-
plicitly ac internment or restrictions 1 literally by the hundrUV Those who make a frank protest, without reserve,
upon the liberty or movement of enemy ( cannot come are sending letters and I against the German blockade, retting
nationals witlun the limits of the oppo telegrams They are to hold an "eiuer- ! forth Its monstrous character and ixn
ncnt country and f"t' roti'tt uistlori ,,f ' gencv " meeting here to-morrow night at drmning It.
pertain articles of the Hague conven- wmcn unty propos to uake it sun TH Una says the general impression
caused by the reply cannot ne a goon
one. It declares rhnt more energy In
the protest would have lteen more In ac
cord with the diplomatic traditions of
Brazil. The public impression would !e
tions particularly regarding the treat- more difficult for the administration by
meat ot the personnel of enemy mcr-! suggesting as the "will of the people
chant ships captured or caught In an ' a , Phcy which is contrary to that on
i. iini nu- ii.ii.imi pi'imrn,.! much u
severed relations with IrGermany.
tlons came, with every outward evidence I
Of conviction, that if the United States i
The State Department to-night was different .It remarks .and would not con
still without direct adVMas fron Ambas- , nl&aa ,, nr. t.aairo Muller.
until the Frederik VIII. carries him be- property. The Federal Council, however, vertlsed f"r sale. A provision of the
yond the three mile limit the envoy will ' "' ''1ur" ,hl4t OoVomment of j pending army apnrnpriation bill would
' . . . . the empire will tlo all that is nocesaary authorise the use nf the shins on coast-'
be accorded the fullest protection th to ,n the mBMttr, possible the se- wise trade, but this authorlaatlott would
Police Department, th" secret service. J curlty of Sw'ss Interests and spare (be ' tie unnecessary If they were turn d j
the agents of.the Department of Justice , painful consequences! which could aria over to the shipping board,
and the neutralitv squad can give Sev-''rnln the blockade for the aoonomlc life. Chairman Denman's lettei to the Pre- I
. , " . : of ihe Swiss." ! iilent savs:
eral men of the secret service and th The same nole. adds the correspondent. "Neariy nil ..f the American built ton-I
Department of Justice will ride into . jias been adilreseed to the Government of nage. with It participation in the statu- I
New York with the dismissed Ambamu
Central Office men and men to be as
signed by Collector Dudley Field Malone j CHISA ISSUES PROTEST.
telegraph for instructions unless he was I
permitted to use code led Count Mont-
merioan diplomat from all communi
tion with Ills Government from the time
lie asked for ills iaseorts is an act
which in itself would have provoked de
cisive action on the part nf this Qov
i -nmnnl In an .1 m 1 1 , 1 ul m I i,, l.m
ctncaii.N.oi tne ivmcrican cmrespouoenis ,inxi1s , uvn,,, uk, , . ,. nnH llep
whom Ambassador Gerard desired to toward war. according to eminent In
take out with him and whose fate was dlptdT,tlc circles Ii has not vet been
urnarcntly tnonght to carry particular 1 .....,..i...i i,i, ,. t,,- o. ..n .!.,,
Despite the plain terms of President ; weight In Ameri. in public opinion. I Iht. m',' Department has been besieging
.llsons earlier communication, these This Intimation of the possibility of 'the Spanish embassy ill Merlin with
officials evidently hoped against hope ! detaining Americans, even under the I eablaaramw not a renlv nor even in
know lodgment has been altowad tn
j , j ru V I tinue i o piave upon it. i ' . msiwt, i nujneo py onecior uuniev r iein Hsione
sador (.erard The cutting off of the i ,,,,, ,.-orp(Kn Minister , "fie terrible doubt ; from his special squad will board the j
aiisiain irnm imericrcnce aim , -, ... ,,,,,, 1K-1 ,, ,
five Germany a free hand a few months ,,., mlfnt .tally affect the
jrouj see the end of the conflict. Two . J w of AmaricalM in Qermany and the
r throo months was. his first phrase. ..,, :, .., ,,i,..i
t.- ..r, I I " " f -K
haps six months."
Did Not Kzprct llrrnk.
that an norastrictad submarine cam- 1 status of a runture of dinlomatic rela-
psin minlu iierhafmi after all. not Hons, not war. and the us" of newspaper j
tn.n aliont a breach with the United representatives as supposedly Import nl
States, for In the days between Von I pieces upnn the diplomatic chess hoard ;
Bethmann-HollweK's announcement and j caused Mr. Gerard to declare roundly
the news of President Wilson's step in ! that he could not lie a party tn "any
breaking off relations they were await- I such pressure." ami that he doubted I
tng word from America with interest 1 whether any of the newspaper men could
com through.
Ilnnbt on Ovrt rt."
Reports of the sinking of two more
steamers on which there were Americans
were received to-day at the State De.
of Brazilians as to the predominance of train at Manhattan Junction. At tlie!sinr .,. ftanaaas i i. .... ... ......
i his Germanism over his nationality." j Pennsylvania SlMtion there will be a!
The newspaper .1 Notf tarries an In- platoon of mounted policemen and a! nnce of Rrlntlnos.
terview witli rtuy Barboea, Brailllan I squad of motorcycle ciaps and a score or! Pbkixo. Feb. ft ( delayed ) , The note
Minister to Argentina, In which the reply more of detective will be scattered; handed to the German Minister by Ihe :
j is fittingly criticised. The Ambassador! about the terminal. Minister for Foreign Affairs In reply to
i alludes to the note as simply a protest i If the Count halts at a hotel on his ; Germany's declaration of Ihe resumption
w hich amounts to notifying Germany w tn t he station the same strict guard . of unrestricted submarine warfare was .
I that if she accomplishes what site w ill be kept. Hnd it will he extended a ! mde public lo-day. The text of the
thraatMia fhe will be responsible for her far as his boat pier Beside the vessel , 0((, follows
acts" and adds that uo declaration from Will be the tugs and the speed boats of "The new measures of submarine war
' llrazil was necessary for Germany to i the Police Department and the neu- fare inaugurated bv Germanv are lm
i know that she is responsible for Ihe acts ' trality squad's craft. These will follow ,)ernn,1K the lives and pronertv of Chi-
of Germany. He concludes bv saying I the Sc.induiav.an liner down the hay j ne9f ,.,jaens Pvon ,noro , . m,.as-1
that the note will produce niugnter in,""'" w .-.-s. . '"""lures previously taken, which have al-
I ready cost china many lives, and const I
and anxiety which thev made no effort . k., iinaulhams" i,,H,,n..a i.. partmenfc but thej did not rau the en
to conceal
way by considerations of personal safetv
When this word did come it came as i or convenience, and that he must persist m"nt? 1 m"",llHU " following the break
. .. ... .. In rrUiln.iis nilti Cornmi .),. 1, .......
a crash, tumhllug down any remaining
Illusions as to the American Govern
ment! attitude and barrini: the way
comnjetegr to any negotiations the Ger
man ottiautJs luui hoped to undertake
upon the Basis Oflhe American reply.
From Sunday evening on'noue of them
eeemed to cherish much exiectatlon that
the status of a rupture of relations would
last long and that
almost inevitable.
In tils earlier expressed standpoint rc-!
gardlng these negotiations.
Proposal Is Dropped.
Ararrntlun Is Disappointed.
gpfi ''We rtpntr'' I Tn Sis tram the
London Timr.
Bi KNns Aviiks. Feb. 11--The note of
Argentina on the submarine issue haw
disappointed public opinion The Ar
gentines are convinced that the nrhginal
States waters.
These precautions have been devised
so that the t Ierman Ambassador may
no be the victim of a crank or of some I
pm-alty who might strive to get this
country into greater difficulties.
tut a violation of international law.
The tolrratUm of their application would
Kallnrr of P. ac- Plana.
tlmught tlie President might daclnt
slate of war lb- instant be learned of and stronger draft is? the reply was
the illegal sinking of ships with Amerl- I whittled down. The general feeling is
cans on board It is now ran nuu.ii n i that a splendid opportunity lor establish-
From that point nothing further ma matt of dcubt exa' tly what const I. 1ng the value -Of snlidar.lv or tn A nt
heard of Ihe protocol or of the possl- 'titles an "overt act" In the view of the
blllty of detaining Americans. I Administration.
The German Governmeiit's attitude! In the report of the sinking without
full hreii.li was undoubtedly was Influenced by ihc press i warning of the Japanese Prince, 11 was
I despatches) with which tbe i ierman ; siaien mi in luo crew were twenty-nve
! newspapers were then Roodd, acrtlDg I American muleteers, but no loss of lire
j that German ships had been seized and ' "M" reported. The stand of the Slate
their crews interned in the United I Department has been that American
States was liwt through an unwortn
desire tu administer a rebuff to the
United states.
Ixapatoh from Valparaiso say that
tlie lone of Ihe Chilean press is reflected
in tlie Mm uHo, which says that Chile,
Intention lo sever diplomatic relation nay mat n
( Continued From Firxt Pf.)
That I : i Fill .1 II I it i ,1 1 1 1 MlAI 1 11 h I c . . I
glad to see peace brought almut from ! S'",c"' , Tl,e", 'epatche were virtually
the German overtures. Dine these failed
and the belief that the Blltont inteudetl
to light on for u complete victory be
diming llxed. Ihe average German de
clares for the use of any weapon which
may compel peace even at the risk of
bringing in the United States. The ma
jority would undoubtedly have preferred
to avoid a breach with the United States,
but they are willing to accept It In try
ing the weapon in which they now see
the only possHtle means of bringing the
War to a quto end.
Field Marshal von llindenhurg. Chief
Of tlie General Staff, too, they are In
formed, is for ruthless submarine war.
and the Field Marshal's name still
Wields spell upon German minds. His
Judgments inspfre confldono in the
hearts fuf the t ierman masses.
The Standard of Quality
ihe only new.-, which the Government
WSJ then receiving, no official communi
cations from Count von Hernstorff hav
ing come since a time several days he
fore the rupture of relations.
Bgplidt denials that Count von
Bernstorff had been prevented from
communicating .with Berlin have been
made by Washington. The only re
striction was that he could not eend
messages In code, this being diplomatic
procedure when relations between two
countries are broken off. It was
stated that wireless messages from
Count von Bernstorff had been sent to
Berlin and that the ' Ierman Govern
ment has been regulurly advised of
every step In tlie efforts made to ar
range for his rertirn and accord him
every courtesy. 1
i As soon as authoritative Information
I was received lu direct despatches '
I the reports nf the confiscation of ships
; anil the internment nf sailors were In
: correct and that no obstacles were placed
in Ihe way of Count von BernstorfT s de-
j parture under a safo conduct, arrange
ment tor me issuance or passports lo
I.. A wluma -.n.l I.I. ....I.- . . .
.o,, " ,. rr . bloodshed ami
citizens earnin a livelihood on the sea
were if anything more entitled to the
protection of this Government than
tourists, who had no urgent reason to
take passage on ships of belligerent na
tionality. Tlie fait, however, that the
muleteers were in a sense In the service
of Ihe Allied Governments, a contention
always raised by Count von Bernstorff
In similar incidents, may have weight in
the consideration of the case.
was In rrvvii. of
with (.ermany if a Chilean ihlp is sunk from r'orign SMTPtnry Balfour oxpiosf-i-
Ihe nniawor l the lWO yeftn ami n half Ing appreciation for the "rare and h-
nf lahnred fHrtnan troiHKfU.ila in VOttOtl" With which thin Government hait
A despatch from Mntovi(ino yn that j looked after British interefl. through
the Government f T'ruRUHy his pro- the American Kmbassy In Berlin work
tested vipormifly affainpt ;ermany'n Rub- ' trig in cooperation with the American
marine policy, claiming th riicht of j Bmbaeey in London.
I'ruu'uaynn ships to enter the war zone' Amhas!;tdr t.erard undertook an in
and makinK tiermany responsible fOr the I vcstlgation into prison ramp conditions
j trary principles incomparable with legiti-
I tnatf Intercourse between nemrais and
between neutrals and belligerents.
1 "China. Iherefore. protetf eneriretlcully
tn Germany acinst the ateaean i pro-
i rlalmed ne Kehraary 1 and Klnrrrelj
I hnprft that the rla-h tn of neutral Slates
! will he rtoperled and that the atd nieaw
InreH will not be rarrled nut. If rontrary
In expectation thW prntent be Ineffective
I hlna will be eon-trained, tn U profound
j retrrel, tn heter dlplnmatlr relatlnnii. It
t l iinnereary tn add that C'hlnaS ac
' Hnn I- dictated hv a desire for further
peace and the maintenance of Interna
I tlnnal law."
tory monopoly of the coastwise trade.;
which has been nerving; the need of
produce re and coisniners on the Atlantic t
and Pacific coasts through 'he Panama I
Canal has been Withdrawn for more i
profitable chartere, much of it not serv- !
Ing any American commercial need, or
sold to forciRii flags.
"We understand that the vr Depart
ment has several vessels capable of car- ,
lying the.e products and serving the j
urgent demands of these producer" and I
consumers. Thousands of tons of prod
uct! a rc awaiting t lie return of these
facilities or have been subjected to j
higher rail rates. The concentration of '
car resource of the transcontinental
railways on the munitions traffic hafl in- I
tensified this need
"We lcg of you that vou will at th
j earliest date transfer to this board all
! Mich tonnage as can be properly spared '
1 from military (uses.
I "We purpose to charter at nimo to
j Americans such tonnage as we receive. I
We do not purpose to overwhelm this 1
j trade with tonnage nor d. otherwise
man iii.ik- guua rn iins time mo aiver
Slon of vessels by those upon whom the
Government has conferred !enefits fori
which they should have continued to
render this service. We do not content- i
plate entering any trades what ever i
which are now adequately served by
water routes."
first loss sustained.
Food Riots Quelled With
Bloodshed Regiments Re
ported to Have Mutinied.
Iirrmmtr to ;lvc Kattafactlon far
Sinking tbe (iainuia.
London. Kb. 11.--A Heuter despatch
from The Haguo ny ttmt In reply to
the explanation asked by the Hutch
.Minister at Berlin regarding- the destruc
tion of the steamer tlainnm by a Her
man submarine the Garman liovern'nrnt
In fjarmany and also through his em
bassy foare handled an Immense amount
of routine havltxt as its ohje.-t the pro
tection of Hi itch business lot, rest in
Itelnrlant tn Hrllrvr It.
A communication explanatory of Chi
na action was also handed lo Dr. Paul
S. Belnsch, American Mtnlstcr to t'hlna.
It follows:
"China, like the "President of the
fnlted States. In reluctant to believe
that the tiernian fiovcrnment will actu
ally execute, measure which Imperil lives
and property of the citizens of neutral
Washed tafcor llnrlna Month
of .In ii mi r , .
BlItt.lN, via wireless, feh. 11. Durlns
January, says the Oaarsaas News
Antony, L'a7 mines Were washed ash. ire
on th.' Dutch roast, of these 2.10 were
Hl'ltlsh, one Uerman and six or unknown
Since the commencement of the war
1.328 British, 64 I'reneh. 2.",S Herman
and 32ti mines of unknown origin were
washed asnor on the ,-oasi nf Holland
i -nn, ihaiis Hllfs uhl.
"The reply cam nltnost Insl 1 1 .tly ,
from an unexpe.- r.i quarter T"
marine, which evident l. nus nfl
the haze two mil or so ! i
the wireless and began ullClrlna i . ' ,
tola from 4,0011 yard distan i , ...
while approaching at full speed . th'
the range rapidly decrease.L Soinn o(
the shells were loadtd Kltli . i ttpne
which burst about Ihe Mantel .
nrounil the lifciKt.it. I n. Utter
turned close to the Mai tola, bin th.
sailors now put all their mtls. .. ..
oars to Increase thil dtstaiicc
submarine's target Koitunstel.i iioIkhJ
was hurt by the shells, although ever
body was badly frightened
"By this time Hi,. Kubmarin was
plainly visible to everybody, her nu
emitting angry lath- llasliits as thej -their
missiles toward M
cool headed passenger my boai
out a poekat notebook and irefii
marketl down a -rosn everj
submarine fired. His recol I -.. .i... i..
forty-seven shells were lil'cd.
Tlgrer of the Re Vllllloht-,
"The submarine is within
yard:- .at the Mantola when uu in I
fled aei began lu hm , up
horizon. Th- Hiibttiarlne's eonm . Icr
decided thai discretion W' let
part of valor, close, 1 Ins hab'het
RUbmergsd and dtsappeared - u
speakable relief ..f us aH. 'ii. ne .i
rival proved to l. a BrttiMM
gradually picked up i he lirvivoi
"We were on our host six .1 '.'
Mantola nank in the evening
The survivors who ruuehed I. mini
to-day showed plainly Ihe effcol ,.f
ecpatianea in their pile, nervous i
appaaranc. Th,. one hundn ii.
of the erew still clung ndthtiui i
to their lifebelts and the vnrtoy lit1
Dal paraphernalia which made ' t
Odd Spectacle n the lei.-', metroi l:tl
station. Most of thin survivors i
willing to talk, displaying .i d
tion to let tbelr mind go ba.
hat rowing exisrrlence
Rrlttnh Strniur linn t''l i hem her
nml f ii ii ,
BoeroN. Feb, 1 1 . - , pew .
defn-e ajjamni t'i ubmfl in
'l"iied when the BHt full
arrived to-day from Havre. A .
at tei ileek house proved i o I
etrii'-ture ronoeellne t t gun ri
VOtVtng on a platform Ih Pntn
mimd a Wide area uHteru
pOelng the Kiin or fts eroW u1 I '
The HaiTOff is ul f h '
sols bultt for the i . r' I 1 i i-i
Hay Itta in ttaneportlng prain an'l
ntunM lone to Pmn e. i
that other uteamere of
been similarly equttMHM
Ambaaaador to Kalntaln Mlenee
I iitll He Sera frraident.
rnpENHAUKN. via London. Feb. 11.
"I have given no statement or Inter-
ffseefflj CtbU DjmsVs to Tim go.
RoMgi via London. I'eb. It -Tlie Vnt-
A mattress that gives perfect
feat to the whole body and gives
Ml, nee la llrol.en.
. I lui : ! II I t ill 1 1 I , Vriri1 mii-liiiiu tlanoa
Foreign Office nfricials. who up lo Uonal developments, including a revolu
that time would speak only with VagUlton ire feared
Indefinltenesa of the probable date for Vati. in . Ierynien and fsrdinsls have
th. departure .of the Ambassadorial train, been asked to Implore the Pope to stop
now ventured on more and more definite ,e wa" In order to save (Jermanv and
commitments regarding the immediately vuMi ia-llungary
pending completion of arrange. ncnts. ' The Vatican orcan th n,r,ni
Had they been In posaess.on of direct ffomttso. points out in m Inspired artlol
niormaiion 0:1 in Ikal nlaah hataraan 11... Italia
view on the submarine situation or on
declared that tills must in no wise be tt,p present crisis to any newspaper man j
considered a coiisequonco of the intensi- . shall not do so after crossing the
Had submarine warfare. ' frontier ami I Intend to say nothing for
The QQvernrhent promised a thorough I publication regarding the situation until
nvettgat(n Immediately th submarine nfler reaching Washington and report,
. on.-ernetl returned to liort and ad. led In to the President and the SAertarv
lean has Information from Austria that n,Mt it would not hesitate to give full I, if Htate," lames W. (Ierard reiterated
food riots have 'teen repressed with sat Isf aatloi) If llollaiid'.' complaint was . p the enrrrepotiilrnt of the Associated
frQUatly soldiers Just III sd. Press at llerlln in the nnai oonvama.
have refused to lire upon the cltlei)S, j tlon had with Mr. Herard before the
Several rcginieu have mutinied and irne Dutch steamer tiamma wa hound 1 correspondent's departure from the lier-
from New York for Amsterdam with a man eaiaiai. 1 ne correspondent was
,argo of oil for the Mulch i l ivcrnment I requested to cable it Immediately upon
when she was sunk by a Uerman sub- leaching an uncensorod telegraph ata
marine ' tlon, Ihc Ambassador adding:
I "Anything In the nature of a state. I
ment or Interview purporting to come
and authorttatlv
true status or affairs ill Amen, 'a, offi
cials declared. ItiMcad of being forced
it all the time is the best invest- i(,vr" un,,n atarmlrt prim reports.
... .- no niiuiu navs oc-'ii
ment. "Hall V Mattresses,
made of pure horsehair
by our Unproved proCMI, are the
most rconoinieal and are always
u comfort, always new. We
manufacture ajl our goodi.
Order through your own dealer
or from our New York' show
rooms. We make ami sell every
thing iii bedding.
msnutsrtarsri si Plt and Bwidini
25 West 45th St.
had been Incorrectly Ventualt
is strlviu
in a far atnTereni posit Ion fr less
ooncerted about th nceaity of protect
ing Its own lntrt in a situation whl 1
as It turned out
repoi tetl.
M iio It of 'he telegraphed pics- -e.
pons received, they declare, they aa I
not permitted 'he rjrtnnn pro to re-
. ilillsh, feai ing li.' effe Upon pllbllo
opinion, ami the first .-allied ad, i - rt-
civd by an American correspondent,
xplaliuiig and .Icailug a tln situ ition
Ills Two I blldrrn, l.oal mi Ihe l all-
and Oermany would Stabllsh a preco- I ion, Iii. NhJ inirrleans.
lent for th" right of the Culled Stales ,
lo influne Buropean polltlea. It aay Piim.'ii'iha. Feb. II, Kdward
that after the war Rurop would iie I 'oniit ll. w hose wife and three children
weakened and 'he united states oouid
assume a preponderating position.
th tho nbj2c of averting such an
the paper sas, the pop
0'DONNELL NOT NATURALIZED, i ."' rrJ',.! rri"'"- n.ow'; :
In America run therefor be regarded .
as a fabrication."
to t ert war be. ..'"e.i tiv
United Si. t s and Oermiiiiy and txpeotl
io aoccaeg.
Three llrrltu Hnnka t onsolldalr.
were on the liner t'alifornla w hen she
was sunk by a lierimin Hiihniarlne. was
round to-day by the polloe. Two of his;
children leal their lives.
j O'Ponnatl set at rest the eoiilltottneT
j stories as rn whether he was naturalised, j
; lie saitl he went to the Federal Bulldlnf I
; in this city in March. IK9II, a few weeks!
after he handed in America. lie wa
then 17 years olil He was told that he I
uld not obtain full t itlxeiiship papers I
BNItMN Toy WirelrsM). l"b, II It Is
eported l.y the uewsnuners. savs 111. Itee.iOHe ho was too l nunc. After lltal
aiui shown by nun to the Foreign I if- overseas News Agency, that the Deutsche he never made another attempt to be,
fiee. was cjnveyed to the tlerman news . Hank has amalgamated with the! come a naturalised citlxen. 'Ihe status
paper iiiniv. tnm .iriii. snowing wnai : niciciict uhiik verein and the Nord
iniportance the officials attached to It. deutache Credltansmft. The capital of
Americans In Berlin and, so far a the Deutsche Hahk was ' therefore In
known, throughout Qwtnaay, wars I creaaed 6,26O,O00 to J6I.76O.00O.
of t lonnell chtldJ'en Is important, lu
view ot any artlon by the United states
i ho eminent regarding the staking of th I
California. i
w 1 Thursday, February 22
$13.50 $15.00 S160
loyan WAiBtvoroK! birthday)
All nnvhrsii i-'H-.I - from Nrw ton
'rupui-tluuatu iMit s fiMiu ntbiT polnta
Similar Tuuri Man-h R, ti, April 6. 12. is
Mar .1. 17 '
Iswrlntlrf folder M rNiiHat lo O. T
fluyd, iMiision raapiifr Agent, 213 Kirih
Ait-., .len itire, or oeareat rirket Ajfmt
Pennsylvania R. R.
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types of closed zJXCotor Qars
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6ist Street
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,aia I III lllll aW Hi y i iii IJsPjW'J'B I
gF J SwwSiSLlisgMiwsSiiaaMjM
The family resemblance
is marked.
The suit of "Forefathers'
Cloth" which John Alden,
Jr., wears to court Priscilla
to-day is a faithtu! rep
duction of the one John, Si
wore in 1620.
At least the cloth is,
Cut is 191 7 right up t0
the last minute.
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