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TO BE $100,000,000
So Great Wns Husli to File Re
turns Yesterday That
Forms linn Out.
Profopils Expected to He Three
Times as Much uh Last
Sew York city will pay $100,000,000 to
the Federal Government In Hies Incomo
tai on Indlvldunl and corporations, m
cordlng " "ie cHtlmut- miido yesterday
In tl.a overworked ollkfs of Collectors
John Z. Iic, Jr., In the Custom Houkc; ;
SUrk Klner, 1150 llrnndnny. nnd
Htnry P. Keith, In Brooklyn. In nil
tliene offlcoH personH with Incomes of
J3.00O or moie strove to get In their
returns before the limit exjilrwn' to-day.
Bo (treat wns the stream of visitors:
that all tho olllceH ran out of the neces
sary forms. It became necessary to ex
tend the time for tiling until March 15
tut this graco will not apply unlesH
these liable to the tax itlye notlco of
their Intention before the offices close
It has becomo apparent already from
the returns that the taxes from this city
will approximate three times the amount
paid In l.i't year. This fact l due. of
course, to tlio new provisions In tho law.
Tho primary provision Imposes a 2 pr
cent, rato Instead of the 1 per cent, of
other years on Individual Incomes. Then
as cumulative factors there are tho
tupertax obligations, which take ait
other collection from personal Incomes
tn excess of $20,000, and tho Imposition
of taxes on non-resident aliens und for
eign corporations.
As a result of these charges In the
method of filing returns thousands of
the forms have been found defective.
The congestion has made It Impossible
to ireed out tbeso returns at tho prcsont
time, however. As the date for final
collection Is set as June 15 all the col
lectors' offices will have to keep their
staffs at top speed to have tho required
data at hand prior to that date.
Edward J. Path, deputy to Collector
Iwe and In charge of the Income tax
department of the world's wealthiest dis
trict that embraced below Fourteenth
street, figured that beforo closing time
to-night he will have on file returns
from 25.000 Individuals and about 17,000
corporations. Collector Eisner gave his
estimate as 30,000 Individual and 12,000
corporation returns,
To-day Is expected In all the offices to
bring a greater rush than bore down on
the three New York collecting places
yesterday. Tho penalties for tardiness
hate been made heavier this year. Upon
delinquents who fail to file returns tho
fiovernment will levy an additional 50
per cent, and there Is a tine or from
!0 to $10,000 on coriorallons, and from
lift to $1,000 upon Individuals.
Unless tho tax Is paid on or before
June 15 a penalty of 5 per cent, on the
tax Is levied nnd 1 per cent la added for
each month the tax remains unpaid.
o,n.in. TTiictt,,. Al,t4 x I sold for cash. Nehrlng Bros, represented
eCliniOr ilUSting Objects tOhhe estate und the Chuiles F. Noyes 1
Consideration of Wadsworth
.Measure for More Water.
Kamunqton, Feb. 28. Ignvrlng the
Mvlce of Vlce-Prcldent Marshall and
Secretary of War Baker, Senator Hust
Ing of Wisconsin, to-day blocked con
sideration of a resolution presented by
Senator Wadsworth In the Senate for
the relief of the power companies at
Niagara Falls, which are nsklnir for
legislation to enable them to tnko more
water from Niagara than they nre now
permitted "to tako by law.
A the result of his refusal to glvo
unanimous consent for Its consideration
tne resolution was sent tn the Foreign
Relations Committee and friends of the
legl!at!nn believe that Is the end of It.
Senator Hustlng Insists tie will not per
mit it to uo adopted
The demand for
lSr,?nnma.er piJi'j!? H."!!
aaaiuonai water for power purposes
is predicated on the action of tho Ca
nadian Government In Imposing an em
bargo on exportation of hydro-elcctrio
power which has deprived mnny muni
cipalities in New York of part of their
power supply for light nnd heat and
power purposes in Industrial plants. The
Burton act limits tho quantity that may
be taken on the American side and It
l for the purpose of amending the act
to permit tho taking of a supply nuf
ficlent to generate power enough to sup
Ply the deficit created by the Canadian
embargo that the legislation Is sought.
Senator Wadsworth said to-day: "I
ee little chance for the passage of the
Niagara resolution hy this Congress. It
Is ihort-slghted policy, It seems to me, to
oppose It Our people are taking less
water than the treaty permits them to
take, being restricted by the Hurton act
All they ask Is that they be permlttod
to take the limit allowed under the
treaty In view of the Canadian embargo
on power coming Into the United States,
without the power they cannot meet the
demand of the Government tn Its muni
uons manufactures,"
vaeaMUa as Different Committees
Ar Ala rilled.
- Ts1nm of new securities alrmttud
trading oa th Stock Exchange by tha
Warning committee at Its meeting yes
wdajt wa unusually baavy, ten different
a being approved.
.vThJ.M ,'aauea which will be traded In on
Flock Exchange for tho first time to
jay hara had their market on tha curb.
are (00,000 shares of no par value
15; United Alloy Steal Corporation; $10,.
M.000 of tea year convertible per cent,
onsa of tha Carre da Pasco Copper Cor
Walton, and 35.000,000 par valua Flaher
v vjorporauon
7 M eAflt llmtil.Ou.
Sit? nocK.
othar listings approved wera!
a?,,a c'r Manufacturers Company,
P'i'V." T P'r cent cumulative preferred
and 3H.U4.000 common shares: United
rual Oaa Company, 3133,300 flrit mortgage
nnta A linking fund bonds; Wh'lnv and
Erie Railway Company, fj, 500,000 re
rnndlng mertjrag bonds with authority to
IMfT.iM! Kria Railroad Company,
Oanjeaea River Railroad. $l.rl!,e0 firat
jaertgat Mr eant boniii Eric Railroad
?2ft.nr' - rt n Jarsay- Railroad,
T.ITifot Brat mart gaga par cant, bonda:
Illlaal. Central. $1,000,004 refunding 4a
4 313.131,300 par of additional Chfcavo
BdMerthwaatern Railway common stock.
..V.? B' teach. Arthur J. lloaanthal
r?1t'?.r,ln Svls wars slsctad mambera
ar tha Block Exchange governing commit
5 ta auocead Rrneaf Uroeaback, Albert n.
- nn iDtouDre r. jtcnoiua. iienry t;.
yworda was elected chairman of tha trua-
i f tha gratuity fund, and Allan U
tfSJ'of was placed on tha arbitration com.
,. Tha raalgnatlon of Mr. Oraeabeck from
I?..Ni" 'k Htock Exchange Safe Da
t"lt Company rauaed tha election of Bey.
nour U Cromwell aa a dlractor; the lc
Mob of Warran B. Noah aa traaaurar and
2 m JSj F9tu a aaalatant Areaaurar,
wllllam W. Haaton was midi v!o.nr.l.
I 115,.' S Nw T"t B'0f Bxehanga
Arthur Brisbane Resells 103d."utomohl,c nwnta. The property won
St. Plot to n Buyer Who
Will Improve It.
Terrate Court at JJiJil Street
Roiiffht by Suburban
Land Owner.
, Arthur Brlalia.no has sold the nouth
corner of Fifth avenuu nnd 103d street 1
to a client of Pease & Elllman who cx-l-ctM
to Improve the plot, now vacant.
The property fronts 100.11 feet on Fifth
livomto and 1"" fwt on tho street. It
was acquired by Mr. lliishanc early last
December as n Investment. The four
lots forming tho 100 foot square nt the
corner were secured from tho heirs of
Benjamin K. Dunning and the adjoining
lots on 103d street from the estate of
John (I, Olllig and Col. Jacob Jtuppert.
The plot comprises seven lots nnd was
valued at $250,000 at the tlrao Mr. Bris
bane purchased It.
Samuel A. Mcgeath, president of tho
Alsace Itealty Company, which owns
property along the Long Island north
hhore, has bought Terruco Court, the nlna
story apartment house nt the south cor
ner of Itlverelde Drive and Ninety-third
etreet, valued at $600,000, from the West
Side Construction Company. In part pay
ment for the apartment house, which Is
H5 fect on the Drlvo and 117 feet on
the street, Mr. Megeath gave besides a
cash consideration forty-two acres,
known nn Uoblnswood, at Whltestone,
I. I., with a frontage of 1,000 feet on
Little Neck Hay. Tho property Is free
nnd clear and valued at $150,000. Title
to the IUverslde Drlvo house will bo
taken by the new owner In the name of
the Terrace Court Company, formed at
Albany yesterday, with a capital of
$200,000, by Myron Harris, attorney.
The leasehold on the theatre, store and
loft building vii the east side of Broad
way, Just north of West Seventy-seventh
street, has been sold by the 2182 Broad
way Company, Willis n. Itoys president,
to the 225 West Seventy-seventh Street
Corporation. Just Incorporated with
Nathan Pillot, Jacob Doushkess and A.
K. Marsh as directors. The building Is
L Hhuped nnd two stories high. It
fronts 77.5 feet on Broadway and 50 feet
on West Seventy-seventh street. The lease
has about nine years to run. Tho prop
erty Is owned by the Improved New York
Properties Corporation, a holding com
pany for he Hoc estate The Seventy
seventh street theatre Occupies the
greater part of the building.
J. P. Gilford, whose family haB owned
61 Front street since 1801, has sold the
property to an investor. Tho building Is
five storjes on a lot 23xS5 feet. Cam
mann. Voorhees & Floyd represented the
purchnser and the Crulkshank Company
the seller.
Tirnxs to west sum
Samuel Kllpatrlck, operator, has
bought from the Central Trust Company,
trustee of the estate of Lillian S. G'.lles
i pie, 42 North Moore street, a six story
loft building, on lot 25x100, adjoining'
the corner of Hudson street. The nroti. !
ertv has been held nt 4n.onn ntul u
company acted for Mr. Kllpatrlck In the
negotiations. A few days ago Mr. KU-
pntrlek told his contract on a Front
street property. It was said yeBterday ,
that he had practically reiold his Inter-
est In the North Moore street realty.
Frederick Brown has eold to the
B. F. ii. Realty Comuany the twelve
story loft building at loti East Nine-
teenth street near Fourth avenue, on '
lot 25x92 feet In part payment the
sellers gave a six story elevator anart-i
rrent nt 41 Plnehurst avenue, south-'
east corner of 170th street, on it plot
100x100 feet O. W. Cahen and Theo-
doro S. Tcniicy were the brokers. The
aeni invoivcu auout 5370,000.
Marv D. Pitzsimons ban solil tn the
New York Teleuhone Comoanv the build-,
121 West Thirty-sixth street, on
lt 20x98.9. The property was bought
by Michael Fitzslmons, deceased. In
January, ls'l. for $13,000. The tele
phono company owns 206 to 222 and to
gether with the above has a plot 182x'
98.9, which l to be used as a slto for
un exchange building. Jacob J, Tabolt
negotiated the deal.
The Walker Methodist Episcopal
Church has bought from Ctltra Klnkle
day for $7,100 the former Mount Gllead
Church property, nt 41 East 132d street.
on lot 20x99.11. The seller bought tho
property at foreclosure on November 29
at $3,000 at the auction stand of Arthur
C. Sheridan In the Vescy street sales
II. Slawaon Company has sold tho
four lots at the southeast corner
of Amsterdam avenue and 20Sth
street, fronting 79.11 feet on the uvc-
nua and 125 feet on the street, to a I " C H. Eden rompany, tke itrkln
corporation which proposes to erect I Company, the David Adler Sons Cloth
u five story apartment. I "f Company, Charles E. Wilson, the
WEST 207TH STREET H. V. Byrnes
& Co. have' cold for Laird Bros, to
O. L. Lawrence a one story and
basement saraee. on nlot 40x100. at
602 West 207th street
mart & Co, have sold for the Roytrn
Realty Company, Harold C, Mathewi.
president, the northwest corner of
Madison avenue and Sixty-third street,
a five story building laid out In stores
and small apartments, on lot 20x70.
The property was held at $100,000.
EAST J5TH STREET Douglas L. Elll-
man & Co. have sold for the Isles
brook Estate, 107 East Thirty-fifth
street, a five story English basement
dwelling, on lot 18.9x100.5, near Park
avenue. The property was) held
riek, formerly associated with Dr. E.
C .Janeway, has purchased for oc
cupancy the four story nnd basement
dwelling at 49 Hast Fifty-third street
on a lot 20x100.6 feet, from Dr. John
Howland. Eugene Bouthack negoti
ated the deal.
WEST 52D STREET Mrs. Margaret
Flynn haa sold to C. II. Treat n
plumbing contractor, the four story
dwelling, on lot 17x100.5, at 2 West
Fifty-second street. Ashfortli & Co.
wero the brokers. ,
EAST 10TH STREET Charles R. Fa
ruolo has sold for the estate of Mi
chael J, Newman to on Investor 231
East Tenth street a five story tene
ment on lot 26.6x99.10, near First
Morgenthmi Company v.slh sold to
Mitchell A. C. Wvy, through I. Fried
man, two lot oo the east aide of
CaJasrllllUf klMM, tMtWMB UTtk
and 18th streets, running Oirouth to
Crescent avenue.
nilttOKLY.V "AUTO !Orn' MUl.
The Melster Builder have, bought the
northweft corner of Hertford avenue and
Prorpect place, a ono story store build
ing occupied by the C. T. Silver Com-
nunv Pnrl It l-i r, nnH tllher. PAblnv
ueiu at, tiuv.uuu.
Robert fl. B.tlmnnnn ham sotfl tj'
Clmties Moscarelll, a concrete factory
building on a plot 200x200 feet at Ave
mio r nnd Hclicnectady avenue; also h
ono family detached dwelling, on plot
50x100 feet, at 211 Stratford rond, to
II. D. Poole, for occupancy.
Kranlt 11. Mulone lias told for Munrne
Stinor & Bros., builders, the new apart
nifiit houscx at J25 and 32 Plxty-clehth
elicit, Hay ltldgr, to an Investor.
Martin A. Aurora ban solil the two
fmnlly brick homo nt HC3 Fifty-fourth
vtrect, for Henry Manrt'trsiut to a client
for occupancy.
Daniel 11. .Tarkaon has sold to a client
of John V. Ollllnc the fouthenst corner
of Pitkin avenuo and Chestnut street, a
plot 25x100 feet, for Improvement with
11 """"V ulncM building-.
i:ix;KMi:ni: plot sai.i.
MeCuffivy four lot with a frontnKe of
M fect nn the west side of Ocean ave
nue and 04O feet north of Spmy View
nvenue j also two lots with a frontage of
50 feet on the west side of Central ave
nue, Udgemere, t. I.
The Land Credit Corporation, Harold
fl. Aron president, has purchased Lake
View Park, a subdivision at West Hemp
stead, Nassau county. Long Island, from
the Ambeck Itealty Company. The park
contains 280 lots, and was bought for
development by the sellers about four
years iigo. Tho Land credit corporation
gavo In exchange two houses and five
lots nt Malvernc, I I.
The Qucenston Corporation is tho real
buyer of tho lot, 22x100.8, on tho south
side of Ninety-sixth street, 253 fect east
of Fifth avenue, sold recently by Pease
fc Klllman and Duff & Conger for Augus
tlno J. Smith. Tho purchasing company
last Juno bought the Quccnston apart
ment house, adjoining, a six story eleva
tor structure at tho soulhwent corner of
Madison avenuo nnd Ninety-sixth street
The new purchase will be used to pro
tect the light of the apartments.
9300,000 I1ROOKLYX "MOVIE."
It Thomas Short has been commis
sioned by a syndicate headed by A. N.
Schwartz to draw plans for a two story
vaudeville and moving picture theatre to
occupy a plot 120x172 feet at the north
west corner of Bedford avenue and Bre
voort placo, Brooklyn, to cost about
lVeilrfj Cnlon Tennnt tn New
Ajrer Dalldlnir.
The Cross & Brown Company has
leased with Bowantree-Schley the store
at 1U0 to 1146 Broadway, in the new
Ayer Building, Twenty-sixth street nnd
Broadway, to the Western Union Tele
graph Company; also leased at 98 nnd
100 Bleecker street, fourth loft to Slegel
Bros. & Turvln Company: seventh loft to
Jacob Belss; at 10 West Twenty-third
street, second tloor to K. W. Hammond
Co.; nt 241 and 243 West Twenty-third
street, second loft to Phopbe Snow Cor
poration: nt 18 East Forty-first street.
space to the Natural Ice Association of
America: at 30 East Korty-second street.
space to C. L. Slcard and United States
Alloys Corporation.
Hell & Stern, the fourth floor In the
Altman building, southwest corner of
Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street, to
the Lily of France Con-et Company, for
a long term. The space taken Is about
20.000 square feet and completes the
renting of the building.
F.wlng, Bacon & Henry have leased
space lu the Yale & Towno building at
Ml East Fortieth street, to H. T.
"ubor & Co., Mutual Tiro & Itubber
Company. Marks & Angus, and Hart &
uuicmnson. inis completes me reining
' tl10 building
M- J" Hesa, Inc. have leased the
hlxt1' Hoor at 37 to 45 West Twentieth
"irett to me scnwariz-janee & cnnries
I. Jaffeo Company. E,
M. Goodman
rtprcsetited the lessee.
William H. Whiting Co. have leased
the building nt 24 4 Watr street to the
Joseph If. Merrltt Company: tho "tore
und basement at 255 Petri street to
Wheelock, Lovejoy & Co., and the llrst
loft at 51 and 5G Frankln street to Ed
ward H. Ladew Company.
Tho M. Rosenthal Company has
leased to the Bound & Oval Paper Box
Company the store and bat-emeut at
107 Greene street.
The Hrt-tt & Goode Company has
leased at C2 anil 64 West Fourteenth
street through to 65 and 67 West Thir
teenth street the entire sixth floor to the
Uncln Sam Doll Corporation : also In the
Printing Crafts building, 4C1-479 Eight
avenue, offices to U Alterson & Co..
Frank J. McCabe. A. J, Buechmann
Co. and the Textile World Journal.
J, B. English has leased the store and
basement at 243-245 West Forty-seventh
street to the Poelam Manufacturing
Sutton St Benjamin have leased space
nt 30-32 East Twentieth street to B. Dla
n.ond. Miles Bosenbluth, Joseph La Vin
ler, S, Krleger Co., Solomon Moss
bacher, H. S. Wheeler, the Malllnson
Importing Company, W, 1C MIntz and
Howard Cox.
The Charles F. Noyes Company has
,easca tne etore nt 2,o, Pearl ,trJet to
()oId(,mth Itroa . tlle nr0 nml basement
' Ht ta i3 white street to tho IJ. T.
Hungerford Br.iBs nnd Copper Com'
pany ; the second floor nt 30 tn 38 Ferry
street to tho Fred Rueplng Leather
Company, and space at 9fi and US Ful
ton street to Edward W. Klnn.
The Fifth Avenue Building Company
lias leased In the Fifth Avenue Building
! Kpaca to the American Mills Company,
Itosenwnld-Wlmpfhelmer. the Metal
Products Corporation, Samuel N. Maglll,
NasnwanK puip ami l-aper company,
".'6 ST leinoergcr company, tne
. ew Toy Company, the Republic Bag
I f ; v-..jr u.
E. Dill, representing the Manufacturers
Finance Company; Herman I. Lurle, the
Jordan Reporting Company and the
Talbot Company.
Kenneth Ives ft Co. have rented for
Alfred It. Ferguson his estate at Green
wich, Conn., containing about ten
acres, large residence and outbuildings,
to Perclval S. Hill, president of the
American Tobacco Company, for the
summer season.
Fish & Marvin have rented furnished
'for tho season the property of Mrs.
Grace 8. Sloane situated on Forrest ave
nue to Mrs. Arthur Friend ; the prop
erty of Arthur W. Corning situated on
tho old Boston post road to Gustavo
Schlff, and for Mrs. George R, Corn
wall her property on the Boston post
road to Jucob Wider of this city.
15TII BT. 413 to 418 VeV a 1 story
garage, 100x100 J S Maher and J j
(Jlllen, 431 West 14th et, owner: J H
Mnher, 411 West 14th at, archltert:
coat 113.000
EAST BROADWAY, 87, a t atory atoro
and offices, 25x37 J Main,
Catharine at, owner; M J Harrison,
World Uulldlng, architect: co"t. .120,000
13T1I BT. IS Kat. a 1 atory offices, S5x
91 Centra White Co, 135 Broadway,
owner; Hchwarts ft Oro, It; Cth av.
archltert; coot 177,600
WAM. BT, 95 and 97, a 7 atory offlcei,
41x40 J Aron ft Co, premises, owner;
15 I.vy, 50 West 45th at, archltert t
Mt -.. . . Sin.nnO
130TII HT, 110 to 114 Katt, u 2 atury
raragt, 75x99 W T Oarleton, S3 Wet
33tA at ownar; J O W HuUJ, 1107 Hull
v, araalteati f 1I.1M
Committer Formed to Protect
Bartholomew' Interests.
A committee of the congregation of Bt,
Bartholomew's church, at Madison ave
nuo and Forty-third street, has been
formed to meet any financial Iosh which
may result to the church by not being
( ahlfl tn deliver title tn the rhilreli nrrm.
..ntu .1. .... ...i n i. -- -
uo has been finished, the latter part of
next year.
Illg prices, based on the early posses
sion of tho property, havo lieen offered
to the congrexutlon, but since tho con
gregation would bo without a place of
worship under tho clrcumstunces the of
fers were refused. In order that tho
price which the congregation wants for
tho old church site and which Is to bo
used to ray the greater part of the cost
of the'now church mlsiit bo realized this
committee has agreed to mako good the
difference In the prjee which tho church
will finally get Tor tho property nnd the
nluntlon ut which It Is now being held.
J. Warren Lane, president of the K. W.
Hllss Company, Is chairman of the com
mittee. B2D ST. IIWMI.M.Vf. KI'.XTKI).
Pease & Klllman hae leased for
loiils A. ltlpley to .Mrs. Elizabeth
Briers tho four story and basement
dwelling at 48 West Fifty-second street.
44T1I ST. 147 West Itymsn Cohen nut
etlato of Ororite Forbei, owner; 1 U
Tiling A Contracting Co, lnc, con
tmctor M50
i'.'.'ll KT. 131 Eait leorfe Orommnn act
l'or.il Itealty Co, owner and contractor;
I. J Itniomlorf. contractor 13:'. 31
PKLL ST, IS Empire Klre rroof Door
Co net Lee Young, owner; J Kaeller,
contractor $60
86TH HT, 147 Kant Empire Mrs proof
Door Co nut 147 Uast J6th St Co, owner;
John I) Devlin Co, Ine, contractor. .$t!t
45T1I PT, 117 Wcet Abraham Backs axt
Itolicrl It Davis & Wm II Cowen, owner:
I.altin.'in . Aroniohn, contractor. .$14&
101ST HT, 232 WeM Kronmnn Cornice
Works, Ine, ai?t Johanna M O'llourke,
owner: Mr. F A Green, contractor. 161
7T1I AV, S4 to 1894 Uenjumln Silver
man net Margaret 1 Hoyt, owner:
IJarnet Kurlnnd, contractor $1,323.50
SUMMIT AV, w . 761.6 of l5th it, 89x
87 Hydret Kelt At Engineering Co ngt
.t Albans Church, owners; McDermott
A: Hunnlgan, contractor! 146. DO
1IAT110ATK AV, 1753 William C Peters
St Ferdinand Iiachue. ownor: John
Lnngcrmann & Bon, contractor 130
Tho n. A T. Itealty Corporation, Brook
lyn; capital. 310,000: dlrectorf, Archie and
K.lwanl TerrlJ nnd Aurom OlnMn.
Tho Tetmce Court Company, Manhattan;
capital. 3100,000; directors, II. J. Mc
cormick. C. K. Merrtfleld and M. M.
Tho L. It. Holding Company, Manhntun;
capital. 1500: directors. Moaei Morris, Will
lam Hihaumberg and II. M. Hnrrls.
Tim North Corona Itealty Corporation.
Queens; capital. 11,000: directors, Jamea
Ilunwltz, Samuel Terlo and Jucob
One Hundred Canal Street. Manhattan:
caplt.il. 31.000: directors. M. B. lirnda.
uumpu ii. 3iunen ana licorice i iintming
The J. S. Holding Corporation, Manhat'
tan. capital, 11,000; director. A. p. Whlto,
Jullui Hollander and I. M. ehwurz.
Tho liuckley School llulldlng Corpora
tion, Manhattan; capital, 3100.000; direc
tor, Daniel (.'. Adam. K. a. Foster, New
comb Carllun and nvn others.
Tho Avon lnveetlnu Corporation. Brook
lyn; capital. 315,000. directors L. T. Wel,
Charles a. ltona und Frederick a. Jahn.
By Joaeph 1. Day.
3D AV, 1674, !6xl00, 5 ty tut and str
l.lnda 1, Stephen. un net Harry S Wal
letisteln, er, et al: due, 11U.3S0.41; taxe.
Ac, 31,344.1?: to tho plaintiff.... IlO.uou
ST, ISO W. i'53S.i. 4 aty tr Bow
ery Savings Hank sgt Lola Frances
'rniper et al; due, 343.957.6;; taxes. He,
35,5::.:;; to the plalntlll 343,000
5TH T, 31 W. :5xl00.5. 13 sty hotel
ltobert MrlBII agt 18 W 53th St Co ctal:
due. 337.351. so; taxen, Ac, 17.767.S3; ub
to mtB Jl&o.oi"); adjourned to March 7.
tUTH BT, 337 K. 16.Sxl00.ll, 3 sty dlr
Florenco Knahland ust Angelina Fer
rari et al: due, 8". 516.06; taxes. Are,
3183.40: to Wm 11 Jelfers 37.1)00
11STII ST. 444 H. 1717.T. 3 sty houee Geo
ltuiurey and ano. admrs, agt H I' Wright
et a, due. 36.6T0. :0; taxea, ic, 3:04.29;
to the plaintiff 31.000
113TH ,T. 450 rj, 17x76.7, 3 sty liouio
Snui" agt II I, llalnbrldge et al; due,
lf.139.31; taxis, .Vic, :0(.:j; to the
pl.llntllt $1,000
By Henry Brady,
10TH AV. 193. H. 8x100, 6 aty tenement
with HtorCM Withdrawn
i:oth w. ;s w. :oxtoo.ii. : .ij'dwi
Sherlrrs tale of all rlsht, title, Ac. whlrh
Kuio Ite.tdy had on May ;. 1913, or
ulnco: Alfred K Smith. Sheriff; to Mor
ris 1 orreau , $&
Hy Charles A. nerrfc&n.
112D PT. 110 W, is.6x9J.11. 3 aty dwelling
barah A llrut.li aKt Anna M Aahman
r-i ut: uup, a,ji3.t: to ina plain
Hy Herbert A. ."herman.
74TH BT. 60S and 510 E. 50x10:.:, sty
hop Metropolitan Pav Hank attt An
u.ta W Clau-tn et al, due, J16.S35.53;
tale, ftc, $;65.60; to the plaintiff .317.000
Hy L. .1. Phillips Co.
113TII ST. 544 W. 14.9x100.11, 4 aty dwlr
Lawyer T A T Co agt Lena Poit et al.
due 119,104.91; taxeg, Ac, S:4; to the
plaintiff $15,400
By Samuel Marx.
LBWIS ST, 56 to 60, 74. 2x100, t ty ten
ement and two 4 sty tenement and 5
aty rear factory Sarah Paean agt Adam
P Schmltt et al; due, $5,375.85: -taxe.
c, $499.80: subject to a mtg of 341.000:
to tho plaintiff $42,290
By Joseph P. Day.
10.1TH BT, E, a . whole front hetwena
Teller hv and Clary av, 2:2.5x113 4x
2.'.o.llxl27.10, vaconl Ilenenaon Realty
Co va Hobener-Uachcr Co et al; due.
30.718 81: taxes. &c. 142.1: aub to 1t
mtg. $2.1,800: to the plaintiff I.10.750
BRONX nnd I'elhanl Parkway, s, 10.1 w
land N Y, N II & II R It Co, 4f.ll.0s:
HK)kir.Oxloo to Bronx and f'elham Park
way to Weatchefter. or Mill creek
Ihnma tl Auchlnclufn va Lillian Hof et
al; du, 814.047.40; t.ixe, Ac, $2,;i84.as.
to tho plaintiff 310,000
Hy Samuel Marx.
WALTON AV. w s .100 in m Mt Kden av.
lata Belmont. 77.l"x1o.1x25xl0OxlK0x:nx
r.u2.1xl01.1l. vacant Simeon M Barber
vh Jae A Woolf et al. action 4; due,
8.1.0)3 51; taxes, Ac. $'.'.350; to tha plain
tiff I.'IOO
INTKItlOR parcel, beginning at a point
f.S 4 n w (Iraud Houlevaid and Con
eourae, 2.1x1, lot 20, (.lock 2R.1R, iec 11
David Wallace va .lames A Woolf et al;
action 2: due. $4! 53: taxes, &c, 3.10:
to the plaintiff 3(100
Hy Oeorge Price.
WILLIS AV. w a, whole front between
Southern Boulevard and lH4th at, 200x
li(lxl00x2.1xliHlil71 fl, vacant Rdgar S
Appleby et al va ly-anora M I'll II lip.-en
et al, due, $50,511.(10; taxes, Ac.
31.(130.20 Withdrawn
(With name and addrees of lendera at
torney.) 11TII AV, awn 174th at. lOOxtOO Alfred
c Hathman to Johanna Flelnchmann.
Kant Millstone. Some raet co, N J, May 8,
1905, ntty, Tlllo (luar A T Co, 176
Hnay ,, $40,500
7TB AV. e s, 94.0 n 11th at. 69x19, Hi Irreg
Ahby tins to Caroline lluse, as comm.
May 1, 184; atty. Lawyers Tltlo ft T To,
160 Iiway 13.600
SA-Mi: PHOPKHTY John V Hueo to Kd.
ward D Thurston, 113 H :9th at, Nov 25.
1474; atty, aamo 33,750
147TI1 ST, :6-:ss W Mosee A Amelia
Solomon to Jacob Fninkentlialer, exr
eatata of Carrie Frankenthaler, Mar 24,
1909: attyi. Oppenhelmer ft Schreler. 170
Rway 311.000
11T1I AV. c s, 49.8 s w SCth it, 31 4x100
.lumen ft Ann Itow.in to Philip Stevenson,
Weatbury, I, I, Oct ::. I'JOt; attyi. Mr.
Crea ft Taylor, 92 W Bway 313,500
4TH AV, a w cor 1:1th t, 10O.ix:5.6
Henry ft Joanna Mulilker to Virginia tl
Mackny-Bmllli A Helen S Marlatt (for
merly Markny-Smlth), Nov :7, 1S5:
utlyn. Thatcher A: Adams, 11
lluay $2.U00
BAVIIN A V, w a, 300 n 17th at, 76x103.3
I'llruae Conatn Co, 93 Bin en av, to On
ilerdunk estate, .131 Mad hv. Dec 19, 1916:
ally, N Y Title ft M Co. 135 Htvay.,16,500
LUDLOW BT. 82-84, 40x65.7 N Y ft Weal-
Chester Suburban Land Co to Sophie
I.etln, 113 w 71t at. July 19H; attys,
Hliliiult ft I.evene. SO Church t.,IC,000
Fl'LTON ST. 4.4 Kath I" Mrad ct ul to
l'ridk A Clark, Cooperatown, N Y, Nov
30, 1909: attys, Young, Verplanck ft 1'.
1 to Huny 33;,ooo
"(Til ST. :25 W Harriet Phillips nnd ano
to IlenJ N ft Bllm I Cnrdozo, trimtuft.
May 1, 190u; atlya, Simpson ft w. 52
Hwny 117,000
105TH ST. 171 K Isaur Kuthschlld et al
to Minnie LewUohn, July 20, mot; ntty,
(illliert Klllott, '-' Hector at .II.OtM
UIKltl.'OMHi: AV lli-KS-Teicnie A
Ilosey Smith to Max Benjamin, 67 1!
SStb at, Aug 19, 1915; attya, Sheehan ft
UoB, 1101 Lag 4rr.MMMM,IHl,eag
(With name and addreaa of lander and
attorney. If attorney's name la omitted
addresa party of first part.)
(South of Fourteenth street)
FRONT BT, 12 Tlealna Vollhart to fleo B
Hewlett, lis W 121st at, mtg $15,000,
Feb 28; ntty, N Y Title ft Mtg Co, 135
Bnar 31
OltKKNWICH ST, ii w cor R-rtor et, JO.Ilx
90.8x15.8x90.0, with a t to'alley in rear
Aiigiistlnq I. McCrea to Caroline M
Keeler, 125 Montague et, Bklyn, "i part,
1 e. Feb 26: D V McCrea, 80 Maiden
lane 31
FRONT ST. s a cor llurllne silo. 14x102
Irreg I'helpn-Stokea F.slates, Ine, tn Jos
F Cullman, 39 W 71at at, mtg $86,000, all
liens, Feb 27; utty, Lawyers Title A T
M. lf,n Bway... " 3100
CIIU11HY BT, ii e, 66.1 w New Chambers
at, runs n 61.1 to s w a New Chamber
t x s e 76.4 to n s Cherry t x w 55.3 to
beg. gnr Itealty Redemption Co of N Y
to N y Truat Co, 36 Broad at, mtg $15,
000, l and t, Feb 26; attys. Bowers ft S,
46 Cedar at 81
RtTUEIM BT, e a, 25x104. except 0 ft
atrip off renrIrving Bllveratono to Lnula
(Inldsteln, 49 Rutsers at, mtg 122, son.
Fib 24: ntty, A Fred flllveratoue, 160
Nltsnau st , $1
W1L1.UTT ST. e a, 100 n llrand at. :5xl00
Ma Uuttentag to Solomon Neuvllle, 161
DHancty at, Bklyn, '4 part, mtg $31,000.
I i i 24; attys, Price Bros. :;i llnav.,.3t
10TH ST, 2; K. 21.10x94.9 (foreCloa'l'Vh 19,
191. Ldw II Kelly, rcf, to Hroeiilc:
Sav Hank. S4l 6th av, Fob 26; ett,
Boners ft Sandr, 4 Cedar at $60,00.1
10TII ST, n a. 391.1 w 5th av. 35.4X91. 10
Johnston do Forest and ano. exra Com
tesso (laston d'Aracliot, to Bnrtlett Ar
k,clJ' is w 1Hh ' Pb 21; atty. Title
0 ft T Co, 176 Bway $30,000
East Bide,
(East ef Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
and 110th atreeta.)
16T1I BT, 23: B. 89x100.11 Laxar and
Bernard Margullea to :41 B lir.th St
1 orp, IS Washington place, mtg $40,000,
leb :.i; attye. ICantrowitz ft Eberg.
320 fiway 6100
:3D ST. 305 E. 26x98.9 William F Foley,
Tarrytown. N Y, to Vera Cruz Knights
of Columbua Building An, 805 K 23d
st, Feb 27: address. 577 3d av $1
29TH BT, 312.314 E, 41.8x98.9 Morris
..'-eyln to Yetta, hla wife, mtg $40,600.11
49TH ST, n a, 218.6 w 3d av, 66.7x100.6
145 K 49th St Corp to Wellesley Realty
Corp. 240 Madison v, mtg 3 1 60,000, all
liens, Feb 3s; attys, Arrowsmlth ft Dunn.
21 Hway $100
58TII KT. n s. 130 w 2d av. 23x100.4
Kmlle A Bassey and ano, exrs. &c. to
Bdwln F and Frank H Beerleln, 780
Melrose iv. Bronx, mtg $i:,000, nil
liens. Feb 21; atty, Jacob Rubin. :99
Hway $28,000
60TB ST, 413-17 E, 75x100.5; Uth et, 407-
II K. 75x100.5 Esther Isenberg tn
Schleslnger Realty Co, 7 Stanton et. all
liens, Feb 22 , $i
81ST ST, 158 n, 20x104.4 Emma HI Dlt
trlch to Lizzie Ritzier. 164 1, Slat st,
mtg $12,000. all liens, Feb 24; atty. Jn.
seph M l,as,er, 65 Liberty et 31
I04TH ST. 164 B. :Sxl00.11 John Paveil
to Emillan Real EsUto Corp, mtg $11.-
000 $ioo
West Bide.
(West of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
und 110th atreeta.)
BROADWAY, a w cor 49th st, 20.2x94x19.4
X90. with a t to land In bed of Bloom
Incdale road In front Walter S Salomon
to Northern Fee Co. mtg $74,709 $1
64TII ST. It: W, 14x100.5 Nuthan A Moss,
man to Albert N Mnrsman. both of Nor-
walk. Conn, mtg $17,000, all liens, June
in. luii.; utt)s, I'atternon & lirincKer-
holt. 43 Cedar at $1
95T1I ST. 19 W. It. 8x100.8 Iforeclos Feb 71
Chandler B Snead. ref. to Bond ft Mort
Guarantee Co, 176 Remaen st, Bklyn. Feb
is. any, iawyera i & T Co. 11)0 llroad-
way 317,000
10M ST, 241 W. 60x100.11 Annie Schmidt
tn .viereoitn Itealty Co, t2 Hway, mtg
I'o.oou, all liens, Feb :s; Atty, Title uusr
ft T Co, 176 Bway $100
(Manhattan Island, north of 110th street.)
114TII ST. a s, 13$. 11 w Park av. S3.4x
100.11 Fed-l.and Realty Corpn to
Michael Ost. 202: Lexington av, mtg $54,
OdO, nil Mens. Feb 14. ntty, A M I'arlse.
51 Chambers sU $1
119TJI ST. tOS E. 30X50.6 catn II Mnnr
beck and ano, exrs, &c, to Oeo Ehret,
intK $14,509 $16,500
i:4TH ST. n s, 310 Lenox av, 26x100.11
Wm A Martin to Winchester R ft C Co.$l
i:4TH ST, n s. 297.6 o Inox av (o 1 Cth
av). 37 6x100.11 Sumo to Manhattan
Holdlm; Corpn ' $1
124TH ST. n m, 177.5 o Lenox av, 20.11X
100.11 riame to same tl
129TI1 ST, 162 56 E, 50x99.11 Chaa R.
Manning, trustee, to Mabelle L Beebe. 49
Itlilge Drive, Iiwcrre. Yonkers, N Y,
mtg $27,500. all liens, Feb it $1
129TII ST, 249 W. 18.9x99.lt Eliz Riley to
Bridgetown Realty Co, mtg $8,500. Feb
22 ntty. Lawyers Title & Truat Co, 160
lluay $100
13UT1I ST 122 W, 23x99.11 Eliz Riley to
Bridgetown Realty Co, mtg $5,600.. $100
171TB ST, s a, 147.0 w Amaterdum av. 87.6X
99.4 Nora A Fallheo to Jonora Realty
Corpr, mtg $28,000 $1
(Borough of Tha Bronx.)
MATTHEWS AV, 1917. 60x95 Carolyn W
I'etcra. Indlv ft as trua to Josef Adamee,
713 E 133d St. Feb 24; atty, T tl ft T
Co. 178 Bway $1
BATHtl ATE AV, 1632. 26x90.7 Marguerite
S o'Nell! to Nalpalt Realty Co. Inc. :9'
llwav. mtg $l(i.(i0i), Feb :7; atty. M
Monfrleti: 299 Hwuy $100
BEECH TERRACE, n s, 66 e Cummllia
uvc. runa n SOx e 45x n :ox e :sx a 100
to Terrace x w 70 Oonstantln Wagner
to Mnlex Realty Corpr, 17" Hway, Feb
s. atty, Alex S Natlnaon, 170 Bway..$100
LOT 324. title 10, map of Tremont Terr
Margt O'Kenuedy to Juoob M Jacfcowltz.
313 Cummins av, mtg $1,000. Jnn 4;
ntty, J J Karby. O'Kennedy, 99 Nassau
et $100
BECK ST, 6i6. 54.1x125 Mary A Schwartz
to Victor Savada, 254 W lOSUi et. n.tae
SJfl.flOO. Fell 27: MttS'. T G ft T Co. 1 7".
Bway 1100
VVSE AV. e t. 150 a 172d at. :5X100
Anna O lh''. to I.aura E Cayvan. 319
Bampton av. Orand Rapids, Mich. Nov
27. 1916; ntty, 'hae National Bank. 7
Bwav 85.001
KINlrBBRIDOi: TERRACE. 8011. runs w
llfi.llx a 17.sx w ;.lx e 119.11 to terrace
x m 19.9 Cnmorate Mtg Co to August
Heste, isl Belmont av, mtg $5,330, Fen
It atty. T (1 ft T Co. 178 Bway.... 8100
RICHARDSON AV, e a. lot :t, map So
Wiislllnk'tonvtlle, 40x126 August Faust
to lli'lnbold Jahn. 4440 Richardson av.
mtc 3 J.50O, Feb :: ntty, L W Martin, 2
liector st .$
120.5 s 17oth at, runs n 6.1x w 60x a 92,3
to ilriuid Bld and Concourse x n e 100.4
Ensign lmpt Co to David Hteckler. 241
W lulHt st. mtg $18,000. Feb 2C: attv.
N Y Title ft Mtg "o. 135 Bway $Iou
I36TH ST, n s, 199.4 w Southern Blvd. 6Sx
200 to 137th st Wm A Martin to Cen
tral Dutchess Realty Constn Co, Inc. Feb
2(1, atty. K T itusse i. u crook. N v.. 81
VERIO AV. being lot 249. map part Hyitt
rarin, s.xiasxtt.sxiis.(, wm A Mar
tin to Central Dutchess Realty and
Constn Co, Irr; atty, E T Russell, Mil'.
brook, N Y. ii
UNION AV, 684, 18 9x95 Bond and Mtg
Cil.trantoe Co to Victor E Belndel, 4656
Park av, mtg $5,000, Feb 27; atty, T il ft
T Co, 176 Ba $100
ti.iu.n A. an. iixiou i;naa M O'Keeffe,
ref, to Anna M Rekcrsdres. ton 3d av.
Hklva, Fob :7; atty. T O ft T Co. 176
Hway S4.&00
OCiDBN AV, 1386, tOxtll.2 Frank E Rola-
nan, rer, to uummer itealty Co. 3:."4
Fork- av, mtg $35,000, Feb 28; atty. E E
L Hammer. Sd av and 148th at.. 310,000
LOTS 27 nnd 24, parcel 27, map Wm B
wguen win it nays to Bdw it 1'ner
srhke. 1145 University av, mtg 32.763.
Feb 24: ntty. L T ft T Co. 160 Buay..$100
rui.iniA.M itiJ, a w cor croton Aiiueduct,
runs a 88,11 x w 77.4 to Aaueduct av
n e 118.8 Everett I. Barnard to Malex
Itealty Corpn. 170 Bway, mtg $55,000,
Feb 10; atty. T O A T Co, 176 llway.$100
SAME PROPERTY Malex Realty Corpn
to Constantln Wagner. 607 E 132d .t,
mtg $35,000, Feb 10. atty, same $100
181ST ST, a a, 100 w Vyso av. runa w 70x
i 114x e 6x a 12. Ii e SOx n 125 Philip
Welnsteln ft Son, Inc. to Sara Realty
t-orpn, 2.V iiway, mig s&..ooii, reti 28
nttys. Kantronltzft B, 320 Hway. . , .$100
BICBBUIDOE ST. n a. 38.3. from Una bet
Iota ,11 and 40 map Claremont. S8.9x23x
.is.'ix.'s s i;mz A Thompson to Tliot M l
Mean. 1476 Bhnkespeare av, Feb 27; atty,
T a A T Co. 17H Bway 8100
LOT 1025, man Wakefield. 100x114 Annie
Swanlngson and alio (ex) to Eugene
, Llchtenberg. 120 I.yndhiirst at, Syracuse.
N Y. mtg $2,000. Feb 27: atty, T O ft T
t o, j7n iiway xs.ouo
139TII sr. n s. x.j e st Anns nv, jbxioo
Frtnlt J Hubert to John F Pendergast,
Jr. 4sn E 13th st mtg $inooo, Feb 28:
atty, N Y Title ft Mtg Co, 135 Hway $100
131 it sr. tso li .lonn r fcnnercant. jr.
to ('has M Tewkesbury. 436 E 128th st.
Illta- $2,000. Feb 23: atty. N Y Title A
MIK Co, 133 Bway $100
(With nama and address of lender and
lender a attorney.)
(South at Fourteenth street.)
Ht!T(! ERS BT, e a, lot 784. man Henrr
Rutgers. 25x104, except atrip fl ft wide
off roar, Feb 2N Iiula naidateln to
Irving Sllverstone. 41.1 E 107th at. dua
Mar 1. 1024, 11',,., pr mtg $22,500; atty.
A Fred Sllverstone. 1,10 Nuasau st.. 17.700
PRINCE ST, .0.1. .MBX7 7, Feu Sfl Nicola
l.aniu to Anna, wife of Jno J Maffla,
IKii; 2d av. dua and Int aa per bond, rr
mtg (0,000 11,000
East Bide,
(East of Fifth avenue, huween Fourteenth
ano uiiui ctreeis.i
20TII ST. 312.S11 E. 41.siU81. Feb 27
jiorria i.evin in neneviete Mierinan
:ui ilo)t at, Astoria, B uf Q. due Aug
:7, 11(17. 0',;, pr mtg 38,SO0; atty.
lacob I Berman. 848 Bway .$3,000 1
AV, Vil, Wx8.ll, rb 2T rannla Lttl
erman to T Aahlay Sparks, tt W lltth
at. B rrs, BTI atty, Lawyara Tllta T
Co, 100 Bway $050
West Bide.
(West of Fifth avenue, between Kourtaenth
and 110th atreets.)
10TH AV. w . marginal at e t. 18th st
n s and 17th at a a, tho block: Reach at,
i a, 108 w Varlck at, runa a 173 1 to n a
North Moore et x w f 4.2x n 73.2x w 27x
n 12.6x w 27x n 87.7 to Beach ft x a
I0Sn to beg. pr mtg $250,04)0; Reach ft.
30-32, runa a 175 2 to n a Nortb Moore
ft 131-37) x e 108 Ix n 71.2s w 27.4T
n lH.Ox w 23.1x n 87.8 to Beach et x w
5.1.10 to beg, pr mtg $ ; Greenwich
at. e a, 02 from Warren st, 20.3x80x25x
72, s . aleo lot begins J from Warren i
st. runs n 38 to rear lot, ;iix e i.ix
38 to beg, also small goro bet last 2
mentioned lota, pr mtg $20,000: also
property In Jersey City and Newark, N
J! alao franchises, buildings, machinery.
Ac, mtg deed of trust, Jan 1 Merchants
Refrigerating Co to Broadway Trust Co,
2.13 Bway, as trustee for bondholders,
20 yra. 0; atts, (leo C De Lacy fc
Title (luar ft T Co, 176 Bway (gold
bonds) $3,500,000
67TH ST, n a, 100 e 9th av, 75x100.5, Feb
Z7 303 weat oitn m t;o to arumr .i
Pllzer, 446 Ocean nv. Bklyn. due May
1, 1920, I?,. atty, Sidney B Cnrdozo.
62 Bway $90,000
(Munhattan Island, north of 110th street.)
149TH BT, 803 W, 25x99.11. Fob 2;
Richard Morrlesey to Win N Bavler. 201
Centre av. New Rochclle, N V, 6 yra.
6": ntty, N Y Title ft Mtg Co. 135
Rway $13,000
(Borough of The Bronx. 1
3D AV, e t, 77.11 s Lli'.th at. 172 to
IJncoln av, x48.5x96xl.7x w x51.11
Sarunuc Blty Co to Prospect Heights
lmpt Co, 190 Broad st, Feb 26, duo as
per bond; attya, Bhiland ft II. 149
Bway $30,000
MATTHEWS AV, 1317, 5'0x96 Josef
Adanec to 8am! J Ashley, 747 St
Nicholas ar, and ano, Feb 24, due na
per bond; atty, T O ft T Co, 17
Bway 32.900
LAFAYETTE BT, w s, being lot QQ. map
Unlonport, x Amelia Rlty Corpn to
Snmuel J Aekley, 747 St Nicholas av,
and ano, Feb 27, dua aa per bond; atty,
T tl ft T Co, 271 Bway $3,200
ELTON AV, 814, 26x100 Anna M
Kekeradrea to Tltia Guar ft Trust Co,
178 Bway, Feb 27, due aa per bond;
atty, T O ft T Co, 176 Bway 82.500
ID AV, 3633, 25.1x109.6 Kate V Ferris
to Ambrose K Jones, 956 Park nv, Feb
24, 3 yra, 5ej; atty, Frederic do P Foster,
44 Wall ft $2,500
140TH ST, 381 E. 25x100 Phlllpplna C
Buae to Christian A Slehotd. Jtamsev. N
J. Feb 26, demand ; atty, B A Huge.
141 i; 14th st $3,000
FORDHAM RD, awe, Croton Aqueduct.
88.11x77.3 to Aqueduct av, xltS.h
Constantln Wagner to .Malex Hlty Corpn.
170 Bway, Feb 10, 1 yr, 67,; atty, T
G A T Co, 176 Bway $4,000
18IHT ST, s s. 100 w Vyse av, 75xll4xx
12.1x50x125 Sabor Rlty Corpn to Philip
Welnsteln ft Son. Inc. 1397 Stcbhltis av,
prior mtg $48,000, Feb 28, 2 yra, 6:
atty, M Uerkowltz, 74 Bway 34,000
LONGFELLOW AV, n o cor 185th et, 200
to Lowell st x27SxS0x3xl:0x236; also
Bryant av, e a, 230 a l5th st, 80x100;
alao Tiffany st, e a. 135.3 a Westchester
av. 440x104.11x440x103.1 Usona Con
struction Co to Walter C Noyee and ano
(rec), 41 E 61st at, Feb 23. demand 6:
att, D M Buckley, 141 Bway $13,600
MOBEGAN AV, e. s. 99.1 II 173th at. 60.1X
145.3 Mohegan Blty Co, Inc. to Abel
King, 14S E 65th st and uno, prior mtgs
$44,500, Feb 24, Installs 6"t; attya. Lest
A C, 35 Nassau at $4,000
6TH BT, n a 110 w 2d nv. 38.8x100.11
Matilda J Rogers to Commonwealth Sav
Bank; atty, Geo II Hyde, 41 Turk
Row $36,000
8SD ST. 219 W Lawyers Title ft Trust Co,
trustee, to Lawyers Title ft T Co, trustee,
69 Liberty at 31
SAME PROPERTY Same to same; atty,
Lawers Mort Co, 59 Liberty st $1
105TH ST, 111 E Fany C Ljon and sno.
trustees, to Emigrant lndust Sav Bank;
atta, R ft E J O'Gorman, 51 Chambera
st $12,000
168D BT. 611 W Anna K Donald to Maiden
I.ane Stv Bank. 170 Bway; attya.
Roelker, B ft S, 63 Willlim st. .. .$40,000
132D ST, 20 E Laura Gross -to Zolten
Friedman, 47 St Nicholas av; address, 793
Bway (l
83D ST, n a, 500 w 9th av Bradlsh J
Smith, exr. to Lawyers Mort Co. tv un
erty st: attya, B ft E J O'Gorman. 51
Chambera at $30,000
SAME PROPERTY Lawyers Mort Co to
Era grant lndust sav nans; attys.
same $27,000
riKE BT. 6 Barry Ettolson to Barnet
Cohen. 77 Madison av; aua. jonnston et
M. 256 Rwav $1
HUDSON ST. 21-31: Duane st. 164-166
Oceanic Inveaung co to iiowery oavinss
Bank. 128 Bowery; attys. Cadwalader. W
ft T. 40 Wall t $325,000
MORNINGSIDE DRIVE, n w cor 119th at
Rotary Realty ro to Apr steers. s
Castle pi. New Rochelle, N Y; atts,
Blawson ft Bnbbs, 162 W 72d st... $100
COLUMRUS AV, 986 Dry Dock Savings
Institution to Norm inter sav uins, ji
W S4th at; atty, Title Guar A T Co. 176
Bwav $6,000
VKRMH.YEA AV. a s. 60 Academy st.
Pot av, n a, 200 e oyckman st ,ioa it
O'Neill to Jos V Mitchell, 70 W 105th st:
uddnu. 233 Rway 32,500
TB AV. n w cor ISth et. 23x60 Mary C
Taylor and ano. exra, to Title Guar A
Trust Co. 176 Bwav $23,000
5STH ST. 124.126 E Farmers ft Tr
Co to Allen w. Evarts, 1:1 u J9tn st;
attvs. Evarts. C ft B. 60 Wall St.. $$3. 000
AMSTERDAM AV, 410 Emigrant lndust
Saviors Bank to N Y Trust Co. so tiroan
at $24,600
4ST1I ST. n i. 350 W 11th av. 26xll6.6x
xl09 Orphan Asylum society in city or
N y to Artntir smitn. i.d ei ettn st:
address, 111 Rway $8,000
-11 AV. e a. 26.3 a 79th at. 26.6x74. a
Equitable Llfo Assur Society of the II B
to Manhattan tav instn, 6tt nwny;
attys, Rapnllo A K. 60 Bway. .. .$14,750
1f.An.ll -T "07 V! illrt M Mpl'tMn nln
to Lawyers Mtg Co, 69 Liberty st..$16.ont
126TB ST. 342 E Jno A Gregory to Car
iiiela M Grecory. 2S6 W 137th at: attv.
Title G ft T Co. 176 Bway $6,500
STB ST, 632 11 Margaret A Greenleaf nnd
ano to Christian cortiehlsen, 254 Cum
berland at. Bklyn. and ano, exrs: ntty,
R Dudenslng. Jr, 16C II uy 113,000
RIVINGTON T. 104 Rector. Ac, Church
of the Inenrnatton to Lawyers Title A
T Co, 160 Bway $11,000
i;7TII ST. 106-307 W Bernard Freund to
Commonwealth Sav Bank. 2007 Amster
dam av; atty, Geo H Hyde, 41 Park
Bow $1
ID AV, w a. 300.4 a 167th at, 171x171.1
Guaranteed Mtg Co to Florence B Scott,
at Bala, Pa: atty, .Guaranteed Mtg Co,
:oo Bway Jion
SOUTH OAK DRIVE. a. 35 w Wallace
nv, 25x98 Ida B McTurck to John W
Flncke. 3461 White Plains v; attv, A
M Schwartz. 3471 White I'lalna av..$2,01f)
WASHINGTON AV, 1526 N Y Life Ins ft
Trust Co, as trua, to Title O ft T Co,
176 Bway $12,010
BTEBBINS AV, n e cor 1(17th at Lawyers
i v. i 1.0. to .- i I'iisan anv a txian
Aasn, 180 E 16th at; atty. I-nwyrrs T ft
T Co. 160 Bway $3,000
EDGBWATER RD. w a. 623 n Weatcheater
nv, 25x100 Lawyers T ft T Co, trua, to
Lawyer TAT Co. ns aub trua, attv,
lawyer TAT Co, 160 Bway $)
174TB ST. 457-469 E Guaranteed Mtg t.'o
to Emellne II Oltn, nt Rhlnebeck, N Y
atty. Guaranteed Mtg Co. 200 Bwny..$100
HONEYWELL AV, a a. 72 7 n 180th at
Guaranteed Mtg Co to Emellno II Olln,
Rhlnebeck, N Y: atty, Guaranteed Mtg
Co. 200 Bway $19,000
LOTS 134 nnd 133, map gamier estate
Stasia Homers to Warner W Weatervelt,
Woodrllffe Lake, N J; atty, W W Wester
velt, 150 Bway $1,640
MTB ST. 274 W Amelia fl del Pino agt
Andrew Phillips et al (amended fore
closure of mortgage) : atty. B Hwaln.
120T1I ST. 40 W Jennie G Bulkley et al
act Abraham Beaver et al (foreclosure.
or mortgagei: atty. II j Tlnney.
80TB ST. s . 112 e .'.til v, 23x100. Carl
D Jackson ngt Fhlppsn Point Manor.
Inc. et nl (foreclosure of mortgage);
attys. Eldlltz ft Ilulse.
NORFOLK ST, s s, 100 s Btanton st, 2Rx
100 Goshen Savings Hank and latwvers
Mortgage Co agt Solomon II Schlanger
et al (foreclosure of mortgage); attya,
Cary ft Carroll.
r..-iTB BT, 24.1 W II M Weill Co agt Al
bertlna D Crevellng (apeclflo perform
ance,; atty, S Rossnian.
C12D ST, a a, 1(10 a Park ar, IS nxion A
Theophlle Wucher Hit Ieina S Aubert
(action to appoint committee, ftc);
nttys, Everett, Clarke ft Benedict.
BRIGGS AV. 2315 : 201st at. a w cor Brlggs
av. 114.4x99 : John P Munn et al agt
Isaac Stelgerwald at al (foreclosure- of
mortgage) ; nttys, Jackson ft Flelschman.
TREMONT AV. n e cor Honeywell av, 60x
100 Edwin B Meeks. as trustee, agt
Evelyn Bldg Co et nl (foreclosure of
mortgage): atty. E O Duvall.
187TII ST. n a. 133.1 e Webster ar, 83. 4x
100 Ella R Andrews ngt Prank A
Becker et al (foreclosure of mortgage);
nttv. B F Ediall.
K1NGSBRIDGE AV. a. 96 a :34th at, SOx
126 B B C Holding Corpn agt Randolph
Johnson et si (action to set aside lease);
ntty, V B I.lppo.
KINGBRItlDGE AV. a a. 95 a 284th at. tOx
125 B 11 C Holding Corpn agt Charles
Caruccl et nl (action to aet aalda deed);
atty, V B Llppe,
KNOX PLACE, e s. 138.3 n Mosholu Park
way North. 100x160 Rosa Stern agt John
C Fisher et al (foreclosure of mortgage);
attys, Meehnn ft Barlam.
CAt'LDWEl.I. AV, 800. 158th st, t3-666
N' Y Title and Mortgage Co agt Lvttle
Const t.'o (fotoulosuro uf mortgage;, utty,
M A Hulttt.
agt Flloman
AV. 1118. HIT Paulin Law
Vllomana) VAurto at al ((STMlsssjral
Don't wait for tardy spring to bring you the
outdoor life and sports you enjoy so much.
Go to Florida or the Gulf Coast, where it is
always spring.
New Circle Tours
Affording maximum comfort at minimum
expense; going by steamer with optional
rail routes returning, including liberal stop
over privileges en route. New Steamer,
"Henry R. Mallory," 11,500 tons displace
ment, and other big vessels in service. Tours to
Jacksonville, Key West, Tampa
Mobile, Galveston
Excellent connections for all Florida East and West
Co ait points, including
Palm Beach,Miami,Havana,St. Petersburg.etc.
Remember the Jare Jot these tours includes
meals and sleeping accommodations aboard ship
March Bookings Now Open
Lt us give you the details of this unique oppor
tunity for a luxurious southern trip. Call or address
Clyde-Mallory Lines
City Ticket Office i 290 Broadway, New York
or address
A. W. PTE. Passenger Traffic Manager
Pier 30, North River NEW IOBK
42d St. Building
Exceptional Opportunity
To Sublease an Attrac
tive Suite of Offices con
taining about 1,700 square
feet. Possession April 1st.
Marston & Co.,
.10 East 42nd Blieet. Tel. 340 Murray Hill.
Jut rompltt4rJ : owner rAnnot nonipr:
t rooms, tllo bathroom, citra largo IMmjc
nom, full width of hnusn; upon flrciilarp;
up-to-dM kitchen: largo china clrpsw'p.
new model ratiRe with Improfxl
hot water attachment; combination km
ami etvctrlc fixture.; hot water he-it:
ppactous porctus front and ultlo opnlntc
Into living room; ran Ixt cIommI In a
sun-parlor Tor the winter: !ire ftrmind.
fl.tHXi Mmara root; mlnuton walk tn
bMUtlful aandr bathlnn Israeli; 40
minute from city; owner, low your
profit. Will sell for 4..VK), wortli..,i.O(MJ;
$350 ranh, balimco very easy monthly
payment. (, HAItOAlN. Wwt
aith St.. X, Y. City.
C room. And hath, all larco, airy rooms
with every modern Improvement hour
contain up-to.tlatn furniture, rug. cur
tatne. Ivory bedroom set. ullver. kitchen
utentlla, etc: ready to occupy, benuttful i
warden plot 90x100; hedgo, new garage for
on cht; line restricted nelKhborhooil , neat, '
private bathing bench and waterways.
great for all water uports, near trolley ami
main road to New York City, owner leaea
for West and cannot occupy will natrftlco
to responsible interested parly on c.uy
terms. U., bus 131 .Sun oniv.
SMALL FARM, $1,800.
Complete with soodohoue and outbuilding:
Just the plucA for pmall family wantlnK
year round home having enough ground
fur vegetable!!, berrlej and chicken, In
large town where there M demand fur eggs
nnd poultry; near station, harbor nnd trol
ley; reliable family can buy this farm for
Kmall amount cash und $12 monthly. C,
box 13! Kun office.
Old Fashioned Homestead.
(Needa few repairs! 8 rooms, large grounds;
40 minute out; orchard, shade trees, etc ,
privilege of restricted bathing beuch; re
fined locality, bargain to quick buyer; easy
terms If desired; full partlculara on request.
IIOMBSTBAD, box 134 .Sun ofllte.
ron low cost, nioii-nrt .de bunoa-
VWIT 71 1. A ITT1 1- 1 1 1 . HlllllllTU'lTPim !
Beautiful Home on Salt Water
Cannot bo equalled In price, design, eonstnie
tlen or cotiTrnlence to city centre. Jimt com
pitted ami fully decora t ed ; 7 rtKima, Inoludlna
unique breakfHtit nwrn, Z bedroom, llflnjr rmim
with ft replace, thcMlnut trim, double flfwrn,
Fcreena, Kharlca, electricity, city water, extra
tihower bath In cellar, lawn 40x100; nil Hn't
Itnproretneuta, treeaj close to achool, markt-t,
Matlnn and waterfront; ahort wnlk to bathing
bench anil tennis cnurta; 30 minute- from Firoail
way, electric tralna. Will tell at latt aenson m
constructliiti (mt. Moderate riuli payment, bal
Rnee on Jlrnt and aecond innrtgRnea; guarantee!
title. J ; SI., box 135 Sun office.
On the North Hhor of Long Uland; all
year home of te rooms nnd two baths, hot
water heat, ga. water, electricity, newer.
etc: open fireplace, large living and dining
room, apacloua porchc; C7 mlnutei from
centre of city; one btock to atatlon, 3 rnln
utea to prltate bathing beach, clubhotiM,
dock anchorage, etc.. price, term, etc,
font on request. OWNKH, box 13$ Hun
f 1 7 MONTH T.T buy liannVioma 7 room
cottage and large garden plot; hent, ga,
electric llfiht. full cellar, porch, and other
Improvements; iie.tr trolley, echool nnd
depot; 30 minutes out ; write or cull fur
photo. C. lilt OWN, 105 Fiat bush Ave.
3130 CAST! burs sir a.ven room house;
bath, heal and alt improvements, alec, t
trlclty, gad, etc; large plot good soil fori
vegetables nnd poultry; v.111 take ralanre !
313 per month: the property muel n sold
at ont'a, perfect title, B., box 13 riuu
of mortgagi) ! attya,
Breltbart A Bralt-
30TII ST, 43-4S W, atore, h at and 1st loft
Michael Coleman tu Jacob Thonet et
al, firm Tlmnet Bros. Vienna, Austrti,
10 yra from l'eti 1, 1H18; atty, 1' B Hnb
ert, l.'O lluny 117,'jr.o
4TII AV. s w o Il'.'d et. s (1 nnd b and 1st
and I'd lofts Julia B I'etk nnd ano to
Hobt J V Schwarientmi'h, 471 Park av,
(I yra from Feb 1, 11)17. 10 yrs. ren at
334.000; attys. Uoelker, B Ii if, fl'.' ''
lam st I.r.V.on
S7T1I KT, 13 W. .12lliO f.. nil new lildB to
he erected nt cost of lsor to extent of
8100.000 -Euphenla H Coffin tn Ttrfanv
Mudlos. !1U7 Mud av, CV 1. 11U7 Ai
:. i'l r nn sc. i.ut of
l.e't bldg or niters ttons ul' t taxet,
Ac: attya. Be I'ureal Bros. !.o Broad
itu.,..,H.MI.. ...... Inl 312.(00
16 Days of Sunshine
To and around Porto Rico, tha Won
derland of the Tropics. In a crulas
of unequalled Interest and delight.
d&s $94.50 AuNp
hcloaing All Expense
mm mm t. eeeM ths raw winds sod as
tsla "blasd ef Bvshsntinmt" at Its hmU
ni mull soar betel far entire f rules, litelad
fcg step la virions ports, sivd raw eoesra
sry espiiiss. n .. -w
r Vu Asssru 1 1.
4ntlng Departmaait
Otuca, 11 BresoVaT. Kssr Taf
4'4)M MI'.ltriAI.
South American Line
SS,SAGA"uniler SnedUh i Neutral) FIa(t
Sailing March loth I mm New York
398 Broadvrae, New York.
len. Freight Ant-..
33 Broadv.u. New York,
Cirprasaa Poatal Sarvicss
Direct Route to the Continent
WKf.Kl.Y ni:i'4ltl t'ltr.s
I'nr All r.irlliulnrs Imiulrn
I'lione Itroad 4900.
Be gill ar PAMenger and Cargo Sorflo
CUNARD DRAFTS. ConTenient-Reliabla.
Payable in Great Britain & Ireland, (iood rates.
Kor further lufonnalhtn apply
htato Ntieet. -Nimv nrk.
American Line
White Star Line
New York- -Livrrpool
Inriiilre for tsalllngs, i:tr.
orFICi:, uirtAi, N. , -I. nooo ICeetor.
IIELII.II I I I I. sllllltr
Itesltti und II' '
Ft.. N T.
Pouth nnd W.-l. I'
I'ler 3i Vur'h lit
MM'. In nil points
r v eek 'ny, 3 l M,,
T 34un Kr.inldln.
TIM' 1TI.I.H in; vt r SKD"
BOSTON $2.65
providence v.':.;:.1 n.w
AM, Of I Mill: S I I EltltllMS, 81 TO al.
WimU ilajH und .siiiniij. ji I' M from
l'icr aa, N. I! f.n.t Ui.i ll.mton MU
1'houu t-prin 04'JI
tr. v 1'ier II N It ft. I'ullou Ht. dallj
at ft I'. M Mihii'
New London Nnrlrli) I.lne str, Iv. lie.
40, N. It., fl Hi.uMiin St ex Sun, A .10 I',
M.. I'ler 70. K It II V.. i'Jd ft SII',.M,
Ne Haven I.lne tr Iv I'ler -JS. K. It.,
ft. Citharlno ht . ex fun 2 mi I' M.
ItrlilKepnrt I Ine Iv I 'UT 27, 1'. it., dallf
exnpt hiinday, 1 no I' M
Worcester, II 00; rrothlrnre dlreel. 1
uuroiiir. aia i r.imiiM?. si.oo.
Bally, including MimUy, .1:00 V. xc
rrom nar n. .. h, rnone 7100 uoeamaas.
I City Ticket Ofdcs, 389 Broadway, H. T,
Jtl'AI. I'.sTAir, 111 It SAI.K.
a.Mio (' s
and your prsfnt inovny rental will bur
your home nt Wnll ll, New lersey an!
I.archinont, New orlt fCII'S'TltY HOMfl
I.BAfll'K' 41 W 3.'nd St. Telephoaa
llHdlsnn SiU.lre liSCO.
114TB PT 40 nn.i tr B.irn.t Klmlar
ngt Ben m In A .." ' Oct 17.
inl.-, :so,3
EAST BIttJAbW .VI, . I; iuo.-e art
Julius Mao .t, all l'b S3, 1917 ti
1 .1111-!. i

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