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hinnioml Jim's'' Collection
Consists of About 100 Mod
cm Pictures.
IniicnN Wymit, Bliikelock und
llniifft'f lleprcnoiitcd Ainonyr
Sow tliat "Diamond Jim" Brady's
furniture nml library have been sue
estfuliy disposed uC at public auction
tlieie iciiLilns otijy his iilcturc collcr
i;;i t b eolJ. IIU executors, the
Columbia Trust Company, llobert I
(lordon and Richard O. Crowley, liavc
authorltrd the American AH Associa
tion to arrange for the sale of tho pic
ture early In January.
It was remarked nt tho time of the
uhlbltlon of Mr. llrady'a furniture that
there erc few nntlques amopir tliem,
and the tame observation may bo made
In retard to ht painting. The rollte
tlon consist's of about 100 pictures of
the modern school. . study of thu
follnwlne; list prove that "Diamond
.Ilm" played eafe In nrt, for It la n col
lection of which' any conservative ama
teur would be proud.
The most Important work aiv.
"landscape I'ontalneblcau." by
Dlu; "Marine." by Jules Dupre; "Arab
Army CroeelnaT a Stream." by Peoamps :
The Smoker." by Delacroix : "Knrly
Autumn," "Sunset In the Wood. Mont
clalr," and th Important "The Hecliej."
by George rnntee, tho latter picture
from the Inness oafo, 195 : Wyant'H
Near Conway, North Wales"; 'The
Indian Country." by Itlakelock : "A
Turkish Market" and "Market Scene.
Constantinople," by Paslni ; "Portrait
of a Man." by Vollon.
In the collection are also ficlireyer's
"Watlachlan lloraemen" from tho Kmer
en McMlUIn collection, Marie Dlcterle'a
Important "Itomlna- Cattle," Hougue
reta'a "The Nut Gatherers; " from the
Judge Ilronaon collection, and "An
Italian Heauty": Vlbert'a "Tim Tlou-'
4Ut.'' Rico's "Church of Han tllacomo
ilall' Orlo, Venice": Henner'a "Jeunuc
lmme," "Female Head" and "A reli
eve Moment": Zlem'a "Venice" and
"Scene at Venice," Courbet's "The Cow
1 erd," flerome'a 'In the Mosque," Uou
rlln'e "Marine Uordeaux" i Itlommer'a
"Dutch Interior," Kevcr'u "Tho Huml)lo
There are also 'Watching the Sheep"
by, Tcr Meulen. Karl's 'The Conic h
Helper." P. Wdseway Knight's 'The
Meeting Place," 'Tlucklne Chrysanthe
mums" and "Chryaanthemuine." Aafbn
Knlght'a "Itoses and Thatch," "Hwlft
Plowing Stream'' and 'The Itaplda,"
" Cavalier" by Hoybet. "Arab1 Cav
alry In Rattle" by Kowaeskl." the lin
pnitant "Sortie du but de I'Opera" by
rttl, 'The Kinpty Purse"' by Hir John
vatson-4iordon. "The Sheepfold" by Ver- I
hoeckhoven, "Sheep in Snow Storm" by I the approved list of the C. O. S. were
flehenk. 'Tortla Heceivlng the Prince of two.
Aragon" and "At the Bal Masque" by i "First Tho reports covering tho
Clalrln and a number of characteristic ' period from the organization to August
vleturca by Aatl, Jacquef and Plot. Th 30, 1SI7. furnished tho Charity Organl
iv.tter colora are by Burgue, William zatlon .Society by th! vice-chairman of
Mails, P.lommers, Kevor, Welssenbrueti the American Ambulance In Bussla did
Houghton. Ilotjcrl mum. II. v. tcanger
and W.'aedney Buncc
Two Thousand Prises Awarded a
tVanamaktr Kshlbltlnn.
John Wananiaker's sixth annual
Christmas drawing competition. In which
10,000 children, aged 4 to 15, submitted
sketches, art panels, posters nnd free,
hand drawlnga. ended yesterday In a
Jubilee In the Wanamaker store. Two
hundred first prizes and 300 bronze
medals were awarded nnd
StaSZln. ""'"ithe A. A. In It. did not begin until
mlBJZT.!l0y JltJlti i.i 1 November IS. 1917. When the matter of
re twenty public school
. They professed amaze-
latlc quality of some of.
Public School 40. The
drawing teachers
ment at the nrtlatl
the specimens
Bronx, waa awarded a separate prize for
tho highest number of awards to chil
dren In any one school. Beatrice Cum
ing. 14. of 110t Bergen street. Brooklyn,
and Harold Seroy. IS, of 1212 Boston
road. The Bronx, did particularly excel
lent work.
J. Helns In IMnrharal Crod.
ffeetol Dttpatck It Thz Stx.
PiNEHUitsT, N.'Ci Dec. 8. H. J. Heinz,
Food Conservator for Pennsylvania, Is
tipinehurst comparing notea with Henry
1'agc, North Carolina Food Admlnls
hat or, and Incidentally playing a few
rounds of golf. F. Kltlott tTabot of Bos.
tin has Joined Mrn. Cabot and Philip
'.tbot. Other newcomers Include Dar
ln P. Klngsley of New York, F. De
Munlus of Babylon, U T. ; Mr. and Mrs.
Ashley T. Bparka of Ryoaset. L. I., and
Judge Vanderburgh of Minnesota.
CtMKKON rATNn. On Saturday, It
rmbr I, at Montclalr, N. J Ml..
Vrearet Tarr Psyne. tUushtrr uf Mrs.
f'tisrln I.elcteter Payne, to l.leul.
Douslss Tllford Cameron, U. 8, N.'. ii.
TiKni.tN. Sarah Catherine Berlin, beloved
1f ef Henry Clay Merlin, at hrr
home, Friday, December ', at seven
A M,
' nij'ral tervlcts at til Park avenue Sun
liv, Dtcmbr J. at 1:39 o'clock.
runs, -fuddenly, on Saturday, lcemlir
1S17, Annie Gardner, wife of the
litn Col. Jtobert Charles Bden und
rrtthsr of the late Andrew Ilaln.
Puneral s.rvlers nn Tueslsy at St. Ber
rrs fhurrh. Cternardsrllle, N. .T at
'. tlot A. M.
CRO.St n.VOrt. On Perember 7. at her rrl
U'nc. Jil r.ast Flfty.sevenih street.
SIrl Mercer, wife of Kuniuel Ilowe
P incr.il irvlr at the Chinch of the In
flation, Thlrty.flfth rtrt ct nnd Madi
son :mnu. Monday, Decemhcr 10, at
10 A. M. JCIndly omit llowers,
J'l.Vllg, -Suddenly, on Thursday, Dscem
trr C, 1317, I.lsut. Arthur Minon Jon..,
on of Cornelia Waldo Jones and the
ate Arthur Mason Jones,
''uu.rjl private. It Is requested that no
tinners be cent.
' .I'll! Amablle, on Detemher Funeral
i'ay ar.d Hlsty.slith istrset tPrsnU
canipbsll'i), Hunday, : o'clock,
M.nWLV. On nercmbsr 7, II7, Samuel
P.. eri of ths lata Andrew M, anl
Jn. Van rtlper Merwln, aged 7 years,
'trvlces at hla late residence, 2 Hamilton
rad, Olen rtldc. Jf. .T., Monday, Be.
rember jo, at t P. M, Kindly otnlt
VAI.rtERT. On Thursday. Drrembcr C,
1M7, Benjamin O. Talbert, In the
'lhty.lxth year of hla age.
Puneral services at hla lata residence,
HI West Itld street, on Hunday, ,Dc
tember , at 4 o'clock. Interment
private. ,
WlNTEIt U M.. aged TJ years. Services
way and lity-alzth street (Frank
''umpbell's), Moaday, lilO l, l,
Xot o Blame, far Omleeloa at Xsa
tinnal Anthem at Cehan's.
In answer to rumors In tho theatrical
district atarted when tho orchestra, of the
George X Cohan Theatre failed to play
the American national anthem at the
ES?'. P"'01 f "The King." Leo
Dltrlchsteln yesterday said the omission
wax no unfortunate oversight of an em
Instead Mar!,clllaU,)" wao P'yd
"Thn regrettable Incident," he added,
has occasioned much false and mall
clous comment dm ..... .......ihili,..
Stf-1!10 ""''"".'T ,n,r n'p i -1
..... w.iiirm ruttirn 01 America, i
have only jurisdiction over anything thai
occurs upon' tho ettijto und therefore nm
In no manner reapnrmlhlc for thta unfor
tunate Incident. I have'buen a resident
of the t'nltnl Mate for twenty-eight
years and an American clttsen for twen-ty-threo
yeirs. I am not tiro-Ueiman,
liro-Krench, pro-llrltlrh or pro-Italian,
but pro-Amerlfiiii llrKt, iai't and always."
Aiiieric'tin Aiiibuliuice in Hus
sla No lioiiffcr Hepre
hcnted nt liuzaar.
Tho last of tbo American Ambulance
in Itussta booth disappeared from Hero
1 ! ,1 1 , t t 1. - . . ... . 1. .
' ----- -- , i
organization removed some pieces of ,
'". minim-iicKa nnu omy smau aril
cles which were on tsalo there till the
booth was cloned by tile bazaar manage
ment because of its removal from thn
Charity Organization Society's approved
llt of war charltleH. The A. A. In It.
peoplo aald thoy couldn't find all the can
dlesticks. c. that they left there Thurs
day when they went away, and were In
clined to blame Hero Land. Itepreaenta.
tlves of John Moffat In tho Dzocutlve of
fice mid that Air. Moffat had done nil
that could bo expected of him In draping
a nit: in front of the i.biindoncd booth.
and that If tho A. A. In It. left brass an- 1
llqura nnide on Itivlngton ftreet lying
around loose Ht a bazaar they couldn't
complain if t.onu one crahlwd a few, Mr.
Morf.it said ho didn't have any and
dkln't need any living In u furnished
suit.! at the Hotel Vauderbllt.
Statements In regard to the little dif
ficulty on ltusalan street, or Oriental
street, flew around thick and tfast yc
lerday. Harry C. Hmlth, head of tho C.
O. H.'s bureau of advice nnd Informa
tion, made one, nnd lleihcrt K. Cox,
truunurer of the A. A. In It., mado one. j
Koth were In typewriting. Mr. Hmlth
stuck entirely to the typewriter s!nc
telling u reporter over the telephone Fri
day that Mr. t'ox was ft talkative gen
tleman, for when the description was
printed In the paper Mr. Cox objected, J
though Mr. Smith sild ho illdu t mv wh.
Mr. lia Ki plain..
Mr. ''ox states that the leasons for
tho removal of the A. A. In It. from
not agree with the original report of tho
auditors furnished to Mr. Smith of the
C. O. 8. on .December 4, 1917, by my
'Second Tho check given by Mrs.
Clarke to pay for an ambulance In Italyi .
Irawn to the order of the American
vitie.i Amimin not turned ov.r
Allied Ambulance, 'waif not turned over
to me but was given to the assistant
ticMsurcr of tho American Ambulance In
ltiiast.i. and bears such indorsement.
This was In confoi nianco with an agree,
ment made between the vice-chairman
of the A. A. In It. and the director of the
A. A. in I. Such agreement waa mado
,. .... ,i,,i ,.,.. r
en l? nen tne mauer oi
x,r'- ', lrk' " l'hrr,k was brought to my
f,.ulnt " lasi '"k 1 "Pn Barry
S'n!tn' and a;. vn hls ""vice, re-
turned to Mrs. Clarke the amount of her
Mr. Smith a statement says that the
A. A. In It. waa placed on the approved
Hat .September 2 on receipt of a letter
from William H. Hamilton, enclosing al
financial statement which, the letter said,
was "prepared by our auditors." sir.
Hamilton wrote that the statement was
a preliminary accounting and added:
"The auditors uro now preparing a final
signed statement of accounts which I
hope will bo ready before Saturday."
Mr. Smith saya he believes this llnal
rtatement was Issued October 2, but It
was December. 4 when Chessman Kit
tredgr, lawyer for the A. A. In B., sub
mitted It to thn bureau. He add:
"It differed materially from the previ
ous statement, which had contained no
comment by tho auditors. On the aame
day Mr. Cox after an interview with me
returned $1,600 to Mrs. Clarko.
In view
of these occurrences wo did not care to
continue our approval of the organlza
.. e x s. f nA.J.
TniX? ot ,he "rldegroom. was
original statement to this bureau Sep
tember 21. He stated that this state
ment was not prepared by the auditors."
Accounting "Somrivhat .Veglecled''
Mr. Smith says that Marwlck
Mitchell, Peat & Co. make no accusa
tions ot dishonesty, but say that the
accounting for contributions and dis
bursements has been somewhat neg
lected. Humllton Fish und Philip Lydlg,
who organized the A. A. In It., havo not
been actively connected with It for some
Miss rcisa Maxwell won actively con -
nected with It during the-summer, when
It was doing some successful stunts,
such as keeping u Busslan ambulance
out In front of the Public Library In
Forty-second street, where slathers of
money waa collected 'by some young
aoldlern in attendance. MIsh Maxwell
resigned from tho organization In Octo
ber, but agreed to tond the ibooth ut
Hero Land. She was there up to Thurs
day, but has not beren there since. At
her home, S61 Madson avenue. It wai
said yesterday that she was out.
Hero Land flourished yesterday in
spite of the storm, which couldn't keep
crowds from coming. Hundreds of
laughing soldlerM and civilians, with
girls and women, dashed In dripping and
snowy, and soon forgot how wet they
bad been. It was Lithuanian day, and
the guests of honor were Dr. Hans Suls.
riwlim Minister to the United States, and
George S. Duarte, Portuguese Consul
General. They saw it charming play In
thn little theatre on the fourth floor, and
watched a hundred Italian children from
Greenwich House do some pretty folk
dances under the direction of MUs.Ellza
beth Burchenal.
Writes Heme for Rat Tray.
Atlantic Citt. N. J., Deo. 1. Ra
quests from soldiers In France to their
people at home are varied, but perhaps
the oddest request, for something from
homo la that mede by Hpurgaen Croia,
on of the Hev. Thomas J, Cross, who
asked hla father to send a rat trap.
"The rata run a regular Kentucky Derby
up and down tho barrack floor at
night," wrote the young man, who Is
driving an ambulance along with other
men of the BuckntU University unit In
Vranco. The trail waa sent,
Miss Kathryn Motley In the
Hridc of Lieut. Sawyer in
St. Thomas's Church.
Arthur Cuiric Tucker nml
Miss May Kclmcr Arc
I'uited nt Nyack.
Miss l.oule Waterman Dickinson,
daughter c.' Dr. and Mrs. Gordon K.
Dickinson of Jersey city, va married to
Edward F. Hwenaon of Albany yesterday
afternoon m St. Thomas's Church. The
Hev. Charles K. ailbert erformed the
marriage ceremony.
IP" Dr,ll who wss gh-en away by her
father, wore n .Imnl Mvn f
' jatln and n tulle veil. 8ho was attended '
ner four sisters. Mrs: Frederick II.
McCoun. Mrs. Thomas It. Hhepard. Mrs.
Krnest J. 1'alrrman ond Miss Claire
Dickinson, and, Mlaa I.oulse Kwcnion.
slater of the bridegroom. They wore
castumes of pals blue satin and chiffon
and hats to correspond, and they carried
bouquets of larender chrysanthemums.
Clarence B. Kwenson was his brother's
best man. The ushers were Capta. Henry
P. Warren, Jr.. and Do Witt J. Payne
niifi r.ini i.-k.-i l, ,. is n .
Wendell W. Kaunce of Don-
aid 11. Abbott of Oyster Bay and Henry
j,. uogan, jr.
tton followed
or CedarhuraL A recep
In the ballroom of the
After their wedding trip Mr. Swcnson
and hla brldo will live In Albany.
MorrUtsmn ;irl Tlecomes the llrldr
of Itraerrr Llrateaaat.
In the chantry of Ht. Thomas's Church
yesterday afternoon Miss Kathryn Mot
lay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Harry
Mot lev of Morrlltnarn V. T w. mnr.
l to Lieut. Homer K. Hawyer, Jr.. V.
!, ' no marriage ceremony waa per
foimed by the lUv. Dr. Ill neat M. Htlrcs,
rector of the church.
The bride, who waa given away by her
father, wore a gown of white st.tlti
trimmed with old point lace, and her
tulle veil was edged with this laco nnd
held by a cap of lace. Khe carried a
bouquet of white orchjda and lltien of thu
valley. .She had no attendant.
Lieut. Archer Mm man. V. .. N. A..
was best man. Th uahers were V.
Averelt Harriman. Frederick II. Thoniaa,
Morton Whitman und Leonard C. hauna. I
Jr. A reception followed In the annex of
tlfo Metropolitan Club. Lieut. Sawyer is
stationed at Camp L'pton.
' DauaMrr of Soldlfr la Married tu
n Snldlrr.
Miss Fiances Louise Huston, daugh
ter of Capt, and Mrs. Tllllngbast L.
Huston, was married to Lieut. Oscar F.
Cartaya. O. IL C. yesterday afternoon
In the chantry of St. Thomas's, Church
by the Itev. Dr. Kriiast M. Stlros. the
rector. The ini.rrlagu tercmony vr?
witnessed by relatives and a few Inti
mate friends. There were no bridal at
tendants. The bride was given away by
her mother. There was no rccwptlon.
Lieut Cartaya left the OfTicera Train
n aillV,tJ,bl,r,r. f fewc
"- "" y- ,"'"'"
Tex., on December 15. The brlde'a father
Is In r ranee, as Is also her brother.
Lieut. Arthur T. Huston, V. S. A
t'onplr- Will tio In partanbnra
After a Wedding Trip.
Miss May llelmer, daughter of the
late Dr. f.eorge J. llelmer, was martietl
, Arthur Currle Tucker, Compan
Sevtfn(i, neglment. now statlone
Spartanburg. S. C. labt ovenln
Lareh(lcll tne honl, of tho b
to Arthur Currle Tucker, Company I...
ed ut
ing at
I mother at Nvsrk.nn.ltii.i.r,-, v v Th
officiating clergymen were the Bev. Dr.
Charles H. Uaton of the Madison Avenue
Baptlat Church, New York, and the Hev.
i.'ranklln Babbitt of Nyack.
mi,, Mary Elizabeth Johnson of
Washington waa the brldo's only at-
tendant and Frank A. Nelll was best
man. Mr. Tucker and his bride will go
to Spartanburg after a short wedding
Xaral Heservlst of Flaehlna- Weds
In Xtw York Chnrch.
Miss Adelaide fi. Hawley, daughter of
the late Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Hawley,
was married to Walter Herman C.
Funke, V. S. X. TL, of Flushing. L. I..
J'ssterday afternoon In the Fourth Pres-
byterian Church by the Bev. Dr. "TCdgar
Whltaker Work. The bride, who was
given away by ber brother, Arthur
Hawley, had no attendants. Herbert
best man.
The ushers were llobert do Neufville.
Albert R Algeltltiger, lloyal F, Latham
and De Witt V. Weed, Jr.
On their return from a wedding trip
Mr. Funke and his bride will live nt
460 West 147th street.
Myers Weston.
Pimmui. Mass., Dec, . Mies Cor
rlne Brewer Weaton, eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mra. Franklin Weston of Pitts
Arid, was married to WheaUm ltr.in.lli.li
Byere of Buffalo, son of Mrs. William
Byere of North Andover, Mars., this
' afternoon in Ht. Stephen's Episcopal
1 Church. The Bev. iStephen K. Koelcr,
Jr., rector, officiated. Mlsa Kleanor
Holden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hale
Holden of Chicago, a cousin of the bride,
was maid of honor. The bride's other at
tendants were the Misses Betty and
Julia Weston, elstcru of tho bride, of
Pittsfleld; Mlsa Harriet Kumhardt of
North Andover, Miss Kmmalena Slzer of
New York und Mrs. Norman Wallace of
Springfield. Mr. Byere, who was gradu
ated from Harvard, class of 1M6, Is a
Government Inspector of airplanes In
Buffalo, where he and Mrs. Uycra 'will
Cameron- Pay nr.
Miss Margaret Tarr Payne, daughter
of Mrs. Chariest Leicester Payne of 120
Clinton avenue, Montclalr, N. J was
married to Lieut Douglas Tllford Cam
eron, son of Major-Gen. George Hamil
ton Cameron, yesterday afternoon nt
Oakwood, on Llewellyn road, Montclalr,
by Bishop Coadjutor Wilson It, Stearly
and the Rev. Luke Matthew White, rec
tor of tit. Luke's Episcopal Church, In
(hat city. The bride was attended by
her three slaters. Miss Sara L. Payne
and Mlaa Harriet Payne, bridesmaids,
and Leicester Payne, flower girl. Lieut.
Charles J. McCarthy, U. 8. N. ft., was
Lieut. Cameron'a best man. The couple
will go to Spartanburg, where Lieut.
Cameron la stationed.
Mlsa Jessica Lewis, daughter of Mr,
and Mra, George Lewis of Shore Drive,
Douglas Manor, waa married to George
r. Coop of Ruth, Nev., yesterday after
noon In her home by the Rev, Frank
Fltt. Sixty guests attended the wedding,
which waa followed by a reception. Tho
bride waa attended by her. slater, Mr.
Marjorle n. Coming of Douglas Manor,
who was married on November 34, when
Miss Jessica lwls was her only at
tendant. The bent man wan Lambert
Neff of this city. Mr. and Mrs, Coopo
will live In Nevada.
Harris Cook.
Ml Virginia Cook, daughter of Mr.
and Mm. "W. It. I.. Cook of 183 Wllroji
avenue, l'Mushlng, was married last ce
lling to Itobert Harris, son of Mri. Al
fred (I. Freeman of 9 Dodcn lane, KIumIi
tng, by the Itov, Oeorgo V. Kcclen In Ht.
John's Hplscowil Church of Flushing. I
Tho bride Man attended by MrH. U. V i
Oates tut matron of lionor. Trowbridso 1 ,, . ...... ...
Harris, brother of the bridegroom, WHHjl'AI fitt II
lxwt man. The bridegroom Is a membt'i' I '
of tho aviation corps at Princeton.
Taylor Parntler.
Announcement was made at Plallifleld,
N. J., yesterday of the marriage of I.teut.
Carol C. Taylor nf the Unltod Htatea
Coaat Artillery to Mlaa JCdna Parmlee of
Iron Mountain, Mich., In the bride's home
on Thanksgiving day. The bridegroom
is a son of Mr. nnd Mr. William O.
Taylor of North Plalnfleld. He Is now
on his way to France and his bride lia.i
returned to her home.
Dr. Muck and His Orchestra
Apparently in Full Keepinjr
With tho Weather.
The second afternoon concert of tho
Boston Symphony Orchestra at Carncglo
Hall yesterday afternoon was a atudv In !
moods. The first waa that of lugubrious '
.i i..
depression In which Dr. Karl Muck con
ducted the national anthem of this coun
try. The stars werp dim and It was not
easy to aec that the flag was still there.
The musicians from Boston really ought
to buck un n bit and ahow a more aan-!
gulno spirit when they come here.
The nezt moods wero thosa ef Kdward
MncDcAVvIl, originated by hla contem
plation of Indian music. Ills "Indian
Suite" is familiar. Is admired by many
and mode a theme for rhapsody by tlioae
v.-ho find in all of Mr. MacDowcll's music
the voice of aupremo cenlus. There la
a "legend"' In the aulte, and Inevitably
ii love song. There are other utterances
of Indian love.
"Ijdy Hoetska: that Is the name of
the llttlo night bird of tho desert whoso
sung you sans. When the duak comes I
think of you n Hoetska and lliten for
the call
cf the gray llttlo bird In tho
Pity that the grontes.: of American
composers cmild not have read thoro let
ters, but he wa dead before they wero
written. The Indians of MncDowell ar
best when they tight. They uro saddest
when they lore. After the aborigines
ame the eea, Pebury'n three s!etche
called "La Mer."
Now those who go down to the sea
In ships know not thoie who go down
in stopped trumpets stopped trumpets
wnicn win not stop. One grows aweary
of their snarling. But the sketches re'
somblo the suite In one quality. Both
are very, very clever.
The roncert ended with Bee thoveuVi
third "!eonorc" overture. At leatt hero
were no snarls und thn trumpet's nis
sago waa one clear clarion ch.-illenec of
Juallce charging Into tho midst of crime.
Tho famous orchestra played well, but It
was a melancliotv nnei-t Mr. h...i,.
to Dr. Muck. ieliiilKtlc tunrm..
rlrat ur erte of Popular Concerts
nt Cnrnrglr Ilall.
The llrst of tho Phllhaimonlc So-1
Icty's Saturday night concerts took
place In Carnegie Ilall last evening. I
These concerts, which are of n
character, are supposed to furnish pro
grammes aiong me lines or restful en
tertainment for music lovers, who until
riaturaay night comes ate
comes ate debarred from j ', mor all(l mor( ,aiy to treat, wllh
rrHe.i J "IC their musical i ut charKti Mck .ncmbei , of families of
recreation aro ..j,,,. the country at a
. r ..vf?'
night was excellently rdanned
luls Graveure an tho soloist the music
given waa all French In selection. The
Belgian barytone, In his admirable stylo,
sang the "Vision Fugitive"' aria, from
Mascnef "Herodlade." anil with piano
accompaniments played by Francis
Moore, ho was heard again In three
ooiigs. Franck's "Nocturne," Koecklln's
"Le The" and "Mai" of Salnt-Saens.
The orchestral numbers were Codanl's
"Orlentaio" symphony; Debussy's two
nocturnes, 'Vuage" and "Fetes" ; the
"toman Carnival" overture' of Berlioz;
Ralnt-Saens'K symphonic poem, "Phae
ton," and Masacnet's suite, "Alsaclenne."
Sarah Sokoleky-Freld Paya Her
AanoSt Visitation.
.Sarah Sokolsky-Freld gave her an
nual recital In a programme of piano
and organ music hist night In Aeolian
Hall. Her selections for both Instru
ments showed good taste.
She played as her chief number for
piano Beethnven' "Wablsieln" sonata
ar.d for organ, Bach's toccata and fugue !
ill D minor. The recital closed with
two numbers by Joseph Bonnet, his 1
"Arlrl'1 und "Variations do Concert."
The programme as a whole seemed to I
evoke Interest from the hearers.
Hippodrome .11 an Rnuilired by rf
York Commonwealth Company.
W, G, Stewart, who for six yearn has
been resident director of tho Hippodrome
Theatre, has been engaged ns director
genera! of the New York Commonwealth
Opera Company, Raymond Hitchcock,
who In treasurer, announced vesterdav.
Before his connection with the Hippo- j
mumtii ni'i.onuil'U loo mrw -
art Opera. Company, which toured the
country for u long time. He has been
Interested In opera for thirty ycare, He
served us stage director and singer with
tho Baker Opera Company, Pauline Hall,
Fay Templeton, Gilbert and Sullivan,
Marie Cahlll, and was a member of the
original productions of "Florodora,"
"Foxy Qulller," "When Johnny Comes
Marching Homo" and other old favorites.
He organized nnd directed the American
School of Opera, for which tho Lyric
Theatre was built.
ftnakr Dancer Wear Cnnngli
Clothes, says at. Loala Judge.
ffprrlal Df Pitch to Tar, Sen.
Sr. Locis, Dec. S. That Gertrude
Hoffman wears enough clothes when do
ing her irsthetlo dances, despite the
howls of dramatic) critlca utnl censors,
waa decided to-day by Judge Calvin
Miller, when fhc, together with her hus
band and the manager of a local theatre
appeared In court to answer the charge
of public Indecency because of the re
cent appearanco of tho dancer on the
stage here.
Max Hoffman, her husband, testified
that the dancer wore three layers of
tights In the snake dance and that In
tho Spring dance, which waa particu
larly objected to, she wore tights reach
ing to her. knees.
DECEMBER 9, 1917.,
iXeed 81 .000 000 to Meet, III-
",UU ?JWWU,UUU l .nttl 111
creased Cost of Food and
Medical Supplies.
450 J'KK CKXT.
Contributions Krom individ
uals Have Fnllen in.Competi
tion With Wur llelief.
New York hospitals arc facing u
million dollar total deficit iti ism and
the most serious fight for existence.
Figures from forty-six of tho principal
medical ond surgical Institutions In the
city show an average Incre&so In ex
penaea alnce the United States entered
the war of at lenat 40 per cent,
Prices nt materials food, drugs, sur
il supplies, textiles and glassware
which has soared almost beyond concep
tion In the last few montha, are given ns
a primary caurc. Wages have Increased.
American responded to tho call of hu
manity In needy charities abroad neces
sitated by tho war and wero forced to
overlook some of the home nccdn.
Th! New York Hospital, contrasting
Its c.icnsea for 1916 and the present
eur. rstlmates it mill have spent 1 1.037
more for butter than lant year, ?3,!2S
ror meat. I3.7S5 more fur eggr.
$2,700 more for milk nnd crea
J4"' '"f poultry. More than H.noo
J. c.oa'.nr" " acli yenr by tho
. iorK Hospital, and aaltle from the
difficulty of obtaining an adequate supply
mere Is an added coat of nearly J2 a ton.
The management figures on an advanced
expenditure In 191S of at least J133.500.
Konie Drug t' 1,000 Per Cent.
doing hack to a period of normal
prices 1306 this hospital finds the cost
of one Item alone cauze haa Increased
no to 450 per cent. Atrophlne and slm-!
liar medical products havo Increuaod up
' . .
VO LVOV per Ceiu.
War presents other problems for the
citv hoiDltali to solve. Has hrfspltali
lu.ve l,.n eKinl,llshe nn.l medl.-al relief
unit orcnnlr.ed. Ttieae liave drawn
heavllv unon the resources of many Instl-
tuttona and he.ve Increased ttielr expeuui-
tures to a material extent.
In view of thh Increased cost of(
maintenance an appeal was mmsi uj uic
I Board of Aldermen by the l.'idted Hos
pital Fund of New York and Its allied
hospital for additional allowances for!
I tho care and non-paying trfitlcnts. The
1 board responded with a. 20 per cent In
crease In the appropriation for Bellevue
and other city Institutions, but this Is
not regarded as Hulllclcnt to coer the
recent rapid advance.
Private hospital which accept sfl-
called charity or "city" pntlents, liaie
been granted an Increase lu their ier
capita allowances as follows: Medlc.il
and surgical cases. $1.50 per day Instead
of 11.25; consumptives,
Si. 10 instcao oi
9rt i-eiit.c chronic cases. 0 cents insieau
of 40 cents; children, f.S cents instead f
f.S cents, and maternity cases, HI.30 In-
stead of
According to New York hospital st - itls -
tics, word patients co.t 2.S per day,
which explains the threatened million
dollar deficit lu li'l.i.
.... ,., t ott ( orr TlilrU.
' .....
I New York Post t.raduato Hospital re-
Porta an Increase from 32 to 38 pur cent.
m in" per isim "'' '"''." ""'" ,,. ,
me ie m in- v ".'"r""
t in war. v nen it is rem. """
loan ut',""" j.tt .-..-
fiscal n.ir the Ineieise cot It at once
apparent. .Mom than lo.nnn was c
pended last er by the hospital for e
care of non-pnylng patients, for wlilc,
no return w m.idn by the clu.
Superintendent Alexamler II. Cat llsh
said :
"We certainly aro facing breakers
ahead. War has placed amazing olila
clcs In the way of holding up our stund
.1,. eri..Utiv. We uro lielnir called
financial sacrifice. Such cases arc often
i men wnu am nt:iiiih
i aggravated by want and worry due to
the absenco of the broad winner.
"Again, the high cost of living ! at- j
Is Extended to Saturday Night
Dec. IS, Owing to Public
Xmaa Opportunities at
Bargain Prices.
Make Your Plans Now
MONDAY Armenian - Syrian Day
Pageants, Mecca Tampla Night,
Arab Patrol and Mecca Temple
TUESDAY Scotch-Irish Day, Au
spices of Lord and Lady Aberdeen
WEDNESDAY -Halifax Day for Vic
time of Recent Disaster.
British War Relics Exhibit
Famous Speakers with Timely
! ! ! Stars from Stageland ! ! !
cai'i: nr. r.una
nirertlen of Delmonlro.
;oi.rl'. WKST CAB Alter (Iteierm a
table 10 P.M.) . .
Direction ef . M. Began.
lilrectler: of Joe l'anl,
CIIKNIIIIti: t IIEKSK -Direction
of Keen's Chop Iloutr.
! ! ! And All the Time ! ! !
Armored Tank Britannia' In Action
Hindenburg Trenches
Streets of Bagdad
Canadian Los; Cabin
Oriental Village
Old Bowling Green
Persian Garden
U. S. Naval Exhibit
British) French and Italian Govern
ment Exhibits
Erery Weekday Item 11 A. M. 13 r. M.
tacking nil families In slender clrcum
atances and shows Itself In decreased
vitality and Inability to pay for treat
ment. "Wo havo also been obliged to fortify
ourselves against the possibility of a
transport loaded with rick and wounded
soldiers being landed at a moment's no-
tlco nt our doors. These conditions have
ck""1 0lr resource! to bo depleted
.tlloll. .. rorrt,t,on,nni, Increaae In revc-
1 '
nur. i
"As a matter of fact, contributions
hate fallen ,off materially since tho
Putted Stales entered tho war. This Is
no doubt due to contributions to various)
challtiea horn nnd iilirond." I
Mr. l anuinn no nieu oui mo i.ici mai
never In the history of the hospitals of
New York haa there been a greater need
of suhrtantlnl KiibscllptloiiH to hospital
funds than nt present In view of what
these Institutions may be called upon to
do In thu wur,
A visit to a number of tho other hospi
tals of tho city reveuls practically tho
same conditions ns nt Hellevuc, Post
'raduatc and New York. Costs havo
soared whllo revenues have decreased
und the rapacity of tho Institutions have
become taxed.
Cooper I nloli'n Director Will
Mnrry ( IcvclnlMl Miirrrnul!.
CLr.vm.ANt, Ohio, Dec. S. Minn Hilda
Muhlhailscr. labor expert ntid prominent
In suffrage work, inado known her en
gagement to-day to Prof. Charles Illeh
anlK, director of Cooper Union Institute,
New York city.
Miss Mtlhthauscr leslgnoil recently as
the head of the women's bureau of the
.State City Freo Labor Hxchange to
ork in Washington as u labor expert
under Secretary Wilson.
Prof, Itlclmrdi waa chairman of
Mayor Mltchel's Industrial Survey Com
mittee In 1 ft 1 6. Hf is a member of the
Industrial Council of the New York Statu
Department of Mdticutloit, I- Interested
In art und Is on the fluff of tho Metro
polltHii Museum, Ni-w Yoik
The wedding will take place In Cleve
land December 27. After her marriage
Mis Mulilliauser Is to lie Identified with
special labor work in New York State.
Justice and Mrs-. Charles L. duy of
333 Convent nvenuo Iravp announced tho
engagement of their daughter, Miss
1 Polly tiuy, to Capt. Harold de Voc Dyke,
11 U II n. t.. rri... A
1 ' .iji.iuki i -iiiH.iKi'ti'cni.
was announced :ut night at u reunion
i of the class of 1917 of Vassar College,
' of which Mils Uuv Is u member. Miss'
Uiiy Is at nresent attached to the At -
lantlc division of the American Bed
i ros.
'. Capt. Dyko wa.t graduated from
:yan Culiersilv. He recoiled his
tommU,lon at Madison Juirracka and Is
now stationed with the 310th Infantry,
V. S. A., at Camp Dl.
Announccnieut has been made nf the
engagement of Miss. Helen Frances Sar-
gent, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. llcorge i
K. Sargent of 1380 Dean street, Brook
lyn, to Lieut. William Coverly Cooke.
I '. S. It., son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred B. .
IVfiLii nf 1 i Hnnrti lfirf l.'inil n vtmin. '
I ItrooklMi. Lieut. Cooke Is with the 107th I
Infantry nt Spartanburg, S. C '
Mr. IMward Beauchnnip Pelrce of
Chicago ha annoiineed the eiigngement ,
of ber daughter, .Mlsw Mary Buforl
Ivhce, to John W. ICilaer of tills city.
1 The wedding will take place boon tu cm-
cago. i
1'he engagement lias been announced 1
of MIsh fiertrude Viola MacDougall,
I daughter of Mr. und Mrs. IMward A.I
. .MacDougall of Flushing, to Fellowcsi
Van Itensselaer Thompson of this city.
Tho engagement of Miss Marlon B.
Peterson to Lieut. Charles Mayhcw
I'hlnnv. Coast Artillery. O. It. C. was I
announced jestcrday. Miss Peterson is'
a. daughter of Mr. aim Mrs. James
Peterson of 74'j St. Mark's
s avenue,
who 'was
Brooklyn. Lieut. I'hlnny
. graduated from Cornell with the tlars of
1914. is a son of Mrs. Aletla S. Phlnny
;. tll0 . Charles Mayhcw Phlnny of
12 1 1. Dean street. Brooklyn.
At the American Art Galleries
of the
Professor Commendatore Elia Volpi
The Recognized Italian Expert and Antiquarian
The Entire Collection To Be Sold at Unrestricted Public Sale
NOW Iff. MIS' DINCltllTIVP, ll.I.t STlttTI'.H I At' t l.i '( iUK. Il l'l!OIT.Sllt '. NVIII. l"I.(lir.( C. .tsil I'lilil l-J.
suit vnl.l'l. IN' (' H.I. Hull ATION WITH Mil lloll.MT. TnWNHKNI) )!' .SXtV VOIt IC ANB MK. CT.S Mtf , i.ti.l'll L.
War Time Diplm
An interestingly intimate pieture of the new state
of affairs in Washington, showing how the stress of
events puts dignity to .light. It's a little glimpse
behind the scenes in the world of officialdom.
Chief of Kui'oaii of Animal In
dustry Xoted Fighter of
Stock ICpiilcuiit's,
Wasiiinhto.v, Dec. f. After n three
jeurs Illness of tho lunss. Dr. A. D.
Melvtn. head of the l"irc.in of animal
Industry nnd prnhihly tlx imtr.t'ii
foreinoat tighter of c.ittlo diseases,
hero ut iiii home e.irlv lo.iiu;
Dr. Melvln was i yeaia old. Wlillo
death camo suddenly from n licmor
lliagc. of the lungs, It wax not unex
pected, as he had been falling rapidly
of late. In spite of Ills weuknesa Dr.
Melvln rpfused to glo up work and was
ul his desk in tho bureau up to last
Thursday. Ho leaven n widow, a son
and ii daughter.
Dining last j ear's convention of the
employees of tho bureau, which was held
tu New York city. Dr. Melvln startled
hla hcareri liv statins that foot and
mouth disease of cattle, cost the stock I
raisers of this country more than 25,-'
000,000 ii year and that their loss from .
lio cholera reached $".',000,000 an
nually. Dr. Melvln was best known as the
prime mover In stamping out epidemic
of foot and mouth disease. His work,
however, nlin Included campaigns on
pleiiro-pncumonla plagues In catllo and
a fight against the fever tick in the
Southern States'. Dr. Melvln was born
In Illinois, and he had been In tho ser
ire ul mo ijep.iriinciii. oi igntu.iuiu
since isi), jus asHismnL, oon j.. '
Mohlcr, Ia nctlng In his atcid iv head ,
of the bureau.
Louis IMgaid, a well known Kngllsh
actor, leading man for Lauretto Taylor j
In "Over There," died yesterday from a I
general breakdown brought on from
oerwork, In St. Luke's Hospital.
For the lust threo years Jlr. Ildgard
had been literally working day nnd
night. During the day ho would play at
motion picture studios and was for n
long time featured In the William A.
Brady picture. At night Mr. lldgard
would till ii rol.i In some theatrical pro-
ductlnn, and although bo was warned
that ho whs doing too much he r fused
to stop.
Mr. JMgurd was born lu Lngl.ind and
brought to thl country live years ago
brought to thlK country live
1 by Cliaileii Fiohmuu. After tho theatrl-
c.il manager was diowned In tho sinking
J of thu Lusltanlu the actor Joined Torcts
with Daniel Frohman. He was 3s ears
old and had n mother in Kngland. Fu-
I nerul suivh ew will bo held next Tuesday
, In Cnmiibell's undertaking estubllsiuiicnt
I at Broadway and SIxty-slMh street.
Louis M. Winter, head of thu firm of
L. M. Winter Ac Co., West Twenty-seventh
street, manufacturer of mahbiery
nnd electrical equipment and Improvers
und dcvelopeis of Imeutlons, died
terday ufternoou In Post (Iraduatc Hoy
i!lal. The Unly wa.- taken to tlie C.iinphed
Funeral Church, white seivlceu will bu
held at s :3o iclix'k to-nioirow evening.
Builal will be made at Woodlawn Cem
etery. .Mr. Winter was born lu Uermany 72
years ago nnd for slt -three years had
lived In thU ctty. His sons continue the
Hum). it utter Kills. Vrinnl (
Anulo McTlgue,
emidojed liy
J. Oppcnhelm at
23 West Highly-
Ixth .
I street, was killed yesterday. While watch-
Ins thu dumbwaiter ascend from the
i basement it fell and criKhed her head
I She had prepared dinner and was send
Imr It up to the net floor The body
Wat e-trlc:itiil by flreiut"
The Sale will be conducted by MR. THOMAS E. KIRBY.
assisted by Mr. Otto Bernet, of
The American Art Association, Managers
Madison Square South, Entrance 6 East Twenty-third St., New York
XVnn Columbia ffrhonl of Science
The death In action of Lleut.-Colonel
A. Winter Krans, a graduate of the Co
lumbia School of Science, wua announced
In a recent letter. Lieut. -Colonel Kvans
was kilted somewhere In northern France
and the.newH of his death follows shortly
after tho announcement that he had been
promoted from tho rang of Major and
hid received the Distinguished Service
.Medal for brilliant action In the attack
and capture of MesslnuN by tho Third
New Zealand )U',lu Brigade.
Lieut. -(lot. Kvant was ono of the
most popular members of his class in
' the School of Science nnd distinguished
himself In sport and rnllego activities.
He was a member of Alpha Delta Phi
and several honorary fraternities. He
came of a fighting stock, his father hav
ing been killed In tho Boer war after
having gone through tho siege of Lady
siiillh and having been recommended for
the Victoria Cross.
Army Captain Mtrlckrn ns He Talks
With Frlrnda.
Dr. Oscar I'lscr, 1 1 years old. whorte
pructlco was largely among tho theatri
cal profession, died suddenly lat night
at thfc Lambs Club. While talking In
the lounge room be was stricken, and he
died in he was being curried to a bed
room. V
Thrca weeks ago u banquet wua given
to bin) by the club .members. Ho had
been a Lamb for fourteen years. When
arrived at the club last night he
wnii In the full drcsn uniform of uu
crmy i.iptalu, having received hla ap
pointment only u few days ngo. Ho was
expecting to be, detailed to u camp any
day. Ho wax unmarried and led nt
t'ii West Forty-llfth street.
l'lrr Destroy Catholic !cliool
)st Moriciiks, L. I., Dec. k. Klrode-
stroyed the summer school of tho Hl-
ters of Charity, St. Vincent'" de Paul,
near hero to-night. A Hume of unknown
origin started lu the basement about
7:30 o'clock and long before midnight
tho building was levelled to the ground.
Fifteen pcrtonn escaped without Injury,
Tho building was a three story, wooden
I stt ucture. built olght years ago ut a
cost of J2u0,000. In the summer 200
children and sisters of tho testers of
Charity live In the building.
.wli Mvl jAl f E
, kAivVA
kP vll
lumai t-rut t.nw fln ,stv v- -M
EVENINGS OF DEC. 12th A 13th
at 3 and 8:15
Kit Marti tl. Nlerllng of 1 renlon. Ne Jeisei .
and Miss fieririiifn llogers of Mouth -Man-
rliester, t'onneriieiti.
1 toliiprl.log Itarr Cotonlsl Nempapera.
Important Sr..lon Laws of New Jernei.
ronnertlrut and Masiarhuselts, llltlurl
ral Harks relating tiitlie t'nlted Mate, and
1 Canada, from the period ur the t'rrnrh unit
Indian War down In the middle nf the lnth
I Century, Hare t'nlnntal and other Newt
papers, Including the most rumplete Mn
al the "Bnatou S-lller" (tr.M-1 J'.'oi
eiernffered a public sale. Alanine VAI.lf-
ani.K iiihronii'Ai. i.iniitHi i wu.i.
1AM IHINKEK or Klrigelteld. Connecticut.
'-...- .l .1 . Imiuirt.nl 1 1 ..... rl 1 1 f, r ...
j Ihe War
The Wale Will Be Conducted b
...n. a ..Jt. r., mm.
and Mr. Otto Rerun, hi assistant.
American Art Asaociatlon, Managers
-. 4 and 0 Past 7 ll Nt.. .Madt.nn Sq. Hn.

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