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'V " T- T y- -
Rain and Warrtitr t'o-day; to-morrow
nartlv r-lmirlv. in'oi-aieln .....it.
r--j , iiivivaoiii auuin winds
Highest temnerattire v.ai.r.1... ... i . -
lowest, it.
Detailed weathor report on'lnst
VOL. LXXXV. NO. 115.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1917. copiwbm. by ie sun pumi a.ie puwhtna a,ocm.
ONE CENT ln 'r'""- Xm Vnrk I
Tt'iiiltlc Cops Give Xintjs'
Tire Parties at 3Iany
Station Houses.
l'l'll'l". (it lirpflll IWllllln 1
Ilitll. "I I'll till .Ili.lllim.
Howers of Happiness for
Scared Youngsters.
woods takes a "look is-' !
.. . tvi C S ! . . p
I OIWiUSMOllPr HO UriKlliatOll
t i. .. nt. fi
Tdt'H Sees Distribution
of Gifts.
ur.. Plnlnw. who orltini-ll- I
patrolman attached to the West Flfty
f.rtt btrect station, but yesterday was a ,
?nta for the little children of the poor, Some of the American destroyers rc
ripped tho Fourth avenue elevation of1"1"1" two weeks at sea, with one week
his red pants while facing Fifth avenue 1 !L'IIi'orV,"1l "'" '
... ... ...... , .'"lies off shore when necessary. The
(they wcren t trousers, but bright trim- , KrttWn practice ha been for de-troyere
son ?anta Claus pantsl ; and a scram- :
bled person named McNamee, who wan
fcsled bf fore tho Caliph ln the AVcst
Twentieth street station house for beinit i
tco full of merrychrlstmas too eaily,
actively objected to the orange colored
rnamentnl staKe moon back' of tho sta
tion liousn Christmas tree and wanted It
(hanged to green until subdued.
ju."i n urann (.pera noufcc Kcnii?- t
...... .ha o. .Mf(A u.... . .1-
rh .11 f-n. Tl, Unla
...... v..r.. ......
'rs uv if a back drop for the now scene
iround the Chrlstniaa tree In the station
H'lt there, all (n . paragraph or Is
complete rc-iltal of tho only mishap
Thich Mumbled along amtd the ecrtatlo
M.srUy which all day yesterday changed
psll.-e precinct station houses usually
"Meets of dread, on other days, to the
-ared tuti. children of the poor-into
N5er! of happiness, gay with green
rimming, and aglow with holiday red,
iid resounding with Jars bands and
rVd'er and songsters and bulging out
xjrd with most amazing gifts.
Hunt- In nasi, hut Ko.'es Aalorr.
Into the big doors, trooped the poor
l!tt!o people, and their mothers, too, !n
ra: and tatters, but with faces aglow
w",h expectancy. For hadn't the big
vuii uu mrir .pal cciwl:...! jneni most 10
leath a few days ago by banging a
heir tenement doors and demanding In
hunderous tones of the frlchtened
wh;!rfJlnW";,n" rhli'"'i" f1!? ha?' ?
what were their ages? And then hadn t
he same terrible 'op gone tight back to
the station house uud Uied all their
n1T.eTWOrlvn:: ,for lh,m wlR'n " '
night have been loafing on duty and
oeroonally brought them cards, and
vorked far into the night in the da-
ion noute. lounge room or gymnasium
ylng up packages for little black eved
r. ichel or Marie or red headed Aloyslus,
"iat they too might have fcome hap
prffs at Christmas time?
The terrible cop had done all those
' igs. Wherefore all day yesterday In
i scattered parts of the big town the
biuecont was the Med Piper of Hamelln
Toun, and pressing and crowding and
shoving behind him came the big kids;
ir.d 'he littler kids and the kids so very
s.vall that they had to forego tho hys
trrlc.il delights of stamping Impatiently
1 oi er the broken fchoes of the Bllghtly
t-'iEer kids barring tholr way to the
atlon house door had to forego It be-
I'jse. they were altogether too little to
(! at all, but had to be carried In
"ie.r mothers arms Into' the station
t ;ea of awesome but rosy wondets.
Illiiecnata thp niSKPUt "Klda.
if It weren't that a copper might swoop
fliwn to-day upon one for breaking the
i M gambling laws. It would be perfectly
to lay a little bet of, say, $1,000 to
"inch of bananan that no one could
h-e told when the cop's parties for
hn poor were In full blast yesterday
iho were the bigger kids In the station
Vowel the bluecoats who dealt out
Presents steadily when not doing step
lilies or singing ragtime for the other
oi ilie .lilldrcn of tho poor srouperl
s'ind the six foot kids aglow with blue
hrass buttons.
r.ier, th rin in ch,.it. pin'-' I
P - Kbh pann wasn't a mishap; it added 'ws.
to tbe Joy of nations of the children Gen. Allenby reports that at mld
'f aiirnst all the nations there are.' night of December 20-21 our troopi
And tho plastered Mr. McNamee, him-! classing thn Nahr el Auja (four miles
s-lf internally glowing Ilko a Christmas
' ee, who wanted the orange caper moon
rlianged to green, was a most pleastnt
dne-ridon amid diversions already being
t''led on ten ply deep. And tho tropical
Jmglo back drop, with Christmas tree
and (otton snow banks piled up against
" so that tho eye would at an Instant
te drawn all tho way from the north
r le lo South America in tho most
ruttir-si way in tho world, was un
Omtcdiv tho most beautiful scene in all
C'c wo.-l.'.
"nine More- Flnp Fots To-day.
V o that isn't the half of II, as the
'e ' (able gentleman in vaudeville putn
.' v only were station houses from
' " .Manhattan toThe Bronx's furthest
'r'fi exidodlng with ecstasy from morn
Irt 'it.'ii darkness yesterday but all over
tf n -o-d.-iy there will b (till more
tatio-i house floors thrown opstt to the.
tile poor children, until all the poor of
' the precincts have had their parties
'h copt as hosts.
Into the wjvt Twentieth ttfeet station
'st'rriay while a reporter for Tl 6u',v
Jtas there came a slim young. man quite
'ull of pp and stood at the door a mo
icjit looking it all over with beamlnir
frs. me
hemilemi ML. MiCnral I
'Conn.ll. daughter of Police SeWani I
nm oconneii. was thrumming the piano
""s ar.rj nr Mster, Miss Kvelyn, was
nriKlng beside her. and back of the two
luung women stood Patrolman Lode
O'lsli in uniform tooting an accompani
ment on the Hole Rill n.!.il heln- l.v
wy a ri'ite looter In the Police blind. .Mtraus.i. president of tho institution, to
In front of the atatlon house deli Mi 1 day, Tho shooting followed a dispute
floor was Jammed with children shouting supposed lo hav been concerning an
"ruses. At viirioun comerH glowed Iho election for olllcors of the bank, which
'.range lno,)n n,i !,.0tro lights gleam- U scheduled for some time In January.
lm: rmld .-vergreers and Christmas I Htnuse 1 m th city prison nnd
1 rd tinsel .piirklod. and copj. dealt ha made no st.toinenl other than to Kiy
v.ie- r.rttl rips and toys and
.mu ..-i... ,' i.:.
vous,',.,! '""""-"""1 ,u'"
M.i n ,tlfl ,RXy, ,.,.,. knelt .'ctpt.
i'oiirtiiifr o Ticlfc Page.
Destruction Rate Put at Nearly Twice That of Con-!
struction Allied Warships '
SfHtil t)e.,tch t The Sen. ,
I "wuuros, uc. o. Merman mio-jone
"'a"ii,,f are lieing SUme nlmosl IMlcn n
fast Ha now one. arc being built. Figures i
i,,..,, . , . , . .
based on latest avallablo data from Paris
iMnuvn hivc mo present rate or tie-,
' """ i" ximi me
tato of construction docs not wweil .IT,
11 l,ay'
.-, .... ... ,, .....
I ....... ui.j lilies nave mic- . , .
... ..j . ..... , ... , . . American naval cnopfr.il ion began to
' ,11 'i1 i?,L"K.:lJ0,.Vl"5.t,,"?I --"nnn ''i'""-""" Ptuteellng mer
e ", fLv . ",ln 'hemout btlloved.ehft,,,,,. This- meant a def-ii-lvc
V.? ',n'ueJ 1116 '. I'wn ''- programme In tin- M'-ns tlint the litrklrtK
nounocii by the (Sonimn Admlmlti tn'V .,. i ....
,.l,. a I. - . ii - .
;! " of the Mil.nmrli.f
fflvTLJi 5t .K I
inmiiaiBii armtwi tnu u-bo.it has In-
tiatJ In erfrctlvcna till now It prom-
I ifs more ami more to ilentroy Uernmn
- " - ...v...- mill mutt- vj nriro vternian i
liopex of niaklns It n dedxlvc fnotor In I
l,l?.".:u'- eneral way. it can l .
(I,a -...i , t.i.i.k . ..j . I
, can destroyerrt ami other anti-submarine
'crnft. with tho Incicaalns cffecHvenoH of '
oepm wmu, larcely U reHpiiunlhle. I
'Urnnin. .i i . t
. "'.u
lle.frojrr. Ilnve l.onK T.inr. ,
Steady Advanre in Palestine,
u, . ri..: ....... :ii..
Madc Despite Guerrilla
Warfare of Turks.
Mount of Olives Reins IVmI as i
Observation Post for
Allen In.
1.0.VDON-. Jjec. "Z. Since the Turks ,
vert driven out of .!erulem they have
been conducting guerrilla warfare to the ,
rnrth unit r.' h mh- ai.ntiin- im
..Into numerous small bodle. to attack
"rltlHi outposts, to snipe, patrol? and
lenerallv t
ant. .say. P.euter's .ne-pondent At
"Such tactic," the correspondent con-
t1"'": "ire greatly facilitated by the
... ., ,, ,, . . .... .
fact 1,lt thp c"'"ry H f-o hilly and
Intersect'd by so many raunes and
small rivers.. To Improve the Itrltlsh
position tho taking of certain ridges
baa been ordered so that there may bo
a wider range of defence. All theso
moves have been successfully carried
"A remarkable opportunity lo view
thla lighting Is afforded by the Mount of
Olives, which makes what is probibly
the most wonderful observation post In '
the world In the clear atmoswhtre of
Palestlne objects 3,000 to 6,000 yards tajm and that supplies for the army
away look a if they were within pistol have developed Inefficiency In the supply
shot. The winding course of the Jordan sywtem of the army shown before the
Is clearly visible and motor boatsi may committee lm estlgatlng tho War De
bo seen skimming the surface of the, pattment Is regarded hero as the longest
Dead Sea. ' ', step towarj pre:urlng tlie -reform.
VeUhnirn Take Itrt lilrhcni.
"One of the most brilliant piece of ,
-work during the recent operations was
the capture of Ilethlehem. The Turks
had strong fortifications here, with
numerous. Held uns on the outskirts of
the hamlet, The troops ordered to take
the town deployed ny nignt rar to in
left, threatening the Turkish line of re-,
treat and compelling the Turks to with-
draw. '
"WcIhIi troops the.n entered Ilcthleheni
at daybreak."
Further progress by Ihe forces of Gen.
Allenbv at two points in Palestine vio
I reported In a statement Issued last night
by the War Uftlce. 7 lie statement roi-
north or Jaffa on ino jimiuerraneanj
on rafts ami light bridges seized
Khurbet, Hadrah. Hhelk Muannls. Te
er-Rckket nnd Kl Nakhras. These lo
calities are near the mouth of tho
river nnd Include commanding ground
three miles north of It. They captured
30.1 prisoners, eleven of whom wcro
officers, nnd ter machine guns.
Take Town Above Bethany.
' Other force. captured Bas ux Zandy,
two miles northeast of Bethany, tak
ing thirty prisoners, two machine guns
' and beating off three counter attacks.
Gn. Allenby also reported tne fol
lowing captures since the commence
ment of operations: Ninety-nine guns
and howltiere, with carriages; about
100 Umbers, wagons and other
vehicles, 110 machine guns, more than
7,000 rifles. 10.500,000 rounds of small
rm ammunition and more than 58,
000 rounds of gun and howltier am
munition, besides various other utores.
St a' Iffj.i fl.e-.
""l, 'f ntZr.
Over Election of Officer:
PAgls, 111., DOC. S3. lierno ai. .neuu.
cnshler cf th Htato Trust and Raving
Uiink, nui s.hot and killed by K. A.
that .vieau uu.i lie o.o. ..... ,
i ui.u enmiil f.ue downwurd i
found faee downwurd n
tn,; ti, .or with a Pistol nonr ills hnml,
One ' bulle t had been discharged. Two
chambers were empty In the levolvcr
jHtrnure had.
lo work ir(.H tl.y. at ra and lemaill
any m port. ,wt or their opcra-
l,uo' "f" approximate!- -vv illume, eu
fihS.KC- , ,. ,. , c. . v .
The ml., vhloh the United States Navy ,
f.,r -,,. pu,.,-, , , atl.submarlno J
inarm nan neon important, it is a ract,
.I,..,, ...,. In ,,. ni. ,.i,,.m..,1
with the beginning of a new ami more
aggrcs-dve policy against the I'-lsmls.
Thcle hn,l heel t. tendency before the
1 imi' HI'll" IM'WKtU dill MIHI HiVI
tk.uUr 7.al. but wr all..,vc.1 to tlivt
Hum Chnna;p t'miio Abonl.
I'll., (hefirv fif :.l1tl-klhmdrlfiA n--f..i
" 1 w :
:',a M"' lirKcly dfeniilv
ai" n.f,.;',,,l,c otJ 'v' V.1'1! C?nftn.U'i "
i.f new Mi!ps could be lolled on to defeat
m,'n l',,ri'of of the l"-lontH. which I
wa" in brlns about the commerbu;
ftlHI , , !1
roS'' rn waters "with th."'
American deftroNfr forces the nlnn of
ainpalfiii nils clntiRed. The picvaillnij
"c0."'?.. .",'. ',f...!!fr,!.c!sil0...U"'." '
o,.u..w...t "
stalkliiB their prey or not. The plan
appenrw to nave ueen adopted to evea oui
I"0 "Jl'.V? "n"""a " "'."'"""
every occasion.
Concentration of Authority
ot, i ii-.,i. -
lK fciOl U( (1 (l.-s IJIt.'l OUL"
eonie of Investipntions,
President Said to De More In-
elincd to nenioval of Many
Advisory Hoard.
i i,i DritcA to Thk- i v
Wasuinotu.v. Dec. .3. Concentration
- I
o! America's war directing' poweim air.
rrsnons lbllitv
lo ..iar.iri v. nffiei!.t
hcie as an almost Inevitable cuteome-of (
tho revelations brought out In the Sen-'
atp Inquiries lntc. the conduct of various;
depar'ments n u known that the sub
Jeet a bven beore the IVfsldent and
it Is understood on excellent authority
that it will require little more to con
vince him of the necessity of a change.
Coupkd with the revelation.- at the
Cipltol It is buing urgul that Great
Urltain was forced to adopt one of tho
chief reforms up;cd for the American
system-thai of a e-p.iriment of war
munitions. Thla post In London was
create.! and ilrst held nv Lloyd Gtorgo
r.-- m-, mi.,1... ' .... .
.rter t.ie Mar Ministry fell down '-'
.tilly in supplying shells and other mu-
nltions to the arm: ,
l'"'m'uo" 01 lno t.iac t.ie a.-;
department i.s bound up In official red
sihlppliiHT Hoard Cltril,
it ,s being urged on the Admin. ilr.v
tlon nLso that the Investigation baa dlvir.l" sesrviees to the Ukraine. Government
closed that Inefficiency nnd delay re-
suited in tho conduct of one of the
greatest war undertakings of the Gov-
eminent intll nun man was placed in
authority with supreme power nnd full i
aority wrin smpreme power nrul tun i
.onslblllty whewe they had been .dl-
! beforc-the Shipping Board. When I
general manager of tho emergency
Fleet Corporation enioved a free band i
and was not entirely responsible to the cupied the town. The forces of the Rada
chairman of the Shipping Hoard a delay control Odcfifi. which is governed fiom
of month: In the !!' p'-imi was 1 Kiev,
the result. It has been bhown. The. re-I un Outoff, hetmau of Ihe Fi..i Cos
form which has taken place there Is 1 sacks, after mobilizing all hl force, dis
clted as an example of what may b ox- 'patched a detachment against Tchelya
peeied In other dlrectionH If the name , blnsk, on tho Trans-Siberian railroad,
concentration of authority is inaugurated. A la,K for,c of Khlrglz. Karmtil; ami
It Is felt by many Administration ' "? hl,,r Cossack. is ndvancing on Ffa.
officials and they are taking advantage t1""" orth of Orenburg. Tlie
of the revelations of wasted elTort shown Mahommedan population of Ufa Is be
by tho investigations that many of the Hved to sympathize wltli the Cossacks,
boards and advisory boanls nhould boT,in Astrneban Cosfacks ami the fteas
swept away and concentrated authority i ants of the southeastern part of .Saratoff '
substituted. It is being urged upon the 1 liavo Ueclarwl for Dutoff.
Administration thnt tho energies of tlie ...
Government have been dissipated In too ' Pel ro raid's Trnu. Spvrrr.
many dlrectloim Instead of lielng con- In reply the Petrograd Government,
oentrated on the accomplishment of the after concurring in the hope that there
great war alms and that the diffusion of may be a peaceful settlement, states that
power la more responsible than any other
President Hold, ills Cornice!
The President haa not made known his
rln tiiil hu Itnlensil .tlenllv.lv ). th.
mo.,v ....ration, nt..- (hi. II,,. -ki.t.
many suggestions nlonw thle line which
have come to him. He is anxious to
avoid In seeking any reform the forma
tion of too many new departments and
the creation of too many heads for the
conduct of the buetnese of the war. That
Is the objection which has been mad to
splitting the War Depaitment Into two
.vunll... ,nrim.nl, nr.. a ........ t . .u.
actual war making business, the other !
to take care or the business of supply
ing the armies.
That division, though. Is belnr stronsxly
urged as Imperative on the, ground that
(t would result In greater efficiency.
With (he abolition of some of the many
boards and advisory positions much of i
Ihe confuelon which has been shown con
cluslvely ns Incident to tho preaent ad- I
ministration of the War Department and 1
the wnr generally would be eliminated,
It Is asserted by thoso favorli.g such
Throo Major-Genernls commanding
tralnlnir camns. recently returned fntt.
observation trips to France, have been leased. The lon district Cossacks have
ordered by thn War Department to come i assured the Ukraine Rada of their do
to Washington to testify before the Sicu- Tensive support.
ate Military Committed concerning con-1 Meantime the conflict between tho
dltlon.H among members of thn American I Ukrainian Bada and the Bolshevik enm-
exnedltlnnarv forees. They also will ho
I called upon lo describe conditions .it tho
I cdmpn under their command.
mpH under tneir conuiianu,
Tlio iilllccrH snninioncd urn Miijor-Gen.
CniitMHrit on H"vipd t'ayr
" " A.xm i
Martial Law Ends Rule of Trial of Ex-Premier tor
Bolshevik Committee Treason to lie Most Sensu
in Petrograd. tional in France.
Tidops Favor Xo Party, Cliit'l'i
Ik'sh'p Sccniintr to lti to
Itettirn llonic.
t-fte'nl (did.; lietpateli to Tim Sin Iium Ih4
Copyright, WIT, alt ritr't uterief. i
I M'TIirHln i ti f.. !! V.'l( It li. rl...-tn .1 I
.v, . -
t011 of martal iaw ll(.r u, mllltaiy,
I evolutlonarv mmmllt of llio Uol- ,
""'"ii commmeo m mo w,. ,
alievlkl has ceased to exist This bodj . '
which carried out the revolution last
month, has bten tho ial riovcrnmcnt. ,
,. " !
iatr vlftlK and con. ,
, limits of tho capital i
ut by Its orders. Its
- arrests, domlcil
flvcatlons within Ibe
.avl )lP0M Cllrr(i oul
fnllute to maintain nubile security dm-!
.... . ,
ln the drunken oriricK and eceses
iaet week has been evident : whether this
was a contributory causo of lis dl-an-
neaiince It Is l.nnolhlo to kiv but It thon of a grand Jury, will decide If the
peaiamo It Is inpos.lblo to ha, but ",,.,.,,,. , fiUinc,.nt to Justify proceed-
appears that tho .Soviets consider thai
I the moment has arrlod for taking Into ,
their own handa the ''war agalnfct tho
counter revolution," or, ln other words,
the war of classes.
The hopes of tho partisans) of reaction
undoubtedly have been raised by the
lipid progress of anarchy but the time
Is ncarcely ripe for a coup d'etat, w!ilh
In sny ei?! the reactionaries would not
carry out unless a icnslderablo part of
carrv out unless a lonsioerapio pari "i
"ty, garruor , could bo induced to take
...v.. rmi. ...u .. V. ...... . .
lug in onthuslasm for any party and to
be Inten' mainly on going home. Ilepee
forth all arrests, requisition and con
fiscations will bo carried out under the
direct supervision of tho executive com.
. ,- mittec cf tho Soviets In th" presence of
DISCLOSED members of the local llolj-hcwk committee?
Herman (IITlcers .rrlr.
II it. announced that four officer- of
the Herman Oeneral Staff v.w arrived
heic. They are Major Konra.l son Wal-
denhelin. Col. Haron von Tralton, I.leut
.vi..i-1-k l'lii-hu. ,.,,.1 i (... c ,i iinfi.
von Korndorff. There I. also one. An-
cording to one report an army corps is
being formed ln Petrograd composed of J
German prisoner? of war, who arc being
drilled with tho consent of the Itusslan
drilled with tho consent of the Itusslan
uuu" i"' nf a ,mn,t.
tn approaching convention of the Con- ,
stltueut Assembly indicates clearly that
tlie I,cnlno Government is not Insensible would conclude an nlllai.ee with Gir
to the severe criticism to which It ha mans, ltab and Spain ngalra-t llngland
been subjected on all sides, even by sec-
tlniui of the Bolshevik patty, for It off
hand methods of dealing with the na
tional representatives. Delegates are
being Invited to ak for tickets, no n
(option being made in regard to the
cadets, otherwise the I.'onstltut'or.al
Democrat, a. though the Soviets here
and ln Moscow- support the view of
T .t.lii. i.n.l Trnf.Vv In rtmin tit (lift v.
ciuson of membe'r.-. of that bod v. '.V
'tumor Is current that the Assemble w.'.l
'meet on December 1. although I' Is
doubtful If the requisite ton numbers
th.n -,n be in Pgtrograil.
, Civil War .prcailing.
.rj,, ,,rca f 01Vj war in uni P.um-ia
continue to extend. After rejecting de-
clslvely the ultimatum of the Petrograd
Government tho Fkralnian Itah.i has If
itued orders for the mobilization of nil
the force of the new State, Including a
large contingent of western Cossacks.
These will be reenforced by the Itussi.iu
armies on the southwestern and Itumi-
I ,.mr,
. 1 ...... .1. ...... j. ... iiintiui.n), ..Oil-
Ister of ar under Kesensky. has offered
Tho Fkralnlan troops are said to be
concentrated between Homel and Ilakh-
match, while the Bolshevlkl are massing
at Mlena nnd Minsk. According to a
leii-grum irom iviiarnoji ngiuing ii.is,
taken place already at Volotchlslt. result-
Ing In the defeat of the HolsheviU. On
the other hand the Holshevlkl have
telegram irom ivtiarKon ngniing ;i.i
gained a success at Proskuroff and oc
the fundnri.eutal proposal of the Ruda
In regard to autonomous rights meets
thn approval of tho people's commission
ers. The real cause of contention l the
support given by the Ratla to the anti-
revolutionary movement ui me DOlir-
WoikI. cadeU and Gen. lvnledln nsalnst
the authority of the Soviets. Agreement
Is possible only, It Is said, If the Rada
categorically declares! its readtnesa to
refuse all support to the untl-rcvolu-tlonary
Thla condition, which runs counter to
the principle or non-interference laid
down by thu Rada, is hardly likely (o
con""1"1 ltaflf to that bod;
Vkrmlne Replies With Ultimatum
to Bolshevlkl.
Iinpok, Dec. 23. The breach between
lnn, "T,1lnB. I " ,,,,n, "wn"1
ftn'1 Holdlers' Deputies has been widened
by the nrrcst of forty members of tho
Ukraine revolutionary staff nt Petro
grad. The Ilatla has sent nn ultimatum
to the Bolshevik hcadtmartrrs threaten
ing forcible hteps unless tho slaff Is ro-
mlssarlen continues unabated. Tho Hadn. i
, replying lo an ultimatum of Ihe Bolsh-
i vlkl, insists on inn rre.uinn oi a rcueral
i floclnllst republic, embracing Msvlmal-
Continue on Second Pops,
f.AIUillY FTfiHT
nmm, ,n.r,m
New Chain's of Perfidy Mado
Aaninsi. Stntcsiimn Visitor
to the Vatiean.
Pc,al I'nbie KnpatcU to Tim Sf.
loiitirtaht. all r'ghtt rtsert'dl.
l'AKIP. Iieo. 13. The ilrclxlcil of t!i
I'tn ...1... .tf tin.iitl..u tl.nl (Tirmitr TVp-
v......iv.v. ... ...j ...i.n - -
intir CulllauN mint be prosecuted la the
b,.l,l,u, ,.f w,,t ,,r..ml to b on '
i.VKinninK m wnai prunnscn .u
of the most sensational trials In the bH-
lory of Franc? Th-ic M no doubt Unit 1
polltlcn will be placd to the limit in an
attempt to divert the prosecution fr.aii
.C" .J.ge, . ' Blvl" li.telllgence to the ,
. r(Kor ,vh,r-J1 'lhk(! ,-1i1. dcnlh,
to th- less ,erlou accusation of engag-
i"K political intrlBU-s of a character
tcsid us to rmbarrnss the (iovcrnmeiu.
TI, n,x. wm tw tn refer th
(.hai ces to an lnvestl(,'ithifr .ludue. who,
eNercUlns functions correspondlupr to
Ings (llher before a mllllfiry trmunal or'
before the Ch.imb"
.... ..I.t..n .. - .
t l'" " ....... n
.lonMtoei.iM attached to '
AllHlllK t'l"
th i-port "f the iommltlc on which1
tl,. fl.filnn lo i,iok,...,ile wns reached
was a repoit by Admiral de Saint Pair, i
Freh-h Naval Att.'uhe at Tlome at tho
time t'alllauv wis carrrMnT on Confer-
eric."' In ltal; .
xtnir liirrtiiilnutlim i:ldenre
It purports to detail what took place
at a meting In Home t.ecernbor IT,
l?lfi, between ralllaux and Slgnor Mar
tini, formerly Italian Minister of Col
onies The dcicum.rt sij s In part:
"iilllau bald t'le Mrlaml Ministry
had leached its -nil. Jin did not epect mamlf r-ln-Chl f of the German forces
he would be called to form a Ministry In the east, wen-omed tho delt gates and
lnmed..iuiy . that h Cb'tneiif eau-Ilar- Invited HakKI Pasha, as the senior (tele
thon .Ministry -vo-ild succeed, but that gate, to open the conference. Hakki
Frame could rot continue her military l'a'ha, alter an expression of a dtslre
ffforts loimer than the end of spring. tor a a.itlsfactory result, declared the
"At that moment,' Caltlaux -alJ, he negotiations formally open and proposed
nould lake power ami sign a peace Ir. on Kuehlniann as the presiding
treaty, the tenr.s of which would sur
prise the world by the advantages Ger-
many would accord to Italy and France.
All the prit- of tilts peac- would be
paid by Uu-sla ami the Hainan".
i.crmany uewiren a ru.ui io i.iu.iu, ,
which she would comiuer. Shu would
then construct a ("t Hulgarla and
a great Turkey tn Ilurope, Franco p tlebl ,
Shu would
a great Turkey in I.urope,
bla ami Itumanla deserved the fate that
had overtaken them
'After r.ea" was signed Vrar.ce
up,.! I'uisia, who worn hT real enemies,''
.lluted In Mllrmi Circle-.
T'-.e Admiral sajvs further that Car
1 '.au tiilkcd w-'.th many politicians In
Vatican circles and wbh a numl'r of
prt'atf of iia'-lfix: temlcncies, including
Mgr Mlsclatelli. Mhpin and pnrticu
larly T'n. till. He did not He the Pope
or cardinal tjasparrl. but Mii'c. Call'.aux
ha.l hexeral Interviews with the latter.
I'atll.iux uigcl these men. the Ad-
u.ir.il .s.iyc. to make an cier.-etle. cam-
p.IKn for peace, declaring that if Italy
mad., a separate peace France would
f,,rCod to retire Horn the war. He
1 roniised tho restoi atlop of diplomatic
lations when lie returned to power.
Hegardlng Caillaux-'s conferencen with
P.i.elll. a despatch from P.omo sajs .in
Dalian Deputy declared In the Chamber
th.it Mme. Caillaux h.ul an Interview
at the house of Frnesto p.icelll with
Von GirlHch. the AuMrian prelate who
was 1 oriilemne.1 to life imprisonment 113
a -px .
BXJl'llJij A4.TiVlI W . . . w . , .. .
Ivp llropiied nt Go- nnd One Man
llnrl erlnl-.
Amstcwwh. D.-c. -3.1 ive bombs
have been dropped on the town
of fines in 'ViUml, damaging several
f c-,,,... p, 'eibnid damaging several
houses and seriously Injuring one man.
zcelal, f, :l Durch province.
CU '
Soldiers Send Xmas
Greetings Back Home
' A LL the hoys anel myself send
:i Merry Christmns ami
Happy Now Year," writes Private
Kdwa'rd L. Murtach, Twenty
sixth Hivision MiliUiry I'ultce,
A. K. V., to a SUN Tolmcco Fund
contributor. The love and pood
wishes of the home folks are re
ciprocated. It will he a merrier
Christmas, hero and abroad, he
cause each side has heard from
the other.
The Christmas eve entertain
ment and bnll of the Welfnre
l.eatrue of Headquarters Com
jinny. :t06th Rcfrirrient, stationed
nt Camp Upton, promises to at
tract many to the Hotel Ansoniu,
Hroadway and Seventy-third
street, to-night. Amoiifr the en
tertainers will be Marin Carroll,
Amelia Bingham, Aurrusta Glose,
Violet Mcrsercau, Lieut. Bruce
Delette, David Hochstoin, Licff
Rosenoff, the Camp Upton Four
and the 30Gth Regiment Band.
Read about it on page -1.
Help the fund by trading: at
Lou Frccdman's Haberdashery.
1606 Broadway, to-day. You will
be repaid by a call there nnd a
pcrcentapc of the rtoss receipts
is to come to the smoke cause.
The entertainment and ball of
the Akron Club nt the Hotel
Plaza Saturday night is for the
benefit of the fund. A lively
musical farco will bo produced
and mnny tiance spccinlties have
been arranged.
BACCO FUND has no connection
with any other fund, orjroniza
tion or publication. It employs
no agents or solicitors.
German Foreign Minister Makes Conciliatory Speech,
Rules Are Adopted and Bolshevik Programme
Is Outlined, Debate Being Postponed.
I.0MI0.V. Hfi. -M A denpatcli to the
Exchange Telrifrnpli from Copenhagen
"The Berliner .eltnng' ay Kmperoi
AVIIIIam htt Informed hi Government
that he eontetn plate golnir to Brent
l I.tlorak If the diplomat arrive ut an
1 Htreement. In which eaue he will en
lea or to Rmemble all the interelfnt
and repent of Knrope In a peace confer
ence. n was done ntter the Jfapoleonle
i .. . . . .
I -in- j.mpernr n creauea wiiu nnunc
.1flar (hnt ...trhA unl. nA. a.il
........... ...... MH F.Mvr.i.u
that the future offer so many great
t.dk thai .11 Slat.. n..4 In
lnH, nin( rooperaie in
jistki.imji. uec. .v ueupaicii re
cched hero from Hrest-I.ltovak, Uunsla.
dated Saturday, says: 1
"To-day at . o'clock In the atternoou ,
the peace negotiations were begun at l
siilemu lttIng. The meeting wa at-
temled by tho following delegate
"Oertnany Ur. Klchard von Kuehl
inann, l'oiolgn Minister; Herr von Ho-
renborg. Karon von Hock, (Jen. Jloff
mann and Major Hrlnckinann.
"Austria - Hungary Count Caernln.
roreign .minister; ierr von .Mctey, Tel
iter-, vnn l-.. rr...M .ttn-.l. rn.in
.. . .
..'un, i'ieii .laiinai von t.lll-'erioH, I
I.lent. rolamy and Major von (.Slulko. i
"HulgarlaMlnister I'o)nrr. former
."-ocreiary I'osteff. I'ostmaster-rienerJl
Stoyar.ovlch. t.'ol. (i.mtJHT ami Dr. Anas
"Turbos Foniier Minister of For
,egn Affair Neslmy Hey, Ambassador ,
Ilakkl, I'nder Foreign Secretary Hel:-
mlt P.ey and Gen. Zeitkl I'.uiha.
"Itussla Joffc Kamlneff, lllsenko
I'okrosity, Karnghan Lublnskl, tWllinan
I'awlowlch, Admiral Altvater. Gen. Tu-
morll. Col. Irokkl, Col. Zeplett and f'apt. '
Prln.-fr Leopold of Ilavaria, as, Com-
officer. The German Foreign Minister
was unanimously elected chairman,"
The most Important speech was made
by it von Kuehlniann. 1U said:
i tie .uijej"e o. uii uiPOiori. im.' ill. i-
lug Is to terminate the war between the
' vntrai I'owers ami Hussia nnu reestan-
a "
l P
suto or peace ana rrienusnip. in
tho eltuation It wilt be Impos
slblc in the course of these deliberations
to prepare an Instrument of peace, elabo
rated In Its smallest details. What I
have In mind Is to ftv the most Important
principle; and conditions upen which
peaceful and neighborly intercourse, es
hi tho cultural and economic
Leon Trotky Says Viubussa
dor Francis Aids Counter
P-.T(.oor.AP. Pec. 23. Leon Tro'uky, j
tho Rolsheell: I."ore.n Minister. t a i
meeting of the revolutionary orsanlza -
Jons assembled In consress yesterday
i road documents nnd telegrams which he -
Ideclartxl contained evidence that Anieil-
'ns wcro holplng Gen. Kaledln. lea.ler
of the Don Cossacks.
i.Afl. night." said Trotzky, "we t'cund
t;,at American agont in Itus?l.i were
participating in the Ka'edin movement.
arrcsteil Col. Kolpashnlkoff. altache-J.
t0 tllft American mission to Rumania.
,,j,0 ,vai! tJ.jinc t0 get a tralnlnad of
aut0n,ille clothing and suppll" t"
V it .wti..
Vmo..' 'itlo" d'
,"?,." ;,.; T in n
: letter fro n Davi l B. 1-;
documents wa a
rancls, American
I Ambassador to Russia, requestllig that
free passape be given the train, as It
was bound for the mission at Jassy
"fine letter fiom Col. Anderson, head
of the American Hod Cross mission to
Rumania, to IClpiwiiiiikofl ."..-.id that if .
money were needed Ambassador Franc's '.
was re.vly to lulvame 100,000 rubles '
($,-.0,010 under normal cxchang-i mi the
account of the Rod Cros.. We think 1
that the American Amba.ss.ulnr must ,
breal- bis silence now
"Sl'nco the revolution he has been the1
most silent diplomat in Petrograd. Uvl-
dcully In: belongs to the Hlsmaiek
' ..... . . . .
..hr.ftl lo w-1.1.-:. It trnu tftllclit that
sltnnco in golden. lie must explain his
connection with this conspiracy.
"We will tell all the Ambassadors. 'If
you think you can with the help of Amer -
can gold, under the guise of the holy
mbsslo of the Red Cross, support and
urine Kaieum you are miMaieen, ir you
think that you are
ie no longer the repre -
icrlca, but private nrt -
s-entutlve- of America
ventures, then tfie henvv band of the
revolution will reach out after you.
The audience cheered then; utterances
., n.o... ..
" '''r'"; " ? . .rr?:
pent American Reel Cro.s mls.slon to
Russia, on learning of tho nrrcst of
Kolpashnlkoff prior to Trotzky's speech.
shevlk leader, but Trotzky refused to
hear htm unlesa he came a the repi
tentative of the embassy.
Civil War Veteran Fulfils Pledge
Given for Ills gar-rival.
i!nit PsniMfca to Tim So
Boston, Dec, 23. Darius Cobb, tho
venerable Boston artist, has Just finished
n portrait of Christ on which he had
ueen wuiKiiiK nut- i.ie none m i.ie civil
wnr. "Thu Master" Is the tltlo that Mr.
Cobb has given to the picture.
"1 promised the Lord Just before the
first battle I went Into that if my life
was spared I would paint n plctnte of
Christ," aabt he. "I have kept my word
find put my best energy Into the por -
D.irlui Cubh Is thn iintltheslD of s
pacifist. To-day nt the age of eighty
thren he fearH no man, lie say.i tint
when he gazes at the beiutliul fm-n of
Christ that he han created on cinv.ia hn
I pees before him a sreat ami .worldwide
I ultimate pesce,
(.nno, can be speedily nuni(d ami also!
to decldn upon tho best means of heal-
Inn tho wounds .tiused by the war. 1
Our negotiations will bo pulded by
the spirit of peaceablo humanity and
mutual esteem. They must take Into ac
count, on the one hand, what has be
come historical, in order that we may
not lose our fooling on tlio firm ground
of facta, but, on tho other hand, they
must bo lin-plred by the Bleat and lend-j
inn inuiivo which nun nrouKm us nvic
"It Is an auspicloti" circumstance, that'
the nejotlntlons open within sight of ,
that festival which for centutleH past
hat promised peace on earth, good will ,
to incn. I enter upon the negotiations
wish the desire that our work may make, i
Kpeedy and prosperous progrefcs."
The Cierman jVrelgn Minister pro
posed the. followlmj rule.-. hlc!i v.ero
adopted :
wui-suons o. precouenco wu, on ur.
accotdlng to he alphabetical
t o' th? taw
."s."f W le'I
Cjufstlons of precedence will bo de-
over by the chief representative of
each of the five. J'owc r In rotation.
The following languages may b
need in the debate ilwir.au. Mul
garlan, Husslan and Turkish.
CJuestlons Interesting only part of
tho represented I'owers may bo dis
cussed separately.
Ofllclal repoits of the pio.-eedlngs
11 1. ,l,..,ft..1 (Al,,(1..
" v ....... .........j.
At Dr. von Kuehlmatm'i- suggef tlon the
cr. e: )iu.s..in ueiesate siaicu me cuiei
principles m uic iiusnuu jieace pro
gramme In a long speech, which coin
cided on tho whole with the will kno--sa
resolutions of the Workmen's and So!-
dlert' Deputies,
The Itujslan terms Ir.cltMf: First, no
compulsory annexation of tcriltory
tjKen duilng the war. and speedy
cacuatlon of tuoh ttiii'.oiy: scnnd.
that political im!P'nlen-c shall be m-
stord to all nations deprived of Inde-
pendence bv tl'.e fol tunes of war. third.
that national grout not b-dependent
before the war shall decide by n referen
dtni whether t-y shrdl Income Inde
pendent or give their allegiance to some
I'ower: fourth, where mixed nationali
ties occupy any territory the rights of
th minority shad be defended by a
separate bev ns-urlug cdu-atlonal free
dom and administrative autonomy, if
possible ; fifth, r.. l.e:i'-rTt 'uuntry
shall be lequired to pay contribution",
nhd private per.'unf: shall be comper-
1 tatcd for 1mj tnemred through the
, ,,,. ..iu,., i i ..
"'. . J. . .," . ... . . '
all the belligerents on n proportional
basis. The same piir.rlples MiaU be ap
plicable to colonies .1-1 to the pa: en!
The final clauso of the term prohibits
the boycotung of one country by
another, and p ovldes for separate cus
tom.) agreements and for naval block
ade" nt t pu!Vng direct iiiil'tary on-
' Jects.
, . ,, ., ,
el atltl Solltll Mlil'aetsted IIS
Solution of t'oiietioii
."!! rl ;iijcirc;. to Tin:
W.esius-c.ToN, Pet. Move the In-
1 d,!s"" of ,hc cntry to the available
I rett- of labor supply Instead of nt.
l tempting to concentrate the niobllo labor
oi the country at Industrial centres al
ready overcrowded and overburdened,
This plan has beep advanced to the
various administrative oillees concerned
by an expert of t'.m Hmrim.ni
Labor who has completed a survey of
,. . , -iirvij oi
tho labor resources of the, coun'rv
Consideration is being given the nlan
by the. Shipping Hoard, tlie War Den.ut-
toeni ih.. it,,.tt .e v.., . .
ment the i ouncil of National Defence
anil the navy II hat, be. n adopted in
putt by the Shipping Board it is
understood that the plan win i,e miopted
generally soon.
The plan calls for dontral.zatlon of
'""vast nuniuon industries of one hind
n"d another that arc being c.-tncintialed
1-aI':l'" seaboard, par'lcularly
n'""i 'bn Atlantic pons, and the lo.-a-
,!'" of i" u'"r1' '" ,hc outh "ml
CHt' "here there Is aviilijoi,. labor nnd
h''"" cases available plants. At pre,
"'"'. ' ' l"'''ed out, Industrial centres
V'" '',rflr,1,,nrl.v th" central
VV .ft( . n n lmliii-,lr.ilti...l,.fl... tn
'. r- ' ""-o . or.iinen.
who iu Leiiig crowded Into Las-tern '
i Itics, wliei.s Mir e i usli in so ereat thn: !
there Is not even housing room.
' . ' " '"' ";. " 'J ' . ship,
, , ," work on "hll1
"iS XZ. n ,c! i"
I Thbi la partlciitaily turn In the ship-
,., ..,,, ,'i,V,,V .
' .'.', ', V, mi hi.. a"""u'", 11,1 "
, ",ater?al. f'HUles, economlo md
Tho Labor Department expert point
out that tho shop work now be I ,
In the shipyards could N, fabric,,,. "
bundtcds of places in the Interior where
(her. nr.. ..y.,111,1.. fnMlltlet L ...... ..,
I Mil
1 there are available facilities and trained
.' .-.. ....iiieti
workmen and assembled on the co.im
workmen aim .iss-einnieii on the eo.i.st
wherever there am dock facilities. Fp
, ,7tl e e , nt time e raid It JeS
i 'v;' , ,V fahr
I "b.
one centre has been largely followed.
.Middle West Una I'ncllltlcs.
"Ohio, Indiana and Illinois," the labor
expert raid, "are the centre of the mn-
chining industry of the United States,
F.very bit of the machine work needed
for any of the war inilutrlcs can Is-
turned out In this section, where f.e
necessary labor suppl, raw mat, rials
nnu laciorii's are already concentrated,
u is i.ir iieuer in utilize liiem Bui,
I craite ne- establishments In other sc,-.
Hons, necessitating new plants i,d ,.Mulp.
nient and fie moving of the work. is ,ln,i
, economic- ndjuhtment of their estnlllsli -
ment In n new ;oi-.ttou ami ,i e!oslnK r
. Hlowlng down of thc.sn opcrntlon plants."
1 Forceful leceimmendatlons for thn mv
- ot till'.,' exiiinii inilllStrilll fact' tli f,,c
llll flltUle wnr work mill the lll lclm- ,.f
nil new coiiuaeis nun uicn i.nher t .ian
with plant-, tii.it inn: '. -re.t.d nru
now before virions Vdmlnistnilion of.
flelnls. Hile, it a t n lit. is '..e (it-im.in
plan that has siit.talnnl 'he Gci-uum
sriny three vnnrs
Railroad Men I'rge (liango
in Present System to
Avert Congestion.
T rkI tm.' TlT I.CS
J)l;..MJ'i I JM01J 111 JU. JjL'i!)
Roads Tnahle to Handle
Fuel Promptly in Face
of Lovett's Orders.
,,(V,, ,, v-riiiim vvrnt'ri
M -' M'' tt'.llOli . rihllr.IJ
; it p l i 1 (I illld Hoover 1 1 lllll UProd
,,tul alm 1 rta
liy E.istim- Policy d'reatev
Economy Xeetissnry.
!!( HcpatcK to Tim f-cs
AHiriNoiov, Dec. i". The i.nge?
cities and munition entrcs will rulTef
In Januiry and l-Vbruary an ncuta
sh"itago of fuel far n-.oic eere thin
ever before unless I'r-tiilcnt Wilson at
onco takes stui- to obtain Federal ad
ministration of trari"portailon. at cording .
to prominent railroad ollklals. They
urxt! that the prlmity f.vstcm must be
revised, that piilui-tloii of non-tsscntlalB
must bu curtalltil and tint Goernment
executives must get rogetlvr ami co
ordinate thlr transportation.
The r.illHMd men n-p a n d l.cht on
the lrst.li. Tlicy ay tf the pn -1 nt f.v.s
li 111 continue It v 111 ciiti"( com.e-tlon
of coal shipnieitt w -itch will bun,; down
011 the railroads the wi.ith f 'he public
They point oul lh.it thi rn Iroutls are
now in l.itgc ine'isiim sublet ti regula
tions liinelo bj GoM'inmi'iit oflknli, and
argue Unit the Got rnmlit by ,1 sumlng
administration should place itsrif in a
position 10 lioulilei nil cnmpln n's of
the public.
Nor are the rnilrnid nllli-la,i alone In
nd.OiWlnc quick nctlon by Fretldenl
Wilson and Conensi The Food and
Fuel admin. stratum", w Inch with the War
Department a'c nM-t dlicrtly concerned
In solving th transput ration problem,
agree that tlo- arc crontlj 1 in .'I ed
by ihe po)ic now !n f'.rc
i.nrtlelil to True IteKiiln t low.
Dr. Garfield ilo'S not 'a v 'te -n-nieiit
(twuci-hlp of the .I'lroui or of
th- c 1.1I mlr.cH cv..ept as a List n ,or(.
Hut h- dot", believe tii.it hi ib t-tiiniont
can provide 'be nation w ih an ad- male
1 suprly of coal durlrig the coming s..Vcr
weather If tin Gmer-inen- w.I s'e-i In
and lay down 1 tiles for thi nlrouls lo
follow in accepting Mid t'cin -jrt'ng
The .0.1 s, tuition In 'V .ii.tej 0:1
he eve of t.ie 1 .-w jenr ' . u n'o-l
up in ,1 few sciicnces
1'i" 1 :.l 1; output was .",20.111101 .on
of oi't co.il and Sft.iniii.Oioi 1 1 of an
Ihraclte This enr tile icitpirt will bo
about ."(ISJ.miiu.iiOii tons of -of- .ii and
nearly tn, mm, 010. tons cf :i -r acl'.i
This eoniblne.1 incrc-c if .' " oii.nOn
ton", however, ionics to a ni.t'!i.-( har
cm uso an in. re.i-e of J ori.rto,. 11 10 tor
Tho navy Is u-lng c.nnn.o'io ,s more
than ever before, tho arii.v .a-.ips hava
tak.-n uri'at innountF, .uttUc ut imi' nr
suppljlng more power, niun.uo'i plants
ire wotkliig twent -faur h-.1 .1 day
and the -ailroads bv u-ing it .1 old
locomotives ami by uslnir nl' f c . If"
to the limit of ctp.iclty are b.i.ticg far
for e.
amounts of coal t:..i inr be
HnllriindM .'-d '1'blr.l of Conl.
The transpoi tution t,xpr - -n that
out of .-very hundred c. i h-dile.i by u
i-allroa.l thli't-tle Khuuld cirry coal,
of then- tlilrt-tie tweUe n.ut carry
, coal tu bo used by tho ra.lro.nl . the
1 twerit-thrcu lemalmn being needed for
Industries. If tlio tvvt ii-ilitoc cars are
not shipped tlio tunc 1.. not f.n distant
when many l.t'Ioi.e- muM e!oo for
want of coal, uhlin would automat f.'illj
1 p1' ("l",1!'"H '""; ' 1 aii'l
, irhed trodu. t.. It liappcus that tlio rail-
ro.iits following oul the priorities orde
of the dm eminent h.no bee.i sliippi.n:
a' 11 r'u" b,,0',v 'hlrty tv
'coal cars lo i very hundred, but m.. ma'
ltr n0B. ,, 1 .1 was b it u slduias
tin. railroad-, have hem forcttl to shin
twelve . arc of cu.il ,.i ove.j lp Ired
for tlieir own u-c
jt w pat.t.t tin . ioii-uinpi t"U-t b.
cut to penult the nation to g. through
, the wirKT vvim ... ,i..3r,,ivin ! th:
It, t. qui-es u-ole.- the present r-.it" of con
Mjtnpti.ni The Untitles:! r ghi- aril
other plans under cunsld.. t " bik to
aecomplislilr.g ,i part lhl. n.-cl. 1 eon
i servatlnp. liven with ihe ,n--omp ,s'
.ment of th. saving, however, Mic ques
tlon of gett'rg t.ie mini -' out, ..it t., tn,
1 consumer remains, the haiden nut of all
... .......
10 ...-'..
lion Priori (,. Ilol
(ii l..
If th coal must be shipped ,r th. rate
f thiitv-tlve cat.- to ev.-ry l'i . f otltc
protlucts ;t means innt the i .droads
must r.-fu-e gnat iunnt,lie- of goo.lc
must r.-iu-.. gnat iiunni.i
, fiom nianufn. tip . n. Jr I
,.,,.,,. ,..i,-o i.W re be
s' it, .1 lhat.
ing oil. red roi
per cepl, nvifc ftcight i i.tti ti.. -a-,
handle. In other wonl.-, il.c de i.-iml is
, T V" V "'
f 'Z,", ' - . ',
"fr, " S ? . ' ;
under Judge l.ovelts pr U o d,
i r. ii
N v
- ..y .
. ,
H.s . milium i. he id of .
ti lo. I...
domestic . tiiisiinip' lor
here that tile old t ,
and non-es-'entlal i "-o. ! u. t
lm Head. If large ii-lu-.t k-: -f
and go out of bu-ne . . ,
States will present n o'-i . soe.-taci
when It trle.s to o alter fote gp trade
after tho war. It then" Ind istries are
cl(-4,,l ihon.rtnilM of woikmA-- wo he
thiown out of employment ami 'nc Gov-
etnment's tax income wilt be reduced
bv thn lessened m-oduetlv.ty f.f tho coum
tiv, nlthoiuh this m'ght nr offse' in
some degree by greater pro.lue-"Uy in
war iiiunltiniif.
Uallioul nie.i say it is ,,ot up to them
to n fuse freight now Inclii.led in pi mt ltv
lists The Fuel Administration favs (t
can order the mines lo ship oul teeer-
tain neellot,H of tlm eouiitiv, but cannot
foico tho ialliii.uU to niivh fus anj
, run them in abend of produ given
priority bv Ge.vornmetit oidcr They i-av
that the only solution to th. problem Is.
the appointment of ,i man wl.o will have.
ilhso lite llllt lontv n lie.. I e t.!i 1 1 tit shir,
nients railroads ni e to I'm n .1
I'mli r th. piii'i ihe hn-.. t this man
wn. lid i-imf. i,i.l v; Hi r. itrcsentativcs
.. the Fue ,,i Fmr' ii-im.nist rat Ion
inu :be ,i.-y .mn War department
lie ,il-o wmild hive sai,cil agreements
from the major ly member'! of certain

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