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Itcpi-csciit alive Quickly Ar
mimes 1'iispt Price When
Wild Mnrkct Tli lentous.
Tin- I nlti-il Stales Naty look fiulok
nrtlon when n iiijotlnii arose over jrlrps
of istmel rind crunlird HlotiP, Hour Ad
miral Hnllday iiimu from WnnliiriRlun
on compliilnt of a latjtc coiniany that
the market was held po IiIkIi Hint It wan
unable to mold delay In Important con
Mrui'tloii work. A conferenre of rruihcd
(lone and RTti.rl men was called and
trip proposition wan made for Rravel to
be mixed and shipped at a rertalti tipi-ct
price, lielow the current wholesale lilt,
aii'oidliiK In tlie How Servlre ltulldlUK
Uepoils, 'Die gravel men protested that
such a proecp'lInK would be confiscatory,
It was nnnounced that the Navy Depart
ment would be first In the market for
fiOMiflO.nnn arils of three-quarter Inch
Rravel, and that after Its needs were sup
plied a Kreat dent more would be needed
by the army and other departments. The
navy's lecpilrement called for 450,000
nrds for Immediate delivery to the
Ourlble Stet Company at Harrison, to
tho naw vard. to the Hush Terminal and
to Cmi-ninrs Island. An allowance of
an extra ipinrtcr of an Inch on the screen
was permit ted so that three-quarter Inch
Rravel would he accepted as that which
could pass through an Inch and one
quarter screen. The prlie was not ill
ulRcd for publication.
At the same conference the navy offi
cials questioned the crushed stone Inter
ests and stated that 1,000.000 yards of
iinshed stone would be tequlred. That
would lease a like amount available 'for
private needs, because the quairlcs In
this vlrlnin can turn out about 2,500,000
vnrils a season. Current quotations now
rule for three-quarter Inch Rravel at
fiom $1 '0 to $1.00 a anl wholesale,
i New York, to private operations, and on
rushed Hap rock and bluestone about
the same levels ptevall. One ear ago
tit this time the price for Rravel was
Jt it aid and bluestone $1 to. Trap
rock was at that time Jl 1.1.
A slight advance Is ivpotled hi the
price of terra cotta drain tile for ue on
fa I ms. but the disposition Is to keep the
bnllillnK products of the hollow tile flre
prootlnK department down as near to
present levels as the fuel supply condi
tions w ill nerrnit.
Hudson Itlvcr common brick In the
wholesale ninrket li quoted at $10 25 a
thousand but there Is still from twelve
to fifteen Inches of Ice In the channel
nrf Il.iverstr.iw. Itaritan brick Is out
of the t.irket entirely and Hackensack
Is RlvitiR of Its meacre supply to meet
the Government needs In Newark.
Government war construction H rap-.
Idly uklnK a more dominant position In
the building Held Iteccnt developments
.Icurly indleatu that war building will
loom larse In the total structural opera
tions for the comltiK months. Storage
ami warehouse facilities will be in
creased In Iiuro volume. accordliiR to
tho llccord and (Jur'ifr. lint aside from
the purely military operations, there has
developed a pressing need for varied
tjpes of building, particularly Indus
trial establNhments for the manufac
ture of neecsari supplies with winch
to maintain the fighting forces and the
civilian workers
The markets for material and sup
lilies are tenerally quiet, although there
sre additional slgn of l'fe apparent
c.ich day The difficulty of obtaining
adequate stocks for the local markets
ha been one of the prime deterrents.
The tcet market is benefiting by
the relieved traffic conditions. Govern
ment lms-ness predominates though
there !s an Improved sho.vlnc In the de
mand for fibrleated material 'or pri
late construction. The total tonnage
lequsremcnts In the n.ctrojiui.tan dis
trict will be considerably Increased dur
ing the next few months. Quotations
are the s.une as last week.
Tortland (ei-ent Is still being held at
the $2 1.1 level, fteenforcing bars are
quoted at 2 '" n 100 pound, as fixed
b the Government.
i:wAitK-uoT( i,iH in hk.
I'elM & l"el. ...u rol.l "I and 3 Gil
lette iil.ice, Newark, 'or I'r.iuk Kkh'-.orri
to William Mendel The property is one
nf the most modern apartment houses
oir a ulot fiOxllIo feet, and contains eight
apartment. nf MX and eight rooms, otr.
Mendel Rave as part pa merit the
tnrec storv s,teen family apartment
bouse at 1 to 7 '3 Walnut place, Mont
clair. on :i.v. ic:.l!0 feet.
rutin it .hi.i. pwisoxagk.
1a)Uis .chb s.ugir lias sold for the
trustees nr t'.i" Soulli I'ark I'l esbyterlan
Church the parsonage al 33 and 41
Spruce ctreet. wist of Lincoln Park,
Newark N. .f . a three storv brick
dwelling erttted In the earl.v '70s Dr.
J.ickhon 11. Meeker, the buyer, will oc
cupy the same after extensive altera
tions are made.
tfl.-.II.OOO HltU.NA I'IKI.IllCT.
Wllliani Koppi. archlteit. has com
pleted plans fni three six story apart
ment houses on the west ulile of Cauld
well avenue, '-'til feet noilli of 14!U1i
street The St. Mai.v's 1'arl: Realty ami
Construction Company, .Mayer Stern,
president, whhh is completing three
similar hou-cs on Kagle avenue, is the
iivvner nnd builder Tin lost vvi.I be irr
the neighborhood of Mo.mii).
ll o i . i.n (i ;() vi:n Min.vr i..noit.
William Crawford he. obtained aj
general contract for t ic coiihtruction
of an industrial housnm unit for cm
plovies of the Hueli Terminal In South
Brooklyn These buildui-,'. will be lo
cated on Sg'ciind nvuiuie. between Vorty
thlrd and Forty-font th sticet, and will
conslat of a gioup of eight frame bar
racks, two stories In height. Tiro "work
Is under thn Jurisdiction of the emer
gency housing committee uf tho 1'nlted
States I lovei rinient. Otto M. KUIIItz,
iliali'man, and .1 lingers Flannery, dl
tector of liuusinr;. Work will lie stalled
at once.
KK( (llttlKH l,l:.lK.
OIlVNIi ST. :o:t. all ('has S ilev.
Mli .nke 327 W 27th si, et al,
rs fr-im .Msnh 1, l'H. atty,
Wolf, r.n2 llway.
c ril ST 13 17 IV . Will lo.'l-
isnll to
10 3-1.'
. 13,500
on the
1'onn't Co in Henri Kngel ,(,-
premises, i-t .il. .1 jis from I-Vh r. Ills;
lltv, Samuel LcU.r. 153 F, Ht st .I3.3H0
CAN' XL ST. (1: u o Division si, us. n
sainuc'' ltoii"H in M.i ilnlovenskv, 224
S lull st, llklyii. from Fib .''. HH to
Vurll .10. tH.s. rfll, ' II llrevllller. 32
1.. ie l HI . . . . I.' 100
ll'tl AV C
.laeot, Vli-ls ji ilmficuiuli
''lull Inc. oivni'f
S'egel Cm jlr in linn
i ' i. ' orit ra- tot-. .
7. I'll ST. :i'J to 2rt vv
- V r italllRin
Hi'iilly (Jorp and
111 , .lgt i.'.ll St
Morris & .McVeigh. ii.i nets. Vluza Con
Iracting Co. rent rni tor $3.1(1
4'TH ST. to 21i! ll-A F (lalllRnn Co
.itt .M' nli lliirrinan Hri'wlnK Co and
Crescent Star Hmlty Co. owners, IMaK.i
coiitrai linn Co. (onirjitnr .l.-Jflo
7T1I AV. n w c,,i (.,1 st 1H0.IX13I Knlrk-
rDnkr rireppinng Co, llll out Louisa
t (Jerrv, owner. Frank Sei-rv. con
iiirtor irenewiill.. . . .. M.7S0.51
10TII ST, II.' nnd 114 II D.iv.il C.ivlnnskv
SRI i.,.lllne llol.ltlelli, owriel anil lnl.
I ' il ' Inr I2S7 ;,o
1PTII T ;:ic. and So 7 W- A 1 (ialllgan
i ii III . net tieorge lltlleln. nwner; PInra
Ccnilr.U'liiig Co, iiiutrnilor .1300
ririi;n mlchamc' i.if.n.
Mii iibiittini,
('III sr. 1 l'i I! Vp.riu Arnsiei), nal Hrlx
1 -ii ll'iliihig i ni p ! ul IV), 1 'i
.. V," 'I 1" 12
'i-i .V l in' V M" ri
ii (ii- mi 'UK
. r 1 1
rcn r ii
i;. in
Hron.x Most Aclivc Section in
CHv Oncrntors Uny
titid Sell.
I'Vederlck Hrown has botrght from the
Beneson ItrnHy Company 1S79, 1881 and
1KSS Southern Boulevard, two five story
apartment houses, on plot uOxllGx Ir
resrilar und 02x13 Ix Irregular, sepa
rated by n one story taxpayer store
ISxitl, serving also as a light court for
the apartment houses.
HI'.i:i.t,H HHO.N.V AI'AllTMIl.'NT.
The West Mercer Corporation, con
trolled by John It, MacMurray, has sold
!il2 Whltlock avenue, a three tory
dvvelllnR. on lot 2.1x134.2, located 125
feet north of Tiffany street. This tiousa
and !1 0. adjoining, a similar parcel, to
gether with sixteen other Manhattan and
Bronx properties, were bought by Mr.
MncMnrray on January 2 from the Bond
anil Mortgage Guarantee Company. The
Whltlock avenue house la the first ono
of the group be has tesold.
11. It. Williams Son have sold for
lire nichmond Hill Securities Company,
to the Maw Ina Healty Company, three
two story buildings on tha north side of
Jamaica avenue, twent.v feet east of
Hector street, Woodhavcn, Queens, for
Investment. Tho huyer gave In part
payment thirty-eight lots at Queens
north of the Jericho Turnpike.
Mrs. Kllen Keating has bought
thlougii W. S. K. Halt and Harry G.
Van Vechteii from the Staten Island
Hospital the De (iroot property at the
corner of Columbia street and Itlch-
mond terrace, West New Brighton
Stateir Island, containing a Colonial
house, one of the olarPt north shore
landmar ks.
TtKF.S st:snoiti: ESTATE.
.1 U. I'clbleinan Co. have sold for
K. Tucker Welsh of 1'asaclena, Cat, h!
large residence at the northwest corner
of Broadway and M.vrtle avenue, Ixing
Branch, N.. .1., to Leonard 1.. Griffith,
connected with the Ciuggenhelmer s of
New York cltj They also sold to
Henry Hague, the controller of the At
lantic and t'acltlc Tea Company, a ten
acre farm known as Applegatu Kami
on Broadway and Monmouth drive, at
the edge of I.ong' Branch. David Meyer
of Long Branch represented the Apple
gates. lllMvKHs IIOl'SK 111; Villi.
M llroili rl. K has sold for Joseph
T'eerre and others the house at 1.10 War-
burton avenue, Yonkens, to Kelix Sposlto
The Montclalr town authorities will
purchase the vacant plot adjoining th
Grove treet school, from the Hinck
estate The purchase price of the prop
erty will be covered by a bond issue of
132,012 With this purchase the town
will on the entire block
IWKSTOI1H Bl'l l. MlWtllK,
Kelst & Feist have sold for William C.
Mendel to the Kranklln Investment Com
pany, a dwelling at S7S HlRh street, on
a lot 25x200 feet runnlriR to an alley
leading to Montgomery street.
Tne same brokers also sold the two
family dwelllnp at 14S Shephard avenue
to Anthony Sheridan and Walter l'.ut-
terwoith. The properly Ha a frontage
of fortv feet and a depth of 110 fee'
appuoxum m:w oritT ikii sk.
Tiie Municipal Art 'Commission has
approved plans prepared by Bannister
& Schell. architects, for tne Children'
Court House to be erected at 109 to 11.1
Schermerhorn street. Brooklyn. The
proposed building will be three stories.
7.1x12, and will cost t.m.ilOn
i With nitne ami .iflilres of leri'ii
attorney If ientbr's name is otiiltl
dress party of the first part i
r Anl
d mi
iouth of K-jurt-enth s'.ree- i
PITT ST. ii.'. J.'.vlOO iforer'ns De. I'l 1C.7
Klehard I I'Civrln in, ref, lo Wilfred F
Itiiardo and ano, restdlne in Fram e
trustefs under marriage selt'enient, Feh
v atlys, .lay A Candler, IS Wall
si . . . ... . J.M.ono
MuXHOK ST. S4, runs vv ISx s 45 3x h - n
-2 fix n 25 to beg Nasssu Heekman
Investing Co to Jennie Adelnian. i2i
Lafayette av. llronv, mtg Is.nOO. al.
liens. July 20. 1917 att. A Sltil'ieU.
S2:i Lafayette av.. . . .. .?lim
nitOADWAV, 41t. s cur Cans! st i27Ci.
Ill 1x33 2 Irreg Isvdnr .Ltiksjn et al.
Individ esrs, Ac, to Cauat-llri).tdwa inc
2 Nassjif st all lien-. 1'. b 7; attv.
Abr Stern. 31 Nassau st It
8TH ST, 700-704 II. s . mr Av c. S3
40 s (foreclos Fell 201 llcorge c Holt,
ref. to Harry Hsstor. x s 3 st Nu hulas
av. Feb 21 atts, House ii A X. 115
llway JCn.dOU
Fa-t Side.
(Fas' Of Klftll avenue, tietvveen Fourteenth
and 110th stieets i e
23D-.ST s . 273 vv 9th av. !hiH '' JniifM
Ile.illy Co In K,!2 Marshall. 1(6 W 23d
st, nitit Jlf OOd. ii'l Hens. Fell 21. attv.
i.avvers T ,x T Co, 1 1,0 Hwjv.. .. Jl
LF..N INHTO.V AV, 37, 1D.SX73 (foreclos
F"li 14. lJISi-Jos I, Pr.ife-. ref, (o
Forresr Itnnor viotit lair. V .1, nut
Fdvv C Mon, .110 VV 70th si lius'eei
.lltv, Chalni.'!" Wood, (i Cedar
si ... . I21.0IIC
0ITH JT, s a, 15(1 . -Hi in 2ml00 5
Wm A Irving et .,; eis. to K.lith T
Dates. 12 K Mill si. Fell 4 uttj. Till"
lluiir i T Co 170 Hwav . . 1 30.1)011
S1ST ST, 316-31S 11, 50xlU0 - llv F. Ft i oil
to l.ouls Samuel Miller, 71 K 'iCth st,
lutg Is.ooo all lleli" Fel 20. nltvs.
Fried Krakow, r, .' Hwav 1100
101ST ST, 320 II, 2itixlb0 11 l fur ei 'us
Dei- 21. 191 ' i le--ter W Hls.-riliei l,'. ri f,
in ndiea Trlp.ddl. lolo Mashliisiou .iv,
mtg 1211.230, taxes and nil den. Dec
21. UK ..lis, Clius Nine. .. :i.n
llway I ."30
It est' Mile,
i West of Fitth aveiui-, between Fourleerith
and I IU.il stleele
It'' 1 1 AV e i 27th st. 24 S7:
Simon u lien W Ktailsi, .'llll
org 121 ono. b and s and a g,
attv, A .1 Appe'.l, ,"l Ciianiliers e
; Philip
2Sli t.
.Inn Id,
. ...l
el li. 10
SA.MI: I'ltOl'F.ltTY Ka Moirls
aatne i urrei tioil an I
oulll Illation deed,
1 g. Feb IS, attv.
a l, ii and w and e a g.
SdTII ST. :U W, 2.-.X1H2.-2.
47. w Central Park W,
It Fnlteltiald. ref. mi
with st. a
2.. 102 2--vleo
S C Clark
Conneritow n. N V Ifoiet
k. Pali 2111,
Feb 21 . a'lvs. Ver Plain V
,V I'l line. 141)
14 I.UOll
i M an ha 1 ta u Islaml, north of llilih
't )
134TII ST s, s" e Mail av. tlUlxllPII
Courlnev lievelnpment Co lo N'ewai
Mealtv Co, 200 Hwav, mtg Is (inn. Feb
111, ailv. Phil 1 Sliupilo. llll .Vnx.nl
. linn
C'ONVFN'T AV. a s. 430 Ii n 141( si, JilxlOil
.Illd.l II lllrlier In Seymour Haltv Co,
23 Hrend st. llltK 114.31111, b and H i- a g,
nil Hens. Feh 21, illt.vs, lCill,'.man. A A
F. 2.' Hruad st II
142H ST. 3.'I2 V. IK. 'slilt 11 -.leunie y.
Van Horn illellerl. Individ, i-xtrx anil
cusiee. to John II lliller. ,".:I2 W 142d
si and ChSS A Heller. 'JM l.dgecomlie
av. Feh 21, attv. W C D.ilv 217 llway 11
SAMi: I'llOI'KHTV Ino II Haller and nnn
10 Wm c Daly, nil W 144th si, nng
tC.liOO, nil liens, Feb '.'!.. . ..lion
150TII ST. Ml W, 17xHll.ll -I'ophuin
Healty Co 10 Morris It Aunr.ui, .111 K
13th si irltg 17.000; ally , X V Title
.1 M Co. 123 Tlwav smn
CONVLN'T AV, 470, fWK.int'l .'.XDH 1 IxSil.lll
- S' V Life Ins Co In Olds Holding
Corpn. 217 Hwav, ii and a and c n tr.
Cet, 21. atl. N V Title K M "n. Fl.l
Hwav Itnu
SAMF PltOPHUTV Olds Holding Corpn
to H W O Itealtv Co. .Ml Cnlon Square,
ni'g ttl.'OOO a'l liens. Fell 'Jt. attv.
sil rue
1 lliirougli of The Hroiix 1
VV. 2115, n s,' 50x103 -Anna Hal-
in llo.vnl llronv Ilealt' Co, lot,
i: Tiemonl in, nits: I I. TOO, Feb II
c 11 lini i li.ei, u:il K Heiuuni
av HOD
ailAM) AV, tf)Sl, w , 50x100 Kly New
rnsnn, ref, to Wm B Htorer, trus, at New
Brunswick, Cansdn, Keb 19: att. Crook
C, 0 J Nassau l 17.000
OI, ntin AV, 2515 anil '-'517, n , SO.llx
141.11 Lambert II Map's, rff. to rough
kerple Trust Co, I'ouglrkeepsle , N V.
I'eb 1! ntty, C W It Arnold, l'ough
r,.p.i. - y j:.f,o
ClIAHLOTTi: T, 14:3-85, w , 40x100
Slinon M Pratt, r'f, to Blrhard Moller,
Uf5 Grand Concourse, Keb 20; attvs,
Wess.lmnn K, ib Liberty si. ...15.000
BILL AV, nee 5,13,1 t, S5x50x10r..lx5l.l1
Thus ! Bkkln to Delia Leahy, 5 K
13th st, Keb 1 3 ; ally, It B Ailing, 1 41
llnay Iton
AVKNt'K I), sec llth l, lOSxlO'i (Union
port) Juhnnna L Harry to (leu W Bel
ter, 21B4 Westchester av, 1-J part, mtg
JC.OOO, Dec 27, 1S11; ittly, K R Bolohnn.
501 K Trernont v lion
A VRN't'K t), s e c Powell, 33x105 Hams to
Stella V Clark, 1015 Southern Blvd. Feb
2ti atty, Stella V Clark, 1015 Souther n
Blv.l It
KMTCBKSTKIt A V, n w c St Ann's av,
4.1 1x62.11x85. extl.t J Kilw Jetter,
irus, to Kredk 0 line hemelster, 10 K
!"4tli st, Feb 13: attv, Fredk C llathn
melstrr, 213 K 0M st II
WF.STOHF.STKIl AV. a vv c St Ann's av,
r0.Axt00x2tx1Q4.: Same to same, Feb
15: atty, name. II
LOTH lis and 119. map WabU Jlutchlns
estate Joseph JJscheeh lo Edvv Htzfin),
442 V !.Hth st. Feb 19: atty, Kdw Ills
nay, (l; W 238th at 11
LOT 10.1. map Allen etlats Hudson P
Hole Co to Francesco D'Oraaio, 325 11
112th st Feb 19; atty, Francesco
DOraslo. 323 K 112th st II
A VUNt'K 11. vv s. 51 n 2d at, Hxl05 (ten
Uueckel lo Francea Ttueckel, ,167 Have
nieyer av, his wife, Feb 20: atty, Frank
(lass, Inc. 2213 Westchester av. ..1100
LOTS Hi) and 141. map W F Duncan
Angelo .liistn to Nicola Verna, 4282 Ken.'
mnro st. mtg 17.100. Feb 19, atty. Title
Guar T Co, 176 llway 1100
163t ST, a e c or Fox at, runs e 206. R lo
w s Simpson st x s 3.12 I to Fox st x n
26.1 Slmpcnn Fox Hlty Corpn to Hunt's
Point Itlt.v Co, 30 n 4M sr. Ftb 11; atty.
. W M Wechsler, 30 H 42d t.. . .1100
(With nam" and address of letuier and
lender's attorney, i
East Sid..
il"..ist of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
ami ltoth streets. I
6ITH ST, X K. 20x100.5. Feb 21 KJIth T
Hates to Wm A Irving. Chester, Pa.
et al. exrs, 3 ra .I". eqiMl Hen wllb two
oilier mtgs. each 16.750, atty, Title (luar
A T Co, 176 llwaj. . ... 119, son
SAllI! IMSOPF.HTV. two purehase money
rulgs. euch 16.750. equal llena with above
mtg for 119. S00. Feb 21 Same lo same.
3 vrs. .'.",; ntty, suae; total.. 113. 1"0
Aiii MT. 31fi.11 K, f.OxlOO.S, Feb 20
Louis and Samuel Miller to Simon .1
strnh. 147 n 90th t. 5 yrs. 5Vr, atty.
Ibliv .1 Krug. Jr. 150 Nassau si .. ,000
10JH ST 21S-220 F.. pr mtgs 119.000, ml
lateral to extent of 12.000 In mtg for
fll.OOO. on lt2d sr. s s. 265 Fori
Washington av, 125k F-h 20 Same to
Abr SniKli. 7:'. WveieUln Drive. Hue nd
tot as per bond . attv .am' . f2,dno
103D ST. 21.1 11. s s, 2S100.9. 103d si, 220
K, s s. 25x10111, pr mtg 116. ooo, i.il
lateral to mtgo to eilent of 13,000 in mtg
for 117.600 on 163.1 St. s. 263 vv Furl
Washington av, Feh 20 - .1 M H Co to
Kmma Dressr.rr. 20t V 120th St. due and
lot ns per Imnd, pr mtg 1130,000: atty,
N Y Title & M Co. 135 Bvvay.. .. 13.000
(Manhaitan Ilni.ii. norlb of 110th treet
123D ST. 124 W. 16 1x100.11. ' Feb 21
Katie Wise to Valentine Crondstra, 201
K 16th st 3 .vrs. 3la'r, ntty. Ceo VV
Itv.le. (1 Park ttnlv . .. ..11.310
CON'VKNT AV. 470. ins 1lv(3 SxH 11x
S. 10 Olds Holding Corpn to Land
i:tate, 135 Hvvav. 3 yrs. i . atl. N'
i TiCe i M Co, 133 Itnay i5 "O'l
i Itorouch of Tlie ltronx
tlAILIIV AV, JS12, e s. 2100 7 - Kl.r.
Dusek lo Hnrr c.llin. 25(0 C.rand
av. a n l1 imn. pr mtg l,000, Feti 1,, 1
vrs. fv. atr Cnhn A- I', (0G n H9th
si 1750 I
11 llSTi'HK.-.THIt AV. s. 13 7 e Olmsteail
mv, 25x70 Joseph Newman to Wni .1
ltee.i. 1966 Cntveralty av. Feb IS. 3 yrs.
t.ri. attv. Frank .ls. Irn.. 2215 West
cherer av. . . . 11.000
NOIITH ItD, cenlr line, lol 34. map Coun
trv Club Lanl Assn. runs a e ln H - x
1 17. 3 n e 32 1 x n vv 215 6x vv 214 5x s vv
' 223" Ceo Robertson to 1' S McCou-t. 627
West Market st, Akron Ohio. Dec 18.
1"17. inst.ils, t-, . attv, V S McCourl. 627
West Market sr. Akron, Ohio 12.000
1 VV th name and address of lender j a'
nrney )
131T1I ST 11 . ,1M v 7th av 1i;x1'.l 1 1
111 hai-il It Cr'enwool to Margurei Knox,
S"pl 27. isl'.l. a't. Livvers T 3 T On
Hill Hwa ... ni.lmil
231) ST 4C,r, v, n e .- Kath II Moore
S, irboroueh. N V to .ins ! sloil e, a.exr
Kath K Moor" De.' 2. 1014, attv, Fr.inkl
Holt, i-.'o llway 111.000
10TII AV. e s, 73 .-. n ."list et. 2.-1x7.'. Aug
and xl.irv Dleterlrh to Anna M Warren,
adinx, 32H W s'.l'Il s., .lull 21. 191. atty.
F W Hunter. 211.1 llwa.v 2 UllO
10TH AV. e s ;.',,-. n -,! ., l"ix7.V
Henrv .1 lluri hell to xnna M Warren,
nil'lix. 3211 W MHh s' Feb 2(1 172.
attv Ml.ler f. llrel zfelder, 33 ,lherl
et . JP.O'lll
MiTII ST. s. IS', e sth av. 2H10(I3
Maria 1, Adam. 23C. W ralt'i st,
Clins I.vnch. 4U1 Vv "24111 St. .Iu,.v 20,
1110: aiis Arrovvstnlth Dunn, 2il
IIakj- . . .'. not)
CATIIAItlNi: ST. S7, mtg 12,01111 Kred
Matxlo to Mill 1 Anzelonl 1M Chen 1 f
alive. Wike Urns 45 William st
SAUK I'ltOI'llltTV- Mlll.x Amelo'' ' .Ino
V Weekes, Ov.s'er lljv. I. I .ittvs.
same $1
C'ATHAISIm: ST. nits II 2ju calh s
S7. nug fj.oiio Jarne" st. tls mti; i'j.snii;
Front st. 2ss.2!io. mtg ICOn. 2,1 av. C.O't.
1.13. mtg S4 500 Pearl -1 (52. mtg 3 noo
.Inn 1 Weeks 10 Mirl- 11 lenk. 113
W ti.-itb s now tn Dresden. o,ei at j s,
Week." llro. .'.4 WlllUm st islx as
slguments) 33.4.-,n J
(Sill sr .'.jo vv 1 .1 pirt or mtg iv.uoo
Fannl" M It Whl.lo k to Augusla and
Allie T Parkin, 4H 3th av attv F d 1'
Foster. 44 Wa 1st.. . . 12 .333 '4
KltlTH ST. n . 35.1 w 7lli av, IHxliPII.
mtg 111, ntin Kqilltalile As-il- Sodetv uf
the F s to M irg'i Knox. 47S Mot av:
ntty, I-aw.veM T T Co, 1311 lev a v . 1 1 .OOq
83 D ST. 71 W- Louis A Fechrr to HoM
Mi William. 2U2 Mt Hope pi Hronx
attvs. Dean. T ,i Mi H. IliO Hwav. I2.0III)
S7TII ST. s . 110 vv Av 11, lsxtai .', mtg
12.00O Anna chwarts to Sillle s Ito -s,
141 F .Islli .t, ntlvs. Foley A Mar
tin. (14 Wall st . 11
3D AV. V74, mtc 13.000 Daniel Foiev lo
Clallagher A. ltiirton, Ini . attv- ciss
.t- Apfil, 35 Nassau n ..I1335S2
CATII lltl.VK sT, 40, one h.,!f ,irt mtg
tlii.500 .Ins. ph .1 milli ro X4rle M
I IciniC. at FVninil lllll Sl-lonten Stllse,
Dresden. German! uliv. Arthur Sutli.r
land 45 William "I .11
oHHISTOPHnu ST n;, one half nan
mtg IH.500- Ino A Weeks to Marie It
Heink at Dresden, (lermani . attv. Ar
thur Slither Inn J, (5 William at 12 250
FAMl'IlL ST. 11 .11 11 n Orchud av
75x11 I'hllip II Flsrlier 1,1 Ituot D
lieswelu. 1 3S5 t'nion a ltklMi, attv.
A W Venino, 51 Wall sr . . 17. "On
DAitllV ST. vv 5?.; ii Klalern Dlvd.
- 1 , Findoty sues. In,, to Max IV els
berr CS3 Hei k sr. ntty, Itronx llakery.
Inc. 't3 H.irr) st .. an int of ll.oou
fOKF.ST AV. 112--llarr I Fprlng to
.lollli O'Conunr. 71 I'. 12th st. attv, .las
T Harilnii 52 Courttandt av 157'.
UllACMONT AV. 2i:0-l.iura V Ham
in. ilil to I'Hsquale Foil hi. exrs, ,Vt
a'tvs Satleo A- S. 140 Nassau st . SS.dOO
VALILN'Tl.NK A V. 2H70- Unuv em ur H
.Nixon, exr. lo (ieo 1 Tealor hllzabeth
lior' N J attvs. Williamson tV It
3.4 Alex av
KAC.I.i: AV. til - leannvtte Kraelner to
Jolin I.euihs, lino F. Ij4th si. attys.
Kad:. auk A Co, 370 F. MSIli
ki ... 13 lion
I.iiTS w and i5. map (iodvviu esiate--N V
T I'e a Mtg Co loMaiv l: Orlest. Cuern
se I'l. allv. X V. Title ,t Mtg Co, 133
Hv a) en Ini of 1300
LOT 13' same map Same 10 Win A
Hughei.. Jones id, Fort Lee, N J, ntt.
same, an Ini of .11 lion
LOTS HI and 14., same insp -Same ID
.loephiiie H.lriiski, 907 Tlnton av . attv.
same, an hit uf ... I l.fiOo
LOTS l(" and lit, same map--Saliio tn
sime, attv, same, an lot of. ... 1100
LOT lui'i same map Same 10 xnria 1'
nrooniell. C21 Hublcam hi, dermaii-
lown. l'a artj'. sain), nil int of 1500
LOTH 20!i and 210, same map. -Same to
Josephine HelmaWy, 907 Tlntun av , atty,
same, an Int of ... 1400
LOTS 211 to 22H, sarue map Same to
same: attv, same: an Int nf . . . IC00
LOTS 221 to 224, same map - .Same to
Anna P llroumtdl, 4921 Habitant nv.
Oeriiiiintnw-u, Pa; n 1 1 , same: an int
uf . 11,500
I Manhattan.
2D AN 2203, Deutacher Frallfll Veren
'.ur Fnterstutruno Illlfsbodurflinger
IVMttwen Walsen Und Kranken agt
lllegio Pernnttl et a) (foreclosure nf
mortgage), ntt.vs, Chedsey A Howeti.
LOTS 191-192. map of Sander estate, p-np.
erty at 25bth st nnd llway Frederick
17 Felgenbaum agt Hdward Hlnsnny et
al 1 foreclosure of mortgage) ; ally, It.
l Newman.
M MHON AV. n w cor 17th st, S0lli( 2
Sophia M Moody agt Jennie K Shrady
rl al (foreclosure of rnnltgagei, allv.
II W Kiralf
JtcttiiliTK. IiowPYcr. Still Will
He 20 Cents Ahead of
Old Prices.
Collar prices are due for another all
iance oir March I, but only to the re
taller and tint to the consumer. Hereto
fore, men's furnishing stores have been
paying $1.30 a doxen for laundered col
lars. After March 1. he must pay $1.40
a doien. The consumer will continue to
buy collars at the present rate of three
for .10 cents.
Tho price advance has been made hy
Cluett, 1'eahody & Co, Inc., and George
1. Ide & Co. At the New York office of
the Karl & Wllflon Company, however,
It wan said that,no statement regarding
prices had been made.
Conditions In the material market am
serious, the manufacturers say, largely
because of a shortaRo of cloth. There
has been a very decided decrease In the
production nf this cloth, they assert,
becauso of the fact thnt many mills have
been diverted to war supplies and other!
w ork.
AccnrdlnR to olllcials of Cluett, 1'ea-
body & Co, Inc., the retnllers. even at
the present advance In prices, will make t
20 cents more a dozen than tncy urn
when collars were retailed at two for 2.1
cents Although the retailers feel that
an advance to the consumer would be
Justified it is said no immediate advance
will be made
Orders received before March I will
be filled at existing prices', but no ditlriR
will be allowed on any order, and orders
w ill be accepted only for 'Immediate de
livery at tho convenience of tlie manu
facturer. Xliisiiiillo NrtlliiK or I, nee f
I'ncle Ham's soldier or sailor bov s
need mosquito netting, so milady's lace
dress will have to wait.
Itegatdle.s of the fact that lace
dresses are In vogue, tho 1'nlted States
(tovernmeiit by awarding several con
tracts has practlenllv taken over many
of the manufacturing establishment In
the lace Industry and has tint thrnr to
work making mosquito netting for the
army and navy The result Is that some
lace dres.s manufacturers are being com
pelled to withdraw their lines because
of inabllltv In obtain merchandise
One manufacturer declares the lace
business has been In a bad way for the
past two or three years, and that Hie
Cov eminent contrail have proven a
blcsslnR ("1 the other hand, theie arc
manufacturers who hold that while the
Industry has not been at Its best for
some time, the action of the (lovernment
Is likely V cause a serious shortage In
machine made laces.
Iiealers In the more expensive hand
made laces view the situation from still
another angle, They see In the poss.ble
shortage in machine lace the prospect
of a boom In the real
lace ttade. One
manufacturer sa that
women learn a shortage lo
soon a
made lace is threatened they will im
mediately demand lace lire"?.' because
of their exclush cue .-s. and the hand
made lace market will reap the brieftt
( hli'RKo Trade llrpnrta.
Nperi.l IC0('', rn Till l s
i'iricsi;o. Feb 21 - T
o' Marsh-ill Field K Co.
're 1 rail" report,
for. last vv eek is
as follows ,
Current vvnolesale distr ibution of dry
good is ahead of the htavy volume j
of business for the or responding period,
of a year ago Volume of road shIc.-'
for both Immediate and future delivery!
Is larger than In tlie same week of 1917.)
Customers are in the market in greater I
numbers Market on domestic cotton I
goods 1 onttnues strong. Collection!
good " !
laist weed's report for the John V. 1
Fat well Company follows. I
"Sharp advan-es in tire coltun matket,
have again stiffened the cotton good sit-1
nation. Heneral condition are such that
men bants are vv'llmg to accept goods'
foe fail at any time the distributors j
vv.il ship Price is pot so great a factor 1
a de.uerv .icsiiranio P.uylng for fall,
is very free .ml much earlier than Ini
prev iou ears :
"In wool dress Roods, staples and
plaids command tlie situation. Collec-,
tlon.s show a good ga rr ovur correspond.
lug pej-.od last ear " t
l.i-nllirr tlnrkct
xpe in Ir.l'lf',
More 4.MIt.
fo Till. Six.
Hiitov. Feb. 24 Heavy hemlock sole ,
leather continues closely sold up Tire
market for hemlock offal is slow The
IJoxtnn market for union ole is shaw
lrni a little more activity, and cutters
nf vvumen'.s soles have taken s-everal
fair sl.ed blm 'km In the past week.
Ikavywelght leather is larpelv of (lov
er nnient hpei'lflcatlnrt shipped as
fast as it comes rri
Trade continues ipnet in oak sole as
the supplv it- small atul tanrrers have
little to offer Chronic sole lias shown
a Irrtle mine uit.vit.v mi both heavy and
lifiht weight Civilian trade in vvi'ltlni
l.s not active Tatmers report a iUit
bueiiii'ss In I (i e leather
The mens trade in cut coles is ipnet,
and arm.v work Is tire uiiiy activity
Oovernmeiit urders ate evypecteil to take
care nf nil the grades of lougli leather
More nitlvitv is noted for chronic, sides.
pome tenners report an Improved de
mand fo- lolori'd calf on the top grades
onl The shiny leather business con
tinues to show n sllghi impioveriieiit
Clouil grade russets are In steadv de
mand. Supplies are small
1'lrif (; la P rod no tin ii I. ran.
xperiuf ir;ir i to Tin: Si x
Nkw Hnirotrn. .Mass, iVb. 24. The
riuiibeil cloth matket cuiultiues mtlve,
with mativ Inquiries und as much book
ing as mill men will conxent to, with
price somewhat hlcher. but still out of j
line as xjinpaied with i aided goods,!
especially print i loth yarn goads It his I
been eutimaled that the pi emit pin.
ductlon i- PI per (ent lower than it was I
a year iigo
The bulk of the Iiiikiiicism lontlniies to
be in loaisti yarn good .His lo -pis or
on medium count" up to ."its and ios I
Venetians, sateens, twills and silk rilled I
plain crepes nnd pongees are being
bought. In the Venetians, the Bits two pl ,
yarns are hetny superseded by the 110s
elngle ply lo u preat eNtent 1
The production of sill: and cotton
goods received a setback dm inc tlie pnl I
week through the refusal of Hie llk i
dealers lo iiuotc prices on Japanese silk,
this Impression prevnllliiK that the Uov-I
eminent contemplated some sort of ac. I
lion in that market The demand for1
shlrtiiiRs icnialiiK negligible On Hie I
whole, the fancy business has improved, '
but the bulk of the business Is still In
the plain weaves.
Frrr Unlrv for Ship Mnt rrln la.
nil pxetutlvft noparin.ent or tho I'mlcd
StatPH (jtivprnmPTit
Assistant fporrtnry of tho Treasury
How Iiuh iiiPtrtiPteil roll-tor of Pum
tori". throuKh tho country to uttaril It a
Hurli In ordtr to fnt'llltate tlie delivery of
materlalH and artl.'lcs Imported for uko
by the board In the conMrurMon and
equipment f vei-peU eltlier ly thf Krner
irpnpv Vlopt Cnrnnrattnn nr the v;irlnti
Hhlpbulldlntf plant", and to accept '
Report Government Has
Already Overbought
fiprcial rit'patrh to Tim Six.
AsiitNiiTos, Feb. 24. The opin
ion seems to be general here
that the (lovernnient has
overbought and has a surplus of
supplies of all klrrdn. This Is further
brought out by Inquiries from sellers
who arc asking when new' orders aie
expected to come through ftom the
Whether It Is true or not that the
(lovernment has supplied Its needs
and that there will be an Immediate
cessitlon of new business remains to
be seerr, but some of tho shrewdest
Riresers arc staling that from what
thev catr gather such Is tho situation
ami that the sellers In the textile In
dustry are not awake to true condi
tions. These men predict that huslneas to
be done has got lo be done from now
on with civilians and that there Is
going to be a big hole knocked In
tho .demand on which the mills In
the textile. Industry have been de
pending, V '
certification of a duly authorized repre
sentative of the hoard in all matters per
taining to Imports.
I'nder this ruling, all materials of
foreign construction rrscd In the making
of government vessels are given free
(Ft n I'll i Skin Ureas,
They're making dresses of pupp.v
in Hrnoklyn It Isn't a case for the So
ciety for the I'reventlorr of Cruelty to
Animals or the Anll-Vlvlsectlnnlsts, how
ever. "I'upuy skin" Is the name of a new
type of taffeta.
I.nmlnli I'.xpecta lloslcrv llrrlerl.
'ftnnl fablt HetpalcL to Tar. Sis.
I.os.iiov, Feb 21 England's wool lin-
porrs lor January approxrmarcu np.ni'u i
bales. The
reexports were fi,.0D bales.,
tlie quantity retained thus boing 1 12,000
bales. This showing fully equals th
monthly average of the last six months.
There is (very prospect of big Italian
hosiery orders being placed here
Mill dilress Credit Men.
I'a'il Fuller. IiiiecLor of the Hureau
of Trade lrrlclllgeti.e In Washington,
will sprnk at the meeting of the New
Vork Credit Men's Association at the
Asior on Wednesday night on
Trading with the Knemy let.''
llllla Work n llolhlny.
specio Pttpnlrh In TllF Si v
i. ltrvrn. Mass. Feb 21 Aiibough
the print cloth market continued strong
and steady la: week tne volume of trad
ing Ins been kept down becau-.e the
manufacturers have peep unable lo meet
the demands Practically nil stvles have
shown an advance of a quarter to a half
cent Sales for the week werestimaterl
ai 0,000 pieces, about 20,nno being
Wide and narrow good.s have Mkivmi
grrnt activity, and
i have beui In active
Mteens and twills
lcniand. The mills
; have been greatly hampered by order'
fmm the i lov eminent that i ertaln looms,
! must not ! ti",ed for civilian needs until I
(lovernment requirements are cared for ,
Many mills continued operations on
Washington's Hirthdav. (Jtiotntlons are .
2 lnh . , 2S' ""s
27 In.h . i.IxSii in',
2T Inch. Stlx.'.s s x,
!: inch c.6x"..' 91,
-V liieh Hvll 7,
:ci, inch . f.4x.( 111-
3Si2 Inch . .... filxc 1 !(
5'i Huh 51x11 ll'i
llrny liiioila Market.
Sattirda s print cloth piicio were as
Squares. Weigh! Cents
3U, Inch 4Vxx 7 f. 101;
3i, Imh roxcx c. 1:1,
31, bull (0x52 s n'l 12.
3d-, Inch t.. I.4X3S 5 .'ul 1
3?i- Inch Mxio 5 .1 . 14
3i, Inch lvn 1 1 W,
3s ini h Sine , ,' 1 1
ss irch CxT2 17. I'
3J inch ... . viixmI ( mi IT'i
3 Ini h . . 72x:n I .' . 1 :
3 ' In. h. . . . C0xs 3 on 1 :
2x mh . '.-xf,2 1' no ''
2T null 1.4x10 7 Ml 10V,
Sheeting pi u es were a follow s.
Sqtlar-B Weight Cents
v. in. h . ioxio .,0.1 nu
U Int Ii . (4x40 f. 15 11
41) Inrh. 4 4x 40 4 2 . Is
31 Ini ti .... i.xfill I On 17l3
3d Inch (x(0 Mi 11
3fi inch 4V4x . '. on 1 (
30 nub . . . 4.x ( I ( ,11 Is',
Buyers in the City.
Heady to Wear.
JOI't.lN. MO N'fwn.an M) an . t'o ij.
r N-luriter t (-Jt"). (To mr h h
JdM., OHIO I H,hvditz mnmMir Fiiitf-,
piin' c, aklrt.. ttbiii", umlt-rw cj r t . A lift -
UOt'tSVlhl.K V ltoprit',iiin A .-on II
Honblum prIf.K contn. e-ulls kirt"i.
wrti-h fklrt) . I Itnnli!UHl ' Inbs fa. I
. fiiifO, ll,t:t Hr(ttIa. room 1 '
IMTTSIUMTO -A. A Vlk o .Mr Waik
uprinK li'ittup. no.T Kiffh w . rouni luiii
.CH ANTON' Kr-fti-ln'" M I, l.pt?in
r.idv i. spiri, Imprlal
ST IjOriS Slmcnr Hro ln.ik t'o
Singer i nwinnf c-ttirr worn1!! . ml ".
i hllitren nn1 InfanlV cloak1 ant nuts,
MT Vi' '.,(itli "
TtH.KDO-Th Ulnn stA(. i n.ikr
i tp i iv to ear i . i nr.- nf h'i.i ni T
Knnir. Kat -Mth i . IIotM WallKk
U XSJIlNt.'TOV -S Kami S.in X Mr
T irlKhmn 'Infjutn air! lil.lrfii'i
t-.,rt 4.'(J Ptiiirth h
ATLANTA (MTV- K.lnj Vom-n 1 Ve.i-.
.1 Keln i jolt (-MitK, fl rentes, u j irt , u n-
drntfnr, 1.14 Wen .14th
.J VCKON MICH - H A ftihwartz Tf-jtly
l wfiir nrtil fnti-). llotl Aberdi-en
A II K A NS S i'T , KAN J.f-Rni .M.uiti-
f ni'iiirir.ff o Mi . ltort 1 a ifn 1 1 i-adv
to ttfiiri 1131 HmiJum
I IMH VA1ot-I V. IIiiTrrn f X fn
W V IlnrKt'tf ui;s anil .jiti.t, .",s
' Vst .CM r
; MIW IIAVHN IV )flUlman ro .M Cohi.
1 11 h n iisnlv ft tr. Hnt-1 1 .ii'l,.
I ritlhAl)KtdTM V- M SMwrnifMi A Son A.
1 Sl!irtnn ir-a 1 tci near), is VM
27(li t
I H rl 1iltl: The rH-s'iion I n ut ni in
I 1 nii'n't- flint m!iiei' rtulfr parnifn n),
l-iiinrlat llotfl
j l'le e (iUshN.
I MACON', tiA - .1 Atenn.in iir j,oihhi,
, Urn .dv as ''flit Ml lint fl
j SHKKM A N TKX - Marl.n Hto. A Mark
i tMor
1 SAN I'll AN.MM'O' Umpinniin V P
.MitMl-tuti (ait ti-eflW't.irk 1. 4TiJ Kiiurth
In tiup t. llnnr
WASIIINOTON .1 P Merman nlr tornJ" 1
V1IK1INIA, MINN. fhmifdlinf Hro
I Iry (itMKl i. M. Shan.'ilhnB nlr
ffitoilM, I.Htn.'iin
Vl.ItKTOWN. 411 IO (4oIlrHn Kane fu.
P .1 Mnrnn Mrv jtihmIk, Kllk1, e!ei(
fancy Kotxli-. no I Inn , Wnltii-k
Ci. P i: WartvM'l! iblanketm, Hret
ton Hall
lANVll.I.i:. 11.1. S'hnutt & l.fnrh
nmn H Lcttr htimti ulr. yoinl. Rins
ba'nn jM-ttli oat , 4 TO Pourth menuf
nHIIHUIPoltT -.1 Jin-man (-lks ire
Kit'-ili- liru-n whitH Kuruln, ioniefttii'ti ,
144 Klfth nvrntif, llnltl Atllnfrton
IIPPPAI-O .1 N Adrim A Co .1 .1 Si.lli
m tdomentlcs, ItannHJ-, blanket'!, 2
W JITth fltrt-pt
CinCAOO Conj.fr Se C Metu
t women Jnnlr ntut unilr im r 1 . 4 0 4
Pnurth iitemi, Hotfl Urotf-M
lv.NSA.S CI TV Riiifry, llinl. Tha tr H
Ci. Co Mr Wilt n istlKH and elveUi,
Mudlim avenu.
Hrri'.MiO-,1. N Adam A Cn .1 Sulll
vnn ( 1 1 o 11 1 f 1 i t f and IlannfU t, ur" ut -Weit
3Tth et.
1 CHICAGO- Mnrrli Mann .; Helllv II
.Morn .wmie K'tOiii, at(, rare or
I'lflh nv
C.OPVKK.NKrit. N V -MIh A llotinhan
idrv kooiIh, .t l Hotel Continental,
poo.K Air 1. Hotel Imperial.
MII.WAl'KKi:, WIf- I. I.iu hf r (li-rn
fioodH). Itnllatl I Houxe
IMTTSHI'KU. PA --K-vn(ine Mfis: Co
I.ovv tniunufHCturfrs of lintM and taim.
Ilolrl Albt-rl
ST I.uriS, .MO - SinRPi Itrnn A Siner
(manufarturtTR nf rloalc- und miM).
(ire nf .1" Kant CS'h lt
S'lPI'? N TUX Maik 1lr,m Mai4
(dry goods, Ac), care nf 1150 llroadwav.
fUIMTF.H, S. C Sumter Dtsy Goods (,n. T,
11. Cleike (dry fcooda. &c.L Htl Mf''
PHILADELPHIA Feldman, Arnon Co.
M, Feldman (carpels, rugs, mattlnga,
llnolournal, Albemarle,
KM K, I'A. Hrle Dry (loods Co. P. Fries
(house furnishing goods), 432 Fourth av
Hotel Walllck,
DETHOIT Hudson & Symington. u.
Owen (draperies nnd upholstery),
UVKHBTT. WASH- (irand Leader Dry
(loods Co. II. Hocbaladter (crockery,
glassware, tovs, stationery, perfumery),
1239 Ilroadvvuy.
ITHACA Itothschlbl Hro. F. .1. Hstn
(furniture). Imperial Hotel.
ni'FFALO Adorn, Meidriim A Anderson
Co. 1', C. Schnefer (house furnishing
goods. china, crockery, silverware,
stoves), 230 Fifth av.
HVKItllTr, WASH. Hrand Le.ider I)rv
(loods Co. 11. Ilorhst.idter icnicKerv.
c ). care of 1233 Ilroadvvuy.
SAN Fit A. NCI SCO I. Magnln Co Miss S.
Arrlnaon (ahlrt waists), 401 Fourth nv
Hotel Normandle.
CH1CAOO Carson, I'liK Scott Co. M
A Fierce (house rtresse", An. ire of (0
Fourlh av.
MINNKAI'OI.IS .1. n.'tVlefcs (fursi. Hotel
DF.TItOlT II. 11 Mark". 11. Marks
(women's furs). Hotel llrealttl.
DKTItOIT Newton. Annls & Co N. An-
nls (furs). Hotel Lslham.
CHICAGO The Fair K. I llin"eil
I women's gloves), 225 Fourth av.
.Men' anil Hoys' Clothing.
TOItONTO S. F MeKlnnnn Co. .1.
llrasler (haisl. Hotel llroxtell
riTTSIIl'tKl - Km stone Manufacturing
Co. 1). Levy (manufacturlrg cloth huts
ana capsi. care of Hotel Albert.
ItOCIISTHIt August lire. Co H
August (manufacturing nothing
rfllnenals). are nf tlnt.l M 1 rlliornUCh
MINNIJAl'Ut.lS- M. L. Itothschlld Co .1
F. Hymn (men's furnihinc goods), iarn
of Hotel Hargrove
OMAHA- Palace Clothing Co Max ftn.en
thai irlolhlng, furnishing good", ha s
ana sboesi. rare of Hotel chstham
CHICAGO -scars, lloehmk Co. 11 W
Koeli (men's clothing an, I furnishing).
il A. Kettei (men's iiothlng and
furnishings), care of 113 Fiftli av
CHTrAiiO- Arkln A- Itne. K ltoe (man
. iifacturing rlothlngi. ciro of lintel
HOSTON- Til" Csusewai K I.ehewnh!
'"" "ii...",,-'
I HCFFAl'.o Klpp ' Walie. C Walte
imaiiurnciuring neekvvrrtri. ca-e or no
tel Rrnitr.lt.
OinoAdO.-Manii'l Hres. Ma (ilhson
'fancy gomlsi, 1 J .llrLlwee (men's and
boys' clothing and furnishing goodsi. 13
Feet 22il si
MoNTItKAL Ac me Hat Co. S l.evlne
(lilts) eire of Hrnsdvvav Cen'ral Holel
Co F Hvrne (furnishing goods, liar,
grave Until
KAXVS ilTV Jones Store
Jones l representing 1 , 23
,r 1.
t 2th
street- nrnrteii,
LO" ANHHI.): - tlroadwa.v Drparmnt
store T S. MPhtirn (ralb-ns, glng
hams ilsnneis. wish goods. tih', and
drrs linens, rotion and outing liat"
111.x c and spreads and same in hase-neni
it pirtmrnts 1, 95 Mndlson avenue. Hres.
I.VNN. MJIR T W lingers Co. T W
llrevvn ulrv goods and general m-i
obandlsei. l.sthsm
pi:Tr:nittTtc.. v - im,'1 Dr, c.io.isi
Co J V Kurker .notion", white good1-. '
rug. hosiery and klt.t uniei"ve.ni H-i- I
lei Orstnl I
F.OMR. OV -Ilv.-'-iin Pros. ) I's,.-. I
man 1 representing 1 , (.rand
ST LOfls- F:- A VI ilker Dr i.no.is o
K S. Supe- 1 kid underwear not ions 1
595 Hrosdwiv. ronm 111),",
ST I.OCIf- P.I. . .-tlx llll ino, I. 1 . V
Fiseniln I'm,! goorl. g oce 'ulie
swesler riml.i 377 Krnidwav rnoni I'O.-
ST LOCI- Fahi-i' Ins Me-snll" Co II
II F.ibrlilus inntions, fantv goeds. in,
lioxieiv g'ovesi. H. 1' Kiibrii'los 1 ,0
linns fancy goods, tnv? hoslei.. glove-1
RAN PKANCISCO -II .1 Hlr'.'h 1" I'
, J. Hlrrh (nnveii.es, leather
j welrv hulr ornaments. Iiol.d
, iln::, ut Kiii. 33 I'li'tm
1 room 7.1
1 S V I nil. M IS' - N I' Wrbbe
Vari and II lirns.nnre ! ,
, b-ohlrr' . hin Iker tilef llhh,ri'
1 goods not -ins muslin upde-we!
r and .,rs..fci (01 Fourth
go,, is
s Jll.'t-e
I'll I
I Hol :-egonaii
Sl'llTC.i: i" -ii'i'e' Drv ilnntl C'
i T II. C!)i-l;e idrv rn.ifl rotinn- 1.
1 rtetsi H.,'cl 1 1 rllinrniic h
I SVII.VCl'S?: Te Heffron C J Derscbuj
itirmlid matter!, ltnptrlsl.
I PVIlA' L'Si: - T F A 1 II I'D Pill 1:
j T 1' Htzrialr. k 'goners! drv gnnili
general met hind.-1. Wa'SliU
ITI'.IIY-M I' Cell M P lull I isixe ilers
I underwe.r r 1. M" VI ) C.n'd . n'
j tinris )mier and n 1 lldknr li n't
' Continental
' Vt OOS'FOOKIIT F'exp'.'s , Ii
Cent Slo-e M T.n:iw'C-r 'Srn
1 1
Il 'iln I
, eh mdi-ei berd'en
CINCINNATI -Miller Itros .V Co
' Miller idr.v goods, readv I 1 we
' Tiillltnerv '. Hnrel Vtisonia
1 IONIA MICH -F VV Meienon 1
I M Steens idry good-, notinns,
' to vvru-i Pari; Avenue note;
I .1 1CKSON VII. I.il FLA Knliii Firrch
i got' Co II M.uk i'o s .mil .111 ier
i pro es dept I Hoet rtl'Oll -lilltllle
1 HI'S'TINiiTO.N W VV Crott si mar 1
Co M. I'rofl ulrv good- nnt'ons
1 furn,shllig. reidy In wear. A, 1 .''
1 Cluirdi e'ree! il in, I
I VXTOV lllllll -I'll" Se, .. i II Stl
1 lie- (general me-chandlsei II
1 1. u"i mail
oak and "U't! 1 ir"
las AXi.KLKS tiroala
1 Mp t t I TllPOt
hi furrilli-
tnr U' it Plni tune, hniit.'
inc k'Oed chlMa ut e-.u-t. ronterx
toe ro-i a r ha num.- k. hTk"t, elec -
fx tlx ure- and irono, '. Madlnan n
M I I.W VPKP.K- Hhiiii'-ntlMl. lecher Co ,T
1. 1,111 he . n.iiilnt" t ' Hehl tilower.
f-.ithei. n.iw.tl" and jewclrj): tare v(
Hotel llreit-u.
OAKUVNh. CAU Ivilin Hrn O Hlr-b-
nutn i-oyl .ITT llroadwav, de eith rtoor.
PJIOKVl Wll.Id:. PA - -W II Kl!i Upn-
-rai nitTi'haiHlli'l , (in of Hotel Hrrld
I'HIT.AnKI.PHI - ttlanner H Kambmr
lunoi .1r.ie and "Ilk dreme,, Mi" Oar
nan '"n"velt 1 'nlli and wash klrts);
lire of H'l M Pl'inn ' Pact 'Ji.th vt.
I'HIUVnP.I.PHIA- Mnamut A Prank .7
Prink i tnatiuf.i' iwlnp die? trlmmlnm-.,
. ,nr of Hi'cl irec..rt in
CI1 ICAiJO - Carnnn. Plrle. ."'nt Co Ml
A H. Ha'', ini'idln underwear, petti
1 o.tts r.p'-tepb and infint weurl. Mls
M Put 1 iett ! m, liouo ilrrsn'i,
sa.qne. lnfn t1 "Mil. tare of 404
rnurth av
CHTCAC.O Mnntpiirnerv W'a 1 ' 'o. H
Ilmvkln ilml-'-v underwear, infantt.'
wear anil ior' 'i ,f,. Sixth .
CI1ICC,( Morjt. Mann X Itelllx. Harr
Mnrr! innMn'iv hUe pood- Hid' m-.
.lew idrv, leal he- cnod no eit ien tn-ltw.
b.ir nn kw e-ir ami '.'idles nt t w kear :
rr- nf '"'i. Pift'i a-
Miss Coptic til (flteveit
tclris' drefe and oa.
I axaeu- Co
W .1 Hnber
Mli A K
we.iri. -'.'d
Smith " frener.il ieMdv to
Fifth iv
Marks Mm roo.Is). It.'.O
eighth floor
n VI. I. AS Sear.s.ltoeh'U k A Cn
Ttro. M
l!ro4i lw a ,
irri-i treprei'iiinir, t inn n.
HPrTN'fJTON. INI .1 PrashA- Son.
I. P'-Rfch ulrv (rood- and arpeti,
of Houl Imperial
Wo'ft iRcneral tuor han
1 MAl.TIMOIli: H
Hl'imbere; tjienetal nu - r
cir-niilH'l M o i e 1 1 in per 101.
niN(HIMTON N --M. Weinbftir isen-
eril nier handise,. Herald Sfiuar Hoti1
CJl cai; Th.' Pa!r K l ltuMdl
Klnvesi, ciri' of 2?6 Pourth
COI.l"MHI. S O- f l. Ttpp 'o .1 1.
Tapp id' ro I.- intuitu 1 i . At 1, lloiil
Cl.tlVritSVII.i.i: V V -We T Manufae-
Viu-nc Co. It IPi-i'T 1 nanur u iur rs of
jlmMi Hot-1 lniurn!
HPNT1NOTOS, V V V Crof -Strait lard
Co ; M i'rofl 1 drv L-oodi iufpitis fur-
nishniis'F A ' 1, lirand Hot 1
111 1 1 VtlPl.PHIV -I Kiihii milteial llicr.
('nililNe. 11 ,tel Walll. k
SVItXCPSH. N V T P Pitzpatio k igep-
r .1 men hndne), Hote Wa'.n k
Business Troubles,
(hedidet In -Bankrupt....
The mdieiiulen In bankruidrx fll Satttr- I
da m the Pnltd Mole IMtrhi Coi.rt
were rf fitllowii:
STUIli:, INC Sthedules of Avsni lated i
I'S Cent pepartment Stoic. In- , &
Cottlandl street. Inabilities. $S.0tlI. an-!
Hetfi, unknown. Prlntdpal rhim- New I
ork Merchandl". $-73, Hreldbart lint.'
J3T4; Hers Hnm,, $ITI V.itton, Kris- j
teller X- .Swift. CS William street, aro Hie
attorney. 1
Ml ''HAUL WOHTZMA V--S. hedules nf ,
Mlehael Wnrtrrnan Muninens atul ad
dress not Rien Lhblllii"''. J I V,'! 1 : s.
nets, III.'H S Pi Im I pal rlatms; .IuIIuh
Keller, K;'l: .Mllcrlm llro.. tZ'id. A.
Pabdas, KP I.ouis Uorfinan. 1 1 2
Hrond nv if t h a It orne
t' ,-(hMluba of Annv ami i
Kqulprnent -o. In-' ;-4 West Portv-k-to
tul Ntreet l.labdtes, ns tuft n
t s I , y T , Pr n pa 1 - tutu Smm uul
Klsner, I7,19! F. tl. g. Clotbltig (rn.,
ILI2S; II. P, (loodrlch Company, 98;
Levi, (Pitman Stern 3D Hroadvvay, are
the attorneys
BROOK SiKLAnPKT fehedules of
Hrook AV Kklarsky, 613 West ISlst street,
Llnbilltres. 11,920: assets, 1110. I'rln
(Ipal claims: (loldrlng Urn., 1257!
Luiili 1 Li es. 8.
Petitions In llankniptey,
Thn petitions In bankruptcy nted yes-
terday In the 1'nlted States District Court
were ns follows:
AHHAHAM TftACHTIIN llll llfl -Involuntary
petition against Abraham Trach
tenberg, retail Jeweller. 1735 Mndlson
nvenile, l.laltllltles, 110, 000; assets,
11,'iOD. Principal claims: William
HnOmiin. 20; Urwlir silblrr, 1215
Samuel Hsrgman, I1.M). William Jasle,
20 1'esey street. Is attorney,
.M. I.OS1TO Voluntary petlrlnn by Dorn
enlck V. Honelll and Philip M, Loslto,
Individually and ns a tnoniber of tli (Inn
nf llnsegrnph Fll-o Co, 115 West Forty
llflli street. Liabilities, 11055: assets,
1400, Principal claims: Candler Theatre
Corporation, 14,321!: PlalHpln Lltho Coin
pnnv, Inc., 1200; Apeda .Studio, Inc.,
1107: Ward a liow, 0(i. Albert M.
Yunzollno, 233 Hroatlwny, Is attorney.
turers of children's wearing apparel, 140.
142 West Twenty-fourth street, has as
signed for the benefit nf creditors to
Marcus Hetrand of 320 Hrosdwny. .lamb
May Is president of the corporation, In
corporated 1313.
Tlie following lirilgnients were til.d sat
unlay. IVbnury 23. thn rtrat mine being lint
of Hie debtor .
Amador. Simon-Iticbaribon Holel Co.
Inc. . 2-'.7.'l
naslilnsky, Samuel -I' Dnremus el al . 1,174. ."2
ltestisvour A Co., Ire Vuller Itms nor,
Iiarlsiur. Piter S Ainerteati I'nifnrni
Co .' t. 727 9.1
i v nenaii'i, uiiiii W.--A .ireniieisoiin . rib bi
(.rainer, Andirvi .Pullnrsii Motor Cnr
Co.- 101.21
Harder, (ills c I'.rmxs. II. Tellrl & Co 734 72
Frotlilnbm. Arthcr-.I. A. Dllkes. 116.20
t ordinal!, 1'rllr -Lliclid Arcade lltillil-
Ing Co . , .... i f0.M
Irieennelll, Meier- II Seller 214 11
Herrenst in, Harry and IisvM I.
I.esder 5iH 49
.tmi.pl). , Murray I. Ilslstesil. . 5x1.23
Lereri, Ilnliert -H. Coldwater i Co.
1m 12171
Morange, Henrietta-Park t Tlirnnl . 23.29
Perlmsli. Philip 11 Unsenbaum .. e04 71
Peters, .faik .1 -C.irfnrd Mntnr Trni k
Co. Inc. 213 20
K.van, Patrick -Carneg.e Trust Co..
t'fis . . 120 (t
IStlitnlph, Win. II .1 lllnes 5H3.:.l
Sehwarr, Mnrtluier I .11. frledinsn
t al 25.'. 70
Shnplro. Cenrge. snl William Stiulu
M hsplsn I12.7
Vrluller. Jlinle S. fell 215. If.
Wteeler Mntnrs Co, Ino - Manhattan
Motors Cnrp . .'-17 29
SIMer. Willlsin II ..I. S. Murphy 11C 12
Iragar, Walter M -I). L. Ystes 100.1
Theil, Joseph J -II Wilson -227 11
Tonles. John .1 -Park ft Tllfnrd. ... 171.7
Tidewater (Hi Co -C. II. Mailer et al 113.273 51
Tiiiidlnson. Willlsni-A. Maggio 430.23
I W.illbl'l. Charles II Wire Wheel Corp.
j "f Anieri a. st s 11 1 27
. HltON.T
i 'I he ins! name Is that of the debtor
Anisteiilsm Automatic Sprinkler Co ,
Inc .1 ittbrrinan
Arllln Healty Co.. Inc. and Aarmi
Kh'ln 1..I1I1U1S Cnnt Co
Harnett. Louis Kssli-liesler Saving
I'.ilninbn. p.is,)tue and Miihel'-M. 1
'. (
2 501 V
"11 s.
lurid. Vtfred -It Steinberg
, llnlsii. Msrv 11 -.1. Sllverxteln .
llninp.rt. .tnhn H llofld, Mesd A
Co. In-
(Iraliilt. Anns -W It SI'irer. lr1
I sue. .li.lili I! - It Itellld
Mi'iir. .lames 1 -Met. Trust In of
(,35 ,
1,7 01
1 -,31
N 1
.611, 11 '
1 s, hrneilir. llisili" II T I limner
171 Yx
in l ii
Satl-ned .liiilginenle.
The firfct nsme Is Hist of the drblnr
1 lie ei-
I mi, I Dial nf (he creditor, sud
late vx iii-n judg
1 metit was filed '
lliw. Vlexoiider -.1 H llnhUr. .Nor.
' 2. I'l? . .
' Hn-rin.sn, Lulls. Sl'd Haloid VI Phil-
1 Pp. -II .1. I nlietl July It. 11115
j -lame -Sain" .linte 12. toil
' i;leli.iiiii, i'.ler 1 SOilavntir. Nov. 12.
! I'd7
I ll'i. lirn. h. .loeili S 111 alinsli ill . 1)'
1 l.i 'OF.
I lUrnett. ltsy VI. .1 Honker Sept 7.
t.'! i:
1M1 P.
limn NATPit rnii iocai. AM.i.i:i:s
sarly Hook
Th- Hir.'-boe
A M. P M.
7 ?! 7 I".
Prim c-s
Peiiruarv 2 .
)eiir'iar 2i
Ki'britnry '27
Celin'arv 'Js
A M.
7 -'ii
s II !
I 1".
'.I 41
III is
111 "il
7 '.il
S -il
ti 111
'l .Ci
Ill lis
111 I I
11 an
7 5s
'I (I
111 I I
s 2t
i an
in n.l
in 17
i Mnr. li 1
11 5s
11 fl
Man II 2
March .1
! Houghton
( Mrpenter
' AI.HAX, Pei
. 4
Plena r 01
. V S. Hotlghliill a ' -e, i
1 serv iitlon I 'olillilissi in
' morrow, ts onnoutn e.l
M - Of the i Ml -
-ake .ft.
h t nnn-i ail'Mt
1 1 Pr.ci -Mr
t Coiuuiis-lntie- (,
- Houghton his be.n ei retar of the r.mi-
tu I Solon "in--" Mirn. j 1 . a no now
j tl
urnlne n New ttk to les-unie -jif pi 1 -
p nf lri..
III HPIHUintinK wr linnsumii i"(j;ut
tmn Cnnmiifne- Prat -ad that Mr
HoiiBliton hud k" up h1 .aw ptn tl-
at a Kreat persona rlflre to take the
po5l Ion or eiretniv of the 'nnverat on
('onunls-lon It order that he might ( op( -
rate with Commissioner Pt itt in puttln;
irto effei t mam of the pu.l'l'" on whhh
the have'woiked toirether for man. i'ais,
Av a member or the rnnsen anon 1 om
mittee of the Cmp Pire t'lult nT AmTl ..
Mr HiiiKh'on ha- for mm vearn heen u -ttve
in 1 onerntion ni-iit mt 1 In New
Vork State and throughout the rniin'n
He w.i one of lhoe re poiifdlde for th"
I't-deral law uhhh nut a rloed seai-oti
upon the !ur seal f A'a-ka and s w ed the
1 n nnv..ii ,.r t In. t'ukkiiii ea 1 ' lif.nl frrini
rxtlmdion. He ini-o one nf tlw bark
er- f ihe Peler.l tuikrttnrv bin! lar and
of Kedera. fort i m and n a 1 1011a pa rk
niea-iues -hHt hae -.nved ome nf the rtn-t-e
fienle reort. of AmptI m
1 Prior to his nppolntmrn M- HouRhton
I "iatl bieu In t loe totteh with ntiserv Clou
1 ieKllaiion in New Virk Male tiuA had
' bei n larK-'i InftrunuMiTal in too paHRe
! of sime nf the niovt Important mea!urei,
I The 1 iw prohlhitltm the ale of the pin
' niiiKi' of wl.d blrdf. n)iih has put a -top
1 to mtiv ti of the atitfUtfr of nonj: and tn
j --ei'iUnriiin bird. as la r Rely itue to Jilt
1 effortf
C.iinmUsinn.-r Pi ai t lil' ATI noil nr f d the
I promotion of W'arw h k S Ca rpf n er. who
h is hern 1 nnfldeiitlnl (
of the 1 ommt.lon Min'
t he a ant v r ft bv M 1
. ret 1 rv a n 1
.lune. I'M
The Tnnit re There,
n orn who
North .lersej -
fi'he-. the trout
1 ea in of
with mot'
II fe! tint I ma be pi rmlited
t m .met liitik' apropu. of the ijner-.
uce i rt the trout " ' hi- h has been
1 f ha
U'h ere
pllt OV
lie Inrst
of tellt
I ha-
j sex era I of mir n'lidem
There ha ve b en time- ilunnr
I several x eat si w h n. und r the fpm
- I pnrary
di miraceuienT perban-
aked mvseir the same
"'ion. iirui a.
hin not heen
lun-t lnHriab the anh'xi
hard to tlnd I 'ndoiibtedl
jl a-e
a k
I t here . i be proper ototiMotis tt ,
i often mlfslnir th ut preserc
. 1 V belief thai there left . ' n
I of It out U t'Ui.e.1 ni) leiitrdt fa thfij
; ror hex era I mmi' Then- i or 1. h
f t ex fu- I M h tr'p e i h n m
Btrenm the 'in.!11". fNhed the iiomi
the rut h Ibe re:x, the ne of th.
est, the urn U-ed, the W eai Her a lid . It-
fondi'ion of ist i cam
I .et Ilio i Me 1 ho t enn I " of o i'H i p
Tillltle to th- MllM oiieti nt'K last fpr.iiK
p-rx -elKht ilsh nere raiiKht. ad lainboi
nr ul ee heads f.i one ot man lUh
vdii into it iv, for ho math tripn
Howeer mx f Hurt alums that o-i fiun
1 1 ;
the (iWltlEi the weath-r wan Yfl V 'od
nd the utnarn hiRli, ainl that prufra
nf Hu' Molt were tattep on the remalnlnc
thre.. t is
Thnt Is an axeriKft nf Fiitreri trout a
trip, ipilte enouKh t't u!t au normal an
rler I nldenta'! v the (inv bris fpinrt r
was the mot tuii1'-. ful luie
To ti a ftreain or ureaniB soral tune-j
- or more and thn damn them to" auve
of il! Uu 1 when the e,usXe proter ioi,.ll
tlotis IT-e Tlli!lnK is e uTCelv Jlt
Consistent a reful. t easonalue tl-hini:
of them will ie one the nghi fai b
whbdi In the loiiK tun V make for .ji
tllHrt I tlshed the I'Nopn-v fl e ra1 xx , ' h
nri'dv a fttike on tlie sixth I t"-k l"
l.s ihnn an hour a nliu'inen and a ha f
'mdi rainbow and an tKh'eefi nnd ' ha f
In h
bpvx n.
Pi r mi stem e a nd opt .numii
lea' In th." splen 11 1 pot ' of
k w i:kki:i.
.1 . Keh. ;t
a pre at
Nex-a I k
Middlesex ('oun(
pitrUmen's IHnner,
The ir, nnd annua' d-nn-i .f
sex count Spiirtmeu A"" m'ii
held at K 'ein n Hole , S Mum
,1 nek' Thlirsdll' e n nt; I'l e
vpeakeis w . be .1 u n II Urn u
M d t
New Incorporations.
Ullca Diamond Disc I'mnpan) dci .
phonographs, 13,000. Plica (. ano-, i
Wheeler, Edward H. Kuhl. Arthur
lxnox. , (
HneffllnK Trucking Compatn rf(.
trucking. 120,000. Manhattan Chir'.
Hnefrllrrg, Ada II, fUe.iiln. H it I : u7,
Silverman llros. A- (loldmait, In ion,
fnt'turlng wearing apparel, .- oon nt
hattan: Samuel Silverman, Abu, r c, ,!
man, Ida (loldmin.
Thn White Plains Varlrv shop tr
millinery nnd women's and ihiMnn, a.
parel, 1500, While Plains Hav-iii y;t '
Merrlam C, Knrger, Krnesi Cince-?,
Tegufllm C'heirilial .Manufsc urmg re,.,
parry. Inc., chemists. Il.voo. S j,
Jese K. lvlngsley, M. Marlon Hlgg.ni, t,
cilia 11. Hafferly.
Concord Warehouse Conrpanv . Ire ,l9
age. wharfage, 12,000, Manhal-ir, v ltu
J. Cries, Irving I. Cooper, l'wis P i;i..
Claremont Press, Inc, publishing 11 Oii
Manhattan; John H. Schnni kenheri i Jt .
H. Schnackenberg, leltnili K s hiu
1li sen
Fanchon Coslurne Cornpan , I
tailors, 12,000. Manhattan .loepit p
Uotdlng. Joseph Stahl. Saimie) Kisr
.laniestown Priming concern, in
lug, 110,0.0, .Inmnstovv n . Uuil
Alexander P Llndhstrom. Lev e
Thr follow Ihr .'orpor.it i nn - )
( f-r't In Trrnton Sdttirli
J.lttln tllant Triit U .s.iir- i ..mii- ,
'lfll tn unto trnrk-i in Sf arl i
1100.000, lnrnrjnr,itor It irTr U Mn. h
Iluiry T. Dftlnio. It. K-nnith !a k-ntt
N ark.
Tho HolflIrf -Mt-niorid on
1"nl In olcnr-' infinorla1 In ti -jtnoTit
.1 , capital. JJ.ooo, mrorpon'or
o. A. HouRh, sicranltn- If. Hough ha m
lloiiirb, tJuinnr
Atrf-rlcfln Alitlr Al-' n ur
frtrtur dtlk In Pal-rion ,ipta int,
000 ; Jnt nrpora inrn. Itolft t ! -inn Muhk
linl Cliln.i, Kttl J lnit htii;ln
t'Mnn. Irnnl II. Iw, l'.itron
111 Lxpo't Mlrn I'nonplio i 01 pn-m Jfl
o nianiifnrturcr fertllU'-r 1- 'pw h 1p
i'. SI 0,000 . lnrorpor i 'or .; -Swnln,
.Inlin I ipp. ''liao' . n t
S'W trU
I'nr." ul" Cnmpfi n v n rl i ' 1
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Yesterday's Fires.
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dent of the AnierU'an .Janie r
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No M rnc for Angler or 'llh I'nlle
tie. c nt i" I m rol to t m t r
Poo I Administration -1 .
New Vork is 11 11 m 11 r, p '
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on boats sprrUT- f .
trip h! being i unp 1
U -'arted
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atul when t'le boats do k '
-'inr-tliiifii orfer-'tl for --a e
the doeks In" ni'mbers .f
JUKht them.
'I .im v t lilnc to as.U ' .
for the person who t-o, 1
these irciinistdtii ( to lie-' u
th I'tiited States Pood dn '
' If l is nec'Ki-a:s -i -. 1
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know ti bm n nnl.f at ion vi
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o.d In this vvnv isi iiot 111.ii
' P:ea-e let nie i,now, ,t v .
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thes0 Uoat to ha - a .i -
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to o 1 r tnr.'u'i on , a e
plow-, on wage- tnd M.-e -t
ijUiretl to pro jre a lit "inr
"rinhermeii ni 1 x ts for p
family in, unlv are of
tn nblnin a 1 i-ene
"C'drii d-lRSer- Who se' Sa
mentioned In vo',- leit-r fn
refpiirem'tii '
T!itn II. rcdu -I.. . 1
I letter to til 1., m. ill' is ..
tin j pood AdiulTi-tr.Cion Wash, v
I New rk. Ki b . 4 KS
tC C x IH'V mx . o.x
v lit .t u .t .1 sat ui b fo a ii i
nu nt b ilaiu m rnoui h nn n 1
I I ha V i oonift rid 1 1 . '
larpe p! it vx uh tin - t 'i
I I I ul law ii ot.f n fir. pit, ' - v
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' x i v , ( unprox men m
v.ti.'aR'"- of til lint I,
Tr I' ohi for pi fur in
I I Jl I ' t -1 UTI ' t V r
ABOVE 341HST.,Near 71 H A!
S1.?(M) 1r
'I I ibert
136 WEST 34TH ST.
-Oil N
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Mil I
ih:on hi:i. l.-sl 'l r I OK -i I
" AT A s W'ltll K I
sta" 1
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fl.l'J d Heh 1
hoases in Th
will se 1 nl $-1.
b"x wun nffb
coNNhcrici r iikai ii h
S CHPIClNO extM-- . i '
plan po tures'iu-' n-te pe
vinen umherrd I'I'H Wo 1
10 i.iiro'i hiim- i'i ititJ'
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