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."'.iT. S TJi ''''''W VfJ
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piiv despatches rre.illeil to II nr not
otr,rwl'i ore.UN.I In till' Ppr ii'taln
the local neves tiutllti"l htrtln.
All right, nf republic alien nf apeclal
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Krvln War-Oman. ir.n Nhmhii Hired. See
rtary. It. It Tltherltigton. tart Naisau
trtet. Trurer. W'tu T. Iwvvart, 150
Nassau strtet.
I. in. Ion nlflcf. o 4:i Kie.t atreel.
Pari, office, c, Hue ill- U Mlrho.llerp, off
Ilu du Quatre tplinrt
Washington ntttce. Mun-v ltiitltllnar
Ilmokljn office. Itoom 202, lttgle Hull I-
idk. ana WrtuninRtfii nirwi
our trieudl trho faror. um trttt manu
aerinN and UuMliril'mi lur nuMlr'lP'.e 10M
to An' ifjrrlrd article returned tktu mtitt
m nil raurg und itnmpt for that purpQfr
ti go ncrof the hem for our witillrrH
nml our nl1lr.
Hut thcit l still h Kiip In ur ir
Rrnniino of mivIii. Nullniiiilly sponlt
lit, wt iin still iiIiir trn'al qiiHiitl
ties of ifrciils In the liri'WiiiK tif beer.
Fifty million IiiikIipI of Imrloy wfnt
Inst yur Into (lip lirowt-rlr." to ho
iloMi oyiM us fond for I lie mukliiR of
drink. 11111I mm mil nilUlmi IiiisIipU of
corn ami tli Wlmt w tlilnk we
cntinot hnf to nil.
It Is lx' 110 nipiiii lU'i'Msury to
rpip Hint lppcr (triiiKiiiK 1 nn iin
lirnltlifiil or n rcitrrlionslnli' practice
In unlor to ronlciiil (lint In 11 tlmo llkr
this tlx drinker of hcur xlmntil ninko
nt li'iist nn HiilvnlPiit Micrltlcv of Ills
rt'friwlilng clnsi on licluilf of tho pon-
mil fiwiil supply. !I slioulil ninko It
nil tlio inure cheerfully si net' he l.i only
n finutlnn, yj:itr or i.mnljor, of the
comiiiiinlty. Not nil of 11 drink hoer;
hut every one of us cuts hrcnil.
ti:lkpho,vk, ueukman 'jioo.
Skop Early for Col and Bulltl New
Pomp tif the Keutlenu'ii who ireshl
over the cnnl supply nre serlmMy pon
dering the nills:iliilit,v of liriilnx
hoti.-eholilers to till their hill this
Minnner ;ip:iln?l the chill of ucxi win
ter. Vt oliM'rve with Interest iluit
they nppenr to iviiiinl ihN ns it novel
propii.-iil. mid they seeiu to think Unit
they lire entitled to 11 good ileiil of
credit for ndxoriitlin; It.
I.nst spring ns in ninny previous
vernnl schsoik In the rejailnr rouline
of their liotist'keopJii:; thousnnds of
persons ordered their coal for this
winter, with the donhle puriie of
yetting It ;it the low price ttuully
flxed for mrly piuvliHsem nil iro-
Yldlnj; npiinxl tilt hi sensoii. In
muiiy cnsA's they were not utile to itet
the coal. The tlenlers did lint ha
It They could only promise to put the
orders on file mid supply tun I to their
customers when they could, hi Mich
quantities :is iiiIkIiI lie tiv.tilahle nml
Ht the nreviillinc prlees. In not 11 few
rases the householders lienuiie ierj'
llHtiBiinnt itud trniisferrod their husl
ness to other dealers, helievlir.' they
were heliis unjustly treated. If the
coal administrator- think ihey lire
pioneer- in e.irly .-luipplnir for con.
tbey arc Alnmilarly innoceiii.
I.el them provide the coal ; the puh
, lie will see in the spring ordering.
f Already some hoit-eholders are try
ing to huy next winter's coal.
There is one thing that may he done
by ninny householder to contribute
to their own comfort next whiter,
nml relieve the carrier-, It being as
sumed that the coal will be available
n the summer. .M0-1 houses an
equipped with coal bins erected n-
1 nn itfteratioiight, their capacity bear
ing no relalioit 10 the coal coti-utneil
In the furn.ii-e or range. A boiie re-
nulrlni: thirty tons in the winter of
coal will bine bin cnpaclt fur ten
ton- or even le . In every case the
awti-f holder should buy the largost
(inutility Hint can be stored, liear-
r.'ingeinent of cellars, the erection of
bin" outside If necessary, the expnn
!on of bin space by every practicable
device, should enftage the attention of
' nil consumers domc-lli as well n
Indii-trlal. If the 111:111 who burns
thirty ions and buy- in ten ion lots
can achieve a bin capacity of twenty
tons and get the eo.il in the summer
he will contribute impnrlaiitly lo tha
.solution of coal illfllt'iiltie. ; and the
thirty ton man who can pack awuy
Jll whole supply before scow tiles w ill
be entitled 10 award lo lilm-elf 11
' mednl s a public benefactor.
Hreatt and Reer.
Sl Stales hate now ralitied ilie
national prohibition amendment, Mon
tana Is the lllle-t to take the dccl-hc
fiction. The tally stands Mississippi,
Virginia, Kentucky, South !nrollna,
N'nrlh Dakota. Montana. Thirty rail
tlcatJoiis remain to he effected. One
aixih of the road to national prohibi
tion hns already been covered. It Is
not without Interest to remark that
In the tir.-t throe Legislatures to ratify
the amendment Ihe aggregate vole In
fin or of ratification was XM, while
the total vole oppo-ed was Inn -l.'ti
prepondenilice of prohibition cent I
ment of 7 to I. This Is 11 significant
dii' of 1 lie tone of the public mind
on ilie ipicsllou of the ellmlniiliou of
alcoholic drink.
While the nece arlly slow process
of legislative rniltlc.itlou oT die ikiii
siiuiiloiinl amendment is In progre-s
there I- another and more imme
diate pro-sing asH'ii of this great
ipje-tioii 1 1111 1 ilemaudf' iilleiitlon,
Tlie food problem I lint confronts
this country Is a critical one, We
liltl-l feed our allle-. That Is one of
our 1110-1 itnl fund inn- In the great
war. Mcanulille we must imi sturvu
oiirielM's. That way lie- 11111 ioiial In -)
elllcicnc.v .
A- a people we have responded
iliri'i-fiill.v ami w holehi'arledl.v lo the
propo-uls of run I' noil 1 omptlollcr ns
lo per-otinl Micrllice 111 the Use of food
sHllfs. Thrice II week We go without
wheat ptoiliiii-; twice 11 week we go
w itinii men1; once 11 weel; we go
Mie. iiiiv), We hilc ten I lied to
'11 u on 1 p' 1 'Hi'- w i.iie tbiiir
The Kutenllal Thing.
Dr. Cam 11:1.11. the Fuel Admlnis
trttlor. Is repre-euU'd In Ihe ties
patches from Washington as having
half completed u classification of tin
liidu-trles of the I'lilted Stales under
Ihe lieadltigs "essential" nlid "non
ejseullnl." His woili of tabulation Is
nroure-slng -teailllj. and Ihe frull
of his labor of segregation will In'
available for nubile scrutiny not later
than April 1.
We await the dl-cIoMire of Dr.
! titHKi.n's catalogue with consider
able lnlere-1. The Interdependence and
InterjN'hit.ioiis of Industries mv t-a In
irh'nTeTTiTit Ihe atteinpt to ilKsorhiie
one from another lnole- the over
coming of gravo obstacle-. The lux
ury trades are In many case- Incident
to the economical and profitable pros
edition of f miles producing utilities
tloinsl necessaricp of life. The makers
of basic commodities which will pass
iiniiue-lioued Into Hie category of i
selillals are dependent to a greater
degree than Is commonly understood
011 the prompt and continuous ab-orp
lion of hy-produds of their e-tabllsh
meuts by Industries which apparent l
have no connection with them. Thl
fact Is well illustrated In the meat
trade. The packer.- have boasted for
a ueiietiillon that they utilized all of
the pig except the squeal, lty so do
lug ihey nre able to maintain them
si'lve- in prospeiiiy wit hunt! putting
an unbearable load 011 the con-iinters
of any pin t of their output.
The dexelopiueli' of their enter
iirise- in thi- way. the addition of
department to ieparlment as the re
search hiboralories pointed the way
to proiiiiitile utilization 01 mailer
previously wasted or coii-uuicd In le
economlc.il way.-, has brought them
naturally and logically into fields far
removed from the prepariilion and
sale of meal-. Many of the task
which engage their capital and their
business snguciiy offer to the publi
articles- of lu.Mirv which may be
called non-essentials ; yet 1111 embargo
on their production would react to
the detriment of the whole compli
cated .structure that has been erected
under the spur of eompelltlve trad
Iiil' ami eventually produce di.-order
In the bii-ic Industry of which ihev
are the outgrow th.
The packing industry is inn 1111111111'
in tills respect. The illver-ily of It-j
product is merely well advertised.
What I- true of ii is trim of every
great Industry. The uure:ising effort
to u.-e profitably every -crap of ma
terial, lo make every machine earn
every dollar ir Is capable of earning,
to -top waste, has led to the creation
of scores of trades, some of them
highly specialized and delicately or
ganized. If these are disturbed Ihe
effect will be felt all along the line,
unit only a sup.'rgelilus would be
equal to the Job of forecasting the con
sequences of the upheaval.
Obvloii-I.v, an Immeilliile result
would Im the disruption of numerous
evicting callings and the serious dis
location of labor conditions. Husl
Hess as usual" is a fallacious motto;
business cannot be conduct). J as it-iial
when ihe major parts of '. lmtlon's
resources and of the porwlallon's la
bor must be used lo carry on the war
to victory. Hut Hie fact that busi
ness nuist adjust itself to war does
not mean Hun Hie accommodation
should be made vlolentl.v and accord
ing to academic rule. If tin- Is m-
leinpled Hie process of adjustment will
lie harmful, perhaps disastrous. On
the oilier hand. If the natural law- of
supply and demand are permitted to
operate, unchecked by profiteering on
the one hand ami by 111 Judged olllclal
Intervention on Hie other. Hie changes
thai .ire required will be accomplished
with 11 in i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 of hardship. Capi
tal investments will not be reildercd
worthless, labor will not be cxpo-ed
to rude derangement, nml the attain
ment of our supreme object, the or
derly prosecution of our war with
evci-v atom or hiicnirin, win 110 nc-
'ompllsheit with the least possible
through before the weslern boundary
Is reuched.
Then, ngnln !'" "' guarantee
flint there may not out of the an
archic slminhles emerge 11 group
wenry enough of the llolshevlk luna
tic nsyluni delivery lo kldlinp and
conscript thp t'zar en mute, In ihe
forlorn hope that Ihnt way. perhaps,
Mildly lies?
No, on Its face It does not nppenr
that even Ilie most 'roundabout route
through Itiissln proper would do. If
westvvnrd the Czar's shir of empire
to lake Its course, common pru
dence would Indicate Hint ll must
get there by going east, Vladivos
tok, .lapan, our Pacific coast, New
York that would be a route present
ing an overwhelming preponderance
of those three essentials of travel,
safety, sliced mid comfort.
A lo the (Var's going to I'rance,
II Is nil her more than possible that
France does not want him. In tier-
ninny itself nt tins time Ills presence
might be oiiihiirra-dng. Kven If the
restoration of "Nicky" to his throne.
like the restoration of "Tivo" to tin
throne of (Jreece, is among the Kai
sers plans, "Nicky V personal pres
ence 011 the walling ll- for vacant
rovnlty Jobs might ju-l now he un
timely for "Wii.i.ii;."
Hut New York Is hospitable. An
unattached Czar ;ir so morn or less
would not mailer. Doubtless we
could find a place to put "Nicky" up.
mako 11 twelve, ounce loaf Jf his agents
nro capably ulert In seeing to it that
dealers make n proportionate reduc
tion In Its price from that charges
for the sixteen ounce loaf.
Dlila't know they linrl coal mine.
.Yri'-.qmiirr ardilliir.
One case where Ignorance was not
Put Men, .Not Women, at Work In tho
There Is Mr. Tiioixky's hull bedroom
up in The Bronx, for Instance.
I.enlly Mlsplatcd.
One Lotus Wu'.siiKiiuiz. icuiiK)-
rarily of New Orleans, seems to have
coiiseleiulmisly met -.ibnut every con
dition requisite 10 bring him under
the iU linltbui of a war lime spy.
lie had obtained plans, drawings and
other prolilbltisl information concern
ing the l.'ultt'.t Stales naval station
at Algiers, acro-s the river from the
Crescent (.'lty. It wan his admitted
iutclillou lo convey lids information
lo Ceiiiia.iy by way of Mexico.
I'or Hits he v-.is urresu.,1, tried lu
a Cedent 1 court and found guilty loj a
jury. Changing the venue to tier
in.itiy. of even to Trance or Knglaud
for Ih.'it mutter, what would htv
been Hi iisitunvnz's fate'; The que--
Hull Is hUlit'l'lltintls to Ilie pollll of
absurdity, lb' would hove been exe
cuted ti expeditiously as :iu indent
tlrlnu tquad could have arranmsl the
lttlt our method are different.
The best we seem to have been libit'
to do for lltH.-iiKovnz was to iin
pose a vnleiice of two years In
leriinient in the At. aula penitentiary.
With good couilta s allowances the
stts'ii-doii of bjs sjiy ludu-tries may
be even shorter. Moldcs. as Cay
and others who oicraioi a arge spy
plant In this lcinit, wlili murder
Oil ll.e tllgll s,.;s ), , , 1,. i,ih., ,-tn
testify, Atlanta peiiiivtit buy's -lone
walls do not necessarily a pri-011
make. On the contrary, ihey have at
time- M'emcl to be rather more In
the nature of a sieve, through which
there has Ih'cii a ptelty -.teady trickle
of .Teuton emissaries caught and
victed of kulturnl murder nml ar-oti
who are now sit large and presumably
back on their Job,
About how mill h longer nm-i ; ti! -
mollycoddle method of de.-iilm: with
deadly and danireroiis enemies en
tlniteV We shall have in 1 nine to
severe methods in the end. and the
longer we delay ilie gretiler will be
the Injury lutliced ou u by 011'r
The Pioneer Women Kleclor-.
Tile elrcuiitan.vs umier which the
first registration here for women
voters was .nii.lu icil were strongly
against Hie building up of 11 otiL- 1 1
list. The .-iioi'ial ciecllons for lliqire
H'ti'atiw s 111 Conuie-.- Icive arou-ed '
little llilereM. The days tor reg!-.tr.t
tlon were ti-v.sl ! 1 it-. One of ihein
was a tiolhln.v . the oilier a .lew i-h
SiiIiImiiIi. ruder siiclt conditions .r Is
not surprising tli.u eoniparailvel.v f -w
of the newly qualified po-sp-sons of
the right of franchise took Hie trouble
to register.
lu tplte of lh inielligciit po.it leal
.lgltatloli in wliicli wometi have en
caged reccutlj, it uiiisi not N forgot
ten Hint 10 thoisnin. ami liuudreils of
thoiisiinils Hie uiachlnerj of rcifl-trii-lion,
etirolmeiii nml voting i- strtiugn
or unknown, lis novelty 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 h 1 1 -ably
deterred ninny of the-e fumi go
ing to the polling phiies. They will
soon le.-irn that the ordeal U not 0110
lo Inspire fear and will turn out In
greater numbers as 11 becomes fa
miliar to llieiii.
And when 1111 vleciion 111 which a
list-liid. sharpiy defined moral I lie
is Involved conuM along Hie women
will swamp the regljitrafloii clerks In
To Tilt Kliiroa or TIIK Sc.v Mr; A'l
mllted tbut amletiltiire lira Ht the
fiuitnl.itlnti of national lruiii'rlly, the
painmotint protilcm In the present tin
llotinl crisis IS Imw to venire mitlloleut
man nmr In carry to a stici ensf nl
Issue lli'i various Krrat enterprise In
which Ilie nation Is now I'linageil. The
Industrial equilibrium must lie ninlti
tiiliifd or Hie machine, will fall lo tier
form lis proper function.
If millions of mm are drawn fiom
rural occupations to become soldiers ami
sailors, to toll lu munition plants, In
hlilpanU, In tiatkhiR houses, In lumber
ramps ami on tho rallwajs, It follows
that this meat illveislon of labor from
the normal will cause a chaotic cotull
llon sine to o,iell ills-nntcr unless the
most etllclunt oiK-inlzatlotwof all labor
units can he actumpllslieil.
Tlie stress of the time reijllbes that
thfre shall no longer be any bile able-
bixllrit men In America Manual labor
Is now at a premium anil neeils lo be
loundeil up, conserved, ptotccted, In
telligently directed and equitably re
munerated. As 0110 Hlei hi thu ilKht
direction the Mars land labor law may
be cited ICverv State should follow
MarYland'n exatiiple
There are thousands of tiraltliy men
now employed III poet oltii es. In Hanks,
In Ihe manufacture of non-essential met-
iliandHe, .is teacliers In schools and
roll-ct-i, ill provldlni; amusements, In
dry cooils eslabllshmentK, In tailor
shops. In dilvlng delivery wagons. In
the "o-ealleil lllieral profertslons and In
Hi departments In Washlmtlon, notalily
lb- AKticultiiral, who should be sent to
tlie fat ins, their present pIiotb Riven to
xvnmen. rut all or these men into iu
Mi-lili before ( .1 1 llil K upon women lo do
farm vor!. If this ts done teuailrs"
of pull" or social position In life, a
lnr;e Inet-ejse of aarlcultur.il norheta
can he secured.
Women Instead of being callfil upon
to do farm work, can, In many In
Uatuew. uko the places of les exhauat
inn labor now occupied by men. They
can become chauffeurs, clerks In all
kinds of shops, Kiirnienl makers, proofreader-,
linotype fiper't tots, messengers,
coniluctotw, rural delivery mall clerks
ami workers at automatic machines.
Dispense e.vei iv heir possible with male
in-looi- 01 cupallons, and place the
emancipated nioll coddle men out 111 the
open on the farms
There Is much to be said In favor of
llh- proposition recently made III the
Semite, that the (iuvernment ulve the
faimeis some kind of otlleial tecoKtiltlon
for the work they mav !) dollar In Hull-
efforts lo feed the Allies as well as the
people ut home If euldleis in-cd icciea-
llnn. amusements, tobacco, Hindi and
liewlnir guni. is well ns pood "chow,"
till, k siloes and adequate clothing, why
not 'he men who ate tnltlnc in the sugar
I.Mt-t Melds of Nebraska and Michigan
the wh"al tl.lds of Kansas and
W'.vomliiK. the coin nclils of Wisconsin
and Ihe cotton fields of the Southern
States? An armv of farmers at home is
quite a Important as an army In the
trencher, of Prance Kvery man wliu
does his bit In these appalling times to
defeat the common enemy should be on
the same democratic fnntlnx
l behif Is that it is futile and on
wise to asl; Ametlean women, meanlnc
the oiet'Vurkcd wives of farmers, further
! 1 burden themselves with tield wort
In too mane instances, .ittei clops
have lu-en ralsid thej aie ltt to tot on
the ground, to spoil In stalled cam. to
rnn.iin In elevators and 'Old storage
plants, for the tick of transportation,
t'ndei so. h condition- what enconiase
inent Is there foi the fanner to im.u-ase
his production of staple foodstiiffs? The
onh way to save the situation, stave
ml famine and win the war is the PlKhest
possible eltielent orsanitaiion, which will
lnihi'le every man anil boy above stx
tectf ear- of ape in the Rteal ar.nv of
Inilu-lrlal eniploj ment
t'l 1 1 hit W M.Kl r..
-n: vthihii. 1 .1111 . l-ebruarv II.
Where Woold America le Without
l'rl?atn Knlerprlne? j
To TIIK IhUTOit or TIIK Hf.v Sir: Sen
alnr .fohnson of Cnllfofiila and others
aro slioiitlna vnulfcroiiily for Govern
ment owncmhlp of rnllroads. Ha It J
ever ticitirred to tho Senator from lh
(iolden Stale that tho maaiis of coin
niutilcallon between the Pacific Coast
and the Kast niluht still have been a
wagon trail to-day IT the Uovernnient
had been wholly depended upon lo build
Does any one for a moment believe
that we should bavo had the vast net
work of railroad coverliiK the country
In all directions by nnv Government
aitcncy Veiy much of this (treat coun
try would still be a wilderness but for
the work and capital of far seeing men.
The Colon I'acllli: Italiroad ran through
hundreds of miles of land not worth a
cent an acre, lis chief product lielnr
sage brush, coyotes and Jack rabhlts.
yet lis piotnoters wete unmercifully de
nounced as grafters, many of them be
cause the tlnvei anient helped this enter
prise, by graining every other section of
land not ulteady taken up and lu other
('allloi uln can pet lis oranges ami
lemons and other pindiicls 10 the Castein
markets, and Oteiion and Washington
their apples, not through any thanka to
the Government, but because a few
men were Rifted with vision and wete
witllnK tu back this vision up with
dollars Now that the ureal work of
futnlshlnK trausH)itatton facilities has
been accomplish, d a 1 rj Koe up by the
anaritilstlc and socialistic piers for the
Government lo lake I he loads over at
Its thvn pi lee or pos-lbly at no price
In a jecent debate 111 CotiKiese one
Senator made the astounding: Htatemciit
that It was necessary for the Govern
ment to take the roads because they had
fallen down In the matter of equipment
and management Ye Rods and little
fHhes' l'tir yearn hounded by State and
national laws, held up hi labor unions
and denied "the privilege of earning ;
IIvIiik to speak, and then to be ac
ruaul of liiertlclntiey. Could base In
ftratituile proceed to greater letiffths
When Ihe. Government takes over the
railroads except In war times we shall
ee the Cnlted States preparhiK to mount
the tohoRijau slide M T It.
Nkw York. IVbruary 2.1
Factors That Contributed to Last Week's Sharp Rise in Priees on the Stock Ex
change The Reasons That Lay Behind a Sustained Advance Immediately
After a Poor Bank StatementWhy Investors Are Hopeful What War Log-
islation at Washington Will Do for Railroad and Industrial Securities.
Renewed speculative activity In the
stock market nt rapidly rising prices
In a week when tho New York banks
were operating with the sinullest sur
plus reserve reported, with one c.cep
movement. It has naturally
wide comment, for the demonstration .
There Is
for the
'1 tin
extiuonllnurv relief measure was sug- I lures urn at a maximum
, nested by Mr. l.b'.vd George, then people are s-iioumei inu mrUm, ,,
Chancellor of the Cxeheepier, nml Lord , enormous taxation Is It rc.i-onnlitR t
Heading, now llrlllsb Ambassador to suppo-e that the third l.'bnti ).
this countrv . It pi oved a boon to the can Is- placed nt 11s .olv.ini o., .
1 Hrltlsh tniit lift at .1 time of great ! terms for the but lower a- pi. ,,
,ii.....t itnontim oio. w non tnonev m:o
Hon. since the establishment of the o'suo o.,.,c, . ,
Federal Iteserve system, has led to Government and Butineat. eminent is confronted wit 1 .1 t,
Interesting dlaciibslon as tu the causes - The American Unvei nmcnl bus come ; rent nionc.v m-irket. w ; ns --a
back of this Bomswhat remarkable ' to bo n very Inipoilant liietor in an , curpor.uions or uign ei.uii tie.
It has naturally excited business undertakings, and vv lille pa- obllgc.i to pav , per ,r ,
ternallsin lias its iirawnacus iue mn iniiiii"umiii"ii n.n- ..
icmiiitiH that the IVderal authorities , that the Uovtinitiflit bus tits, ,,;,
has reflected sustained buying power J n. , . . ,.ninn,f tvilllns support to upon investment icsources 11 - atw)
Gin men at the head of ureal business 'apparent that Ilie terms upon
with a genuinely broader demand from
professional and Investment sources,
Various theories have been put forth
to explain the advance, some authori
ties ascribing It to the benefits ac
cruing to the country's Industries
through early enactment of the Wur
Finance Corporation act; others to the
better showing of the railroads, us
evidenced by the favorable exhibit of 1
turnings nindo by the Union J'aclltc
and other great systems: still others to
tho efforts of Washington officials to
cooperate with the captains of in
dustry, with the resultant team work
which must have a far teaching influ
ence for the upbuilding of American
enterprlsa; while other observers of
great Intelligence believe that the im
provement In market conditions ie-
flects 11 growing faith on the
of tho community that worldwide
poure. will soon result from the ni'Ko-
onterptises. To understand that this
means much una bus only to recairthe
unrest mid disturbance caused by the
Government suits hi ought ugnllisl the
most powerful corporations in the
days when tho Department of .Justice
l.ud ten if twelve actions before the
courts at one time Cach suit meant
two or three vents of tedious lltltrn
tlon, Immense oiitkilia for attorneys'
fees mid put Hat paralysis for the con
cern whose corporate existence was
thus held In tho Ikilance. The Sher-
t Hit t the terms upon vvhi. 1-
It will bit iiccntiimoilati d with hr.-,
loans must chanae with cnndn mis in
the investment market This .s mi
unit and means only that t . iili-kc
must bo governed b.v the eul.tnirv
considerations of supplv and demand
War linaiicltu: on the pn se to cHy
basis represents about as ihlhcnit wuili
as b.inllets are ever " ailed npim in
handle. The forthcoiruni: Govettuinn
bond Issue bids fair to be a ( it. k
success, notwithstanding tie' tuisice
front other (punters and the nnpircv
tlations under way to bring It about
man Uvv Is still on the statute Isioks. eiettteu con.mioos .u o. .r
but the Government attorneys Instead elgn markets. 1 1 cannot lie t tr..u v
of instituting f.esl. suits nre petition-. urged that tho new bom no,.' t
ling the combs to postpone arguments lodged Willi l.iuivniun. nnori- ,.s so,.
. -oi,...,.. i.t...u on nos-iib i-. so that hanking n-s. ,
ion petiuiiii; c.istis, 1 o.-ce ....... c-- ,
11 , ,.,,. onon se- may be available fol private hot
l'rt Iconic v-lnes iin.l show that the vlcls- I rowers. The lime l near .n 1,1
situdes of the war and the trnalc re- i vvlie.i the mercantile ilcnand f... ae
liroiiehl alsiiit comnion.iiioii in i- f- -""i ""i
adjustment they have
1-i.k. ,..m.I.. us nimioelate the value of me
All these suggestions ure Interesting ,.u,,eratlve effort lietweun Washing-J
and refer to causes which must have j ((m lim,.llllrl iinii ,,e wnrdH best husl- I
Iweti moio or less Influential hi pro- , n(lK(( nu1 , ,.ims,tnu,lve pursuits of I
motlng the recovery of security prices. , (l jnili T)ls ,)ar,e,.B,p must outlast
1 tho war. for the Atneilcan people reaiue I
1 that Ihe old atiluminlHins ate iinicason-
1 able, costly and destructive
banks of the
ureal ri'M-rve 1 -
tres will be called upon to make mii
udvatici-s to their Interior correspoii.l.
ents as ate ordliianl 1 ailed f,o vv im
uctlv lty In tho agnculi 111 .1! an .1 -w- n
a Market Itesdy
llerord l.a)trs.
lo TUB KlIITOIl OF Tim Sl'N--.so; 1
call upon liiiihanatt Huir M I), con-
tlltlng poilltrv expert, to produce one
hen or pullet that will lav 1U0 eggs dur
lug Ihe next ninety las
In his letter to Tills hrx Im says - 'l
do not know wheie be could rind SOU
ben- or pullets that will not lay flftv
to I ml i;ns each 1I111I11K the next nlnely
from that Etatemuit man-, people
would conclude that quite .1 uumlier of
the binls lould perform the feat of lay
inc mote than one eitft a dn
If the statement ineins auv Iblnir II
means that at least one hen or pullet
will hi) I mi eigs In the next ninety
day s
I will he fjtmtit-il If lo- will pio-bire
tin minimum number, namely, one
I would plaii!) purchase all the bens
o pullets that he produces which can
make this 1 coord bnaUlnt." lay of 10"
eSKS III ninety days G. 1'. Snr.rAUP.
STAf-eoiai SitilMis, Conn, Kebiuaiy 23
Underlying Strength.
It is clear, however, that the In
ct cased interest In the stock market's
offerings reflects also a nelnteel recog
nition 011 tho part of the public that
the unprecedented liquidation of last
summer and full had depressed prices
to a level which had discounted pretty
much ever) thing of an adverse nu-
Our Banking Strength.
Sic C.dwiird II. Hidden we n
The Future of the Railroadi.
The blRlie-t authorities in rulitnail
ing declare that the count!) will never
go back to the competitive methods
of a few years ago, and that far reach
In ir reforms must lestllt from the
ture Hint could happen even In 11 wur lireB, ,lt ,,ht of Government operation
market. This does not mean that the(,f ,., in,nsK,rlatloii iniluslr.v during
advance will bo uninterrupted or time 1 tp period. This doe- not
nrd tbc olln-r day a sivnu:
t 11 it oil States had built up a
which "silt passe- ut
excellence nnv ohir
in the world I hi.-
nml In
ii.ii hi
ll 11 u t
-lift ,s
whs lush
l-.IIL' itsl.
r ,r.
An Adornment DNonnrd In the Name
nf crmoul.
A Starof Km pi re's West ward Courie.
A new.-iu per cablegram tells us that
a niimiier 01 mission iii.iuu imiivcb
nml (irnnd Dncliesse-have petitioned
Ihe Ilolslievil; authorities for permis
sion 10 remove the 'x-Car ami his
family from Siberia lo Krance.
If Ihe petition Is grunted how are
Hie unhappy llomiinolTs in gel to
l-'riinceV Is there any annnrcsl train
any caravan of heavily enough Iron
clnil and gunned tanks, even, to get
through 1I1111 seething maelstrom of
madness to the weslvvurdV To he
sure, the Grand Dukes and irnnd
Duchesses disclaim nnv Idea of a
restoration. N'nturnll.v Ihey would,
nml quite likely It Is n sincere ills
clnlnier Hut there are iwo or three-
ill-tluct civil wurs anil 1111 imlellulie
their eagerness
rlghr 011 Ii.
lo qualify to vote
Ii Is
.0 ...,l ..1,,. . . r..,. ,1... 1-
...ti- l' 1. l,.l ,o- IlllirVllln.
1 " Itre.id e ,11c jlud to do out- uillllbei' of free for Ii'H pogroms lllld
hiiaiu in tho Mtvitig uf the vvhetu Hour 1 miscellaneous, butchery feM to go
Singular kluks uh into some
economy schomes. l or example,
not easy to undei sl.ind what food s.iv
Itq: Is to Ik innile bv Ihe Itepubllcatl
Conuresslotial ( otmntttee 111 givlngi
.National Chairman IIavs a icccptlou
Instead of a dlniK r. It seems not
unreasonable to assume that all tho
committeemen will tlpie befme or nflcr
the reception and eat as heartil.v as
If they dined together with Air. llvy.i
as their Ritest.
"Votir words have found ti lively
echo n my henrt," uiisweied Hip
Kaiser to the despairing 1 1 .v of 1I10
KKthotilans, and his General, hearing
the echo, plundeied '.he Ksthonlans of
vvhul tho iled Ciitird had not taken
from them, ami then pluudricil tho
Jteds of what they had tiil.cn.
Daniki.s will not conscript labor
,Yi icpri;icr irnduie.
Onn lias to be pretty spry these clays
to leeep track of the powers conferre'd
In Congress on the executive ilepait
ment. Could Seeieitiry Damki.s coii-t-cilpl
la our If he would''
Then' will be no quuuel win .Mr
lloovua'u rule permitting; iuKci3 tu
To tiii: I'ntTot: or Thk Si s- sir. In
Tine St x recently appeared a letter
biriied by tha Initials 11 S V ,' in
which it was said that Hank White
"worn on his heaving n'int bosom the
cri.xctilional 'diamond cluster' which is
.imuinul at middle use by all male Vei
monters who ion-bier that Ihey hivt
made for themselves a phm ui the
world "
Ther is no te.isuu for doiibtin 1I10
fait thai linn's White vvmc such u elus
tet of dhimoiuls, foi durlnu bis career
a., a 111 1 lint t e I I tnyeelf liave seen him
v.cir It on tho stave, but I do taKn ex
ception to the statement that -mil an
'adornment'' Is assumed by all malo
Vermont. is. for 1 spent the first tvvcu-tv-one
years of my life 'n Vermont, still
etiitn there on veaily vacations, and
lav. yet to observe the eonventlmi.il
"olaiuond cluster" worn by those who
l.avo or who consider that they have
mailx fur themix-lves a place in Ihe
vv orld.
Neither the late Judge Sherman nor
the late William .Vpixwell ICvatts, both
esteemed Vermontors, ever wore Jew
elry to Koncr.il observance, nor have 1
si en ''diamond lusters' assumed by
such biiccessful Vermonlers as tlie
Messrs. I'routy. Kan Wlllard. HIIIIiiks.
('Ii:iini.ni, ('ii.ment.s. Woodlln, Gridley,
S iv iL-e, Tuxoury and many others, "II.
V.," whom I would place In the cale-
l,o ry of male vcrmoniei s vvno navemaue
for Ihemsclves a place in tho world,
does not. lo the best of my knowledge,
assume tho previously mentioned deco
ration, and If his contention Is torrect
I should certainly expect to be dazzled
almost out or lountenance by Ihe hizo
and alory of bin "headlight."
Itcferilng aualu lo Hank White, I
well remember a sa.v inn of Ills
which was often made, me of b.v tha
.votimpr set when the too citly approach
o: matrimony loomed on the horizon.
Hank told b in this way after due pre
liminaries: "Ma betht gal l.ltllis done 'vised nm
yrthenly 'at she sho' had powerful
mount of 'ffectlon fo' me an' 'at she
siittlnitly luv'd me Rood ciuif to spend
a I (b vet of her bo'n days wlf tue. llvln'
on Jus' bread and vv.il ib An Ah said
a' uaht. I.ilbza, jo" jus' iIIr- up lb' bread
an' Ah'll skirmish 'round an' ei' I Ah
c ant stir up tie walab "
Jsecv yoiis, Kcbruary .'.'!,
An Argument in Favor of Opening It
to General Trnnlr.
To tub llniTi'it or Tu e St n- Mi The
ipjestlon of upeiiini; the Speedway to
pem-ral trattlc air'tates the cttijens o(
Washington lletghth and Itnvo.id, Jn-t
above the llciuhts Present indications
lli.tnH it tunic, il- u.dl tue s iieuvij win
11-inai'i losed o all exieptln harness
lierse-s. A lull Inlioduced bv Artsembi)-
man Amos to pcuut the use by iteneial
liatMc was beaten III the Cunitulltee of
C.tv Affairs of the Stale Assembly by
a v ut" of 0 to .'
Sentiment on Ihe Ili ltthis and m lu
woo.1 In In favor of opciuiis' the Speed
way to ueneral trattlc In its niesent
state it serves no other purpose tliHn
that of exerclsltiK KI011111I for tiottlng
burses and a place on which to hold
Suuibiv brushes If the ntteudaho- at
the brushes last summer can he used
as a criterion then the horse 'a losmif
lts noiiularit)
If the Specdwj.v vveie. oiened to gen
eral trainV .1 dliect inute tiom I .'..Mil
street to liyekman stinet would be
created for tnos.. who desire lo reach
Ihe 1 11 wood valli) without travelling
over Washington lltlifhts fir liroadway
Tralllc on the latter thoioughfare
W'AUld be lellevi-l. mall) automobtles
would coiiiH west through Uyckinau
street and then swim; north 011 Broad
way. a route which would appal to
tiiHtiy automohllo driver-.
Opcnlnu the Speedway to general
Haiti.- not only would appeal to I hose
lislnc it for lonvanience, bill those on
pleasute bent would be enabled to enjoy
tin- Hccnery that abounds nlonu the en
tire toiite. Althoiiuh shoit. It would
afford a most c-njoyablo and interesting
automobile ride an.) give man besides
horse owners a chance to enjoy the
beauties alonp tho thoroughfare that
cost mote than 'Hi.OOO.iiiiit to biilbl.
Nkw- vnitic, r'tbruary Stl II
the outside public will rush in to
malce the most of a neglected oppor-
limit) . No sustained rlsu ever fol
lows that procedure, for It Is tho re
actions which count quite as much
in establishing the market upon a
permanently higher price level ns
do spectacular advances in a few
Hut a market that has withstood
persistent .selling for foielgn account
and for home account must eventually
reach a level which will command
siiiMirl fiom profesiiionnl traders If.
not ft 0111 outside, buyers. This was
true in tlie davs when scores of rail-.1
roads faced receivership and when
their managers weie besieging the
Interstate Commerce CoiiiuuhsIoii to
allow them sufficient levcnue to enable
tlioni to make both ends meet. As
soon as the Government tool; over the
lailrnads, however, the receivership
hizaid in the uieatest American in
dustry disappeared, and the dividend
return during ihe period of tlie war
and probably for eighteen months
thereafter is no longer in doubt. The
railroads are tloing all the business
that they can handle and under
conditions calculated to develop the
highest efficiency foi the industry as
a whole.
from Hie foremost
and shows 1hn; 'be
of our Imoltiiis " ' m ''
I 111,10 eclated ill dliarlcls vv 1 . '1 vver
mean 1 ...... 1.1.. ..ritical of Ameru.iii u.eihn
a iiatlimallzatioii of tho nil. roads, not ; ln ,u, (1;1JH wM.n 0.11 h inkers 1
Government regulation of private de- ' t(,ly on t , n, .-v-tem of s, utfe
vclnpmcnt on lines c alculated to In-! rh",,,.V(,M The hanks ,m. m ,w , .
lease Individual initiative. Similarly.
If the present readjustment of Indus
trial affairs results lu giving corpora
tion managers a free hand to compete
for foreign business with Kuropean
rivals em equal teims, the results will
be highly gratifying to the sbaiehold
ers of the companies. Our pat tlelputhm
In tho Ibiropean conflict has theiefoiu
forced the ndoplioli of tilaliv 11 forms
which might not have been otherwise
secured for a quarter of ,1 century, if
II ri-l ,.,,-. (.. In., l..l.iillllMHr
, III (111. 1 U,- V.iKtl.t.Y If .,.-.
lo leicmnize the slgiiitlcance of thc-e
- clinnges mid the expansion which i
. sure to tesiill from them. Further
dlttictillles may nn-e for clear sailing
in war times Is not to l
llul with urgent linaiicinl
vbled for. the fuliiio is
safcuuarded lo jtistifv tin
1 reserves.
' shape 'to finance the :!!otion i t -r
liiipciidlng Gov el 111111 n. loan .ml
provide in addition tlie land- r-r, re I
lu the effort to speed up aii 'nan. if--of
industry. It N evident now 1 .
the Federal Kcscrve Boat . I p.r ue I 1
vvlso policy four yeais nun ial.11 .
mea-lires to forttfv Hp Am n-an t" '
, leserve and to ennreiitr ne c - t r .
possible. Ill the Ft di'l' il Itesi" i- 'mi
' This will be of Ilium use a--t-' o '
. the country when the wni e ml-a.nl 0 .
'bankers ami bilsinis.- tie n ,ir 'i "
upon lo solve the i xtiaoiiiut .1 . in
iem.s in, -blent to tlie i-r i..r o mi
1 peace. Th" fact 1 lint the l'Mt.- i .- r
has tberctoio much the hrc-.i P '
,. c xpce ico. 1 ri,9(.n(, ,, the
needs pro- mmi., M t ti.
s'limicniiy arn uiuK
fetlinu of s u...
an. I
cuutlou- optimism vvlilcii lust wen: s , i,,,,,.,.,- fulut
demonsir.ition on Hie stoi w i-.xcnange
wot Id.
up nights '-'
inucb in coti-
Dlfliciilt to lilenUt), and Something
i;i-e When You I'atch 'I'm.
To tiif IhilTon of THE Hcn Sir- Is
1 spy a spy. or ia it merely a shell
game or a condition of mind;
The spy seems to bo like ihe clualve
tle.i, for when you think you have him
you have him not. lie is al-o like "to
morrow." for when we catch up with
blm In our hunt be Ls not a spy and is
somi'thlnii else, for after lie Is caught
he Ik called "a dnngeious alien" and
poisslhly Is Intel lied.
It Is time that we passed t hem to
tbnlr Just rewind, for In that condition
of tepose thorn is 110 comeback,
II. F. Gii.i.btte.
Pout Wasiiinuton, February 211.
Next Government Loan.
The Government has not ve' an
nounced its plans for llo.iling the third
l.iU'ity I.11111, but its action In raising
Ihe uiletest rate on Tieasury certifi
cates of Indebtedness, sold III anticipa
tion of the forthcoming offering; "f long
term bonds, suggests that the new loan
will carry -t's percent Intetcst. it Is
that Ihe incieated rate miuht
ted if a lax exempt bond was
little heed. What Ihe Gov eminent j determined upon, or if a portion of Hie
has done for the raihoads in assuring , loan was offered In a live year sicurltv,
adequate financing-. 11 Is prcpnring to , or if uuiiiue conversion privileges wen-
provided. The probability Is, hnvvev r
of the Ane 1 1'
Railroad Bill.
-sage hv the Si . 1 '
The War Finance Corporation Bill.
This denotes a marvellous 1 h.inge
lo which the investment commiiuii).
oppressed with Ihe burdens of record 1 possible
taxes and wur llminclng, has given I i,c t( (. 1
do for the 'ast number of industrial
properties through the Incoi poratlon
of .1 Government owned company cm-'
signed lo muky loana upon collateral
which the Federal Iteserve Hanks are
foi hidden to accept The War Finance ,
Corporation bill has vicious features,
but. ns Mr. I.aniont points out, tlie
need is critical mid calls for organized
relief on broad Hues The Indications
are, tlirrefoi u. that ilie mil win ne
overhauled anil put In shape to make
possible the first aid relief that It was
designed to provide
When this is done it will mean thai
for the tlrst time In the history of the
security markets the tlnanclal needs
of the railroads us well hh of the In
dustrial corporations have lieen ade
quately pnivided for. ln this wav
the Federal' Government Is piepuripg
to underwrite upon the most genet ous
lernis the future of American indus
try The situation Hills piesented Is
unique 111 Ameilcau tliiauce, and al
though It may be 111 god that tho Gov
ernment has undertaken to do a (treat
deal, the actual risks assumed will Is
probably no greater than those taken
by Ihe Government of Great Britain
four years ago in guaranteeing the
Hank of Knalaud imanst loss through
the discounting of approved bills of
exchange "accepted" Is-fore August -t
1911. The Government btipulutoil that
If these bills were not paid at ma
turity the Hank of Kngbind vv.i- to
give additional time to the acceptors.
nml If any losses resulted the Govern
ment was to reimburse tlie banl; I Ills
In Die
c-irlh n
Ate (if Meel,
tiled with the forre-ir
Niivv th
I n.ir
I'ur the gun and ra'i ,iiul keel.
And the sky I red with th finnae alow
And we live Ihe ace nf steel.
Yet the nerld returns lo iho nldra w,iv
Of the M.in who (Ilea for men;
To the larrlHcr anil 111" aroal hl(h faith
We have turned im hvck again.
For mi ft Ub nf Trance where the hrruv
fought v
Vi it the 1101001.11 hnnlra vv.th ool
Wheie the vvll vwk ateel dinl t ho death
was mui'
l.o, th erofci. la e 1 IM eff wool
JIoUiMmLic.il Wll.aus-,
that the Gov el anient will have to offer
a Cn per cent, ictiirn If it expects'
investm s 10 take, what Is likely lo he
the largest loan ever Moated in the
Fluted State- In the la-t analv-ls the'
Government's bid for cipit.il must l.o
judged in enmpat isoii with the bids
made by oilier borrower.-, or what,
amounts to the same tiling, with tlio ,
investment yield shown by the pi uv ail
ing prs-cs for other bonds of iliu high
est grade Patriotism counts for h
great ileal 111 nil .such undertakings,
but high luxes and high living expense
must be taken Into the l ei k.ittlng when !
the people are asked to furnish four
or live billion dollars lor their Govern- I
ment. Seeit-tnry McAdoo, ill his state
ment last Wednesday, paid high tribute
to the patriotism of New York bankers
111 applying for mm 1 lb. 111 their shaie
of the 101 en' issue of Tieasin-y oer-tlticnte.-
of milcbii lines- i.iiiving milv
4 per cent, interest at 11 tint, when
private boll ow ers were bidding ll per
cent, for call and runetj diy loans. It
Is noteworthy that the thinks of l.irse
iltie.s made instant 1 espouse to the
Ticasurv's apnea1, wheicis the appli
cations suit 111 i.y the smaller interior
institutions wete disappointing
The Problem nf tlie Intcretl Rate.
Wits it not. bowevci. too much for
, the Government to expect to finance lis
' wur outlays through the s-ile of I per
tent, bonds ofteieil at par? No olhci
iKdllgeicut has attempted such 11 thing.
, and at a tune when the war expendi-
lo.nl bill. 1 any 111.: t -.11111
liduient giving i-vci-s'uiit
liti" road Govei nne n'
sltn-.hif to th it en iov , 1 I
systems, given the I'tv-iib-'
I ilrcctor-i ieueral autboritv '
the loads as they see tit I
will prob.iblv vote on 1 .
week, (jo that Its c.irlv ct..i. tn
pnrentlv near at hand i
effect of till- Icirisl.it n -ii vv
quick release of onleis t"i
motives and eqnipmc'ii '"
whnh have been i.n.iUi 1
such purchases during 1 1 - j
the s,.i-ui itv inaikets have ,.
to .ill loan- Put U " n
These supplier nn' 111 J'"oi ' '
with the toads uinle r ( e v 1
tf.d it is prob.lole 111..! ( 1
Companies Will spei d .p 1
and make iiiuk ile'.veti.- 1
w hose rolling Mm k 1- u
The ph.vsic.il coinlit: 1. "'
will Iv niatciial.v '
this SA'hcmi- of G"V 11 -.
which nUlliiate'.e Wi"
builders and the stci ' m
urcate.-t volume of "i'!'
leased al one. time
Other Finanrinc.
It Is ev idem I but '
companies most " . ' o
tbrougli tho ini'diu'tt ' 1 '
nance 1 '"rporatc 11 m - n
ci nnii'iit ageiii v if ' '
for SI. it" or 1"' -ii '
spoiul proniptlv t" ' 1 '
the sit u.V ion " .Is 1 1 1 '
gests in l.is 1' Iter ' .-1
' Alio.. These 1 olllp it '
I impnrt.itit i;k 101 m t -'
tiotinl ilcteni e. sai v
pnvver to war iniliia
portine workers to th. u
tn.il plants Financial n -'
be foithcotiimu lmioei .
these companies mav '( ! '
imil.e botli ends meet .
coming mcreiisngly dit'l.- '
si. mil) adv.iiu mg opi i.it -revenues
prescribed l,v
Not All of Them Are 1't.ele-s or oii
produrthr. To niH Kiiitok oi' Tin: Sf.s fin: I
consider it unfair thai after I have tried
in work up righteous indignation ovei
Mr. Hoover's er sensible testtictlon
on the sale of profit yielding hens and
pullets and have produced only a glow
of satisfaction thereover, jou thould
eied engaged in a manner baiinful to
the Hiiiiessiul termination of the war
Thus, Mi ' llovv-s.-i " why cau l you
uuileistand Hint ilo - who loing cheer
and vvai mill nf hi ill to their owners
ate no mole Useless t 1:111 oui actors,
poets, nuthois. hostessis and ll lends
with Ford". Thi y nil eat .nnl eost the
public food and peth.ips some of Ihem
stuead disease, and ye I Mr. Homer has
not lull the klbosli on them 1 iffer them
the food on which mv ilogn Carlo and
Snooks subs!i.t, and they would object
,t.,-a, nit- ..in.,riiii Hioiuiiiiiiii v iiiini-
. . 0 ,.l,. !,..,..., ,!, t,l.l .1,,.,., I...
..t.tl.,1. I0t(i- Ah I.OUH 1 lie rl leou, ...-.... , .... r... ,s". '
Ing an
Peerless mlKht enipoeni It;
V "Nimik knuves hiov
VVuulil can poor Tovvacr
flde.s being useful, alfoid a very exicl-i
lent ciitet lammeiit .in. I m delighted I
with do-.' biscuit, bones, gr.stlc. nil po-
tatoes warmed up in mill, or sausage I
1 Infer that all useful dogs may claim gie.ise, and "slih like" ,
excmntlon and with that unilerstiindiiig ' Tlie n-medy for food shorlage (lo.,s
I .mi heartily In favor or tue eiimina
tlon of the other. "Useful dogs' or
course Include watchdoga and all that
even Indirectly provide, comfort and
cheer lo mankind at a reasonable cost
We do not consider as useless tint
entertainment that we find In theatres,
the movies, the beat and vvoist ilction
so.lal functions, pleasure aiiiomohilmg
c The people that vvoik III Hie produc
tion of tile-so pleasures ale not consul-
not lie In the 1 eduction of 1 otisiiini'tlon.
The trouble Is that city people ate de
manding cheap food and rvirit the
farmer lo pioduee It at .1 pee 11111:11 v lo-s
As the "stiffs" iS(i,l to sal. "Give 11
one go..il ii'iihiin ' vvbv a faru 1 r slio t .1
forego iitt'tes' o- '1 v i-st oieni a icisi
able -etiii on e's '.'lbor is..i.i'.c
vvoikntir hi ies n i.'-di-r ' 1 I is ,1 l"-ap
llvintr for an I'-m d.i. 1 a
Fur )eais tue couui his tq.iil.cd
tho city m Uh food sm 1 1 1
has been loblied of ts v.
funnel s MiiiRgle fm- .. 1
I H1I11U t'l.it day hi- 1
evplidlal on of Hie f u 1 ' ''
of the ( II I .is vol" ' '
i.njusi cu-toms I mi 1 i'"
1 at- I'.iv 1 lieerfiilb e "
for food so dial farming u
business basis ami vo
abiiudauc - of "1 .'its "'
Witt, vi 11
1 'lies mt, N .1 . IN b. a ' 1
Ihe Allen- Hate lllirlit-Itcalle-
To tiii: F.niTon or m -many
shins of diaft an-
'bear coiiiparailvi ly l.o".-
iilen fif the war.
Is It Just '- r.gbt 1 ' 1 a
!llie cae .'
VV ..uh I 1 mil be ,1 -
lilt- I V.' of U'.li.d c I - ,'
I 1 1 n 1 1 I 1 v . n 1 ,., .
I. A
.1 I e

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