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Reception of liLe Coqd'Or" Illustrates
the Difficulties That Confront , the
Impresario Effect of War on Music
Till'. in.ilin.li.m 'it ntrasky-Korxnknv's "ho Con. d'Or" at tho Mrtro
politnu upcni llouso on Wiiliii'(ny evening Inst was one of the
im.-t InteiWliis Incidents of tlie current soium n of public perform
gnctf. attitude of tho audience was by no tneaira the least noteworthy
ft.ittirc of the evening. After tho fall of tho first curtain two women la
tbo row of parterre boxes' applauded, one of them with manifest enthusiasm,
tiio ntlior wllh amiable condeswnslou. The rest of the audience was very
m.lcralc In Its raptures. The claque wife Indusirlous, but Ineffectual.
After the second act, which was counted on to awaken some demonstra
tion, the boxes were apathetic anil the orchestra stalls but little better.
The cinque redoubled Its efforts and this time, with better success. It Is a
fact well rccojmlr.cd by old opernpoers that the appearance of Mnscrs lo- ,
fore tho curtain stimulates enthusiasm. Recalls tioBct recalls. So It was '
on Wednesday ntsht. After the singers had come forward to bow their '
tcknowlcdgincnts tho third or fourth lime there was far more applause'
thiui that which had brought them out the first time. j
But nothing done by an opera audience, except Its solm: home, can .
to regarded ns final- Whether "i.nj Coi d'Or" Is to be a popular sueeess
or not cannot bo gathered from the dull speculation with which tired society's
syes observed Its first ierformance. It may prove to be much more pleas-.
Ing to the next subscription audience to vhtch It 1 offered. Hut Tin: Sun's )
rKonler of musical doings Ones not hope for a !ermnnctit success for It.
Wednesday evening's audience was I pllrh but llltle in the tourso of the.
fir belter pleased by the performance
cf "Cavallcrla Hustlcana," which pre
coded the fantastic pantomime opera.
Occasion has been taken here to make
ome observations on the present stale'
ef public taste In operatic perform
ance, a state which has been nurtured
tr the Metropolitan Opera House. Let
us for the moment revert to It.
SniMtlntt Is Drniandnt.
What people desire tn opera rhould
ln fjnlto evident to those who keep
their cjes and ears open. In this par
ticular period there Is little or no room
for any art whoso salient character
istic Is simplicity. Refinement and
rtrose are not welcomed. Sensational
tflsolay of ono sort or another Is de
aended every moment. The palate of
the public can enjoy no plain food.
There must be seaonlnK sharp enough
to Ming the jaded sense.
What, then, results? An nlmost
total absence of sustained beauty of
tone among singers. When they offer
It 'liey are condemned. Mr. Muratore
mn? ynu.it at the Lexington Theatre
tihcn the Chit-ago company was there
rati men were heard to declare that he
ad not sufficient voice for the part.
Why? Beraure ho laid as'.do tho vo
ciferous delivery which he employed In
"Carmen" and strove to sing Gounod's
music after the manner approved nt
th Grand Opera of Paris. When he
almost destroyed tho last two scenes
of "Manon" by stentorian bawling he
was applauded to tho echo.
1.10 irenormancf 01 v.vauna ttus- .
tlcana" at the Metropolitan on Wednes-
!ay evenlnp was an exhibition of
ncrfamlng not to be. outdone any
where. Florence Oaston, who has a
beautiful voice and plenty of tempera
men and who has no need to exag
Krate nnythlne, sane persistently nt
th top of her power till In two or ,
'hrw phrases she broke her tone by ,
hr forcing:. Mr. Usraro hoisted i s I
riulders. s ood on tiptoe, drew In h a
t ? an:Z?UeiUP, h VJ .'T l,U
ody visibly shoo'.t with the violence
tho efforts he made In drlvlntr out
'ilih tones.
That s what the mass of present
f.ty ooeragoors love. When It Is not
o t had. then they turn to colora
s lr,glng. for which they have not
h lightest use unless It ts of the
ae brilliant and difficult type. Tou
oainct Imagine any operxroer grivlntr
fire mlnutfs of his priceless attention
o the kind of florid song: heard In
Hamlet's "Messiah."
Public Taste TVhlmalral.
TMj appetite) for sensationalism
f'tns with feeding:. The cure Is not
n,"V Kjven to the patient. It ls hard
to l-diice a gourmand to abandon his
rl'cs and saucts. Yet there ls only
ore Tay to lead people back to a taste
for nohlp. pure beauty In art, and
thai is tn refuse to Ktve them any
'hl.ig els. If an opera house were
e.n Oucatlonal lnstltotlon, as It some
i!n:fs pnifesses to be. It would do Just
'hi- liui since In these proud temples
c! t. e lyric drama the box office talks
I'-ft as loudly as It does In a moving:
picture theatre) we can hardly expect
a.n impresario to confront himself
night after nlht with rows of empty
Mr Gattl-Casatza does from time to
tla-.e invito his public to the serious
consideration of something which haa
not or)y novelty of outward appear
ance but seriousness of artistic pur
po. Ho has done It so often that he
might bo esteemed almost a benefac
tor. In producing "Le Coq d'Or" he
ra c:ir-n again summoned his patrons
to a strange feast. He has had the
courage to demand of them Imaglna
'lon and a keen sense of humor. He
a" requested them to smile nt a
I-amd" of child's play covering a
N w no one can foretell what the
pu.'tl" going to do about It. Noth
'r.f Is more whimsical than a public.
I' tnai- take a notion to adore this
tiling as unexpectedly and as warmly
" adored "Roris Godunov." On tho
otl'T t,nii It may bury It ten thou
'Mid fathoms deep, Just as It burled
"At:an er Rarbo Bleu."
it whatever the operagolng: world
flb' about this n'W thins, we can de
pend up n a continuance of Its attl-tuii-
'onard singing, The famous
"an,ts" of inn Metiopollton must
Itse- haw I or perform llorld feats. In
tuo siicri, -, of art they will find
ftelr rmiv and hold tin admiration of
th" p-iblk
"' rTs,.blo or probable effeot of
" to ri j picsnnt convulsion upon
ra- f ,0(. dhvusscd with no llt
' I- nrtinttou and with some breadth
' non by several writers. Specula
tion - always a tempting outlook and
't ' rrrnindcd of tho mild humor
wh iivon wrote that the Trood was
h firm n ,i f0r snipe shooting und con
Mur anil Moile. "
nu Muth Is that culture of ah
'""I everv kind In this time Is like a
ih.ri '-, A week't galo without a sight
T a",- rricstlal body by which to do
-" mi nr position. It Is not even
'"! re' liorung, but n guess at the
ir 1 -i' estimate of the leeway and
'n jiijii'-ied uucstlon as to the dlrec-
t-ti'i and speed of unknown currents.
That the creative mind will atjcom
struggle lias already been" Indicated
hcie from a study of the past. Hut
Interpreters we have in plenty and fori
the music lover wiio : willing to ac- J
cept new personalities In lieu of now
symphonies or ronccrtos It is a truly
Interesting hour. w- :
Perhaps t'.ic mos! aoioiblng iOi!o J
mny b; the rising generation if artists
In the domain of 4nusii Itarely 'ndeej ,
has the tonal art been so Kcnctously ;
hloseU with players of more than
ordinary sifts and accomplishments. ,
Wo n-ti1. not kpej'ic of the older ones,
ho hold their own by maron of their
c-ta'i!isiicl v?pu'nt!ous and b.-tter still 1
through fno continual publication of 1
their now we'd matured ar.d opulent'
musical Intelltscnres.
Hut what a coter.c of oii!ig play-.
its we have' Hun it". f jou will, i
ho lift nf yeu'.hful Minis' Uclfrtz.
I'.n-pn, .lacob.-c-n. ,tac!iinoff. Hiceskin, I
Curdnei- und t:'dy Brown. Tin- aver- i
ago of these players is e.vtr.tordiiiarlh j
high, and that too without tal.ing Into ,
K'counl the inclusion of u boy of real
genius. '
I-t the 'dom.L.i of the p'ano can be j
'omul anoth,',' yotin? generation of j
richly eiuk-.vcd performer.-' Novncs. I
HmrJ. firalneer, l.can;n. Ponnlius. J
HoguFlawski nnd Levitxkl. Consider ,
the highly developed technic, tho be
wildering variety of touch and tone ,
color, the finish of tyle and the Imag
ination to be found In this group. Nor
need We hesitate about adding to it
that singularly gifted though eucen
, - i,. rir,-cini l -..t-ln
rC8Se lf nl." ls the D.er
of anj; living player.
The war has done ono tmntr at least
for us: It has kept all these players
before us. To adapt the lines of the
old humorous verces, they have no- i
where to go but out West, nowhere I
om. ,.t ,inr,, optional
slon3 ,nt0 Cuba n , Ctlrlle;,t Mexlco
, ten!ptei somc but tho UalteJ
Staws anil ,.anada ai tN lPn.ltnr...
through which they prrfoi.e -to most j
of their roaming. All of tbrm have
ban opportunities to earn much money. 1
and all of them have ir.adn it their I
laudable business to earn omo of it
for tho mighty pu: poses of the time.
.A new method of determining the
artis-tlj status of sinprs has been
found. It used to be ti.o salary, but
slnco royalties ojj rec-onls have come
Into effect that htandard no longer
applies. Tlie greatest tenor In the
world now ls not ho who can sing
the highest note or draw tho largest
salary., but he who pays the biggest
Income tax. Ah, yes, we are a nation
of Idealists!
When. "IVAmore del Tre R" was first !
performed at the Metropolitan Opera i
House four seasons ago it was hailed by
many musical ouserei ai the most In-1
teresting operatic wort that had come
out of Italy since "Madama Butterfly.
Its success wa. due to the very effective
libretto, originally a tragedy by the Ital
ian poet Sem Benelll (who has recently
been wounded at the Italian front but
who Is now In a fair way to recovery) ,
to the sincere, spontaneous, fluent score
provided by the composer, Italo Monte
mezzl, and to what was generally con
ceded to be a very admirable cast.
Next Thursday evening General Man
ager Gattl-Casazza will revive tho work
with two Important changes In tho dls-1
trlbutlon of parts. Mr. Caruso for tho
first time will sing the role of A tiro, who
In the play represents tho pure Italian
type the representative of the J.atln j
raoo at the perlou or me action of tlie
drama, subjected to a barbarian Invader,
as Is northeastern Italy to-day. The
role of Flora, In which Kem Uenelll evi
dently alms at typifying Italy herseir,
will be sung for the first time here by an
Italian girl, Claudia Muzlo. She pleased
the Milan public In the part so much
that it Is aald her head was taken as a
model for the widely distributed pnstei
representing Italia with Her rorennger
on her Hps warning the publlo in the
words: "Taoete! Aliens II vostro si
lenzlo affretera la Vittorla!" (Not a
word 1 Even your silence will hasten
victory !)
Mr. Amato again will be seen as Afan-
rt'fo, the son of the barbarian invader
who has acceptea (.nrisuanuy ami
sought to win the affection of the sub
lect race by wedding Its Princess. The
old barbarian chief trcAlbarfo.a sort of
Theodorlc or Harbaro.ssa, who represents
the rude, cruel, pagan type that knows
no forgiveness, demanding blood for
blood, again will be Impersonated by Mr.
Dldur. Others In the cast will be Mmes.
Arden. Handera, Robeson and Tiffany
anil Messrs. Bada and Audlslo.
Maestro Moranzonl, whose rending of
the Booro already has been so favorably
commented upon elsewhere, will conduct
the performance for tho Hrst timo In the
Metropolitan Opera House.
Other operas of the week will be:
"Thais" to-morrow evening, with
Mmes. Farrar, Sparkes. Ugener and
Howard and Messrs. Dlaa, Whltehlll.
Rothler and Ileschlgllan. Jllss CJalll and
Mr. Botiflslio will dance, Mr. Moij,teux
will conduct.
snlnt Elizabeth" Wednesday evening.
with Mines. Easton and Matzcnauer and
MeRsm. Whltehlll. Kuysdael, Leonard
and HchlegeL Mr. Bodanzky will con
duct. "MadanTa Butterfly" Friday afternoon
at special prices, with Mmea. Farrar,
Fornla and Kgener and Messrs. Alt
houie. Chnlmersr D'Angelo, Reins, nuya
dael and Audlslo, Hr. I'apl will con
duct, "Cavalleria Ilustlcana" and "1 Coq
d'Or" as a double bill on Friday eve
ning, th former sung by Mmes. Eastoj),
!'. t;ti and Mettfcld ami Mcssr.i. Inzaio
and Amato. Mr. .Momnznnl conducting
"hn Coq d"r" villi be Ming by Mme
IJ.irrlentos. Ilraslau and Sundellus and
Messrs. Diaz. Dldtir, Ruysdael, Audlslo
an I ItescMslian nnd iiiterrretcil by the
Mleses Galll and Smith and Messrs.
Holm, Bartlk. Honflglio. Hall nnd John
son. Mr. Motuoux will dliect tho per
formance. "1.0 I'ropbele" Hill bo the Saturday
matinee opera, with Mmes. Muzlo,
Matznnuer, Kgener, Ardtn and Tiffany
nnd Messrs. Caruso, MardoiK'.-, Illoch.
Rnthler, Srlilegel, AudUlo and Krs
eb:gllan. Mls. tlalll and Mr. H.-mflgllo
will dance.' Mr. lloiLmzy will con
duct. "Th liarber of Som'.ii-" i 11 bi ;he
Saturdav n sht pop'ilar or , perform
en c, wlln Mmes. ilarr'i'nios, and Mall
ft'.l and Mf?si'a. Carpi, lie I,ura. Ve
Segurola. Malatfta ami Kefcbisllaii. .
Mr. I'opl will conduit. ,
At to.night'H opi-ia cor.,rrt M.icha
Klman, ;olln!.V.. will play .--il.it-.i.n's w
roneerto and several ceUcti-d olo '
Ka Pldur, making her debut at a Met
ropolitan concert, will Flag an ana fron.
"1-a Julvc" and "Vis-, d Arte" fro-i. .
"Tosca." Jose Mardones will Mng an '
aria from "Robert le Dlable" and "Plf,
raf from "I.ea Huguenots." Tho
orchestra, under tho direction of Rich- i
nrd Hageman, will play the overture
from 'Mlgnon" and Ivanoffs, "I:3(iu!bso '
The loft two concerts of t ,e season by
the Boston Symphony Orchestra will bo
given In Carnegie Hall on Thursday eve
ning. March 14, and Saturday afternoon.
Mar;h 16. The programme for Thurs.
dav evenine ls a follows Hrabmq.
riymphony No. 3. In I' major , Slbellu.s,
"Pohojola's Daughter," symphonic fan
tasia, opus 49, and "Night Ride and
Sunrise," symphonic poem, opus 5;
Vamer, prelude to "Tristan and Isolde."
The programme for Saturday afternoon
Is as follows: Mocart, Symphony In H
flat, Koechel D43; Rlmsky-Korsakoff,
symphonic suite, "Scheherazade," after
"The Thousand Nights and a Night,"
opus 35.
An overture. "Comes Autumn Time,",
by Leo Bowerby, the twenty-three-year-old
American composer now In Camp
Grant, heads the programme of tho con
cert to be given by tlie Symphony .io-
clcty of .New York, alter Damrosca
conductor, this afternoon in Aeolian
Hall. George Ilarrere, the flutist of the
orchestra, Is the soloist and will play
Wldor's Romance and fichcrzo. The
symphony Is Beethoven's second, while
the second half of the programme Is de
voted entirely to Wagner. Mr. Dam
rosch'a concert arrangements of the pro
cessional of the Knights of tho Holy
Grail from "Parsifal." the love music
and Irnncane's warning from -Tristan"
and llrutnnhlhle'a awakening and finale
from ".clegfrled" will bo played, besides
the Dance of the Apprentices from "Die
Tho Symphony Society's final pair of
concerts of the season will tako placo
on Saturday evening, March 16, In Car
negie Hall and Sunday afternoon, March
IT, In Aeolian Hall. The samo pro
gramme has been selected for 'both con
certs, with Josef Hofmann, pianist,
piaylmr Chopin's E minor concerto and
the Chromatlcon for piano with orches
tra by Dvorsky. The only work for tho
orchestra alone on these programmes Is
Elgar's Symphony No. 1 In A flat. Tho
total proceeds of tho Saturday evening
concert will be devoted to the American
Friends of Musicians In France, which
has been organized to bring financial
help to the musicians In France and
their families who wore made destitute
by tho war. Walter Damrosch Is presi
dent of this society.
On Thursday avenlng, March , the
Symphony Society's orchestra goes to
I'lalntleld, where It will give a concert
tn the riainfleld high school auditorium
untler the auspices of the Dutch Arms
Table Casals, the Spanish "vloloncel
list, will ha the soloist at this after
noon's riillharmonlc concort at the
Academy of Music, Brooklyn. He will
play the Dvorak cello concerto In 11
mlimr. npun 104. Tim orchestral num
bers will bo Tchalkow sky's fifth syin
phoi and LSiiilimuV "Tragic" tnenme
For the last three Philharmonic con
certs of the season, Thursday evening,
March 21; Friday afternoon, March 2!!,
ft?SgM5& ; nSW I JOSEF
TyLr2. i Sfrr ? c&-Sf alKiSaaalaaaaaKtft 'I -'''''' Nt ' ' '
- jet -mm v-
The Metropolitan Opera House.
MONDA Y- ' Tha.. ." Mmc, Farrar Mct. Diaz and Whitehlll
WEDNESDAY. 8:1.". I. M. "St. Elizabeth," Mmes. Easton and Mat
zcnauer, Mr Whitehill.
THURSDAY, 8:15 P. M. "L'Amore Dei Tre Re." Miss Musio, Messrs.
Caruso, Amato und Didur.
FRIDAY P. M. "Madame Butterfly." Mme. Farrar, Messrs. Alt
house nnd Chalmers--.
FRIDAY. 8 P. M. "Cavalleria Rusticann," Mme. Earton. Messrs.
l-nraro and Amato; "I.e Cnq d'Or," Mmes. Barrientos and
Briiflau. Mesr.. Diaz, and Didur; pantomime, Misses Galli ami
Smith, Messrs. Holm. HonliRlio. Hall, Bartik.
SATURDAY, 2 P. M. "Le Prophet," Mme. Muzio and Matzenauer,
Messrs. Caruso and Mardnnes.
SATURDAY, 8:15 P. M "The Barber of Seville," Mme. Barrientos,
Messrs. Carpi and De Luca.
nnd Sunday afternoon, March It, the
riillharmonlc will present request pro
Kramine.s. Tlio Thursday and I'rlilay
performances include "Tho New World"
symphony nnd compositions by Tf-chal-kowNky,
Bach, Wagner and Debussy,
while the final Sunday, concert will be
devoted to a WaRner-TschalkowsKy
The Itusslan Symphony Society will
present a ltusslnn-iuerlcan pro
gramme at Its fifth nnd final subscrip
tion vconcert on Saturdav evening,
March 23, In Carnegie Hall. Jihn
Powell will be the soloist, playing Ids
new "Hhapsodlo Negre." for piano, with
orchestra. The principal Itusslan num
ber In the list Is Scrl-ibliiu's "I'oemo
Josef Hofmann will give h' arcon 1
piano recital this afternoon In Carnegie
Hall, His programme h as fellows:
Sonata, nuael una fantasia, "Moon
light," Ileethoven, melodie, (Jluck
Scambattt; Olgue, Mozart; Hondo Ca
iprlccloso, Mendelssohn; IlarcJirolle,
Nocturne Tt major, Maxurka F sliarp
minor, sHcherio C sharp minor, Chopin;
ICtude D sharp minor, Ktude D flat ma
jor, Scrlablne; Barcarolle, A minor,
Uuhlnsteln ; Flcdermaun Walts, Rtrauss
Uodowsky. Tho ninth concert of the Educational
Chamber Music Society will take place
tn tho Straus Auditorium of the Kdu
catlonal Alliance this evening. The fol
lowing programme will be given: Suite
for two violins, viola and two cellos,
D'Ambroslo; Oriental from quartet,
opus ID, CJhiznunow, Scherzo from
quartet, opus 44, No. 2, Mendelsnohn;
quintet for two violins, viola and two
cellos, Sclfubert,
Admission tickets at 10 cents ench
aro obtainable at the door.
Efrem Zlinballst, violinist, and Siphtn
Hraslau. contralto, will Rive a Joint re
cital nt the Hrooltlyn Academy of Music
tlila evenlnic.
This evening tn the Princess Theatre
a Joint recital will be hold bj Unbrlelh
Tavastjern, dramatic reader; letty Aa
liennsy, pianist, and Samuel I.Juni?kvlst,
tenor. Miss Tavastjern will recite an
KnRllsh version of "The Hons of the
Witnh" Viiid "The Pattle Hymn of thu
Hepubllc." Souks of the I-'ar North, In
cludlnB two Hwedlfcli works, Augurt Kor
ling's "lieiilng" and Hugo Alfvcn's
"The Foreirt Sleeps," will b rana by Mr.
l.Jungkvl't. "Tlie Road to France." by
.Slpno I.und, which won the prise of the
, National Arts Club, also will bo heard
MNs Askenasy will play music of Chopin
' and Uach.
Mtta Maddon, soprano, will give a
recital to-morrow afternoon In Aeolian
i Hall Her programme follows: Ombra
! Cara Ainoro.sa, Sccna ed Aria, Traetta,
' 172T-17T4: Nel cor plu non'ini sento,
Arietta. Palslello ; ch Hebe dlch, Wonne
I dr Wehmuth, Beethoven ; Vellihen,
i Nnchts, Komni, wir wandeln. Cornellu;
Henu Sotr, Debussy ; Hal lull, Coquard ;
1 Clos ta pauptere, Mathe ; Les I'aplllons,
i'liau"son; llonjoui, Suzon, Thome; Th-s
- Hounds or Spring, on Oxford Garden,
Where' Tat. an Old Hngllsh Lullaby,
The Cull, Mabel Wool Hill.
Helen Moller, dancer, nnd an enem
bio of her pupils, assisted by the Orches
tral Society of New York, Max Jacobs,
conductor, will give an entertainment
- to-morrow nftenioon In Carnegie Hall,
Tho inuslo In the list Includes selection
I from Cluck, Wagner, Salnt-Saens's sym
phonic poem, "Phaeton, and Souea s
"Stars rfud Stripes,"
Illhel Ixginrka will give her first pi
ano recital to-morrow evening at Carne
gie Hall. The proceeds of this concert
will go toward the war work of the
Young Women's Christian Association
nnd will he usod toward the equipment
and maintenance of the Y. W. C. A, New
York Hostess House. Tho programme
opens wllh a eonata by Domenlco Para
dies. This will bo followed by two Scar
latti numbers, Llsstn II minor sonata,
two Chopin pieces, Leopold Godoweky's
"Angelus," the "Islamey" of Balnklrew
and Liszt's "Mazcppa" etude.
Dvorak's "Hcmilem" wilt be repeated
by the choir of the Cathedral of St. John
tho Divine nt CarneRle. Wall on Tues
day oxenlnir, March 12, under the direc
tion of Miles Farrow. Tlie New Yorlt
Symphony Orchestra will assist and the
followini? soloists: Inez Harbour, Mrs.
Hnedlct Jones, Wilfred Glenn and Will
iam Wheeler. The proceads will be de
voted to the war relict work of the
Diocesan Auxiliary of the Cathedral,
tickets may be had of Martha Maynaid,
l'J9 lSiat .Seventy-sixth street
The New Torlt Chamber Music Society
wilt elvo their third and last concert of
Saturday Jtfternoon
the proent season to-monow evening n
Aeolian Hall. The programme follows:
Iteethuven, nulnlot In II flat, opus lfl.
for piano, oboe, clarinet. French horn,
bassoon: Daniel Oregory Mason, pas
torale In D, opu i, for phino, violin,
clarinet; nmniaiiuil Mooi. suite In A,
opus 10.1, for lll.le, rial met, obot, bas
soon, Fiench hor-i, t. o violins, viola, vio
loncello, double lass: Theodoie Dubois,
Mtilutet In I', Or piano, violin, oboe,
iol.i, violoncello, first performance l.i
Ni-w A'orU.
Thu progran.tiM for Ihe thlid recital In
e i-rii-s t,v M rjr. e Duniesnll. '"ren-h
i M at tlif Kils-Cirlten on luesdav
, t, i iiootis, for th- b,-:iellt o' "l.n Hu.
mii ilu Ileforme No -. ' Is a? fol'o
1' is'oraV rid alle-rro. Sorlatll. Turlitsti
a h. Mu..i.i Mulutne .n K minor,
nz i-i I Hat b-iliad A ll.it. Chopin:
i ,'. Sonihre.id.i, Albe-io Williams,
i ,iir. -i in In II minor, Meuile:.sohn ; ber
:e Mis,ueitt. military uni.-h. Schu-tiert-T.iusig.
The nrganlaatln-i fo- which
'liese recitals are liolnj f.!vi-n h;.s 's
hradini.irter.s in I'atis. It s.ties for t'ol
ibers who have been Invalided aid ent
home on account of wounds and serious
Illnesses contracted In the trenches. Mr.
Duniesnll's recitals are under the aus
pices of Mrs. K. Henry Harrlnian, Mrs.
Ni-wbold l.e Hoy Kdgar. Mr and M
lM'iuiml Ij. Baylies, Lloyd Warren, Mr.
and Mrs. Otto 11. Kahn, All Charles II.
Mar.-hall, Clarence H. Mackay, Mrs. '
Gray Grlswold, Mr,s. Charles H, Alexan
iUr, Mrs. W liayanl Cutting and Gaston
At Chevalier 1Overde'e composition .
eclnil on ThursdaV evenltiK, March 14. '
i .i Aeolian Hall thero will bo n first
Ibe.iilm; here nf his own vocal and In- 1
f irunif nt.il music II.II1 be n.-siKed
l.y Fi-M-ral soloists, lncludl.-itr Hoitenf '
Dorvalle, soprano, ftoni Brusse..-", and
Koe l.evlson, planlrt. The concert In
tciven under the auspices of the I.ega.
Navalo Itallana of New Torlt for the
benellt of Italian TefUReea of tho
Tho Flor.zaley Quartet will gle their
thlid conceit on Tuesday evening.
March 12, In Aeolian Hall. ' They will
plav three quartets, Debussy's, In G
minor, opus lft ; Mozart's', In D (Koechel,
"T."i), and Dvorak's, 1n F, opus 96,
Harold Bauer's programme for his
piano recital In Aeolian Hall on Wednes
day afternoon, March ID, Is as follows:
Weber, sonata In A fiat ; Schumann,
Fasi-blngsschwank : Franck, prelude,
fiuni" and variations; Brahms, ballade
In c, minor nnd Intermezzo In E flat
minor: Chopin, hirearolle; Debussy. La
Cathedrale. engloutle and Les cfllllnes
d'Anacaprl ; Liszt, Pnganlnl etude In K
Dining the weti commeni Ing -.o-d:y
ihe Strand Symphony Orchestra at Its
concertfi under the direction of Oscar
Sp!re.-cii will render the "Peer tSynt
suite. Morning. Anlta'H Dance, Aea's
Death and In the Hall of the Mountain
King, by Grieg, and the "Rlenzi," over
ture of Wagner, rtose I, Ind. soprano, nnd
Kdlth Alvord, contralto, will be heard
In a duet from "Alda." J. Itoodenbore
and C. Soeller, members of the Strand
Symphony Orchestra, will play ns a
piccolo duet "The Two Swallows," by
Damrosch. Ralph H. Brlgham and Her
bert Slsson will play alternately the
"March Itomnnl" of Gounod on the pipe
organ. Carl Edousrde will conduct the
solo numbers.
Theodore xon Hemort. Dutch bary
tone, will glVfl his Hfcond recital on Frl
dy eenlnn, March 15, In Aeolian Hall.
He will be assisted by Jacques Jolas.
Anierleaii pianist. Mi- lleniei-t'a Ble;
tlous Include Massenet's aria, "Vision
I-'UKltlvn" ; Moussonfshy's "Chanson de
MepliKtopholoa" ; Loewe'n ballsd, "Ed
ward," and Schubert's "Krlkoenlr," and
a iri-oup of American sonss. Mr. Jolas
will play Heethnven's sonila, opus 110,
and other numbers.
Florence Macbeth will r!v her first
New York recital on Haturday after
noon, March 16, In Aeolian Hall. Miss
Macbeth ha ttung In Europe, She was
for three seasons with the Chicago Opera
Company anrt In Mr. Iteiss'a Beaton of
opera in Knrllsh given here last -prlmr.
Her programme Is composed of old
Italian, Knallsh, old French and modem
French i-onss, the Unlicli proup being
Coullniied on fifth Vug.
SUNDAY Symphony Society, Aeolian Hall, 3 P. M. Josef Hofmann,
pianist, Cnrneffie Hall, 3 P. M. Samuel LjunRkvist. tenor; Botty
Askcnay, pianist, Princess Theatre, 8:30 P. M. Opera concert,
Metropolitan Opera House, 8:30 P. M. Chamber Music Society,
auditorium of the Educational Alliance, 8:lf P. M.
MONDAY Lottn Madden, soprano, Aeolian Hall, 3 P. M. Helen
Moller and the Orchestrnl Society of New York, Carnegie Hall,
3:1C P. M. New York Chamber Music Society, Aeolian Hall. 8:15
P. M. Ethel Leginskn, pianist, in benefit concert for Y. W. C.
A., Carnegie Hall. 8:15 P. M.
TUESDAY Cathedral Choir in Dvorak's Requiem. Carnegie Hall,
S:15 P. Mi Maurice Dumesnil. pianist, bnllroom of the Ritz
Carlton Hotel, 3:30 P. M. l-'lonzaley Quartet, Aeolian Hall,
8:15 P. M.
WEDNESDAY Civic T-'orum, Russian Hnlalaika Orchestra, Clara
Pasvol'dty in Russian folk songs. Carnegie Hall, 8:15 P. M.
HaroldIiauer, pianist, Aeolian Hall, 3 P. M.
THURSDAY Ro'ton Symphony Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, 8:15 P. M.
Chevalier Loverde, composition recital, Aeolian Hall, 8:30 P. M.
FRIDAY Theodore, von Hemcrt, barytone, Aeolian Hall. 8:15 P. M.
SATURDAY Boston Symphony Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, 2:30 P. M.
Symphony Society. Carncgio Hall. 8:15 P. M. Florence Mac
beth, soprano, Aeolian Hall, 3 P. M. Union Symphony Or
chestra. Sereio Cnlzoletti. conductor. Aeolian Hnll. 8:30 P. M.
, v i Y
. : r n
llYJ7.F.srM.V Mnsir.il.
I" PW IT l
WiA ECGLTZKA STEIN at the Piano.
Mh't F.FRE.M
rniCF.s T.-r. si. S1..-.0. ?.ni m
box orru.i: momiav. m uu m is.
1 1.
lin. Kr it', s. I hills, m i-'.irra, HdjatJ
I)li. Whltehlll, UolhliT 1-lTri.l -Monlu-
Wert, at K t ',. Mi. i ll iln-t!). I.ii.fim .tUI
lensuer; Whllehni lili-vi I UilJ.dn-1 l.eon
arri. (Vnit., UotUtulo
Thurs. si S in. Mimic itcl tre lie, Mii-in
Caniiw,. Aniato.liM.ir.llnila f-,itd Mnraiuutil
l'rl..Mal.ai '-' SI SI Uniterm-. K..rrir l-,u-ola,
MthiiiiB,,.'haliiii'r,i. Iter- v'uiul l'apl
111. -it S. I 'oil U'llr. tl in 1,-tiIih. sunti, ,j.
Hraal.ni; IJI.17. liWiir dalll. 'lm ',mil
.Mouteiit. Catallerla 1tntl nm. raitun
I'rrlni Lacirn Airiin. Conn V ino.o'il
J. at 2. t'rnphele. Mii7l'i. Mntrenaiier
Caru i. Itnthli-r. Illo.'li. IrlileCfl. Mirilnliic.
Coilil. Ilislnnkv,
Nat.ntsl.s 7-uttr. Ilarlili-reill Shlslln.
Itarrie-iti.. M i-tfi-1 1 lie I.ik-.i. I'n-pl, SeKuroU.
alK:31Wi. i,.W.I. EVA DIDUR, on-.
.run", si , leer UIDnOMCs
tlail-M t-
S:15, Tnesdav llienlns, Marrli f.'lh.
Antonin DoraU
Chelr or thi- i '.ithfihul si J- (it, ii-Di-
Inc. as- 'nw-1 I,
Orcheitra from trie Symplior.v
Society of New York
Miles Farrow, Conductor.
In aid of tlie MUMn.ia.rv a"'t War I'elief
or' cf the illnceviii r.c-lliarv of Ihe
nne S.MI anil SIS. I'.irittel h' SI, '
rtress i In le si. Ml. St. Ilaliiuit .'th-. '.-.It,
Oil ale nt the lln (Mllre or h ninililna
tn Mill Martha Mainaril. I'."i l:n-t T'llli SI.
(ii:ouiiP.- iii;i,in-i r v. nr.i,
j. UAUIilMlN IMlUi'V I. HUM, I I!
li II All, II OK I'M l.lll sl;
1I11MK.K s,x).C I.M llltsilN n.liK.
TINKi.l.l l.l'CIl N M nilTOIir,
l.lii; IH Ml jn-ri -li
Vatluiul ar i-i-'irs namitl
-' -I r ' rnr. t? en
No a
Pin t- --
Ornrilr llatl
Holy Tmirs-l'
Mar. L'Sth, S
B A C H'8
St. Matt.iii
Horletv of Nh YorJ
Walter Uamrrh, fon
Barh majterplece,
tmwt not:ilo for It1
KTuJeur and ten-lc-mi
Mr Worrpunitli
will .n,; the part o'
N. V. Snipliun llri-heslrn. (TinriK nl .10J
St. MIchsel'H Clinlr of 0.1 Ilo.x unit iilrli
OrrHn, PiAnri Anil Mn Vei,le-. Mrs Alcis-U ,
itmliert Murphy, Itelnald Vrerrenratli an. I
Mr. Tlttman. i
73r. to SI. 00, Hot omre or I V. .11 t. nnu. i
Carnegie IUII. I ssl Cnn'l !mii. K., Mr. '.'.I. I
NVMrnovv i
m( n;i
MOIIKSr Al.lM lll'l.ril
riiinliino r
I'alU-lAre. 'Tire llir.l ' dici' Tsdierepnln
lthnoillc Neiire. new Ms ror flit. ,
ml 1st Ori-licstMl pe'fii-iir.111 1- n
ll,. si.,1,,, iheFfllr." Julio run eli
N-US lllil Dlllil' Mi!l li!llA I'"" mi.-I I 1
"A richly roloreil iui'1 linptia hi i--diicllon."-
"Achleied ith slilntnn iiri-es
e.v,. f ,i,
TUIIDCniV U1RM1 tA ITommli
llivimiinii mniisii -r B(
s-i-i'AUT MAI bKlt'S t'rndii'.'llon nf
HOOTII TIIKiTliK, s-'ith, W C lt'n
"Alwm-i fullllleil, nnj -nniellmen -ir
nifsed til reimble ptpeetatlnn "
7 If I'nt'
"It l KrliU'lnr -Trllmr
Nocnr or new york
. llkl-l'SlltlVIII.-T f-.ll.illl, li.r
THIS A!" I r.ltMMIN r :i:l.1.
Tickets nt Ilns Offli-n. Cell K I.eifi Is Mct
Aeolian Hull. loll., Mur. II. s:fi. , 'onc't .
N. Y. Chamber Music Society
I'Uao. Wild ami strlnirs. 11 Prinnlni-iii ArlUu .
mi'iii vv ih.ij-111- ln.n...... '
V.t,S',,.., ..a....,,, ,.,t-.,i
Pronsmme: peetliiiieu tjulntct Iti K Kin
Major. Maaun Pastorate In II Mnler Mnur
Hulleln A Maor. Iliitiuls Quintet In K Major
Rests al not Olllre, iSlelnwav I'lunii.,
IMVMl iti: 11 u
Tllcsom, Mnnli I'illi. Iltllo I' M
MAl'Ktl'r. 1)1 .MKx.N'll
Ohk llniir lli-clnl. I'ene'li r
I.A I'UOTKCTION Id' ItllroliMi: Nil
Tor l.cUeU tehpliuiic Murray Hill i'.'3,
llt'lti:.V cnnn-itirM
- DAY (SUNDAY), at 3.
AFT., MARCH 23r at 2:30
Ticwirrrt r.v 'si.no i .vi ss.in ov OS smx
n iHitvn.n: iiu.i istkin.wav piano.i
ti.vi. ri ki:is at mi'PonnnME
-m iii onirrnXoH. ik.naiik I'iamd.
1 I'rlm i riw-ntrr. I hurs.. Star. 91, t .1
v. i.mr, till I .-,,. M;irM. hi ,.s Mprl.o.
a I arenrll lollii Hrellal b b
Lnuilan i linrlton llldwln Piano.
ifnllnn Hull, Turn. Ke., Mar. 12, at Sil.1.
an i.a-i inii-npnun vJuneart m m
Mnnngemtnt I.ouflon C.inrlton.
nl.Aft..Miir. IJ
1'iniin HrTttnt
IoiMon t'lmrlton,
IliMnlln Piano.
p,i;n ' in f.rn'l
I'.it'loniinii- ('re illo s
Accoin,iiilie I bv
' ' v ' M (i.-i I (ll-ti.
'' 'linn A to 7.".,' .ir
t .'l.l.l I' M.
.uO( IK.TV (IP NKW YOltlC. V
l.l'l II lMnofll. 'nnd'r. X
Aeolleti Malt. This f ,-riii,iin. al .1 X
.i niii.r
i ttint-:i Whim Warner
I ItKAl l l. I'UM I HIS
( juiecle II. ill. S.i I. Kir., Mar. IS, H;).
Veullnll Hull. Mm, Ml.. M.inll IT, nt .1.
l.lu.ii f hotln IMnrU
Tlckots at Kimi IJO.' tn1Un HulltJirc
.r,t Hd onic h, tpo. tliitflr. Mcr-
' I .ni-i.-l- ll.ill. el. fl M.-h. ?. m .1
ynends of musk
LKftrilMI smKOWMil Cniiiluctm
Samaroff Bauer Gabrilowftsch
Tlrln-ts. M .Oto :,0,- (lOTiWnr Tsx eilr . si
nun (1111,1-. mill Helen hole, I V ,",ltli M
t'limenle H ill, To-ni' 'Mon.) I'.fcnt S.li
rUnn Keiiul XlelnMa
I roi'i'N for Whr Uur't ui r .
TI-'lsM itrH KJ $2. Met lUenn'l JmiKs
musical JTrt Society
KliAMi HAMIldsCII Dlrecln
25TH SEASON J:,"Vnri"i
T .MINI" 111 MAI. I. ) TI'K.S. i:v...
Tlckels. lrok.r.nii nnd Prospectus m (j(ili
-l wen ri roip-j j.i i 4t'ii
-nllaii 1111, I'rt. Kl . Mih. rt, t HilA,
Salzedo HARP Ensemble
I.ICI I I TOIirniK. Soprsno
IKr (jitlutloi- A. lUinman. M V 3(ilh St
n,IUn Hall. Hal. All.. Mar. 111. at a.
mini! r.KfirAi. Fi.iinr.M'K
Tickets lio omce. Mut Daniel Majrr
Aesillao Hall, Thurs. Kts., M.iri h 31, at Ritlt
i:cn s.
Mti It icneel
: in Totiaci" run-1 1
,lo !vnat IMaitA.
.e.,llun Halt. Weil. Aft.. Mnrrh to, M t
Merwin Howe
Mpint Han nflflA' Join Mnjfiu.tlli.njllnriaii'
AEOLIAN HALL- March 28 8:15.
Vic toria Boshko- Pianist
I'esturlni! "Ifreuttnr .'-nnaia'
Prices M i i-nis to $ 00
Telln lCa-s-tt.il.
M-Ji II I'. ' line
STPf- " PIVN'd
I'll III ess I h .lire, Mi in I. n .Ml ll, I", 1,1 if.sj'W
Joint Iteilliil l.naslleiiia, Ilium, lle.nlei
Askcnasj, l'laiile I.IiiiieI.Is, leimr.
Uriels 11,011, f.'.OJ, :..MI.

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