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IS'cir List of OpporiuniticH
( Prepared for Manufacture
ers.nnd Exporters.
Efforts of British Govern
ment to Extend Trade Arc
Set Forth.
Below are oversea business opporlunl.
tfes for American producers wlio care to
Xtend their export lines.
, Mention haa been made In tlili column
H the German methods of capturing
trade In China ; n1o of Kngllsh manu
. ftcturerB orpanl-lng to follow In tho
xirman' footntrps. That the Bngll-th
faovernment Is alive to oversea oppor
tunities may lie seen from the following
extract headed "Oversea Markets" from
the Government Hoard of Trade Jour
not, which reads as follows:
On of tho most Important conditions
for Increaflng an rxlptln? or nbtnlnltiK a
nw export trade Is tli.u accurate In
formation should bo available as to the
condition- and prospects for the sale of
particular goods In the oversea markets
concerned. Kxperlenco has shown that
here la a considerable field for otflolal or
semi-official assistance. MoM ol tho
(Trent exporting countries of the world
have systems for supplying commercial
Intelligence to their trading communi
ties. Generally speaking, they arc bared
upon the reports sent home .by official
representatives resident. In oversea coua
tries. Such official representatives, however,
are not necessarily men with actual
business experience, and even where the
representatives do possess experience In
Ono or ar.o.thcr class of business, 'they
cannot be in a position to furnish re
borts as cxptrtH upon all r.f the lar.ee
Variety of trades with which they may
he concerned. It Ii necessary, therefore,
to supplement the Information they sup
Ply by data from other sourceSj
Special Conimlaaloner.
The Board of Trade lias frequently In
the past despatched special commission
er to examine particular markets. Kueh
missions have been sent to South and
Ce trap-America, Canada, Australia.
South Africa, Persia, China and Ilusla.
In these cases the commissioner has
been charged with the duty of reportlm:
on the prospects of Hrltlsh trade as a
whole, but the growing Intensity of the
competition between manufacturers of
various classes of commodities 'for the
trade of large consuming markets Ins
made It lncreaslntily desirable that a
market should be surveyed In respect of
any particular J Industry by men with
specialized knowledge.
Tndeed, the principle !s one which has
been acted upon by the X'nlted States
for oome tlm past. Developments ac
cordingly have recently been made on
these lines, three technical Investigators
having been sent last year to Spain
charged with making inquiries with re
aped to a limited range of goods. '
British trade commissioners and com
mercial attaches In various endntries
overseas have recently urged vlth some
frequency the necessity of British ex
porters sending expert Investigators ta
examine markets abroad. It was urged
that In order to make these Investiga
tions effective it was desirable that the
Investigator should be (.elected by the
trades concerned and that steps should
be taken to give the investigator an of
ficial standing.
'In the early part of last year the mat
ter waa considered by a ub-comm!ttee
of the late advisory committee to the
..Hoard of Trade on Commercial Intelli
gence, which waa required to renort in
;what industries efforts should be made
to Induce manufacturers to combine or
reaerate for the promotion of their Joint
Interests in relation tr th'lr exuort
trade, especially for the appointment of
travelling Investigators In the oversea
markets, and on the natuie of the assist
ance which the Hoard of Trade could
render In facilitating such combination'.
The sub-committee took evidence from
a number of trades and also cni!?.dered
the steps taken by other countries in the
matter of associations for investigation
and export.
Export Associations.
-As a result of Its Investigations the
ub-committee recommended that the
Board or Trade should actively take up
tho question of facilitating the forma
tion of export associations of manufac
turers by placing before representative
meetings of manufacturers In such
trades the advantages of cooperation for
export purposes and the results obtained
by such action by other countries, bv of
fering to defray part of the cost of the
despatch of expert Investigators by such
associations to approve oversea markets,
nd by appointing officers to attend the
meetings of the executive committees of
such export associations In an advisory
capacity when desired.
The sub-committee considered that the
iBoard of Trade should contribute to the
expense of the investigations, and that
the reports of the Invwtlgators should
be supplied Immediately to members of
the associations and should he available
to the trade generally through the Board
of Trade only after a lapse of a consid
erable Interval, say, twelve months. It
will he seen that by the system recom
mended by the sub-committee it Is pos
sible to obtain for each trade, nt a com
paratively small expense to the Govern
ment, the advantages which accrue from
expert official Investigation of oversea
'markets. The Hoard of Trade accepted
the report and appointed a committee to
carry tho recommendations Into effect.
, The first Investigation which Is being
carried out on theso lines Is on behalf
.of the Jewelry, silverware, electroplate
anu auiea traues in the south American
market-.. The Department of Overseas
Trade (development of Intelligence)
has been In communication with renre-
tentative associations In these trades In
tendon, Birmingham nud Sheffield, with
the result that arrangements have been
made for a Joint Investigation, the rfc.t
or wnich is nclng defrayed In part by
trades and In part by the Government
The Investigator. (5. I. Hraddoik.
an officer of the department, will carry
considerable collection of samples
which have been selected as representa
tive of the productions of the trade as a
whole. lie will exhibit these samples
In various South American towns and
will ascertain in what respects they fall
short of what is required by the mark t.
The samples arc priced, hut are not la
belled with the manufacturer's name.
Xo Intention to Canrnu,
There Is no Intention of canvassing
for orders, but the Investigator will in
general give th names of a number of
manufacturers In ri"lon-e to Inquiries
as to what firms make particular types
of goods. For the Information of the
British manufacturer the Investigator
will purchase a considerable, range of
samples of goods now (hiding a roidv
sale In the countries visited nd .
make such inquiries in miy he neeen
nary to supplei tent exlsllns Importers
and their c'liirmlerNtlCH, Ac. The In.
vestlgator will miiko periodical reports
and on returning to the rnlted Klnsdnin
will be available for Interview with (ho
manufacturers Interested m the mlr-!on
It may be remarked that Mr. iirta'.
dock will not be the only investigator
In the field. Already the National
Jewellers Board of Trade of the United
States, acting In conjunction with the
Department of. Commerce, which Is shar
ing the cost with the trade, has sent an
expert In Jewelry on a two years tour
of the Latin States.
Addresses of persons nnd firms men
tioned ue reserved, but may Lo ob
tained through Tug Hun's Questions re
garding published Items should be on
separate sheets, a sheet to encli Item,
and the number of the Item should In
all cases be stated.
This Hun does not furnish credit
ratings or assume any responsibility as
to the standing of business men or
firms abroad. Tho usual precautions
should bo taken in all cases.
Trade Opportunities.
371. A firm In fouth Afrtcs desires In
pine an order lor 5,000 doten lamps made
of lirsss or chenper material with brasn
plating, Price should be quoted ss low
hi possible. I. fore the war tho price of
these lumps vvn from S4 to On cents per
dozen, nnd retailing at l: tents each. The
Arm could now pay fl per duaen (New
York) or 11.44 per dozen t deatlnatlon.
The, lamps should be packed one dosen In
a paper bei. Thcae lamp are eknown ns
l-ifllr lamp... Ihe customs duty ta :o per
37?. A business man In the United SlMcs
who la acting ns purohsslrut agent fur a
Arm In tha United Kingdom dealrea to be
placed In communication with American
manufacturer" and exporters of tractors
who' would he Interested In placing an
agency for the aalo of their gaoda In Ureal
373. A doctor In Mexico dealrea to be
Ptnret! In communication with American
manufacturers an.1 exporters of machines
for the manufacture of compressed tablets
and email sugar cent.! pllla. He situ
wishes tp be put in touch with drug bottle
3,4. I'hn rttiero Ate representative of
a nrm In the United Wales who Is nt
present In this country dealrea tn secure an
agency for the sale nf n good line of nickel
Plain! hrtthrnom accessories, such a towel
Purs, op, aponire anil nimbler holders lie
wishes to .ell this line of merchandise In
the Hlver Plate dle-et.
SIB. An agenry la desired by n man In
Au-trnlln tor the sale nf hardware ajch us
builders' hardware, toots ar.d household
gooda. m
S7(. An American consular officer In
South Amerln wishes ta be furnished with
descriptive rataloguea of woven wire fence
and appliance! for the 'construction ot
"am-, audi i fence stretchers unit gal-vnnl-ed
Iron poata The fencing used 'at
presnt la nf smooth wire nailed to poata,
a barbed wire her used for the rnp
strnnd. The ccst of constructing one milt
of such fenee la about 14:5. Th helsrh.
or fence vvhtth n',11 le most m demand la 3
icei . men and 4 ret.
377. A nun !n Vrance dealrea to pur
rhnse ca-l Iron, aluminum. Iron or enam
elled cast Iron cooking utensil., auch as
pitchers, s-iurepuns. pote. snip ladlei,
spoons and forks. It, will buy n mlnlmu.n
quanta;' of 50,000 francs.
37S. A flrr.i In Switzerland ivlshe- tn b"
p.aied in communication with American
manufacturers and eTportera ct sporting
Foods for summer and winter.
Importing of Hides.
379. A business man In Italy wishes to
be plnccd In communication with Ameri
can tanrerles with a view to Importing
tanneti hldi for the manufacture of shoe,
and gloves. Ho nlso wishes to Import
shoes for women.
SS0. The London branch of a firm In
Krancn desires to rurchase agricultural
machinery of all kinds
JSl. A firm In Jamaica la In the market
for machinery for manufacturing corn oil.
Cas'.i will be paid
3?. A Trench firm In Knrland vlhs to
rurchia- machinery for rn'.llmr mills It Is
wil'lts to fci-pt nn agency for '.lie sale of
335. An asncv Is dcalred by a nun In
Italy fur Importing rjbblls and poultry
from the fnlted Plate.
31. A firm In lincUn.l Is In the market
for JM d-ums of rale boiled lln.e.,1 oil.
each drum containing four and a half gal
lons. This oil I. for direct shipment to
Bangkok, .Slam.
335. A man In Australia delres to pur
chase material for making nnd repairing
watches, - nlso optical roods. He alao
wishes to entertain r.n agency proposition
for the sale of rucIi goods.
31''. Th? T.oTdon branch of. A Trench firm
!s In the market fur machinery for making
nil Kin'i- o. loi s.
35 Tl'e linden hrnirh ef l.rm In
Trance dp.Irea to Tiu-"chase machinery for
mamng riass. u -.cin also consider m
nge-.cr prope.t!en for the mle rf urn
Thl m.-icl:lr.r:y is f.,r Krtnch an.l DeUUn
353 A man In Indl.' des.res to purchp.e
I'ortlnn.I ceme-it Ft tuple e. iili orrielil
tot nf each qcAllte should be sulire.ltied.
359 An aaencv ; i.irei by a man In
ltulv for the sole rf bcthtubs. uashbowls.
enamelled plunblrg nnrc tf Sill klnda and
bathroom heale-s.
JP". A firm In S'canrtlnat Is nlshes tn se
cure an agency for the sale of pig Iron
Interetted firm, may communicate with
aj-nr In the United .state who represents
this firm.
351 A Trench firm In Hngiand wl.h-s tn
huv machinery fo- bolt making It l
willing to accept an agencv for the aale of
315 The president of the boa-rt of puh
llc works of a city In I aly nlshes to I.e
Placed tn communication with American
ii.iiuiBriurer emeu con n iu-nlsh "ieefl
' alTTTacl'Ines fo- uniondlne; ships, and es.
P'cfsli.v for d'scha-gtng coal ami grain.
393 A ft-T In K-ilnnl nlsiire to secure
nn arnc fo- .e'e of hea cbemlcals
ll liuslmrs .t:i i,,. trii'sacted through
tin-'- purt hosing aent in the rnllei'
Mat-.. ti, iiercy s desired for r.ns
wr.d nnd the southern part of zThirepo
Comptroller Trail l Says Harden Is
ot Oppressive,
Ar.BANT. March 51. State Comptroller
Travis believes that a direct Stato tax
le-y for the next year Is Inevitable to
meet the requirements of the sinking
fund. He said to-day that the ordlnarv
expenses of government exclusive of the
slnklrg fund will need all of the ef.
tlmated resources for the year. The
rate will he approximately the same as
It was for this year, he added.
"The levy of a direct tax for the
sinking fund Is mandatory under the
'ontltutlnn," Mr. Travis explained.
"find In voting for th Ir.sue of bonds
the people of the State pledged them-
sehes to pay n direct tax each ear
until mesa Donui arc redeemed. The
burden placed on the Individual tax
payer Is not oppressive. The benefits
derived Include tho Improvement of
canals, highways and the preservation
of the forests.
"I.at year each taxpayer was re
quired to pay lee than 11 cents on eich
$100 valuation For the last ten years
fJovernors and Comptrollers have said
that indirect revenue could not be ie
lied on to provide Indefinitely for the
exprnses of government .Since Oov.
Dh's regime the State debt has in
creased oer 1100,000,000 "
Measure Xon Before Senate for
Action Prospects Bright.
The Assembly has paseil without a
dissenting vote the Torrenp hill Intro
duced by Assemblyman W. '. Youker
of Brooklyn. This bill amends tbo Tor
rens law In the manner recommended by
former Register Hopper. The Youker
bill also had Incorporated In It-Features
of thn Coles1 hill and was tndor.ii-d by
the Registers and County Clerks of
(Ircater New York.
The measure Is now before the Senate,
Several hearings have been held before
tho Senate Judicial Committee ami It Is
expected that the fubstantlal features
of the nmenilments'wlll receive the np
prnval nf the Senate.
Opposition to the Tnrrens amendments,
It said by tho Torrena Tltlo League, has
come from tho title companies and from
certain professional lltlo searchers, nnd
although they have failed In defeat tho
bill those opposing hnvn endeavored to
weaken tho law by rhangeR that nre con
tmr to true Torrena principles.
A general cnnlract has been aw.irilcil
to the l.oiigacie Cunt tt notion Company
fur til" election of a sl story llrcproof
theatre- and clll e building in ifilit
Hi Iwaj, houthwest corner of Plfty-
flrst tr ot. on land owned by the Won
ilel estate and len.-uiil tn the Moredall
IliMlty Company. The pUn and i-prrl-llcatlons
were pri'iiared by Thomas V,
Lamb. The building will have facades
of face brick, llnie.tone and terra eotta
nnd will havo srour.il dimension: of lOOx
J8Sx Irregular.
Men's Wenr Firms Fenr Losses
if Women's Wear Mnkcrs
Get Contracts.
Men's clothing manufacturers, who
have mado large Investments In special
machinery to speed tip the production
of trnlted Slates army uniforms In an
ticipation of getting frequent and larger
contra tts were much concerned over re
ports from Washington that manufac
turers of women's wearing apparel are
to bo given contracts for Government
New York manufacturers of men's
wear have Insisted that their factories 1
are fully equipped to produce all the
garments needed by the Government and
have Intimated that the nwardlng of
contracts with men's wear houses In
other markets was done for the purpose
of holding a club over the heads of the
New York concerns. But with the ex
tension of the uniform making facilities
to the women's wear Industry the sen
tlmcnt Is becoming general that future
contracts will bo small and of short
tenure as far as the Individual awards
aro concerned.
On the other hand. It is said, by men
who are close to the loners that he In
Washington, thnt there will be develop
ments In the uniform making situation
within tho next few weeks that will as
sure big contracts for every house
which Is In a position to handle them.
Despite the Government's attitude that
It Is not responsible for the Installation
of spechl machinery and that no request
was made to the manufacturers to spend
large sums in equipping their plants
with special machinery, the manufac
turers. It Is understood, are preparing
to submit to the authorities evidence
of tho urgent request made by the
depot quartermasters for more speed In
the production of garment.
These requests could only bo compiled
with through the Installation of special
machinery. In view of the assistance
given nt the manufacturers It Is ex
pected that every effort will be made
to see that these houses are given con
tracts so that their Increased facilities
may be fully utilized.
Collar to Coat More.
Indications are that within the next
three months the price of men's collnrs
will again be advanced to the retailer.
I'rnctlcally every collar and shirt
manufacturer In New York deolnie that
there Is every probability that tho rise
will come, due to the Increased cost of
raw materials. '-v
Cotton Goods Men to Meet.
Sprciat ruifittth to Tun Si.
Washington-, March 30. It has Just
been learned here that another commit
tee of cotton goods men will be In this
city on April 10 to confer with Howard
Brookings and other members of the
price fixing committee. According to
Information given out he:e, the new
committee has not been appointed yet.
It Is expected the committee will be
selected through the National Council of
r.'itton Manufacturers and miy const!-
tine home or me memner. nr me com -
mlt.ee who came here lact week to tils -
cuss the matter of prl:c fixing, as well
an additional mill men from the South
and North.
Leather Market Quirt.
Spteial Dettatch to Tar. Six.
Boston, March 30. A few sizable
sales liave been made in the upper
leather market, but trado in general is
quiet. The demand still continues for
the better grades, while third and fourth
quality stock is hard to move.
Heavy sole leather of good quality
mote readily, while the lUhter weights
nre not active Shoe manufacturers are
known to be piling up order, which
t-ooner or later must be put Into the
cuultig room.
Trade In oak sole Is quiet with the
.n. Hah r.t l-nl'drtitil,.,,! .i.n'SHnn
enther. Or. v tma ots of ace eather
ar relllng. Tho trade Is t.ot calling'
iu. nil.. n.iiui. iiuai.imi.-, v uuiiiiiiisi
cneir iiurcnas'es co jusc rui.iriuni quium
tles to carry them for a few weeks.
Wool Contlnnea Strong;.
Special Detpatrh to Tub 9vx.
Philadelphia, March 30. The wool
market here continues Its strong tone,
with prices good. In fact there Is
little change noted from the preceding
week, when a little acthlly became ap
parent. Spot wools continue In ttrong re
quest. One of the matters oecupjlng
the minds of wool men Is the transpor
tation problem, which will loom large
with the coming dip. This Is a seriou1
quest Inn at pret.ent. There are Indi
cations; that somo denier ar 1 elng
caught for the non-delivery of wools
they have bougnt and sold.
Shipping AVorrles Manufacturers
Not only ocean shipping but shipping
on land is worrying manufacturer. Ex
press companies are unable tn handle
all the business and frequent embar
goes have mado deliveries on given dates
Manufacturers have turned to parcel
)v;st, but that too has become congested I
and Is wt breaking records for speedy
delivery. The result, according to
manufacturers, will he complete auto- '
mobile delivery systems for points that ,
can lie reaencu uy moiur iroin .ew
Trade With Onrvelves.
While the figures ot business done by
the t'nlted States In Central America
dhow that this country has a percentage
of the total larger than that of any j
other nation, the fact remains that In
general commerce the position Is not
nearly fo good as mignt no supposeu.
,V large share of this business la really
done "with ourselves," according to one
of New York's leading exporters.
For example, he says that most of tho
mines now working have been opened
Wltn American c,ipiii aim ciuiuiteei .
t -!.... 1,1.. i. '
W illi .vineriv-uii iijv iiiii.-i ) .no, -nn-i
Huppllc. Some of these mines have
been highly profitable, while others are
still In the development stage and be
fore they show a worth whllo profit
they will have to solve problems of
power, consolidation nnd extremely dlfll
cult trinsportatlon.
tVIII Address Importer).'
"Import Control" will be the subject
of an nddresj to bo made this week be
forn a meeting of Importers by P. H.
I'eterson, director of the hureati of Im
ports of the War Trade Hoard.
In accepting Invitations extended by
the Merchants Aisoclntlnn of New York
and the American Importers Assocla
Hon, Mr. I'eterson nulil he would con
wider It a pr.Uli'Ko to meet Ihe im-
porters of the city nnd amlst them In
any pnsslblo munjier.
I, usuries Show Sbrlnkiige,
All Imported articles classed as lux
uries declined in value fur January,
compared wtth figures nf .lanuary, 1917.
I'latlnum has been eliminated from the
luxury list, becauso nf the recent com-
mamlcerlns by the Uovcrnme nt ot tin
1918 ' Wool Clip to Be
as Big as Last Year
Kt'OHTS In the annual wool Is-
pus' of the Daily Sews Record
Indicate that this year's clip
will1 bulk as large ns last
year's In spite of the heavy losses In
jnnny sections. Tho reports con
tinue :
"Owing to thn recent mild winter
In many growing Hectlons this year's
yield will surpass last year's In
quality and condition. These con
clusions aro based on reports from
the growers themselves In numerous
counties of eighteen, States. These
results represent the beginning of a
likely rapid growth' In the wool in
dustry of the country, according to
opinions of experts.
"Kfforts to utilize .Southern and
middle Western cutover lands on a
large scalo for sheep grazing are
only one feature of this promising
stnrt. Inducements to farmers to
return to sheep raising have also
bin n made attractive and this work
has Involved even the boys' and
girls' sheep clubs.
"This movement has also been
helped by retail and wholesale
entire supply. Several articles remain
ing In the luxury class, however, de
clined anivreclablv In value tho first
month of this year. The Import show
Ing, except for liquors, Is given below
In thousands of dollars:
... . j:t r,n:.
. ... 2.401
. ... .!!
. ... 4.n..
. ... .1,000
i son
Art works ,
Kur. undressed,..,
Preeloua atones. .
Silk, raw a
Silk, manufactured,
S.073 i
11. two
tlealya nr Spindly f
fP'Hal Cablt MjwlcA fo Ths Srs.
l'.cnts, March 30. Parisian milliners
are, one might ray, "up a tree."
Oaby Deslys wants giyly trimmed
hats. Mile, Splnelly wants simple hats
with no trimming.
Klther of these artists Is capable of
swinging the I'arls fashions. Milliners
aro undecided as to which they rhall
Trills on mouse.
Newest blouse samples being shown by
manufacturers Indicate that frills of all
varieties are replacing the conventional
collars on summer blouses. The neck
frill has been the latest feature to cap
ture popular fancy. It seems likely to
rival the rolling collar before the sea
son In over.
llnileon Seal Scarce.
Hudson seal ha' soared so high in
price that It Is thought posible that
the genuine seal wih be more In de
mand ss there will be a larger supply of
it In the market.
Levies on Machinery.
At a meeting of the National Society
of Woolcomhers and the Wool Top and
Noll Warehousemen's Union, held In
Bradford, England, the subject of levies
on machinery In the wool trade, after
the order of the system adopted by the
Lancashire cotton Industry, was again
Whatever form the lew takes, the ob
lect Is to eouallre the remuneration re
celved by employees In the event of
' certain portion hiving less work to do i
' because of the reduction of the c omb
. ing output, which, according to depart
mentsl arrangement,
March 1?.
Piece Gooda Prices.
An idea of Saturday's quotations In
print cloths for nearby delivery can be
had from the following:
....5 to 15 c,
16', to 17
. . lit. to II V
to I
..10', to 10,
121, to 121
4H.44 Sll, Inch 7 15..
no-4 4 3d', Incn .2S .
CO. .12 34 L, inch g.oj. .
'I.&a 3IS Inch 5.50. .
n4-1 .H's Inch 5.J5..
fi4-i!4 3t, Inch E.15. .
H-44 .tl Inch fi.CO. .
"S.72 a
0-.l 31
T 2 -T n 39
'.l-to 27
' C100 41
Inch 1.75..
l-icll 4.00..
Inch 4 :.. .
Inch 9.oa.
Inch 7.C0. .
Inch 4.15.'.
' " "i.i .ir -,i iu. .. ui n.c
Pi Ices
13 tn 14
i '().. nrh f 00
44-40 ! Inch .ts
44-40 40 Inch 4.2S
5l .H0 J Inch 4.00. . . .
4S.40 S. Inch f..s0
4k. 44 10 Inch 6.00
4H-44 JC Inch 4.50
4I-4S 40 Inch 2.tS
21 4j
15 to US
164 to I
284 to 29
9H-92 39 Inch 6 15
9S.: 40 Inch 7.50
90. 39 Inch 5.00
f.?0 10 Inch fo
0.o 0 Inch 9.00
76-72 40 Inch 9 eo
9S-I00 39 inch S.OC
I-92 Si inch 5 25
f-S0 40 Inch .oo
0.;1 4( Inch .oo
72-OS 40 Inch S.00
..22 to
. 20
. 19
. 1
24 tn 25
.22 to 23
. ..194
7 .to 174
, Buyers in the City.
House Furnishing.
-A Broude A Co,
A. Ttroiide
(rugs, linoleums, lace and upeslry cur -
lainsi, noiei vcaillCK.
N'MtKOLK, VA The Wlllls-Croll-Smlth
;;r;e,."Ho,re, w c"p,'l an" ' -
ST LOClS-11 Nugent A Brn. Dry ciooda
Co V. N Anderson truga and dra-
perles). 470 Fourth av top tloor.
l!Al.l,.iTii.s mia, ,s V E C. Welch X
ci. n. iiooncy (millinery and dry
goodsl, Park Avenue Hotel.
Kline (untrlmnied hatsl 7 West 3Sd at,
DALLAS Huron Hroi. Millinery Co. I.
I la run (millinery nnd trimmed hetai,
G7V Broadwny
PROVIUKNCE Rosendale Co. p. Roi-
endsle (inllllneryl, Hotel Flanders.
ALTOON'A, PA. J. Herrog (furs)
CHlCAliO C. Heiinlng (manufacturer
NORFOLK. VA. L. Llchtenstrln (furil
lur garmeniai, i.atnam
i iiotei lorg
Men'a and Boys' Furnishings.
' Co H. F. Stem (inen'a hats), care of
Hutel (Iruml
Heady to ftar.
ITHACA A. R. Kawjer A Co. Joieph
Wanilerntnck (ready to wcarl. car of
Monger, Lyon, Kahn ,ti Co., 1113 Broad
CI l'VFI.AS'11 lllrsch Cn Ml.. (-.....
Ll.l. r.l.AU llirsrn c.o. Miss Esther
t;:ohn',',4,-J0l,"FoOufr!,hre,ar)l ' 8' 8'0
er ix.'iv c iv.ker fre.ene. ...
VS.re.i' ,i'..re (manufacturers
sk Iris . Albert.
LOUISVILLE Slevv-urt Dry Ooods Co.
Miss E. Bennett teats, suits, drrsaes.
wraps, wtilsts), : West 37th st top
MINNEAPOLIS Minneapolis Dry Oooda
Co O. Li Hlssonlere, (coats, suits,
vvalslsi, Hi Fourth .iv.. room K07.
MEMPHIS Bry, Block Merc. Co. Mr.
Welssner (jobs coats, dreasea, wslsts,
rklrta for b.iaement), care of S. Solo
mon. 470 Fourth nv
Vii.. , w.iJ . lie. ., 7.1 iMiin.... ..
of S non 10 Fourti av ' ' '
ci ir-uio -"t?, Vil lliia Wslst? Khon. Me
' Nathan TalsrV. " lo er'ci.rl'd'i?"- Mr'
Miss Ilogun, Miss iiugnea and Mr Stern
I'lere lioods.
J BOSTON V. cbiupIiII (dry goods), ureal
Noitln-rn Hotel
I CHELSEA, MASS Flelsche nros. S.
eleleiiie inuriapaj, iiroaawny uenlffal
iiortH), Hotel Imperial.
P. Wbehin (dry goods). 47 West 34th at.,
room (ISO
IilioVIDENCE I Cohen (plcca goods).
i ToLEDO W. L. Mllner eV Co. K. A. B.s
liroaitway eer,irai iiniei
aiera dire a. goods, silks ftnd ralvets),
care of A. Kant!. 10 West 126 ft.
ATLANTA T. K. Cox (general merchan
dise!, (trnnd Hotel. . ,
CHICAOO I. Abelsnn Hon. A. J. Abel
son (dry goods, shoes), Hermitage.
CHICAOO .'ears, ltoetmck & X'o. C. J.
Corns-ell (furnishing goods, hats, caps,
trunks, bags), A ,M. Ueb (represent
ing). 11$ Kirth av.
DKM MOINF.f" Hheurmsn mo. M, A.
ftheuerman (dress goods, silks, velvets,
woollens, tailors' trimmings, cssalmeres,
blankets, manufacturers ladles' dress
skirts and macktnaw coats), I4 Broad
May; Hotel nreslln.
DETROIT A. Krollk Co. I. Cohen
(dress s, dressing saeqties and flannel
. lette night robesl, JI7 Brnailwav.
JACKKONVIM.R H. Ktnkslsteln (dry
gooda and Jewelry), Broadway Central
f.OS ANtlKf.HR 1. A. Newmark Ac Co. V.
A. Nenmark (shirts, pajamas, night
gowns, a eaters, glotes, macklnaws,
rotctai. I J !.cnnard st,
MOXTrtKAt, Debenham's. F. X. D. I
tlrandpre (women's hats, children's caps,
flowers and feathers), II. .1. Ilccvre
(representing). Hotel Uroitell.
PnovIDKXCi: f. Martin (general mer
rhan.1l.el. Hotel Continental.
RORKKunil. ILL C. V.' Weiss Co. r. V,
Wetar (ilrr goods, notions, women's gar-
mental. 41)1 Knurth av.; Coiling ood.
SAO HAttnolt. .V, y. s. II. Tahnr (gen
eral merchandise), Herald Square Ilitel.
BOSTON K. T Slattery Co. U. II. fil-m
(perfumery, art Roods, fancy gooda.
leather goods), Si West SJil st.
ron Co. Mr. Mayer (garters, suspenders,
ehneatrlngs), Mr. Ie?vv (krnailciotha, cot.
ton piece gimilal, Miss Stern (fancy
gooda. nrtlnns, rlbbonsi, M !lrin (rep
resenting). 500 Fifth av.. room 414.
I Business Troubles.
rrtltlons In Bankruptcy.
Petitions In bsnkruptry flleit Saturday
In the Cnlled States District Court are:
STJtAL'CH Voluntary petition by Albert
T. Straurh ana William E. Straueh, In
dividually and sa copartner., dolns busi
ness under the (Inn name nf strnuch
Bros., manufacturing pianos. :-3d Tenth
avenue. I. labilities. 1139,151: asef.
tl$0,50. Secured claims Peter I),
ftraueh. Ill, 100; New Vork County Na
tional Hank, fj.000 Uneeeure.f claim.;
1'. D. Straurh. f:j,:OI. Blake Ac Johnson
Comranr, i:.014: c. I Cotter Company.
IS.'sS: J. Jcngen. H.2O0. Henry It. Hinger
named as receiver. Dads, Donohue,
Thompson AV Detts. t Liberty afreet, are
the attorney..
IDA. BRAVRMAN Voluntary petition hy
Ida Hravenian, :.S West Ninety. seventh
nur.i, j.i in iiiies, e.es; no a-sec..
Trackman 11, it. Inn 13. Hh,ilv nr.
the attorne)a.
Kereher In Bankruptcy.
TION .ludge Auguatua N. Hand ap
olnted Jesse. KnljtM receiver for Inter
ocean Navigation Corporation, 2 Rector
atreet, under a bond of JjiOO.
Schedule In Bankruptcy.
Schedules In bankruptcy nied Saturday In
the Cnlted States District Court were:
LIES Schedules of Isidore Krulm and
Caul Margollea, wal-ta. 33 West Nine-
teentn street: Liabilities. S2.,41 4: as
sets. 1,75 I'rlnclal clnlms; ltec-a! Sill.
comnny, , M. r-chwnrtrntid. 13. .
030. SetiHe Jones, 1695 C.lnsburg X.
I'lcken, 116 Nassau street, nro the iit
tornea -It'IHiMENT,
The following ludgntents we-e fllcd Sat
urday, March 30; the first name being
that of the debtor
Ash. Charles M. lerteln liiS.'l
Auerbach, Mayer S.. and Leopold
even c -Biaini . .-. l,m i:
Rogue, Samuel n k. Herkert.. H9.S1
Butcher, Wni. L Isaac Ootd-
nunn Co d!0.3J
Blonsty, Joseph -11 1'. Jensen... S2S.!5
Empire Carry Corp. II. 7.etlln.. ll.043.55
Lconomy Ttltso Co, Inc. Texas
Troducera Rl.-e co . Inc
Flnkelateln, Abraham D. Thorn
back I. K. Freehold Estate. Inc.
Trank B. Hall A Co.. Inc.
Geo. V Ellis I'l'imblng Engineer
ing Co., Inc. Sweets Catalogue
1.270. 23
MerMCe In
iltser. Kva A (t-lishef.Uv
aloltser. Kva
Helndimann. Ferdinand Queens
Land end Title Co, Inc ..
Huhn. adel K. ItuJsnn Motor
101 It
c-r v. or n y . inc
:o; i3
123 "0
l. 5.5.1
Inenrk. Ralph J A M I'.rn-t
i it.ii ill" n. Ji.c ?. .cuuiger
Johnston. Frank, and Sliic
Young Anchor Corrugating
Construction Co
JerJclns, ileorare J. Weinberger .
Jennings. Louis H. M F. Elwell
Jarnleson. (ienrge n r. E.
Jamteaon, coats
Koaowaky. Harrj II. P.. win
throp et al
Keenan, John and Frank N. Ep
ateln I-on Sable Realty Co. F. II
Xlnnlcutt et al
I.es.elhaum. Max. and Max Wll
dersehall Chatham and 1'henlx
National Hm4t of the City of
n v . r. ... . .
I.eschrlner. Siegfried A Han.cn
Murphj. Charlotte P Me.Mahnn.
M..on. Livingston M .I
Krac. et s
Stern, Harold E. Stern, costs
Skolilo1. Sn'nuel. and Imts (lers-
ten sD ca'ib'.nger
Tlclcnof. rritrk I., and Walter L
-F I. Peters
Wiener. Isaac n and Sartte Se-
ei'rlt Hank nf V Y
Wolf, Louis II. B endermann . .
1,101. CI
3. 15
e7 6S
4S 71
151 03
750 9
' The first nime Is that tif the debtor:
Esposlto, Andrew K. Erposlto. ., j Ml. 1ft
O Hrlen. William II. M S. Kahn
2r SR
Itenlell. Moses n. II. LefT
Schlff. William Hebrew Ft I-oan
Society, Inr
Tomasn, Morris and Oscar Par-
koff Same
Taylor. Edward I. Belle Mead
Sweetniakes Inc
Wlttonfr, Sellg E. Ii, Lona i
Itaa. Ine
William Rnkr. Ire ; I Brown'
Satisfied .Indgmenti.
64. .VI
The first name la that nf the
the second that of the creditor and date
when Judgment was nlei:
Uaum. Jossnh M Milton M. CoH
smith and Chns. M. Rosenthal
A. S. Roth Feb. IS. lnia .
Wllleta, Samuel S. Katz et al.
March n. It'll
I'ennoc-k, Ellse It H. N. Spraker,
C44 31
170.57 i
4,909 04 i
119 S.1 1
1. snn no
2, M ft Oft
111 41
534 10
441 7 ,
i .. ' .'".'. '.'.'. ''.-..
.ov. in, ini.,.
; "Vent " lim ' r",r:
lti..i, ij.v. i ,..'.'' ". ". '
""f. I1; '',0''' ,L ' A' McDonald.
ur -ii
, ',r,: J."' J'V.?;,' ';,",.,
, ''7,1 ,te i, J' . "
j !,7s'i' . .' ' ' lfil'
yew art. Wm. .1 -'-'s'atlon'ji' Sure'tv
' v o i-eopie, c : liec. 1.1 Ji
i vacated I
HI'l.. Iinnald M. i!
ner; April SO. 1l1
III'!-. Donald-dl 1.
J!l. IfHK
F. Etlensper.
Lleyd, Jun
Hertz, levuls V, IV.
Oct. 1. 1917
II Tinhti:
Special Hipatch fo Tiir St v
TRENTON. N. J., March 30 The fnl
lowing corporations were chartered in New
Jersey today:
Falrvlew Realty Company, In sell real
estate In Camden, capital, 1150.000, Incor
porators, Wallace Benedict, William O
.vinrrnvv, ,, t iiviia-ni vv irKcrsna tn, cam
den, j
Sheppard Farm Comnanv. to lnn.u.
firm tiraducls In e'edarvllle: capital. $25,-
000; tniorpurnlor. Ullbert W Fh.epp.ir.
""ward M Sheppard, Timothy Shepjur
PPard )
ce inrviiie
vv lima ir ivuiiiuiiR I einpa-iv to sell real'
. ..in. in Trenlon ...,,lil linn nan .
Porator. 11 A'smt'th ' Ja'n.V 7
Charles E. Stokes. Vincent I
Cur fl urn mere, Trenton
Tatteisi I. '
P Rr.idler.
1 A. II Knipp Co., Inc.. to den' In coal
i In rateraon. capital.. 150,00a. incorporators
James W. Knapp, Joseph A Akock, Lewla
C, Wetcher, I'uterson
Newark and New- Vork Towhoit Com
pany, to handle frelrtht transportation In
Newark; capital, ICO.OOfl, Incorporators,
KdwtM-d Hegley, James .1, Absley, e'h.irlea
K. Taylor. William 1! West. Newark.
North Jersey Itaklnir Cnmpsny, tn deal
In bread In Passaic; capital, 1100,000: In
corporators, Lyman Boelner, Andreve Han
Ich. Sum htrelt, I'assnlc a
I i) I'lnineii Agency, in ennuuer a gen.
luurince agency In Elizabeth: cap!-,
I I"1 UMB. Incorporators, John J. Me.
;fy Kltgernl,l, Helen Su'-'
llvan. Elisabeth
Mii'ltlcelln Deve'opinent Company, to
reii eslate In Jersey City ; cnpllnl, t.',
000. Ini'orporivtors, .Iiinie. McCifirev,
Chirle. F (iallnrther, John C, Block, Jer
sey Clly.
North Jersey Warehouse Company, tn do
warehousing business In Lincoln Park
capital, 110. 000; Incorporators, Norman A.
Buttle. Lincoln Park, Clinton R, Williams,
Patrick M Kelly, Lincoln Park.
CUrk Restaurant Company, tn conduct
restaurants In Newark: capital, 110,000;
Incorporator. Chsrl-s It. Clark, Edward
L. Knlsr, John Silky, Ncscark,
f Yesterday's Fires. I
A. M. I,os,
1M0 Easlclitaler road, cast of Clun
Hill road, automobile; 1'hi-
nlo Wrnderltch 11.000
4;J 59 Vestry St.; unknot n Nono
5:20 I3S E. 40th St.: Charles
Rele.1 Trifling
10:IO:4 St. Ann's av., The Bronx:
Anna Muller Trifling
P. M.
12:15 US' Amsterdam av.; Mtchn-d
Penny TrlPIng
12:io llntli st. and Fort Washing
ton sv; lot None
1:20 Iiroailnay and 2S9lh t..
liruah ,. ,, None
2:00 liil E. lJi'd st.; Thumna
linrley , Trifling
2:05 Waterhury av. and Dean av.'
cteorge Slelnmlller Trifling
2;45 44th st. and Vanderbllt uv..
automobile; Andrew (Jiiloclc, Trifling
3:15 105 Home at.. The Hrimx:
Max FMiPell TrlrllnR
4:25 W. 14 9th St.; Henry Els
tel ..... Trifling
8:40404 E. 54th St.: Sanli Jones. 1200
7:20 S53 12. 170th St.; Henry Jer-
chener Trilling
A. M. J.osa.
3:40 :;.8 West End av.: E. Egen-
sr Slight
9:10224 W. 52,1 St.; May A Co.. ..night
9:25 ion E. 127th at.; owner un
known Slight
10:50 fili W. 131st at.; owner un-
knnnn Nono
11:00454 W. 2tth st ; Oeurge
Sykea Slight
r. m.
12:0l2ito Lexington av.; .ladle
Wit. on Trifling
12:501250 Co-ter at.. The Bronx:
rutitlsh; unknown None
2:20 i:tn Wst U.Jd (.: lot Trifling
2:43 94th st nnd West End av.:
Eugene lllgglna ....Trifling
1:25 If. E. Tnth at.: Samuel En-
gel Trifling
4.20 170 Forsyth st , Margaret
Targes Trifling
7:20 C34 Westchester av.. Bronx:
unknown Trifling
Food Trantactions Wasteful,
Says "Produce News."
The l'i-oiliire .Vcirs says that the ac
tivities nf Dr. .lonnthan O. Day. Com
missioner of I'ubllc Markets, in buying
i fln,J
selling eggs an 1 potatoes "arc
simply waited cITorts.
'There I not one particle of evidence
to show consumers nro not getting the
fresh eqg nt reasonable prices, and the
same Iv true of potatoes," the organ of
tho prodtirii trado says. "In fact pota1
toes have been cheaper for thn past four
months than they have been for the last
flvo years at this season, .while egjs
are being retailed to consumers nearer
to tho wholesale price than ever before,
even before the ISev. Jonathan Day bc-
I cafic Interested
'It Is learned that the Rev. Piy's do
pfrtment Is .elllng egirs to the small
dealers at 37 cents with a guarantee thnt
they pass them on to the timsutners at
30 rents, or 2 cents a dozen over tho
wholesale carload market. Thin is an
Illegal waste nnd ue of the taxpayers'
money There I no evidence to Miow
consumers were not getting the fresh
ggs and potatoes as near tn the whole
sale market n posxlble. Yet t lie Itev.
Day sees' fit to squander tho taxpajers'
money with his folly while they arc
neglecting Hie vital objects of the de
partment, that i, seeing that rallroid
deliveries were prompt and prevent the
wilful waste and destruction of food
stuffs at the different terminals In New
York city
"Rev. Pay Ins recently appointed
about ."iii,000 worth of commissioners,
deputies and what tint, and we would
like to have Mr lM' statement orr
bis .!g:ii'uro showing us Just what the
continier is giving from the ptcpctit
activities of his department."
Pennaj Iranian. 110, Sajs Winter
Waa Very Dail,
Special Detpateh to Tan Si v.
riTTSBrnn, March SI. In all hi 110
years of life, William Hylens of Turtle
Creek, never induced nnother winter nn
cold a t ic lat. be says. A far luck
as aed Turtle Creek foils can remem
ber. Illlb made dally I.M!.t to the pot
office in all kind" if ue.tthe:-.
He his been mi-v-ed recently and an
Investigation dlclo.ed Hilly in his home
wealing .1 yw eater arul close to a lite
"I don't feci n pert a I used to." 111I
' mltted tin centen.irl ..p. "I haven't felt
right since winter. I hate to think I'm
getting feeble, but It's all due to the
Hylens was born near hi present
home and till eight years ago worked as
a lumberman.
Soldier Held for Motor Killing.
Ltn.s. .M.is , March SI. Call 11.
Vose of this city, a nnn-ceimmlsslotied
oBlcer In tho National Army at Camp
I "evens, was arrested to-day on a charge
nf manslaughter Uu connection with an
automobile accident In which Mrs. Karh
erlne C Prnnett was killed last night
The woman was alighting from a trolley
cat when struck by at att'o r,l le, t .c
j driver nf which kept on without learning
' ,lle' t'x,e"t nf '"; ll'Jurlc- Hand, wctc
I furnl-linl by Voe' father, AV
t oso of this ltj and Huston
Ol M. MEN AMI lll).
Ill.ltkr.l.l'.l .IKMSI, S) IIOIH,.
"From Primary lo e'.illeie" ilym
Swlmitllinr I'm, I etc '17 It vcir "U'l
sad Si Tel sihuvl-r vw
ll e, ICS llll 1st ItllOl i nil elllll,
Meld. ton Wi-l -i llnv. may re
main all dav Ine hntiiij it study hour
TeiiniiCnnrt- Mh.t'.eli' bind p to (Vllcg.
I Ills lillti t i iltti vi'1'i.e.K. 111,11.
A ftl'MlldV. Rn s N lt4Jt't'.si I
ihe "i iioiii, t in t riif. vnii rivr
IICRIilt', N. 1 MX, X. 1. (Ill
Let the New York Sun
help you solve the prob
lem of placing your boy
or girl in a camp this
, I
The Sun carries more camp
advertising than any other
New York daily.
The School, College and
Camp Bureau
150 Nassau St., N. Y. City.
MAN lor cleaiiliiK In instiiution,
t A. M.. 320 Hast CM M,
Sandy Hook
l'rlnress Jamaica Hay Onvernors
(Tho HorscslKwl Hay
ie. A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M.
Apiil I 11-vt.-, 11:44 11:30 ll:4'.l
April 'z W oil I2.:i2 12:14 I2:.i7
April 1.0 1,10
April 4 -lilt 1:37 -Jill)
April .'. -j:4ii :i :-'.. ja' ;i :t)
April 11 3141) 4 4i! :i:,M 4:117
April 7 I-)I ti.'itt :::is
12 ..11
Trout Sriiaon Opens In S State To-day.
To. day I the opening of the trout
eeason In New Jersey, Connecticut nnd
New Hatnpshlro and to-morrow In Rhode
Island, in New York State the season
opens on Snturday,
A new law Just signed by Giv. Whit
man, which gne Into elject Immediately,
nlll recjulre ths non-resident sngler to
mice out .i lliense hernre tin can nsn in
the New York State freh naters. This
license rests H2.50 nnd can
:an He nail from
any cllv, town or County Clerk. Persona
under in 5 ears are eempi irom operation
of the law.
New .lersey I'rospecls Splendid.
HACK ETTSTOWN, N. .1., March .H.-
I'lablng for iirnnk, brown and minnow
trout, nlo chlnnnlc talmon, beulns In New
.lersey to-mnirow. The trout limit la
twenty. five tlsh sU Inches In length. The
salmon limit Is ten flsh. It 1 Illegal to
fish for any game f.sh between II I. M,
and daylight. The trout and salmon sea
son lasts until June IS,
Tha season opens with the finest pros
pect for sport that Now Jersey angler
ever hnve experienced. Tor at least f.0.
000 fishermen April 1 will h a holiday,
for trout fishing, which a few years ago
was almost n lost art In New Jersey
through the near extermination of the
trout, 1 now to bo enjoyed In practically
every county.
Ernni streams In the suburb of Newark,
the stile's itrest metropolis, to the brooks
tint rlppie down mnuntalnatiles nr through
deep pine woods, the nngler can whip hi
file, acres, pool, where flne specimens of
Iruiildom will hungrily rlio to the lure.
Itronn Trout New In New Jersey.
There are three kinds ctf trout to. Ii
enught III New .I-.rsey streams the brook
or notice trout, the rainbow trout and the
brown trout E.icb kln-1 ha Its own ad
mirers nrnong nngler, although a fisher
man hns cju.e to lelolce when he can hook
Into n big fellow of nny f the three u
The brown trout Is the newest to New
Jersey nsliermcn. This tlsh seems likely to
mike n creat lilt In streams m hero the
witter nets too warm in summer for the
sueces-fiil rearing nf the brook and rain
bi trout It strikes viciously. I a ter
rific flchter when booked and therw Is no
finer tlsh for the tallies.
Chinook -nlnnn In tindlncked take.
Th Sftc I'lsli nnd flame Commle-lnn
hns been niaklr? nn evtenlve ill.trllaitlon
of Chinook salmon In landlocked lakes
liurlnir the lnt two e-,r. nnd the success
of this eperlment shmil I be determined
this ee.-i.on. when the erst lot nf salmon
plmteil will hle reached fair stxe.
The fl.h en.unilssinn lias evewx- reison to
bfllece -lint these .ullilin will prove a
hlcbly Import Hit nildltlon to the food nnd
game fish of New Jersey. i;,s Is the same
salmon that Is caught so extensively for
commercial purposes on the Pacific coast.
Ire Too Thick; No Hiss for Stocking.
TRENTON N. J.. March .11. Owing tn
the lonir continued icro weather r.f the ptst
wlnfr. the New Jersey .state Fish and
flftmo Cuniml.elen hns been unable to make
'I usual distribution of black hiss nnd
other fish netted from tho canals In the
Many streuni. and take. In other ptrl
"f the State liner hern annua!, restuelced
from this source., I cm 1 1 . It has been poH
elblo i iiprrato nets under the tee. but
this was out of the question during the
present .ir with ice two feet t,hlrk and
the eanal. 1.1 minv pincr. froEeti solid
The State ruperts to be able to distribute
thousand of b.t.s reared In Its new bi.s
pond" .-it the uh hatchery :it Ilacketts
town later title jear.
Ooiinnnlrhe Tnkrn In Ixtncr Sagiienac.
Kit Clarke hrlngs up .1 eery Interesting
question when lie tlnuH th. accuracy of
the statement by "Vtrglultis' that thf
nunnanhhe runs to the sen and Ikih been
taki n tin rein.
It has necer t-een my pleasure to have
ciiutrlu any numiHnlehe in silt center, nor
hale I ever heard of nny cine echo has
But Jut to help shed .1 little light mi the
question 1 wt quote the Miowlti-c from
"Iimll!i ri'h." McCirtb. miblished bv
1. Appletnn Co, Iins, with an Intro',
iliictlnn bv I s.i 1,1 Starr Jnr.lin. who In ef
fect slii'H that McVarthy Knows what he
ii. Mlliinc' nlioiit
"To 1. ill the ilh tindlorkul." is ii,-.
Cirlhy. 'I. an error, a. It ein and docs
reach the .en I.al.e st J.ihn I. open tn
the ocean throuKh It. o-it'-ethe S-iitii--Ii'
c Hl.-. v Inch eii.pt . ,1 u the st ' ,- .
rence Tho Ifiwe' Siguen.iv 1. entlre'y
salt, nn 1 nuananlchn are frequently taken
nar Its mouth, thus pruclng their nblllty
to ll e In salt water." HICKORY.
.Sew Vork, March M.
l'le IVstiilns fer VUbernien.
ALBAS V. .March 31. The first forest tire
of the season has Just been reported tn
Cnnserc ill, m Cou-ml'sloner cleorge I),
l'ritt from the fntsktll Mountain -erjlon.
near Arl.cijle, lielawaro inunty The fire
started In n slash where iicld wood had
been rut. irrnrdlug In IUslrli t Tore't
K.nirer Todd of Arkcllle nhd ha I reached
l lie euir
, V-"" -f-re ll.e
w nrk
b-lnsinit It under rnu'r,.' Al,. tit t.Meen
, r... r' priv.ue Im.l were b.irued o.e-
.... ....... ... .i.. ,ir
. mil 'ir- b it cn n, 'ill. ! n r p-nit to
issue a e. in earn-in urcuiB the m.in.v
"in cm-, n "ill ' :i'.-,l W!w Inn I lie
r-.i.l rshlllK sen.on nil
April ti . i uiisa.il pre., iiitlou. wi'hiujv or Iteeinnir tlm
l.le In ll. vv-lile. Ii,.. n.ir Mine p. r,.,.
nie apt t. teearl fo-e-l tin. us mi oi cur-
reni e of Mil'l.uniiniT onlv. and do not e-
ercl'. the i nil.. Ml" ll. the -.voids nt .itlier
season.. T''i Miti.tlc. of the c'uu.ervn -
Iv.li Comiii.i.-I.jii lmli.-ae Hint onlv a very
few- ilavs of drouKht v ill render the woods
tntlaminai le lit am time of the jear ex- '
lept wbei the K-nui,l t. lovercd wllh
snow. Commission, r Pratt's warnlni: states
thit fere,. fires In the past have occurred
vv 1 h gc itest drstr'iet Iv eness In cycles of
ni'1'rni.im.ne'y live .vial rti" i.i.t tu i tire
jear wa In I'M, which would iiinie' the
rre.t'nt Cti-, if the cr'e theory Is correct,
nne In w ileh unuual iu.s f-om fire might
be evpe. ted
"We have bn 1 io mane cno.l y-'ir " .ays
Cnmm ...Inner I'ral 'that vie are bound to
SHvpec I bad one hefele loUK Hut vv e lire
'Klioi Ul g V no, I 01 I lietriiK that our e
i, dlen reeord cm be cnnMnued The
Commencing April I Daily Thereafter.
Express Freight Service Automobiles Carried
Leave Her S! S R IVnt Cunnl St , tt ! M West 13: I M i. 30 l '.
Tin: i't blip in. I'l.rc.ixr.ti."
BOSTON $2.95
riiOVibENCE v;;;: $i.9ij
Wssk days and tunii.ivs at 5.00 I' M. (iia
lUr ill. N. II.. foot West Houston at
Phone Spring ItJl
i v " p i , i $ ;
III I'-llll; -I'M l.ltllOM.. Ml.ill
Hiillv. Ini'liiil in: siiini iv oiivi I' vt,
11 nlll I i . 1 It 1' j I lie . till It 'i't 111,. I
n i n- -i i or . n) in , w.tv v
A'll.lNTH, til I.I" MI !!' IMIIl;
I si 1-; m-iiii' mm;. 1 ' j d 1 M.i.nv
W 1 d J'H Ilii o I lues l'l ,ll, v . N
dip oiNh- 1 iNF c':.!''''1:'v:,hu,vv,,.
Ins, J I' V IMr MS. N R. Tel V
Hitii)on.-U IiUmmhIi (Mllfvrnl. Tour-.
rar1tmnr at S25 Gth Au Til. U'I, Si f7(i
D i
wiiiets c,
A.M':'"..M. A.fe
1 lit I
4 :.)'
0 02 I Hi r'
I ..".II
7. OA
J147 1 ..IT
4:111 3-.lt
rM a:ai
J .311 4:40
7:45 ami
Slfil (I13J
2 0)
3 IM
' M
State's forest lands wern never a gr.ntr
' t and naier ; In need of greater p-ei,,'.
"" " publlo than nt pre.cnt, hn
many people aro V them."
Ouananlrhn In Salt, Muter..
I wnnt to thank Kit Clarke for beins a.
prompt In correcting my m;tak r-.M.
lug tha ouananlche running to silt a, ,,
There hns lioen 11 case itieMmi ' r'
I where this llsli has been tuk.-n n s'.i.
v ate 1, nut inia la the exception timi
Iirovi the rule.
I hsve not had time tn tor UD ,,.
matter of 'this exception, honn-.r ih
gene-.il habits of tbo fish are nm, i. .
portant than an old chance of it. (..i...
In an 'unaccustomed lncnlltt.
Therefore I humbly arknnnt.de. h.v
Ing made nn error, the serirusne,' 0
which Kid I mean Kit Clarke lui r .
duccd by correcting It to promptly.
New York, March 59,
'Chin Hackle" There With n Wallnp,
The question Is asked of "Chin Hackle '
"Are you there?" I think he I. lucre
thern with a wallnp. Ills little p(i,.ni
titled "Bovlno Extract" Is ,l-llslifu
like it for Its breclty, freshness, tru'l.P
nes and wit.
Aft'-r the Alphonse and Caston at'iu1
of soma of the contributors, uhtrh t,a r.
cently taken the place of tt.a sar f --or'i
of tin mixed nlera, It I. inn! repe.'dsj
As refreshing as a perfect day in !-.;
liri-'ii with the fragrance nt tuv fiv'ifV.,
perfume cowdung. Here's hoping tire.
uu wllj repeat, 'Chin Macule."
IM 1,1,1111 r.n,!,.
Mcrrlstown, N. J., March
Anglers Vrgrd tn Aid Black Bass.
Tho State Conservation Commni
retonimended this year, us It did last yeur.
to the Legislature that the Mack tic
season not be opened until July 1, v
present tho law permit., bus r.h
June Id.
The Conservation Conirnl.lori hi. ton
that the latter data Is too early, the li.n
bass has not yet completed spiwnlna i
most of 'the bass lakes In this State, wiili i
ere located In tho i older waters r
The New York Slate Purest. Fish a-'
(lame Leasno hns gone on iccerd fej this
change. We nre nsittuir the as-Vauc
of sortsnien to secure fair pliy f.v o'
of our Important game r.sh
Our personal Interest In the mmement t
to prevent the unnecessary s!atnh'r
which annually tukes place of u! nWi
bass spawn, t'i the end Ihnt flshlnc fer
bass lii this Stalo will not bo ln:v-r'.
as at present.
If Rod and Hull readers cite to io'n
the movement ou would be dolic .
sportsmanlike action If ou wou'd we
imr approiul to Senator Churl-. W V
ton and Asemlivinaii OeWItt i T.il-na.lf .
the chairmen of the Conservation Coir.
llilttees of th" Senate nnd the Ast.inb'i
Also write jour own State Senator
Assemblyman, R. H. 11. nnd W T
Lake 1'IaclJ. N. Y Murch :J.
Missouri Aaka for Longer IhuU Season.
The Missouri I'l.h and ilam Lean
hete cs In the principle nf IVdera rr"
lection of mkcrnto-y birds and It Imlor.
Ihe treaty with Cinndii under which iV
birds arc lo be protected In both cull 'r'.i
It lines not, howie' hMlece tlu ih.
present I-'eileral .hiinilni setison I- e'Mir
ne,-eary for the proper protect n e
migratory birds nr a iqually di'r ini'e
a. the reaaonab.e ends nf sport ii lii i
part of the counrry demand.
With th" Support nf the sportsmen r'
Missouri and the s irroundlnic cnuntn- 'h
leasue will Inaugurate a innieniert ti
extend the season to .March in. which
the laat day upon which shnntli g Is I r
mlttrd hy the international trcntj
St. Louis, Mo, .March :7.
lillgbt Saving nt Djckmun Mreet I'ler,
'On March 31," teinarked Mriiltnn st
Dvikiunn street pier. "I'll ehoi" my Wate--bnry
nne hou- nhiad nnd the noi-e 1
like that nf a ferry boat iha'n wh.ui .-.
wniind up tn niHklng n binulng '
"What's bottierlm.- III"." rep b.l M
lonec, "Is keeping track of til" Cles uri.
til" lieW lime keeping Stllllt rhe I i
are reKiilnled Uy th sun and ineen n-i
th elm k "
"All nu 1m to dn." nlis.'ire.l M
l!tlin. "l to tlcure thnt n ' "
wa'tili under ihe pew- iirriuiKi'lnent i.
1 hour aheiid nt tl.e Cll'elldtir t1 e 1
: . ben ill" .un nul ipomii m It -vllt be r
II, In t 1'ort .ishliiKtnn Cni.t at 7 y
ollr dolla- w.it.h elll .iy it Is S 51.
'Well," put iu Moloney, "It seem. I n.
that the Rod anil Sun column, nf Til!
SEN shoul 1 IK up 111" tide time 'at. e .
agree with our Itmepleces. If th" ,1' -and
watches' nre shoved abend nne 1 ,i "
high and low tides should bo shnve 1 ar !
on" hour"
"There's one thing In our face- nt-o t
this daylight saving," ejaculated M '..,"n.
"We tan heae nioro bricks at nur i".nii
before nlbt Interferes wllh our ,,if v
liglinst tllnse who ar' nfTensIle lo u
Ye." CHIlie pat K Vlillotley. n p f. '
'nM p,r,,r M.,r, tl, start .oinellii.ui
',, hnn.l n j 1.1'.- l,all,- U lien II
, .nn-llln ,, . ,
l,.ttir bo' We ,
on II I e 1:1 .
Ill ll'f e e!ie pi.
U-. erlbr in ill
! .-Hni ,.,1,1 m (;ni when
rn l,.,,e ,,e new d.ivlicb
op,.rallon We then c 1,11 I,
. "There wll be no ' ll.e. 11 C .1' I
.1 reet pier" r -poll led Mnlone
' H. there . a bri-k b'ft n th i t
there" THE PilUl 1
t Inwood Mercb
ROt A Nil UVS.
fiFORRIF M Cnundeis, Tue. Th
trains from Wreck Lead
Tare S' n
rui iu: v
I.e. 1 1
UU I TQV Klounder nshlng k A
g n I I t ,ver). rtsy- Hammer s l
Shiepehead Hay. Heated cabin I
including worms.
EI S5IF Leives Clnsnn To,
for 1 'nurd.-. 11-lng halt II i
fltrPfifl Flounder tlshtnir s A M til
ni Clllya ,,,,, wrlrl, ) sr, ,-,,, vi
tie HOTIN. I v. I'ler II. N. It. SI' I
M I'll. .MI-. i t IV HT M
1111 N 1 V In Mmicr . f 1
1 ion of l hv ttiM m m An -"ii
hiii.ii .iH'Utli.n n( tlm t tu c
(ui IimVi- ti iiNfiiiU" 'In. n. 1 uit' 1
I laltl'Hl.i Allj AMI 1
.SOTU I! n hereby Klvrn t't
ix.i'1 nii-rit -riit HuiNlmn ht. I I .1
.nn 41 r tt. ein tr nw --ik i
-iri-oraii-'ii, lui Int; 1
fa- tu 1 tan. ' My. i tnml -tt- '
It. ..l irt ! nt i m- 1 1 n
im nf Ctiln t itf !!i ( v -
. Sp. . I,. 1 Trrm t'..r: I 1 i i -f '
t-1 1 Uv t iti.rl iliuiHi in t " t i.i.
U 1 tlio ..TI i "f p
II 1 t n'r n K In ill. hr n ' '
Ht' rlDI -i t in ft-.i f 1 ' -" "
ht'Hr 1 Inf in 11' ii r m r in ' Ini, ' '
(H IM' M , ttl I I' i I 11M 11-4 I ! I 1 t
1 ho .m f 1 ii i;t. n rH - -
i.'n , H'M lat'iin " ;ni ft" b '
, u.f ,ih ii Him i'.u,rt a( tin 1 v. t 1
1 1wt r' i. "p.-r
li il. Mai-.lt Sib. '!
. .1111 ri-
ii;'vc v niMi:i..i, At'oiii-v t
tltiohi-l UfMri' nTi'l l'ot Off.
I .Iri'j-H, : Wall sti-rtt, Utro ;g
Mftnliattnn, CM of New Vok

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