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Reports of Largo Additional
Contracts for Army Work
Is Given as Cause.
Another ect of new hlsh records irere
Rtabllslied In the cotton market yester
day. Enormous buy In, most of It orlg-
matin In the West, fairly Hooded the
market during the afternoon and prices
went forward by leapt and bounds. The
nnl tone was Hrm at a net advance o,
CO to 81 points. One wire house alone
handled orders for KO.000 bales of May
and July contracts, onc-hnlf of which
were executed In the final hour or traa-
m . . ....... I
in-. A spectacular '
xraucr irausierreu nw iti-uvuii-i tu VI1D I
Cotton I.xchnnire for the day ana Doosten I
the prices by buying; liberally all along;
the line
There was nothing In the new. toawar-
rant such a price advance. Liverpool
wu closed for a holiday and will re-
main Intact tnlat- Mfnr1rlnl rntnft fell I
il. n...n a o I rt- I
enjoyed a rainfall ranging from one-half
to one and one-eighth Inches. These I
were factors more likely to send prices 1
down than up, and In fact many traders
.1.1 .-j - J . i... w
muciiwini . uciiiuhk raurnri. -uuio
ravoraDlo war news and reports or large
additional contracts far army work re-
cetved by cotton manufacturers were
about the only factors on which the ad-
Vance can be explained. I
First prlceB were Up from 5 to 10 Jersey, bsk., lit 2.50: Delaware and Mary
Tjolnta for the old pron months and 6 to land. No. 1, bk., I1.50B2; No. . bak., 7sc.
first hour a definite upward trend
been established and several shorts were
obliged to cover. Hy mtdday the market 1
felt the effects of the accumulation of
Friday, Saturday nnd Sunday orders and
Su'v6 bU0aml5'- IT 8teren
buying then commenced to have Its cf-
ract. I
VMafl.rnnnn fnttn Ik. ma t hltln I
under thn Immilu nf ihla ny K,,.in... I
and these new high figures were estab
lished: May, 33.65 ; July, 32.94; Sep
tember, 31.38; October, 31.04: Decem
ber, 30.98. and January. 31.17. There
was a small reaction during the late af.
ternoon, In which some long lines were
liquidated for the profits, but there ap
peared to be plenty of buyers who were
eager for contracts on thta reaction, and
the close was within a few points of the
top, with May at 33.46. July at 32.78.
. rn Tx.nAmv... ; , j
October at 31. ,.0. December at 31.26 and
January at CI. 15.
Bangs of prbva :
llondav. Week.
Port receipts 11,274 13,204
Kxports 1.IVI
Year. I
Kxports. season 3.040.590 2.M7.33S 4.3(3.823
New York stents.... 143.3X.1 133,354 123,790
rort Stock 1,540,325 1,542.379 1,175,314
Interior receipts 14.000 18.704 13.318
Interior shipments.. 17.0O) 13,90
XtwTork arrltals.. 3,733 45
Holiday la Liverpool.
7,331 I
HKANM AND PKAH Recclnts. 1.744 I
toeans. Marrow, choice 100 lbs., 116
Open. Illsb. Low. Close.
32.M 33.63 32.S0 M. 45-47
12.23 J2.04 32.25 32.7:
32.07 32.07 32.07 32.5011
31.3. 31. M 3I.3S 31. SW
31 04 31.5.1 31.01 31.5AD1
39M 30.9S 30.M 31.33
3Q.K5 31. S 30.HS 31. Mil
M.7J 31.17 .VU4 31.1J-17
i Bipnay ; cny special, ioob, i . c. i..ru
'?lCh.iiLV.J ?.T" 'tlfBli - ''! m,,1dle I24.5502I.S5: city
"dlimJ, cV..VonVi-ve I. dv ' " 'l"0''1 Sf!Vc nominal: re-;5m.m.-n..
' ,?,??-,,.I-,t,i?Vi..,m?S lned lard at-ady: Continent. 128.75: South
Washington. California. 113.730 14: small
white, California. I13.,5cri4.25: Tepary.
California, choice. 110.75411.25; Kote
naahl, Manchurlan, 113.50 9 13 73: Ohte
naahl. Manchurlan. 113.75 fill: red kldney
cholre. 114.75015: common to good
4ll.50O14.50: red marrow, choice, 1130
11.50: Klntokl. Manchurlan. 49.25U9.7
Aaukl. Manchurlan. I5.50O4: yellow -.
Ill; white kidney, choice, 114: common
to good. 114. ,611 15.75; imperials, cnoice,
114.50014.75: uurrito, uniiean, .!
Bayou. Chilean. 18.5069: Cranberry. I
V.n.hnpl.n. rniinri 1 1 0.7R 0 1 1.25 : Ions'. I
110.40010.75: short. 19O9.50: Drown,
Brazilian, I3S5.50: black turtle soup. I
I14.I0U14.75: black. Houtn American, i
tl. 5004. 60: rinto, Colorado, 49u9.35; I
sink. California. S9.60Q9.75: lima. Cali
fornia. 114. 25014.50, PEAS Scotch,
100 lba., li:'fi:,:s; green, caiuornia.
411.2511 11.60: Chilean. I10.75G11: Man-
.-hurlan. 810.50. South American. SlOfill:
black eye, California, 19.75 810: splits,
vellow. I9.25W9.75: xreen. I14.50W17;
mall white, Manchurlan. 1631.25; large
white, Manchurlan, 16.60 0 7.50.
BUTTER Uecelpts. 12.S34 packages,
Including 3,197 packages in transit for
export. Creamery, higher than eitraa.
lb., 43tjJ44c: extras (2 score), 43c;
firsts (85 to 91 score). 4142'c.: sec-
nnds (81 to 87 score). 38ti40.c. thirds,
34017540.: creamery, unsalted. higher
man extras, st iws;.. Z".7
44c: firsts, 41stj43c; seconds. 40 4lc.
creamery, held, as to quality. 35llc. I
mate nairy. tuns, nnesi. litliit.! . n
to prime. JG414c; common to rair. 5
l8c: renovated, extras, 3940c; nrsts.
He3lc. ; lower grades, Stii37c: Imita
tion creamery, firsts, 3837c; ladles, cur
rent make, firsts, 350 35sc: seconds.
IIHOItc; lower grades. 3Ml3Jc. ; pack
Inr stock, current make, ro. l, iic.
No. 1. 33c; lower grades, 28 a 32c
CHEESE Receipts, 941 boxes. Including
117 boxes In transit for export. State,
whole milk, flats, he d. colored. specHls,
lb.. 24402Siic.; white, specials, 24025c;
colored, average run, :mtiiic.; wnm,
RVertie run. 234c: fair to good. Sltf 23c.
lower crades. 16O20UC : frcth. colored,
pedals, 23(i'23'1c ; whit, epeclals, 224c,
colored, average run, zsJic. ; wnite, aver
afo run, 22c: tulns, held, colored, speclala,
!1024Uc: white, specials. 24c: colored.
average run, 23HU24r; white, average
run. 23c: single daisies, 254026c;
double daisies, 2525iC.. Wisconsin, whole
milk, fine to fancv, twins, held, colored,
lb., 23sV24c; white. 231'!t24c: single
daisies, 25026c; double daisies. 25326 4c;
Toung Americas, neiu, iiite ; rresn, -osju
27c; mate, skims, held, twins and nats,
DAclate. KOl&c. twins and Cheddars, spe.
elate, 17'ijUc: flats, prlmo to choice. 15
16c: twins and Cheddars., prime to choice.
15ifl6c; fair to good, ll14ci; lower
gradt s. 4 ti ioc.
COTTON8EEII Oil Market neglected
ami closing prices entirely nominal with
final bids 20 point" loner for May and un-
changed for other positions. Entire of busi
ness In contracts and spot position also
Hang of prices:
Bpot 19.75
April 19.73
May l'.'.bu
20.00-20.30 20.00
n. 00-50 20,00
August 20.00-50 20.00
EGU8 Receipts, 38,940 cases. Fresh
gathered extras, dozen, 39c; storage
I packed, nrsts, 37sn3s,sc; regular packed,
extra firsts, 37fl37lc; regular packed,
firsts, i54?i 3640.: seconds, 34tr3.'c; fresh
gathered dirties. No. 1, 3447 33c : No. 2 and
poorer, 32if34c; fresh gathered checks.
good to cnoice, or), 3:ui3c, state, renn
ylvanl and nearby Western hennery
whites. One to fancy, 4 He 42c. ; ordinary to
Vrlme. 3J40c ; gathered whites, ordinary
to nns, it ii tic, western ami .southern
gathered white. 3Sft40c; Stale, Pennsl.
vanla and nearby hennery bronns, 39
40c; gathered brown and mixed colors, 36
USSc. Duck ogxs, nearby Indian runner,
65c; Long Island, 64U65c ; Baltimore,
prime to choice, 60c; Western anil prime
Southern, 65j58c: ordinary Southern and
far Southern, 50 y 55c
FLOUR AND MKAL Government basis
.5? ln.MfK" '"I'"' HPrlnK.
i. iToVoir's"' Barliy s.cady ! ?,?
"3.26 In 9l Ih. sad" White wrn.tVady;
13,65 lii ino lb. socks. Rye, ,ay; falc to
good. 113. 7S 14.50; choice to fancy, 114.85
2i.M!5n,J,!'.'.'. ",'.'!iw l",.tn'..i.0ir-rlive't. f.ll"
white granulated, 15.30. Feed.' Western!
nutet: re nilddlinir. 156.50: ulilln rnrnl
bran. 54. October feed, 133.50. oil meal,
156.50 in in 'J in. sacks.
FRl'ITH. DKIKD-Apples, etaporatrd
State .choice, lb. 16', H,i4c ; prime, is
16!4c: California, ll'ittls'.c Rasnber.
ries, in , diu zc.
lTtl'ITS, Fltlloll -Apple., bbl. Ilaldnln,
I1.J04: Greening, IIKOSO, York Im
perial. 13.60113. Albemarle Pippin, I4fc
60; Stavman Wlnesap. $44i 3 50, Wlnesap,
14B6; King. I4W6. Northern Spy, I4M7,
Bn Ial. 1141 4 25. nil sorls. common, t?
i 3. Far Western lint Anilw, Wlnernp,
,wv u, rt.) iii.n un sup, .tl.T.,,
.lonnthali. I17.10 2 25; Now town Pippin
ll.lod : ID; Rnnii Homily. Is fi S.7&, splt
itenberg. II 75'i1,:3 nd kinds, poor, 75c H
11.60 Pears- llrfir. bbl,, I2H.1.50: has.
Ittt, 7101.75. StrauWrr:'--riurila, i.i
LoulrJana, quirt,
-I Hu", -VHItfiir
t:e. Tanrarlnsi rioiM. ftrap, II
91. oraniss California, do,
Florida, box, Il.tOOli Cuban, box, JJ5i
Porto nleo, box, llffl, Grapefruit Flor
ida, box, II.EOffS.t.0; Cuban, box, l:
l l
laia or I'lnsa. box, t3.B0Ot.xs; rorio
box, tl.(0fo. Lemons uos, w
IncuDbln I'orto lllro. crate.
IIAV AND RTR tlVl.ana balsd. time
thv. No. t. ton. .1.11 ' No. 1 In No. V.
.mi, i clover, mixea, 121027; ciover,
mixed, lower grade, le54; No. 1 clover,
Iiztir. straw, rye, .so. i, ion, 9zsvzt.
smalt bale II ion Una than largo.
Iiorfi State. 1I7, choice, lb., it Otic;
fair to prime, 10011c; Pacific coaat, HI.,
choice, :i024c; fair to prime, 11022c;
lll. choice, KOKc; common to prime,
M16c; State and pacific coaat, old olda,
xo v itc.
A"!PX' , c?Sill
ir'doVWneU'iSMe. 'lu.tffom.:
white, lb., 40fC0c: cream, lb., ISfHSc:
brown, lb., jowioc; buttona, lb., 20IOe.;
n.j. and .".R.fft:
nimuarb, bundle. 60t75c.
MOI.A.HSr.s AND Mm'M-CMtrifunl.
common, molasses, 4SVc; air, 10914c;
oou, oowjoc; prime, iiiitoi ""Tr,).
fie. 7ft?lr hlarkatran. bbla.. 3103ZC
Hui.r Vum coSmSi tici m.dltii, Hcl
fane)', 40c.
vivn rnnan at.it. tumentlna.
machine, bbla., 41 "-ic Tar, ratort and
k"n' USSJU. Roam, common to good.
rain. IfcSlt and D, U 10; E. Jl.U;
t;.ts; M, K.6Q; N, i;,7&; WO, 17.95. and
WW, I8.it.
fltt JtKianrlard whit netrotaUfn. bbU,
V.iv Vnrlr und Ih 1 1 Ami nhta. til. 70: hulk.
l","wMt...,1Ki'!.S - ,h,f.r. TuS'i: bum:
ST.60 : caass, I17.7S. LJnaeed oil. atrlctly
pure, gallons of "'. lbs., In bbla., ii.5j. ci
cu,, ". tl.'t.
pnTtTIIKH-n.nnililil. bbl.. 15(17.75
, -," ' aiift so: Vlralnla
f,re crop bbl. T.JOJ.so; Delaware. Ma-
rvtand and Virginia, too lbe.. I1.50W l.'M
Maine, loo lba. Il.ecti:; lng Island, loo
-.."'' WW 'llJoxV
1.75! long, loo lbs.. liai.Jl. SWEETS
n,i ien. vri heat, lie lie.: poor. 25
ejc: old tom, 3J835c. CHICKENS
Kreeh. boxes, dry packed, Western, milk
'"J. h.eavy weights, staggy. :i lc.; j corn
Phn.dSe'.C an.(r"ohng Ki'a'nd.
ert, 1.4 ft,,. t pair. 4541 SOc; Philadelphia,
fancy roasts. J61(Jc: Pennsylvania, broil
era fair tn nrlme. 3?40c: Pennsylvania
mixed wlxht. 2:4J2Sc: Western, dry
nicked, milk fed. heavy welahts. atari'
2t32c; corn fed, 2S4t2Sc; nearby, aquab
broilers. 2-2 lbs. to pair. T3C.UI1. OLD
COCKS Kreh, dry packed. II to box.
bbla., dry picked, No. 1, 27HC; seamen,
N-o. 1. !!B!!Uc SOIIAIIS Prime, white,
1-10 lbs. and over to doaen. doaen. II.2SO
23: dark, dozen. 11.(002; culls, aoien,
pmri.TKV. imrssr.n (FnozEN- 191:
PACK) TL'KKBYS Weatern, small boxes
nd obi:, dry picked, selected, young nena
cnoice, suttjoc; lair in soou,
i,i ,onv. Sins;r. iinoiLERP Milk fed.
fancy, U-24 Jba. to doaen. 3a40c: 25-20
lbe., 3SJJ7c: corn fed, fancy, 11-24 lba.
tn doaen. 37fiSSc: 25-30 lbs., 33W34C.
CHICKENS Milk fed. 31-tA lbs. to doaen.
31 tr3:c; 37-42 lbs., 31032c; 43-47 lbs.
ai'irdtr.; B lus.. ultlTAac.i ou ids. hiiu uii-i.
I4mf35c: corn fed, 31-38 lbs. to dozen,
3UC.; 3,-: IDS., 31T.; 4rf-f. IDS. SS
lba. 31..; en ba. nnd over. 34c. FOWI.S
Milk fed. 41-40 lbs. and over to dozen. 340
35c; 30-47 lba, jgyjje; under 10 lbs., :s
RSOc: corn fed. tl-40 lbs. and over to
3l3ldoten, 34c. 30-17 lbs.. 30U32Hc; under
SO lbs.. 2932ViC OLD COCKS Prime,
"' - ': ,
TOII.TBV, I.IVK Toung roosters, near-
uy. express, zic; old roosters, rreigni. .c;
turke, 35c, ducks, 35c: geese. Western,
3c: southern, 35c: guinea?, pair, &vc;
live pigeons, pair, 40c
PROVISIONS Pork steady, meja. 132.60
(133: family. 155: short clear. S32ff5(.
Href ateady: mess. I31tr33i family, 114
(7 36. packet, 12tf34; extra India, meaa,
1529 54. Hogs steady: bacons. 25tc.; 140
lbs. 25Hc: pigs. 2Cc Belllea steady:
Dlckled clear. 10-12 lba.. lie: dry salted
clear, U-20 lbs.. 26c. Creaaca quiet: yel
tn. i - i: v t.tt: i.n.... i it a. st t a i: f
i.i.ii... v., ... t... tv.-
5tlr.: skinned. l-20' lbs., 27c Tallow
American. 121.10: Ilraill kegs. 124.90: com
pound ateady, quoted 22'i 'n JS l.c. Stearlne
quiet: city ura siearine, .su-v-sc.
oleo, 20c,
RICE Pomestlc screenings. 74ff7c;
medium. S.c: fnncy lial, 9'ifflc.; ex
tra rat.cy, ViiONC. japan, iiai-ic:
blue rose, SHSHiC
rlL'tiAR There tins been little In the
way of fresh developments In the sugar
situation. Itetlnera ore making moderate
distribution from ilUY to dnv. but the lr
regularity in arrival or raw supplies nas
been rt handicap to operations at tne re
nnerles. The international commutes an
nounced the purchase or 64.500 bags Cu
bas. April ahlpment, nt 4.925c. c. f. and
14.000 baga I'orto lllrns at OOSc c I. f,
Anrll shlnment. The nueetlon of aecurlng
sufficient tonnage to move the rapidly ac
cumulating stocks nt Cuban points is caus
ing no little unenlne. In the trade, l.lst
prices: Cut loaf, S !Jc : crushed. S.70c;
mould A, 7.95c. ; cubes. 8.20c : XXXX pon
dered, 7 65c,; powdered. 7.60c. fln gran
ulated and diamond A. ..4c; coniec
Doners A. 7 33c; No 1, 7.30c.
par AO US North Carolina, dm. bchs
,j,604i4.50; South Carolina, don bchs
i, .....i, .i. .,!, tine -.n
fo',s (,l0Ii ,ch,; i3io. AIITICHOKES
California. French. pot. I3.J5W4 6;
hal hox i;.;&u;.;o. Jerusalem, bbl.. 14
hrussEI.H SI'KOUTS California,
mll drum. IHU10. 11EANS Florida
w hlt :j,;o: green, bk., 23.60.
I1KBTS Old. bbl. or bag, 1142: 100 lb.
bag. I1Q1.50; Louisiana. 100 bchs. 2 11
4. Florida, box. U.Wal: Hermuda, crate,
60c.all50. CAIUIOT8 Ixiulslana. 100
hrhi . I2(li 2: Florida, box. 41 Si 1.50: Her
mud, crate. E0C. 81 I. SO : Oin. DDI., iiw
2.26; old. unwashed, 140 lb. bag, 1181.60;
m, v... tib 1 1 ?. ('itinnnv
Florida, bsk., t!W3; Louisiana, bbl., 12
4. CUCU.MItEltS Florida, bsk.. 14
6. CAUHAOn.S Old. white, ton, I15l
is. hhl 11 m 1.50: red. bbl.. Hfii: Flor
ida, small crate, II 2301.60, basket, 11.25
Kil.&o; norma, reu, dbk.. s.tua; ufi.
crate, I3H6. CELERY Florida, 12 Inch
crate, 11.50; 10 Inch crate, jisji.so
t'Aiti.iFi.invnitS California, half crate
9se.fi 11.50. KUni'LANTS Florida, box,
12.50314: Cuban, box, l2iH. ESCAROLE
Louisiana, bbl., f 314 5, Florida, bsk.. I
fl.l; California, drum. 110. (JAKLIO-
l.b.. 25c. HORSERADISH Weatern
100 lbs.. I5W6; nearby, 100 bchs.. I2tl3
KA1.U tirginia, uiu-, out., tivio...
ginla. Scotch, bbl., 35TT75C. KOHLRABI
Louisiana, bbl.. I2'Q3.30. LIMA IJEAN8
Cuban, crate. 1 1 i 4 LEEKS Nearby,
100 bchs. I2V2.50, Louisiana. 100 bchs.,
12 e I. LETTUCE Florida, lloiton. bsk..
50c.BI2.5O; California. Iceberg, crate, II
Wt.75. OYSTER PLANTS Nearby. 100
bchs., 12114; Southern, 100 bchs., II 43.
OKRA Cuban, carrier. I3 4J6. ONIONS
State and Western, white. 100 lb. bag.
25c, 01 1.25; yellow. 25ctftt; red. 25
75c; Orange County, jellow, 100 lb. bag.
25075c; red, 254i73c; Cuban, new crate.
11.50112; Spanish, case, 11.50442; half
cae, 76c.Ull.25; crate. 4060c PEAS
California., drum, 16148; Florida, large
bsk.. I2a,3.50, small. bsk. $l.ton:.
l'LTPERS Florida, box, 124, large,
bsk.. I2S(3: Cuban, box. II 304. I'AHH-
LEY l.eulalana. curly, bbl ,32443; plain,
I bbl., J2V14; tfertnuua, crme, -ti i ....
l'ARSNIl ft Ohl, HOI . 51 t-. iiyttJintir.r.
Virginia, bsk.. Mf3.26. ROMAINE
Florida, bsk.. 73c.tf2; California, bk.,
11.50442: Hermudn, crate. 25crtl.
SHALLOTS Ioulslana, bbl.. 1246
SCALLIONS North Carolina, crate. 11.50
U 2.60; 100 bchs, I1M2. SPINACH Vir
ginia, bbl., 60r flll.50. SQUASH Cuban,
white, box, 2(3; Florida, white, box,
TijtViips Canada, rutabaga, 140 lb. bag,
I2S2.50, Florida, Italian, box.
75c.t4ll.aO: nearny ruiaoaga, uui.,
1125; white, bbl, 60c.ifll.25; bag, 50c.
alt! 100 lb. bar. 60M75C! white. Ber
muda, crate. 25cT$l. TOMATOES
Florida, carrier, Il.60t44.25: Cuban, car
rixr tt 504i3. Nassau, carrier. I1.60M
2.60. WATERCRESS Nearby, 100 bchs..
II 'it 2.50,
Inrrrase In Seashore Fares.
Wahiiinotcin, April 1. The Interstate
(loinmerco Commlt-sron to-day tenta
tlvely approved an application of the
Philadelphia and Heading Hallway for
Increased passenger fares between Phil-
aclelphla and Atlantic City, Cape May,
Ocean City and other New Jersey sea-
hore resorts
1 New Orlrans Cotton 31arkrt.
Nkw Om.EtNs, Apiil 1. Opening
strong after the holidays cotton bulged
here to-day to new high record levels on
both contracts nun spots, ino ciose was
45 to 6ft up. May, 32.08c. ; July, 31.50c;
October, 30.30c. ; December, 30.03c. ;
January, 20. 32c. Spot steady, 13 points
up; middling, n3.63c.
Netr York Customs Iteretpta,
Ileceipts for duties at the Custom
llotiRO yesterday wcro 1419,705,24, of
which Ills, 431, 11 was for merchandise
withdrawn from bonded warehouses and
I $301,271,13 for recent importations.
Alien Owned Establishments
Not to tie Hampered
by Palmer.
Clrtllan orders placed with mills re
cently selxed by the Custodian of Vllen
Property will be filled,' according to an
announcement made yeaterday by bran
ds P. Garvin, director of the bureau of
Investigation of the Allen Property CMs
todlan of this city.
"The opemtlon of the mills tKen rjy
the Government will not In any manner
be Interfered with," aald Mr. 'Garvin.
"All orders which have been placed with
the mills will be filled."
Manufacturers of cloaks and sulta who
have for many years had business deal
ings with the woollen mills taken by the
Government have been showlnjr marked
anxiety relative to the possibility of or
ders placed with these mills for next
One Influential cloak manufacturer
said yesterday that he had received as
surance that every dollar's worth of
goods on order with the mills taken will
be delivered and that work has already
been started tn this connection.
At the New York offices of Forstinann
ft lluffmann It was said yesterday that
there Is no doubt that all orders will
be filled and that the manufacturers
need have no cause for alarm.
Officials of the llotany Worsted M311s
took an optimistic view of the new atten
tion. In their opinion the situation Is
vastly Improved, as the mills will now
be ablo to obtain wools which have been
held un and for whlli thev havo been
waiting. Of this they have had olllcial )
assurance. In view of the fact that the
new directors are men of prominence! In
the financial and business world there
will be no difficulties of a financial char
acter. It la believed to be to the advamnge of
the Government to continue the plants
of the concern. Inasmuch as It is said
that for twenty-three years the llotany
Worsted Mills have operated on a profit
able basis. .
I'. S. Wants Tovrela.
Sptciat Peipateh to Ths St x.
Washinciton. April 1. Hids will ho
opened April 8 by the bureau of sup
plies and accounts. Navy Department,
for delivery at the' Brooklyn navy yard
of bath and face towels as follows .
Six thousand Turkish bath towel of
Rood middling; cotton yarn blearheil
white In the piece, thoroughly abwrbent
and free from slxlng : T.noo officers' face
towels, to De what Is known as union
huck towelling; of good middling cotton
and pure linen yams bleachol white In
the piece and absolutely absorbent.
Paris Styles to Continue.
Bptciat Cable Dttpatch to Tna St v.
Paris, April 1. Parisian dressmakers
will not stop sending collections to the
United States, despite a report to this
effect Issued several weeks ago.
A thorough canvass of the better
houses showed that collections for the
American trade will be ready as Usual
for the opening dates In the future.
May Co. Shows Bis; Proflt.
Although the total Income represent
Ing net profits from operations and in
come from Investments of the May De
partment Stores Company during the
year ended January 31, 1918, exceeded
the total Income for the previous twelve
months by more than IS32.0CO the net
profits of 13,008,310 were about $24,000
less than for the period ended January
31. 1917, when they were 13.03,251.
Thta was accounted for by the fact that
the company reserved $830,000 for Fed
eral taxes.
The company paid dividends on Its
preferred stock of 1499,537 and dividends
on common stock of $750,000,000, as
against $412,500 each year for the last
two years on common stock.
The May Department Stores Company
operates stores In Akron. Cleveland,
Denver and St. IxjuIb.
Jexvellers Want Credit l.arr.
The IcsMatlve committee of the Na
tion Jewellers Hoard of Trade has de
cided to ,isk the Introdurt'oti of :i Fed
eral statute similar to section 4 42 of the
Penal Law of New York State, which
gives the creditor the rlcht to Inspect
tho debtor's books within ninety days af
ter due date of Invoice.
This statute has been In existence In
N'ew York State since 1905. In the event
that a Federal statute cannot be Intro
duced the matter will be taken up with
the various trade and State organiza
tions to havo this statute Introduced In
State Legislatures.
Tho value of the act. Is self-evident in
that It places tho burden upon tho debtor
to prove the honesty of his written state
ments and relieves the creditor of what
has been so difficult to prove tho falsity
of statement.
Fifty Want Uniform Contracts.
More than fifty New York manufac
turers of women's apparel have signified
their willingness to accept contracts for
the making of uniforms for the United
It was announced yesterday no con
tract would be given for a longer period
man Bixty uays. Kvery manufacturer
receiving a contract will have to give
It was also made known yesterday
that the majority of the manufacturem
will be able to do the work without hav
ing to Install additional machinery, with
tho possible exception of eyelet machines.
"Tank Oral" la Nerr Shade.
"Tank gray" Is here. It Is a sfliade
introduced to the tnwlo yesterday hy a
local silk manufacturer. This shade will
be. shown In tho popular materials. In
cluding poplins, charmeuse, taffetas,
crepe do chine and Georgettes. They
will bo ready for delivery on or about
Ajrll 10.
For Catch Is Small.
Special ttipate to Tna Six.
St. Iiiik, April 1, Difficulty In sup
pljlng the fur demand Is vredlcted by
Funsten Hros, ft (.'o whose weekly re
port says that receipts during the past
week have fallen off considerably, Call
ing attention to the fact that the season
Is near at hand the report continues;
"A moat unusual condition exists In
the trado to-day. Style favors the e
tenslvo ure of furs, and garments for
spring and summer wear nro fashioned
to use a large amount of fur.
"Thta extensive use of the article.
coupled with tho small catch and small
imports tills season, has reduced stocks
to such a marked degree that available
supplies are entirely below the present
ana coming neeas or tne traae.
rircr Goods Market Qotrt.
Following the Waster season rush, the
piece goods market generally Is quiet
Present buying for fall distribution has
about reached a maximum volume, so
far as the mills nnd manufacturem are
concerned, They aro not accepting orders
for later than July delivery, although a
few who make specialties, have accepted
orders for delivery as late an Septem
ber. Practically all mills cuild take orders
for delivery up to next Jauary, but thev
do not want to accept them at present
Rule War Work Can't
Excuse Non-delivery
A DECISION which If upheld by
the higher courts, will have
an Important bearing on the
woollen Industry was handed down
yesterday by Judgo Jacob Panken of
the Municipal Court, who gave an
opinion striking out three defences
Interposed by the Mlllbrook Woollen
Mills In a suit brought against them
by Abeison Bros, for non-delivery of
woollen cloth.
The defences Interposed were that
May It 1917, the War Department
entered Into a contract with the Mlll
brook Hills for the manufacture of
woollen uniform cloth 'nnd that the
Council of National Defence In July,
1917, ordered them to defer all com
mercial commitments and proceed
upon Government contracts only.
The Mlllbrook Mills officers also
alleged that In October, 1917, the
Government ordered them to elimi
nate all commercial obligations and
devote themselves to Government
prices and then find later on, with the
increasing cost of production, that they
cannot afford to nil them.
Drerl Advance Prices.
Higher cost of raw materials and the
Increased cost for labor are the reasons
given by dyers for the 10 per cent. In
crease which took effect yesterday. The
advanoe during the past year has been
25 per cent., and on some colors even
more. This will not be all, however, for
manufacturers feet certain that a sub
stantial Increase In fall goods wilt have
to be mode again to give them any profit
on th"lr output.
Draped Drewses.
There Is a good demand for dresses
showlns a elixjht tendency toward
draped effects, especially when made In
taffeta or white satin. For the practi
cal serge dress, however, straight lines
are adhered to.
Alaska Want Textiles.
The general purchasing agent for the
Alaskan Knfrincerlng 4'Jommlsslon wilt
open bids In Washington! April 15 for
furnishing bkinkets, cuaiforters, duck,
gloves, handkerchiefs, overalls, pillows
and slips, soclks, towels, underwear and
other commodities.
Didders are required to state time In
which delivery can be made on pier In
Seattle and natnples of all articles bid
upon must be, submitted.
Kors "on Shotr" To-morrow.
The $3,000,04)0 worth of furs which
will be auctioned off In Masonic Tem
ple next week by the Now York Kur
Auction Sales Corporation will be
placed "on jshietv" for prospective buy
ers at the fur sales company's Oreat
Jones street warehouse to-morrow
morning. Tho Inspection will continue
throughout the leinnlnder of the week.
Bis; C.rorera' Llvenae ItrvoUed.
I'iiilaprlpiha, April 1, The United
States I'ood Administration to-day re
voked for thirty das the license of A.
Ilnton & Sons, large wholesale grocers
of this city, as the result of a transac
tion In rye which was a violation of the
food regulations.
The suspension was made upon rec
ommendation of the local food admin
istrator, who reported thn firm had per
mitted a shipment of 104) barrels of the
flour to remain for sixty days in a ware
house without attention.
Piece Goods Prices.
An Idea of yesterday!, quotations In
print cloths for nearby delivery can be
had from the following:
- 13H
- W
-UV to 19
- 4
-- 211,
-.104 to I.
124 to 1244
4 MS Inch 7.15
M 3V4-Inh .K
60-33 344.IHCI1 6.0)
4-?6 384-lnch 5.50
44 0 Mlj.lnch 5.23
84 01 3SI, Inch 5.15
5444 39 .inch 6
CS-72 39
"2-78 39
64 52 27
64 6n 27
Inch 4 Ti
Inch 4.00
Inch 4.23
Inch P 0.)
Inch 7 SO
94 K0 40 -Inch 4.13
...13 to 14
M-4!) 36
44-40 36
Inch 6 00
Inch 6.15
-Inch 4 23
Inch 4 on
inch 6 5
44 4.1 41
44 40 24
4MD 36
KUe tn 1SV.
Inch 5.i
4S-44 3.1 Inch 4 50
45-tS 4) -Inch 2.S3 ....2S4 to 2S4
-21 to It
- 2
- 1
- IS
MM 30 .Inch 3 13
iW 40 -Inch 7.50
M SO 40 -Inch 8.50
no .o i) .inch 9 00
74 72 to -Inch 9.00
94-100 29 -Inch 5 00
Wt-Pl S .Inch 6 25
SO 4 39 -Inch 5.00
SS 0 40 -Inch 6 00
Si) 76 40 -Inch 6 00
72 M O -Inch 6."0
.-...34 to 25
....22 to '.1
19 V,
.... 17 to 174
...214 to 2!t
- 23
24 to 25
ts-76 Inch 4.50
m 76 21 .Inch 4.2S
f -7S St -Inch 4
M 7: 29 dm h 4 so
641 39 Inch 5 10
Buyers in the City."")
CHICAGO -Lurkln A Weeks Miss M K
Weks (m 1 nrrv). Hotel Cumherlan.l
CLEVELAND Bailey Co, c. Mashek
(m llnerv). 37 Wst 26th st
SAI.KM. MASS -niltn z White It. niffe
(ni inerv). Hotel Brojtell.
ST. IXJIIIS Rosenthal. Sloan Millinery Co.
mi.s i-- isern i mnunery), 3ua Firth av ,
Hotel St .Tames
ST. I1UIS Golluber Millinery Co. J. Gol
lubr (milliners). 93 Bleecker st.
TOLEDO- W. L. Mllner Co. Miss .Tonne-
pen (mlllineryl, caro A. Fantl. 116 West
S2d st.
TORONTO -St riclisn. Burden Paskelt.
K. L. Burden (millinery, flowers and
feathers). Hotel Chatham.
WIIKULING, W VA Stone Thomas.
Miss A Nnrrls (millinery), 1270 Broad-
n, room 614.
Piece Goods.
BOSTON M. S. Knndailn Clothing Co.
M. H. Kondazln (woollens), car of 200
Fifth av
BRIDGEPORT Rowland D. O. Co. E. J.
Godfrey (silks and dress goods). Dry
Goods Alliance, 404 Fourth sv.
BUFFALO II. A. Meldrum Co. J. Krausa
(draperies), 404 Fourth av.; care of
Jay Co.
CHICAGO Sell warts Bros. w. Sehwarta
(rlece goods), Hotel Marlborough
CINCINNATI llauer Loughned, c.
llauer (piece goods). Hotel York,
HOI.VOKE, MASS. A. Wciger & Co. E.
J. Kellv (iomcstlcs), 404 Fourth sv ,
Hotel Wnlllck.
NORWICH Pnrtsous. Mitchell. Mr.
Mitchell (domestics), Dry Uoods Union,
417 Fourth av.
PHILADELPHIA H. Pteln (dry gooda),
Hotel Brostell.
riTTSnUROPlttsburg D. O. Co. W. Mc
Kelvey (notions), 41 Ionard St., room
WORCESTER Barnard, Sumner A Put
nam. Mr. Stanley (silks). Dry Oooda
Alliance. 404 Fourth av.
BINOHAMTON I. L. Morgan Co. H. L.
niggs (plaea dry gooda and blankets).
Hotel Grand.
BOSTON T .1. Murphy (dry goods, etc.),
Hotel Brealln.
BOSTON H. S Gordon Co. I,. Gordon
(dry goods), Hotel Walllck.
Men's Furnishings,
ROCHESTER Sibley, Llndsiy A Curr Co.
D. J, Meagher (boys' clothing), A.
wainn, rourtn av
CINCINNATI -P. A. Lelnlnger Co. F. A.
l.elnlnger (clothing), Someraet Hotel,
ROCHESTER Washburn Credit Co. n.
P, McCarthy (clothing), Broadway Cen
tral Hotel,
NORWICH Port eons. Mitchell Co. W. T,
Bogera Iboya' clothing), 412 Fifth av.
BALTIMORE Harrla Clothing Co. I,
Harris (manufacturers boyi clothing),
Herald Square Hotel
CHICAGO MtDdtl Bros. Miss Hayti
(waists), car of II East 22d at.
CHICAOO Spauldlng Waist shop,
Nathan (waists), Hotel Olartdge.
CHICAOO I. lierark. Mr. Teller
(dresses), care of Fred Dausr, IS East
24th at. ...
HARRlHBtmn, PA. Kaufmann'a Under
selling Btotre. Mr. Lloyd (wash
dresses), care of Ben P. Levis, 17 West
26th at.
NORFOLK. VA. U LtchteniUIn (fun),
HoUl York.
WOKCU8TEH. MASS. Desholm ft Mc
Kay. Mr. Krlm, Jr. rtrtn. care of
Syndicate Trading Co., 2 St. Fifth a v.
Jewelry and Leather Uooda.
CHICAOO L. .1, Eckhardt ft Co. J. Eck
hardt (Jewelry), Hotel Imperial.
CI.1CVK1.AN1 The Hlgbee Co. C. M.
Phillips (Jewelry), 230 Fifth av. ,
WARE. MASS. H. A. Satt ijwelry),
Urand Hotel,
Hosiery and Underwear.
BUFFALO Adam, Meldrum ft Andsr
on. Miss (ialllgan (muslin under
wear), cars of Syndicate Trading Co.,
210 Fifth av.
CHICAOO Carson, Plrle, Scott ft Co. E.
C. Wilson (hosiery). 404 Fourth av.
CHICAOO Wilson Bros. W. C. MllUr
(underwear), 211 Fifth av,
Ready to Wear.
ATLANTA, OA. J. 13. Alien ft Co. Mils
Sher (children's wear), care 1261 Broad
way, BUFFALO M. Davis ft Co. M. Davta
(clonks, suits, millinery, women's fur
nishing goods), Hotel Somerset.
BALTIMORE II. Schwartxman (women's
wearing apparel), Hotel Imperial.
CEDAR HAI'IUS. 1A. C. Denecke, Inc. P,
J. Schroeder (reauy to weari, care
Hroun & Mcltae, 1270 Broadway,
CHICAOO .1. S, lloienbcrg. (waists, mid
dles, glnghum dresses), 43 lonanl st,
CHICAtlO A. Abrahjmson ft A. A.
Abrahamson (fall coats), care of Lesser
ft Itoslndorf, 1170 Broadway.
CLEVELAND. OHIO llarley Co. J. O.
Metsel (coats and jobs aprlng coats), 37
West 21th st.
COLUMBUS t'nlon Co. I. Uberman
(women'a and misses' ready to wear),
care of A. Funtl, 114 West lid at.
DETROIT Schramm's. F. Schramm
(ready to near). 120 Weat 32d at., room
HAllRISBURO, PA. Kaufmann'a Under
selling Stores. II. J. Roberta (ready to
wear). 72 Madison av ; Hotel Conti
nental. LOUISVILLE. KY Kaufman. Straus Co.
4". I. Walmslcv (cloaks. Bulls, waists.
fur"), Holland House.
MINNEAPOLIS Minneapolis D. O. Co.
(leorge 1a Rlssnnlere (coats, suits and
waists), A. Waldo, 432 Fourth sv,
OMAHA M. E. Kmllh ft Co. J. V. Shire-
man (mualln underwear, house dresses,
4urs, coats, desses), 1133 Broadway.
PHILADELPHIA U W. Hlrsch fn. Ben
Splro (children's and ladles' wearing ap-
mr,h R HnlnmAti. 47R Fourth a.
PITTSHURO Lewtn. Nelman Co. Mis;
O'Brien (Jobs children's dresses and
coata and ladles' skirts), S. Solomon,
470 Fourth av.
PlTTSHUHtl Broadway Cloak and Suit
Co. M. II. Rosenson (jmbs coals, suits.
Oeorgette waists an 1 dresses), Herald
Square Hotel.
riTTOHUttU Frank ft Seder. Mr. Cohn
(Jobs suits, coata and dresses, al!k skirts,
silk sulta for basement), care Oscar
Abel, 864 Fifth av.
PITTS II UR( A. A Wolk ft Co. A. A.
Wolk (wash eklrts. etlk sklrta, gingham
dresses and silk dresses). United Car
ment Hnvere. 301 Fifth av . room S09.
PITTSBURG, PA.-Kaufmsnn Dept. Stores,
Inc. A. 14. Kuehn (ready to wear), care
1261 Broadwav.
PORTLAND. ORE Rosenberg Suit and
Coat Co. J. Rosenberg (fall coatai. care
of l.es.er i- Kaslndorf. 1170 Broadway.
RICHMOND, VA. The Cohen Co. Mlas
Hanna Engelberg (general ready to
wear), Jim Cohn (general ready to
near), care of llaer ft Ltllenthal, 1160
SAN FRANCISCO lister Levy ft Co n.
E Schiller i fall coats), care of Pred
llauer, 13 E.it 26th St.
TOLEDO Conde llros. Co. E. Cohn
(spring suits), Mr. Applsbaum (spring
suits), oare of B. (1. Knhn, 1133 Broad
wav. WATER BUR Y. CONN Forester ft Co. R.
Forester and It. A. Forester (cloaka and
suits). Herald Square Hotel.
WORCESTEH. MASS. S. Bliss (men's and
women's wear and millinery), 1211
Broadway, room 1012.
BOSTON era n ford, Plummer Co. A.
Crawford (cloaks and suits). Miss M.
Miller (misers and children's wear), 12
West 3 1st st.
LOUISVILLE Herman Straua ft Pont Co.
Albert Straus (Jobs In suits, coats and
. waists), care Mijnger, l.on, Kahn Co,
1133 Broadway,
PORT HURON. MICH .T. B flperry Co.
Miss E. I.uforg I ladles' ready to wear),
l'rlng George- Hotel.
PHILADELPHIA Hronner Mfg Co. Mar.
vln Hronner tnalsia and skirts', 1270
Broadway, room 518.
Houard Mover (children's dresses), 1270
nroadway, room 618.
BOSTON The Gilchrist Co. (basement),
Mr. Cohen (ready to wear). Mrs Pal
mer (waists), Mrs. Ford (millinery, up
stairs), Mrs. (julnn (Juniors' suits and
infants' wear). 200 Fifth av , room 602.
BOSTON .1. tirossman (general mer
chandise). Herald Square Hotel.
Kooken 'general merchandise),
Broadway. Hotel Continental.
CHICAGO Roth "child ft Co. Mis" L. A.
Grlffen (nalst"). Mrs. J. Dolman (In
fants wear), II. C Koch (millinery)
4 70 Fourth av.
A I.araen (mu.lln underwear, eor-ete.
Infsnts' and children's near), care of
William T. Knott, 23 UaM 26th st
CLEVELAND Ames Co ills" S. Jacobs
(children's and Juniors' ready to near).
Saltle Cohen (nalsls, bathing suit" and
sweaters). Miss N Cnmpbil (under
wear, house dreMc and klmonosi, care
of A. Fantl, If. West 32d el
DAYTON Elder 4- Juhnaon. Mr. Davie
(Import good"), Mr.
r. ..-, "'-.
natsts and dresser), tare of Syndicate
Trading Co., 230 Fifth av
Miss Hurke (necknear), M-. Miller
(men's furnishings), caro of A. Fantl,
tir. West 32d st.
MA. UN, OA. -Union Drv Goods Co. Mr.
.luhuan (general mrchandlei. tare of
Bner & IJIIenthal, 1150 Hroadn.iv.
MACoN, G A -Itcnfoe Co. i". Renfoe (dry
goods, notions, f iirnlslilng goods, cloth
ing, shoes). Hotel Imperial,
NASHVILLE. TENN. Knrnmnn, Sswver
.t- Co. N. Kornman (slioes), Hotel Wal
llck. NORTH ADAMS. MASS. - Me Iran- Tatro.
II H Tatro (representing), W. .1 Tatro
(cloaks, suits, run, umnreiiu, parnsois;,
Hotel imperial.
i7NN YAN-Metropolitan of Penn Van
.lobn Hvlaml idrv roods, general m---
chandlse), Hotel flreslln
PITTSBURG James Home Co. Ml le.l.
row (Jenelry, c l. Reciprocal Jobbers,
470 Fourth av,
PITTfBURG Kaufmnnn A Br Julius
Baer (Joba of men's Mid boys' suits and
pants). C II n S.-nten (Jobs nien's
furnishings, hosiery nnd gloves), Miss
lrfinliy I Jobs In dresses). Mis. Solomon
(Jobs In waists). Mr. Knnlon ibasement
Jobs In n omen's and children's mulln
nnd Unit undernesr. house dres.e., co
sets, c ), John G. Harris Hs' iloih
Ing). II Katzmuu (basement read to
n-cir. hlgli grads coats, suits, dre.ses, nt
n price, naslt skirts, llk dresses), tare
A Ciena, tut 1 o;irill in
PITTSBURG Rosenheim! Co A. C Rog
ers Mils nnd dress good"). Katlirlne
Meade (gloves), Mrs Black I silk p'ttl
coats, knit and muslin underwear), Mrs.
Kerr (coats), Miss M, tirestenfeld (Jobs
In wslsts, children's coats and dres-as,
bathing suits. eater. winter bath
robes), P, I. ivhen (millinery), care of
A. Kant!. 116 West S2d St.
PITTSBURG J Horn Co. J, D. Ken
nedy (shoes and rubhers), 470 Fourth
a.; Herald Square Hotel
PROVIDENCE Caesar-Mlsoh. Inc. C, K.
Cohen (general buyer), 1241 Broadway,
room 1012.
ST IADU1S StU. Baer A Puller Dry Goods
Co. N. Stelnfcld (coats and suits), Mrs.
s. D. Becker (dresses and sports
clothes), Miss Baumann (blanket robes),
care nf A Fantl. 116 West 32d st
SCRANTON T Davis (general merchan
dise). Hotel York
TOLEDO The Lion Store Co. O. A.
Baker (ready to near), W P Blrk
umbrellas, hosiery and undent ear), care
of William T. Knott. 23 East 2th st
BOSTON C. E. Fogg Co. C. E. Fogg
(furniture and carpets), Msnhattan.
ALBANY Waldman Urns. M C. Wald
man (fancy goods, millinery, closks,
suits, boys and children's clothing), 1270
Brnadnay. room 614.
ATHENS, OA. Manhattan Hat Co. P.
Phillips (wholesale hats), Imperial.
TOLEDO, OHIO The Lion Store Co
Blanche Murray (neckwear), Jule Mack
(Infants' wear), Helen Rackv (corse(s),
Cara W. T. Knott, 21 East 26th st
CHICAOO Twelfth Street Store, ttharlea
fl. Mayer (men's and boys' clothing nnd
hats), L. G. Kaplan (mualln undernear,
Infanta wear and house dresses), care
Munger-I.yon-Kahn Co.. 1133 Broadway
CHICAGO Sol Klein. J. Gross (men'a
and boss' clothing and hats), Henry
Bos (silks, cotton goods and dress
goods), L. Weltsenfeld (lobs In coats
and wash dresses), Sol Klein (merehnn.
diss manager), care Munzer-l,)on-Kahn
OS., 1113 Broadway
CHICAGO Sears, Roebuck A Co. Mr. Pel
senthsl (representing), 115 Fifth av.
CHICAGO Rothschild - Co H. .1. Cor
pell (stationery), Wednesda ; 470
Fourth av.
DES MOINES Flleabacli Blouse Shop.
Mrs. E. T. I'llcsbach (waists), Hctc!
Business Troubles.
Schedule In Bankruptcy.
, Schedules In bankruptcy fllsd yesterday
In the United dtates District Court were:
ules nf the Tsunoda Company, Inc., 231
Brnndnay. Liabilities, 111,749; assets,
13,147. Principal Claims: Mass A Wald.
sleln. 13,334; Henry It. Moody, 1200; K.
B. McDuffee, I2,42. S. It. Sturges, 233
Broadway, Is the attorney,
ules of the Richmond Brick Company,
manufacturer of bricks, 50 Church street.
Liabilities. 1334.242: assets, 1110.177. Se
cured claims: Broadway Savings Insti
tution. 325.000; Thomas J. Bauman. IS!).
600; Charles Francis Stons. Jr., 111.000.
Unsecured claims: William F. Boyle,
117,250; Dr. Prank 8. Crane, 10,500:
Charles F. Stone, Jr., 140,344; Builders
Brick and Supply Company, 117,250;
Miss M. I. Van Pelt, 13,411; Mrs. Sarah
L. Saoford. 17,000: Henry O. Robinson
ct., 13,239: William Y. Boyle, 119,000:
Borden ft Iircll, 114,114; Helen M, Car
penter, 13.000.
CARL KOBHI.ER Schedules of Carl
Koehler, millinery, 15 Weat Thirty-slith
street. Liabilities, 111.701: assets.
16.993. Principal claims: II. Splro, till:
Jacob Berger & Co.. 1147; Semis Dallv
Co, 11,094. Alexander Shalauser, 170
Broadway, !s the attorney.
Discharge In Bankruptcy.
Judge learned Hand In the United States
District Oourt yesterday granted the fol
lowing bankrupts discharges:
Charles F. Boeil, Walter S. Sheldon. Bessie
Frankenstein, Mark Berman. Arnold A.
Greenfield. A. A B. Bnthenberg. Rhea (1.
Booth, Ale. II. Rubenateln, Charles V.
Dubois, James II. Bailey, Katherlne Olf
fen, Henry Flnklesteln and Nenman So
frankl. Assignments.
WILLIAM WOLPIN Trading as the
Strand Cigar Company, retail cigars, at
1533 Broadway, yesterday assigned for
the benefit of credltora to Morris Ber
man. llAKR SILVERMAN Tletsll hardware
and housefurnlshlngs, at 974 Westches
ter nvenue. yesterday assigned for the
benefit of creditors to Reuben J. Witt
stein. retltlona In Bankruptcy.
Petitions In bankruptcy filed vesterday
In the United States District Court were:
GEORGE ISAACS Volunary petition by
George Isaacs! 124 Weat 113th street.
Liabilities. 14,615: no asaets. Principal
claims: William E. leases, 11,260: Jacob
Huber, 1350: Reich Rottenberg. 1100.
Isidore t-Vdomon, 44 Court street, Brook
lyn, Is the attorney.
VERONINE VESTOFF Voluntary petition
by Veronlne Veatotf, a tutor of dancing
Tor profeaslon, 2S East Forty-sixth street.
Liabilities. 12,737; no asaets. Principal
claims: Mary E. Mulford. 12.077: Fred
erick .-chnati, 1440. Simon O. Pollock,
302 Broadway, Is the attorney.
The folios. Ire judgments were filed yester
day. Aur.l 1. the fli-et name belna- that of the
ArrliT, William: Harry Matuson and
nermsn Achoefflcr Morns Plan Co.
nt N. Y
Anderson Charles V Morris Plan Co.
of N Y
Atnell, John J. Same
Axalrsd, Icdor, and Charles Hlum
Aller. Daniel, et al. Same
Barry. Richard et al. Moms Plan
Co. of JC V
AurlgMnnia. Vlncenro. gdn. City of
Dcrgold. Chsrlcs j, (Austin A Bar
gold) J. Gusrtno
Cutler, Helen J. Mariners Harbor
National Hank
Cocab. Frar.ns T- J. Msrcano et al.
111 40
113 40
276 00
210 20
Banchle. George Y.-P, F. Bauchle. 33.040 20
Batisch Mir. Co A. D. Carver et al. I37.19
Collliw. Hush L.-L. Mayer 1.4J1.W
OossmMi, Iura S. William Ottmann
A Co ms;
Casmajtsima. Anaollna. adm. J. Guf
fantl: costs 1CI
4M SI . Manhattanvllla and St. Mch
clas Av Ky. Co.- M. U Hartneck. 10.ir.l5
Ford Motorcycle and Auto Supply
Co. Allied Automobile Distributors,
Prtedlander. Frederick I.M Tire and
Rubber Co. of N. V
Fullerton. Walter A., adm. Northern
Bank of N. Yr; costs
Ginsberg, Nathan Kau A Pishel
Gale. Charles 11 D. C. Wee colt
Gllmore, William J.-Otmbel Bros. .
C.lflord. George IS. E. W. Shaw...
HUM. Edntn. ami monisio Amaiaga
Morris Plan Co of N. Y
Hutcheson. Ralph E. R B. Steele..
Hubert, (!.-o V. Joseph Stewart, Inc.
Harrison Avenue Building Co., Inc.
New lork Telephone Co
Hlrsch, Max-4' Sllherfeld et al
Henderson. Robert I, Western Union
Tclegrsph Company
Joseph, Louise, and Micbele Claccto
People. Ac
Judge. John N. It. J. Ie, costs
Lawrence. Wllllsni A. L. Welnsteln..
Levlne. Max Board of Education of
the Cltr of New York, coata
Mater, Mlchsel-I. Haselkorn
Mase, Ella-Olinhel Bros., New York.
Musical Instrument Sales Co. O. A.
300 00
120 14
Mirror Films. Inc. N. (' Goodwin.... 15X4.54
Newmsn, lw. S. E. H. Hlrsh. Jr .. 1.OM.20
Oean Aienue Hotel Company Ausun,
Nichols A Co., Inc
Osxi-ford, R's and lMw. A. Jones
Motroto. Inc.
P. A. O'Neill. Inc -J J. Fenten
Ph. fisrtlnkcl I'.ipros Co , Inc I .
266 29
239 05
llnstnberg, Hjnisn I,. Werner, coata,
nibsrecb. Otto J, Ferris
Rosenthal, Pauline, sml Rnrhelle Bsr-
nsnlo. stlmrs. F Krsnltz
Rancour, La Rose City of New York
Rer.nrr. Herman, and Abrsham Ko.-k-
well Neuhsus A Therpisil, Inc.. 11.60
Itlcclo, Anthonv -P. II. Rrlokelmaler 510 ot
Slrani.s Antonio H. Vrlchntsn. .. 109.54
Uk '.ki... y- rrt,Knn I" v WlP. t IK If.
i Teaadsle, Ada It Edmund rranela
Tleslty Compsny 241.45
Turpod Realty Co.. Inc. Msnhattan
Ssttnirs Institution 13,937.70
Times Itcsltv and Construction Co.
W. . 1-ogan
Tsn-t, Hsrrv Jr.. It. Harold Bagnell
Morrl. Plan Co of New York...
nimsn, Itarrr, and Fidelity and Cas.
nslty Co, of N. Y People, c. . .
WlcVware. Mo.cv. II. end Annie (Hotel
Rp.tbI) chsmplon Isctindry
Wsgncr, Richard C. E Slmmnnds
Satisfied Judgments.
The first mint Is that of the debtor, (he aee
end that of the creditor, and dste when Judg
ment wss nleo -
ltaker. lxuils W. and Harry D Man.
bstlan Electric Supply Co., .Inly 6,
I'reundhcb, t,cn H. -4). Ksnfman, Dec.
13. 1916
Hudson Auto Bodr Corp - H. E.
Bcharlln et si.; Feb. V. 1914.
N. Y. Railways Co. I). Krlses; Iiec.
19, 1917
Tejler. Win H- ('. An hanbault : Jnly
2, 1914 ...
Winter Gsnlen I ., Inc, and Floyd
rit-ent Co . Inc I.. Ursprurz: Mar
172 41
473 57
29. 1S17 1S.-26.9I
flccial Pupate to Tna Sen.
TORNTON. N. J. April 1. The follow
Ing corporations were chartered in New
Jersey to day: ...
Hope Farm, tn deal In farm products In
Vlnelann, capital, sj.ouv. incorporators,
Aleiander T Tovgln, Kanstantln 41. Mvet
UV.-.CT nimltrle S. Ivonil ra 1 leff. Vlneland.
Criterion Card Cotnpan), to do general
printing In Newark; capital. I5n.i)00; in
corporators. Abe W. Holder, Abe D. I.lpets,
Vsfhnolel Kcsler. Newark.
Robert K Patterson, Inc., Insurance
sents. Ellsnbeth: capital. 110.000: ncor
iMirators, Robert L. Patterson. Jamea T
Hlorlalr. Ervene IRarkelen. Newark
Telfair' Pecan Company, lumber pnnd
nets, Newnrk, capital, 1125.000; Ineorpora
tors Everett A. Bush. East Oral) re: C
Tiffany P.lchardon, Charles G. Titan orth
Nan ark.
Yesterday's Fires.
A. M. Ie5SS
e.oo 232d at. nnd Barnea av.. The
llriink, brush fire No dnmage
in. 55 20 w. sit t st : itusseii iierts.s ght
11:503861 10th av Sllsjht
P. M.
i;;i5 233d st. and Albany Post rd.:
vacant lot Nona
1:00 77 Rutgers at.; Morris Kan
Ian No damage
1:15 tsotn st. ami nryant av., inn
Brom; tinner unknown. No damag
1:10 10 E. 16th at.: Mary Doc.
rose Trifling
JIJB Teller av. anil issin sc.. j no
Bronx: brush fire; onnsr un
known No damage
1:40266 !.afaclte st ; I. Wheat-
field Slight
1:10 2)3 II. Houston at.; Mai
tcoinmer Trifling
IDS .'HI! l. niio .i.iii.iiii nr , sur-
fuco car. New York Railways
Company Trilling
4:41 123 Bowery. Chatham anil
PhenU Hank Trifling
j.jo Vermllye sv. and Isham at.;
brush tire Nona
6:30 Brooklyn sine or iirooklyn
Bridge: I. train, 14rnnkln
Itspl.l Tr'insll Co Trifling
5 .So Miwinui , lime, norm or tvui
iHinsbriilne road. Brona. fionn
Broj ........Trifling
Sandy Hook Princess Jamaica Bay Governors
aZJrrzr.n?v.u. iwrni aMm.
,..12.09 12:3'J 13:14 12:37 I2:M 1:17 12:111 118 ::!
., i.os i:io i:so lion
.. 1:32 x:U 1:37 ail'.) U:17 U:W 1:31 'Jilt
... 'J140 3:25 'J14A 1I1HC) 111J5 4:10 2:41 lllllS
,.. 3:4 4:32 a:.'.l 4:37 431 6:17 4:03 4:3
i.. 1:.'.4 5:33 4:53 ilDK A:su 0114 6:20 ll:(U
April -1. .
April .1. .
April 4. .
April A. .
April it, .
April 7. .
Opening of Trout Season In New Jersey.
Yesterday was an Ideal day for tha open
ing of the rook, brown tnd rainbow trout
season In Now Jersey. The air wi balmy,
the aun for a good part of the day shone
from a cloudless sky. and, better than all,
pushing the clock ahend meant moro time
for the angler, for New Jersey has a law
which permits trout fishing from daylight
to I o'c lock at night.
Usually the nrst day of April In New
Jersey, us anglers will testify, finds snow
water In the mountain atrenms. and cold,
damp, chilly and often rainy weather
pretnlllng. ....
The experience nf those who went fishing
yes'.erday and who seemingly did not?
waa that nhlli some of the streams were
low angling was good, by and large, In
deed, the enrlv risers who fished the brook
In the South Mountain Keservntlon. nhlch
Is betnecn South Orange and Mlllbuni. gol
back In time for breakfast, many of them
hslng their limit of six fish. In other
streams of New Jersey twenty-five la the
trout limit.
That stretch of water where, fly fishing
only Is permitted was not up to Its best
level, but a rainstorm that will make the
brook rise n bit will bo all that nnglers
can ask for. The New Jersey Fish and
(lame Commission on Wednesday last put
In 500 rainbow trout, ranging from ten to
fourteen Irenes In length, and many a
family had brook trout for breakfnat.
luncheon or dinner yesterday that must
nave made the angler reel quite a nero.
Trout Fourteen Inches Long.
Anglers were thlrk on this stream, par
ticularly those who used the garden hackle,
tho wriggling worm attracting many a
liver feci flah. At one place along the
brook eleht or nine ana-lere were con
gregated In a space not more than three
reet apart at S130 in tna morning, ana tne
same was true Just before tho sun went
down over the Orange hills.
some or tnese men snowect trout rourteen
Inches long; some smaller, and here ami
thero were, trout that were planted last
ear. one should Judge by the slxe of tneni.
'nllcemen on duty said that at sunrise
there niu.t have been flftv cars parked
long tne stream. mere ana mere.
(Veil of 1 !IA fmir fi r flt a rn r sfn
alonssldo the road, their occupants either
wading the rtream or fishing from the
bank, Schonia must have missed a num
ber nf boys, for nny number of school
age were dangling a worm from a limb of
a tree, but In the majority or cases the
boys had the usual equipment of rod. reel
and line nnd a can of earth worms.
They were alert at the rod, but along
the atrenm were men amoklng their nines
comfortably and permmlttlng the rod's butt
lo rest on the uanu ana tne lip on a crooked
stick In the water. Ply anglers would
have been uncomfortable If they had wit
nessed such n scene un a trout stream. It
should bo borne in mind, however, that the
New jersey Kin and Game Commission
brings the fish lo the angler's city door.
and a short street or railroad car ride from
Jersey city. HobnWen. Newark or the
Oranges puts one on the ground, end the
Isei park CommlHslon regards It as s
pleasure to hate angleis spend a day on
tne stream.
Krerj Third Auto Pilled With Anglers.
One had to go further away, however,
t'lul th- mnlern angler who drives out
In his or his friends' i nr. or goes by rail
nnd has the proper equipment nf clothes.
old iney mar be, which Is a rurther badge
of respect, cree , enamelled or silk lines, a
dozen patterns nf files and the art of
Starting To-day in
The Evening Mail
"Cheer Up America!" by
William G. Shepherd,
the famous war cor
respondent of the
United Press. Second
article on Thursday.
A series of maps and ar
ticles on the new sub
way system. It isn't
technical. It tells you
the station nearest
vour home.
Albany. March 27th, mi.
undenlsnM i hi ofric In the Cap. to. at
Altmnv, ,N y, until iweive o ciopk noon 01
Tucsdnx, - irH 30th. IMS, nt which pic
and hour th-y v Ul b publicly op-Mitrf unit
-Aa.s f.tr th. nitimtructlon nf Hariri rnnal
trmlnHli purvuHnt to tn pmvuinnn or
Chapter 74 ol in u or tvii. hiiu ai
th HCts inJntory thereof, as follow.
Vor navlnr a nart of th tarmlnal 1t
at Krlo Hniln. Huffalo. Contract plane.
aheeta 1 ana 2.
For navlni rnrt of tha terminal nl-r at
Oswrgo, Contract plant, hU 1 nnti i.
t'lan inay t ecn una nfianrn F,cinca
tlonp. on(clnr'i tlmat of quantities,
propool hlank. form of rrtntrnct atifl
boniln rqulrej anl other Information for
proposer mav hf hml at th offlc of the
Suprtnfndont of TuMIc Works t Alhan.
N V . nt th nfTIri- ut tho .aUtant Pupr
Intendent of VuWIc- Work for th" Mldrtl
Division at t raru, N. Y, at th nfflrn
of th Aralntnnt Supirlntntlent of Kubllc
Work for th WfMrn HUUlon at Tloch-s-tfr,
N Y. nn.l nt thr rnnal office, spauld
lng KichunK. Huffalo. N. T
Copies or iiria nn piana or n raw i nits
tnav b ohtalneil from th StatP TCnRlner
anl Suror nt a many. 1 . upon pay
ment to him of the rout of producing them
Monthly estimate will b paid of ninety
per centum 00 per cent. of the work don
at th contract price, Kvery propo! for
slid wnrli mut h accompanied hy a
money depon t In tho form of a draft or
ceninetl ciick up'n some gon.i iianKina;
Inntltutlon In the etv of Atbanv or New
York, tunned by n national or Wate bank or
trust compnny In good credit within tho
State and paable at sight to the Superin
tendent of 1'ubllo Works for fH per
rentum (i per cent ) of thn amount of thn
The peron whose proposal Shalt tm ac
rented will he required to execute a con
tract and furnish honda within ten days
from thn date of notice of award delivered
to him or them In person or mailed to tho
address given In tnn proposal.
Tpon execution of the contract and ap
proval of bonds, thn certified check or
draft will b returned to tha rronoser un
less thn aam shall havo been presented for
collection prior ti such ttm. In which case
tne amount or tne iirpnau wm nn rerundnd
by tho Superintendent of Tuhtlc Works
Thn deposits of bidders other than the
on to whom thn award of contract shall
h made will bo returned Immediately after
the award has been made
The bond required for the faithful per
formanm of each contract shall be in sueh
sum as Miall b fixed by thn Superintendent
nf Kubtlc. Works, which mm shall not be
less than twentv per centum (10 per rent
of thn estimated font of the work accord
ing to the rontruM price, and an additional
bond, known as the Ishor bond. In the sum
of ten per can turn U0 per cent , of the
amount or tne eat! mar en cost or tne won:
according to the contract price, will bo re
quired as security thst the contractor will
tisv In full at leint once In each month all
laborer employed bv him upon thn work
specified tn be done In thn contract
In the ent that more than one eurMv
cr.mpany Is offered as surety on iM bond
co-insurance only will be accepted,
Kach proposal must be addresved tn th
Huperinienueni or rumir worn. Albany
N Y.. and must be endorsed nn the en
velopn with the n.me nf the construction
for wnirn tne proposal n mmie
Award. If made, will be mad to the nel
son or persons hose propoiial shall bn
lowest In cost to the State for rtninc the
work, and which snail comply with all pro
visions required to render tt formal It
fore anv award .hill bo made the lowest
bidder will be required tn f-rttUrv tlie ftu
nerlntendent of Vuhllr Works of hfs ability
to proviqe "uuhhi" equipment ntjii ma
terials fur the proper performance of the
The r'aht Is re-erred tn reject ll pn
poaals nnd reilvrtle and awnrd (h
tract In the regular manner I' n he In, it
ment of the umlei signed, ibn in erttn "f
ine Main wir nn eninnceq tneioi,
Supcrlutendent of I'ubllc Works.
'o nt
A.M. .v
A.M. P.M.
.1 47
4 07
f, 00
' -' 0 1
4 11
knowing hon in cast a fly or trail a ten .
ting, appetizing worm '
An auto trip through Essej, Motrls sM
Warren counties made yesterday M a si v
reporter disclosed that almost etrry ik'.i
car nns filled with anglers, and n)i.-r,'.i
a machine waa parke,i alongside the r
the evidence was clear that the nun
wading the stream near bv nns Its i,r.r
The auto trip nlso Indlrated thtt ,
1 Is mnvlig dsy In. New ,ler'
conceivable kind uf farm nngon b,t
tissd. Also It nns wash da) Neurit .5
the women of the farmhouses frt ,
home, although here ami there .m..,.
wero seen nlnng.n stream Tho met, .
lensl many of them, wero abvert T
their accui'oinsd Insks. Thej nn i
New Jersey I'nlrlollc.
There were, honeter. a few nie,, n. .i,
farms w ho did not go fishing 1 hev set
breaking up the .oil nl.lle the pii.,.v i
Ions, the rhododendrons, the reen li.n
locks nnd the willows, no t beglnnlnc 'i
bud nt the top, nodded npprow 5 11
Tl: birds sann i-nlotint the sinshlrs
and perhaps glad that sprli.g li.nl com. ,.
was their singing patriotic notet for -i ,
fait that there Is no iue.t.in iilioul v.,
Jersej's oalty ;n the Amen. an fijg, ',)
pla: ed errynliere. toc-ci'ier u t . .
t'rlted Slates Pood ilmitil...,
on rtr
tin- r.e,i cross in.lgni.i .11 1
111 ten
While the ploiiglnr.-in rnUed H,. .
enrth, here and there p.nrloMr i.,u,.
many of them touched with the . ,'
ot time, spilled ih, grn 11-d ;
gardens, and as every fl.liermfi rp .
Ing this hopes picked uut the worm. (,,.
tuture use n-IViiilng
While tho dirt roads needed rah -t
settle the dust. Die shade tree rom'tn
slon men weie at work, cu'.tlnr 'IT Jul
limbs, spraying trees snow h e
giving others u'coat of Pirls gren
Winter wheat and hot be.l enjo.d 11..
sunshine, farm norkcrs 111 .ted n g. ..
the warm rays burning brutb nn
was reminded Hint cleanup d.i' c .s
up teek had started Instead uf rt,
Ing season.
Anglers Stop ul Tiger .link's Place.
But one was brought back tnirm dials r
' i' 'art mat April I ns
. !" day for trout, to- no s'rra
in, I
be passed without hc tin if arir-r 1.
thn bank, on a bridge or wadliij: t
the t heery "Wlut hu k "' oftpn r. tuu t
In the unlverwl sign of hnMing up
flngera or "Just atrirteil," or rf n 4.
glimpse in to the hag M'kef
TJetween Chester and Memlhnm I
ecr, Loughlln's apple vhfr ihMit- i.
ltlng il'hermen to come f Tige (A
ni.d rest a while wai enticing nmt
br of anglers, having nlii.i the r v
morning hours, were resting and mc
the afternoon, when thn trout wcr tjrgi
nlng to rle again, these nngl ri
relieved by others, or were Mi
ame men?
Mnscnnetcong Well I'Uheil.
The stream that run tbrnmrb i!n.i.
had lt anglers on th brliJg but ,i
hnd tu see the MusconcicotiK Tlir
i teally apprclutu angling ili "i N v
slersey. JlolU sIih uf lb luni. h t
angler every twenty-tH f.et. itrm
tiny let. wre tin n w.imui; ti . k
to put the fly in HKdv pa- 1
iVqueat Klcr wai nut ci iiuph- I i t
one could go un naming Mrc-nn nt r
stream w her fMherinen ongi g.iit
One biook th-t tin i ut.i ,l w -t
fished was la Hjt . whlh run ri' fi a
I the .Mtate fl?h hatchery at Iln-ite ,t,
Ooubtles nnglet.1 tnotight "In- t -c
must be bttiT stork i d t ban nr. o 1 -stream,
but as a matter iff. a
stream In New Jrny tlvit wil fcjpp. ;
trout han b-tn kUoh a uppi
In tn thni- ccutitip in tnin ,
which Till: SlN man ir.ivfbd i.e n.i
yesterday each ati (am had In mi p I
with brook, brown or rafnbov . ei is
received anvw hero from a i autiic .if i
drej fish up to tho Muconnctcong tnt
ceUed C'Coou brook trout nlnn u
eluding a couple of thoun-ind ta.alj' .i
w nue tne smaller od'ciko iri k'- r
Morris anl Warren cuuntlci had .'
particular angler, who are fum. u s
the good prices uf the stream? l:
was th river like the Rnckaw,i it
South Hranch, the piqust. the l h -eong
and Pautlnsklll that afra -i t
larger group of angler.
Mora Fish ut State llalrher.o.
A number of aniiJera hattlnz for j n
day lunch and taking time oh il-unis t
off time for trout run up In thr1- u j
me Mtate natcnery m H.nkstMiMwn
Ernesi Napier, president of the nn.
slon. was going or thn j-prmg worn a
t'harle O. Ilayfor.i, nipcrlntetnlen,, h'
men were carlnr f'r the hiilf niMlon r k
Of Winter Stock belne- Ipld fiver- n
etoclc being fish from cmn-qu-irte- ,p d.
inrn in two jeei in lengtll 111 ttUil t
1.U00.000 brook trout now In the i
of growth. S00.U00 biow n. Vt. t '
bows. 25,000 landlocked Ml,non ,n. i . u .
0C0 chlnook ratnion that eonm 1 1
permit New Jersey angers tj m n r
fiah in their own waters Instead o' & .,i c
to Washington and Oregon or n- i
These fish uern being fcl ul' i h ' e
fish Euupllke ntnv. w hi-h the
but some day when they grow up an
gler. or may be a hundred thOinn.i a
g'cr. In New Jersey w.ll offer t,t z
much more tempting for breakf..-' t s
pr than ground up Iher
1 1 coring To-dny nn Thre Mile I dnlt H.M,
There will he h hearirg to n
bany before a .loin1 . dimiM. if
Conservation fommtit-e- r' ; , Nnat a I
eembly in rein tn to r' nc
ervRtioii Coni'iis.iiu i aut a f -
thrve mile limit
The t'nlted Anplers ; mi t
favors thn bin nnd . sen. 1 ,i
Klein. Itnbct Prulenbe K rt - c k
Unden to urge th pantze of tn
KUII AMI ui:n.
RESOLUTE l- ''.'"': Wrrrl ' .f
nbdULUir. fl,lr.rtrtr, Tuss , u.,
train, t-'un. 4.0:, train. Far. Pt n
Tlmrs ,t
Parle. Hrlnp ttnrins ris'nt of fi
Cspt W TITTTl.B I'lin.. tl N,.. .
M from
Hi.-" -l
WHITBY '"unti.T n.hiiii: ,
i,i!.5!5td ,lay H'tecj cabin
.......... wurms.
i-'ilf"'.'" ,n-l". Kor noun.Tj t.
dally frnni rnmniu vn .. ... t. .
i.ocul msa.sa Tsl aai'r rai.ar.l. IV. inc. -f.
Anient! 'unaernslilnsA M Ju r
Bait and Fishing Tackle
lic-alers who do not sll lltn halt Mr. tf
onls "tarkla cnlj" or no Lalf !u I
Uislr names.
Abbsjr A Imbrls 15 Warrsn sr. T.rkl on
jy-rj.-runiunMepucni-O. MM av tt.'st Nohi,tj
IJstt 4 Taeklo lliw. 17S7 Ut av is.r
nsnraann, as: Scf u . ,ot unh A
tsumann. .lonn. 371 V. 12ith i
llfchrr. 3U R. .-un. .t t..i ti. n 1 1.
Ilrosowskj, 1SJ5 Amst'clm sr 'HI i:5
Ilrown'a Halt Doii.it, SM7 M at . nr .' ' '
Tlrunner. Waahn Ml.i 7i"l c nn '.'t,
Cio, Alphsua, r? W ixth ft 'I'j.-k'.. w v
Jonroy, Thus. .1., M Join, .1 Ta.V.
trook. J. Ji., 6th ar. ;,th si T..l-
nassia, I., Jr., Inr ,115 V, i;j 1 realms'- t.
"i"H, M It., rn, ftl IVvisy Ts.-l
I)aToa, 8.11 . Co., 15 rorllsii lt st f
PlrkM. 401 W EAIh si t 11.,. r 1
Put.!, John, 4M V 4M st Trl' l.l II n'
riicns. ii di 1st ar Tel. I'.ls nrcin 1 1'
ijllJenbcrf. 621 Sth sr., nar lVUi Us
Gordon, !ia Amsterdam st HJth .1
Cirnss. 57 M sr. Sotnntl lisnil lsrk"
Oross, (th it. ec Mth st, Hi-fond I sort 'c-k
Hlrsc-h, I., MS Amstcnlsm sr. k? i ' "
!i-hfrssf, P., Jfl7 K. 34lh. Trl " Marts H
Kcllerman, S039 Id st., 154Ul Tl Mrl ti5 F T.
KIITn Co., If. II., Ml Ilrosdwsv T.rl
Klrtlsnit'f, 4 rhamhers t. Tsrkl"
l.stsrus. Hoi., 316 K, 4Sth. Sptir fids '
MMropolltsn ll'dw Co., t'liurrh A '
Hudson Tsrml. A Grand r-ntral No Its '
Mills, Win. A Son, 21 Park j.l T. k 1
Otllt.r, P... Co.. 79 'hamhrs st n
Otlo-s. Ull st.A 1st uv Ti-I 5.W, Ila- T V.
I'spc, K. A II.. rA M ST ,Mt st T ' '
rstterson.irottfrlMAIliinliT.Kiil'iili v
lU'.f, J II , 3'U 3l ar , nr J"l l k
llsnod, I)., 1M sth ,t , rr 1 T. 1
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