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Xntfonal Lenguo Decides It3
Kctirinff Head Uould Not
Servo Two Enterprises.
nr kiikdfjuck G. LiKn.
The last rhapter ln ,he eareer of Jonn
...:,, -Tener as a Das-coaii kikih
written yesterday when a group of
fib owners, acting as a committee
local ii" ...,i.l T-enr-iir fnrmnllv
' ih former Pennsylvania Gov-
irnor'i resignation as president of the
NlOra "", .A.,..A hla farawall
Tuar. ...
fended by Presidents Harry N. Hemp
S of New York. Charles H. BbbtU.
! Brook! n ami William F. Baker of
Philadelphia. 1" a letter accepting the
rule-nation tho committee wjhed Tener
.jccea In Ma new venture, talked of the
!,.vr low sustained by tho National
Lewue. but made It plain that they did
. ihiik that Mr. Tener could do Jus
tice to both of the Job ho had been
hoUinS since the beginning of tho -ear,
However, the local club owners com
t'etely Iffnored the reason Mr. Tener
rate at the motive actuating; h(s resle--ration.
It wilt be recalled thafy Tener
note ef his Inability to continue rep
rMenthi the National League, on the
National Commission because of the rea
tm. well known to them (the Scott
Ferry case), and wanted to get out so as
ti glt the league time to choose a sue
cesser who rould represent the league on
the commission If It saw fit. Tener'a tet
ter of resignation treated entirely with
this American League controversy, but
no mention of It was made tn the letter
of acceptance signed by Hempstead, Eb
btti and Hiker, which follows :
In compliance with your letter of
Aurust 6, submitted to alt National
League club presidents, this committee
his been authorized to accept your r Ig
nition to take effect at once.
"In taking wis onion we reel mat
we hate sustained n heavy loss, and In
accepting your resignation we -plan to
mure you of our highest esteem and
rive you our very best wishes ln jour
r.ew field of endeavor.
"We rallied, as you did, that it was
Ir-possblie tor you to successfully con
duct both of these large enterprises, as
their character Is so vastly different
and requires so much detail."
The committee also announced that
the league's affairs will be conducted by
Secretary John A. Heydler until the an
nual meeting of the league In December.
Heydler will have complete authority,
and will represent the National Leaguo
i!on during the world's series as he did
In 1909. He then was serving as presi
dent pro tern, ot the league, following
the death of Harry Pullianl.
ntanta' Stay Disastrous.
Tlie home stand Just completed hy the
Giants against the Western clubs was
one of the most disastrous In the long
tars that John J. McOraw has been
at the helm of the club. Whatever
hanre the (iianU had for the pennant
as kicked away In the! last fortnight.
When the club opened tho home stand
"n July U the Cubs' lead had been cut
down to three gamej, and the Bruins
sere unhiding badly, having Just lost
four straight to Brooklyn. Playlne. at.
home and with five games scheduled
with the Cubs the GUnta again were ex
rted to take the lead.
However, the Giants collapsed In tho
Ka?t Just as did the Yankees ln the
West, as soon as they began to fill up
heir team with minor leaguers. Where
'he started the home stand three games
k'hind they now are seven and a half
camej In the rear, and growing worse
all the time.
Vo Fonr In n How.
The loss of this year's pennant will be
if snnd hitter pill of McGraw'n man
'tf rial -areer. Generally, In 1914. the
Olants nete awarded the pennant before
a lall was pitched. There did not reem
o be a team In the league that could
land up against the (Hants, which had
on the pennant In 1911, 1912 and 191J.
!i 'he long lareer "of tho National
'easue no club has ever won four suc
ittie rlumplonshlpr, nnd it was Mc
'iran's amb.tinu to be the first manager
o Mm the trlrk. The record appeared
'n igh as the Giants had a big lead In
rsidsumni-r, afttr which they Just drifted
itl the tide Before the club awoke to
Iti danger the Boston rtraves. shooting
''"m last place in July, passed the
ni.in' in September and held the lead to
Ik" fli'Hh.
winning the championship last sea
"n M. ill aw was tha first National
Imjup manager to win six pennants and
hMiei I'onm .Mack of tha Philadelphia
A-ile'i's for the hlg league record. This
ear . ijraw Imped to pass even Mack
tJ again he siartcd with a team which
"ale nil the others look cad In contrast,
"ui air.m, the slump came, and a chance
to make a new managerial record Is lost.
Tn-H,, niants meet the Braves In
t iiheiiuied double header. Boston has
" a game from the Giants all
ear hi,. t,ei- iaVe not played the
C'a ts - n. i. they had to fit out their
'earn .. Klrkes and Comptona. Ac-
,r1 'E i John Foster, the Giants have
'' "' proposed changes In dates
"' wi'i .11. a- the schedule until 'further
V'rr (Inhhlng with Boston hero
n T ics.ia Mie clith win play an exhl
Mm.. mi Toronto im Wednesday and
then im, w i rinflnnati to open Its
1 V. - i i lni
D't llrsattu Xrliviluled tor II nr. .on
in AilKnut 3H.
The 'ludnn lliver'agaln will be the
nf hlgr rowing regatta after
ral years. The New York
"nlet.c i-utl has )MUrd entry bUnk,
"avv regatta on the .Hudson course
"n fltiifhia near the foot of West
'iet-nxth street on Atuust Z8.
i e W nm d Foot club has sent Invl
i.na i, ,., rr(!HS of a ehp, ,,
' 'h I'nlted States Navy and
h'p of the silled countries
" Hie narbor to send teams for a
"'i - . ii in rare, ono mile whale
i.i ai I two mile cutter race.
'' 'i f llalpln. chairman of the
'" .i nil. te, of the New York
, 1 -ai" ' tn rooelve entries for each
' u . ' fr.,m ti,o naval utatlons
'etui Hai, Boston, Newport, New
' " ip, m,j, Bensorthurst, Federal
nimiii.nu- and Great lakes. This
tho approval of Admiral
a, ' , w" expressed great delight
til . "Ur wl" awarded
net ri. ub teanm.
' tMr.s vr Tlt.VVKllH IHI.AM).
Tie .w Vork AthletlP riuh will
T i a h of truck and field games tit
or ih i'"' for Ule l'Her nnd sail
num, " " There also will be a
numiie , . i' events.
'i htara, who broke etn In a
' , lHh the crok Lincoln
'-fl! ag), will he nn In c-
"'' HI prater Park, near the
" '-'.In twin bill, with the
.M K erl" ani v,tb- whose
i.ftp .
Hi' ,
!lh i
Ji.,,1h J i0L' talent, will ha
"l ' iiYcY pni aq y.rnan.
Rochester Loaet Game by
Pitcher) Indisposition.
IlocitKSTKR, N. X., Aug. 9. Jersey City
hit Qordonter freely to-day, "winning the
last gamo of the series S to 1. Ilungllng
earned ISO by hitting an advertising
sign ln left field. The score:
JimsBT CITY a.
nocirxsran d.)
ab r h o a e
H'llnr.u,,. 4 01 J 01
Estee.rf.... 40 0 1 0 0
Smlth.lb... 4 00 2 0
RceTta,lf. 4 00 1 1 1
Mense.cf.. ill 3 00
Kosl.Zb 101 j 11
U'ruond.Sb. 3 0 0 2 2 0
O'Nelll.c... lot s io
cooney.jb. til s I o
Darbsre.es. 4 11 J 4 0
W'tioimr.rf as 1 9 AO
JJluhm.lb.. 4J114 10
'hi,ii a 02 i io
rren.c.... too 0 00
Wheeler.cf 4 01 1 0 0
Khaoa.Jb. 4 0 1 i 10
ujncn.p... 100 0 10
Q'donler.p.. J 0 0 3 1 1
Totala..; 8 11 17 it o Total Ill l 124
Jersey City 30100100 S-t
iloontster , 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0- 0-1
? base hits-Dltthm, Hunrllnc. O'Ntlll.
Three bste hlts-Fela, Menae. Stolen baee
!enze. Aacrinee httST-Krombsus, Lrwrli,
ascrtflos fly-Wheeler, pouble pljs Oor.
donler and Hunrilnci Gordonler. Hayraond
and Smith. Lett on baser Jersey otly, :
Rocheater, . Klrst base on errer-Jersey
City, 1. Bases on balls-Off Tjrneh. l: oB
?2nl, i,lt fcy nlteber-By Lynch, l
(OordorJer): by Uordonior, i Dluhm.
S?0 .VV 3 out-Jly Gordonler.
wild pitch tiordonier.
Bears Tnko Final Gomo of
Scries, Their Pitcher Yield
ing Only Two Hits.
Iteautta of Yesterday's Games.
Jersey City a, Rochester 1.
Newark 4, Hamilton 0.
Other teams were not scheduled.
Standings of the Teams.
W. 1. P.C.
Toronto.. .. el 11 .(M
W. I 1C.
Newark ( .MO
Buffalo ton .lit
Hamilton.... 10(7 .15
Blnchamlen M 31 .ffii
liaitimore... ts is .(u
Rocheater... 11 (0 .tcolJeracy City., a U
Games Bcbduled for To-day.
Newark In Jersey City.
OuRalo In Toronto (two).
Hamilton In Itoehestar. (two).
Dlnihomton In Ualtimore (t
Hamilton, Ont., Aug. 9. Newark
took the last game of the series from
Hamilton to-day 4 to 0. Hoyt held the
locals to two hits. The score :
ab r h o a'e ab r h o a e
611 l 4C irvtrur.rr .. 301 o oo
Oowney.lb 0 11 3 1 01
Cather.lf.. 4 00 1 0 01
Carroll. .. 10 0 I 41
Anderaon.cf 100 3 00
Kwlf ter.lb. 5 1 0 10 0 0
300 5 70
4 00 3 00
iiiu a .u
Eckstein It
Turner.c. ..
401 : oi
300 14 0 0
301 1 10
100 1 00
tOO 0 20
4 0 1 3 00
Rummell.ss 311 : 4 0
Hon. p.. .. lot o :oj
TotsJs...33 4Smil Totals....:! 01 27 1st
Newark 21000010 0 I
Hamilton... 00000000 00
Two base hits shay, Downey. Sacriflct
hit Kelly. Stolen tia JVjwnry, Swifter,
Jacobs. Carroll. Double plays Carroll. Page
and Weafert Pa"e. Csrro.l and Wesfer.
Bases on balla-OR Alchele, 4: efl Itoyt. 4.
Struck out By Hoyt, S. Left en bases
Newark, 7: Bamtllon. t. Paaaed hall
Turner. Time of csme 1 hour and 34
mlnulrs. Umpire Mr. O'Brien.
Grand American at Chicago Proved
a llaaje Success-
Chicaoo, Aug. D Halph It. Roscnthell
of Krceport, III., to-day won the Consola
tion handicap, tho final event of the
nineteenth Clrand American Handicap
Trapshootlng Tournament. He broke
96 targets from seventeen yards. This
event Is staged for tho shooters who
failed to share tn the prise money of the
preliminary and Grand American handi
caps. The puree amounted to 1995, of
which the winner received J99.S0. Tho
low prize was $13.25.
It. A. Merrill of Milwaukee won second
place with 95, and It J. KommUky of
Texarltana, Ark., won third place on the
shoot off from C It. Hwartz of Ycnton,
Ohio. They each broke 94. Tha shoot
off was 19 to 17. .
Tlie tournament was the moat suvrr
ful yet staged. There were 214,740 tar
gets thrown. Amateurs made 183 long
runs over 50 and professionals made 21.
The high money winner of the tourna
ment was H. J. I'endergast ot l'hccnlx,
N. V., with J1.050.
QameMoved Forward Month
Goes to Corsairs, 4 to 3.
I'lTTSEUna. Aug. (Natlnjtal) An
advanced game front the "work or flht"
period of next month was played hem
to-day between flnclimatl and the Pi
rates, tho latter winning. 4 to J Miller
wan hit freely and was relieved after tho
fourth Innlns by Hill, who stopped the
score drive. The deciding run was
made In the seventh. The score;
an r n o a a an r n o a
Grab. 3h
4 1 I 1 3 OIKllam.M
100 1 20
Noalr.ll. .. 4 0 1 4 0 01
401 3 10
4 10 S 10
Rouah.cf . (01 1 H
S.Maiee.lb 4 0) 0 1
nnfflih rf 4 12 1 00
g'worlh.rf. 130 1 10
Cut a5 aw. lb 414 3 3 0
niirmth rid 1 HM'wIta.lb
301 00
2 0 1 0 10
B'hnrne.aa. 100 J 4 olMcK'nle.lb
1 00 0 OO'Schmldt.c. 4 0 0 T 0 0
300 1 0(1
Mlilrr.p. . 100 0 00
tHinchinan. 100 0 0 0
Sihneld'r.n 3 11 0 4 0
201 0 10
Totals . 32 1 1 21 13:
TiM Ml . 11 4 27 9 0
natted for Blackburne In tuiiln Inniny.
tBatteil for Miller In fourth lnulnr
Cincinnati o 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 0-3
Ilttaburr. ....-.. 00011010 x 4
To baas hlta-Qroh, Schneider. Cut.hnw
Three base hits S. Macce, Griffiths Stolen
bsira-Carey. Southorth. Sacrlflns hits
Moll its. McKechnle Sa?rlfloa fly Cunlo.
Double plays Carey and Schmidt; Bouali and
Wlnso left on baMs-Olnclnnatl. 4: Pittsburg-.
10. 1'irst base on error Ptttebtirir, 1.
Baars on balls-Off Schneider, 5; off Hill. 1.
Hits Oft Schneider, a in I Inntnars; eft Miller,
T In 4: oft Hill, 3 in i. Struck out-By Hill, 3.
Passed balls Wino, Behmldt. Winning
pitcher Hill, Ixjalni pUcher-Jchnoidsr.
Giants To-day with Boston, I games,
mo P.M. Polo Grounds. Adm. tOc Aii,
National and American League Records.
Chicago, 81 Brooklyn, 3.
Plttibnrg, 4; Cincinnati, s.
Other teami were not ichednled.
riojed. Won. I.oat. r. c.
rhiragn mi no art .o.vi
r York 103 no 4.1 .sts
Plttthurg ion Ml 4T .330
Philadelphia.... on 4tt ft.l ,403
Cincinnati.'.... t0 4 BS .409
BronVlyn no 4.1 M AXf
Hiiatnn ., 101 4U nr. .4R.1
SI. Louis 103' 43 08 .400
.400 1
ltoilon In New Turk (two).
Philadelphia In llronXlja (two),
Chicago In I'lttiharg (two).
At, lioa.lt a CIiclsBStl (two).
Leaders nit Robertson Hnrd
and Profit by Brooklyn's
nr GEoncin n. cndkiiwoou.
Acting as If they were suffering from
shell shock or the blind staggers, the
Podgers tottered around Bbbets Field
yesterday and blew the final game of tho
aeries to the Cubs by a score of S to 1,
allowing the Windy City crew'lo got an
even break.
Brooklyn got away to a two run lead
In tho opening frame but tossed It
right away In the second. After that'
the Podgers never were In the hunt
They accorded Davy Robertson a de
fence ,as flimsy as tissue paper and as
shaky as the Jelly gran'ma used to
make. In addition the Cubs hammered
Robertson hither and yon.
Olson starred tn the comedy of er
rors, with Johnston, Daubert nnd Miller
also playing loading roles. Ivy com
mitted two misdemeanors. Ono of.them
followed a boot by Johnston ln ' the
eighth and let a run filter across the
platter. Daubert made an almost ex-,
ous&ble muff of Hendrtx's fly back of
Drat tn the second, allowing one Chicago
count and making possible another.
Miller's trended flip to catch Taskert
rtteallng ln the fifth planted Dodle on
third. , whence he scored on a triple
I by. Merkle that was played badly by
Ilrndrlx Tightens Vp. '
The Cubs harvested twelve blngles oft
Robertson. Before the second Inning
was over Davo had been found for Ave
lnsles and a double. On account of to
day's double header with the Phillies
Manacer Robinson had no relief pitcher
to sparo and so Davy had to stay In
and take his medicine. The only earned
run scored by the Cubs after the second
was the count put across In the ninth.
The other runs were ushered In on the
error platter.
Claudo Hendrlx, who has been some
what of a Jinx to tli a Dodgers this sea
son, kept the nine Brooklyn hits well
scattered. He was found for ono earned
run In ths first and another was made
with the aid of a wild throw by Kllllfer.
Hendrlx was effective after the first
and turnod the Podgers back scoreless.
Brooklyn planted two men on the has
socks with none down ln the second, but
Hendrlx tightened and bowled over Mil
ler, Robertson and Johnston, fanning
the latter.
Kllllfer'a IIeae Help.
Johnston greeted Hendrlx with a
double to right In the first and took
third when Olson planted a safety ln
right centre. After Daubert popped to
Hollocher Jimmy and Ivy flashed a
double steal, Johnston scoring. Wheat
swung1 at 4t wild pitch for the third
strike and reached first with the aid of
a bad throw by Kllllfer, Olson scoring.
Buck tried for second and was out,
Merkle to Hollocher. Myers filed to
With one down In the second Merkle.
rick and Zelder singled, Ilollle's belt
registering Fred. Kllllfer doubled to
right, registering Pick nnd putting Ze'.
dcr on third, whence he scorrd on
Daubert's muff of Hendrlx's twisting fly
back of first. Doolan recovered from
his boot of Flack's grounder In time to
throw Max out at first and absolve him
self from an error, but too late to shut
off Olllifer at the plate, which would
have been done had the ball been han
dled perfectly Robertson threw out
In ths fifth Paskert singled, stole sec
ond, took third on Miller's wild throw
and scored on Merkle's triple. With
two down ln the eighth Pick's single,
Johnston's error, Zelder's pass, a double
steal and a wild throw by Olson gave
the Cubi two runs. They added another
In the ninth on Flack's single and steal
and Hollocher' s timely thump. Tho
score :
ab r h o
Flack.rt ... 6 11 3
Johnton,rf 4 11 0 01
nison.ua.. . 4 114 4 2
Dauhert.lb. 4 00 13 1 1
Z.Whmt.lf. 401 1 0 0
Mrrra.cf . 4 0 0 4 1 0
H'lochrr.sa to: 1
4 01
411 3
4 1211
Mck.rh 4 2 3 0
Ileal.Sb.. . 0 00 0
7.eldr,:b 3 1 3
Xlllefrr.e.. 4 12 4
ryPajrell.c. 00 0 1
Hendrlx, p. 4 n o 1
O'Mars.Jb.. 401 2 ao
Doriaruib.. 4 0 3 0 2 0
Mlllrr.c... . 4 00 2 3 1
Hobertaon.p 3 0 1 1 3 0
Totsl.,.J7 1 1J n 9
Chicato ... .O40t001 1-J
Brooklyn . 200 0 0000 O-l
Two base hits Kllle fer. Johnston. Donlan.
Three ba hit Merkle. Stolen hasra Flaok,
2: Paskert. Pick. Hndrr, Jnhnttnn, Olann
Sacrifice hit Paakcrt Double plar Mr.rl.le
lunarrisle.il. Lrft on baaet Chiraro. 5;
Brooklyn. 4. First baa on errorsr-Chimro, 5.
Baes on balls Oft Ilohen.on. 2 (Mann,
7.rtder. Struck out By Hendnx, 6 (Johns
ton. Haubert. 7. Wheat, Myers. O'Mara.
nohertaofli; by Rebertaon. 1 (Flack), l'anr.1
ball Klllefer Earned runs Off Hendrlx. 1:
orr Rabartaon, i Utnplrea Meaira Klrm
(plate) and Kmalie (basca) Time of rarae
1 hour and 10 minutes.
Salvation Army Itoxlnir Cnrntvnl
III Chicago Cancelled.
Chicaoo, Aug, 9. It was announced
to-night that the boxing carnival sched
uled at Fort Sheridan to-morrow for the
benefit of the Salvation -Army overseas
war fund hna been called off ns a tosult
of (he committee In chargo falling to
confer with Fort Sheridan officials, who
In turn prohibited the bouts.
At first the carnival, which was to In
olude several bouts, was to be staged at
Uomlskey Park here? but Chief of Pollco
Alcock declared he would rtop the event
If It took every policeman of tho city
to enforce thq State law,
A number of prominent boxers who
were to have taken part In the carnival
arrived in Chicago 'to-night. It la ex
pected that they will return to their
homes to-morrow, ,
Jesa Wlllard, Ted Iewls and 'Johnny
Kllbann were among the arrivals to
Tho Betrolt-St. I.onli and Chicago.
Cleveland garnet will be playrd lo. mor
row at part of double headeri.
Other teams were aot teheduled.
flayed, won, tott. p. c.
Bnitnn ....
Cleveland .
Clilrugn . .
4I .(WMI
47" Ji-H
B3 ,400
B3 ,4SO
B4 ,403
B .437
ei .403
New York ino
St, Louis Kit
Detroit IM
Philadelphia .,102
Ifew York In Poiton.
YVaihlngton In rhllqdelph.ll.
Detroit In Ft. I.onli.
Chicago la Cleralaad,
TO ROSS FOR $30,000
Canadian Sportsman Buys
Leading Two-Year-Old.
Special DupalcA Io Tas Bon,
Saratooa, N. Y., Aug. 9. Comman
der J, Ki 1 Rots, the Canadian sports
man who owns Cudgol and some other
noted thoroughbreds, added Dllly Kelly
to his, string to-night He bought the
groat two-year-old colt from W. r. Pol
son of Rntfalo for 110.000. .
Commander Rosa offered 110,000 for
Billy Kelly before tho colt's winning
effort last Saturday, flut tho hid was
declined. Thereupon tho commander,
It Is said, wagered (10,000 on Billy
Ktlly and Is reported to have won
more than the price he paid for the
son of Dick Welles.
Billy Kelly (cored many victories In
the West, and since his arrival here has
beaten a host ot Eastern stars In ths
Flash and tho United States Hotel
Stakes. Caii-ytn'g 1SS pounds, he finished
second In rhe Albany to Walter M.
Jeffords's Sttjr Hampton.
Commander Ross also added several
costly yearlings to his string to-night.
At ths Hancock sale ha paid $14,600 for
a bay colt by Black Jester out of
Primula. Ha also bought nahalf brother
of The Porter for $9,000.
This cott was the property of P. M,
Walker. He Is by Celt out of Ballet
Girl. J. W. McClelland paid $10,000 for
a half-brother to Embroidery, by Celt
out of Network.
W. R. Coo bought a haU-elster to
King Neptune end Sea Pirate for $5,000.
She la by Celt and Toots.
Pittsbm-ff Middleweight Per
mits Indian to Take Only
tho Opening Bound.
Harry Oreb. the Pittsburg middle
weight, last night added Clay Turner,
said to be the descendant ot a Sioux
chief, to his list of victims. The com
bat was waged, at the Jersey City base
ball grounds and was a spirited, peppery
affair. Turner started with eclat and
outpointed Oreb thoroughly In the open
ing round, using a straight left to the
face and a right uppercut with good ef
fect. That "as as far as the Indian got In
tho way of a victory. Hcclnnlng with
the second round. Oreb, exerting all his
stamina and aggressiveness, wore Tur
ner agwn to a whisper and had him very
tired at tho close.
Oreb used a left swing to the body
that weakened Turner, and the Pitts
burger also thumped Turner on the Jaw
with left and right ln a way that dis
couraged the Sioux.
Oreb marred his victory by a lot of
unnecessary clinching and his Judgment
of distance was erroneous.
In the semi-final Willie Kohler of New
York won easily from Hugh Brady of
Hobokcn. Brady was In distress at the
close of the batlte.
Garner of r-hcopshrn.il Day Speed
way Xnrurrl by Drlvrrs.
Harry S Harkneso, millionaire sports
man and owner of the Hheepshead Bay
Speedway, will be olllrlal -stakeholder for
the International Sweepstake.') at the
Sheepi'hiad Kpceday n week from this
afternoon. Harkrters wan unanimously
relectcd last night by Ralph De I'nlma,
Arthur Hurny, Louis Chevrolet, Darlo
Resta and Ralph Muk'ord, the five Rreat
racing drivers who will compete in the
speed carnival.
Conditions for tho race will be ar
ranged nt a meeting this afternoon. The
management will post JIS.OOO. it share
of the $25,000 purse, at the mertlnir,
WjWIr the drivers will each put up 12.000.
Dr Palma mid Mulford are favorlnar a
long- race, from 100 to 250 miles, while
Duray and Itcsta Insist on several sprint
races, the winner to be determined by
the point renrlng system. Chevrolet ts
neutral, but demands that $11,000 go to
the winner Otherwise ho will withdraw
his entry, he saya
' . . va nubca caa.
the Saratoga Track
! First Hare-yive and a half fnrlonfs. Por
malum iiitoc-70U--01ib. i'urie WJ.
Kin. Horse. Wt. Jockey. ft. PI
1 Thiatlrton . . :M Enor 16-5 It
f lVondcrrnan . 1W Sande . 4-1 s-5
Dahinrt. l.H Wall. .... 121 e.
4 Hopeful 101, Trotrr . . .
5 1 Ilalafrr.. . Vi, Frhut'ier.. 12-1 6-1
(S Blario lit Roblnron. . 13 i
7 Prerarirat' . . J..ConnellT . :o-l 1:1
Ilnlanrhoha in Lur.ford io 4.1
s Mormon Klder q. Prrece. -l j 1
10 Shoot Fair ... 103 .McAtee .201 !
11 lfl rtelrter. .. 108 Krlay avi 1-.1
Tlmu-1 :lo 1-s. start iool. Won easily
JVlnntr. b e. by Olsmbala-Madch.n Owned
by B. T. Wilson Tralnrrt by T J Healry
Second Ilace The Stillwater Sleenlrchaae.
Handicap, about tuo and a half miles. For
fpur-yrar-olds and upward Purso 10 addtrt.
Fin. Horse. lvt Jockey. St I'l
1" RobfTI Oliver. l..Allrn . 7-10
'I' S.'1".. V J Howan.. ls-f, ii
: Early I.ljrht .. , !to .Oawford . 11 I
Time 5 9 3-5. Start fair Won rantfrinr.
Winnrr. h r., by yathrrlerr-Dlamnntlna
Owned by Capt. Hal rarr. Trained by W.
Third Hare- -Six furlont. yor thj-es-rcar-olda
and upward. Purse
Pin. Hnrsr wt Jockey St n
1 Forctrroiind llJSanile . ,. j,i
t O'Donovan tl5. Rrhorer . . f-s 110
8H 1Inflrml.r lit Knaor t-1 t l
4 John I. Day . IM Ornirr ... ie 1 4i
6 Shanhallymoor 111 MrAtr ie.1 Ij.i
Wurrford .. Its Piinnrlly .. r..; 1
7 Mandia . .. 105 Murphy f-l 12.1
I Point In Point . ift. S-hul't-rr ji-i 15.1
Time 1 :1 I I. Start rood Won drlvlns
Winner, eh. c . by Pujlrmsn-Sknches'
Owned hy Commrnder J. K. U Boss. Trained
by H. O Brlwell
Fourth Bsiv Onr mile The Olena Pll
Handicap. For threeyear-olda and upward.
Piu-ee 31.131 added
Pin, Horae. Wt Jockey. St n
! Weaty Ilofan 112 Kitmmer . s-t 6.5
2' Naturalist . . Ill Icnaor ,. 11. a ..j
! Crani! 10.)..l.nnaford .. J-l .g
4 llnnilaos .. , 110, Thurber . 15.1 .i
5 P'lvrry Candle l"4..Mrlr ... ! t
a Olooniy Or., tut Mr A lee . ij.i .)
T Talry Wand . 111. Hlrtrrlr.Jr. I'M 1
Brih-d Voter. KO. Connelly . u. (.1
9 Damro.ch 11" Pm . is. 4.1
10 Dorca. tot Wall. .i
Tim'-l:(2 -5 Htm rood Won eaallr
Wlnnrr. M ., lir M-k rc"--ll-Carrle .Tnnr-..
Owrrd bv Wilfrid Vtau. Tralmd hy S. M.
Nsuirhton. Klflh Ilaro-O-ve mUi and threelxtceniha
For four jeor-oMa and upward, Puraa tm
Pin Horse. Wt .tockry. St. Pi'
1 N. K. Bral . 1 .Bice . . i Yk
2 TJttlr Nearer... 111. Mrrler . . 7.1
lis Harwood II. ... 104. Troiae p to j.j
I M, Gooabr . , . '07..S'nipnon .. l i
s fiondult Ill McAtee. .. io.; j.
(I Felucca lit Knor . . H-t .i
7 Firlnr Une. . . 10t..Cqlltna .... . t.i
I The fork m..O'Brlan . . 4-l Si
TimeI :( 3 1. Start rood. Won ea.tl.'
Winner, th bv Olorlflrrr-Pnrtlan Oirl.
Ownad ly J. II. Shreve. Trained by H. K.
Wsth Bacrv-F(ve furlonts. For Jwo-year-old
fllll'S. Purse I'fO,
Fin. Horse. Wl Jockey. St. I'l.
1 Roonta H0..Hariii . , U.S. (j
f Kb Alin .... It MeAleo . .. ir-S M0
! P,.in Shower lll...lohniqn . -io j
I Ooltvnlo . .. 1(17. Trnirr . tn i
; Rorla 107. .A Collins.. IS 4
Tlrnr- -1 :M -. Start airanllnir. Won eaa
llr. Winner b, f., b Piom"'lcif-.lnor
Ownid by Cleveland Stable. Trained by t:
Baseball To-day, Khhets Field. Brooklyn
va. Philadelphia, tamos. Ii30 P. ii.Aiv,
Mr. Viau's llorso Shows Un
expected Return to Form and
Takes tho Qlons Falls.
Special Deipatcll to Tns Sck.
Sahatooa, N'. Y., Aug. 9. Westy Ho
gan, the brown colt owned by Wilfrid
Vlau, startled the big crowd of racegoers
at the track this afternoon with the
svecd he displayed In tha Qlens Palls
Handicap. It waa ono of the worst
form somersaults of tho season. In his
raco a few days ago he could not raise
a -good gallop, -was never a contender
and was boaton off. This afternoon he
waa another horso. Taking tho lead
soon after tho barrier was raised ho
sped along so far In front that tho mud
he splashed could not reach his oppo
nents, who staggered after him.
At tho end of tho mile Journey Westy
Hogan was halt a dozen lengthn in
front of Joseph E. Wldener's Natural
ist, which took second honors, four
lengths ahead of Commander J. K. U
Ross's Damrosch.
It might have been the mud tht't
caused Westy Hojan to show such a big
Improvement. The cott was the "class"
of ths race, and wers It not for his bad
raco ths other day he would have had
a hott of followers. Those who had
watched him In his previous start con
cluded that ho had lost his form and
pinned their faith elsewhere.)
Naturalist the Choice.
Naturalist, because, of his tremendous
esrly speed and the fact that ho has a
fondness for the mud, wbs mads the
favorite and was heavily backed at
even money. Hut NaturallBt novor had
a cfhance to win. Wosty Hogan was too
fast for him and Jockey Kummcr had
difficulty In keeping the Vlau star from
winning by a sixteenth of a mile.
Tho sloppy track played havoc with
the form of the favorites, tind only ono
popular' choice finished In front That
was Capt Ral Parr's Robert 0llv!7
which won the, Stillwater .Steeplechase
by nearly a quarter of a mile.
Only a trio of Jumpets competed In
thin race, which was over tha two and
a half mile course, They were Robert
Oliver. Commander Roan's Early I-lght
and the Triple Spring Farm's Reddest.
The horses did something seldom seen
on a metropolitan course. While set
ting n leisurely pace Reddest bolted nt
the obstable In front of the club house,
and as ho swerved, to the outside of tho
brush fence hoth of his opponcntn fol
lowed suit and for a few seconds none
of the contestants was on tho right
The Jockeys quickly took their mounts
back and the race began all over again.
This time Robert Oliver took tho lend,
with Reddest second and Early Light
third. Capt. Parr's- old gelding leaped
faultlessly and gained with every bound.
The second tlmo around Reddest again
bolted at the Jump In front of the club
house and again Early Ught followed
him outside of the course.
Ik-fore they could get going again
Robert Oliver was an eighth of u mile In
front, and during the final mile all
Jockey Allen had to do to land Robert
Oliver the winner was to sit sOU and
provent Ws mount from falling. This he
did and Robert Oliver cantered home
a)l by himself. Reddest waa an easy
' Wtlann Colors In Front.
Richard T. Wilton, Jr. scored an
other victory' In the first race, when his
brown colt Thletledon romped homo
ahead of a big field of sollln platers.
With Ruddy tenser In the saddle ln-
1 Mend of Johnny McTaggart he ran
' kindly, and after following the pace
I to the head of tlie stretch went to the
front and won easily.
Commander Ross'b Foreground won
the third raco oer the six furlong
course, but his victory was due ln great
part to a poor rldo by Jocliey Sherrcr
on O'Donovan. The lad did more to
retard than help hi mount, with the
result that Foreground, which came with
a rush through the Btretch, got up In
time to cam tho decision on the post
by half a length. O'Donovan finished
Second and IVInflnnier third.
In tho last race Scootr., the bay Ally
belonging to the Cleveland Stable, dis
played great fondness for the muddy
going and spreadeagled her Held. She
won by half a dozen lengths, with W. R.
Coe'a Kiss. Again wcpnil and J. 1L Ros
seter's Passing Shower third.
Passing Shower and Kiss Again were
unable to untrack themselves In the mud
and floundered all over tho track.
Coinmandep Ross, who will lose the
services of Jockey Iiawrenc Tkc" early
next month, has engaged Jockey Kande
to pilot hli horsea during tho remainder
of the season.
Oliver's New Chnrxe.
'Old Hilly Oliver, the erstwhllp Har
lem oarsman, has another breadwinner.
He Is Hi-larlo, the bay gelding formerly
owned by Joseph B. Wldcner. (leorge
Odom. trainer of the Jlrlghton StHblo.
bought the gelding brforeMho first raco
and turned him over to Oliver. Uelarlo
..1 , tmnA flteht nt Rnred for half
n mile nnd then quit and -finished third.
It was reported w-oay mm uuin
mander Ross had leaped Col. Livingston,
the renowned Western colt from II. J.
Hrannon for the drab Ha; HanlU-.-.v.
which will be decided on August fO.
Since hlB nrrlvnl hole Col. Uvlngiton
has been going great sum In his early
mornlnc trials. On Wednesday It wns
reported that he Mopped five furlongs
around the turns In 1 :O0.
Tho cxperla who taw him work pre
dict that he will Rive the tlistrrn Juve
niles anil Hilly Kelly a hard fltht fur
pretnlor honors.
Firit Race The Plattabury Handicap!
three.year-olda and upward; aelltnt; seren
King Neptune
Jack gtnart -Mnnotnany
1W1 Lodrt...
St. laldore
. ..105
.. .10.'
... 100
u nn.i HaiT1.o North Anwlmn Steenle-
chia Handicap: three-year-olds and upward;
about two niilca:
jlrt 1" Shannon River 117
Weldrhlp Ill Doutlat 140
Sun Klnr ..... ...lisl
Third Haee The Haratosa Special; tor two-
j-jer-oius , six mii""-
II' ishlnr Heauly
dinner .
Yunicjirt ,
Iinl Urljhlop .
Sweep On
Star Hamilton.
Hy Friend
ulue Laddie...
vn.inh Raon Tho (.Uianuilalu R&ndiean : tor
Hirrr-iBir-uli" and upward; one mile and a
Knamef USIFranUlln 1(1!
Ttchet K ruda-el 112
Midway lf3Bond3a 109
Note-Hie welrM on Franklin includta a
penalty of five ponnda.
Fifth Bare Two-year-old fllllea; claiming;
five and a half furlonat;
Sereechrr 9fh-fnao lot
Keen Jane . . .lM,MBdn 101
Vlrajo 1"' "Ambassador III... M
Tn? '-Ml
Stath Itacc-For lline-year-pldt; rondltlona;
nne miie
Star Clas
"Iteveler -41
Co'iiln o' Mine..
W P. Pibney..
Ho Lony Letly ..
. ll
, .103
rtroom Peddler. tlolJane 34ary...
Oennns . . . 10f
Wyoming- . . ,.110
Alibi . ,.
Impetus ..,
Woodlhruih , .110
Heredity U
Apprentice illawartos cliatal.
Ilr DAXIttL.
JOHN IC TENER'S connection with tho National League was severed
yenterday, nnd lf nomo of the) club owners woro glad Mr. Toner waa
oven uioro Joyful. His oxperlenco ns head of tho parent major body
was far from pleasant, especially in Its latest developments, and perhaps ho
will be better off for his having dropped out of tho game. Thoy say It Is a
bad move for any man once out of baseball and doing woll to go back into It.
Mr. Tener will testify to tho truth of that statement. '
Tho league has placed John Heydler in chargo, and w'o know of no man
bettor fitted for tho duties of tho office. Mr. Heydler will glvo out no.startllng
statements or misstatements, nor ts ho likely to rush Into print with things
which might got the leaguo and the gamo Into bad odor. Mr. Heydler knows
tho leaguo and hq knows tho game perhaps better than tho umpires.
Wo can soy with some authority that tho owners are not looking About
for a successor to Mr. Tener. Mr. Heydler is likely to remain president per
manently. In duo tlmo the various factions may come forward with various
candidates. Mr. Brown of Loulsvlllo and John C. OToole, tbo league's legal
adviser, have been mentioned. Neither is likely to land.
Nat Fleischer Goes Off to tho Army.
Nat Fleischer, for moro than two years sporting editor of Tub Stw, has
started on his way to France. Mr. FlclBchor left for Camp Greenlcaf In
Georgia yesterday morning and he loft smiling. Ho had made unsuccessful
attempts to got Into tho Marino Corps nnd the Navy and welcomed the oppor
tunity to become one of our doughboys. His Induction Into service marked
his family's fourth contribution to tho army. Tho first to go was his brother
Murray, n. dental graduate of Pennsylvania, who Is a First Lieutenant over
there end doing flno work In facial reconstruction. Then came his brother
Dill, who enlisted tn tho Aviation Corps. Last week his brother Joe, who is
beyond tho draft age, roslgned his position as assistant principal ln our
public school system and won accepted for the officers' training camp at Camp
Nat Fleischer takes with htm tho warmest regard of his associates. Never
a man met him but liked him. For twclvo years he has been my pal and
never has a man's friend been truer and moro loyal. Godspeed, Nat! We
know you'ro coming back sofo nnd sound nnd that you will mako a splendid
record for yourself.
Herrmann F.iplalni Stand on tho World's Scries.
We are In receipt of a letter from Garry Hcn-mann ln which he explains
tho stand of the National Commission In tho matter of playing the world's
series after September 2. Tlie letter says:
"I am qulto sure ynu will agree with mo when this matter Is fully under
stood that Organized Baseball ts not defying tho ruling made by Secretary
ef War Baker. Tho enclosed bulletin on this subject Is self explanatory. My
understanding Is that tho Secretary of War has not ruled that baseball was
to stop on tho first of September. On the contrary, ln both his original ruling
nnd tho supplemental ruling made, ho Indicated that ho was anxious to sec
the gume continued. What has been done by him Is to extend the tlmo of
putting the 'work or fight" order Into effect from tho first of July to the
first of September.
"In other words, nt that tlmo players within the draft ago who nro ln
deferred classifications will bo required to seek essential employment, and in
doing so can, lf they euro to, bo governed by tho amended selectivo service
regulations which provide, first, that the player must be notlliod either by
his local board or tho board In tho territory ln which ho Is found to seek
essential employment. He Is then given from three to seven days to file his
statement. Thereupon a finding must be made and certified to his own local
board and to the district board, from which he has an appeal, nil of which
means rod tapo nnd consequently delay.
"Tho world's series will bo over In seven or eight dnys at tlio most. You
will notice from our bulletin that club owners will cooperato with the players
and the Government ln finding essential employment for nil the players re
quired to do so as quickly ns possible nnd will not wait until they get proper
notice from their boards. Thus they will obtain essential employment much
inore quickly than lf they went along under tho regular routine. This surely
must Indicate to everyone that we are cooperating with tho Government
Instead of hindering or delaying them.
"In addition tho world's series arrangement now adopted provides spe
cifically, 'If there !s no objeotion thereto by the Government.' If there Is
why It Is quite certain wo will not go ahead as against their wishes.
We are qulto euro that there will bo oltlctal objection from the Govern
ment against the series at tho time specified, but It Is a question whether
the Individual players will take chances with their deferred classification by
disregarding the "work or fight" mandate after September 1.
Threo Star Thoroughbreds Haled Allkp by llandicapper.
Brilliant as was tho Saratoga Handicap on the. opening day of the
meeting, when Roomer outran Cudgel, the Champlaln Handicap this afternoon
promices to surpass It, as th" great rivals each are scheduled to carry 132
pounds. Cudgel was n, trifle high in tho Saratoga, but with nior, than
h week to wind lilm up for a supreme clfort a trainer of Guy nudweU'K
skill may be expected to furnish a deiul lit horso for to-morrow. That
Roanier Is ready everybody knows and a new record may be looked for.
It Is Interesting to note that Mr. Vosbursh regards Cudgel, Itoamer
and Omar Khayyam of equal capabilities at n. mile and n furlong, hut it
la not llkoly that Omar will (jo to the post. In tho same connection .lohron
Is rated a pound better than War Cloud. If Mr. t'oe wants to get a lltii1
on I'olymollan's abilities at n milo or over ho should stiu't tlu chestnut ln
the Champlaln, for which lie U allotted 110 pounds. Hollli-ter, which will
probably carry the Mncombrr frllks, If War Cloud is not at his best and
his showing on tho opening day would eo Indicate Is well In at 114 pounds,
but the horse that would appear to have a royal chnnci- ;it the weichts Is
the four-year-old Midway, Willi 103 pounds as his Imp. st This Wosti rn
owned catfdldate was rt distant lufit ln the run up the back s-tt etch Iji the
Delaware and he finished ti strong ."cental to Sun Ilrl.tr. On that occasion
lie carried 105', 3 pounds. There is going to be nn nbtindance of early speed
In to-morrow's race, ns Fairy Wand, with 9S pounds. Is considered a certain
Capt. Frank Click, In charge of sport at Camp I'liton, last n!r;ht sent
us the following telegram:
"I have arranged n, bnxlng net In tho "Yip Yap Yaplmnl:" show at the
Century Thcatru for the week of August 13 for Mr. Leonard, and It will
not be possible for him to appear at the K. of ('. show In Brooklyn August
20. Am wiring you to Inform public both for tho protection of tho K. of
and Mr. Leonard and Indirectly to ralvertiso the biggest show that ever
hit Broadway. CAPT. FRANK GL1CK."
Capt. Glick evidently has not been Informed of tho change of date of
thn Knights of Columbus War Kurd show at Kbii.-ts Field. The s-how has
been moved forward to August Hi. o that there Is no bar to Leonard's
taking part. The champions bout with Frank le Callahan t-hmiUl ho quite
a contest, for Callahan Is no exhibition stepper.
Sets New Mark for 200 Meter
n 1 C, 1.
dock ijiruHi,
Harold Kruegor, one of the three
Hawaiian swimmers who arc im a tour
for the Hod Cross, latt night established
a new world's record for the 200 meter
backstroke anlni In the International
Imposition pool In The Hronx. Though
lCrueger finished third from rrraii-h, ho
went over the cmirso in 2 minutes fiS 2-3
nionds. This bettered the old niaik by
ttto bccnniU. Henry Clthe! of lh Now
Yo;k A. (', with an alluwanru of 2d
seconds, won the event ln 3 minutes 17
Duke Kahunamoltu won tho 100 meter
handicap from scratch, dlocaneo of
liberal handtraps allotted his opponents
tho Dulio was hard pressed throughout
and won by a Ecanf two feet. He was
timed Hi 1.01 2-.V Clarence Lane., with
a five second htstrl, was second, and J.
W. Moon of Pelliatn Hay, who was
allowed eleven seilmds. wan thltd.
M!s Joephln Hartlntt of the
Women's Kw Immlnx-AsrocUllon letabied
lib- Metropolitan fancy dhlng title. Klin
rolled up tho lino 1 oia of U'S CD point!?.
Mlas Hertha ThoinpUInn was t.ecund with
104.02 and third place went to Miss
Helen Metmy of Rc Heach with 103.3
points. The summaries
til Yard Swim. Novice Won bv (leurgo
Uunthor, Federal Hcndeiou. Frank A,
Jlugff. unottat hc-d rcoml: r! Tuitlc, uti
uttuched. third Time 31 3.& Heinnda.
100 Meter i.wlin, llii.ullcap on by
Duki KiihananioUti (scratch 1, Clarence
l.ulie (5 recondil. reeon.l. J W. Noon in,
l'eiham Hay Naval st.itlon 111 stcnndai,
third Tlmo, 1:01 2-5.
Women's Utve, Metropolitan Chainplnn
ahlp Won by Jo.rphinr ll.trtlett, with
131.09. llerthu Thnnipkliiit. with 101 02,
second. Helen Mcan. llo Uracil Klm
uilng Club, with 103 03, third.
200 Yard HwUn, Handicap ((llrlsi Won
bv I. Holer, !!) Hearh (3i reeoudal,
Helen Meuny, Hvn Ltrnch (ID srcontla).
second. 11 lilt'chtiy, N VorJ; Wnnien'a
SwtmmtnK Aaanclatlon (3) seconds), third.
Time, S:0.
21)0 Yard Swim. Handicap (Enlisted Sfrni
--Wn by M ltlrk'rsnn, Pvlnain Hiy
Navul Station (40 sernndsi; J Agrainonir,
Pelhnm Huy Naval Htntlon ISH eeenndsl,
rei-nr.it. (', J IHkon, Pelham liny Nuval
Station (21 setonlai. third, Time. 2-43
200 Meter Han, Handicap (Hi 'k Stroke!
--Won by Henry Slrtiel, New Vork A C
(II arcondsl. Clarence I. an (II secondsl,
aaoond: Harold Krueger (icratch), third.
Time, 2 51 Ntw record.
' Paces Fast Half and Quarter
I u ... T" t
ufi 1 m envy 1 racn.
Ct.EVKI.ANP, Aug D. .Single 1,., driven
by Pop (leers, won the fne ior jtll paco
at North Randall to-d,n, the fetaure of
tho Ketaway card of ttin hCinml tlrand
I'll cult summer tn.'etln here, in straight
heati. T '0 time fnr tl e pic-, ..01 H .ml
2 02. was considered 1 emarktihle, on
siderlng'the hi.ny track. The so -mid
half of t final mi'Io was paced 111
59 l-f sermids ai d tho Inct quartir 111
Hoth heats werii hard fought, lit tho
opening Starter Walker had trouble Ret
ting tho fhtld nwav, and not until the
iiurteenth score did he glvo the word.
WllVnm, second ehmcn In flliit:a it,
romped off in front, nrd led Into the
stretch. There tho favorite, followed by
Miss Harris M , cain on the outside
nnd drew- on terms with William. The
latter hung on for a short dlstanru and
then broke. '
In tho second heat Single O. led all
the wax William tiled tn overtake him
at tho half 11. lie but was s'lnkon off. In
the stretch Mlt Harris M. challenged.
ninWiiiiT Single (! slop the fast half and
Dual quarter Mingle i). was the only
fnoritc to win. The Minima ry:
211 I.I..SS. TllDTTINd; I'fllSIJ It.finn
sjhil .1 iil.'ilriok) 4 1 1
Selah Hilr-l iMurt'liyt 1 o m
I.m ky ri. ver tt'oxi 4 :1
C'Oriet l Ti 111 lienut 1 ;i ;i j,
Pirect Forbes and Walnut .Maid alao
Time. 2;ft1Vi, 2:0s1;. 5:0Sli.
2.0 CL.AS8, PAC1NU; I'UHSi: H.O00.
Suiiih Head lllrl (Sturgeon) 1 1 ,1
H.iry ilnmlln (foal 2 j
'In Stalely i Valentine) 4 ,1
John H llrnden (Thomas) .1 '4 4
Alexander tha llnat and Zombrlno also
Time, 2-05K. I'MS, 2:OSi4,
PL'IISH I2.ni u.
Single C. Ulcers) 1 1
Mian Harris M. iSluiph)) a a
llir.se!! Hoy (Kdnian) a ;i
Iten Hail ICoaklr) 4 4
Willi till s'ro started
Time, 2 .0114 3:02.
Telford ( K.J m nn) , 111
Cord Axworthy (Shank) 2 2 4
Transact (llodnsy) 3 a
Nuniiy Rmlln (Squtrra) 4 4 H
lionn, lr, nlao started.
Time, 2:12, i.lihi. 2:l'i.
Emerson Ronchca Semi-finals
in Long Island Ccntro Tour
ney at iWoodmcro Club. 1
Day In the Long Island Junior tennis
ccntro tournament wga started yestor
day afternoon on the tstairts of tho Wood
mero Club with an entry of twenty
thrco lads. Competition progressed at a
fast and furious pace, with ths result
that one of the aspirants, Gerald Emer
son of East Orange, got as far as the
semi-final round.
Tho chances ars that to-day will ess
Harold Taylor, Vincent Richards and
Frank Anderson in the other brackets
of tho semi-finals. The doubbss will bo
etarted to-day and the tournoy will bo
wound up to-morrow evening.
Quito a number of yesterday's tilts
went an extra set. Richards, Taylor,
Anderson and Abraham Bassfonl Sd, the
leading contenders, had no trouble ln
scoring In straight sets.
Emerson was a double winner, hts
victims being H. W. Jones, at 60,
6 3, and Porcy Kynaston, at 1 6, ft S.
6 4. Then Emerson made for thn club
float nnd dived overboard.
Anderson played fine tennis In Ms
victory over H. Hernsteln. nt J 0. 6 3.
In tho noxt round ths champion of Long
Island was favored with a default by
Edgar Dawson.
Richards defeated Frank Loughman,
at I, 6 2, and then got a default
over Arthur Lynch, Rlchards's play
seemed to strike the gallery's fancy.
Taylor won from I. Robblns. at 2,
C 3. Hassford was In top form In his
match with Charley Day, which ho won
at C 2, 6 2. The summaries:
Woodmere Club's Junior etnslea First
round Arthur Lynch won from Gerald
Donaldson, Jr., by default; Vincent Rich
ards defeated Frank Ijoueman, s 4, e 2.
Herbert W. Haldenatetn. defeated fiUph.n
Hfhieaalnser. 2, 2 4. 41 4; Clarenci.
Unlerlierr defeated Frank Rosenthal, 2,
f. 3; Lyman Tramalnr defeated Ted Keve,
t 1. 3 t. tt; Donald McCord wen Jrom
Cecil Donaldson by default: Frank Ander
son defeated II. lltrnstcln. 0, 8 I.
Second Hound Oerald Kmerson- defeated
O. W. Jonea, 0, C 3; Percy Kynaston
defeated M. Jacob, 61, 60: Klchards
won from Lynch by default; Tremalno won
frnm McCord by dafault; Anderson won
from Kdcar Oawaon by default, Abraham
llassford 3d defeated Charles Day, 4 2,
2; Harold 1 Taylor defsattd X. Hobblna.
C 2. 6 3.
Third Hound O. Emerson detested P.
Kynaston, 1 I, ti 3, 4.
IVnr nrnrflt Matches Will Bt
Played This Afternoon.
As a war benefit the ficubrlght Lawn
Tennis and Cricket Club has arranged
several matches that promise unusually
Interesting tennis for thla afternoon. In
announcing the programme Major Ber
non S. I'rentlce raid that In addition to
the exhibition the annual team match
between tha nockaway Hunting Club
nnd Seabrlght will bring together two
formor champions, as the Sjedarhurst
team Is led by Malcolm D. Whitman,
while lloloombe Ward plays number one
for Seabrlght.
All receipts will be turned over to the
War and Navy Department Commission
on Training Camp Activities to provldo
tennis equipment for men ln military
service. Although hundreds of courts
already have been equipped, the demand
from the camps contlnuus, and every ef
fort Is being made to raise a large sum
for thm purroae.
In addition to tho team match thero
will he a special double event brtwrrn
Ichyi.i Kumagae and Walter Merrill Hall
and Heals Wright and William A. Camp
bell. Additional matches may bo ar
ranged lf time permits.
Mr. Ilnnimrr IVlna Shenaensett
Loll Title at New London.
.Ipecial ficawfcA to Tun Sex.
New London, Conn , Aug. ?. Mrs.
Ralph Hammer of Flushing defeated
-Mis Florence Cusliniau In tho fln.il
round of tha Sheiiaeosett Country Club
golf championship here to-day by 7 ami
3. Mrs. Hammer started In brilliant
fashion and with three par holes out of
tho firs! four had her opponent 4 down.
Here the match was Interrupted by a
thunderstorm, but the fair contestants
played on unmindful of tho rain
After this tho scoring was not so good,
but the Flushing woman increased lirr
lad to 7 up nt the tenth, which she won
In a par 4. Tho Detroit girl got tho
twelfth, which both iiiusmjiI up consld
crabl. Th match ended nn tho lent;
thirteenth, which Is a difficult hole. Mn
Hammer got a ten foot putt for a 0
and the match was over.
Wlnlo Miss Cushm.in wns playing In
tli" final of tho championship her
mother, .Mrs II. n. Cusliniau. was win
ning hor way to the teml-flnul round In
tho second flight. She defeated Mrs.
P- V. Sullivan of New York by 4 and 3.
Her opponent will be Mm Peter Uoyd
of Philadelphia, who defeated Mrs. L.
A. l Perclval of Great Neck by 4 and 2.
llllnrit I. Rnea llettrr With Xew
.Alan In SulUy.
Woos-sofKBT, It. I , Aug. 9 The Bay
Slate circuit racing. Mopped by rain yes
t.rday after two heats In the 2:13 paert
nnd one heat In the 2.21 tint had been
run on", was completed to-day
Mlll.iid D. wen the 2.1.". pace Tho
Judges had Hilly Crosier drive Millard
1 In ih last thteo heatr after the hnrsn
bid broken threo times In the third heat
with Myrer driving
Itnsa Watts won the 2:23 trot In flv
heats. " y
im,aiikii"uTts"ks' op-Fan.
1 lARTroRb, Conn., Aug. 9 James H.
Clarkln, owner of thn Hartford Kastern
LraR.ie baseball team, a inunred tn-day
that ho hnd declined an o.fer from Pres
ident J. H. Farrell nf the International
Leniiuo to npeiate nne of the frnnchlics
of that organisation In this city until
Labor Day.
i.v tiiij niiAi'T.
f fiiERMAN, Chlllicothe. Ohio.
Aw; 9 Walter Herber, former short
I stop nt the (riiliimtiu.t American Associa
tion lmtcball team ami more recently
I nhnrtstnp for tho St. Louis Hrowns. re
1 ported at Camp .Sherman to-day with a
commons draft continitent.
r.tM'H,i.(iy (inns to nt'T.
Minneapolis, Aug. 9. Joe Cantlllyin,
for nine years in'magtr of the Minns
npnlis baschall club of the American As
sorlatlon, to-day applied for overseas
sen leo with tho Knights of Columbus or
the Y M. C, A.
Tal.-nt, thn Ynlr pltihrr. wh v,ts the
M-nnVlon of the Inter ulLnilc a-iron,
will plt.-h for tho Pohertv ..111: rnx
i'i I'ateiaoa SK-ilnat the ahliliulder from
tho Tlrtjen and Lung jard at Nureen
Field, Ilaynnne avonue and Twenty-ninth
street. North lleriraii this nlturn-ioii. The
FhlplniUders havo or. of the ti teams
In this er. lion, with I'lng He He and Herb
Thorniahl'n of the Vnnka. Paul Smith and
Johnny Herkyarmlt In the lineup. Te
morrow afternoon the ahlplitilldura wt'i
tackle tha Camp Mnrritt maj." league's
with Tlncup of the Phlllle- on th in.ual

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