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Grateful Personal Notes Tour
In to Friends Who Send
Block Parties in All Parts of
the City Provide Solnco
for Soldiers.
from unexreetrd "ourcesinnd places
Mme money (tiff to Tit Sir Tobacco
fund. A recent one l particularly
rlnrJnir to the fund and should ret nt
rt n' quibble aa to Its necessity and
t vital quality of the work It performs.
This gift 1.4 In the sum of $127.20 and
11 comes from Rochester. N. Y., through
r. N. Kalbfletsch. Its dlatlnctlon Is due
to the fMt that two of Pcrshlns vet
erans, Sergeant Petrush and Private
Swale of Batteries C and D, Sixth Field
Artillery. A, E. F.. were In a largo meas
ure responsible for Ite being" given to the
tiroke fund. During the last Liberty
Loan campaign at open air meetings held
In Rochester these veterans, while at
home on furlough, spoke eloquently In
rralJe of Tin SUN Tobacco Fund, Its
renerous and efficient work and of the
tremendous hit It had made with all
kinds and conditions of our fighting men
ahrnad. '
At far as lies In Its power The Sun.
by publishing the sincere and grateful
acknowledgments of the soldiers sent to
Sun donors In Its care, has made wide
spread the same Intelligence. It should
teem that no one with an unoccupied
dollar should hesitate how to employ It
for the comfort of soldiers If such a
wirt to serve is his.
But to read tlio brief extracts from
these postcards their number Is legion
as they are published In this paper Is
a pale thing compared to getting a per
tonal word from one of the fighting men'
for oneself. Why not treat yourself to
t.U experience? It Is extremely grati
fying and It Is not costly.
What a Dollar Bring.
A dollar buys a great many smokes
and it buys more gratitude and fills the
recipient of the soldier's letter with a
proud consciousness of duty done at a
mall sacrifice. Send In that dollar and
let it bring you some written words from
France like the following:
"SoMSWHKRl! IN Franck, July 29. '18.
Diar Snc Your tobacco was received
a:d distributed among the boys. We
ire appreciative and very thankful for
It. Until you come over In turn you will
MVerTtnow how' good It seems to receive
tobacco from the good U. S. A. The
'w York Sun Is a great friend to the
bojs In olive drab and each and every
cue of us is grateful to It.
"The tobacco was equally distributed.
D there Is no fault to find. This card Is
from the boys of Company K, 3C2d In
fintry, and again we thank you for the
donation. Private Robert P. Costello."
Now here Is a letter written nearer
home that equals In Interest the other
which came across so many miles. It Is
dated from Tllden Bros.' Resort, Eagle
River, Wis. The writer Is Arthur Guy
Enpey, who has been going "over the
top" for black bass (see the Sunday
Sin, Tart 7, August 18) : "Diar Smoke
Ki'.hd; I have been a stranger for some
thw. but I'm linrle ncratn. Ynil know
after that wonderful licking Our boys in
France Just nave those German 'carp' a
for smokes will not go amiss.
Jaw. Here 1 Kmpr)'i Auitrer.
"Funny. Isn't It, while some pro-Ger-
.xin saakes were starting tielr. eylL.
itftlllng propaganda, stating that' I 'had
cut slurs on our drafted men (God
t! them!) I. with the assTitanceleTt
Icree "regular fellows,' was .Singing .a,
b'c benefit for drafted men "whowere
leaving or had already left Eagle River
for ihelr cantonment. f
"I donated the moving picture Xver
the Top,' the town orchestra 'came
through' and we raised $562.79, which
decided should go for smokes for'
cur euldlers. Enclosed please find check
lor that amount.
This pleasing "return" from one of
the most confirmed of tHe fund fans
! entered with due honors In to-day's
re contributions.
Frank Oaynor, first sergeant Company
H, Seventh Infantry, writes this on
July 23 to the "kind Sun" that do
nated tobacco to this soldier: He says:
i nae not room on this small card
to write more than a word to thank
Vu, but will say that the shells are
ojrsung in my Immediate vicinity and
I do not know what their next move
lll be, but am prepared for 'anything
row that I have some smoking. I mean
that. I am your grateful friend."
Mia ntnuham Aids Attain.
Mls Amelia Rlngham, noted actress.
Is the Iate3t volunteer for the smoke
fi.nl party to be held at the Park Ave
nue Hotel In the sunken gardens on
"it Friday night. Miss Bingham has
teen from the beginning of Its career
itanth supporter of the sfund and
I'H frequently appeared for Its benefit.
Another recruit Is Geoffrey C. Stein,
"he will do a "bit" In the way of en
tertainment and act as announcer and
aetloneer of the evening. Mr, Stein's
j!er appearances on the stage In New
lorlt wer&, mado In Rachel Crothlers's
lily of "Ourselves" and as leading man
Miss Elele Ferguson in "The First
"dy of the Land."
"This benefit has every prospect of
ir.g tuprrmely successful, and the
t generous feeling Is exhibited liy
orge 0 Drown and Mrs. Howard I..
ion, h0 have the general direction
he part The former is to offer
' handme prizes for the man and
,n lr.cer who get the "lucky"
y,. n- In Innumerable waya ho
ft D hl' w,5h to "Pe"1 uu the
.a by increasing the attractions of
ie party
UMth" 0 orKlna MacMulIen. who will
us rrima donna on the occa8ron
IS JLn ,d !he fund ,nat "no wl "IniT
P.PM .ow,nR numb- An aria from
oir. . "cM;lnn Lescaut" and two
Trl; ' '"rit F'ower." by Campbell
Frariani "Uke th0 "osebud." by
rr" I.a Targe.
jLi,i',;-,n t0 the talent already an
JcYhT for,,h,J Party and Including
Co-Is,, ? makcr" a" Joe Santley, Holly
- ,."' J'n,n' n'" "! Gillian Engl.
PtvTLnR ouns dancer to be een,
Howard.- A ycar afro ene I'" Gu
itT. V r.oa'' Bhow 10 lnt P'c"
I ,' ' "d " since been featured
i'a. T"' ono of ,nem not
I:, ;' Mother extremely Intereat-
ccai ,UnCrmenl for ,hl" SN fund
'hlD m ',Vy pleCM undc- lead
A Artuty! HarW Btem 01 ,h9
j"" "tatu. of nioclf Parties.
''fun'l";" being offered to
IS' such , ffl,.'1 WlShe'' ,Q-ata,e clearlyJ
.v , if: "rr,ne!' must be nccomnanled
' ikb.ucih on n
" rectvi " an objection
r,-Ir"M,,I from anv nitalr u,w .,.
rr.-.sr (.unearned do not willingly i
.ro fcprt. . L . wlsh to t've the
Jre u!r c"m,' iX iH a real
tendp.. iviii.
mC . " unasrstandlng a
.Parly 2 E Sventy-second
s reel between First and Second avenues
directed by Mlis. Pollak, at the hiad of
Th Mi. iml."'' b,ln anged
niV... 19 00 rop'd orr and a
There will bo mjslc afid dancing, a ser
hi ? J!?0 nbout 8tty-flve stars Is to
X.raJBd' ,ed CroJI WOTntn re to
-.... nowersann programmes.
IartS' In Nnll i.i.i.. i...
aIV J"nd "renicn streets, con
fri ,he Nl"ateenth Assembly iSls-
7U.i . 'ncorporatea. The
m? . ha" snl out ma,1" Invitations
and beforehand canvassed the nolhbor-
.n?h , n."frtln the feeling. It was
entnuslattlcnliv in c,r.n- i, . ..
and tn s party will surely turn out suc
cessfully. The music la to be furnished
by Adam Mohr's hand
Another block party Is tchedulcd for
the evening of the 2Sd on SUnhope ave
nue between Knickerbocker and Irving
i. """""" ne neaa ot the
....iniin, n josepn i". Stewart.
"""""" concert br airs. Bnders.
The concert which Mrs. Ida V, Endcrs
!r?EreParlnK to give for the benefit of
T in Sim Tobacco Fund at Paulding
will be one of the most Interesting of
the out of town events. The date set
H i A,ueust SO. Mrs. Enderg gave
.. , ""'on 'or the fund In
l-OOper Union, Which Was n nrnnmmnn
success financially and artlstlcaUy. She
will appear In the projrnmme at the
forthcoming musical event.
"Georgia Land" continues on Its pop
ular career and Is alrendy numbered
oy the music dealers among their "best
sellers." The sales managers of the
Pennsylvania Rubber Company are con-
uuii.iiK wie campaign ror the emoke'fund
in a masterly way and their efforts are
seconded by the publishers. Jerome Rem
lck & Co. It is already computed that
the income to the smoke fund on the
first month's sale will be above $1,000.
The weekly contribution from "va
rious members of the Now York Slock
Exchange" this week Is $25.40. From
Slnrapore, Stratts Settlements, comes a
check for $10, donated by Mrs. W. T.
Eastley. ,
Ilmtrmbrr the Coupons!
The fund boxes In the cigar stores of
the United had a rich harvest of cou
pons and certificate's yesterday, a con
dition which observers say may be
counted on every Monday. On Sunday
smokers read how much this mode of
helping the soldiers' to smokes has sent
over to the expeditionary forces and
when Monday comes they add their
quota as a mailer of course.
How the Fond Stands To-day.
Viilted Clair Stores boxes. Including
special c per cent, of gross talei
day eo.ua (i
Olherwite scknowledred HJ.ru. W
New contribution! 7J1.1J
Total IM.MI.7j
Shipped sod paid for....2tS.lfl.O
Caah balance la.7M.70
Received throuih the Scbulte cigar
aiorea JI.o:i.c
Grand total
New contributions art:
Sidney "E. John.on. retard on tlckttt
Arthur Guy Empey. Eagle River.
Liberty Loan catupalra and open
air meetino In Rothetter. N. T..
Various membern of the New Tork
Stock Exchanre , '
Scovtlle'a Hotel. Coney Iiland
Mr. William Leonard. 4M Henderson
av.. Wett New BrliMon. Waten
James L. Jenkt. Pawiucket. R. I....
Collected In Jerferton't store. Peconlc,
L. I
Mr. and Mrt. C. W. Bennett, Buffalo,
N. Y
Mrt. W. T. Eatlejr. 17 Nsulm road.
Singapore, strallt Settlements....
J. R. b. and M. D. S
10 to
Engine and Coaches Strewn
PVJT Landscape. ? ,
Bltai3i AugA. A'n eastbound'New
York Central f.Yuass train. nlich left
Buffalo" it, QMlKk this atlernooa,.
was' wrwked two-miles west of' BcPger),:
pear Mann's crossing. The cnHlije and:
elfht coaches left rails and, ail ex--cwt
one of the coaches overturned In.
the. ditch, yet not more than a dole:,
persons were Injured and none Of thefn,
was hurt seriously.
TSe engine came to- a standstill 600
feet away from the nearest coach. It
ran 1,600 feet after -leaving tlre.rrnlts'
and stopped In an orchard after crash
ing through two telegraph poles, a num..
ber of cedar fence posts ana trees,
w ii- Hbati.v nom mi. ,trh.
out a scratch. Engineer Charles Wllkte's
feet were scalded by steam from a
broken pipe, but he was unhurt other
wise. The Injured brought to the .Batavla
Hospital Included, Mrs. Mary McMillan
of North Bay, Ontario ; Corporal Thomas
C. Meagher of the Training Detachment
at the Oswego formal School, W, H.
Jones of Buffalo, an express messenger;
V. Tartagley, New York Central labor
agent of Syracuse ; Tony Mazzarlsl of
Buffalo and Engineer Wtlkle.
Between 1,000 and 1,200 feet of th
eastbound track, was torn ' up and the
wreck of the train, was complete. A
refrigerator,- the next car back ot the
engine, a mull and baggage car and a
mall car were on ono side In a ditch on
the south side of the tracks.
The fourth, a baggage car, la) at an
angle of DO degrees to the tracks. The
next car, a day coach, lay parallel with
the tracks with the forward part Jammed
Into the, wrecked baggage car. The
sixth car, also a day coach, was about
twenty-five feet from the roadbed and
parallel with the tracks. The seventh
Is on one side and the eighth and last
car Is Just off the. rails.
' ' ' -- ' I
Deny Plan Monopoly- fiqlll. ;
Boston, Aug. 19. Oalen L, Stone, a
banker, and Frederick C. Dumalne, a
mill treasurer, recently Indicted with
twenty-eight others on charges of con
spiracy to monopolize the' fish business
of this port, pleaded not guilty to-day
and gave bends or $1,000. They were
Included In tho general Indictment as
directors of the Bay State Fishing Com
pany, but both resigned In March.
The following transfers and astlgnmenta
were ordered yetterday To lake effect
a A. M, Auguat 15:
Charles J Hchlunatn. . Headquarters
Dlv attlcnment changed from offlet of the
Police C'ommlitloner to the Tenement
Home Squad. '
John A. Park. Iltadquartera Dlv.. at
tlgned tn the Chief Intpector! Staff, In
charge of the mounted atrvlce.
William J. Wallace. 6Jth Prec. to
Iltadquartera Dlv., -to. duty in Division
of Rtpalrt, for 10 daya from A, M.
Augutt IS.
John O'Brien, 43d Prec, to Hcadquar
i.r Dlv.. Dlvlalon ot TranaDortation. to
duty aa operator or touring car, for 14
daya from A. M, Augutt II, during
abtenre of operator on vacation.
Miles F. Uurke, 101st Prec, to Head-
uartera Dlv., Dir. of Trantporlatlon, 10
uty at operator of touring car attached
to the 10th and 11th Intp. Dlt., for 14
daya from 8 A. -M. Auguat IS.
Frtnk Tlmmlne. Traffic Dlv., Motor
cycle Squad No. t. lo Headquarters Dlv.,
0 ilUiy in luuiunj irii.u auui,, ,w-
mriminl fltorthoute, for 11 dart from
I A M. Augutt 1.
Uaniei Jirr.,irur, nre., lu itin
Prtc, aatlgnad to clerical duty, from
I 1 M. Augutt 17 to I A. M. Septum-
ber 1; attlgnmtnt to duty In raided
premlaes In the Third Jnap, Dla. discon
tinued from 4 1. M.. August 17.
. s. 1
J Police Department Orders.
v J
Trensury Seeks This Hate on
Earned Itcccipts and' 15
on Unearned.
HALF ON FlliS! $i.,000
McAdoo Bejccts Conunlttce'B
Proposal for Compromise
Exoess Profits Levy.
Sptdal Detpatch to Tni its.
Wasiiinoton. Aiic. 19. With the
Ways and Means Committee and the
Treasury Department still far apart 6n
the question of exceas profits taxes, an -
inner enmpiu 01 aiscora Docwecn mo iwo
was Injected to-day, when the Treasury
renewed Us Insistence that the normal
Income tax rnto be raised to 12 per cent,
on earned Incomes and 15 per cent, on
unearned Incomes.
The committee had a letter before It
from. the Secretary of the Treasury flatly
rejecting flic. proposal of the committee
for a compromise of 40 per cent, and 90
per cent, excess profits rates tn lieu of
either the present rate on the "30-80-80
per cent." rate favored by the commit
ter Slight Increase In Profits Tax.
The compromise would have Imposed
a tax of 40 per cent, on profits above
an extmptlon of JJ.OOO plus S per cent,
of the unvested capital, and not ex
ceeding 20 per cent, of the Invested cap
ital, and would have Imposed tbe 60 per
cent- tax rate on all Income in excess of
20 per cent, of Invested capital. '
It developed to-day that the commit
tee, largely to save tbe face of Its
chairman. Representative- Kltchln (N.
C), will make some slight Increases In
the present excess profits 'schedule, but
will not nearly approach the high rates
upon which tentative decision was
reached some time aire. It la Draetl-
.cally a certainty also that the Treas
ury uepartment's wish that the Income
normal tax be made 12 per cent, and 15
per cent. Instead of 10 per cent, and IS
per cent, will be approved eventually.
The Treasury Insistence on this fea
ture of the new law is largely on account
of the coming fourth issue of Liberty
bonds. Exemptlng'these bonds from the
normal tax will mako It highly advan
tageuoH to rich men to Invest money In
the,se Oovernment bonds Instead of other
securities. The dlfferenco would be a
very appreciable one to them, as the
Income from such bonds would be classed
as unearned Income, hence the, proposed
normal tax of 15 per cent, on unearned
Income would be saved through Invest
ment or money m Liberty bonds Instead
of in tome other security.
The committee has taken no final ac
tion on this suggestion, but the senti
ment of the majority of the members
toward It, In view of the reasons given
lor tne Treasury attitude, favors n-
creaelng the Inoome normal tax.
B or 6 Per Cent. Up to 94,000.
The present form of the I
tlons of the new law provide that the
normal tax shall be 10 per cent, on
earned Incomes, but that on the first
$4,000 of income the tax shall be onlv s
-... .i mo iiui iiiHt i&jc ui i & per
cent. Is adopted the tax on incomes up to
$4,000 will be made 6 per cent. half of
tbe full tax. '
The committee to-day went over the
siamp taxes in the existing law, and
tentatively decided to leave all but one
unchanged. This was thd stamp tax
on piaymg cardf, which at present, pj
raised to 8 cents. The admln'lstMtlv.
sections of the Income tax section Vera.;
uiscUEsea at tome length, but jto jUflnlte.'
A decision was reached to-day tojeava
me raxes on Devernges until the last In
drder that the committee mav hv. fh
benefit of the Senate's action on the
"bone dry" rider to the food: simulation'
production Din, ir possible. AU. drts of
suggestions ha-e been heart .forjrhlsitjuc.
ranglnj from a 15 per cent. Increase
over the present tax up to 125 per cent.
Increase. In nny event the committee Is
forced to wait until the last moment In
drder to provide for other taxes to take
hk. ... ". ." ..... " .
""T 'iur ma ii u is certain
thnt thlm uAiiFM. ii. .
kwu.i. w i gvr iuu will 1 1 r 1 1
'Worried Over Liquor Itevennr Loss
To what form of taxation the commit
tee can turn If the liquor revenue of ap
proximately $1,000,000,000 Is denied Is
causing a great deal of discussion. Con
sumption taxes of some sort will have to
be levied, It is feared. If there Is' such
a tax It will be on coffee, sugar, tea and
the like. Cotton will not be touched.
If the Ways and Means Committee
finally does follow the lead of Chairman
Kltchln and writes a high excess profits
rate Into the revenue law which Is un
likely, the Treasury Department can
count on the Senate Finance Committee
to change the bill to suit the purposes of
the Administration: the fundamental
ground of the objections of the Treasury
Department to a high excels profits rate
Is that It Is In effect a tax on efficient
management of business and puts a pre
mium on waste and extravagance In
Veterans In Encampment See
Launching- at Portland. Ore.
PoRTlANP, Ore.. Aug, 19. Thousands
of delegates were present to-day at the
opening of the fifty-second annual na
tional encampment of the Grand Army
of tie Republic. A feature of the day's
programme was an open nlr meeting at
a shipyard, where the veterans saw a
uooden hull launched.
Ladles of the Q. A. R., Daughters of
Veterans, civil war nurses and Women's
Relief Corps began business sessions.
Edward J. McGuIre, 3ld Prec. to duty
on lampt. from 8 A. M. Augutt 17.
The following application! for full pay
while on ilck report are approved :
Arthur A. Btatty, Ilth Prec, from 7::o
A',,M' Au.u.,t.9 2 u. KMi August u,
6:30 P. M. Augutt 3. during dltabllltv.
Benjamin J. Kobirleln, Sth Prec, from
1:10 A. M. Augutt ", during dliabllliy.
Jatper Rhodei, Kth Prec, from 4:11
A, M. Augutt 6 to It P. M. Auguat 7
John G, p. Motley, 41d Prec, from X:!0
r. M. Augutt 8. during disability.
Charlea E. Pattorr. Hi Prec. from 11:111
A. M. July It to 12 P..M. Augutt I.
Daniel J. Klely, 47th Prec, from lS.-ll
A. M. Augutt t. during disability.
Edmund L. Frotatrd, 47th Prec. from
I :tt P, If. Augutt 4, during dltabllltv.
Edward Moraghan, lllth Prec, from
II noon Auguat S to 12 P, M, Auguat 6.
Melvln Harvey, 1 12th Prec. from till
A. M. Augutt 6, during disability.
Jacob Kata, lllth Prc, from S:0
P. M. July iS to is P. M. Julv SI.
Alexander F Dlttur. lllth Prec.. from
i::U A. M. August 8, during disability,
William J. Wlegand. lllth Prec, front
7:011 A. M, Auguat 3, during dlaablllty,
The. following tlt-alb la repotted;
John B, Ahern, No. (78, Detects e Bu
reau, 13d Prec. Dlv,, died at New York
lloapltal at 4:10 P. M, Augutt 14, from
meningitis of brain and tpln. Funeral
from hla lata retldence, 48 Perry street,
Manhattan. Interment Calvary Camittry,
Spteiai DupalcK to Tns 8cs.
WASHIN'OTON, Aug. SO. Theie army
erdera were Ittued to. day i
Second I.leut. W. I. Klrby, from duty at
Lamp Howie, T, to Camp Tremont,
California. . .
First Lieut. John Kllncler. Jr., from duty
Paterton ordnance dtpor, to 'Watertown
Artenal, llnitaehutf tin.
Flrtt ueul. . I, w. EdwarJt. from duty
Warrior Rtver Steam Plant, Illrmlng
ham, Ala., to Waahlngton.
Capt. A. A.. Delapp from duty Chicago, III.,
to Mlddlttown, Pa.
Second I.leut. E. c. Hill from duty
Washington to Ptcatlnny Arttnal, New
Second Lltut. A. F. Schubert, from 'duty
Camp Dla, New Jertey, to Camp uodir,
Second Lieut, n. C. Schweltser from duty
Camp Grant, Illlnolt, to Camp Cuttar,
Flrtt Llout. Carl Trometre from duty
J MaJor. Jl. .- r,e "" du,y Washington
vninrion to renniman, va.
Flrtt Lieut, w. L. Goodwin from duty
1 je'tr,!n"0,, 10 n"n Arsenal, .New
fltcond Lltiil. w. I. Whltefleld from duty
naamncion to Iiaritan Araenai, se
Jertey, for Instruction.
Major J. D. Paacot, Medical Cnrpa, from
duty Ordnanct Tralnlnr Camp, Karltan,
N. J., lo Panama Canal Uepartmenl,
Canal Zone.
Second Lieut. M. J. Duryea from Wathlng-
ton to Springfield. Matt., for duty.
8tcond Lieut.: J. O. Smith from duty Wash.
Ington to Krankford Artenal. Pennsyl-
-anla, for duty.
Th following named offlcera (enrlneeri)
from prestnt duties, aitlxned to Camp
llumpbrert, Virginia, 43d Enslntert.
for dutv: Capt. B. It. Wlleox, Klrtt
Lleatt U. L. Crotthwalte. N. S. Uaxtar;
Second Lleutt. T. J. Fleming, J. U. Rut-
. tall. C. C. Howe. C. W. Hen, K. G.
Water. A. K. Pinch, I K. Tolman. C.
.11. Wllklnt. E. W. Hunttr.
Plrtt Lieut. W. 8. Kilmer appointed Cap
tain. Sej-ond Lleutt. F. H. Prtacott, Jerome
Wrenn, A. !J. Sweeney, Dtvere Teomane
and M. L. Woodruff appointed Pint
Lieu tenant!.
Second Lieut. E. S. Carter from duty at
student at Camp Humphrtyt, Virginia,
to tame camp for duty.
Following from preaent dutlea, aatlgntd to
Camp Humphreys. Virginia, Stilt Engl
neera, for duty: Capt. J. T. Rice, Second
Lieutt. C. .M. Adamt, Rudolph Kruier.
II. A. Harden, C. E. Beam. VV a. Davit,
H. E. Tomllnton.- Albtrt Kreltar. A. 11.
Beckwlth. R. F..ChldK!y.
Followlna from prettnt dutlet to Camp
Humphreyt. .Virginia, Mid Engineer!,
for duly: Secood Ututt. G. B. Morgan,
- A. P. Bchulta, V. KSnyder. J. S. Orr, R.
P, Whttwell K. M. York, T. E. Peak. H.
E Schraaer. r
Capt, It. B. Wellt, SJ!d' Englneert.. to
Camp Humphreyt, Virginia, Si:a Engi
neer! Capt. C II. Roe from pretent dutlet to
Camp Ilumphreya. Virginia.
Following from prettnt Juliet to Camp
Humphreya. S40th nnglntere, for duty:
Flrtt Ueult. O. 11. Qllchrltt and W. F.
Goodrich: Seoond Lleuta. W F. Bum
mera, W. T, Price. W. S. noting, L. R.
Kilter. P. U Spanne. Alex. Frank. O. W.
Putnam, D. II. Jonei. L. 1. Unrnli. Am
mon Underwood and A. . MedllcotL
,p.' A'tL 1-ee. Slid Engineers, to Camp
Humphreja, Virginia, 840th Engineer
Air Berrlce, Production.
Flret Lleut.'A. T. Robert! appointed Cap.
Second Lltuti. II. U. McVlcar. William
Spoerle, F. J. Maynea. E. E. White,
E. H. Oullford appointed Flrtt Lleu
tenantt. Second Lieut. E. C. Ruttell from Akron.
Ohio, to Waehlngton.
Second Lieut. F. C. Walker from Wath
Ington to Buffalo.
Chemical Warfare Serrlcc.
Sergeant M. N. Rich appointed Second
C. L. Gabriel appointed Flrtt Lieuten
ant. Strgeant G. Q. Llndley appointed Second
Lieutenant, tn Long laland City, N. V.
Capt. F. U. Allen appointed Captain, to
, millllBIUII
Raachbacher from pretent
dutlea to Camb Davant. Munchuuiti
T. T. Crooks appointed Second Lieuten
ant, to. Rockefeller Inatltute, New
Tork. for Instruction.
Second Lltut. a. B. Zlmmele from pret
tnt dutlea to Camp Funtton, Kantaa.
II. B. Sutton appointed Second Lieu
tenant, to Camp Sevier, South Caro
lina. Seraant (flrat claatl C .1. Hehann! an.
pointed Second Lieutenant, tn Camp
t i,r. " -. t .mil
.-eergeant E. R lllchardion appointed
ttecond Lteuicnant to Oautp iGrcenleaf
Georgia, for Instruction.
Sergeant (flrtt clatt) W. J. Xaltbarta ap-
polnttd Second " Lieutenant, to Camp
F. L Dorsty appoint! Flrtt Lleuftntnt,
to Hatalhurtt Field, Lonrltland.
E. W Ilawket appointed Second Lltuten
"ant. to. Waaisniajion. .
6eeon4 Lieut, W.iS. Ooff. fldratlernpflrary
'fluty, Washfngton. to Nw-Vork. tor in
iructlooV uponcompItlinn'to-'WDShlng-
'yon.' - - " ' ,TJS
"Berint"T II Clark appointed Second
Lieutenant, to Camp for duty with
13th Sanitary Train,
derond Lieut. E. R. Lawihe, Philadelphia,
to New York for Instructions, upon com
pletion to proper atatlc-n.
Flrat Lieut. E. J. Baumann, from pretent
duties to Camp Grecnlear, Georgia, for
Aviation Section, Signal.
Following to Hicks, lei., lor dut Sec
ond Lteutt. W. F. Allan. J. W. Atra.
H. E. Brants. C. F. Hrumni-r, J. c.
Cnuthen, J. D. Crehore, E. F. Clark,
Deane Dana, C. L. Foreman, R. V.
Frltla. J. F. Hart, II. R, Johnaton. F. 1).
Lynch. O. W .Moloney, O. J. MUburn,
J. H. CNell, D. M. Potter. H. C. Sump
ter. F. W. Shtpard. P. E. Tusper, L. 11.
Whltten, J. E. Younger, P. T. Tobey.
Following to Mount clement, Mich., for
duty: Ftrat Lleuta. J. L. Reymlller.
Second Lleuta. n. W. Staphemon, E. A.
Dtaton. G. F. Garrlty, Charlet Bell, M. J
Catey, J. II. Ford, W, F. Klrchdorfer.
Lambert -Oil. Jr., J. T. Whltmlre.
Following to Deyton, Ohio, for'dutj: Sec
ond Lleutt. W. C F. Brown, K. H. Mc
Laurln. Flrtt Lieut. Percy rierre, Second
Lleutt. S. B. Slmom, C. C. Mlnter, c. D
Martin, F. C. Grlbble, n II. Clark. A
(I. MrKentlt, D. O, EntWhlstle. J. A
Adamt. B. A. Branch, M. s. niols and
Ijerpy Nohum, J W Skeratt. Kenneth
Hitchcock l-attrraon. J W. Benaon. It
L. rulmer.
FTfl ,,.'.V.', ? M'ldge. Second I.leuts.
H. E. WIVklnion and H, M. Hart.
Air Service, Aeronaut tea,
Robert Trancia Day and D. W. Miller ap-
pointed Second Lieutenants, to Barron
Field, Texas.
W. O Horton appointed Second Lieutenant
to Rockwell Field, California.
F. J. Deane appointed Second Lieutenant
to Carlttrom Fltld
R. .H. Hamrlch appointed Second Lieu
tenant, to Scott Field
W'. Ui""..'?.?1'"""1 snd Lieutenant,
to Ktuy r leld
Following appointed Second Lieutenant!
cLlv,"i ,?lr! 'i Ur"fn. Joaeph
Bourehall, Jr.. imd F. O. Nelson to
Kbertt Field.' Arkansas. II. c. Johnaon
to Scott Field, II. C McAnder to Car "
atrom Field, Florida, A E. Thomaa to
Kelly Field. F. W. Oledhlll to Park
Field. Tenneteo J. W. Skeratt to Carl
itrom Field Florida, D. V. Atwater to
Ebertt Field. Arantat, J. n. William
son to-John Wlaa Field, Texai 11 v
Warner to Camp Wlio, Texaa, U n
Mulrhead and W. M. Morrow to rt'ock
well Field, California. R, a. Ilaaaliln
and O. M, St. John to Chanute Field
Illinois, J. II. Thompson to Kelly Field
Teata. L. A. Wine, to Carlatrom Flald
Florida. C. J. Thompson to Kelly Field!
Teaat. Prirate (flrtt ctaat) L. P lland
ley to Love Field, Texaa, (J. dl. Hick
man to Camp Witt, Texaa, C. H. Piatt
J. R. Puckett and J. B Cole to Scott
Following enllatad men appointed Second
Lleulenanti, to active duty Wilbur
Wrltht Field. Ohio: D. It O'liary
Sergeant (flrat claaal F. N. Brldgman ap.
Solnted Second Lieutenant, to Camn
reene. North Carolina. p
J',.F .".".J""" rt,, "eneral Hotpltal, t
Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, to Camp Oori 1
don for ttmnorarr dutv.
Ckv,l S,T' MHJpJ,y ,rom rtul' ,0 Coun
rll National Defence, New Orleans
Flrtt Lieut. tBdrron Johnt from duty
Camp Greenleaf, Georgia, to Wathlna
.ton for temporary duty.
Sergeant Neal O'Brien from duty, Panama
Canal Department, tp Eleventh Dlvit
Ion. Camp Meade, Maryland.
Private (fln olats) J. it Ekelbxrrr from
duty. Panama Canal Departmtnt. to
General Hospital. Hoboktn, for duty
Private (flrtt data) Harry Cook from
duty, Panama Canal Department, to
Eleventh Dlvition, Camp Meade, Mary
land. Capt. F, E Cutler from duty, Ohio State i
University. Columbus, to Manhattan
r.-w inn cr nospiiai, new york,
Capt. P. P. Thompson from present
dutlea. Camp Sevier, South Carolina
to duty with Evacuation Hotpltal No
32, aame camp.
Private. William A. Gordon and Private
(flrtt iclaea) J, D. Kablar appointed
Stcond Lltulsntnls, to, Tala Army
Laboratory School for Instruction.
Flrat Lltut. J. F. Steals to active duty, to
Fort nil, Kant, for instruction. ,
1 -. ..," ,v (.
Flrtt Lieut. R. D. Wlleon to active duty,
to Letterman General llo.pltal, San
Francltco, for temporary duty.
Flrit Llsut, A. R. Oroi! to active duty,
Camp Greenleaf, Georgia, for Instruc
tion, Flrtt Lieut. J S. Cooper from duty.
Camp Taylor. Kentucky, to Dunwoody
Institute, Minneapolis
Following to active duty to camps speci
fied: Major W, A. Jenkins, Camp Pike,
Arkansas; Capt. A. S. Granger, Camp
Kearny, California: First I.leut. S. M
McLean, Camp Sevier.
Major J. w. Whcate from duty Western
Department to Camp Gordon, Georgia,
Capt. C I,. Karnes from pretent duties
Camp Forrett, Georgia, lo COSth En
sincere, same camp.
Capt, W. E. McCurry from duty lth 806th
Englneert, Camp Forreat, to duty with
Engineer Replacement Troops, lame
Sergeant V, K Davla appointed Second
Lieutenant, to Vale Army Laboratory
School, New Haven, for'lnitructlon.
Followlnir from duty Fort Riley, Kansas,
to Fort Sam Houston, Texaa, for duty;
Capts. G. P. Alton. C. H. Calbreath, J.
A. Denman. Richard Hultenga and J
n. W. Weatcrhoff; Flrtt Lleutt. C. S.
Black. H. c. Herrlck. W. J. Kucera, C.
It. Oliver, 11. A. Paradla, E. J. Reich
IT, C. C. Rotr, C. B, Sexton and F. D.
Following from duty Wilbur Wright Field,
Ohio, to Fort Omaha, Nebraska: Capt.
. G. E. Campbell. First Lleutt. C. II.
Jones, J, M, Reynolds nnd R. D. Scott.
Following from duty Fort Wayne, Michi
gan, to Fort Omaha, Nebraska, for dut:
Capt. M. It. Walter, Flrat Lleutt. M. L.
Smith. C. S. Strain.
Sergeant E. F. Lamb appointed Second
Lieutenant, to Camp Dodge for duty.
Following appointed fecond Lieutenants:
Sergeant, flrat claaa, J. W. Coulter', to
Yale Army Laboratory School, New
Haven, for Inatructtnn: Strgeant A O
Spahr to Camp Humphreys for duty;
Private W. H. Griffith to Yala Army
Laboratory School for Instruction; Ser
geant Mnrrla Kuechner to Camp McClel
lan. Alabama, for dut . Sergeant C A.
Piatt to Waahlngton for temporary duty
upon completion to Camp Lee for duty.
Majflr Charlea La Baron from duty Pan
ama Canal Department. Canal .one, to
Camp Wadtworth for duty.
Flrat Lieut. R. K. Flnley to active duty to
Camp Greenleaf, Georgia, for inttruc
ilons. Following from duty with Air Service
Division to Camp Greene, North Caro
lina, for duty: Major Attlllo M. Cac
einl, Flrat Lleuta. L. D. Huff, t. B.
Raber and E. G. Schwari.
Capt. Theodore Baker to active duty,
Camp Custer, Michigan, for temporary
Capt. G. T McCaullR to active duty.
Camp Dodge, for temporary duty.
Tlrst Lieut. F. 8. Plerson to actlre duty.
Neurological Institute, New York, for
Flrtt Llnt. K. A. Meyer to actlre duty.
Camp Dodge. Iowa, for temporary duty.
Flrtt Lieut. II. L. Casio to active duty,
Camfe Greenleaf, Georgia, for inttruc-
Capt. F, Coonlv to active duty. Itellevue
lloapltal. New Tork, for Instruction,
upon completion tn Camp Meade, Mary
land, for temporary duty.
Quartermaster Sergeant E. W. Alexander
appointed Stcond Lieutenant, to Fort
Oglethorpe, Georgia, for duty, Baae
Hospital No. 100.
Capt F A. Hefner appointed Major
First Lieut. M. W. Illcharda appointed
Second Lieut. E. H, Ennert, Jr., appointed
Flrtt Lieutenant
Capta. J, II. Smalo and nilltard Cometock
appointed Majors.
First Lieut. II, L. Harris, Jr., retired
from duty recruiting i-ervke for duty.
Quartermaster Corps,- to Washington for
temporary duty.
Capt. F. B. Alnger, Jr., to Washington, for
Col. M. N. Falla from present assignment
to Camp Sheridan Alabama, for duty
with Hlaty-eeventh infantry.
J, N. Adams appointed Second Lieutenant
Quartermaster Corps, to Camp Gordon,
Lieut. -Col. F. B. Rlcharda from Waah
lngton to New York.
Major C. H. Nlcbola ,f rom pretent atatlon
to Camp MacArthur, Texaa, for duty.
Quartermaster Corps.
Sergeant Theodore I. Cbaae appointed Sec
ond Lieutenant, to Camp Johnaton. Flor
ida. J. E. Hancock appointed First Lieutenant
to Camp Jobntton. Florida
Capt. W. E. Price from prrtent ttatton to
Camp Hancock, Georgia.
Following appointed Stcond Lleutenanta:
Sergeant w. T. Llvermore, to Camp
Johnrton, Florida: Quartermaater-Ser
geant W. L. Corwln. to Camp Lewis.
Washington; M. If. Blederman. to Camp
Wheeler, Georgia, Corporal J A
O'Keefe. Jr , to Camp Johnston. -R.
Walker, to Camp Johnston . Qu ir'ermAttr
(Wgeant J. E. Riley tn Camp Sherman,
Ohio Seriant L. C (Ulcer, to Camp
Johnston, Quartrmaster-Pergeant J. F.
Hollnway. to Camp Fremont, California ;
Quartermaster-Sergeant C. E. Hlneon. to
('imp MacArthur; Seregant II. W Craig,
to New York; Quartermaster Sergeant
A McGinn, to Camp Sherman, Ser
geant Flrat Class W C. OMver and Ser
arant C. C. Field to Camp Johnaton;
Sergeant D. A. Minor, to Camp Johnaton;
Sergeant C. Ii. Shaw, to Camp Wheeler.
Lieut. -Col. William Couper from Mreaent
station to Camp.Jackion, South Carpllna
G. Taull appointed Major, to Washington.
Ma lor G. B. Stnckler from ttatton to
Camp Hancock. Georgia
First I.leut. W T D'tnptter from pretent
station to Camp Greene, NoMh Carolina
Following First Lieutenants appointed
Captains F B Clayton, W J. Cum
mlng, .1 S Peel. J A Rollman. L. T
Shackelford. J D. Southwlck and J, D.
Capt Robert Trimble, Jr , from present
station tn West Point. Ky
Second Lieut. C A Johnaon to Camp
Upton, New York.
Capt A. R. Morrell appointed Major
II. II. Joyce appointed Captain, to Wash
ington. C W Fountain appointed Captain, to. San
Col. D. E. McCarthy from Waahlngton- to
Chicago for conference, upon completion
return to proper station.
Capt. V. S. Doebler from present atatlon
to Washington.
Major Edwin Gunner to Washington for
consultation, upon completion duty to
proper station.
Capt. D E. Davis from present atatlon to
Camp IlancJck. Georgia.
Quartermaster Sergeant E A. McGinn ap
pointed S-cnnd Lieutenant, to Camp
Sheridan. Ohio
Capt. J A Habrggrr from pretent duties
to tamp Tauarerrn
First Lieut U. M Bell from duty Camp
pnrrmnn, wmo, to lamp aieaae, Mary
lanJ. for dutv
Cant W. S. Johnston from duty Camp
.Mesne, jinryiann, in vamp ureeniear,
Georgia, for Instruction.
Followlnx nrDolnted Flrt Lieutenants:
Second Lleuta. I.. B. Mailed, Rossner
j.ane ana it. ii. ppr.ngrr.
Major It. S Brown to Fort Oglethorpe,
Georgia, Eleventh Cavalry, for duty
Second Lieut B. J O'Dea from preasnt
dutv to Fort Irfavenworth. Kansas, for
assignment ,
Serreant R F. Mitten appointed Second
Lieutenant, lo Rock Island Araenai for
Private I. Van Ilaaften appointed Second
Lieutenant, to Aberdeen Proving Ground
for duty
Serseant H. D. Iluklll appointed Second
Lieutenant, to Aberdeen Proving Ground,
Qaartermarter Corps.
Private C. 1. Krauaa from Waahlngton
to Cleveland for duty.
Following Flrtt Lieutenants appointed
Captalna: W H. Brandt. O. A. Ilrlleil,
F. J Blckford, F. II. Bell. C. T. Devlne,
W E. Hoffman, J. O. Cook, C w Hall,
J II. Alexander, W. A. McCtillough, A.
B. MacNah. A I McLean, It J Stlera
and Iyiutt II. Amlclc
To Help Mako
Being used bj- over tbree million pco-
r. ...nu.iij. ii increase ut:
! ,ittth of Wflk nervous, run-down
folks in two wetkt' lime in many In-
iS.ocV' i4k Doctor or druf
gttl about It , -
I'nlmrr mid flnrnelt J On 1'rl-1
innry Ilallot li- Court Order, '
A in A NT, Aug. 19, Secretary of State j
Hugo was directed by Supreme Court .
JuMlce N'lchols to-day to place on the
primary ballots ;ne names of F. V. ,
Palmer and John W. Ournett, Demo-'
crntlc candidates for nomination as
Representative In Congress nnd State
Senator respectively from the Thirty-
seventh and Forty-first districts.
Their petitions were mailed In Klmlra
on the last day for filing designations,
but failed lo reach the Secretary ot
State's office until after the time limit
had expired. i
in everything pertaining to Busi
ness Education Bookkeeping.
Banking, Business Practice. Busi
ncss Arithmetic, Correspondence,
Commercial Law, Civil Govern
ment, Penmanship, Stenography,
Typewiiting. Commercial Spanish,
Higher Accounting, Cost Account
ing, and Auditing.
The Packard Recrencr is the Packard
Record 60 years of faithful work.
No Solicitors ,
Send for Proapectut.
Lexington Ave. and 35th Street
(I-.SIorv Hodm
' MtBtJJSM8 -l ,
AT Marquand hc'i In company with other
. bright, irncit young fellows who ira
freprlnf to get on In life. 11c U thoroujrt
nttmctton on element a it pnncJpIei, He
hi pre c tie 1, eble men teacheri who know
boyi. We take boyi 5th Qrtde end up. Visit
us. oriD me do aiong.
Foretteiog add ret
m ti (
sj i ttsua- a m ssj issj ss I
FornOV. Clkf llnlir Tlntirrflnrr Is...
Schoiil. T)litvfMl ttv h ("k.f.i. ;
i11'!' Located ItWn the environs ;
cuiu. rruniCT iur V.OllPKfr ami lUltl-
I . IT iv iVr ?" trsining;, miu-
i-a .tm.iiiuiin. ju .iinieur i(u year J
a v Ltaaa r-riil. ll.l lellOK Oil rrflUeSI,
lltKV. nilOTUKK HOllrltT. I-
Broadway and 131at St., New York City.
llNtl 1.M .f that f .... 1
Artt and letters.
llvu Kngineerlng.
High Seliool for College rreiuaratlon.
High School of Commerce.
zwisiuciii at haj aviiDiBrs. .rne ior catalogue.
Studies resumed on Wednesday. Sept. n.
Berkeley-Irving School
A rreparaton School for Boya
ail West Klrd Street
Inclhidnal Instrurtton. Manual train
ing. Vetr ftimnaixum tiuilUnti. irlW
larse toe i f'ilY'itn4 .viif, V''"'t'(
I f. HAY. HcAdnltltfr.-Tcl SohujIertMd
lltll Year. Dr. lieu. A. Kohul, rrtnrlpal,
Kohut School for Boys
A Hoarding School for Younger Ilojt.
Itlterdale-on-lliidw'n. Tel. 3d7 Klngshrldge.
4'OLi.EtiiATK srnnoi. roit hoys.
241-43 West ITth Stn-et. New York city.
Year begins October let.
"From Primary to College" Gym,
Swimming Tool, etc., Jth year. 30 w.
83d St Tel Schuyler 4438
Hoarding School for Young Ladle.
Preparatory Cnllrglatp,
Amllated with the State University
Complete courses tn Art, Vocal nnd Instr
mental Mualc
Extensive firnunds, Larae Campus. Athletics.
Moravian Seminary and College for
Women Founded 1741. Two houra from
women New Vork clly preparatory and
college gradea fully accredited Pall term
opens Sept. 2&th. Catalog, nddreet John II.
Clewtll. Ph. D Pree'.dent. Dethlehem. Pa.
w oolwuhtii m ix;., nkw toiik.
Afternoon Classes 4:15 to G:15
Evening Qasscs 7:45 to 9:45
Term Ueclns Sept. to. C4SKS1STKM.
Write for Ilulletln "O"
LOST On or about August 1 enerlnl ac
count passbook uf thla bank, K-2347, in
the name of Mra, Norma 11 Cahlll, 523
Vest 121st St, i it!! pcr9ns nrn warned
ugalnst receding bald hnrit for value THK
HANK 0 .
l.O.T At Oakland Hiar Ii gentleman's
monogram ring dl r II. tkeepsoiie or a
departed frletid) , llbHfal rt-wurd II. fe
iiAui.oiv. lsj ,muy street, Jlro o k 1 y n
I.O.ST lrom u taxliab hetu,.t.n r.itrtj.
street ferry nnd Hrnoklyn a ld' black
patent leather suit case, Inltlallrd J. T. 11.
Finder kindly notify owner, 306 Clinton
nvenue, Ilrooklyn. Tel. 73?2J Prospect
Hew ard.
PROPOSALS for Wool Coata and Trou.
strt. Ofllce of the Depot QuartermasttT. 33
Whitehall Street, New York City. Scaled
propoaalt will bo received hero until 10
A. M.. Auguat 30. 1818. and then opened
for furnishing S00 Coata. wool, and 1,000
pair Trnuaera, wool. Further information
on application.
539 SIXTH AV :4T1I-35TH KTS..
AHT HMlinillDEItY.
AN UPTOWN ban.'lne Instliutlnn ,
qulrea the servlrea of pookkeesr famlll.ir
viin me siaiemeni ayaiem; permanent po
altion. reply In own handwriting, mating
nge. nvperlenrn nnd salary dealred. P. o
Uox No. I Station It.
HKAH5J1BS iiecnanical. with aeveral
years experience on dealcn or layout work,
ran also uso a few jiien capable of detail
Inr from layouts; electrical experience not
nerettary; very attractive and permanont
positions assured to men who qualify, in
reDlylna. elve detailed statement nt
rlence, approximate .salary axpected and
adlce about what date you could report
for work. Address Chief Clerk, I.ntlneer
Ing Department, Westlnghuusa Electric A
Mftf Co. East Pittsburg. Pa.
MAN about 2 jenra of age or under aa
assistant to superintendent of lithographic
Riant; some business experience, clear
ead, ability required; govl position prea
ent and future, state evperlexce. age
present omplotment and aalary expected
W. K. POWEHH CO.. 30 Ferry St.
AN UPTOWN banltlng lnstltutlonre.
qulrea the services of bookkeeper familiar
with tho statemtnt tyitem; permanent po
sition; reply In own handwriting, elating
age, experience and aalary desired. P. o.
Hoi no. l Station' it.
I ' t
Spend a day on the cool, sparklinp; waters of the
Hudson. Attractive trips to Hear Mountain, New
burgh or Poughkecpsie and return. Dailv, including
Mualc.T Re.t.u'r.it ,nd Troy Ev""n Llne l,ck(" ePledC for passage"
.,.urV0hA.ndMi.gkr.,,Mr,U,,enu;n,' VSt.'"14 d45" n'y)' "
ttl?Si 'invltri..'?."' i",Vri D'sbrostea St.. 2! Wett 4Jd St.. 2 10; Wett
Hudson River Day Line
Desbrosses St. Pier (Tel. Canal 9300), New York
Lena Pier 31. N. It, foot Canal St,
weel laya, 8 P. Sundaya and holidays,
P. M.; West 112d St., half hour later.
During August Steamer Uerkthlre will
rail from New York on even datet. Steam
era Trojan and Iltnatelaer on odd datet.
Expreta freight tervlce Automobiles car
ried. Sunday day trips to Newburgh anl
return, 11,00.
Our beautifully Illustrated "Starchllght
Magatlna" aent free.
To Atlantic Highlands. Fare 35c.
Lt. N. Y Itatttry Pler. . A.M., 1 :45. 8 P.M.
net.Lic.AtltntkiilfhIand.il :30A.M. .5,9 :4S P.M.
Music, Dancing. (,9T.63,',i?ro.Ja,:E')
Inside Route to Boston
Steamera leave Pier 14, N. H., fqot Ful
ton St.. dally nt 1.00 P. M Music
t. Pier 40. N It. Houston St., weekdays
only. 5 30 p. M, Lv. Pier 70, K. 11., E.
:2d St . 1 P. M,
NEW HAVEN LINE. Str lvs Pier 24. E.
It . nr Cath St., weekdays, 2 P. M. Pier
70, E It., I:M P. M.
Weeac daya and Sundaya at &!30 P. M. from
Pier 39, N. K., foot West Houston St.
Phone Spring 8491
Ifron Steamboat o
Special Schedule TUESDAY, AL'li. 20T1I.
I. V. W. 1ZV M. t!30, 10.40, 11 40. IZ.40, 2, 3,
4. S, 6.20, 7.30. 8. SO. Pier 1. N. H., 10. If,,
II. 21, 12.21, 1.21, 2.4D, 3. 45, 4.45, 6.4!. 7, 8.20,
9.20. Coney Island, 11.25, 1 26, ! 25, 3.45,
4.43, 5. 45. 80, 7.25. 8.25, D 2.. 10.30.
Lv. V. 1-0 St.. 9.30 A I. I'ler 1, N.R., 1015
A. 51. Rokaway. 6.20 P. M Tel. Rector 872.
Worcester, 13.12 Provldenie dlract, 13.50 '
STATEROOMS, $1.00, $1.50, S2.00.
DiUly. Iiii hiding Sunday, S:M P. M.
Krom Pier lt.H It. I'lione 2700 UetJiman, )
Str "Grind Republic" ,11 Ik
ROUND TRIP Weekdays 6ic Children 30c
Sundayt 85c Children 55c, inc. War Tax.
Hear Mountain Line. Tel. Broad 1708
Staterooms. Meals The Ilest
Around Manhnt
round Manhnttan A Island
L-i Ilattery Pier 10:30. 2:30 Tel. Hroad 3371
iroy LvenmR Lino u
Pier 43. N. II.. N. T, Tel. Sprlng liU.
r- r 1 r.. .... .
Tirketa Issued lir All Routes.
Full Information from
143 Rnrndway, S01 nfth , N. T.
First and
Second Class
For work on large steel
steamers building for
the Emergency Fleet
Apply to
Groton Iron Works
New London, Conn.
Ages 21 to 55
Subwny and Elevated
Apply Room 1233
165 Broadway ,
9 A. M. to 5 P. M. daily
except Sunday
WANTED Competent tool makers for
government work. Apply Mr. DANIELS.
Experimental Department, Siandard Aero
Corporation uf N. Y Elllabeth. N J.
SHOE SALESMEN wanted, steady po.
sltlon; only those thoroughly experienced,
COWAHD 61IOB 8TOHE..170 QreenwlchSt.
From New Pier 30, Katt Illver, foot Peck
Slip, dally except Sunday, P. M.. for
Connecticut Itlv.r Landingt. Fart S1.40.
r.oon noAns. maonifict.nt nor.s-
All Hotels of the Now Enxlanl Hotel
.Association an mambers of tho united
Sutra Food Administration.
Send for a four-color Now Kojiaal
Hotel Association Map to
MM. KIMUALL. Secretary,
Draper Hotel, Nortbamptjn, Masi.
t-t t a-a. coTTACSF.s
.lefferton. White Mtt., N. n.
. The Hotel De Luxe of 'the Mountains.
Altitude 1.600 ft., 25-mlle unobttructed
view. Open until Oct. lit 18-hole golf
count, nnett In New Hampahlro. Tennis,
horseback riding. II. N. Tnwnalev. Mgr.
Refined Amusement Amid Refined
Itrarhod via Rtaten Mind lVrrv, root of
Whitehall St.. termlr.ua nf mitmay eloiatel
rnad and tiirfaci llniA 20 minutes inttzo
rttlng tall through thn lower bay and a
short trcllo ride through the inct pic-tiire-ifiuo
part of Statin Island
Cleanest and Safest Bething on
the Atlantic Coast.
NEW yullK Glen Springe.
The Glen Springs, w'atklna. N. T. Mineral
Springe Health Resort. Send for Ilooklet.
KKW JER8E1 AtlantU City..
A 43ermlcldt CllrnsteSnd Clean Street.
No Du. No Dirt. Innumerable Ou-.
door Refrrra.lnni i-tri Intnnr Pr.,.,....
tsmtrttilpSiaatgesiwt JWUHirnnitMggCC.
Hotel St. Charles
, With itt new tbsolutelr nreproof tddltlon.
En tiro block on ocetn front The iinil er
prrttlon In hotel appointment, service tnd
comfort. Alntys open Illustrated litera
ture. WILLIAM A. LEECH. Manater.
NEW JEHSRY Asbury I'urk.
m n.j. n
.1111,1,1' ...n..
Tne ideal resort combining ocean, lakea
n,nd country. Write Publicity Bureau .101
Boardwalk. Ashury Park, N J
a'ENNS LVANL Cuuadensla.
lthUth. Bklt. Music. All Amusements.
W J A M. P. PniCB P O Canadensis P..
YOIIU-UESSY C COLES, Plalntlfi. againat
CHAHLES COHEN and othera, Defendants
In pursuance ot a Judcinetit of tore
closure and sate, duly mado and entered
In the above-onlltled action and leorlna
dato tho SSth day of July, ms i ,n;
underslgnert, tho referee In eald Judgment
ramed, will tell at public aucMon, at the.
Exchange Salesroom, No. 14-H Veaay
directed hy said Judgm-nt to bo told, and
therein deecrlbed aa foitona:
ALL that certain lot, ploce or parcel of
ground, altuate, lying and bein in th
Horough artnnhattan In the City of New
York, with the building and Improvement!
thereon erected, known aa Number 212
Madison Street and bounded and descrlbtd
as follows.
UECIINNINO at a point on (ho southerly
rldo of Madison Street distant one hundred
and fifteen feet Westerly from the inter,
section of Ilia Southerly eide of Madison
Street anl tho Westerly side of Montgom
ery Street, running thence Southerly
parallel lth Montgomery Street ninety
nine feet eight Inches, thence Wetterly
parallel with Madltnn Mreot tnenty-Ave
feet tn a point opposite the center of a
party wall; thence Northerly parallel with
Montgnonery Street nnd part of the way
through the cent-r of tnld party wall one
hundred feet to the. Southerly side of
Madison Streot. thence Easterly along the
Southerly side of Madison Street twenty
five feet to th point the place of beginning;
the said premlsea being located In Hioclc
2, Section l, on the Land Map ot the
County of New York, together with the
appurtenances, tulilect to the state of
facts ihotin on Survey of Francis W. Ford
dated March l. ISOO.
Uatet. New York ,7u' :9th. 1918
i'linnrillCK II COMSTOCK. Attorney for
Plaintiff. Office ft P O Address No. 14
Wall Street. New York Clt.
The following Is a diagram of the prop
erty to be sold; Its street Number It :il
Ma'dlton Street i
itt Madison Street.
e .
The approximate amount of the un or
charge, to satisfy which the above. do.
scribed propertj It to be .old Is TWENTY
TWENTY-EIGHT tnd S4 104 1 :s.l 1 1
dolltrt, with Interest thereon from the
14th day of July. 1KI8 together with th
costs and allowance nmoiintlng to f JM .1
with Interest from Jul 54th, 1818, to
yether with tho exprntrs of the sale Tht
nrproxlmaie amount of the taxes, assest
inents and water rates, or other ina
ihlch are to ba allowed to the purchaser
out of the purchase monny. or paid by the
Iteferee. it I848..S and Interttt.
Dated. Ntw Tork. July 28th. 1918.

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