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'l M
FourfA Victory by One Run Margin Regains for Boston Americans the Supremacy of the Baseball Universe
Wind Up Series by Scoring
Fourth Victory Over
Gabs, 2 to 1.
Allows Only Throe Hits Ty
ler Fails Once More as
15,000 Look On.
Special DtipatcK to T Son.
Boston, Sept. 11. It la overt Tho
last signal his been given, the lm
(tribe railed, the lait ball thrown in
professional combat until Uncle 8am
slams an Iron pill against the Kaiser's
rib for the greatest putout In the history
ef the world. The Boston Americans
wound up the world's serlea and league
competition for the duration of the war
is welt this afternoon at Fenway Park
when they defeated the Chicago Na
tionals by 3 to l. ab tna victory marked
the Boston clubs fourth success, as
against only two for the Cubs, the series
was declared orer and to-night tne
n!aers were scurrying to their homes.
The days Ahead are hidden In mint.
No man can say how long this east wind
rff affliction will blow. It may be that
the crave of the great American game,
rhlch Is so green to-night, will lie, al
most forgotten. In the stress of some
tbsymal change. But whenever, In days
to come, the mind reverts to baseball and
bsseball heroes. It will be remembered
thai the Boston lied Sox are still the
champions of the world.
rhiengo went down fighting to the last,
looth and nail, but the lion hearted de
fence of the Red Sox never faltered.
Theirs Is the final glory, and no man
may take their crown until the spring
time of peace comes to a world that has
been horn again and calls JojrouWy as of
old : "Play ball !"
Mays and Whiteman Star.
To Carl Mays Carl with the fair hair
and Inverted delivery fell the honor of
pitching the Ited Sox Into the baseball
kingdom of tho world. But It was George
Whiteman. whose vicious drive scoring
two runs In the third, broke George
Tyler's heart, nnd whose phenomenal
divine catch In the eighth blighted a.
l idding rally and wrung a groan of
de-pair from Fred Mitchell's lips.
And upon Max Flack poor unfortu
nate Flack Is heaped the blame for the
loss of the game. Flack came In swiftly
to catch that vicious drive of Whlte
mtn's. The ball struck his hands fairly,
bit It bounded out and away. However,
if Mann, In the fourth Inning, had not
relapsed Into seml-consclousness, and
bcj caught off first by Schang's' quick
1'irow. he would have moved to second
when Paakert walked, and two runs ln
iesd of one would have resulted from
Merkle's single.
And if the cow had ever seen a cactus
plant before she would have been satis
fied to keep on chewing her old cud and
would have been spared the humiliation
of having the farmer's family alt on her
neck while the hired man yanked the
Mrbs out of the roof of her mouth with
daw hnmmer. Baseball I? baeeball !
The day destined to witness the vale
dictory or the grand old game dawned
fa.r but cold. The September sun
teemed to iave no more power to warm
the air " the reflection Of a musty
cfc.ee tn f is hall mirror. The 16.000
frs present were bundled up like a
find of country folk bound for a moon
Ich' pun ride over the snowy hills of
Nfw Hampshire. Gov. McCall stuck to
the royal box until the last and by so
do.nc qualified to accompany Ronald
Amundsen on his next annual excursion
hunt for the south pole.
Ilendrlx Part of CamoaftaaTf .
Hendrlx and Tyler warmed up for the
Cub', the exercUo on Hendrlx's part bc
!r? a sort of strategical camouflage
nh.rh Mitchell has Indulged throughout
the terics. Just before Tyler began to
tvoli in Boston's half of tho first Deal
waited over to him and carefully se
lf -ted two blades of grass, which he de-
roltcd tn his hip pocket, thus removing
from the Immediate vicinity an evil
agencies which might have a disturbing
effect on George. If Deal preserved tho
e-op he probably will add It to that
doleful collection which Includes the
rove that Snoderass wore In 191S and
Pie shoes in which Zimmerman pursued
rol'ins In 1917.
Mays opened that third Inning for
Boston nnd walked on four straight
balls. Hooper wont out, Tyler to Merkle,
tav mtr Mays perched on eecond. Shean
walked Whiteman came up swinging
bat that looked like the last three
ya-ds ff the flagpole on the Pittsburg
'"ty Ha'l. and hit tho now historic swat
which Flack almost got. Mclnnls was
safe whn Hollocher'n throw arrived too
a Merkle shot the ball over to Deal,
and Whiteman, who was making a mur.
lerous assault on third, was welcomed
br a tap on his breastbone.
To avoid changing so pleasant a sub
!ct let us shift to the story of Whlte
man's marvellous catch In the eighth.
M'tchell, nosing the game slipping fron
r,s grapp, called for a new deck. Barber
s the first man up. Somehow every
rr.c seemed to feel that the critical mo
ment of the game had come. Knabe,
coaching at first, marked encouragement
'n tne hatter, but Mitchell watched In
wen. e and on his face was an exprcs
poker player wears
on r uch as tho
when tho one card which he has paid
tio to draw lies faco downward on top
of the o'her four.
The Catch of the Series.
Bailer swung with all his strength at
third hall pitched. It flew a great
Teak on a line for right field. White
nan dashed forward. He was tempting
'!e If he failed the ball surely would
S" lr.- him and Barber would, never stop
sb'i. ho was on third, or better still,
" ' ' he had crossed the plate.
I'd thin, while Knabe waved fran
' a' - for Barber to keen on going, and
1 1' n tho ball was about to strike thu
' 'id. Whiteman dived forward In n
:' ' l"p-ttnim effort with his hands out
' VJ Ills fittger3 clutched the ball
jiiu held it although he plunged on
'o t ie "od and turned a complete for
ward somersiiult. While the crowd
cheerrd lie massaged his neck and then
'njitifri play Hut after' Pinch Hitter
r' Karrcll's hopes had flown skyward
"niii nian yielded his position to Babe
Ruth Tho fans stood and roared their
delight and appreciation as Whiteman
"I'ked to the bench, aching but happy.
' thn conclusion of the first Inning
- tentlemati stood in the press box and
".n-ed that for tho first time In
i.tstory of the world carrier pigeons
1 ' going to convey the score by In
' s to ramp Devrns. Insomuch as It
n first lime In tho history that a
"f'lirer had been used for suuh a
poso the undertaking was watched
'ii considerable Interest.
Cnbs Score In Fourth.
Th' pigeon with the 0-0 despatch tied
M leg was liberated. It roM about
tevtntjMive fet. but Instead of winging
Official Box Score.
11. !!.
nut. . AB' M' DH' p 0- A- E
iiuiiucnrr, .a 4
Mann. If .- i
Paskert, cl 2
Merkl., lb......" i
Pick, lb .. a
Deal. Zb i
Zalder. lb o
Ktliefer. c 2
OTarrell, c i
Tyler, o.
Hendrlx, p....
1 14 11
A.D. R. D.1I. P.O. A.S.
Hooper, r
Shean. lb
trunk, cf
TTaltemau, It...,
Buth. If
Mclnnie. lb
Seott. tt
Thomas, lb
Sedanr. c
Mats, p
V I O 1 0 0
IS!.1 f.or 25.1 ln 1hUi Innlnf.
IBatted for Tyler ln the elthth 1 nil nr.
Ch'jato OOOioosaei
Norton.., 00200008 r-1
Stolen baaeFlack.
Sacrifice hitsHooper, Thomas.
i?", on bMeachlcato, 1: Boston, a.
rirst Dato on error Boston. X.
f,"''?" ,,1!-0,r. TrtCT. 8! off Mays. s.
"rf'Jt.Vk?' ' ln 7 innlnrs: off lien,
arlx, 9 In 1 lnnlnr.
IV J. bI pu.cbr-"ir Mm 1 CMana).
Struck out-By Tyler. 1; by MajsTl.
Loslnr pitcher Tyler.
wumplr.?,e.,,rA H'Xkbrand. at plate:
iwSr. " third! 0W'"- " """'-H
Time of iame-1 hour and 44 minute.
its way direct to the New England can
tonment Insisted on flying About In
alcoholic circles like a stranger who has
mixed his drinks trying to And the
North Station. When last seen the laird
waa mounting steadily upward and by
this time ought to be approaching the
suburbs of Paradise.
The Cubs garnered their aolltarv run
In the fourth, which came perilously
near being another fatal fourth. Flack
singled through tho box to begin with.
Hollocher went out on a grounder to
Mclnnls. Mann, eager for a hit. allowed
his left legato remain In one place too
long and one of Mays's fast, low shoots
struck It
Mann went to tho ground wrlthlnr ln
pa4n, and some fan, who probably works
in a nospitai, yelled: "Cut It off!"
The Cub limped down to nrst. and for-
getting that a soro leg means nothing
to scliang when there Is a world's tltlo
at stake, was testing It gingerly a few
reel away from the bag when the lied
Box catcher plumped the ball to Mc
lnnls, who tagged the runner out rather
apologetically. It was most unfortunate,
for the next batter, Paskert. walked, and
Merkle singled a moment later.
Nothing happened In the first Inning
except that Flack fouled the first ball
pitched, which hit the edge of the grand
stand and bounded back upon the head
of a fan sitting In a field box who must
either be a Christian Scientist or have a
skull like a grindstone, for he merely
smiled sweetly and removed the dent
from his soft hat.
Pick la Picked Off.
In Boston's half of the first Shean
called for the ball, examined It and
spat upon it for luck. Tyler rubbed
Shean'a saliva off and substituted some
of his own. Shean fanned, which makes
It seem a pity that Mitchell didn't suck
a lemon during tho remainder or the
game. '
In tho second Pick singled past
Thomas and was feeling very Jubilant
when he reached first. So much so that
he kept dancing away from the bag dar-
nelv and urglnc Mays to tnrow u.
Mays, being a gentleman under all cir
cumstances, finally obliged, and Pick,
unable to find any approach to the bag
that was not guarded by Stuffy's feet,
waa tagged out.
Mann was the last man to Blep 10 xne
plate ln the last Inning of what may be
tho last world's series game which the
sun Bhall look upon. In Mitchell's brow
the darkness of defeat had fallen. Mann
tried hard to keep the spurk or nope
still burning, but he hit to Shean, who
tossed tho ball playfully to Mclnnls for
ihA last out. while the fans roared tri
umphantly and the Red Sox leaped for
Joy. '
District Board. Tata Cue Cbauflon
Back In Class 4.
The appeal of Willie Hoppc. balk line
htltlsril chamDlon. against being placed
In Class 1A of the draft under the
"work or fight" rule was upneiu d- mo
District Board of New York, It was an
nounced yesterday.
Hnnne's local board had placed him In
Class 4A berause of dependents, but re
cently placed, mm in ine iop emus, u
i.-in,r ihnt hllllard nlavlne n an occu
patlon wns non-esentlal. The District
noatd. however, gave him his original
Hoppe will soon start on an exhibition
tour for the benefit of me uea uross.
Triumphs In Golf Turney of
t Whitehall CInb.
William Hamlin Chllds, president of
Both tho Whitehall Club and the Blind
Brook Club, was the chief winner In the
final golf tournament of the Battery
place clubmen, which wait staged n tho
Blind Brook links yesterday. With A. H.
Clements, Mr, Chllds wns winner of the
k. i.all haiidican. In the Class A War
1 Savings Stamp handicap Mr. Cltlldi
again iriuuiM. - "
Jltst Ball Handicap. Won bv W. II.
fhtlrti and A. U. Clements. I". 134. "Hi;
J. J. c-u.hlnc and E. C. Johntton. .
lxi 75'. second.
H. Handicap. Class A., won t-y
Vf. II. Child.! M, 1. 5i P. T. Bedford. 91.
,W7'8"s!nitandlcap. Class B.. won liy
r. C. Ete. 103, 0, 7; James Barber, ,
33. 77, second.
Receipts in Series Short of $180,000;
Attendance Fails to Reach 130,000
OSTON. Sept. 11. The urine or
dently did not inahe mncn 01
.itenilnrc to-day was nearly
i, a effect on the trowil. The attrndttnrn slumped to 1S.2.-.3,
weather "" " . Rll,nil,nr. ,nre 1009. nlien the s xth amine nt n,J
fJIfp ttsliurs series, played In Detroit, drew only 10,533 person.. Tlio receipt.
Ii .JS, ZlVa i drooned to the low figure of t0,7S.
t0-dSX. .i5iYneV and rwelnts for the six came aerlw were lt,S and I19 I0.
In 191S the "
.kW n In a F IhA
i a i a tha lle same Red Hox-Dodxer
... l.l.n In at ; the gate. Las fall
" - . .a. wiiii. sum
... . . j. a mi Mnnni. while. th
pW satoidance and receipts for
and for tbe 1SI7 serlea ronowi
Official paid attendance
Total rerelpts
Kaeli Hub's share
National Commission's share
19IS Series (Six (lames).
Total paid attendant, .,,B,.fi1l!,,n
Total receipt... ,,r?J?
Mayers' .hare. SMSHJ
-l,.Ku ih.r. . .
v..llnal Commission', share . 11,01.30
Out of the playrr.' share of S60.M7.70 tha National ( ommlt.lon lias ur.led
13.181.15 to the winning lied 8ox and SI3.43n.lll to tho latin Cubs. As tnmty.
Im Red I Hox Dlayrm are ellilhle ther each will reeelre 11,102.81, while the tnrnty.
th?e" Cub ran? i t satisfied with fndlrldnnl eheeW. for f 071.09 as t he r portion.
Tha (llaata and Clveuua inaian.. seconu in inwr re. pari its iu.
.nllt iiii SIS 46941. more than tha losing Cuba receive. Tha third place W
tmni'cUMUMvSitl .M?.3. while the fourth pUee Vaakeea
I'liate. divide ,18f!I. These flubs dlf Ids Ihelr aliarea on a rtfty-Bfty basis.
Submnrino Delivery, Backed
by Unwavering Fielding,
Illumines Details.
Boston, Sept 11. The batteries for
the last big league ball gams fandom Is
likely to see until the Allies finish up
tho Job Over There were Tyler and
KUlefer for Chlcaro and Mays and
Schang for Boston. Umpire ITlldebrand
went behind the plate, ffJom to first,
Owens to second and O'Day to third, and
tho game was on.
First Inning (Cubs) Thomas took
Flack's hopper and got his man easily at
first. Mays's underhand ball was kept
closely around the batter's knees. Shean
tossed out Hollocher. Scott got Mann
at first.
First Inning (Sox) Hollocher made
a nice play of Hooper's grounder and
threw him out. Shean wan a strike out
victim after working Tyler to a count
ot three and two. Hollocher made a fine
try f&r Strunk's Texas leaguer, but It
got away from him and the official
scorer g-ve him a hit Tyler held Btrunie
closely pinned to first base. Whiteman
tent a long fly to Paakert.
Second Inning (Cubs) Shean threw
out Paskert on his bounder near second.
With the count three and two Merkle
swung hard for the third strike. Pick
singled Into left field, hooking ona, of
Maya's underhand balls near the handle.
Pick wna caught off first by a quick
throw. Mays to Mclnnls.
Second Inning (Sox) Tyler tossed
out Mclnnls. Tyler also tossed out
Scott. Thomas walked. Hollocher took
fichang'a grounder and tossed to Pick
too Hte, but Thomas ovcrslld the bag
and was out.
Third Inning (Cub) Deal filed out
to Whiteman. KUlefer was out, Scott to
Mclnnln. Tyler also went out by the
Scott to Mclnnls route. Mays's under
hand ball was a puzzle to the Tubs.
Flack Spills Deans. j
Third Inning (Sox) Mays walked on
four straight balls. Hooper sacrtfled,
Tyler to Merkle. Mays went to second.
thean walked on five pitched balls.
Strunk was thrown out at first by Pick,
Mays going to third and Shean to sec
ond. Mays and Shean scored when
Flack dropped Whlteman's hot liner.
Mclnnls got an Infield hit, and when
Whiteman tried for third he was thrown
out, Hollocher to Merkle to Deal.
Fourth Inning (Cubs) Flack singled
over second. Hollocher went out to
Mclnnls unassisted. Flack going to sec
ond. Mann was hit by a pitched ball on
the leg and he fell to the rrround. Ho
arose and limped to first Mann was
picked off first by a quick throw by
Schang. Paskert walked and Flack stole
third. Flack scored on Merkle'9 single
to left Paskert stopped at second.
Hooper got Pick's line drive.
Fourth Inning (Sox) Scott got an In
field hit, which Deal was only able to
knock down. Thomas sacrificed, KUlefer
to Pick, who covered first Schang
walked on four pitched balls. Tyler
pitched nothing but wide ones to him.
Mays beat out an Infield hit toward
third. He caught Deal flatfooted by
buntlna. Hooper forced Scott at the
plate, Merklo to KUlefer. Schang went
to third and Mays to second on the play.
Deal knocked down Shean'a apparently
safe hit and touched third, forcing out
Fifth Inning (Cubs) Mays tossed out
Deal. KUlefer died the same way. Shean
threw out Tyler.
Fifth Inning (Sox) Strunk filed out
to Mann. Hollocher threw out White-
man. Mclnnls was s.if when Tyler
fumbled his bound Scott filed to Flack.
Sixth Inning (Cubs) Flacked walked.
Mclnnls took Hollochor's grounder and
threw to Scott forcing Flack. Mann
forced Hollocher. Mays to Shean. Mann
went out stealing, Schang to Shean.
Sixth Innlnng i Sox) 'Paskert took
Thomas's high fly back of tho middle
bag. SchaDg walked. Mays sent a high
fly to Paskert. Schang went out steal
ing. KUlefer to Pick.
Great Slop nnd Throw.
Seventh Inning (Cuhs) The band
played "America" and the crowd stood
with bared heada. Mays threw out Pas
kert at first. TJromas robbed Merkle of
a hit, going down back of the bag and
making a brilliant stop and throw to
first Mays tossed out Pick.
Seventh Inning (Sox) Merkle took
Hooper's grounder and touched first.
Deal threw out Shean. Strunk singled
over second. Paskert caught While
'man's fly.
Eighth Inning (Cubs) Baitier batted
In place of Deal. Whiteman canto in
fast and took Barber's liner off the top
of the grass and made a complete som
ersault. O'Farrell batted for KUlefer.
O'Farrell sent a high fly to Scott. Mc
Cabe batted for Tyler. Whiteman wat
withdrawn nt this point and Ruth was
sent to left field for Boston. Whltoman
hurt his neck In making the catch of
Barber's drive. McCabo fouled out to
i!lghth Inning (Sox) Hendrlx and
O'Farrell became the battery for Chi
cago and Zelder went to third In place
of Deal. Mclnnls filed out to Mann.
Scott lofted to PaBkert. Thomas also
filed out to Paskert.
Ninth Inning (Cubs) Flack up. Ball
one. Strike one. Ball two. Strike two,
a foul. Ball three. Flack fouled to
Thomas. Hollocher filed out to Ruth.
Mann up. Ball one. Strike one. Rail
two. Mann grounded to Shan, who
threw to Mclnnls for the out that ended
the world's aerie? of 1918.
The Holy Names and the Macombs A.
C. will start their three game sorlcs for
Tub Sun Tobacco Fund at the Polo
Grounds on Sunday. There will be no
admission fee. On Sunday afternoon nt
West Side Park, Jersey City, tho S5lcg
feld Follies will play the American Rail
way Express nine fbr The Sun fund.
ine worm s series pinyrrs yejieruny ri-
u rm wun mn popmiHo, ns ititi
10,009 below yesterday's turnout. Cold
aeries. drew iC2.U0 persons, and MU.B90.ro
the six same vtmie sot-Ciuuit series was
pnfw rereima Kirn hihih
to - day's same, for the entire IBIS series
1017 Series (Six Games).
Total paid attendance lSR.US.t
Tntnl receipts M2.VH1H.nn
I'laiers' share lnt,sa..n
Karh club's share ... . HA,;oo.ai
National tHrnimUelon. share. . 4'J,SS7,SO
OBTON'8 record In world's series atlll Is Immaculate. The success
of tho Red Sox yesterday was
sixth triumph In tho baseball
been accounted for by the Red Sox and one by tho Braves. Again the
American League has demonstrated Us superiority In tho series over the
National LoaRuo and the series score now stands ten to flvo, with the gamo
tally flfty-slx to thirty-eight. Of ths last nine Berles eight have gone to
the younger organization, which sends Into the classics teams Trtilch seem
to bo ablo to think and act quicker than those of the senior circuit, and
sot m to ba better "money players."
It will be noted that Boston's margin yesterday again was only one
run. It scored every one of Its four victories over the Cubs by that ono
run margin. That one run seems to be Just as sacred as the cod In tho
Hub, for ln sixteen world's series successes by Boston clubs thirteen havo
been recorded by ono run margins. In 1916 the Red Sox won'all their
four games from the Phillies by one run and dropped only one gamo to
the Moran forces. The series this year was the fourth In tho fifteen played
since 1903 that went six games. Tho other three were the 1906 series, ln
which tha Chicago Americans won from the Cubs, tho 1911 affair, In
which the Giants ran second to the Athletics, and tho 1917 competition, won
by the Whlto Sox over4he01ants. Six series havo been decided in flvo games.
Bed Sox, With Only One Error, Set Series Record.
In past years tho world's series usually developed .mediocre baseball,
but this season It brought out soma of the finest mechanical and mental
performances yet seen on any diamond In any sort of competition. The
Ited Sox played Ave games without an error, and their lono aajsplay was
a misjudged fly by Whiteman. That sets a fielding record which series to
come hardly will excel. Tho Cubs too, with only flvo errors, played nbove
world's series form. The pitching was splendid and for the first time In our
remembrance the series foiled to develop even ono homo run, and after
all tho talk of what Ruth was going to do to the fencest At that Ruth
brought out a threo baser which won tho fourth gamo for the Red Sox.
Tho catching was of a very high calibre, with the result that each club
stole only three bases.
Hooper on Four Winners; Merkle on Five Losers.
The series was the medium for considerable distinction for Harry
Hooper of tho Red Sox, for It marked his presence on the fourth winner
of the world'B title. Since' ho never has been on a world's series loser ho
holds a place never before attained by any player. Mclnnls and Strunk
also achieved their fourth world's scries success, but as members of tho
Athletics they suffered a defeat that surprising reversal by the Braves In
1914. Eddie Collins and Jack Barry also have been on four series winner,
but they too were on tho beaten Athletics.
Contrasted with Hooper's record is. that of Fred Merkle, who has been
on flvo world's series losers and on nary a winner. Thrice he was with
the Giants, once with the Superbas and now with the Cubs. If Chicago
is looking for the hoodoo, there he Is. However, Fred can console himself
with the financial return that comes even to tho losers.
As to the Financial "Failure" ot the Scries.
A great deal has been written about tho financial "failure" ot the
series this year. It Just fell short of the 130,000 mark in attendance and
the $180,000 mark In gato receipts. As figures go ln theso flays of con
crete stadiums soatlng 60,000 these may Indicate failure, but contrasted
with past series the 1914 classic made a good showing. Thn figures for
the fourteen previous series show that eight foiled to reach tho attendance
and flvo tho money mark reached by this year's competition. WJicn we
consider that this was a war time series and that the game had suffered
considerable Injury ln many ways and from many sources, the showing
made at the box office far exceeded expectation.". John Heydler Is authority
fur the statement that tho figures aro thousands ahead of tho National Com
mission's advance dope.
Truesdell Leads Field
in Seniors Golf Tourney
Again showing their Indifference to ad -
vanclng years veterans o"t the links
strove to Improve on their earlier rounds
ln the continuation of the Seniors Golf
. .. ,
Association lounuuucm i i Alex II. Revcll, Chtciro... .
wamls Club yesterday. With some the llln,fndonsl"-----fickle
goddess seemed unkind. Their 1 j0hn McGoey. WrVsjyl
...a. i..,i . .h hlrh side, but that
mattered not to those warriors wno
know not when they are beaten.
Thank. VeiU0n,,Grden
on Tuesday, V. E. Truesdell of Garden
City, even lth a 80 yosteruay, was
enabled to turn In 172, the best thirty
six hole score for the first half of tho
innrnim.nt. ljst year's champion.
therefore, Is sure of a prise for the
double round and his score may prove
the best of the meeting. I
The cross winner yesterday was Col. I
,T. K. Smith of Wilmington, with a round
of 86. while Darwin P KIngsley
dent of the New ork Life Insurance
Company, with an S9 made on Tuesday,
was found to be gross winner for
first eighteen holes.
The four veterans leading In their
various divisions at thirty-six holes net
were awarded bronze medallions. They
were: J. W. Sothern of Slwanoy. 1S3 -
ia ilQ In ,-lntta A ' W. H. Claflln of
Tedearo. 194 40. 154. In class B; J. W
Herbert of Oakland, 19744, 153, class
C, Hnd the Rev. J. Gray Bolton of the
Philadelphia Cricket Club, 211 CO, 151,
In the D division.
Klrby nnd MrClellnn Tie.
Tho Rev. Dr. Bolton had the best net
Ural ,4aiv imt in t.ik!n? tho
thirty-six hole event left George Wright. j. w Herbert. Oj.l"mJ--he
Woilaston senior, the winner with a t J. . T&lTn: ,
card of 90 1G, 74. v rigni, on me ninu
hand, had been lieu wim laum. uui
Claflln eliminated ntmscir nv injun um
I clasi B award. Thomas K. Klrby of
i r...'irnnl 105 30. 75. and C S. MeClel-
Ian of Slwanoy. 3722. 75, were tied for
the net prlie yesterday.
Kven though the wind had shifted
In a more favorable direction for the
driving competition from tho first tee,
nono of tho contestants succeeded In
getting anywhere near tho 219-yard
mark sot by Joseph P. McFadden of
Deal on Tuesday. J. F. Morrill, the
Wollaston golfer, won tho putting com
petition, with a score of SG for tho
eighteen holes, whllo Otto Hockmeyer
got second prize with 37.
Gross. Hep. 5Cct.
W. Sothern, Slwanoy
in 41 1)9
J H. Marshall, Areola
p" Vf llurns, Forest Park . . .
J, P. .Morrill, Wollaelon.
A. H. Wrlsht, Baltmrol. .
I John W. Usrllctt. I'pper Mont
r lit
.- 1M
:i tiJ
4 150
I ciair
h. K. S Williams
Apawamls. 21?
; o, v. nan
Miuttl. Meadow.. 1.7
(!. S. McClflian. bmanoy :ui
I, Daniels. Richmond County. IX
Major A. White, ualtusrol.,,, 115
W. l. Mennet. Greenwich. ... 11
H. K. Killlnser, Wyktryl.. .. 'M
j, V Vahnestook. Merlon 211
C. E. Unlay. Oakland 11
1 o, llocumeyer. vespers.... ... i?i
I llev, Walter Laldlaw. Knoll
wood .; ;JJ
J. J. De lonr. Enrlcwood 15
I, M. Kolsoni. lutervole . ... :o:
W, Otllatlr. Brse llnrn.. . . m
S y Taylor. We.tport. . 515
O Haserty, Apawamls ... 506
O. I Unwell Dalttlsrnl t'1
; D. U F.lmendorf, Aicola i'tw
' U P. McCoy. O.en Illdrc KM
H S, Stecrt!.. Oakland I'M
M P. ParVscr, Upper Mnntrlalr. 511
A. I), liidoux. Scsrsdalo 511
, W. C. lister, Apawamls S04
It, AUsopp, Daltusrol 1C3
V. W, Holmes. Slwanoy ton
K. T. Tint, Sprlmrfield 515
I W C. Cuihman, Upper Mont-
I rlnir -i)
' P. W. rarUrr. Chevy Chase ::
Uohn K. .Mct-auihlln, Yahnnn-
I disls .... 5-
Theodore . P. Ijrman, Upper
Mnntrlalr 5!5
I P. H. U Pierre. Ecx County,
C. M. Wales. Btltusrol. . . 511
i: J,. Fonlyce, Younrstowu... 1M
W Y Wemiile lllchmond
County 5 '4
f, II. Pallen. Wykusyl . . . 551
, V llallowell, St. list Ids.. ;57
40 no
W II. Claflln. Tedenco ,. ll
J. c. Head, Oakinont W
Mgr. M M. Stieedr. AHonns If3
1, I.. Robert ion. Glens Palis. ., 513
Richard ritsreralit. Midlothian, lti
D. W. Whltmore, Slwinojr..-.., 503
Joseph A. Flynn. (irrenwlcS,,,, lit
Rollo Orden, lltltusrol . lis
Ilobert Qlles. Wyksryl T
tho clinching argument ln the Hub's
classic. Of these victories flvo havo
l D. P. fj11;,11""' JJ
j." v McFadaen. Deal. ..."!!.'!! ist
Kreder B.l Marlon... a
I William Llndsey. Drookltne.... 197
J' S. Armitronr. Apawamls.... ill
. :e
17 1(4
24 17
34 ICT
2J W
ao if7
!2 (S
is ies
in isn
t: H9
22 763
41 171
O 17J
45 it; 1
II 1"2 1
4' 17!
M 173
S3 174
Jl 174
ti 173
40 1M
40 177
4) 177
41 17S
1) 1W)
33 no
W 1M
41 J'O
:t no
5 I'l
41 Ie
31 !1
O 1M
a i$t
50 li
t.: ns
rs )
51 1M
o m
u 113
4i 17
44 liS
1 W
si :pi
4) 17
51 S'O
41 I', i
5.) If
41 lti
4') 141
r us
41 HI
is in1
r i i
IS lali I
to 109
IS 1.1 1
24 170
! 173
: 171
4.) 174
fO 174
U 173
44 176
M 179
LO 177
fl 17t
III 173
"1 171
2'. 1M
43 1M
45 1I
1.0 1M I
O W i
"4 1'4 1
S3 501 j
' :' ? " W'Mouo
' r,,.or A Allnoop. Haitiifrnl. . :tt
' w. n. Truedll. Garden city.. 'i
I & -od! ?A
jIoirj. w i.,,mb. nrookllne .... :yi
J. A. Cimnbell. Trenton.
Julian w. curtti. linenwicn.. m.
William N. HaTlcr. Wjkntyl.. 20
r. 11. znnniHie. uafKeneacK... an
Howard J CurtK Wealoicue.. :il
John llertiler. Lncttr
Oeorre Sinxer. Allegheny 217
Leonard Fouln. ltrookline 17
John E. Fu.hr. Brae Burn .. KJ
O. P. Fltke. Morris County. JJ)
J. H. Wlckersham. Lnncnter. :i
, j w spaMlny. Rumson W4
jnmfs A TyUf- Apansmls. ... 1H
A M i.intwtt. Pore.t Hill.... :u
chirlfn n. Waldo, llrooklawn. li
i li. a Waierhouee. bianoy.. ::J
w. s. :
! winfam J fvek. ApawS ! hi
I n nnrtru-nnd. unsttaeh-d. . 2?.:
ITTinr . I'reniie. ,.iuuwv. . .p"
O J Sawjer. ScrUlo JOt
G. H. Whltfley, York ... ... if
W. It. Edward.. Wyltucyl MJ
lllctisrd E. Thlbaut. Wykaryl. ::s
H. .M. llttchlnti. Enilcwood.. 512
George s Coleman. Nassau....
K, b. White. Wykasyl 737
J. C Patterson, llhca ZS-
llrlen, OiU-
. ,aj
j H. Hoycc. tot Hills -oi
Dr. I!. S. Carter, Shlnneoock. . 199
W II. "Canterbury. Saputt ... 3W
Col. J. F. Smith. Wilmlnrton. 170
F. A, nelmer, Mldloth.an 5"J
R. H. Dana. Oakley 211
Rear Admiral A. O. Uerry,
(Jrcenwich va
Robert Collier. DunwooUiiv... li
Eurcne Prayer. Knslewood.... 134
A. P. Huston. St Davids. 501
Capt. John Pepper. Manhattan, f
Clark Wilcox, Weatoaue 514
A. Walker Wis. Arundel.. . ill
W, II. Ilccd. llroottlltie . . . fi.11
It. I,. UlaiK'ke. Mantclalr ... 35o
II. A. Hale. Merrimae Valley. 2M
Winthrop Sarrent, Merlon . . 17
A. R. Ix-doux, Storm Kim . .. V!
Herman Wendell. St. David".... Ivi
V. Harold Smith, Wilmington. 511
H. It. Lonnshery. Hertford .... 517
I. 'mmei n'Nelll. WilladclDhla. . 507
W. V. Ke'Jcn. nrookllne. .. .55
IVof. C A. Waldo. Als-nnuuin 2M
John Hlldrelh, Ml. Tom 24t
K. ! Johnton. ftcw iirumwicii sii
C. 1j. Knapp, Vesper 5H
E. u. uaffcr. ew iiavcn. . ..
Cl-tSS I).
rtev. J. Cray Bolton, Phila
delphia Cricket 211
Tbomaa P. Klrby. ltedlord.... ill
Oeorxe Wrlsht, Wollaston.. .. IK'.
Dr. W. Jarvte. Ilass Hocks..,.
Col. A. S. Worthlnzton, Cbovy
Chsse !5t
W. T. Dunmore, Yahnttndasls. '.07
Aaron 8. Nichols. Areola V
S W. Doubleday. Apawamls.. 212
Union Smith, Wllmltuton.... 513
Dr. Carlos F. MnnDonald,
Tuxrdo . tIJ
Judxn II A Ulldersltevt, Oak
land 531
O. H. N. Johnson, llrooklawn, 5S7
N. W. Jordan, llrooklawn 550
Albro Akin, Slwanoy 131
I,, f, llraln. Apawamls 2H
J H tlooilspeeil. Ilran Uurn.. 25J
K t'Usmberlln, HalH.srol 2.11
If. I.. Hotrhklis. Anawsnils , . Vf-)
50 171
TURF. I Tt'RP. j
America's Finest Thoroughbreds at America's Finest Race Course
ItlXilNMNli VT 2:30 P. .11., t.Vl) INri.UnlNCS Till'.
Whitestone Steeplechase Flushing Handicap
Spectat Race Trains leavo Tcnn. Station, 33rd St sod 7th Avo.. also Flatbuah Ave.,
Brooklyn, at !'4i30 and at Intervals up to ltss P. M. Also reached by trolley.
Special Cars Reserved lor I-adlea on all Rare Trains.
GRAND STAND AND PADDOCK, SVJ.3U, LAD1KS, 81.63, Including War Tax.
Takes the Nursery by a Noso
From Bontlcdgo ot lel
mont Park.
In a hair raising finish In which three
horses were prartlcally aligned. The
Trump, an added starter, owned by tho
Beverwyck Stable, won the Nursery
Handicap, ths feature of the programme
at the Belmont Park track yesterday
afternoon. When he sped past the
Judges only the tip of hla nose was
ahead of .Walter M. Jeffords's Routledgc.
An InchW two further back finished
George W. Loft's Ilodgers, in mira
As they crossed the, line the proverbial -national battles of the week's pro
blanket could hSve covered the trio. They gramme. The record heat by quarters
were all striding at the same uuWns. 0.3j( i:0GVi. 1:38 and 2:10.
were so closely bunched that only the
Judges could separate them.
That Tho Trump earned the 11,500
purse waa due fo a great ride by Oeorgle
Walls. He outrode Ambrose, who hnd
the leg up on Routledge, and Kclsay,
who rode Rodgers,
Reddest, the aged bay gelding belong
ing to the Triplo Springs Farm, has run
his last race. After he refused to clear
tho obstacles In tho steeplechase the
stewards ordered that his entry be re
fused ln the futuro. Reddest Is a fast
horse, and when he wants to can Jump
Uke a bird. But he Is erratic, and runs
well only when matched against a big
field. Twlco his bad behavior has caused
Jockey Haynes to be suspended. Yester
day ho was matched against J. H.
Lewis's Max Meadows. He cleared two
Jumps and then refused tho third.
For the fifth time In a week James
Fltsslmmons saddled a winner. He sent
Lady Dorothy to the post ln the Pe
conlc Hlghwelght Handicap In prime
condition and advised his friends to
wager on her. The Lady was full of
running and sped nway from a big field
of Bprlnters. winning easily by two
Results of Races
at Belmont Park
First Rsce-FiTe and a half lurlonrs. For
wo-ye.nr-otas. rurso iwv.
Fin. Horse. wt. .iockct.
l'V4 Tippler HI..M Rowan..
f Ground Swell.. 100.. Walls
Mme. Dmj.... Itl3...achut'rcr .
4 Fair and bq.... 1C9.. Robinson. .
3 Hlndoottan . . lM..Hethel
6 Karlocker . H0..Ljke . . .
7 Balarosa M..Q. l'recce...
nme i:W4-i. sisn iroou. nmi
Winner, hr. c, by Watervale Tiptoe. Owned
by II. uowen. Trained by O. Kane.
Second Race The Preeport Steeplechase
HanJIcap. About two miles and a quf,Kr
For four-year-olds and upward. belllnr.
I'nrse r added.
Fin. Ilnrsr. Wr. Jocker. St. Fl.
1 M. Meadow ... 138. .Brers 4-5
3 Jletlfiett 133. .J. Iiowan. n-io
Time 3:18. Htart rood. Won alone. Win
ner, br. f.. by Mohant Gin Flzt. Owned
by J. It Lewis. Trained by owner.
Third Itace nishweleht Handicap. Six
fi.rlnrte.. alratrht. All ares, l'urse 3724.2$.
fin. Horse. Wt. .locker St. PI.
1 taAy Dorothy. lll..Schut'ser... 7 6-2
Jterll LoJre... lll..I.jUe
SVi Dr. Johnson..
l....AmiirQsu .
123..lA)ftUS ....
157. .Rice
113. ,W. Collins
. M
. 7
, 10
. M
Jock Bret
Mlnto U...
Arnold ....
. 121. .Knapp
I Huh Cost .... 123.. Robinson
Hi;h Cost
9 Snapdraton II. l03..Mccrann
1ft Ttnta . ..... 154..Thnrher
Time 1 -.M 26. Start sood. Won drlvlnr
Winner, b. c. bv Helmet Grail. Owner! tiy
Qmncy Stable. Trained by James iitzsim
Fourth Race Tlie Nursery Handicap. For
two-year-oios. fix runoncs nirs. ii.wo
Fin. Hors-.
Wt. Jockey
1 Tho Trump
5 Routledre .
3 Hodsrrs
4 War Marvel
. IUstrffowriw
t Karmlnrdale
, 1)2. .Walls . ...
. iio..Kclsa.r .
HS..Lof!tii . .
ltCMcAte- ...
II 1
Added starter.
Time 1. 11. Start good. Won drlvlnr. Win
ner, b, c. by Ormondale- Amerlesn Girl
Own"d tiy Beverwyck Stable. Trained by O.
Fifth Rare For three-year-olds. One mile.
Pars 1754.23.
Fin. Hors-. Wt Jockey. St. PI
1 War Mschlce... 104..Helssy 2 7-'.0
2 Debadou 101..McAtee .... r. T-.i
3" Lady Gertrude.. ?9... Preece... 6S
1 Tenons Bon 101. .Wall 3-3 3-3
Time -1:10. Start sood. Won drlvlnr. Win
ner, br. c, by Uncle Princess Orna. Owned
by A. K. Macomber, Trained by W. B.
blxth Race For three-year-olds and up
ward tine mile, lining. 1'iiraa J725 ii
Fin. Horse.
Wt. Jockey. St.
. 1M.. Walls . IS-..
l"-j Valerius
2" inedra ..
3' Grou.e .
4 Tbe Cock
5 Delence .
, l!0..Kotilnon
. 110..Lsl;n
. 112..Kalrhrother
. !C...MeAtee... .
is. Q. Preece. .
Puts and Calls liC.llowan
Mnitietlte .... lot MrCrann.
Star Ben . .. l'-.Tapllti
TtTe.a J .... UC.Kchut -er
M. Fountli-rov lOi .Kelnv
Dultlold l)..Hanoicr
Time 1 11 4-5, Stnrt good Won drivlnr.
Winner, br. c, by Tracory-Tou. Owned by
John Sanford. Trained by P. -M Burcb.
sir. Kifuu uii iiriviiiz.
First TUee-Flllles
irt'Honsi flvo rurlor.j-s: st
!.7 1 Plireon Wing 110 s
VA , 'Utmney Swilt. ... 152 0
ralsht :
Scoot s . . . .
Onhclla . ..
lr'War Km .
.10Marcheea It..
.107 Lvoking Pp..
Kiss Azain..
i.li Second Hace The Whltcstonr: for tlrce
, I ypir-olds nnd upward: steeplechaao bandl-
ran . ntiout two miles
llabcock HO.'Oulinisht 150
Nutmeg HJ.Espcctatlon 14 1
Third Hacr For Ihreeyear-olils and up
ward: selling; one mile and n sixteenth;
Rlrht lll'Bnrry Shannon 1M
Judge Wlnitleld... Ill Happy Valley 97
Mr, Specs 10'. Who Man l'H
Waterproof 103 'Rose of Autumn . f't
Land Lubber 0" Elll.on
Whtppoorwlll JJI
Fourth Race The Nanil Selling
renr-nldi and unward- one mile:
Annehen 94 Rcr.il lxlge. . .
Wyoming Ill'' Poacher
Whl'nsev llllTorch bearer
St. Isidore 1161
Fifth Race for all nter: handicap; seren
furloncs; main course:
Valor loniiuntbsh If . ... 151
llwl Sot " Tom McTajgart . Ill
Star Master 150 Salve lira :0
Matilsu-r Tol llll
sunn uace ine riusmnr itsntiicsn.' two.
r:,"" '".lftrte
Stickling llONundlal I
Delaware 97 Mad Hatter..
Tableau d'Honneur.lo.ViQucrt lonnalro
War Kiss iw
Apprentice allowance claimeil.
With Stengel and O'Mnra and Jlusa-'l of
th Dodcers In their lineup and tho prob
able niMltton of several olh'-r nruok'yns.
the Ilushwlcks will iirrrent n strung front
ngnlnnt ihe Ilojul Cl.tnt. In their dout.li-
bc.adsr at Uextor Park, near the Cynr- r
HIM station of the elevated, nn Puml.iv
sfternnon Russell mnde his debut Kithi OlltlL'l tl'l UnHD9 n.,
1&4 I the Ilushwlcks last week.
World's Mark Reduced to
2:10 1-4 at Syracuse.
Stracusk, Sept. It. The world's rec
ord for teams trotting to wagon was
broken twice at tho State Fair to-day
In the feature event of another sensa
tional card for the third day of tho
Grand Circuit The record was left at
Tho old mark of 2:13 U. made twenty
four years ago by Roseleaf nnd Sallls
Simmons, was bettered first when Ernest
Jones drove Woodlawn Girl and Hllga
Audubon the first heat ln 2 :l2Vi. In
the second heat A. J. Furbush of Boston,
driving W. U. McDonald's Hoy Miller
and Lucy Van, clipped the" mark to
2:104 after a whipping finish, tn which
I he finished a nose ahead of the Jones
pair. The third heat, which was rasi
enough to equal the former mark, was
won by Jones after one of the most sen
Former Oov. Horace White won me
2:20 trot for amateur drivers with the
Bello of Lyndon. The summaries:
roil tiiiigr-yrar-oijus; tiihe.hi
HKATHl 12,000.
Hollyrond Bob (Dodge) 12 1
Dsvlil Guy (Murphy) 2 14
Miriam Guy (Ityd r. 4 2
The Cm.ack rssrrlll) .1 S n
Miss D-wev Vtt (McDonald)... 4 .1 3
Truxton (Cox) 0 0 0
Tlmt. 2:OCV.. 2:05H, 2:07.
Italbery (Mnrf)
IJzile Marth (Uirtnce)
I.lttl Ilallita (Cox)
Judre Ormonde (Crazier).
Un (Vnlcntlna)
9 11
4 5 5
a 4 4
Time, 2,:04t. 2:0414
TiiitEi: iiuats: jo.wio.
Oroflno (Gfers) t 1 t
nuillliht (Murfyl 2 '-'
Windsor Totlrt (Stout) 4 3 2
Minor Hal (Valentine) .1 4 S
Abbe Bond (White) 4
Hilly Cnchat. (Wnlker) .". 5 3
Gamo of Phsne (Cox) l!s
Time, 2:03)4. 2:04t4, 2:0.-.ii.
WAOO.V; TWO IN TllltEE: 11,000.
Woodlnwn Girl and Hilda Audu
bon t.!one) 12 1
Roy Miller and I.ucy Van (Tur-
tiu.hl 2 1 2
lorrt ITtndon and May Boy (E. I.
Whlto) 4 3 3
Blngola and Kccevolo (IV, J. Mcr
Donald) . 3 4 4
Time. 2:12,. 2:10i,, 2:1H.
The Re'U of Lyndon (Horace
White! 1 2 1
Tryibel (W. ,T. McDonald) .1 .1 S
Qulsalt .IB. I. White) 2 3 2
Time, 2:S0H. 2:1'h. 2:lf!4.
Chicago, Sept. 11. Dr. John LRV.in,
shortstop with the Washington Ameri
cans, reported at the Great Lakes Naval
Training Station to-day. He will bo
commissioned a Senior Lieutenant ln the
Hospital Unit.
For the, nrst time this season big
leaguers will be seen at Olympic Field tn
Harism on Sunday. Rubo Maruuard will
brlnK his team to face the Lincoln (Hants.
The Lincoln Giants have strengthened their
team considerably nnd aro certain they
will detest Marquard. In the opening
game ths Elmhurat Club will play tho Lin
coln Giants.
Sandy Hook TrlnccM Jamaica Hay Governors Wlllets
(The llorwshoe) Bay iCanarslei Inland Point
Date. A.M. PJM. A.M. P.M. A.Mf P.M. AM. P.M. A.M. I'll.
Scntcmlior 12 .13 45 12 Ml '
Fl j Soptemlx Id . l.llt l'4i
1 5H
3 02
1 ' nt'inRimjf-r i. . . ii - .
a 2-j
a ..ii
i September IS
3 art a .54
j I ConservHtlon t'ommlsslonerw Sleet To-day.
3 To-day ond to-morrow nt the Wnldorf
t tho annual meeting of the International
' i..n,i.iinn nf nnme. Vlah sml Conserva
tion Comniissloner. will be helU, to which
ths rportsman public Is Invited.
Dr. Prince to Talk on Three Mile Limit.
Dr. Edward K Prince, Commissioner of
rtsherles for tha Dominion of Canada, will
dlscuns "Territorial Waters and tho Sug
jeatert Extension of the Three Mile Limit
nt to-nlsht's meotlnr of the t'nlled Analers
League, to bo neiu in mo turiu uu.iuiui..
, . ,
torlnl Scientists Have Clambake.
American rtsherles Socl
ictenttsts, bervlng a clambake.
Wild Powl Opening t'p Mote Monday.
Monday Is the opening day up Mate and
rtuded their rta's session at me .uaori : ' '"' ':' T i p ul "ml "ouiu He C
yest-rday with reading ot papers and dls- -! ,r'u'.'M,.
cussions. In tha nftcrnooii Georeo I). ' there a n a A Jcrm.in In f - hftul
1'rjtt Statu Cniistratlon Commissioner. I " nn, move for sii' !i an upnrop.ia.
nntertnlm-d at his Glen Cove home th-' Hon ltAYMOS'l)
.i.nimr fl.h .omm ssloner. an.t piscatorial New lor.c, Sept. t
In Elaine, flew iiuiiiii.ini-.. ,...,..,
enchmetls and Pennsylvania fo: duck
Eoose nnd brant (except wood duc'i. cldr
ilutk and swans), coot, aalllnule and VWI-1
., nn ln,.lr nninfl. The Lonv Island season.
for th'tn birds doss not open uiKIt October
If. The lesson opens up Stun nlso tor
I iun .. - - - . -. .... . ....
.n.la ninl'.r .nil Y.l DW TK. fill .liuil'l... .
Long Island It Is the. opening nay mr .
T,nm Ilalt nnd My Cnstlna: Conte.t.
The fourth and lnsi of the te.nu coitej s
bdiw. n the Angl-rs' club of N. 1 . orlt nn.l
he Newark Halt and Ply Casting P'm
of Newark will take plnce to-morrow niter
,, leniral Part: Wist entrance
113 Amertrun-Canndlan Fisheries In Arroril.
IgnilHI l.lll. r.fci... -
WASHINGTON. U l . rept 111 -me
Vnien.-.n-CnnadUti Fisheries Conference
appointed by the tloverntnents ot the
United Statea and Dominion of Canada for
tho mirpoHn of considering and adjusting
., .iirrereneea between the two countries
on the subject of tho fisheries has com
pleiea lis worn.
The report is unanimous on ail the sun-
Jl-Cll COtlBHlfrea nv n biih ti ii-'f-st
lead to sati" "r. ',fT
Hon of the problems considered.
rrnpagsttlon of Itsh In Park lakes.
thl Vi.W'n.n 'o'u'r'p!;,!"!:0,
with much Interest
The tuen is ex'-ru-i,: nnu hiiu'iiu nnn
Thnrs., QAnnnloinn ...""'....
. rjusufjiiiiic "cnnt.v;?t?
.. ... . ..i.n.i...i
very Plentlfu.'
nt , .
nnninril from Wreck Lead dally
U A M h I c- Moil. Frl., .ll
nllllHljLLL train. Run.. 5 23 train.
' cspt. Oeo. W Wltton.
n TT it Wed Thurs. an I Sat i 30;
Pant IflP I Sunday 7 " M from llay-
UdUl. JUB II. ,,orn'a now Dock Vo deleft
Canal 1'r.eport C.M'T. JUll KAVNOIt.
c.Hniii. 1 . 1
Cl. I HJAFSA lres Freeport Sunday nr
iji.uni.-'i- r lint
I newip.iper train ant
nr.t trolley 8.30 daily vx, Mon. .ind 1'rl.
. rare. Inc t.nlt. 11.10. CAIIMAN ot DENTO.N.
" . - T-.ms-r ,ntr a rr- t m
CPS IVAI.Z. 170 Ut Ave. Tel. S37 Orcli.
Sat Water Tackle haiains
Lswln positively selling out nt 277 Oreen
rv tch St N. V. Clos.s Saturdays 4 P. M.
W.alt. Fluke and Hlaetc Fish now run nlng
,r,r.r ,.,i,,rn.fnT"r.,p"ho,,reU ?0r?,"canS.rf,::
I), Catching big nsh now. I'HKD lloiiOBU
2 I' M dally Sunday s A M
Finest Itloat Festeat Comfort.
Oaporn Dock, Bheapsheaa Hiy
R0Si.li. II.
LMry d.iy from Canarslr,
7 A. M
Leaves Shcepshead Hiy, i
A M dnily litis RAU
tfCI nPITVO'Hy- A. M , Sunday, 7 III,
II buui i i
' Shsspshead Hay Hill Stcphsn.
fki..D,rl finnlirs from Virginia . Melrose US I a
r.EVtTKM. 551 B. Ulth st
RPI ItRI F DNy A. M.i Sunday 1A.1I,
ntl-IADI.C, shcepshsadtUay. Capt. Tom.
Colt Is Timed in 1:84. at, Sara
toga, but Official Flavor
Is Lacking:.
Sptctal Dtnpitch tn Tnn Sc.
Saratooa, jf. Y Sept. 11. Sun Tlrlai
the wonderful three-year-old son of Sun-,
drldtte Sweet Briar, from tho stable ot,
MIIIs Bliarpe Kilmer of Hlnarhamton.,
ran n mile ln 1 :34 In an tinofllclal test
at tho Saratoga rnco track thin af ternoonj
The time lowered the record made by.
Andrew Miller's noamor last Auirust by
four-fifths of a second. The world's"
record for the distance over a straight
track Is 1:33 1.5. and was made byi
Caiman In Llngflold, England, July 13,
While the time made by Sun Briar
probably will not be recoenlzed as an
Amerlrnn record because of the fact that
no officials of Tho Jockey Club were
present. It was a wonderful performance;,
and Mr. Kilmer was Jubilant over tho
result. The colt was ridden by Jockey
Clnver, nnd had two pacemakers.
Tha fractional tlmo was 11 2-5, 22.
33 4-5, 45. 57 3-5. 1 :09 2-5, 1 :21 1-6. 1 :34.
The timers were Police Superintendent
James II. Kin. IV. S. Ilobcrts, A. J,
Flammer, Fred Blew, Frank Sllvo,
Caleb W. Mitchell and J, Smith.
Tho raco was run with the permission
of the officials of the Saratoga Racing
Association and tho track was especially
prepared for tho test by Superintendent'
Meyer, it was In excellent condition
and was lightning fast.
Willie- Gordon Nnmca Team for ITsi-i'
tlonnl Track Meet.
Track Captain Willie F. Gordon of tho
Telham Bay Naval TralnlnR Station yes-?,
terday announced that sixteen nthlcteM
from that station will compote In thei
national track and field championships
at the Great Lakes Training Station ln
Chicago the latter part of this month.
Capt Gordon, the senior metropolitan
mile champion, will go ln tho mile, whllo
Georgo Dcrnell, tho senior metropolitan
220 and 440 yard champion, will try ln
those events. Charlc3 Pores, the senior
five mile champion, will be Polham's (i
lection ln the long distance runs.
The other tars to go are G. A. Ander
son, I). Brown, N. Brown, K. Caldwell,
Joe Georglo, C. B. Clark, O. Desch. lltl
Flnley, J. J. McAtiley, J,, J. McCabe, J.
O'Brien. C. W. Walters and C McDon
A Red Cross golf match will be played
at the Scarsd.ilo Golf and Country Club
on Sunday. "Chick" Evans and Warren
K. Wood will play Jack Dowllng, tha
club "pro," and Tom MacNamnra. Play
will start at 2 P. M.
Camp PEimr. Ohio, Sept, 11. P.aln.
which began falling at noon, caused tho
postponement of to-day's National Ride
Association matches until to-morrotv.
A M. P.M.
2 24 2-M
3 2.1 3 .12
4 2H 4 M
0 27 r 13
?U 7TTT 1 39 4 17
2-20 124 1 .14
3 . .12 2 25 2 .17
4-30 :t-40 4 -OS
4 tt)
been adopted long ago One hund-ed
lollirs worth nt tleh would atoeit th
ponds of Contra! Park nnd hundr.ds ot
thnueandj of Jtiutir ilh could be d!
trlbutod from theso ponds annusllv I
think whlta and yellow- perch would l-i
thn best fish to start with.
I hive never seen ciilp-o bans tn tlifs
part of tho country, although they :ir
tha easiest to raise. T.iey iLestrov mos
quito laryss nnd water bugl and ones
they are Introduced In n pond they ntu'.
tlply enormously and grow rapidly, weigh'.
Tho Hoard of Aldermen vote away tirr.
I sums of money for various purpose' A,
r-. . ' ,-wuiiu. me necoiia year
- ' small umount voted for this i-aue- wou'd
PlItST. Tlll.-V .......
t nlteil Anitlete ?,(.,.,
Thursdny. Kept i
1 31.. World Auditorium.
Al Invited. Women we,.
come. Reports from Fi.h
enes Society miettri.
1 rot. Ldnard n. pr!n ,
I'tlnw-i, i-iin,ida on "iv .
ritorial Waters anil -J . -Seated
Extension of lh:, i
- n-r n rj n liril I 1 li n. 1 1 ! ., . 'ii'J ' ,
-, 7
ri.i ti . .. .
lOnAmnUUK )""' ' ."'" A m"
. I'liiren Fheenshestl
j I'l.EMV (IF SUA llM4 AM) P(lltGll:s.
- j
Fisiiing Tackle and Bait
' Dfalcrs who do not sell lire bait liar. th.
,,, tarkl(. on of a0 fcuow,og
I'tl.elr narais,
j Ahiiey & Indole. 15 Wsrren st Tactile ml
i,.-rriHnoie l iun, lilil nv o. i imit.
lli'i-i ami, 5!V , av , nenr llilli 1 Id.Hei
Ball i Tu.-s.t- H'-iKit. 17S7 In sv. Uslla.h
llai'nisn-i lin. '.'1 W 121th H
llicli' : 1: "l'h at Tel Murrav Hll ;t't
Rmnner, M nh Mkt. Til 7UI Cnrl llrtirnnin -.
Blatlillisk' a012 W ip 1..1 kf" '.-l "lHtJ.r'
llro.ow' l:i lts5 AnisterdHin sv Trt 173 Ai, 1
Brown's Halt Dtpot. 3.47 2d av . i,r i:it I.'
Coiuo, Tlios. J. 23 J'ltm .t Tfliklc uuly
Crook, J II , 5th av 4!th st Tackl only
Daregn, t , Jr., Inc . 123 W 1!5. Pre.hwater Imt.
Dsvess, S U., Co., S31 Ifwsy. Ti'kle only
Darega, S It , Co., 15 CorUandt at. Tackle only.
. . iiirm-s. i"i ' iivwi Bt .1 iiorv. rrcn li-i.
Dutll. John, 424 W 42d st. Tel 454 rtryant
1 Ftichs, H. Mist sv. Tel tM Orchard. Ri .
iilldenberg. 2521 sth sv . near UJth Halt. Tel.
1 Hlrsth. L, WJ Atn.terfllnl av , SO 00 ,t Tel.
Hf'ntni'f, I.. 507 11 31th Tel P llurr.y lid.
' Ki-llennan, 30.m 3,1 sv , listli Tel M I low 11 ,fr.
1 "I"" ' '. , fn"l'", ' .
' Ulrtlsml s. t Ijsii.U'r. st TUr. fj-oK.. heUrs.n.
Lamms Sol . 31' I. u2t h Pntir (lit. .,, lis.t.
Lenten', .".'li: 151 nt T.vlile A u ,i f dnler-4.
Levin, 277 lini-nw tell st Si-Hinc i.in le.-ki.
M.-t-tn,.! 'mi H'd' C" i'hiiti-li . ir ..,
Midi. Win. A Son. 21 I'mk pi. 'in. Mr only
t)z Irr 1: Co ?i Chnnii'i'rM st. . t.uit
Pais-. I'. & II . 171 :. n . j;,t n r-1 lti p, m.
Patterfnn.tirttmeUMluotcr. 170 Fulton V.i '.o.
' Ri-mgold. D , I'll itli sr , cr li. la, .1,. ,1, 1,,,..
Kum nrailin, 1. us rr. or 1. ii.nn 1 lite.,
Srhi tiler, Prsnk Co.. Ill Park Itw. Nolait TO.
rtelinrerlln,t. Daly A Oales, 803 ll'woy No ban.
Srlnil sch & Sou. 1012 3d av. Plddlrrs rtilt. Tel.
Streiiloiik, II., 15C4 2d sr. Tackle snd hlf
Vom llofe, i: j Co., 113 l ullon at No bait.
Vmiitrna. W . 12C9 1st sv Tackle and li.lt
I Von Lenrerke A PftnioM, Mo 5th as. No halt
I W..0 . W JJIh st IW OMWI...
Abraham J, Strau., FiJInn .t Taclle cnt.
1 Conr'H, A . 532 I, rand st 1,1 2(lj SI j
i Doi rlng A Co . 5St Lllrty sv , nr s tuni-k jr.
Kingsliin, I'J 1 niton st ,r.- )i.nifir.
Kmntner 1757 Fultcn it , v n r. p.. I-,r.t
ljel-r Prislirlik A lo. 1'illl.m U i-,y.
Marsterv. j l i nun .1 in i 'I4n
Scli.sf, is, riKiimin it ici :."! i.ie
S'loti'. Will , M9 rlll.lllng av Tel 4'Ml Kl.CC.
Vcielirlliter 125 M r'lc in T-l 4' ' W n I'irk.
Acker, 11. O., tiewaren.X J Halt
Blunacnitettrr. Illtl'l Landing, Ileckawsy I't,
Dlf.liard, a Dank at., Newark, 33tt Mkt. Dilt.
Liming, 14 Ferry st.. Newark. Halt, Tel. 2263 Mkt.
Speclit, 11.. Ul'.i Mootgumcry St., Jcuey fit.
Mi e Lim '

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