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i,Ttto East Side Parcels Bcsold
by Recent Buyers at
100,000 Square Feet of Old 6th
Avcnuo Department Store
Taken by Government.
The regularity wlthi which propertied
In every section of tha city, are belnej
.resold and at substantial profit has been
on of the prominent. If not only promi
nent feature of the current market In
the high claaa residential district, that
east of Central Park, properties were
turned over at advances. Frederic
Brown In one case resold the five story
dwelling; at 24 East Sixty-second street
at mora than he paid for It recently. He
haa sold the dwelling to Edward JMa
honey, as president of the Cross Realty
Company, taking In payment cash and
thirty-eight lots near the railroad station
at Huntington, L. I. The dwelling was
held at 180.000. It covers a site 18.Cz
100.5. The second profitable deal had to
do with the row of six three story dwell
ings a: 241 to 251 East Seventy-second
street, on plot 100x102.2. recently taken
In foreclosure proceedings. They have
been resold through Ernest N. Adler for
the Excelsolr Savings Bank to Ivan Jo
sephs. Flans will be filed shortly for the
erection of an apartment ho-ise on the
site, it was' reported yesterday.
The Commonwealth Hotel Construc
tion Company took title yesterday to the
first parcel, comprising the block bounded
.by Broadway, West Fifty-fifth street.
Seventh avenue and West Fifty-sixth
'atreet. on which It Is proposed to build
t&c Commonwealth Hotel, planned to be
one of the largest In the world. The
property taken yesterday Is the Stir
ling apartment hotel, on plot E0xl20.2x
Irregular, on the south side of Fifty
sixth street, 122.7 feet east of Broadway.
The property Is conveyed by E L Har
nett, Inc.. to Louise E. Behan and by
her to the Commonwealth Hotel Con
struction Corporation. It la subject to
two mortgages, aggregating 1280.000,
on of which is a purchase money mort
gage of 187,000.
Crosby & Co. have sold for Mrs. D. B.
Bates the four story building, altered
Into small suites, on lot 18x102.2, at
4 West Eighty-third street, to an in
vestor. ST. NICHOLAS AVENUE The three
story and basement dwelling, on plot
20x100, at 732 8t. Nicholas avenue,
has been resold by -W, 11. Maehltng.
who as plaintiff bid It in for 810,000
in September.
WEST 140TH STREET The Metropoli
tan Trust, Company, as trustee, haa
sold tha three story and basement
dwelling, on lot 16.8x100, at S44 West
140th street
Bagerty Bros. & Co., dealers in glass
ware, are the buyers of the two four
ntory buildings at S and 10 Piatt street
old recently by the Charles F.. Noyes
Company and the Douglas Robinson,
Charlea 8. Brown Company as brokers.
M the tlmo of the sale it was Intimated
that the glassware dealers, who have
g occupied the property for more than half
$ . century, were- the buyers.
Samuel Stern, an Investor, Is the buyer
of the property at the northwest corner
of Monterey avenue and 180th street
Tt, D. Wyckoff added to his holdings
at Great Neck yesterday by the pur
chase of four acres adjoining his place
on the north and having a frontaa-e of
1T5 feet on Bayonne avenue. The parcel
was put up at auction in the Vesey
street salesroom by Joseph P. Day by
order of Mrs. Mary L. Tarleton, execu
trix of the estate of Gilbert M. Plymp
ton. Mr. Wyckoff paid l,500 for the
The offering Involved about ten and
one-half acres and was first put up In
eleven parcels, being knocked down to
'various buyers for a total of 119,400.
TTne land was then offered In three par
cels, and as a total of 820,700 was
realised at the second sale these bids
were accepted by the owners. Another
buyer was I. G. Wolf, a broker, who
purchased a four acre plot adjoining Mr.
Wyckoffs purchase. He acted for a
client and paid 88,200 for the parcel.
The most northerly piece, containing
two and one-half acres, was acquired
by Robert Tarleton on a bid of 88,000.
By Joseph P. Day.
TRACT frontlnr S ft on Ilayvlew av,
Great Neck, I. I, to be aold In icruia
plots, exfa sale, eatate of Gilbert M
Plympton. deceased; to It D Wyckoff, I
,0 Wolf, representing; a client, anit Ilob-
srt Tarleton for a total of 120.700
By Henry Brady.
IdLFAYETTH ST. 201. 11.1x10(1 3 .nd l
sty loft and atr Women's Hospital In
Stat N Y art C II Mollnarl et al; due.
J17,t-S.; taxis, Ac, ItlS.M; to the
plaintiff 111. too
.UNION HQ B. it and II. 60slt;. S 6 sty
loft and atr bldgs Union 8q fiarrs Bank
art E O rier et al: due, 8116,416.60:
taxes, Ac, 818.111.10; to tha plain.
til 11(0,000
By Bryan L. Kennelly.
JIJTn ST, 86 E. 27x100.11. 8 aty tnt M A
Ilewerd art Myron Butler et al: due.
l2t.MI.tI; taxes, ic, 11,818.81; to tha
plaintiff 121,000
By James J. Donovan.
KINO AV. e a, 226 a Beach at, 2Sx21l
fiherlffa sale of all rlrht. fltu . ).i.k
O II Collett had on July 28, HIT, or
mvv, tv binv ju urccr 91,100
By Henry Brady,
BATHGATE AV. 1411. a w c lllth (111)
iy mi ana airs central Union
"" n tv ii atemnop; due, SSI,-
IITH 8T. 211 W Michael L Moaa to Title
Ouar A Truat Co, 171 Bway 11.000
JI4T1I ST. s s. 100 w 8t Nicholas av; Ave.
nue D, 41-48: 102il st, 101 W; 121tt st,
s ,s, 250 w Pleaaant av 101a. t -
8U. w tat av: Elizabeth at. 170; I mtra
War 8121,000 John E Miller and U S
Truat Co, exra of Kata C Brown, to N T
University. 12 Waverly pi; attys, Stewart
ac oiiDrqr, ee vail BE,,,,, ,1
ITITH ST, 688 E Rollln II Lynda to John
JT.w,S""r' exr; Ch" 11 Batrhler.
1124 East Tremont av is End
BAM 13 PROPERTY John W Harper, ear,
to Adallne II Dodge: atty, aame i
SAME PROPERTY David Scott, air, to
Ota c Dodge, lit Washington pi; atty,
same If, 100
PARK AV, n e cor tilth st 8Mx!00x42x
100.2 Banenaon Realty Co to Patk J
fanning-. 481 E 61th st; atty. P X Kelly,
141 E 141th st II 000
ANTHONY AV, 1748 N Y Kkln and Cancer
lloepltal to Caroline Wagler, 2102 Tin.
ton av; atty, Lawyers Title A T Co, 140
Bway 15.000
WASHINGTON AV. 1449 Lawyers Mlg Co
to Marie Hrlnrlch. 70 K 150th at; attya,
Lawyers Mtg Co. 51 Liberty st 15,000
BECK BT, e a, 200 a 154th si, 25x100
Thos J Brannan to Cella IJrennan, 400
W l2d at; atty, Timothy A Laary, 2
Rector at , 12,500
OARF1EI.D ST, Jill David Scott, air. to
l Oeo C Dodge, 175 Waahlnrton pi; atty,
C-U Baechler, 1121 B Trtmsnt av. 11,000
100,000 flqaare Feat In Oth Ave.
Department Store Ranted.
The American Railways Express Com
pany Is understood to have- doted a lease
for 100,000 square feet of apace In the
seven story building at 111 to 119 West
Nineteenth street, part of the old Simpson-Crawford
store. The rental for the
spaoe,' which Isito be used for general
offices. Is between 160,000 and $70,000 a
year. Last year the Post Office Depart
ment closed a five year lease tor 42,000
square feet on the two lower floors of
the building at a rental of 140,000 for
tha first year.
Dock Commlsstonsr Murray Hulbert
will speak at the -monthly meeting of the
United Real Estate Owners Association
this evening In New. York Turn Hall,
Lexington avenue and Eighty-fifth street
Tlie first special sales day of Joseph P.
Day will be held1 in fne Vesey street
salesrooma,to-day. The offerings Include
a residential property In Larchmont N.
V, and a tract of land located on Shin-
necock Bay. The Manhattan properties
comprise a loft building at 260 Seventh
avenue and a residence at 442 Eaat Fifty
seventh street At an executor's sale to
close the estate of George E. Poulson
Mr. Day will offer two vacant parcels in
the vlclnlty'of Jerome avenue and 182d
street, and for the estate, of John Clancy
a vacant plot In Virginia avenue, Jersey
city, is. j.
(With the name, and address of owner sad
(South of Fourteenth street.)
HUDSON ST. II. s w cor Harrison st. ll.l
X4S.7 Dlodf-lch Muller to Markham
Realty Corpn, 81 Nasasu st, mtr 111,000.
Nov CH atty. Title Ouar A T Co, 174
Bway 8100
EAST ST, e a bet Broome and Delancey
sta, the bulkhead. H of plera adj known
aa 17 and SI. E It. with rlahta of cran
are. dockage, water rights, Ac, except
pari released rrom mtr recoraea -usren
II. lll-fae followa: Eaat st s. 214.11
n from s s Broome st produced, runs n
121.10 to e 1 pier 51. x e to and across
pier head line to point 8.2 therefrom
and 255.11 from s a Eaat st a s x w
251.8 to bee East River, all r 4 and I
to lands under and above water bet mid.
die line of pier 84, E It and middle tine
of oler 57. lncludlnc bulkhead bet said
piers conveyed to new East River bridge
by the Mayor et al Deo 2.' llll, and to
Breoklrn and N Y Ferry Ce Dee 21,
llll; also Kent av, Bklyn. w e. at c I
South Ith at rune a 164.8x w iTt.t to
bulkhead line E R x n 277.2 to aald c 1
x 228.10 to beg; alao other property In
Brooklyn, and real and personal prop
erty of the Brooklyn and N Y Ferry Co.
lncludlnc bldca. docks, wharvea. Ac. Ac
Edw E McCall. ref, to N Y Harbor
Realty Cornn. SO Bwev (foroeloa Sent 12.
1B1T1. recorded In Klnera Co Oct 10. 1117:
atty, N Y Title A Mtg Co, 185 Broad
way 1171.100
AVENUE C. 155. 28x11 Powplt Company
to Florence Hunt I Virginia pi. uairn.
all liena. Nor 4: atty. Louie Besdlne, 111
Montague at Bklyn..! 81
11TH ST, 128-211 E, 41.4x101.8 South Jer
i.r Land Co to Proareaalve Realty A
imni Pa. Kll Sutton av. nklrn. mtr 870.-
000. all llena. Nov 2: attya. Kramer A
B. 220 Bway 8140
TMt Side.
(Eaat of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
and 110th atreets )
4TH AV, a e cor ltd at. 25x101.. Immen
to Rhlnelander Real Eatate Co. II Nas
aau at, mtg 855,000, Oct 81; atty. Title
flii.r A T Co. IT Bwar ."....1100
I1ST BT. 211 E. 18.1x104.8 Jacob 11
OniDtnin to David StSlnberger. 121
Whlteatone av. Fluahlng. B of Q, mtg
812.100, all Hens, Nov 4) atty. Title
Guar A T Co, 174 Bway 1100
Weat Side.
(West of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
ana ligm aireets.)
ITH AV. w a.sSt.1 n 11 th at. 21x100
David C Cook to Edw S Atwater, 111
South Hamilton st, Pougbkeepale, N Y
all liens. Oct 21: atty. Lawyers T i
T Co. 140 Bway 1125,000
ISTH ST. n s. COO e 4th av. , 2lxtl.
Weehawken Dry Dock Co to Ant!.
McOwen. 516 Wales av, Bronx, and
Joslah A Brlrra. JIT"Urlon av, Bronx,
mtg 5111.000: alao pr mtg 112,000. all
llena Oct 80: attys. Salter A 8. 140
Naaaau St. 81
4TH ST. 411 W, 28x100.4 Adam Muller
to Flora 1' linger, nil Kingebriage
Terrace, Bronx, half part, all liens, Nov
i: attys, nauardori A T, ill iiway....i
4CTH ST. 411 W. 15x100.4 Adam Muller
to Chas F Muller, 1410 Madleon av. half
part; attya, Bauerdon A Taylor, 111
Bway II
SAME PROPERTY Flora P Ungeu to
same, nail part, an liens, or ; attya
same II
IITH ST. s s. 122 7 e Bway, 40xll4.1x50.2x
120.2 S I. Barnett. Inc. to Louise E
Behan. 217 Argyle rd. Bklyn, mtg I1M.
000. Nov 1: atty. Lawyers Title A T Co.
110 Bwar 1100
SAME PROPERTY Louise E Behan to
the Commonwealth Hotel Construction
Corpn, II E 41st at, mtg 1231,000, also
prior mtr for 117,000, Nov 1; atty,
same 8100
MANHATTAN AV. CO. 25.IHS (foreclose
Oct J, llll) Mortimer S Brown, ref. to
Kiiea Lrorpn, 210 aiontarue et. jikiyn
atty. N Y Title A Mtr Co. 135 Broad
way 810,000
(Manhattan Island, north of It 0th atreet
11ITH ST. Ill E, 25x100,10 Elemco
iteaity Co to uinan I. conen. l r. Iltlt
st, mtg lll.SDO, b and s, Nov 4: atty,
Title Ouar A T Co. lie Bwar 1 1 00
122D ST, n a. III.4 0 1st av, 11x100.11
Anna ecnreioer to 1'eter Da Luca, 211
let av. nrit mtg 42.000, second mtr .
Oct 21; atty, Lawajence ClofA, 220 E
12ITH ST, a a. 470 w 8th av. 20x11.11
Sophie Herafeld et al to Bridget Hlckey,
142 W 42d st, mtg 13.000. b and a, Oct
17: atty, Jessie Well. 60 Broad at II
182D ST. 14 E. 20xl.l! Ray Breltermao
to Sydney Oubln. 1116 7th av, mtg 111..
710. all llena. Oct 24; attys, Davis A D.
61 Chambera at II
(Borough of The Bronx.)
VTRE AV. e a, 75 s 178d st, 60x100 Wm
Schmidt to Augusta Larson. 1171 Clay
av. mtg 122.500, Nov II; atty, R II IWi
man, 2104 Id av 1100
11ITH ST, 458 E. s s. 14.1x100 Abraham
Lightatone to Nathan Hart, 642 E 127th
at. Nov 4; atty. Title Guar A T Co. 174
Bway loo
SHAKESPEARE AV, e a. 20x114 Isabel
Stern to Louts FItsgerald, 1748 Townaend
av, mtr 84.000, Nov 4; atty. Lawyers
Title A T Co, 140 Hway 1100
nOE AV, 1145, w s. 24.4x100 Emma Hern,
hetmer to Jacob C Stern, 1147 Hoe av,
mtr 14.000, Nov 1; atty, II W Klralfy.
11 E 14th at 1100
VYSE AV. 1426, e . 25x100 Merits Mark
to Nathan Dornstrelch, 1117 2d av, mtr
117. 000, Nov 4; atty, A II Schwarts, 120
Fulton st It
170TH ST, 828 E, s s, 17.5x101.1 Louie W
Woehllnr (extr) to Jacob Edelman, 412
E 171d at. mtg 11,000, Nov 4: atty,
Ignatx Welaengreen, 111 Rlvlngton
st , 84.000
BOSTON POST RD, see. adj land Chas
II Ropea, runa a x e to Pelham
Bay Park x a to Eaatrheater Ship
Canal x n to old creek x n to land
Lockwood x n to rd x 'n e to ber
Anthony McOwen to Weehawken Dry
Dock Co at Weehawken, N J, mtg $51.
000, Oct II; atty, Title Ouar A T Co.
171 Bway II
WALTON AV, a e cor Fordham rd. 181.4X
74 11x115.7x74. 11 Thos Dnwd and ano to
Dividend Rlty Corpn, 216 Montague st.
Bklyn. mtr 881,000, Nov 1; atty, N T
Title A Mtr Co. 116 Bway 8100
PATTERSON AV, n a. 60 w Taylor av.
78xl00x:5x26xl00x25x50xl00 Lewis A
Cocks, exr to Wm Enrlert 465 Concord
av, 2.8 part, Nov 1; atty, T O A Co, 174
. B'way 1100
SAME PROPERTY Wlllard P Bea!h and
ano, exr, to same, 1.1 part, Nov 1; atty.
earns 11,500
tona av, 86x101,1 Barnett Brodaky, exr,
to Venning Realty Co, Inc. 18.24 Mar
mlon av, mtr 814,600, Nov 1; atty, Max
Monfrled, 2I B'way 1100
ST ANN'S AV, s 87 7 s St Maty-a st,
76.2x100. also St Anns av, a a 160.6 B St
Mary'e at, 17.7x100 John Rankin to Ella
F Rankin. Ill W 77lh et Nov 1: atty.
Ells F Rankin. Ill W 77th st II
(With nama and address of lender and
(South ot Fourteenth street)
ESSEX KT. 40 a s. 25x140, P M, Nov 1 .
Samuel Cohen to Dora Herman. 65 W
110th at. due May 1, 1810, t, pr mtr
814,80,0; atty, Jacob I Herman, 144
B'way 1. 81,500
AVENUE C, 185 w s,( 21x11. Nov 4 Flor
ence Hunt to .Kate Sherman. Ill Varet
et, Brooklyn, d,ua June 1, llll, 1, pr
mtr. 116.000; atty, Louie Besdlne, 111
Montarue at, Brooklyn 86,110
Kast Side.
(Eaat of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
and 110th streets.)
6UJT ST, 111 E, Jl.lxlOO. r ii, Nov
David Pternberger to Jaeob It arnbman,
816 W 84th st 6arrs, i attys. Cohen
Bros, 86 Wall stf. 812,600
West Side.
(West of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
ana iistn streets.)
2IT1I BT. n a 400 e 4th av. 21x11.8, p m.
uc so Antnony heusid ana ano to
Weehawken Dry Dock Co, Weehawken,
N.J, Installs. 4 yrs, I;, pr ratr 2181,004;
addreae. Julia Kortjo, 27 Church st.
Bound Brook. N J 618.000
S4T11 ST. s a. 122.7 e Bway, 60xll4.2x
60.2x120.2, p m Louise E Behan to E L
Barnett II E 41st st, 1 yr, 4, pr mtr
1201,040; atty. Lawyers TAT Co, 140
AS W AT a.' MIlllIIIMIII4llailiiVV
IITH ST, a, 121.7 e Bwky, 5lxU4.ZilO.il
iie.x, p m, Nov l E I. Harnett to second
N Y Realty Corp, 116 B'way, 1 yr, 1,
p m, 8171,000; atty, Lawyers T A T Co,
110 Bwev 125.400
MANHATTAN AV, 40. 86.5x11, Nov 4
JLiioa uorp to n I Title as utg i.o. ua
Bway, t yrs. 4 .-.110,000
(Borough of Tbs Bronx.)
21ITH ST, n s. 206 e Whits Plains Rd..22.4
xii4 Anreuna nocita to aiaria aion
tarna. 114 E 211th at pr mtr 88.860,
Oct 22. 2 yrs, 4; atty, W F Fetser.
llll Fordham IM Hot
181TH ST, 116 E, s s. 14.11100 Nathan
nan to A or ugntetone, iss w notn
at. Nov 4. 6 yrs. 5; atty. T Q 'A T Co.
176 Bwav 11.004
LOT8 71 and 71. map Woolt va Woolf
i.aura a, waiaer to Anna w ejcnaeier,
1711 Interlaken Parkway, Seattle, Waah,
Nov I, 8 yrs. 4e4"atty, McLaughlin A
S. tS William 1I.1IS
VYSB AV, w e, 176 a 171d st 25x100 Au
gusta utrson to Jonn ii Kroor, l
Vyse a". Nov 2, I yr. '. atty. R II
Sinmia. 2104 Id av. 11.100
VYSE AV, e a, 78 a 178d at. 60x100 Au
gusta LAraon to William Schmidt ll'l
Prosnect av. nrlor mtar 122.100. Nov 2.
dus Oct I, 1120, 4; atty, R It Berg
man. 2101 Id iiA.ies
.VYSB AV, 1411, s. 21x100 Nathan Darn.
streicb to Merits Mark. 441 B llth at
prior mtr 117.100. Nov 4. 8 yrs. 4: atty.
A II Sehwarta. 110 Fulton mt ...... 15 OAS
HOE AV. 1141. w s. 24.8x100 Jscob Stlrn
to Emma Berahelmer. 1146 Hoe av, Nov
1 9 w- , mt r-i . . - -. ,
-. y ,. , . t j . uh.i k . . .
Bwav tf 00A
TRINITY AV. 8I2-6. e s. 40x100 Nannie
rowisr to uernard Ilrooks. tio Fox
st. April 18, 1 yr, 4t; atty. Max Mon
frled. 2 Rwav i eon
ELM PL, e s, 144.11 s Klnrabrldxs rd.
xs.sxi2.I-Geo E. Altatadt to Lawyers
iitie at iruet co, icq uway; Nov f
yrs. 1; atty. Law T A T Co. 140
Bway ! son
PATTERSON AV, n s. 60 w Tailor av.
runs w 7lx n lOOx e 25x n 2Ix e lOOx s
16x w 60s n 100 William Enrlert to
L A Cocka, 451 Pattereon av, et al
(ex. Ac). Nov 1, C yrs. 4; attys, Hlrle
man A V, 111 C filth st 11.280
(With name and addreaa of lender'a at
1ST AV, a w cor lid at 21x78 Ialder A
nouneim to uy c and Eltae Slelnhoff,
2412 Elm pi, Bronx, July 14. 1101: atty.
canai. bt, s a cor Mulbeffy st 4.10x
" " -- - nan .ltiu,ii,.IV.UVy
i7"!,"-I1" s.iia v uann to oeo
xr. Hjemmsti, sail Broadway, and Jennie
M Vernon, 121 Park av, exra eatate
Samuel E Vernon. Nov 4, 1118; atty. C
J McDermott 2 Hector st 114,000
IITH ST. 71 W Hester Bate to Louie
and Agnes M Smyth, exra will Teresa R
Smyth, Feb 24. llll: atty, William R
Conkn. 41 Naaaau at ai enn
BROOME ST, 168 Morris and Johanna
aiurtx to t-antrai pavings Bank In City
oi jew lorn, ov 27, 1117; atty, Meyer
AuirMcji. as 'in sr.. st haa
I2D ST. n a. 175 e Park mv, 75x102.2 lis
a. s-a bi lorpn to tne Jiermltar Co. II
Broad at, Aur 2. 1I1C: atty. A 11 Atter-
bury, 10 Broad at tlr.600
PROPERTY In bloek bounds h r.n
pl. 5th et. 44th st and Lexington av
osner, pmiin r k.-o agt jsew York Cen
tral & Hudeon River R R Co, owner (re
newal) 11,115
' 0TH KT, 221 E Julius Blelberg agt I.oula
Flashenlierr, owner and contrac
tor , 1140.01
PROPERTY In block bounded by llth and
m sis. ?tn ana letn ave Andrew V
O'Neill agt Rooaevelt Hospital, owner;
Lrfwia r Fleunner Co, Inc. contrac
tor I1.S10.7S
BROADWAY, 2521 William O Masaarene
at oraony aua lain st Co, owner
Kennedy Theatre, Inc. contrac
..tor 12.461.06
1 1 1 ii iii, -is to ;z fietrowaxi A Konop,
Inc. agt 7?th St Realty Corporation et al.
Jan 23, Mil II, 172.12
2D ST. 71: Barrow st. II: Ith si. jss
and 41th at. a a. 157 w 2d av. 21x100
John J Guntier agt Roae Quntser et al
iP-riiiioBjj atty. j ,v tirainger.
44TH ST. 227 E John J flunt
Anna Straub et al (partition); atty, O V
121BT ST. 40 E New York Ufa In.
Trust Co. trustee, agt Jacob Baruch et
mt uurruneujs oi morigfage) ; attya.
Emmet A Pariah.
AV A. n w cor of llth et, II 1x100. and
Rutgers st, lot 701, except part re.
!ta' W ot sstate of Hehdrlck
Ruthers Safety Holdlnr Co art llylee
s-unrin, trustee, et ai (amended fore
..fl.ur' mortrage); atty. H H straua,
A.a.ii ai, a a. ma e sin av. zoxioo.ll
Amelia M Bauchle art William ui.i.
berr (forecloeure of mortrage) atty, O
4TH ST. w i. 44.1 a Horatio et 8.7x74
Mary 8 Doyle et al (forecloeure of mort
gage); attya. Douglas. Armltage A Mc-
KINO AV. e a. 226 a Beach et ISxIOIr
Irrer Arnea Cecilia Hayea agt Oliver H
Collett et al (notice of levy); atty, H
, To take elTect 8 A. M. November 1 :
Edward Schmidt 48th Prec, to
et5l5w.', J' O'Rourke. ;id Prec
llth Prec.
jonn L. Sullivan, llth Prec,
to 4ld
Daniel L. Jonee. 41d Prec, to 81th Prec
To take efTect I A. M. Norember 5:
John M. Doolln. llth Prec, to 6Tth
Prec, aailgned to bicycle duty.
Jamea Lennon, Tradlo Dlv., Sub-DIv, C.
to Hat Prec,
From Marine Dlv. to preclncta Indicated:
M- Muldoon. II: Frank Slocum.
22; EdwaM Ileban, 22; David J. Case. 71
Herman Oroaberir, 88d Prec, to Traf.
Be Dlv.. Sub-DIv. A.
Joaeph p. O'Brien. Traffic Dlv., Sub
DIv. A, to 82d Prec.
To take effect 12:01 A. M. October 25:
Thomaa H. Stedman. 85th Prec, to
Dlvlalon of National Defenre (snectal war
payroll), rntn'.ed an Indednlte leave of
Muaciice. turaitea.l
Jamea Hart, 17th Prec, aaalrned In com
mand, from 8 A -M. October 80, durlnr
absence ot Captain on alck report.
William Irvlnr. 47th Prec, aaalrned as
actlnr Lieutenant, from 8 A. M. Octo
ber 10, during absence of Lieutenant, aa
alrned In command.
Ivo F. Vorel. llth Prec, to Headquar
ters Dlv., Dlvlalon of Tranaportatlon, as
alrned aa operator of motor truck at
tached to department otorehouae. from
4 P, M, October 28, durlnr absence of
John J. Haalach, 24th Prec, aaalrned
to clerical duty on enemy alien rertatry,
from 8 A. M. November 4 to 8 A. M.
November 14.
William Daechle, 46th Tree, to 41th
Prec, aaalgned as operator of motor patrol
wagon, from 4 V. M. November 4, dur-
IDB auaenca oi operator on sick report,
Joaeph Van Vort, 48th Prec, to De
tectlte Bureau, to duty tn Bureau of
iniormation, irom u ;ui a. m. November 6
to 12:01 A. M. November 21, durlnr ab-
aula ui yairumian on vacation.
Edward A. Molloy, 46th Prec, to Head
quarters Dlv., Bureau of Repairs and Sup
Eltea. xor IV uaya trom a A. ax, piovem
er 4.
William 8tetrer. lid Prec. to lid Pre
aaalgned to clerical duty, from 12 noon
November 4, durlnr absence ot patrolman
on bick report.
Eurene R. Dunn. Traffic Dlv.. Sub-niv.
A, to 15th Prec, aaalgned to clerical duty,
for 8 daya from 8 A. M, November 6.
From preclncta tadlcated to Headquar
ters Dlv., to duty In Tjfflce of Fourth
Deputy Police Commlsaloner, for 6 days
l ro in a A. i. rtuveinuer a;
William U, Murray, II; George T.
Boach. 82.
From preclncta Indicated to Headquar
ters uiv., to auty at jioarn ot elections,
for 10 daya from 12 P. M. November S:
Honry A. Mallon. 14; Robert A. Hender.
son, is; jscod reea, si: jonn m. iteias.
at; wiuism j, aicaiuisn, ?a;
Merer. 87: Patrick Coonav. II: John Fred.
erlcks, 105.
From precincts Indicated to Id Insp.
Police Department
Dla to duty In raided premises, for 11
days from I A. M. Novsmber ti
Henry Mellon, 141 Martin Doherty. 84;
Frederick Flnsar. lit nanhmln Ktaln.
471 Thomas Kerrigan. Trafflo 1).
From precincts Indicated to 4th Insp.
Die., to duty in raided premises, for 11
days from 8 A. M. November I:
inomas ilcNamara, 21; Edward Potter,
From Dreelneta Indlrstad tn lltH Tnsn.
Dla, to. duty In raided nremlaaa. far 11
daya from 1 A. M. November 6 :
rrancie Aiarron, s; Franklin Jlcwsugni,
7: William Goodburn, 15; William Welsa
heler, II; Charles laaacaon, 17, .
Joaebh Van Vnet. illh Tre a llh
Inep. Dla., to duty In raided premlaea
(temoorarv). from 12:01 A. if Mnvem-
ber 4.
Edward A. Mallov. 41th 'Pren.. tn Ith
Insp. Die., to duty In raided premises
(temporary), from I A, M. November C.
The followlnr leaves at nbaenee are au
thorised, without pay:
Oaetano Oreeo. let Prec. for 1 dav
from 4 P. M. November 1,
Henry Adler. llth Pres.. for 1 day
from 4 P. M. November 8.
vi imam n. van Kirk, lid Prec, ror
1 day from 11 noon November 8.
William A. Csrlln. I7th Prao . fne 1
days from 18:01 A. M. November 1.
jonn uurien. suit Prec. ror 1 day
from I A. M. October 21.
Jamee Heller, lllth Ptec. far 1 dav
from I A. M. November 1.
Daniel F. llagrerty. Traffic Dlv., Sub
Dlv. B, for 1 day from I A M. Novem
Ixtr 1.
Robert a MoVclrh. Trafflo Dir.. Sub
Dlv. K, tor 1 day from I A. 11. Novem
ber t.
Suspended from duty without pay:
Davtd M. Healv. No. llll. llth Prep.
to take effect 8:86 P. M. November 4.
Tne following- resignation la accepted.
ao taae enect 13 noon jvovemDer a;
James J. 8mlth, No. 7144, 118th Prec
The followlnr tranafera are ordered. To
take effect 11:01 A. M. November 8.
From 42d Prec flth Dla.). to Dreclnote
Frederick Schm tt. II flth D a.): Frank
W. Broomhead. 101 (14th Dla).
r-rom 4itn i'rec. (Ttn Die.), to precincts
Indicated :
John J. Stale. Daniel 8Dellrnan. Oaetano
De Steffano. Giuseppe Genduae. 4o 6th
Prec. (let Dla): Frank Marottl, 84th Prec.
(4th Die.): Nlcholaa Trocola. Ralph Da-
mlano. Harry J. Pesant. Charles Gesaman.
Aloe Morris, Max Harris, to ssa Free.
(llth Die.): Edward I. MoWllllams, Ed
ward J. Dunn, to 108d Prec. (14th Dla.):
Joeeoh J. 6elaa. 101th Prec. (17th Dla.).
From 50th I'rec. (tn DIs.), to preclncte
Michael Come. Patrick O Donohue. Jobn
Allen. Frederick Fuhae. Hyman Kellner.
to lain i'rec. titn Dla): I'airica snana
han, lid Prec. (llth Dla).
Richard J. Geaner. No. 101. Cist Prec.
died at 10:16 A. M. Norember 2 at hi
residence, 8115 Carpenter avenue. The
iironx, xrom pneumonia. trunerai rrom
his late residence 10 A. M. November I,
Interment Woodlawn Cemetery.
Thomas A. Mailer. No. 8714. 15th Prec,
died at 8:16 P. M. Norember 4 at hla
residence. Ill Tenth avenue. Manhattan.
from pneumonia. Funeral from hie late resi
dence i:ie A. ii. Aovcmner .. inter
ment Calvary Cemetery.
BUTTER Receipts, 8,821 packares.
Creamery, hlrher than extraa lb., 40
OUc: eatraa, 12 ecore, 10c; flreta,
II to 81 scare. 575Hc.i seconds, 12 to
I? scare, llOimc lower rradee. 41 to
62c; unsatted. higher than rxtrae. 620
62Hc; extras, 110414c; flrsta. 68HU
46Hc; aeconda, tteitc.: State dairy tuba,
aaest, 51c; good to prime, 65051c; com
TSon to fair, 4142 84c; renovated, extras,
110814c: Urate. 4848484c; lower
radee. 421141c.; Imitation creamery, flratB,
45941c: ladles, current make, flrsta, 41H4
42c; seconds, H4fJ40c. lower grades. II
028c: packlnr stock, current make, No,
1. 819114c.; No. 2, 214c; lower rradee,
16 011c.
CHEESE Receipts. 1.21 boxes. State,
whole milk, freah flats, apeclale, colored,
lb, 22 4 0 12kC.; white. 124c; average
runs, colored. 814 032c: white, SI He
12c; lower grades, 24tiJlc; twine, ape
dais. 22Hc; average run. 114Slc;
lower grades, 20821c: flata. held, epeclale,
14012c; average run. 2011c: twine,
held, apeclala, 20 4 22c. : average run. 29
81c: lower grades, 25Q28C: Wlaconaln,
whole milk, twlna. held, 20tI12c; elnrle
daialea, held, 120834c.: freah. 344c;
double dalaies. held. 318 33c; Young
Arnericei. held. 3241834c.: freah. 114
I44c.; State, aklme. apeclale. 244 8254c:
prime to choice, 22024c; fair to good, 20
8 22c; lower rrada. 10811c
C4JTTONSEEB OIL Market ateady aa
prlcea are not dlverrlnr much from uausl
parity over Used price of crude. The
moement Is Incresalnr somewhat aa labor
conditions are aald to be better at the
mills. Under preaent condition there Is no
inducement for producers to hold their oil,
although there le no apeclal reason why
consumers should buy more than they
oeea irom time to time.
T.COH Receipt, reported by the New
York Mercantile Exchange, 1,717 packages.
Freah gathered extraa, per dozen, Ciotic ;
extra flrsta. 63065c.: flrata. MO 62c; eec-
onde, 648-lc: under grades, 41863c;
uirciee, ,-so i. atttfli, jvo. z and poorer.
428 46c; checka. good to choice, dry. 42
" 4 Jc, ; under grades. Sltrllc . refrlxeraior.
apeclal marka. fancy, chargea paid, 474
41c; flrata. rharrea paid. 454f47c.; aeconda,
chargea paid. 4:40444c, State. Pennayl
vanla and nearby Weatern hennery whltea,
fine to fancy. 6c7t. ordinary to prime,
76 816c, gathered whltee. ordinary to
nne, jseilc. pullete. 75814c; Pactflc
coaal wnitea,, nreta to flneat. 148150.:
Weatern and Southern gathered white.. 5
2c; State, Pennaylranla and nearby
.lennery- oruwna. eauifc ; gathered broa
and mixed colors, 6IUIc
FRUITS. FRESH A PI't.K!) M.lnl..),
oi., itviui Alexander, bbl., I486.
Spltxenberr. bbl., 13.608 7. Jonathan, bbl..
extra; eauny. cui., i.60f7; Twenty
uunce, Doi., aiva; enow, dpi. 61.6085;
Holland Pippin, bbl.. 1485; Fall Pippin
bbl.. 1485: York lmn.Mil bbl. lint-
Oravenateln. bbl.. I486: Klnr. bbl.. 8484;
jiuDDaroson, doi., j.gotr&; iialdwin. bbl.,
88.5085.50: Ben Davla. hbl.. 11.75 I 4-
uano, ooi., live; ureenlnr. bbl., 13;
Crimea Oolden. bbl., 8284; common, bbl..
13 VI. 25: rar Weatern box applea, Deltcloue,
box, 12.1584: Winter Banana, box. 12.758
4.35; Rome Reauty, box, 12 5083: Jona
than, box. 1282.85: King David, box. It 10
82.50, Warnar, box, 12.1083.40: Oolden
Ortley, box, 12.5083.25: Stayman Wine-
eap. dox, iz.zsci; ewtown I'lppin. box.
az. bears; rpiixenDerr. dox. 3ZU3.au,
PEARS Kleffer. bbl., 1 5001: bek., 10c
crii.zi. quinces -Nearby. bii.. i: 5ni
buahal bak.. 1182.50. (I RAPES Black
and white. 29 lb. bak.. 118 2: In traya. per
ton. 81158176. CRANBERRIES Cape
rod. late. bbl.. 17810. New York. crte
1282.60, early black, bbl.. 1684; half bbl.
crate, 1484.60; buahal crate, 12.21 & 2,50 ,
New York- crate, u.sooz.zs: jeraer. bbl
lt.t0O; crate, 11.6082. ORANOKS
California, box, l? 12.60: Florida, box.
12.5084 76. URAl'KKHUIT Florida, box.
IZU5: Jamaica, box. i:uz. i.kmonh
California, box. 110812.60, AVOCADA
PEARS Florida, box, 1781". PINE
APPLES Cuban, crate. 13.6084.25. CA
SABA MELONS California, crate. 128
I 60. OSTRICH EGO MELON.1 Colorado,
crate. 81.1682; California, crate. 83.50,
SANTA CT.AUH MELON'S Weatern. crate.
12.6083. CITRON MELONS Nearby, bbl..
FRlTrS, DRIED There are very spar-
Inr offerings or ruturea and prime couia do
readily sold at 13c f. o. b. State shlpplnr
OILrl Standard white petroleum. New
York export. Dole., 117 zt; no., duik, is z;
do., caaea, 818.25; water white, New York,
tihla.. til. IS: do., bulk. 8.!5i do., caaee,
810.26. Motor rasolene, garages, 214c:
consumers, 26 4c (steel barrela). unseed
nil No chanae tn llnaeed oil. Prlcea rot
low: Strictly pure rations of 74 lbs.. In
bbla., 31-42. Calcutta oil, 12.
POTATOES Maine, 100 lbe., 82 158 2.67
Una laland. 100 lba.. 82.50tS3.O3: State,
10O Iba., 12.0883.34; Jersey, 100 lbs., 12.16
ft 7 to: V rrlnla. late croD. bbl.. 13414,
Sweeta Jersey, bak., 40C831.8S; Delaware
and Maryland, bak., 50c. 011.50; Virginia,
bbl., i:.50W4.:5.
KEYS Spring, selected, 40943c; poor to
fair, tb., 20830C ciucKiiNi e resn, dry
pacaea, 12 to dox, weatern, inua leu, iu-11
lba. to dosen, lb., 4 Sc.: 1824 Ibe., 46a;
2580 lbs., 38842c; 3136 lbs., 348344c;
8741 lbs.. 340344c: 41.47 lba. SlU.lhC.
4855 lba., 34c; 54 lba. and over, 36c; corn
fed. 1017 lba to dozen, lb.. 41U43C.: 1134
1bs., 41843c; 2530 Iba., 27840c; 3114
iba., 32 8 324c: 37-43 lbs, 228324c; 4347
lba.. 324c: 4856 lbs.. 35c: 66 lbs. and
over, 36c: Southern, corn fed, bble. or
kegs, lb., 12c; rresn, icea, ddis., western,
milk fed, 224 lbs. to pair, lb., 8c; 34
lbs., SSc: 66 Iba, lie,; 1-74 lba. 31c;
I lbs. and over, 31c; corn fed, 224 lba.
to pair, lie; 11 iba, 11c: J-a ids., ztc
7-74 lbs.. 28c: 8 lbs. and over. 32c: Vlr
glnla, milk fed, 34 Iba. to pair, lb., 318
40c: 84 lba. to pair. lb.. 12831c: Phlla
delohla and Long laland, 24 lbs. to pair,
lb.. 45945c: Pennsylvania. 1.4 lbs. to nair.
31842c; mixed weights, 83031c; Long
Island, soaiaea, if ids. to pair, id., itu
37c; mixed weights, 31830c; Michigan,
acalded, 34 lbe. to pair, lb., 35c; tnlieU
weights, 28 O 21c; roaata, 4 lba and over,
each 32c: Weetern, scalded, 24 lba. to
nalr. lb.., 840144e.l mixed -welrhta 27c:
I Southern and Southwestern, bbla., scalded.
I fie; milk 11. dry pseked, Western, dry
nicked. 6-7 U lbs. to the oalr. 88c. i 8 lbs.
and over to the p&lr. KOimc. FOWI.S
Fresh, boxes, dry packed, milk fed, fancy
packs, weatern, co rns. and over to aoten,
lie: 41-68 lb., JS'ic: 4847 lbs., ISO.:
84.12 lbs., 84c; 8025 lbs.. 22Hc; under
80, lbs.. SlUc: corn fed. Western. 80 lbs.
and over lo doien, lb., IIH'.I liS4 lbs.,
He: 4147 lbs., imc: io ids. ,jjc;
under 80 1bs lOHc: fresh, dry packed,
bbls.. Western, dry picked, & lbs. and over,
8IHc: 4H lbs., 86C, 4 lbs., 85c: S!4 lbs.,
82c; 2 lbs. and under, 81c; Southwestern,
bbla or kers, 2.4 Ibe. each, 2titf2!c;
Southern, corn fed, 8 lbs. and under, each.
10HC.; frean. Iced, bbla., western, ury
picked, 4 lbe. end over. 86e.i 4H lbs., im(
I Jr.! 4 Iba., S4Hc: IH lbs., 28c: 2 lbs,
lOtic: Ohio and Michlrsn, scalded, mixed
weights, ll'ic: other Weatern. scalded,
mixed weights. SIHQSSHc OLD COCKS
Fresh, dry pscked, boxes or bble., dry
picked, ISO. l, zshc; rrean. icea pn-Kea,
bble., dry picked. No. 1. 2ltlc: Weatern.
eealded. 2c. SPRING DUCKLINOS lnir
laiana and rennayivania. in., auc. uuaii
Prime white 410 lba. , and over to doien, ,
per doxen, 11.5001.25: dark, pr doeen, 2
ts: cuua, per noxn, iiiri.au. uui.r,Ao
Sprlnr. per pair, I0C4JI1.50; old. -per pair,
preae. IIOHt.i via freight. 21c. FOWLS
Via expreu. 27912c; via freight. 21013c.
OLD ROOSTERS Via freight. 22c. TUR
KEYS Via expreu or frelgnt. ztvsoc.
DUCKS Via expreaa, 26824c; via freight,
15021c GEESE Via expreaa or freight,
1582(0. GUINEAS Per pair, via freight.
tsc l,lei nubu.n rer pair, .
freight or expreaa, 85040c
PRnviMONN Pork firm: meaa. 1 40 O 41:
family, 858068; ahort clear, 842080. Reef
firm; ,meee. 815014; family, 840041;
packet' 884087; extra India mess. ISIO
51. liogs atesay; Dacons, line; .av ios..
2C4ic: sire. 27UC. Belllea firm: pickled
clear, 1012 lbs., 34c; dry sslted clear,
111 iba t zinc urssses nrm; yenon.
ithv1Tc; cnoice nouae, 4w'i.
Pleklad hams firm: regular. 10-12 lba..
SlUc; eklnned, 11-20 lba., Jl-ic. Tallow
dull: city special, looee, 10'ic, Lard
strong; middle West, 1:8.10024.80; city
lard dull, :shc: renned tarn nrm; .onn
nent 821.75: South America. 121 10;
BraslI kegs, 138.10; compound steady, 210
2IKc Stearlne unsettled; city lard stear
ins, smoilc: oleo, 2IHc.
w . ' Tr . i va uiafirrt twnra
ARTICHOKES Jerua'alem. bbl.. 87. BRUS
SELS SPROUTS Per quart. etj.ac.
BEANS Nearby, cranberry, baaket, 76cO
81.76: Virginia, baaket, 81.5008.60; South
Carolina, baaket, S0c.OI3.50; Florida, baa
ket ll.S0OI.60. BEETS 100 bunohea,
II. 60O160: baaket, 60O75C.: bbl.. 11.600
260. CARROTS 100 bunchre, I1O1.60;
basket. 60C.&81: bag. J1.25C1.60; bbl.,
81.50O1. CUCUMBERS Florida, baaket,
8204; hothouse, doten, 81.5002. CAB
BAGES Per ton, 112011; per 100, 110
1.40; per bbl., 76C081-36; red, bbl.. tiV
1.60. CAULIFLOWERS Long Island,
long cut, bbl., 8208.50; ahort cut. bbl., II
05; crate, 81.7602.26: State, crate. 6102.
CELERY Stats and Jersey, bunch, Hit
40c: fancy, large, caae, I2.751fl.25, me
dium, caae, 8102.60; small, caae, tl.SuO
1.75. CELERY KNOBS 100 bunchea. II W
5. CHICORY Crate, 75c.ll. EGG
PLANTS Nearby, bbl., I1O2.60: baaket,
40c.eu.ll; crate. SOc.C81.2S: Florida, box.
1204. baaket. I24. ENDIVE Nearby,
lb., 16910-c: Weatern, lb.. 20040c HORSE
RADISH Weatern. 100 Iba.. I5OC50.
BEEVES Receipts 3,710 head: 70 cars
'on sale. Steers mors actlveand Arm to
The yards were well cleared. Common to
Enme ateers aoia at aatj-ii.za p-r- ivu 10.;
ulla, 34.2581.60; common to fair coa.
11.75 81; helfera, 111.75; "tall-ends." 13.
Dressed beef steady at 11827c per lb. for
native eldes.
Selee S. Sanders; is Kentucky sierra.
1,417 lba average, 117 25; 81 Virginia.
1.251, 111.25: 21. 1,113. I15.it); 110. l.iaa.
115- fa 1.017. Ill: 1 bull. 1.140. I8 60: 2
helfere 620. 11.50. I cowa. 820, 18; 6, 160.
15.60: 27, 102. 11.50. McPhereon A Co.:
20 Virginia ateera. 1.317. lis.zs: j.zaa.
115: 20. 1.114. I1C15. 19. 1.101. 111.10, 3
cowa. 140. 17.75; 2. 7S0. 17.25; 4, 9S2. 85.50,
II. 121. 15,25; I. J20, 11.50: 13. 170. 11.10.
Tobln A Shannon- 20 Virginia ateera.
1.320. 115.60. It Kentucar. I.l;, an. ii
2 cowe. 1.025, It. 10. 751. II. 13 774.
11 73: 2. 540. 13. Newton A do.' 23 r-
glnla eteers. . 113.40: 1 bull. l..
11.50; 3 cowa. i;
11.75. Kerns Commlaalon Co 51 Virginia
steer.. 1.251. 115.50. 2. 1.015 111. J.
SUambera: A Son: 18 Weat Vlrglnl ateera.
1.088. 81S.E0; 2. SJ5. J1Z.60. neiier-.
ti. -1 r n ri,r.la jb Sun: 41 State ateera.
77l 36; 2 bulls. 1050, 17.50; , 963. 37 25;
15.50 16. 750. IS: 18. 943. 88.40; 18. 331.
15 35 3. 450. 85.25: 14. 757. 11.40. Jelllfe.
Wright A Co.: 3 bulla. 170. 17
130. 31: 2. 1.010. 16.50; 9. SS4, It 3.; .
. .-....-,. .it,iin lit rum. a
15.40: 21. lit. IS.Ze: -'. I'""ar.
Dreelan: 3 bul a. .o, ..v. - """-,',,'
i. t 111 15 25. S. Judd A Co. : 3 "bulls.
1.020, 17.65, 2 cowa, ISO, 84.
CALVES Hecelpta. 1,:0 neaa; .
sale. Market In belter poauion . ;'
firm: graaaers sna
Weaterns higher,
Consns to prime eala I13&20 per 100
Iba.: culls. 810812: fed caHea, 33 810.
?".-.. L"0'' I'"la'l, "ieuv.'
rair weeterna. ai. , v . -- - -
anil higher; city dreeaed veals, zoo a. c. per
lb.: country aresaea -, "'' ... ,,,
Salea J. u. uuriia at win 1, ' r:v ...
lb. average. 120, 3. 117. Ill; 3. 131. It.:
5 150. 815. 7. 124. 114. 100. of various
weights. 111820. 3 rraaaera, 211. u.stl. 1.
John T Dreelan: 75 veils, 14.. 320. 10.
120. 811 50. 1 grasaere, 1.1,
Upas 420. 8 25. S Judd A Co.: 40 veala.
130 119 10. Ui. 11! 50. 2 cull.. 100. 110
4 fed ealvea. 195, la; "" , , .,'
252 111. Tobln .v rnanmin. 11 -...
119 50. 14. 5. UI Neton A Co,: 1"
via. 125, 114 50. 2, Ji. 317. IS 71 113
Kerne Commlaalon Company: 27 veaie.
14 120. 75. 112. Il: 5 culla, 142. II:
-Vlultn: 10 veala. 1Z4. 819. 2
graaaer.. 250, 11.50. Joul.s. 180. 16; - year-
Ung. 330. Jennie. "'"'"',"",:
veala. 143. 120: 2 fed clHea, 225. 110, 1j
rraera, 221, IS 50.
SHEEP AND I ASIII Receip:.. 9,450
head; 20 cara on sale. Sheep dull and un
changed, lemba alow and unevenSy lower
Common to prime eheep, tl SOIj 1J-80 per
100 b.- culla, 1584. jearllnca, 811813,
lamb., 814 W 16.7S; culla. 110812 Dre.aM
mutton higher at 12819c per lb ; dreaaed
i.n.h. Mrh-r at 222Sc : country dreaaed
hothoue lamba, 115'rflS 5) per carciea.
Salea Kerna commteaion vuinpanj .
Weat Virginia iamb.. 43 lbs. average.
116.73, 714, 67. 116 75. 509. 4B. 116.50. 230.
S3 116.374: 152 State, 71. 114.25; 6, 43,
tt"ei.- Vlrrlnla. 59. 115 50: 53 Penn
arlvanla. II. 115.60; 10 culla. 4j, 812; 22
cull lamba and aheap, 41, 83 50; 21 aheep,
77 11; 19, 93, 17; 7 cuil., 19. 16. J O.
Curtle A- Son: 260 Slate lamba. 72, 116: 7,
St. 115.75. 15 culla, 47. 112 50, 5 vearlinge,
S3 113: 34 sheep. 12. IS. 4. S2. 17.50. S.
Sandera: 37 State lamba, b0. 116, 76, 56.
114 S Judd A t'o.! 112 Sta'e lamb, St.
115 30. John T Dreelan- 10 Pennsylvania
lamba, 57. 116. 45 Vermont.' "2. 11; 6
Htate, 72, 111; 36. 40. 115 50, 6 aheep, 100,
110 50; 4. 90. 110 26; 4, 101. 110. Jelltfte.
Wright A Co.; 17 State lamba, 73. 116
HOGS ItK-elpta, 6.310 head, half a fir
on eale. Feeling ateadr at lit 25811 SO
for heavy to medium weight New York
and PennaIvanla hoga; rough., 116 50
Country dreeaed hoga tlrm at :tr2Sc. per
ib.; roaattng plge higher. 36 8 36c.
Live Stock Mnrkrls In Other Cities.
CHICAGO, Nov. i Hoga Recelpla. 20.-
000; market opening atrong to 15c higher,
rloaed dull, with early advance fully Irlat
Ilutchers, lla.zo u is.ao. ngm, i, r :w
18 35: packing, 816 15817 15: thronouta,
115.75816.75; pigs, good to choice, 111.73
816.60. .
Cattle Receipts, 15,000; good weight
n.tlvo and Weatern ateera and good nelcht
butcher cattle, Aeady; others and bul'a,
alow to 16c lower; calve., ste-tdy; feeders,
alow Reef cattle: Good choice and prime.
115 26819 75; common ami medium, jj.zi
815.25. Hutcher stock; Cow. and helfera.
16.25814. Cannera rfnd cutters, 15.25 tr
6.35. Stockera and feeders: Good choice
and fancy, 89.758 12 50; Interior, common
and medium, I7W9.75. Veal ealvea: Good
and choice, 115.7s u le.sv ; estern range,
beet ateera. Ill 17.50; cowa and heifers,
.iht.a Kecelnts. 20.000: market, steady
to 26c lower on killing clasae: feeders.
steady Lambs: Choice and prime, 615.85
16.25: medium and good, i I Z3 tf 15.85,
culls, 11.60 813. Ewes! Choice and prime,
19.76810; medium and good, 88.738 9.75,
culls. 13.6087.
BT. LOUIS, Nor. 6 Hoga Rece'lpta,
14,890; steady. Lights, 317.5081S.25; plga
314.75811 50: mixed and butchers, 117. K
811.40: good heavy, 118,20 a 18.40; bulk,
Cattle Hecelpta. 7.800; atrong, Native
beef ateera. 111.50811 25: yearllnr eteera
and neirers, is.ouu is. so. cowa. ? sosr
12.60; atockera and feeders. Is 60812; fair
to prime Southern beef ateera, ItOftll;
beet cowa and heifers, 37.60815, native
calves, 17.75 0 17.25.
Sheep Receipts, 2.500; stronr. Lamhs,
811.50814.76: ewes, 1!12; canners and
choppers, 8589.
KANSAS CITY, Nov. 6. Hogs Receipts,
20,000; ateady, Hulk, 817.25818.10: heavy,
117813.25; packera and butchers, 317.23U
18.26; lirhta, 117111.10: plga. 813816.
Cattle Recelpta, 20,000; atrong. Prime
fed steers, 317.60819.76: dreaaed beef
steers, 12lfl3.40; Southern steers. 81812;
cows. 14,75810.50; heifers. I6.50U12.
stockers and feeders, 84813.50; bulla, 4.50
89.25; calves. 37813,
Sheen Recelnts. 4.000: lower. Lamba.
811.608 15.75; yearlings. 110811.50; weth
ers, 11.60810.60; ewes, 8189.50.
Pennsylvania Crude Oil Market.
Oil City, Pa., Nov. 6. Credit bal
ancCs $4; runs 46,051, average 26,421;
shlrratnts H.tll, averse! 35,110.
Ill, lis unio, ao. .v mi..,.
14. 31. 110, 22 eheep, 105. 19; 7. 91. 11.50,
21 100. 31; 81. 97. 17: I, 15. 16 60, 7 culls.
17! 6; 13. 38, 85 50; 5. 47. 65. Newton A
r . lit. vvat vlrrlnla lamba. 41. 116: 47.
ORDERS 1,380,000
Quartermaster Corps Awards
Contracts for Service Gar
ment for Pershing's Men,
Contract for making; 1,880,000 rleo
coats for the overseas forces were,
awarded yesterday by the Quarterm as
ter Corps to clothing; manufacturers In
various parts of the country. The work
will keep the contractors bury about ten
weeks. t
Most of the contracts) were awarded on
bids of $1.(2. the Government furnishing;
everythtns except the sewlnrs. These
contracts complete the requisition made
some tlmo aro for overcoats, service
coats and trousers.
l'Vllowinr; ore the successful bidders
and the quantities awarded :
Armltage Tallorlnr Company. Chlcaro,
10,000; sternatein urea., cnicego, .,.,
Charles Kroll Company, Boston, 20,000:
Consolidated Manufacturing Company, uoe
ton, 20,000; Abe Bloch Company. Cincin
nati, 25,000; the Consolidated Coat Con
tractors Company. Philadelphia, 65,000;
1. Eakln, Vtneland, N. J., 20.000: A. Men
deleon A Rro. Uniform Company, Inc., Vine.
lann, ju.vvv, jgsepn iirua., viuviawiu, ...
J.. 1 5,000 ; Simon Cohen A Co.. New York,
60,000: Sper Mel doming corporation,
New York. 40.000: Louis Simon Brooklyn,
20,000; Ferdinand Kuhn Co., Inc. Nsw
York, 80.000; W-"tnateln Brecher, Inc., New
York. 100.000: New York Uniform Manu
facturing Company, 100.0001 Llthauer
Manufacturing Company, New York, 45,
000; Hetdelberr, Wolff A Co., New York.
60,000; Slegel Bros. Goodman. Nsw
York, 200,000; Ivan Frank Co., Inc.
New York. 10.000: John Hall. Inc.. Chi
cago. 40,000; Samuel Epateln. Philadelphia,
10,000; John Antaileld Company, Cleveland.
25.000: Henry Sonneborn A Co.. Baltimore,
100,000; Llabowlts Bros.. Brooklyn. 10,-
000; Wanamaker A Brown. Philadelphia,
100,000: Sllversteln A scnioaaeerr. Haiti
more. 10.000: Strouse A Broa . Inc. Balti
more, 60,000; It. Bernstein, Philadelphia,
io.ooo; Samuel Epateln. paiiaaeipnia, so,
Dinar Mstrket More Active).
Believing; that peace will have) a
marked effect on the prices of drugs
many dealers In herbs, leaves and seeds
from which some drags are derived have
recently been attempting to get rid of
their holdings at present levels, -with the
result that the market has shown in
creased activity, according to the weekly
review which will be sent out by Drug
and Chemical Markets to-day.
Government requirements of acids and
many heavy chemicals are leaving little
available for outside markets. But
manufacturers and dealers are carefully-
watching their stocks, as they are fear
ful of having too much on hand when
the war ends.
Prices for citrates, antipyrlne, acet-
phenctldln and quinine are firm. Coal
tar products are more In demand, but
production Is hampered by lack of Inter
mediates and shortage of labor.
Peace Basis Recommendations Soon
Special Deipalch to Tits Sex.
Washington, Nov. 6. Recommenda
tions regarding the restoration of indus
tries to a peace basis are being prepared
by the War Industries Doard, and will
be made public soon. It was officially
announced to-day.
It Is believed enme regulation of In
dustry and disposition of raw materials
will be nocessary during the reconstruc
tion period that changes may be made
with as little demoralization as possible
Because of this It Is thought very prob
able that the board will be continued in
power for a period after the war.
( ' Business Troubles. 1
Petitions In Bankruntrr.
Petitions in bankruptcy filed yesterday
in unite,! state, uiatrict court were:
tary petition Jlorrle and Saul Meltser,
trading aa the .Meitaer urotners. 97
Freeman street. The Hronx. were de
dared IP have llabllttlea of 12,000 an
eaaeta of about 11,000. William R.
41o!den. Sonlv Dreeae! and H. Flacher
& Co.. no addreaa atated, are the three
petitioning creditors, xiorrl. E. Schere
named a. receiver. Ioew a L-oew, 29
Ilrondnay. are the attorneys for th
ATION In an Involuntary petition the
Decide For Yourself
Which Kind of Man Are You ?
One of the weak,
fearful kind whose
blood needs iron
a failure in business
and literally "going
to pieces" because
of a nervous, run
down condition? Or
a strong, healthy, vigor
ous man with plenty of iron
in your blood and filled
with the power, energy,
and courage to win ?
'For want of iron you may be an
old man at thirty, dull of intellect,
poor in memory, nervous, irritable,
and all 'run-down' while at 50 or
60 with plenty of iron in your
blood you may still be younc in
feeling, full of life, your whole being brimming over with vim
and energy" 6ays Dr. James Francis Sullivan, formerly physician
of Uellevue Hospital, (Outdoor Dept.) New York and the
Westchester County Hospital.
"Lack of Iron in the blood not only mikes a man a physical and mental
weakling, nervous, irriuble, eaiily fatigued, but it uttrly robi him of
that virile force, that stamina and itreneth of will which are so necessary
to tuccesi and power in every walk of life. To help make strong, keen
red-blooded Americans there is nothing in my experience which I have
found jo valuable as organic iron Nuxated Iron. It often increases the
6trenp,th and endurance of weak, nervous, run-down people in two weeks
time." Nuxated Iron is now belnjr uied by over three million people
annually. It has been uied and highly endorsed by mch men as Hon.
Leslie M. Shaw, former Secretary of the Treaiury, and ex-Govemor of
Iowa : former United Statei Senator and Vice Preiidential Nominee
Charles A. Tonne, General John L. Cltm (Retired), the drummer boy of
Shiloh who wai lergeant in the U. S. Army when only twelve years
of age t also United States Judge G. W Atkinson of the Court of Claims
of waihington and others.
The mintitactu'era guarantee ao-ceeafot tmi entltelf utlirartory reiolia to etrr
purcham ot tbej will trlund jroot sassey. It la dltpeoiel br all goo4 drugglats.
Red BloDd,
Japan Take All U. S.
Exporters Can Send Her
SO great have grown Japan's Im
portations since the war be
gan that exporters from this
country are finding it difficult to sup
ply all the goods wanted, according
to advices from San Francisco.
Calls for all sorts of textiles aro
especially numerous. Cottons of finer
grades, like dimities, organdies, ging
hams, calico., with denims, shlrtlnsrj
and sheetings, woollen goods of nil
kinds, men's and women's knit hosJ
lery and ready to wear clothes are
all In great demand.
R. E. Klnr Shoe Manufacturing Corpor
ation, address not stated, was daelared
to be bankrupt by Jacob Schwarts.
Dertha Waldman and Adolph 0nh.no
addresses riven. H. A J. J. Lesser.
170 Broadway, are the attorneys for
th. eredltora.
"..- V -v stinWI Ml lUblll-
ties to bs 313.733.13 , and his asset.
Ilea w m ' , , . , -
115.816.11. diaries Elliott, of Topeka.
nana., la m. v. ... - -I.- a.
.a. ... h m Rhatianoeraer k
Donovan. 30 Church atreet, are attor-
MORRIS BOSS In a voluntary petl tloti
by Morrla uoas, .. ""t,v:jvj
ulesmsn. shown liabilities of -"
and assets of 3449.10. Lswls st f ensap.
211 Broadway, are attornsys for the
Schedules In Bankruptcy,
efcrhedules In bankruptcy entered yes
terday In United States District
aSierica.'n COMPONOVA compant.
INC. The scnaauie men or ia- -J
lean Oomponova Company. Jne.. no ad
dreaa mentioned, shows Itsbllltles ot
11,611.48 and assets of 31.649.15.
Schedule filed by the J. P. O0.fm.B
Company. Inc.. no addreas. shows lia
bilities of 811.802.73 and assets of
2.440. J. If. Ufschlts. 183 Nsssau street.
Is attorney for the bankrupt.
Receivers In Bankruptcy.
Receivers tn bankruptcy appolntedyes-
tsrday In United States District tourt
TURNER JUOge jonn .. "5-
polnted Frederic R. Hillle. 183 Broad
way. receiver for Isldor and Florence
Turner, who did business under the
arm nama. Bond was flxel st 31.800.
pointed Frank Stripe. 50 address, receiver
for the R. E. Klnr Shoe Manufacturlnr
Company, no address, wiui a '
35.000. Ths liability of tha bankrupt Is
840.000 and their assets are 310.000.
PANT, ino. JUOfa jonn v..
0.1...1 o-al-. r, n adrlraaa. re-
ielver tot the Uberty Lirhtlnr Supply
Cotnnany. Inc. ras and electrical sup
ply dealers of 243 Bowery with a bond
of 33,600. The liability of the bankrupt
r tar aaas-re-(. ta n vril V n Oln A mm John C.
44 n-UilUblV llJtvIIIU a a " aai - -
Knox appointed Morria wiir ,7, " "
receiver for Morris and Saul wenxsr.
tradlnr as the Meltx.r Brothers, addrsss
unknown, witn a Dona 01 t.,ww.
The first name Is that of the debtor.
Architectural Contracting Co.,
Inc. James Elrsr. Inc
Ssme J. J. Reynolde et al
8ame P. O. Mclntyre
Architectural Contracting uo .
Inc.. Benjamin H. Dlttrlch and
Fred A. Dlttrlch Pratt Lum
ber Co
Berrh. Ella s. W A. Bratcher..
Behrmar. Ralph A fiturmdorf..
Bender, Margaret !. Mitchell...
Beyer. George H. Marmon Auto
mobile Co. of N. T.. Inc 4
Conaolldated Oil and Gasolene
Corporation or Dataware it. v.
Burnstetn et al
Dalton. Elizabeth I. Glmbei
Broe., N. Y
Delner, Franz F. R. W. Nil
bank et al
Ellaworth. Edmund E. J. W. D.
Ealer, nebecca O. 8abbagh et al.
Fischer. Meyer J. A. Smith;
Gstes. Frsnk M. AJax Rubber
Co.. Inc
Gibraltar, Paul E. A. Perkins .
Olven. John P. N. Y. Msster
Prlntsra Aaaoclatlon
Grlftln. Joseph E. Detroit Cadil
lac Motor Car Co
Gorman. John P. (P. J. Gorman
Co.) Auburn Ignition Mfg. Co.,
Oolod, Paul Central Tile Co.,
Hooven, C. Earl O, F. Barlght.,
Harleman. Jeanette. also known
aa Jeanette HIrteman and Jean
ette Welaman Parlalan Closk
Herahey. Maxim, dolnr bualneas
under the name of Maxim
Hershey Seed Co. Oil. Paint
and Drug Reporter. Inc
Hannah. Frank Musical Leader
Publtahlnr Co
Krumenaker, A. E. S. Vrlonl.
admix.: rcats
Lunrhard. William V. Kreldel..
Leeaner, Samuel, and Frank Tel
telbaum People of State of
New York
300 00
Strongfh and
.ajr&tTmmmm. h 1L
maW If I t-
Levy, Jacob It, J, Slttsnfleld..,. 130.4
La-rains, Jane uorat wuri
McCaulsy, William V. Loewer's
Oainbrlnus Itrewery
Manton, Leon W, R. Dennett...
Maler, Michael W. J. Farrell
Co., Tne
Negbaur, Ell R., and Paclflc
Lunch. lac Adams Flanlgan
Nichols, Harry A. M. A. Valll...
Natelson, Meyer, and Ilarnat
Steinberg (Climax Shirt Co.)..
Poultney, Ueorre W. J. F, Sheri
dan Rotolo, Salvators M. Kanner et
Schwarts, Emanuel Marlton
Realty Co
Snyder, Herbert J, Olmbel Bros.,
Nsw York
Sanroro, Alesslo Italian Vine
yard Co., Inn
Scharila, Harry S. A. Clrklman.
Tapper, Jacob O. D. Flnblnder..
Under Sea Amusement Corpn. Ov
Hill i
Valentine, John II. C, A. Valen
tine ,
Williams, Edgar I, II. E. Page!
Walter. Anna Keuths O. R.
Wilson, Arlington J.. and Gen
eral rorwardlnr Co. J. Stein
berg . . ,
3,333 39
The first name Is that of the debtor.
iihii.c ma. wi i
r . com.llii. J R. r R
mlth. 8101.18
I uoiaman. Ilrmnn. and Alexander
Sacha Ttuanrr Tjinih rn In.
14 '
Johnson. Gilbert H.. Jr. Whit-
loca a nook Htore, inc
Kowacks, Louis J. F. Arnold...
MoDermott. John Patent Seat
foldlnr Co.. Inc
Schmidt, William 8. Jaeobaon..
Satisfied Judgment.
Blnrham. Henry A. O. 1. Skin
ner. auDt.: Jan. IS. 1911
299 21
Cooke, Theodore W. M. Gottlieb,
net. -a. 1.1s...
Imrle, Malcolm, and Margaret
Joe Martin, Jan. 7. 1914
Same Same, Jan. 7. 1918
Stephens. Clinton, Jr. A. Csg
lloatro, April 24. 1107
Marrolles. Edward, and Lew M.
Fields W. N. Cohen, Jan. 21.
tin ;
Runkle, Henry O. O. TV. Riddle,
May IS, 1914
Goodwin, John A., and M. New
Ington Goodwin W. H. Demler,
May 10, 1918
Stahl, Bernard F. S. Beach. Oc
tober 14, lilt
Calcaterra, lamaxlo W. D. Cam
eron, Jun 21, lilt
1 ts.tr-
6.418 44
2.13! 21
f Yetterday's Fires.
A. M. r.o.a.
11:15 108 W. 57th st.; unknown. . .Trininr
311414-14 Cherry st.; unknown J30')
7:35 87-89 Dleccker St.; un
known Unkno-vn
8:30 67 New Chambers et ,
unknown Unknown
8:10 16T St. Nicholas av.; Autruv
Cohen Trtntng
Army Nuraea Apparel Xer-lrd.
A hurry up call for 60.000 nure'
coats and 75,000 nurses' unlforniN for
service overseas was received by the
manufacturing branch of the Quarter
master Corps yesterday from Washing
ton.' A call for bids for maUins this ap
parel is to be Issued soon.
at 1 J o'CIock Noon, at Eirhsrure Salesroom,
14 Veaey St.. Near York City.
Specicd Sales Day
Country Estates
Business Building
. Prlrate n-aeillng
Bronx Taipayera
Vacant Property
"Phone for partialis re, or. better still,
come to the sale.
31 N'bmiu it
X V city
North Cor. 93d St.. Central Park Weat.
"L" Station Street.
12 Story Fireproof Modern Bldg.,
6, 7, 8, 9 Rooms, 2 and 3 Baths,
51,800 $2,700
Garage Accommodations forTensnts.
Osmers on Premises. '1'tioneUtl litter.
16 Minutes trom Penn. Station
Houses ana Villa Plots for Ja r
47 W. Slth Pt.. or Forest llllla. I. I.
CllAt). F. NOlliM CO.
Real tttate
07 William St. Tel. John 1(111.
TO LET FOK lllIMs I'l Itl'O-tKS.
OFFICES. US to !'00. 3D story building
rtoom 1-03 110 W 40th Ht
-toe rcnuc nE pleased.-
0CTftllBY B0AT
3 1 Ull L RAIL
All Outside Staterooms, 81,10 to 88.34.
a A6ore Fricet Include It or 7 ax
FFsr Information regarding time of da-
Karl ura
Phone Uprlng sill.
eater 11 15 Providence direr. I'-
Mntormatlnn reganiinK t mo i
ptione 2 00 lieenn.an
iYork Albany--Troy
om Pier IS, N It., foot Canal
1 : Weet lltnJ Ht 6 14 P U
ct., 4
Due A
iy a o i ock I- , ravine mrn
reae rreignt eerv ce. auw
mobllea i
jioTH DINNER SI. 25.
12 B
Har T..i
f'Aone fiarrtay
. 'Photis a rv
744-Cort.y, -V,
y' f AoctBnitt
Ill .e-
"V " H T4
W Maulialti
Uroa.l .11
Lv. Battery Pter 14:80. 3 ill.
Troy Evening Line
S P.M.. Pier 48. N. IL. N. T. Tel.'
For Informs. mn telephone c rt
Official Agente Trnns.PnrMc -Tours
and Tickets by All Itall I
pleta arrangements for bualno
lion irivci, niciujing I'ullman ra
rail tickets, complete Inforti i t
ia uroaanay, 541 nftu Aia.,1

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