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Garfield Says Seolo Will Ho
Kffcelive on Anthracite
Mined After Nov. 1.
XcMT Schedule- CarrieH Exist
ing Tariff BctwGcn Com
panies and Individuals.
Washington, Nov. T. "Sew prices
for mitlinicito coal, revised to meet In
tc.iwI labor coatH, were announced to
lay ly lu' Administrator OarlleCd,
effective on coal mined on or after No
i ember 1. At that tints approximately
CO per cent, of tho Estimated aeasoii'o
puppl had been mined and nl( of thin
under the Fuel Administrator's order,
will bo cold nt cxlstlnjr prices'.
The full power of penalty under tho
Ijkxt law, aa Qarfleld said, will be
exercised to prevent tho adding of any
allowance, to any coal shipping on or
alter November 1, on which too In
creased waees were not paid.
Term of Xew Srhcdulc.
Tho new echedulc, which rnrrles with
out chango tho crlstlnij differential ho
tveen largo companies and the indlvfd-U.-U
operators In favor of latter, rangos
for tho white ash irrado from M.SO a ton
for companies nnd S5.S5 for Individuals
to 16.25 a ton for companies and C5
for Individuals, depending x-jxm tho size,
whether broken. egg, otovo, nut or pea.
Minimum prices for red ash grade,
a.-cordlne to Fixe, are: Kor companies,
JOO, Individuals, J5.C5. Mulmum
uricer. with stove nnd nut bIio Identical:
Yor vonpanlef, .30; Individuals, J 7. OX
I,y liens Valley Grade.
For Lykens Valley grado prices range
iom 55.15 for companies and $5.90 for
individuals to $0.70 for companies and
57.45 for Individuals. Maximum prices
tor stovo and nut flio of tho Lykens
Valley grado are Identical.' Tho sizes
oumprlso 70.fi per cent, of tho total
anthracite output According to the
Fuel Administration's statement remaln-
mtr anthraclto sizes comprising 29.4 of
the output aro nearly Immobile at exist
ing quotations and no price adjustment
for them was made.
The new schedule. Dr. Garfield said,
includes only the actual additional cost
' a recent stabilization of- nnthraclto
M.igeH, which were found by tho confer
mce of National Iabor Adjusting Agen
cies to bo considerably iielow tho stand
ard of wueen paid in tho bituminous In
dustry and In corresponding Industries.
Appeals by operators for further In
creases to meet losses now said to be
Incurred In various mining operations
wore disallowed.
Memorial on I slay for Wreck
Correipondeics of (At Aii'ocMci Vfi.t.
I'oivr Klixh, Island ov I s lay j Scot
land, Oct. 27. While, tho worlt of re
covering tho bodies of -victims from tho,
wrooked troopship Otranto was In
progress Hobcrt a. Walker, u Glasgow
architect, arrived nt tho Island to make
arrangoinents for the erection of the
monument which tho United States Gov
ernment has planned as a memorial for
tho Tuscanla's dead.
Mr. Walker, whoso designs for- tho
monument were approved several weeks
ago, said that construction work could
not bo begun until next spVlng, owing
l "'"J unncuuy or transporting tho
irinnp nrMMi t i -t. . i
. , - w "J wiiiiJUU jiuru
from Cllnsfrou. nrrr tha vvM.irK MM
to tho southern .tip of Ishiy ut tlie Mull
of Oa. Tho monument Is to bo an
obelisk ubout fifty foot high. Standing
on tho cliffs of the promontory, It will
Yiamio on me Buyiino rrom all ships
passing through that part of tho Irian
In view of the Otranto disaster, It is
believed that llin TTnU,1 ,(,.
mcnt will Include on tho monument tho
names oi tno Bonner victims from the
Otranto as well as those from tllo Tus
canla. It will bo a slmplo matter, ac
cording to. Sir. Walker, to provldo space
on tho Inscription taljlot for tho names
of the Otranto men. x
Police Continue to Collect
Data on Local Supply.
rvopt to tho extent that It was in-'i-rrupted
by tho peace messages yester
day tho J'ollco Department went right
ah.-sd in Us work of making a coal sur
vey of tho olty regardless of Federal
VMfl Administrator Garfield's demand
'. at eucli a survey be not made.
Vo orders had been promulgated at
PohVe Headquarter lan night to discon
tinue the survey of citizens' coal bins
,iu the Mayor and Police Commissioner
' ad arranged. Chief Inspector John
t'aly, when asked last night whether the
polk-e were Htlll under orders to gather
information about the private coal sup
ply of citizens, said ho know nothing
about the matter.
Dr. Garfield sent Mayor Ilylau a tele
gram Wednesday in which he requested
that tho police activity In the coal.matter
e discontinued and that the Mayor pru
vent 'futther Interference" with tho or
uerlj distribution of coal. In an acom
jjanylng statement Dr. Garfield said that
tio requcM for a survey had been mads
by the Koderal autlioritle", and that
.vhen the subje-t was discussed by
Mayor Hjlan ami State Vuel Adminis
trator Delos W. t'onke a few days aro
i plan ha1 htf-, abandoned.
In his telegram to tho Mayor Dr. Gar
,eirt said: "I must Insist that Greater
New York authority be not permitted to
-tferfere with tho action of tho United
J-'ntcs Fuel Administration."
r1ttllll11tlitCt flxte rilli.itin
Will Carry Materials for
Reconstruction Work.
Quick Peace Wanted Mack
ehsen's Men to Disarm.
I'ajub, Nov, 7. There Is reason to
believe, according to n llerno despatch
to'the Temps, that tho Premier of Bava
ria has sent an urgent note to tho Ger
man Government to the effect that If an
armistice Is not concluded without delay
hu wUI be obliged otllcially to order the
llavarlan troo to return from the front
Tills action, It Is added, would be taken
owing to the fact that Ilavarla Is men
aced on her Kouthcrn frontier by allied
fntvua rrn.l tuMitait tti ItitAftiftl uttltntlnn
Activities Of Department Of I in Unrarln is unsatisfactory.
ln,t petlnlssion for his army to pass
I through Hungary from the Ualkans to
Gcrmnny, was Informed that the request
yvould bo grantedon condition that tho
' troops lay down their arms on Hunga
I rlan soil, Tho nrms arc to bo forwarded
Coiilmerce to Be En
larged Greatly.
I.pldrmlc CnsU 500,000 Toms of
Anthracite at the -Mine.
Wabhj.votov, Nov. 7. Orjly careful
' se of anthracite coa) by householders
" 'H prevent Mirterlng this winter, Fuel
Administrator Garfield said to-day.
Ho announced that production of an
"raeite had been reduced about 500,000
' n by tho Influenza epidemic
toiifinusd from First Paye.
Inkling as to tho result, of tills most
momentous meeting possfbly in th his
tory of the world. A tension such ns
probably never was known In history
lias spread around the clobo and can
only bo broken by the official announce
ment whatever that may be.
By that time the country's remark
able victory celebration may bo nil
over. It Is possible, though not prob
able, that fighting may be going on moro
furiously than ever before.
The State Department had announced
that until 11:30 o'clock to-nlgHt they
would await the coming of some sort of
confirmation of tho news report which
had set an entire nation agog for a day.
The hour came and paused and the State
Department officials met tho termination
of their time limit of expectation with
the statement: "Wo havo nothing at
all." -
Tho Gorman parllamentalres have
come to Marshal Foch fully cognizant
of what Is In storo for them. They know
the armistice terms 'Which Austria was
forced to accept. They know the text
of lresldent Wilson a last noto to the
German Government warning It of tho
tremendous Indemnity which Germany
must pay. They have no reason to be
lieve that the terms to Germany will be
less bevcro than tlmso Imposed upon
But with thlB advance knowledge they
are reported to bo empowered to con
clude tho nrmlstlca negotiations. The
assumption here, therefore. Is that they
will come prepared to accept the Inev
itable. Developments In Germany, and partic
ularly latent developments on the west
ern front, nil lend to hasten this German
decision. Nevertheless, officials here ex
pect that tho armistice negotiations may
consume two or threo days. WIU Aus
tria there was pme delay. The llrest
Litovsk nrmlstlce consumed threo days.
The time limit which Marshal Koch
has placed upon the proceedings would
not necessarily bar all discussion, pro
vided this did not" Involve depnrture
from tho actual terms laid down at tho
conferenco at Versailles. For example,
suggestions from the Germans as to the
moot practical method of cxeAiting tn
armistice might be entertained.
All Is lu re-idlne.'s here for calling off
the war. If news that the armistice has
been signed comes It will be flashed' Im
mediately to nil American war vessels
on the seven seas and would automatic
ally br'ng to a stop every form of mili
tary operation.
Jlut though this Is expected to ho the
next development" tho Allies and the
United States aio not taking anything
for granted. Wur activities all along
the line are to bo maintained at top
kpeed until this Hash Is received.
The unusual development f to-day
may result in the official nnnouneemerf
having a different reception from -what
had been anticipated for It. It had been
expected by all Governments that as soon
ss the announced signing of tho armis
tice, if It should bo signed, to their
peoples, there would be one of the wild
est celebrations In tho world's history to
mark thp end of four years of battlo and
bloodshed. Hut It Is scarcely conceivable
that a second celebration on the scale of
the one seen to-day will follow the official
announcement here.
AjJrft'at lUtpatch to Tnr. Hi'.v
Washington, Nov. 7. I'lans arc be
ing formulated by tho Administration
hero for a series of shipping agreements
nnd arrangements ,that will, innko ship
tonnage available to American Industry
for exportation of manufactured p'rbd
ucts as n reconstruction measure of tho
first Importance.
Tho question of foreign trade Is rap
idly becoming paramount In Washing
ton. Cabinet members and other high
officials have a full realization that uion
foreign trado depends to a large extent
the salvation of American InduKrj".
As a result of this situation activities
jf the Department of Commerce aro to
bo enlarged, and during tho reconstruc
tion period It will be able to deiend on
tho War Trado Uoard In securing ship
ping space. ' Tho Department will aid
American manufacturers In ovfry way
to find markets In the New and the Old
World. The War Trado ISoard will ox
erclso Its functions In securing tliu ship
spaco that will bo at a premium.
Tho coming of peace Is not expected to
rclwiso a gieat amount of chip tonnage
for commercial use becauso of tho neces
sity of troop movoments ffom th theatro,
of war. American ships, however, trans
porting our soldiers homo will bo used
on the trips to Huropo to carry manu
factures for tho reconstruction of the
devastated areas. v
Air Raid Fear Drives Royal
Family From Berlin.
Fixcf jl Cable Dtiixitek to Tan Srv
Copyright, 1511: all t1at$ tt.ervcd.
Paris, Nov. 7. Ilollable Information
reaches Tim SUM correspuiident from the
Dutch border to the effect that the
Kalserln'a health Is In a dangerous atato
and that she has been removed, lth all
baggage, to a chateau near tho village
of Trepton, on tho romeraniau coast.
Several of the Crown 1'rlnce's children,
as well an iTlnco Kltel's family, are said
to havo accompanied the Empress.
The fact that numerous trunks were
taken when she went away has given rlso
to numerous speculations. It is said In
to Germany later.
A despatch received here from Inns
bruck says the Bavarian War Minister
has Informed tho Tyrol authorities that
Bavarian troops would march to the
northern Tyrol frontier ns a guard. The
Minister added:
"Wo come as friends, but will Uee
force if we aro resisted."
It Is understood tho Bavarian van
guard already has crossed tho Bavarian
Scheme 1'ruiioard for Payment of
"Workers In Products.
fipnlal Cable ttetpatch to Tax Six'.
Copyrlo'J, HIS: alt tlnMt it sired.
IjONDon, Nov. 7. The Soviet Govern
ment of Ituxsla has appointed a special
commission to c'.aborato a scheme for
abolishing money payments for laborers
In Petrograd. according to- a Central
News despatch.
It li proposed to pay the worker
i In necessary products. Instead of money,
l and to havo all trado nationalized ni;d
concentrated by tno State, thus elimi
nating middlemen.
When this Is accomplished, say the
authors of the scheme, Iluisla will have
passed over definitely to a Socialist
Many Eskimos Frozen to
Death Soldiers'' Stricken.
N'omu, Alitska, Nov. 7. Norno has
been stricken with Influenza. Alwut .100.
white rottldcnta to-day were reported of
fering, and Eskimos In nearby villages
wore said to bo dying Jiy tvotcs! Tho
weather has been below zero for rloVrul
days. ,
Walter HhlcMs, superintendent of tho
Unltoil States Government Bureau of
Education at Nome, wu's one; of thoso
who have died.
Many ICsklmos wore found frozen to
death when their cabins wcro broken
into bv relief workers. Hatimtv oldt3i-n
at Kort Davis, near here, were taken 111. j
Holy Cross Hospital, which had botn
closed at Holy Crow, a Yukon Illvor I
point, has been rcopcr.nl to hatidU tho '
lnnuenza cases. All private hospltalH j
aro crowded, ' I
Walter S'.ileldn wax a well knou
New York newspaper man ,and formerly 1
covered tho Criminal, Courts Building
for n local news association. He. was
about SO years old, and since going to
Alarka w the author of u number of
Interesting articles on llfo In tho far
north. Wiiou the war broke out Slilclds
engaged ns a dockhand on a frelghsVr ;
nftcr ho failed to pass the physical ex
amination for tho army. Ho made mv
oral Mrlpa across tho Atlantic 'In tho
,oarly dayu of the war before ho was ap
pointed to tho Government Kdueatloh
Bureau at Nome.
New Depnrtmrnt Created to Han
dle Hesrttlement Problems.
Ijnoon. Nov. 7. The British Gov
ernment has created a Civil Department
of Demobilization and Resettlement re
sponsibly to the Ministry of Labor un
der a Controller-General, Kir Stephen
ran Kent.
The Deiartnient will deal with all"'
uuestions affecting reemployment and
resettlement of the navy nnd nrmy and
tho air forces, and of civil wur workers.
The Controller-General will havo at Ids
dlsimsal the staff and machinery of
the Employment Department of tho Min
istry of I.abor. which Includes tho ad
ministration of employment exchanges
and unemployment Insurance.
.Hostile Demonstrations In Both .
Conntrlen Over Prnt luces. y
1-tiiA. Peru. Nov. c. Minor hottilc l
demonstrations took placo hint night and
to-dny lu Peruvian and Chilean ports
over tho question of tho provinces of
Tucna and Arlra. now held by CliJIf.
Tho GavtrmnentH of "Chile and Peru ure
determined to permit no seilous divid
ers am are taking measures to julet tho
The Chilean consul nt 7'alta has been
ordered to come to Lima with his
archive. ns tho result of an antl-Chllenn
demonstration In that town on Sunday.
There has been no excitement In Lima.
I'rnnLlln'a Fentnrea in Appear on
New Issue,
Special Despatch to Tim Hcv.
amiinoton, Nov. 7. A new series
r ur Savings etamps, to bo kno.vn
" tho series of 1919. If to bo Issued
he Treasury Department and placed
-a.e early In 1919. Tho new stamp
o lie blue and will bear the head of
li'-ijamln Franklin, npostlo of saving,
mfctmgutah It from the present Issue.
Tti traine thrift stamps and thrift
jrds now In use will be continued next
a' and will be exchangeable Into the
war "savings" In tho same way as
t'e exchange Is made at present.
Tun new series of big stamps will have
.aturlty dato of January 1, 1924,
' in virtually nil respects will bo Is
d on tho sa'mo terms as tho present
Message of Congratulation Is
Sent on Fiftieth Jubilee.
Haitimore. Nov. 7. Cardinal Glb-
.n received to-duy a document signed
. Cardinal Logue, Primate of Ireland,
the other bishops and archbishops
C Ireland, congratulating him on his
' 'tli anniversary us a Bishop. In
! It says:
V delegation of tho bishops of Ira
' d would gladly Journey to Baltimore,
1' i" now duty constrains each Irish
i iiop to abide among his flock and ren
rr theni, If tho occasion should re-
' all tho aid ho can, ns Irish blsh
i i 'iavo ever done In days of danger
lur ' t-ir people.
"Hie Jublleo tribute of esteem nnd
r'""'in which the Cardinal Primate,
f ' buhops nnd bishops of Ireland In
"'Ing assembled, for themselves their
1 and people, tender to the Cardinal
bi.hop of Baltimore Is associated
r "loughts with gratitude to Amerl
tor all It has done for the Irish
o aM to its President, for his noblo
Ji.oJncements on behalf of the froo
v n of notloni sms.ll and great."
Milling Storehouses Affected
by Wilson s Order.
Washington, Nov. 7. Announce
ment was mado to-night of an exten
sion under n proclamation Issued by
President Wilson of the licensing ma
chinery of the Food Administration to
cover all concerns engaged In operat
ing warehouses for other places In which
any food or feed commodities aro stored
for hire and all concerns not already
licensed engaged In milling corn, oats,
barley or rice or In manufacturing and
distributing oat flour and buckwheat
By nnolher provision certain Importers
must obtain license-!, thereby giving tho
Food Administration more control over
the glycerine extraction of animal und
vegetable fats and oil. All concerns
not already licensed, engaged In the
manufacture of near beer and cereal
beverages also como within tho scopo
of tho proclamation, ns well as Import
ers, manufacturers "tvnd distributors of
hausago casings.
The extension v ill become effective
November 10 and llcentes must be ob
tained before that date.
Illnx anil III llevrl Honored.
Home, Nov. 7. King Victor Emmanuel
has promote)) Gen. Armando Diaz to tho
full rank of General and Vice Admiral
some quarters the royal family has aban- ' Paolo Thaon dl Bevel, former chief of
doned expectations of returning to Ber
lin. It Is also said that the possibility of
Berlin being raided by allied, airplanes
from Bohemian territory, only eighty
ndles away, hnd a good deal to do with
tho Kalserln s trip. Tho dangc
raids, it is said, may result In the exodus
of the entire court aristocracy
the Naval Staff Of Italy, to Admiral.
Snnrbrnrken Fnctortes llomttcd.
London. Nov. 7. The British Inde-
nfnrtpnt Air Fnrrft bnmbt fnitnH.. In
of air jinarbrucken Wednesday afternoon,, ac
cording to an oniclal communication is
I t.ued to-night.
for employing our or
ganization to manage
your real estate is that
youobtain acumulative
experience of men who
have produced results.
A. White & Sons
T'stablUhed 18U8
46 Cedar Street
Tel B7CO John
n i cJ- "
Broadway at 34th Sttet
Offer (Remarkable Values in a
Sale of
Men's Velour Hats
Regularly S6 and $8
At $4.75
3 Hats of a very high standard; in the
correct shapes for present and later wear,
made by one of America's ibremost
3 Velours are now very much in demand,
making the presentation of really good
Velour hats at a reduced price of most
unusual importance.
Good Selection of Colors
A Sale of Men's Shoes
Serviceable, and Produced
in the Leathers of the Hour
Special at $5.95
3 Smart lace and button style shoes, in
very graceful lasts, offered at a price v
based upon wholesale costs of months
ago. Here arc the leathers:
Patent Colttkin with Dull Top Button style,
Gunmetal in Lace Style with' medium toe,
Gunmetal a DIuchcr Model with wide toe.
Black Kidskin Lace Model with medium tee,
Black Kidskin Bjuchcr Style with wide toe,
Dark Tan Leather Lace Model with medium toe,
Dark Tan Leather Blucher Style with wide toe.
Administration, I'roductton. nnd
nnitlnrrriiur l'lncex Open.
Washington, Nov. 7. Tho Wn.- De
partment announced to-day thnt several
thousand men experienced In adminis
tration, production und engineering are
fieeded as ottlcers to 1111 vacancies In
various staff corps of the army.
Older men who havo been placed In
(..Alftl n Earvln. ulnEinil tn
deferred classification other than essen-!
tlal Industrie1 am wanted particularly.
Application should be made to local
branches of tho Military Training Camps .
Association. I
Pea c.e
Our bond offerings lor November include
thp following: '
U. S. Government and Federal Land Bank
Bonds yielding up to 4.50;
'Municipal Bonds yielding up to 5.00;
Railroad Bonds yielding up to 6.50;
Public Utility Bonds yielding up to 7.45;
Short Term Notes yielding up to 7.50.
Seventy -two securities are listed in our
current circular, and twelve of them are
described in some detail. " I
A copy will bu f uinisli oil upon rctjuest for Circular AD-1815
The National City Company
Main Office National Gty Bank Building
Uptown Office Fifth Avenue & 43rdtreet
Correspondent Offices in thirty-one cities
Short T srm iloles A cceplances
Stay behind
ml 'mr
the Service Star !
New York don't 'forget
that our men "over there"
are 3000 miles away from
this celebration of
Don't let them think we have for
. gotten them; show them by our
flood of dollars next week what
we think of them.
Is anything too much?
Y. M. C. A.
National Catholic
War Council
K. of C.
Wrllnrr Hoard
Wr Ctnip
Id I
Y. W. C A.

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