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L?-L. L' ' V J J " !' J2i, i
Lord of Great Urltiiin. and Majcv-(3eji.
Muxline weygand of the French army,
Marshal Fbch'a assistant. Tliero will be
an American representative.
Lendetn of the various parties In the
Reichstag vflt meet to-night to de
termine the comee to bo taken on tho
conditions of the armistice, aaya a des
pwtch from Berlin to Berne printed In
the Paris Temps train afternoon.
The powers conferred upon Marshal
JPMh ar strictly confined to the con
clusion of "an armistice, nccordlng 'o
tho -licho An Paris. The amendment to
the, term placed In his hands by the
Interallied Council aro closely limited,
tha newspaper says.
Cpnllntied from Fir$t Pane.
about E o'clock Monday morning; New
Tork time, t
. 'Should the terms be refused by the
aermann they will forthwith ue wnn
rwn by Marshal Foch. It Is explained.
This would mean that before the ner
mann could hare anofKer chance to bring;
about suspension of hostilities they
would have to make formal application
for another armistice, .and Uielr plea
would ,be considered as separate and
distinct from the present one. The terms
Which Marshal Foch would next read to
tjiem would be more severe In all proba
bility than the pr-sent-condltlons and the
enemy would be made to pay for added
damage dono when It finally came to
arrangements for peace.
Capt. Helldorrt of the German army
Is the omccr who has been Intrusted
with the mission of carrying the terms
through tho French lines to the Kaiser
at Spa. Spa Is about 100 miles north
east .of I -a Capelle, where the German
narllamentaltes crossed tho French lines
last night.
Wireless facilities were at once placed
at the disposal of the German delegates
by Marshal Foch. so that they mlrht
communicate with the German High
Command. This proffer was at once
,taken advantage of and messages sent
by the Germans were picked up In the
course of tho day. Tha Germans dratted
their despatches In open language and
teemed particularly concerned lest there
be delay In getting final Instructions
within the seventy-two hour time limit.
Spa Is rather difficult to reach speedily
bocnuse of the conditions of the roads.
It apparently Is the belief of the Ger
1 .mans that Capt. Ilelldorff may rfnd the
trip by roundabout ways longer than ex
pected. Fhll Pnbllcltr Given.
Wlrele.ca messages sent by Marshal
Foch to Paris were also picked up and
published abroad. It Is noted. A feature
ofthe armistice proceedings appears to
be the full publicity given to the step
by tep events.
It may be partly because of this that
officials from President Wilson down
were Incensed at reports published to
day by a news association to the effect
that all news pertaining to the armistice
proceedings was being "held up."
At President Wilson's direction Sec
retary Lansing Issued the following
statement shortly after noon to-day:
"I am requested and authorized by
the President to state that no Informa
tion reaching 'this Government concern
ing the armlMlce negotiations In France
has been withheld ; that any statement
to' the contrary li utterly false, and that
as soon as a definite declnion In regard
to the armistice has been reached It
will Immediately be made public by the
Interest In the premature report that
Uio armistice had been signed and that
hostilities had ceaeed was confined to
day to attempting to ascertain how the
frrrfstake wan made. Investigation by
tfcB Navy Department of the statement
rlliat Admiral Wilson, commanding the
American naval forces at Brest, bad
,been sponsor for the report showed that
Admiral Wilson had heard It in Brest
and repeated it. but without Apparently
believing that It was to be made the
basis of a flat definite assertion that the
war was over.
Government HnrTcrrd li' Damage
- nnd Halted Industries.
Wasjiin'otok, Npv. S. An investiga
tion started by the Navy Department to-
day concerning the United Press des
patch which announced that an armis
tice had been signed between Germany
and the Allien developed that millions
Of dollars had been lost to the Gov-
ernment in work and damage to its
' property by reason of the despatch. The
almost total uspervlon of ship con
struction cost JfSOO.OOO in wages alone.
. In Wnshlngton and many other cities
the wheels of the Government ma
r chlnory absolutely stopped.
The Navy Department was chiefly In
terested In tho report that Admlraj
Henry 'B. Wilson had authorized the
offending cablegram. Admiral Wilson's
i reply to a query from the Secretary of
. the Navy did not agree with the United
Press version. He said that he had
merely repented a report that he had
,!)card. There Is nolhlnrr definite as to
the source of Admiral Wilson's Informa
tion. The high officials of the Navy Depart
ment did not show any disposition to
censtrc Admiral Wilson for making
A public the information used by the
United Pres. In view of the effect of
the message It was stated that this
' Government nnd the nllled Governments
would In future reserve the exclusive
right to make the announcement of
peace when it comes and they will not
allow . statement to be made In un
ofllclal form. It wan eald at the White
House that the official announcement
of peace would he imde by the Presi
dent himself, and thut the President
would take (he oceasslon to Include a
message to the people as to the sig
nificance of the event.
Machine Runs Into Crowd at
Olyphant, Pa.
ScnANTON, P Nov. 8. Two children
'were killed and three other persons were
Injured at Olynhant, near here, to-day
when a large De Havlland bombing air
plan ran Into a crowd that had gathered
to see Jt' tly. That more persons were
not Injured was duo to Lieut. Zelamcr,
pilot of the machine, who wrecked It
to prevent sweeping the crowd.
The machine was one of tho squadron
6f five that left Garden City, L. I.,
early to-day to make flights In this
dty. The pilot failed to looaie the land.
Ing place owing to the hasy atmosphere
sand descended In Olyphant. It was
while attempting to tako the air again
that the accident hunpened, the crowd
gathering too close to the machine as
It started.
President's Mrssagn Head In .len
' ' ale After Delays.
' Havana, Nov, . After two prior at
tempts to convene the Henate failed be
cause of a tack of a quotum, the upper
houo finally was organised this after
noon and listened to the reading of the
jIVldent'i message,
, The President reiterated tho neces
sity to reform the election law In order
to avow repeated rrauos.
-ThfH0U ,n to-dy was without
ii antrum. ..
JJbTOURNAl jS , ' V j
"V ta--M0Nr fjAMUR jgt r
JpROM Tournai on the north, around to the neighborhood of-Sedan the
British, French and American forces continued their great drive
against the Germans yesterday. .The British, who have been quiet for
the past few days because of severe rains, again took up the chase of
the retreatinc enemy. Field Marshal Hale's men entered th watm
outskirts of'Tournat, and from that
along the line running in a southeasterly direction until it joins the
Canal i JK5 J?
Canal, which runs almost due east
Continued from Ftrsf Pagr.
of Gen. Pershing's forces advanced to
day, pushing Into the western edge of
Ecurey wood and In the Woevre forest.
,Jn the Ecurey wood region the whole
line advanced, cutting oft the salient of
the Bols d La Montngne, Haraumont
and Brandevllle.
In the Woevre forest sector It was
patrols who penetrated the edge of the
forest nnd they met with resistance.
This nectloti or the battle line contain
virtually the last strong enemy le
fensive positions. His withdrawal far
to the rear Is practically certain.
On the rest of the front the day 'con
tinued to produce little activity ntvc
that displayed by machine guns und
Line of Meuse Held to Junc
tion With Americans.
Bv Ihf Anocialtd Prtst.
With thk Fhencii Ahmt in Fbanxe,
Nov. 8. Gen. Uouraud to-night holds
the weRt bank of the Meuse River from
.Sedan to the outskirts of Mezleres, his
troops during the day having made an
advance of from five to eight miles.
Scores of villages were liberated and
tha French troops accomplished the sig
nal feat of bringing up artillery nnd
supplies over roads deep with mud and
cut at many places by Immense mine
The Gennans showed more determined
resistance as the river was approached
and appeared to hold the cast bank
stronsly with artillery nnd machine
The advance of tho French continued
also.on the left wing. Increasing the
menace to Hlrson and Maubeuge.
.O.VDO.V, -Vof. 8, Follotclnfl are the
official reports of operation ( J'rnnce
and llcltrlum as issued by the several
war offices:
FHKN-CH (NIGHT) - Our troop,
continue to pursue the enemy rear
guards. During the day wu liberated I
a large zone of French territory and ;
numerous Inhabitants. ,
On the left we accentuated our ,
,,,, f ,l. Pnnii.11, . !
, ,
mail V Iibi'a ftf1vnnrAi1 nut- 1 ilea 1
v-"" ' Ji :
near the fortress or itirson, ainre
to the east we have reached at num
to the east we have reached al num-
Tlion River. Between Orlgny nnd
Dart we have established bridge
heads on the north bank.
On our right we are along the
Meuse from Mexleres to the neighbor
hood, of llaxelltes. The number of
prisoners taken since yesterday ex
ceeds 2,000. Everywhere the enemy
Is abandoning guns and material
progress i
was resumed again this morning on
the entire front. French advance ele
ments reached Llart, thirty kilometers
north of Rethel.
Further to the right we captured
early this morning Slngy and Frenola
and penetrated Into the outskirts of
Hedai. The number of prisoners taken
yesterday, was more than 1,300, The
s mount of material captured was In
creased considerably.
BRITISH (X 1(1 HT) Despite the
very difficult weather, our troops, ad
vancing In a driving rain, have made
substantial progress on the front souMh
of the Mons-Conde Canal,
On the right we have captured
Avames and have passed the line of
the Aveanes-Maubeuge road both north
and south of the town. In the centre
we have cleared Hau'mont and are
approaching the railway west of Mau- )
On the loft we have taken Malila
(iilet, Fayl-le-Kranc, Dour and Thulln
and are advancing along the Mons
Conde Canal.
rurthcr north, hie flank threatened
by our advance on'thU battle front,
Where tha Allies Are Pursuing the Retreating1 Germans
FfiENCH CONTINUE : v J ' iwrS.. j""
town their line was extended all
01,6 the Conde-Mons
and west, taking several villages on
the enemy has commenced to with
draw south of Tournai. We have cap
tured Conde and, crossing the Scheldt
Canal south of the town of Antolng,
have taken La Plalgne and Ilelloy. Wo
bold the western portion of Toufnal.
Since the first of November we have
captured about 18,000 prisoners and
TOO guns.
UIUTIRlt (DAT) Sharp fighting
occurred In the evening In the neigh
borhood of EcUlbon and Lamont-Fon-talne,
south pf Hautmont. Thee vil
lages were captured with a number of
prisoner. Our advance south of the
Mons-Condo Canal continued.
GERMAN (DAY) The French yes
terday again obtained a footing on the
east bank of the Scheldt, but later
were thrown back across the river.
near guard engagements assumed
greater proportions south of Valen
ciennes and Mon.i, on the Sambre,
north of Avesnes, and on the Meue.
southwest of Sedan. The enemy every
where was repulsed.
In the evening the enemy's lines ran
to the east of La Capelle. southwest
of Hlrson, south of Slgny-l'Abbay,
near Polx-Terron and along the
heights southwest of the Mr use.
Blast Occurs in Loading Fac
tory Near Kingston.
Kinostos, N. Y 'Oct. 8 One em
ployee was killed and fifteen others,
some -of them women, were seriously In
jured late this afternoon when a ferles
of explosions occurred In an assembling
uiming or tne arenade Loading Com
pany at Port Kwen, near here. All the
fifty other employees who were In the
building at the time wore less seriously
Injured. The property damage will reach ,
about J55.000. I
A young woman employee Is said to '
have dropped a tray of grenade prl-1
mers, causing the explosions. None nf
the completed grenades was stored in '
the building thnt was destroyed, and the '
Kingston fire department nnd employees '
of the plant succeeded In nreventinn-
flro fiom spreading to tho other build-,
, Ings. 1
Hoover Pqts Market Lid on Lluht
Birds for ThnnksulvlnK.
Wasninoton, Nov. S. Turkeys sold
for Th&nksfflvln- u.m ka
than In prevlous"years underregulatlon,
announced to-day by the Food Admin Is.
tratlon Aominis-
uc',9e(1 0Ultrv ,,ealPrg requested
not , bl).. , ,',,... , ,c ,'V.(?
milli, weight ,. ;....;., ,..'7''1
' . . . M 1 1. l
..,,-. in,i-i infill.
ouii(ie before Dec. 7. To conserve Knlil
viuicwii Hum
murage space need
ge space needed fur anm. for., I ,in,.
I i.uro urairrs are reiiucsteu to tease pur-
chaslnr turu.i-. ii,TrtiV . , ;r ' ,
i less for points west of Pittsburg and 1
Wound Kill Capt. .Mcf.nauhllii. J
Chicago, Nov. 8 Capt. Roland
Haiard McLaughlin, son of Andrew C 1
McLaughlin, professor of history In the '
University of Chicago, died of wnumU
received in action October 14, according'
m worn receiveu to. clay from Adjt.- '
Gen. McCain. Capt. McLaughlin was n
gtandson of tho late Dr. James n.
J Angell, for many years president of tho
i I'nlvcMlty of Michigan.
Track Harts Itlrh Midi Miikrr.
Kkoxyim.c, Tenn., Nov. 8. William J !
Oliver, wealthy munition manufacturer. I
was knocked down by a truck nnd In-1
Jured seriously to-day while nn his way I
to the Federal court for a hearing on i
chargrs of graft In turning out defective 1
shells for the (loverninent i
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
the south side of the waterway. Further south they captured Avesnes
and cut the road leading from that place to Maubeuge.
The French continued their northward push along the line, pressing
the Germans still more tightly against the Ardennes forest, shown on
the map.
East of the Meuse the Americans advanced into the Woevre forest.
Around Sedan there was a let up in the fighting, due to the fact that
, the French and American, are hGsv
reply to the German guns, which
i north of Sedan.
Continved from Virtt Page.
with rrd flag hoined, has left the har
bor of Kiel In possession of mutinous
sailors. The revolutionary flag has been
hoisted at Warnemunde. with which
place railroad communication hai been
There are no guards on the Gsnnan
Danlfh frontier, It N reported, and many
prisoners crossed Into Denmark last
night. Despatches say that no trains
have arrived at Copenhagen rrom Ham
burg to-day.
The cities of Hreinen. Schwerin and
Tilsit haw Joined In the German revo
lution, according to a Copenhagen des
patch to the Kxehange Telegraph Com
pany. Dr. Karl Llebknecht I said to
havo arranged for the formation of a
soldiers' council at Bremen
The Cologne Yolkn-ZeUung says the
revolution nt Bremen was effected In two
hours. The marines enticed the soldiers
to Join them, after which a meeting was
held. This assembly demanded the cre
atlon of a social democratic republic.
Women Joined with the marines in open
ing the prisons. Order Is being main
tained by the marines.
Men's Aquascutum
Winter Overcoats
HO to 75
Just here from London willi
new glory in their colorings
und Victory in their lines
HP HE models, which include Rngluns,
Ulsters, and double-hreusters, are
cut in those inimitable lines which are
one of the sartorial distinguishments of
London. And that goes for the fabrics,
too. Rough-and-ready homespuns,
shaggy Shetland weaves, dour Scotch
mixtures and Irish Duffle-Fleeces, and
those soft coalitions of color indigenous
to the land of mists and rain and no-surrender!
They have more than style, they
have bpceding. They hafre more than
warmth, they have hospitality.
Exclusive Netv York Distributors
for Aquascutum, Ltd.
Y V .A
(((.iLiiti7riir. a rtfA
JMen'n Shoi8--2 to 8 West
.xtJfrtn. JxiZ LT
haJe taken up portions on the hills
Honderburg. a Prussian town In
Schlcswlg thirteen miles northeast of
Flenhurg, is In the hands of the revo
lutionaries, according to a despatch
from Copenhagen to the Exchange Tele
graph Company. The red Hag has been
hoisted on,the ships there.
Bremen is, next to Hamburg, the
principal maritime emporium of Ger
many. It la situated on the Wcser
Itlver. flfty-nln.e miles southwest of
Hamburg. Its pre-wnr population wss
about 170,000. Schwerin Is the capital
of tlie Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg
Schwerin and Is situated on the west
side of Lake Schwerin, thirty-five miles
southeast of Lubeck. Its population In
1900 ivas a!ut 38.000. Til-It Is a city
of Kast Prussia. It lies on the left
bank of the Nlemen Itlver, elxty miles
northeast of Koenigsberg. Its popula
tion is about :0,100.
Pennsyltniiln Lifts Grip flnn.
HakiubIU'ro, Pa., Nov. S- Tho Influ
enza clotlng 1)n will be lifted In all
but n few sections of the State to
morrow. The total deaths from pneu
monia and Jnfluer.za In Pennsylvania
since 'October I were 37, (it.
Franco-American Treaty Ratified.
WASHtNOTos, Nov. 8.-Ratifications of
the draft treaty between France and the
United States were exchanged to-day .by
Secretary Lansing and Ambassador
J I -vw i . X
30lh St. Strccl Level
Coinmniider of U. S. Forces in
French Wntcrs Absolves
United Press.
Cable Telling .of Non-confirmation
Delayed, Says Press
The official source, In France, of
Thursday's premature peace report was
revealed yesterday by Hear Admiral
Henry B. Wilson, In command of. United
States naval forces In French 'waters.
He absolved the United Press and ap
parently offered to shoulder tho blame
himself. I
His statement was made at Brest,
"for tho Information of United Press
editors." He said :
"The statement of tho United Press
relative to the signing of the armistice
was made publlo from my omco on-the
basis of what appeared to be official
and authoritative Information. I am
In a position to know that the United
Press and its representatives acted In
perfect good faith nnd that the prema
ture announcement was the result of sin
error for which the agency was In luA
vilse responsible."
From tho ofTlces of tho United Press.
Whence bad Issued the colossal. If well
Intentloned, 'mistake that threw the na
tion Into a frenr.y of Joy for a few wild
hours, came the following explanation
yesterday noon:
'Yesterday's announcement of the
signing of the armistice between Ger
many and the Allies was made by Ad
miral Wilson at Brest and was filed to
tho United Press with tho Admiral's
approval. This Information was re
ceived by the United Press In a cable
gram from Roy W. Howard shortly bo-
foro noon to-day.
IIott the "News" Was Sent.
"Practically at the same time nnother
meisage from Howaid was delivered to
the United Press statins that Admiral
Wilson made the announcement In Brest
at 4 P. M French time, but that later
he was notified that It was not conflrm
ab'.e. This later message filed by How
ard did not show In the form In which
it was delivered whether It was tent
yesterday or how long it had been
held up.
Howard cablegram clearly showed
that Admiral Wilson acted In good faith,
slating that re supposed the announce
ment was off.slal. and therefore gave
his approval to the filing of the message
to the United Press In New York.
"The United Press to-dny asked the
Oovernment to ascertain how long How
ard's messages stating that Admiral
Wilson authorlred the announcement
and also that he latr was notified that
It was uneonflrmable were held up by
the censors.
"There was reason to believe thnt tho
message statins- that the iidwn w.-ix mm.
conflrmaftle was badly delayed, In view
of the fact that It was not received here
until almost twenty-four hours after the
Original cablegram."
Howard s cables, which the Fnlted
Press says It thinks the censorshln must
havo delayed almost twenty-four hour..
were given out. me. first reads :
Impress, New York.
Paris Urgent Bres' Admiral Wilson
who announced Brt itevpiper IB
o'clock (4 P. M.) arm!, -ice been signed
Chapter 1 of the Revised Statutes
of 1918 as adopted by the
AN ACT. To provide revenue for the welfare of the boys in camp and
on the battle line.
SECTION 1. EACH and every corporation doing business in Greater
New York shall impose upon itself, during the week of Nov. 11th to 18th,
a voluntary tax of not less than l4' of 1 on its outstanding capital stock
and shall pay the same to the UNJTED WAR WORK CAMPAIGN, INC.,
in four equal installments beginning on the first of December, 1918, and on
the first of each of the three following months.
SECTION 2. EACH and every firm doing business in Greater New York
shall impose upon itself, during the aforesaid week, a voluntary tax of not
less than 2-c of its net, profits, and shall pay the same in accordance with
the provisions of the preceding section.
SECTION 3. EACH and every employee of the corporations and firms
specified in the foregoing paragraphs (except the higher salaried officers and
firm members, who are expected to make sur-gifts) shall impose upon them
selves a voluntary tax of One Full Day's Pay, and shall pay the same in ac
cordance with the provisions of the foregoing Section 1.
This system of "Voluntary Taxation" has been devised to give recognition
to the principle that there should be EQUALITY in GIFTS, just as there
should be EQUALITY in TAXATION. Business men and their employees
are constantly asking when solicited for funds to support the Great War
Agencies "What is my share? What is the other fellow giving?" The
answer is: "The Industries Division of the UNITED WAR WORK CAM
PAIGN suggests a uniform basis of giving as outlined above. It is a ready-to-hand
measuring rod which will spread the load evenly and without undue
burden on anyone. Special circumstances may make it necessary for some
to give less. In many instances, some will give more. We have already
been informed by a number of corporations - including some of the largest and
some of the smallest - that they have decided to make gifts in excess of the
suggested uniform basis. We have also been informed that there will be
many employees who will give more tlan one full day's pay. The decision
in every instance rests on the consciences of theJ business men and their em
ployees. The Campaign managers can only indicate a uniform basis which"
must be averaged in order to produce the amount needed."
PEACE is coming. The right kind of peace, too, from a military and
political standpoint; but the complete r-uits of the right kind of peace will
not be gathered until, and unless, our boys are sustained through the long
months of demobilization so that they come back to their homes and to their
industries KEEN, FIT and CLEAN.
The second cable :
Unlpress, New York,
Brest Urgent armistice bulletin based
local announced (announcement?) by
Admiral WJlson Admiral supposing om
clal wns hied 'with Admiral's approval
local newspaper bulletined Brest cele
brated nightlong. HoWAnD. -
Action on Mrimgri,
Tho United Press officials consider
that features of the messages show that
tho first was filed very quickly nfter the
original premature bulletin, while the
second with Its reference to a "night
long" celebration, must have been tiled
on tho following (yesterday) morning.
Later yesterday the 'United Press of
fice, after a conference, decided to ndd
nothing to Its explanation and would
not, attempt to explain how Admiral
Wilson could have-been misled. Talk
was heard along Park Row of tho pos
slbllltyof the American warships having
picked up a lie sent broadcast by the
Nouen wtreleat In Germany, But thlB
was pure guessing.
Last month Rear Admiral Wilson re
spectfully nnd tactfully refused' a cross
of tho lesion of Honor offered him In
August by President Polncnre. He felt
that tho work ho was doing In France
did not qualify him for tho decoration,
as the United States Government's stand
ing orders provide "that American of
ficers may accept such honors only If
conferred for acta of war.
Poisonous Fumes Mnr Kill Some
of Injured In Itrooldyn.
Ten men were Injured last night wherl
an autoclave, a closed and gas tight still'
In which gates arc heated under pres
sure, exploded In tho National Aniline
and Chemical Company, Dltmas avenue
and East Ighty-thlrd street. Brooklyn.
John Weiss, foreman", who lives at
217 Thirteenth street, Brooklyn, saw
the accident was imminent and shout
ing n warning to his gang aivcd for n
valve which would relieve tho pressure.
He was among tha most seriously In
jured of the ten who went to Kings
County Hospital. Most of them, besides
cuts, suffered from Inhaling poisonous
fumes, pome may die. Property dam
age was heavy.
Acting Captain Mlohael A. Lyons of
the Cannrslo police station headed a
squad of patrolmen who helped rescue
the Injured In tho gas filled room.
Tho pla'nt. from a small affair, lis,
developed since the war to a great,
sprawling affair covering many acres
and working night and day.
Tti Families Accused of Wnr
Work Ntrlkr.
Kkenb, N. H., Nov. 8, Two 'German
families M-ere ordered to leave the city
bv City Marshal phllbrlck to-day on sus
picion of starting a strike In the Artistic
Narrow Web Company factory here,
which Is engaged on war work.
The employees went out to-day, though
an adjustment of wages had been nutde
a short time ago. The strikers demand
more pay.
Ilanstrrs nnd Mexicans Clash.
Et, Pabo, Tex., Nov. 8. Ono Mexican
Federal soldier was reported killed and
Hanger J R. Perkins was mlsred after
a clash between Texas Rangers and
Mexicans to-day on "The IsKnd," thirty
two miles southeast of HI I'nso. The
International boundary passes througn
the Island.
Wilson nt Soldiers' Performance.
Washimiton, Nov K. 1reldent Wll
sjn to-night attended a performance at
rt local thentra given by enlisted men
from Camp Melgi, District of Columbia,
When he appeared In his box with Mrs.
W.lson he was given nn ovntion by the
later notified uneonflrmable
Brest riotously celebrating.
Emotional Scene ns Senate
Tosses Resolution in Trnrso
. of Premier,
1 f
VxniB, Nov. 8, Premier Clemenceau
appeared for a moment lRt night In ths
lobby of the Senate nfter a sitting of
that body which had declared him. In
traditional phrase, to have "deserved
well-of his country." He was eurroundod
by Senators, who pressed forward to
shako his hand.
"lou are tho savlof of France 1" cried
"No, no," replied the Premier, shrug
ging Ills shoulders. "It Is the country
which has done everything Itself. I
have done but my slirmle duty. Any
ono of you who loves Franco would have
done ns much."
Here the Premier's volco failed him
Overcome with emotion, tho tears
coursed down his rugged countenance.
Recovering himself ho said:
"Gentlemen, I thank you. I did not
deserve so much honor as you have dono
me. Let me tell you that I am proudest
that you have associated my name with
that of Marshal Foch, that great soldier
who In the darkest hours never doubted
tho destiny of his country. He has In
spired every one with courage and we
owe htm an Infinite debt.
"We nro now coming to a difficult
time. It Is hnrder to win peace than to
win tho war. Wo must so act that
France will resume tho placo In the
world of which she Is worthy."
Then tiushlng his way through the cir
cle the Premier said :
"Will you allow mo to return to my
One Cent Papers to Go to Two
Cents Sunday Issues to Mix.
Boston. Nov, S. The price of all one
cent dally newspapers and of all Bunday
papers In this city will be Increased, be
ginning November 15 and 17 respec
tively, according to nn anouncement to
appear In the papers to-morrow.
All one cent dallies will bo advanced
to two cents ft copy. Tho price of Sun
diy papers rvlll be Increased from flvn
cents to six cents In Boston nnd vicinity
nnd to seven cents outside tho suburbad
zone. The advance Is due to tho greatly
Inn eased cost of materials and labor
entering Into the mnklng of a newspa
per and Is In line with the policy foun i
.lecespary in other sections of tlie
The new rates will affect the Pos'
and the llcrald and Joiirnol, mornlni;
papcrer, 'and the Sunday editions of tlv
.tdverfiser and Aini(caii, Herald, Qlobr
and Post.
Pnpnl t'nder Secretary of State t
Attrnd millions Jnllllee,
Rome, Nov. 8. Mgr. Ronaventura Cer
rettl. Papal Under Secretory of State
and former Aposto'llc Delegate to Aus
tria, will leave next Wednesday oi
Thursday for the Vnlted States as spe
cial envoy of the Vatican to attend the
Jubilee celebration of Cardinal Gibbon
Mgr. Cerrettl is the most prominent
official of the Vatican over to go to the
United States.
i. O. P. Control III New Ilnniishlrp
Concopu, S" II, Nov. S. The next
New Hampshire State Senate will have
19 Republicans and 5 Democrats, with
241 Republicans nnd 162 Democrats In
the House, nccordlng to the election
tabulations completed to-day. One li
ve te for House membership exists ii,
Strafford county.
' t ..J

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