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a 1 .1 me'
-x These bulbs thrive In sun or shade.
Once planted they flower year after year.
"is Olonr ofUw Kamr. brlrtit bin
I now. brlrtt bin.
, Bluebells, iky blua.
ii ncuia noenca, uiueoeiu,
-is upa uraemias.
J 9 AlMtiutM.
"13 Frurut N arc Urn poHleai.
jji Sweet scented Jonquils.
The ruott beautiful of the.
tolln farallr. thla collection
assures a jrcrffoous bal of
brilliant flowers In the (tardea
next SDrtns. The collection
consUU of Ore named Varie
30 Bulbs for House
Culture, $1
mil collection or bulbs Mil Rive
a chamlnc succession of bloom
rrom Chrurtnia until Eaatcr, There
ara enffldettt bulb for Hrofre pots
or bowls and tbejr on bo crown
In eerth or fibre Paner-whlte
Narciail: a French-Roman nra
rtnitw, white; e Freesla, Purity t a
Dutch Hyacinths, red, whit, blue;
a Aiuipe, ourocusoa;sutxroius
Schllnfs i're
narsd D u I b
Fibre, enoufh
to piaut
rut of the MU
alaalrml River!
wcs pi jnuu
tppl add S3 eta.
far each
Onmnlare cultural di
rections with erery order.
-.Complete, stock of
Bulbs ot all kinds.
Catalogue on request.
24 Vest 59 th Street, New York City
Sled, black and jrellow varieties for fall
nlantlnsr. Alao Strawberry. Illaekberrr,
Gooseberry,' Corrnnt, Crape, Asparagus,
Horseradish, Khubarb, Witlsof, Chicory
rlanU, Fruit Trees. Shrnbu. Catalogue
free. Harry K. squires, oooa orouna. w. i.
tr asks a feet ts
M au -and overawe
lm ssooa bat wbta
rM maka tbae ea as
anas' naewaesL8.
lvcdU. Tbaaawway
are qaicsjr reciauninc
Jnt aa we hare tba Dhrilrian wbo aoadallzK
tar ataadt of medicine, so we hare the fanntr vbo specialises 00
'aaa aartkada braaA af f arrniac No one farmer can booe to
-learn t&roash bis own experience as mach about all branches of
farming al all these specialiats tocetber hare learned. The road
to crokx socroa ht farm rnr is to take foil advantatreof what all
Jtese aaUasiltea have dboorered.
'A $50,000 Work
aumnifal fsrmmc experiences of recomUed antborities in
all parts of the conntry bare been collected and placed within
Ike covers of ram Knewledre the Fanner- Own Cyclopedia.
Never befbro has a work of this scope and value been proriaced.
There Is noUilncebe like 1L Tmrm Knewleax contains the ro
an Its of actual experience in improrinir methods and increaainc
proflta; it was spedsJIr written.in interettlns and rair-to-nD-,
alomtand taox-naim. It la an to the minute In every war, ret it
cbolds every oad time me Ihod that has proved its merit.
FREE Booklet Explains All
Frm XMwtacxmtain over tjooo peurrj
fQ pKee pbotocnpblc nprndiirttoiM. fn'otls
yicce In cadi TtrlnnM in colon and over f.ooo olhtr
BmtTmUona. Earb to! time f Dearly S In. thkk.
ah tmm mm U t dcribs so fcnportaat a work fa this
wan spaaa, Dot w ka-r prvparwl a special booklet
aaUh fAs-yy tfaa eoniptmsi Urt of conUats. pamea ofautb
an, with brlaf Amtritioo of each, and shows sampls
sjsa to ct-s yva aa tat of Ivyw ths sabjaets ars treated,
wa wsat iwt ana wtwls tatanatad in turning to send
tm a caay a tkss frs booaiot. Read abwt the nw
fatwatas? saegats wWeta bare motatiooiaed old rasatts,
awaAOisf Ktd UcfaUasr profta. We will alna eonr e roa
at pnea. eaar tcvwaa of pajTnerit and fra snamina-
otTes. Writa MOW.UaQ tmisoaVoital clatUr,
Stats, Roebuck & Co., Dept. 62N2,Chieig0. 1H.
Come to
Chester Valley
I Tuesday
i Great Auction Sate
Come to the greatest sale of pure-bred hogs over held, regardless of
breed, time or place. For moro than a year, wo have been working
to make this, our first great Annual Sale, a huge success.
There will be 25 lota of 20 pigs each. Every lot will contain: 1 Ser- 5
vice Boar, 2 Sows, each bred to an Epochal Boar; 2 Gilts; 1 Epochal S
Sow Pig; 1 Epochal BoarlPig; 6 Boar Pigs and C Sow Pigs of other do- S
airable strains. Epochal is the famous Berkshire sire from which has
sprung a new Berkshire typo. Our novel plan of grouping into lota S
will nave time and assure a fine selection of unrelated strains. Club, S
if you like, with one or moro friends atd divide a lot to suit. 5
About 10 superb animal3 will also bo sold individually. These in- S
elude, some of the best bows on the Farm, each bred to one of our herd 5
as boars. Every animal in this Bale a guaranteed to bo a breeder. , S
jc Detailed catalog of the Sale appears in tho November issue of tho '
SS; x "Berluhiro World." Write us for free copy. -
1 Starts 11:00 A. M. Rain or Shine 1
S "
3, Come regardless of the weather; Sale and show ring will bo
g- held under cover. We are located 2 mijca from Wayne or Strafford S
S ,on tho P. R. R. Auto-cab service at each station. Motorists will SS
g. find a good turnpike all the way from Philadelphia 1G miles.
If you can't come, mail your bid to L. E. Frost, care tho Farm. 5
Namo second and third choice to avoid disappointment. j
lUCTIANEERS C0L- lloyd l. seeley, whito Hail, in.
WabHUWECHO. B N BROWN, Pinevllle, Pa.
Terms: Cash or bankable notes. S
Southern Berkshire Congress, .Pinehurat, Nov.' 20-22. You can 5
leave after our Sale and arrive in Pinehurat early on the 20th,
The exhlbttlon ot tb" Horticultural
Society ot New York at the Museum
of Natural History, Seventy-seventh
-street and Columbus avenuo, will bo
open to-day from 1 to 5 P. M, Ad-
imlsslon la free.
The show la very good, qulto re
markable conslaexiner the adverse con
ditions undor which growers have
been operating.
Tho display of bath chrysanthe-
mum.mode by J. It. Do Lamar, Olen
Covo, N. T. Robert Marshall gar
dener la well worth a trip to the
museum to fee.
Mr. Do Lamar took all the flret
prizes In tho buah chrysanthemum
class. Tho variotles shown ore Miss
Elva." Scovlllc, white: Wells's late,
pink j Emma, anemone flowpred: Mrs.
11. II. Pearson, yellow, which was
awarded a sold medal This lost bush
la built up of three tiers of umbrella
shaped heads, which are a masa of
bloom. Lady Lydla, white, 'was
(.awarded first for bush of odd shape.
'Air. Lo lamar iook prizes in several
W. A. Man da shows a very beautl
ful and Interesting collection of ISO
varieties of tradescantia, awarded a
special prtzo; also a largo collection
of raro plants.
Percy Chubb, Olen Cove, N. T.;
Robert Jones gardener, took firsts in
chrysanthemums as follows: Six yel
low, variety William Rlgby, first; six
white, William vTurner, first; six pink,
Ladv HoDetown. first; six any other
color, Mary Mason, first Dtwelvo vases,
twelve varleuos, three of each, first:
six vases, six varieties, three of each,
first. Mrs. C. F. Hudson, Bast Nor
wich, N. T.. John Thompson gar
doner, took second on a collection of
vegetables of twelvtt-felnus. First In
this class went to Miss M. Valentine,
New Canaan, Conn.; A. V. Carver
Charles H. Totty received first for
the simplest way to cat dowa on labor
tho caoat approved methods of vital bring yeatr sofl
tba Mnmaest principle of im proving the dairy head
tbj experts' diacovaii ) tor growiog record cropaf
Am practical mctJbods ef increaaiog stock proflfs
tho most adrastageoos soarketrng plaata
Told by More Than 100 of America's
Greatest Farming Authorities
A taooaand and one new tannins discoveries have kaaa Bass)
by mti w bo are rcTolaUonliiDj crop aoil llTcstock roaQlta.
Theae ntw Ideas are rmxlucinx nworil-brcakinr rWfl afccrmj
sous ronnenr mount nopeiesB ,
starUinc batter fat production: are farcin boss to market artier
and bisxer on leas feed; are doc ulna and trebliac prodts in practt-
rally ererr arming operation, in every cumate ana tocaurr: are cms
tiar cloirjidabor needs by savinc work la a acadml ways, Aaa
saw aaeseeacrcss aave been maos psSjHc
The DIcoverie of SpecialivCs
Dept. 62 N 28, Chicago, III.
Please send me yonrfree booklet. RIbs
tratins and deecrlbtng- Farm stawwledaa
the Farmer' Own Cyclopedia,
Street and Nat.
j ll.F.D.No-
Every Pig
Nov. 19th 1
: &
11 w-Bil
vase otMwenty chrysanthemums and
alio first for fifty light pink roses,
variety Columbia, and first for now
variety not In commerce, vnrlety
Premier. Howard Phlppa, Westbury,
N. T., L. J. Muller gardener, shows
a collection of seedling chrysanthe
mums, number ten, an anemone flow
ered being especially good.
Mrs. Payne Whitney, Manhasset, N,
T George Ferguson gardener, took
firsts for twelve single varieties, twelve
pompons, eighteen yellow carnations,
collection of' twenty kinds of vege
tables or more; also(ln several other
Julius Roehrs Company and Lager
Hurrell show beautiful collections of
orchids, tho former awarded a special
J. A. Monda exhibits for the first
tlmo a new hybrid orchid that beggars
description, named for hlu son, Sergt.
Manda. awarded a silver medal. A
gold medal was awarded his display
of cyprlpedlums.
John Schcepers & Co. show a collec
tion of winter flowering begonias and
an everbearing raspberry.
A. N; Pierson, Inc., has a good dls
play'of chrysanthemums and roseB.
Dealers report bulb stocks going
rapidly. Sorr.o have dlposcd ot thelr
ontlro stocks without issuing a cat
alogue, aarduners who have not pur
chased their bulbs should do so be
fore It Is too late to obtain them. It
is also advisable to get tho bulbs in
tho ground while tho soil Is In good
workable condition.
Good results from home seed savins
aro sometimes obtained, but without
the most intelligent selection ami care
tho experiment is rarely repeated.
All cultivated plants have been Im
proved from inferior forms and have a
pronounced tendency to deteriorate or
revert to tho original form. 8eed
growers malntkin constant watchful
ness and exercise tho greatest care to
see that no retrograde or untrue speci
men is allowed to remain to produce
its seods. The growing crops are
arefully watchtd and all Imperfect
.limits are destroyed.
Dealers now employ men to grow
heir seeds who mnke a specialty ot
hat one. crop and know the best plants
ir Inferior ones at a glance, and they
A'ork constantly to Improve the btrain
Another consideration is that to get
pure needs tho work ot bees must be
considered. If seeds are wanted true
not more than one variety of squash
may begrown In any one year. When
neighboring gardens abound with dif
ferent varieties of cabbage, squash.
cucumbers and otjier plants -mixture?
tiro uunuai ueniuii iu rumm.
The seedsmen keep related crops far
apart, such as squash; pumpkins and
melons; onions and leeks; cabbage.
kale and Brussels sprouts; turnips
and swedes, &c. Peas are an excep
tion, being 6elf-ferttllzed, and if the
seed is picked over by hand the seed
should give good results whero several
varieties are grown together.
Of course, different families will
not cross, such as onions with carrots.
parsnips, beets. 4c.
To make seed saving a success evpry
nfurlor plant must be weeded out and
ho seed taken from well grown, per
'ect spedi lens. If seeds are saved
'rom Infer! r plants the result will be
When fr.tsh, carrot and beet seeds
iro of a greenish yellow color and feel
oft. When old they are yellow. Let
uco seeds turn white with age. Car
rot seeds ore only good for plant-
ng the next season after they
are produced; onions two years; cab
oaj?o two to six years; bcot one year;
radish two or throe years; cucumbers
ind melons three years, providing they
navo been properly kopt.
When a celling falls, as they some
times do, thero is tho slight consola
tion that the old plaster' can be usod
to advantage In the garden.
Tho Idea of using old plastor In
gardens was suggested In tlicso
columns some time ago. It was
promptly challenged by a writer in
an agricultural Journal, who said that
plaster was largely composed of sand.
which had value, and the .lime in
mo piaster wns not aviiuaoio, moan
ing,, suppoeedly, immediately avail
able alt of which Is true, but It does
not niter the fact that old plnster
has its value when spread over the
.soil 'of r gnrden
A year ago it was necessary to'have
tho plaster removed from the .ceilings
of three large rooms. Tho plaster
wns put in barrels for carting away
and nn offer to save the contractor
this trouble was promptly accepted.
Tho plaster was old and hard as
ntone. No effort was made to crush
It except large pieces. The plaster.
was spread over the garden and' the
large lumps wero broken with a blow
of the spade. The wholo was then
spaded under. In tho spring the land
was xpadod a second time.
After a yenr most of the lumps aro
oft nnd have crumbled. Now the
lime Is available.
Tho soil Is clay nnd inclined to be
acid. Tho llmo will neutralize the
acid and ''sweeten tho soil," as It Is
Individual yards and colony houses; farrowing house; gilts
raised on 'cafeteria" plan.
called. The sand has helped to moke
it lighter and friable.
Crushed limestone spread over the
soil ts beneficial; It is slow in Its
action, but Is beneficial Just the same,
accomplishing tho same result as burnt
lime, but requiring more time to do it.
So tt is with old plaster, which la
slower in its action than lime but
In tlmo produces tho soma result.
If old plaster Is to bo had do not
neglect to work it into tho garden,
breaking up the lumps as fine as pos
sible. Next spring after the garden has
been limed with the -old plaster a lot
of decayed leaves will bo worked In.
Sheep manure will be applied liberally
to tho growing crops and the abun
dant crops will more than pay for the
Save the ashes from wood fires.
Store them In boxes or barrels In a dry
placountil spring, when they should
be spread over tho garden for their
high fertilizing value.
Azaleas are subject to attacks of
thrips and red spiders. A good rem
edy is to cleanse theriY by thoroughly
spraying with soft soap, two ounces
in tli fr.-1lnn nf wnfor
If there are many plants lay a board
acrocs a tub and lay the pots on their,
sides on the board and the soapy
water can bo used over and over.
New Jersey Is not a grain State, but
tho estimates this year Indicate a
yield of 1,638,000 bushels of wheat.
1,369.000 bushels of rye, 2.596,000 bush-
Pagoda formed chrysanthemum, exhibited, by J. R. IJe Lamar, Rob
ert Marshall, superintendent, who received the Horticultural Society's
gold medal, the silver cup sweepstake and the Japanese Embassy's sil
ver medal.
Protest by Letter or Wire
Importation of Plants to Be Prohibited
Tho Foderal Horticultural Board
will soon take final action to stop the
Importation of nursery stock into this
country. All ornamental shrubs and
after July 1, 1919, unless the prpsont
progrnmmo of the board Is chailfeed,
Largo quantities
of shrubs and !
trees havo been Imported from Hoi
land, Belgium, Franco and Creat
Brituln, and tho embargo is to pre
vent the possibility of introducing in
sect pests and plant diseases.,
Applo seedlings "from France make
the best root stock for apple trees.
Nothing to equal them has been pro
duced In America, although large
quantities of apple seedlings lire
grown here and can be had for con
siderably less than tho French stock.
Largo quantities nf palms are Im
Dorted annually, because they can be
produced in Europe at a price which
els of oats, 10,423,000 bushels of corn.
Tho potato crop is placed at 6,935,000
bushels; sweet potatoes 2,341,000.
Black dirt on the leaves ot camellias
and ecalo on the stems can be re
moved .by sponging. If tho scale still
adheres remove it with a splint.
One commercial grower of cyclamen
uses J00O worth of seeds, at wholesale
Florists are now permitted to use 100
per cent, coal If they can get It.
The Chester Valley Live Stock Farm
Is the largest pure bred Berkshire
farm In America. It Is located two
miles from Wayne, Pa., sixteen miles
from Philadelphia, on the Philadelphia
and Reading and Pennsylvania rail
roads. More than 1.000 aristocratic
swine compose the foundation herd.
Ten thousand animals will be offered
for sale annually.
The farm Is owned by o stock com
pany composed of prominent Philadel
phia business men and Is operated In
an up to date, business manner.
Tho herd is under the dlreot super-
vu""" ul iewv
narlans and hog raisers and is grain
and milk fed cafeteria plan,
It is a rulp ot tho farm that every
animal sold is exactly us re presented,
and tho most particular breeders of
flno stock are numbered among its
On Tuesday, November 19, at 11
A. M., moro than COO pure bred llork-
makes them popular and possible to
use them freely.
Tho largest grower of kentlau Jn
the country, Henry A, Dreer, sowed
eleven hundred bushes of kentta seeds
during tho past ten years nnd during
tho samo perold has imported $359,000
worth of kentla plants from England,
Scotland and Belgium. Tho dlfflcultlnn
In raising these plnnts in this country
make it necessary for this grower to
have freo access for importing, and
so It with many other plants.
Nurserymen and florists from all
parts of tho country havo Issued a
vigorous protest.
Every one 'interested In beautifying
our American landscapo should write
at once stating that he Is opposed
to such drastic action.
Send letters and telegrams to
Or. C. L. "Jlurlatt, Chairman Federa.
Horticultural Board, Washington, D. C.
shirs pigs will be offered at auction
in twentyfivo lots of twenty pigs each
of unrelated strains. About ten espe
cially Una animals will be sold lndl
viduolly. Clubs can bo formed of
ceveral individuals and the lota, di
vided. Tho sale and show ring will
be under cover.
Detailed catalogues of this sale can
be had on application to the Chester
Valley Live Stock Farm, Wayne, Pa.
Those who wish to purchase stock In
the regular manner should ask tor an
Illustrated descriptive catalogue.
Farm produce, fruit and vegetables
of all kinds, poultry, eggs, butter, pork,
sausage meat, head cheeso, scrapple
canned fruits and vegetables are in
demand in the cities and villages, and
there never was a better time or a
mono favorable opportunity to establish
a parcel post trade directly among
consumers than at present. An ad'
vertlsement in the Farm Produce col
umn of Tun Sundat Sun will quickly
produce tho orders. Live poultry of all
kinds, pigs, sheep, rabbits and cattle
aro also In demand.
The normal1 honey crop of the
United States is 250,000,000 pounds.
This spring while ploughing for po
tatoes I was followed around tha lot
by. a flock of blackbirds, and out of cu
riosity I watched them to see what
they were after and found that, they
wero gathering up every grub in sight,
and there were lota of them. A neigh
bor's boy came over whero I was at
work, and on seeing tho birds started
to drive them off. I stopped him and
showed him what they were doing. He
thought that it would pay me to feed
the birds so aa to keep them on the
Job. There were enough grubs lp
sight to have spoiled a good lot of
potatoes. Yesterday (August 29) 1 1
pulled ur a hill and found a grub nnd
whero he had eaten out one-quarter of t
the Inside of a potato. C, W. B. In the
llural .Veto l'orfccr. 1
cares Off Tramps.
"Much bothered with tramps ou.
your way?"
"I w.ib .until I tacked up a sign or,
my gate."
"Ah! 'Beware of the dog,' I sup
pose?" 'Oh, no. Simply 'Farm help
wanted.'" Boston Transcript.
The principal preservatives used In
curing meat are salt, sugar and
molasses. Suit preserves the meat
through its astringent nnd slightly
germicidal action. It hardens the
muscle fibres and draws tho moisture
from the meat. Sugar nnd molasses
have almost the opposite effect; they
cause the retention of the moUture
of tho meat nnd keep the mubclo fibre
rot and tender. Salt and sugar are
commonly used together bocnuso of
this opposite action. Chemical pre
servatives aro to bo avoided. Even
saltpeter must be.uscd with caution.
Pork Is toy no means tho only meat
j Which may bo successfully preserved.
uiuut'ii it is wie ono usually preserved.
Beef may bo successfully dried and
corned and beef tongues aro most
palatable when .pickled.
A bulletin entitled "The Curing of
Meat and Meat Products on the
Farm" may bo had for the nsklng of
the State College of . Agriculture ut
Ithaca. Ask for II. C. F. 119.
Federal Fnrm Loun bonds aro free
of taxation both us to principal and
Income. The first $30,000,000 of thene
bonds wero- tul.vn by small investors
in tho main. Tho denominations are
$25, ,50 and $100. Farmers under this
system have received loans to tho ox
tent of J125.000.000 and the syoleni Is
taking over the farmers' Indebtedness
nt the rate of about $10,000,000 a
Not so many years ago, when Chl
rago was further away from New York
than It is now in travelling time, Rich
ard SeiirK, a young man, came East
from one of the moro distant States of
the plains and opened a small ofllce In
Chicago. He advertised to send
watches and revolvers by express,
with the privilege of examination bo
fe paying for them.
Seara worked rapidly all day and
frequently Into tho night. Ills noods
wero good value and tho business
prosperod. To-djy Sear, Roebuck &
Co. occupy many large buildings
grouped for convonlenco In handling
a lurge volume of business. Ono
building Is occupied exclusively by tho
pnniipg ana DnoKOlnding plant. The
employees of the ooncom If residing
in one locality would mako a fair sized
One ot the recent efforts of Scars.
Roebuck ,& Co. is a new cyclopedia of
farming anfl'girdenlng that, following
the original plan on which the business
was founded, Is sent for examination
without 'expense to those considering
purchasing. If found satisfactory easy
terms or;, payment can be arranged.
Mrs. Jenny Maua Is proprietor of
tho East Brook Rabbltry. East Fox-
boro, Mass., and Louise Maus Dayton
Is manarer. They hava made a sue-
com of poultry and rabbits, breeding
Plymouth Rocks, White Leghorns and
Belgian hares.
The Belgian Government, It la re
ported, has ordered 2,000 Incubators
from American manufacturers.
If cracked etnc Is first wrapped In
oiled or waxed paper It may bo boiled
as well as If it wero not cracked.
Farmers or poultrymen will And It
moro proutable to marKet young
cockerels when they reach a weight
of two pounds rather than to feed
tne birds until lato fall or early
winter, nccordlng to results secured In
feeding tests at the Ohio Experiment
Station. The experiments show that
at leaBt ten pounds of grain must be
fed to produce a pound of gain and it
is doubtful whether grain should bo
utilized for meat production through
On tho average 4ho feed necessary
to grow tho birds to maturity will coat
4 cents a pound; thus unless tho poul
try producer has a special market for
the heavier birds tho price secured
next fall may not pay for the feed
given the fowls.
Toung cockerols markotod now as
broilers generally bring an attraotlvo
prlco; then tho flock may at once be
Ted with a view of developing winter
egg producers, tho poultry specialists
point out.
Scaly leg of poultry, a disease ofte.n
noticed on fowls during tho late fall
and winter, may be controlled by an
acariclde tested at tho Ohio Expert
ment Station. From a number tried
out the following gave the best re
Oil of caraway, one part, and lard
or vaseline, four parts.
( Flour of sulphur, one dram; car
Dr.Hess Poults-y
pj.0 to the nearest dealer
named below anitjret a free
trial package ot Dr. Hess Poul
try Pan-a-ce-a. It is just tho
tonic your poultry needs at
this time of the year to keep
them healthy and make hens
lay. creat help at moulting
time and to start hens laying
promptly after the moult. Sold
everywhere on a money back
Get your tree package ol
Dr. Bess Pan-a-ce-a from
say ol the lollowian dealers:
Stiimpp Walter Co., 30-32 Ilarrlaj-.
Tho Bronx Tlay & Grain Co.. Wc-U-tiir
Ae.. Wm, HartcLs Co.. 12 Cortlamlt,
Henry IlartrU. 72 Unrtlandt: Model In
cubator Co., 30 llftrclay; lUirneit Hrm..
s Chambers: MacNIir Horticultural Co ,
r,2tcy; nh.OOKI.YN- -Harry rclitel
win. 701 Olonmoro Ae., Win. Adler, 277
Oraham A.. I". II. Von Damru, 21
Maujer; VAN KKST - Heiroan KulU
Hon. 1770 K. Trriiiont o ; 11KON.N
Klnirx llronx Zoological Ktori, 707 E.
313th; COI.I.KOK l'OINT Kilw. N. E
Kliln, ELM lll'HST--Victor Jl. Weber.
LONC. ISLAND CITY W. J l-'ratim,
:i33 riushlnjr Ave.. JAMAICA. John
ltuor, 40l Fulton; C. V. Colder, 3im
Kulton. YONKKIIH Ynnkora Hay fc
tlratn Co., Foot ,fc HabrfK-W I'tare,
Cha. llaett-lo. Thomsun JL Myers
Ao.; JERSEY CITY, N. J. -Cliaa. I..
Ituxri. 02.1 Communlpaw Ae.. M. A.
Cannody. f.r.2 Newark Ave.. JEltsr.Y
CITY UKHIHTS John O. Martini. Jr..
Cenu-r An... WEp-T lKHIOK KN
Oco. Cox & Smu, toil llackrsa'K 1'lallk
Knaa; i.naa. iircmtr. lnhummlt ht
More Eggs
Less Feed
Get lots of eggs note whilt prices are
nigh. Prevent feed waste due to
aiupgisn or imperfect digestion.
Mate every hen lay by usinp
Poultry Regulator
Not a stimulant which pives but
temnorarv result, hut a ,l-,..n.ui.i.
htdlh-buiUtr. It does not font but U
InanerA lien- r In., 1.. . t. , Ej
...... -J unauic 11 UUIIUS
them up natural!)-, puts them in such
fine physical condition that regular
ecg-production is bound to follm .
And it keeps them laying right
throurrh the period of hir-h nrirea. It
susists the biriit to thoroughly digest
and make use of ever)' particle of
food, thus prevents waste and reduces
feed costs. Test it with a part of
your flock and compare results.
Pratti FmII-t RrraUtor ti hU tr ini,,
i .7 1 7i "eatj-oata faaraaUa
H'ror ncui Poollrt FKtl
Toronto R
H.YU..NK A. A smith Co.. w sth B
St. sta . Amelia Uuwhcr. 521 Droiulwny. R
KI.IKAIIKTII- -1'. Kokh. 10.11 MBunolla B
vo.i rEf M'CUH Emil Alpln B
They're Bred-to-Lay
Wo offw White Iahurn tnilleta that narry the lilood
Ihen or altinera at nntud Kii-lu)iiiT Contetrt4. Th..c
yljKirwH imllrta are until kMi lineTi of the lirovd and am
in perfect hooltli suro money makers.
WSIburtha Leghorns
Will nuke, you a profit from the atart lav nhen engs
ai-u liUthint. Mature UiKhorn pullotn, now U Ins. S3 each,
r.'"' "'a''1" J-tiorn piilletK, due to Iny In 311 days.
Wilburtha Poultry Farms .
C. J. Flsk, Owner M. L. Chapman, Gen. Mgr. '
(6 Rim Road, Trwrtoa Jusctkxi, N. J.
bonate of potash, 20 grains, ana lard
or vaseline, half an ounce.
uno. crusts rormca ay mo uuiw
the legs of fowls should be softened
by soaking tho feet and legs In, warn
taater for several minutes; a portion
ot the scales may bo rornoved and tho
mite filler applied. '
Healthy birds may come In contact
with tho dlsenso on perches or nests.
It may also be Introduced Into a
healthy flock by tho purchase of In
fested birds. Poultrymen developing
show stock keep birds brought to their
forms from outside sources In a quar
antine for a time and treat them with
tho romodlcs before putting them Into
their flock.
Charles J. Fisk of llni-very Flsk &
Sons Is owner of the Wllbuitha Poul
try, Farms, which assures Absolutely
fair and businesslike dealing M. L.
Chapman, n thorough, carcfifl, pains
taking poultryman, of loig aid suc
cessful experience, Is manager of tho
farms. Wllburtha fowls are well
known to tho patrons of poultry shows
as prizo winners.
f French
For Holiday Bloom
Planted In damp muee or
sravel and water, produoa
(arse whits trusses. 8ire
bloomer, for rooms or
window gardens.
It Mninmoth Hulbs, wltti
catalog, puatpald, COO.
Darwin Tnllps
For pots or rarden bods and
borders, llure flowers, lour
at ems, great ranee ol colors.
40 Urjcn bulbs, many Vlnds
muni, iKKtrwid. ai.oo,
Dttcnptlv Catalog free,
Ptlll somit Irtt. Now Is
the time to plant them.
A Klnzlo Tullns SI
21) Trumpet arrlus.St
2A llmlhlr Daffodlla. . . .SI
AO Nnrclstus Allied. . . .SI
All 4 Assortments for $3
Dcik S. Frenchtown, N. J.
QNLY awect our forefathers knew; ynr
New York State llec-mada honay; I lb.
palls, 11.65; 10 lb. rail. I! !b. nnd 60 lb
can, 1(.50: delivered to your door; e'thtr
Clover or Buckwheat flavor.
The Deroy Tlijlor Co., Neivnrk, New Yrr-tt.
' NEW aCLOVEH HONET-6 lb. cans.
$1,S; 3 "b. cana, 11.10; sent by Insured
parcel poet; poatnpe and Insurance pre
pnld. Buckwheat Hnni-v, l: 11)5., 11.15.
OEO. SHIIIEH, KandoiirtiV N. Y.
Extracted buckwheat and
clover honey mtxed, a One
article. F. O. 21. mr sta
tion. CO lb. can-, 114.00 each; 10 lb. palla
' In lots of 4 or moro. js.so eacn; I. id. cans.
I tl.00 each, or IS 40 delivered In aeeonrl tone;
1 IS.S0 In third zone, 6 lb. palls 11.30 each
In lota of 6 or more.
1 KAY C. WILCOX, n. 4, Ithaca. N. T.
I I..76 gal., halt iral.. (145. Pure Ho nay.
I f lb. cm. ( 1.75. Vermont Maple Sjnip Co.,
Wnahlngton Market, New oric.
nERKSIIIFtES for brceiloif. 6 weeka oH.
either aex, HO, Trios not a:tn. Feeder
US pair Cluverdalo Farm. Charlotte, N.
ahlpport eaprea-i paid.
UF.I.nOSF. STOCK FARM. Poolvtlle, If. T.
SucklinRS for Thanksgiving.
Also a few choico Duroc Boars.
Unj lords vllle, Conn.
, nnUTII'UL ANOORA lata and Kl'-
S'amp for reply.
itaen, Maine.
Pigs and Rabbits
Suckling Pigs and Breeding Stock.
Hares Belcian. Flemish and New
i Zealand Heel. Pedigreed and Utility.
Rabbit Guideof Full instructions, 2Sa.
i Pullets, Yearling Hens and
, Cockerels of all Breeds,
I The Macnilf Horticultural Co., Inc.
52-54 Vcsey Streot, New York.
Do not fail to visit our wonderful
I Pet Stock Farm at Madison. N. J.
1 I1GLOIAN HARES of quality, two to
elKht months n:,1 ri,ATI.ANIS RAB-
HlTltV IT Kciiih,rtin I'luu (Kins
11 Khwn ), BiNioki.n. N. Y
nnni;i) iii.ir n hakes Most pron-
able i-omplete b ok of lnafructlona. If
cen'a It .dine el ill tit disposal I mode
rl" t till' hex 'up-.o-.la'n E MT-tOROOIC
UAHUIl'UV, Kat Foxbnrii, Maaa.
Rabbi. Culture and Standard
4 1H fWrss tww.lt
I:'" aortriiomiir.s?r ,
IllUltrAttiC sUirt desK-rtbi'tAlI
ir.t.Ki , . - ..
TtrlHIta, in fart ft prff t
ruld and rUodsvid. rrtca
M Cut Tm$i. With
Tha I'm I In ts......! ..w
abl(r lUbbK and Pt Moek Pp't rr mont h. roultry
IUiii trial offer 4 rounihai. Slaffl copltilOo. M !
roultry Item Has 4S, Sellersvlllr. Pa.
MKI1 YOl'll HKV I,Y To Mnnna
Orneii ISiiue Cutler. Cut.-! fleah, rnw ' ..
with uilhurlni; meat and crtatle R.. c -s'
aupp.y two In four t.inea. Thouaaii ..
i uaini; it our freo boost eipiaina
. Ma. n no eolcl on 10 daja' free trial r ,
r. YV. MANN CO., Boa J56, Mi. foul Jl
. . aha.
I f
Hi iir MisH

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