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Old Frocks Easily Brought Up to
Date at Small Cost, Color
Combinations Helping
TUB army of women who aro go
Jnff to "make thlng Co" this
year and to forego tho pleasure
of buying new clothes Is nearly as
Jorge as that great army in khaki for
vhose sako deprivations of ail kinds
are cheerfully borno. And making
things do is a very ifood plan to fol
low and is ono of tho needed lessons
in thrift which this -war Is teaching
Americans. At that, many old things
can be mado to look quite up to date
by a few changes, and theso possibili
ties arc tho subject on which I shall
First of all, the skirt has undergone
gome changes which have been creep
ing in bo slowly that fow of us have
accepted them, as wo undoubtedly will
a few months from now. As to the
matter of length, beyond question tho
Parts skirts aro longer and much
tighter. It is not always easy to
achlcvo this extra length in an old
suit, but it can bo dono by the addition
of false hems and under slips over
which tho'top skirt may flare.
Again wo aro threatened with a re
turn of the hobble. Now .this solves
the1 problem of making tho old now. It
Is especially practical In remodelling
houfo and evening cowns. For In
stance, I have seen a very smart blackH
uet dinner dress which has been almost
made oyer by the addition of a rather
narrow hem of pink grosgraln ribbon,
slightly hobbling the net about the
ankles. The ribbon, three Inches wide,
is threaded through a hem at the bot
torn of the net and shows through, be-
part of tho sleevos remains rather
tight and narrow, and huge cuffs,
reaching quite tovtho elbow nnd made
of fur to match the patch yokes, are
added. In fact tho deeper tho cuff the
newer tho sleeve.
Colors Mar Ho Combined.
lng tled.tn a flat bow at ono sldo of the
skirt. '
The nobble Look Secured.
The ribbon Is drawn tighter than the
net, producing a llttlo shirred effect
along the bottom and the desired hob
ble. The sleeves aro shortened and
finished at the elbows with tho same
treatment and a flat bow and a loose
end of net floats from the back of the
sleeve to give a softened look. The
ribbon, also Introduced about the
front of the waist in plastron effect,
makes the belt and hangs In sash ends.
As to tbe net dancing frock of lost
car It Is quite possible to remodel It
delightfully by adding panels and pan
ntcrs of metal cloth of the color of
the net. If. for Instance, the net is of
midnight blue, the panels and the
puffed, short panniers about the, hips
are made' of beautiful silvery?- blue
metal tissue. Again, if the gown'ltself
Is of tho metallic material the panniers
nnd panels may bo made of net.
As to last year's coat the problem Is
moro difficult, but It can bo. solved.
Many of the newest coats havo deep
yokes and high collars of fur patch
collars they coll them. In soma models
I find that the fur forms-a high collar,
leaching up to tho ears, like a straight
round collar on a military coat, and
extends in a square yoke In an un
broken line. It Is possible, therefore,
to uso old fur to.Jidvaiitagenln.-this
By tho sleeves above all else the
latest cut Is told. This need not dls-
If ono understands well how to com
bine colors and to avoid the queer,
patched and mado over look which
amateur hands nro apt to give such
combinations, then there should be no
hesitation in using two 'materials In
harmonizing tones. Ulack and tan are
a favorite combination, and so are
blue and red. Seldom haspred been so
much In evldenco as this soason, espe
cially tho brightest hues, such as scar
let, cherry, pomegranite and a new
brilliant" vivid color called artillery red.
as 10 tno old blouse of georgette or
crepe do chine it can be made as new
as any- model ono can buy with Jhe
nUUUlOll OF bl'Iirht cross stltrJir ilnnn
In woollen threads and In a color con
trasting with tho body of tho blouse.!
Two shades of bluo mny bo happily i
combined In this way.
civet blouses with georgette sleeves
are very smart for suit wear. The
velvet Is hung in loose panels, like
very deep sailor collars, back and
front, and tho thin eleeves. are of the
samo color ns tho goorgette over which
tho velvet Is hung.
Few women have the .patience to do
muclrbeadlng, thbugU beads are hav
ing a great vogue, and appear In every
department of dress. If one can do It
patiently tho results ore undeniably
As to last year's fur coat, if it la tno
long to look up to date do not hesitate '
to shorten It, because tho short fur.
wrap Is seen quite as often as the long, j
If ono seek3 extreme effects lot the '
long coat bo made Into a thrco-quarter
length coat and add along the bottom
a very deep band of tho fur which has
been cut off the coat, tying tho loose
ends or rather leaving them to bo
looped ono above tho other well below
tho knees and In front. This sort of
treatment will bs excellent for a broad
cloth suit on which one wishes to add
fur trimming.
Vnr Time KxpedlcnU.
If, however, tho fur wrap of several
seasons Is too short do not hesitate to
lengthen It by adding any sort of fur
you possess, for it is permitted to mix i
rurs, materials, colors and designs in
discriminately those war limes. It Is
Just as ff we were all making the best
of everything wo have, nnd while we
maymarvel at soma of-tho made over
elTects, until the war is over at least,
we must not criticise.
I havo spoken before of the new
collars. For the most part the high
collar Is preferred for winter wear. It
may bo a straight round band of fur,
fitting close about tho throat, or a strip
of lace clasping the neck tightly and
extending well up under the ears.
As yet I have not seen a return ci
those llttlo instruments of torture, the
collar supporters, which worried us so
when they raged, but very small silk
co-crcd wires aro employed to hold up
these thin collars. After all, few lace
eourago any one. becaufo the upper collars aro accepted this winter and
Net Blouses, Many Embroidered, Come)
From Paris and Service Waists
Are Wholly Useful
FltOM I'arls como very lovely
blouses of net. It has been
somo seasons sfneo tho net
blouso has appeared over here, but
Just now thcro Is r. showing of Pari
sian creations of this kind which nro
beautiful to seo and becoming to wear.
Mnny of them nro richly embroid
ered in tho exquisite French fashion,
and fow of them are unadorned. Much
j lac,e, A'alcnclonncs or filet, is 'used to
put sonio or them togetner, ami still
others aro threaded with ribbon run
through n hem nt tho cuffs about the
upstanding band. Over this Is u deep
edge of pointed filet, and o. black molru
cravat two Inches wldo slips under
neath tho pointed over collar, tying In
a flat bow In front. Tho cuffs of th
long tight sleeves have received tho
samo tieatment.
A very pleasing fancy for utilizing
Mot Is shown In another Imported
blouse of flesh pink georgette. Tho
collar In this Instance is low and fall."
around the neck to bo finished at the
yoko in front with pointed edges em
broidered lu a beautiful design. Tho
waist or 1n plastrons for tho front. Of I same embroidery trims Inserts of filet
course blouses of this description nro along (the front of tho waist and also
mauuui niiuu ur cicum tuiorcu nei. , mo cutis
Whilo no other blouso Is so becom
ing as the- white, whether of crepo do
chine, georgetto or net, ono finds such
As to tho uso of beads thero In no
end of tho ways In which they havo
been introduced. Ono off tho prettl"
blouses not so practical as those of , fashions is that of threading the ma-
color, and therefore not so popular. ' terlal In long strings from neck to
Tho samo tendency to combine colors , waist and letting them fccrvo as tho
and fabrics which ono sees In other I only trimming. This Is dono usually
garments W almost overemphasized I on walstiwf ono color. "or example,
this season In the new blouses. Fow on dark blue georgetto sand colored or
aro tho suit waists entirely of one j white beads nisy bo used. The smart
color. A brown blouse, for Instance, 1 est models aro tho with tho beads of
designed to lio worn with a brown suit
will havo sleeves of fand colored
georgette, or tho blouso -will bo made
of tho lighter shado nnd havo Its
sleeves of ail entirely d"lfferent color.
tVnr Service IVnlnta.
Of course tho war work in which
women engage Just now Is a prime
, consideration in selecting clothes, nnd
I therefore tho shops make a feature
I of what aro called service waists,
j which aro absolutely without frills nnd
I as plain nnd practical as a man's shirt.
For overseas wear tho service wntgtn
1 aro made up In khaki cloth or dark georgette with an ermino vest Is rts-
nme trench nannol unci huvo turn- smart nsHhe mini-tost could de?lre. Of
over collars such as men's outing course underneath the coat only the
shirts have. fur .shows, but when ono removes the
Hy tho way, this sort of collar has j co.it the contrast of tho two fabrics is
set tin army of girls learning how to tie , spen at once. This'ls a decided Innovn-
necktie, nnd In at lenst one patriotic i Hon tho waistcoat blouse, I mean.
organization where women aro largely Often tho waistcoat on fcomo ef tho
the samo color (us the blouse.
A notion reminiscent of several sea
sons ago, when many colors were trans
fused by means of many linings placed
one above the other, Is shown-in somo
clever bluo blouses of Georgcttti
through which red, canary or petunia
shows part of the way to the yoke ami
again for cuffs and collar.
I'ur Vp( fur Tliln lllunaes.
Tho fur vest Is qulto mv nnd Is
added to blouses of fabric so thin that
ono marvels that It can support tho
heavier material of tho fur. hu
I employed Instructions In knotting
neckties are given.
The bervlro waist Is without a fi 111 ;
thin, tine blouses Is made of rnro and
exquisite brocade, so rich nnd lovely
as to catch and hold tho eye. Tho
bid. it should always be spotless, espe-1 ends of theiv vests nro pointed llko n
i dally if it Is made up In one of the rr.-in's waistcoat, and they nro very
white materials, such as inndrns, linen,
line crash nnd poplin. Somo smart
silken waists of this sort are of khaki'
color and very practical.
In their hours of ease, however, the
smart Indeed.
Thin blouses with rainbow sleeves
are new. The rainbow effect Is pro
duced by fagoting various block3 of
color together green, pink, canary.
nearly all gowns of dark materials and
thin fabrics are entirely collarles.s.
Angora nnd brush wool aro being
cleverly employed to gho a good note
of color which contrasts well with the 1
garment on which It is Introduced. I
Tho newest of this brush wool Is made , A coat of ,uvetyn w'lth sca a su;t 0f duVCtyn edged with
of cotton nnd Is therefore much less . , ' . . , , r i i
expeiibivo than wool, while having squirrel and a frock of taupe georgette with bands of moleskin,
quite the samo decorative effect. j
The newest qf the- ono pleco dresses i by all means embroider anchors, can- ; It Is -well to suggest that fur scarf
of duvetyn, sllvertone. kitten's car nun, little turrets or what not on white ' and neckpieces are not permitted with
nnd sergo havo fuzzy collars, now ana collars or ties, and wear them proudly uniforms. The warm nngora or knitted
then of white, but moro often of tan and devotedly, for this notion has re-; ' mufflers may, however, bo added. and
or light shades of brown. . celvej approval, nnd thla i-ort of neck- ; because of the great number of women
, , , . I wear Is called "Victory neckwear.'' ' engaged In patriotic efforts tho ungor.i
Service bmlilem DUplajrit. j So Innny wome nre ue;lrin(, . s -nrr has come In a. way to mean ser
if you wish to display tho military , uniforms of the various war orginlzri- vice, and has won general respect and
or naval emblem dearest to your heart tlons with which they are serving that welcome.
n. green velours suit has been made
of a soft mignonette gieen with an
overblouso of darker green and rain
bow sleeves blocked cleverly In the
j frilllest nnd thttllest of blous?s are worn 1 blue. In fact all of the rainbow shades.
I by the war workers Just as niucli as in T)levu vivid sleeves added to a dark
pre-war uas, tiio sort, becoming tlesli blouso betoken Its ubsoiuto newness.
colored georgettes with their txqulIte They nro cosily made nnd .usually
; lllet lace additions being still Im- j nro verv pTetty. A lovely green and
' men-dy admired ami much used. Filet J white waist which Is to accompany
t lace lias supplanted nil other varieties
ns a trimming for this sort of waist.
It is put on perfectly flat and has
never any fulness. Perhaps the beauty
of the designs is the reas.i for this i lw tonPS f preen, white and a bright
use ui ini-i i.uv. orange nnd pink. This rather bizarre
l ues nl Filet I.nec. ; fashion is very much moro pleasing
Overseas no blouse of light materia I to, seo than it is to rend about,
is worn with tho collar outside the J -Narrow fringe of silk appears on
coat, perhaps becmso furs nro not very many new models. Again, t find n
kind to dilloato fabrics whose charm deep silken fringe falling from tho
VI lies lu their esqulslto freshness and round neck of a bluo georgette, mak
J ' daintiness. Ing n verv good effect Indeed. Now
' on" of tho lovclloul of the imported I nnd then long string.- of gay beads
waists I have been describing Is made ) nro hung in this way, to bo tucked
lot pearl white crepe do chlno. It has J In an overlianglng effect, like loop,S.
. a h!h nl:ir of ilk; l.ice set on in an I over thu skirt at tho waist.
HEREWITH ends tho Sock
Songs contest, to tho keen re
gret of Its originator. Its
editor, the judges, and the Si'xdat Sun
start generally also, wo-llke to think,
of contestants who from beginning to
end havo numbered more than COO.
There will be no book of tho Sock
Songs. Since this page asked contest
smts for expressions as to tho desir-1
ability of a book, moro than thirty
friendly contestants have expressed
themselves as eager not only to own
iopIes but to help the project In every
possible way.
Wo fully expected to publish ho
xk or secure a publisher for It. de
otltig net profits to tho lied Cross or
some other splendid war work. AVe
bellevo that In anything like normal
times it wouWliavo been a lino suc-
ess. IJut the book, llko tho contest
J elf, is an economic casualty.
Headers of Tub Sfsnw Sr.s- nre
aware that almost without warning an
order of tho "War Industries Koard
curtailed our supply of white paper
'en days ago. thus compelling the Im
mediate sacrifice of n wealth of Sun
day features. Iast week's honorable
mentions, which were ready in type,
bad to bo omitted with the briefest ex
idanaUon. With this wsek tho contest
1 ref nbruptly dies. The samo general
jiuper famine has required the aban
donment of the book project.
Wo cannot deny ourselves tha pleas
ure of publishing tho proio.sed dedica
tion by Edward Ten llroeck Ferine. It
la one of the best of tho astonishing
number of genuine poems tho contest
lias evoked:
To you whoas feet hhve marched for
And trod the blood drenched poll of dis
tant lands.
We give these heartfelt songs. We who
with hands
Of helpfulness and love the Btltclies cut
Know well our part, to strive unceasingly
Till every tangled skein shall be uncurlt d
And Victory with Peace be knit. Wo
Hearing tho whilo u faithful- promise
rln: . . ...
When God helps all tho workers for Ills
T o elneers shall bo helped of IIm, ot
Let Sir. Ferine, a distinguished con
t'.elant, sing this knitters' holiday to
its rett. Ourselves, wc havo not the
heart, nor have we space. Nothing
newspaper men find to do was over
moro enjoyablo than conducting the
Sock Singers' chorus. Wo were proui
to feel that In a lesser, a subsidiary
way, wo were rendering these States
some part of tho glorious service of
tho faithful, busy needles in homes In
numerable. Of this we shall bo proud
Any prlzo winner of to-day or a pre
vious Sunday whoso prize wool may
fall to arrive within a reasonable time
should Inform the Sunday Editor of
The St;.v, 130 Nassau street. The
matter will have Immediate and effec
tual attention. Of prlzo wool there is
no shortage, nor would havo been had
the contest continued as long as we
had hoped.
Tho final prize winners are: First,
Mrs. ('. V. E. Morrison of Illo Hondo,
Tex., possibly the most faithful and
persevering of tho contestants, who
reaps her reward at last; second, Mrs.
Amy W. Kgglcston of Ulster Park,
N. Y.; third, Mrs. II. P. Fisher of Yer
gennes, Yt., whoso song Is a charming
reminder of a historical incident of tho
Wo deeply regret that We havo
spacb for no more than tho names ot
I tho winners of honornblo mention,
who are: Mary Huzzell of 544 West
137th street, Louisa Esselstyn ot
Hhlnelwck. X. Y.; Yeoman Katherlne
Mr. C. V. E. Morrison, Rio Hondo, Tex.
From the shell strewn fields to the sea of woes,
Through battle's cars and the hell of bombs,
Through the forests old, with their stories grim,
"That's where our knitting goes!"
Yea, through turbulent waters of crimson hue, and by the marshes low,
Through the turmoil of war, with its harvest of souls.
Where the Test Supreme is put to life.
"Even there will our knitting go!"
Then dare we falter and'laggards be
In sending our offerings over the sea?
Mrs. Amy W. Eggleston, Ulster Park, N. Y.
knit him 'sacks to wear away (my salt tears were their christening):
I knit him socks to wear in France in all the battle's din;
Oh! to-day I'm knitting cheerily, to-day I'm knitting merrily.
For I'm knitting on the socks he'll wear when marching to Berlin,
I knit him socks for Flanders mud (oh! my needles worked so
I wove curses on the Kaiser, sure I felt it was no sin;
But now, the fairies helping me, my fingers fly so joyfully,
For I'm knitting on the socks he'll wear when entering Berlin!
Thomas. Culled States Navy, 2!)
Hralnard street. New London. Conn.:
Jeiftilo IJ. Perry ot 29 East Fourth
street, Mount Vernon, N. Y.: Mrs. E.
L, Potts, Berkeley. Va.; Katherlne!
I Leonard ot 414 Ferry street, Trenton, i
N. J.i Jorge Codoy of 2 Columbus Circle, i
Nannie 13. Fowler or 80S Trinity ave
nue, Caroline Dlx Reynolds of 179 ,
Norwood avenue, Buffalo, and Alma
Constanco Welsh of Callfon, N. J.
rjalr orrotrtk la tlnuUted nd
Its fresjueat removal Is necrassrr
when sarrelr removed from the
surface of Ike skin. Tke oulje logl
ral and prartlml war to rnnovr
hslr la to attack It under lite skin.
IleMlraclc. tke original aanltnry
liqnld, lorn III fa by absorption.
Only sennlae DeMlracle haa n
taoner.fcack aTOTBBe In
paekastr. At toilet coanlera In 00c,
I and (3 alsea, or by spall front as
la plala wrapper on receipt of price.
rtlBQ book mailed In plain acaled
envelope on reaaeat. DeJIIraele,
r.-tih st. and Park AvcNew fork
Mrs. H. P. Fisher, Vergennes, Vt.
Wc will sing once more as we sang of yore.
When Rhoda Farrand in chair of state.
From dawn's first gleam, in a slow ox team.
Told the tale at each neighbor's gate;
They carded and spun until we were done,
A big wheel stood on each kitchen floor,
All day we grew; we were firm and true,
For we were the 'socks the soldiers wore!
TO tho layman It may appear
that tho excitement over
new clothes dlis down nbout
Thanksgiving Day, To thoso In the
trado und to thoso who follow' tho
movements of tho trado this is far
from a dull season.
It hnu Itten prophesied that tho sea
son would see far moro rapid changes
in fashion than havo been thrust at us
lor three years. To keep wltpln mil
itary phraseology, it Is to bo a war
of niniiasuvre.and all the brapches of
tho servico uro to bo called into ac
tion. Why?
Tho reason Is founded on the war.
of the big guns and airplanes outside
of their zono of dainuge. New York
has bad a great impetus In Industry
through tho realization that pouplo are
still buying In vast quantities und In
dulging In nil tho reasonable and ani
mated pleasures that this great ccntro
offers to tho rest of tho continent.
Tho later exhlbltlor.s of clothes ac
centuated the corsetless llgurc. This
does not mean that tho mannequins
who showed tho powns were always
without corsets, fomo of them were,
But others wore girdles of tricot or
clastic. Tho effect was uncorseted.
That was the vital point.
One of tho most Interesting moves
In this dlreclon Is a return to tho
Paris in tho centre of, the world's cro- Dlrectolro of Josephine nnd Mme. Tal
utlvo fashions. New ork Is probably
tho tlnanclul centre of fashions. Tho
battlo haa moved away from Purls and
monoy pours Into Now York.' With
these two conditions governing the
output of apparel, it is almost easy to
prophesy spirited action fdr tho next
six months at least.
France has had a great burden
lifted from her hC'art by tho moving
Hen In the' high waist line nnd tho un
doubted convex curve of the natural
figure In front. To tho uverago wom
an this silhouette is unthinkable; to
the a'rtists, sculptors, stage folk und
certain deslgnersJU? a return to tho
best there 'Is in fashions. It is Im
possible on the mlddlo aged woman
unless sho has kopt herfclf na thlu as
an cel.
tha collar is appearing In various
Ics uf now clothes;.
here is a decided change from the
tVobcr decnlletage, which was copied
from the Mlddlo Ages, was hevcre, mi-
' touched l,y white, and classic In out
line. It exists, this decollctnge, on
frocks and blouses, but tho ,7apine?e
line, which htunds away from the neck
. and allows a soft tucker of some kind'
to show as tho fabric moves across the
I shoulders, Is new and Is adopted by
ery umart women.
And hero Is another decolletage
which Is u change fiom October and Is
seen In black velvet gowns: tho fabric
! Is cut to tho bone of the neck In buck
and then downward in n deep 1 In
front. It Is edged with a threo inch
collar of nntlnrw Ivory lace which 1-
' slightly full, but caught to the f'it. u
that it may .rest lint und hteud.
.This extends nearly to the waist l'i.e.
and where tho lower part rounds Itself
unit over the llgure there Is n strj.lit
I tucker of Hat tulle covered with laei
. This Is on eighteenth century devol
letuge and Is far more looming to a.
woman than the necrlty of th half
, low medlK'Mil line.
Every one's mind U not quite .e.isj
i nbout the Jacket that appeared in Si i
tember. It was longer than usual, ai d
In tlv An rlcan designs It was c it
I with the Irregular hem, fymie- of the
I points reaching to and IhMow the
' knees. These were esp;clally effoc'ive
over the tubelike skirts.
They t-eemtd to 1k established. bu
I now there creeps Into the fashion a
' much sifiarter, newer Jacket that bail
, Its sponsors lu C'herult and I.ucllo n'ul
' Doucet In the Paris houses. It Is box-
like. It ends at tho hl, it has larg
sleeves 1 ut Into low nrmholes. It fas
tens to the neck nnd It is unbelted.
' In one Instance there Is a touch of a
llelt In tho middle ot the back w'ih u
'keeps tho fulness from being too cape
(like. H Is arranged in this manner-
; through two long buttonholes about
1 llvo Inches apart comes a band of the
I material which has a largo oblong
buclilo covereu wltli the material or ;
with suede In a color t match tho fab
ric. That is nil, but the touch Is smart.
Ioucel's Jack.t, which Is cut out In
Kiin:irn X:itf lenienlH lit Ihn bin line.
Tho houto of Callot also accentuates I where they aro mounted on a strip of ,
i A
Look Young
void Gray Hair
CREOLE Hair Dressing is a Delighthily
Scientific Preparation That Darkens and
Beautifies Gray Hair Naturally
Ur mirror Tails liar
SAa la CnrrWfip Old
a chiuigu In tho silhouette from AVhat
wo have had from uther Trench housew.
It Is nothing new under tho uunio of
Callot, for It was advanced laht Feb
ruary nnd wo called It tho mummy sll
houettu for want of n better iiniue.
Tho gown is really u bag wltlr square
sleeves nnd tight ankles. It Is In strik
ing contrast to tho straight, chemise
tunics of nearly all tho other French
Outsldo of this peculiar Mlhouotto
which mo liresstniiKcr exploits moro
than tho public udopts uro tlw drapod
Hoiunn and Clreclnn gowns which tiro
fur that runs up the front. Is espe
cially attractive to tho Individualists,
and it is topicd lu tho bctt of the u.'W
Ono cannot help but nntUo tho
change to square, boxllko lines In gar
ments or accessories worn ubovo tho
waist, whilo tho Kklrts tako on bias
lines and spiral draperies. It Is un
odI combination. Hven a bridal veil
has been made In nn entirely new
manner ami was shown at an exhibi
tion width always includes 'one quite
fin-elnatlmr bridal costume, This el.
by the way, may l.o worth describing
nlm In ,Hi-oet continn to flm cliemUi. ' In detail fifi- November brides.
tunic. I It 1b of thin white uhllTon, u novtlt)
, . 'Indeed. It is cut lu n wide panel b.n.1;
As the Americans have gone In , , BttiI,oreil nt the top to u
strongly for drapery there Is an un-, amlemi lnnt flw low ,llu ,,,, on
easy fee ing about tho straight cm-1 ,,,V(,, l0 ,)VDr0lV!,. Thnl0 la
broldered transparent tunic over the , mllllllK var tIl) to,, f)f ,ho lK.n(1,
satin sheath skirt that becamo so pop- Tll0 cM(ton fiuls ovcr tIl0 faco ,0
ular in OotoW. Not only has tho (l0 t0C3 , front lm, t0 t,(J ,lem of
Jnpanoso kimono agam afforded an ) t)l0 tinlnless skirt In back. It fnlls
oustandlng silhouette, with its bias lino part from tho bandeau, down each
across tho front nnd Its sdslrt wcnHUiP i,ero It Is bordered with a
lapped ovcr nnd cnught on tho hip but mipplo quality of silver gnuzo ribbon
' I
JOMEN, don't be handicapped
' sociallv bv crav hair. KeeD on
ay U "ay 4
loolcing young and attractive. You are
not doing yourself justice if you grow
prematurely gray and old before your
time. It has been said that "Woman's
crowning glory is her hair." It is the
living truth. Nothing adds so much
to a woman's charms and attractions
as a head of beautiful, luxuriant, natural
colored hair. Take advantage of this
opportunity to be more attractive and
act today.
LA CREOLE Hair, Dressing will
surely do the work. It is a delightful
Hair Color Restorer that uniformly re
stores gray or faded hair to its youthful
found anil Fmictnntlna Aoan
Br tha Vim ot LU CtttOLC
color and brilliancy. You will see
the beautiful softness and lustre '
begin to appear as soon as you be- J
gin to use LA CREOLE Hair
Dressing. A little time and pa
tience is required to complete the
delightful results.
LA CREOLE Hair Dressing does not
stain the scalp, wash or rub off, or leave any
rreasy effect on the hair. It is easily ap
plied in the privacy of the home by simply
combing or brushing through the hair and
restores the color and beauty in a natural
Get a bottle of LA-CREOLE Hair Dress
ing from your druggist today with the distinct
understanding that it is positively guaranteed
to do all that is claimed,
For sale by all good drug stores and toilet
counters or sent direct for $1.20 by Van Vteet
Mansfield Drug Co., Memphis, Tenn.

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