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On January 15 tlm Western New
York Horticultural Society and the
New York Stato l-'ru.t Growers' Asso
ciation held n Joint meeting at Roches
ter, N. Y , to bo continued for three
tlays. New York State has long bocn
known as tho Garden of Eden for
fruit srowlnR. Here are produced In
vast quantities! peaclies. apples, pears,
quinces and the various small fruits
eurh as the grape, raspberry, straw
herry, blackberry, currant and goose
1rry. At times the capacity of load
ing railroad llrn-i is tiix-d to the
utmost to provide transportation for
fruits grown In western New York,
and tho same can b" said of other sec-
. y l'(tl r
i 5 v A. KUNDCRD , II
y InntirauwiMiufHUiuaniH
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tlons of the State, particularly of tho
Hudson Mver district.
As might be expected, tho display
of fruit at these annual meetings has
been remarkable, but this year all
records seem to havo been broken. I
have not seen such an exhibition from
one State ns has been made here at
Rochester during tho past few days,
and the fruit Is of the highest quality
and most brilliantly colored, giving
evidence of skilful culture and spray
ing. It was announces that on the after
noon of January 18 a carload of
superior apples would khe sold at auc
tion. I saw these fruits In barrels
with the heads removed. The apples
appeared to be for the most part
Northern Spy apples nnd they pre
sented a tempting appearance.
T asked a prominent member what
price he thought these Spy apples
would bring nt this auction sale. My
expectation Is that none will he sold
nt leu than $10 a barrel, nnd that
possibly these apples may bring $15 a
barrel, and yet th'V are not claimed
to be fancy fruit. The only claim made
Is that they are strictly Now York
State grade A, but to tnnny peoplo
they would seem to be fan'y apples.
A friend who Is engaged In the com
mission buslnets in New York city
has told mo that If he knew whore he
could get fancy Spy apple jtri."tly up
to grade he could (jet alnust. nt'.v price
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results and last X.fiX ' VTOT'IB
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WTH the increasing in
terest manifested in
the broader aspects of
gardening, caused by pres
ent conditions, a "review
publication" for enthu
siasts is more than ever
appreciated. Such a re
view is found in the
A publication which will h nf In
284 Fifth Avenue New York
Stumpp & Walter Company's exhibition strain of New Globe
he might ask for them, even (IS to 20
a barrel. "Hut," this man added, "1
find It almost impossible to get Spies
from any Eastern State that are
strictly fancy fruit." He said his best
Spies heretofore had come from the
State of Vermont. Thu Spy Is n. noble
applo of high quality and beautiful
apearance. It originated iifar the city t
of tiocnesier, j. v. une or Its faults . tpsten neiore oeinir onered to the pub
is that its skin fs tender and will not , He K fruit growers Ind known years
endure shipment, like the Haldwln. "Ro that the Halo peach was so valu
Prosldent J. T Hush urged farmers j alite they mlsht now bo reaping re
i) orsan!zetto Ret their dues In the 'wards which they will not secure for
ay of proper legislation. He claasl- Mverul ears from this date. Prof,
fled fruit growing as a branch of ! Hendricks's particular work is In
fann'ns and tinted nil present to Join ' hybridizing various hardy fruits with
an organization such as he suggested. , tho hope and expectation of securing
He had visited Washington in the4 varieties of great value. In testing
interests of farming nnd was told , thousands of varieties of npple, grape
-here that farmers would never get I or other fruits he may discard nil but
their Just desserts until they were j a dozen and finally all but three or
rnoro thoroughly organized. He was
in sympathy with the dairymen sup
plying New York and othor large
cities. He held that these dairymen
were not getting large profits from
the sale of their product. He said thu
war had made It plain that agriculture
Is one of the most Important In-
dustrlcs of the world and thcrcforo In
need of a powerful, harmonious as
socio tion. No one can afford to
antagonize the tiller of the soil. His
sympathies were with the man of the
farm, who begins work before daylight
and quits only at the approach of
l'rof. Stuart called attention to the
great injury done to fruit trees by the
severe cold of last winter, which was
the most trying of all winters within
the memory of the oldest Inhabitant.
He said that tho Injury' to frultrees
has not yet been fully developed His
experience was that In the years to j
come fruit trees might show attacks
of fungus or other pests that were
brought about by tho weakened con
dition of the trees owing to the .
severity of the past winter.
A visitor from Michigan stated that
nearly all of the peach trees of the
great peach growing sections of Michi
gan wero destroyej last winter or
severely injured. A visitor from Ohio
announced that he could make much
tho same report for Ohio, where the
peach trees wero seriously InJurT
during tho winter of 1917-18. The
hardiness of varieties was thoroughly
tested last winter. In some sections I
of Canada the Fnnietle or Snow apple I
trees were seriously injured, some
thing heretofore almost unknown,
since It is a hardy variety.
For leaf curl he recommended the
fall spray of lime-sulphur, one to fif
teen. Attention was culled to the at-
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Babcock Peony Gardens
Route 79. Jamestowri, N. Y.
tack of fungus on cherry trees, which
caused tho spotted leaf and the early
fall of the leaves In -lato summer or
early autumn.
Incidentally l'rof. Hendricks referred
to tho new Halo pencil as a superior
wirlety. IIo said it was regrettable
that this peach and other promtslnc
new fruits t-hnuM not be thoroughly
four, which he may consider of bUfll
dent value to he hiuided out to promi
nent fruit growers In different parts
of the State for testing. This method
wils necessary owing to the fact that
a variety may succeed remarkablv
well In one locality and be n partial
failure In another locality. This Is
particularly true of the strawberry.
Luther Uurbank was facetiously
spoken of by one of tho platform men
as tho P. T. Harnuni -of horticulture.
Cherry tree planted iii spring
and yot in sumo respects Luther Hur
Irink may be called .1 pioneer and
ilmnxt a wlzaul, for Uurbank had
preat intuition. He seemed able to
pick . it a dozen promisItiK varieties
from iiorhnp-s ;o,000 candidates with
almost certainty 0 oi'cess. lie did
not seem to relish l'.urh ink's commer
cializing h's new creations, but It must
be rememlieieil tli.ii only salaried men
like our leaders nt tile experiment sta
tion? i...n afford to do business without
profit. My opinion Is that the men
who have done so much lor this coun
try In producn new varieties have
reaped insufficient rewards and many
of them have died In poverty or with
out proper recognition, n, for Instance,
Jacob Moore, who cave Ins life in the
j.tirsult cf Improved varieties of fruits.
l'rof. Hendrirk. has found In his nu
ii'rrous experiments that If he comes
to the examination of the wood of a
new variety of trrnpo which Is exceed
ingly Ioiik Jointed, that Is a lone space
between the buds, this variety will
be prone to produce small clusters, and
annot bo of value, if on the other
hand, the new variety has exceed
ingly small spate between the buds
this also will produce small clusters
which are undesirable. He has found
that If the new candidate has reflex
stamens., that is, with stamens turned
aownward. this variety will not Im?
s-elf fertilizing nnd will not bear per
fect fruit If planted by itself, whereas
the varieties havinK uprlsht stamens
are inclined to produce varieties that
are perfect blooming. With straw
berries ho lias found that pistillate or
Imperfect blnssomlnK varieties tend to
produce their kind, whereas stamlnate
or perfect bloonunjr varieties tend
stronKty not to produce their kind
Ho says we do not deslro to inultlnlv
varieties that are not pelf, fertilizing
from their own blossoms.
One hundred nnd twenty-live years
apo there wero no successful varieties
of Bi'iipes In this country. At that
ejirly date only foreign varieties wvsre
existent here. ! .,iS only by crossin.;
foreiKii varieties with our native wild
urape that oven moderate success was
achieved In urapo wowing In America.
Now wo have l',000 vnrleties of n.itu-e
Krnpos or of crosses nf natives with
foreiKii blood. It l only a llttlo while
iie-o th.it we had no improved bl.-uk
cap raspberries, but now wo have,
forty or fifty Improved variolic?. New
fruits must he tested not only for larso
size, Kieitt bennty and productiveness
but for hardiness, which Is absolutely
m essential. He has been securing n
variety of pear that will be '.Unlit
priof He i.a: tl.lrij caiKhd'.tl -s a ibi
class of peara, sonio of which am liko
Seckel In many respects, but as ..irge
as Uartlctt. Prof. Hendricks Is seek
ing an early red apple which lie claims
we havo not secured among the older
sorts and yet wo havo tho HeJ Astra
cluin, Fanny nnd several others, but
perhaps he does not consider these as
early as desired for tho coming new
red variety.
Seth J. T. Bush, formerly president,
declared that New York was the
greatest fruit producing state and that
It should lead the whole country In
progresslveness and efllclency In fruit
growing as well as In farming.
Every farmer should gt behind the
Dairymen's League If farmers wero
orgnnlzed they could fix a prico for
their products, whereas now others fix
the price which tho farmer must ac
cept. We welcome government aid,
but object to Knvernment Interfer
ences. We stand for efficiency In the
State and nation. This society should
use Its Influence to stabilize waijfs on
tho farm. Fruit growers pay too high
prices for apple barrels and other
packages. It may bo necessary for
fruit growers to cooperate and maffu
facturo barrels and other packages for
Mr. Hogers claimed that western
New York was one of tho favored,
places where apples can be grown to
the best advantage and moro cconom.
Ically than In other sections. He said
that there had been but few apple
trees planted In western New York In
the last ten years, not enough to take
tho place of old orchards whose best
days are passed Our apple grading
law Is going to be helpful If enforced.
We do not now havo to watt tvinty
tivo years for apple orchards to come
Into fruit beurlng as our fathers did,
1 t are able to get trees Into profit
able bearing In eight or ten years by
w-lieadlng and up-to-date pruning.
The time has now como for planting
moro orchards.
Prof. F. C. Stuart said that one re
sult of the severe winter of 1917-1S
might result in tho trees being at
tacked by fungus that otherwise would
not liato occurred, and by cankers of
various kinds and crown rot and root
rot. Prof. Hendricks says that much
attention Is being given to rontngious
plant diseases. Ho Is hopeful that
some time a valuable seedling apple
nnd a seedling p-ar will be produced.
A Michigan man said that the out
look for the applo growing. Industry
was good and that apples were
bringing a better price in Michi
gan than In New York State. It was
claimed that national prohibition
of 191 7 has two-inch caliper in
of 1918.
would not affect the profits of grpe
1 etrowinK.
The new name for the united two
societies is the New York Horticul
tural Society. .John Hall, after tk.rty
years of service as secretary and
treasurer of the Western New York
Horticultural Society, decllnoi o be
a candidate for the coming ye ir.
Charles A, Green.
The fruit of the New Globe tomato
Is solid, the llesh is linn, tho flavor
excellent and the -eeds are few. It
Is, therefoie. an excellent variety for
t-b'e use and Is particularly recom
mended for private Hardens.
The plants are very prolific, espe.
dally when a slnKlc stem Is trained
to upricht stakes. All shoots should
be cut out as fast as they appear. In
i any case do not permit more than
three stems to develop In each plant
The fruit Is deep ros" color nnd Is
produced early, about ten days later
than I-.arllaiia. ami from then on until
frost kills the In vt (lowers, tho plants
will be in lienrltiK.
The first crown cluster of sliuhtly j
flattened fruits will set within eight
Inches of the base of the plants Olus- i
ters of from four to six fruits, aver- 1
at?lnff three Inches In diameter each !
way, are borne every siv or eight
Inches all alonir the branches.
I A school teacher having a reputa
tion for obtainlim e.vceptlonallv ncod
i results with her scholars said that
with some of her pupils it was Impos-
sitiie to obtain results until she
aroused their Ire.
The writer has tried most every
thing to nroiixe New York State fruit
Krowers, without result. The hendinf:
of this article is ulven In the hope, as
a last resort, that It may arouse the
Ire of State fruit Krowers to such an
extent that they will wake up and
take what beloiiKS to them, at least
keeping the other fellow from their
place ut Ihe table until they hnve
been served.
Recently in conversation with a uen
tlemau, a native of western New
York, who Is connected with one of the
larRest corporations: In the world, the
question was if-hed wh then- wete no
Wct-M'c ov Yfit-I, ,p,,, , i,, be I,,,, t
NW "'k I'll' lie u,, "Til,,;, ,,H
the finest upples produced, and i can
only buy Pacific coast apples here. I
prefer State apples even If I had to
pay more."
The retail frwit stores and stores
that sell fruits and vegetables do not
handle Sluto tipples, or very few of
them. The writer lias tried repeatedly
to buy them. Everywhere arc the
Western apples, shipped thousands.of
mlles, driving tho better flavored
homo apples out of the market. Cur
loads of these upples como In and tako
tho market from local growers.
When asked why they do not keep
New York npples tho dealers Invari
ably reily that they do not run suffl
cii'iitly even In size.
Barrels of .State npples con be had,
and even when purchased through the
State Bureau of Markets they do not
run sufficiently even to give satisfac
tion at least mine did .not.
If the apple growers of New York
will get togethtr and put up apples of
uniform size In boxes they can get as
good or better prices than tho West
erners. One of the organization could como
to New York, open a little place, ad
vertise and set the business moving,
beginning with the early apples In the
autumn and running through the sea
son. The dealers would handle them In
storage. If the stock was sulllclently
A big business can be done. No
vthero on earth are so many indi
viduals able and willing to pay top
prices to get the best as in New York
city and State, otherwise the West
erners would seek a market nearer
Wake up, fruit growers of New
York, and claim your Inheritance.
In tho spring of 1917 an orchard of
Lcherry trees was set out by the Neosho
rwir-J-erief, Company, and the pnoto
graph from which the illustration was
made was taken of the same trees In
October, 191S, showing the caliper to
bo two Inches. This Is the result of
planting good trees.
H. P. Gould of the United States De
partment of Agriculture says: "The
selection of trees suitable for planting
Is fundamental to tho success of the
orchard. To plant a poor tree Is to
start with a handicap that may con
tinue throughout tho life of the
"The soctlon of the country from
which trees are obtained Is unlmpor-.
tant so long as the tress are well
grown, healthy nnd typical of the de
sired varieties. The growing of good
trees depends upon favorable condi
tions and proper management In the
nursery, und these factors aro not pe
culiar to any particular section. The
Inherent quolitles of a variety do not
change when the trees are grown in
different s-ections of the country. If
the variety Is hardy It will continue to
be so; If it Is susceptible to some dis
ease It is not made less so by growing
tho tree during Its nursery period In
some particular region."
In thi KiiKllfh courts u cas" has ro
ci'ntly len di'dik'ri In which the de
fi'iuiant hail picked applo from the
ovprhaiiRlnp brunches of his tii-lsli-bnr's
trocn nnd for his ripht to do so
relied on the Rvnoral custom of lop
ping overhanglnR branches.
Provided it was done in a reason
able way. at a proper season, the Judge
admitted the rlpht to lop trees In this
position, but stated that nevertheless
when the branches- were severed It
llil r t Rive the defendant any prop
erty rmht In them or in any fruit that
mlxht be on them The pioperty pre
Mously "real" became "personal" and
remained in the owner of the tree. A
man mlKht remove a nuisance, yet he
could not in Keneral appropriate the
materials union caused the nuisance
and convert them to his own use. The
efendant had converted the personal
property of the plaintiff to his own
use and for that wrotiR the plaintiff
wis entitled to damages nnd costs of
This is as tho law may be expected
to be applied also In the United
Raymond Woodruff, the twelve-year-old
son of Clayton Woodruff of Sandy
Creek, X. Y., thinks it pays to ralso
hops. Last June ho bousht two pigs
There is health as well as economy
to be jained in grindinR your own
graham flour, with the added satis
action of knowing it is absolutely
Whole wheat means better health
ur the whole family and is most im
portant w here there arc children. The
runs easily and grinds rapidly, quick
ly transforming wheat into wholt
wheat flour. It makes corn meal, rye
Hour, hominy, cracks peas, beans and
grinds colTee, spices and has many
other uses and is needed in every
wheat or other
otiltr food
egg production,
Operates easily
as tho Iwartnps run
on halls. kTlnds
rapidly and laat a
life time. Tho best
nun mado.
Write for
printed matter.
Heniemtmr tbn
prion is only SJ..10
and I'ltK-l'AY
the esprwa charges.
A. H. Patck
Clarksville, Tennessee
i:slahllslicd INs.1,
Im enter and Rule Maker nf Ulark Hank
t'urn hhi llrr 'I l.o u.iM IhtkcIi Mild and
! lt:il kliiun Kl.ilhr In thu norld
C Pr ce
w"easx snr err
for which ho paid $12. They wer
butchered four months later ond Bold
for $82.46. His carefully kept recon
of costs showed he mndo a profit of
Wvury nnnlfrvmnn nbotlld nwn ft
good frrlndlnn mill. Grinding grain be
fore feeding saves tho energy of the
hens nnd Increases tho production of
eggs, A grinding mm soon pays lor
CISED. In tho September Issue of tho
Ladles Home Journal an article ap
peared by Bernard Baruch. Chairman
of the War Industrie Board, In which
ho suggested discontinuing the uae of
flowers, so the men employed In green
houses might be released to go out on
farms and ralso wheat for soldiers, or
go into factories and make shells, guns
and the like.
A flood of criticism waa made, not
only by florists but also by thoao en
gaged In othor occupations; perhaps
most from country people.
The first Idea was to pay no atten
tion to tho criticisms, but aa all re
strictions nra off and war work at an
end it Is interesting to note the points
Tho general tone of the comments
suggested that of ail ion-oasentlal
businesses at all times, during war
.nd peace, one that could bo perma
nently dispensed with, so the thou
sands engaged In tho business might
l i rn their attention to some useful,
productive occupation, was the busi
ness of brciters who sell stocks. Prob
ably localise it was understood that
Mr. Baruch had been a stock broker,
some asked If lie could point to nnv
o;.e day's work that actually added
anything- to the productiveness or
we.ilth of the world.
The criticism of speculating In
f jodstuffs, nnd brokers who make It
possible, was genersl, and the question
was asked why these men were not
put at producing crops.
The theatrical, moving picture,
opera performers and entertainers
generally camo In for a round of
criticism. It waa suggested that, suf
fering the tribulations of war. It was
no time for people to witness buffoon
cry, least of all to spend money for
't that was needed by the Govern
"ient. Actor. were classed its non
producers, and It seemed to be con
sidered time thit they were employed
iroduclng something that was needed
The florists claimed that where
there was one llorLnt there were more
than a hundred actors, and tho thea
tres of the country consumed many
times more coal than the greenhouses,
but the theatres were not restricted.
Farmers suggested that more rea
sonable regulations would havo been
issued and that there would hive been
!tr less waste and political Jobbing If
nt least a few g-ood business farmers
had been utilized on some of the manv
New Way
In France th world' mot famout labora
tory hap discovered a germ thnt kills rati
and mlc by science. Absolutely safe. Can
not possibly h.irm humfcn Leini. do,
ojtn, blrdi or pets Quickly clear dwelt
Inge, factories. etorare plants, barna,
chicken hous-a. etc. with no ofTenal
lifter-effects It 1b called
Danysz Vi us Free Book
Get our interesting free book on rata and
mice, telling about DANYSZ Villi's and
how to obtain si.nie Cab, urlte or tele
phone IIanov,.r Addrras VIM'S MM
ITED Ir.. l"r V Street New York
Vbisir Hens
R you pive them help. To male
epRS they must eat, d.geal and atslmt
late plenty of feed, Many rations
are unsatisfactory, being unpalatable,
coarse and lard to digest.
Poultry Regulator
males pood rations better, is a
necesssity in inferior ones. It flavors
feed mixtures, thus inducing layers
to eat more. It assists digestion and
asii.nilation so the birds "pet the
pood" oi what they eat. It tones
up and invigorates the whole system,
speeds up the layers, brings a steady
flow of high-priced winter eggs.
Cuaranteed satisfactory or your money
i.ri lurpir irom your cnicr
itwij. aniLC every Lcn lay nuw,
Vh for FREE Pcullrs Dock.
Chicago r
M WlSSer fe.
rPHE scarcity of green stuff,
bugs, worms, etc., cuts tho egg
supply. A good tonic is essential
to keep the ecu organs active and
responsive. Feed Dr. Hess Poul
try Pan-a-cc-a to keep poultry
healthy and make your hens and
pullets lay. If it doesn't, return
the empty packages aud get your
money back.
Dr. lies Instant Louse Killer
kills liiv on poultry and stock Dust In
the fcithera and add to the dust bath occa.
sionall) .
For Bonp as
Dr Heal
Btsp aady
rot iu tj
in poultry
Hi.. :i
!.:': iKIiP J liii.
Vra :sitijitfiV ' :!
It" I'i'I h
Toronto " W MAr Mmmmu
,it !i' ron Worlll's lPst American and English Stn-'us Hurred K
Rhode Inland Reds, White LcRhoms Trr.n nest rocurds up to '.;
1 ho itality Kind. You cr.n sr.ve $3 per 100 bj hookiiiR your order .
I'frulurs ami nrtre lift fm
boards, composed exclusively of city
men. This, they said, accmed to be a
city man's war, the success of which
depended almost) wholly on tho abso
lute loyalty and patriotism of the
farmers, who woro obliged to talte In
structions from city men and swivel
chair farmers.
MT.AIftilllman's popular It. I Johnny-
cake meat. Oround fresh In the old fash
ioned water power stems mill. Sifted ready
for uae.; 10 lbs., for 11.00 postpaid.
OKO. L. STIt.UMAN, Dahlia Specialist,
Westerly, H. I. Box S..
Direct from the farm. Fresh Sausigt.
41 eta. per Ib.i Smoked, 45 eta ; Sausag
Meat, J cts. per lb.; Scrapple, 20 cts. per ,
lb. Mads from choicest farm raised meat,
Prepaid In orders of ( lbs. or more. lrfs
than I lbs, 10 cts. additional for postage,
packing, Ac. Cash must accompany order;
also chocks accepted. A trial w'M convlnca
that our products are the best obtainable.
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HONEY It'a a fine healthful food! Just
the thing for growInK children. Taylor's
Dee Made Honey la pure and will be deliv
ered to you by parcels poet, either clover
or burJtwheat flavor, I lb. pall, II. CS; 10 Ih.
pall, (8.20: 10 palls or more, 1071 off; terms
cash: C. O. D. too. extra: also put up In
glass for grocerman; also bee supply cata
logue or facta about honey free. Addrevs
The Ileroy Taylor Co., Newnrk, N. V.
PUrtB HONKY (buckwheat or cloier
honey) 3 lb. can, II. J5; 6 lb. can, 12.40 II
lb. can. II. !i. Apple Duller, per gal.,
i:.3S. Boiled Cider (4 Into 1), qt., 60 rts
2 fits., l; gal.. 11.?:, postpaid. ! J.
Strlttmatter & Wife, Ebensburg K. D. 1. Pa.
nEAUTirUL. AKdOIlA I'ats and Kl
tens maka the best rattrrs 16.00 up.
f lamp for reply. HAY VIKW FARM, No-th
Haven. Maine
rini.D skkd.
KKI) CORN Stlllman'a Special HhnM
Is'and Double Cap Corn Kxtra larce
kernels Small cob. both ends cnvei ed .
rn Makes the sweetest and 'vhlteet It I
lfal. Plant the best, lirow the best ind
i:t the best, 0c pt , 11 00 qt . 13 no I 1,
J5.00 8 uts. CJEO. 1. 3T11.I.MA.V lil
specialist, Westerly. It. I.. Box SO Si
for my free Dahlia catalogue, lllusfatln;
this corn.
T., now offer a choice number of p.egis
tered Puroe Jersey sows bred for spnr.i;
farrow. Also service boars and Hsby
Duroca at llu each Kcprees i'ald
Poland China Pigs Mc', .Wd'.r'n'VJfi-TT?:
Celebrities. Dr. Knox, P. O. Box 10. Danbun.
Grand Champion Stock
iccKisteren mimr-si cr?y mors.
Flntt Blond tn A merle.
Foundation Stock that will Improve 1
any henl Snrvl.f bo&r, bred gllta, brood
miws for immediate delivery
Prk-c RtaoiiAblr. Pee Our iee
Ofhrra then 1) convinced, Mrmey
refunded If not unified.
SWIEI Ulkk FARVS, he. SomimCi, K. J.
GIANT HARES. We have the most
up to date Rnbbit Farm in New Jer
sey, located at Madison, N. J., and
offer at our salesrooms, 62-54 Vesey
Strefet, New York, Hares from $2.00
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C Iliilse llelgiiui Hares for Mr.
VAtf Huge pr 'Ills eash) end
jflM pleasantly mads 1 suppi
fJIfclBHsMm. stock and way you 30c a
Wls JJgaT pound on foot lor nil iu
sfsfgmEL raise A bis offer Con-
tract and famous book ted
Ing how to raise, 10c. Act now. Uept 22.
WM DAMM ANN, Egg Harbor Cit, N. J
MAKE tOI'It HKNft I.A Try Mann's
Green Hone Cutter. Cuts fresh, raw hop
with adhering meat and gristle false e.
Bupplit two to tour ttmtg. Thousands areusi'
It, Our free bovk explains system Ma.'hi
sold on 10 daja' FKEK TKIAI-. V, r
W MANN CO, Uox lis Mllford, Mm
No. 1 Kill fer aneu.re IT
!). Ojaur Slls, Gnt sul
nMrr.atsMllJa, Qm, Ben
nd cfor CuHcps. r,mt
SlUsrs for Poq!U7 lVooiae.
puns or oil eilot tor vu
poaoo. Hand sd povor.
Hrlt (or lllo.b.ud CaU
locoa lot pricoo.
Box No.1 Esjton, Vt.
Ilefore you buy an Incubator get our Spe
cial Bargain 1.1st and new complete . .
log of Incubators, brooders, ready t . .
houses, supplies, thoroughbred pou t
eggs and baby chicks Write to-dav
Cj cle Hatcher Co., 37 rhllo IIdg,.EImlra. 1 .
cial ten day offer; lOc leas thnn
last year's prices. You will save
40Tr by ordering now. THE MAC
52-54 Vesey Street, New York.
nrtEEDINO STCVK- Uarred Ito Its a' i
Kerrls Strain White l,et,-hf'rns, I2 ' r
coop, S hens. 1 toekere I.lmttel n .nt',
only for sale Corkerets. 13 nd I en
Immediate or future leier PA K KM N ."4
KHM Edaood I Provide .'e H
Pedigreed White Wyandotte
Have nadt f'ecord at Storrs. Ecgs and
c hn.ks tor N.ik Send for circular.
Cockerels For Sale K .Vi.sT!1.?;"."""'
TlKae Cockerels will please an on- a
.OK n" o slock liiarante,d to p , .,
111. o refunded IT. re ea.-h 4
hens. I . m 'S old. 'isl the ih1 r f
l'gtti S'l earn dil aa
CI.ISTDN It. IIOI SKI . Ulngneo. S I
Qft'lreeils Pesi-rlptton lopa,. t,. n
ouiulartree luc in' '-'de i-tn ,1 k
ilnr llerees'a I'oult-a I'et I'arm I - l
purchase poor stock when yo.i
ixet Rood reliable stock for tho - r-f
price? Write us for pricop
breeds or cull nt our snlesioon -54
Vesey Street, or our bari
Madison, N. J. THE MAi V '
2'10 0UO 1'111,'JCM- Slc I
vr$ reusollit'te pt , e-, Kit- ,1. '.
nntee I , ,. ,'.,KU, ft, . hi :
IIVTOIIHM ' till. '! !
.Mone In llmh.
"ur l, nut ;,ii,l, t 11 ...k
Prtpi-t Mil, ii hi r it'
ok .' -. c .ni "T
rui for II ia
Poilltr, Advocate. Iiepl i. 1
White Rock Cockerels l,::",-:'.
eai h rtliur lolleld, 'lie. n I

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