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Facts and FJgnrcs Just Made
Public Show Bomarkablo
Troductivo Ability.
The following Interesting facts and
Azures wcro furnished by Albert Hirst
ot Allwrt Hint, Inc., 2008 Broadway,
the largest Kord dealers In the metropoli
tan territory, showing tho irreat work
.done by tho Ford Motor Company dur
ing the w.ir.
Without Rolmr Into particulars, the Jol
loittng Items will Rive om Idea ot the
value the Ford Motor Company was
to the Government of tho United States
In Its call for the slnows of war:
More than 2,000,000 steel hclmotit.
brar for 5,000 13 cylinder Liberty
Motors. Over 1.S00 had been delivered
when the armlsllco was signed, and they
trero Just striking their producing capac-
'lTcn thousand caissons, mainly for
155 mm. guns. Something over 8,000
Order for 112 Eagle boats, 200 feet
lonff. 25 fot beam. Something like 26
delivered, when tho order was reduced to
ii. The balance will be finished toy
August 1.
More than S.000 trucks. More than
JS.OOO regular Ford cars. Moro than
,000 ambulances. ,
, Four hundred thousand cylinders for
liberty motors! Because of the super
iority of tho work On this .article the
Government placed the order with the
Irtrd Motor Company to mako all the
'cylinders for all (ho Liberty motors mode
In America. The original order was
practically completed when tho armistice
was signed, and a new order' for 300,000
hart Just been entered.
Seven hundred thousand bearings for
the Liberty motor. Hero again tlw Gov
ernment recognized the superior quality
of tho bearings mado by tho Ford Motor
Company and placed tho order with
them for nil the bearings for all the
liberty motors mado " In the United
Ftatcs. On this order over 400,000 bear
ings had been delivered.
Pcvcn hundred thousand cyllndcr'forg
lr.fi for Liberty motors. Onco again tho
Government reoogrjios tho superiority of
,ronl work, and placed orders with tho
rompnny for all the cylinder forglngs
If.ir all the Liberty motors mado In
;Air.rlca. Over 400,000 had been deliv
er .1
I A large volumo of experimental work
:! done In building three ton military
jt.ml.s. and the Government had just
!pla-ecl orders for 15,000 of tho small,
Jtwnmnn, military tanks, and 8,000 of the
J six ton military tanks. Cancellation
came before more than a dozen or so
tanks had been delivered. But the foun
dations had been laid nnd the super
structure almost completed for an enor
'mous building In which the Ford Motor
;Company Intended making tanks alone.
Of course, this building comes In mighty
'useful In the enlargement of the Ford
iSIotor Company's business.
; Motion picture reels In. behalf of Lib
erty loans, Hed Cross and patriotic fund
work were mado by tha Ford Motor
! Company and supplied to tho Govern
Jir.ent In sufficient quantities to serve Lue
; entire United States In motion pictures,
; Motion picture reels 1ft "volumes sufflcl-
ent to serve the armies of the United
! States In France, Italy and Palestine
I were furnished by tho motion picture
department of the Ford Motor Company.
t The Ford Motor Company nleo did
more than tl.000,000 of work In tho pro
duction of special devices for the Navy
'Department of tho British Government.
( The Kord Motor Company also fur
nished tho Government with 275 skilled
mechanics for work In France.
The Ford Motor Company aleo,
tlrnush their chemical laboratory, co-
operated with the manufacturers of gas
.masks for the United States Army.
An average of 3J.000 men nnd women
;ivere employed In tha main factory at
,Hleh!and Park, 6,800 men at the Bhlp
i building plant on tho Itlver Itouge, 4.000
"men employed at the new blast furnace
THE SUN, SUNDAY,' MAY "4; 1919.
In course of construction on th Ttours,
2B0 mon employed at the carburetor
plant, or on average of 45.000 nmnloveea.
practically all on 100 per cent. Govern
ment work, under a standard eight hour
uay ana & minimum wage of 5 a day.
Ilnlph Mock Does Wot Look (or
At n dinner given last Saturday by
tho Amerldvn Motors Corporation to
dealers, parts makers and prominent au
tomobile men In general Ralph D. Mock,
comntroller nf the ir.-n..irA n a
Stool Company, stated that a substantial
"'"f uuiuinoune prices noed not oo
looked for after July I. - Present prloea
are governed largoly by labor coats, said
Mr. Mock. Its raw state tho actual
cost of tho material that enters Into the
making of an automobile Is a very small
proportion of Its final cost and for this
reason fluctuations In the material mar
ket are not a determining factor. It Is
the labor required to work up the ma
terial Into flnlnhori nnll. ..1,1.).
finally assembled Into a completo car
uim governs me cost In the lost analysis,
and It Is not likely that there will be a
reduction In the prices paid for labor.
On the contrary there Is a general feel
ing among automobile manufacturers
that In the process of readjustment that
Is now going on wages ahould be main
tained at present rates. 11era Is a
growing tendency among parts makers
to demand n better grade of workman
shin duo lftreelv f n thn ,.nn.man. tv.i
- - . f...v..a.tia .
have crnwn nut tt thai n-rimt a .. i
r worn, and manufacturers as a whole
are wining to pay the Increased cost
that im T7 pc'san r-v in hami. ).
manshlp. Manufacturers In the automo-
uuo innustry oo not uemana a reduction
In wages nnd there la no' likelihood that
labor would stand for It If they did.
Mr. Mock also stated that from In
formation ho had tho outlook for the
sale of- automobiles this year was un
usual. Partly nut nf TiatHnfl m'd.M.k.
atlons and partly on account of the
enoriago ot earn during the past year
automobile owners have been' making
their old cars servo them, and as a re
sult their old cars In many Instances are
ready for tho scrap heap. An a result of
thU condition a demand for new cars
has developed which has literally over
whelmed manufacturers, who are still
struggling with tho problem of getting
their plants on a quantity production
Will Handle TV tick Sales In Canada.
Another well known motor car man
has been added to the salsa staff of the
General Motors Truck Company at
l'ontiao in the person of Fred Post.
whoso appointment to tho G.' M. C. sell
ing force has Just been announced.
Mr. Post comes it the G. M. C. organi
zation direct from the United States
Army, having' served since the fall of
191? In the Quartermaster Division of
tho Motor Transport Corps. Mr. Post
held the rank of Captain and his duties
were In connection with the production
of motor vehicles. Practically his en
tire service was epent In direct touch
with the motor truck production for the
Previous to entering the service Mr.
Post had a background of many years'
experience In the automobile manufac
turing business. He was for fourteen
years connected with the Olds Motor
Company of Lansing, serving In Its ser
vice and other departments. J
In announcing the appointment of Mr.
Post to tho G. M. C. sales division Ross
Sweet, assistant sales manager, stated
that Mr. Post would devote his entire
time to marketing G. M. C. trucks In
Canada. There already are a large
number of G. M. C. trucks In the Domln
Ion, and there Is a brisk demand for
these trucks all over Canada, business
firms being more than willing to pay the
duty on motor trucks for the opportunity
to havo G. M. C.'s.
"Mr. Post's army experience has given
him a fplendld knowledge of the motor
truck field as well as of G. M. C
trucks," said Mr. Sweet. 'ThlB. together
with his long connection In the automo
bile Industry, makes htm particularly
well fitted for representing the factory
sales division in Canada."
Snappy Briscoe Roadster.
The Ilrlacon la proving one of the lenders this year tn tha
t price Arid In this territory. Tho Garland Automobile Co. at
;ilroadrtar and 02d street are ordering these little felloTTs by the
earload and apparently cannot Ket enough of them.
' i
An excuse is of little value
when deliveries are late.
Bethlehem Dependable Deliv
ery makes excuses unneces
sary. Yi ton chassis 2 ton chassis 3J ton chassis
$1965 $2365 $3465
F. O. B. Allentown, Pa.
of New York, Inc.
Service Station, W. O. Crabtree,
605 W. 51st St. 1893 Broadway.
Cow Smith Will Hold Session
I V, i
on Important' Ono Tomorrow.
Of the sovernl hearings which Got.
Alfred E Smith has announced for the
next fair- -days,! two nro: of particular
Interest to automoblllsts. Tho first
hearing will be held tq-raorroy at )2
o'clock, at which time the Knlght
Wheelock ,blll, which, proposes to In
crease the fees of operators and also
calls for' an examination, will bo thor
oughly discussed. Tho second hearing
Is slated.' for May 13 at 2 o'clock, nnd
concerns tho proposed change and In
creasing of nutomobllo registration fees
in ,uiis state. Tho Knlght-Whoclock
bill Is of mors Interest to motorists In
New Yprkclty and tho Immediate, vicin
ity V than toi the rest of tho State.
Ijoth 'hearings will probably attract
large numbers of automoblllsts. Tho
hearings will be held tn the executive
chamber on the second floor of tho
capitol. Judge W. Bruce Cobb and
other well known fleuros In tho metro
politan trafflo courts will attend Mon-
aays noarlng.
There aro four bills of Interest to
automoblllsts In tho hands of the Gov
ernor, in addition to the two nlreadv
mentioned, there la a third bill which.
lr signeu, win requlro all motor trucks
operating on tho lilchwavs of this State
to be equipped with mirrors. This meas
ure is not opposed by tho Motor Truck
Association of New York, nnd will prob
ably bo signed. The other bill Is what
Is generally termed "tho etolon car
measure," and Is without opposition.
Naturally enough tho greatest Inter
est centres around tho bill which has
for Its purpose tho radical chango In
computing the annual registration fees
and which carries with "It a consider
able Increase. Advocates of tho bill as
wrt that Grgl, Nebraska, ftoiith Da
kota and the District .of Columbia are
the only ones where a lower rata of
motor vehicle registration provalls than
In New York State. They contend that
this State, with over B.000 miles' of Im
proved highways nnd many hundreds of
mllos designated for early completion,
should Increase its registration fees.
Already this Stato has spent about
200.000,000 on Its good roads, whllo
$20,000,000 has been expended In the
last five years for maintenance alone'.' ''
Tha proposed measure, which will Un
doubtedly bring forth plenty5 of opposi
tion, makes the fee 25 cents per horse
power, 40 cents for each $100 .valuation',
or a car. After a car Is three Vears old
the valuation Is reduced to 25 cents
per -loo, and alter 'flvo years to 10
ctnts per 1100. At the present time,
uie receipts or me state's Motor' ve
hicle Bureau aro divided' eaually1 be.
tween tho Btate and tho oouhttes. the
money botng used for Improving the
mgnways, except mat portion whlcn
goos to New York City, arid reverts to
tho goiieral fund. Tho bill in. Us pres.
ent form, changes this division ,of feear
w wmi me oiaio win receive b per
cent and tho counties 25 per'"cont. ' '
Tho registration fea charged, In States
adjoining New York nnd In ' Canada
on cars of about 22.5 h, p:. tho horso
power of a Ford cor, which Is now $5
in this stato, follows:
Pennsylvania Fee, $10.00, no added
Massachusetts Fee $10.00, personal
tax (property) In addition.
Connecticut Fee $11.25, personal tax
(property) in addition.
Vermont Fee $22.50, first yenr reg
istration fee in lieu of all taxes; fee
$16,875, second year; fee $11.26, sue.
cceding years.
New Jersey Fee $7.50; personal tax
in nddltlon.
Ontario, Canada Fee $10.00, no added
New Hampshire Foe $15.00, per
sonal tax In addition.
Rhode Island Feo $10.00, personal
property by cltlos and towns additional
New Phianna Has Style and Speed.
One of the Newest Stewarts.
ijBMfliiH f r?ft Mmm
sbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbBPHIP'' TmtMMm
This 1 1-2 ton model of the well known Stewart lino Is find
ing a ready market here according to Eugene llerrman, president
of the llerrman Motor Track Co. of New York.
Capital Stock Increased and
Annual Output to Bo
15,000 Cars.
Although rated at 28 hp., the engine of this flne new Phianna
deTrlopn OO hp. tt Is being exhibited by the Morton W. Smith Co.
at JO W. 44th street. An exceptional Thtanna chassis also Is being
shown.- A glance at the Immense rear spring need In this car la
nil that Is necessary to convince one that all the claims mode for
the easy 'riding qualities of this car cannot help being trne.
Now Has Capacity of 150,000
Spark Pings n Day.
A striking example of the progress
made by manufacturers of motor car ac
cessories In this country may bo found
In tho record of tho Champion Spark
Plug Company of Toledo, Ohio, manu
facturers of spark plugs for all types of
gasolene motors.
From a small beginning, with a pro
duction of less than 300 plugs a day,
this Toledo concern has Bhown a rc
markablo growth and to-day It stands
ns tho largest producer of spark plugs
In tho world.
Fow men have figured mora promi
nently In commercial success than It. A.
Stranahnn and F. V. Stranahan, presi
dent nnd treasurer respectively of tho
They moved from Boston to Toledo so
as to bo nearer tho big motor car fac
tories, nnd although they started In to
manufacture epark plugs on n small
scale, It was not long beforo the nuallly
of their product attracted the attention
of a numbor of the more prominent au
tomobile builders.
The first big contract closed called for
delivery of 100.0U0 plugs In twelve
month, outers lollowed and In 1312
tho business haa grown to such un ex
tent that It was found necessary to move
Into larger quarters.
Tho original iloor spneo was 300
Bquare foot, whlcn has been Increased
from year to year until tho Champion
factory of to-day coasts of moro than
100,000 square feet of floor spaco and
has a production capacity of 1 DO, 000
upark plugs a day.
Oil Filler.
Frequently It la desired to use an ordi
nary oil filler can with a metal spout In
tilling some out of the way oil hole.
Hy slipping a piece of rubber hose over
the end of the spout, almost any loca
tion can be reached.
Tires Need Immediate Cleaning
When OU-Spattered.
The coming of the dusty days of
summer makes It deslrablo tor automo
billets to receive autorltatlve Informa
tion regarding the effect of oiled roads
on their tires.
The laboratories of the United States
Tire Company have given special ntten
Hon to this problem. Their experts
state that Injury to tires, from oil on
roads in which the oil has worked well
Into the road surface. Is so slight as to
bo negligible.
But If an automobile Is compelled to
pass over newly oiled highways the
automoblllst should, Immediately after
passing through tho oil, take steps to
remove any that has adhered to his
tires. Delay In giving this matter at
tention means serious harm to the
tire. The best method of removing the
oil Is to wipe the tiro carefully and
then sponge It with gasolene. Oil Is
highly soluble In gasolene nnd can. b
removed from the tires quickly and eas
ily with the aid of gasolene.
Petroleum oils, such as light lubri
cating oils, are especially bad, for all
rubber goods. Rubber Is porous and the
oil works Its way In,, producing a chem
ical Chun co which makes tho rubber
weak and mushy. Tho effect may not
bo noticed at once by the tire user.
Oil spilled on a tiro or tubo will shorten
Its life. Tire casings which have been
spotted with oil will wtar out faster
In those spots. In the case of the
Inner tube tne oil will weaken It and
cause tt to tear and stretch more easily.
lllra Paste.
Many cor owners employ a paste made
of flake graphite and Unseed oil to rub
on the Inner surface of the rim, before
the cnelng Is put In place, This prevents
rust forming on the rim and eliminates
sticking by the casing.
jjj SfcSBisK shsislssfc sVsbssK ifc s!6 s sfc gsE--jf
Economy through Quality
Hand-made Globe Tires cost
you a little more at the dealer's,
but a great deal less on the road.
Mileage is built into Globe Tires
slowly and carefully by hand.
They cost about 10 more than
ordinary tires, but they give you
about 50 more mileage. When
you divide the price you pay by
the mileage you get, you will find
that Hand-made Globe Tires are
always the most economical tires
you can buy.
Executive Offices, 1851 Broadway, New York City
Factories, Trenton, N. J.
Branches In Now York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston
E. SCHOONMAKER CO., Inc., Distributors
Walter O. Singer, Mgr., 1130 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dealers in open territory are invited to write
for information about our exclusive franchise
The capacity output of tho Ilaynes
Automobile Company, Kokomo, Indiana,
will be Increased to 1C.000 oars annually,
according to plans which were decided
upon at a rooent meeting of tho direc
tors of the company. To mako this
huge oxpanslon possible the directors
voted to construct a large new factory
building and a forgo shop, nnd to In
crease the capital stock from thrco and
a half million to flvo million dollars.
A. Q. Boiberllng. under whoso suc
cessful management tho Haynes Auto
mobile Company has attained Its present
enviable position among the loaders of
the automobile Industry, was elected sec
ond vice-president In addition to his
new duties Mr. Selberllng will continue
as general manager. March Ilaynes,
son of Elwood Ilaynes, the Inventor of
America's first successful automobile,
and president of tho company, was
chosen assistant treasurer and secretary.
The vast plans for expansion by the
builders of "America's Klrst Car" were
decided upon becauso of the unprece
dented demand for Haynes cars through
out the world, and constitute ono of the
Important responses of American Indus
try to the Government's request that
"big business" lead the way In national
"Wo decided upon this gigantic In
crease because there was nothing else
for us to do If we aro to meet the
worldwldo demand for Haynoa cars,"
declares Mr. fielberllng. "Tho step was
taken after a careful study and analysis
bf tho automobile xttuatlon, which de
termined to our complete satisfaction
that the demand for automobiles for
several years to come will far exceed
the combined output of American fac
tories." The new factory building, which, when
completed, will be the largest of Its kind
In the State of Indiana, will be COO feet
long, 1C0 feet wide and four etorles In
height, making an additional factory
spaco of 300,000 square feet. The bull t
Ing Is to bo of modern fireproof St
and concroto construction, and will
used for assembling, trimming, painting
and storage. The new forre shop wllft
havo a floor space of 12,600 square feet.
A 7S0 horse-power plant will heat the
now building.
The efficient progressive system of
manufacturing will be adopted through
out. Several hundred thousand dollars
will bo spent on up-to-date machinery
and equipment, thus Insuring quality and
qunntltly production. It Is estimated
thnt the normal output of tho enlarged
Haynes factory will bo fifty cars a day.
Work on the now buildings will be
started Immediately, and It Ib expected
thnt they will bo completed early this
Two Hundred Dollars brings
a soldier home.
Trucks and
that are
built for wear
' II"
Save Time, Money and Men
Any good make' of motor truck under
average conditions will easily negotiate
the transport of double its rated tonnage
by the proper Warner Trailer application.
We have a size for any truck or pas
senger car two and four wheel types.
Inquire for full information
Kaufmann-Stowers Co., Inc.,
1776 Broadway
Circle 5695
Service Station 534-38 W. 49th St.
Bronx Branch 2468 Grand Concourse Fordham 5922
YOUR longing for a Mercer may now
be fulfilled. You will enjoy its lux
urious performance the more for having
had to wait. The dependable might of
its 73 horse-power, 4-cylinder engine;
the charm and finesse of its design; tha
comfort and safety of its going through
out its vast range of speeds these are
once more available for those who prizo
this peace car.
A Mercer owner drives his own car
because he likes to.
Whiting" Motor Company
1802 Broadway, New York
Manufacturer by
Mercer AulornoLile Company
Trenton New Jersey
352 Central Avenue, Newark

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