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? turns:
I rfSsas.
i' r
Jtcginnld dc Keren's Work Jlas
Spirit of T'l'iinh, Good
iluinor. .
Percy Jlnckayc's Hook 3Ittikcl
l)y Pietnvesqiiencss and Win
ninpr Humanity.
nip Vnn WlnUI"--A the l.ettngton
Hip Van Winkle, ...Ueorun BaUanoff
Hindrick Hudson. . . . Ilrctor Dufranno
Dlrck SpuywnduyvllMHdouard Cotreiilt
Nicholas Wilder. . .Ouilnve Hubfrdrau
Paterkft Hvrlyn Hsrhart
Katrina. V.J tin Dutch
Derrick vin liumiiifl
Uonattntln Nlculay
Jan vin Ilummel. . . .Edmoml V'ititry
liana van Hummel Harold Carroll
Dcoie Ulrl , ...lliums Noo
"Rip Vnn Winkle," folk opera In four
lift, til book by I'oiov Mnel'nyo, llio
jimiuslc by Reginald de Kuwui, wim pro
duced Last night at the, Lexington Then
r by llio Chicago Operp. -Company. Tlie
a lbr,ttll and composer were i omml.v
i 1 loua to write thin work by llio kite
Ullenfonte'Cnmiianlnl. They have there.
r'liM .u- .it..i..,r,... i -t .. ...... -
iUVJ uioiiuLiiuu m unns; me nrsi. ui
o mmuii cunipniiy ui American con-
K...A.... t I. - . i
pKwuiuiq iu wic uinaire ui gianti opcrn
y'lreeelve such nn nrrlr. Tliplr rrimtlnn
...... .....
io arsi performed on any since at the
udltorlum Theatre In Chicago on Jan
Iry 2 of tho present year.
sTIio title folk opara waa undoubtedly
I ' J50IIN.
OOI.DIIA.V. To Jlr. and Jlre. Itotert J,
Ooldman on January io, a daugnicr.
"ALLIOKn On January 50, after short
innesi, nicpara unycKincK All.ger, In
Nw York city In lila 'stventy-alxlli
year ilemlier of Alma 1-otJsr, o.
T!l. r. ft A. II. Huahand of Annie II.
Alllcer and father ot Trances Alllger
Ink and or the late Charle.i II. Alllser
and lllchard D. Alllgrr, Jr.
Burled at Christ Church Cemetery on
, January SO, 1920.
akti. At Stamford, Conn., on Thurjday,
f January i'J, l'JM, ot pneumonia, An
drew J.j age SS years, husband of
Minnie A. Uttell and son ot Harry
and Olive IS. Barber Dell.
Funeral private,
1t uuu,., iuursnay, January :j, isso,
Charles W. Bullcii, husband ot Ella I.
1 Tiullen, at hla residence. ICO Belmont
Notice, of funeral hereafter. Kingston
papers pleasa copy.
iIKE. Suddenly on Friday afternoon,
January 20, Jennie ft., wldotv of Cam
dsn C. Dike, In her eighty-third year.
Is'otlct of funeral lifer,
DUEUy. At his horns', 1131 Xorth
Droadiray, Tenkera, K. Y on Thuri
day, January 5, Judg Charles It.
Duel!, In his seventieth year.
Funeral services at hla late residence
Saturday, January 31, at 1 r, M. Jn
urment Cortland liural Cemetery, Cort
tMnd, N. Y,
IIOUT Lieut. Bernard VanderWIt
Eekbout, U. S. Navy, at Ouantanamo
' Aviation Field, n January it.
i,,!c of funeral hernafter.
jfllCll. Anno, on January SO, Eer
SS "TIIK KU.NEltAI, rillllLJi'
"rank E. Campbell). Urci'V.my, at
if ei. sixth street.. Kunday. S P. M,
T5kB0.V. On Thursday, January I).
at her raldne, ! West KUhty-
street, l'hoeba worthlnston.
,..w or William iianuinton,
Of stelfhtlsth year.
at til senteea Daturdsy afternoon,
wasjary SI, 5 o'clock.
VflNO, Cdgena, on January 30, Ser-
Vrank E. Camnbell). Ilroadtrnv at
2suty.slth street, February 1. : I', 51.
;NOSTENBEH.u. on January so, Ltoyu
IVIIIiam. eldest sen of William A. and
Msrcarat K.. seed tZ year'.
Funeral aervlces at hla late home. West
K wood, N. J Sunday afternoon nt ::30
P. M, Erie trains from Jersey City
II and S o'clock.
HOlilnVOOD. John J., hunband of
Emma U Jlollywosd, 55; Seneca ave
nue. Mount Vernon, X, V,, In tho
Delhi Hospital. Delhi, India, January
Interment, was In Delhi, India.
JfUNSJCKEF.. Helen Bolce, ulfa of Alvln
JIunslckfr, Thursday, January :3, ia:o,
unerl srvlc at late residence, 1017
A Hudson Boulevard East, vteeiiawKen,
N. J Saturday, January SI. 19!0, ot
I P. M, Kindly omit flowers. Inter
ment Prlvt.
tANE-At Flushing. U I., on January SI,
Caroline Allen, widow of William .
Lent. In her seventy-fifth yfar.
Funeral private.
LEVF.RINO. On January St, 11!", at 1
Eaat Flfty-sUtli street, itttiimona
Severing In the thlrty-n,ith year of
his age.
funeral servke and Intarment private,
Indiana, Kentucky. Chicago. Washing-
ten no linden psprs pieaee copy.
EE.r-8udde.nl; op Thursday, January 50,
Jphn T husband; of the late .Mary A,
Funeral services Masonic Temple, Twen
fourth street and Sixth avfnue, on
Sijnday, February 1. at 2:80 p. M.
P.elatlves and friends Invited. Auto
mobile cortege.
TN'D.VEIl. Walter. In his flftyfourtii
year, at lih residence, west ktih.
avenue. Fervlcra si Till' ru,n.".
illUltcil" 'Csnnbt'l Hldg.), Brond
kiy t Blity-slsth -;reet, on Hundav,
February 1, at ! A. M.
'EON. On Jury J, l:o. In his sv-
enty-llfth year, Pt P residence, i
Hlfks street. Brooklyn, William, be
lod husband -r C'lsta A, Sfsaon.
grys snr Interment prlvste.
cCOJIB. WHUam MflOl' of MKoivofn.
f, J husband of'Ulillly I- Xiirton,
on January N,
Brvptl "TUB rUMillrWi citur.en'
(Campbell Buliuingl, uroauway, at
Slxty-sUth aires!, on Saturday, Janu
ary SI, at 15 PO0"- I-slewoJ papers
please eery. '
Call "Columbus $200"
At Any Hour, Day or Night
The parting honors will be paid in, a way
Iona to no rememu'rai
menu arc In the hands
Call "Columbus 8200" Any Hour. DayarNigtn
"the funeral, CHUaCHllas.
Brostdwy at 66 St. 23 Street at a Ave
Flarrsrs far all Of cwlons. ArtUUc Funeral Oslf naour Spesiallj.
nilnptcil lo direct attention to the undis
guised purpose of the eolnborers. They
net but to create popular opera, thor
oughly American In flavor, on an Airier
Iran subject, Doubtless ustonlshment
would be canned by the expression of a
iloubt that the subject would be ac
claimed aa purely American, but unci) a
question obtrude Itself at the very
Oriuandlne threw St, David Into ft
sleep ot men year, from which no
wai nwakened by Ht. George, Kpt-
mcnldca the CInostIo (ilept llfty-eeven
years, dyneth, under the spell of Mer
Jin. slept 500 yearn. There ure many
more and abo a formidable list of thoso
who dumber anil are yet to he aivakr
enod KHJali,' Bndymlon, Klnir Arthur,
Frederick Barbaroasa, Charlemagne and
sewrnl others.
Story of llriieitnhTTde. ,
But atlll doner to Mr. Mackayo's ver
lion of the Itlp legend Mandfl Uie (itory
of Hruennhllde. who was thrown Into
., mnnln 1a,i WnttiM nnA mnifllnad
tt mnglo nleep by Wotan, and remained
In It while Htegjrktl grew up io man
hood, so that ho could marry hoi-. One
would hardly except to find In the
blessed little 1'eterken of the new opera
a ropllca of young Siegfried while she
waited for Hip to emerge from Ills
sleep on the charmed mountain and to
drink n maglo draught (like several
Wagnerian personage.!) and regain tils
Even were thero no resemblances In
Kuropean legends to our Hudson Valley
myth, we doubt whether denizens of the
Kur West or even .llii Mississippi Valley
would rcRurd It ai nnythlntr but local.
All our Knickerbocker forefathers, yei,
even HurdkoppInK I'let hlhisilf, may not
nrrutly lin-res the tojiu of the prairies
und the ennyoni.
Tlirre Is r.o noeil lo ret'ounl In detail
Mr. Muckayc's story. Ho hai taken
llbci'.lcx with the original, as he hnd u
right lo do, and linn mxde a practical
and effecllva opera book, tilled with
opportunities for pretty music and those
rpoctapular rcenlc effects without which
the opera of our (lay Is but a beggar on
horseback, Th chief point Is Hie ap
pearance of the irook Utndrtch Hudson
In the first act, when Itlp In late for his
own wedding and turned oft by tho Irate
bride A'nfrlnn, Jlcndrick Invites flp to
visit him In the mountains and promises
to glvo him a magic Mask If he comes.
Peterktr, a little girl, follows Tffji U
tho heights, where all sortn of ghostly
dtilngs go on, not,, of course, omitting
the thunderous game ot bowls, ffeii
ffrfcfc nnd Ids mate Dtrrk scheme to
mate Ulp with' I'cterkre and deliberately
put him to sleep for twenty years, so
that the girl may return to her village
and grow up, fill descends from the
mountains after his twenty years, ac
cording to the old story. .Mocked and
abused, he Is middonly restored to :-outli
by a drink from the tAjglc flak and
goes oft to his wcddlris; with Pcterkte.
,Jlook's l'li'turrsrino IQnnllty.
Mr. Mnckaye's book In much better
than this crude and hasty outline mat
cates. It has n picturesque quality, and
It.i action, built though It Is upon an
enlarged form ;i' the legend, has a win
ning humanity. Kip is the Bame old good
for naught with the lovable nature,, and
1'cierkec, thrust Into the tale by tho
lfbrcttlst, Is a oympathellc addition. Hut
In regard to tho literary quality of tlm
book there Is less praise lo be uttered
than was given to "The Canterbury Pil
grims." Mr. de Koven, who unfortunately was
taken away before his opera had clearly
defined Its place on the American stage,
to too experienced a writer for the
theatre to make the blunder of en
deavoring to composo what, the Italians
cajl an "opera serla." Tlw title "folk"
opera must be kept always In mind.
The composer evidently did not at anv
moment lost Right of the nature of an
old wives' tale.V
The first act at any rate Is frankly
made for the popular ear. It contains
tmich.choral music of operetta, type, two
effective solos for Itlp, one for KatHna,
one for the Oooje 0lrj and two for
JYfrrfcer. The finale Is excellently
worked up. If any fault Is to be found
It Is that there Is not enough contract
in i no mupic. it Is all ttio pretty. One
yearns for a single stavo of irlmneja
a ion: ieo urnsteln. for Instance.
Tho character ot the music did not
change In tbe subsequent nets. It was
plainly not Mr. de Koven's Intention to
ute any of the tricks of the composer of
serious legendary operas In delineating
tho abodes of mystery or the personali
ties of ghostly people, He -doubtless had
MORGAN. Mary Johanna, on January 30.
(Campbell Building), Broadnay at
Slity-Mxth atraet, on Saturday, .Jan
nary SI, at 1 P. XI. Interment Sleepy
. Hollow Cemetery.
MUnuOGK At Illdgewood. N. J.. , jin.
nary SS, 1S0. Matilda Jean, beloved
wife of Stephen II. Murdoch.
Funeral service on Saturday, January
31, 10S0, from hor lato residence, Si
West .Franklin avenue, Itldgewood, N.
J., at Si:o P. M. Interment at con.
enI'nce of family.
PA1IIS. Orloi Juan, Ijie of Argentine
Ilcpubllc, of pneumonia.
Friends please communicate with Ed
ward F. Donovan, undertaker, 135
Hudson street, w-hara funeral services
will bo beld Sunday, February 1, at
S 1. M, Interment Calvary Cemetery.
Argentine papers pleasa copy,
r.VnsOXF.' On January 39, ljjO, nt Al
bany, N. Y of pneumonia, Alice Van
rterheef, beloved wjfo of Oeorge San.
foril Parsons,
runersl private, N Brighton, Staten
SAMETH. IMna. on Jan-jnrr 21 Services
E. Campbell), riro.idway at SIxty-alsth
treet. January 31. U A. It.
SMITH. Allan Hamllftin, aged J!, beloved
husband uf Vivian Hall Smith and
Smith a
t.Hnr ,tt. I
"Q 't
rnn of tjcorge- Da Forest
Frances rt. Smith, at pre'sbyterlan
pltal, Janujry 29,
Funeral at Kingston, N. T., 2 o'clock
SMlTH,EIU,ibth, on January 3J. Fr
(Frank E. Campbell). BrpaJ'.ray a
stxtv.aixth street, Monday, JO A. M.
WiLKINHOX.-Dorolhy. on Januarv Srs
Services "THE FU.VEHAI. CUUrtCH"
(Frank )!. Campbell), Broadwiv n
Slxty.sth atieat, February I ? P. l
WjCKWAUE. Moses, on Januarr it. Ir
'kes "THE FU.S'EftAI, CtHtCI"
'F-iill E. Campb-ll), Brnadsar at
Sixtr-aUtli street, February I, J p, M,
MBS. NEWMAN desires In In... w--
Jlin! McCraV of BlniCamton. whom .h
nl at Wonamakera on October 21 i.if
monlcata pith Mrs. NEWMAN, car. of
S!,., vareus Well. SIS BroadVay.
y. Ci'y. " "
wnen irei.rinnrc ,
of Mr Campbell.
Weber and "Der Krelndiuetx" In mind '
anil wisely avoided (he pitfall of Imita
tion, His spooks wero a Jolly Kane and
they even indulged In the happy rhythm '
of n wall.
()Mirlniilllr fur Applause,
All the inhale la conceived In a splrl' i
of frank good humor nnd the audience1
found many opportunities for applause, j
Air. do Kovcn's old admirers muit have '
noted a falling oft u reiidlnrsn unci
irpant'.nolty, but the composer wan not u l
1 man In good health when lie wrote tlitn J
score. Tliesa lniprMlon of n flrat henr
litj might be modllled by repetition?, and
they have, therefore, not battled too
furiously with these melodious butter
filed. Tho opera was ory handsomely
mounted; The tuv of tlie mountaltM
from llio shore of the Hudson was c:.-
rcllent, and the rocky pafs leading to tho
hiding place of Uentfrlck Hudson mid
the crew of the Half Moon had the nec-
ersary nlr of mystery and threat. Tha
, Mr0'rniance was generally i;fod. thougl.
.... .i,.tu-.i?u ..A ..I. I-. .1
Its chief distinctions were achieved l
Mr. llaklanoff as Hip, Miss Herbert in
Peterkte and Mr. Hufrnnne as llcndrkk
Hudton. Miss Herbert was qulto
piquant and pleasing, and when not
obliged to emit high tones pang tolerably.
After the second act the applause
was lone nnd hearty, In response to
which Percy 'Mnckayn made a speech
dwelling upon Mr. do Koven's creative
power an dhls feeling for the spirit of
In the Audience.
Mr. and Mr. Alfred fJrar.nr.i Miles
In honor of th; debut of their friend,
Mlrs Kvelvn Herbert, who cans rati-
Ur. had n pirty that filled Kcvr.-al
boxes. Among their guests were Judge
and Mrs. Klbert II. UiilT. Mr. and Mis
Frederic Couitlund I'onfield, Mr. and
Mre. Henry D. Whllon. Mr. and Mrs.
l'lcrro Cartlcr, Mr. and .Mrs. Stephen
C. Mlilttt. A. Morris Hagby, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Hagen, Sir, and Mrs. John
McKay, Mr. and Mrs. William C.
Urec.il, JIi and Mrs. Christopher 1,
Smlthcrs. Mrs. J. West Hornur, Will
Urn T. Koch, Marshall Prentiss and 1
S. Ha con.
There were also In the audience Mrs.
Frederick W. Whltr'dgc, iMrs. C.id
walader Jones. Mrs. William F. Slice
hart, Dr. and Mrs. Norman li Dltman.
Mrs. Henry Blschoff, Miss Betty Colla
more, Jlr. and Mrs. Wade' Illnshaw.
Mrs. James K. Hackctt, Mrs. Edward
Wal? Mrs. James Kprakor, Mian Flor
ence Ithett, Mrs. William Stafford. Mrs.
J. W. Scllgman and lieorge I,edlle;
Guiomar Novaes Again As
sists Philharmonic Society.
Thicc cntclalnnieiits In Iho concert
field look place yesterday, with onu given
by ii new singer hero. At Carnegie Hall
Hie Philharmonic Society guve Its regu
lar Friday concert, with Kuiomnr Novaes
as the assisting artist in place of Percy
Omlnger, ns she had been nt tho eo
clcty's concert the night before because
of Mr, Grainger' Illness. At yesterday's
concert Mc. Oralngcr was to have ap
peunl on the programme playing
Trchalkovsky's piano conceitn and con
ducting his new composition, "Tho War
vlora." music to an lmaulnarv ballet
with Italph Leopold playing the piano
wlo. SIU Novaes again pla,ved the
Schumann piano concert, thus making .i
record for herself of threo performances
of the work nt concerts of tlm society
within the week. 'The orchestral numbers
were Beethoven's "Corlolanus'' overture,
the Fourth symphony ot Hrabms and
Weber's "Euryanthe" oveiturc.
At Aeolian Hall In' the afternoon
MaW Corlew Smith, soprano, with
Coenraad Hos nt the piano, gave her
first song recital here. Htr well chosen
nrotrramme Included old clasal nlrs,
modern French nnd ltusslan songs, und
a manuscript song by Sturkow-Ilydcr
nntltlrd "Loneliness." Tho singer's
work' disclosed fine 'taste; intctllgcnco
ami t good command of style. In
Meycrbtcr's air "Iloberto, Otu chc
adoro" there was Insufficient technic
nnd here, as elsewhere, a poor manage
ment of her volte, whlclt naturally Is of
good light quality, marred her delivery.
In Hit evening nt Aeolian Hall Olga
Steeb, planlat, and Suicha JacoblnofT
gave a Joint recital. The pianist had
flr3t been heard here earlier In Oils sea
son, when she proved to be a player ot
graceful accompllehments. As the open
ing number the two nrtlstH played
Franck's piano and violin sonata. To
gether they gave a well balanced de
livery of tlle work,' It lacked somewhat
in inclsivoness out all in an tne worn
was given In a muslclanly nvtmier. Mr.
jRCoblnoff has not been heaid hero for
some time. His playing last night
showed a general gain In finish. His
tone is an exceptionally beautiful one,
Son of Late King George of
Greece Will Marry Her.
According ,to cables lereived from
Geneva'; Switzerland, Mrs. Nancy
Stewart Leeds, widow of William H.
Leeds, will be married there to-day to
Prince Christopher of Greece. Mrs.
Leeds became a widow In 1D0S whet her
husband died In Paris. She received a
large fortune which her husband had
made in the (In plate industry, and be
fore hla death she had a position of
prominence In New York society as well
as In Europe.
There have been frequent rumors that
Mrs, Leeds would marry In Kuropa and
from tlms to time there also haW been
reports that she would become the wife
of Prince Christopher, When In London
ahe was much In the company of the
'a,e Lad' '!le' 'vfp ot (3en. R'r ArHiur
wI, WM 1"9 Mnnle Btevens,
daughter of the late Mr. and. Mrs. Paran
Stevens of New York.
About ten years ago Mrs. Leedu
bought of Jlr., and Mrs. Frederick W.
Vanderbllt their villa In Newport known
as Hough Point, which she expected to
use for a summer home. Alteration
were begun on tbp place, but the work
never was completed. The villa ins
been vacant ever since. During the
summer of IMS Mrs. Leeds was In New
port, and she came back the following
vpar nwinr tn tlm Illness of her fn titer l
William C, Stcwarjt of Cleveland, who
died that year, flhp has kept up homea i
In London and Paris and has a son, j
William Batcman Leeds, who Is a
student ut I'ton In Knglnrul.
Prince Christopher s n son of the late
Klpg George of Greece, who was u
brother of Queen Alexandra of Knsland.
By her marriage Mrs. Leeds will bo ru
lated to .some of the , royal families ot
Fourth of Series I Given nt Train
ing: Station.
S,Ue !al UetnticS lJ Tin: fivn.
NnweoRT, Jan. Si), Capt. and Mr. I
j D. K. Dlsmukes. Commander and JlM.I1"61"- atiVS A iWIDE.
I n. jQtinston una Knit.Tn and Mrs. c.
I." ait"' a til" rp .ivhig com-: Ni-ltli'rr Has Actress Brrn In Pllia.
t h' our..- - r -llv sofie. of, , ,
. ncf. i Hic.i'!. rs of the nav.ili hur ln Hnme T''e. i
i ' ' "-"I ' - I IVr. -tl was made yesterday by Tlicdi
V- ,e !' . 'ias .'-elded to Barn, movie nctrces. that sho had mar-
u.sco.rimi.. her t-jw'jrd.) af er.ioons at rled "Tom" Bodktn In PlttsbuVg, as was
home until, after Lent. 'recently reported. .Miss Bara. though
Commander and. Mrs. George C. 'her lawyer, Nathan Burkan, Issued the
I .ogi' gave a dinner prior to tho dance. following:
(pt the naval station. i
Lawrence u Ollleaple of New York'
rr.de an inspection ot his Newport horn
lo-aay me returneu to xew Tork to
M 1'. nilU ih'H, SlUUIICl C. JlftUOll
' . , . . , . ,
hlUCI'inill 10V UClMUUllO
, rpi,n Vlrn-tniniiq iruve DilUlGl'
1 iw 0I"'I1IIS JUlt JJiuiiy
nl Plaza Bencf Its for Home
Tbrrj. u'Am nnn'rrtltft r'.:incii
night for yoimg people In society. One,
of them fas given In the white nnd
gold room of the Plaza by Mr. and Mrs,
Satnuid Clifton MaUon for their niece,
Miss Laura Matym, the debutante
daughter of Mr, and Mrs, James H.
Mabon. At midnight a supper was
served In an adjoining .room.'
The guests wore seated at a horse
shoo shaped table which was decorated
with roues and Southern smllax. Among
them wero Mr. and Mrs. Jamos U.-
MtiAion, Jtr. nnd Mrs. Abel Irwlh Sniltn,
Mr. and Mrs. Rnlplt C Carroll, Mr, and
Mis. Kobci't W. I urle, .Mr. and .li.
lMward S. Ilail.ncts, Mr. and .Mr, j
JamJS '. P.ogerKOii, Mr. Andrutv -VI
vord, .Mrs. William T. Koch, the Mini"
J Helepn Ogdeu, Hetty Jackson, Kluli
I'urtonw, K'alhcrlno HIIhi, JChIc .Morrill,
Allsa Mellon of I'ittsburg, Minion Car
loll, Dorothy Clapp, Klcnnor U. Palmer,
ltenea Cnrhaft, Adclaldo Kip Ithlnu
lander nnd Mary Strange.
There wero nlso present J. Ireglnald
Foster. William Floyd-Jones, Paul Ab
bott, Harvey Chllds 3d., Jarvls Crom
well, Frank Gould, Richard Hartshornc,
Philip A. S. Franklin, Jr., Burton an
ion, Sheldon Abbott. Louis Gordon
Pooler, Charles Payson and Alfred
Ilnll for liilon fietdeinrnt.
The midwinter ball for tbe benefit of
the Union Settlement was beld last njght
nt the Itltz-Cnrlton under lle allspices
of the Woman's Auxiliary of that or
ganization. The dance was attended by
innny of (he season's debutantes nnd
young men In society. Several dlnneiof Mr. A. Barton Hepburn on the night
were given In advance. Or? of these of I'Vbiuury 13. Among tho members of
was c-tven hv Mr. Ilenrv 'P. Davison at tho ball committee are Mrs. James
her home. 650 Park avenue. i!r guests
Included Xr. and Mrs. CRslmlr de Illmni,
the Mlsies Jlary Case, Harriett Ransom.
Elulc Parsons, PrWilllu Murdock. Polly
Lincoln, Barbara Kissel, Constance Jen
nings, Eunice James, Emily Sloanc Ham.
mond, Jean Fletcher, Betty Frank, Kath
arine Kmmett, Dorothy Duncan nnd
Alice Davison, Frank Appleton, Lcon
ard Boeltman, Reginald Coomb", James
Forreslon. Wallaco Hog?son, Henry
Lawton, John Lelghtan, Peth Low, Dean
Mathoy. Cecil Murray, Bradford Nor
man, Jr, Arthur Wallace I'opel, Jr., Rob
ert Pokell. Jr.. Stuart Wing, Frederick
Trubee Davison, Douglas Coleman, Gus
tavo Stewart, Jr., and Henry P. Davi
son, Jr.
Another dinner was given by Mrs. Ed
win M. Bulkley at her home. 3'.' 'East
Sixty-seventh street. Among her guests
were th? Misses Katharine Bulkley,
Lucy Bulkley. Bsrlha Fahys Barclay,
Trlxlo Thorn. Elinor Minor, Julia
Qualntance. Katherlne Porter, Judith
Jennings, Mnrjorle Gilbert, Marie Cook.
Marlon F. Hodcnpyl, Janet Croll, Betty
Slmonson, Ray Bulkley, Helen Arm
strong and Margaret Kidder: alto Theo
dore Ames, Donald Welles. James
Douglas, Jr., Edward Welles, Cornelius
Trowbridge, Karl Erdman. Mlddleton
Ross, Lnnslrig C. Holdcn, Jr., Edward
Havendecn. Everett N. Case, Howard
Dean, A'ken Rclsner, Arthur Leary.
William I E. floano. Jr., George B.
Larkln, Wllkle Busliby, Frank D.ile
Warren, Jr.. Rudolph Sohulllnger, Eu
gene L. Maxwell. Stewart Powers,
Bazleton Brown, James A. Edgar. Jnmcs
B. Armstrong and Douglas Slmsnson.
Among the patronesses were Mines.
Vanderbllt Webb. John Sanford, Edward
Van lugen, AVIIIIam Jay Schleffvlin,
Charles ritewart Smith. Harold Irving
Pratt, Hiujh D. Auchlncross. John .
Rogers, Comolius N. Bliss. Jr.. James
Byrne, Henry S, Coc. tioaunue Livings
ton, O'Dotincll Iselln, Otto H, Kahn,
Ernesto G. Fabbrl, Walter Phelps Bliss,
William Butler Duncan. Alvln W.
Krecli. Frederic W. Lincoln, J. Clifton
Edgart Ira Davenport, Rufus L, Patter-'
son, Georgo W. Perkins. T. Tlle'ton
Walls, Ernest A. Flagg. Henry If. Rog
ers, Ol'ver G Jennings and 'Lewis B.
Dinner of (he Virginians.
The annual dinner and dance of the
Virginians was given last night In the
main ballroom of Bio Tlaza. The .com
mitten In charge of the, arrangements
Inclulled Stuart G. Glbboncy, Waller L.
McCoiklc, E. McLean Long, F. Graham
Cbctea and Paul tt. lUrrlnger, Jr.
Amonp those present were Col. and .Mrs.
Fred E, Farnswortli. Mr. and Mrs. T.
Foster Gaines. Mr. and Mrs. Ernet It.
Early, Jlr. and Mrs. Elliott Dalnger
field, Judgo and Mrs. Hal Corbett, .Mr.
apd Mrs, Henry II. Ilccorki. Jir. ami
Mrs. John 8. McMaetcr, Mr. and ilrs,
Notborne P. Oatllng. Mr. and Mrs. St.
George H. Tucker. Mr and Mrs. ,. R.
Watson, Jfr. and Mrs. Harry St George
Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Edward S.
Pegram, Mr, and Mrs. W. W. Sharp,
Gen. David C. Shanks. H. Snowden
Marshall, Dr. John H. Fowlkes, Robert
L. Harrison, Dr, Cntosby Jonas, Mere
dith F. Montne;ue, Hal W. Vaurhan, Dr.
.1. Herbert Claiborne, ' Powlmttan Boi
ling, Walter D. Blair, Dr. John H. Page,
Huesc'ii is. .viaicnant. ur. joiiu u. uun
nlngton and James N. Dunlop.
Another dance ut the Plaza last night
was that given In the rose room for the
benefit of the Park Hospital under the
auspices of Auxiliary A, Mrs. John T.
Garrett president. Thl" dance was held
In the rose room ot the hotel. Among
ths patronesses wore, Mrs. Frederick C,
Gaiucs, Mrs. Irving S. Ilaynrs, Mrs.
Percy Sanborn Bnyntofi, Mrs. L. M.
Hart. Mr. Lewis K. Neff, Mrs. Jo)in F.
Connors. Mrs, Chester Alexander, Mrs.
Clifford Edwards, Mrs. Otto Leber,
The first of u second series of sunner
dances under the auiplces of the Bachel
ors in am of noma charities was given
'aft night In the Delia Bobbin rreim of
tin Vandeihllt. The committee In-
eludes Whitney Warren, Jr.. Richard
Petors, Horace C. Stebblns, Hamilton
Fish, Jr., Alfonso de Navnrrn ni)d W.
Rhinelander Stewart, Jr. Among those
who entertained friends Inst nlslit were
Mr. and Mrs. Gustav J. S. Whltr, Mr.
and Sirs. George Jay Gould, .Mr. and j
mu. .milieu i. ierry, iirs. warn Uoug-
la. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. MeCormlck,
Mr. and Sirs. .Robert Ii Tod. Mr. and
Mrs. Dudley Olcott, MrNand .Mrs. John
Aipjtreii. Jlr nnd Mrs. Frederick T.
Frelliigliuysen. Miss Audrry Osborn.
Mrs. C
hnrles Pop., Jtr. and Mrs. Fr.vl.
crick Lewlsohn.
"III Bora has requested me to In-
term )t,i that Mic was not married to
Tom Rodhlu or to any one else, and that
Hi has not been In Pittsburg for some
I Miss Margaret t Hale, daughter by
a former murrlago of Mrs, John Oak-j
man, will ur niurricu lu ijiiurri u,
Thome, Ji'., this afternoon In too clime
try of Urncn Church. A small recep
tion will follow at 3 West Sixteenth
' street.
The marrlago ot Miss Dorothy Down
ing 'Dillon, daughter of Mrs. John Mil
ton Dillon, to Donald Urmsby Page,
will taka placo this evening In fit,
Thomas's Church, iA reception will fol
low nt tho homo of tho bride's cousin,
Miss Kthel Hpcar, 115 Kast Slxty-nlntli
Dinners will bo given this evening by
Mrs, John Hanford and Mrs, Francis
Key Pendleton.
Mrs. John It. Dre.xel will give a re
ception thin afternoon for Mr. and Mrs.
John It. DrexiV Jr,
I'ndcr tlm ausplcos of the New York
Vlcltlne Committee, In order to raise
funds for their hospital work, a dance
will bo given to-night In the ballroom of
'tho Colony Club, Among tho members
'thro- arel -Herbert U
Mrs, C. Grant 1a Farge, Mrs. J. Horace
' Harding, Mrs. Howland Davis, Mrs.
uicuaru v, -oii, iurs. jxenry u, uurnso,
nnd Mrs. Charles Williams. Several
dinners will be given In advance of the
dance, y
Mr. Arthur ITodges, 12 Eaat Sixty
fourth street, will glvo a the dansant
this afternoon for her nlccc, Miss Paul
ine Chapln Ilouinc.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sawyer, ltn Dnst
Scvtiity-clglitli sliect, will give a dinner
followed by n thaatre party next Thura
day tvonlng, to celehruto tho twenty
fifth luiniveitiiiy of their iTiandnge.
A luiiflii'on for Mrs. Janus Lnwreiice
of Boston will be alwii to-day by 'the
American Committed for Devastated
Kronen at Hi Haat Thlity-iilnth stiect.
Mrs. l-awrciico tecently letunud fiom
France. .
A reception will bu given this nfter
noon In the ballroom of the Gotham
by Mrs. Frederick Depew Stewart for
her dauglifcr, Miss Margaret Gurncc
Owing to the Illness of one of the ar
tists the concert for the benefit of war
orphans of Italy, to be held at tho home
of Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto G. Fabbrl, 7
East Ninety-fifth street, has beun post
poned from February 8 to February IS,
at 3:15 o'clock, Thero will be a pro
gramme of ancient Florentine music and
It will be given under the patronage
of the Italian Ambassador and the
Itaroncss Homano Avczzana, the Italian
Consul, Romolo TiitonJ, nd others.
The fourth annual Father Knicker
bocker's ball for the benefit of the City
i History Club will be held at the homo
Imox Binks. Jr., .Mrs. Philip Ithlno
lander -d, Miss Symphorosa Brlsted,
Miss Currle Duke Mathews and Miss
Anna Alexandre.
llrllllnnl "Wrutlirr Continues
Hot Springs.
. Special litipalch to The Six.
Hot Springs, Va., Jan. 30. Continued
brilliant weather marks the end of Jan
uary. To-day many of the colonists
were on the picturesque walking trails.
Among them wero Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
W. Emery, Dr. and Mrs. Allen Mar
quand, Mrs. Frank E. Peabody and Miss
Amy Peabody. '
Richnrdrou M. Johnson took a small
party to-day to Fasalfern varm for tea
and made nn extended drive through
Dunn's Gap and tho Switzerland trail.
Jlr. nnd Mrs. E. V. Watts arrived to
day from New York, to remain one
week. Wnlter Carey also came to-day
from that city.
ltemonl of Knernnclunrnls
ilrrcil lij- Hoard.
For the purpose of relieving congestion
of trartlo on Fifth avenue tho Bojui or
Estimate adopted yesterday a resolution
providing for the removal of encroach
ments on Madison avenue betweerr Forty-sixth
and Sixty-first streets. Tho re
moval of the encroachments would per
ml' widening Uie roadway, which at onb
point now Is reduced to a width of only
forty-live feet.
Hearing upon the removal ot en
croachments on Madison avenue be
tween Thirty-fourth nnd Thirty-fifth
streets was ixistponed for two weeks.
It was brought out at the Board of
Estimate meeting that the opening of
1'arK avenue reduced trainee on Fifth
avnue only 6 per cent., while travel
on Park avenue Increased 170 per cent.
Wldniv ltceelr liu-ouir on litlSO,.
000 Trust Fund.
George It. Fearln;, president ot tlw
Knickerbocker Club, left the residue of
his estate of more than Jl.000.000 to Ills
son, George R. Fearing, Jr., of Boston.
His will wtts riled yesterday Tn the Sur
rogates' Court.
Jlr. Fearing died nt the age of 81 a
week ago nt his residence, 09$ Fifth
avenue. He left the Income from a
$350,000 trust fund, which will eventual
ly go to his sou, to his wife, Mrs. Har
riet Travers Fearing, elating that aha
would probably not care to occupy their
Newport home, "Tho Orchard," after his
death, and for this reason he had wlfled
It to t lie I r son.
AHenra Henry II, Witrnrr Warn
Lured I'riiiu Ilrnmii to screen.
John D, Williams, theatrical man
ager, of 10,'. Wen Fortieth street sued
Jos-;o I. Hamilton, Harry Robertson nmi
others for J 1 00,000 daniiigcp. The com
plaint charges tho defendants per
suaded Henry B. Warner, actor, to
break hi contract with the plaintiff and
act In motion pictures for them.
Williams say he had a contract with
Wiirner lo nppear In "Sleeping Part
imrsT nnd that the -piny was a financial
sueress until the lending actor' was
lured awny by the defendants.
Police IlAlltl
Benin To-
The poll' o band will rtart a rerle of
Indoor cnii'jurtR at Dj Witt Clinton lligjj
School this ending at S o'clock, with
Walt-T II. Rogers cuiiductlng. -Miss
SIiiU.Il- Itlchiirdson, soprmio, will sing,
APvTHURH. Hahlo & Co.
569 Fifth Avenue
(Bet. 46th & 47th St.)
111 III IB il
MPO T fl flllfC TMPC
iiuiu. u, u, jumu muu
Kings County .Indie's Mother
Stricken Suddenly in Mrs.,
Prentiss's Itesidcnce.
Activo Also In 3Iany Associa
tions of "WonuMi During:
He!' Lengthy Life.
Mrs. Jcannle C. Dike, mother of Judge
Nornun S. Dike of the Kings County
Court und a leader In charitable and
social activity In Brooklyn, died sud
denly yesterday afternoon while attend
ing a meeting of the 'Women's Guild ot
tho Church of tho Pilgrims In the home
of Mrs. Oeorge H. Prentiss, 108 Pierre
jiont street, Columbia Heights. Mrs.
Dike was stricken just beforo the meet
ing becau. She was standing talking
J with member of the guild and to nil
cppenraiicm was In good health up to
the moment the attack o.urred.
Dr, De Yoaunn was summoned from
his homo nt 111 Plcrrepont slrcet. but
Mrs. Dike was dead when hu arrived at
the 1'iciitlSH residence. .
News ot his niothir's death was sent
tn Judge Dike In Ihe County Court. He
adjourned the trial at which ho wan pre
siding and hurried to his home at 191
Golumbln IleUhts, where Mrs, Dike's
body wus taken. The Judge wan
shocked at the suddenness ot his parent's
death, for Jess than an hour previously
lie had escorted her to the guild meet
ing. '
Mrs. Dike was born at Rochester In
1837. She received her education at
Ingham University. In 1855 she was
married to Caudcn C, Dike, member of
the woollen manufacturing firm of Dike
For ninny years Mrs. Dike had been
active In public affairs. Sh-j gave much
of her time to charitable activities and
was a lender Ip Brooklyn isoclety ns well.
A year ago she resigned from the
Brooklyn Woman's Municipal League, of
which she had been, president for fifteen
;ers, hut In spite of her advanced agd
she continued her Interest In the Brook
lyn Woman's Club nnd the Musters
School of Music. She held menibcrrhln
aho In the Daughters uf the American
BesldsH her son. the. Judge, Mrs, Dike
leaves two daughter, Mrs. Murray
Boocock and Mr. G. F. C. Williams.
Mm. Helen Bolce llunslcker, wlfo ot
Alvln Iluiiflckcr, known to Philadelphia
muidcal circles for her singing, died
Thursday in her home In Weehawken,
N, J. .She heM church choir solo posi
tions in the Lutheran Church, Calvary
Church and Bethlehem Presbyterian
Church, P!ilnddphU, and In' the Second
Presbyterian Church, Germantown. in
later eain her service? have been given
to oratorio societies of New York and
Funeral services will be held this eve
nlng. at S o'clock, at her late residence
In Wediawken, and on Sunday evening,
nt 8 o'clock, at the home of her niece.
Mrs. Jennie Bolce Kohl, S3C Corinthian
avenue, Philadelphia.
ii. i,.,"'-i.'i:.
Dkxku. C"' Jan. 30. II. t Mudge,
former general manager of llio Atchison,
Topeka und Santa Fe Railway and one
of the best known rall-ojd men m tins
country, died here to-d..v.
.Mr. Mudge was stricken with a cere
bral hemorrhage on Monday night last.
He was 64 years-old. .
From water boy to general manage?
of the Santa Fe Is the story of Mr.
Mudge's rise In railroad work. He went
to work for the railroad In Kansai In
1872 and before he left Its service In
1305 ho bad served five years as liavurca, convunieniiy carneu. ana
general manager, In lfOo Jlr. Jluilie
became vice-president of the Chicago,
Hock Island and Pacific Railway Com
pany und was elected president of that
road four years later.
Coming to Denver In 1913 a, presi
dent of the Denver and Rio Grando
Railway Company, Jlr. iJIudge served
In that capacity until two years ago,
when be retired.
.Mrs. Mary E. Dole, wife of Joneph
W. Dole, manager of Arrowhead Inn.
died of pneumonia Tiiuffday In her
home at Port .Chester. She was 48
years old . Her husSanl and three
daughters survive,
Special I'ftpateli lo Tub Frv,
Ti'.rVTON, N. J.. Jan. 30. Thomas) F.
Fitzgerald, known ns the dean of New
Jersey newsniper men, died nt his home
here to-day at the ags of 78. He was
The label in our clothing
is like a good insurance j
Protects the wearer from i
worries. ' j
Keeps saying, "I'm a!
Rogerspeeter and it's up to '
me to make good. If I
don't, fire me back and get
your money."
No charge for the label!
The beat of everything
men and boys wear. Also.
Sporting Goods and lug-J
Rogers Pest Company
at 13th St.
it Warren
tt 34th St.
Fifth Art.
horn In Ireland and came to this coun
tty In 1S72. For many venrs he rrni
. Trenton eorreiponde nt of the New fork
llrrnltl, lie nn it been tnu atitiuir ...u
publisher of the Now Jeisey l.rulnliillin
Jmuiol since 18711, A Wife mid four
daughters survive.
Police Lieut, Blmer Ballion, who had
for years -been attached lo the Hnydor
avenue police station In Brooklyn, died
yesterday at his home, 381 Eastern
Pnrkway, Brooklyn. He was B0 years
old, About a year nnd a half ago
Lieut, Hallson was detailed to do wet
faro work In tho Flatbusli and Canarslo
districts, g wife, a son and a daugh
ter survive,
Robert W, Connor, president of the
Brooklyn Academy of Musical Art, died
suddenly yestorduy at his homo, CIO
Greene avenue. Brooklyn, He was 00
jears old. Mr. Connor founded the
academy Mxtijcn years ago and Itn pro
gramme of musical Instruction nnd edu
cation attractod favorable criticism from
musicians. Mr. Connor loaves his wife,
n brother and a daughter. Interment
wilt be In Green-Wood Cemetery,
Mrs. Emma L. Hollywood, City Treas
urer of Mount Vernon, was notified
cable yesterday ot the death of her
husband, John J, Hollywood, manager
ot the rug department of Lord ft Tay
lor, In a hospital In 'Delhi, India, ns a
result of Injuries received In a rail
road wreck on Jnnuary 22,
.Mr. Hollywood left November 12 on
a buying tour, He was an expert on
Oriental and Indian rugs nnd hsil been
nt the head of that dcpaittu for
eight years. Ho wan 10 jniil leaves
besides a wife, two sons.
UimiA. Neb., Jan. 30. Charles U,
Lobeck, Representative In Congress
from the Second Nebraska district from
1911 to 1 1,0, died from heart disease
In Ills homo here to-day. He wast a
Presidential elector In 1900 nnd had
served In the Nebraska Senate, Ho
was born In Andover, HI., in 1602, For
several years ho was engaged In the
real estate business In Omaha, retir
ing In 1903. He served as Comptroller
and as a member ft tho City Council of
Omaha for several terms.
Oliver L. Dosch, superintendent of
the Singer Manufacturing Company
plant at Elizabeth, N. J., died at St.
Elizabeth's Hospital In that, city yester
day 'following a stroktt ot paralysis He
was I, und lived at B35 We&tfleld ave
nue. He leaves Ills wife nnd a om
Capt. Addison Ely, Jr., of Rutherford,
N. J., veteran of the Spanish-American
and world warn und prominent as a
momber of th legal profession In his
State, died Thursday night at Post Gr.nl
uate Hospital following nn oncratlon.
Ho was f.D years old.
During the world war. Capt. Ely
served in tho Infantry. In the Hummoi:
uf 1918, when about to leave with his
regiment for nverteaa duty, he was
stricken with pneumonia and was taken
oft a transport nt Newport News, His
sefvlfe In tho Spanlsh-AniprkMii War
Formamlnt Tablets destroy germs
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of .Formamint Tnblpts.
Highly antiseptic, these famous Tab
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keep, the throat from becoming sore,
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venient gargles can't accomplish. Good
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speakers, smokers, lecturers, etc.
all druggists.
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as well a pleasant In mouth ami throat troubles.
Send a 3-cent Mamp lo pay postage and f n III
iUdly aoud you tbl free trial tube.
The llauer Chemical Co.
IIM V, IHth St.. .New York,
. j
To -morrow j
. . i
Suggestive Comment on Poe's
Unknown "Eureka"
Philosophic Masterpiece
Belasco's Property Room the
Treasure House of Gems
of Antiquity
Buffalo Bill Through the Eyes ,
of His Widow
The Toll the Chorus ls Paying
the Cinema
Only four nut of maty feature, but
typically jreurescnlathe of a MAGA
ZINE SECTION of cxcmplari excellence
was with the Second New Jersey Infnn
Capt. Ely was a thlrty-necond degree)
Maroit and a momber of Iho American
Uglon nnd llio Cnlled Spanish War Vet
emus, He leaves his wife, two so'is and
a daughter.
"Ill" HENUY.
jrirum F. ("Ill") Henry ot civil war
and minstrel fume, died yesterday In lilrt
home, 22 West Soventy-slxtli street, In
hl.sj seventy-sixth year, He hrul forsaktu
the etago for mlnng nnd real estate en
terprises and had not uppeared in public
performances In the last ten years. "Hi"
Henry's ability to play the cornet led In
his organizing a minstrel troupn In tho
early '80s, and nt tho head of his own
company he toured tho country, Ho
loaves hla wife, who was Miss Anna
Locke, a practicing physician In thli city,,
Mrs. Gilbert (inve Lesser Hum In
Various Institutions.
Clint Ion A, Hunk, n lawyer, residing
at 103 West Flfty-flftli street, gets I5,
000 and tho reslduo of tho estate of Mrs.
AIlco L. Gilbert by her will, which wati
filed yesterday in tho Surrogates' Court.
Mm Gllbett died on October 13 nt
150 West J3g'.ity-eventli street. In
leaving the bequests to Attorney Runk
she stated that he had been a friend of
tho family for thirty years. She left
bcqutsls of JlO.flOO each, to the New
York Association fur the Blind, Iho
Florcnco Crlttciiton Lo;sue, tho Chil
dren' Aid Society, tho Presbyterian
Hospital, Sloane Hospllal for Womni
nnd the Boy Scouts of America, To sev
eral other Institution trim loft lesser be
quests. Concluding This Afternoon
At Tho
This (Saturday) Afternoon
at 2:30 o'CIock
lly Order of Julian Walntirlsht Itobblus,
I'sq., a.od James U. Mabon, lst.,
Household Furnishings
A Set of Four
TalI Clocks, Bronzes', Steinwny
Grand Piano, Table China, Old.
English and Modern Silver, Chinese
Porcelains, Cabinet Specimens,
Miniatures, Snuff Boxes and Other
Desirablo Objects,
Thatcher M. Adams
to wnirn has liri.N aimikii
a NUMnrit or fim: oli
An Important Louis XV. Tali Clock,
and a Drawing Room Suit in Au
bu.non Tapestry,
Hie Sate Will ll Cotiducte.l b;
and Ills assistants.
". "'. ItX'
4 and (1 1'ast 13d St.. Aladlsnn So. Mouth.
. ftr Aa fl .1
coc ai i.fAi i rfU . now-
261 VP"
! H t w
lima.'- . I' I
Sfc. j- . I u . 1 1 , a. . " r 'J' M

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