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Begun and held at the City of New-York, on Monday the fouith
o January, one thousand seven hundred and ninety.
AN ACT to continue in force for a limited time,
an A6i, intituled " An A<ft for the temporary
establishment of the Poft-Office."
T) Eit mailed iy the Senate and Houjt of Reprefentdtires of the Uni
ted Statu of America in Cong,if, ajfenbled, That the pallid
n l fcfflon of Congress, intituled "An »a for the temporary
cftabliihrnent of the Poft-Office," be, and the fame'hercby isconti
nued in force until the end of the next feflion of Congress and no
Speaker of the House of
JOHN ADAMS, Vice-Prcfident of the United States.
and President of the Senate.
Approved, August the fourth, 1700.
GEORGE WASHINGTON, Prejident ojthe United States.
(True Copy)
THOMAS JEFFERSON, Secretary of State.
AN ACT for the relief of John Stewart and
John Davidson.
T) E it enacted by the Senate and Houfc of Reprefevtatives of the United
AJ States of America in Congress ajfembled y That so much of the du
ties accruing on eighteen hundred bulhels of fait imported in the
/hip Mercury, into the port of Annapolis, in the state of Mary
land, sometime in the month of April last on account of Messieurs
John Stewart and John Davidfon, as relates to thirteen hundred
and twenty-five buihels thereof, which were casually destroyed by
a flood on the night of the fame day on which thej said fait was
landed and stored, shall be, and the fame are hereby remitted.
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
JOHN ADAMS, Vicc-Prcfidcnt oj the United States.
and President of the Senate.
Approved, August the fourth, 1700.
GEORGE WASHINGTON, Prejident of the United States.
(True CopyJ
THOMAS JEFFERSON, Secretary of State
RESOLVED, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States oj America in Congress assembled, That the ex pence
of procuring seals for the supreme, circuit, and district Courts of
ihe United Srates, shall be defrayed out of the monpy appropria
ted b> an ast of the present feflion, for defraying the contingent
charges of government.
Speaker ofthe House oj Representatives.
JOHN ADAMS, Vice-President ofthe United States,
and Prejident of the Senate.
Approved, August th e second, 1790.
GEORGE WASHINGTON, Prejident ojthe United States.
(Tiue copy.J
THOMAS JEFFERSON, Secretary of State,
RESOLVED, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States 0/ America in Congress ajfembled, That the clerks
in the office of the commiflioiier ot army accounts, are intitled
to receive for their services, a sum not exceeding five hundred dol
lars, to be paid in the fame manner and at the fame rateas the sala
ry allowed to the clerks in the department of treasury : And that
the auditor and comptroller be authorized to adjust the accounts
of the clerks in the (aid offi e, upon the fame principles as those of
the Treasury department, agreeably to the appropriation by law.
Speaker of the House of Refirefentatives.
JOHN ADAMS, Vice-President of the United States.
and President of the Senate.
Approved August the second, 1790.
GEORGE WASHINGTON, President (f the United States.
(True Copy.)
THOMAS JEFFERSON, Secretary of State-
Extract of a letter from a house in Cadiz to a merchant
in Philadelphia, dated June IJ, 1790.
I have the pleasure to inform you of a verj fa
vorable change taken place in the miniftiy at our
court, which is as follows :
His Excellency the Count de Florida Blanca,
firft Secretary of State.
His excellency Don Antonio Porlier, Minister
of grants, and justice for the home and Ameri
can department.
His Excellency the Count del Canipode Alanxe,
Minister of war, for the home and American de
His Excellency Don Antonio Valdes, Minister
of Marine, and in the absence or sickness of
Count Florida Blanca, to a<ft as Secretary of State.
His Excellency Don Pedro Lapez de Lerena,
Minister of the finances of the home and Ameri
can department.
His Excellency Don Geronimo Cavallero, Pre
sident ot the council of war (a new department)
with the fame honors and emoluments as while
one of the Secretaries of State.
His Exccllency Don Diego de Gardoqui, Don
Pedro de Aparicio, and Count de Cafa Valencia,
Directors General of the re ve-. Hies and finances
of the American department, still retaining their
former appointments, with the honors and an
tiquity of ihc Pioyal and Supreme Council of the
" NEVER have circumstances so urgent requi
red all Frenchmen to re-unite in one mind, to ral
ly themlelves with courage in support of the law,
and to favor with all their might the eftabliih
ment of the Conllitution. We have negle<fted
nothing in order to inspire every citizen with
thele sentiments. We have ourselves given them
an example of our entire and unequivocal confi
dence in the reprerentativesof the nation, and of
our constant difpolition to promote every measure
that might contribute to the happiness of our fub
jedcs, and the prosperity of France. '
" Can it then be polfible that the enemies of
the public welfare ihould still endeavour to inter
[ rupt the important labors which occupy the Na
tional Aflembly, in concert with us, to infurethe
rights of the people, and prepare for their hap
pinefs ! That they endeavor to stir up the public
mind either by vain terrors and falfe interpreta
ons of the decrees of the National Aflembly ac
cepted or famfiioned by us ; or try to raise doubts
as to our intentions, asill-founded as they are in
jurious ; and cloaking their private paflions or
interests under the sacred name of religion ?
" An oppoOtion so culpable would sensibly af
fect us at the fame time that it would excite our
utmost indignation. The continual objecfl of
our cares is to prevent and repress all of such a
nature. We have also judged it worthy of our
paternal solicitude, to prohibit even the signs that
might manifeft divisions and parties.
" Moved by thele considerations, and inform
ed that in different parts of the kingdom, indivi
dualshave taken the liberty to wear cockades dif
ferent from the National one, which we ourfelve*
wear ; and reflecting on the inconveniences that
may result from this diverflty, we have thonghc
fit to prohibit them.
" In confeqoence, we forbid all our faithful
fubjefts throughout the whole extent of our
realm to wear any other than the National Cock
We exhort all good citizens to abstain in
their speeches, as well as ill their writings, from
every reproach or diftin&ion capable of exaspe
rating people's minds ; of fomenting divilions,
and of serving even as a pretext for any culpable
excess." (Signed)
And underneath De St. PRIEST."
Paris, May 28, 1790.
June i.
On the day on which M de Voifins fell a fa
crifice to the unjust vengeance of the people of Va
lence, three other officers were thrown into pri
son and thereby saved from the popular fury.
*1 lie committee of reports proposed in the fitting
of yesterday morning to decree their liberation ;
butit is apower belonging to the executive pow
er,to which the NationalAflembly has referred it.
The Assembly then went into the difcuflion of
the projedl of the Ecclesiastical Committee for
the organization of the Clergy. The Archbifliop
of Aix made a very elegant speech proving the
rights of the clergy were too sacred to bedeftroy
After some other speakers had delivered their
fentinients on theoccafion, the discussion on the
general question was closed, and the fitting ended
by reading an Address from the Municipality of
Montauban, accompanied by a proclamation
which on the 26th of last month had been stuck
up in that town, to appease the fears of the peo
ple on the approach de /' armee bordelaife.
The Court of Portugal have jull made public
a decree to regulate the future succession to the
kingdom. By this decree the succession will, on
failure of maleilllie, not only open the succession
to the eldeftfemale but to the second and third
daughters ; and whoever they fliall marry will en
joy the Crown in their right.
Ex trail of a letter fiotn Stockholm, April 20.
" The court martial which has been so long
fitting on the officers who refufed to serve in
Finland, in the campaign of 1788, have at lafl
made public their sentence, which, if not foften
ed by the King, will exhibit a scene of blood
that will astonish aU Europe. General d'Armfeldt
Colonels Haflefco, and Baron d'Otter, and lieu
tenant Colonel KliHgfpot, are condemned to be
beheaded, and to lose their honors and estates.
ColonelsMontgamerie andLejonftedt are condemn
ed to be shot. Several subalterns are also doom
ed death : and a great many brave officers, now
111 confinement, are required to ask pardon of
the King for their offences ; a punifhmentalmofl
as severe as death itfelf, to men who atfed in
discharge of what they thought their duty. We
still entertain some hopes that it will be foftened
by his Majesty."
When the inquest were going their rounds in
a city parish, to weigh the bread of the bakers
and try the scales, measures, &c. of dealers a
baker got notice of their approach ; and in a
sudden emergency, he tkruft a number of l,,ir
crowns into fame loaves that he knew to be n
of weight. This was critically observed bv*'
paflenger, who determined to punish him. '1/
went into the fliop with the Inquest, itood j, 6
whilfl the loaves were weighed, and b ou? h[
them in their presence. The melancholy bake
saw his half crowns depart without darine to
Hop them, and for the rirft time in his lift did
not cheat his cultomer. 1
June 7.
Notwithstanding all the reports of Lord
Heathfield's letting out to take the command of
the garrison of Gibraltar with the circumstance
of his arriving at Dover, &c. See. an evening
paper fays, we have refpecfiable authority for fa*,
ing, his Lordlhip has not quitted his house in
London, nor, perhaps, will he, considering his
advanced period of" life and infirmities, refunu
that station which he filled with so much honor
to himfelf, and glory to the nation.
Under similar circuniftances, a veteran officer
in Louis XlVtli'* time, being alked by the Kins,
" Whether he felt himfelf well enough to re
sume his former military station ?" No, Sire
replied the veteran, my former services are fuf!
ficiently recorded by your Majesty's giving me
the choice of again serving you ; but I would
choose to dedicate the close of a long life to
making up the account between God and my
By accounts from Stockholm, dated the 18th
ult. we learn, that on the nth, the Swedilh fleet
made an attack on the port of Revel. They en
tered the Bay, and a brisk cannonade took place.
They silenced the forts which defend the en
trance of the harbor, and set fire to the town,
which was soon in very general conflagration.
They took and burnt seventeen /hips, of which
fix were of the line, and the frigates and fmall
erfhips, and destroyed a considerable quantity of
stores. In this bold and fuccefsful attempt,
they loft two fliips of the line, and fuffered a
great slaughter. We must wait for the arrival
of the mail for the particulars of this important
affair ; but from good authority we are inform
ed, that the above is the futyftance.
Intelligence is said to be received from Vien
na, informing, that " Marftial Loudohn had made
a sudden movement with his troops, and advan
ced within two miles of the frontiers of Prnffiafo
unexpetfledly, that the Pruflian troops made a
precipitate retreat, supposing the Auftriaiis in
tended topoffefs theinlelves of Silesia.
Twenty fail of the line is the force preparing
by the Dutch,in confequeoce nf T.prd /VmHwil'i
reqinfition of the succours (tipulated by tktht*
treaty. Admiral Van Kinfbergen has tbe con
duct of this naval equipment, which will here
viewed by the Prince of Orange previous to its
putting to sea.
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales did
not appear at St. James's, with his new EPAU.
LE n J£, till the evening, it being collar day.—
This piece of jewellery is the moil superb ever
seen at Conrt, and estimated in value at 22,0001.
the form of it is a long shaped oval, the outer row
—a circle of very large costly brilliants—the in.
ner part, filled with a mosaic of diamonds—the
centre of each part of the mosaic filled with afin»
brilliant. The brilliant which formed the but
ton is valued at 4000 guineas—the whole contain
ed near 1000 brilliants of the firft water.
The amiable Dubourg, who gave the writer of
this,the account of Dr. Franklin's death, and who
was the firft Frenchman that openly espoused the
cause of America, in his Ouvrcs de Franklin, in
two volumes, hasinfcribed under theheadofthe
Philosopher, the following inscription,
" II a ravi de feu des Cieux,
11 fait fleurir Irs arts en des climnts fauvages;
" L'Americjue le pl«ce a la tele des sages ;
11 La Grece Pauroit met au nombrc des fes Dicux."
It must now be thewifh of every fcientificpei
fon, to poflefs an accurate life of this great cha
racter ; but where is the historian, who can d#'
lineate the man who controuled the tremendous
fire of the Heavens, and spread the flame of free"
dom over the earth >
Dr. Franklin died imnienfely rich, and bts left
the bulk of his fort une to his daughter, Mri.Btche,
with a large legacy to her husband.
The Musical Feast closed on Thursday with a
repetition of the Mefliah, which was performed
before a very numerous audience, not left than
2600. His Majesty and three of the Princefl'es
were present. The Queen was absent, and, it
was said, through indifpofitiori.
Hints to Americans who own lands or other realefiatc
in England.
Persons born in the United States of America
fincetheir independence, are incapable of hold,
ing lands in Great-Britain, as they are not natur
al born fubje<fls of the kingdom. The treaty of
peace secures the present holders, but it does not
iecure their heirs, confequenrly those eft3tes will
be loft as soon as the present proprietors die.—
Does not prudence req -i.e that such estates he
immediately fold ? ' A Countryman.

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