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From the New-Ytrk Daily Gazette.
7ht following Seng, comfofed by one of the
Members of the St. Andrew Society, for
the occasion of celebrating the Annivcrfrry
Fcitival of their Tutelar Saint, on the
30th nil. ivtuJung by the author, and zuas
received hv the Society with that approba
tion its due.
Tit hick welcome, thapleafmg occaiion that calls
The Sons of St. Andrew, 011 :e more, (palls,
With love of their country, which changc never
To rejoice on Columbia's (hore :
In fwsst social mirth, let us clieerful combine
Nor purt)% nor fidioi; deftri-y
The tie-that unites us in fricudihip d'vinc,--
And elates evety boiem with joy.
Blind prejudice,hence,fromthcfewallsquickly fly 1
And re I.fort fevcrc, be our guide; [high,
Tho' in Europe's proud annal-, old Scotia ranki
In her virtues alone be our pride ;
Our Saint and blrfs'd patron, no politics taught,
'Twashis million to fotten the heart,
Hisdo&rines with love andberjvolcnce fraught,
No partial inftrudions impart.
Yet if Tons in the glory of fires may lie vain,
The records of lame shall declare, (tain,
Howourunceltorsfought, their beftrightsto fuf-
And the laurels of vigors to (hare', [in chains,
"When Romo,con<i'rmg Rome, half the globe held
'Gatnfthcrlegions, [plains
Repell'd the bai'e yoke from their hills and their
Courting death and defeifing to yield.
Thro*ages, jmfullyM, tneir valour hasflione,
But valour's the leall of their praise, [won,
Their country is iirew'd with the garlands they
And the mufev have crown'd rhem with lays :
Simplicity, truth and affe&ion c ndear
Old Caledon's heath,and bleJc shore ;
May wewhohave wander'd, still honest, sincere,
Our country's fair virtues adore.
O'erthc wide rolling ocean by fortune convey'd,
T© climes, where bright Liberty reigns,
May the worth, by ourfathers, so often difplay'd,
Ever glide in their emigrant train,
Whither born or adopted Columbia's Tons,
'Tisoursin her plans to unite,
Hedefervesnot her favours, who haughtily shuns
The toil of supporting h 1* right.
While the copious horn of plenty supplies,
With richest profufion our board,
May wethinkof the wretch whoin solitude sighs,
And a boon from our union afford :
O long be it ours, in the regions of woe,
To diffiife the foft balm of relief,
To lessen the ills that from penury flow,
And dry up the channels of grief.
With the good and the brave, let us join hand in
The throne of fair freedom to guard.
With honour to fall, or with Liberty Hand,
Independence, our glorious reward;
Should tyrants alTail the fvveetgift we receiv'd,
Trueardour (hallfwell every breast,
And the actions of old,on our mountainsatchiev'd
Revive on the plains of the weft.
From the MaJfjfhuJetts Magazine,
veafurer-General oj the Stare oj Rhode-IJl'ind.
INFLEXIBLY upright, this good man trod,
With firm unvarying Hep, the mora] :
Just to his iellow-nun, hnn'elf, his G«>d,
His spirit bade the king of terrors hail.
Sleep, take (by reft", the toils of life a»e done,
Soon (hall the unclouded morn arifc,
And deathless virtue's cvei lucid fun
Forever gild, for thee ferrner skies.
Ther&lhall thv mortal worth, to view confeft,
Anvu the mjultons ihc blelt,
By heaven's appending smiles approv'd,
Shew to the fpints of the: pcrtett just,
That lie, whofc number mourn thy Fainted dust,
Spake only truth of him hi* bosom lov'd.
A gentleman jufl returned from
the fputh western territory, has fa
vored us with the following infor
mation :
_ O" Sunday the 41)1 inft there ar
rived at Knozville eight Indians
from the Cherokee nation ; three of
tl efe were prir.dpai chiefs, viz.
The Standing Turkey, the War
rior's Son of KfhVtlaula, and the
Hanging Maw, from the beloved
town of Ghota. The object of their
Vmrrev was to hold a sulk withGo
-vernor Blount ; to ad'ure him of the
pacific <!ifjwfition of their nation,
and to requeil that they may befuf
iered to iiunt without niolellation.
On Saturday the tenth, thty were
lafely ctindutfed to the bank of the
river, opposite to the town of Coy
•ties, 011 their veinrff home, bv Ma
jor George Fmrogood, and a party
of gentlemen.
i lie Btiva party of Indians stole
eight h-orfes from Gamble's flat ion
about 12 miles from KnoxHlle. '
On Friday the ninth, two regi
ments of territorial troops, under
the command of Colonel Landon
Carter and Col. Gilbert Chriltian,
marched from Knoxville, to guard
the iVomie'is, and to build forts and
llations Between the Papo Fold and
the juii(stiou of the Clinch and Te
lle ft e.
To the honour of our weft em bre
thren, let it that of
the 1 wo regiments above-mentioned,
(even companies were entirely c»m
pofed of volunteers, armed aiid
equipped at their own (txpeiic£.
On Saturday the lOth, Gefits*al
Sevier pui fired his route from Knox
ville, escorted by a troop of horfif,
raised in Greene county, and com
manded by captain Jamej Richard
son, to take the command of the
frontier army, now amounting to
from twelve to fifteen hurfdi ed men.
Our informant mentions, that this
troop of horse, though
embodied, were at leaflf *iqual in
inajply and martial appearance, as
well as in their uniform,'hel"fes,and
other equipments, to any corps of
horse he ever law in the regular
continental or European armies.
On Monday the 12th, the hoofe
of lihenezer By rain,on Heaver creek,
(a branch os-Clinch) seven miles
from Knoxvirfc, was attacked in the
morning, about sunrise, by a party
of fifteen Cherokee Indites. Thev
beat in the window with (.heir roros
hawks, and presented two
but before they could observe their
destined vi&ims, Mr.. Byrstni and
Mr. Jefferies, the only two men in
the house, fired at the two Indians
who appeared at the window, when
they both fell, and the Indian party
immediately fled.
The gallant defenders of their
houfhold gods, then went out and
found one of the Indians dead, who«(
theyfcalped ; they afterwards track
ed the fugitives about two miles, fy
the blood of their woanded compa
nion—here they found a confidcrt
ble quantity of blood,*fome human
flefh and splinterS of bones j at this
fpoi thej ftippofed the wounded In
dian expired, aud was carried off
by his aftbeiates, as the bloody «£ck
was no longer vifibje,
Thus the cGol bravery of two re
foluce men not only saved their
own lives, but preserved a number
of women and children, who were
at the time in the haufe, from th#
butchering cruellies of these re
niorfeJefs savages. It deserves to
be noticed, that Mr. Byram is up
wards of sixty years of age.
. Notwithftandingthe contiguity of
these depredations to tho feat of ter
ritorial government, the inhabitants
feeni as unapprehensive of danger
as the citizensof Richmond are, and
it was with difficulty that Governor
Blount, who lives in a retired house,
about a mile froin Knoxville, could
be prevailed on to accept of a
guard, which he limited to fix men.
The gentleman who has obliged
us with the above inre!]ig?nrr, h«s
brought to this city the lcalp of the
Indian killed in the attack on Mr.
Byram's house.
By the custom-house return from
Bermuda Hundred, it appears that
the total amount of the merchan
dise imported and entered there
from the firft of July to the thirti
eth of September la(fr, is 824,592 dol
lais and cents.—And the amount
of goods exported duritlg the fame
peiiod, is 526,280 dollars and 04
Yeflerday morning died, John
Fleming, in cor.sequence of a wound
in the head, which he received from
Kemp, a few evenings iince ;
ihe ablconded, but we
are informed, that diligent featch
is now making afrer him.
1 H r'u^ l " rOR ~ 10 UIS SIUjSCKIBtiiS
fHh Arrearage. oj Subfcriptio.s for this
n<Jic been Jor a tun, Tl-e ex.
pt'tes of the pub/, eat, 0 „ are gnat and inevitable, and
„o W a„ nv a!hamour ted to m»ch«o», M„„ „, f
ye,e,pt> Jor futj ,rm>ons- the eons, etuews
0 ru ..b'ar has vo other r,jga„tthmt',or t
the debt i be his beer, obhZd
the Mlit-atiov *
H. /, tie,eye vecefatatei to repeat bu atllj c „
TZ,'%" r, 7 rc "T d /'* np """ *"« »
r'V'r" " '"**! *>*"»«<>«> "Jbon as
./' >- cl 'P ls - tee iontmuatim of-this Haiette,
**" » <*/»:
Agreeably to the Seventh Article of their
rpo the Membn s of the Infur'ance Company of
JL Koith-America, that Fbrty Thousand Shades
are (libfc'ribed ; and that a Genera! Meeting of
the Subfcribera if to he held at the State-Houle
in tins city, on 10th iult. at 10 o'clock, A. M.
when the l)ire£Vors are to he ehofen.
£ KKN E r /.i- R HAZARD, Secretory.
f"/T The holders of Certificates in the late
Toiuine Affnciation, who intend to become
members of the Insurance Company, are
defirid to Cc.l! at No. 145, Arch-ftxeet. where
their fubferipynns will be received, and a pre
ference given to them, nr\til the 12th intt.
Pm 1 la oilph i a, November to, : 792.
r T" , HB Stockholders of the Bank ot the United
X States are hereby informed, that according
to the ilatute of incorporation, a general ele&ion
lor twenty-fiy.e Diiediis w»ll be held at the Bank
il i'ie Unu<d Stales, in the city of Philadelphia,
on Monday the kvciith day of January next, at
ten o'otock in the forenoon.
And puifuantothe eleventh feftion of the
Bye-Lav s, the Stockholders of the laid Bank are
hereby uiotifi< d to assemble in general meeting
at the (ante place, on Tuesday the eighth day of
January text, at five o'clock in th«? evening.
By or<jer of the Prefidcnt and Dire&nrs,
w ax- Work & Paintings,
ARE open every day and evening (Sundays
excepted) at the House lately occupied
by Mrs. Pine, No. 9, North Eight h-ftreet.
First Room—Contains upwards of* 100
-decant Paintings, arid about 3 0 "Wax Figures,
»n full stature—among which are Likenelles
of a number of the principal characters in
America; 341011 Trenck in chains, an Indian
Chief, and fe vera) beautiful young Ladies of*
different States, die. &rc.
Second Room—Contains eighteen large
Wax Figures, which form a Sociable Club,
or the Oyster Supper ; and the School for
Scandal, conlifting of twelve female Figures,
making their nbfervations 011 a young Lady,
whwhad eloped with a Footman.
Admittance One Quarter of a Dollar each
Mathew Carey
Refpcftfully fubmiu to the C.tizens of the United
States, the following
Guthrie's Geography
f Of.which theft are the terms :
1. T1 (hall be pubjifhed in 48 wceklv numbers,
A each containing thiee thefts, or 1 wenty.four
pi£es, ol letter press, in quarto, printed with new
types on fine pupei.
H. In the rourfe of the work will bedelivered
about thirty large maps, of the fame size as thofc
in the European editions, viz. mod of them iheet
maps, on post paper.
(PT Beside 1 the mips in the British editions, this
work u/Hl contain naps of as many of the United Slates
as can be readily procured, executed by the bcjlengrav
ers in the United States.
II I. she price ot < ach number will be a quar
ter dollar, to be paid on delivery. JV„ ua
vance requite 4.
IV. The win k will be put to press as foot) as
7CO copies are fubfciibed for.
V. Subfciibcrs who difapprovc ol the work, on
the publication of the three firft numbeis, are to
be at liberty to return them, and shall have their
money lepaid.
VI. The fubferibers' names (hall bp prefixed as
patrons of the undertaking'.
Perhaps there no science more entertaining
and u'eful than geography. It reveals the disco
veries of travellers—the remai kablc cui iofities of
ai! in nature and art—the fttuaiion ol
provinces, cities, towns, villages, rivers, & moun
tains in fine, the hiltory, manners, cuftotns, laws,
fotces, revenues, and government of different na
It is an Old ohfervation, that " there is not a
foil or of Adam, but has some concern
with %'cogi3jj»hy and that a knowledge of this
fcicnce is indlfpcnfable towards the study of his
tory with advantage or fatisfaflion. Indeed a
man unacquainted with it, cannot discourse an the
njoft common newspaper topics of the day without
betiaymg Ins ignorance.
So much lor geography generally. With rc
fpc6t to the prcfent plan, let it luffice to remark,
that GuU»rie's Geography lia.s been long acknow
ledged to be the b«ft in the Englilh language ;
however, the account ot America in it has, from
obvious rcafoßi, been very erroneous and defec
tive. The er.ors of former editions will be cor
:'Cfcled,ond the defects supplied, by gentlemen of
abtbun, who iiave enjaged to fuperiniend this
and io avmi thcmfclves of all the in
orniation that can be procured, to r«nder it the
in«.H complete edition exuut.
The Primer earneftlv folicjts the support of his
k llow-cttizi ns throughout the United Stales : and
f»« no dcpout is required, and every fubfcriher will
beat .tuerty to withdraw his name,, if, on trial,
he lliocld, disapprove of the work, he hopes the
ritntls of faience. and of American arts and raa
nufjftures, will cheerfully and eai ly patronize this
ufefnl work, the grritcft and most expensive, pro
bably, ever yet attempted in America, in thetyp..-
g'aohieal line, the £ne.yclopc<iia excepted.
Philadelphia, Nov. 2, 1792. (tawtf)
ftTTkii Gazette iipuHiJhedin North Filth-Street,
A■. 34, between nigh and Mulberry it, eet,—where
tne bait or twtu refidrs.
Sujcien:ly cajraatHs to (lor K ;a'cru( hundred lands.
Enquire as above.
JOHN KEAN, Calhier.
Stock Brokers
-pHK Subscriber intending to coi::' ine himfclf
1 entirely m the PURCHASE.and \LI
STOCKS o« COMMISSION, B,u, v, .o'ort"
his lei vices to hisfrnnd-, .. d ott , . theli„i
ofa Stock Broker. Those vi !:o may pleafo
;vor hiin with tit -ir bufincff, «i;, v depend u ro Ti
having a tranfafted wither, utmoll <ic-!itv ~ ,t
d irpdtc h. ' y J " d
Order.- I'rom Philadelphitf.Bofton, or any other
part of tnc United Stalo wijl be ftriftly a, tt „
ed to.
Mat 'j.
N E W T E A S.
Otthever) fit li quality, and lafeft lfrrpoilJTKUt
from Canton, tu Newly oik, by ituil.at ..
No. 19, .
Third, between Chtfmn and Market Sricett.
N. B. A few lioxel of tkt above H YSOfa.-
To the Public.
TH-. fubfciil?r r begs leave to acquaint rhe pu _
he in general, and his eußbincis in paiT;,:u
lar, that '.e his entered into paitneifhi'p wich
Mr. HENRY KAMMERER, . .ul that .he Pric
ing business in the Er.glilh and German lunjuic-s
isirnwciirii.d «n under ib< firm .»i' STEINtR
and KAMMF.RER, No. 8,5, in Rare.-ftie'tt," be
tw- en Second and fhud-ttrcetf.
The Go nun N< w!p..pe r will be put (brd by
them, »» u)ual,on Tin f.).p, s a„d ,>j k,„rt of P.
lug work done with care .111 fxerc n.
Nov. 6, 1792.
City of Washington,
Sold by the Bookseller ,
John Gould,
INFORMS his friends and the public MJeple»
ral, that he continues to carry Onfaisbafifieft
as usual, at No i, South Tbird-Street, nwi
Market-Street, and thanks his fortjercuftoGjcri
for the favors he has received.
Said Gould has for sale, an infallible cure for
I Weak or Sore Eyes, which on trial, has and wiFf
jHe found to answer the purpose.—He has it in
! vials from one quarter of a dollar to w dollar.—
j Any person trying the above, if not found ro
; answer tlie character given, the money uillbe
A further Caution.
A LL per ons arc hereby cautioned from receiv-
IX ing of Thomas Mackic & Co. or any othrr
p?rfon, four Notes of Hand, given hv the late
Jama Gardner, of Wilmington, North-Cat olios,
to Samuel Jackfvn, of Philadelphia, ail bearing da e
the 19th July, 1785, amounting in the whole to
£. 2,600 jo 3 North-Carolina cuirency ; thfc
grcatelt pari of which fjid Notes have been paid
to said Thomas Madid &. Co. :n proof of wh ir -h
the fubjeriber? have the depofuion of Mr. Jafpcr
Mauduit Jackson, and other document* which will
fully and clearly illulti ate the matter.
It is therefore expected that this notice, with
the one adveriifid in this papei in May and June,
1 79*> vvi 11 be a furocient caution to the public.
ROBERT SCOTT, [ Executors.
Wilmington, (N. C.) Aug. 1, 1792. (laahgm)
A Plantation,
LYltfG o.» ;Lc river 7 r .i
J Trenton, containing 165 acrcs ; whereon is
a d veiling-hotife, yleafantly firuated, 36 by 24 feet,
hsving three rooms with fire-places on the lower
floor, and four above, one of them with a fire
place ; a kitchen adjoining, near to which is a re
mai kable large fpimgof < xccllent w-ater, accom
modated with a good spring-house ; a ba»n 36 feet
by 26; a waggon, chair and fmoke-iioufes, befidee
other ufeful out-buildings ; a larg- orchard, chufly
of grafted fruit. The faun is well watered, and
has a proportion of wood and meadow land, thro'
which the road runs that is known by the name
of the River Road.
On the Premises is also ere&ed,
A Grift-Mill,
In the midst of a good wheat country, on a never
failing stream ; the mill-house is by 24 feet,
has one water-wheel, a pair of burrs and a pair of
Cologne (tones, rolling screen, bolts for merchant
and country work, See. and i accommodated with
a cooper's shop, 18 feet square, near the mill—
which is about 300 vards from the Delaware, and
very conveniently situated to receive wheat, See.
from boats palling down the river.
There are also for Sale,
2 o* Acres of Wood-Land,
within less than a quarter of a mile of the above
mentioned Plantation, which lies in a fine hieh
healthy country.—For terms apply to the fub
fenber on the prcmifes,
Trtvfcp, Oflebcr, 179 2,
A TABLE for receiving and paying Gold—
graduat<d according to J.aw—Blank Manift-Oi—
And Blanks for the various Powers o* Attorney
tv ctflary in rranfa&iiig Buiincfs at the Treafuiy or
at the Hank of the United States.

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