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THE S Y S T £ As or
Used byMr. Lloyd,in taking down thr Debates
ot Congrefj. A fylteni lo eaty, that any man,
of ordinary capacity, may clearly comprehend
it in half an hou«, and foun piadiie u, iw »U
full eft extent, willful any tuither infttuflion,
than what will b conveyed in a lew page*, ■
the whole ART being comprifcd in eighteen
Jmpte chat alien, without any of those perplexing,
aibiticuv maiks, with which the learners of
other fytlems obliged tn burden then me
mory, and crnbmafs their practice.
Price, to One Dollar—to Non-
Subfcribcrs, a Dollar and half.
Subscriptions received by Messrs. Rice, Book
sellers, Market-Hreet, and by
JOHN CAREY, No. 26, Pear-Street.
Ha[f a Dollar to be paid at the time of/ul-fcribing.
Between December \Ji, 1792.
William Shipley lln the high CounofCnance-
Complainant, > ryot the State ot Ncw-
John Meng and o- 1 Jet sty.
(hers Defendants. J Prejent,
His Excellency the Chancellor.
THE Complainant having filed his bill ot
Complaint againit the Defendants 'n the
month ot September, fevrnteen hundred and
ninety-one. and in the laid Bill of Complaint did
among other things set forth that the said Com
plainant being Icized in his Denulne *s of fee
ofand in a certain Ttadl of Land , said to contain
nine hundred and thirty acres, situate, lying and
being in the townlhip ot Hardwick in the coun
ty ol SufTcx in the State of New-Jersey, did on
the firft of March teventeen hundied and eighty
live, bargain fell and convey the fame in fee lim
plc unto John Meng and John Hendcrfon ot ihe
city of Philadelphia, -William Goodwin and
John Town, for the confederation ot One Thou
sand Six Hundred Pounds in Gold or Silver—
That on the filth day of the fame month of
March the laid feoffees above named did execute
unto the said William Shipley a Deed of Mort
gage in fee fnnple of the said Tract of Land to
secure the payment ol the said lixteen hundred
pounds, with the lawful intcrefl which might
theieon accrue—That in the year fcveiitcen hun
dred and eighty-fix the said John Meng and
William Goodwin did become Bankrupts with
in the intent and meaning of the a&s ot the Le
gifiature ot the Commonwealth of Pcnnfylvania,
and luch proceedings were had against them that
in the fame mon-h they were duly declared
Bankrupts ; and that they the said John Meng
and William Goodwin did in some short time
afterwards convcy and transfer all their effate
both real and personal, and particularly all their
right and title to the piemifcs above mentioned
to Jo eld, Curtis Clay, James C. Fisher,
i .rton, John Kaighn and Arthur Collins
V f Philadelphia, fubjcft 10 ihc
' ' 1
a!. . ~ , r j __
• f. v orefaid given to the laid Com
p ' .ne said John Field, Cuius'
Ciav C. Fiftter, liaac Wharton, John
Y .rthur Collins soon after bargained,
•ycd all their Rigllt and Title of
1 1 id Trust of Land unto Benjamin
i he city of Philadelphia, and John
- 0 'j • < o the Mortgage aforefaid— That
n h day of O&ober seventeen hun
dred , ty-five, the said John Town and
Benjlit; r: fwn did execute another Mortgage
to the f.iiu William Shipley for securing the pay
in. ,t of t v'lve hundred pounds in certain in
itcll:n-i'i*»i— : hat in the month of January seven
' hundrt*) and eighty-fix, John Town did
ga n and fell in fee finiple ail his Right and
to »hc said premif'es, to the said Benjamin
Town, fubjeft to the Mortgages aforefaid—That
in the month o{ February seventeen hundred and
eighty-eight, ihe said Benjamin Town did con
vey all hi# Right and "1 itie to the said premife®,
to John Field and Curtis Clay of the city ot Phi
ladelphia, upon certain Trnfts unknown to the
Complainant—That the said Benjamin Town
loon after became fiaoktupi, and in purfuancc
of the bankrupt laws of the State of Pennlvlva
nn, did convey all his elUc real and ptrjor.al
to a certain Robert Raiflon—That John Hen
dcrfon did a!foin the month of September seven
teen hundred and eigbty-feven become a Bank
an<* unc K r bankrupt laws of tl*: Stdtc
° Peni.fyKania, did aflign .and convey all his
tU.tr real personal to David Lenox, Gco.gc
Hughes, Matthew Cla.kfon, Peter Bavnton and
j a, d Bache And the Complainant doth in
and by hi. hid Bill, p,„y that ,h ,fc having
'g Tto th c fcii d Eftatc may be decreed t<» pay
him What is du, on the laid Mortgages, or that
Ihc equity ol Redemption be foulofed by the
Decree of this Couti.
And now upon opening this matter this day
by K it hard Stockton, Efquirr, being ofthe com-
Tl 'IlVr C ," ll "' C ' —'' appearing to the Court
ja e f.nd defendants do rrfide in the State
<>' rennfylv,.iia, without the jnrifdiftion ol this
DUf, , and it apprai ing tun her to this Court
•i-t writs of fubt a'iu h.ive been taken out ac.
cording to the course of this Court, that lfie said
wnts ot fuhpoena ha y e been duly fetved upon
the hid fever., Defendants upwards of one
nVf A" i'" y; 8 " rl ,hat "n«<= "f 'he hid
u, be et"" 1 h:! or lh < ,ir "ppemnrr
I" be entered ,n th,. Court the fui, of the said
rxrclle7 am , : " " ,hCrCf ° rC I, V '"«
fpnl c/ " ,e Chancellor, that the said' De.
to >he n f»if °r\ UfC u' C ' r aopca,ance 10 entered
to the ir L vr Complainant according
hi,dV" C, ° ' h " Conrt in two f-m
confefro'a ° r ki P ' Bin ! iff ' hill be talurn pro
the I "n^ rrC • °f ,t,c aa °f
T i, J. ,n nc ' l rare "lade and provided
nuMi'r mP ' ,, , nan ' Ki * in * no ''" * n * ""ki"?
publieationofths r.'leasinaiidbyther.iid ast
Ol the Leg-iflaiurc is provided.
Decmbir iJ?, i-q ?
03" The price of tins (.an lit n H,,„ Oi>l/t r <
uj io k t "" 1 a: " ,e »** "//<*'
F}R Sale, a beautiful situation on the Po-
lowinack r adjoining the town of Alexandna
and in a I nit* of oirettion towards the Federal
City and George Tow n,in full view of each place,
commanding * profpeft of the river and adjacent
country o! Maryland and Virginia, tor many
miles ; about 45 or 50 acres ol Land, lying di
icftly on the uver, will 'be fold, with the im
provements, which are, a two-story framed
d wc Uing-houfe, neatly finilhed, a kitchen, office,
bnck smoke-house and dairy, two-story Iramed
barn, a well ot excellent water, and an ice
houle, a yard and garden, neatly railed and
highly improved, with a number of other ne-
improvements ; the whole of the land
enciofed with poftsand rails, tenor fifteen acres
laid down, with different kinds of grass. Its
contiguity to those three towns rnuit render ii
obj< 61 worthy the attention of any pei (on who
wishes to invest money in a property thai must
enhance in value, in proportion to the rapid »n
---creafe of the Federal City, Alexandria and
George-Town. This property !ics nearly in a
central situation to each place. The Potowmack
at this (pot has a fine deep Ihore and harbour,
capable of receiving vcflels of any burden. It
may not be improper to observe, that men of
judgment think a profitable and convenient
Ferry might be ere£ted here 10 the City of
WaHiingion and the Maryland (Horef leading to
Baltimore aod Philadelphia.—Alio to fell, ii 15
acres ol Wood-Land, about three niiles distant,
which will fun well to supply the above in
wood and limber. The title maybe seen to the
above property, which is indisputable, and terms
known by application to the fubferiber, living
on the pre.mifes.
Philadelphia, November 20, 1792.
THE Stockholders of the Bank of the United
States are hereby informed, that according
to the statute of in.orporation, a general cle&ion
for twenty-five Direst >rs will be held at the Bank
ef the United States, in the city of Philadelphia,
on Monday the fevrnth day oi January next, at
ten o'cock in the forenoon.
And puifuan to the eleventh fesion of the
Bye-Laws, the Stockholders of the said Bank aie
herebyjnotificd to afTemble in general meeting
at the fame place, on Tuesday the eighth day of
January uext, at five o'clock in thf evening.
By order of the President and Dire&ors,
JOHN KEAN, Cashier.
Mathew Carey
Refpe£lfuliy submits to the Citizens of the United
States, the following
Guthrie's Geography
Of which theje are the terms :
1. TT (hall be pubtilhed in 48 weekly numbers,
X each containing thiee Iheets,or twenty-four
pages, of letter press, in quarto, printed with new
types on fine papei.
11. In the course of the work will bedelivered
about thirty large maps, of the fame size as those
in the European editions, viz. mod of them sheet
maps on poll paper.
(p?" Bejtdes the maps in the Britijh editions, this
work will contain maps of as many of the United States
as can be readily procured, executed by the bell engrav
ers in the United States.
111. The price of each number will be a quar.
ter dollar, to be paid on delivery. No ad.
vance required.
IV. The work will be put to press as soon as
700 copies are fublcribed for.
V. Sublcribers who disapprove ol the work, on
the publication of the three firft nutnbeis, are to
be at liberty to return them, and fliall have theii
money repaid.
VI. The fubferibers' names shall be prefixed as
patrons of the undertaking.
Perhaps there is no science more entertaining
and uleful than geography. It reveals the difco
venes of travellers—the remarkable curiofitiet of
all countries, in nature and art—the fttuation ot
provinces, c.lics, towns, villages, livers, & moun
tains—in fine, the history, manners, customs, laws,
forces, revenues, and government of diffeient na-
It is an old observation, that " there is not a
son or daughter nf Adam, but has tome concern
with g-ography;" and that a knowledge of this
fciencc IS indispensable towards the study of liif.
lory with advantage or fatisfaftion. indeed a
man unacquainted with it, cannot discourse on the
mo ft common topics of the day without
betraying his ignorancc.
So much for geography generally. With re-
Ipccl to the present plan, let it fuffice to remark
that Guthrie's Geography has been long acknow.'
I edged to be the best in the Englift language ■
however, the account of America u, „ has, from
obvious reasons, been very erroneous and defec
"q'j Th< : errorsof former editions will be cor
re6lcd, and the defea s supplied, by gentlemen of
abilities who have engag-d to fu;,rnntend th's
undertaking, ar.d to avail themselves of all the in.
lor,nation that can he procured, to rtndrr ,t me
molt complete edition extant.
1 he Printer earnestly solicits the support of his'
fellow-citizens throughout the United Stan s: ami
as no depolit is required, and ever T fublcribtr will
he Ihoi'itd'dV 0 WUhd, '; w . his •!", on tri,l.
he Ihonld d,f a p pr.,ve ol ihe work, he hopes th<
i -enis ot science, and of Atnevican arts and ma
"ulnftures, will cheerfully and early patronize M
bI I WOrkl ,hC S ' eat< " 3 " d "VXI, pr,
bahly, ever yctaucmp.ed in America, in the tvpr
g JD'iu,! 1 r,-, tl, ; h.icvelnpxdia cxreptrd.
jl; ' Gaz """p''l>liJ>ieJin North Fifth-Street
Mr. 34 ieUoe;, High and Mn/l>erry Streets—where
the Lditot norv refutes.
a#-«(/, capaacus '".florejtvero! hundred barreh
£iiqui/c us dhcvc.
Stock Brokers Office,
N0.45, Great Dock-flreet, New-York,
THE Subscriber intending to confine himfelf
entirely to the PURCHASE akd&ALE of
STOCKS an COMMISSION, Begs leave ro oiler
hi* services to his friends and otheis, in the line
of a Stock Broker. Thole who may please to fa
vor him with their bufmefs, may depend upon
having it tranfaded with the utmott fidelity and
Orders from Philadelphia,Bofton, or any other
part of the United States will be ftri 6ll y attend
ed to.
Ma v 2.
Ofthe very fiiU quality, and latest importation
from Canton, via New-York, by retail,at
No. 19,
Third, between Chefnut and Market Streets.
N. B. A jew Boxei oj the above HYSON for sale.
To the Public.
THE fubfcribe r begs leave to acquaint the pub
lic in general, and his customers in particu
lar, that he has entered into partnerfhtp with
Mr. HENRY KAMMERER, and that the Print
ing bufmefs in the English and German languages
is now carried on under the firm of STEINER
and KAMMERER, No. 85, in Race-ftieet, be
tween Second and Third-streets.
The German Newspaper will he published by
them, as usual, on TucfJays, and all kind of Pi int
ing work done with care and expedition.
Philadelphia, Nov. 6, 1792.
City of Wafnington,
Sold by the Booksellers,
John Gould,
INFORMS his friends and the public in gene
ral, that he continues to carry onhis buiinefs
as usual, at No 1, South Third-Street, near
Market-Street, his formercuftoiners
for the favors he has received.
Said Gould has for sale, an infallible cure for
Weak or Sore Eyes, which on trial, has and will
be found to answer the purpose.—He has it in
vials from one quarter of a dollar to a dollar.—
Any person trying the above, if not found to
answer the character given, the money will be
returned. [tf] •
A further Caution.
ALL per ons are hereby cautioned Irom receiv
ing of Thomas Mackie & Co. or any other
person, tour Notes of Hand, given by the late
James Gardner, of Wilmington, North-Caiolina,
to Samuel Jackson, of Philadelphia, all bearing date
ihe 19th July, 1785, amounting in the whole to
£. 2,600 13 3 North-Carolina currcncy; the
great eft part of which said Notes have been paid
'o said Thomas Mackie & Co. in proof of which
■he lubfcribeiy have the deposition of Mr. Jaffa
Mauduit Jackson, and other documents which will
.'ully and clearly illustrate the matter.
It is therefore expected that this notice, with
the one advertised in this paper in May and June,
1 79 1 » a fufHcient caution to the public.
ROBERT SCOTT, C Executors.
Wilmington, (N. C.) Aug. i, 1792. (tarogm)
A Plantation,
LYING on the river Delaware, miles above
1 renton, containing 165 acres ; whereon is
a dwelling-houfe,pleafaiuly situated, 36 by 24 feet,
having three rooms with fire-p'.aces on the lower
floor, and four above, one of them with a fire
piace ; a kitchen adjoining, near to which is a re
markable large fpnng of excellent water, accom
modated with a good ; a bain 36 feet
by 26; a waggon,chair and smoke-houses, besides
other ufeful out-builcSings ; a large orchard, chitfly
of grafted fruit. The farm is well watered, and
has a proportion of wood and meadow land, thro'
which the road runs that is known by the uame
of the River Road.
On the Picmifes is also ercftcd,
A Grift-Mill,
In the midst of a good wheat country, on a never
tailing ftreain ; the mill-houfc is 54 by 24 feet,
has one water-wheel, a pair of burrs and a pair of
Cologne iloncs, rolling screen, bolts for merchant
and country woik, &c. and i- accommodated with
a cooper's fht p, 18 feet square, near the mill —
which is about 300 yards Irom the Ddawate, and
vc y conveniently (ituawd to receive wheat, &c.
from boats palling down the river.
There are also for Sale,
20 Acres of Wood-Land,
within leli than a quarter of a mile of the above
mentioned Plantation, which lies in a fine hieh
healthy country.—For terms apply to the sub-
Yribcr on the premises.
ia wtf)
Trenton i Offober, 1792
A TABLf. for receiving and paying Gold-»-
gradunvd according to Law—Blank Maritefls—
And Blanks for the various Powers of Attorne>
1' f( 'H'iry in tranfa£hng Biifm, ft at the Tteai'ur y 01
the Bank of the United State*.
BOWEN's exhibition's ok
W ax- W ork&Paintino-s
A RE open every day and everfirg (Sutaav,
I, A/r 6 * o at tHe H ° Ule late!v "tCUpicil
by Mrs. Pine, No. 9, North Ei-hth-ftr«e[
First Room—Contains upwauls of 103
elegant Paintings, anri about 3o"tt'ax Figure
in full itature—among which are Likeuelfes
of a number ot the principal character, j„
Ameiica; Baron Trenck in chains, an Indian
i' r and ievera! beaiitil'uf young _U d;es ot '
different States, tf c. &c.
&COND Room—Contains eighteen large
Wax Figures, which form a Sociable (u b
01 the Oyster Suppek ; and the School tW
ocanpa l, conilfting of twelve fematlt i • - u rc s
making their obJervations on a young Lad/
who had eloped with a Footman." °
Admittance One Quarter oj a Dollar each
No. 118, Markil-Slreet, Philadelphia.
i. A MERICAN.MUSEUM,f.omit.commence.
I A. me.u hi January 1787, (o June 170 a
elevfn vols. Price, neatly bp u iid and lettered
seventeen dollars and three filths.
This work, wh'ch is how conducted on an im.
provid plan, containing the best pieces pul■ 11 fh.d
for and against the proceedings ol government
will be found to contain at leaf! as gli al a variety
of political, agricultural, and mifee i neous tjfa\s
as any ever puhiifhed in Amertra. Perhaps, nm !
one work are so many valuable docurm uts refpett
ing Ihehilloiy of this country, collcftec! together.
His Excellency the Prelideni of the United Slates
has declared of ir, that "a more ufelul liunry
plan has never teen underlain in America, nor
one more defeiving ot public encouragement."
The fubfeription is two dollars and a haif per
ann. Geniletneo in the country who wish 10
be supplied with this woik, aic rc t| ueft<tl to glvc
commillion to friends in the city to lubfcribe lor
and receive it- Any of the hack iinmhcr,
may be had in order to complete sets.
2. Sm it I, 's Letiets so Married Women, or. Nm f
;ng and the management of Children.
" We recommend these letters to the prrufat of
those to whom thev are particularly add 1 effee:."
Monthly Review, vol. 38, p. 101 — Puce, bound,
62 \cents.
I 3 Duncan's Elements of Logic-—75 cents.
4. Beauties of Fielding—eo cents.
I 5. Beauties of Blair—so ctnis.
i 6. Ladies' Pocket Library, containing Mist
More'sEffays, Gregory's Legacy, Lady Penning
ton's Advicr, Marchioness of Lambert's Advice,
Swift's Letter to a newly married Ladv,Mit.Cha
ponc on command at Temper, Morc's Fables for
I' lie Ladies, Price 6/55.
7. Smith's Hiilory of New-York. Piiceadol
lar and a quarter.
8. Elements of Moral Science, by James Beau
tie, L. l D. pi ofeflpr of moral philofoyhy and
logic in the Matifchal College, Aberdeen— Prict
three-fourths of a dollar. Of this book th«
Critical Reviewers (vol. 69, p. 628) fay : "VVe
have (een nothing on these iubje&s more plain,
;nore pcrfpiruous, or more generally ufeful."
N T . B. It 15 introduced into the Univerfiiy in Phi
ladelphia. ,
9. Beauties of Poetry. Price four-filths of •
IC. Blair's Sermons. Pricc two dollars.
.11. N ckfi'sTrearjfc on the impoTianccof Re
ligious Opinions.—Price four-fifth* of a dollar.
12. Exam mation of the Obfcrvations of Lord
Sheffield on American Commerce—Price, on vciy
fine paper, 5 8t hs of a dollar.
13. Ihe Conditutions of the fevcral United States,
with the Federal Constitution, &c. Price five
eighths of a dollar.
14. M'Fmgal. Price three-eighths of a dollar.
American Jtft Book. Pi ice three-fifths of
16. G
lla do'jarden of the Soul. Price half a dollar.
17 The Doway Translation of the Vulgate Bi
bl< , in quarto— Price,elegantly bound and lcttei
cd, 50/2—plain, fix dollars.
18. Devout Chriltan'r Vadc Mccum— Pure *
quaucr dollar.
i - Think well on't. Puce a quarter dollar,
- t..: n.:. ts __ .. r» _: c i'- > '
20. Christian Kconony. Price > fittl: of a doiiar.
21. History of Charles Grandilon, abridged—
Pricc a fixili of a dollar.
22. Poems by Col. Humphreys—Price a ihird
of a dollar.
23. Sc!c£l Poems, chicfly American—Price a
sixth of a dollar.
Said Car k Y # has for sale, a large afTortment ef
Books, European as well as American editions,
which he will dispose of on the mod icafonable
terms. Country gentlemen, who favor him with
commands, may depend upon being fupplicd :a
the mod fatisfactory manner. A liberal allowance
to such as purchase quantities for public libraries
or to fell ag.iin.
For Sale, at No. 34, North-Fifth-Streer,
payable on all Goods, Wares and
due imported into the United States; exhibiting
the Rates payable on those imported in Ships or
Vessels of the United States, and in Foreign Ship*
or Vetfels; including the additional Dy-tic* !•
which the refprftive Articles are liable.
THE Arrearages oj SubscriptionsJor this Gazettf
have been for a long timr acenmu'ating. The ex
pences oj the publication are great and inevitable, and
have annually amounted to much more than the
receipts for fubferiptions ; the eonfejuenees mufl bt
obvious. The Editor has no other rrjnurce than those
arrearages, todifcharge the debti he has been obligfi
to incur in profecuttng the publication.
He is therejore necejjitated to repeat his afjphca ?
tion to those who have received fuffjeription money on
account oj the Gazette, and those who have not
what is due, to make remittances as soon as pofjiblen
On theje rcceipts> the continuation of this Gatette, 0-
the plan of an extensively circulating pater W
lately fujpcndtd,

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