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•* Thou thou ftidWt rule the Jf !**
Col l i ss,
y 1 1
\JYMPH of the front sublime
£\i Arid eye of fiie !
Benign infpirer of heroic deed;,
For whom the patriot burn.« y the warrior bleeds,
And fweet-breath'd mintltels > tune the warbling
Whose radiant smile
Can Mt6*RY ot her giiefs beguile,
Diffo've the leaden tear of woe,
Bid the pale lip with transport glow,
And crown with laurels green (he barren brow
ol Time.
Parent of golden Peace! celestial maid !
Prote&refs ot each holy tie !
Guardian of right#, bv liberal Hope afray'd,
Blest offspring ot Humanity !
The peopled mart, the verdui'd bower,
Grow in the sunshine ol <hy power ;
Thou from the tyrant's surly brow
Canst chafe the unavailing frown,
Bid the triumphant despot bow,
And drag his purpled honours down,
Canst dnvefrom brooding w ea lth the dreams
of care,
And light with lustrous gems the miduight of
I fee thee on the Grecian plain,
Unaw'd by A/ia' s mvriaa train,
Tl>e felf-devoted Spartan* lead,
Than crowns, more rich, than life more dear
Spring dauntless on the Petjian spear,
And in th' unfetict'd arms of glory bleed :
And now with Roman eagles (bar.
On trophi'd Gaba*s defp A rate held,
Rife o'er unwieldy Ajric's powci,
And bid her Alpine viflo> yield ;
And now on Britain's druid coast
Biave all the latiau world could boast.
I view thee on the Belgic strand,
Firm pillar of the gulphy plain,
That from the bosom of the main
Snatch'd the thin foil, and fpiead the sedgy land.
In life's green hour, and nature's prime,
Thro 1 wide Columbia's vari'd clime,
I fee thy flarry banners flow ;
This hand the olive-bough extends,
While that her p'ny shore defends,
And wards with piereingeyethe meditated blow
In laurel'd majeftv serene,
Puie source of ev'ry boon, in ev'ry age a Queen !
But hark ! the rending prayer of pain /
What female flirieks aflault the car !
And whelm the poet's sacred ft rain,
And start the agonizing teai !
Where angel beauty* prostrate lies,
And godlike genius droops his head,
This by the foul-iefs Traitor dies,
That bv delpotic Faction bl< d !
On thee, mild Power, they madly call,
And all thy great endow ments claim,
Yet on thy mangled graces fall,
Apostate* to thy woiOup'd name !
Say, Nymph benign, wh?t ruffian race
Thy pure uublemifh'd glories ftain'd,
Deform'd thy hrav'n illumin'd face,
And ev'iy vcftal charm prophan'd !
To the vile rabble's rage rcfign'd
The lustre ot ihy poliHi'd miud !
Can Gallia's impious sons defame
The viitues of ihy fainted name,
And heap th' aflafliu's deeds on thee!
While to the sway of crimes alone,
High-seated on a recking thione,
They raise the liccns'd hand, and bend th' un-
Uallow'd knee.
Ah ! fee the fam'd difcov'rer \ bows
That head, by dcathlels myrtles crown'd.
And clasps those daring hands tn vain,
Which the world's circle widely bound.
And trae'd th' immeasurable main,
"thro' realms of parching heat, and worlds ol
withring fnowsi-
On the far ocean's defart shore,
His great advent"tons fell;
Vet mouiu thatfivagc deed no more,
No more that fateful flory tell,
e savage scenes on Gallia's patriot close,
In the warm bosom of repose,
His wile, his children, circling round !
By those, at whose behelfc he trae'd
The hostile plain, the foodlefs wafle,
While ev'ry outrag'd virtue flies,
h'd in his life's rich ft ream, the gallant Sailor
lies :
Pierc'd by ingratitude, to eaith he
While the mad clamours of the thankless
■ aim'd the fad tribute of each weeping wound
Amid the horrors of that morn
How was thy form degraded seen !
With all thy modi ft veftmenis torn,
How chang'd thy love-inspiring inein !
Around t hat brow 's m <jest c height
ev'ry milt that dames the night,
And midst those locks oi fl «wing gold,
An azure wreath of serpents roll'd,
And Irom that lip's ethereal balm,
And on that bread, with bounty warm,
Fell the red drops of treafui'd health,
W r hich from their rubi'd fountainsflow'd
In gems, whose blushing lultre glow'd
Rich with a Nation's vital wealth.
Theu to the criir.c-devoted coast
Thy tutelary power WdS loft :
In the rafli Defpot'a iranficnt hour,
Ok has thy guardian form appeared;
But midfl mad an arch's deaf'ning roar,
Ne'er can thy seraph strain be heard.
* The fate of the bearfiful and unfortunate Prin-
C*f' De Lamseile, is toe replete with horror for
the ben »f Poetry or the heart oj Feeling to detail.
X Thtfi real Circumnavigator Motif. Uoucain-
VilCl, u'd( majjacred u>hie he was walking the
Jireets oj Paris, with a Lady.
i The morefortunate Capt.ConK., was murdered
by the/wages of one of thifouthern i/les.
And thou, fuprcme, insulted power,
Wilt quit iiUited Gallia's Ihore,
lar from her purpled vineyards ltray,
Ana irace thy undijeover'd way ;
Or with tiiy great defenderll lly
1-ioin mad Sedition's serpent-eye,
And l>i«i thy irijur'd heroes roam,
Wtieie Justice builds her sacred dome,
Far from ih> havoc-breathing clime,
Siain'd with each foul-polluting crime,
Winch fro.*ri the (way ot Fa£lion grew,
In deeds that Nero never knew,
Uutuifctur'd by the bluth ot lhame,
Unpi&ur'd on the pag£ of Fame.
For thou art social, generous, mild,
Enligtuen'd Reason's tcmp'rate child,
I)oil in the Temple 1 # puie abode
Protect the blameless Priest of Goo,
To the meek matron's bafhful prayer,
lucline ihy truth-dire&ed ear ;
And, when the profp'rous father Aceps,
Defend trom Ipoil his frugal heaps,
And while the weeping midnight pours
11-r ti rrors on the fpe&red hours,
Doftiound hisdangei'd dwelling close,
And calm his offspring to rcpoie.
When the young morn with radiant eye
Peeps thro' the curtain ol the sky.
And o'er the chilly brrafl ot nigUt
Extends her robe of lucid light,
And from her ambei'd tresses throws
Each pendant pearl, that decks the rose,
And, with her inufic-wafting breath,
Flings odouts on the vocal heath,
Thou, to the whittling woodman dear,
Doll all his labouring moments cheer,
And flill his willing talk "prolong,
And soothe him with thy patient song,
Then lead him to the bower of health,
And charm him with the dieam ot wealth.
Thou wilt the Child of Genius raise,
And feed his feeling foul with praise,
And all his paflion'd mind txeite
To pictur'd visions of deligh',
Wilt from ihe vuhure-viccs fly,
And bting mc< k Mekcy's pleading eye,
Sincerity with window'd breast,
And Bounty by rejlcflion blest,
F rm Valour, that at virtue's call
Can bid another Decius fall,
And Justice, with her poizing scale,
Deaf to the villain's bribeful tale.
Unchanging Faith and Friendship
And Love's best union of the mind,
With ev'ry hope, and ev'ry tie,
Which elevates Humanity.
To thee the timid Minflrel sings,
For thee awakes the Humbling firings ;
Still round her foft submitted mind,
Lov'd Power, thy fond enchantments bind,
While in thy finile of bounty blest,
She hails thee, Sov er eign of the West.
Eojlon, Nov. 26, 1792.
|| Motif. Fayette, and the brave friends oj
Libertt and the Constitution, who accompanied
Soon will be publijhed,
the SYSTEM of
c 7/1 o%t- tfCcmcl-)
Ufcd by Mr.L loy d, in taking down the Debates
of Congrofs. A system so easy, that any man,
of ordinary capacity, may clearly comprehend
it in half an hour, and soon pra&ife it, in its
fulleft extent, without any further inftru&ion,
than what will be conveyed in a few pages,—
the whole ART being coinprifed in eighteen
simple chataclers, without any of those perplexing,
arbitrary marks, with which the learners of
other systems are obliged to burden their me
mory, 3nd embarrass their practice.
Price, to Subscribers, One Dollar—to Non-
Subfciibers, a Dollar and half.
Subscriptions received by Messrs. Rice, Book
sellers, Markct-ftreet, and by
JOHN CAREY, No. 26, Pear-Street.
Half a Dollar to bcfiaid at the time of fubferibing.
FOR Sale, a beautiful fnuation on the Po
lo w mack, adjoining the town of Alexandria
and in a line of dire&ion towards the Federal
City and GeorgeTown,in full view ol each place,
commanding a profpcdl of the river and adjacent
country ot Maryland and Virginia, for many
miles; about 45 or 50 acres of Land, lying dt
re&lyoo the river, will be fold, with the im
provements, which are, a two-story framed
dwelling-house, neatly fmifhed, a kitchen, office,
buck smoke-house and dairy, two-flory framed
barn, a well of excellent water, and an ice
houie, a yard and gaiden, neatly railed and
highly unproved, with a number of other ne
celTary improvements ; the whole of the land
encloltd with posts and rails, tenor fifteen acres
laid down, with different kinds of grass. lis
contiguity to those three towns must lender it an
obje& worthy the attention of any pet Con who
wilhes to invest money in a property that mull
enhance in value, in proportion to the rapid in
crease of the Federal Cicy, Alexandria and 1
Gtorge-Town. This property lies nearly in a
central Gtuation to each place. The Potowmack 1
at this spot has a fine deep Ihore and harbour,
capable of receiving veilels of tny burden. It 'I
may not be improper to obfervc, that men of
judgment think a profitable and convenient «
terry might be ere&ed here to the City of
Washington and the Maryland ihores leading to
Baltimore aod Philadelphia.- Also to fell, 215
acres of Wood-Land, about three miles distant,.,
which will suit wei! to supply the above in*
wood and timber. The title may be seen to the
above property, which is indifpuiablc, and terms
known by application to the fubfcribei, living
ou the premises. 6
Gsf This Gazette is puthjiied in K or th
, ' 34' "'"""n High ana Mulberry i>heel,— where
tie Editor now re/ides.
Sufficing uLfaavus toJioreJeveral hundred bar,eh,
Enquire as above.
200 Dollars Reward.
LOST, at Piuvidence, iir between Providence
and Bolton, a very fm»il TRUNK, covcied
wiih fcal-(kirt of a leddifh colour, with white
fpoi». It contained a quantity of South an J
North-Carolina State Noiei, and a few of the
State of Rhode-Island •, with other papeis,which
can ooly be fcrviceable to the oroprietor. The
Slate note» are ch. eked »t the often from whence
lhrv lilued. Any per(>•!! producing the Tiunk
(wiih iu contents) 10 JOHN MARSTON, of
Jtofton, WILLIAM HALL, of Providrncr,
*|<ir.s PATERSON and BRASHER, New.
' York, or Mr. SAMUEL EMERY, in PliiUdeL
phia, lhall receive the above reward, or for any
j part of the property, One Hundred QolUis.
Boston, Nov. aB. > eptf.
Between December ljl, 1792.
William Shipley In the high Court ofChance
Complainant, ► ry of the State of New-
John Meng and o- Jersey.
thers Defendants. Prejenf y
Jiis Excellency the Chancellor.
THE Complainant having filed his bill of
Complaint against the Defendants :n the
month of September, seventeen hundred and
ninety-one, and in the said Bill of Complaint did 1
among other things set forth that the said Com
plainant being ieized in his Demesne as of fee
of and in a certain Ti a£i of Land, said to contain
nine hundred and thirty acres, situate, lying and
being in the township of Hardwick in the coun
ty of SufTex in the State of New-Jersey, did on
the fir ft of March seventeen hundied and eighty
fiv •, bargain fell and convey the fame in fee lim
ple unto John Meng and John Hcnderfon of the
cuv of Philadelphia, William Goodwin and
John Town, for the consideration of One Thou
sand Six Hundred Pounds in Gold or Silver—
That on the fifth day of the fame month of
March the said feoffees above named did execute
unto the said William Shipley a Deed of Mori
gage in fee simple of the said Trafcl of Land to
secure the payment of the said fixtecn hundred
pounds, with the lawful interest which might
thcieon accrue—That in the year seventeen hun
dred and eighty-fix the said John Meng and
William Goodwin did become Bankrupts with
in the intent and meaning of the acts ol the Le
giflalure of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
and such proceedings were had against them that
in the fame month they were duly dtclaicd
Bankrupts ; and that they the said John M. ng
and William Goodwill did in foine short time
afterwards convey and trausfer all their eflate
both real and personal, and particularly all their
right and title to the premises above mentioned
10 John Field, Curtis Clay, James C. Fisher,
Isaac Wharton, John Kaighn and Arthur Collins
j all of the city of Philadelphia, fubj. 61 to the
j Mortgage so as aforefaid given to the (did Com
plainant.—That the said John Fteid, Curtis
Ciay, James C. Fisher, Ilaac Wharton, John
Kaighn and Arthur Collins soon after bargained,
fold and conveyed all their Right and Title of
and in the said Tra& of Land unto Benjamin
Town of the city of Philadelphia, and John
Town, fubj< £1 to the Mortgage aforefaid—That
on the eighteenth day ol o£tober seventeen hun
dred and eighty-five, the said John Town and
Benjamin Town did execute another Mortgage
to the feid William Shipley for Iccuring the pay
ment of twelve hundred pounds in certain in
it ailments—That in the month cf January seven
teen hundred and cighiy-fix, John Town did
bargain and fell in fee funple all his Right and
Title to the laid premises, to the said Benjamin
Town, fubjeft to the Mortgages aforefaid—That
in the month of February seventeen hundred and
eighty-eight, the said Benjamin Town did con
vey ail his Right and Title ».o the said premifei,
to John Field and Curtis Clay of the city of Phi
delphia, upon certain Trults unknown to thcal
Complainant—That said Benjamin Townjthe
soon after became Bankrupt, and in pursuance
of the bankrupt laws of the State of Pennfvlva
nia, did convey all his estate real and personal
to a certain Robert Ralftor.— That John Hen
derfon did also in the mouth ol September seven
teen hundred and eightyfe*en become a Bank
rupt, «tid undrr thc bankrupt laws of the Siaic
of Pennsylvania, did aflign and convey all his
eflate real and personal to David Lenox, George
Hughes, Matthew Clarkfon, Peter Baynton and
Richard Bache—And the Complainant doth 111
and by his said Bill, pray that those having
Right to the said Estate may be decrecd to pay
him what is due on the said Mortgages, or that
the equity of Redemption be forclofed by the
Decree of this Court.
And now upon opening this matter this day
by Richard Stockton, Esquire, being of the com
plainants counlel—it appearing to the Court
that the said defendants do reside in the State
of P mnfylvania, without the junfdi&ion of this
Court; and it appearing further to this Court
that writs of fubpeena have been taken out ac
cording to the course of this Court, that the said
writs of fubpeena have been duly served upon
the said several Defendants upwards of one
vear from this day ; and that none of the said
Defendants have caused his or their appearance
to be entered in this Court to the fait of the said
Complainant : It i> therefore ordered by his
Excellency the Chancellor, that the said De
fendant* do cause their apDeatance to be entered
to the suit of the above Complainant according
to the rules of this Court in two months from
this day, or that ihe Plaintiffs bill be t?ken pro
confeffo agrrecablv to the directions oF the ail of
the Legiflaturc in such cafc nude and provided.
•—The Complainant giving notice and making
publication of this rule as in and by the said ast
of the Legislature is provided.
Vectv.btr ljl, 1792
or THE
City of Wafliington,
Sold by the Booksellers,
Stock Brokers Office,
Nn.45, Great Dock-ftrc i, New-York,
'"nHE Sahfcribcr intending io confine hiinfrif
1 entirely to the PURCHASE *kd SALE of
S 1 OCKS on COMMISSION, tit gsieave lo ofttr
his feivices lo hufriends and oilv rs, in ihelit,,.
of a Stock Broker. Those who may plcafe to fa
vor him with their buf.nef*, may dtoend Um,„
having it iranfaaed with the utinuft fidelity and
Ordersfrom Philadelphia,Bofloo, orany qtheV
part ol tnc United Stales will be Uriftly «i tfn da
;d to.
Afav t.
Ot Ihc very fill! quality, and latest importation
from Canton, via New.York, t»Y retail at
No 19,
1 hird, between Chclnui and Market Sticeu.
N. B. A Jeut Boxes of the aim Hy SOU forfait.
To the Public.
THE fubfcribc begs leave to acquaint the pubv
lie in geneial, and his customers in parties
lar, that he has entered into partnership wub
Mr. HENRY KAMMERER, and that the Print
ing bufinels in ihe Englilh and German language!
is now earned on under the firm ol STEINEK
and KAMMERER, No. 85, in Race-ftreu,
twren Second and Third-llieeis,
The Geiman Newfp-iper will be publiftied hv
[hem, as ulual, on TuefJays, and all kma of P.
iog work, done with care and expedition.
Philadelphia, Nov. 6, 1792.
John Gould,
INFORMS his friends and the public in gene
ral, that he continues to carry 011 his
as usual, at No 1, South Third-Street, near
Market-Street, and thanks his formercuftomers
for the favors he lias received.
Said Gould has for sale, an infallible cure for
Weak or Sore Eyes, which on trial, has and will
he found to answer the purpose—He has it i»
v ials from one quarter of a dollar to a dollar.—
Any person trying the above, if not found to
answer the character given, the money will be
returned. [tf]
A'further Caution.
ALL perions are herebv cautioned from recciv*
ir.g of Thomas Mackic & Co, or any '
pet 1011, lour Nous of Hand, given by t
James Gardner, ot Wilmington, North-C-u,
to Samuel JackJon. of Philadelphta,all bcarng date
the 19th July, 1785, amounting in the whole UJ
f. 2,600 13 3 North-Carolina currcnc th<
4>art ot which said Notes have bteii ;
to said rhomas Mackic Si Co. in proof of which
.he lublcriber* have the deposition of Mr. JtifjieT
Mauduit Jackson, and other documents which wiii
tully and clcarly illustrate the matter.
It is therefore expe&rd that this notice, wiih
he one adverufed in this paper in May and June,
1791, will be a fufficient caution to the public.
ROBERT SCOTT, }■ Executors.
Wilmington, (N. C.) Aug. 1, 1792- (lamgm)
A Plantation,
LYING on the river Delaware, 2h miles above
Trenton, containing 165 acres; whereon is
a fiweiling-houfr, plcafantly situated, 36 by 24 ♦tet,
having three rooms with fire-places on the lower
floor, and four above, one of them with a fire
place ; a kitchen adjoining, near t<? which is a rc-.
mailable large fpnng of excellent water, «ccoin
•nodated with a good spring-house ; a bain 36 !~et
by 26; a waggon, chair and smoke-houses, bdides
other ufeful out-buildings; a large orchard, chiefly
of grafted fruit. The farm is well watrrcd, and
has a proportion of wood and meadow land,thio'
which the road runs that is known by the name
of the River Road.
On the Promises is also ere&ed,
A Grift-Mill,
In the midst of a good wheat country, on a never
failing stream ; the mill-house is 54 by 24 feet,
has one water- wheel, a pair of burrs and a prr of
Cologne stones, rolling screen, bolts for merchant
and country work, <scc. and i- accommodated with
a cooper's (hop, 18 teet square, near the mill —
| which is about 300 yards from the Delawaie, and
[very conveniently situated to receive wheat,
I Iroui boats palling down the river.
There arc also for-Sale,
20 Acres of Wood-Land,
within less than a quarter of a mile of the above
mentioned Plantation, which lies in a fine hi?b
he«4by country.—Vor tenn* apply 'o ihe
jferiber on the premises,
Trenton, Odober, 1792,
THE Arrearages oj Subscript ions Jor this GazeUi
have been Jor a long timr accnmu'atmg The e*-
pencej oj the publication are great and inevitable,
have annually amounted to much mors than the
receipts Jor fubferiptions ; the eonjeauenus tnujl be
obvious. The bditor has no other refim'ce than those
arrearages, to discharge the debts he has been obligJ
to incur in projecting the publication.
He is there]ore netejjitated to repeat fits applica
tion to thoje who have received fubji fiption money 09
account oj the Gazette, and those who have not p*>*
what is due, to make remittances asJwn as poJfitltF
On ihefe receipts, the continuation oj thu Guitttt, *
the plun oj an exicnjivtly tirntiuiing * gl fl
lutel) fujpcvdtd.

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