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St. JOHN'*, (Antigua) Maya.
The fleet from England, under
Admir?t Gardner, arrived at Barba
dos on Friday ; the merchantmen
and transports did not accopipany
Thefollowing are the ships that
cpm'poie Admiral Gardner's fqua-
droit :
C Adm.Gardner,
£ Capt. Huct.
<. Com. Murray,
£Capt. DofF.
Cape. Sir J.Wallace
J. T. Duckworth
G. Montague
VI u
Hannibal 74 Colpoys
Culloden 74 SirThos. Rich
Iphigenia 32 Sinclair
Heroine 32 Allan H. Gardner
Rattlesnake 16 Alexander Mouat.
It is generally believed at Domi
nica, that the French fleet is arrived
at Martinique,
GRENADA, April 19.
This morning the Ichoouer Swift,
Capt. Ryal arrived here froin lo
bago, with the agreeable news of
the capture ot that island. Weharve
been favored with the following
particulars by Col. Bailiie.
On Sunday the 14th, at 2 o'clock,
a signal was made that an enemy s
fleet was off Courland, and in about
an hour afterwards the Trulty, and
the other veflcls in the squadron
came to anchor in the bay. Gen.
Cuyler immediately landed with
the troops consisting of 35® men i
and marched direcftly to Cinnamon
hill, where he halted,and dispatched
a flag of truce to the fort, to demand
the surrender of the island. The
governor returned for answer, that
they would hold out to the last ex
tremity. It was then determined
to carry the hill by storm, and the
recefl'ary preparation being made,
the troops marched at one o'clock
on Monday morning, taking the
road through the town of Port-Louis.
They were formed in two columns,
the one under the immediate com
mand of the General, the other led
by Major Gordon of the 60th.
The (iring began about 2 o'clock,
and continued obstinate lor about
three quarters ot an hour, when Ma
jor Gordon with the light infantry
entered the fort and made hinifelf
completely master of the hill.
At day-light the capture was an
nounced by holding the Union flag,
and firing the morning gun.
All accounts agree in bellowing
the highest encomiums on the cool
and determined courage manifefted
by the British troops on the orcafion ;
and the conduct of Major Gordon
in preventing the (laughter that al
most unavoidably follows a (lorm,
refletfts equal honor on his own hu
manity and the difciplir.e of the
troops he commanded.
In addition to the above account,
we are informed that there were
near 300 men in the Fort at the time
of the aflault ; that seven of the as
sailants were killed ; and a few
wonnded ; among the latter are
Gen. Cuyler ( flightly) and Lieute
nant Geyer of the 67th, who joined
the expedition at Barbadoes as a vo
Philadelphia, May 22.
Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, Mr. Ge
net, being introduced by Mr. Jeffetion, Secre
tary of State, produced his credentials to the
President of the United States ; he was re
ceived ami acknowledged as Minister Pleni
potentiary from the Republic of France to
the United States of America.
B) an arrival at this port yesterday in twelve
d?vs from Cape-Franeois we learn (hat a frigate
had arrived There in 28 days from Brest ; which
brought intelligenee that Gen, Dumaurier had
gone over to the Auftrians—<hat a fleet of twen
cvfaiVof Frenchlmeot battle ships had tailed
for the Mediteriaiiean, and that another French
fleet was cruifwj/ in the liritiih channel j a new
Governor for Hifpaniol?, a very popular cha
racter, came in the hi gate.
The Southern papers continue to detail very
«iftrt{ling accounts of Indiau murders and de
p»edaiionson the Western an 1 South Western
Frontiers; numbers of -nen women and chil
drco, have fallen facrifkes, since the firft of
On Satnrdav last a rebub'tcan dinner was given
at Oericrs' to Cit'zen Genet, by a refpe&able
number of French, and French-American citi-
Samuel Huntington. Esq. is re-eletted Go
vernor and Oliver Wolcoti, Esq. Lieuteoaut
Governor of the State ot Cooneflicut.
By the fliip Peggy* Cfiftt. Elliot, /r<m Amfierdamt
we hfcpe Leyden Papers to the sth. April, jrom
which the following articles are tranjlated.
EXTRACTS from the' Leyden Gazette, of
the sth April, 1793*
Extratf of a Ultfr jrom BtuJJels, March 28.
" On the 25th initant between 12 audi
o'clock, his royal highness the Archduke
Charles made his entry into this city, ac
companied by the fie Id marshal Prince o•.
Saxe Cobourg, and a numerous retinue ot ge
neral officers. It is difficult to express thi? fa- .
tisfaftion the people have (hewn at this
change of* things ; almolt all the inhabitants
were on his paifuge, and the air echoed with
redoubled (hours. The Archduke repaired to
the church of St. Gudule, where I e Deum
was sung by way of thanksgiving- From
thence the Prince patTed through the princi
pal quarters of the city, and every where re
ceived unequivocal marks of the joy of the
Brabanters. At last having repaired to the
Hotel of the Duke D'Ahrearby, the wine ot
honor was presented to his Royal Highness,
and at night there wai a grand illumination.
Yesterday a courier arrived here from Vien
na, who brought to the Archduke the pa
tent of Governor and Captain General ot the
Netherlands. The fame day, this voung
prince set out to take the commai.d oi the
advanced posts of the army. The Count de
Mettemick, who before the French in van on
was inverted with the poll of mimfter pleni
potentiary, is expe&ed in a few days at
1 Brullels. ' Yesterday the people of the city
brought the statue of Prince Charles of Lor
raine, which had been thrown down by t.ie
Sans Culottes; and drew it themfefves to the
Place Ro\ale with a numerous band of music,
while all the bells in the city were ru&g. A
new pedestal is now making lor it with the
greareft activity.
A numerous column of the Auflrian army
palled through this city on the 25th inftaut,
fallowed by a large train *>f artillery and
camp equipage. The French army continues
to retreat with celerity, though in good or
der. The column headed by Dumourier him
{e<f is already on the heights of Framcrie(, on
the other fide of Mons. A large body ot Au-
Urian cavalry follow close at their heels.
The town and citadel of Namur are evacu
Extral7 of a letter Jrom Brujfrls., (fated April 1.
" The French continue to retreat, ftiU
prefled by the numerous body of Austrian
horse, which follow them. The Archduke
Charles is at Mons, his vanguard at Frame
ries. On the 29th, the Imperial troops en
tered Ghent, which the French have en
tirely evacuated, leaving there some pretty
considerable stores. On the 26th of March
there was engagement nedr Antwerp, be
tween a body of French troops ard an Au-
Itrian division. The battle was long and
bloody, and was maintained on both /ides
with the greatest intrepidity ; but t ">e French
bsing superior in number, forced the Auftri
aus to retire, and took several prisoners."
L E Y r> E N, April Z
We have at last received certain intelli
gence that the French garri(on of Breda,
which is said to have been commanded by
Gen. de Flers, delivered up the place by ca
pitulation to the troops of the united provin
ces, on the 2d infh It is thought that that
of Gertruydenberg will soon do the fame.—
Gen. Dumourier having given orders to the
remainder of his troops, to evacuate the ter
ritories of the republic. They will have free
liberty to return to France, because, in order
to prevent the ruin and pillaging of the.
towns and country, it has been agreed, that
all the French fVoops in Belgla and the Dutdi
territory, (hould return home by way of
Mechlin, Dendermond, Ghent, and Tonrnay,
under an escort of an Austrian fafeguard, to
the French frontier.
Saturday evening last an express arrived
at the Post* Office in this city, with the letters
and papers brought by'the April Packet, ar
rived at New-York, in 37 days from Fal
The following articles are from London Papers to
. the 6th of April, brought bv the Puckct.
Declaration of the King of Prutlia, refpefting
his taking poflcflion of the city of Dantzig,
and the territory belonging to it.
THE fame reatons which induced his raa
jefty, the King of Prullia, to order part of -his
troops to march into some of the diftri&s of
Great Poland, lay him under the neccflity to
secure the city of Dantzig and the territory be
longing thereto. For besides that this city ne
ver has a£ted for a number of years past, like
a good neighbor towards the kingdom of Pruf
fis, it is now become the rendezvous of a wick
ed and cruel band, who heap tranfgreflion up
on tranfgreflion, and who try by the afliftance
of their deff*icable abettors to spread themfeives
on al! fides. One of these villains, after having
attempted in vain to Ipread his poisonous prin
ciples, among a happ\ and faithful nation, has
found nevertheless a free and public asylum in
the city ot Dantzig ; and it was only by the
mod urgent reprefenta; ions that hecould be ob
tained from his prote&ors. Thi.« last instance,
together with the numerous abuses ot a ifiiU
construed liberty, and the great connexion
which fubfi(l> between the faction in France and
Poland, and a certain party, which by itibans
of the impudcnce ot their principle*, have gain
ed a certain fupeiiority above the moO ot the
well-meaning part ot the citizens, and finally
the great ease wherewith these conspirators pro
cure all kinds of neccflanes, but efpeoally
grains at Dantzig, by the help of their abettors
are taken colli 6lively, as objects which have
drawn the attention ot the King towards this
city, and have obliged him to keep them with
in the bounds of jutiice, and provide thereby
for the fafeiy and peace of the adjoining Pruf
f*m provinces. For which purpole his Majrf
tv, after a previous agreement with the other
power* ctotftotd 1 herein, ha* diredted hit
Gcn. Advertijir.
Lieutenant Genera! £e Raumer io occupy the
city and territory of Danizig wiih a fufficiettt
number of troops, to m_a inuia good order and
public fecUrity.
It will now depend on -the inhabitants, bv
their prudent conduct, to merit the good wtll ot
the King, by using his troops in a triendly man
ner, aud giving them all the help and afliftance
they may be in want of-;' the commanding of
ficer, on his pa-rt, will not fail to cause the flt ifct
eft discipline to be observed, and .{<» grant, his
prote&jon to all such as may find iheiTifi*i , ?es un
der tbenectlTity to request the faoje. These are
the sentiments of his PrufTun Mujelly, and he
therefore trulls, that the magistracy ot
will make no diHicuUv in conforming to the
fame, in order to promote in this manner their
salutary views—the good efie&s whereof will
tend molt of all to their advantage.
R E N N £ S, (France) March i 5.
-. The royalists, and friends to the laws and
order, at length triumph in this department aod
the neighboring one?. They only wait lor the
English at Jcrfry to make a descent on our
coails to appear openly. A considerable body
of armed men have, however, alTembled at No
ray, about fix leagues ftpm hence, who threa
ten to reduce our city to ashes.
LONDON, April 16.
The merchant corps of volunteers of Dublin
have had their cannon rcftojed to them, upon a
temperate and loyal application to the lord
It is said that Dumourier has fcized the three
Commiflioners sent by the. National Conven
tion to arrest him, whtom he sent prisoners to
the Auftrians; and that he afterwards marched
with hisarmy to Paris. On this news Stocks
rose two per cent, to day.
A teller js said to have been received by a
merchant in this ci»y, from a refp -ftaMe House
in Amlterdam, dated the 2d of April, stating,
that intelligence had been jeceived th> re of an
mfurreftion at Paris that the mob had at
tacked the Convention, and murdered 80 of the
Extract oj a Utter fiom HdvoctjluyApril 3. —
_ 1.. t. #> a.T - ' -
3 o'clock, t\ M.
" Thr 37th regiment commanded by lieut.
col. fir Charles Rofs, Bart; ami 531 by lieut.
col. Symes, which arrived here from Leith on
Sunday evening lalt, under convoy of the Mar
tin Hoop, captain Lane, still remain on board
their transports, having received counter-orders
to proceed after the brigade of gua'tU to B r
gen-op-Zoom, by the way of Fiuihing.—The
detachment of artillery are likewise re-emb4rk
ed to attend theij) : —Major general R. Aber
crombic goes wuh them to command the i:d
Britiftv brigade. The contrary winds preveni
ed their failing for 2 days part.
"The British fhipsof war, remaining here,
arc the Syren frigate, capt. Manlcy ; the Chil
ders sloop, capt. Bailowe ; the Echo, hon.
capt. Jones ; and the Martin, capt. Lane. The
sloops have orders to proceed as convoy tojhe
troops thro' the Scheldt. The Syren and Expe
dition fail for England to-morrow. '*
Friday last a deputation from the French
Benevolent Society eftablillied in this city
waited upon cirizen Genet with an add reft,
of which the following is a tranilation :
Citizen Minijler of the French Republic.
The French citizens and citizens of the
United States defceudants of French, refilling
in Philadelphia, hasten to prelent this mark of
their attachment to the nation you
of their zeal for the cause of liberty and equa
lity, and of their personal regard.
Many of us attracted by tbe innate love of
liberty, when France still smarted under the
rod ofdefpotifm, fought and found an asylum
in this happy country, then the cradle of in
fant equality. The cordial reception from
our new fellow-citizens, the close connec
tions and pleasing habits contracted among
them, have rendered America a native home.
But in becoming Americans, they have not
ceased to be Frenchmen ; for no individual
can be more intimately conne&ed with either,
than the two, nations are with each other.
The French citizen who has become affiliated
to the American nation, and the citizen of the
United States whom France has adopted have
thereby only strengthened the ties of connex
An union cemented by the blood of the ci
tizens of both nations, and founded on so so
lid a basis as similarity of sentiment and prin
ciple, is formed to resist the most violent ef
forts of those whose interest it might be to
difhirt) it : for liberty tends to unite men, as
does despotism to divide and destroy them.
The million with tohich you are charged,
imposes on you the most agreeable duties,
since it is committed to you to give and re
ceive the afTurance and testimony of so sincere
a f-iendlhip and so fraternal a union.
will co-operate a 1; far as in our power 10
maintain so precious a fraternity and pre
vent the enemies of liberty from giving it
Permit us on this occasion, as individuals
and Frenchmen, to pay to our brethren of
the United States the tribute of gratitude
which their conduct towards us so jiiftly
claims. We were strangers among them and
they treated us as brothers ; they have been
prodigal of the attentions and afliftance, which
our situation required, and endeavored to
make us forget, that we d d not owe our
birth to a common country.—Throughout
the whole extent of the American empiie our
countrymen have experienced the effects of
the f.tine benevolent spirit. Every where
the citizens have been anxious to cfcetilh and
the governments to protest tliem. It would
be the heighth of ingratitude in us not to avail
ourfelvesof fo'favorable ait opportunity of
publicly exptelEng the extent of t>ur grati
Accept, citizen, our ardent wiflics for the
Cuccefi of the glßr'tou? caule of which FraJiqp
hat declared berfelf the support. We hope,
that bv her generous efforts 1 berty Will soon
be trindijj'iaiit tbrougijout ihe in spite
of the enormous combination of despots and
flaveswho wish to annihilate it.
We felicitate ourselves in finding in you a
citizen who has deserved well of his country,
and who teaches Us to hope that he will ac
quire a new claim to her gratitude.
(Signed) By order,
To this he made an answer t of which the
'following Is a trjnflatioii :
"Cit'zen 'ninUt'er plenipotentiary f op.
the fiench Republic, to tha French citi
zens and descendants of Fienchiiien, re-
frdent in Philadelphia.
THE p>'ji)<;iple* and sentiments which have
animated yon', citizens, do equal honor to
your heads and hearts, and leave no doubt of"
your patribtifm- You have anticipated the
intetoti'ons'of" the French republic; her wifli
is to (trengt.'ieii more and more the ties which
witji.the virtuous iiation thsit has
fi> julßy'ikfi.rvtd, by.her generous conduct
towards you, your attachment.and gratitude.
I will use my best endeavors to l.uli\l the in
tentions of the republic, and am peifuaded,
that you will itegleift nothing to ,ptove so the
citizens of the United States, that French
men now ctnificier them as brethren.
I (hall take care, citizens, to communicate
to our fellow-citizens in France, the address
which yon have just presented, and I beg you
to accept my thanks for tfie opinion which
you have been pleased toentercain of my zeal
and entire devotion to t?tf?-caufe ofliberty and
equality. (Signed) GENET.
On the 15th instant was heid at the Me
thodist Church, in fourth-ftreet, a Commence- >
merit of the Pupils of the Young Ladies' Aca
demy of Philadelphia. The exercises com
menced bv a well adapted prayor by the Rev.
Dr. Sproat, the President of the Trustees ;
after which a number of fele&ed pieces, suit
able to the female character, were pronoun
ced with judgment and p opriety. The sa
lutatory oration was delivered by Miss Prif
cilla Mason, and the valedictory by Miss Eli
za Lafkey, each of whom, together with Miss
Ann Bartow and Miss Eleanor Britton, were
honored with a diploma.
Extract of a letter from St. John's (Antigua J dated
May 2.
" A few days ago several rich and refpeft
able inhabitants were butchered at Guade
loupe in a manner too horrible to mention,
which even the most crpel savages would have
been ashamed of. The following are t'e
names of the unfortunate viftiins—Madame
Vermont the elder ; Madame Vermont t £
younger, and two children; Madame Meyen
co.ult ; Madasne Roupelle the elder; Madame
Roupelle the younger, and an intact child;
the two MelTrs. Roupelle; Monf. Gondieaurt,
three daughters just arrived from France,
from i I to iS years of ape; Brinde u ;
Madaftje Brindcau ; MefTrs. "Vaudrecourt
and Buelle."
Extrafl of aUftfl'frM a tfdt bfomri Ctnref
... j-_- j.i.Jr j._ a±~:i „
pendent M dated London, April 5, 17Q3.
" P. S. I have not been able to procure co
pies of the bill mentioned in this letter but it
declares in fobftancc 1 hat any pcrfon being or
residing wi'hin any of ihe dominions of his
Riitaniuc Majdfty who shall dirrfctly or indi
reftiy supply, or canse > dire&, authorise or pro
cure anv pcrfon or performs whomsoever or
wheresoever residing lo fupoly or t<* fend for
the putpofe of feeing fold or supplied to any of
the dominions of France or place in rhcir pof
feflfion tlr to the armies fleets or.veflVls cmplo'. -
ed by the French government, any naval or mi
litary ftorcs, or lilver in bullion or coir?,
forage or provisions of anv kind and vatious
other articles shall be deemed gu'l f y of Treason,
AW insurance made on any goods and vefTels
bound to or from the ports under French do
minion made null and void and parties guilty
of misdemeanor."
The declaration nf independence by the im
mortal Congrcfs 01*76 —contains this sentiment.
That in future the United Stales would conftder
Great-Bit tain is they do the w-ft of the world—
v " enemies in tear ; iti piece hitaik"
Married, Monday evening by the Right
Reverend Dcxftor White, George Hammonc,
Esquire, his Britannic Majesty's Minister
Plenipotentiary to the United Stares, to Mtft
Pbggv Allen, eldest daughter of Andrew-
Allen, Esquire, of this city.
By the Rev. Dr. Magaw, Mr. Gsorgb
Washington to Mif> Ldc» Payne, of ihi»
city. .
Died the 18th inft. in the 85th year nf her
age, Mrs. Jane Hoimi, relist of Mr. Johw
Holme,-of Pennipack, Philadelphia County •
a woman in whose charaQer were united tbe
Christian, social and doinelkie virtues in an emi
nent degree. Her funeral wat attended on Sun
day lalt- and a sermon adapted to the occasion
delivered by the Rev. Dr. Roger* in the flap
tift Church, l ower Dublin, from these wofd«—
•' Gather my faints togethtr unto me ; those
that have made a covenant with mt by fdctifice."
Brie Ami and Mary, M'Cain, v Dublin
Sally,' Allen, St. Marc
Jemiroa & Fanny,ConUm, Capr-Francoi»
Schr. Bel fey, Willia, Hifpauioia
- folly, M'Cormick, Charleston
Belfry, Miller, St. Mark*
Friend (hip, M'Lcan*. Virgini»
Delight, <•«*«■. do.
Sloop Panny, H'atchard, Bermuda
Lively, Moore, Guadeloupe
6 per Ccr.ts, >6/8
3 per Cents, 8/11 913
Deferred. 979
101 l fti.res Bank U. S. i per ccot. adv.

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