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lienor i) Inquirer.
"soa\ Jdfairs.
B. M. Biymyer A Co., have a fine lot oi
Copper kettles for sale.
MAGNOLIA WATEA. — Superior to the be,
imported German Cologne, and sold at ha
Ala price. tf.
THE best preparation known ia market foi
restoring gray hair to its original color, i:
Halts Vegetable Sicilian Ilair £enetcer
Try it!
E call the attention of Mechanic's to th<
advertisement of the county Commissioner!
in another column, for proposals tor buildicj
two county bridges in St. Clair township.
THE rains of Monday and Tuesday of las'
week put the soil in fine order for plowiuj
and sowing Fall grain and our farmers bav,
been busily engaged ever since in sowiru
their wheat and rye.
\S ATER. —What is wrong with our watet
works ? The hydrants have been dry for sev
eral days in various parts of the town and or
'1 aesday there seemed to be a general suspen
sion of the water supply. What is wroug.
BE CAREITL.—We understand the Registry
list 3 posted at the places of election in some
districts have been torn down and carried of
by some ignorant or evil disposed parties.
There is a heavy penalty inflicted for this of
fense which shontd be bom in mind.
V. E would call the attention of our reader
to the advertisement of "Leasare Hours'
which will be found in another column. Itn
a very popular magazine, published by
O Dwyer A Co., 69 fourth avene, Pittsburgh
Pa. It is cheap, profitable reading, within
the reach of every one.
EVERY \OCXG MAX in the country would be
greatly benefited by a course of studv at the
Iron City College, and to those contempla
ting business life it is indispensable. Circu
lars containing full particulars on addressing
the Principals, Smith A Cowley. Pittsburgh.
WK cannot understand why people should
any longer buy the miserable preparations
advertised as hair restorers, when the Alisma
which is really the finest article for the hair
in use, can be procured tor so reasonable a
price as one dollar a bottle.
Prominent over all other medicines is Sew
ard's Cough Cure.
ABE Yor REGISTERED ?—Let every Repub
lican see to it personally that he is registered.
Don't depend upon any one else, but go tc
the Asses-or yourself, and go at once, so lha<
there may be no mistake about it Natural
ized citizens must present their certificates
thereof to the Assessor when applying fo:
registration, unless they have been voters in
the district for five consecutive years.
Crissman of Pieasantviile. during the present
summer purchased a new steam engine and
connected it with his "flouring tniil so as to
enable him to use it in emergencies. During
the recent dry term, the forethought and en
enterprise of Mr. Crissman were demonstra
ted in the fact that be was able to keep his
mill in operaticn daring all the dry weather
to the great advantage not only of himself but
whole community around Pieasantviile.
THE Bedford Springs were closed for ths
season on Tuesday last. The season La
been an average one. A few visitors still re
main in the town. A railroad to Bedforc
would quad ruple the number of visitors in i
single year. There is one already projects
and we an - trying bard to raise the funds t<
put it und ;r contract. Let the proprietors o
the Spring s give it their hearty sappc-rt and
liberal pecuniary aid and Bedford Springs wil
soon be nabled to assume its proper positiot
as the first watering place in the Union.
THAI.ES.—Our kind patrons, who called
upon us during Court week and renewed tbeii
subscriptions and cheered the heart of the
printer by banding over a few greenbacks
will accept onr thanks. We are only sorrj
we have not the pleasure of thanking a grea
many more. Those who are still in arreari
will find another opportunity at the adjournet
Court on the 27th which we hope they wil
not fail to embrace. Those who cannot cal
in person we will be pleased to hear from b;
mail. Correspondence containing remittance:
of greenbacks always receives prompt atten
tion at this office.
THE rapidity with which PLANTATION' BIT
TERS have become a household necessit;
throughout the civilized nations, is withou
a parallel in the history of the world. Ove
five million bottles were sold in twelv:
months, and the demand is daily increasing
Rich and poor, young and old, ladies, pbysi
cians and clergymen, find that it revive
drooping spirits, lends strength to the sys
tern, vigor to the mind, and is exhausted na
ture's great restorer. It is compounded o
the choicest rootß and herbs, the celebrate!
Calisava or Peruvian Bark, etc., all preserve!
in pure St. Croix Ram. It is sold by all re
spectable dealers in every town, parish, vil
lage a: 1 hamlet through North and Suutl
America, Europe, and all the Islands of th:
THE Methodists of Bedford charge have ta
ken active measures to raise subscriptions fo
the erection of a new church in this place
Be are g'ad to see a move in this direction
Though the old edifice was a credit to th<
Methodists of ancient days, it is a very poo;
monument of honor to the people or tin
Lord, in this progressive age. In winter it i:
a sacrifice of comfort to sit in the buildi.-.j
during hours of service, as it is almost im
possible to make it comfortably warm, aod it
windy weather the smoke from the stoves ant
chimneys is intolerable ar.d irremediable
The cracked walls, faded curtains and paper
and the perforated roof call in load tones foi
a new building. We hope the mcmbershi|
will hearken unto the call, and erect achurci
which will be an honor to themselves and ai
ornament to the town.
have a new 566.00 Groverand Baker eewinj
machine which we will dispose of on eas'
terms to any one who wants a good machine
and who does not want a good sewing ma
chine ?
ALSO a new Singer Sewing Machine fo:
sale as cheap as can be sold in the com
munity and on the best of terms.
Alio a Seventy five dollar Machine of the
--.mr-rican Buttonhole and Overseaiuirj"
""vwing machine Company's Manufacture oi
the most favorable terms.
Either of the two last named machines can be
seen in operation in town, where they have
given the most complete satisfaction. Fur
tier particulars can be had by calling at, oi
writing to, the IN'OCIREB Office Bedford Pa.
RAILROAD MEETlNG.— Bedford must have a
Railroad. —A large number of the citizens of
Bedford pursuant to notice given, assembled
in the Court House, on Thursday evening,
the l!>tb inst., for the purpose of making pre
liminary arrangements for the holding o(
a railroad meeting daring the term of a spe
cial Court, commencing on the 27th inst., at
which time one or several propositions for
the construction ola railroad to this point, it
is expected, will be submitted.
The meeting was called to order by the
selection of Hon. GEORGE W. Grate as Chair
man, aud J. 11. Ihirborrow as Secretary.
The object of the meeting was stated at
length by Hon. ALEXANDER KIXO, who
stated in the course ol his remarks, that he
had an interview a week or two since with
Col. James Worrall, President of the South
Pennsylvania Railroad Company : a company
chartered by the Legislature of Pennsylvania
in the year 1804, to run from flarrisburg.
through Bedford and other counties, to points
ir. Western Pennsylvania, who proposed to
assist us in the construction of our road from
Bedford to Bridgeport, provided, that the
citizens of this county were willing to avail
themselves of the charter of the South Penn
sylvania Company, and that at the meeting
coutemplated this proposition would, in all
probability, be submitted for the approval of
those who are subscribers to the stock of the
Bedford and Bridgeport Railroad. Should
our people conclude to accept this proposi
tion, they will be asked to invest stock in the
beginning of an independent line of railroad
connecting from Harrisburg west by the
Pittsburgh and Connellsvilie Railroad with
Pittsburgh, and the Hempfield with Wheeling,
thus forming a great through line to the
Great West, the stock of which cannot fail
to become as valuable as that of any. of the
great trunk lines.
1 j At the conclusion of his remarks, Juged King
! moved that a committee of five be appointed
forthe purpose ot makingarrangements for the
I holding ot a meeting during the term of our
I special court, and subsequent meetings, if
p necessary: and that the committee correspond
with Col. James Worrall and secure his at
tendance at the time of holding the meeting
stated, which was unanimously adopted.
The Chair appointed Hon. Alexander King.
Joha Lutz Esq., Hon. Samuel L. Russell.
Jacob Reed, and Thomas M. Lynch, _uiu com
i i mittee.
Brief speeches were then made by J. R.
Durborrow, John Lutz, and Samuel Lysing
er, Esqs.
On motion, the meeting adjourned to meet
at the call of the committee. The feeling
manifested was of a much better order than
i we have heretofore witnessed at Bedford rail
road meetings. Everybody admits the feasi
bility of the proposition.
The Republican Silver Band enlivened the
occasion with choice music, for which they
have the thanks of the meeting.
George W. Gump, Pres't.
J. R. DritiiOßKOw, Sec'y.
As a matter of public interest in connec
| tion with the above we append a list of sub
scriptions to the Bedford and Bridgeport
j railroad:
G. W. Gamp- 20 shares $lOOO 00
| Wm. Hartley 20 " 1000 00
!T.H. AN. -I. Lyons 40 " 2000 00
;O. E Shannon 20 •• 1000 00
iA. King 10 •' 500 00
i John Lutz 10 " 500 00
B. P. Meyers 5 " 250 00
John Alsip 10 " 500 00
J. R. Durborrow 10 " 500 00
: I. MengeL. 10 " ..... 500 00
Jacob Bowser 10 " 500 00
D. VVashabaugh 5 *' 250 00
J. J. Shoemaker 5 " 250 00
Samuel Boher 2 " 100 00
M. A. Points 0 " 250 00
Ge< rge H. MengeL... 2 100 00
P. Benedict 2 " 100 00
; James Corboy 3 " 150 00
:G. Berkstrwser 2 " 100 00
Wm. ( iier.f.wem 2t> •" TOGO ©!>
S L. Russei! - 10 " 500 00
Eben Penneii 2 *• 100 'Hi
George Mardorff 2 " ...... 100 00
V. Brengle - 1 '* 50 00
D. \V. Cronse 1 " 50 00
R. B. Sill 1 14 50 00
John Charleston 2 " 100 00
P. D. Beegle 2 ' 100 Of)
Jon. Penoell 1 '• 50 0"
R. W. Berkstresser 2 44 100 00
P. Huzzard 1 " 50 00
Wm. Cessna 1 " 50 00
Josiah Haley - 1 '• 50 00
Joseph Alsip 1 " 50 00
John O. Hartley 10 '' 5(0 00
S. S. Metzger 3 " 150 00
A. B. Cramer 5 " 250 00
M. K. Kerns 5 " 250 00
Robert Steckman 2 " 100 00
J. I>. Fetter 1 " 50 00
J. M. Shoemaker s " 4<io 00
Jacob Reed 20 " 1000 00
John A. Mowry 3 '• 150 00
John P. Reed 2 " 100 00
Harrison Difibaugh... 1 " 50 00
E. M. Alsip 1 '• 50 00
G. H. Spang 8 " 400 00
Win. Lyon 2 " 100 00
H. Xichodemu- 1 50 00
J. W. Lingenfelter 5 " 250 <>.
J. Ross. Anderson— 20 " IOCO'OO
W. Watson 4 " 200 00
J W. Miller 3 '• 150 00
E. F. Kerr 2 " 100 tX)
Geo. Blymyer - 4 " 200 00
Anderson Heirs 40 44 2000 0"
J. M. Cooper 4 " 200 Oft
A. J. Sunsom 2 44 100 0" ■
Joshua Mower 1 " 50 0<)
J. T. Keagf - 1 " 50 00
G. W. Anderson..— 10 " 500 < 0
Samuel Lifihaugb 3 " 150 00
John Holderbaum- 3 '• 150 00
J. E. Wills 1 " 50 10
Levi Smith J. '• 50 00
Michael Weisel 1 " 50 00
Samuel Amick 1 44 50 00
Jacob Sem'er 2 " 100 00
i John R. Jordan 5 " 250 00
j Hiram Lectz 2 44 100 00
J E'i Fisher 2 " 100 00
IW. L. Horn 4 " 200 00
F. M. Lynch 5 44 250 00
jB. R. Ashcom 2 " 100 00
iJ. Barn hart 1 44 50 00
; John,'. Cessna 1 50 00
IA- L. Defibaugh 3 " 150 00
jD. Border 2 " 100 00
!S. Ling 2 •' 100 00
jG ; R. Outer 3 " 150 00
, WM. Kiser 1 " 50 00
, Henry IT. Defibaugh 1 '■ 50 00
|C. X Hiclrok- 1 44 ca 00
11. Heckermao A Son 2 " 100 >)
Wm. McMullen 1 44 50 00
1.. T. Dart 2 '• 100 00
L. Defibaugh 1 " 50 00
J. M Gephart 1 " cO 00
Jacob Gardener 1 " 50 00
W. If. Lehman 1 " 50 00
F. Gorden 1 41 50 00
Wm. H. Boor . 2 " 100 00
Total 48* $23,400 00
In addition to the above there are $5,000
or $6,000 subscribed by parties in the neigh
borhood of Black s Tannery, whose names
w% have not been able to obta ; n. Thus it
•till be seen that there are about $30,000 al
ready subscribed. We have no hesitation in
aying that $20,000 more will secure us a
. railroad. Let it be subscribed promptly, what
-1 -ver course may be adopted. With $50,000 we
j can secure either the Bedford and Bridge
| port, or- extension of the Huntingdon and
Broadtop; or perhaps both upon the charter
i of the South Pennsylvania as above proposed,
at the option of the stockholders. Now is
j : be time to move. Let there be a full at
Tendance, of ail who wish to secure an early
; completion of our railroad, at the next meet
South Pexsstc.va.vu Railroad.— The
citizens of Bedford county are respectfully
requested to meet at the Court House in Bed
ford, on Wed.vesday evev.wg, 20th Sept.,
at 7 o'clock, to subscribe stock in the books
of the South Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
I'. S. We have an assurance from Eastern
capitalists that if we can raise Five Hundred
I bousand Dollars local subscription on the
line of the road, that the road will be built.
It is a through road from Harrisburg to the
ConoelUville Road. Josuu EsrY,
Agent to receive subscriptions for stock.
the following are among the camber ot con
Zigler Cam, indicted for the larceny of a
horse and riding saddle. The defence proved
his mind to be in a rather ansound condition
prior to and at the time he committed the
deed. He was sent to the House of Refuge
in Allegheny county, to be clothed, maintain
ed and instructed at the expense of Bedford
county. The boy is about sixteen years old.
Robert Barnes, indicted for larceny of bags
and tools, was convicted and sentenced to
hard work in the Western Penitentiary for
three years. This is the third or fourth time
he has been admitted as a member of that in
stitution, but we have no doubt this trip will
tame him completely. A short time before
the Sheriff started with the prisoners, Barnes
attempted to make his escape. When the
dl.-bes used by the prisoners at their meals
were returned to the Sheriff"s kitchen, one
knife was missing, and this excited the sus
picion of the Sheriff, who immediately went
in search of it. He,found it in Barnes' pos
session, and before it was secured, quite a
lively scuffle ensued between them, in which
Barnes and the other prisoners would have
made good their escape, had it not been for
the intervention of the Sheriff's wile and sev
eral other ladies belonging to the house, who
anticipating the movement locked the outer
doors. Nobody seriously hurt.
John O'Contier and Patrick Glliget indict
ed for stealing clothing from Peter F. Hi He
gass were convicted and sentenced to the Pen
itentiary for three years.
Abm. Davis was convicted on two indict
ments —one for stealing cattle from John
Shoemaker and the other for stealing a horse
from George Smith. On the first he was
sentenced three years and on the second one
year (making four! to hard labor in the West
ern Penitentiary.
On Monday morning last the Sheriff started
to Pittsburgh in charge of the prisoners.
Let this be a warning.
THE Turnpike Bridge, ia thenarrcnvs which
! tell down of its own weight last Tuesday a
j week, still lies in the river a complete
wreck. Nothing has yet been done toward its
j removal or the erection of a new one. It be
: longs to the Bedford and Chambersbnrg
j Turnpike Company whose franchises will be
f forfeited if the bridge is not promptly rebuilt.
Mr. T. B. Kennedy, President of the board of
Directors, was here a few days ago to look
I after the matter and after examining into the
vase went to Philadelphia to ascertain the
i cost of an iron bridge. We understand that
| the company asks the aid of the county to
the amount of $l,OOO in rebuilding the bridge.
There are nearly $2,000 a year taken in for
tolls at this bridge, nearly all being on travel
betwen Bedford and Mt. Dallas: we hardly
think it reasonable for the county to sub
scribe $l,OOO to build a bridge for the use of
which our citizens are afterward to be taxed
nearly $2,000 per year. As to the use of the
road from here to Mt. Dallas one ought
rather to be paid than to pay for travelling
over it. It is impossible yet to tell what will
be done, but we will keep our readers posted
on the matter as things progress.
FOR THE CAMPAIGN. —An important campaign
is before us in which are to be elected a Gov
ernor, a Judge of the Supreme court, a State
Senator and two members of the Legislature,
a Sheriff and Prothonatory beside the regular
county ticket. The best interests of our
Stav demand a continuation of Republican
rule and if there is ever to be any economy in
the expenditure of the hard earned money of
the tax payers of Bedford county it can only
come through a change from Democratic to
Republican management. That our people
may be informed npon these matters and ena
bled to vote intelligently at the coming elec- .
tion. we wiil furnish the INQITKER at tae fol
lowing rates for the campaign :
One copy $0 40cts !
hive copies.— 1 7-5
Ten copies 8 00
Twenty copies 6 00
Let the active working men of the party go
to work at once and get up clubs at every
Post Office in the county and rlace the IN
QUIRER in the bands not only of every Repub- j
Lean but of every doubtful voter. It will do
more good than days or weeks of talking and
electioneering jus; before the election. Cop
erheadism aims a death blow at the industrial
inv-rests of our State and must be defeated.
Copperhead mismanagement of the finances
of Bedford county has loaded us with debt
and tax3 from which there is no hope of de
liverance except in the election of Republic
an county officers. Now is the time to ac
complish our deliverance. Let no time be
10-t. Get up your clubs and send in your
subscriptions at once. Address JOHN Lnz,
Bedford, Pa.
Go to the IXQCIRER Book Store far station- J
ery, school miscellaneous books, news
papers, magazines, pens, pencils, inks and
every thing in that line. Don't be afraid to j
go in and look around anyhow—No harm done :
if you don't buy.
ALL the Monthly MAGAZINE. Per! dlcals
und daily papers can be had at the Inquirer
Book Store.
DIRECTORY. —The following is a directory
of the Officers of Bedford County and the
Borongh of Bedford, of the Ministers of Bed- !
ford, and the time of meeting of the different !
Pretidenl Jndgt —Hon. Aicx. King.
A**ociate Judge* —Wo, G. Eicholtz and Geo.
W. Gamp.
Pmthonotary, Ilegieter and Recorder, d'C.—o.
E. Shannon.
I) strict Attorney —E. F. Kerr.
Treasurer—lsaac Mengel.
S' 'riff— Robert Steckman.
Deputy Sherijf —Philip Huzzard.
County Surveyor —Samuel Ketterman.
C >< *inncr* —F. P. Becgle, David How pare,
and P. M. Barton Clerk —John G. Fisher.
Counsel —John W. Pickersoo.
/''rector* of Poor —ll. Egnlf, Michael,
Diehl, and .J. I. Noble. Steward Sauinel
Defibau/h. Conner/ —J. W. Pickerson. Clerk— W.
C. ShafTrr. Treasurer —William Bowie?. Phuticittn j
—Pr. F. C. Keener.
Auditor* —M. A. Hunter, John P. Lucas,
and S- Whip.
BORorca ©rricißS.
Burgee* —V. Steckman.
A Purge** —Jsiah Haley.
Council —W. Bowles, Jonathan Brightbill, W.
M. Cook, J. M. Sho-maker, Hiram Lents and J.
Reel. Clerk —H. Nicodemus. Treasurer— Jn>.
11. Hash.
Conetablcs —Ri hard Carboy,
High Conutable —Lawrence Defibaugh,
School Director* —Job Mann, Isaac Mengle,
Geo. Mengle, Jacob Bowser, John Cessna. 11.
Nicdojius. Secretary— T. K. Getty p. Treanurec
Epienrpaliau—Rev. Alfred J. Barrow.
/Yr4*fr" —Rev. K. F. Wilson.
Lutheran —Rev. J. Q. McAttce.
Methodic—Rev. A. W. tiibsoo.
German Reformed —Rev. If. Heekermjin.
Roman Catholic —Rev. Thomas Ileyden.
Bedford Lodge. Xy. 320, A. Y. M., meets on
the first Wednesday on or before foil moon, in the
Bedford ffali, on the corner of Pitt and Richard
Pea ee Branch Ejicanvwcnt, So. 114, I. O. 0.
F.. meets on the first sad third Wednesday even
, ings of each month, in the Bedford Hall.
Bedford Lodge. No. 202, I. 0. 0. P., meets ev
ery Friday evening, in the Bedford Hall.
Bedford Lodge, So. 143, I. 0. (. T.. meets in
the Court iionse, on Monday evening of each
HrNTifBDON A Bboadtop R. R.— Summer Ar.
rangement. — Express Train leaves Mt. lallas at
0..'56 A. M.—arrives at Huntingdon at 10.10 A. M-
Leave? Huntingdon at 5.65 P. M.—arrives at Mt.
Dallas at 0.25 P. M.
Mail Train leaves Mt. Dallas at 1.00 P. 11.—
arrives at Huntingdon at 4.20 P. M. Leaves
Ilontingdon at 8.40 A. M.—arrives at Mt. Dallas
at 11.52 A. M. Coaches leave Mt. Dallas for Bed
ford on the arrival of each train-
Coaches leave Bedford for Mt. Dallas at 4.35
A. M. to connect with the Express Train, and at
1.80 A. M. to connect with the Mail Train.
The Port Office in Bedford iill open at 7 o'clock
A. M. and clore at S o'clock P. M. during week
days, and on cundaj will be kept open from 7
till 8 o'clock A. M.
At ibe Methodist personage in Bcbcll.barg,
Auir. 12th. by Rev. A. W. Decker, Mr. WAMUKL
of Bedford eo.
At the house of Rob't Ralston, E?q. f in Water
side, on Tae.-d*v miming, Sept. 7tb. ISM. Mr.
of Middle Woodberry tosrnship.
Sept. 4th, in Napier township, Mr. JOHN
SCIIATZLK—aged i'J years, 10 months and 19
Pittsburgh Pa., August 31. 18S9, 2 P. Major
JOHN KINO, in the 56th year of his age, form
erly of Bedford, Penu.
All advertisements, except public sale- and
legal notices, will be inserted three months and
charged accordingly unless otherwise ordered.
Wiii attend to all business entrusted into his bands
with promptness and despatch. Will remit m
ey by draft to any part of the country. ITtely
tV domestic article, wanted in every fmiily.
Exe'nsive territory giveD. Uusincss pleasant and
respectable. One agent gold 3i!u in one small
town: one, lOOfl in live towns; one, 31 in r 11 ng
on 33 families: another, 36 per day for days in
succession, npon which he made $l2 per day: and
others do equallv as well. Send for eircular.
ITsepU 102 Washington st~ IL aton, Mas :
Letter* of administration on the Estate of
Jacob Miller, late of Cumberland Valley town
ship, Bedford county, deceased, having been grant
ed to the undesigned, by the Reg; 'tor of said .
. aunty, all persons indebted to -. 1 estate are
hereby requested to make immediate pay men" to
said estate, aDd those having claims against said
estate will present th'-ra duly authenticated for
settlement. WA-UINGTO.N MII.LKR,
17sep Administrator, A *
Est • :of christian albright, dec'd.
To the heir* und legal repreeentntives aj
Ch rittian Albright, late of lied;ord con>: 'y, 'bed.
Take Notice that by virtue of a writ f Parti
tion and valuation betted out of the Orpha:V
Court of- Bedford County and to me diteeted I
w:li hold an inquest to make partition and valua
tion of the real estate of sail deceased, which i*
j situate in Londonderry tp.. on the premises, a
' the 16th day of October, A. I). I*6#. at 10 o'clock
:A. M-, when and wherey u ran attend if you see
| Sheriff's Ogee, Bed:' S Pi . septl2
mo BRIDGE BUILDERS.— None of the prt -
| X posate offered at the time advertised f . tfc<
: letting of the two county bridges, in St. Cla r
township, having been accepted, the undersigned
' Commissioners of Bedford county, will ague re
ceive sealed proposals for the building of sail
bridges, on TUESDAY SEPT. 28th. (Adjourned
i Court.) All proposals should be banded in at
! the Commissioner* office, or sent to the Clerk by
2 o'clock, p. m. Plans and speciticatioi - can be
seen at the office. DAVID HOW6ARE,
Atte&t J so. G. ftSSEB, clerk. I7sep2t.
LEIsrRE j norßS,
A high-tone i, dignified, Family Magazine, fi.-r
the West and South. Send two dollar., and y i
will receive a sealed ticket, entitleing y u to the
Magazine for one year, and a chance t j obtain,
free, one of the following premiums:
1 Piano worth $J.76.00
2 Building Lots '• 2' o.i n
I Lady's Watch " 100.19
1 cowing Machine " : j .(0
1 Cash Premium •• 55.C9
dend stamp for terms to O'Darea A Co., Pub
lisher-. 1119 Chestnut St., I'bila., ■ r i'J, 4th Av
enue, Pittsburgh. Pa. 17sep!t
L M. B.L YMY E R & CO.
several new patterns of
co OK ix a,
which they will fell
Our terms will be CASH, unless otherwise
agreed upon by the parties, and at n it, only a
short credit will be given.
We desire all persons having un ■ ttl 1 accent. -
with Geo. Blymyer, Geo. Blymyer A Son an i B.
M. Blymyer A Co., to call and Settle on or before
! the Ist of Getrjber.es after that time the books
will be left with H. Xrcoocvn for settlement
IIST OF JURORS Drawn for Special Term,
J 4th Monday, 27th dav ..f Sc.-ember, A. \>
I 1569:
IjeTi Hardinger, William M'Mullin,
James M> rtitn -re, William Bowles,
Christian Pelt it, Jacob S. Mbr -b\
Harry Droliiuger, John G. Mim.'-h,
llenry RiLard, Alfred Miller,
Valentine Weyant, Daniel J. Hole.
Francis M Cessna, Will.am t'hanev.
John hi. Ready, llenry Gates,
William llillegas. Jam -. Sill,
Andrew Mortimore, (ireenberry Devore.
; 0. P. Ross. Josi.\h Tewell,
John J. Wc-rtz, C. W. A shoot ,
John S. Replogle, Emanuel Johnson,
Joseph Kenard, William Rob n.
Samuel Shaffer, - ! mon I. I 1.1.
Satuuel Frazey, George Boyev
William Layton, Jante- R. i)'.* cal,
I>avid Bulger. Win. M. Ha: .
Bernard O'Neal,
Drawn and certified at Bedford, the Ifith dav
of August, A. D. 1.--6 J.
; Attest: Jury Commissi.>ners.
Jxo. '}. Fikbep, Clerk. 17sep2t
By virtue of an order of the Orphans' Court
the subscriber will sell at public -ale, on the
ISC9, all the Real Estate, late of David Patter- n,
deceased, in Bedford township. Bedford county,
and being
Fiest-THI: MANSION TRACT, containing
'JO acres and 106 perches and having thereon a
Stone Dwelling House, double L-.g T'arn, to
Tenant Houses, and a large frame Gri.-t Mi l.
This property is situated in the midst of a rich j
agricultural country and the Mill is located upon
the Juniata river, a never failing stream of w.i.er.
Sr-' sn—A FINE FARMaawd w - Ining the above
containing acres and perches, and having
thereon erected a Log House, Doubly Log" Bar.oi
and other buildings. This farm i- in a g-iod
state of cultivation and located in a plea-ant
neighborhood—i-about two miles lr LU Bedford,
is nearly all cleared and under fence, and con
tains large quantities of Iron Ore.
At the same time and place, all t' e PERSONAL i
PROPERTY of deceased, not yet sold, eonw t
ing of Horses, Cattle, Grain of all kinds, wagon-,
plows, hor.-e gears and all kin.ts of farming uten- ;
TERMS OF SALE.—ReaI estate, ot:--third in
hand at confirmation of sale and iaklan.'e in two
equal annual paymeuts without ictere t.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A. M.
JOHN CESSNA. Administrator
17scp of estate of David Patterson, dee 1
The subscriber offers this well known Hotel
property, situated on the corner ofju :ae -nd
Pitt streets, Bedford, Pa., for sale or ret. :udt
December Ist.
Tte building is far superior to any other in
town and is one of the most favorably ....-..led in
Southern Pennsylvania. Persons wish,ng a got d
Hotel Property wii! do well to give this their at
For terms or further particulars address the
subscriber at Bedford, Pa.
has proved itself to he the most perfect prepara
tion for the Hair ever offered to the public to
and create a new growth where it lias fallen 06
from disease or natural decay.
It will prevent the Hair front falling ouf.
All who use it are unanimous in awarding it
the praise of being the beat Hair Dressing extant.
Our Treatise wn the Hair sent free by mail.
R. P. HALL k CO.
10sept lia Nashua, N. H., Proprietors.
For s tle by all druggists. I rise $l.OO.
Messrs. DAIINEY, MORGAN & Co., 5.3
Kxchange Place, and M. K. JESCV & Co.
12 I s ma Street, N. V.. offer for rale the
Bonds of the Kansas Pacific Railway,
i hese Bonds ray seven rer cent, in Gold;
have thirty years to run : arc teetircd by a
Land Grant of Three Million Acres of the
Hr.e-t Lands h Kansas and Colorado. In
j addition to this special grant the Company
al>y owns 1 hree Millions of Acres in Kan
sas. which are being rapidly sold to develop
1 the country and improve the road. Tbey
a-e first tnortgnge upon the extension
| of the road from Sheridan, Kansas, to Den
■ r - Colorado. The road in operation now
earns more than < tov; h net inewne. to pay
' interest on the .-'tic loan. There is no
L-- - security in the mark', t —thi.- being in
some respects better than Government Se
curities. P, ita'iKil and Interest payable
!:i Gold. Price '. : 6, and accrued Interest.
in Currency. Pamphlets, Maps and Cir
cular- furnished on application
On and after M r,day, May 24, I >614, Pas
senger Trains wdl arrive and depart a- follows:
Xpress M ;i!. -HTJGXS Xprer M aiL
P.M. A. M. A.M. P. M.
L* '■ i s - Huntingdon, ußlfl i HSES
".02 - i I. -.g Siding 10.02 4.12
0.17 9.0> McCoßßettstown 9.46 3.55
'*.24 9.07 Pleasant Grow., 937 3.4$
o.l' 9.22 Marble# bnrg, 0-22 3.32
6.56 93* tuKbu nuu. 9.03 3.16
7.03 0.46 Rough i Heady 8.55 3.09
7.1 10.01 rove, * 5.40 2.55
7.24 10.1 Fisher'.- Summit . 2.51
AK7.it 10.2 &ax ton, Li: 2v 2.26
7 D .Eiddl'-.-burg, 7 4fi. 2.QS
** -7 1. 1 i Hopewell, 738 2.00
N l2 11. ! Piper's Run. 717 1.40
9 02 11.29 Tatesville, fi 56 1.20
919 11.45 Bloody Run, 640 1.05
AR9 2- AR 11.52 Mount Dallas. it 0 3 Lst.eo
1e7.50 LE 10.30 Saxton. AR $.05 A82.25
8.05 10.45 Coa'm nt, 7.55 2.1
S.io 10.50 Orawft rd, 7.50 2.65
ars.2o AR 11.00 Dudley. LE 7.10 x,e1.45
Brad Top City.
May 21, X J. JOHN M KILLIPS, Swpt.
Harri-burg, Pa., May 6th, 1869./
10 Icdioncc to an Act of As :mbjy, approved
•ho cighth day of April, ono taouand eigut hun
dred and sixty-nine, you are hereby notified that
the * County Land Lion Docket," containing the
list f unpatented landst far Bedford county, pre
pared wuler the Act of As - ml :y <>f the twentieth
of May, one thousand eight hundred and sixty
fear, and the supplement thereto, La? this day
been forwarded to the Pr thonotary -f the coun
ty. at whose office it may be examined. The liens
i can only be liquidated by the payment of the
purchase money, interest and fee?. a::d receiving
patents through this Department. Proceeding#
by the Attorney General have been stayed for one
year from this date, in order that parties may ob
tain their patents without additional cost.
14 may :6m Surveyor General.
FX The Subs r • er !7er- at private -Co hi? farm
in Napbr t wnship, containing 300 acres, lying
on both ?idrs of the Bedford and Stoystown
turnpike, seven mi'cs west of Bedford and two mile?
as' cf Scbeilsbnrg. About one half is cleared
and under fence and the balance is well timbered.
Thirty-eight acre? arc in clover, aad the balance
in ag < i state of cab i vat ion. The buildings are
a large dwelling house, part stone, with back
building, a good barn and other out buddings,
also a new two story tenant house. The land is
well applied with never failing water. Persons
desiring to examine the property ran do- ao by
calling on the sabscri- er at his residence on the
p rem IN ei. If cot sold before the 6th of October
next the property will he sold at public sale.
30apr5m ' MARTIN REILEY.
'-'AMII V, and to cheap that all can afford it. It
16 a hand - :a' ootaro of 5I S closely printed page?,
containing the matter of a $5.0!) volame, but is
sold at $3 56. It differs from all similar works,
hv giving the differ.nt modes "f treatment—the
i II IC, ELECTIC, a; d HERBAL, thus rendering
it available where otber books are of no e?e.
Agents 2nd it by far the best wiling book of the
kind ever published. Over TWO THOUSAND
2,Bdti) COPIES have already been so:d in the
ei'y of Chiea-o, where the author resides. Send
for Circulars, giving full particulars, terms, cte.
Address, C. F. VENT, Pu dish'-r,
i' ; t2t No i'arela;- i tract, New York.
A Et virtao of ar, order of the Or; 1 is' Court
of Bedford county, ibe undersigr cd v> 1 • 1 at
public sale on'be premises, on It Hi AY, the
K4 of SEPTEMBER inet., at one " i - u V. M.
of said day. all taat farm, or tr ; • land of
which Jacob II >wsare died, sc. I situate
in Southampton township. Bedford coun:y, con
taining 3474 acres more or less, originaUy sur
veyed on warrant dated May 30th 1T t, granted
to Jesse Evans, adj- ining lands of Barnard Oneai,
David Bet er and Wat. Adams. ■ Terms
cash. JOHN P. REED,
luseptot Auditor.
N'OTICIi.— We respectfully notify all in
our debt —knowing their obligations to
pay us are over due—tha' unless paid in a
very short time, cost will be added without
respect to persons. Thanking all of our
friends who have paid us promptly, we rioti
fy all who imagine they have a right to use
oar means lor jrars, they will receive our
especial attention. No business can be sos
tasned without money, and we purpose hand
ling some ol ours "peaceably if we can, forci
bly if we must."
ISauglm A. B. CItAMER A CO.
1869. 1869.
Are cow receiving a largo ami welt assorted
STOCK, of new
INE fur ihem.elves. NO TRol BLE TO bßOft
GOODS, whether you buy or nut. TERMS
CASH. Bedford, Sept. 3d, IS6S:3m
on inchest parchment paper, for sale at tha
nquirer office.
WHEREAS, in and by an Act of Gene's! A.c-etu
uly of th C iinnunw alih of Fcnn*ylvania, enti
sici *'An .?♦ to regular the General Elediout
vrirhin thl* Fouimonwealth," it i? eajoioe-i upon
me to give public notice of sui<i election# en-1 to
enumerate in >aid notice what oncers are to be
elected, I. ROBERT STUCK.MAN. Sheriff of the
County of Bedford, do hereby make known and
give thi? public notice to the elector* of the coun
ty of Bc lfurd, that a General Election will be held
in said county, on the
Second Tuesday 12th day of October.
j 1968, at the several election district?, vis:
The el . ;- rs of the borough of Bedford and
township of Bedford, to nett at the Court House
in .aid borough.
The electors of Broad Top township and Coal
Duie Borough to meet at the .school house in the
v illage of Coal Dale.
The elector* of the borough of Bloodv Run to
meet a the hou*e of Daniel B. Ott in aaid borough.
The electors of Coleraio township to meet at the
hou*e of A. J. PcnnelJ, in Rain?burg, in said town
The ele tors of Cumberland Valley township to
meet ■ the new school house erected on the land
■>wnedby John Whip'? heirs in said town*hip.
j I'he elector? of Harrison township to meet at
"he houre of Jacob Keightner, in said township.
The electors of Juniata township to meet at
school bouse, in sail township.
The ele t r< of Hopewell township to meet at
he school house neai the house of John Dasher,
in said township.
The electors of Londonderry township to meet
at the house now occupied by Wm. 11. Hill us a
shop in Bridgeport, in said township.
i h electors of Liberty township to meet at the
school house in Stonervtown, in said township.
The electors of Monroe township to meet at the
hLje lately occupied by James Carncli in Clear
villt' in said town-hip.
I be electors of Schcllsbarg borough to meet at
".he brick school house in raid borough.
I :.e electors of Napier township to meet at the
brick school hon?e in the borough of SchelUburg.
The Hwton of Esst ProvTdenec township to
meet at the house lately occupied byJohn Nyeum,
jr., in said township.
The ch ctor* of Snake Spring township to meet
at the sch <>l house near the Methodist church on
:hc land of John G. Hartley.
The ele tors of West Providence township to
meet at the house of Philip Hollar, in ?aid tuwn
The electors of St. Clair township to meet at
the Seb ! House, near the re?l-ience of Joseph
Griffith, in said township.
The electors of the Lorongh of St. Clair?ville
to meet at the School llou*e in said Borough.
The electors of 1 nion t wnship to meet at the
. cho dh- C near Mowry'a mill, in said township.
The .!< etc r? of South Woodberry township to
meet at the house of Samuel near Noble*?
mili, in raid township.
The electors of Southampton township to meet
at the bouse of Wm. Adam?, in said township.
The electors of Saxton Borough to meet at tht
Stool Hence in ?aid borough.
The electors of Middle Woodberry township to
meet at the house of llcnry Fluke in the village of
The electors of Woodberry Borough to wet at
the bou-e of Win. M. Pearson, in said Borough.
At which time and places the qualified electors
will elect By ballot:
ONE PERSON for the office of Governor of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
OXE PERSON for the office of Judge of the
Supreme Court of the Coinrn mwealth of Pennsyl
van; a.
ONE PERSON, in conjunction with the coun-
Lea of Somerset and Fulton for the office of State
Senate for Pennsylvania
TW O PERSONS, in eon junction with the coun
t of £ aero • and Fulton, for the office of Mem
ber? of the House of Re; rtsentatives of Pennsyl
v an i a
ONE PERSON, for the office of Prothonotary,
Reg.-ter, Recorder and Clerk of the several courts
of Bedford county.
b'XE PERSON, I r the office of Sheriff for said
ONE PERSON, for the office of Treasurer for
r&'u\ county
ONE PERSON, for the office of Commissioner
for said county.
ONE PERSON for the office of Poor Director,
for said county.
ONE PERSON for County Auditor for said j
coun tv.
person excepting Justices of the Peace who ehai!
hold any office or appointment f profit or trust I
n lerthe United States, or of this State, or any ;
• r cvrporated di-'ricf. whether a commission- |
d "ffi -er or otherwise, a subordinate officer or
agent who i? or shall be employed under the leg
i siature, executive or judiciary department of this
-tare, or of any city, or of any incorporated dia
ls it, ind also, that every member ot Congress and
f the Stilts Legislature, and of the select or com
:aon council ■ f icy city, or commissioners of any
incorporated district, is by law incapable of hold
ing r exercising at the time, the office or appoint
ni-nt <r Jodge. tn?rpe'*u r, or Clerk of any election
t this Commonwealth, and that no Inspector.
Judge or other officer of such election shall be
eligible t be then voted for.
An I the sr.id act of a-sembly entitled "an ac
relating to election- >f thi? Commonwealth," pass
d July 2, 1819, further provides as follows, viz:
"That the Inspector and Judge? shall meet at
*he respective places appointed for holding the
cLection in the district at which they respectively
belong, before 7 o\ lo- k in the morning of the
- ii i Inspector shall appoint one clerk, who shall
e a qualified voter of such district.
"In cu'-e the person who shall have received the
econd highest number of rotes for Inspector shall
not attend on the day of any election, then the
person who shall have received the second high
cr-t number of votes ft r Judge at the next prece
ding election shall at a? inspector in his place.
And incase the pc:'. n who has received the ?e<'-
ond highe? r number of votes for Inspector shall
not attend, the person elected Judge shall appoint
an Inspector in his place: and in case the person
Feted a Judge -hall not attend, then the Inspec
tor who received the highest number of votes
shall appoint a Judge in hi? place: and if any va
cancy still continue in the board for the space of
ne i. r after the rime fixed by law for the open
ing of the election the qualified voters of the
township, ward or district for which such officer
-hall have been elected, present ;t the election,
-hall ti. t one of their number to fill such va
"It shall be the duty of the several Assessors re
spectively to attend at the place of holding every
gero rab special or township election during the
whole time such election i- kept open, for the pur
pose of giving information to the Inspectors and
Judge, when called on, in relation to the right of
any person assessed by thein to vote at such elec
tion. and on such other matters in relation to the
assessment of voters, as the said Inspectors or
either of them .-hall from time to time require.
"No person shall be permitted to vote at any
election as aforesaid, than a white citizen of the
age of twenty-one or more, who shall have resided
in this State at least one year, and in the election
dDirict where he offers to vote, ten days immedi
ately preceding such election, and within two
rears paid a r'tate or County tax which shall have
been a--cssed at lea s t ten days before the election.
But a tizc-n oi the United States who has previ
oudy been a qualified voter of this state and re
moved therefrom aad returned, and who shall have
rc-iJed in the election district and paid taxes
af're said, shall be entitled to vote after residing
in this State six month?. Provide J, That the
white freemen, citizen of the United States, be
tween the age of twanty-one and twenty-two years
wh • hive resided in the election district ten days
a? ;;l •re-.ii'i -hall be entitled to vote, although
they shall not have paid tax.
By the Act of Assembly of ISC', known as the
Law," it is provided as follows :
1. "Election Officers ar to open the poll# be
tween the hour? of j ix aLd seven, A. M., on the
day of election. Before six o'clock in the morn
ing of sc- ond Tuesday of October they arc to re
ct . e from the County Commissioners the Regis
terc 1 List of Voters and all necessary election
dank®, and they are to permit no man to vote
WL- ?e name is not on said list, unless he shall
rat ! • proof of his right to vote a? follows :
2. Ihe p n whose name i* not on the list,
cl..;:uing the right to vote must produce a quali
fied voter of th district to swear in a written or
pr?n - d affidavit to the residence of the claimant
n the district for at !ca-' ten days next preceding
-aid election, d fining dearly where the residence
of the person was.
3. The party claiming the right to vote .-ball
also make an affidavit, stating to the best of hit
li 'Wledge and belief where and when he was
born, that he is a citizen of Pennsylvania and of
the United Mate*, that he has resided in the
Srate one year, or, if formerly a citizen therein
ar.d removed therefrom, that he has resided there
•i fix months next proceeding said election,
that he has not moved into the district for the
purpose of voting therein, that he has pa.d a ■
stute or county tax within two years, which was
as-* -e l at I* ast ten days befoce the election, and
ihe affidavit shall atato when and where the tax
was assc-?ed and paid, and the tax receipt must
be produced unless tht? affiant shall state that it
bn- been lust or destroyed, or that he rcceivsd
4. If the applicant be a naturalized citizen, he
must, in addition to the foregoing proofs, state in
hi? affidavit, when, where, an 1 by what court he
was naturalized, and produce hi* certificate of
5. Every person, claiming to be a naturalized
citizen, whether on the registry ii#t, or producing
affidavits as aforesaid, shall be required to pro
duce-his naturalization certificate at the election
before voting, except where he ha? been for ten
years consecutively a voter in the district where he
offers to vote : and on the vote of sueh a person
being received, the Election Office re are to write „
r tamp the word "voted" on hi* certificate with
the month and year, and no other vote can be
cast that day in virtue of said certificate except
where son# are entitled to vote upon the naturali
zation of their father.
8. If the person claiming to vote who is not
registered shall make an affidavit that he is a
native born citizen of the United States, or, if
born elsewhere, sMKI produce evidence of hi#
naturalization, gt that he w entitled to citizen
ship by the reason ot hi# father's naturalization,
and further, that he is between 21 and 22 years
ot age, and has resided in the State one year, and
in the election district ten days next preceding
the election, he shall be entitled to vote though
he shall not have paid taxes."
"Every person qualified as aforesaid, and who
•hall make due proof if required, of his residence
and payment of taxes aforesaid, shall be admitted
to rote in the township, ward or district in which
be shall reside.
"If any person shall prevent or attempt to pre
vent any officer of an election, under this act from
holding such election, or use or threaten any vio
lence to any such officer, and shall interrupt or
improperly interfere with him in the execution of
his duty, shall block up or attempt to block up the
window or avenue to any window where the same
may bo holden, or shall riotously disturb the peace
of such election, or shall use or practice intimida
tion, threats, force, or violence, with the design to
nifluem-e unduly, or overawe any elector, or pre
vent bim from voting, or to restrain the freedom
of choice, such person? on conviction shall he fined
in any sum not exceeding five-hundred dollars, to
ho imprisoned for any time not less than one nor
more than twelve months, and if it shall be shown
to (Le Court where the trial of sueh offence shall
be had, that tho person so offending was not a res
ident of the city, ward or district where the said
offence was committed, and not entitled to vote
therein, on conviction, he shall be sentenced to
pay a fine not less than one hundred or more than
one thousand dollars, and be imprisoned not less
than six months nor more than two years.
"If any person or persons shall ma'kc any bet OT
wager upon the result of aa election with n the
Commonwealth, or shall offer to make ant roth
bet or wager, either by verbal proclamation there
of, or by any written or printed advertisement, or
invite amy person or persona to make such bet or
wager, upon conviction thereof he or they shall
forfeit and pay three times the amonnt so hot or
offered to be bet."
And the election laws of the Commonwealth
further provide that ,- The Inspectors, Judges and
clerks shall, before entering on the duties of their
offices, severally take and subscribe the oath or
affirmation hereinafter directed, which shall be
administered to them by any judge, alderman or
jnstice of the peace, but if no such magistrate
be present, one of the inspectors of the election
shall administer the oath or affirmation to the
other judge and inspector, and then the inspee.
tor so qualified shall administer the oatb or affir-
Qfcliwp to bitu.
"The inpccior*, and clerks required bj
law to hold township and general elections, shall
take and subscribe the several oaths ana affirma
tions required by the 19th 20th and 21t sections
:f the art of the 2d day of July 1-39, entitled
''An act relating to the elections of this common
wealth," which oaths or affirmations shall be pre
pared and administered in the manner prescribed
in the 16th and 22d sections of said act, and in
addition to the power conferred by the ISth sec
tion of said act, the judge, or either of the inspec
tors, shall have power to administer the oaths
prescribed by said act, to any clerk of a general,
-jecial or township election.
"The following shall be the form of the oath
or affirmation to be taken by each inspector, viz:
*1 ( A. B.) do that I will duly attend to the
ensuing election during the continuance thereof,
as an inspector, and that I will not receive any
ticket or vote from any person, other than such
as I shall firmly believe to be, according to the
provisions of the constitution and the laws of
this commonwealth, entitled to vote at such elec
tion, without requiring such evidence of the right
to vote as is directed by law, nor will I vexatious
ly delay or refuse to receive any vote from any
pers-n who 1 shall believe to be entiiled to vote
aa aforesaid, but that I will in ail things truly,
impartially and faithfully perform my duty there
in. t the best of my judgment and abilities, and
that 1 am not directly, nor indirectly, inter
ested in any bet, or wager on the result of this
"The following shall be the oath or affirmation
f each judge, viz: T (A. B.) do that I will
is judge duly attend the ensuing election during
;he continuance thereof, and faithfully assist the
; inspectors in carrying on the same: that I will not
: give my eooaent that any vote or ticket shall be
received from any person other than such as I
I drmly believe to be, according to the provisions of
: the constitution and iaws of this commonwealth,
entitled to vote at such election, without requiring
-uch evidence of the right to vote as is directed
by law. and that I will u=e my best endeavors to
; prevent any fraud, deceit, or abuse, ia carrying on
1 the same by citizens qualified to vote, or others,
f and that I will make a true and perfect return of
; 'he sai i election, and will in all thing 3 truJy, im
| partially and faithfully perform my duty respect
| ir.g the same, to the best of my judgement and
abilities, and that I am not directly or indirectly j
I interested in any bet or wager on the lesult of
this election."
•The following shall be the form of the oath or
affirmation to betaken by each clerk, viz: T (A—
-71.) d- that I wili impartially and truly write
down the name of each elector who shAll vote at
he ensuing election, which shall be given me in
■ barge,and also the name of the township, ward
r district: wherein such elector resides, and care
fully and truly write down the number of votes
that shall be given for each candidate at the elec
tion, as often as his name shall be read to me by
the inspectors thereof, and in all things truly and
faithfully perform my duty respecting the sarre
to the best of my judgment and ability, and that I
am not directly or indirectly interested in any bet
or wager on the result of this election.*
The qualified electors will take notice of the fol
lowing act of Assembly approved the J2tb day of
March, IS rt: As Acr, hcgulating the mode of
voting at all election?, in the several counties of
this Commonwealth.
SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and (
House of Representatives of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and it
is hereby enacted by the authority of the same.
That the qualified voters of the several counties
; f this Commonwealth, at ail general, township,
borough and special elections, are hereby,
hereafter, authorized and required to vote by
tickets, printed, or written, or partly printed and
partly written, severally classified as follows: One i
ticket shall embrace the names of all judges of '
courts voted for, and to be labelled, outside, "ju- j
iiciary." one ticket shall embrace the names of j
all state officers voted for, and be labelled, "state;"
one ticket sfcall embrace the names of all connty
officers voted for, including office of senator, mem
ber. and members of assembly, if voted for, and
members of congress, if voted for, and be labelled,
"county:" one ticket shall embrace the names of
all township officers voted for, and be labelled,
"township:" one ticket shall embrace the names of
all borough officers voted for, and be labelled,
"borough:" and each alass shall be deposited in
separate ballot-boxes.
SECTION 2. That it shall be the duty of the
Sheriffs, in the several counties of this Common
wealth, to insert in their election proclamations,
hereafter issued, the first section of this act.
Speaker of tho House of Representative*, j
Speaker of the Senate. ]
APPROVED—the thirtieth day of March. Anno I
Domini one thousand eight hundred and Sixtv
six. A. G. CURTIN.
Election officers will take notice that the act
entitled "A Further Supplement to the Election
Laws of this Oommou wealth," disqualifying de
serters from the Army of the United States from
voting, has recently been declared unconstitution
al by tho Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, is row
nuil and void, and that all persons formerly dis
qualified thereunder are now lawful voters, if
otherwise qualified. The act decided unconstitu
tional by the SupreiceCourt provided as follows:
Whereas, By the act of the Congress of the
United States, entitled, "An act to amend the sev
eral acts heretofore passed, to provide for the en
rolling and calling out the national forces, and
for other purposes," and approved March third,
one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, all per
sons who have deserted the military or naval ser
vice of the United States, and who have not been
discharged,or relieved from the penalty or disabili
ty therein provided, arc deemed, and taken, to have
voluntarily relinquished, and forfeited, their
rights of, citizenship, and their rights to become
citizens, and are deprived of exercising any rights
of citizens thereof:
And whereas, persons, not citizen? of the Uni- '
ted •States, are not. under the constitution and
laws of Pennsylvania, qualified electors of this
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and it
ia hereby enacted by the authority of the same.
That in all elections hereafter to be held in this
commonwealth, it shall be unlawful for the judge
or inspectors of any such elections to receive any
ballot, or ballots, from any person, or persons,
embraced in the provisions, and subject to the
disability, imposed by said act of Congress ap
proved s."arch third, one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-five, and it shall be uulawful far any
such person to offer to vote any ballot, or ballots.
•Section 2. That if any such judge and inspee
tor •- of election, or any one of them, shall receive,
or content to receive, any such unlawful ballot, or
ballots, from any such disqualified person, he, or
tbej, so offending, shall be guilty of a misdemean
or, and, upon conviction thereof, in any court of
quarter sessions of this commonwealth, he shall,
for each offence, be sentenced to pay a fine of not
less than one hundred dollars, and to undergo an
imprisonment, in the jail of the proper county,
for not leas than sixty days.
Section 3. That if any person deprived of citi
zenship, and disqualified as aforesaid, shall, at
any election,hereafter to beheld in this common
wealth, vote, or rentier to tho officers thereof, and
offer to vote, a ballot, or ballots, any person, so
offending, shall be deemed guilty of a misde
meanor, and on conviction then of, in any court
ot quart** sessions cf this commonwealth, shall,
for each offence, be punished in like man acr as is
provided in the preceding section of this act, in
the case of officers of election receiving such un
lawful ballot or ballots.
Section 4. That if any person shall hereafter
persuade, or advise, any person, or persons, de
prived of citizenship, and disqualified as afore
said, to offer any ballot, or ballots, to the officers
of any election, hereafter to beheld in this com
monwealth, or shall pemui.de, or advise, any ?uch
officer to receive any ballot, or ballots, from any
person deprived of citizenship, and disqualified
a? aforesaid, such person, so offending, shall be
guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof, in any court of quarter sessions of this
commonwealth, shall be punished in like manner
as i provided in the second section of this act,
n the case of officers of ruch election receiving
such unlawful ballot*, or ballots.
Speaker of the House of Represenrives.
Speaker of the Senate.
I APPROVE* —The fourth day of June, Anno
Domini one tbcuamsd eight hundred and sixty
six. A. G. CURTIN."
And the Judges of the respective districts afore
said, are required to meet at Bedford, on the Fri
day next following the holding of said election,
then and tutre to perform those things required of
theui by law.
Given under my hand, at my office in Bedford,
this 3d day of September, in the year of our
Lord, on? thousand eight hundred and rixty
nine and in the niotv-fourth of the Indepen
dence of the United States.
Sheriff** Office. Bedford, \
Sep.S, 18*9. j
IIST OF CAUSES put down for trial a*. Ad-
J journed Court. 27th dsj of September. A. D.
Susan Bradley vs. Jonah Mowry.
Jas. Madura et af vs Abm Everaoic.
S. 8. Fiuck et AL v?. JOB. Putt.
Same vs. Arnold Houpt.
Same vs. Levi Putt,
Same vs. John Be?ser.
Same vs. Dan'i Wearer.
Same vs. Able Putt.
Same vs. Jacob Rahm.
Same vs. Mich. L. Putt-
Same vs. Jas Bowser.
Jos Garlick vs. Abm Garjick.
Thos. Growden vs. Arch. Blair et a.l
Jac. £. Brumbaugh vs. Tks. A. Sleek.
Adam Leonard v*. John Yont.
Geo. Road* vs. Kdw. A. Foekler.
John W. Duncan, Trustee, Ac. vs. Lssiogtou Ham
mond et al.
Fredoricka Miller vs. J>hn Mellwaine.
Diehl k Dibert vs. Barclay k Shoemaker.
Jas. Pa Men vs. Snm'l Hefner et a!.
Sam. Mixel vs. Ea-t Providence tarp.
R. Ktrkpatrick A Co. vs. G. R. Barnd-dUr's Admr.
Sophia W. Mullen vs. Geo. Mullen's Exrs.
John W. Duncan, Guardian, Ac. vs. Essington
Same. vs John Kerupet al.
W. B. Huffman vs. Geo. W. Gump.
Hear? D. Mock vs. Wm. Hammer#.
Certified Aug. 39, 1869.
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The above school will re-open ou
The same studies will be pursued as formerly,
Tiz: the various brarcbes of a good English edu
cation, with the addition, if desired, of the higher
mathematics, Latin, Greek, French, German, and
Spani-b. It is desirable that ail the students
should study Latin, although not obligatory.
TERMS, per quarter of 10 weeks:
English br inches - 50
Do. do. with Latin or Greek.. 10 00
With one or more modern languages... 12 00
Bedford, July 30, 1899-3 m Principal.
£l Letters of Administration, with the will
annexed, of Joseph Boyer, late of Juniata
township, Bedford county, Pa-,dec'd, having
been granted to the undersigned by the Reg
ister of Bedford county, all persons indebted
to said estate are hereby requested to make
immediate (hyment. and those having claims
will present them properly authenticated for
settlement. SAIIIEL BOYER,
2taug Adm'r of Joseph Boyer, dec d.
XT OTICB-—Ail persons having unsettled ae
iS counts with Dr. WM. H. WATSON, dec d,
I are hereby notified to call upon the undersigned
hxeentor and settle ihe same delay.
IGeptf. W M. WATsON, Kxecator.
It VERY THING in the BOOK and
jjJIBI line for lf at the Inqoirer Bcokbtore.

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