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3hc (Jolumbian,
Illaomitmrf , ColnrAtjl County, Pk,
Two Dollar ft year, 111 hdvertco. If hut paid 111
Vdvnnec, Two tic-liars and my Contj,
Addroes Jl lettefi to
ClHOltdK lt.-MQOUK.
Alitor Of tlio COLUMBIAN,
itloombnrg, Columbia County, Pa,
Swrnui of gducriisiiyj.
One Bqutrc.ona or tliri IniwrtlohKA II CD
Kneh nuloiixiuont InKortlon Ioha tlinu thlrtrwii.
Olio Squaro ono moutU .i,-.......u 2 1
Two " " i 310
Thrro " ." ... 5
Kour " " fl CO
Half column " 10 CO
Ono column " -...lA OA
Kxccutor'A and AdtnlnlMrator'a Notice 3 W
Auditor's Notlccsi 1 60
Kdllorinl Notices twenty cent ier lino.
Other advertisements Inserted according to ipe
clal contract.
VOL. I.-NO. 18.
0 nhni)ln .iii
a -
J ;
J ti!'
it W
Kor tho Columbian. 111 - -FADELESS.
11Y M.J.J.
"'TWA only a box of fowled flowcM,
And a treiw of iUrk-1irown hair,
'that 1WM bvlUgly Keft through th6 changing
tylltrt hef youhg heart knew no caro.
ilut Tlrao' rudo hnnd changed tho oarly
That oneo nladdcnod her youthful hour,
And morn tlian the thorns that crowed her path
Waahlddcn beneath fair flovoM.
And thus It Is In Life's fair morn,
Wo heed not tho coming sorrows,
Wt cling to hopes which In aftor years
flocm only tu fadod flowers.
The dark-brown hair will change to gray,
And tho brow bo furrowed with caro;
Hut Ut time lirlnu what chaugn It may,
Hho will cling to that lock of hair.
"Havk you mndo your bump, old
" Bump! no."
" A fact, novorthelcss."
And Shirley, tho captain of tho St
Valenco crow, turned sulkily nwny, mid
was about to mount tho stairs leading
to his rooms, when I laid my arm upon
4il Bhouldor and stopped him.
Harry Shirley was an undergraduate
to'f tho College of St. Valence, in tho
University of Cambridge. IIo had boon
Up nearly three years, and was conse
quently not far from his degree. IIo
was & fine, ttoll-mndc, handsome, open
fiicod fellow, and was a great favorite
with every man in th& place. IIo had
been sent up to Cambridge, not for the
purpose of burning tho midnight oil,
and tolling wearily at tho dead lan
guages, not for tho hope of gaining a
high placo In tho tripos, or competing
for a fellowship, but mat no mignc ac
quire tho last finishing touch to his edu
cation, and reap tho full benefit of thoso
advantages which a life at tho Univer
sity so fully and eminently develops
IIo was a boating man, and was do
cldedlv a most favorable specimen of
that set. IIo was boyond doubt the most
powerful and effective oarsman In tho
college; had twlco successfully rowed
against Oxford, and had for more than
a year been captain or his club. More
over, ho was peculiarly exempt from tho
great failing, indeed tho besetting sin or
all rowing men, both great and small,
viz: that of talking "boating-shop" in
hall: and this particular good point In
his character never failed to carry its duo
It was a brilliant May morning, tho
last day of tho May races, and Shirley's
last May term. Several of his friends
had come up for tho express purposo of
witnessing tho races, of applauding his
prowess, and of hailing the triumph of
his boat. Among tho ladles thero was
ono who stood to him in tho convenient
relationship of cousin, whom wc certain
ly expected soon to sec bound to him by
a closer tic. Shirley, then, was doubly
anxious to do well on tho river, and ho
had spared no pains, and grudged no
troublo in training his crew, and getting
thorn in good order nnd condition. For
the first four races all went merrily with
tho St. Valence: from sixth they had
risen to second, and on the last day they
were to make their grand ellbrt for the
supremacy of the Cam. I had been in
London tho previous evening, and had
Just como back when I met Shirley;
.and then I was destined to learn to my
utter astonishment that St. Valence, in
stead of ranking its bump, nnd so gaining
tho proud position of head of tho river,
had been compelled to succumb to its
pursuer. However, as Harry Shirloy la
conically answered my question, I said
cogerly :
"How has this happened? How on
wirtli did tho Trinity men manage to
keep away from you V
"Keen away? wilford! wo were
humped bumped by thoso confounded
K men. I feel so savage. I can
scarcely sneak civilly to any one."
" Hut how did you raanago to como to
such utter grief?"
" I will tell you. You know Man ton
has been rowlurr stroko up to to-day.
This morning at breakfast-timo 1 got n
noto from him to say that ho should not
bo able to row this afternoon. 1 could
scarcely bcllevo my benses. You can
easily imagiuo my dismay. I went up
to his rooms directly, and expostulated
with him. I begged of him to reconsid
er his decision ; for what on earth could
.1)0 done? But it was all to no purpose.
could not alter his intention; of course
-cd It was impossible thai ho should row,
hu4 ji ineu my uimuai iu juiiutu hum, um .iv
was inuexlUlC. V O liau i go uuwu nil-
irlvor with Whltehttrst as stroko, and
with a new man in tho boat. I antici
pated disaster, but I showed a bold
tfront, and I did my best to encourage
-nud aasura tho crew. I determined to
.make a dospernto elrbrt at tho start, and
endctvvored to cut down tho Trinity men
in tho first reach. It was Just within
.tho rango of possibility that wo might
succeed, but tho chances woro great
.against us. "SVo could not catch them ;
nud, though wo lasted formoro than n
mile, wo wero caught In sight of tho
I cordially sympathized with Harry
.Shlrloj'u Indignation ngahiat Manton.
.And on that day every boating-man
was allowed to Indulge In any amount
of "shop" in hall. Tho St. Valence
crow, though bumped, had nevertheless
rowed moiJtpluckily. At tho start they
had go no oil' at such n tremendous pace,
and ovory niau had so thoroughly
thrown himself Into his work, that it
comed as if victery were about to
crown their cfrbrt.
But tho chango of stroko, and tho want
of practlco on tho part of tho now man.
soon told heavily against them, nnd after
a most glorious exhibition of pluck, nnd
mi exertion of almost superhuman
strength on tho part of Shirley nnd his
crow, tho hopes of St. .Valenco wero
crushed, find they saw tho third boat
inch by Inch overhauling them, nnd
heard the cry of bump raised when they
wero within fifty yards of tho end of tho
course. Fortunately Manton was absent
at Ilall-tlme, or ho would 1iavo experi
enced sundry feelings of annoyance, ns
tho unpleasant w.ord was passed along
that ho had been tho eatlso of tho mis
fortune, for it would have been next to
an Impossibility to repress the opinions
of tho men. Kvery one censured his
conduct as most unjustifiable, nnd ho
became thero and then a most unpopu
lar man. Tho night was appointed for
tho boating supper, and thero again
Manton failed to put in his appearance.
Ills remark provoked n sympathizing!
shout from thoso around him; and Shir
ley, Who was tho coolest man of tho lot,
and Who had moro Influenco than nny
ono else, at onco saw that, if tho meet
ing did not break up soon, thero would
bo Bomo summary method adopted of
convoying to Manton tho indignant re
monstrances of ills fellow undergradu
ates. Now Harry was no moro avorso
to a bit of fun than nny ono; but In tho
present temper of tho men, anil after tho
vlndtctivo way in which Blackford had
onco or twice In tho cottrso of tho even
ing spoken of tho matter, ho feared that
If any scheme of practical joking woro
wero projected, It might bo. carried too
far, and that mischief might ensue.
" Don't trouble yourselves about tho
mnn," ho said, trying to make tho thing
appear unworthy of thought. But wil-
grammo. Ilangnno. leuow in eingyi
By Jovo t It will bo grand fun I It win
look llko tho ghost of tho Haunted
Tower." v
I did not.llko tho way In which ho
spoke. Thero was something repugnant
to my feelings in mention of thu fiitoof
poor II , and I thought that wo had
dono enough. In fact 1 heartily repent
ed of my suggestion. Tito eye of Harry
Shirloy was continually and reproach
fully fixed upon mo; but ho did not an
ticipate that any positive harm could
como from our Joke, and therefore, to a
certain extent, ho gnvo his assent to it.
Table-cloths, sheets, dusters, paper In
Xact everything upon which wo could
lay our hands, were seized, ami carefully
thrust Into Manton's flannel trowsors;
n bolster was then taken from tho sofa,
nnd being swelled to a convenient size
by tho application ofnsuluclcntimmbor
each man's faco betrayed tho bitter
thoughts that wero harassing his mind.
'omley, tho tutor, was thero too, with ent,a,od j,, nmklng a tour In tho Medl
sovcro and stern countenance. 1'rcs- termnonn. beintr. on Anrll twenty 'first.
ently wo roused ourselves from our on 1(0lml ft gtcnm vcsscl) cxactiy half
apathy, nnd slowly anil solemnly mount- wny 1)cUvocn tll0 islUKj3 of Ccrlgo and
ed tho loWOr-SlalrcasO. Of COltrsn tho Mnlln. mi mv tvv. In tin, inttcr t.lncn. a
- J - J ' . " I '
door was screwed. Fernlcy turnod
round gravely upon us.
"Gentlemen," he said, "I slmll ro-
qulro somo explanation. Last night
you had your boating-supper. Was it
not so, Mr. "Wilford?" ho said, turning
suddenly upon mo.
I muttered an indistinct nfilrmatlvo,
and then tho screws wero drawn, nnd
wo went Into the inner room : tho bed
room door was still screwed. This
seemed for a moment a mystery. But
on entering tho room everything was
orablo fellow, who had, for somo hidden
purposo of his own, deserted his post.
Harry Shirley was qulto tho hero of
tho evening, for, though ho had failed
ton immediately answered:
"Como, Shirley, that's too bad; you of sheets and table-cloths, was Invested
..... ... . . .... i ... i r
enow you wero ns savage as any ono m ins uoauiig-jeisu.v , u jiuu ui ava,
Tho remarks upon his conduct, which this afternoon. Let us finish the evening protmrly stuffed, with his rowing shoes
had before been somewhat free In tho well: 1 second Blackford's proposal to on them, woro fastened wiiero tno leet
supper-room, becameviolentniul angry. glvoMantonabltofournilnds,inaqiilct should be; nnd then tho top of tho
Ho was stigmatized as a selfish, dishon- wnv." bolster, being drawn tignt by means oi
' Screw him in," said one. apiece of cord, was surmounted oy a
"Break his windows," said a thick rowing-cap ; and In a few moments n
voice. perfect effigy of tlio stroke oi tno st
No, no I" saldShirloy. "Not that." Valenco boat was swinging from tho
to achieve victory, every ouo was eager IIo saw they wore resolved upon doing window of tho HaTtnted Tower; and
to do justice to tho energy and ability something, nud. as ho could not prevent then, when wo wero all leaving tho room
which lie had displayed In tho manage- their carrying out their plan of punish- to screw up the outer door, .Manton, in
ment of his crow, and to his zeal and Imr their lato stroke, ho strove to chango a somewhat louder tone of voice, said:
activity In behalf of tho club. When, tho direction and modify tho action of " Blackford 1 Blackford 1 do open tho
therefore, his health was proposed, tho theirschemcs. "If youmusthavoajoke, door I"
cheering was enthusiastic, and theshout- let it bo a harmless one. Itemember But It was worso than lifeless to np
ing terrific. tho last boatiiur-sunncr and the broken penl to men in such a frame of mind
Threo cheers for Shirley I" were glv- windows." and wo descended tho staircase some
en over Again with such uproarious mer- " Confound the windows 1" said Black- what moro quickly than wo had gono
ford. up, and then slowly and gradually dls
"Screw tho beggar in, and wo will ported to our several rooms, utterly re-
tako caro ho does not get out In a hurry gurdlcss of Manton's objections to being
to-morrow." screwed in.
" Is old Fernlcy in bed ?" asked ono. I got but llttlesleep that night. "Why
"Yes; his lights have been out for I felt that vague and restless uneasiness
somo time."
Let us get to work then," said sev
eral voices.
" Mind ho docs not serve you us Black
I cannot cxactiy say, but certain it
that for moro than an hour I lay awak
thinking on tho night's work, and tho
nnrt which I had idnyed in it. How
rimcntos was seldom before heard with
in tho walls of the old college. Ono or
two voices raised tho cry of " Manton 1"
and thogroan of execration that follow
ed was loud nnd significant. But sud
daily a cry of" Shirley, Shirley !" arose
an eyes wero quickly directed to ono
part of tho table, and In an Instant every
voice was hushed, for Harry had risen to
reply to tho toast,
" Gentlemen," ho said, " I hnvo strlv- ford did," said Shirley, " and throw his ever, weariness at length got tho better
on to tho best or my power to fulfil tho coals down on your heads." of tho Indefinite anxiety that oppressc
trust placed in mo by the members of " We'll tako care of that." me, and sleep camo to my rescue when
tho St. Valenco Bowing Club, and I Wo quitted the supper-room, and de- I was almost despairing of rest; and
trust that I have satisfactorily dlbcliarg- scended quietly into the court. Tho though I slept but it short time, T nwoku
ed my duty (loud cheers). I trust that moon was shining brilliantly, and tho in the morning considerably refreshed
next year you may bo moro fortunate, old I vj -covered buildings looked .still by the brief interval of reposo that
and no ono will experience moro pleas- and peaceful beneath Its rays. There bad enjoyed.
tiro in hearing of your success than my- was an old legend attached to the tower The recollection of tho joko of the
self (hear, hear). Gentlemen, I have to staircase, up which Manton slept. And previous night immediately returned
tender my best thanks to every member as I stood in tho anglo of tho court, gaz- to mo, and I was eager to know how far
of tho club for tho support that lias ill- ing upon tho gloomy side containing Ills the bed-makers had been affected by tno
ways been given to us. 1 am convinced windows, which wero lighted up by the sight that must havo met them on en
that the success of tho boat has been a moonbeams, I thought of tho hard-work- tering the college gates. However, my
subject of interest to all ("Manton 1") ; lug undergraduate who was said to havo suspense on that score was but short
and I shall not be saying too much when hanged himself from ono of those very lived, for Mrs. Brown rushed breathless
I predict a moro triumphant May torm windows, in bitter despair at his failure into my keeping-room, and commenced
for you next year. My only regret will In tho tripos on tho previous day. As I a vigorous attack on my bedroom door
be that 1 shall not be with you to share stood thus musing, and only half listen- "Sir ! sir!" she called out, In excited
n your good fortune." ing to the conversation of my eompan- tones,
As Harry Shirley resumed his seat tho ions, an idea suddenly struck me, and,
applause on all sides was loud and pro- hardly thinking what I was saying, I
called out to Blackford :
"Hang him inelligyl"
" Bravo!" said he, instantly catching
up my words. "Jiang nun in oingy!
A. capital idea! By Jove, it will look
longed: and the toast given by him
was drunk witli full musical honors
And then for a time desultory uproar
ensued; tho St. Valenco men, inveigh
ing in the most indignant tones against
A YH.vu or two ago, happening to bo
lnrgo number of birds flow on board, evi
dently performing their annual migra
tion from tho coast of Africa. They
wero principally tho common titlark,
though among the number wero wheat
ears, a fern-fowl or two, as well as vari
ous swallows. Tho wholo of them
seemed much fatigued. Flights of tur
tle-doves passed tho ship tho whole day.
A few alighted for a few minutes In tho
rigging, but showed no symptoms what
ever of exhaustion, and high over head
woro flocks of, vultures or. eagles, pro-
explained. Manton had got out of tho CCC(iilur ns leisurely as rooks of an even-
window, gono along tho parapet to tho , ,,,, tlmlr wnv to their roostlntr-
spot where tho efllgy had been suspend- ,.inc,
ed, nnd, nfter cutting down tho figure,
had hanged himself in its place.
It would be utterly impoisiblo to do
scribe tho feelings that rushed through
my mind on this discovery ; and my
conscience smote mo bitterly when I re
flected that I had been tho ono who had
suggested tho mock hanging, which hud
been carried out
Somo vnguo Idea of the responsibility
Involved by tho result of our practical
Joko passed through my mind, nnd be
fore I had timo for much reflection on
Now tho distance of tho spot I men
tion from tho coast of Africa, in two di
rections, is just two hundred and thirty
miles, and ns near as posslblo just about
as far from tho coast of Italy, as well as
tho Morca. Tho flight of theso birds,
therefore, from land to land, could not
havo been less than four hundred and
eighty miles. Many of tho titlarks,
though In a stato of exhaustion, loft tho
ship, to my ustonishmcnt, alter a rest
of nn hour or so only, nnd proceeded on
their journey, flying but n few feet, ap
the matter, 1 felt the grip of tho officers nriint,.. fmm , mrfa of tho water.
of tho law upon my arm, to arrest mo rp. ' ,i, f ,i,Iu (, i.nnnti.
fully fine. At Malta, n few days after,
a friend who had been at sea about tho
same tlmo informed mo that a fiight of
tlm sinnll Vnsserino owl had allchted
" I thought I should never rouso on bf)!ml his . nIia ,n tho ,nnrUct 1
on the charge of the murder. With a
shriek I woke,andfoundShIrley stand
ing by my bedside, haklng mo.
When are you going to wako ?" ho
A orntAT deal of labor Is lost to tho
world for tho want of a little courage.
Uvcry day sends to their graves a num
her of obscuro men, who havo only re
mained in obscurity becnuso their ti
midity has prevented them from mak
ing a first elrbrt, nnd who, If they had
only been Induced to begin, would, in nil
probability, havo gono great lengths in
tho career of fame. Tho fact is, that liv
doing anything in tho world worth do
ing, wo must not stand on tho bank shiv
ering, thinking of tho cold nnd danger,
but Jump in and scramblo through an
well ns we can. It will not do to Ivo
perpetually calculating rlsksnnd adjust
ing nlco chances; it did all very well bo
foro tho ilooti, when n man could consult
his friends upon nu intended publlcntioil
for ono hundred and flfty-nlna years,
and llvo to seo Its success for six or
soven centuries afterward; but ift pros
ent mnn waits and doubts, nnd con
sults his brothers, and uncles, ami
particular friends, till ono day Ito finds
that ho Is slxty-fl vc years of ago, and that
ho has lost so much tlmo in consulting
first cousins nnd particular friends that
hoha-jno morotlmetofollowtholrndvlco
There is so llttlo tlmo for over squcam
ishncss nt present that tho opportun
ity slips away. Tho very period of llfo
at which a man chooses to venture-, if
over, is so confined tlint It Is no badrulo
to preach up tho necessity, in such in
stances, of a llttlo violenco dono to tho
feelings, nnd efforts mado in doftanco
of strict and sober calculations.
Thank God, it is only n dream,"
"What do you mean? Get up. Fern
ley wants you about tho Manton busl
" Where is Manton ?" I asked
' " In Ills room. He has been suffering
from heart dlscaso for tho last two days
that was why he would not row; but
ho did not like to tell inc. He is rather
nervous about it, ns tho doctor thinks it
a had case."
But I could not shako off tho impres
sion made upon mo by my dream for
Mime time, and the censure that I recelv
cd from Fernlcy seemed ns nothing
compared with tho relief experienced,
observed quantities of these owls, as
well as bee-birds, nnd a number of com
mon cuckoos, which it appeared had
been caught nt night in tho quail-nets.
How such i bird as tho titlark can.pcr-
form such a journey as a sca-voyago of
four hundred nnd eighty miles nt a
stretch, Is ono of tho facts far beyond
my comprehension; but that they do
so'my statement is surely sufficient oc-
culnr demonstration.
Tin-: English Solicitor-General said in
tho House of Commons, upon the sub
ject of juries and " Breac'"w of From
that the result of tho i.ractical ioko was Iso:" "When a tall and pretty imiy
but what might have been expected. was set before them as having been de
W inn Imitnii'srensonfornotrow i)L' luueu, mere was nu jiuiuiuk m
became known in tlio college, tho men Ho remembered Hearing nn out gentio
repented of their harsh remarks about man who had been a barrister in India
his conduct, though it would havo been tell tlio story oi a Circassian siave wno
much better for him to have uiven his had murdered tlio master of a harem
eason at the time. Ho has lived to mure, 'mo counsel sum : i-ui on your
I feigned drowsiness, and answered in
a voice that seemed to rebuke her fur
waking mo".
'Yes! what is tho matter, Mrs.
"Oh, sir I what did you gentlemen do
last night ? Oh dear ! oh dear I"
conquer the disease; but the doctor has
often declared that had he, in his dan
gerous condition, rowed on tho last
night of the races, the result must havo
been fatal.
And then she stopped, and it seemed
as if she wero crying.
I could scarcely keep from laughing :
she evidently heard that I was treating
it as a joke, but I said:
"Why, what is tho matter, Mrs.
Brown? What havo you called mo so
early for?"
" Oh, sir, it is dreadful, and the lower-
staircase too!"
"What is dreadful?"
" Oh ! Mr. Manton has hanged him
" Nonsense!" I said calmly,
" 1 wish it was nonsense. It Is dread
" Mr. Manton has not lianged himself.
What rubbish are you talking about ?"
"Oh! como and seo for youroelf." And
then her emotion seemed to overcome
Manton's defection, and the out-collego (uito ghastly in tho moonlight, and
men expressing their astonishment nt when tho bed-makers come in the morn
tlio unexplained conduct of tho delin- ing they will think it is tho ghost of the
quent. What could havo induced him tower-staircase."
to adopt so sudden and so extraordinary I felt immediately sorry for what I
a determination? What could have in- had said. It was littered on tho spur of
Huenced a man who had always been tho moment, nnd before I had reflected
passionately fond of rowiifg, so far as to on what I was about. But there was no
make him ruin tho chance of ids boat drawing back now; everybody ca
getting head of tho river? It certainly gerly t-elzed tho idea, and Blackford
seemed un Inexplicable mystery, and nil determined that It should bo carried
concurred in tlio opinion that his lino of into execution
conduct was highly reprehensible. As Harry Shlrleycastareproaclifulglnnco
tho evening woro on the uproar becamo at me. " You should not have suggest-
greater ; and when twelvo o'clock had ed that," ho said.
struck, and tho out-collego men had all "I am sorry for It, Shirley. Upon my
gone, thero was an ominous muttering word 1 don't know what mado mo do
of Manton's name. Tlio wlno was tret- so. but I snoko almost thouihtlosaly : I
ting into the heads of tlio undergradu- don't quite like it."
ntcs, and was prompting them to ull " 1 shall stop to seo that no Injury is
sorts of mischief. done to Manton ; I could not trust them her, for I could hear her sobbing and
Wilton, an enthusiast in the causo of In their present mood ; they uroall rath- crying bitterly.
rowing, who was to succeed Shirloy in or flushed, and thero is no knowing There was something in her manner,
the captaincy, rose and gave vent to his what they will do with Blackford to n splto of my laughter, that impressed
feelings on tho college grievance. lead them." mo ; and I hastily dres-ed myself, and,
"Gentlemen," ho said, "wo arc all Suppressing asiarnspossibioallnoiso, leaving Mrs. Browiisoliblnglnmyrooni,
St. Valenco men here (hear, hear). Mr. wo mounted the staircase to Manton's I went down into tho court. A group
Shirley, In his excellent speech, dealt rooms. Our tusk was rendered some- 0f undergraduates wns collected under
somewhat too tenderly with a certain what moro easy from tho fact that the Manton's window, nnd from tho window
member of tho club (trroans). who has door was not "sported," so that wo en-Uvns still swinging a figure. But a
been tho cause of our coming to grief, tered without tho risk of waking him.
Now I wish to say (" Yes ! threo groans " Let us seo if tho follow Is In bed,"
for Manton 1") that I consider his con- said Blackford. And ho was about to
duct contemptible ("Gently," from open tho bedroom door, when Shirley
Shirley). "I consider that ho had no darted forward, and, just peeping in,
riirht to treat us so shabbily firmans and instuutly closed tho door again, and so nbout loosely in tho wind; on the
hes). Wo ought to havo an explana- prevented any ono from going in. Ho .'round, elo.so to where I was standing.
tlon(" Yes I yes!"). I begtomovoa voto at onco put tho first screw In, and then was tho effigy that wo had suspended on
of censure on Manton. My course is ir- Blackford and Wilton drove each nn- thu provlous night. What did it mean
reculnr: this is certainly only a supper other, and so tho door was mado fast, what could It mean ? Tho first man I
meeting; but I should Hkoa unanimous It was utterly imposslblo that ho should saw was Blackford ; I seized hint by the
expression of disapproval of his behav- interrupt us in our further task. o arm.
lor." then set about tho moro Important part
Tho storm of groans and hisses for the of tho work of this night of revelry and
unfortunato Manton that followed this riot. Manton was safely screwed into
siiccch. for somo minutes drowned every his bedroom, nftor several weak and un
othersouiid. And Shirley strovo In vain availing remonstrances on His part; ami ford," ho answered, In a voice that I
to pacify his companions, or to modify was thereby cllectualiy prevented irom scarcely recognized ns belonging to him
their rage. They listened presently to interfering witn our piaus. jiiaciciorn perhaps better."
what ho said, but wero by no means now enthusiastically took up tho sug- i felt stung to tho quick, but I mado
mollified toward tho object of their hos- gestion which, In a moment of thought- no reply.
hi,. .Tn..i..iwti-nMfM,u I !n.isi Imnnkfi. T lmri niniln. 1 In defer- ATnnlnn luw lmnp-ofl lilm.flfjl
L11U uvjiiuiiiiuiurtii I ....... - ...... . rt-"-
" You nro too irenerous, Shirley." said nilned that tho Idea should bo carried
Wilton, who had decidedly had far moro Into oxecutlou, nnd becoming moro ox
wlno than was good for him ; " you know
It has been tho point in dispute from
a time whereof the memory of a man
runneth not to the contrary," whether
mou ought or ought not to mow their
faces. Van Helmont, and some other old
i i. i.-.i ,.i -iri... i. i.....
ni..l, l.!l.w.,lw.i. I.wlf llmf A.lnin nun get svuuiuu uesmes. w uy 11.4.
-n-,...,t,.,l .tlmnt o lw,.r,l nlll Hint tho PUeU 110 COU1U HOI HUy , UUl Ills UAlieil-
appendage only began to crop out after 1,1 courts of justice was, that in ac-
ho hii.l i-nnini tied sin. 1F.u....
shudder Instantly passed through my
whole fraino as 1 looked tho figuro was
dressed, not In boating uniform, but lu
ordinary costume. Thero was no cap
on tho head; tho hair was blowing
" Blackford," I said, In hoarso tones.
" what Is tho meaning of this ?"
Ho turned quickly upon me.
" You should know as well as I, Wil
I bollovo that I knew perfectly well
beforo ho spoke tho re.il stato of tho case.
you would havo been tho last man to do
such a thing."
" But Manton may havo had reasons."
" Then why did ho not glvo them?"
"Tho fellowshotild bo paid out," said
Blackford, ono of tho wildest and fastest
men in tho collego ; a man who was al
ways In hot water with tho dons ; a dar
ing, Impetuous character, and of (jreat
experience In all manner of mldulght
cited by the part of tho joko which had but I felt as if I wanted somo one to tell
already been played, persistently urged mo plainly.
us to complete our purposo. But tho It was but too true: thero was Mnn
men apparently required llttlo of this ton hanging from tho window from
exhortation, for they was as eager as ho which wo had hiinged him in efllgy
to hang our ronegado stroko In effigy, after supper.
and they all immediately called upon Blackford and I exchanged glances
mo to further tho design which I had shall nover forget tho look of utter ills
suggested. may upon his face, and I am suro it was
"Como!" said Blackford, address nir fully reflected in mine. All tho men
himself somewhat roughly to we," now, who had been sharers in tho screwing
let us carry out your part of thu pro-'iu wero gathered In that group, and
best dress, the moro transparent the
better; set her opposite tho jury, nnd
I'll answer for thu result.' And tlio re?
suit was exactly what ho predicted.
Sho had stabbed tho man, but the jury
pardoned tho crime for tho sake of tho
Interesting woman they saw beforo
them. So in the case of an action for
breach of promise. A young and inter
esting woman will get damages ; but If a
man was over so young and interesting
lie got no damages, but had to pay costs
Two French gentlomcu recently c3f
plored the Island of Spltzbergcn In n mim
ncr nover beforo dono. They havo incase
ured tho mountains, mapped tho wholo
coast, examined tho vegctablo products,
tho geological composition, etc., of tho
... i mi r 1 l. L 1 .. .. .1 . .
1S1UI1U. xncy umiiu unit uiu lung u) ,
extending over several months, during
which tho sun never sets, becamo In
tensely hot after a month or two, by tho
unceasing heat from tho sun. In this
period vegetation springs up In great
luxurlanco and abundance. Tho North
I'olo is only a matter of six hundred
miles from tho island, and it is thought
by tho two explorers, as by many others,
that tlio polo Itself, and tho sea which Is
supposed to surround It, could bo reach
ed from Spltzbergcn without nny great
difficulties being encountered. A sin
gular fact noticed "by tho explorers in
connection with this island, is tho enor
mous quantities of floating timber which
literally covers tho waters of tho bays
and creeks. A careful examination of
tho character, condition, and kind of
thoso floating logs would, no doubt, load
to a conclusion as to whence and how
they came, and probably suggest now
theories for tho solution of geographical
problems connected with tlio Arctic
Seas. , ,
Angels, tho samoastuto Van Helmont
assures us, nave no beards; ami nt:
thence concludes that It is wicked not to
have. But tho premises do not justify
tho conclusion. This wonderfulcasuist,
however, notwithstanding ills hatred
of beards, actually woro mustaches!
Henry tho Eighth cropped his beard
:loo; hut his daughter Elizabeth was
fond of hairy faces. Tho stylo of beard
wo seo in tho portraits of Shakespeare
was her "particular weakucss." Es
sex, Leicester, nnd ltaloigh, nil courted
the "maiden queen" with peaked
goatees" attached to their chins
Modem warriors generally wear hair
on their frontispieces. It is thought to
'Ivo them a martial appearance. But
Alexander's invincible soldiers wero nil
barefaced. I le compelled them to shave
for u sufficient reason namely, lest tho
"outside barbarians" of Asia should
seize them by their beards, nnd so cap
turothem. If tho Emperor of China
had been equally wise, ho would have
docked tho long tails of his soldiery be
foro ho sent them out
tho women had it their own way and
tho men had no chance. Tho lady was
well got up, placed In a conspicuous
place, and tho attention of tho Jury di
rected to her, and of course sho was gen
erally In tears. If sho was placed in tho
witness-box nnd cried under cross-ex
amination, as they always did, it will bo
all over with tho men. Tho Jury, to
how their chivalry, their admiration
for tlio fair sex and their contempt for
their own, would immediately return a
verdict for him."
Lr.iiANQX is a nnmo which always ox-
cites our Interest. It is associated so
much with tho poetry of Scripture, that
wo could almost fancy it a sort of para
dise. Unfortunately, in our day, it hns
been tho sceno of bloody struggles be
tween tho native mountaineers tho
Maronltcs, a. band of faithful, simple
Christians, nnd tho Druses, a fanatical
Turkish tribe, that settled thero n few
centuries ago. Tho dress of the mouii-
to fight Kug- taincerof Lebanon ishlg'.ily picturesque
A coniinsi'ONUEN-T of nn English pa
por tells tho following story illustrative
of tho persistence with which somo
Englishmen, and wonlen too; Intrude
themselves intogradesof society abroad
to which they would nover dream of
aspiring at home: "Tho determined
pushing of tho English at Romo to got
invitations to houses, in many instances,
far above their own calibro at homo,
reminds mo Of the boldness of an Eng
lish clergyman, who, two years ago,
finding all other applications fruitless,
and urged by his pretty wlfo to tako
her to tlio Queen Dowager or Spain's
hall, coijc qui coufc, repaired to her
Majesty's palacothc morningbeforoand
demanded an audience on important
business. Queen Christiana, besides be
ing a very good-natured lady, had ft
slight suspicion that her applicant WW
cracked when ho siniply told her tlint
his business was to obtain un invitation
toher Majesty's ball ; nnd knowing that
to contradict mad folks is dangerous,
sho at onco granted his request aud put
an end to tlio nudienco." Our readow
will remember how Dickens, in his Ital
ian notes, portrays tho rudoness nud
insolence of tho English in St. Feler's.
lish nnd French. Hundreds of tho Ce
lestials wero caught by their queues
when running away, and dragged as
prlsonors Into tho camps of tho allies.
Thero is much to bo said in favor of
Living in constant wiv , ho always car
ries his long musket on his back, clcurly
relieved against his bright, embroidered
Jacket of scarlet and his snowy turban
His parti-colored vest is embroidored,
shuvinrr. nnd something too. aualnst it. too, if tho wearor is rich enough, and
Somo ladles set their faces against the his crimson or yellow sash contains n
beard becnuso they don't llko it, oth- llttlo portable armory of silver-mounted
ers because they do. Who shall do- khanjars, yataghans, and pistols, vino
cldo between? Diogenes said that ho Maronites, who number about threo
who mowed his chin reproached nn- hundred thousand, occupy all tho nortn
turo for not having made him a wo- ern part of tho mountain, including tho
man. But, then, tho tub philosopher canfons of Kesiouan and Bsherrny.
was a dirty fellow, who eschewed soap, Lebanon may ultimately bo an inde-
so his opinion can havo no weight with pendent Christian Slate, it neeus out
cleanly people. On thu other hand, a whisper from I'aris or St. Petersburg
Fetor tho Great, who was a much smart- to mauo it so, ior uieru is pi-nnun nu
or, though not a much cleaner inill vldu- spot on earth better adapted for moiin
til than tho old lantern-bearer, laid a tain independence than Lelmnon. De
heavy tax on beards, and finding that fined on every bldo by steep and lofty
ho could not nbollsh them by that barriers; laved along Its principal ex
means, had thu chins of his bearded tent by tho waves of tho ocean ; ascend
subjects denuded of their hirsute honors Ing in successive ami dlstluctmountnlns
with pieces or Iron hoop nnd oyster- to heights where, from tho nature of tho
knives, ground, every inch or tho rock may bo
Upon tho wholo, wo nro in favor of contested; containing within its limits
rionnlmlolnPiis thov nleoso with their innumerable plateaus, covered with ft
own rhliiM. This n free country, nnd deep nnd most fortllo soil, with ftbun-
tho man whoso wlfo or sweetheart Is dance ofpurowater a heavenly cllmnto
not, Hr-tdMi nbout tlm llns. has an Indo- a simplo, high-minded, generous
feaslblo right to wear us much beard ns Christian peoplo, it Mould seem created
nn itmw. rin ihn nthnr hand, if thu hid v for n llttlo Christian realm amid that
likes barefaced men, ho had better cut it. dreary w aste of Mohammedanism.
A clekk In a mercantile establish--ment
writes to a friond at homo: "I
hnvo a nlco timo of it now-n-days very
llttlo work to do our firm don't ndver
tlso." A YOUNO lady stepped into the storo
of n merchant by tho nnmo or Wado,
and vory innocontly said sho would llko
to bo treiffied, (Wndo). " Really, I niu
very sorry," said ho; "but my wife,
will tell you that you are too lato by n
couple of years."
A-mono tho advertisements n week
or two ngo, in n dally Journal, nppeartxl
tho following : "Two sisters wnnt wash
ing," and " A spinster, particularly fond
or children, wishes for two or threo,
having nouo or her own, or nny other
Tub fellows nro rather Importunato
out AVest. Witness the following news-
paper announcement : " Engaged Miss
Anna Gould to John Caudal, City Mar
shal, both of Leavenworth, Kansas.
From this tlmo henceforth nnd forever
until Miss Anna Gould become n widow
all young men nro requested to with
draw their particular attention."
Tun Bishop of Wurtzburg onco asked
a sprightly shepherd boy : " What uro
you doing here, my lad?" "Tmiding
swlno." "How much do you get?"
"Ono florin a wcrk." "I nra also n
shepherd," continued tho Bishop, " but
I hnvo a much better anlary." "That
may nil he, hut then f suppose you havo
moro swlno under your care," innocont
ly replied tho boy.

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