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Royal makes the food pure,
wholesome and dellcloua.
Absolutely Pure
Entered at the Poet Office at Bloanxsbury, Pa,
as sscotul class matter, March 1, 1888.
We are abie to offer our subscribers
some special inducements for advance
payments for 1 898.
World , three times a week, $1.65.
COLUMBIAN and Philadelphia Weekly
Times 1.45.
COLUMBIAN and JDemoresPs Maga
zine, 1.75.
COLUMBIAN and Farm A r ews, 1 00
Subscribe now, and get the benefit
of these reduced rates. tf.
Every subscriber who has paid in
advance for TIIE COLUMBIAN will be
presented with a handsome calendar
for 1898, by mail. Every one who
pays during December will also
receive one. Those who come first
will have several designs to select
from. tf.
About People rou Know.
S. C. Jaync of Berwick, was a visitor to
town on Friday.
Levi Kocher of Kowlerville, called in lo
sea us on Tuesday.
Geo. E. Elwel), the proprietor of this
paper, transacted business iu Philadelphia
iast week.
Miss Celia Bills, who has been visiting
friends in Philade'phia for a few weeks, re
turned home last week.
Mrs. J. F. Opdyke, and Miss Martha
Thompson of Easton, visited Mrs. Martha
Brown in town over Sunday.
John Baily and Sherman Boush, of
Willinmsporc. general manager, and electri
cian of the Central Penna. Telephone and
supply Company, were in town last week on
business for the company.
S. Strausser of Roatingcreek H. J. Edwards
of Berwick, A. M. Dewitt, of Orangeville,
W. W. Shell, of Beaver Valley, J. Oman, of
Light Street, and Lewis Girton, all attend
ed the Farmer's Institute this week, and
while in town gave tnis office a pleasant call.
Legal advertisements on page 7.
Rev. J. D.Smith, of Moshertown,
Pa., has been chosen as pastor by
the Baptist congregation of town.
An eclipse of the moon took place
Friday night. The sky was very clear
and many people viewed the eclipse.
Lp .t will collect the rent for
the j ear if tenant leaves before
expi.ution of term, also notices to
quit, for sale at this office. tf.
Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Yonr Life Away.
If you want to quit tobacco using easily
and forevor, bo made well, strong, mugnotic,
lull of new life and vigor, tuke No-To-Buc,
the wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. Many gniu ten pounds in ten days.
Over 40C,00u cured. Buy No-To-Bac of your
druggist, under guaruuteo to cure, 00c or
♦l.ttO. Booklet and sample mulled free. Ad.
Sterling Remedy (to., Ob Vngo or Now York.
A little Thing - =
Can cause a lot of trouble if relief is
nor near by.
Fortunately science has made it
possible to head off disease and stop
pain by some simple remedy easily
obtainable. Such a "friend in need ' is
fiishton's Magnetic Couth Syrup.
It will surely relieve that cough and
will save many a scene like the above
if kept in the house.
OppooX P. 0. Pharmacist,
Every property owner should see
to it that his house is numbered at
once so that there is no delay in se
curing the free delivery system.
There will be the usual sale of
dressed chickens, pies, cakes, etc., at
the Presbyterian Ladies' Exchange
on Saturday morning, in Clark's base
ment on Centre Street.
Don't fail to see Miller's grand
spectacular military drama. "A
Prisoner of War," at the Opera House
to-night. Under the auspices ot the
Sons of Veterans.
The Berwick band serenaded several
people in town Saturday night.
Berwick should feel proud of such an
organization. It is one of the best in
this section of the statd. Come again.
F. F. Eroh, a resident of Nesco
peck, dropped dead from heart failure
while at his work at the Jackson &
Woodin Manufacturing Company
shops at Berwick last Friday.
The annual gymnastic exhibition
of the Normal School will be held
in the Normal gymnasium to-night
commencing at 8 o'clock. The
program promises to be very inter
The posts for the nail boxes for
the free delivery arrived last week.
The numbering of houses is now go
ing on and it is expected that every
thing will be in readiness by the time
the system goes into effect, which will
be the first of next month.
The following letteis are advertised
Jan. it, 1898: Mr. John R. James,
Leidy & Moyer, Mr. Hurley Mordan,
Miss Flora Robinson, Mr. Charley
Stornsburg. Will be sent to the dead
letter office Jan. 25, 1898.
The Prohibitionists of town held a
Caucus Saturday night and nominated
the following ticket: W. R. Kocher,
for President of Council, Fred B.
Hartman for Councilman and M. P.
Lutz for School Director.
Stephen H. Swank died at his home
at Fowlerville, Monday. The deceased
had reached the advanced age of
seventy-two years. He leaves a wife
and three children. The funeral took
place from the house yesterday, and
the body taken to Mifflinville for
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Farmer's National Bank
was held Tuesday. Following are the
newly elected directors : C. M. Creve
ling, W. S. Moyer, Wm. Kramer,
Frank Ikeier, Wm. Gingles, T. W.
Eves, C. A. Kleim, C. W. Runyon
and N. U. Funk.
A very interesting meeting of the
W. C. T. U. Executive Committee
was held at the W. C. T. U. room
Saturday afternoon Jan. Bth to arrange
a programme for the County Conven
tion to be held at Berwick the 24th
and 25th of February. They expect
to have National and State workers
present and hope for a grand time.
The revival meetings which have
been going on in the Lutheran Church
for the past two weeks, closed Sun
day evening, and the evangelist Rev.
Sieber left for his home at Gettysburg
on Monday. The services during the
two weeks were largely attended and
much good was accomplished.
Among those who will take part in
the Musicale at the Parish House on
Saturday evening are Mrs. E. E.
Melick, Miss Miller, Miss Runyon,
Messrs. Harding and Colley in the
music numbers. H A. McKillip
Esq. will give a recitation, and Fred
Ikeier Esq. will read a selection. Ad
mission 10 cents.
The Burgess of Mt. Carmel, has
decided to enforce the fire escape law,
and has ordered that all hotels, school
buildings, and factories containing
three stories or more be equipped
with fire escapes. This action was
prompted by the recent destructive
tire of the Commercial hotel at that
On Saturday afternoon, of this
week, the infant class of St. Paul's
Sunday school will conduct an Art
Exhibit in the Parish House from 3
to 5 o'clock. Admission ten cents.
In the evening the exhibit will be
continued, and a musicale will be
given, to which the admission will also
be ten cents. The pictures will be
for sale. Proceeds for the organ fund.
The public is invited.
Some members of the Bloomsburg
Gun Club held a live bird shoot at
Oak Grove Saturday afternoon. If
V. B. Moyer keeps it up the Club
will have a new champion before
long. "Following is the score :
„„„34S 12 6 7 8 9 H. M.
V. B. Moyer, 1111 11 1 o 1-B—l
B W Hagenbuch, 2 1 2 1 0 2 2 6 t
Harry Den, r I 2 2 r o 2 6—i
C. Hagenbuch, 2222202 6 1
Frank Derr, 2202 11 1 . 6—l
O. W. Ent, 00121201 5 8
Harry Aurand, 1121211 IT. 2-9—o
The figures (1) and (2) denotes whether
killed with the first or second ba< rcl.
At a meeting of the merchants who
were subscribers of the Magazine
Advertising Co. a resolution was pass
ed at the instance of Mr. Pruden who
had notified said merchants that he
had discontinued business in Blooms
burg and the State, and had removed
to California. He also states that he
is unable to pay the premiums in
arrears, he as well as the merchants
exonerate Miss Dora Marr from any
responsibility in this defalcation of his
pledges to the citizens of Bloomsburg.
No more tickets will be accepted.
I. W. Hartman & Son, W. C. McKin
ney, Mifflin & Terwilliger, L. T.
Sharpless Co., J. E. Keifer, W. S.
Rishton, W. J. Correll & Co., S. F,
Peacock & Co., S. R. Bidleman, Hess
Bros., J. R. Townsend, W. H.
Brower, W. S. Capwell, J. Saltzer.
What is called ''new process"
butter appears to be made from
rancid butter, which having been
deprived of its rancidity by the use
of chemicals is then freshened by
boiling it in sour milk. A quality
of butter is thus produced which
goes almost unchallenged by the
usual tests. It is very hard to pre
vent its sale by any ordinary
methods of inspection. The sales
of oleomargarine, process butter
and other imitations of the standard
production of the dairy ought to
result in a closer business between
the producer and the consumer.
The fixers-up of patented substi
tutes and other go-betweens should
as far as possible be eliminated, not
only in the interest of those who
eat butter and make it, but as a
matter of hygienic precaution and
sanitary safety.
Browor Left His Family Prepared tor an
When an old bureau at the home of
John Arnold, a millionaire brewer,
who died at Hazieton, was opened
incidentally last week there was dis
closed a snug fortune in ready cash
whose existence was unknown to the
A member of the family was mak
ing a search for some documents per
taining to the brewer's estate, and
drew out a bureau drawer in the hope
that her search might end there. For
an instant she was unwilling to be
lieve her eves were not deceiving her.
Tucked away in the drawer were
packages of greenbacks and bank
bills, held down by heavy bags, out of
which, when they were opened, rolled
gold and silver coin.
When the family tecovered from
their surprise they summoned H. W.
Jacobs, who was Mr. Arnold's confi
dential book-keeper. Mr. Jacobs
thumbed over the paper money and
counted the coin out in piles, and
found that the contents of the bureau
drawer footed up $59,000. He carried
the money to the bank and deposited
it to the credit of the estate. It is
supposed Mr. Arnold secreted the
money at his house to be prepared for
any immediate emergency.
The find was a surprise to every
one connected with the family, as Mr.
Arnold was never known to keep any
large amount of money in the house.
Mr. Jacobs, however, remembers Mr.
Arnold telling him some time ago
that if ever anything occurred he
should look in this bureau drawer,
but he had forgotten all about it and
never expected to unearth any money.
An order was granted on Thursday
of last week for the sale of the Natalie
Anthracite Coal Company lands
located in Columbia and Northumber
land Counties. There are 2700 acres
in the tract valued at about $4,000,-
000. It will be sold by the receivers.
1 Lungs I
$ If you have coughed and ! i
$ coughed until the lining mem- ! !
Ibrane of your throat and lungs <
is inflamed,
Scott's Emulsion j
of Cod-liver Oil will soothe, i
I strengthen and probably cure. <
The cod-liver oil feeds and !
strengthens the weakened tis- !
sues. The glycerine soothes !
♦ and heals them. The hypo- < 1
* phosphites of lime and soda ! I
I impart tone and vigor. Don't ' !
neglect these coughs. One ! !
bottle of the Emulsion may do !
more for you now than ten ! 1
can do later on. Be sure you '< 1
get SCOTT'S Emulsion. !
: All druggists ; 50c. and fi.oo. - ■
2 SCOTT ft BOWNE, Chemists, New York. ' !
Is without question the finest
Hand Camera
yet offered for
It is a plate camera, and
takes a picture 3i x 4i inches,
and is much cheaper to run
and easier to manipulate than
a film camera.
Do not fail to see it before
you buy.
We carry a complete line of
Photo Supplies
for amateurs.
Monday afternoon a ve.y sad shoot
ing affair took place in Centralia in
which John Pet r os was the victim.
Mr. Petros who has been living at
Logan was engaged in moving his
effects to Centralia. In one of the
drawers of the bureau was a revolver
which he took out and laid on the
table. While he was engaged with
others in taking the furniture from
the wagon into the house, a boy aged
about fourteen seeing the revolver
picked it up and began pressing the
trigger when it was discharged just as
Mr. Petros was passing. The ball
entered the stomach inflicting a
dangerous and probably a fatal wound.
The unfortunate man was-taken to the
State Hospital at Fountain Spring.
He is some what improved, but is
not out of danger. He has suffered
the loss of much blood. He exoner
ates the boy from blame and does not
want him prosecuted as the shooting
was unintentional.— Ashland Local.
Just try a ioc. box of Cascarets, the
finest liver and bowel regulator ever
made. 4-'-iy
Cannot Tax Ball Parks-
A decision was reached in court
at Wilkes-Barre on Monday affect
ing the interests of the Wilkes-
Barre Athletic Park, and no doubt
will have a bearing on other parks
in this Commonwealth. The case
is entitled borough of Dorranceton
vs. Wilkesbarre Athletic Park com
pany. The finding reads : Judg
ment not sustained because, First,
the ordinance does not fix the maxi
mum limit to the fine which is
unreasonable, that may be imposed
for its violation. Second, the ordi
nance is invalid because there is
no act of Assembly authorizing a
borough to impose a license and
enforce the collection of the same
upon and against the proprietor or
lessee of a private park where the
game of base ball is played. Judg
ment is reversed. Exceptions of
plaintiffs reversal of judgment were
The work of plastering the walls
in the new addition to the First
National Bank is now going on,
and in a short time, the building
will be ready for occupancy.
Cail and see samples of our new
lithographing printing tor all kinds ot
commercial work. It is new and very
pretty, and costs no more than other
printing. THE COLUMBIAN office, tf.
know anything worthy of recommenda
tion I consider it my duty to tell it,"
says Rev. Jas. Murdock, ofHamsburg,
Pa. "Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder
has cured me of Catarrh of five years'
standing. It is certainly magical in its
effect. The first application bene
fited me in five minutes. I would not
be without it in the house."—66.
Sold by C. A. Kleim.
Great Music Offer.
Send us fne names and addresses of
three or more performers on the piano
or organ together with ten cents iti,
silver or postage and we will mail you'
isixteen pages full sheet music, consist*
ng of popular songs, waltzes, marches,
etc., arranged for the piano and organ.
tf Indianapolis, Ind.
Our lithograving printing is a new
thing and is pleasing our customers.
Call at the COLUMBIAN office and see
We have decided to clear out many
lines of goods. We offer you
at prices that you can not match for the values we offer. Come
and see the goods.
Several lots of these have been greatly reduced.
We have cut the prices greatly to close out the line.
At prices it will pay you to buy and keep till next set(,
let alone the use of them now. Compare with any for quality
and price.
Fur Collarettes
at a big reduction from former prices.
Will close a lot of these goods very low.
Get the prices reduced on them.
All Goods sold for Cash.
The opinions of a hundred prominent business men of Chicago
are that 1898 is to be a very prosperous year.
We are doing our share to bring it
to pass since the first of January by a
Special Sale of Capes, Coats, Dress
Patterns, muslins, calicoes, wool and
cotton cloths, plaids, underwear, rib
bons, laces, furs, boas, remnants of
wool goods, remnants of calico, ging
hams, percales, shirtings, seersuckers,
If you are interested in spring dress
ginghams that wash well, at half price,
then call and see 2000 yds. put up in
patterns, in plaid and stripe, at 5c a
yard (not cut). They have a smooth
finish, and are goods usually sold at
8 and toe yd.
10 yds. muslin, 35c; 10 yds. red calico, 35c, in our Special Sale.
25 pieces of ij yd. wide table oil cloth, 12c yd.
Christmas Christmas ■
Presents. Presents. I
The place to buy them is at ■
ever°exhfbiteX wlw" the stock we have
Solid Gold, Gold Filled, Silver and
Nickle Watches ;
Onyx, China, Porcelain, Plastic Marble,
Iron and Wood Clocks;
Solid Gold, Gold Filled, Nickle, Aluminum
and Steel Spectacles, which will be fitted by a .4
Graduate Optician and Doctor of refraction.
The very latest and newest decorations in
Fine China and Royal Teplitz ware.
Wood, Leather, Celluloid and Plush Manioure, Toilet Shav- I
W and Dressing cases, Albums, Mirrors, Bibles, Books Purses. '
PVketbooks, Folding Pocket Kodaks, Cameras, &c.,
£Jow is the time to buy, as the early customers get the best
Goods engraved free.
Jenifers, Opticians and Stationers. Bloomsbutg, p a
They say we are the only house that
has a good assortment of Jackets for
Ladies, Misses and Children, and by
this time almost everybody knows the
cut we are making in the prices.
A few fur, plush and cloth Capes at
a big reduction in prices ; not own,
but sent us for sale at less than whole
sale prices.
Blankets cut from $6.50 to $5.00;
from 5.00 to 4.00 ; from 4.50 to 3.50 ;
from 3.75 to 3.00, and down to 45c a
Many articles can be picked up
from our Christmas stock at half price
Fine China will be kept all the year
for wedding and birthday presents.

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