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Newest Spring Styles
for Men and Women,
That are Worthy of Your Inspection.
No. 8 East Main Street.
Monument for Riot Victims.
Subscriptions are being taken up
in the towns, in coal regions for the
erection ot a monument in memory
of the nineteen men who were shot
at I.attimer last Septembei by Sheriff
Martin and his deputies. The.monu
nient will be a granite shaft 30 feet
high, appropriately inscribed. It will
be erected either at the scene of the
*a*cre or over the single grave of
dbie men in the Polish Catholic
L Itery at Hazleton.
W> 0. f. paradeTwilkes-barre.
I educed Rates via Pennsylvania Railroad.
? For the Odd Fellows' Parade at
Wilkesbarre, Pa. May 17, the Penn
sylvania Railroad Company will sell
special excursion tickets from stations
on its line, within a radius of one hun
dred miles, to Wilkesbarre and return,
at rate of single fare for the round
trip (minimum rate, 25 cents).
Tickets to be sold May 16 and 17,
good to return until May 18, 1898,
inclusive. 5-5" 2t -
County Treasurer Fowler Vindicated
•Ex Treasurer J. R. Fowler, of
Columbia county, who, it is claimed
by the State Treasurer, was short over
S4OO in his accounts in not returning
that amount of State tax, had a con
sultation with Attorney General Mc-
Cormick at which interview Mr.
Fowler was able to make a satisfactory
explanation of all but a small balance
of $45.50 of the shortage charged
against him. After a careful search
through his papers Mr. Fowler has
found a receipt for the latter amount,
which wipes out the claim of the State
against him.— Harrisburg Telegraph.
A fine line of new styles in wed
ding invitations just received at THE
COLUMBIAN office. tf.
Appeal Notices.
If Appeals will be held on the assess
ment of 1898 between the hours of
1 a. m. and 4 p. m. of each day as
bllows to wit:
April 23 —Montour aqd Mt. Pleas
mt at Commissioners' office, Blooms
April 25 —Catawissa township and
Franklin at Kreisher's hotel, Cata
wissa township.
7 —Cleveland, Locust and
SBK at Yeager's Hotel in
locust —"
April 28—Beaver and Main at
AUstetter's hotel, Mainville.
April 29 —Mifflin at Per.nypacker's
hotel in MiftFuville.
April 30 —Orange at Turner's hotel.
May 4 —Hemlock at Commission
ers' office. Bloomsburg.
May 5 —Scott at Commissioners'
office, Bloomsburg.
May 6—Catawissa Borough at Kist
ter's hotel, Catawissa.
May 16—Berwick and Briarcreek
at St. Charles hotel, Berwick.
May 17 —Centre, at election house,
May 18—Fishingcreek, at West
Fishingcreek election house.
- May 19 —Benton Boro., Benton
township and Jackson at McHenry
House, Benton.
May 20—Sngarloal at Steen's hotel.
May 23 —Bloomsburg at Commiss
ioners' office, Bloomsburg.
May 25 —Greenwood at Rohrsburg
May 26—Millville and Pine at
Millville election house.
May 27 —Madison at Rimby's hotel
at Jerseytown.
June I—Centralia and Conyngham
at McDonnell House, Centralia.
The assessors are required to give
each taxable a notice ot his or her
valuation at least five days before the
Attest, D. Z. MENSCH, Clerk.
Commissioners office, Bloomsburg,
Pa., April 16, 1898. 4-21-31.
For Infants and Children.
Tfee Kind You Have Always Bought
Had Nothing to Say-
You want to be a soldier, Tom ? \yell I don't
blame you, lad,
The fever that has hit you now once mon
keyed with your dad.
I know exactly how you feel, you're achin'
for a scrap,
An' want to go an' help to wipe ol' Spain
clean off the map.
When I was young an' full o' nerve in eigh
teen sixty-one,
I wasn't half content till I was coupled to a
An' now that your a-feclin' in that same ol'
hostile way,
An' want to emulate your dad, I've not a
word to say.
I hope you've reckoned up the cost, an'
counted it up well,
Fur war, as Gen'ral Sherman said, ain't fur
removed from hell J
You'll find it ain't no picnic, Tom ; you'll
soon find out that you
Won't have a bit o'nerve too much in pullin'
of you through.
It ain't no circus day affair when shells be
gin to bust.
An' comrads lay in blood an' pain a-writhin'
in the dust,
An' bullets, just like maddened bees, zip
past in fiendish way,
But if you have a mind to go, I've not a
word to say.
I guess your mother won't object ; I heered
her say last night,
She wished she only was a man so she could
go an' fight
• T'll be an orful trial, though, fur her to see
you start,
An' one that's mighty apt to break her pore
old mother's heart.
Jes' tell her in a manly way that you arc
bound to go.
That you're true blood American from top
clean down to toe.
An' if she asks you what I think, jes' tell her
that's O K.
That we have had a talk an' I have nothin'
more to say.
I want to tell you, honest, boy, that this
ain't no surprise,
I've seen the sparks of loyal pride a dancin'
in your eyes,
An' I've been waitin' for a week to hear you
make your talk,
An' show your daddy that you come of good
ol' fighting stock.
An' now, to close the matter up, I'll tell you
further, Tom,
Your daddy would of knocked you out or 4
you'd a walloped him,
If, when you'd heard your country call, you'd
made a coward play—
I'm proud o* you, God bless you, boy! That's
all I've got to say!
—Frank Barkington Baker in Indianapolis
Journal (with apologies to James Whitcomb
The Three Bostonians will give
one of their superb entertainments in
the Bloomsburg Opera House on
Wednesday evening May nth. The
Boston Globe says :
| |The "Three Bostonians" give a
most delightful program, not too much
of any one thing, but just enough of
music, humor, pathos and costume
impersonation to keep everybody en
thralled until the end. Enough is as
good as a feast. The "Three Boston
It will no doubt be a society event,
as the entertainment is under the
auspices of the Elks.
Base Ball.
The Bloomsburg and Normal
School teams lined up against each
other at Athletic Park Thursday after
noon, and nine innings of bum play
ing and kicking the school boys came
off victorious by a score of 1 7 to 6
The exhibition was enough to drive
any lover of the national game to
drink. Two error columns would not
allow sufficient space to record the
misplays and the other disgusting
features were too numerous to mention.
The patrons of the sport in town who
generally attend the games stayed
away and should shake hands with
themselves on their good foitune. A
tabulated account of the farce fol
lows :
Hayes, p 5 2010
Bryron, 3 b 3 2200
Berry, c 2 3830
Williams, ss ( 2220
S. McHeriry, rf. I 0000
A. McHenry, cf o 1000
Aldinger, rf 2 1 2 O o
Hoke 2 b 2 2240
Thomas, lb o I 11 o o
Total 16 14 27 10 o
M. Lewis 3b ss 2 1 1 3 2
Shurpless p 1 1 1 6 1
Moyer ss o o I o I
Golder rf o 0000
Coflnian c '.o 1 6 I o
E. Lewis 2b o 1523
Manning rf cf o 1 o 1 o
Butler cf o 0003
Chromis If 2 0201
Furinan ~..1 o 11 o o
Total 6 5 27 13 11
Normal 2 40032 104 —16
Bloomsburg I 2 O 1 I o I o o — 6
j Umpire. Arthur Fortune.
Court Proceedings-
Regular May term of Court opened
last Monday morning at ten o'clock,
with all the Judges on the bench.
Estate ot Clinton W. Lewis, order
of sale continued upon motion of
Account and release of E. C. Cas
well, trustee of C. A. Caswell, filed
with petition for discharge of 'rustee.
Prayer granted.
W. H. Moore appointed foreman
of Grand Jury.
Frank Dollman appointed tip stave
of Grand Jury.
Grand Jury charged by the Court
and sent out. Chas. M. Girton, of
Madison township, was the only one
not present.
In re estate of Lavina Stout, de
ceased, return of sale confirmed nisi.
Report of viewers upon enbank
ment at north end of bridge over
Susquehanna river in Montour town
ship confirmed. Report is in favor of
the embankment or causeway at ex
pense of the County.
Estate of Peter Hippensteel de
ceased. Order of sale continued.
Tax collector bonds and sureties
were approved.
List of constables called and out of
the thirty-one all answered but John
F. Smith. A number of constables
handed in costs for extinguishing
forest fires.
In re Bloomsburg Belt RR. Co. Ex
ceptions to decree returned and con
firmation of sale filed.
Inquest on body of John H. Hart
zell approved.
Amos Neyhard, of Orange, reports
the crossing over the C. P. & W. Rail
road in bad condition and needs fill
ing up.
Auditor's reports in estate of Benj.
Bahme, Joseph Sanders, Caleb Barton,
Mary Jane Van Horn, J. K. Fowler,
John Lawrence and David Kreischer
confirmed nisi.
Returns of sa'es in estates ot Marga
ret Kostenbauder, Wm. Ptanler,
George Kramer and J. VV. Kile con
firmed nisi.
Report of viewers in favor of County
bridge over Pine Creek in Fishing
creek township confirmed nisi.
Report of viewers, petition to
vacate road in Orange and Fishing
creek twp., confirmed nisi.
Sarah Newman vs. Thomas New
man. Subpoena in divorce awarded.
Report of re-viewers in fa'-or of
road in Sitgarloaf township confirmed
Report of re viewers against road
in Cleveland and Franklin townships
Auditor's report in estate of Marga
ret Webb confirmed nisi.
Auditor's report in estate of Eliza
Webb confirmed nisi.
In re petition estate of Mary P.
Wolf. Petition of Dora A. Kase for
discharge of proceedings. Rule grant
The following accounts of adminis
trators in estates named confirmed
Estate of Daniel T. Lutz.
Estate of Caroline Baehm.
Estate of A. K. Smith.
Estate of W. S. Hess.
Estate of S. P. Krickbaum.
Estate of Henry E. Mather.
Estate of Joseph Albertson.
Estate of John C. Fruit.
Estate of George Bittner.
Estate of A. K. Smith.
Estate of Margaret Mensinger.
Estate of C. E. Winner.
Estate of J. H. Creasy.
Estate of Daniel Mericle.
Widows appraisements in the 4 fol
lowing estates were confirmed nisi:
Estate of C. H. Harpster.
Estate of J. B. Casey.
Estate of Peter Mellick.
Estate of C. A. Beeker.
Estate of Uriah Welliver.
Estate of Isaac S. Pursel.
Estate of Thos. B. Cole.
Estate of W. W. Hess.
Estate of W. H. Yetter.
Common pleas account confirmed
nisi in estate of John C. Fruit, de
Horatio Shoemaker vs. John Cox,
assault and battery. Not a true bill
and county to pay costs.
R. Davenport vs. Ella W. White
and Mamie Lawrence. Larceny. True
Mary Garvin vs. Goldsworthy and
Cain. Assault and battery. Not a true
bill and Mary Garvin to pay the costs.
Court sentence Mary Garvin to pay
costs of prosecution and stand com
mitted until sentence is complied
Mary Garvin vs. P. J. Cain. Charge
carrying concealed deadly weapons.
Not a true bill and Mary Garvin, the
prosecutor, to pay the ccsts.
S. R Neece vs. J. R. Rice. Charge
embezzlement. Not a true bill and
prosecutor S. R. Neece to pay the
H. L. Creasy vs. Harry Wheatley
et al. Assault and battery. Not a true
bill and the prosecutor 11. Loyd Creasy
to pay the costs.
Maggie Fedder vs. Wm. Kefifron.
Charge fornication and bastardy.
True bill. •
Geo. Schuce vs. Martin Costello
and Edward Morrissey. Charge as
sault and battery. True bill.
i Estate ot Margaret Weaver. Re-
port Qf sale confirmed nisi.
Road in Pine township near Tho
mas Coleman's. Report of viewers
continued until next term. Estate of
Jacob H. Fritz. Sale of real estate
continued until next term.
Chas. Hower appointed constable
for rear of Court Room in place of B.
F. Freas who was not present.
Sallie Berger vs. H. E. Berger.
Charge desertion. Court sentenced
defendant to pay costs of prosecution
and pay the wife Saran $2 per week
from Monday, May 9, 1898, payable
monthly for support of the wife and
two youngest children.
Hattie Ivey vs. Albert Ploch, forni
cation and bastardy. Defendant pleads
guilty and given usual sentence.
Grand Jury returned following true
Marvin Hartman vs. Albert Wert
man, burglary.
N. B. Crouse vs. Jos. Kurtz,
Abel Deily vs. Wm. L. Eyerly, em
J. B. Hoyt appointed Guardian ot
Rosa and Milton Hoyt.
Petition of citizens of Columbia
County for the erection of a soldiers
monument. The Grand Jury reports
May 3, 1898, petition not approved.
W. H. Moore, Foreman.
Com. vs. Goldsworthy and Cain.
Rule granted to show cause why
sentence should not be suspended
and the District Attorney send up a
bill to the next Grand Jury. Return
able to next Argument Court.
Page Hawkins vs. Sallie Hawkins.
Libel in divorce. John G. Freeze is
appointed to take testimony.
Citation awarded in estate of Har
riet Murry.
Return of sale in estate of Mary
Kester confirmed nisi.
Mother Has Rosy Oheeks.
"My mother was pale and could
not eat. She could hardly get around
to do her work. She began taking
Hood's Sarsapanlla and now she has
a good appetite and rosy cheeks and
is able to do her own work. We would
not be without Hood's, since it did
her so much good. FLORENCE E.
POWELL, Kelley Station, Pa.
Hood's Pills are the only pills to
take with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Cure
all liver ills.
At the euchre party given by the
Bloomsburg Wheelmen, Tuesday
evening, the first prize, a silk um
brella, was won by John M. Clark,
the second, a Wirt fountain pen, by
W. S. Rishton.
Rich or Contented.
There's such an awful power in
wealth that it's no wonder that every
body wants it. Just as long as money
will do anything for the people, the
people will do anything for money.
Chances to make it in one fell swoop
come rarely, but opportunities to make
it little by little come every day.
Here is a chauce right now that a
thousand people ought to take imme
diate and enthusiastic advantage of.
Get Your Share of These.
Yard wide hemp carpet, i2jcyd
Rolled plate baby pins, 10c ea
Men's seamless mixed half hose, 5c pr
5 hook Foster kid gloves, 95c pr
Brass extension rods for sash curtains,
ioc each.
Shelf paper, 2c dozen sheets
Brass head tacks, 100 for 4c
Harness snaps, 1, 2, 4c ea
Curry combs, 4 and ioc ea
Flat files, 4, 5, 6c ea
Auger bits per set of quarters,
Scrub brushes, 3, 7, 13c ea
Tin pie plates, 2c ea
Base balls, 3, 4, 8c ea
Paint brushes, 3, 10, 14 to 25c ea
Men's favorite garters, ioc pr
Iron drip pans, 7, 8, ioc ea
Oil stove tea kettles, 10c ea
6 qt. enameled steel boilers, 45c ea
Lamp globes, all sizes, 6 for 25c
Best table oil cloth, 12c yd
Window shades, 10, 2c, 48c ea
Adjustable wire window screens, 10,
20, 25c ea.
Toy brooms, 5 and ioc ea
Imported rock teapots, 40c ea
Large celluloid rattle, ioc ea
Giass salt and pepper caster, 10c ea
Bicycle holders, ioc ea
Bicycle bells, ioc ea
Oriental Laces, new line, 10 to 19c yd
Agency for Butterick Fashions.
The "Glass of Fashion," 5c each, 25c per
year at our store, or 37c per year by mail
to any address.
The Delineator, 15c each, ®l.oo per year by
mail to any address
Respectfully Submitted to the
Jash Trade Only by
Moyer's New Building, Main Street,
From the date of its foundation
thirty-four years ago, up to the present
time the First National Bank of
Bloomsburg has enjoyed the highest
reputation as a sound financial institu
tion. It has always been conducted
on careful business principles by
representative men. But while it has
been the pride of the town financially,
there were many years that it was not
an object of pride in its furnishings
and general appearance. It had but
one room and that too small. Its
furniture was by no means costly or
extravagant. Until a few years ago,
when an attempt was made to rob the
bank by a man who calmly demanded
the cashier to hand over SSOOO, there
was no screen on the counter. In
short, there was hardly another bank
in the state so cheaply fitted up, and
so poorly protected as the First
We allude to these facts now, not
byway of reflection, but in order to
show the contrast between the past
and the present. Today this bank
stands in the front row in all its equip
ments. Within a couple of years it
purchased all the outstanding inter
ests in the Knorr & Wintersteen
building. An addition has been
erected fully as large as the old build
ing. The two upper floors contain
twenty-one office rooms, and the first
floor is occupied by J. R. Townsend's
Star Clothing House, one of the finest
store rooms in town, and by the Bank.
The entire building is finished in hard
wood. There are closets on each
floor, with tiled floors and wainscoting,
and there are tiled floors at each
entrance to the building.
The banking room is enlarged. It
has a metal ceiling tastefully decorated,
tiled floor, handsome mantel and fire
place, oak paneling on the walls, a
counter running the entire length of
the room with a handsome screen.
The desk of the paying teller is sur
rounded by an iron screen on all
sides and top. Back of this room
are the office of the Cashier, and the
Directors' room, and two rooms for
the use and convenience of the friends
and patrons of the bank, all of which
are nicely furnished.
The vault contains safe deposit
boxes for rent, and the entrance is
guarded by time locks and doors pro
vided with all the safe guards against
burglars that are known to modern
The officers ot the bank are E. W.
M. Low, President; A. Z. Schoch,
Vice President; E. B. Tustin, Cashier;
The Directors are the three above
named, and C. R. Buckalew, and M.
I. Low.
The building as a whole is the most
complete in town for public purposes,
and while there was no extravagant
expenditure in its construction, every
thing was done that is necessary for
the comfort and convenience of the
tenants and the customers of the
Try Allen's Foot-Ease,
A powder to be shaken into the shoes.
At this season your feet feel swolltn,
nervous and hot, and get tired easily.
If you have smarting feet or tight shoes
try Allen's Foot-Ease. It cools the
feet and makes walking easy. Cures
swollen and sweating feet, blisters and
callous spots. Relieves corns and bun
ions of all pain and gives rest and com
fort. Try it TO DAY. Sold by all
druggists and shoe stores for 25c.
Trial package FREE. Address Allen
S. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
Leases that will collect the rent for
the whole year if tenant leaves before
expiration of term, also notices to
quit, for sale at this office. tf.
Good Value,
Best Styles.
Popular Prices.
Are the essential features of our care
fully selected Shoe Stock. Our 26
years experience and spot cash
buying enables us to furnish you
with the best there is for the
Our line of
is complete.
W. H. floore.
i'ry the COL UMBIAN a y.ar.
Thursday, May 4th, 1898.
The goodness of our store news
has become the weekly companion
of every economical thinking
family in our section of the state.
Our masterful buying, and
modern modes of merchandising,
always bring goods here at ex
:cptionally low prices.
This week again demonstrates
that you should be quick to grasp
these opportunities.
Decorate your houses with
Flags and Buntings. Write to us
for prices.
Just the thing to protect you
from the dust in your rides around
about the country. Plain and
figured mormie, plain and em
broidered felt robes in dark green.
Prices range from 49c. to s2.oa
Having made a very large pur
chase of one of the greatest mills
of this fine fabric, we are enabled
to offer, this week, a very low
price for a superb quality of
loreign Organdies, consisting of
designs specially drawn for us.
Special price, per yard, 20c.
Write for samples.
Organdie Linings in all the new
shades, per yard, i2J^c.
Extra large Bed Spreads, Mar
seilles Patterns, in five different
designs, this week reduced to
Misses' School Dresses and
School Reefers, 4 to 14 years,
specially reduced for this week,
95c. to £2.25. Ladies' Bicycle
and two toned Boucle Waists at
95c. Ladies' tailor-made Suits,
were SB.OO and SiO.OO, this week
at SS-69.J
Write for samples of our im
mense stock of Dress Goods.
Here are some quotations for this
week which also serve of the
proportionally low prices on bet
ter grades: 2,000 yards of as
sorted Plaids and Checked Dress
Goods, 30 inches wide, regular
price 15c.; for this week reduced
to per yard, 10c.
50 pieces of 38 inch novelty
Dress Goods, valued at 39c., this
week at per yard, 21c.
750 yards of 40-inch Fancy
Jacquard Crepons, also complete
assortment of colors in Boucle,
special price this week, 39c.
Just received 3,000 paper
novels, comprising The Chelesa,
The Dilphic and Dora Thorn
Series. Here are a few titles from
our ioc. Counter:
Hypatia, by Rev. Chas. Kings
ly; The Scarlet Letter, by
Nathanial Hawthorne; Lorna
Doone, by R. D. Blackmore; The
Nun's Curse, by Mrs. J. N. Riddle;
Vendetta, by Marie Carrelli.
Our surprise table is teeming
with good novels, at the low cost
of sc, Avevril, and Our
Bessie, by R. Carey; The Royal
Cook Book, by a practical house- ar"
keeper, Mary Cecil Hay, Steven- W
son, Alexander, Edna Lyall Fergus,
Hume, Blackmore, all up-to-date *
periodicals; Ladies' Home Jour
nal, 9c.
Cloth bound books from ioc.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. I

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