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(St. I.oult Mlsset Kaye Johnston and
ftdele Armstrong- won the bread-making
kamplonehlp against sixteen contestant
In the competition at Mary Institute.
We hall the tennis chnmplont,
And each hla hat will dolt
To dmpcl who display their aklll
And muscle, too, at Rolf;
But here's "hurrah." "encore," and all
The cheer that can he said,
For these attractive maidens who
Are best at baking bread.
h "woman reader at the bar"
Is Mmothliig good to see,
And he who plays the violin
M i.v nil our hearts with glee.
Kach grave profession and ech sport
Has women at Its head
But here's a "good for you!" to those
Who won by muking bn ad.
Tke world Is full of heroine, '
.A large and lengthy list
May be compiled ot those who win
From boating down to whist;
But here's to those who realize
Thai mankind mil ft be fed
The lovely ladle who hve won
The prize fur baking bread.
O, yes, the bands have playrd for maids
Who tell tin "why" and "how;"
Bach gulling, riding, .plrg-por.g dame
Mas laurels on her brow;
But thene two maids! How easy 'tie
To know that soon they'll wed.
They mutt be beautiful and wise
They won at making bread.
Josh Wink, In Baltimore American.
THE advent of Helen lhirr nsMenog
rapher ere.itcd a (fenuiue sensa
tion in Hotel l'ackinghom. The staid
mannp-er, broad of pminch and tin 1 cl
of head, began to dictate his own let
ter, instc-nd of leaving; fhem to his
ssifctalit. The chief clerk mrpnesed
even his own high standard of sartor
ial splendor nnd curled the ends of his
mustache o higSi that the points
erved him an "a sight" for the ajm
fng of many glances of admiration.
The captain of the bellboys begnn to
throw out his chest and take on the
airs of a grown man, the clarion tones
of "front" became music to the ears
of the "button," for it required a
Hidden appearance within rnnge of
Mise Barr's incomparable eyes. Even
the house detective, the Stewart and
the door men lighted tip, ami as for
the male guests, they suddenly de
veloped into continuous and most vol
uminous letter writers.
Miss liarr wag a beauty, as anyone
eon Id see. Her hair was auburn and
her eyes dark blue. The clerk insist
ed that they were "royal purple," nnd
bet a box of cigars with a bold travel
ing' mnn that she would say so herself
If asked. He lost the wnger, however,
IJpr, when the aanoy question was put
to her, she blushed beautifully, and
said: "I never notictyl, sir." Hut, as
the inquisitor attempted to push his
investigation, the girl turned back to
her typewriter and murmured: "Any
way, there's no green in them." This
innocent retort had the effect of a
rebuff, and Miss Ilarr's popularity
"went off a point" with the clerk. But
gbe could be very gracious without
stepping serosa the limitations of per
fect decorum, ansl her calm amiability
of disposition ;nd habitual cheerful
ness of expression intrenched her pop
ularity without permitting familiar
ity. Capt. Hugh Baldwin, U. B. A., came
to- the Packingham to "recuperate"
after a period of detached service in
South America. He was tall, sun
burned, blond, good to look at and
distinguished, with all the frank gtn
tility of a eoldier and an offlrer. Of
ill her customers Miss Barr had found
Capt. Baldwin the most interesting.
He was friendly without being obtru
ive, gay without being illy and ro
spectful without being distant. The
ilert beauty had found out a great
nany things about him in the course
.if a week, for he wrote to Mrs. Bald
win every day. He had assured her
;hat "he didn't know how soon he'd
be home' because he was tHl "far
'riim well," etc. These seemingly un
warranted explanations gave Miss
larr the Idea that the handsome cap
vain was something of a rogue, for she
iac never seen a finer example of ro
bust manhood.
The number of gay young men who
tailed on him seemed to indicate that
ie might be what she vaguely sus
ected as "one of the boys." Some
imps he wrote letters to other women
han Mrs. Baldwin, and, although
fiese were usually noncommittal and
if the jolly sort that might well pass
between n jolly bachelor and his so
iieVy acquaintances, yet Miss Barr
ancied that they were not the kind
t letters she would like her husband
p be writing if she were m.irried.
'"hen, thought the girl, "he has ohil
'ren. Let's see. He mentioned Amy,
'om, Catherine and Baby Hugh.
Tmph! 1 think he is pretty gay for a
tan of family." It was not till he be
,nthe practice of leaving flowers and
tonbons on her desk that Helen awak-
ned to a realization of Capt. HuliS
vin's possible villainy. Without re
acting that his character, good or
iad, should in no way interfere with
' er pwtce of mind, she began to worry,
.Itleve and get pale. She knew that
';wife was urging him to come home,
nd she was sure that his trumped-up
souses were ell her frivolous or ut
erly untrue. Finally she asked him
r "pleuse stop giving her presents,"
'iut try as she might she couldn't find
in excuse for mentioning his wife and
its duty toward his family. "I'm not
apposed to know anything about
hat," she thought, and yet she puz
led over the question whether his
andid display of hirt own duplicity
vne not proof positive that he was a ;
hunieless wretch, making love) to an 1
nnocent girl without even taking tho
reeaution to conceal bis life oltllga- !
lions. ' I
And yet she could not "oppress tli
fonseiousness of pleasure In his pres
ence. He quit his gift giving and dic
tated more letters, which proved that
his wife was euspiclous and had per
haps accused him of Infidelity of some
kind. He never diseused the con
tents of these letters with Helen, but
rattled away ns if she were n mere ma
chine, and then changed the subject
to any of a hundred delightful themes
of which he seemed to be anxious to
hear her talk. When at Inst he seemed
to drift into a more serious frame of
mind and habit, Miss Itarr found her
self unreasonably gratified. Her heart
gave a joyful bound one day when
he heard him tell n friend one day
that he was "on the water wagon,"
but an access of virtuous anger seized
her that same evening, when, for the
first time, he came to her and asked
quite calmly and respectfully, if she
would go to the theater with him. She
made a pitiful effort to "freeze him"
with her answer, but her eyes were
trimming before she could turn away,
and she said nothing. He walked away,
nnd from the corner of her downcast
eye she could see that he went into
the buffet.
The unhappy girl spent a sleepless
night, for she had neither parent nor
relative to share her troubles. A
dozen times she resoKed to beg of
('apt. Baldwin to quit the hotel and go
home to his wife. She thought of
writ ing to him, or refusing to take his
letters, of ignoring him, and finally
resolved to do his work if he persisted,
but remain deaf nd blind to his per
sonal attentions as she had done with
every other man at the hotel. Hut her
tired heart was in a flutter again the
moment she got behind the railing of
her little oflioe, for she saw the cap
tain strolling nervously about the ro
tunda. She kept her eyes on her work,
but she know he was watching her.
Her worTi was cleared away and she
was ready to leave for lunchcou when
he cutne suddenly to the desk and
"Take a couple of letters, please,
miss?" She did not look up, but she
was aware of n strange, hard note in
his voice. He began with n letter to
"Dear Catherine," as usual, and Miss
Barr was wondering whnt new sub
terfuge he would palm off on his wife,
when he began: "You have been n
good sister-in-law to me, and I hope
you will succeed in satisfying my
brother, thaf "
Miss Burr's cheeks were aflame with
excitement. Catherine was not his
wife, then! She could hear her heart
beat the music of those words. But
when he came to the end of thut letter
and said: "The fact is, I've made up
my mind to get married and settle
down if the girl will have nie," Miss
Barr got pale again and trembled.
But the worst was to come. She could
have struck him when he leaned
across the rail nnd said: "JCow, I want
you to write out a proposal for me."
She didn't hear exactly what followed.
Her trained fingers flew mechanically
over the keys as he dictated a stilted
and very'formal proposal, beginning
"Dear Miss' and ending "Your anxious
nnd devoted Hugh Baldwin."
"What's tho address?" she asked,
"Here's the envelope," he said in
frigid tones.
She picked it up with quivering
fingers, said: "Fifty cents, please,"
and rend the address "Miss Helen
Barr, Hotel Packingham, City."
And they stood there smiling into
each other's eyes. Chicago Keeord-Hertild.
The Martinique Disaster Rernlle.HI
Memorable Hoax on Lon
doner In 1T1M.
The terrible news from St. Vincent,
following the impression that this
isUind had escaped the volcanic del
uge which has cremated half Mar
tinique, at once recalls and reverses
the famous hoax by which Daniel De
foe led all London to believe, in 1718,
that the whole island of St. Vincent
had been blown np nnd obliterated,
says the London. Academy. On the
basis of his own imagination, or on
some thin ship story, Defoe wrote in
Mist's JournaV a circumstantial ac
count of the destruction of this is
land, giving such detail's as, with all
our facilities' of news transmissions,
we wait or in vain to-day. After lead
ing up very gradually to the catastro
phe, he told his readers that "on the
night of the said 20th, about mid
night, the whole island of St. Vin
cent rose up in the air, with a most
dreadful eruption of Fire from under
neath the Earth, and on inconceivable
Noise in the Air at its rising up, that
it was not only blown, but blown out
of the very sen, with a dreadful force,
as if it were torn up by the Boots,
or blown up from the Foundations of
the Eurth." Finally, to bring the event
home to his readers, he recalled an
accident in a foundry in Moorfields,
where a quantity of liquid gunmetal
coming in contact with some water
had blown up the works just as a
journalist of to-day might perhaps re
call the recent destructive lire in the
same district to suggest, however
faintly,, the storm of fire which wept
over these hapless islund recently.
Make a Iliimnn Itrlilwe,
A carious custom takes place in vil
lages of the Luxemburg district, Bel
gium, in May. After Sunday service
nu'mbers of lads cluster round the
church entrance, and as the girls come
nut seize them one by one, one lad
grasping u girl by the shoulder mid the
other by the heels, the two lifting her
well up, while a third bumpkin passes
under the human bridge thus formed,
This Is done in the presence of the
parents, who themselves have passed
through the same ordeul. St. Louis
Rotable Kvenle of the 'Week Briefly
still Ternel Tnlil.
President Castro expelled from Yen
CEiieln the wife nnd children of for
tner Prime Minister Hodrlguer,.
Five people, two women nnd three
children, were burned to death In nit
east side fire In New York city.
It. F. nnd II. L. Dohcrty, the Eng
lish tennis pair, defeated Collins nnd
Wnldnor of Chicago In tho first cham
pionship round at Newport, 3 sets to 2.
W. K. Vnnderbllt. Jr., ami wife, Con
snclo, duchess of Marlborough, nnd
Mr. nnd Mrs. O. II. I. Belmont returned
from Europe on the Kronprluz Vv'll
heliu. Tnenilny, Alia. 10,
Professor Alexander Agassi?, was ap
pointed n member of the German Or
der Tour le Merlto.
Frank C. Andrews, the dishonest De
troit bank officer, was sentenced to fif
teen years In state prison.
Many British soldiers who served
ngiiliist the Boers are applying nt tho
American embassy in Ignition for en
listment In the Philippine army.
Corjmral II. T. O'Brien, n Philippine
witness, ehnrged with perjury, was or
dered to custody of Washington au
thorities. A Colorado guide who had n fight
with two grizzlies Is said to owe his
life to Mie knowledge of bear fighting
taught him by President Hoosevelt.
Albert Bach charged n shortage of
several hundreds of thousands of dol
lars realized from the sale of treasury
stock of the Trlpler Liquid Air coui
puny. Monilny, Ann. 1H.
William A." Hemphill, former mayor
of Atlanta, (in., and founder of the At
lanta ( 'oust il ut Ion, died.
The Enrl of Dudley was sworn In ns
lord lieutenant of Ireland In succession
to Earl Cndognn, resigned.
The failure of the Elgin Crenmery
company, operating 135 eren merles In
three western states, was reported,
with 10,000 creditors, mostly farmers.
Hear Admiral Douglas, one of the
British lords of the admiralty, nrrlved
nt St. John's, N. F to discuss the
French shore fishery question with the
French naval commundur In those wa
ters. David T. Cillmor. a former mayor
of Paterson. X. J killed himself by
shooting. Mr. Clllmor hud been de
spondent for some time over 111 health,
which he believed would eventually
drive him Insane.
Snt until)' , A nit. 1(1,
Thirty-two summer vacation pchools
In Xew York city have closed thehr ses
sions. The new battleship Maine has left
Cramp's shipyard for Xew York navy
yard to prepare for her trial tests.
W. II. Martin, the American Jockey,
had his collar bono broken at Kedeur,
England, by the fall of his mount
The funeral services for Senator Mc
Millan were held nt his late homo In
Detroit. The Interment was private.
The religious orders expelled from
France have asked the Vaticnn'8 per
mission to settle In the United States
nnd were advised to go to Canada.
Friday, Ana. 1.1.
King Edward nnd Queen Alexandra
went to Cowes frbm London.
The woman franclslse bill hns passed
both houses of the Xew South Wales
The Insurgent blockade of Cape Hal
tlen proved ineffectual and has been
The British steamer Delano went
ashore near Cape Itace and Is likely to
prove a total loss.
Mrs. Edward r.rkcr Deacon denied
the story of Infatuation of the. German
crown prince for her daughter.
Johannesburg was reported to be ex
cited over the discovery of a new gold
reef, said to be part of fields as large,
as the Wltwatersrund.
TlMirsday, Anr, 14.
The cholera epidemic hns spread to
Japan from Manila and Chinese ports.
Breton peasants threaten to use bee
hives as weapons against troops sent
to close Catholic schools.
Depreciation of silver has ftijured
business In Mexico, and there Is talk
of putting the country ou(a gold basis.
A student nt the University of Cal
ifornia has discovered In a Shasta
county cave the remains of a primeval
A thermometer on Mount Washing
ton, X. II. , registered 28 degrees. Ice
was shoveled from the wooden walk
around the hotel.
1'asNr iiuern Hurt In Collision
MIDDLETOWX, X. Y., Aug. 20.
Two sections of a Susquehanna nnd
Western railway train were In colli
sion nt Westtown, Orange county, re
sulting In the injury of two passengers.
Zopher K. Green, n traveling salesman
of this city, had several of his ribs
broken, and Dorothy Lawrence, live
years old, of Sussex, X. J., had her
nose broken.
Dentil of I'ruuilnent t'ennnyl vnnlnn.
HEADING. I'n Aug. 111. J. Howard
Jacobs, one of the leaders of the Berks
county bar and Its principal criminal
lawyer for many years, has died here,
aged sixty-four years. In 1SK0 he was
the unsuccessful Hepubllenn candidate
for congress.
New DtMeanu In Klcnriifenfi,
MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Aug. 20.
There have been a number of deaths
among the sailors on board ships In
tho gulf of Fonsccu, on the Pacific,
from a disease the nature of which has
not been fcarued. The malady Is de
clared not to he tho bubonic plague.
TlinilKltnh Chinese Helicln Killed.
PEKING. Aug. lS.-Thu viceroy of
Szeehuen reports Unit Imperial troops
attacked the rebel headquarters at In
chnwan Aug. T2. One thousand rebels
were killed, and their leader, Tong Yu
Hung, wus cuptuml uml executed.
Who escapes from Jail it by no meant
free. He is under the ban of the law
and punishment is written over against
hit name, boon or
late he will be
caught again and
bear added punish
ment for his short -escape
from hit cell.
Those who by the
use of palliative
powders and tablets
escape for a time
from the sufferings
of dyspepsia are in
the same condition
as the escaped pris
oner. Soon or late
they will go back to
the old condition
and pay an added
penalty for tempor
ary release.
Dr. Pierce't Gold
en Medical Discov
ery cures dyspepsia
an'd other diseases
of the stomifbh and
organs of digestion
and nutrition. Its
cures are lasting.
" For shout two vest
1 siiflcrert from s very obttinnte cse of dyspep
sia.' writes R. K. Secord, Hq.. of' ij Ranlrrn
Ave.. Toronto, Ontario. "I tried irrmt num
ber of remedies without success. I nnnily lost
fnlth in them all. 1 was so far gone that I could
not bear any solid food oa my stomach for s lonv
time; felt melancholy and deprraacd. Could not
sleep or follow my occupation (tinsmith). Some
four months ago a friend recommended yrmr
'i;olden Medical Diacovery.' After a week's
treatment 1 had derived so much benefit that I
Smttnued the medicine. 1 hava taken three
tl lea and am convinced It has in tnycaae ac
complished a permanent cure. I can conaclen
tiou.My recommend it to the thousands of dys
peptic throughout the lartri."
Accept no substitute for "Golden Med
ical Discovery." There is nothing "just
as good" for diseases of the stomach,
blood and lungs.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets stimulate
the liver
Reduced Rates to Denver. Colorado Springs
and Pueblo.
On account of the National Frat
ernal Congress, to be held at Denver,
Co!., August 26 to 30, the Pennsyl
vania Kailroad Company will sell ex
cursion tickets to Denver, Colorado
Spring?, or Pueblo, Col., from all
stations on its lines, at rate of single
fare for the round trip. Tickets will
be sold and good going on August 22
and 23, and will be good to return
until September 30, inclusive. Tickets
must be validated for return passage
by Joint Agent at any ol the above
mentioned points, for which service a
fee of 25 cents wiil be charged. For
specific rates and conditions, apply to
ticket agents. 14 2t
Reduced Rates to Denver, Colorado
SpriDgs. and Pueblo-
On account of the meeting of the
National Association of Letter Carriers
to be held at Dsnver, Col., Septem
ber 1 to 6, the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company will sell excursion tickets to
Denver, Colorado Springs, or Pueblo,
Col., from all stations on its lines, at
rate of single tare for the round trip.
Tickets will be sold and good going
on August 29 'o 3r, and will be good
to return until September 30, in
clusive. Tickets must be validated
lor return passage by Joint Agent at
any of the above-mentioned points,
for which service a fee of 25 cents
will be charged.
For specific rates and conditions,
apply to ticket agents. , it
Reduced Rates to Williamsport. via Penn
sylvania Railroad. Aocount Parade
Day P. 0- S-of A-
On account ot the parade of the
Patriotic Order Sons of America, at
Williamsport, Pa., August 28, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell excursion tickets on that date to
Williamsport, good to return ntil
August 29, inclusive, from Clearfield,
McCartney, Snow Shoe, Emporium,
Bellefonte, Coburn, Wilkesbarre,
Tomhickon, Elmira, Mt. Carmel,
Lewistown, Lykens, Harrisburg, and
intermediate points, at rate of single
fare for the round trip (minimum rate,
25 cents).
Reduced Rates to Williamsport. via Penn
sylvania Railroad, Aocount Meeting
K. Q.
On account of the meeting of the
Knights of the Golden Eagle, at
Williamsport, Pa., September 1, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell excursion tickets to Williamsport
and return, good going and returning
on that date only, from Tyrone,
Scotia, and points on the Scotia
Branch, Clearfield, McCartney, Snow
Shoe, Emporium, Bellefonte, and
points on the Lewisburg and Tyrone
Railroad, East Bloomsburg, Elmira,
Mt. Carmel, and intermediate points,
at rate of single fare for the round
trip (minimum rate, 25 cents). 2t.
Reduced Rates to Wilkesbarre viaPennsyl
vania Kailroad. Account A. 0. H.
Parade and Meeting.
For the accommodation of those
desiring to witness the parade of the
Ancient Order of Hibernians and
Ladies' Auxiliary, at Wilkesbane, Pa.,
August 21, the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company will sell excursion tickets to
Wilkesbarru and return, on that H:it
I good to retuin until August 22, in
clusive, from Tomhicken, South Dan
j ville, and intermediate stations, at
l single fare for the round trip, 14-21
Bacolod's Ruler Threatens to
Attack Americans.
Captain IVrshlnn; In veatlirntes the
Condition In Mlnilnnno I'reiinrn
torr in Active fniiiimlun He
enforcements Arrive,
WASHINGTON. Auk. 'JO.-Tlie full
text of the note of dcfluncp m-nt tho
Aincrlciins by the Htiltiin of Itncolod,
now In open wnrfnuc njiitliist the Amer
icans, hits been received by the war
deportment. It Is ns follows:
"To tho Americans We tiKk you to
return to the sen bemuse you Khottld
not be here ninong civilized Moms.
If you stay here, we will fight you this
month, nnd In ho event do we wish to
become your YrletulH because you eat
pork. We advise you not to look for
the rifle because It Is here with Moras
who committed the assassination.
They arc people of the sultan.
"We say to you, If you do not wish
to leuve this region, come here, and the
sultan will sinTlflce yort. ami If you
don't wish to come We will come after
Captain Pershing undertook to as
certain the condition of Itncolod and
was Informed by the mtltnn of itaca
yuan that there were three forts, all
of which were strong. The people had
been RtreiiKthpnltiK them by lining
them Inside 11 ml out with stone, so
that the projectiles of the American
could not pTietnite. He said that H;t
colod had Um) men, but If the Ameri
cans went there the Moros adjacent
would assist In tho defense. Other na
tive chiefs Informed Captain Pershing
that the sultan of Itncolod would kill
them (tho natives! if he knew they had
boon on friendly tortus with tho Amer
icans. A loto paper from Manila States
ttmt many troops were being sent to
Mindanao and that It was tho evident
Intention of tho government to occu
py the country around Lnke I.anao,
Which woujd vetjulre n considerable
nutulier. It Is said thut the health con
ditions hi this region wore perfect and
'that soldiers could stay In such a cli
mate nt'id enjoy all t lie delights of
Camp Meade, Pa.
The board of health of tha city of
Manila hns decided to rid the city of
infection. The cholera, which has boon
raging In that city, Is responsible for
the determination, and every unsani
tary building is to lie destroyed. An
estimate is made that it may cost frioo,
000 to carrj out this plan. It is stated
tHut there Is n clash between the
Americans and Filipinos In handling
the cholern epidemic. Tho Filipino
health .officers are sijjd to be more or
less a failure, and it Is therefore prob
able that the Ideas of the Americans
will be carried out.
SKantlon In Mindanao Remalna t'n
chansed. MANILA, Aug. 20. There hove Heen
no developments In the Moro situation
on the Island of Mindanao, (iencral
Chaffee was expected to ronch Cebu
on the army transport Ingalls yester
day, but the vessel's arrival at that
port has not yet been reported. It is
possible that eneral Chaffee has de
ckled to shorten his trip to tle south
ern islands and return to Manila di
rect. An order received from the war
department at Washington leaving ac
tion in the Moro situation to (Joneral
Chaffee's discretion has been transmit
ted to him in the eoiith, but has proba
bly not yet reached him.
It is believed here that General Chaf
fee will Increase the Annerlcan forces
on Mindanao and Issue an ultimatum
to the hostile Moros. There are ut pres
ent 27,000 American troops iu the Phil
ippine Islands, a goodly portion of
which could be spared for active-service.
Captain John J. rershinjKof the Fif
teenth cavalry, who Is In command of
the American column at Lauuo, Mln
(lanuo, has reported a fierce Moro In
tertribal fight near Camp Vlckers, Min
danao. The contending factions met at
Webdlng. Thirty-five men were killed
outright and muny others were wound
ed. No Americans wore concerned lu
the trouble.
Pledged to Withdraw Friars.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 20. - Major
John IMddle Porter, one of the mem
bers of the American mission, who bus
just returned to Washington after ne
gotiating with the Vatican for tho
sule of the friar lands In the Philip
pines, said that In the final nudleneo
with the pope both his holiness and
Cardinal Unnfpolln, gave verbal assur
ance that the Spanish friars nnd monks
In the Philippines would be with
drawn. KeiiNiitionnl A r rent.
LITTLE FALLS, N. y.t Aug. 20.
Albert Christie n well known politi
cian and hotel keeper, fins been arrest
ed on 'ft warrant Issued by Coroner
Douglas. At the Inquest into the death
of Daniel Ana, a locktender, some sen
sational evidence was grvon which
tended to shov thut Christie was
mixed up tti tho drowning of Ana.
Christie declares that his arrest Is an
outrage nnd that he had nothing to do
with the death of Ana.
Governor 1l-rleve Murderer
TUENTON. N. J., Aug. 20.-(Iovern-or
Murphy has granted reprieves to
Lafayette Gruff and Peter Hernia, two
murderers under sentence of death.
The cases win he considered at a spe
cial meeting of the board of pardons
an Sept. 10. Gruff was to hnve been
hanged In Cnmden on Sept. 3 for the
murder of his wife, and Hernia was
to die In ISoi'hcu county next Friday
for killing Harney Kantor, u butcher
9f Wullingtou.
Henton W. Scott I.aulmch, farmer.
Bloom Robert Mcllride, painter; Koliert
Runyon, clerk.
Uriarcrrek Stewart A. Ash, distiller.
Cntawia Twp. S. 11. Martin, farmer.
Catnwissa II. Cliaa. B. Hamlin, eg.;
Frank Frey, laborer.
Ccntralin II. .1. HelTner, miner; William
Harris, laborer; hclward CufT, miner.
Centre George Whitmeyer, farmer.
Kishingcceek Ja:ob (ieisiner, farmer.
Franklin Newton Yettcr, teacher.
(ireenwood I'cter Miller, farmer.
I.ocuM George W. Itiitner, farmer.
Main Joseph Ilartzcll, farmer; Cliailes
John, farmer.
Montour l'clcr S. Kashner, farmer.
Ml. 1 leasant Alfred Crawford, farmer;
llrndlcy Ruckle, carpenter; George G. Evert,
Orange W. II. Ncyliart, farmer.
Roarincreck W. II Heaver, farmer.
Scott Silas Young, merchant.
Teavcr Naihan Rice, farmer.
Kenton Twp. Ilarton Kicrhoff, farmer;
Henry Blanc, farmer; I. K. K. Laubach,
Berwick Clemuel W. Nugent, grocer;
Joseph Hitler, gent; L. S. Jacoby, agent.
Bloom Charles Taylor, moulder; Joseph
Townscnil, clerk; Harry W. Moan, clerk; 11.
F. Simplest, gent; tlijah Crcvcling, gci.t;
John Fatter, watchman; Harry House), mer
chant. llrlarcrcek--Gideon Michael, farmer.
CentreWilson J. Miller, farmer.
Cleveland Amanilns Billig" farmer.
Fishingcrcck - J. V. Creasy, farmer; Lewis
Bcishline, farmer.
Greenwood Bruce Dildine, merchant;
Biglcr Kyer, sawjer.
Jackson A. B. Mcmlcnhall, farmer.
Locust J. C. Kestcr, farmer; J. W. Sny.
der, merchant.
Madison Thomat Mordan, armer.
Main John W. Mini mnn, farmer.
Millhn Hervey II. Boyd, farmer; Geo.
13. Keller, farmer.
Mt. Pleasant Isaiah Howell, farmer;
Lewis Christopher, farmer.
Orange K. V. Brumstctter, laborer,
Tine W. H. I layman, farmer; A. B.
Johnson, farmer; Mason C. Johnson, labor
er. Scott K. S. Creasy, huckster; Austin
Ohl, farmer.
Beaver Philip Ralmck, farmer.
Benton Boro. V. P. Bobbins, mason.
Benton Twp. Foster Maastcllcr, farmer.
Berwick J. C. Furman, blacksmith;
Isiah Bower, gentleman; Clark Bower, fore
man. Bloom Jacob Shaffer, pattern makct;
Cicorge Moycr, carpenter; V. S. Capwell,
photographer; Thornton G. Freeze, laborer.
Briarcreek W. A. Lemon, farmer.
Catawiisa Twp. Joseph A. Creasy, farm
er; G. H. Murray, farmer.
Catawissa Boro. Henry Pfahler, gentle
man; George Keller, hrakeman; M. A. Bib
by, tax collector; Herman F. Young, marble
Cemralia Thomcs Boran, grocer.
Cleveland F. P" Dimmich, farmer.
Conyngham Patrick Coyle, laborer,
Fishingcreek James Amerman, mer
chant; Monroe Markle, farmer.
Greenwooc George Derr, farmer; Willets
M. Dermott, farmer.
Jackson Frank Derr, farmer; Daniel W.
Hartmar, farmer.
Locust E. C. Yeager, merchant.
Madison Frank Hcndershott, farmer;
Judson Axe, farmer.
Mftllin John W. Creasy, merchant
Millville Josiah Heacock, miller.
Orange Boro. W. V. Kisner, laborer.
Roaringcreek Michael Roach, farmer.
Scott George VV, Kemley, farmer; Balti
White, huckster.
Sugarloaf Gaylord McIIenry, merchant.
For September 1902.
C. R. Woodin vs. Times piintinar Co.
AYIlkes Uurre Times.
Mary V. Kline vs. ltebeeca J. Adams
adinx. of Ellon Kline, dee'd.
David Hhunian vs. Jeremiah li.
Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co. or
Mid.. Pa. to use of Harry 8. KuigliL
Receiver vs. Josiah 1. Fritz.
Thomas E, Harder vs. John A. Suu
r,: l-'naiBy vs. The N. & W. B.
Huilroml Co. and Its successor, theN.
& V. 11. ltwy. Co.
Bloomsburg Land Improvement
Company vs. The Town of Bloonnt
burg. Mrs. John Keelor vs. James Penning
ton. 0
Nelson C. Hartniau vs. Frank W.
Freas Fowler vs. American Car and
foundry Co.
Calvin Pardee & Co. vs. Theodore V.
r. M. Thornton vs. Frank Ikeler
and Fred Ikeler, exrs. of E. It. Ikeler,
'Nionms Elmos vs. Margaret Menscli,
Thomas Menscli, Mutildu Berninger,
Catharine Clayton aiid John D.
Charles I). Whitnelght and BamU
Y hlteulght, his wife vs. James M. HU
ver. Lillie Atherholt and John Atherholt
vs. Charles Hughes.
E. M. Tewksbury's adrurs. vs. Fran
cis (ilassuiyer.
K. D. 'lewksbury and Martha IJ.
houser v8. Francis Glursmver.
H. W. Wolf vs. W. H. Miller.
Jesse Hess vs. Ira It. Sutlitf.
Aelsou H. Stackhouse vs. Lyman K
Agnew and Henrietta Agnew.
Henry A. Held vs. Fishingcreek
Williuni B- Uouck vs. John Stokes
and Mrs. Lewis Miller.
Theodore F. Conner vs. J. Lloyd
W. H. Neyhard vs. Boro. of Orunge
ville. M. E, Kostenbnudor vs. ltosannaU
Daniel Kuorr, Khtt'. to use of State
Cap. H. & L. Asso. vs. S. C. Crensy.
'lhe Edward Thompson Co. vs.
James Scarlet.
The Boro. of Centralia vs. George A.
i:veiiilen Bros. vs. 8. (. Bryfogle.
Nelson Stackhouse vs. L. E. Agnew.
Allied Rolglo, Htty. In fact vs. K
limn KiiKjeynskl et ul.
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