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Cameron County Press
' Editor and Proprietor
Osvii-LE PROI'DFOOT, Assistant and Manager.
RAYMOND RUSKS, Assistant Foreman.
STERNER, Assistant Local Editor.
For Auditor General, •
A. E. BISSON, of Erie County
For State Treasurer,
JEREMIAH H. STOBER, or Lancaster County,
"or Judge of the Suoreme Court,
of Philadelphia County.
For Prothonotary, Register, Recorder and Clerk
of the Courts,
For District Attorney,
FRED ARN JOHNSON, of Emporium.
For Jury Commissioner,
t Can be Done, So Scores of Empori
um Citizens Say.
To cure an aching back,
The pains of rheumatism,
The tired-out feelings,
You must reach the spot —get at the
In most cases 'tis the kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills are for the kid
Mrs. John Summerson, W. Sixth St.,
Emporium, Pa., says:"l suffered from
naaging backaches and pains in my sides
and kidneys for a long time, caused by
disordered kidneys. 1 suffered from rheu
matism in my limbs, was lanquid and
lacked ambition. I usjd many remedies
but obtained no relief until I learned of
Doan's Kidney Pills and procured a box
from Taggart's drug store. They gave
me relief from the backaches and pains,
regulated the kidney secretions aud im
proved my general health. I obtained
more relief from this remedy than I
had ever hoped for and I am therefore
glad to recommend it to other kidney
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents. Remember the name—
Doan's—and take no other.
Why Druggists Recommend Cham
berlain's Colic, Colera and
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Frank C. Haurahan, a prominent
druggist of Portsmouth, Na., says:"For
the past six years I have sold and recom
mended Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera,
and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is a great
remedy and one of the best patent medi
cines on the market. I handle some j
others for the same purpose that pay me
a larger profit, but this remedy is so sure
to effect a cure, and my customer so cer
tain to appreciate my recommending it.to
him, that I give it the preference." For
sale by Geo. C. Taggart.
Testifies After Four Years.
Carlisle Center. N. Y., G-. R. Burhans,
writes: •'About four years ago I wrote
jou that I had been entirely cured of
kidney trouble by taking two bottles of
Foley's Kidney Remedy, and after four
years I am again pleased to state that I
have never had any return of these sym
ptoms, and I am evidently cured to stay
cured.'' Foley's Kidney Remedy will do
the same for you. Sold bv all druggists.
Colic Quickly Cured.
Colic is one of the most severe and
painful diseases. It is quite common,
too. Almost everyone has an occasional
attack. Fortunately there is a remedy
that always affords quick relief and has
never been known to fail in any case. It is
called Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. Tod Robinson, a
prominent merchant of Point Blank,
Texas, says: -'I have had several at
tacks of colic and in every instance one
dose of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy relieved me, and I
never had to take more than two doses
to effect a cure." For sale by Geo. C.
Do not be deceived by unscrupulous
imitators who would have you believe
that the imitation pills are as good as De-
Witt's Kidney aud Bladder Pills. There
isn't anything just as good as these
wonderful pills for the relief of Back
ache, Weak Back, inflammation of the
bladder, urinary disorders and all kidney
complaints. Any one oan take De-
Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills as
directed in perfect confidence of good re
sults. Sold by all druggists.
Best Treatment for a Burn.
If for no other reason, Chamberlain's
Salve should be kept in every household
on account ot its great value in the treat
ment of burns. It allays the pain almost
instantly, and unless the injury is a severe
one, heals the parts without leaving a
scar, This salve is also unequaled for
chapped hands, sore nipples and diseases
of the skin. Price 25 cents. For sale
by Geo. C. Taggart.
Many people delude themselves of say
ing, "It will wear away," when thev notice
symptoms of kidney and bladder trouble.
This is a mistake. Take Foley's Kid
ney Remedy, and stop the drain on the
vitality. It cures backache, rheumatism,
kidney and bladder trouble, and makes
every trace of pain, weakness, and urinary
trouble disappear.
Britain'* Coal Trouble#.
We hear a great deal in these
times of the folly and wickedness of
war between civilized peoples. What,
then, shall b« said of industrial civil
war in our midst? In every dispute
there must always be a reasonable
middle course. If it cannot be found
that is nothing short of a disgrace to
our civilization.—London Weekly Dis
Learn When to Say "No."
It is good to be unselfish and gen
erous, but don't carry that too far. It
will not do to give yourself to be melt
ed down for the benefit of the tallow
trade; you must know where to find
yourself.—George Eliot.
Why do Elsewhere,
Our agency will show convincing evi
dence of 35 years extensive sale and
highly satisfied users of the L. & M.
Paint. All dealers in other paints com
bined cannot furnish equal evidence.
When painting with L. & M., you are
painting with Metal Zinz Oxide combined
with White Lead. Zinc is imperishable
and makes the L. & M., wear and cover
like gold. Its colors remain bright and
lasting. Don't need repaint for 10 or 15
years. Besides it cost \ less for paint.
Sold by Harry S. Lloyd, Emporium.
Not in Favcr of "Whuppin'."
The Kentucky mother of 14 chil
dren, herself unschooled, and all her
"idees" gathered from experience and
"watchin and ntudyin' about things,"
thus comes to a very modern conclu
sion on family government: "Folks
whupps children too much. Hits
ol' folks' meanness what causes
whuppin' more than children' de
deservin' hit. The ol' folks'll hev some
trouble of their own, an' they'll turn
and whupp a child, an' hit innercent."
Kicked Out of his Rights.
It seems in this age that a person who
is not in his brightest mood is forced to
take a back seat. Any person who does
not feel equal to his opportunities should
at once goto R. C. Dodson, Druggist,
Emporium, Pa., where they sell all the
principal remedies and do not substitute,
and get a treatment of Sexine Pills.
Price, SI a box, or six boxes for $5.
Treatment guaranteed.
Not Always.
The greatest reformer doesn't al
ways wear the longest hair nor the
biggest necktie.
| The Fall Fashion Showj
§ls now on at Buffalo's busiest *
Department Store with thou- |
sands of lovely New Hats, |
New Suits, New Shirt- |
waists, New Dress Goods, |
New Silks, New Carpets, I
New Draperies— biggest |
♦ gathering in the twelve years |
♦ of our history —and it is a matter of com- I
112 mon knowledge that our prices are always |
♦ in favor of the customer. «
♦ Our splendid new 8-story retail ]
| addition is now approaching completion— 112
♦ and will be ready about November first. |
XThis means 50,000 square feet more I
♦ selling space —and greater conveniences |
Xfor our public. I
♦ We pay back your railroad fare, under the |
| easy conditions prescribed by the Retail |
♦ Merchants' Board. «
♦ 4
1 480-470 u a uri iipiigyj SUFFAIS, |
I MAIM ST.. fl. A. f&SEL'jatUlfl bu., N. Y. |
One's Flrat Duty.
There Is an idea abroad among
moral people that they should make
their neighbors good. One person I
have to make good; myself. But my
duty to my nnlghbor is much more
nearly expressed by snylng that I have
to make him happy--if I may.—Robert
Louis Stevenson.
Administrator'** Notice.
E»tatc of GEORGES. PIPER, Decerned.
LETTERS of Administration on the Estate of
George S. Piper, late of the Borough of Em
porium in the County of Cameron and Htate of
Pennsylvania, deceased, have been granted to W.
L. Thomas, Khippen Township, Cameron County]
Pennsylvania to whom all persons indebted to
said estate are requested to make payment and
those having claims or demands, will make
known the same without delay
GREEN A FBI.T, Administrator.
September 6th, 1909.—30-4t.
The Rambler Spare Wheel
All the new four-cylinder Ramblers are fitted for
the Rambler Spare Wheel—a wheel complete—except-
j n g the hub center, on which is carried a complete tire
inflated. The regular wheel is secured to the hub center by
K six bolts. Removing the six nuts for these bolts this wheel
Mj can be detached in two minutes with the special tools provided,
UL anc j the Sp:>.re Wheel put on and secured in three minutes. •
M Wheel fits either front or rear. Solves the tire problem. Extra V
M wheel available in case of need. Spare Wheel with inflated tire, ■
■ brackets and tools for Model Forty-Four, $74, for Model Forty- ■
■ Five, $85.00. ■
■ TIM CM with the OSMI Crank Shall B
Sfk Seven passenger model, forty-fivehorse power with offset crank shaft. $2500. Other U
models. JllsO to $2600. Let us explain the many eiciuaive Rambler features in
detail. aueh aa the Rambler Offset Crank Shaft. Straisht-line-drive. Safety
Spark Retarder. etc. We will gladly call at your home and take you to your
place of busineas in a Rambler. No obligation on your part whatever,
The Car of Steady Service M
Mark M. Pomeroy
Port Allegheny, Pa.
Register's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that Charles L., and
Austin H. Jones, Executors of the estate ot
Jennie P. Webster, deceased, lato of Emporium,
Borough, Pa., have tiled their lirst partial account
of said administration and the same will be pre
sented at the Oct. term of court, next, for confir
mation ni si.
W. J. LEAVITT, Register.
Register's Office.
Emporium, Pa., Sept. 7th, 1909. —30-4t.
Register's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given that B. W. Green,
Executor of the estate of Duncan 8. Mc-
Donald, lute of Emporium Borough .deceased has
filed his fifth partial account ot said adminis
tration and the same will be presented at the
Oct. term of court, next, for confirmation ni li.
W. J. LEAVITT, Register,
Register's Office,
Emporium, Pa., Sept. 7th, 1909.—30-lt.
Commencing September
the 14th, the latest
styles in
FALL HATS will be
shown at
This Space Belongs to
Jasper Harris,
The People's Clothing House
Opposite Post Office, EMPORIUM, PA.

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