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112 Melton Sate in Millinery»
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K In Winter Storms
against damp or ivct feet. Ifc* ■ IL. II ill
Home of Hart, Shaffner & Marx Clothes
Jasper Harris,
The People's Clothing House
Opposite Post Office, EMPORIUM, PA.
That Lame Back Means
Kidney Disease
And to Relieve the Lame and Aching Back,
You Must First Relieve the Kidneys
There Is no question about that
at all—for the lame and aching
back is caused by a diseased con
dition of the kidneys and bladder.
It is only common sense, any way
—that you must cure a condition
by removing the cause of the con
dition. And lame and aching back
are not by any means the only
symptoms of derangement of the
kidneys and bladder. There are a
multitude of well-known and un
mistakable indications of a more or
less dangerous condition. Some of
these are, for instance: Extreme
and unnatural lassitude and weari
ness, nervous irritability, heart ir
regularity, "nerves on edge," sleep
lessness and inability to secure
rest, scalding sensation and sedi
ment in the urine, inflammation of
the bladder and passages, etc.
DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder
Pills are an exceptionally meritori
ous remedy for any and all affec
tions or diseased conditions of
these organs. These Pills operate
directly and promptly—and their
beneficial results are at once felt.'
They regulate, purify, and effec
tually heal and restore the kid
neys, bladder and liver, to perfect
and lieaHhy condition —even in
some of the most, advanced cases.
SoVl by !i DrugyiHts.
E. C. DeWltt &'co■„ Chicago, 111.,
want every man and woman who
have the least suspicion that they
are afflicted with kidney and blad
l der diseases to at once write them,
; and a (rial box of these Pills will bo
.! sent free by x-eturn mail postpaid.
Se!f Restraint.
Ellen stopped scrubbing the veranda \
steps IOUK enough to cast an lulniirins ;
, t'H 1 cm lit'i employer s garden •Sure j
I boy arc; line posies ye have, doctor,"
j-lie said. "I've a neat little house I 1
bought with tlie money I'd put by, and I
an elegant garden it had last year, too. j
! but now there's neither stick nor stalk !
'in it."
"What was it, lions or d. gsV" asked
! the doctor, sympathetically mentioning
I his own aversions.
"Sure, me neighbor—bad luck to her
j —had a ditch dug in her land, and the
j water raw 'town into me garde 11 and
I washed ill' uie seeds away."
"And what did you do about ItV"
"What could a poor lone body like
1 1110 doY"
"Well, didn't you at least say some
j thing to the woman, complain or tell
' her that you wouldn't stand it V"
"Now, doctor, dear, hard words just
leads to bad feelngs among neighbors,
and that ye !:now as well as 1 do, and
It's not me that would be using them.
So I only said to her. *1 hope I'll live
to see the floods flowing over your
grave as your ditch waters have flowed
over me garden,' and I let it go at
that."— Youth's Companion.
Couldn't Stand Satire.
A burglar while attempting to rob a
bloated bondholder of Mary*iile by
mistake got into the humble residence
of an editor next door. After unsuc
cessfully fumbling about for suitable
assets for some time he was disgusted
to observe the tenant of the house sit
ting up In bed and laughing at him.
"Arn't you old Sklnderseti, the capi
-1 talist?" inquired the housebreaker.
"Nary time," chuckled the journalist.
"I'm the editor of the Screaming 10a
"Jerusalem!" said the burglur, look
ing at his stemwlnder. "And here I've
been wasting four precious hours on
this branch almshouse. I say, old
quill driver, you never poke fun at
your subscribers, do you?"
"Not the cash ones."
"Exactly," said the burglar, taking
out his wallet. "Here's six months'
subscription to call this thing square.
If there's one thing 011 earth I can't
stand, it's satire."—London Tit-Bits
Free Postage.
When the post office was first opened
at Kai Feng, China, the clerks had a
tight with some men who bought
stamps and refused togo away until
the stamps were licked and stuck on
their envelopes for them. The foreign
postoffiees in l'alestine are usually con
vulsed by a spirit of keen competition.
If a parcel exceeding the regulation
weight or size is taken to an ollice
and refused the traveler in the ma
jority of cases has only to threaten to
take It to a rival ofllce, and it is
straightway received without a mur
mur. So keen is the rivalry between
some of these offices that residents in
l'alestine possess a free post within
certain districts. Between Jaffa and
the surrounding colonies and also with
in Jerusalem the German and Aus
trian offices make no charge for the
delivery of local letters. Chicago
An Obedient Dog.
Schuapps is a dachshund, and the
people who know all about the breed
cull the queer looking animal hand
come. In the house in New York where
be is the pet he is credited with more
than ordinary dog sense and with un
derstanding every word said to him In
English or German. In order to dem
onstrate bis sagacity his master said
to him a few evenings ago: "Schnapps,
the young people have been here long
enough. Go down and tell the boys to
go home." Downstairs he waddled
and. ataodlug before the visiting
youths, barked auO howled, then ran
to the front door and back again and
kept up the performance until, as his
proud master explained, "the young
men heard and saw the point. Pretty
smart for a dacha, ebY~—Exchange.
Origin of Whit* Rac*.
The discussion of the precise locality
where the primitive man developed
into the white race la by uo means
settled aa yet The old theory that the
Aryan or white race began in Asia
Is still held by many high authorities,
but other authorities equally high
maintain that the original "white
man's country" was Europe and that
from Europe the race spread to other
parts of the world. It is safe to say
that the last word upoc the subject
has not yet been spoken. The debate
is still open and will probably remain
so for a very long time to come.—New
York American.
He Did Not Hesitate.
"You must rest," «aid the specialist
after a knowing thumping of the pop
ular preacher's person. "You will be
in the next world in three months un
less you go abroad and take a com
plete rest."
"Ob. then I'll go abroad at once," re
plied the preacher quite Innocently.—
Youth's Companion.
Study In Still Life.
"This," said the artist, who was
showing a visitor through his studio,
"is a study in still life."
"Still life!" echoed the visitor in as- j
| tonishment. "Why. it looks like the !
] portrait of a man."
' "Yes," explained the artist, "it is a
| portrait of Mrs. Enpeck's husband."—
i Chicago News.
Great Schema.
"I'm going to marry a girl ten years \
older than 1 am," says the philosopher
of folly, "so thai I can catch up with
her bv the time I'm fifty."—Cleveland j
Tt is an nbomiiKtblf* lliinj; for a man .
to romiv ••lul l in^pll'
p-r- mm
ir* V.
■ mr.... '^ty>
r*' t jfii '' jjj r^j
Scene in"The Wizard of Wiseland," at Opera House, Thursday, Jan. 20.
Theatrical stars are not always born |
ofthnes they aie made. The "made
to-order" stiirs, however, generally
shine but a short time and then their 1
light 13 forever dimmed. I r is about :
the same on the stage as elsewhere in j
life's workshop—one must haveti:loi;t |
to succeed. Once in a while in stage
history there is a briiliant example of j
a star being discovered.
Such is the case with beautiful Prin- j
cess Wah-to-Wa«o, whose rapid rise to |
fame and fortune has been one of the
sensations of the present theatrical
At the opening of the season her '
name was almost an unknown quan- j
tity. Now managers are hinging her |
praises most enthusiastically and critics j
everywhere are telling of the rapid rise
to fame and fortune of this little Indian
Miss who so electrifies her audiences.
The Princess Wah-ta-Waso was dis
discovered by W. F. Maun, one of the
most successful theatrical managers in
this country, who has put out numer
ous successes and who knows how to
cater to the popular taste.
The Princess is playing the role of
"Pamnena" in "As Told in the Hills."
She does not act the part; she is the
living embodiment of the passionate
child of the forest. Everywhere she
goes she seems to infect all her audi
ences with the contagion of good cheer
and charms all with whom 6he comes
in contrct. Some call it personal
magnetism, others call it individuality,
but without it there is no success on
the stage. At Opera House in tho near
For indigestion and all stomach
troubles take Foley's Orino Laxative. It
is the natural remedy for indigestion, dys
pepsia, heartburn, bad breath, sick head
ache, torpid liver, biliousnep? and habitual
constipation. Foley's Orino Laxative
sweetens the stomach and breath, and
tones up the entire eliuientary system.
Sold bv all druggists.
Ilave you a weak throat? If so, you
caunot be too careful. You cannot beam
treatment too early. Each cold makes
you more liable to soother and the last
is always the harder to cure. If you will
take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy at
the outeet you will be saved much
trouble. Sold by all dealers.
For Sale.
A farm on Plank Road Hollow, con
sisting of 209 acree, 60 of which are 1
cleared and under cultivation. Team, j
stock and all farm impliments neces- j
snry for running the same. Apply to \
E. A. Hughes, grocery store, on Chest- |
nut street, Emporium, Pa. 42-tf.
For Rent.
One six room house, with bath, city !
water, gas, cellar arid all modern im- j
provements. R. SEGER.
Xolirc of Meeting of Stockholders
THE annual meeting of the stockholders of !
the Emprriuni & Rich Valley Railroad Com- 1
puny will be held at the law office of Hon. 11 W
Green, Tuesday, .January 25th, 1910, at one
o'clock, p. n»., for the election of officers and the ;
transaction of such other business as may come !
before them.
A. C. BLUM, President.
Emporium, Pa., December,23th, 1903. 17-3t.
Administrator's ISoticc.
I Eatateof SKVKIt BTKA WBRIDIIE, lale of the
Ho rough of Emporium, Cnmty <»/ Cameron !
and state of Pennsylvania, Deceased.
IKTTER3 of Administration on the above es
j tate having been granted to (be undeisig»
ed, all persons indebted to the said estate are re
quested to make payment and those having
claims to present the .same without delay to
JAY P. PELT, Administrator,
j Or to Emporium, Pa.
B. W. GREBN, Attorney.
January 3, 1910. —17-6t.
Sterling Run, Pa.
\V. If. BAOI.KY, Proprietor.
First-class acconfTli-.tlat ions in every particulai
' This old and popular House has been thorough- 1
i ly refitted to meet every requirement of this
: ",oid!v crowing town. Tennp. reasonable.
1 JI
i r
Very Special Prices on
Suits, Ski
Call and get
and be convinced
■ ■ ■ ■■■■' =1
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy never
disappoints those who use it for obstinate
coughs, colds and irritations of the throat
and lungs. It stands unrivalled as a
remedy for all throat and lung diseases.
Sold by all dealers.
Foley's Kidney Remedy will cure any
case of kidney or bladder trouble that is
not "beyond the reach of medicine. It
invigorates the entire system and strength
ins the kidneys so they eliminate the im
purities from the blood. Backache,
rheumatism, kidney and bladder troubles
are all cured bv this great medicine.
Commence taking at onee and avoid
Bright's Disease and Diabetes. Sold by
all druggists.
The busiest and mightiest little thing
that ever was made is Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets They do
the work whenever you require their aid
These tablets change weakness into
Iri nuth,'listlessness into energy, gloonii
IH S.~ iuto jojou.iuess. Their action is so
11 don't realize they have taken
imig: five. Sold by all dealers.
; You'll feel better after taking DeWitt's
j Little Early 1 lisers. the safe, sure, pleas-
I ant, gentle little liver pills. If you would
be sure of good results insist on DeWitt's
Carbolized Witch Hazel Salve, the origin
al. It is good for big cuts or little ones,
small scratches or bruises or big ones,
hut it is especially good for piles. Sold
' bv a dniljfliH
Don't trifle with Kidney and Bladder
trouble. Take DeWitt's Kidney and
I Bladder Pills as directed and you will at
! once notioo satisfactory results. D -
Witt s Kidney and Bladder I'ills are
I antiseptic, healing and soothing. Be
! sure to get DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder
' I'ills when you ask for then). Refuse
substitutes and imitations. Look for the
name on the package. Sold by all
Best for Coughs and colds is Kennedy's
| Laxative Cough Syrup. It mows the
! bowels free'v yet gently arid thereby
'' drives tho cold from the system. It
' stops the cough Children like it—
i,l .i-ant tot ike. Scld by all druggists.

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